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Maine Coon from <a href='' title='Aldergrove, BC'>Aldergrove, BC</a>

Angel Jezebel ~ Love lives on

About Me

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Hi! My name is Angel Jezebel ~ Love lives on

I am a Maine Coon from Aldergrove, BC

Nicknames: Her full name was Jezebel Cleopatra Pandora, sometimes called "Fuzzface"

Age: 48 years old

Gender: F

Coat: long haired

Education: When the family made the move across the country from Ontario to BC, instead of working to convince me that there were plenty of cats in BC, too, my parents had my furry best friend flown across the country for me -- that was an education for her, as were the many life changes that she went through with me.

ACOTD & CROTD Aug 27, 2011
ACOTD August 31, 2013
ACOTD October 9, 2014
ACOTD October 19, 2015
"for all our childhood Angels"

Catster moments:
Diary of the Day - May 25, 2014

♦ Angel Pierre is an "Angel Flight" crew pilot

** Angels Jezebel & Pierre play for the Rodent Rippers Mouse Hockey Team **
Angel Jezebel was inducted into the MHL Hall of Fame June 28, 2015

"Inductee number four also represents the Rodent Rippers. Because of her outstanding play the "Rippers" advanced to the Scamper Cup play-offs in both 2014 and 2015. Please join me in welcoming Angel Jezebel, #211705 to the Hall of Fame."
Vote 100 - Q. Felicity - 8/26/11
Vote 500 - Queen Lola - 11/9/11
Vote 1000 - Angels Ping & ET - 3/9/12
Vote 2000 - Angel Paw Paw - 4/7/13
Vote 3000 - Angel Lily Rose - 4/17/14

My favorite tricks and treats are: In her younger years she was a prolific catcher of flies. Her deformed paw with its one huge pad was a very effective weapon for smushing them.

I don't know if this counts as a "trick" or not, but for her entire life, Jezebel was obsessed with elastic bands. If you were foolish enough to turn your back on one of them, she was on it like a flash. Although back in the 60's & 70's we hadn't heard of how potentially disastrous this habit could be, we learned to be very careful with elastics because of the unpleasant "end results". and
aside from flies and elastics, Jezebel also loved cheese when someone was willing to share.

Where I hang out: Jezebel loved window sills.

My favorite grubs: Meow Mix, mostly. For a while, my Mom used to buy her raw liver & freeze it in individual servings. She loved that so much that one day she filched the little package from the counter where it was thawing, worked the tinfoil wrapping open, and had a feast.

My pet peeves: When my first child started crawling -- that waving plume of a tail right at eye level was just too much to resist. Jezebel was pretty patient about that, considering she was over 10 by then.

What I love about my owners: My owner loved me throughout my life and even after many years and other cats in her life, she still remembers me with love

My cat hobbies: Sit on a lap and get pets, chase flies through the house.

Pet motto: ~
Angel Jezebel's page also honours:

PIERRE (October 30 (est) 1965 - June 15, 1966 ~ no pictures): was probably the most memorable Christmas present I ever got. He was a tuxedo kitten with a black spot on each side of his nose and one under his chin. This made him look like he had a mustache & goatee, and was the reason for the name "Pierre". Also known as "Pierre the Pooh", he loved boxes and hidey holes and ate his Puss'n'Boots with his paw. Pierre was a sweet little cat & even my Dad was devastated the following summer when he was hit by a car.

SHADOW (August 1985 - ?? ~ pictures in gallery) - In the spirit of childhood Angels, I am including this little orange bug who spent a few short months with our family, wandered off one day & never came back. We hope that Shadow found his way to another family & had a long & happy life, but either way, he'll be an Angel by now.

"We'll be waiting at the Bridge, purring."

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How We Met

Angel Jezebel was born in the outskirts of Belleville, Ontario, where a kind woman found her with her mother and littermates just after a cold spell in the middle of November 1967. Historical weather records say that for four days temperatures rarely rose above freezing and dipped as low as 6 degrees F. There were 5 inches of snow on the ground, and Jezebel & her siblings would have been about 4 weeks old. The kind woman took the kitty family in and gave them warmth, shelter, and veterinary care, but the exposure had already cost cost Jezebel and another of her siblings an outer ear, Jezebel lost toes on one foot and an eye infection left her with a permanent bald patch around one eye. Early in December the mother cat was killed on the road, and the woman advertised the kittens “free to good home”

About this time, about a year after losing my beloved Pierre, my parents finally gave in to my pleading for another cat & had found this lady's ad. When I saw the little ball of tortoiseshell fluff the missing ear and deformed paw didn’t matter, I thought she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. My Dad tried to change my mind, but it was love at first sight and I knew that the other kittens would be much more likely to find a home than this little one. When we got her home, my Mom said "she looks like she's full of attitude" and promptly dubbed the new arrival "Jezebel".

It was the beginning of 12 ½ years together that included many moves, including one across the country. Jezebel was with me through my teenage years, marriage and my first two children before it came time to say goodbye, much too soon. But love lives on.
Born: October 11, 1967 (estimated)
Adopted: December 6, 1967
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge: May 31, 1980
Joined CC: June 16, 2011

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I've had 28755 friends visit me.

I'm the 47,667th member on

3,994 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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My Cat Blog

this is the last
vote of the day off this page as janet's running behind as usual and with her at least coming home her usual time and not staying as scheduled at work, will do more of that tomorrow and wed as well as saturday. getting colder outside as well as we were around the high for the day of 38 and won't go higher likely but tonight might beat the current low of 15 which we hit back in october before the leaves were down and we still had things in the garden as well as flowers outside. janet's got herbs to pick and dry before all the cooking/baking for thanksgiving starts tomorrow and wednesday in ernest, so her afternoons will be filled with doing that as well as trying to get and stay caught up online and working at the store more hours doesn't help either! fanny/ab/haley/5angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & fannymae, 5 angels.

11/23/2015 01:49.28 AM Report This Comment
Hi Jezebel!
Oh, mom is no stranger to "rebuilt" car stuff. Back when she had "real" cars she used to buy all kinds of rebuilt parts. And then you could fix-it-yourself. Not any more. Heck, in this car she has now, you can't even CHECK the transmission fluid! You have to take it to the dealer. They drain and refill it every 50,000 miles or some such. And the fluid is $40 per quart! And it uses 6 quarts!! ***grumble*** We have a local place that does the oil changes and brakes and tires. But they don't do the mechanical stuff on anything.

Anyway, it looks like dad's bank account got fixed, but he did lose $28, and had to get a new debit card. He's still waiting for the PIN. It'll happen again, just a matter of time. He's always doing stuff online and that's how this must have happened, although he's blaming it on WalMart. As if they care...

I gotta keep an eye on the weather. The forecast is calling for "S" this week. Ha! On the day dad's supposed to take the car over for that OTHER work. Mom said have fun, she's staying home and doing laundry. *snort*

A. Summe


11/22/2015 01:50.13 PM Report This Comment
so how do you
think sandy's adapting to life up there at the rb? we know she's getting the hang of beautiful sunrises whenever janet hap-pens to get to do longer early morning walks like she did last friday and this past wednesday. she's hoping for thanksgiving morning as well as black friday morning before going back to work that saturday. no real plans here this weekend fanny's got a wellness check at the vets right after janet's in from work, then home and out the door again grocery shopping for two weeks which since janet's already done some between wal mart and aldi's, she has to pay for the turkey sides kits she ordered and will get the turkey as well fresh which if refrigerated should be good till thanksgiving so she was told. at least all the outside work or most is done minus a few spots she wants to tackle now instead of next spring and then finish cleaning off a fence inside the garden before it gets uprooted and moved either further to the next row or back where it was a few years ago closer to the fence janet finally moved inside the fence. next year new black plastic for over half of the fenced in garden as the other part is okay and should do okay for one more year. got nothing planned for black friday next week and just a bank run nothing near the stores as lunatics as natty calls them are just to much for him. ab/fannymae/5angels/haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & fannymae, 5 angels.

11/20/2015 01:15.07 AM Report This Comment
Hi Jezebel
Thanks for stopping by to help celebrate my "memory day" with us. My loss has always been a very sad memory for mom indeed, mainly because I was such a little guy and just barely getting started on life, when life decided on a different road for me. Mom knows that even if I had survived, all my life would have been a battle. I never would have been really "well", and so maybe things were as they should be. *shrug* No need for regrets. At least I had a home for the rest of my short life. Mom took me in, and gave me unconditional love, and I repaid her by being a "little character"!

Thanks for sharing our memories with us. It means a lot to us both. Hugs and purrs.

Angel Summer

PS - Please pass on my thanks to Smokey and Mallow too!


11/16/2015 10:21.06 AM Report This Comment
Hi A Jezebel
well I guess you and I come under the catagorie Professional Naggers. Hee hee. but it sure worked out for both of us. Momma hesitated a little leaving Angel Thomas on the page too. we had A Angel on here before and momma decided to leave her off so one of us could have her page. there are 14 of us here so we will not all get our own pages. Well we have 2 new scratching posts coming today so I cannot wait. I hope they are not tiny posts cuz I am a plus size kitty and would like a bigger post. well I better run. you have a wonderful day and say Hi to Thomas for me,he is probably napping on his favorite cloud hee hee.

Come visit me, Angel Thomas, Caspurr Kenny, Derby, Kritter Face, Wahine loves Spooky! & Opal.

11/14/2015 07:27.26 AM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Jezebel and family
thanks so much for elbowing in and giving me a vote. yes I am new to cc but I have been watching all the other kitties on cc. when momma had all the pages full and cc was going to stop she took a bunch off. I have been begging for over 2 years for one of the pages and she finally got around to giving me one hee hee. now I am having so much fun meeting all of you. I sure hope you will come back for visits again. I will put on some tuna samaches next time. paw hugs for all of you

Come visit me, Angel Thomas, Caspurr Kenny, Derby, Kritter Face, Wahine loves Spooky! & Opal.

11/12/2015 08:37.06 PM Report This Comment
Hi Jez!
Oh mom is always VERY good at getting cat food! I can't remember her ever buying that expensive Sheba stuff when I was around, but I got plenty of other goodies.

Ouch. Your mom's car needs front brake pads? Mom just had an oil change and brake inspection on hers, and they said her brakes are okay, but she needed 2 new tires! AND she needs a front end alignment. She got the tires, and will get the alignment next Wednesday. PLUS they said she MIGHT need struts!! She told dad if it needs that much work maybe we should just start looking for another car. When things start going bad, they all seem to go at once. By the time she gets done paying for all the "fix its" she could have bought another car! She just got a new battery this past summer, and that thing cost $82! The 2 stinking tires cost $300! Mom is NOT a happy camper.

And as if all that isn't enough fun for one week, dad found out his bank account has been hacked and someone is making purchases with his debit card! So he's on his way to the bank right now to try and get that mess taken care of. The Fraud Prevention department has already stopped any more transactions on his card, but there have been about $100 worth so far, and he doesn't know if he can get it back or not. Cripes. If it's not one thing it's something else.

Well, I hope your mom will be pleasantly surprised when she opens up "her" gifts on Christmas! MOL!



11/12/2015 01:34.41 PM Report This Comment
as you can see
you're getting a visit from us this morning seeing janet's on a roll and will do one more after this before catty shack which is usually dead last. her car brakes will need work as well as rotors she's hoping not all the brakes or rotors as she can't af ford to pay for all the work at once, but who knows got paws and fingers crossed things will last out till spring! she also got the ground in back of the shed cleaned up mostly timothy grass, bittersweet and wild black raspberry canes and those will all be back next spring as she didn't get to them before the seeds were spread a few months back. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & fannymae, 5 angels.

11/05/2015 01:14.47 AM Report This Comment
Hi Angels Jezebel, Smokey and Mallow!
I'm stopping by to thank you for visiting me on the 28th for the 6th anniversary of my crossing the Rainbow Bridge. There is something between all of us angels and the families we left behind. God put a special place in their hearts just for us. Mom and Dad will sometimes see me out of the corners of their eyes and swear that they actually see me. Well, I think they do, as I visit them regularly. They do miss me and talk about me all the time! I miss them, too and we're all waiting up here for that glorious day when we see them walking across that Bridge!

Thanks for the beautiful bouquet of pink carnations for Mom. She loves them!

So, here's a vote a wishes for a blessed evening and sweet dreams. Take care and I'll see ya, around! Love ya!

Lots of angel purrs and kitty kisses,
Angel Moki

Come visit me, A. Frosty-Prayers for all of our furiends!, Angel Moki-Praying for Mom Lynn & RIP Janada!, AQ Duchess-6/2/15-RIP, sweet girl, we love you!, A.Red-RIP, 7/19/11-Welcome Angel Sandy, Dayzee - Praying for all those in need of prayers. & Mischief - Thank you furiends for 3rd COTD!.

10/30/2015 06:38.52 PM Report This Comment
Hi Jezebel
Yep, after mom did some more research, it looks like that scuttlebutt about Windows 10 being the final Microsoft operating system just might be true. One of the most recent articles she saw was from May 2015. So, things might have changed. Or not. Who knows? *shrug* As long as she can still get around online, mom's okay with whatever they decide. I guess.

You don't feel any older than 2, huh? Well, that's great! I still feel like a kitten, so how about a rousing game of chase? I'll even give you a head start! *snicker*



10/30/2015 09:47.56 AM Report This Comment
Hi Jezebel!
I just noticed, you page says you are 48 years old! Well, I know that's not exactly true. We don't really keep getting older after we cross the bridge. Too bad CC doesn't have a setting for angel kitties that keeps them from continuing to get older. Not that it's important I suppose. WE know how old we are. Or aren't.

Mom saw an interesting article online last week about Windows 10. Get this: the article says Windows 10 might be the last operating system that Microsoft releases! So instead of a new OS every so often, all they will do now is release apps and updates for Windows 10. Which basically makes W10 their structural platform that they keep building on. Ouch. The article DID say Microsoft MIGHT come out with, say, Windows 12 someday, but it won't be for several years. So...

Mom says maybe she'll HAVE to get a newer computer that she can pout Windows 10 on, because if she keeps putting it off the learning curve will be REALLY steep! She still has a teensy bit of trouble with W7, but not too much. Guess it's time to start computer shopping. *grumble*



10/24/2015 11:09.47 AM Report This Comment
on winning cat of the day a few days ago. I'm so sorry I missed it! I've been having a hard time getting the site to work to let me know who I missed! I hope you had fun in the spotlight!

Here's a vote in your memory.

Come visit me, Tom & ♥ CC ♥ (In loving memory).

10/24/2015 12:05.22 AM Report This Comment
Congratulations Angel Jezebel
Your very welcome for me coming by,mom would have left a message yesterday but had to rush off.anyway glad you had fun,sending your pawrents a dozen rust colored mums.enjoy!

Come visit me, ~ Q.Sabrina Anne~, Q.Sabrina Anne{Queen= May 2011}, Q.Sabrina Anne & P.Dusty{Wedding Memories} & Tye~Dye MoonBeam~{MY BIRTHDAY IS APRIL 7TH}.

10/23/2015 04:03.11 AM Report This Comment
Hi A Jezebel
Oh you are so welcome! The Hairballz would never forget you...your family is one of our favorites here on CC...we are getting ready to go to to go and pick up Pique & Verlander for the CC double header tonight.

See ya shortly!
Winston of the HRR!

Come visit me, KELSEE~I'm Thankful for all my friends~, K-WINSTON ~~Happy Turkey day~~, KALI~~Happy Thanksgiving~~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA~~I'm most thankful for my new family~~, JESSE~Happy Thanksgiving Day~, KCK team page 2015/2016 & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

10/21/2015 04:34.37 PM Report This Comment
Hi, Angel Jezebel: So happy you had a great day! And thanks for the goodie bag. We had a fun time at your pawty. Hugs, QA Wendy, Angel Mei Li, and Kaylin

Come visit me, Princess-Countess Wan-Lea Kaylin - Thanksgiving!, Queen Angel Wan-Lea Wendy Avalon - Thanksgiving!, Queen Angel Wendy - July, 2014, at the Castle & Princess Angel Mei Li - Happy Thanksgiving!.

10/21/2015 06:21.03 AM Report This Comment
Dear Angel Jezebel
You are so very welcome! I am glad that you enjoyed your special day!

Thanks so much for the to-go bag with catnip scones with flies and spiders, and the hot apple cider. Yum!

Purrs and hugs, Spanky

Come visit me, Spanky-Jack.

10/21/2015 05:53.16 AM Report This Comment
and i enjoyed the pawty at your cloud it's always a pleasure to celebrate with a fellow angel...thanks for the catnip scones with flies and spiders and hot cider with cinnamon...
hope you had a nice day and here's another vote, peace, luv and angel purrs...Q angel bootz

Come visit me, Q. angel bootz #2601~, angel tikki....# 33474-thanks for my ACOTD, K. meeko..2602, K .meeko & Q angel bootz 17441~ & dame rosie # 212287.

10/20/2015 10:23.43 PM Report This Comment
It was our pleasure, Angel Jezabel
Aww, you're very welcome, sweetie. We're just happy that you had such a great day! We had lots of fun being a part of it! You really deserved the honor!

Many purrs, The Pawty Animals - Hedley, Neelix and Jakar

Come visit me, Sir Hedley, K. Neelix (Katie's guy) & Count Jakar (Vote Zoe for COTM).

10/20/2015 10:08.08 PM Report This Comment
HI Sweet Angel Jezebel!
So sorry I missed your ACOTD celebration! I pounced over as soon as I could to give you late congratulations and special hugs and kisses!
Lots of love,

Come visit me, Missing our sweet angels & Q. Charlotte.

10/20/2015 08:39.21 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Jezebel
You're very welcome. I was happy to help you celebrate your special day. You're welcome for the gifts and I thank you for the pawsome goodie bag! :)

Come visit me, Q.A. Sakura~Thanksgiving Blessings to All!.

10/20/2015 08:38.52 PM Report This Comment
Hey Angel Jezebel!
You are very welcome for the COTD gifts. Well Mom just learned today that the Hawk's star defensemen & Conn Smythe winner had knee surgery today & will be out for 4-6 weeks! So this will really put a damper on our season. Had a need for another defense player before, so now we are really in bad shape! So the RR will not have a tough time beating us! Leaving a vote. Peace & love. Have a purrfect evening. Kitty Kisses. Dean

Come visit me, King Dean COTM November 2015, ORANGE CRUSH hockey cheers written by YUM YUM, Angel King Anderson COTM Sept 2009, Angel Anderson 6/19/14 We miss you very much!, DEAN Daily Blogs for COTM October 2015, Legend & The Orange Crush Hockey Club.

10/20/2015 05:35.11 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Jezebel!
You are very welcome beautiful Angel. We're so glad your Mom got to see your lovely face in the place of honor yesterday. Thanks for the yummy to-go bag with catnip scones with flies and spiders (delicious!) and the hot apple cider with cinnamon. It all hit the spot!

We left a happy vote with purrs and hugs.

Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley•VOTE ZOE MONIQUE#147612, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

10/20/2015 05:02.23 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Jezebel
So glad you enjoyed your special day and let me be a part of it. Thanks so much for the flies and spiders, they are delicious. Purrs...Mimi

Come visit me, Mimi, WindSong, J.C., Maxwell & Blackstone & Grayson.

10/20/2015 04:56.30 PM Report This Comment
Congratulations to you sweet Momma Teresa for accepting this Cat of the Day Award for Jezebel!!! We hope that you are having a purr*fect day in remembering the memories that you and Jezebel made and shared together. We know that you will want to print this out along with the photo of Jezebel and frame it for your family and friends to see.

Here's a Knight Gang vote #3929 in the Name & Honor of Jezebel.

Kitty Kisses & Hugs,


♥ SASSEE KNIGHT #10605 [FS-10/2014]♥
♥ SYLVESTER KNIGHT #11567 [FS-6/2013] ♥
♥ VELVET KNIGHT #10732 [FS-7/2012] ♥
♥ PAPPOOSE KNIGHT #10366 {COTM Queen 2/2012} [FS-4/2012] ♥
♥ EBBONNY KNIGHT #10703 [FS-3/2011] ♥
♥ SWEET PEA KNIGHT #13197 [FS-2/2011] ♥
♥ BABY (Queen Mama) KNIGHT #13286 [FS-5/2010] ♥
♥ TIPPER CLAFLIN-KNIGHT #10375 [FS-7/2008] ♥
♥ CHARR KNIGHT #10719 [FS-9/2008] ♥
♥ SIX KNIGHT #10139 [FS-7/2006] ♥ & MOM-LILLIAN

Come visit me, Q. Pappoose "Forever Sleep 4-10-2006 to 4-24-2012", BABY KNIGHT July 18, 1998 to May 20, 2010, Patch Girl Knight (OG) #12767 Photo: 5/26/2015, Suezee Knight - Photo: 7/13/2013, WHYSKRS KNIGHT #10378 ♥ Photo: 10/10/2015, SASSEE "Forever Sleep 5-01-2004 to 10-02-2014", SIX Knight (Sweet Memories 5/15/01-7/03/06), Ebbonny Knight Forever Sleep 8/14/2000 to 3/9/2011, Sweet Pea ~ Forever Sleep 5-15-2001 to 2-25-2011, Tipper Claflin-Knight (7/15/1989 - 7/23/2008), BAHNEETAH KNIGHT #10641 ~ Photo: 11/26/2015, Charr ~ In Loving Memory 8/14/2000-9/19/2008, Jazpyr Knight #10428 Photo 6/12/2015, Sissee Knight (OG) #11531 Photo: 11/06/2014, K. RHOAMIN #2921 July King 2008 Photo 10/06/2015, Velvet~Sleep My Black Beauty 5-10-2002 to 7-7-2012 & Sylvester #11567 ♥ 5/15/2001 - 6/28/2013.

10/20/2015 02:49.28 PM Report This Comment
We were happy to help
you celebrate! Thanks for the goody bag, we are sharing with Mom while she's laid up. (We aren't really sure she will eat the scones!) Hugs, KC and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE ZOE MONIQUE #147612 COTM*** & Sir Pique Thanks All!~ZOE MONIQUE #147612 COTM~.

10/20/2015 12:23.40 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Jezebel
Catgrats on your ACOTD honor today. That was quite a pawty for you at the Bridge today! I hope you had lots of fun. Here is an extra cheesy lasagna and a velvet snuggle sack that fits purrfectly on your cloud.

Come visit me, Q.A. Sakura~Thanksgiving Blessings to All!.

10/19/2015 08:52.18 PM Report This Comment
Beautiful Angel Jezabel
I know your earth mother has an enormously long day today, but just wait til she sees your beautiful face in the COTD window. God bless you, sweet angel. You will be forever loved and cherished. Love from GinGin

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl.

10/19/2015 07:37.19 PM Report This Comment
Congrats Angel Jezebel
on receiving your ACOTD Badge today. Hope you are being spoiled. Here's a basket filled with your favorite things and a warm soft blanket for you to enjoy. Purrs and headbonks from Angel Q. Kuce and family.

Come visit me, Dancing Bear (In Loving Memory 1994 to 12/2011), Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo,Q. MerryBelle and UBB, Drooler and Angel Fang - Thank you everyone, Buster - RIP Q. Pappoose and Q. Gracie, Sphinx (In loving Memory of 1986-2004) Thanks COTD, Lil Jag - RIP Q. Angel Aunt Samantha thanks COTD, Smudge - Married Dame Carmen - RIP Angel Wilson & Q.Angel Kuce (1993-2012) Vote Zoe M. #147612 COTM.

10/19/2015 07:22.13 PM Report This Comment
Congratz, Angel Jezebel!
Concatulations on receiving another ACOTD badge, today! We are so happy for you and hope this shiny new badge will put a smile on your family's faces. We hope you have a great time celebrating with all your angel furiends. We are sending you some tuna stuffed crab cakes, catnip muffins, and mouse mousse for you to enjoy. And here's a dozen peacock feathers, a furry catnip-filled mousey to play with and a celebration vote, too! Take care and have a wonderful day! Love ya!

Lots of angel purrs and kisses,
Angels Q. Duchess, Frosty, Moki and Red

Come visit me, A. Frosty-Prayers for all of our furiends!, Angel Moki-Praying for Mom Lynn & RIP Janada!, AQ Duchess-6/2/15-RIP, sweet girl, we love you!, A.Red-RIP, 7/19/11-Welcome Angel Sandy, Dayzee - Praying for all those in need of prayers. & Mischief - Thank you furiends for 3rd COTD!.

10/19/2015 07:00.51 PM Report This Comment
i hope you had had a wonderful day celebrating here at the rainbow bridge and am flying by with a basket full of assorted angel treats and fuzzy catnip mice to enjoy plus a vote, peace, luv and angel purrs...Q angel bootz #2601

Come visit me, Q. angel bootz #2601~, angel tikki....# 33474-thanks for my ACOTD, K. meeko..2602, K .meeko & Q angel bootz 17441~ & dame rosie # 212287.

10/19/2015 05:56.44 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Jezebel
Congratulations on your ACOTD win today! It's so nice to see another one of our beautiful Angels in the winner's frame. Hope you've enjoyed your special honor. Hugs and Purrs, Angel Haylee & The Green Mountain Gang Angels

Come visit me, Angel Wally RIP 5/15/15, Angel Mickey, Angel Priscilla 1/12/15, BAC Central-Inactive as of 1/1/2014, Angel PK, Angel Gabby, Angel Haylee--We love you!, Angel McFluff, Missy & Holly-THANK YOU FOR MY COTD!.

10/19/2015 05:35.53 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Jezebel
Concats on winning ACOTD. You were a very much loved lady. I know your Mom stills misses you and loves you very much. Purrs...Mimi

Come visit me, Mimi, WindSong, J.C., Maxwell & Blackstone & Grayson.

10/19/2015 05:32.22 PM Report This Comment
Angel Jezebel
Congrats on COTD!
Your Pals,
Echo & Francis

Come visit me, Echo & Francis~Thanks for COTD~6-24-15~ & ~Q. Lil' Bear~.

10/19/2015 05:24.06 PM Report This Comment
We are all so happy to see that you have a new badge ! We sure hope you have had a fun day celebrating. We all decided that you probably have enough toys and treats to last a while so we got you a personal DVD player. We picked out a heap of nature things and some "of interest to cats" movies. Take care, stay safe & Take it EASY ! All these kitties are dropping off DVDs : Angels Easy, Sugar, Casha & Trucker and Cashmere, Crush, Tessa, Elsa, Mercury, The Blues Brothers, Vinnie, Cisco, Cindy, Mr.Kitty, Widget and Peachy

The other 2 pages will leave votes but no notes. Saves time with your thank yous

Come visit me, Elsa ( VI K ), Thunderclan MHL Team Page, Angel Trucker, Mercury, Cashmere, Crush, Tessa & Angel Easy Goin (K7/11) Capt. Thunderclan MHL.

10/19/2015 03:49.38 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Jezebel
Congrats on getting ACOTD today. You look very pretty in the window of honor and I know your Mom misses you very much.

Head Bonks and Purrs, Jynxx

Come visit me, Jynxx-Zoe Monique and I are engaged <3.

10/19/2015 03:40.31 PM Report This Comment
YAY! Angel Jezabel!
Concatulations, sweet A. Jezabel, and best wishes on becoming our ACOTD! The Pawty Animals are here with a big basket of catnip frosted, mouse-mousse filled angelfood cupcakes to help you celebrate that shiny new badge! Have a purrfect day, sweetie!

Many purrs, the Pawty Animals - Neelix, Hedley, and Jakar

Come visit me, Sir Hedley, K. Neelix (Katie's guy) & Count Jakar (Vote Zoe for COTM).

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Come visit me, Our Precious Angels #75646 COTD 12/3/14 WOW!, HEFTY #130639-----VFP Goalie/COTD WOW!, Honey #267035 COTD 1/25/14 THANK YOU ALL!, Handy Andy #149735 WOW COTD! THANK YOU ALL!, Our Angel Meezers #74302 ACOTD 2/22/15 Thank You!, Angel Zeus #246330 COTD 1/14/13!, Molly Jean #79742 COTD 4/22/15 OH MY! THANK YOU! & K.Barney #74382, COTD--- THANK YOU ALL!.

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hi a.jezebel!
ok, first read poem>

you cat of da day, yay!
you gets new badge monday!
if it all going your way,
we can now pawty and play!

heeeee! what you tink, just a right amount silliness! hasta ask, where pierre go, never see onna page anyway, hope he still inna family. oh, i has giant micey creams cakey for party, heeeee! it pumpkin spice, and tell mallow we not gets pumpkin stuff from poopkin, heeeee! so what we waiting for, slap my pawty cds in dere and we boogie oogie oogie till we just not boogie no QUINCY and bros--and leo too!

Come visit me, reverend loki - "THE REV!", luke - chyna said I DO!!!, CHUBBIE CUBBIES!, quincy♥ leo! & sammy ♥ kara!.

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Concatulations Beautiful Angel Jezebel!
Concatulations on your ACOTD prestigious honor! Love surely does indeed live on! We can see it the wonderful and lovely profile picture your family made for you! We're sending you some angel food cupcakes with whipped cream frosting and catnip sprinkles, a case of raw liver for you and the angels to feast on and some catnip bubbles to blow from the clouds. Have a great celebration sweetie!

We left a vote with purrs and hugs.

"What greater gift than the love of a cat?" - Charles Dickens

Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley•VOTE ZOE MONIQUE#147612, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

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Hi Angel Jezebel!
It's so wonderful to see your pretty face in our window today! I was worried I missed your crossing anniversary, sure hope not. Mom has been kinda out of it with a nasty cold. She's been sleeping a lot and not doing her best thinking.

A big ☆CONCATULATIONS on your shiny new Angel COTD badge! Q Lily and RennieBoots are bringing you some angel food cuppycakes and a bouquet of white lillies of the valley and blue forget-me-nots. We also have a balloon says ☆ ANGELS RULE!☆ on it!

Have a peaceful day! Hugs and purrs.....

Come visit me, ♥RennieBoots ♥, ♦♦Q Lily ♦♦ & ♦Lily's Memory Page♦.

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