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CAT FANCY is the undisputed premier feline magazine that is dedicated to better lives for pet cats. Always a presence within the cat world, CAT FANCY and its sister website, CatChannel.com are where cat owners, lovers and rescue organizations go for education and entertainment. With a readership that is highly receptive to its credible advice, news, lifestyle information, CAT FANCY and CatChannel.com are the ultimate places to read about cat news, breeds, care and products and services

CatChannel.com, CAT FANCY, Kittens USA, Cats USA and the Popular Cats Series are part of the I-5 Publishing stable of magazines and books. I-5 Publishing LLC is the leader in special interest pet magazines, trade magazines, books and websites dedicated to pet-loving consumers, pet-supply retailers, veterinarians, breeders and pet professionals worldwide. Divisions of I-5 Publishing LLC include I-5 Publishing Magazines, Books, News, Global Distribution Services and www.AnimalNetwork.com.

CAT FANCY takes its responsibility as the world's most widely read and recognized cat magazine seriously. The magazine uses its influence to be a voice for all cats—from pedigreed to mixed breed, to those in need of rescue, including the domestic cat's wild cousins. The magazine's 45-year tradition has celebrated the human-feline bond and promoted the pedigreed cat fancy as well as all cats' health, care, training, behavior, grooming, advocacy and rescue. The current format's inclusion of all these topics in addition to a new cutting edge focus on the feline's impact on art and culture has attracted high-profile celebrities such as Joe Mantegna and Jenna Fischer to be on the cover.

Cats USA
For more than 15 years, Cats USA has guided kitten buyers to make the best decision in choosing their pedigreed feline companion. This annual publication includes information about how to choose the perfect breed for your family and lifestyle, questions to ask breeders and basic care tips. The Gallery of Breeds includes breed descriptions and a convenient list of breeders. The magazine provides essential information on buying and caring for purebred kittens and introduces the reader to the world of pedigreed cats.

Kittens USA 
Kittens USA is chock-full of basic care information for those who are adopting a mixed-breed kitten. This annual publication includes information about how to find a kitten and get your home ready, and provides basic care and nutrition tips. Readers also can expect to find useful information on kitten behavior and litterbox issues. Also included is a Special Pedigreed Section, which highlights popular breeds and how to find a breeder.

Popular Cats – Persians, Maine Coons 
Popular Cats highlights a different breed in every issue. Each volume takes an in-depth look at the title breed and its history—providing health care, behavior and grooming tips, and interesting facts about that breed. Readers can learn about a different fascinating feline breed in each volume.

Natural Cat 
Natural Cat is the only publication dedicated exclusively to natural care for cats. Its mission is to provide cat parents with a single, definitive guide to all aspects of natural care—including nutrition, lifestyle, disease prevention and alternative treatments that complement traditional veterinary care. Published periodically on the flip side of CAT FANCY, Natural Cat also offers information on the latest natural/green products and services available

Animal Network's Gold Standard Quality Content
 The internet is awash in content, but not all content is equal. Unlike other sites, we don't trust untrained bloggers to be medical experts. We don't allow stagnant, outdated information to remain live.


  1. All informational and instructional articles are written by professional experts in that field or written by journalists who interview professional experts in that field.
  2. All Animal Network sites are supported by a print publication, the leader in its field, covering the topic. Website content follows the same stringent policies and procedures of the print publications.
  3. Our contributors and editors are networked and connected to the top veterinary researchers, behaviorists, nutritionists and innovators in rescue and other fields. What we provide isn't just good information, it is the best information available on a topic.
  4. The editorial leadership of Animal Network sites has more than 20 years experience in covering the pet community and industry.


  1. All medical articles on the Animal Network sites are sourced or written by professional veterinarians who specialize in that particular animal, and their names are cited.
  2. The current, best medical advice changes rapidly. All medical articles on Animal Network sites have dates.
  3. New medical articles are updated monthly on our sites.


  1. All Animal Network sites maintain the highest journalism standards in covering news stories in their pet category. All news stories are factual, written from a journalistic perspective. Opinion pieces are clearly stated as opinions. Strict policies and procedures are in place to protect against conflicts of interest and to maintain the highest standards of integrity.
  2. Animal Network News Division has news journalists who report to a news editor. The news editor has more than 5 years experience covering the pet industry.
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