Fostering Cats

Get tips and advice on the first steps toward fostering cats.

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Cat Adoption and Rescue - The Beauty and Magic of Fostering
Learn more about what fostering is, why it saves cats? lives and how you can help.

Foster Focus - A Gift of Love
By providing hospice care to homeless cats, Jennifer Corsun makes their last days peaceful and comfortable.

Foster Focus - Feline Superstar
Mr. Pibb, celebrity diplomate, changes the world for cats.

Foster Focus - Hello, Kitty
An American couple introduces feline fostering to Japan.

Foster Focus - Pedigrees in the Pound
A foster parent finds inventive ways to help hundreds of homeless pedigreed cats.

Foster Focus - Safe Harbor
One woman's fostering, rescue and outreach efforts have helped make Oahu's freeroaming cats safer.

Cat Rescues - Serving Animals: Changing the Face of Foster Care
Foster care programs place special-needs animals in temporary homes to receive hands-on care until they become healthy and adoptable.

Does My Foster Kitten Have FIP?
CatChannel veterinary expert Arnold Plotnick, DVM, discusses feline infectious peritonitis and its symptoms.

Making a Difference: Fostering Cats
CAT FANCY magazine and present a webinar on common questions about cat fostering

National Cat Foster Home Network Launches
Website creates national network of cat foster homes to curb animal euthanasia due to shelter overcrowdings.

Cat Fostering
What is cat fostering? Learn more here and at a webinar Oct. 11.

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