"CFA Active Cat Catfish Wand Teaser (45"" Length)"
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Cat and Kitten Adoption

Cat Adoption - Adopt a Pedigreed Cat
Breed rescue combines love of pedigreeds with compassion for homeless cats.

Cat Adoption and Rescue - The Beauty and Magic of Fostering
Learn more about what fostering is, why it saves cats? lives and how you can help.

Cat Adoption - Top 10 Reasons Owners Surrender Cats to Shelters
Shelters hear many reasons why owners have to give up their cats. Here are the top 10.

Controlling Barn Cat Population
Female cats must be spayed to control the cat population.

Does My Adopted Cat Need a Companion?
Companions provide friendship and stave off loneliness and boredom.

6 Tips to Adopting a Shelter Cat
Shelter cats need your love. Answer these six questions to find the perfect adopted cat match!

Where to Begin in Adopting a Cat
Discuss lifestyle and other factors when considering a cat.

Would a Companion Cat Stem My Cat's Jealousy?
Cat needs to accept new person in house, then a new feline.

Cat Adoption - Personal Benefits
The benefits of volunteering can make your time even more worthwhile. You stand to gain by helping.

Foster Focus - A Gift of Love
By providing hospice care to homeless cats, Jennifer Corsun makes their last days peaceful and comfortable.

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