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Domestic Shorthair from <a href='' title='Crossville, TN'>Crossville, TN</a>

Angel Moki-Praying for Mom Lynn!

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Hi! My name is Angel Moki-Praying for Mom Lynn!

I am Domestic Shorthair from Crossville, TN

Nicknames: Moki-pokie and Mocus-pocus

Age: 20 years old

Gender: F

Coat: short haired

Education: She received her ACOTD on 10/29/09, the day after she became an angel.
09/03/94-10/28/- 09
2nd ACOTD on 9/4/2013

My favorite tricks and treats are: Tricks are for dogs! and Friskies Party Mix, Original.

Where I hang out: In any box, especially new ones.

My favorite grubs: Fancy Feast Grilled beef, chicken or turkey.

My pet peeves: Taking medicine!

What I love about my owners: She caters to my every whim!

My cat hobbies: Sleep in boxes and eat.

Pet motto: Live, love and be happy, in spite of the other cats in the family.

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We had just lost our blue-eyed, long-haired white kitty, Sugar to FELV and our neighbors cat had just had a litter of white kittens. They gave us Moki when she was just 5 weeks old. She was so small the vet called her a "pocket kitty". Moki crossed the Bridge on 10/28/09. And we really miss her a lot! RIP, sweet angel.
The picture at the bottom has 2 of her brothers, Red and Felix (now, both angels). Felix looks black in the picture, but he's really all gray.

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first vote of the day
and it goes to you all! :) janet is paying the $50 to her mom who'll cash it and include it towards their monthly payment of $589 a month to them a bit easier than having to include the ex-tra for what we used to owe them for the back $$$$ which got paid off via credit card on tuesday. janet changed her mind and was in the southern berkshires as she figured that she needed to see what there was for bargains and she found quite a few! got more sports bras so she was wear them with shorts, but didn't find any shorts to her liking and will have to look locally at places here like dicks, or sams which she's never been to, but also got 2 pairs of pj shorts bottoms, moose munch for mommy and for herself and nat some crocks janet got lighter lower sandles, and the samething for nat as well as some new crocs as he needed both! also got mommy some ceramic paring knives for christmas and nat a pair of jeans as well as some christmas ornaments for her collections. not many icicles this year only 2, then a lot of candy canes which are "in" this year as well as one for mommy and nat as mommy gets a cardinal and then will get another and janet found one for nat a piece of pizza! :) she's still going to vermont and came home with $36 out of $360 she took with her as everything she did find was on sale or marked way down. she bypassed a few things she really wanted to get and will make do for now. today it's working outside till later this morning when it's errands and likely by the looks of things grocery shopping, but janet's not looked at the new flyer either. she slept through till she got up going on 3 almost like a work morning! tomorrow she might get a chance to sleep in her only day this week as it's looking like showers each day starting tonight through sunday when she goes back to work. sandy,ab,haley,angels

vermont trip will be sometime next 2 months before fall and school/things go back early september. kids here started late august last year, but with labor day being late sept 7th they are back the week before that and go till mid june here. always been that way. they had to go longer as use of the snow days and many went over the alloted 5 days.

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

06/25/2015 12:21.21 AM Report This Comment
water fun day wed/sleepover tomorrow night
janet's on early all due that her computer overheated again yes-terday and she's not been able to get out and get another can of spray air to clean out the vents in this machine. so therefore she's up early to try and get as much done before it does do the samething again. yes, she's got outside work to take care of and is going to walk this morning the big block with pepper seeing it's cool enough, but just. we had another inch of rain from sat night through yesteray when it quit between 12:30-1 and once the sun was out,it heated up fast and we were over 100 in the sun and extremely humid till the dry front pushed through, but only will last a little while this morning as we're due to get humid again by this afternoon and tonight. janet's hoping to get a little outside work done this morning after or before she gets her car out to the garage as she knows it's gonna heat up fast and with limited bug stuff left till she has her car back maybe later today or likely tomorrow sometime. then it's errand time like a bank run and things like that which would be done on a monday, but can't seeing her car work is screwing up the works as nat puts it. he's going to try and contact his looney cousin or his friend to see if they can get him over to the nursing home to pay the rest of the back money we owe them as there's room on one of the credit cards so that's the way it's gotta be paid and then that rate will go very high but has to happen and they can't keep harrassing us for $$$$$! see ya tomorrow! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

06/22/2015 12:47.04 AM Report This Comment
did you ever
have 2 of "those" days in a row? janet did to start out at work and things were going so good when she got up finished all of cc for the second morning in a row and started general postings on fb yesterday too! that was good then she had some blueberries on a rolling tray and well they didn't want to sit in her hands so one fell open and all over the floor. she didn't clean it up till after she had finished doing other things which made the day even better as she ended up cutting up/going through a big grocery cart full of strawberries! dumped them into a big flat box and well 3 garbage cans full and 2 containers for the melon bar were done! then she was going to start something else, but like you said ran out of steam so just did little things to clean up things and it was time to change and punch out! was 90s again for the second day in a row turned sticky/icky and muggy/buggy which now that the other front has gone through will eventually dry out and be nice today. got a little rain from a shower and that was it and a good thing nat watered the flower beds out front and the herb/mommy's small one out back as her's needs it more than likely the other parts and she'll have to do it later on after it's cooled down. we are sitting at a icky 72 this morning fans going full tilt and waiting for the sticki-ness to get out of the air and feel good for the rest of today, tomorrow and only high of 72 on monday, humid and showers to boomers that night and tuesday. looks like the sleepover will again be in the garage unless it clears out just in time for sleeping under the stars and a high near 60! sounds ideal! sandy,ab,haley,angels janet's wiped just sitting here as it's so sticky and icky!

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

06/13/2015 01:06.11 AM Report This Comment
we know that
you had a very busy day and it was a good thing you got here early on tuesday for the sleepover. had prefect weather minus the late afternoon boomer/downpour which lasted an hour but we still need all the rain we can get! janet sure had a lot to do as you will read from what she sent out yesterday and then on top of it was still online in the afternoon doing eletters and only getting through 2 out of 4 of them 2 new ones from calif. friends who found her on a pen pal site. hitting 90 here today so not much gonna happen except running to the bank, target or wal mart, picking up some $$ unless that's tomorrow for nat's payment for pokemon cards somebody at a store bought off of him, and aldi's today which is all. tomorrow it's grocery shopping and janet's not even made a list for that yet but won't have to get to much. got 90 today and tomorrow and more like tropical again tomorrow/sat means muggy buggy weather will be back! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

06/11/2015 12:52.32 AM Report This Comment
janet remembers
that furry rear used to be like that before she passed on and had a stroke which killed her when she was down cellar at night as it was much cooler and her favorite chair was there. maitai did so too at the age of 18 of a stroke, while one other had cancer at the age of 7 and the last one at 12 kidney failure. sandy is eventually headed towards something and once she goes then possibly another rescue cat from the shelter, don't know though as janet says it's finances right now as she was supposed to pay her car insurance something and didn't which means she'll have to mail them a check even though her checking is the lowest it's been in years! sandy, ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

05/28/2015 11:58.01 PM Report This Comment
that's what sandy's like
when janet starts moving around from night sweats or just wakes up and well has trouble going back to sleep and when she does usually it's time to get up! oh well she did that from 1;30 on this morning and finally got comfortable around 2 and then sandy decided to act up so that was it as it was already nearly 2:30 and time to get up! yes, we know janet amazes us all by getting up just so she can get the worst of the two pages done in blog-ging. even yesterday they were home earlier than usual 12:30. as it usually takes them till 1 or after due to janet not finding what she wants or has to go back and get something. oh well, she plowed through email and finally around 3, finished and was outside for an hour to enjoy the sun and wind as we were finally into the mid 70s and are gonna be near 70 today. no frost as predicted, wind was up last night, but chance is there for tomorrow morning so will have to cover up things coming up out in janet's gar-den as well as some flowering plants. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

05/23/2015 12:09.51 AM Report This Comment
sleepover tues/games wed
now that things are back to normal here online janet's blogging as much as she can as it's just about time for her to get out and walk, the only day each week she can do so before breakfast and leaving for work. also means shorter blogs as well. she's al ready gone through sorting email as yesterday spammed a lot hence not a lot to sort through on both pages this morning! nice! :) also going to be hot, but just for today, then 70s rest of this week through next weekend and upper 60s like last wed when we had the games. only chance of rain is boomers or showers as nothing yesteday but a spitting sprinkle and that doesn't count! at least janet is feeling better this morning no headache right now, but has to get her backside moving if she's to get out and walk and back to finish online stuff! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

05/17/2015 01:44.09 AM Report This Comment
janet's updated
sandy's page, but as usual cc keeps reverting it back saying she's a year or less and well it just won't stay, but she's gonna try again once she gets the time. work is crazy, they tell her to prepare for more hours, and now yesterday she was told she's been cutback to 24 again which means she's back to 7-11 again seeing they decided to hire a new melon bar person and are thinking 3 are gonna be able to get the amount of volume we do at the store met, well we'll just wait and see what happens. they are so stupid which makes janet so mad! oh well, at least she's still got 24 hours and beats nothing which means she can again resume early morning walks maybe as soon as sunday morning and then time to get things done online. we got up to 76 yesterday and it was nice and warm, did some errands as well as having to run back over seeing nat's loopy cousin found more pokemon cards older packs which is what nat loves to get more than the newer stuff. to pay janet back she got the last package of hamburgers at target and well it's something now she doesn't have to get as she did a great amount yesterday at aldi's and what little she's got left will be split between big y and her store today. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

05/15/2015 12:17.12 AM Report This Comment
good morning!
loos like cc's gone and changed things again as finally we're over to the newer look and it's faster yes, but it's harder for a lot of us to read things but that's the way it is, then we're going with it! janet got mashed potato, chicken thighs and a veggie for supper last night. she just did the later two as mommy did the "thunder" thighs as we call them. a partial nice break seeing janet was tied up with cc til 7 last night as she didn't get on till after she had finished one email/fb accounts and then finally around 3 got on and started in, but kept get-ting interrupted and had supper while doing this, then rushed through fb/other email and finally she was done. already 52 outside this morning and like yesterday only making the lower to mid 60s, but 70s and 80s all next week with showers tues and all next weekend. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

05/01/2015 12:26.35 AM Report This Comment
The temperature was High 58 & Low was 45 this morning, now it's Partly Sunny; 58 with humidity 57% & wind is 3 MPH SSW. Sunday's suppose to be Mostly Cloudy & High 64.
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♥ Dear Friends, this is Mom~Lillian writing again.

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♥ Thank You again for coming by only this time to Congratulate my PAPPOOSE'S #10366 Seventh Cat of the Day Award and with your generous gifts today 4/25.
I want to share a passage from when PAPPOOSE was doing her Cat of the Month Catpaigning in January 2012 of how she became part of our family!

♥ "Mom was at friend Anita's & they were in her laundry room. I was a kitten lying in a bed Anita fixed up for me. Mom knelt down to rub my tummy. Then mom got up and Anita wanted to give me a name. She wanted me to have an Indian name, which started with a “W” (mom doesn’t recall what it was), but mom said “No”. Mom suggested “Pappoose”, but then it happened;. I looked up and meowed. “That's it!!!” Mom & Anita says “that will be her name”. I eventually ended up at my now mom’s back yard. I hung around out there for awhile & ate then I would leave. I came back again & mom opened the back door so I went in checking things out. I did this a couple different times before I was told I was staying. Rhoamin took me in like a father & played with me. He even gave me baths!!!"

♥ It's true to what you say about how fast the year went, but not to me!!! It seems like Pappoose has been gone way longer than only a year!!! MEMORIES, Yes, I have beautiful and fun memories playing with and loving the sweetest little girl a momma could want!

♥ I also added a COTD picture in PAPPOOSE'S picture gallery on her page.

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04/25/2015 04:49.05 PM Report This Comment
sports day tomorrow!
janet's so happy she got her garden work done as it would've been a muddy mess to work with outside seeing we have one more round of showers moving on through tomorrow afternoon with a cool front which will drop temps back to the lower 50s for a few days then upper 50s to near 60 for this weekend/start of next week and 60s after that with no rain after tomorrow till thurs of next week. janet's happy she got in her garden work but there's more to come and she'll not plant much more than cool weather tolerant herbs till it warms up more. but twc says it's going to be cool straight through july now and that litterly stinks looks like no real hot stuff like we got on/off all last year. she woke up to booming/lightening this morning and well it was pouring down so pepper didn't get to go out before she started to blog. well now she's got to keep moving on and we'll be outside to start the games and inside by afternoon. see ya then! sandy, ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

04/21/2015 01:47.50 AM Report This Comment
sports day tomorrow!
just thought if you're back online you might like to know it's opening day for our weekly sports days again starting tomorrow and going each week through till the last full week in october. janet's been busy getting outside stuff done little at a time and finished pruning the wild blueberry/huckleberry bushes yes-erday and hopes to get the herb garden as well as fenced in garden cleaned up today or started till she has her 6 month dentist visit/cleaning/filling tomorrow morning at 7:30 so she'll get up and start the blogging before she goes to see them leaving here around 7:10 or so! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

04/14/2015 02:39.05 AM Report This Comment
we still have a big pile of snow, but it's
disappearing pretty fast and seeing janet was able for the first time since we hit the 60s here too yesterday to get out there and start the yard clean up with rocks getting dumped across the street near the mailbox/paper tubes as a ditch was again forming so needed to be filled in a bit, sticks/branches are still wait ing to be dumped as she usually piles it up and lets nat take care of it,but he's had a lot to do between his pokemon stuff, getting his ebay store set up again, homework and helping mommy as well as some housework, that he's just not had much time! he also has outside work for a neighbor across the street to do some raking and will start if it's not raining today, but only near 50 and 40s next two days with through friday on/off again showers/rain. then 50s friday and 60s all of next week, how about that????? :) janet as we said got the yard work started and got the front lawn raked near the street and edges into some of the middle of it, but has a ways to go as she couldn't finish due to the pile of ice and snow. got some crocuses in bloom and sure more to come as well as flowers coming up soon too! more birds are back, but lots more to come we're sure as janet's favorites towhees/catbirds aren't back and neither are the northern oriels either and the peep-ers are singing yet as there's still ice on the ponds and lakes but that is now melting as well. she's got a lot of garden work to do fencing to mend or change out with nat's help if he's got the time that is and a lot more clean up work as well, so a ways to go, but little at a time does it! she's got fasting/tests before her hbp/cholesterol check early friday morning and then goes earlier next wednesday for a cleaning/check/filling which will be the first in 3-4 years or more and hopes it can be done so she won't have to go back,but likely she will have to schedule another appt. and go back after that! guess what??? mommy got to visit with master for the first time since early december and it made his lunch later, but they visited for a half hour 45 minutes and had a good time! all that counts and now it's likely she'll go along with bill paying or bank runs on mondays just to go and see him when there's a mountain of things to be done here, that's more important! janet also got more done for the melon bar than the usual 5 things 6-7 yesterday off her list of things which had to be filled. so today if those things which weren't dated then will get pulled and there's going to be a lot of them too! 60s most of next week too so between that and the rain should really start to get rid of the last of old man winter's stuff we hope here for good this year! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

04/07/2015 01:36.37 AM Report This Comment
wishing one and all there
from all here a blessed and happy easter! janet's got her hands full with the cookin and big turkey dinner with the fixings so won't have ample time for blogging so we'll be back with you bright and early on monday morning. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

04/04/2015 02:49.55 PM Report This Comment
not to much going on here right
now except sandy/haley are in here with janet as she's blogging away hopes to get it done in record time to get stuff done on email/fb before breakfast, but again depends on how long she makes the blogs, right? no walk yesterday way to cold that nasty northwesterly wind had to much of a bite and went straight up janet's sinuses, so she said no way, no walk today however it's going to be a bit warmer the wind's changed direction now to the southwest meaning a change is coming and staring tomorrow through tues of next week 40s for the most part and one day into the mid to upper 50s with rain showers starting wed afternoon through friday morning so are hoping that the snow will be a lot less at this time this coming weekend than we have between 7-9+" still on the ground. looks like master's car if anything is to be done or somebody wants to buy it will have to be towed the starter janet thinks gave away as nat tried to start it to move it over to the side of the driveway and just a clicking sound similar to what janet had happen to her car before christmas remember 2 weeks before it just died in her store parking lot and had to be towed to pelham auto? we'll not say anymore about car problems! ;) we know now we're likely have a white easter and no morning cookout after sunrise service, no grill as it rusted out last summer and had to be thrown into the trash and so we still have to get a smaller one to set atop a table or something, trouble is what??? don't even have a junker table so will have to scour craig's list for one if possible. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

03/23/2015 01:52.55 AM Report This Comment
good morning!
well it is better in a way, even though it's a sunday and usual-ly janet sleeps in till 3:30 she got enough of that well sort of the past 3 mornings when she was able to sleep in till 4 and get some blogging done even though it wasn't much beats nothing as not all got it. the other page is done and now this is the se-cond vote and blog off this page. seems the starter or some-thing like that has gone on master's car and now if it were to be sold if it does we know it won't, will have to be towed as it no longer will start! janet did get in a walk with nat upon get-ting in from work as it had finally stopped snowing we ended up with 21/2" of snow and temps soared once the sun broke through the clouds early afternoon and made the upper 40s and lower 50s so all that melted as well as a bit of the other stuff! nice to see it going and more will be happening this week as it wears on with the 40s and lower 50s and rain on thursday! :)
janet's seen buzzards or turkey vultures as they're called here both types bald/red headed are back as well as other birds and more arriving everyday, others being held back due to the constant roller coaster ride we've been getting. looks like the outlook through may or june will have us colder than usual here which means late frosts and that stinks as it's NOT going to be a good growing season for gardeners like janet but oh well, won't be the first or last time either! she's happy she won't have to go in so early for a while, but heck she got 2.05 hours worth of overtime in last week! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

03/22/2015 01:19.55 AM Report This Comment
good morning!
very froggy out there as we got a bit of the rain you folks had down there yesterday for most of the day! not to much, but janet had to go out late last night as she remembered she left a win-dow in her car opened up a bit and so well she got a bit damp running out in summer pj's which she wears year long, but got it done in a few minutes time! she slept through till 5 and got up and now is blogging till it's time to go for a walk around 6:30 which is almost just a half hour from now, but is blogging till she does go! going to be mid to upper 60s this afternoon after the fog lifts whenever that will be this afternoon. we'll stay warm through tues next week when it's likely we'll have rain to snow or a sinker in reverse. many are now saying just plain rain sat, but starting as a mixture that night, so if it's slippery in the morning janet's not going in simple as that she feels. back to the mid to upper 30s and locals are saying now that's what we'll have starting mon/tues but again we don't really know till it does come! oh well, we'll have to take what we get when we get it! the corn chowder came out so good mommy wants it again for supper tonight! that's how good it was! and yes she's happy no big meals as next tuesday it's boiled dinner minus the cabbage of course seeing nobody cares for that here. sandy,ab,haley,angels nat's party friday!

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

03/11/2015 02:56.34 AM Report This Comment
the electric bills are outrageous
not only for us but everybody else who has them as all the other companies raised their rates last year before all of this hap-pened and ours went down instead. now we're paying for what they are calling have to buy alternative energy from other companies and sources meaning private ones or from quebec which is very high costing right now due to the high usage of all the power from the cold. but are hoping that with the warming temps we'll be able to turn the thermostate down another few degrees to 66 maybe from 68 as it's feeling kind of cool in here, but we're gonna have to learn and take it or bundle up a bit more. hard for mommy who loved the 70 it was set at comfortable for her, but to warm at night for janet and nat! well got warming temps here too mid to upper 30s today and will also end out the week like that, but on a sour note as well as starting next weekend a sinker or sinker in reverse....just what we didn't want to hear, but then again it's fickle month like some of next will be too!... then mid to upper 40s starting tomorrow/monday and upper 40s and lower 50s tues/wed with REAL RAIN showers not the frozen crap on tuesday. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

03/07/2015 02:06.17 AM Report This Comment
we have a food city
too here, but it's north in turners falls which janet used to get things from every so often when she took nat up there for dental work seeing that's where his dentist used to be before he changed here to amherst area. all but a few things were done yesterday which will get finished after she's in from work later on this morning all before the 2 part storm named thor comes in later on this afternoon into thursday with part 2 tomorrow night the more dangerous storm due to snow being underneath the snow which will fall at the tail end on thursday morning. meaning 2 more days of cleaning up....stinks that does! :( janet did get up on the ladder as nat had to get his homework started and took another math quiz and did better a 72 this time around and has a mid term next week before he's on break the following week. just been a super busy winter nonstop outside work and well with things being that way janet had another meltdown sunday night and well just is like everybody else sick and tired of all the stupid snow meaning a very short garden season up here after she's put in large seed orders for 2 companies she chose and has all but a few seeds 2 of which had to be back ordered and will arrive later on as she's only got to buy leek and a few other plants, but not tomatoes seeing she's lost all of them the past 2 years due to blight. master is doing fine seems everytime they go to see him he's at lunch with his buddies downstairs and no he now has a phone in his room as they just got them put in a week ago so he's enjoying that and is keeping his cell around for just owning it! mommy is doing good although she did get a big boo boo on her lower leg which is healing up now nicely from something in front of a cat pit due to pepper getting in there and eating cat pooh as she knows better but is a stupid dog! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

03/03/2015 01:40.51 AM Report This Comment
well it did help her and she's been feeling
much better thanks to a few good friends with good listening ears such as your mom! a huge hug and thanks from all of us here! got melting snow here today with lower to mid 30s and low-er 30s tomorrow both days with sunshine before the next arctic blast comes in tomorrow afternoon or night behind the next storm as you guys are slated for another one this week or by this weekend so we last heard that one will curve up here for tues/wed and temps warming here starting sun-thurs next week of the mid to upper 30s so roads will be flooding with melting snow nowhere to go due to the stupidity of the town not getting out and chopping away and uncovering all the storm drains/drains in the area. trouble is roads are in very bad condition here too pot holes galore and well people threatening to sue the town due to not getting them covered up on time. there's a few really bad ones on the street last one janet takes to work and well just are getting bigger and bigger! come spring they'll have a mess on their hands for sure...stupid town that is! janet's mess with taxes got cleared up when she picked up her taxes yesterday and checked with the cpa who does her and nat's taxes as her claiming 0 and having an extra $10 taken out from both fed/state will get her refunds on both if they don't change it and take a lot more as it's still the lower to middle income who like janet are getting hit and slammed hard! at least no big storms for us here till tues/wed with a sinker which now that we're getting closer to the warmer months we'll be getting more and more of those types of storms and making it harder and harder to shovel it/clean up, but at least it melts a bit each day although won't fri/sat and fri next week 20s for daytime highs. we even had a new record low of -12 here when janet left for work yesterday morning too. luckily we were 10 when she walked before 7 this morning and will be losing that to dst starting 2 weeks from now or a week from this coming sunday on the 8th we go ahead again gaining the hour in the afternoon and losing it for now in the morning. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

02/25/2015 07:00.45 AM Report This Comment
we were lucky
enough not to get more than 4" of snow as janet shoveled her half of the driveway and did the mailbox/paper tubes so the lady could get in with the sunday paper which janet forgot to read last night, but oh, well she fell asleep and then woke up and couldn't get back to sleep till it was time to get up. she also pulled something again just as it had started to feel better and heal now hurts like a son of a gun when lifting/moving in cert-ain directions/and some moving about, likely from the front ditch which nat didn't clean out after assuring janet he had and well turns out he intentionally left it for her! well she hurt herself doing that and will have to try taking it as easy as she can through till the nxt big snowstorm on monday of next week. luckily it's a nice mon day for a change of pace as our storm came in sat/sunday and that's a change too. our storm pattern is usually big storms fall from sat-tues mostly on mon/tues or sun/mon time frames and next week it'll warm up to the upper 20s and mid 30s so that means the snow we hope will be fluffy, but more likely slop now that the sun is climbing higher in the sky and we're gaining time back fast. won't be much longer before daylight saving's time starts back up the 8th of next month then a cor-rection easter is not the first sunday in april, but the second sunday as janet's looked numerous times. but never mind doesn't make much of difference. :) take care and so will janet try too. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

02/16/2015 01:06.12 AM Report This Comment
3144 >>:♥:<< DEAR MOKI & MOM >>:♥:<<
The temperature was High 58 & Low was 41 this morning, now it's Mostly Sunny; 58 with humidity 72% & wind is 0 MPH. Sunday's suppose to be Partly Sunny & High 56.

~...~♥~...>*<...~♥~ FAMILY NEWS ~♥~...>*<...~♥~...~

♥ This is Mom~Lillian coming to Thank You with all my heart for your Sympathies, Condolences and prayers our handsome polydactyl TC's Sleep Forever on 2/09/2015! His precious and lifeless body is being cremated and his Spirit went back to Jehovah God!

♥ TC was our "Free Soul" kitty as he was not one to stay in one place too long tho he did choose our home for his roots as well as his final resting place!

♥ Mom & Dad both believes TC's back problems was caused from his first home where the teenage son abused him by throwing him clear across the room hitting the far wall as well as the kickings and such. TC got to where he could not walk at all the last two days of his life so I made him as comfortable as possible on his electric heated bed and pee pads under him since he wasn't able to use the potty box any longer. First thing that Monday morning (2/09), I called and left a message for Dr. Nancy letting her know I was calling the Mobile Vet (Dr. Bonnie) to have her come to our home to help with TC's sleep. They didn't have the paw plaque so I was able to get one from our vets' office for his Paw Prints.

♥ Our hearts are still heavy not seeing TC in the back room which is so empty now without him out there!

♥ I chose a 3 Collage frames to add his pictures to them as one is in Rhoamin's profile for a couple days longer while the other is in his gallery. (Click on them for a bigger view)

...~:♥:~... ~:♥:~ ...~:♥:~... ...~:♥:~... ~:♥:~ ...~:♥:~...~:♥:~...

♥ TC KNIGHT ♥ June 15, 2000 - February 9, 2015 ♥

...~:♥:~... ~:♥:~ ...~:♥:~... ...~:♥:~... ~:♥:~ ...~:♥:~...~:♥:~...

Here's a Knight Gang™ vote for you.

Loving Hugs,



Come visit me, Q. Pappoose "Forever Sleep 4-10-2006 to 4-24-2012", BABY KNIGHT July 18, 1998 to May 20, 2010, Patch Girl Knight (OG) #12767 Photo: 5/26/2015, Suezee Knight - Photo: 7/13/2013, WHYSKRS KNIGHT #10378 ♥ Photo: 5/25/2015, SASSEE "Forever Sleep 5-01-2004 to 10-02-2014", SIX Knight (Sweet Memories 5/15/01-7/03/06), Ebbonny Knight Forever Sleep 8/14/2000 to 3/9/2011, Sweet Pea ~ Forever Sleep 5-15-2001 to 2-25-2011, Tipper Claflin-Knight (7/15/1989 - 7/23/2008), BAHNEETAH KNIGHT #10641 PHOTO: 3/13/2015, Charr ~ In Loving Memory 8/14/2000-9/19/2008, Jazpyr's #10428 sis Toebee Pictured 5/14/2012, Sissee Knight (OG) #11531 Photo: 11/06/2014, RHOAMIN & SISSY LEE ~ July King 2008 & Queen 2007, Velvet~Sleep My Black Beauty 5-10-2002 to 7-7-2012 & Sylvester #11567 ♥ 5/15/2001 - 6/28/2013.

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happy valentine's day!
not really for us here, although it's clear and -4 out there right now janet's skipping around and is voting for more than she thought she'd be doing! got a solid 6" of snow moving in which likely will keep her home and outside in the cold shovel-ing as well as nat snow blowing. we're so tired of it all like everybody else and are like everybody else running out of room to put it all. we don't have a lake/ocean to dump it into like boston, but have to find spots to put it. likely possible big one on wed., but heard that might stay south and out to sea which is what we're hoping it does...sorry about that...and a bigger one for next sunday as well. just wished and pray that it stops and changes course soon....likely won't though by the looks of things! are going to warm to the 30s on wed and again by next weekend so that storm will drop slop on us not the feather light stuff. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

02/14/2015 01:49.15 AM Report This Comment
just thought we'd let you know
that we'll be offline the next few days for snow removal work as janet's decided to take it in stages since we have 2" on the ground she says she won't go in if it's to slippery today and her boss already knows she's not going in tomorrow as that's the big one starting either later this afternoon or tonight. hoping we'll be back on wednesday sometime! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

02/08/2015 01:39.07 AM Report This Comment
as far as we're concerned
the sooner winter is over the better as we've got more light snow on tap for today and more tomorrow in time for the rush hour yet again! the neighbor showed up to rake the roof, but we still have a lot up on the top which should come down but there's to much ice and it's very dangerous. head we should put some calcium chloride on it to melt the ice dams we have and to prevent further ice dams from forming which we'll have a lot of. still have trenches to dig out front and outback as well from where it was raked yesterday and guess what another whopper may-be on tap for monday and tuesday. janet's worried about her bank account and if she got cleaned out by somebody or not as she got a strange call last night and hasn't been able to sleep over it so will have to take a ride up to the branch bank to see what's going on and is shaking like a leaf! they haven't notified her on anything so don't know if it's okay or not! we'll let ya know soon! sandy,ab,haley, angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

02/04/2015 03:49.45 AM Report This Comment
cc is acting up and well won't let janet delete the older blogs and she'll try later on this afternoon when and if she's got the time that is seeing she'll have a lot of email and the like, al-though she managed to get through everything she wanted early so she was doing snailmail and finished all of the outgoing letters answers to letters arrived before christmas 4 of them and the others well 2 she's done online and one was mail in con-test as usually she tosses those and just does the online ones as she does their lotto and slots there games she enjoys at times and frustrates to no end other times. we're already at our high for today this morning of 32 and we were warmer than you yesterday morning 36 and got warmer here too 45 but today cooler seeing a front went through and it's the nasty biting wind like yesterday didn't feel the 45 more like 30 and today don't know if it's going to feel more like the 20s! hate that, but at least things are melting this week, some of the ice we had covering everything from sunday melted, and other places just got worse as it's out in the roads and thick and heavily travled so very rough with potholes. janet and nat did walk and got "iced" and slushed at the sametime. no visit for master as they do such a poor job over there mommy didn't want to chance falling and can't say we blame here one bit and nat's still not feeling great better, but not great. janet's headache is sinus weather related and still there day #3 of it! means we're in for a big storm or change sometime and that would be the colder weather by monday of next week. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

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Dear Angels
Thank you so much for honoring my crossing!

Although I miss my family and they miss me, I am a young, happy angel now who watches over them and my brother Spanky, and I have been for many years. Thank you again. Purrs and hugs, A Pepper

Come visit me, K. Spanky-Jack - HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!.

01/19/2015 02:12.07 PM Report This Comment
Hello Angel Moki!
Thanks for stopping by to congratulate me on my ACOTD honor Saturday. Hope your mom is doing okay. The treats you sent were tasty (I shared some with Rocky and Rusty) and I love the toys! Have a happy 2015--leaving you a hug and a vote! Piu

Come visit me, Rusty (10/15/94-11/21/12), Piu (1/20/94~1/9/08) & Rocky (2/14/98-1/30/12).

01/11/2015 01:50.49 PM Report This Comment
Darlin Angels & Family
Thanks ever so much for your congrats, goodies & kind words. What a wonderful welcome to CC. AD Sass is going to be semi-retired & it will be little DD that will have the family spotlight. Hope all is well with your momma, too. From far above, our Angel Moki says hi to your Angel Moki. Love, AD Sass & DD

Come visit me, AD Sassy & Sam Happy Spring!! & Dolly Darlin-DD Happy Spring!!.

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good morning!
well jaent's finally off and is up due to the fact she had to wash her oily icky hair, and then wanted to get a jump on blog-ging before she went out for a walk, and not to long afterwards a walk with pepper around the big block. then a little more blogging and breakfast and hopefully going grocery shopping by 8:30. guess what we're having a sinker coming snow to all rain and then 50s before it goes back down to the 40s and 30s then back to the teens and 20s for DAYTIME highs and single numbers below to above 0!!!!!!!! :( so not ready for it being that cold, but in a way we'd rather get it done and out of the way this and next month so spring can ar-rive early. as of right now it looks like we get storms and usually they're big ones on a weekend date and anything else which falls is usually light and nuisance as we have 1 day of light snow or snow showers nothing to bother with.
yes, janet's birthday is next saturday and well it'll likely be just another day without any big celebrations seeing she's got friends, but most of the good ones are only online so she won't post anything on the regular fb accounts, although it might appear there, but she's not going to post about it just on the 2 cc groups and one valley birding photo group she be-longs to. well onto the next entry and thanks for continuing to be there for us this past year and this year! sandy,ab, haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

01/02/2015 02:33.06 AM Report This Comment
happy new year's eve!
as well as old year's day, last day of december and 2014 all wrapped up into one! janet's working both days and has planned nothing more than a bank run seeing both banks are closed on shopping day on friday and then making southern chicken patties or the last of the turkey rotissiere she bought last saturday with baked potato and a veggie or salad for supper tonight, then sparklers and sparkling fruit juice early on and that's it! off to a cold start 14 here this morning but warming to the mid 30s today like yesterday and by sunday once the sinker is past mid 40s just for one day then upper 30s mon/tues as well as tomorrow and friday. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

12/31/2014 02:18.12 AM Report This Comment
stopping by
with your christmas eve vote right now since janet's decided she's not going to do much blogging, but just to wish one and all a merry christmas tomorrow as well as right now. we have 60s and sunshine by thursday afternoon! after all the rain it's going to feel downright good. janet's planning on being outside as much as she can and maybe walking as well seeing she's not walked a long distance since the first two days of her vacation early on last week, as it was one thing or another which pre-vented her from doing so! mostly her arch/heel on her right foot which continues to bother her going on a 4th month next month! it's likely oh rats she can't remember the two words for it, but has started stretch-ing and rolling it as well and it's slowly helping. she work-ed 6-12 today like she said she would as the time just flew by. can you believe this???? a red tailed hawk got fried and caused a power outage at our store and entire block of stores where janet's store is located? she was just getting ready to set out the salad bar and had to cover things up and put it into another cooler instead and start to cut up veggies and fruit for the melon bar girls as both were in today and only one tomorrow. well seeing she's very tired and is trying to get everything done we'll see you at some point tomorrow. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

12/23/2014 12:11.00 PM Report This Comment
that's why
on weekends we pick and choose those who we want to blog to the most or regulars as we call them and you guys are amongst them, so if you see just a short one it's due that janet too will be busy this coming week and weekend. she's got a ton of wash, baking, cooking, walks in the early morning, taking mom so she can finish christmas shopping, have her hearing checked/hearing aide adjusted and so on. she's on her last week of vacation and wants it to be stress fun! supposed to be nice most of the week anyways overall upper 30s and lower 40s so a good week to be off and doing things! she might hang sheets out too once it's warm enough for the fresh air smell she adores so much. still praying duchess gets better with the new meds and soon! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

12/13/2014 02:40.26 AM Report This Comment
ah, well
janet's posting the first of the pictures she took from mt. pol-lux the week before thanksgiving when she last walked when it was clear and 20 out there. this morning it's 15 out and could drop further before going to the lower 30s and clouding up as we do have a messy variety of things we're gonna get here this week through saturday! a sinker to rain tonight/tomorrow, rain till wednesday, to a sinker in reverse for thurs/fri,and sat ending with rain/snow showers those last 2 days. but for the big news janet did't want to see happen, another mid sized costly repair going to happen starter died on her car so now it's at the garage and she's hoping it'll be done today, but with the lousy weather people likely have lined up ahead of her to have snow tires and other stuff done. janet's adding on getting it winterized too seeing it's not been done and will pay for a part of the repair and have the rest added if they will to her bill which she had paid down $400 in a month and a half since it was done early october. sandy,ab,haley,angels

at least she's got master's car to use for the moment as it's off the road as of this month when they surrender the plates and registration and cancel the insurance as well.

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

12/08/2014 12:46.57 AM Report This Comment
happy thanksgiving!
well it's sunny and the snow is dropping off the trees like flies and will all be off by lunchtime or this afternoon. nat is getting ready to go out and do the roof and gutters as janet's arms are like bowling balls with all the shoveling she did from 5-7 and then took a walk taking pictures, then came home to move shoveling and finished up, but now things are covered up again thanks to the stupid snow blower dumping more snow where it was all cleaned off twice and now the trees. the meal is going and the other stuff mashed potato, succotash, gravy, rolls and pie just have to be warmed up no problems as the turkey is in the oven now seeing janet came in before 6 and got mommy and natty up and going. we got 6" heavy wet #$#% as nat and janet call it, which won't stay around for long seeing the ground is still very soft and warm meaning with the warming temps come sunday into next week 40s and 50s it's gonna melt like mad! :) yipee, horray!!! we had the power go out a few times last night, but it came back on as janet's stupid power back up for her computer was beeping and woke her up 3-4 times, stupid jerky thing! got a little more light crap 1" tonight and then we're good to go with rain showers by wednesday....go figure it's janet's only day off next week, stinks that's what! sandy,ab,haley,angels

we'll be on tomorrow afternoon just to say hi!

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

11/27/2014 06:17.52 AM Report This Comment
janet found cc down first thing this morning it allowed her for the first time in ages to get email/fb done before breakfast and leaving for work, can you believe that??? also another can you beleieve we're 68 out there and the day after tomorrow we're gonna get between 3-5" or more of heavy wet #^$##@$ as nat and janet call it?? stupid weather or what???? going to warm up again after 3 days of really cold temps again and 40s and 50s next week, no wonder so many are getting sick! janet didn't get asked to stay yesterday or today seeing she finished everything there was to do both days and did a case of cutting up pineapple for the melon bar lady who's back from a weekend trip to va to pick up a siamese kitten in cumberland va. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

11/24/2014 11:36.06 AM Report This Comment
good morning!
janet wouldn't call 20 that bad considering there wasn't any wind blowing and the best time to go out before it started to come up which was when she was out again not long after getting home and this time around the big block with pepper as she did her duty 4 times so now doesn't need another walk today! :) janet missed the sunrise by 5 minutes but got a picture anyways as it is now over to the southeast and will move more over in back of long mountain the last in the chain of the mt. holyoke range just up the street from our house. at least we have mid 30s here today and not quite as bad as it's been the past 2 days for sure! any storm we have coming comes in again sunday night into monday, but temps will be so much the other side of the bracket into the 40s and 50s! now that's certainly music to all our ears, isn't it? janet thinks so and with morning lows only lower to mid 30s that will make walking not as bad or having to bundle up like she did this morning a sweatshirt atop the one she was wearing over a turtleneck and silk/cotton thermal bottoms she wears till we have days into the 60s when it's to warm to wear them when out walking and the like. well she's got most of the thanksgiving dinner to do and might be doing something called cranberry pavlova for dessert for a change even though mommy will make an apple pie! did she tell you she got a 15lb frozen turkey on sale for .59lb and then on top of that $7off coupon from another store her store was honoring so she got it for .41!!!!!!!!! :) it's been thawing in the fridge since she brought it home last friday and she's hoping it won't spoil if kept in the fridge and not brought out. she did ask meat guys at her store that told her it should be fine. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

11/19/2014 08:17.15 AM Report This Comment
bonfire sleepover/games tues/wed
yes janet's heard there is such a test but doesn't know anymore about it than that! master is back at his room at the nursing home now as they called to say they were releasing him late yes-terday afternoon as he had responded well over the weekend to meds they poured into him as well as the cyst on his stomach healing slow, but still doing good! so likely if they allow visitors we'll have to suit up when going to see him on monday next week. janet did get both jasmine bushes hacked back as well as somemore bittersweet and looked at the blueberries which have to be cleaned out before winter so that's another job between today and tomorrow before it turns really ugly and cold so she won't want to do more than walking. she's got a big pile of junk to move likely out under the pine trees bordering a neighbor across the fields who owns all of it and then dump the rest along the fence edging. she's walking after she's in from work today and will prune the lilacs or work down and dirty as both have to be done again before the cold sets in as she's given herself that message to get it done! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

11/11/2014 01:33.26 AM Report This Comment
it must be
strange seeing us coming to you from this page as janet's doing it first and not dead last. she's just realized that tomorrow our blogs will be just to vote and say good morning as she'll not have all the time to get everything done as usual seeing she's got to be into work for 6 which means breakfast at 5 and leaving between then and 5:30 as others will be in for 6 as well and setting up for the big company from headquarters in boston she thinks it's their yearly rounds as they traditionally come between thanksgiving and christmas to thank everybody for an-other good year of service...big deal!
yesterday was spent running to the vets...good visit for ab..
then getting a good more chunk of the blogging done as she was at it before and after her walk with pepper around the big block then between the next run out to nat's doctor for a check in as well as bank run/pay a bill/drop off books at the branch library book drop. home till early afternoon as master called needing more depends which nat said should keep him till monday when they will see him again, only this time they got that and some handlotion for him at wal mart and mommy went along for a visit so they weren't back here till 2:30 or after meaning only one hour or so between that and time to get supper ready, really not enough time to do much of any-thing outside as that ticked her off to no end, now rain all day into tonight likely will start sometime this morning when janet's at work. she says if it's not to heavy she's walking in it and knows she has to get a big umbrella as hers got trashed seeing it was bent up and on the way out old it was. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

11/06/2014 12:47.48 AM Report This Comment
Dear Angel Moki,
I was very happy to come by your house and give your Mom the bouquet and my remembrances of you. You are, of course, completely right. We will all be rejoined again one day and it will be the best of all days. I'm glad you had a good time.

I've enclosed a vote and wishes for you and your family to have a very blessed night and sweet dreams.

Purrs & kitty kisses,
Angel Malachi

Come visit me, Angel King Malachi & Mason Dixon Tucker.

10/30/2014 09:17.06 PM Report This Comment
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