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Domestic Shorthair from <a href='' title='Crossville, TN'>Crossville, TN</a>

Dayzee - Today is my 4th Birthday! 10/25/14

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Hi! My name is Dayzee - Today is my 4th Birthday! 10/25/14

I am Domestic Shorthair from Crossville, TN

Nicknames: Little Bit, Dayzee Mae, Sweet Pea.

Age: 3 years old

Gender: F

Coat: short haired

Education: 1st CROTD on 10/26/11
2nd CROTD on 10/26/12
1st COTD on 12/20/11
2nd COTD on 10/26/13

My favorite tricks and treats are: She likes to climb on the kitty towers, but so far, we haven't noticed any tricks. and She'll only eat treats on occasion. She likes Tuna flavored Greenies.

Where I hang out: In the greenhouse window, AKA the kitty window, on the small tower, in one of the kitty beds, or outside.

My favorite grubs: She seems to like Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold, chicken and turkey, the best. She's not much of a canned food eater, but as time goes by, she is eating more.

My pet peeves: Having to come inside and stay in around 3pm every day.
Her sibs not wanting to play with her when she wants to play.

What I love about my owners: She rescued me from the great outdoors. She plays with me, takes good care of me and loves me, too!

My cat hobbies: She likes to play with toys and tries to get her new siblings to play with her.
She likes to be outside to chase bugs and other critters in the little stand of woods next to the house. She loves belly rubs!

Pet motto: Try to be friends with everyone.

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How We Met

On June, 17th, 2011, she just appeared out of nowhere. We tried ignoring her the first couple of days, but then noticed her mammary glands were swollen. We thought she might be nursing kittens, so we started feeding her. She stayed around the yard and was never gone long enough to be feeding kittens and we never found any. We have to assume that she either had kittens and abandoned them, or a more likely scenario is that whoever had her did something with the kittens and then dropped her off here. We feel that God sent her here to help us through the grief of losing our precious boy, Red. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge a month after she arrived.
Assuming she was about 8 months old when she came, we estimated her birthday to be around the 25th of October, 2010. She was adopted the 20th of June, 2011 and arrived on CC on July, 30th, 2011.

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I've had 20547 friends visit me.

I'm the 48,473rd member on

2,320 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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HI Dayzee!
Happy Birthday to you! Lily and RennieBoots are bringing you some balloons and best wishes! Have a super evening! HUGS!

Come visit me, RennieBoots, ♦♦Q Lily ♦♦ & ♦Lily's Memory Page♦.

10/24/2014 04:38.22 PM Report This Comment
Happy (early) 4th Birthday Dayzee!
Yes, we are a day early but we won't be online tomorrow. Here's wishing you a very Happy 4th Brithday. We hope that your special day is just purrrfect! Here are some catnip balloons filled with tuna Greenies to help you celebrate.

Purrs to you,
K Casper Todd

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle ♥ & ♥Q Sissy♥.

10/24/2014 07:54.33 AM Report This Comment
Countdown to Halloween---Day 7
More from About.Com. When the Great Depression hit, an interesting thing happened. As poverty and crime and the Industrialization of America increased, the "mischief night" pranks became malicious and harmful. Adults started organizing Halloween events. Instead of having hordes of boys vandalizing the town, they were presented with structured, safer activities. In 1939, the phrase "trick or treat" appeared for the very first time. There was a slight lull during World War II, when sugar rationing limited candy production, but it has since become a multi-million dollar business. In 2005, 80% of adults said they would be giving out $40 worth of candy. Trick-or-treating for candy is primarily done in America, the British Isles, and Canada. Thanks to mass media the custom has spread to the rest of Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
Now, let's do some early partying and tomorrow we'll do more getting ready for Halloween.
Thanks for the kind words. Purr...Queen Mimi

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong Offline, J.C. Offline & Blackstone & Grayson Offline.

10/24/2014 02:36.37 AM Report This Comment
yes, as the saying goes
it rains when it pours and janet will likely have to foot any repair bills when it comes to master's car. even no $$$ in the budget which janet's older sister cindy is trying to work on between teaching high school business fulltime, referring volleyball college/high school levels and now juggling mommy and master's estate business on top of that as we've seen her down here more than not lately for something or other she has to have and now her car problems like janet's on top of that as it's got to go to the garage in west springfield again for the third time in 3 weeks to have something costly done once again. janet is paying $200 to the garage she's made up her mind and will finish paying off the car bill this month yet, hopes it comes before the end of next week, otherwise she'll mail the same exact amount to them for this month and the last payment and she'll be done. still has to get her/master's car winterized and has the $$ for one of them leftover from grocery shopping last week, otherwise she'd use it shopping but did half yesterday between aldi's and wal mart regular store, and today it's just for a few things she wants to get which are on sale. when a door closes another opens up and that's god's way of saying it's time to start something new. rick janet's friend won't come up here, but will fly her down there and with the things master's car is going to need, and insurance for her car with nat on her policy if he passes his driving test next spring( he and janet won't pay for that janet's older sister his godmother has told him she'll pay for the test and license) so no worries there, it's just that he didn't take driver's ed when janet had the $$$ to pay for it 2 years ago as she offered to forgo vacation and at the time nat said a big NO, so she made plans at that time for them for one last vacation and ended up taking it herself due to master's and mommy's health going downhill fast which has stabilized and doing much better thanks! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

10/24/2014 12:47.52 AM Report This Comment
got a rainy day
coming in here as it started coming down not long before janet woke up/got up for blogging/work this morning out of a deep sleep and janet could've of used more sleep later and not have to do the computer, but then it would be hours after she got in from work this afternoon. saves on not only time but effort as she has to check it for the stuff she doesn't get a chance to do! found out the new med. insurance master has will only cover all but $500 a month at the nursing home and sure beats the thousands we will owe originally, but still that's meaning ser-ious cutbacks and likely cable/phone will have to change as well as one not two christmas trees and if 2 only one will have lights so the ones janet has won't be used for the second year in a row as her fake tree is prelit so no worries there, then comes heating and electricty as well as the town bills for sewer/water and don't know if the $$$$ will be there to insure master's car on the road, with that and repairs coming up don't think the $$$$ is going to be there for that or repairing part of the roof which just got replaced 4-5 years ago and shouldn't be leaking, but is and with all the rain we're getting well that's just not good and no $$$$ to fix that either, but will have to be done we think unless the carptenter can tell us how to fix it temporarily like putting stuff on it to "patch" it or glue it till the end of winter which really would help as well as well there's alternatives for phone and tv out there less per month and internet as janet and nat have to have that for the stuff they do especially nat for online college classes the 2 he's now taking per semester. he said he might have to put that on hold much to his dismay and janet might have to start sharing her car with nat once he passes his driving test in the spring as well as putting him on her insurance and that's going to cost $$$$$'s for her and she's going to have to start paying the garage not $100 a month, but $150-$200 to get it done and all the faster down. she's paying cash for a grease/winterization for her car and will have to do master's as well. at last it's insured till the end of december as his insurance comes in the first of the new year and janet can't afford to pay that on top of hers too, but might have to just to keep it going for a little while longer. she also heard from her guy she stayed with from nashville he's planning on flying her down for 2 weeks and again there's not the spending money for her to bring with her as well as her missing from work that long so she'll have to tell him sorry, not right now maybe next year or the year after, things will have to be put on hold or just stop altogether which just might be the step in the right direction for now. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

10/23/2014 01:38.12 AM Report This Comment
Hey Dayzee and family! Thanks for the love, the cheers, and your votes! I'm tickled pink with all the special attention I've been receiving! Thank y'all (that's how we kitties say it in Texas) for the special cheers as I was named COTD! And also many thanks for making a special effort to vote for me for the photo contest, too! I'm sending y'all my treasured greenies snacks and some head bonks and licks to spread around ! Many purrrrs and licks, Heidi

Come visit me, Heidi & Gwendy.

10/21/2014 09:11.22 AM Report This Comment
Countdown to Halloween---Day 11
It never ceases to amaze me, what the CC cats can accomplish. Glad that old pond is gone. The swampy smell was permeating the castle. This is the most beautiful gazebo in the World! Sturdy too. Has to be as J.C. is swinging from the rafters. Everycat, please bring some extra decor for the new gazebo. Then pounce over to the buffet table where Engine has just put out fresh hamster kababs, nibblets of fried crickets plus a scrumptious seafood medley. Saw on the internet where cats are not supposed to care for seafood, since they were originally desert animals and not used to it. Don't believe everything you read on the internet! Check out the Cat Gazebo I put on the back lawn for kittens to play in.
The castle looks ready for Halloween!
Glad you liked the Witchy part! Purrs...Queen Mimi

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong Offline, J.C. Offline & Blackstone & Grayson Offline.

10/20/2014 01:23.24 AM Report This Comment
Hello Dayzee!

Hello! Thanks for your comments, your vote, your support, and most of all, your cheers for my baby sister, Gwendy because she was named Cat of the Day! I'm so proud of her! Yes, I was a bit jealous of all the attention she was getting from Mom. Mom kept smooching her and making all this baby talk to her....and Gwendy was eating it all up.
But mom made it up to me. She put my harness on, put my leash on, and took me outside to spend about three hours in our garden! Then she carried me over her shoulder while I looked over her shoulder at Gwendy on the floor as Mom just carried me around. So it worked alright. Mom knows how to make things better when one of us feels the other gets too much attention.

You're very fortunate to have a loving family who love you so much! And you are surrounded by furry angels who protect you and your siblings, too! You're very beautiful!

I was a stray, too. I found my way to my parents. They sheltered me from the bitter cold. I can't meow. I can barely squeak. I love my family!

Mom entered me in a photo contest in Modern Cat magazine. If you can, you can vote for me as often as you'd like! Just look for my name or see if this link will work: k_you=/photocontest

Sending you lots and lots of purrrrs and licks all the way from Texas! - Heidi

Come visit me, Heidi & Gwendy.

10/18/2014 08:38.32 PM Report This Comment
good morning!
got a rainy showery one going out there with a slight tropical feel to it still, but nothing like it's been the past 2 days and nights for sure! we stayed into the lower 70s all last night and it's still there this morning when janet got up to blog an hour and a half ago. she's tired still, but that's usual on a work morning and likely will be all this week as her bedtime moved up to 8pm now seeing she's up at 3 and might go earlier depending how tired she is at the time. walks are now mostly around 4-5:30 seeing the sun is down before 6 and it's dark by 6:30 now. sometimes walks are still after supper like a few evenings and it's usually to dark for any good pictures to be taken. at least janet got all the lima beans taken care of yesterday and found a few more pole string to be cooked with them likely for supper tonight or tomorrow night. janet didn't have time to cook anything last night as she was still shelling them when the hungry man dinners were in the oven and mommy had her fried chicken as well. janet likely will have that for supper tonight unless she gets something else. looks like 70s will rule the roost till saturday when a stronger cold front goes through (dry one) dropping temps into the lower 50s where they'll stay with the mid 50s for most of next week till thursday when another warm front of sorts moves on through and temps jump to the lower 60s which should feel good. it's shopping and errand day today likely all in one swoop meaning a late lunch,nothing new there. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

10/16/2014 01:37.49 AM Report This Comment
Countdown to Halloween---Day 15
The Good Witch Hagatha: The first thing to make clear is that we do not worship, nor believe in a devil. We do believe in psychic power, that all things have psychic power. Animals, plants, inanimate and disembodied things like rocks and elements. Earth, air, wind & fire. To us, everything is alive. The power of a Witch is dependent on the individuals ability to direct this power.
Witchcraft started long ago, with the earliest of man. Early man was enthralled by the magical working of the everyday things in his life. The rising and setting of the sun and moon. Movements of planets and stars, changes of weather. These things happened, but why? In order to explain the unexplainable, he imparted the qualities of life to the natural forces around him. By bestowing life to natural phenomena, he opened a sort of psychic door to the world. Sensing this door, man gave the powers behind this phenomena names and the forces of nature became Gods and Goddesses. To be Continued......

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong Offline, J.C. Offline & Blackstone & Grayson Offline.

10/16/2014 01:07.42 AM Report This Comment
sleepover tonight/games tomorrow
got everything planned down to a tee seeing it's warmed into the lower 60s where it'll be staying again tonight like it is right now we're going to be outside for the night in tents or under the clouds no stars seeing we'll be just fine. no rain or boom-ers till thursday then it'll start cooling back to the upper 60s for a few days and next week we'll be only lower to mid 50s and lower to mid 30s at night maybe some 20s so there goes for sure anything left outside growing. janet's going to go through between now and this weekend the rest of her lima beans and get them pulled up a nasty dirty job, but has to be done and will only leave weeding which too has to be done before the weeds litterly take over and will make for a bad time come spring when things need to be planted! she's planning on a long walk middle west st. block, but not as early as she'll miss out on some of the colors which have really popped here and are putting on quite the show so she's going to walk one planned route shays st. down to west and along that till she gets to potwine lane and up along that to back to southeast and home again around 2 hours she thinks. if she leaves here around 6:30 she should get some colors by that time seeing the sun doesn't come up till going on or around 7 now. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

10/14/2014 01:47.09 AM Report This Comment
Don't feel bad, Dayzee. Getting around on Cat
Channel has been a challenge lately, though it is much better now. We didn't really think it would ever come back to us, to be honest!

I'm glad you enjoy my videos. I'm pretty used to Mom with that camera thing now and even ham it up for her! Mom says that some people insist that they watch me grow, so she will keep making the videos. The other cats will probably be just fine as I grow. Leo was born here (like me!) and grew up in this house. Feather and Jack were smaller than me when Mom found them, and grew up here too. They are all playful and no one seems to mind one bit. Anya was older when Mom got her and so was Spirit, but Anya has grown some and she loves to wrestle too. So all in all, things should be fine.

Mom needs to go figure out what went "crash" downstairs. Older kitties were fighting. Oops! Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE CARMAN #188523 COTM*** & PiqueABoo THANKS FOR COTD!!!.

10/13/2014 02:34.04 PM Report This Comment
Thank you for the congrats on my calendar debut! Thank goodness they didn't put the staple somewhere painful :) Get this can't purchase it,you have to buy two subscriptions to the magazine to get a free one. Rip-off. They would make more money if they sold them! *sigh*


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline on weekends.

10/13/2014 01:16.42 AM Report This Comment
Countdown to Halloween---Day 29
OK, cats & kittens. Look at these beautiful pumpkins. I'd like for each of you to grab a pumpkin and make a Jack-O-Lantern. While you are carving and clawing, I'll tell the tale of the Jack-O-Lantern. In days of yore, it was believed that the spirits of the dearly departed came on Halloween to make merry and feast. To symbolize this attendance, people would carry lighted candles. So that the flame would not be blown out as they traveled, the candles would be carried in hollowed out turnips or pumpkins. From these came the Jack-O-Lantern. The custom of carving faces on the pumpkin was a form of Thanksgiving.. The pumpkin was a symbol of the harvest and making pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns is reminiscent of the Sun and warmth which brings them from the Earth.
Your Jack-O-Lanterns are wonderful! Let's get a photo!
We'll be ready for Halloween!
Can you eat a cuckoo bird?

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong Offline, J.C. Offline & Blackstone & Grayson Offline.

10/12/2014 01:48.10 AM Report This Comment
sleepover tonight/games tomorrow
good morning! kind of cold out there, janet walked after get-ting up later seeing it's her last day of vacation this month and got pepper out just before the showers/rain moved on in as we too have had quite a bit since 2 weeks ago when it moved back in and seems now we're stuck in a rut like we were at the spring and early summer months! she's made some banana bread, and is now roasting salt&vinegar chickpeas for snacks then will be doing herb roasted new potatoes and catalina cranberry chicken for supper tonight. by the way we're either in the garage playing board games when you get here unless it's this afternoon as by then it's supposed to clear off and the sun come out as well as temps rise into lower to mid 60s but cold tonight lower to mid 30s once again. we've gotten down to 35 twice last sunday and again yesterday morning. janet's got the same schedule next week she's used to thurs-tues and wed off so that's the way it'll be through the holidays till she says she wants fridays off again which might come about some this winter she says for a few weeks, then back to the usual as well as springtime later on towards summer. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

10/11/2014 08:02.36 AM Report This Comment
Hi Dayzee
How are you? I’m not feeling so well today. I did not eat my Pawty Mix treats first thing this morning, and I had sad eyes, so Mommy knew that I wasn’t really “me”. It broke Mommy’s heart when I did not feel like playing with her this morning. We usually play chase. I always win!

I barfed a big, nasty hairball on the Oriental rug in the dining room, so hopefully I will feel better now. We had bad thunderstorms last night, so we didn’t get much sleep. Mommy is working from home today because she wants to keep an eye on her precious baby boy (that would be me!).

Have a comfy cozy weekend.
K Casper Todd

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle ♥ & ♥Q Sissy♥.

10/03/2014 02:18.47 PM Report This Comment
Countdown to Halloween---Day 28
Found what happened to our Castle. DRAGONS! Yep, they broke in and trashed the place looking for the Royal Kibble Stash. Had a dragon follow me home one time and take up residence at the house. It ate everything in sight plus laid an egg which produced a hatchling! Mom was beyond infuriated! Called Animal Control raving like a mad woman. Can't tell you here what they told her to do with her dragon, it's offspring and the boat that brought them! Must get ready for Halloween. Photo.

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong Offline, J.C. Offline & Blackstone & Grayson Offline.

10/03/2014 04:11.01 AM Report This Comment
happy first day of october!
guess what?????? it's acutally.....RAINING!!!!!! we've needed and haven't gotten it in ages. janet's been and come back from her 7:30 dentist appt. has to floss better on her upper left side, otherwise she's got everything down to a tee and did a good job of it too! likely when she goes back in april she'll have to stay to get a filling, but that's nothing new she'll do her best to check on flossing and doing more to keep it just where it is right now at bay. we had to move the sleepover inside as it started out in the backyard and by midnight we were into the garage and overflow down cellar. it was a good thing we did clean some of it out as it was sure messy and part still is with things which should've been moved but haven't yet. oh well, at least we have more than enough food and games as many brought them and since the rain isn't heavy, but very light many are outside being lead by steve, oh there he goes again dropping from the pine trees and landing where he's not supposed to this time inside janet's fenced in garden! "common steve, get out before janet sees and scolds you! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

10/01/2014 07:03.23 AM Report This Comment
Good news, Dayzee! Mom posted a new video
of me this morning. She actually shot it last night but her phone has been giving her fits so she didn't upload it until today. It's silly, but people seem to think it's cute too.

So far no luck with either Mom. Mom Verlander is still very aggressive with other cats and Mom Kat is still very sick. She's hoping and praying that gets better soon. It helps to have so many on her side. Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE CARMAN #188523 COTM*** & PiqueABoo THANKS FOR COTD!!!.

09/30/2014 12:30.48 PM Report This Comment
Coronation Eve.....
The Cat Channel satellite reports cats coming from all directions, in every conveyance imaginable. Exit's Rocket Fleet has brought cats from all corners of the globe. A ship lands and a clowder of DaGlo cats pounce out. Qualifying that statement! All corners of the globe and beyond! The satellite spots the soon to be royal family several states away streaking toward the coronation site. WindSong is in the coach giving Mimi a good brushing. Josie is riding shotgun. Blackstone & Grayson are on the roof ready to throw out packs of Temptations to the crowd and J.C. is in the driver's seat cracking whip over a racing team of 40 New York sewer rats. Skitter, skitter, skitter! Hear those ratfeet skitter.....YE HAAAH! CRACK!
On to the coronation........
Lil'Bear and I are only having a brief ceremony. No live blogging. Boo Kitty told me the Events page was for long parties and such. Purrs...Mimi

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong Offline, J.C. Offline & Blackstone & Grayson Offline.

09/30/2014 01:40.39 AM Report This Comment
Hi Dayzee
We are having a simple ceremony. It will be on the CMR page #4683. No live blogging. Just click in and read it anytime after about 4EDT. I think that is about 3 your time. Purrs... Mimi

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong Offline, J.C. Offline & Blackstone & Grayson Offline.

09/29/2014 04:24.12 PM Report This Comment
Hello Dayzee
How was your weekend? We enjoyed a nice one. It rained all day yesterday, so that was purrfect napping weather. We really needed the long, slow soaking rain because we had been under High Alert for fires especially in the Homochitto National Forest which is here.

We are still having 90 degrees here in south Mississippi. What happened to Fall?! We are sooo ready for cooler weather.

Q MerryBelle

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle ♥ & ♥Q Sissy♥.

09/29/2014 12:45.29 PM Report This Comment
Hey Dayzee and family! I'm so glad you liked
the new video of Anya and I destroying the thingamabobby. It took Mom about 15 minutes to put everything back where it belongs. We will probably destroy it again today, so I don't know why Mom bothered, but oh well. She does what she does and we do what we do!

Mom hasn't had a chance to get a video today yet. Her brother came over today for a few minutes and held me and I hissed at him. MOL!! I am usually friendly but lately I've not liked being handled by strangers. I guess that goes with the territory.

Everyone here is really hoping my fur Mom will settle down and integrate because Mom can't imagine having to find her a new home. Mom has loved and taken care of my fur Mom since she was a kitten, and to have to give her up now would break Mom's heart. We appreciate all the prayers for V and for my human Mom too. They both have hurdles to overcome. Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE CARMAN #188523 COTM*** & PiqueABoo THANKS FOR COTD!!!.

09/29/2014 12:23.49 PM Report This Comment
I'm glad you didn't think my playing was
boring. I was having lots of fun! That's one of my favorite toys! Mommy's hair is another favorite! MOL!! In fact, right now I'm on Mom's head chewing her hair and generally being a strange kitten. Mom doesn't mind, unless I get overzealous and bite her.

Did you see my video that Mom uploaded today? I am full of it! I hope Mom gets better soon so she can keep making videos of me. Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE CARMAN #188523 COTM*** & PiqueABoo THANKS FOR COTD!!!.

09/27/2014 03:58.20 PM Report This Comment
On the Catpaign Trail...Day 27
One more weirdness in my cat family is Blackstone and Grayson's love of snow. When it snowed last year they frolicked and had a ball. One thing you will not find on the internet or Mom's files or anywhere is a photo titled, "Mimi in the Snow", nopers, nada, zilch. Not in these nine lifetimes. To be Continued.....3 photos
On the coronation, no live blogging, so you can pounce over to CMR and read all about it whenever it is convenient. Purrs...Mimi

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong Offline, J.C. Offline & Blackstone & Grayson Offline.

09/27/2014 01:23.51 AM Report This Comment
Hi Dayzee & Family! Mom took a video
this morning that she's uploading to FB, but it is kind of boring. It's just me playing with the Cat Dancer that is hanging on the wall. Mom still isn't doing too well. Dad wants her to just STAY DOWN and not try to do anything for a day or two. That isn't Mom's style, she always wants to be doing something.

The doctor Mom saw doesn't have a regular practice, so he can't be her regular doctor. And he isn't from around here, either. Mom and Dad are on their own for finding a new doctor. With all the crap her other one has put her through there is no way she will go back there. Anyway, with no primary care physician, there isn't much way Mom can get any medicines. It kind of bites. Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE CARMAN #188523 COTM*** & PiqueABoo THANKS FOR COTD!!!.

09/26/2014 01:57.38 PM Report This Comment
Hello Dayzee
Quickly pawing by to wish you a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend. Chat with you on Monday.

Q Sissy

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle ♥ & ♥Q Sissy♥.

09/26/2014 12:09.55 PM Report This Comment
Dayzee and family
Have a TERRIFIC Thursday!
Your Pal,
Queen Lil' Bear

Come visit me, Echo & Francis~ & ~Q. Lil' Bear~.

09/25/2014 09:40.12 AM Report This Comment
On the Catpaign Trail...Day 25
After the cardboard boxes were all consumed and Mom was not furnishing any more, it looked like poor WindSong was limited to eating cat food. The Cathouse, Exit, Engine, etal graciously furnished, and got her into banana love. She really flips for a banana. Blackstone has found happiness with a stuffed parrot that squeaks when he bites it. Plus his greatest pleasure is......YIKES!
To be continued.....

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong Offline, J.C. Offline & Blackstone & Grayson Offline.

09/25/2014 02:02.32 AM Report This Comment
Actually, Mom's protests didn't get her very
far at her own doctor's office but the doctor she saw today was livid about what they did to her. He also signed her paperwork. Hopefully that will take care of that! She still needs to find a new doctor because she's not intending on ever going back to the one who made her so ill.

No video today and probably won't be. Mom is still very sick and exhausted too. We probably won't make it through Cat Channel. Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE CARMAN #188523 COTM*** & PiqueABoo THANKS FOR COTD!!!.

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sports day today!
it's a gorgeous day out there and janet would rather be outside doing yard work which needs it bad, but instead is glued to get-ting cc done as she's not even halfway down my page yet, but is steadily working on it. she's very miffed at not being able to get out and take that long walk next early wednesday morning due to a 7:30 dentist cleaning/check and the following week has a physical with the works as it always comes up suddenly and takes her by surprise. likely will have to go back and will have other appointments after the physical due that she's got pains in both upper arms during the early morning hours which wakes her up for hours and by the time she gets back to sleep it's time to get up and start blogging on work mornings which now is 6 days a week with only wednesdays off.
she was out walking 6 this morning six miles around the bel-chertown loop as she's calling it and woke up late herself and had to rush through everything making sure she had all the nightlights off and things opened up except the backdoor and left the keys in her car underneath something which she got when she got back home. her camera is not worth some of the pictures it does take, but she did get some good ones and will start posting those soon as she thinks one more walk will do it seeing it's been a few weeks now. master's car is okay till late winter when new front brakes will have to be put on and you know who's going to end up paying for it? janet due that mommy lives on a strict monthly budget and doesn't have the $$$$ to pay out for master's car as the struts which she thought were shot are fine, even though it doesn't feel like it's riding right! her car will be winter-ized and she'll have to pay likely for master's when that gets done and no longer is going to mention it on fb as her sisters both blasted her big time yesterday, one on fb and the other via a phone call! the nerve of them to say bad things about her! now you know why she doesn't like or get along with either of them and never really has! also why she wants out of the house and area, but can't as she's the only licensed driver right now, but is hoping come spring that once nat gets his license she can find a insurance agency who won't charge all outdoors for nat to be added onto her policy. sandy,ab,haley,angels

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Yeah, Dayzee, that was three days ago
but there is a new one on FB today. Mom has been really sick and I just haven't been able to get here for a few days. I hope you've enjoyed your weekend and that everyone is doing well there. Hugs, KC and the Zoo Crew

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double oops....
sleepover is tonight and the sports games are tomorrow. sandy

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forgot to mention that lower 70s through thursday, then upper 70s both fri/mon and 80s this weekend, how lucky can we get? she'll be shelling lima beans this afternoon once she's back home from the garage. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

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happy first day of fall!
with fall here now sure felt like it yesterday as we didn't get out of the lower 60s where it was when janet got up and left for work at 6:10 as she had to get gas so left a bit earlier. she also was able to get her sheets/pillow cases washed and hung out too seeing mommy was doing wash, she decided to stay home which let janet and nat get things done fast and home again. also she got everything in the garden picked as they were saying frost again so covered things up as she went along after she picked things. now she's over the moon at being able to walk 7 miles down east into belchertown and back again tomorrow morning early on but just before 6 as it's now getting lighter later and the sun's not up till after 6 closer to 6:30 here now. she's driving master's car to work and then the garage to save on gas and hopes that they will deicde to put in the new front struts as it really needs it and they have to keep this car going another year or two at the most. janet's also deciding to get another car too seeing her credit has improved and will apply for her first credit card, but not use it unless necessary as she learned the hard way before this, paying cash is the way to go now! sandy,ab,haley,angels

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Hi Dayzee & Family!
I have a new video from this morning. Mom's hands were shaking a bit (thanks to her doctor) but she got it. And she just uploaded one of Sasha the faker. She says she hates dogs. Yeah, right! Anyway, Mom is toughing through this and hopes to come out the other side soon. Thanks for thinking of her! Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

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HEy Dayzee.
Thanks for another vote.
How are you today.
Love your furiend boots.

Come visit me, Boots.

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Hi Dayzee
J.C. was the only one in his litter. Only 2 in litter number two. # in litter number three. he third kitten, a tabby was adopted by the next door neighbor, and is a well healthy, indoor cat named Shiloh. More on this in the next couple of days. Purrs...Mimi

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Hi Dayzee
Today it isn't quite as warm as yesterday is only 62* and very cloudy and yesterday was 68* and all sunny, but we have no rain coming until late Caturday evening.

Mom has the back door open and we can come and go outside as we please..Win is laying in the sun on the back porch, and Sheba is sitting out in the sun on the steps...I am inside with mom and Kelsee and Jesse are sleeping on moms bed.

I have more interesting things to keep my eye on today...the lady with the dog is moving out and I am watching them load her crap on the back of the moving truck..very interesting to watch...she sure had a lot of junk to says Good Riddence to her..she is a trouble maker.

Mom gave me a brushing and nail clip today and then grabbed the others and they all got nail clipped...Sheba was not happy and kept pulling her feet away and growling, so mom let her go...the rest of us were good, especially Jesse who just sat still....none of us really like it when mom squeezes our feet to extract our nails.

I am ow a purrty girl with nice soft, smooth fur and tangle free once again. My fur gets really matted every week or so and I need a good can't use the brush on me cause my fur is so thick, so she has a kitty comb.

I hope you have a pawsome afternoon.
Kali =^..^=

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Hi Dayzee & Family!
Mom is having trouble trying to keep up with me these days and it's getting harder and harder. She isn't the best videographer in the world to begin with and when I won't hold still long enough for her to catch her breath, it gets interesting. MOL!!

Mom Verlander is home and OK. Mom Kat will be fine. She isn't going to let "them" win, no matter what. Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

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