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Domestic Shorthair from <a href=' Valley/club-members.aspx' title='Maggie Valley, NC'>Maggie Valley, NC</a>

Baby,Angel Wicket,Miss You Sweet Wicket

About Me

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Hi! My name is Baby,Angel Wicket,Miss You Sweet Wicket

I am Domestic Shorthair from Maggie Valley, NC

Nicknames: Baby-F-14

Age: 14 years old

Gender: F

Coat: short haired

Education: They get along well together,and our home is filled with love,joy,pleasu- re from these furbabies.

My favorite tricks and treats are: No tricks,but Wicket will roll over to have his tummy brushed,Missy snores. and Pounce ,Friskies Party Mix,Temptation treats,Cooked chicken,Cool whip,Lunch meat,Hot dogs

Where I hang out: Windows,Scratch- er Tree,Moms bed,boxes,bags,- moms puter chair,sink,coun- ter,we are all inside kitties.

My favorite grubs: Wiskas,Fancy Feast,Sheba,Fri- skies,Almost any kind of kitty food.

My pet peeves: Being woke up,strange people,loud noises,not having their favorite foods.

What I love about my owners: She gives us love every day,a good home and takes care of all of us,and our needs in our getting older years

My cat hobbies: Sleep,eat,look out windows,play.

Pet motto: Give all the love you have,eat,sleep,- play all you can,and Mom Lynn loves all her furbabies,and we love our Mom!

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How We Met

Blossie-I found her hidden behind a bush when she was about 4 weeks old,her mom was nowhere around,so she came to her furever home with me.
Muffy-Someone set him out in my barn when he was tiny,so he came to his furever home with me.
Missy-People next door did not want her anymore,so I took her to be at her furever home with me.
Cindell-She was born under my horse trailer so when she was old enough,she came to her furever home with me.
Baby-I rescued her from people who did not want her when she was little,so she came to her furever home with me.
Buddy-He was born at my home in the barn he came to his furever home with me.
Wicket-I came home one day and this tiny baby was sitting in my yard by the door,I opend he door,he walked right into his furever home with me.My brave gentel gaint Angel Wicket lost his battle with cancer,he fought so hard to stay with his mom,Spongie,Bab- y,but it was time for my gentle giant to go home to be with his angel fursibs,my precious Angel Wicket crossed Rainbow Bridge April 17th,2014.We miss our big boy so very much,we love you Angel Wicket.

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I've had 36682 friends visit me.

I'm the 36,092nd member on

4,054 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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Hi Sweet Angel Wicket, Baby & Mom
It broke our hearts to read about how much your dear Mom is suffering right now. Our only consolation is knowing that she has so many CC furiends praying for her. And that she has the best nurse kitties in the whole world looking after her. We always have your Mom and the whole family in our prayers. Give her a warm kitty hug for us dear furiends. We love all of you so much.

Sending soft purrs, hugs and pawsitive prayers.

“Your journey may be long, but so long as you believe in Angels, you will never walk alone.” ~ Author unknown

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10/29/2014 01:50.06 PM Report This Comment
Hi Sweet Angel Wicket, Baby & Mom
Ssshh! Don't wake your Mom up if she's resting. We just wanted say meow and check on all of you. We know you're taking great care of your Mom and encourage you to keep up the purr therapy. Give your Mom a soft kitty kiss for us and let her know we're praying for her to feel better soon. Okay, we better let you kitties get back to your important nursing duties.We love all of you!

We left a vote with purrs and warm hugs.

“Too Many Cats? You actually understand what your cats are saying.” - Kathie Freeman

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10/28/2014 02:00.30 PM Report This Comment
Hi Sweet Angel Wicket, Baby & Mom
We know you are all busy looking after your dear Mom. Talley's sisters - Angel Lucy-Fur, Angel Sylvia Seville and Angel Maggie were meeting up with Angel Wicket and all your Angel fursibs, to sprinkle your Mom with healing Angel dust last night. We pray your Mom is feeling better and hopefully she is the good hands of doctors who can help her. God bless your precious family.

We left a vote with soft purrs and warm hugs.

"Cats have a way of finding the people who need them, filling an emptiness we don't even know we have."

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10/27/2014 01:52.37 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Wicket, Baby and Mom!
Just pawing by to meow at you kitties. We hope your sweet Mom is resting today. Give her our love and keep up the good work taking care of her. You kitties are the best nurses around!

We left a vote with soft purrs and warm hugs.

“Too Many Cats? The most important crop in your garden every year is catnip.” - Kathie Freeman

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10/26/2014 04:01.56 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Wicket, K. Spongie, Baby, Angels & Mom!
I wanted to share with you the latest on the virtual animal shelters surrounding the home Talley and our families live in together by Angel Lake. We are preparing for another harsh winter, so we asked Thomas and his family - Ralph, Rosie and Annabella (K. Pete and the family rescued Thomas from near death. Keep reading and you’ll understand better) to set up a Forest Council Meeting with all the animals in the forest that will be needing shelter soon.

Theodore and Rocky are the raccoon family that have been helping us gather the animals for a meeting. Theodore is the father raccoon, Rocky and Violet are his kits, and Melba is the raccoon wife.
Read the story written so vividly by none other than K. Pete. He brings everything to life!
It starts below dear furiends! We hope you enjoy it. We'd like to include you kitties in our future stories. Hopefully this will help you understand what's its all about. Take care of your Mom and no need to reply anytime - unless it's mews on your sweet Mom!

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Rocky had shared the best news imaginable!
Whiskers and Thomas returned to the house, and Whiskers took Talley’s paw, leading her inside. Whiskers asked, “Did you know this was going to happen?”
She shook her head, “I prayed it would happen and I hoped it would happen, but I didn’t know it for certain.”
Pete was in the workshop, and when he came in he was carrying the portable stretcher that they had devised to carry Thomas. He set it down in the living room and began to assemble it. They had designed it well, and it took only a few moments to for Pete to snap the braces in place and unfold the legs. Whiskers and Talley came over and the two toms got in position and lifted the stretcher. Pete said, “not too heavy, we should be able to make it with just a couple of rest stops.”
Lucy came from the kitchen and said, “That’s very nicely made, what’s it for?”
Pete explained that the trip to the cave was more than Thomas could handle on his crutches, and that they had built the stretcher so that he and Whiskers could carry Thomas most of the way.
Lucy pointed at the handles on the side and asked, “And these, what are they for?”
Whiskers said, “Ralph and Flower want to help and those are handles for them to help carry the stretcher.”
Lucy said, “Well, you could do it that way, but is there any reason why Sylvie and I couldn’t just transport us all to the cave, or close to it, if you think materializing in site of the guests might frighten them?”
Pete smacked himself on the forehead, “I should have thought of that as soon as Rocky asked if you and Sylvie would come. “
Lucy smiled and said, “It’s okay little brother. Sylvie and I will hold the handles, you and Whiskers can just hold on to the side of the stretcher and the kids can hold their handles. We’ll transport to wherever Thomas thinks best.”
Thomas had been in the kitchen getting a glass of juice, and had heard Lucy’s comment. He came over to join them. He said, “I’d like to transport to a point on the trail not too far from the cave. I think seeing us materialize would cause the creation of even more myths.

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Lucy said, “That’s probably a good plan Thomas, we want the families who shelter here to understand that we’re just a family trying to help others.
Sylvie said, “Well, with that decided there’s one other thing we have to do. Lucy and I have to decide what to wear.”
Lucy said, “That’s easy, Theodore wants some angels, so let’s give him traditional angels.”
Sylvie said, “The flowing white robes and angelic light surrounding us?”
Lucy nodded, clapped her paws together and the air around them shimmered for a second and they were clothed in white robes glowing with a pure light!
Whiskers and Talley had gone up to the school, and met with the teachers, explaining to them that the kids were an integral part of trying to get the forest animals to use the shelters for the coming winter. The immediate response was that of course the kids could be excused from classes and then the teachers asked how they could help.
Talley immediately asked if they could suggest materials that they could put in the caves to help the guests learn to read. “We’ll be glad to purchase them but we’d like a professional opinion on what materials would be best.”
The teachers said that they would create a list and make it available by tomorrow afternoon. They told Talley and Whiskers that they would send for the kids right away.
The kids came to the office and were excited to be helping with the meeting at the cave. Flower asked, “Are we going to get an early start carrying Uncle Thomas up to the Cave Shelter?”
Whiskers told them about Lucy’s plan to transport them to a part of the trail close to the cave. Flower said, “Why didn’t we think of that?”
Whiskers laughed and said, “That’s exactly what your uncle Pete said.”
Raven and Ms. Murphy had put a folded blanket and some pillows on the stretcher to make it more comfortable for Thomas.

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When Talley and Whiskers brought the kids home everything was ready for the trip to the cave shelter.
They gathered around the stretcher and held on with a light grasp Ralph said, “This is it Flower!”
A moment later they were on the trail leading to the Cave Shelter.
They carried the stretcher ahead and came to the clearing in front of the cave. Theodore was already there. He was sitting on a fallen log, with Rocky by his side when he saw Angels Lucy and Sylvie in their glowing robes he stood up and bowed. He nudged Rocky. Rocky said, “Good Afternoon, Angel Sylvie and Angel Lucy.”
They both said, “Good afternoon, Rocky. It’s good to see you here.”
Thomas asked, “Theodore is anyone else here yet?”
Theodore pointed up, “Oliver was here a while ago, he’s gone back up to lead some of the others back here. I think we managed to let everyone know about this meeting, Thomas, and they all want to hear what you have to say. Most of them are happy to hear that there’s someplace safe for them to go if the winter is really bad, but they want to hear from you that it isn’t a trick of any kind.
Thomas nodded, and said, “I think I’m living proof, that it isn’t a trick, and Pete has a very straight forward way of telling what’s in his heart. I think we can reassure them all that there are no obligations attached to the shelters.”
Thomas got off of his stretcher and joined Theodore and Rocky on the log. Pete and Whiskers folded the stretcher and set it aside. Lucy and Sylvie said that they were going to give the cave a final check to make sure that all was in good order.
Theodore and Rocky couldn’t look away from the beautiful angels with their glowing robes, and beautiful wings.
The first guests to arrive were a mother fox and three fluffy little kits. The kits were full of energy and she had to tell them to calm down. She approached Theodore and said, “I know we’re early, but I had hoped that the kits would burn off some of their energy on the trip and perhaps take a little nap before the meeting starts. Theodore told Rocky to keep an eye on the kits and he introduced the lovely fox to Pete and

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Whiskers who were seated on another log some distance away. The vixen’s (term for a female fox) name was Serena, and she said, “Pete…. I’ve heard about you, Are you the cat who flew down to save Thomas?” Pete smiled, I was one of the cats who helped rescue Thomas, but he’ll be explaining to everyone what happened. Angels Lucy and Sylvie came from the cave opening and the kits stopped their play and stared in awe. Angel Sylvie sat down on a tree stump and called them over. She gave them gentle pets and told them how wonderful they were. They stared at her wings and asked if they could touch her robe. She laughed and stroked their red fur. The boys sat quietly on either side of her while their sister crawled into her lap. A family of deer, with two fawns, a handsome buck and a beautiful doe arrived and settled in to wait. Over the course of the afternoon more than a hundred animals made their way to the clearing and toured the cave shelter. When it was time, Thomas prepared to speak. He walked on his crutches to the entrance of the cave and then turned to face the gathered animals, who sat in a semi-circle facing him. He looked around recognizing many friends and acquaintances. He spoke in a loud clear voice. “Good afternoon, I know many of you, and for those of you I haven’t met before, my name is Thomas. I was born in this forest grew up and met my beautiful wife. We have two wonderful children. The forest has always provided for us, but as you know winter is always a hard time. Last winter, particularly was difficult. The elders among us expect this coming winter to be as hard or harder than the last. We’ve all heard stories and legends of an Eden like place to the northeast. I heard from many of our wise elders that there was such a place and we’ve all heard the stories of angels who appear to help when help is needed. On my last hunting trip, I had decided to go to the river and gather crayfish for us to have for our dinner. Many of you know the place that I go to to catch crayfish. The path down the cliff to the river is dangerous, but I’ve always been careful and I even marked handholds, so that others could use the trail if they wished.”
There was a murmur of assent as many of the animals acknowledged that they had used Thomas’s path.
Thomas continued, “On my last visit to the River, I was just swinging over the edge when a Red Tail Hawk attacked me and I lost my balance. I fell down the cliff for a long ways and I landed on a ledge. I broke both of my legs in the fall, but the hawk wasn’t through with me. He attacked me again, but this time I was ready and I was

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able to slash his throat and killed him. He was what I had to eat. There was a crack in the rock, where a trickle of water came out, and I was able to survive on the hawk, some ants and the little seep of water. I lasted two weeks, and then the hawk was all gone and I still hadn’t figured a way to climb back up. I never gave up hope and I prayed almost continuously that the Lord would find a way to bring me back to Annabella, Ralph and Rosie. Then when I was at the limits of my endurance, I heard a rush of wind and I looked up and a black and white cat was descending down to me.”
Several cats in the crowd whispered and pointed to where Pete and Whiskers were sitting with Angels Lucy and Sylvie.
Thomas said, “I thought it was an angel coming to take me to heaven. Then he spoke to me and told me that his name was Pete, and that my wife sent him to bring me home. I asked him if I could get cleaned up before she saw me and he told me that he was afraid that couldn’t happen, that Annabella was in the helicopter. I strained to look up and could see a big flying machine, a helicopter hovering over us. Cats aboard the helicopter sent down a stretcher and Pete helped me into and strapped me in. Then I was lifted up and into it. The first face II saw was my beloved Annabella. A pretty young kitty was flying the helicopter and she was talking to kitties at the hospital on the radio. She told them we would be there soon, and to be ready! They sent the cable back down and brought Pete back up and we flew like the wind. The doctors at the hospital mended my legs and gave me medicine to help the pain. They didn’t ask for any payment and when I was out of the hospital, they gave us the food and shelter that we needed. The only thing that they asked was that I helped them let my friends in the forest know about these shelters. I told Pete, that we had heard stories about a cat called St Peter, and do you know what he told me? He said that he wasn’t a saint; he was just a cat who had been Blessed by the Lord with very good fortune, and that he was trying to get through this life leaving behind more good than bad.” There was a murmur again and lots of the animals pointed to Pete and Whiskers.
Thomas said, In a moment I’ll introduce you to Pete and his brother Whiskers, but first I want you to know that this cave is only one of a dozen shelters that have been provided by kind animals for our benefit. The first point I want to make this afternoon, is that using these shelters does not obligate you in any way. When spring

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comes, you’re all free to return to your homes in the forest or join the community in what you call Eden, and what Pete and his family call the castle community. The decision is yours. Now I’ll ask Pete Whiskers and his sister, Angels Lucy and Sylvie to come forward and say hello to you all. After that, the cave shelter will be open for you to inspect. You can ask any of any questions and we’ll answer them.”
Pete, Whiskers, Lucy and Sylvie came forward. Pete stepped to the front and said, “Good afternoon, everyone, I want to thank you for coming to hear what Thomas has to tell you. I just wanted to add that Thomas makes it sound like we did something heroic in bringing him back to his family, but the credit goes to his wife who brought herself and her children on a difficult journey to find us. She gave us the clues that we could use to figure out where Thomas might be and her determination and dedication to Thomas is what saved him. My family and I were just instruments that the Lord placed at her disposal.” There was a little round of applause. Pete continued, “Every word Thomas told you is true. There are no obligations, and if there is something that you need that isn’t in a shelter all you have to do is ask and it will be provided. Last winter, as I was sitting warm and cozy in our house I realized that the winter could be deadly to those without shelter. I couldn’t live with the thought of what could happen to the most vulnerable animals, The young and the old and I decided that our family would try to help. Some of you may know Mitch and Pearl who helped with the shelters last year, they decided to become a part of the community, others went back to the forest and I see some familiar faces. I would ask that those of you who spent last winter in the shelters, please tell your friends what it was like and that you are free to decide what life is best for you and your families. I’ll let my brother Whiskers say a few words, and then Angels Lucy and Sylvie will show you all the shelters and point out where the supplies are and how to use any of the equipment.” Pete introduced Whiskers.
Whiskers said, “Welcome all of you, I don’t have much to add, Thomas and Pete said most of what needed saying, but I do want to say, that I’m so very happy to meet all of you. Last winter we made some wonderful friendships and we hope to do the same this year. I know that some of you have expressed concern about animals of different species living in close proximity, and I say that these shelters are stocked with plenty of food, water, medicine and anything that a guest is likely to need. Unlike humans, we don’t kill for fun, Last year the animals lived in peace, and we

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expect the same to be true this year. Our Angel sisters will be watching over you and you will be safe!”
Angel Lucy and Sylvie ascended into the air over the crowd and sprinkled angel dust on them.
Whiskers said you’ve received the blessing of healing angel dust and all of us give you our word, we will do everything we can to make your winter a happy and safe one. Each shelter has a phone that we will show you how to use and if anyone has any need that isn’t being met, call us. That’s all I had to say, so now Lucy and Sylvie will show you the shelters. All of us will be with you as you look them over and if you have questions stop us, ask us, and we’ll answer them. Thank you for your attention.”
Lucy led the way, and as each animal entered Sylvie gave them a gift bag. They were shown the bedding, the food lockers, the medical supplies, The kitchen and food preparation areas, and the entertainment and enrichment supplies. More than once Thomas heard someone say, “This really is paradise!”
At the end of the tour, Thomas gathered everyone outside and asked, “How many of you think you want to join us for the winter? Give us a show of paws please.”
Virtually every paw was raised. Thomas nodded, “The shelters are always open and they will be replenished every day.”
The young mother fox shouted, “Thomas, I know that we don’t have any obligation, I believe you when you say that, but how can we show our appreciation?”
Thomas said, “That’s easy, take care of your babies, love them, teach them right from wrong and have a good life!”
Pete nodded and said to Thomas, I couldn’t have said it better myself.
Thomas said, “I know you all want to get home before full dark, but before you go we just want to thank you again for coming!”
The applause started in the back, and filled the clearing. An elderly gray tabby cat approached Pete and said, “Young man, your momma must be very proud of you, does she still live?”

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Pete said, “Yes sir she does and I hope she’s proud.”
The old cat gave Pete a hug and asked him if he played checkers. When Pete said that he did, the tabby said, “Stop by the shelter and let’s play a few games!”
Pete promised that he would. Whiskers, Thomas, Sylvie and Lucy were all surrounded by the forest animals answering questions and chatting. It was nearly full dark when the last of the guests left, Rocky, Flower and Ralph came out of the cave and had already made a list of what would need to be replenished. The had spent the afternoon talking with other young animals about how the shelters worked and the games and activities that were available.
Rocky ran up to Theodore and asked, “What do you think dad, how did it go?”
Theodore looked at all of them and said, I think it went perfectly. It’s a good thing that Pete and Whiskers are such good cats because they could both talk a tiger out of his stripes.”
Thomas laughed. “Theodore, it’s easy for them they both just open their mouths and whatever is in their hearts comes rolling out.”
Angels Lucy and Sylvie asked, “Theodore we’d love to have you and your family join us for dinner tomorrow night, will you do that. We’d love to meet your daughter Violet and your wife Melba.”
Theodore said, “I reckon it’s time. We’d be honored to join you!”
Lucy said, “Our house, seven thirty.”
Pete smiled, the day was perfect!

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Hi Angel Wicket, Baby and Mom
We're just pawing by to say good night dear furiends. We hope your Mom's visit to the doctor went well. We are praying for her and your whole family. God bless all of you and we love you.

Sending you soft purrs and warm hugs.

“The sun rose slowly, like a fiery furball coughed up uneasily onto a sky-blue carpet by a giant unseen cat.” - Michael McGarel

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10/24/2014 09:23.59 PM Report This Comment
Dear Angel Wicket, Baby and family
Oh sweet furiends, please don't be sorry about not being able to blog us. We are all so worried about how ill your sweet Mom is and you kitties have to do everything possible to ease her depression. We know just seeing all of you must put a smile in her heart. We know Angel Wicket and his Angel fursibs are covering their dear Mama with Angel healing dust and that has to help.

We are all joining paws to pray for your precious Mom. We love you Doc Spongie and Nurse Baby, Angel Wicket and all your Angel fursibs. Whisper in your Mom's ear that we love her very much too.

Sending you warm hugs and healing prayers today and every day.

(That is carried from God by Michael, Thy Archangel)
“Pour out, Thy Healing Angels,
Thy Heavenly Host upon me,
And upon those that I love,
Let me feel the beam of Thy
Healing Angels upon me,
The light of Your Healing Hands.
I will let Thy Healing begin,
Whatever way God grants it,
All angels do healing work, but there is a particular group of angels called ‘Healing Angels’ that are called in by guardian angels when healing is required. There are literally millions of Healing Angels, in all shapes, sizes and forms, and God is pouring Healing Angels on the world all the time. All we have to do is ask for their help.

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10/23/2014 01:11.51 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Wicket, Baby and Mom
We're just pawing by to say good night and sweet dreams to you Angel Wicket, Baby, K. Spongie and your sweet Mom. We always have your Mom and all her furbabies in our prayers. We hope your weather hasn't started to get cold yet. We have been a little chilly in the morning, but still no rain to speak of. My Mom is glad she won't have to worry about Ebony and Sugar Bear this winter, being out in the cold. Now they have a furvever home!

We left you a vote dear furiends with soft purrs and warm hugs.

“Your cat may never have to hunt farther than the kitchen counter for its supper nor face a predator more fierce than the vacuum cleaner.” - Barbara L. Diamond

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10/22/2014 08:08.48 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Wicket, Baby and Mom
We know you kitties are busy taking good care of your sweet Mom. My sisters and I had to be nurses for our Mom too. It's a tough job! You kitties are to be commended for being the best nurses ever. I'm ready for my Mom to feel better so she can go back to waiting on us. MOL!

You kitties are the best medicine for your dear Mom. We always have her and your family in our prayers.

We left you a vote with soft purrs and warm hugs.

"We cannot discount the lives of sensitive and intelligent creatures merely because they assume non-human form"
--G. Kowalski

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10/21/2014 03:05.36 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Wicket, Baby and Mom
Sorry we didn’t get to paw by yesterday. My Mom has the stomach flu and slept most of Saturday. We all kept her company on the bed, giving her lots of purr therapy, a sure cure for any ailment. My Mom’s tummy feels better today, but her old bones are still aching. Ebony and Sugar Bear stayed locked in our backyard all day yesterday and probably today. Mom doesn’t want to take them next door for their daily visit because she doesn’t want to spread her germs.

We had a great time visiting your beautiful home today! We hope to have all of you over to mine and Talley's home sometime! We left a vote with purrs and many hugs.

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Due to a change in website platforms, a necessary step to enhance and update the CAT FANCY magazine website, it will no longer be possible to host Club Cat. Starting Jan. 1, 2014, Club Cat will close and members will no longer be able to accrue points. Members with sufficient reward points have until Jan. 10, 2014, to redeem their points for any of the cat products currently available in the Club Cat Rewards Catalog. On Jan. 15, 2014, Club Cat members with 25 reward points or higher will be automatically entered into a raffle to win special prizes. Raffle prize winners will be notified after Jan. 31, 2014. Points for the final Cat of the Day will be awarded on Jan. 1, 2014. New programs similar to Cat of the Day will be announced with the launch of the new website, so look for further announcements. Thank you to everyone who joined Club Cat! 01/31/2014 12:00.00 AM
REMINDER: Members with sufficient reward points can redeem points again on Jan. 6, 2014 and have until Jan. 10, 2014, to redeem their points for any of the cat products currently available in the Club Cat Rewards Catalog while supplies last. 01/10/2014 12:00.00 AM
We will be temporarily disabling the ability to redeem reward items from the Club Rewards catalog from Sunday, December 22, 2013 to Sunday, January 5, 2014. Many of our team members who are in charge of processing the rewards redemptions will be out of the office for the holidays. You will be able to begin redeeming rewards again on Monday, January 6, 2014. 12/20/2013 01:47.27 PM
In an effort to improve our website for our visitors, we will be changing some of our service providers. We do not expect to experience any technical difficulties. However, if you are unable to access our website, please be assured it will be temporary as we transition to the new service. 10/19/2013 12:00.00 AM
If you’re not already getting your monthly issues of Cat Fancy, you’re missing out on the information you need to help your cats live long, healthy lives. Share the learning experiences and special stories of cat lovers just like you and get a colorful centerfold poster in each issue. Subscribe today -- 1 year (12 issues) as low as $13.00. 06/01/2011 12:03.59 PM
This semester is almost over! Do YOU have what it takes to be Valedictorian?

There is one month left in Session 2 but it’s not too late to register. Do it today and get 1,000 Club Cat points just for joining. Prove you are the smartest cat around and you could earn a years’ worth of cat food for your favorite feline companion. Don’t delay… sign up today!
06/02/2010 02:30.26 PM
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Jonny Cat and Cat’s Pride support breast cancer research because they’re people lovers too. Save $1 on your next purchase of Cat’s Pride or Jonny Cat.

10/14/2009 08:09.18 AM
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