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Domestic Shorthair from <a href='' title='Oxford, NY'>Oxford, NY</a>

Uncle Buddy Budd, Himself

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Hi! My name is Uncle Buddy Budd, Himself

I am Domestic Shorthair from Oxford, NY

Nicknames: Buddee-Buddee, Da Budd.
Clubs & Organizations:
Catty Shack, #232638, a founding player------
Here are Miletones:
COTD 3/18/2012
Vote #1000 on 4/11 by Edelbrock and Lugnut
Vote #1400 0n 8/9 by Kali #72152
Vote #1600 on 11/8 by Josiemae #
Vote #2000 on 3/19 by Mallow #161263
Vote #2400 on 8/31 by Buddy #259429

Age: 13 years old

Gender: M

Coat: short haired

Education: My Story:
For my first 4 years I was an inside cat and only knew litter pans. Also, my first owner never cracked open a can of food. So, when Mom saved us from a dual cage at the PetsMart Humane Society room, the first thing she did on our first morning together was to give us a little Friskies fishy food. Ah, Heaven ever since!
And when we moved to her Mom's house on a farm I went outside for the first time: A Free & Joyous Cat.
I ran up and down the fields and hilly pastures for hours at a time. All the pent up energy just had to get out. More Heaven! Mom was having a physical breakdown and could not supervise me enough. Her Mom believed that cats should run free. I had never seen a dog before. There was a nice old dog living with us.
But one day Gma's friend came over with his strange looking, very fast hunting dog. When he chased me into the woods I just froze flat on the ground hoping he would pass by. But that dog grabbed me the minute I stood up and tried to run away. He held on and ripped (this is so hard to tell) the fur hide off my back.
Mom called and called me. Finally I crawled in from my hiding place hours later. Did you know that blood does not show up on a black cat? It just looks wet or oily. So it took her a few minutes to get me out from under the bed and to get a vet to see me on a Sunday. He was a wonderful cat expert. And the nurse kept telling Mom that when cats come in with these injuries they get euthanized. She tried to convince Mom to do this. Even her own Mother tried to convince her. But Mom said I was young and healthy. And besides, PD Budd was still too dependent on me, and would not survive without me. The vet showed Mom the extent of the injuries. He just folded my hide over and there were all my organs. When Mom pets me along the spine she is also petting the kidneys, liver, etc. The vet did a wonderful job and charged not too much money. I had drain tubes coming out of me for quite a while. The fur got sewn backwards in a couple of places and stood straight up. Mom brushes me often and it grows back correctly.

We do not live there any longer and I still have strong urges to go outside every morning, to never use a litter pan unless Mom goes away on vacation when we are not allowed outside. I remain terrified of dogs.

My favorite tricks and treats are:

Where I hang out:

My favorite grubs:

My pet peeves:

What I love about my owners:

My cat hobbies: Eating, Sleeping, Visiting our garden... Enjoying sunshine and life.

Pet motto: "Will Work for Treats"

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I've had 22359 friends visit me.

I'm the 43,359th member on

3,003 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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Hey UBB!
well look at you,nice pic! Congrats on votey 3000th! i was so busy trying to leave all the recaps,i didn't even notice the vote count :) glad you liked the recap!


Come visit me, ~ Primo Puzzle~ & ~Mellofello~.

04/18/2014 03:25.47 PM Report This Comment
04/16/14 – Darn it! I almost slept in
and when I ran to the Catty Shack in my jammies I found that I fit right in. It’s Wear Your PJ’s to Work Day.

Moving right along, everyone is afraid to see what Steve wore, oh thank goodness for the 1 piece union suit. Flap done up and all! He has a 26 (=8). Mimi decided to wear her tuxedo and it’s a 35 (=8) for her today. Tucker has a 22 (=4) and is trying to warm up with some Cat Daniels. Someone go get him some big fuzzy footie jammies, the poor guy needs them!

What the heck is going on today anyway?! This is April, people. APRIL! Engine has a sub-freezing report, too and piles on her 3 ply winter fur to bring us a 30 (=3). Do I see a trend here? Timmy is having a snow day, too, with a 25 (=7). Are we going to have to send A. Mallow to have a talk with Management?

Maybe not, here comes Bee Gee with a more April-like 51 (=6), and a notion to haul out Toby’s catapult to launch hams into the water hazard. Be careful, there are still gators in there. Unless the liver fruitcakes did ‘em in.

UBB is freezing his whiskers off too, with a 24 (=6) and tales of some wild goings on with pansies in the shower. And then there’s LiLi … claiming to need her faux fur coat despite having a 52 (=7). The highest temperature of the day, by the way. We round out the day with A. Mallow in her Hello Kitty Gone Bad jammies and a 46 (=10).

Good turnout today! And here are the results:
1st – Engine with her multitudinous 3’s
2nd – Tucker with that 4
3rd – BG and UBB, tied with 6.

And … how about one of YOU tell her, I’M not gonna tell her. It’s (whisper) Mallow Gone Bad with that 10. She looks almost happy to go off to the cart barn, I think she’s up to something in there! That is my cue to get out of here, stage anywhere.

Once again, your Guest Common (couch) Tater, Mike

Come visit me, OJ & MJ's Wedding~Meeko & A Bootz #17441 for COTM!, Evie ♥ married to A. Shai, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ ridin'with my peeps!, K. Mike ♥ Q. Lady Dolly, Angel Smokey ~ always loved, ~ Dame Mojo Black Bear ~ & Angel Shai & Evie's Wedding.

04/16/2014 02:05.07 PM Report This Comment
Tax day! 4-15-2014
And mom has had a very taxing day. We will all be well advised to leave her alone for the rest of the day...

Steve thinks he deserves a break today, maybe he'll give us all one, too. He has a 43 with rainy snow. Ugh .... Adorkable arrives with all the bunny colors of the rainbow on her attire! Quite a show, steering her glitter bike with her feet while munching a Big Mac! She delivers a 70 .... UBB has a grumpy reputation to maintain, and he does it well. He posts his high score for today (right day!) of 62.

Mimi couldn't get any McRodents at McD's (are you SURE?) so she decides to wait for the Ratmobile. She kills some time by whacking her shot for a 69 .... Ah! She didn't have long to wait, for here comes Engine in the Rodent Rocket now! Egg & emu enchiladas, huh. Where's the Rodent? She tosses her 62 and heads to the showers .... I'm not sure, but I think Tucker got shorted on his drive-thru order, like that EVER happens! We've learned to check before driving away. He has a Bee Gee-like score of 39. That DOES suck!

Oh. Well. Looks like Tucker stole Bee Gee's BG-like score! She rides her bike polo-style across the links and hammers one for a 50!... Timmy seems familiar with the proper cat etiquette of leaf-munching. That IS the protocol, right? He dodges raindrops on the course and turns in a 41 .... Ah, Mallow. Ranting about the lack of view for the "alleged" lunar eclipse! You couldn't prove it by us either. We were lost in the clouds too! So - they SAY there was an eclipse last night. We hope you DO get to be in charge! It would be really good to have friends in "high places"! She leaves us with a clear 48! (Same thing happened here too!)

Long drive excitement builds:
1st - LiLi, 70. The rainbow helped, I bet.
2nd - Mimi, 69. Still playing the Big Wind I see.
3rd - Tie, UBB 7 Engine, 62. Count your eggs, Budds!

Cart duty is in the capable claws of Tucker, with an able assist from Timmy. Poor guy, only the second day back and we have you working!

~~~~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~~~~~~
Not ONE of you did your taxes??

Come visit me, MOLLY, SMOKEY, LITTLE MISS ~~~.

04/15/2014 03:52.51 PM Report This Comment
Look up at the sky,Reach as high as you can,Dolphin day. What a combo of hogwashery. Like my new word I made up? Should have used it for Scrabble day.

I'm in with a lovely 64(spouseless and free-yay me!!!) Keeping an eye to the sky to make sure nothing drops on us,and taking Flipper to the water hazards.

Adorkable Lili is back,and she does her Seaworld routine with Flipper. Welcome back Lili!! How many gators can you jump? Whats Evel Knievel have that you don't. Thats right,433 broken bones and a bad hairdo. Score of 70

Mudcat in next with a 62. She doesn't see the amewsment in swimming with the fishes and gators. Technically,Flipper is a mammal,I think. Its that old thing if it looks like a fish,smells like a fish,it must be a mammal. Makes no sense to me either.

Oh looky who is here to kick me when I'm down,and stab me thru the heart with dead roses for ex spouses day-Tuck and Dot with a 69. Hey,all good things start with "ex". Ex spouse,Excellent,Ex lax. You catch my drift :)

In next with a 65 is UBB. He's busy contemplating the meaning of life,and which came first-the golf or the gators.

Engine has a new ride-a Taxidermy Truck.That kind of scares me. Note to self,do NOT fall asleep for one minute around Engine,who knows if you'll wake up stuffed on the truck with those glass eyes that seem to follow you around the room. A 61 for Engine.

Lets see...three more wanderers floating around on the course.....Timmy rolls in with a 67. Hi Timmy! Happy belated BD and COTD. I want to mention that cause you KNOW Timmy wants to share all his goodies with us,he just doesn't know it yet. Don't make us twist your paw Timmy. all heard it-Darn said she likes me and UBB (not THAT way)-she misses our heckling. That woke her right up. A COLD 29 for BG. Freezing your buds off? That sounds like a purrsonal problem.

Mallow is here to bless us with her 46. Poor MoJo-she refers to you as Her Greatness?? Name yourself day was last week. She CLAIMS to be taking food home to the spouse. IDK...that looks JUST like your own,personal Harley Davidson lunch box. Uh huh.

Scores! You really want to know? Ok:

1st: Wow, almost arctic like BG with a 29. You have us to keep you warm BG.
2nd: Her Greatness Mallow with 46
3rd: What!!! Mudcat with a 62.

Loser: Adorkable with 70. See-you MISSED the cart barn,didn't ya! I'll send Tuck and Dot on in with you,just because :)


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Chicks dig me :) & ~Sir Ernie ~.

04/14/2014 01:39.06 PM Report This Comment
Well, yes, if Bob's buddy used some of the money from the books to get himself taken care of a bit, I seriously doubt anyone would object. On the other paw, someone might have told him it's a good marketing ploy to continue looking so ragged? Playing on the sympathy factor and all. Nut purrsonally I agree - he would look and feel better if he took care of himself a bit. It wouldn't hurt to get his teeth fixed. It's not as if he'd have plastic surgery to look like a movie star! Now that WOULD be overboard!

Bee Gee

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

04/11/2014 07:24.22 AM Report This Comment
Gotta work fast! 4-10-14
Hurrying through the recap so I can get to the clubhouse before all those tasty cinnamon thingies are gone!

Steve was SO excited to see Bee Gee took the day off. Bet he's not so happy since she showed up to be his surrogate sibling today. *snicker* He scores a 41 .... Mimi avoids the alcohol screening by hiding in her cart and lets J.C. fill in on sibling day. He gets a 54 .... Tucker also lets his "sibling" fill in for him on the alcohol screening. What is it with you guys? They score a cool 38 and head in for some of those cinnamon yummies. I gotta hurry! .... Ahnow, this is refreshing! Engine freely admits she's been dipping into the Cockatiel Cocktails! About time somebody owned up! She has a lovely 61.

UBB took his bats out for a little kite flying lesson this morning. How nice. He even let little Sib' GTt do the honors. Do I read that right? A 6?? You NEED some of that warm squirrel syrup! .... Bee Gee thinks her moms computer has bats in its belfry. Or else it needs an exorcism. Or both. She leaves us with a 34 .... Mallow has a nice nickname for the sibs - "them". Wasn't that a Sci-Fi flick about giant ants? Well, the sibs DO make my skin crawl. She's none to happy about the alcohol test either. Come one you guys, I think all of you would score really high! What, that's NOT a good thing? Mallow departs after depositing her 41 with the scorer.

Maybe today's scores should reflect the alcohol score? Hmmm?
1st - UBB and sibs, 6. Yowza!
2nd - Bee Gee and belfry bats, 34.
3rd - Tucker and Dot, 38.

Now, let's see here. High score today goes to Engine with her 61, but hey, at least SHE admitted she was into the beverages! Hahaha!

Just totaling T's

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

04/10/2014 03:15.19 PM Report This Comment
4-7 Bat-Catmobile Races
We roar out onto the course in our black and grey furry bat-catmobile ready to play a full week of bat golf. Score 28 for us now.
And the offer of Canadian Club all week in the CH, sponsored by the Canadian members, is brilliant.
Purrs to all

Come visit me, ~ Aunt Louisa Nibbles~, Uncle Buddy Budd, Himself, Gracie Twinkle-toes, Wishing for This, PD Budd ~ Spring's coming! & the3 Budd's -Piled Up for Warmth.

04/07/2014 06:03.51 AM Report This Comment
Busy day 4-6-14
For a Sunday at Catty Shack anyway. I see everybody lined up for the New Beer. I can understand any reluctance about the Twinkie thing... *ick*

Here first to slurp any good beer (and it's all good!) is Mimi. She lets no beer get old before its time! She smacks her empty for a 48 and heads in for a fresh can .... Tucker is here - or there - and ready for the breakfast brewski. He wisely passes on the Twinkie, drops off a 32 and heads for the clubhouse .... Exhausted from the over-long mule train yesterday, UBB vows never to let anyone else handle the map reading chores. He also reports the possible hackage of the 3 Budds! Yikes! He delivers a nice practice score of 33.

Bee Gee arrives with plenty of smarmy comments about the Twinkie, "National Treasure". *snicker* Snotty remarks about the Twinkie are to be encouraged! She tees up her Ken head and smacks a nifty 44 right over the clubhouse! To which she scurries to get her share of that "new beer" .... Mallow arrives with wondrous trivia. The "Wicked Witch" of Oz is overjoyed the Ding Dong survived the Hostess implosion. Not really surprised to learn the Twinkie was acquired by Pabst. You NEED a LOT of beer in you to eat one of those things! What did surprise me was learning that Pabst is still around. :) Mallow delivers a 46 via Hostess Snow Ball. No surprise you chose one of those! *wink*

Practice session finishes up like this: Mimi, 48 - Tucker, 32 - UBB, 33 - Bee Gee, 44 - Mallow, 46.

I'll go for a Hostess "cupcake". ALL Hostess "foods" need quotation marks. Otherwise someone might mistake them for actual foods. Nah, never happen!

I'm a real conna-sewer!

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

04/06/2014 02:17.09 PM Report This Comment
Waffle groovin' 3-25-14
Guess if you can't beat 'em, eat 'em! Waffles Newburg with pecan sprinkles. No, no. I just can't do it. YOU eat 'em!

Here with his little waffle groove on is Steve, batting 23 .... Belly up to the waffle bar is UBB, requesting warm tuna sauce on his waffle. That's like shut on a shingle, right? He scores a very short long drive of 8 .... Mimi has no trouble ordering the lobster, but decides the waffle isn't really necessary. Ya think? She has her catty whack the shucked shell for a 39 .... Tucker is also in line for some lobster waffle gack, and needs some Cat Daniels to help choke it down. NOW you're talkin'! He drops off his 18 and skitters off to the clubhouse.

Bee Gee does the Eyore "it's gonna rain" routine and refuses to eat any kind of waffle except the cone kind with ice cream. I agree. She settles for a 31 this morning .... Timmy the waffle lover wants his with Hollandaise and poached eggs. Well, la-di-da! He's in the spring spirit with sunny skies and Cat Daniels and ginger. Bella helps him with his 23. Now they're headed home to get brushed. You guys are in WAY to good of a mood today! .... And finally, Mallow arrives in her Gorton's fisherman outfit yellow poncho-slicker whatever and dives right in to the lobster Newburg. She barely manages to drop off her monsoon-y 46.

Long drive winners today:
1st - Mallow, 46. Tropical? As in drinks? Yum!
2nd - Mimi, 39. Shaggin' the shucked shell.
3rd - Bee Gee, 31. Flat round waffles. You mean pancakes?

Disappearing into the cart barn, you see the behinds of UBB and his dextrous catty. For the rest of you, time to figure out what to do with all those leftover waffles. Let 'em dry out really good and they make excellent manhole covers. :)

Still no sign of spring

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

03/25/2014 01:16.54 PM Report This Comment
Hi Uncle Buddy Budd
I know it was just a little garden snake, but it was my first catch and I really did strut. Maybe we can compare our trophys some day. B&G

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong, J.C. & Blackstone & Grayson.

03/24/2014 08:43.46 PM Report This Comment
Yep, we had a pretty good time cruising around in the heated stretch golf cart limo! Haha!

Hot Rod c/o Little Miss

Come visit me, MOLLY, SMOKEY, LITTLE MISS ~~~.

03/20/2014 07:50.24 AM Report This Comment
I hope you're having a pawsome Birthday. You sure are a handsome kitty! Here's a platter of fish and some catnip-filled balloons to help you celebrate. Love and big Birthday hugs, Gin Gin

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl.

03/15/2014 07:25.39 PM Report This Comment
Happy Birthday Bud, Mice Profile picture there!! Can't wait to get back outside so far only twice!! We brought you some Pawty mix & Temptation treats and some fresh catnip to help you celebrate!! We hope you had a pawsome day!! Purrs, Tuck, Mouse & Dot

Come visit me, K. Tuck ~ #219145, Dame Dot ~ #247583, Dame Mouse ~ #219407 & Smoke's Angels~Vote Meeko&Angel Bootz# 17441 COTM.

03/15/2014 05:49.53 PM Report This Comment
Hi Uncle Buddy Budd,
Happy Birthday!! We hope you are having a wonderful day of celebrations and treats. Purrs and hugs, Alexi, Sienna and Angel Winslow

Come visit me, Beloved Angel Sienna ♥, Beloved Angel Winslow ♥ Boo Kitty & Alexi.

03/15/2014 05:23.29 PM Report This Comment
Happy 13th Birthday Uncle Buddy Budd!!!
Thanks for coming to my bday bash. Now I'm returning the favor. I hope your special day is just purrrfect! Here are some catnip balloons filled with Pawty Mix treats to help you celebrate being a teenager.

Purrs to you,
K Casper Todd

Come visit me, ♥K Casper Todd♥ COTM August 2007, ♥ Q MerryBelle ♥ COTM Dec 2007 & ♥Q Sissy♥ COTM July 2007.

03/15/2014 04:51.12 PM Report This Comment
Hi Uncle Buddy
We wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday,hope you are having a purrrrfect day,sending you a birthday basket filled with catnip toys,Friskies Pawty mix treats,pawhugs,love and a mousey cake covered in grasshopper icing ,birthday pawhugs,Spongie,Wicket,Baby,Angels.

Come visit me, Angel Gypsy,RIP My Sweet Angel Baby,I Love You, Angel Buddy,Love,Miss You Sweet Boy, Baby,Angel Wicket,Love you Sweet Wicket, Angels Rambo,Cindell,Love,M- iss You My Sweet Angels, K. SpongeBob-Hi,meet the wacking paw!!, Angels Muffy, Blossie,Missy together again & Bootsie,RIP My Angel,Welcome Wicket.

03/15/2014 02:04.01 PM Report This Comment
So, another birthday hm? That means more wax on your cake this year. :) I invited a few of my best buzzard buddies over to help you celebrate. I just KNOW you won't mind! They mostly behave, they stay outside, and they never ever try to eat anything if it's still breathing. I think we'll be reasonably safe. Happy birthday!

Bee Gee and family

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

03/15/2014 01:47.33 PM Report This Comment
No confessions were heard today 3-15-2014
Small turn-out today. Maybe everybody was scared off by the buzzards. Or it could have been that Ides of March thing. I'm putting my money on the true confessions of Steve and Bee Gee. Sounds like a great title for a soap opera.

Rolling onto the course first this morning is Mudcat, commenting on the IQ of buzzards and their odd appetite for gator. Since buzzards can't swim I think that's an odd meal choice. Don't dead gators sink? Mimi heads for the clubhouse after posting a cloudy 53/8 ..... UBB! Happy birthday! So see, the Ides of March is nothing for YOU to be worried about! Too bad you aren't 14 today, then next year you could be 15 on 3-15-15. Wowser! A 38/11 for the B'day Boy.

Tucker regales us with a small anecdote about the annual buzzard blitz that comes to town. We have that here, too, only we call it the carnival. He posts a 38/11 and heads to the clubhouse, but not for confession! ..... And last is Bee Gee, with nothing to confess. Apparently because she never gets away with anything without being caught, so according to her we already know all her dirty little deeds. Are they done dirt cheap? She has a cooler 34/7 this morning. Her weather has moods..

Saturday scores if you please (and even if you don't please)
1st - Bee Gee, 7. The moody weather wins!
2nd - Mimi, 8. Kicking back and waiting for the gators to bloat to the surface.
3rd - Tie, with who's left, Tucker and UBB, 11 apiece.

No loser to send to the cart barn, but that happens sometimes on Saturday. And lucky for our winner, it's a birthday, so UBB will do the honors today! Cheers!

~~~~Hot Rod~~~
~~I'm 16 UBB! You
gotta try and catch up!

Come visit me, MOLLY, SMOKEY, LITTLE MISS ~~~.

03/15/2014 01:43.13 PM Report This Comment
i hope you're having a wonderful day celebrating your birthday and i'm sending a basket of catnip cupcakes with tuna frosting to pawty with and a vote, peace, luv and kitty purrs...meeko #2602

Come visit me, angel bootz #2601...OFF LINE, angel tikki #33474...OFF LINE, meeko..2602....OFF LINE, meeko & angel bootz~OFF LINE & dame rosie # 212287....OFF LINE.

03/15/2014 01:42.42 PM Report This Comment
Happy Birthday Uncle Buddy O'Budd!!
♪ Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Uncle Buddy O'Budd
Happy Birthday to You.

From good furiends and true,
From old furiends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too. ♪

I left a vote with purrs and hugs.

"Be frisky! Pounce on possibilities
Enjoy the night life. Always land on your feet.
Stretch often.
Delight in the simple joy of a long nap.
Create your purr-fect day!"

Come visit me, K.Whiskers LUVS Talley •VOTE MEEKO & A.BOOTZ 17441, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

03/15/2014 01:13.43 PM Report This Comment


03/15/2014 12:36.05 PM Report This Comment



03/15/2014 11:45.39 AM Report This Comment
Yahoo! UBB! Par-TY! Par-TY!
Hup - hup - hup - hup

I don't know but I've been told,
(I don’t know but I’ve been told)
Someone here is getting old.
(Someone here is getting old)
Good news is we sing for free
(Good news is we sing for free)
Bad news is we sing off key
(Bad news is we sing off key)
Happy (Happy!)
Birthday (Birthday!)

HAP-py BIRTH-day,
Happy Birthday … Uncle Buddy Budd (CLAP!)

And what celebration would be complete without the one ... the only ... liver fruitcake!

(don't mob me, I brought the other kind, too!) Happy birthday! -- A. Mallow & the family

Come visit me, OJ & MJ's Wedding~Meeko & A Bootz #17441 for COTM!, Evie ♥ married to A. Shai, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ ridin'with my peeps!, K. Mike ♥ Q. Lady Dolly, Angel Smokey ~ always loved, ~ Dame Mojo Black Bear ~ & Angel Shai & Evie's Wedding.

03/15/2014 10:02.59 AM Report This Comment
Hey Uncle Buddy Budd!
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Uncle Buddy Budd, Happy Birthday to you. We are sending a special birthday vote, catnip bubbles, a catnip chirping bird, salmon cakes and shrimp crackers with catnip cheese for your celebration today. Enjoy! We are here to help you celebrate! Peace & love. Have a purrfect day. Kitty Kisses. Anderson

Come visit me, Dean, ORANGE CRUSH hockey cheers written by YUM YUM, King Anderson COTM September 2009, Anderson & The Orange Crush Hockey Club.

03/15/2014 09:45.44 AM Report This Comment
Happy Birthday Uncle Buddy
Wishing you a fun filled day!
Your Pals,

Come visit me, ♥~Echo & Francis~~ & ~Lil' Bear~Thnx for COTD.

03/15/2014 09:07.29 AM Report This Comment
Uncle Buddy Budd hears a powerful sound and wonders what this can be.
Soon he sees 11 motorbikes approaching as the roar of the engines becomes higher.
Each bike is decorated with colorful catnip balloons. Lola rings the bell and Uncle Buddy Budd opens his door.
Zoe Monique, Cyndee,King Thundie,Angel Mallow, Ammie, Talley, Coco,King Mali, Kali, King Winston and Queen Lola get off their bikes and take off their helmets while they say:

-It´s us, the Hairballz Rainbow Riders! And we are here to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY full of joy and treats!!

The Hairballz Rainbow Riders give Uncle Buddy Budd a huge hug and they sing to him.
They also give him a big tuna and mice cream cake that they baked specially for their friend.

Before they leave, Angels Yum Yum & Doodlebug fly over to sprinkle their angel dust over the kitties.

The Hairballz Rainbow Riders get back on their shiny Harley motorbikes and they wave with their paws as they leave...

With lots of love,
from your friends always,

Come visit me, Simba & Mrs.Pucca, Queen Memories, Angels Blackie & Lady Lucy, Sally ♥ Felix, Queen Lola - VOTE MEEKO & A.BOOTZ COTM! & Willow & Charlie.

03/15/2014 08:50.04 AM Report This Comment
HI Uncle Buddy Budd
Pawing by with birthday wishes and a vote. WE are leaving you some crab cakes, catnip cupcakes, multicolor catnip balloons and a toy mouse. Enjoy your special day.

Kitty kisses
Smokey and her sisters

Come visit me, Angel My Valentine is Eddie, Smokey, Angel Sassy Welcoming new Angels, Q Spunky 5/2013 & Q.Angel Callie 4/ 2010. Going to miss my CC family.

03/15/2014 07:52.31 AM Report This Comment
Happy BD to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man,your like OLD. Never realized it before. Your golf game is still on top though! Lets pawty like its 1999. You were like what....-2 years old then?? Now I'm confused-drink more-it will all become clear as mud. Cheers!


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Chicks dig me :) & ~Sir Ernie ~.

03/15/2014 06:51.42 AM Report This Comment
Hiya UBB!
Happy Birthday Buddy! wishing you a magical day of celebration filled with oodles of fun,tons of treats and lots and lots of furiends. i brought you a a dozen catnip
cupcakes with cheese filling,Puzzle brought you a large kong kickeroo to whomp the stuffin' out of, and Adorkable brought you a green(she thought that color would look good on you)cashmere Ascot so you can be stylin'!

purring away,

Come visit me, ~ Primo Puzzle~ & ~Mellofello~.

03/15/2014 06:50.20 AM Report This Comment
Better late than never! 3-13-14
That must be CC's motto, too! *grumble* So, here I am back at ya! This will be quick though, even though mom does have her own computer back. She has to go check the ENTIRE internet to see how bad it all got messed up while she was gone....

Here with his 1 twins is Steve, getting ready to enjoy smacking the rare and elusive Ken head ..... Tucker claims this is a 'first' for Dot so gives her the honor of whacking the Ken head, and she has a very nice 6 on the effort ..... Way to go, Mimi! Somehow she discovered a secret stash of Ken heads! Great addition to the new club house! She manages a 35 with one of them, and looks forward to the arrival of the Vittle Vehicle ..... I think UBB has discovered the aerodynamic secret of the Ken head - no hair, all plastic. Maybe Ken is a secret member of the Hair Club for Men? Anyway, The Budd scores a longing 7. Longing for fishing in the water hazards. It's coming!

Oh lordy. LiLi is having a kenniption fit about smacking old plasti-boy! Next time, just for you, we'll let you smack some heads off My Little Pony. Will that be better? She has a simmering 50. Apparently smacking ol' Ken-boy wasn't so difficult after all! ..... Ah, everyone relax for a moment while we enjoy the Bee Gee interlude. No score, just yammering ..... *ahem* Okay, back to business. The business of welcoming the Golfing Gimp with the menu du jour. She apologizes for lateness. Lateness won't matter if the grub is good! It doesn't even matter that you lost your score! Hahaha! ..... Ah, Mallow and her endearing thrill kill tendencies. Cracking Ken in the head and loving it! Ain't golf wonderful? Where else can you be THIS violent and still call it a sport? Unless it's on a hockey rink. :) A 41 for the Great One!

Okay, scores. (All the winners are in the top half!)
1st - Tucker (and Dot!), 6. Save that trophy Ken head, sweetie!
2nd - UBB, 7. I wonder if Ken heads make good gater bait?
3rd - Steve, the 1 twins. Maybe Ken heads are harder to find because people hoard them. Now THERE'S a creepy thought!

I say LiLi and BG to the cart barn. LiLi for the crappy score, and BG for playing hooky for 2 days! I have spoken!

Just wondering: have any of you ever LOOKED at the course when you get done slaughtering Ken and Barbie heads? *shudder*

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

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Dude Day at the Shack 3-6-14
But to be sure, I need to check your name tags first.

Here's one that says "Steve". Sounds dudely. Okay, you may pass. Wait, hold it bro! Score first! A 14. Okay, NOW you may pass ..... Next dude looks more like a dudette to me, and dressed like that better hope so! Lilac hootie owls and lavender glitter boots. Ah yes, it's LiLi, sporting a 62, and no love for Sara Lee ..... Poor old dude UBB is chock full of grumbles today. Luckily, nobody cares! Ha ha. So, you have a -3? Lucky you! You get to see the inside of the new cart barn! ..... Another un-lover of Sara Lee, definite dudette Mimi is here to drive the dudes crazy. AND she has a pair of 3's!

Uh-oh Tucker dude. No admittance without a name tag. So you'll have to leave your 15 here and head out to that pony barn. A new addition for Ziggy and Bennie ..... Oh. Whoa. For a sec there I was worried about where Engine was gonna pull that 34 from. Luckily it was only stuck in her fur! *whew* ..... Bee Gee has her official name tag declaring her a Darn, so I guess we'll let that pass. And a terrible score of 45, too! ..... And finally, Mallow seems to have something stuck in her - eye! Haha! You guys. She can't believe what her thermometer is reading. Weather twins with Darn again, a 45.

Is that the full boat today? Dudes! Okay, scores please:
1st - Dude Steve with 14.
2nd - No-tag Tucker in the pony barn with a 15.
3rd - Dudette Mimi with a pair of 3's and NO Sara Lee!

Okay, UBB, looks like your able helper in the cart barn today will be LiLi. I'd be careful around her - I know she's packin' a glue gun and a couple bags of glitter...

Gonna go for a spin in
one of those bar stools!

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

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I see you already got our new address. Great!
I changed my mind about our kittens. After their birthday party, they offered me anything that struck my fancy. I thought they were so sweet. Then they started washing each other's faces and Mom was so happy. I can't mess with this. Mimi

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong, J.C. & Blackstone & Grayson.

03/06/2014 01:55.48 PM Report This Comment
I see everyone else came by to with the info-so I am too!
Hey,I'm not being left out of this :)


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Chicks dig me :) & ~Sir Ernie ~.

03/06/2014 01:27.06 PM Report This Comment
You've got it!

A. Mallow

Come visit me, OJ & MJ's Wedding~Meeko & A Bootz #17441 for COTM!, Evie ♥ married to A. Shai, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ ridin'with my peeps!, K. Mike ♥ Q. Lady Dolly, Angel Smokey ~ always loved, ~ Dame Mojo Black Bear ~ & Angel Shai & Evie's Wedding.

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Hey UBB!

How can you forget a name like Catty Chat?? Here's a little tip: If you forget how to get to the new site, just log in on RRR. At the VERY TOP of the page next to where it says "Signed In" and your name, it says "My Wiki Foundry" Click that and the sites you belong to on Wiki will drop down and you can click on whichever one you want to go to. Okay? :)

Bee Gee

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

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Hear ye, hear ye!
The new links are up and running! That's the good news. The bad news is there's no club house yet. So you'll have to get yer goodies from the Weenie Wagon til further notice. More good news - there's no cart barn yet either. So losers will only have to rake the sand traps for now. :)

Just look for it in the menu on the left.

Bee Gee, Golf Bully

PS - ALERT!! UBB, tell PD that since he is already signed up on RRR, all he needs to do is log in to the new site, his log in will work there, too. It will ask him to upload a photo for his profile on the "new" CC. ~BG~

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

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Hey UBB!
I felt sorry for you lumbering around all alone at CS so I decided to stop in and yell Hi! Mom will try to have a CS set up at the "new" CC by tomorrow, but I will make NO promises!

Tell your mom to set up her "My Profile" as one of you guys. My mom has made so many e-mail accounts now for each of our profiles it's scary. NOW she thinks she could have signed up and changed our e-mail address as soon as the account was made so she didn't have to do that. But she's not sure, and the e-mails are done now, so it's too late anyway. *sigh*

Bee Gee

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

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hiya UBB!
actually that's not a St. Patty's Day hat i'm's part of Adorkable's new golf attire line.......just kidding......scared ya,didn't i,MOL!!!

purring away,

Come visit me, ~ Primo Puzzle~ & ~Mellofello~.

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Of course we will go on a Midnight Snowstorm sipping Tooth Fairy hunt with you and GT-t . We love these hats with lights on them and they do most definitely do look like dragonflies or maybe its just the Midnight Snowstorms talking!!!MOL!!! Mice recap tonight!
Purrs, Tuck & Dot

Come visit me, K. Tuck ~ #219145, Dame Dot ~ #247583, Dame Mouse ~ #219407 & Smoke's Angels~Vote Meeko&Angel Bootz# 17441 COTM.

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My final farewell 2-25-14
It's actually my first farewell too. :) This is my last CS recap on CC. Then I may be swept into the cyber netherworld at the click of a button. Or into Steve's closet. Hard to say which is worse....

Also first is the chocolate-sucking Steve. Do NOT eat the peanuts. Just a bit of friendly advice. He swats a 20 ..... Mimi thinks spring got mad and headed for the hills. Not mountains of peanuts I hope. *gack* J.C. is welcome to my share. A 39 for the Mudcat ..... No WAY! Say it isn't so! LiLi in a SECOND HAND outfit? OMG, it really IS the end of the world! An "I feel fine" 63 for the Adorka ..... Tucker is making it almost unanimous - peanuts=BOO! LiLi is the hold-out dissenting vote. Tuck drops off his 19 and looks to Engine for more suitable fare.

Looks like the Budd crew has found an interesting use for those CC peanuts, and it ain't eating! Make sure you chuck them FAR away! We aren't sure, but we THINK they score a 15 ..... Bee Gee says nutty turtles are fine. And she thanks LiLi for the clamless chowder, too. She leaves her breezy 31 and grabs a soup spoon ..... Haha! Looks like someone got the drop on Mallow and managed to tape her yap shut! Now, who was the clever but suicidal one with the quick-draw duct tape? Hmmmm. The Great One has an acceptable 34 today ..... And last - LAST? - is Engine! It's a wonder anyone made it through the course on an empty tummy! And chocolate covered crickets - now you're talking! She has a nice balmy 43.

The final - really final for me - scores:
1st - LiLi, 63. Does anyone call you Second Hand Rose?
2nd - Engine, 43. Does the Lunch Lizard need a tune-up?
3rd - Mimi, 39. J.C. can have ALL the peanuts - even the ones Steve licked.

And the lucky loser for my final appearance (I feel just like Jay Leno! Okay, maybe not JUST like.....) is (I think) UBB, with I think a 15. Or else it's Tucker with 19. See how this whole thing has rapidly deteriorated into a guessing game?

So long, farewell

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

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