"CFA Active Cat Catfish Wand Teaser (45"" Length)"
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Cat and Kitten Adoption

Persian Cat Breed Rescue
Rescuing a Persian cat from a breed rescue group is great cat adoption option.

Cat Activities - The Cat Convert
Learn how rescue cats won actor Bill Brochtrups heart.

Cat Adoption - Every Cat Deserves Love
Here are easy steps you can take to make sure no pet suffers from animal cruelty.

Cat Adoption - Top 10 Reasons Owners Surrender Cats to Shelters
Shelters hear many reasons why owners must give up their cats. Here are the top 10.

Cat Adoption - Performance Booster
Can judging for type serve working dogs?

Cat Adoption - Classical Music Calms Shelter Cats
The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals uses classical music to soothe cats' nerves.

Cat & Kitten Adoption - How to Rescue Feral Kittens
With patience and persistence, you can tame a wild kitten and transform her into a loving pet.

Cat Adoption - Finding Your Feline Friend
Ready to add a new cat to your life? Consider these adoption options.

Cat Adoption - Homecoming Dance
Make your new cat's transition into your home a smooth one.

Cat Adoption - Make a Perfect Match
Many roads may lead to your ideal kitten. Here's where to start.

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