Spanning the Decades

CAT FANCY fills a need for 40 years, educating and entertaining cat lovers of all ages.

By Susan Logan

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The 90s: Finding Itself
Under the editorial direction of K.E. Segnar from July 1989 through October 1992, the magazine developed visually. Color photography replaced much of the black and white images. For the magazines 25th anniversary, the CAT FANCY nameplate was redesigned for the first time, giving it more of a national magazine look.

Under David Blums art direction in the mid-90s, CAT FANCY developed into the beautiful magazine you know today. Black-and-white photography became more the exception than the rule. Larger color photography graced the magazine. The cover nameplate was enlarged and enhanced with shadows. Color was also added to fonts, headlines and sidebars.

In the May 1994 issue, the poster grew to its current, tear-out style. I'm proud of the package we were able to deliver to the readers with the graphic improvements, Phillips-Donaldson said, crediting Jane Calloway, editor from January 1997 through June 1998, for many of the graphic improvements. We improved the level of photography and writing and gave the magazine much more focus.

In January 1998, Elaine Wexler-Mitchell, DVM, began writing the long-standing Ask the Vet column, still a reader favorite. CAT FANCY On-Line launched in January 1997.

A New Millennium: Fountain of Maturity
In 2000, CAT FANCY turned 35. To celebrate, the magazine ran a special feature on 20th Century Cats: 100 great moments that helped define feline lifestyles. From Sylvester and Garfield to 9-Lives Morris and the Friskies Fancy Feast Cat, felines infiltrated our culture.

CAT FANCY also developed a strong impact on the daily lives of those who worked on it. Being editor gave me a much greater sense of responsibility toward animals I may not have otherwise had, said Amanda Luke, editor from June 1999 through June 2001. That's why its such a great publication, because if its doing that for us, imagine what its doing for the readers, which in the end helps cats.

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Spanning the Decades

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