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Domestic Shorthair from <a href='' title='Oxford, NY'>Oxford, NY</a>

Uncle Buddy Budd, Head R.N.

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Hi! My name is Uncle Buddy Budd, Head R.N.

I am Domestic Shorthair from Oxford, NY

Nicknames: Buddee-Buddee, Da Budd.
Clubs & Organizations:
Catty Shack, #232638, a founding player------
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COTD 3/18/2012
Vote #1000 on 4/11 by Edelbrock and Lugnut
Vote #1400 0n 8/9 by Kali #72152
Vote #1600 on 11/8 by Josiemae #
Vote #2000 on 3/19 by Mallow #161263
Vote #2400 on 8/31 by Buddy #259429

Age: 13 years old

Gender: M

Coat: short haired

Education: My Story:
For my first 4 years I was an inside cat and only knew litter pans. Also, my first owner never cracked open a can of food. So, when Mom saved us from a dual cage at the PetsMart Humane Society room, the first thing she did on our first morning together was to give us a little Friskies fishy food. Ah, Heaven ever since!
And when we moved to her Mom's house on a farm I went outside for the first time: A Free & Joyous Cat.
I ran up and down the fields and hilly pastures for hours at a time. All the pent up energy just had to get out. More Heaven! Mom was having a physical breakdown and could not supervise me enough. Her Mom believed that cats should run free. I had never seen a dog before. There was a nice old dog living with us.
But one day Gma's friend came over with his strange looking, very fast hunting dog. When he chased me into the woods I just froze flat on the ground hoping he would pass by. But that dog grabbed me the minute I stood up and tried to run away. He held on and ripped (this is so hard to tell) the fur hide off my back.
Mom called and called me. Finally I crawled in from my hiding place hours later. Did you know that blood does not show up on a black cat? It just looks wet or oily. So it took her a few minutes to get me out from under the bed and to get a vet to see me on a Sunday. He was a wonderful cat expert. And the nurse kept telling Mom that when cats come in with these injuries they get euthanized. She tried to convince Mom to do this. Even her own Mother tried to convince her. But Mom said I was young and healthy. And besides, PD Budd was still too dependent on me, and would not survive without me. The vet showed Mom the extent of the injuries. He just folded my hide over and there were all my organs. When Mom pets me along the spine she is also petting the kidneys, liver, etc. The vet did a wonderful job and charged not too much money. I had drain tubes coming out of me for quite a while. The fur got sewn backwards in a couple of places and stood straight up. Mom brushes me often and it grows back correctly.

We do not live there any longer and I still have strong urges to go outside every morning, to never use a litter pan unless Mom goes away on vacation when we are not allowed outside. I remain terrified of dogs.

My favorite tricks and treats are:

Where I hang out:

My favorite grubs:

My pet peeves:

What I love about my owners:

My cat hobbies: Eating, Sleeping, Visiting our garden... Enjoying sunshine and life.

Pet motto: "Will Work for Treats"

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11/26/14 - Tie On a Turkey Day
After all, it’s a formal occasion tomorrow, right? Everyone should look their best! Oh sorry, that was Tie One ON Day. Well, you celebrate YOUR way, my turkey day was last month.

Luvbug wants to celebrate Chocolate Cake Day and has 34 (=7) pieces for all of us. A. Mallow laments the “no golf on Thanksgiving” edict and after trying 45 (=9) times to get the Golf Pro to change his mind, she suggests a turkey pan sledding party. Steve comes to give thanks and eat cake, not necessarily in that order. He is so excited to see CC1 up & running that he forgets to leave his score there. But I am resourceful and found his 27 (=9).

Sandy is expecting 40 (=4) inches of snow tomorrow (there, now does that 6 – 12 inches look even a little bit better?), UBB brings a 31 (=4) and is enjoying his nursing duties and coaching Mom through her cane lessons. Word to the wise kitty, do NOT walk in front of her when she’s using that thing. Engine has 34 (=7) servings of Gremlin Gefuhlte FlatFish. Too bad my other sister Evie doesn’t play golf, she knows what Gefuhlte Fish is. Give me a serving to take home to her, please.

Now comes the turkey brigade: Mimi has a 45 (=9) lb turkey defrosting already and Tucker can’t wait the 30 (=3) hours until his is ready. BeeGee is in on the turkey pan sledding uh .. bandwagon ..? and leaves us a 36 (=9). And Timmy arrives with the happy news that his Mom is feeling about 34 (=7) times better, but alas still no Fancy Feast will be his.

And it’s a Grand Slam, no one left out day again:
1st – Tucker with 3
2nd – Sandy and UBB, tied with 4
3rd – Luvbug, Engine and Timmy with 7

Anyone left over? Mallow, Steve, Mimi and BeeGee (now THAT is a dangerous combo!) have all managed to score 9 and skulk off to the cart barn to plot mayhem and figure out the best roasting pan sled hills.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone and remember ~~ No golf on Thanksgiving, you turkeys!

Your Guest Common (sweet) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook~Vote Kelsee #28613 daily in Nov!, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly, ~ Mojo Blackbear ~, Angel Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon, Angel Smokey ~ always in our ♥ & Evie ♥ A. Shai.

11/26/2014 02:01.33 PM Report This Comment
Hello Uncle Buddy Budd
While you count the different things you’re thankful for Thursday,
And enjoy the many blessings that God has sent your way.
Remember those who love you most are very thankful too,
For a world that’s so much richer because it’s shared with you.

Have a delicious Thanksgiving. Chat with you next week.
Q MerryBelle

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle ♥ & ♥Q Sissy♥.

11/26/2014 12:44.09 PM Report This Comment
We are so glad to hear your mom is getting around, those walkers scare me. We hope she gets to feeling better soon. We are pawing by to wish you & your family a Happy Thanksgiving, may you have a safe and wonderful day.
We are leaving you a little funny we thought you might enjoy!!

May your stuffing be tasty. May your turkey plump, May your potatoes and gravy. Have nary a lump. May your yams be delicious, And your pies take the prize, And may your Thanksgiving dinner stay off your thighs! ~Unknown Author~

Hugs & Kitty Kisses,
K. Tucker, Mouse & Dot

Come visit me, K. Tuck ~ #219145, Dame Dot ~ # 247583, Dame Mouse ~ #219407 & Smoke's Angels~Please Vote Kelsee# 28613 for COTM.

11/26/2014 04:28.40 AM Report This Comment
Shopping reminder coming up! 11-25-14
I'll just leave a copy of my Xmas list with each of you and that should be all the reminder you need. What. What other kind of list IS there?

Luvbug(30) hits a new low. I think. You better go shopping for an electric blanket ... Ha! Mallow(45) thought she could fool old eagle eye Hot Rod, but you gotta get up pretty early... Oh, wait, You DIDN'T get up early. That's what I noticed! You joined the extra-earlybird club and decided to leave your score in the deepest darkest night. But I seen ya! (Thanks for reminding us of Buy Nothing Day. That's what I'm getting you all. A nice BIG box of nothing. But at least it's a BIG box.)

Steve(34) is impressed with Tuck's powers of forecasting. He can't do any worse than the guys who actually get paid for it! ... Ana(55) has nuts for weather! High nuts, low nuts, heavy wet snow nuts. All together now! ... Engine(58) has pawsitively summer weather! Maybe we should all go golf at your place! We'll even help gather snails for the next pot of mollusk fondue ... Tucker(37) finally admits what we all already knew: he's psycho. Do NOT go in the shower with him in the locker room!

Smelly Mimi(63) has a steaming score too. Maybe we can all go golf at YOUR place after we trash, er, I mean enjoy Engine's hospitality ... Timmy(42) claims to be a Swedish cat today. No, make that sweetest. I think those snails might be imported ... Oh wow! Look who clawed the laptop away from mom! UBB(42) has arrived after escaping from enforced servitude. I say make a break for it now while you still can. You can stay in the cart barn. We won't tell! ... Last - LAST? is Bee Gee(50) trying on different roasting pans for that just-so holiday look.

Lots of great long drives today. Must be the weather. Get it? Must be the weather? Haha! Oh, I crack me up!

1st - Mimi, 63. We smelled that coming. *coff*
2nd - Engine, 58. You need to go shopping for Heinecat. Soon.
3rd - Ana, 55. Aw, nuts.

Into the cart barn goes Steve, with a less then enthusiastic assist from Tucker. Maybe you two can give each other fortune telling tips. Or fashion tips. Whatever.

~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~
Now, to answer the question of the day:
NO! No Golf On Thanksgiving. NONE!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

11/25/2014 02:59.05 PM Report This Comment
It's Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day!!
Today I am wearin’ my "Ask Me About My Ability To Annoy Complete Strangers" sweatshirt and I am here to bug you.

♫ "It's a Marshmallow World in the winter,
when the snow comes to cover the ground ...
It's the time for play, it's a whipped cream day,
I wait for it the whole year round ..." ♫

Are ya bugged yet? Are ya? Are ya? -- A. Mallow

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook~Vote Kelsee #28613 daily in Nov!, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly, ~ Mojo Blackbear ~, Angel Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon, Angel Smokey ~ always in our ♥ & Evie ♥ A. Shai.

11/24/2014 10:16.47 AM Report This Comment
Here's the big #3200 coming at ya!

Bee Gee


10/21/2014 02:20.49 PM Report This Comment
What’s purring with you today? I am having a super busy day. This morning I supervised the water delivery guy. Then I visited with Mr. UPS guy, who insulted me by saying that I am huge. I would not say that to him, but I could! Now this afternoon the cabana boys are mowing our grass & cleaning the pool. I am watching them from my windowseat. This supervising is hard work! I think I need a nap.

With Sleepy Purrs,
K Casper Todd

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle ♥ & ♥Q Sissy♥.

10/20/2014 12:37.28 PM Report This Comment
Hi Uncle Buddy Budd
You were nominated for the honor of COTM when our sign-up page opened so if you accept you will be added to the growing list of cats that will be added to the 2015 calendar.
We don't feel it's fair to have one cat run against another in a 'popularity' contest like certain kitties prefer, especially since the CC population is so low now, so if you don't want to accept the nomination please let us know & we'll remove you from the list. Purrs....

Come visit me, ☆MEWS ROOM~Vote KELSEE #28613 Nov.COTM ☆, COTD Winner Archives, ROYAL KITTY HALL OF FAME, Cat's Meow Resort & Event Center & Sign-up page (COTM or COTD shout-outs).

10/20/2014 06:04.10 AM Report This Comment
There you go, UBB!
There's a picture of one of the catnip knot toys on my page, second one over. That's a 12 inch slate tile it's sitting on, so you can get a better idea of the size.

The first picture is the NW Moms, the back row is Dolly's, Angel Duchess Sassy's, mine, and Angel Q. Gracie's. Sitting in front are Angel Olivia's and Angel Cherish's. They all met in the middle at the Red Lobster in Federal Way & had fun.

No, I didn't know you & PD Budd are Seattle-ites! Our little Mojo was born in Tulalip, where Dolly's family lives in the summer.

Congratulations on the COTM nomination! I knew about it because A. Mallow saw it when she went over to accept her own nomination, and we're really happy you said yes! -- Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook~Vote Kelsee #28613 daily in Nov!, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly, ~ Mojo Blackbear ~, Angel Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon, Angel Smokey ~ always in our ♥ & Evie ♥ A. Shai.

10/17/2014 10:43.43 AM Report This Comment
Hey UBB!
Does being COTM application #13 mean you were too late to qualify as a "candidate"? If so, big congrats! Ziggy was getting quite a bit of pressure to accept a nomination, but she put her little foot right down and said thanks but NO! It's not much of an "election" when there is only one "candidate". And oh, the tension and excitement waiting to find out who wins! NOT! Ziggy said she would only be a candidate if it were a TRUE election, with at least TWO monthly candidates. Alas, it was not to be. Thus we continue the CC tradition of rigged elections and dictatorship. Heck, mom doesn't even vote in HUMAN elections if there is only one candidate for the position. You can't "elect" someone if there isn't a choice! *grumble*

Hot Rod

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

10/17/2014 07:30.01 AM Report This Comment
Hi Uncle Buddy Budd
If I took any cats home, I would have to move into the feral house. As for J.C. working, he hasn't hit a lick since we've been here. He was supposed to care for the rats, but they went home. He is all full of himself telling everycat he is the Queen's right paw man. Now look at him chatting up those two cute calicos. Supposed to be draining the pond. Now he's headed for the woods with the calicos. Don't know what I'm to do with that boy. Purrs...Queen Mimi

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong, J.C. & Blackstone & Grayson.

10/16/2014 03:03.15 PM Report This Comment
10-16 recap
Woo-hoo!!!! World food day. Why, we can start with Albania, and eat thru to Xanadu (which isnt a country, but I'm sure it has food). What the heck, we'll make up some countries along the way. They do at the Olympics- did you ever hear of half those places?? Grab a flag from the 8th hole, and we'll claim the CS as a new land.

Luvbug ( 48 ) generously offers his mom's credit card to purchase world goodies for us ALL. He just doesn't know it yet.

I trudge warily up to putt a 52, fearing all that huggy, love the world crap that is just loaded with germs.

Engine ( 55 ) puts in a surprise early arrival with bearclaw peacock popovers ( im still bumming I missed the roasted peasants yesterday) and Hawktoberfest brew. Score! The early cat gets the , um, biggest hangover.

Mudcat ( 59 ) takes an oath to be nice to ferals, as long as they aren't in her yard. I see your toes crossed behind your back.

Tuck and Dot ( 54 ) arrive ready, and I mean READY. They've managed to eat thru 54 countries before sunrise.

Angels (70). Even they cant believe their lucky temp! Mudcat is breathing a sigh of relief her stint in the cart barn will be nixed for today.

BG ( 45 ) comes with conflicting ideas about her leftovers. It's world FOOD day Darn, leftovers are not in any food group.

Mallow ( 52 ) sends her catty off to eat sunscreen and roots while she noms on mouse kabobs. ( note to self, do not volunteer to caddy for Mallow)

Timmy ( 64) claims his mom is feral today. Gosh Timmy, all she did was spill her tea, no need to call her names :)

UBB (64) is slogging and whacking his way to the clubhouse ( its not what it sounds like) in search of more countries to eat.

Winners:Eeks! BG with 45
2nd: Luvbug with 48
3rd: (oh lord, help me) Mallow and me with 52

Losers: Angels with 70 with the help of UBB and Timmy with 64

XOXO ~ S ~

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline weekends.

10/16/2014 01:10.58 PM Report This Comment
Hello Uncle Buddy Budd
Yes, that is correct! All that is now required for a COTM captaign is to submit ONE daily blog, each day for that month on the CMR page. You can check the CMR page for Carman's catpaign blogs this month.

If you do decide to accept the nomination, just go to the Sign Up Page #272708 and write a blog saying that you do accept. There, you will see that there are already a number of kitties ahead of you, so your catpaign would probably be in mid to late 2015.

Q Sissy

P.S. Sorry we do not have any autumn kitty poems. Mommy is a lady of many talents but writing poetry is not one of those talents. We purrfer to "borrow" other people's cute poems.

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle ♥ & ♥Q Sissy♥.

10/16/2014 08:58.02 AM Report This Comment
Chocolate covered ice cream 10-14-14
Maybe even chocolate covered cherries. But insects? No, thank you! We prefer our bugs au natural around here. Still moving, whenever possible. Luvbug(48) is facing his fears by tossing his hairless hat in the air. Could be the start of a new tradition! ... I think we should strand Steve(63) on a desert island with a dessert of chocolate covered stink bugs! ... Wow! Ana B.(60) has really improved her score, and just in time for long drive day!

Mimi(70) is in the mood for grasshoppers today. The hoppy kind or the boozy kind? Keep your pelt on, no one will ruin your bugs with chocolate! ... Engine(64) is buzzing in with a batch of tasty treats and none of them have the slightest resemblance to chocolate covered bugs ... UBB(62) is content to nom mashed mice today. Hold the bugs for GTt ... Tucker(65) is less than impressed with the chocolate bugs, but breathes a sigh of relief to hear this is Cheese Month. Chocolate covered cheese?

I don't think I want to go trick-or-treating in Timmy's(69) neighborhood. Cannons, fireworks, and vampires. Lively place, huh? ... Bee Gee(57) says keep that chocolate away from her bugs! Something about yogurt and meatballs, too. Ick ... Mallow(50) is chowing down on mashed mice and NO chocolate gravy! She's getting ready to fall out her window. Oh, it LOOKS like fall outside her window. Got it.

Chocolate-free long drives"
1st - Mimi, 70. The Claw of Doom? Scary...
2nd - Timmy, 69. In the OLD B/W vampire movies they used chocolate syrup for blood. YUM!
3rd - Tucker, 65. Vintage squirrel schnapps is excellent with cheese!

Bat cave duty is in the capable paws of Luvbug today. Watch out for the hairy spiders in there! Just kidding!

BG would never let anyone lay a paw
~on her little furry spider pals!


10/14/2014 01:40.56 PM Report This Comment
Hi Uncle Buddy Budd
Please do talk it over with your siblings and consider a catpaign for COTM. The only requirement now is for you to leave ONE BLOG on the CMR page #46883 each day during your catpaign month. I think you can handle that.

Since you asked so nicely, here's a little poem by Carol L. Riser about autumn:

When the trees their summer spendor
change to radiant red and gold,
When the summer moon turns mellow,
and the nights are getting cold;
When the squirrels hide their acorns,
and the woodchucks disappear;
Then we know that it is autumn,
loveliest season of the year.

Q Sissy

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle ♥ & ♥Q Sissy♥.

10/14/2014 01:27.58 PM Report This Comment
Hi Uncle Buddy Budd
Congrats to you! You have been nominated for COTM honors. The only requirement for a catpaign now is to leave ONE blog on CMR each day during your catpaign month. We hope you will be able to do that.

Please go to the Sign Up Page #272708 and accept your nomination. Then you will be put on the calendar for next year.

Q MerryBelle

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle ♥ & ♥Q Sissy♥.

10/13/2014 01:02.24 PM Report This Comment
We all need the practice 10-12-14
Or I should say, YOU all need the practice! Getting our of shape sitting in the clubhouse by the fire sipping Cat Daniels toddies!

Luvbug(50) is pressing his 4-leaf clover in his golf manual. Excellent! Considering everyone's game could use some more luck ... The froggy Angels(37) arrive early today. Oh wait, that's "foggy". Sorry ... Mimi(61) makes mincemouse out of Mickey with her royal scepter! ... Tucker & Dot(31) are screaming "All right! Everything's white!" *ahem* I HOPE you aren't referring to snow? Yikes!

Bee Gee(46) settles down with some piping hot squirrel gumbo while she waits to find out if the world will beat a path to her door. If it does, boy, is it in for a surprise! ... Mallow(52) makes minced mouse gumbo from the victims of Mimi's Scepter of Wrath, then tees off with a slightly green Barbie head. Found them in the grass? Wonder how THAT happened? ... Timmy(45) and family are nearly cannon fodder at St. Anthony's Festival. Maybe that festival needs a new signal, something safer. How about, oh, say, a church bell!! ... And finally, welcome back (again) to the Budds, who have borrowed a few Barbie heads from Mallow, and UBB(31) is hoping they will be able to remember the way to CC2 from now on. *snicker*

Lots of great, and not-so-great, practice scores: Luvbug, 50 - Angels, 37 - Mimi, 61 - Tucker, 31 - Bee Gee, 46 - Mallow, 52 - Timmy, 45 - UBB, 31.

Now, if we were keeping score, which we aren't, Tuck & UBB would be buying the house a round, and Mallow would be flitting around in the Bat Cave. Pretty darn good scores today. Maybe it's the mouse ball squirrel gumbo. We should make that a permanent item in the clubhouse!

~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~~~
If the whole world beat a path to your door
and everyone gave you a penny, how much would you have?
I don't know, but I think it might be worth it!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

10/12/2014 01:24.12 PM Report This Comment
Last minute, late night recap 10-10-14
Looks like PD Budd might have got caught in a traffic jam, so I'll just step up to the plate and throw a touch down! Don't you love mixed metaphors! Like mixed doubles, only wordier. Heh heh....

Aw, Luvbug(48) is such a kittytarian, giving food and water to poor homeless kitties. If there are any homeless near the clubhouse, they are certainly welcome to come in for a snack ... Don't look! It's Steve(40) and his "murse". Man purse? You made that up! ... Mimi(64) arrives with her royal butt protector in tow. That would be J.C. Bet you weren't expecting THAT when you signed up for the job, huh J.C.? ... Frosty UBB(39) cha cha's onto the course for a little salsa golf. Ole!

Tucker(45) gives Dot a mighty butt kick and she bounces onto the links with a shiny mew patent leather clutch for Steve to admire himself in. Please don't encourage him ... Bee Gee(40) is getting her kicks in the conga line, trying to choose from the egg menu. I got it, how about egg nog! ... Timmy(53) hasn't missed a beat since CC crashed. He's still out in the yard up to his asteroids in fall leaves ... Miss Mallow the Mouth(46) is getting ready to spread the word. The password is "crash". And she's feeling optimistic ... And who is bringing up the rear today but record-tying Sandy(35), inviting us all to a last minute catch-up sleep over!

Long drives are not so long today:
1st - Mimi, 64. A little nog heavy are we?
2nd - Timmy, 53. Yes, Timmy, first time for all of us, too!
3rd - Luvbug, 48. Aiming for your padded rear.

And the lucky loser today is *drum roll* UBB, 39! Well, THAT explains why PD didn't show up. Their keyboard is frozen.

~~~~Hot Rod~~~~
Welcome to the grand
re-opening of CC! Ha!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

10/10/2014 07:42.40 PM Report This Comment
Hi Uncle Buddy Budd
Although we didn't write this poem, we think it's cute and maybe you can use it in your book:

“The Universal Gift”

There is one little “blessing”
that cats might need not send.
But if you live with cats
You will get it
and receive it without end.

You’ll find it floating everywhere.
You’ll wear it wherever you go.
Your closet, couch, and carpet
are “blessed”
and, oh, how it will show!

Even the corners of the curtains
will tell who’s just been there.
It’s the feline form of decorating –
cat hair everywhere!

Have a “gifted” day!
K Casper Todd

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle ♥ & ♥Q Sissy♥.

09/30/2014 09:30.12 AM Report This Comment
Chocolate Day! 9-23-14
How often does THAT happen? Seems like once a month! Steve, you know anything about the scheduling of Chocolate Days? Don't give me that blank stare.

Luvbug(50) challenges all comers to a rousing game of checkers golf, with or without tiny clubs. Sounds interesting ... Steve(66) focuses all his energy on growing out his winter fur. So, considering the energy output involved, he MIGHT have baby fuzz by November ... Ana(40) has made the scientific determination that TODAY is the first day of fall ... Mimi(62) reports her mom has the sickies. Thank goodness it's not the "stickies" as earlier reported by Bee Gee! ... UBB(41) says the "restless one" GTt gets relief by being let out the door in the morning. Maybe Luvbug could suggest that to his Gma? I'm picturing that.

Our resident "doggie defender" Tucker(36) seems to be all a-chatter and in need of a quick Cat Daniels ... Oh Timmy(46), good point. I hope that RLS isn't catching! Imagine us all out on the links trying to tee up while our legs are heading in different directions! (Anybody remember Acme Earthquake Pills on Road Runner?) ... Bee Gee(63) is celebrating the "stickies" - sticky temps, and sticky chocolate. Blame Steve, who else? ... Mallow(57) has decided to take her free car to the innergizer and get her fur fluffed and folded while she waits. They toss in a halo shine for free!

And the votes are in:
1st - Steve, 66. Steve? Huh.
2nd - Bee Gee, 63. Sticky fingers.
3rd - Mimi, 62. Mom can have your chocolate, it helps the sickies!

Cart barn honors go to Tucker and his dog. I think she'll be a great help out there. Doing what I'm not sure. But then, with dogs, no one is ever sure.

Our dogs are definitely no help. Ever.


09/23/2014 12:56.17 PM Report This Comment
Hi Uncle Buddy Budd
Hey Guy! While I am queen, nothing but the best for the Catty Shack. We can fly in the best sod from anywhere in the world. Exit has volunteered his rocket fleet, so time and distance are of no matter. Eats and drinks! If you can dream it we can get it. Purrs...mimi

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong, J.C. & Blackstone & Grayson.

09/21/2014 11:34.42 AM Report This Comment
9.19.14 ~~ Pirates Take Over Long Drive Day
A-hoy, ye buckies or buddies...
[Please note: no cat selected the butterscotch pudding— food fight in the parking lot after the game!]

We start today with 2 tied miserable scores of 48. Tuck, who was not late on board yet claimed that he was. And, of course, it was his mom’s fault. He walks the plank for fibbing with a short drive. And Luvbug hit a poor 48 also and so he can join him on the plank. You pirates have to stick together. Swords out pirates and over they go!!
Fine start to Pirate Day, hey?
We’ll get the other low scores over right now. Steve, wearing his famous black eye patch scores 46. Purrhaps you should lose the patch, Dude? There’s the plank. Take Ana (40) with you. Splash!
The big brrr goes to UBB and his squawking parrot with 37. Fresh parrot is NOT on the menu today. Just in case BG gets any ideas, Polly flies off into the trees to watch Ole’ Toothy in his little lake. Call Captain Hook anyone?

UBB will be in the barn drying out all the wet carts that couldn’t float. No problem, Bee Gee with that 58. You may like the menu from Engine; she’s hit hot (fat) number of 63. Brought us a pot of Balsamic Bear stew and Scalloped Squirrels. No need to kill the parrot. Not sure about that keg of ‘drink’ you stowed aboard, N-Gin...
Give Timmy 53) a helping paw aboard. His mom warned him about drinking the Capt’n morgan. Really? It’s safer than whatever is sloshing in that keg.
~~ And now make way for our future Queen and Cat of October, mimi, with the winning score of 64. Take your place at the head of the food line, where you can start the song. Does is go?...”A hundred bottles of beer...”
Our own real Angel mallow flies over in her flashy role as the Sea Hag Road Warrior and whacks a decent 59. She keeps shouting “scurvy barnacles.” Jeesh! Or as Timmy would say, “Arrgghh!”

Ho-ho-ho and a Bottle of Rum for each winner today:
1st mimi – 64 –practicing your queen walk yet?
2nd- N-Gin – 63 – You try your keg first!
3rd – 59 for The flying Sea Hag herself, A. mallow

Happily submitted by PD Budd. Sorry about the small ‘m”s today. I forgot to put the batteries in the keyboard where the big “m” is kept.
Glad to be back!

Come visit me, Uncle Buddy Budd, Head R.N., Gracie Twinkle-toes, R.N. --in training-, PD Budd, R.N. & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

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Well, I'm sure I won't mind if your mom assists with the recap Tuesday, but then, what about Friday? :)

Bee Gee


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This will be tricky 7-25-14
I'll try to flip back and forth from CC to CC2 and get all the golf blogs. If I mess this up do NOT blame ME! Heck, I'm trying to celebrate a birthday party, for crying out loud! Give me a break!

Looks like, hmm, maybe Tucker actually arrived, based on his sign-in time at the scorer's table. He drops a 48 while waving his garlic charms to drive away the evilies .... Next is Mimi(68) by a wrinkling nose, at all the garlic mom imbues everything with. Whew! .... After much effort Ana was able to crash the CC defenses and post her 62 .... Next through the great CC wall is Steve(55) at the speed limit, leaving B'day greetings for the two birthday girls today, Ziggy & Dolly. Aren't they cute?

Engine(68) arrives in the Party Porsche (quite an upgrade, eh?) with plenty of celebration fixin's, not the least of which, a keg of Heinecat .... UBB(52) couldn't seem to find anybody to play with this morning, but he left his score anyway. PD is starting the slow panic one feels when one thinks one might be locked in the library with the *whispers* "library lady" .... Bee Gee(53) arrives wondering if this is finally the great CC Apocalypse we've all heard so much about. Maybe the CC powers were scared off by the garlic. THAT explains a LOT! 'Nuff said there (She also forgot to leave her score but since I live here I think I have that covered. *snicker* .... Finally Mallow(57) kicks ol' CC in the rear and darned if the thing doesn't start working. With only a few minor glitches.

Okay, quickie score roundup so mom can get back to a busy day doing nothing!

1st - Tie, Mimi & Engine 68. Don't let Mimi's mom and her garlic shaker near those cricket cream puffs.
2nd - Ana, 62. Persistence pays!
3rd - Mallow, 57. You had blogs from the 23rd? Ours went back to the 12th!

Cart duty is in the capable paws of - no one! It's off the the double party! Look out, birthday cake, here we come!

Hot Rod
Lucky brother of the birthday girl!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

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Your attention please!
We have a brand new member at Catty Shack. I'd like everyone to scurry over and give Luvbug 7393 a great big Catty Shack welcome! And that does NOT mean toss him into the hazard with Ol' Toothy and see how fast he can walk on water! :-) I think it would be a real friendly gesture if we all TRIED to be nice for at least the rest of the week. 'Kay?

Bee Gee


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Anybody catch any rats yet? 7-22-2014
I think the little rodents are all kicked back in the holes on the greens! If any of us ever made a shot we'd find out. *smirk*

From deepest south Amherst some angels leave us a 65 .... Engine keeps running over the same 70 every day. I would NOT want that jersey number! She's packed Starfish Sammies with Muskrat Mustard and feather-free Cardinal Chips. Emergency! The Kegolator is down! .... Oh *whew* Mimi(71) to the rescue with a cart full of Old Rat's Breath, courtesy of catty J.C. and his superior skill at getting the little rats to give up the breath.

Tucker is getting into rat-catcher day, sticking his paw down the hole and rooting around. He comes up with 67! From one hole?? Meanwhile catty Dot goes on a grub run .... Darn Bee Gee(68) is full of grumblin' and groanin' about storms on the way. Bad day at Catty Shack Rock. Give that girl a shot of Old Rat's Breath .... Little Stevie(71) is just chillin' in his little hammock, waiting for a little push. Bee Gee? This one's for you.

UBB is seeing double with 72/72. Hangover day was yesterday! He hoists his double shot of Old Rat's Breath in honor of Mimi's fine rat ranch and sends his catty GracieTt off for more "ranch" dip! .... Timmy(83) is inquiring about Ol' Toothy's breath! Well really, who's gonna get close enough to notice? Brush his teeth? I think whoever made that suggestion should also volunteer! .... Oh wait, wait! Mallow(64) can jump right in there and lay a toothbrush on Ol' Toothy's nippers! She can borrow some of Mikey's foaming zit wash! And when you make it back out we'll all hail the Gator Whisperer.

Spooner Scores for Tuesday:
1st - This has GOT to be Timmy with that awesome 83!
2nd - UBB seeing double with 72/72.
3rd - A tie! Steve & Mimi, 71. Hammocks, umbrellas, and rats. Yup - oh my....

And the lucky loser today, that would beee .... Mallow. Must be your lucky day. Gator rasslin' AND cart barn, all in one day. It just don't get any better'n that! Hahaa!

~I do believe Ol' Toothy
has lovely minty fresh breath!


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Hey UBB!
We were SUPPOSED to be cooler by Saturday, but it was still nearly 100, then again yesterday. But last night it was a blessed 57 here. Ahh, what a relief! Only supposed to be mid- to upper 80's today. I know to some folks that sounds warmish, but to us it's like being in the cooler. We might even get *rain* tomorrow and/or Wednesday. Wish us luck!

BTW, do you guys know Luvbug? He's part of Kuce and Dancing Bear's family. Anyway, he stopped by to congratulate CS yesterday and wondered if we had an opening for another member. Since LiLi quit, I figured why not, so I told him there was an opening. So far he hasn't replied, so we'll see what happens.

Getting ready for boat race weekend here, always a HUGE favorite with mom. And we kinda like going all crazy cat on the party barge! Starts Friday and goes til Sunday. Gentlemen, start your engines! :-)

Bee Gee


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7-11 Slurpin'
** Starting us early today is our own orange Steve scoring 62 and burping & slurpeeing on this Long Drive Furiday All day fun with the Catty Shackers.
Pushing her heavily laden Food Wagon on to the course N-Gin reports a soupy 72 and brought platters of labor-intensive Goat Gizzard Gyros with 101 Dalmation slurpees. Thanks for the meals on wheels!!
The T & D Show bounces son stage where they are now presentingtiny pink things-- 59 of them. What Tuck? Having too many glugs of bourbon in those Slurpees?
Then Mimi amd JC share a big T-bone steak washed down with 73 Slurpees... ooo-oo!
BeeGee enjoys the 60 drunken Dalmations to start the day before all 101 arrive. Keep Cool out there!
A-Dork slurped down 75 orange airy Slurpees. She beats Steve's record.
Everycat's here today since the free Slurpee word got out. Sandy reports ordering 63.
Timmy with your 69, I have mews for you, Dude/ You are as nude today playing golf as the day you were born. That's right 24/7 nekked!
A. Malificent Mallow is downing all the free slurpees she can handle. So far she's tried all 61 flavours. Wow!
What a great day!
1st Miss Florida-Dorkable *75
2nd Mimi & JC (Burp) *73
3rd Engine our best chef *72
Cart Barn with lots of Slurps UBB *52
Purrs to All-- Everycat Member was here today!
Commenter, PD Budd

Come visit me, Uncle Buddy Budd, Head R.N., Gracie Twinkle-toes, R.N. --in training-, PD Budd, R.N. & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

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Busy busy day!! 7-1-14
It's a full house today. Looks like everybody wanted to participate in Family Golf Month! And I MEAN "everybody"! Meowsa!

Here first to give it up for the second six months is Steve (72), handing out extra degrees for anyone under 50. I see no takers .... Also happy to start July is Haley, with 65 happy degrees .... Engine (70) winds up the Whirlwind Willie and delivers flash fried flaming flamingos and Catnip Cointreau lemonade.

Tucker(72) goes for the ice cream but says hot dogs are for the dogs. I can't repeat what he said about fireworks! ... Mimi(74) has the family here for Family Golf Month but swears she will never do it again. The kittens are having fun though, batting balls and snatching hot dogs .... And oh goody! Bee Gee (53) is grilling on the car hood, so the kittens can get weenies hot off the hood!

Timmy(79) has babysitting duty today. Well, you brought Bella to the right place. Hand her a driver and a hot dog and point her to the driving range .... Mallow(64) brings Maple Leaf hot dogs and Maple Walnut ice cream to the party, along with her misspelled sense of "humour". *snicker* .... And finally, one more babysitter on the links. UBB(75.5) has his catty problems again, fishing her out of the birdbath and plopping her wet behind in the cart!

Long drive wins and losses:
1st - Timmy, 79. No feeding hot dogs to Ol' Toothy, you don't want to get in trouble for cruelty to gators!
2nd - UBB, 75.5. You didn't need that .5 for second today!
3rd - Mimi, 74. Please! Bring the family again tomorrow. We'll need someone to eat the leftover hot dogs.

Loser, loser, loser! Bee Gee with a wimpy 53. To the cart barn, loser! On the bright side, you won't have to eat any hot dogs. :-)

What do Canadians do during the summer?
They have a picnic that day! Hahaha!


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6-30 recap
June 30th-its OVER-yippee!!! Dumb month,who invited it to our year anyway. Meteor day-just a good reason to blame your half yuck scores on,for those with half yuck scores. Why not-everyone else blames the moon phases on everything,we'll blame the meteors. Duck! And you all thought the golf balls hurt.

So......I was SO excited it for a beer float,I forgot to post my score til Tuck had my back. Score of 69 for me. Thats just one of the many perks to being a commentator,I can add it in at will. Change it to win even. Kidding,I see all the glares.

Engine (73) brings us fresh from the starfish farm some scalloped goodies paired with her "mom's" catnip juice. Does your mom stare at the wall and run around the room crazy after drinking it too? We MUST keep the secret of the nips powers from the humans.

Mudcat (65) gets in a good,solid stroke with the clocks second hand (get it....stroke....clock...). And to think I don't get paid for this "stroke" of genius.

UBB (65) Are you offering,or giving "free" advice??? Penny for your thoughts has hit inflation to dollar for your thoughts. I'll split it 50/50 with ya.

Tuck (70) . Tuck has the uncanny ability to know EXACTLY when the food cart comes chugging along each day. Beer floats on the house!

BG (50)Trying her Darn best to synchronize us . We can't even stand in a straight line. We can attribute her lack of thinking to brain freeze with her ALMOST freezing score. What a difference almost 20 degrees makes. Almost.

Timmy (79) Hotsie totsie! Watch where you walk around Timmy today-we have a gacker! Its ALMOST like a jumper,but gackers aren't encouraged to gack.

Wait for it....Mallow the Great(55) is NOT the caboose today! We have a winner-Mallow is organizing synchronized beer chugging. I'll drink to that.

Last is Sandy (88) is that for real??? in two eights??? She is in competition with Engine with her humidity soup. Any takers?? Anyone?? How about Darn,she was cold,almost.

1st: BG 50 (good thing you beat The Great,I think she cheats.
2nd: Mallow!!!! with 55
3rd: two way tie with UBB and Mudcat each with 65.

Losers: Sandy with 88 with a little help from the Timmy with 79. Aren't you glad to be back!


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline weekends.

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Wow, busy Sunday! 6-22-14
Everybody must have decided to come to Catty Shack to beat the heat. Or the lightening bugs.

Mimi (73) ain't scared of no lightening, not with her trusty lightening rod. Nice of you to let J.C. hold it though .... UBB (50) is enjoying the freshly mown greens while hollering for his catty GT-t to come back with the cart! While she continues to race with the lightening bugs, he heads to the CH for rum-peach drinkinis .... Bee Gee (46) is taking no chances on the lightening-lit links today. She stays in the CH and putts her onion rings with an eclair.

Tucker (62) will be giving a talk later on "Stupid Guy Things" later at the CH. After he finishes his onion ring-eclair combo plate .... Mallow (61)is putting a Barbie head through an onion ring with a lightening rod. Hope you get the shot off before lightening strikes! She leaves us with some useless information about Celsius temperatures, and is also pretty torqued off that only guys get to do totally idiotic really stupid stuff. Hey, feel free to act like a dork, too. Equal opportunity and all .... And a very special Sunday appearance by Timmy (74), who is hiding out until his mom quits looking for whoever baptized her coffee table! I'll bet it was a tag team effort!

Practice day ends like this: Mimi, 73 ... UBB, 50 .... Bee Gee, 46 ... Tucker, 62 ... Mallow, 61 (or 16...) ... Timmy, 74.

Okay, now we can set up some ring toss games using onion rings, and eclairs as targets. And BTW, UBB was *1st* yesterday, NOT *2st* as was originally reported by silly Hot Rod! HAHAHA!

I'll be over here with UBB
enjoying those drinkinis.


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PD left us a little mew, but since BG already stopped by to mew back at him, we thought we'd come visit "the old guy" instead. :-) We didn't have any treats yesterday. Well, not all of us! Grabby is the "treat monster". She even likes chunks of dry dog food. She is a bit on the cuckoo side, we think. Mom tried to get caught up on blogging yesterday but as in all things mom, she failed miserably. Between working in the yard and reading, she hasn't been getting much else done these days. About all she does here for sure is golf! As if any of US cares.... Oh sure, it makes the golf bully happy, but so what??

Anyway, we are enjoying the last few coolish days before the heat gets turned up outside. THAT'S the real reason mom has been concentrating on the yard so much. When it gets into the 90's she stops doing so much out there. So I guess we should take advantage of her being outside and do a little interior decorating of our own! Hi ho!

Bonnie & the Girls


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TODAY is the first day of summer! 6-21-2014
No matter what PD said yesterday. Although summer "officially" began at some ungodly hour like 4:22 a.m. Like who is gonna be up for that?

Mimi's cuckoo catty skated to the links to help her deliver her 74/11 putt. I'll bet his tail is sore. He needs a few more skateboarding lessons .... Maybe Steve (64/10) can take care of that. You two can take turns pushing each other off the skateboards .... UBB is "enjoying" the same temps we had this morning! We have no winter coats either, mom being a real quick-draw on the slicker brush! He shivers to a 44/8 putt.

Bee Gee is looking over her shoulder, on the lookout for the cuckoo riff-raff skateboarding around on the cart trails! She trips one, grabs the board while he's still flying through the air, putts her 45/9, and rolls the board right back under the skater before he knows what happened! .... Tucker decides skateboarding is too much effort, but he's willing to make the effort of pushing Steve of his skateboard and toward the water hazard! He putts for a 63/9 and heads for one of those tasty peaches & cream cocktails .... Mallow has set up her putt from the dark side of the moon, and after making all the necessary calculations for wind and lie, uneven ground, and the fact you can't even see earth from there, she manages a 57/12. Yikes!

Everybody ready for the big first day of summer party? Let's get these scores out of the way:
2st - UBB, 8. Get that fur out of the trash, Evie can knit you a new coat!
2nd - Tie, Bee Gee & Tucker, 9. Interesting skateboard "skills" you two have.
3rd - Steve, 10. I think Tuck gave you that "little push" you asked for!

Okay, lots of peach liqueur and rum soaked peaches to doctor up that vanilla ice cream! Cart barn duties will be in the capable paws of Miss Moon Mallow. Can you handle it from up there?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~
I'll leave that wild skateboarding to the youngsters.
~~~~~I prefer riding a good old rocking chair~~~~~

PS - Thanks to Mallow for vote #5800 for Catty Shack! Woohoo!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

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In the good old saunter time! 6-19-2014
It's too hot to do much more than saunter. Let's get this recap started without delay. Sauntering in first today is Steve (66) celebrating orange and lasagne. Figures .... Wowsa, Mimi is all over the hot times today! An 80 to start the morning. No wonder she skips past the lasagne and heads straight to the martini shaker! .... Engine (74) has really given her Rocket Roach a workout today, zooming between CC's! She finally settles in with a full buffet and something called Vermin Vaportinis. I'm all for anything that vaporizes vermin!

Sounds like Tucker (67) needs a helping paw to help him out of the puddles. Somebody toss him a life preserver. NOT the Bee Gee "special" one! He manages to slog over to the food .... Speaking of Bee Gee (54), she's out sauntering in the dark and touching "things". Weirdo. After touching whatever that was *eew* stay away from me! .... UBB (66) is back to playing fair and square and reporting actual temperatures instead of humidity!! He's having a wet and wild golf day, too. But his efficient catty hands him a nice dry driver.

Timmy (67) is thanking his lucky stars he isn't stumpy like Steve and Bee Gee after having to scoop sushi out of the hazards while the gators gave him the eye. Hey Timmy, we can contribute to the squirrel fund! We have the same problem here! .... And Mallow (57) tees up a nice meatball in honor of lasagna weather. She heads for a shot of those Vaportinis while her catty heads off after her shot!

How did you all do?
1st - Bee Gee, 54. Stop touching things!!
2nd - Mallow, 57. "Lasagna weather"? I've heard of soup weather....
3rd - Tie, Steve & UBB, 66. "Something" with cheese, and a dry driver.

Really big loser today is Mimi but at least there's no more sushi to clean out of the hazards. Instead it looks like you'll have to scrape the cheese off the cart seats. Don't complain. At least it isn't "fudge".

Celebrating orange cats?
~~Does that mean me?


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Moonshine madness! 6-5-14
Here with his behind ahead is Steve, getting up up and away from his own air! And a chilly 56 .... UBB delivers GTt's non-liver cake concoction in honor of all us rescues. And they have an even chillier 55 .... Poor Engine has to pull out the frozen leftovers due to the oversleepage of her secretary. Those possum pockets do look tasty. She has a warmish 68.

Hey Mimi, tell J.C. I have a similar delusion. I figure if I sit by my dish long enough dad will fill it with fresh grub. And he DOES! Haha! Anyway, better take it easy there. 72 shots of moonshine is gonna start giving you delusions of your own! .... Tucker is caught in Steve's tailwind *coff* so he hurries to get off a shot and head for more shots at the clubhouse. Think 55 shots of moonshine will help after that?

Ah, Bee Gee seems to think moonshine will deliver her from the forces of Steve's behind, too! Guys, truly, I think all it does is dull your senses so much you just don't NOTICE Steve's, um, 'essence'. She's lovin' her cool 54 .... Mallow gives fair warning for Steve to keep his behind away from the moonshine. It's sad to think he needs reminding. She plonks down her 55 and waits for the pizza delivery.

Moonshine scramble scores:
1st - Bee Gee? With a 54? Cool.
2nd - Three-way Tie, UBB, Tucker, & Mallow, 55. Vole-ari!
3rd - Steve, 56. Get behind the clubhouse!

I think there's probably enough moonshine on paw to get us through ONE day of Steve and his hot air behind. But leave it at home tomorrow. 'Kay?

I too suffer from
~toxic tailwind


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Happy Sunday golf 6-1-14
June 1st, and heading into the hot hot days of summer. Ugh. Here to say nothing nice is Steve. We wouldn't expect anything else from you. Non-golf your bare claws over to the tulip patch with Mimi. And a nice 57 .... UBB still seems to be in the cool zone with a 42. Need more practice? .... Lawzy! Mimi would be taking that mallet to mom's poor ankles to keep her from adopting another kitty! She Heimlich-hugs JC to save him from the horrors of hazelnut cake. What a humanitarian! Catitarian? Anyway, score them a 57 along with Steve.

Bee Gee says it's too hot to polka. Don't want to try the Too Fat Polka today? Ooooooh, that nasty look tells me "No!" Okay, so bare-toed skipping it is for Darn. And a 60. Hot hot hot .... Mallow seems to be in accord *snicker* with the mom ankle-biting in prevention of cat adopting. I guess all our moms have all the cats they "knead". Haha! Oh, I crack me up! Mallow swings for 59 and decides to call a few of her polka pals. Just what we need....

Practice scores for today, the very first of June: Steve, 57 ... UBB, 42 ... Mimi, 57 ... Bee Gee, 60 ... Mallow, 59.

Okay everybody, I KNOW you won't mind doing the Beer Barrel Polka, and it's one everybody knows. Although many don't KNOW they know. Clear?

Roll out the barrel....


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Fairwell, sweet May! 5-31-14
Parting is such sweet sorrow, yadda yadda yadda. And who waves farewell first but that huggable orange guy Steverino! Waving his paws around shrieking "Mayday! Mayday!" Stop that or we're going to have to put the "hugging shirt" on you. The one with all the fashionable straps and buckles. *smirk* And it a 55/10 for the screamer .... Dodging the mallet, Mimi manages to wrap a hug around J.C. but just for a second. Then he whacks away for a 61/7 through a sticky wicket .... Next in line for his hug is UBB, placing the blame on Darn for his suddenly wintery temps. Trust me, she'd hold on to those cool temps if she could! He whacks one through his wicket for a 46/10.

Flexing her orange toes for that group hug, Bee Gee practices her complete sentence construction before moving in on the ball with her masher, aka croquet mallet. Yes indeed, it IS hard to miss with one of those monsters! She mashes her way to a 58/13 .... Tucker is a little too eager to lay a few hugs on whoever he can grab. *ahem* I'm just the Commenter, remember. Please. And he lays into the ball for a bruising 64/10 .... And Mallow is carefully hugging her catty. V*E*R*Y carefully. Hard to catty with a mouth full of mom's hand, eh? Spit it out and tee it up, see how far it flies! Mom's hand flaps away for a respectable 57/12 but doesn't quite save Bee Gee from cart duty.

1st - Mimi, all alone in single digits with a 7.
2nd - Almost everybody else, with a 10.
3rd - All alone with mom's hand, Mallow, 12.

The cheese stands alone again, Bee Gee in the cart barn with that nasty 13. At least now nobody has to get involved in that "group hug" nonsense!

~~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~
~I want a hug when we say hello
I want a hug when it's time to go

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

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Hey UBB!
We've been seeing that kitty everywhere! She's incredible! Maybe I should post her video on the video page on Catty Chat. We pretty much don't use poor old RRR any more. *sob* I guess I could put it on both sites. Couldn't hurt.

Bee Gee


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GOLF RECAP 5-15-2014
alrighty got to make it short,sweet and quick today. already lost electricity for two hours and tornado watches and warnings going out to various counties!!!! and it's storming like crazy! if this ends abruptly,you'll know my secretary got zapped!!!

Cluckin' Tuck is sticking his head in a 69" deep dish and comes up soaking wet! what were you thinking!

Mimi thinks she has a chocolate chipmunk. don't tell her it's a left over Easter Bunny that had his ears nibbled on 70 times!

Adorkable me is stuck in some valley under a hood hitting the ball for the 74th time! nope,still stuck in the valley,the valley so low.

Steve did send BeeGee right out of her mind and she whomped him 63 times after catching him trying to sneak "chocolate chips" on top of her favorite cookies.

UBB was out early on the course this morning "P" ing & "P"ing while his mom dug up 64 golf balls!
might as well have had 64 gophers come through!

Engine rolls in with 70 flashing flamingos! someone please keep her out of the liquor locker and grab those sloppy squirrels before they make any more of a mess with their catsup dripping burgers!

BeeGee turned to the darkside,AGAIN, is now working with the Stevester and brings in a ginormous chocolate chip pizza with 51 of those "signature" pawprints all over it. i say we turn the sprinklers on her!

Mallow! was it your idea to let 63 sloppy squirrels dance on the pizza? well,that was just wrong!

1st-She who can not be named-51
2nd-Steve(with his 63 band-aids)
3rd-UBB(in need of depends) 64

Adorkable me-headed to the cart barn with a whole bacon pizza! do you know where "dindin" is Steve? i'm just saying........and so it goes......................


Come visit me, ~Puzzle~offline until Dec 3rd or 4th, ~Adorkable~ OFFLINE & ~Mellofello~OFFLINE.

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Hey OBB!
The "O" could stand for "Outlaw"! :-)

Good thing your cat sitter came by to release the prison door! I can just imagine all of your with your paws sticking out from under the garage door. That sounds like bad news about your mom's eye there. WHAT kind of treatment is there for it? Anything?

Well, if other humans can't appreciate our Barbie day at the links, I'm sure they wouldn't approve of Steve's closet or cart races in the parking lot or Ogopiggo in the water hazards either! So, you know what they say, if they don't like to have a good time, this is NOT the pace for them! Haha!

Bee Gee


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