For My Next Trick

With consistency, caring and patience, you can teach your cat new tricks.

By Arden Moore

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Repeat these steps until your cat heeds the sit command without a treat. Once your cat sits on command, practice this on the floor.

3. Sit Up
Take the sit command farther by teaching your cat to sit up. Hold a treat above your cats head, make an upward sweeping motion with your other hand and say, 'Up. Once your cat sits up with haunches remaining on the surface, award the treat and say good up.

After several repetitious sessions, your cat will sit up on command.

4. Stay
Face the facts: you will never out-sprint your feline. Nor can you match your cats ability to zigzag or dart under the bed, especially when you bring out the carrier for the dreaded veterinary visit.

Save yourself some time and frustration by teaching your cat to stay on command. Start the training in an enclosed room like a screened porch or small bedroom. You want a place where you cat cannot escape or hide. If your cat starts to move away from you, say its name followed by Stay.

Then extend one arm straight out and, with the palm facing the ground, move it down steadily. Resist wanting to chase after your cat. Instead, remain standing and calm. Slowly approach your cat only after it sits. Kneel down and give your cat praise and a treat.

Pick up and cuddle your cat. Then put her back on the ground. Watch your cats movements and immediately reward every stay. Once your cat obeys the stay in the enclosed room, practice this trick in a large, spacious room like the living room or kitchen.

5. Speak
Certain breeds, such as the Siamese, are more apt to interact vocally with owners. To teach your cat to speak on command, reward your cat for vocal responses to your speech. For example, hold a treat near your cats face and say speak. When your cat answers back, give the treat as a reward. Repeat these steps throughout the day until your cat responds readily.

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Janet    Bethlehem, PA

2/13/2013 6:11:24 PM

thanks for the info

Michalle    Portland, OR

1/17/2012 1:47:27 PM

Yes, it is possible to train cats. But, we(the humans) are the ones who are trained by our cats. I know that I am very trained by my cats.

janet    bethlehem, PA

10/21/2011 4:18:17 AM

good article, thanks

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