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Not all litterboxes are alike. Learn the features of each, then choose the one that's best for your pet.

By Peggy Scott | Posted: Tue Mar 6 00:00:00 PST 2001

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And not only do we have more cats, but today's indoor cats are living longer. An average outdoor cat's life expectancy is two to five years, whereas an indoor cat's is 17 or more years, according to The Humane Society of the United States and the American Humane Association.

To accommodate these indoor cats and their needs, there is a wide selection of litter products available.

Think Out of the Box
The most basic of boxes is the simple open pan, such as the Doskocil litter pan, an entry-level model that runs around $5.

Higher tech choices include the Lift N' Sift litterbox system and the Petmate Litter Pan and Hood sets. The three-tray system works like this: a sifting tray sits inside a solid tray. You pour the litter into the top tray and let kitty take it from there. To clean, just lift the sifting tray and sift out the clumps. Place the sifting tray into the empty tray and pour the litter from the full tray into the empty one. Put the now-empty one on the bottom. The Petmate Litter Pan and Hood sets mean "privacy for your cat and less spills and odor for you." The hood holds your liner in place, and replaceable odor-controlling filters help keep things fresh. These setups each cost about $20.

Van Ness has a whole line of boxes, including Enclosed Cat Pans. These pans are designed to prevent spills, provide privacy and freshen trapped air with zeolite filters; zeolite is an odor trapping mineral. Van Ness also offers the Sifting Cat Pan - which eliminates scooping, cat owners simply lift the screen and sift the lumps out - and the Large-Framed Cat Pan. The frame snaps onto the bottom, holding a liner in place. The sifting pan is about $20, and the framed pan is about $10.

Booda carries the basic Booda Box litterbox, the hooded Booda Loo litterbox, which features a transparent odor control door, and the top-of-the-line Booda Zero-Max Push Button Litter System, which has a retractable lid with an extra-wide opening for easier cleaning. This Booda product features more headroom for kitty and the Zero-Max Odor Prevention charcoal filter system. Booda's boxes range in price from approximately $22 to $40.

Ease of cleaning is also the focus of LitterMaid's Advanced Deluxe Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box, which appears to be something right out of the Jetsons. You fill the box with premium-quality clumping litter and either plug it into a convenient wall socket or let it run on D-cell batteries.

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