Why Do Cats Spray?

Find out why cats spray.

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Why Do Cats Spray?

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Paula    Bland, VA

3/9/2007 4:57:47 AM

Being a multi cat household, I have dealt with the problem of "spraying" seemingly forever. Why certain cats(all my cats are neutered/spayed)feel the need to mark is a mystery but I have found nothing that completely stops the behavior once started. At one time I had to keep two brothers outside only to save my house and sanity - 15 yrs. later I still have one of these guys and he now has his "own" room and never sprays there, he seems to know it is his and only his. Two other boys, ages 8 and 3 started spraying and I tried everything, even Feliway, and nothing stopped the daily marking until I consulted a vet and started them on Diazepam. Yes, this is a medication and as such carries the risk of side effects(the most dangerous being liver problems, so blood work is done to check for any changes)but by monitoring and using the lowest dose possible it has stopped the problem almost completely, still an occasional accident occurs. I would like to try the flower essences I have seen advertised - has anyone else used them with any success??

Sally    Miami, FL

1/2/2007 4:23:37 AM

I know that my cat's spraying is in response to a neighbor's cat visiting our yard. Since I know that it is unlikely that "Bushy" will stop visiting, I am hoping to make my cat secure enough to accept these visits.....but so far I am not having any luck. I am desperate. The front door is constantly being sprayed. My house smells and I am embarassed. Is there a medication that would calm her?Feliway has not worked. "Scatt" spray has not worked.I wish your article gave more alternative options. This is serious stuff and could force the end of a beautiful relationship.

Kenny    Rainier, OR

9/9/2006 1:15:08 PM

Such a true article! My snowshoe girl "Allison" started spraying right after I brough some feral kitties into the house. She didn't want to sleep with me anymore and sleeps in another room. She ignores me more and when and if she comes into the house she'll start spraying around, even when I tell her NO...

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