Kristina N. Lotz, Contributing Author

Kristina N. LotzKristina N. Lotz, lifelong pet owner and lover, has made a career out of her passion. Her extensive animal knowledge stems from a lifetime of learning about all things animals in her personal and professional life. Growing up, she owned and loved all kinds of animals, from gerbils and koi to horses and sheep, and everything in-between.  

In school, she competed with horses and her dog, which she trained herself. While in college, she worked as a manager at two of the major pet retailing chains and also helped open a dog supply store. After getting a B.A in English and an MBA, she did marketing and public relations for a vocational college specializing in animal careers.

Currently, Kristina is attending school for a second Masters degree in Communication Digital Media while doing marketing and public relations for a manufacturing company. In her spare time, she writes freelance articles for several pet-related outlets, including CAT FANCY and, does therapy work with her Ragdoll and Birman mixed-breed cat, Sassy, fosters rescue kitties and is getting into cat showing. She resides in Orange County, Calif., with her husband, Brent, who is going to school to be a vet technician, and their fur kids: Sassy, Roxy, a domestic shorthair cat and Skye, a Shetland Sheepdog.   

Favorite Quote:
“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”- C.S. Lewis

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