Indoor Cats

Find tips and activities for indoor-only cats.

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Indoor Cats - Game Over
Strike out your cat's chance to develop cat bite abscesses.

Indoor Cats - Inside-Out Cats
Your cat's natural instincts make him want to explore outdoors, but vehicles and predators can end his life early. Here's why you should keep him inside.

Indoor Cats - Kitten Loves the Great Outdoors
Proper care from her owners makes walks safe for this kitten.

Indoor Cats - Quick Tips: Indoor vs. Outdoor
According to most veterinarians, indoor cats lead longer, healthier lives. Here are the reasons to keep your pet indoors.

Indoor Cats - Toys to Entertain
Keep your cat fit and happy with these toy choices. You'll both have fun playing!

Indoor Cats - Leash-train Your Cat 
Teach your cat to walk on a leash so you can both safely enjoy the great outdoors.

Indoor Cats - How to Grow Cat Grass
Treat your cat to a bit of the outdoors with a small patch of home-grown grass.

Give Your Cat a Taste of the Great Outdoors
Check out these three safe and fun ways to bring the outside to your cat, or to bring your cat outside.

Indoor Outdoor Cats - Keep 'Em Both: Cats and Babies
Put your worries to rest: Babies and cats can peacefully co-exist.

Indoor Outdoor Cats - Baby Talk
Get the lowdown on how to help kids and cats mesh into one happy household.

Indoor Outdoor Cats - Before the Baby
You can begin to help your cat adjust to the new addition before the baby arrives.

Indoor Outdoor Cats - Kid Stuff
Create feline-child harmony in your home by following these techniques.

Indoor Outdoor Cats - Reward Positive Cat and Child Interactions
A feline behaviorist suggests ways to encourage positive encounters between cats and young children.

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