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Domestic Shorthair from <a href='' title='Crossville, TN'>Crossville, TN</a>

Dayzee - Praying for all those in need of prayers.

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Hi! My name is Dayzee - Praying for all those in need of prayers.

I am Domestic Shorthair from Crossville, TN

Nicknames: Little Bit, Dayzee Mae, Sweet Pea.

Age: 4 years old

Gender: F

Coat: short haired

Education: 1st CROTD on 10/26/11
2nd CROTD on 10/26/12
1st COTD on 12/20/11
2nd COTD on 10/26/13
3rd COTD on 10/26/14

My favorite tricks and treats are: She likes to climb on the kitty towers, but so far, we haven't noticed any tricks. and She'll only eat treats on occasion. She likes Tuna flavored Greenies.

Where I hang out: In the greenhouse window, AKA the kitty window, on the small tower, in one of the kitty beds, or outside.

My favorite grubs: She seems to like Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold, chicken and turkey, the best. She's not much of a canned food eater, but as time goes by, she is eating more.

My pet peeves: Having to come inside and stay in around 3pm every day.
Her sibs not wanting to play with her when she wants to play.

What I love about my owners: She rescued me from the great outdoors. She plays with me, takes good care of me and loves me, too!

My cat hobbies: She likes to play with toys and tries to get her new siblings to play with her.
She likes to be outside to chase bugs and other critters in the little stand of woods next to the house. She loves belly rubs!

Pet motto: Try to be friends with everyone.

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How We Met

On June, 17th, 2011, she just appeared out of nowhere. We tried ignoring her the first couple of days, but then noticed her mammary glands were swollen. We thought she might be nursing kittens, so we started feeding her. She stayed around the yard and was never gone long enough to be feeding kittens and we never found any. We have to assume that she either had kittens and abandoned them, or a more likely scenario is that whoever had her did something with the kittens and then dropped her off here. We feel that God sent her here to help us through the grief of losing our precious boy, Red. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge a month after she arrived.
Assuming she was about 8 months old when she came, we estimated her birthday to be around the 25th of October, 2010. She was adopted the 20th of June, 2011 and arrived on CC on July, 30th, 2011.

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I've had 22874 friends visit me.

I'm the 48,473rd member on

2,583 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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we do understand
that and if you happen to see double blogs on sunday one is for that day and the later one for monday due to the fact 2-4" snow sun night into mon for rush hour thus means janet will be shovel ing the driveway so she can get out and go to work on time see-ing she's already missed 5-6 days this year alone due to snow! more coming tues night into wed a sinker snow to ice to rain and 40s on monday. sure hoping that it does change over as the last one of those we got colder air which always tends to get trapped in the valleys like ours never got above 28 that day till late that night and just when janet got up it was 43 out there which didn't last long at all dropped like a bomb when the colder air came rushing in. this time not supposed to get cold afterwards 30s all next week 40s wed and only 20s is friday then 30s next weekend. seems we can't get a weekend or start of a new work week without the crap and well next week won't be any dif-ferent 6th or 7th week in a row for this stuff! enough is en-ough for sure, right? sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

02/27/2015 01:52.05 AM Report This Comment
Hi Dayzee,
Are you having a good week? I hope it's been a good one! We've been having good weather so far but we may get more snow showers again tomorrow, although we weren't supposed to get anymore snow this week. Have a good day!! Pawing you a vote.

Hope to see you at the "Board Games Event" tonight at 7 PM/EST, hosted by A. Malachi.

Your friend,
King Buddy

Come visit me, BUDDY.

02/25/2015 03:12.48 PM Report This Comment
My straying Mom
Mom loves all animals and grew up having six dogs. One day she says she'll surprise us all and come home with a doggie. Well, I dont think so Mom! If you do, we will report you to feline welfare. In this house felines rule!

In October, Mom met a lovely couple at the Tower of London, and with them were their two sweet and gentle Newfoundland babies, Bertie and Happy. Mom was so amazed at how big Bertie was and is often mistaken for a bear says their Dad. Mom says Bertie is one of the biggest doggie she has ever seen. Happy, the younger female is a bit smaller but was just as gentle and sweet as Bertie. Well guess what, with a blink of an eye, Happy suddenly licked and kissed Mom. And Happy did it repeatedly. Yes, Mom got kissed by a dog and she loved it! What a sweet and gentle doggie! Mom was in heaven and it was such a happy day!

To this day, Mom gets to see both Bertie and Happy as they are now friends with Mom as she got to join their Facebook group.

Mom strays from time to time with other kitties and sometimes with yappy dogs. I know cause sometimes there is a new scent on her. But all is forgiven as long as she comes home to us, to love and to serve!

Home is where my Cats are!


p.s. Mom posted photos of Bertie and Happy in my gallery.

Come visit me, Hami.

02/25/2015 06:34.08 AM Report This Comment
Hi Dayzee,
How are you today? We're having another cold day here! Hope your day has been a good one! Enjoy your evening!! Leaving you a vote.

Your friend,
King Buddy

Come visit me, BUDDY.

02/24/2015 08:05.07 PM Report This Comment
Another purrfect day for snuggling!
Actually it's going to be snuggle weather all week! Today we're having very gusty winds that are driving our already cold temperatures into the negative teens. Mom was going to go out for a while today but has changed her mind & hope that tomorrow is a little nicer.

JJ is meowing his head off to go out but mom keeps telling him no...MOL! Joseph & Callie are content to stay where they are & mom wishes the temps were higher so she could pacify JJ, but doesn't want his wounds to reopen or have him get sick from getting too cold. Bartholomew has been here almost every day & mom also wishes she could bring him in but he & JJ DON'T get along! She's been able to pick him up & found out he's neutered & has no front claws...which means he didn't come from the closest neighbor's house because they don't fix or vet their cats. She downloaded an app to her phone so she could scan him for a microchip but he doesn't have one. Have also been checking lost pet ads around the area every day but so far hasn't seen anything even close to his description. You'd think that someone would be missing such a sweet boy since they cared enough to have him fixed & declawed. He's too people friendly to have been a 'stray' for too long so mom will just keep feeding & loving on him when he shows up....& told dad she might bring him into the family room once the others can go back out. The look on dad's face was priceless when she said that...MOL MOL!

Teehee...Miss Piggy (now nicknamed Pignado...MOL) just got in BIG trouble! She just dumped a bunch of stuff off the cabinet in the bedroom. Some of it fell into the nearby litterbox too so mom had to dig them all out. She didn't help her situation at all when she kept chirping at mom while she cleaned things up either! WOW...for once it's someone besides me getting into things we're not supposed to...MOL! Mom was mumbling that she's glad she's got one calm cat (Patches) that isn't a maniac like the rest of us...although she does have her rare moments of orneriness too...MOL! that I think about it we do keep mom pretty busy making sure we're behaving, breaking up swatting matches & picking things up that we drag out. We love you mommy...& don't worry because I'll make sure to whack Piggy (or anyone else that needs it) for you later...MOL!

Well gotta run because now Sneakers is getting into things. Hoping your day is calmer & warmer than ours...MOL!

Spicy calico kisses,
Q Trixie & NICE Crew

Come visit me, Q Trixie-Vote HAMI #2538 COTM, Piggy & Sneakers, Monkey, Fluffinella ♥Joey furever, ♥Angel 'Captain' Sherman♥, ♥Angel Cloudy♥, ♥Angel K Zaboo♥ & Patches.

02/24/2015 09:32.01 AM Report This Comment
We know several people in Tennessee
who had troubles because of that storm, Dayzee! We're just glad you all are safe and didn't freeze your little tails off.

Tell your Mom to ask about seeing a Pain Management specialist. Our Mom did that a few years ago when she had money to pay her copays after insurance. She had two procedures to help her pain, one for her lower back called RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation) that kept her relatively pain free for close to a year! The other in her upper back/neck area wasn't as effective and Mom wouldn't go through that again. But that wasn't RFA, it was just steroids injections of some kind. Anyway, your Mom should ask about that. Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM** & Sir PiqueABoo**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM**.

02/23/2015 12:20.27 PM Report This Comment
good morning!
believe it or not the siberian front never came through last night so we're just below freezing here this morning! now that in itself like the 40s yesterday is amazing! going to be colder once that flies through sometime this morning more than likely. might even come through before janet goes to work! nat got everything done except some shoveling nextdoor but got the trenches/roof/gutters/snow blowing done and janet did a bit more shoveling than she was going to do, but did around her car, the breezeway/ramp to the backdoor, and front of the garage all be-fore nat and mommy woke/got up as well as getting blogging done before she went back outside includ-ing email/fb! :) we were lucky only got 5" of snow and the last part it was sticky, but powedery when janet first went out and slushy/sticky later on. janet did the path more than 75% around the house including 6 pit stops for pepper and nat left part for her on the south side of the house. now have over 6 feet of snow on the ground and more coming monday next week, but as of right it's looking like a sinker! sandy,ab, haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

02/23/2015 12:02.33 AM Report This Comment
Hi Dayzee! You made Mom laugh
with that story about the salt trucks. Mom said that those drivers must have been real brain donors!

We understand that you used to be an outside cat and that your home is in a "safe" place. It's just that our Mom has lost so many cats to cars or nasty people that she won't let any of her babies roam outside anymore. Not even Verlander, who has always been an outside cat right up until Mom took her in 3 days before I was born.

Mom remembers now about your Mom's medicines. It's going to be difficult to find something that will help her arthritis. Regular pain relievers don't treat the inflammation, and *usually* those kind of pain relievers won't work on arthritis. You have to treat the inflammation to treat the pain. At least that has always been the case with Mom. We hope something works for your Mom and her arthritis pain.

I hope you all are having a good weekend! Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM** & Sir PiqueABoo**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM**.

02/21/2015 05:14.43 PM Report This Comment
good morning!
starlit here this morning and not above like we were yesterday morning but just 4 above and this morning around -6 here right now and headed towards a high of 30 and tomorrow 43 (first time since before christmas) and 36 on wednesday, so you can see we have started the roller coaster season which means a lot of the snow will be heavy and wet as well as sinkers from now on, mixed with the light fluff stuff. going to get 1-3" today and 3-5" to-morrow and all will be out of the way and clear off as well so it's a fast mover, then back to the deep freeze more siberain air and cold mon/tues before going to the mid 30s with snow showers/flurries not wednesday, and it could change again. just to let ya know we'll be offline tomorrow for snow clean up as most will have to be done all tomorrow due to the flash freeze tomorrow night. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

02/21/2015 12:19.52 AM Report This Comment
We know that you aren't used to this really
cold weather, Dayzee! We aren't used to it being quite this cold either. (Well, since this is my first winter, I don't know any better. I just know what I'm told!) My fur Mom Verlander says that she is very happy that she isn't outside in this and it looks like she will be perfectly happy staying indoors from now on. That's good because Mom won't let her cats roam freely anymore.

I guess that closing schools for 2 inches of snow makes sense in a way, all things considered. It would never happen in Michigan, though! We are very surprised that they cancelled school the past two days because of the cold. That is unheard of!

Tell your Mom to look up Tramadol first. It isn't a traditional narcotic but it is an opioid type medication. Our Mom has taken it, and it may still interfere with your Mom's other medications. Mom forgets, was it drug interactions or the risk of stomach ulcers that made it necessary for your Mom to quit taking her other medicine? Anyway, it never did anything to help with Mom's arthritis, as it isn't an anti-inflammatory.

Gotta run. Mom has to start dinner. Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM** & Sir PiqueABoo**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM**.

02/20/2015 12:47.26 PM Report This Comment
❦ Happy Love your Pet Day ❦
Our pawents show their love for us everyday but it's nice to have an 'official' day to honor the special bonds we have with them. Luckily the day doesn't mean I have to be sweet to my fursisters though...MOL! We've been playing 'queen of the cat trees' today so there's been a lot of swatting & craziness going on. In other words it's been a typical kitty day for us...MOL!

We're having another very windy & cold day but they're saying we may make it above freezing tomorrow! That's the only day that looks halfway decent though so it looks like our outside crew will remain indoors until at least the first or second week of March. Furless grandson will be here again tomorrow too so add one more 'invader' to the list...MOL! At least he doesn't stay for weeks like our outside furcousins though.

Mom will be picking her Jeep up after dad gets off work today. She was hoping it would be done yesterday but they found a couple of other problems when they were working on the brakes & doing the tune-up & oil change so she told them to fix everything instead of taking it back again at a later date. It will cost quite a bit more with the extra work involved but well worth it to have things right!
Well got to get pouncing (literally) because Miss Piggy thinks she can keep the top shelf of the cat tree in the living room. Time to show her that this little calico rules...MOL! Have a pawtastic weekend & I'll meow at you again next week.

Q Trixie & NICE Crew

Come visit me, Q Trixie-Vote HAMI #2538 COTM, Piggy & Sneakers, Monkey, Fluffinella ♥Joey furever, ♥Angel 'Captain' Sherman♥, ♥Angel Cloudy♥, ♥Angel K Zaboo♥ & Patches.

02/20/2015 10:12.12 AM Report This Comment
Nose kisses
Do you give noses kisses as much as i do? Rub your cute pink nose to your Mom's nosey?

There is not a week when I don't give nose kisses. And here's a proof. Mom changed my profile pic with us nose kissing.

I often give Mom a kiss after our grooming session. She kisses my forehead and I kiss her back on the nose. Mom is overjoyed and proud when I kiss her as it is a precious expression of my love. Moreso when it is captured in a photo. I have several shots in different occasions nose kissing Mom but Mom says this is our best and memorable shot as this was taken on my 9th birthday, November 3, 2014.

Have you kissed your beloved fur babies today?


p.s. I rub my nose firmly and Mom could feel my wet nosey. Teehee!

Come visit me, Hami.

02/20/2015 05:24.17 AM Report This Comment
It always amazes Mom when places down
south close school for 2" of snow. Around here it takes 4 times that much to make them consider closing schools! How could school buses have trouble going through 2 inches of snow, anyway?

Actually, we don't have any fresh snow around here today but schools are closed because of the cold. That's a new one for Mom. In her whole life she's never seen Midland schools closed because of the cold! We were down in the minus 10s with wind chills close to minus 35 or 40. That is way too cold for kids to be walking to school! It is supposed to get colder tonight than it was last night/today. We hope that prediction is wrong! Mom worries about the kitties who are left outside in this cold. My fur Mom used to be one of those kitties, but now we are both safely indoors and don't have to worry about staying warm and alive.

We hope you and your family are all staying indoors and staying warm too, Dayzee! We are keeping your Mom and Duchess in our prayers. Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM** & Sir PiqueABoo**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM**.

02/19/2015 01:25.53 PM Report This Comment
Kitty heaven
Mom's travels has brought her to different cities in Europe, the US, Middle East and Asia. But one of her most memorable trip was in Japan. In April last year, in full bloom of the cherry blossoms, Mom & Dad travelled to Osaka and Mom made sure to include a visit to the very first cat cafe, Neko No Jikan. Mom asked for directions from the hotel concierge and when they got off the train she asked directions from a young lady who kindly led us to the cafe, about fifteen minutes walk from the train station. Mom was amazed as she heard stories of how kind and hospitable Japanese are to tourists and she experienced it first hand with the young lady walking with Mom & Dad to show the way to the cafe.

Mom & Dad were given handling instructions: wash their hands, keep their voices down, no flash photography. Clearly, the cafe put the interest of the cats first and foremost which made Mom happy as the kitties welfare should be top priority.

Mom and Dad sat with the kitties for an hour. Some were showing off climbing and running, some were sleeping and some would just sit on their lap purring. There were pure breeds and rescued kitties all together. One kitty even took a sip at Mom's drink. Teehee! All the kitties were calm, relaxed, happy and good natured which shows how well they were cared for. It was such a calming and peaceful experience that both Mom and Dad plan to go back on their next trip to Osaka.


p.s. Mom shared photos taken with her iPhone and they are in my gallery.

Come visit me, Hami.

02/19/2015 07:03.57 AM Report This Comment
Hi Dayzee! Mom did get the email but hasn't
had much time to herself and really no time to answer emails or do much on here. She's answering my blogs tonight but not the Zoo's because her hand is really painful. Mom has arthritis in her hands, neck, lower back and wrists. It really bothers her in this extreme cold.

Speaking of cold, we're was down in the deep freeze. It is so cold that for the first time Mom can remember, schools in Midland will be closed tomorrow due solely to the cold. Actual between -10 and -15 with wind chills of -30 to -40. Yowee, that's cold! You all stay indoors, stay warm and be careful! Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

My profile picture? Mom just found one that she could overlay into the frame on top of the old picture. :-)

Come visit me, ZOO CREW**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM** & Sir PiqueABoo**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM**.

02/18/2015 06:25.27 PM Report This Comment
A picture is worth a thousand words
Thank you for the compliments on our photos. You see, Mom is an aspiring pawtographer. Mom started taking photos of me the day I arrived in my furever home. Since then she has chronicled my life in photographs. She started using a point and shoot digital camera and soon after she got a digital SLR as recommended by her friend. Since then, she has hounded me with her camera never missing a good pose and a special occassion. Mom is a pawparazzi! Teehee!

To this day, she has thousands of photos saved and backed up and we share these photos on CC, FB and Instagram. As for me, I enjoy the photo sessions with Mom, I am a purrfessional model! I sit or lay still and even cooperate when she asks me to look up or look to one side. My fur sibs enjoy the sessions too. Mom says we like the clicker sound of the camera as we all pose for her. And the fun part is when we get a reward, a treat for being good and cooperative subjects.

Looking back at the photos, it is heartwarming to see us all grow into beautiful, happy and healthy babies.

Precious moments captured in time that will last forever. Priceless!


Come visit me, Hami.

02/18/2015 05:05.39 AM Report This Comment
Hi Dayzee,
Hope you're having a good day!! We got snow here. It started late last night and we only got a few inches. We usually do get more snow at this time of year. It's been a pretty good winter for us so far.

Have a good night!! Stay warm! Leaving a vote for you.

Your friend,
King Buddy

Come visit me, BUDDY.

02/17/2015 06:52.52 PM Report This Comment
With all that your Mom has on her plate
I didn't really expect an answer, Dayzee. At least not right away! You tell your pawrents to be careful if they go outside with all that ice out there. We are going to get very cold again, with highs not high and lows very low. Boy am I glad that my fur Mom and I live indoors!

Mom is doing all right. The arthritis pain has been bad with all this cold, but she can't do too much about that so no sense complaining. Tell your Mommy to take care of herself! Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM** & Sir PiqueABoo**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM**.

02/17/2015 01:36.07 PM Report This Comment
Bonjour Dayzee
♫ Laissez le Bon temp rouler. Bon Mardi Gras ♪

That’s French for Let the Good Times Roll and Happy Mardi Gras.

Have a funtastic Fat Tuesday.
'faire ronron (Purrs)
K Casper Todd

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

02/17/2015 12:31.11 PM Report This Comment
Happy Monday
We continue to introduce our furmily and today the spotlight is on my mischievous and zany brother Tong.

Tong was one of the neighbor's kitten roaming freely who found his way to our home whenever he gets hungry. Tong had a mischievous wide eyed look and does a head tilt which Dad found too cute, innocent and funny. Thus his name, Tong.

Tong is a free spirited kitty. He loved to explore the garden, climb trees and windows. But our home was his solace and safe haven. Though he would roam freely (he was fixed at six months) he would always stay close to home, however did not want to be confined indoors. At an early age, Tong had tantrums like a child. He would push over a flower pot from the ledge, he would climb the screened door whenever he wanted to be let out, he would meow excessively when he did not get his way.

Despite his ways, Tong was adorable and sweet that any mischief he does is almost always acceptable. Most times he would provoke the neighbors cat and most times and he would run screaming to us for help. He has a loud cry for help that we recognize and that means he needs to be rescued.

When we moved to our new home two years ago, Tong had the longest adjustment period as he no longer was permitted to go outdoors. He overgroomed, had bald patches, sprayed pee outside the box and meowed constantly. With anxiety meds and TLC, Tong improved after several months and is now a happy indoor kitty ... who still demands for his food at the exact feeding hour or else ... he will hound you relentlessly.

Mom's love for Tong is truly unconditional.

Happy Monday.

Today is a gift.
Be a blessing.
Be a friend.
Take time to care.

Have a wonderful week.


Come visit me, Hami.

02/16/2015 05:22.58 AM Report This Comment
Hi Dayzee,
Stopping by to wish you a "Happy Valentine's Day!"
Hope your day was a good one! Leaving you a vote.

Your friend,
King Buddy

Come visit me, BUDDY.

02/14/2015 08:09.20 PM Report This Comment
Somehow Mom and I missed seeing your blog on the 10th. I don't know how it happened, but I'm sorry that I didn't answer. Why was your Mom in the hospital? Please give her a belated get-well hug from me!

Did I really turn 6 months old? Would you believe that MY Mom forgot? She must really be slipping, she forgot my birthday and didn't see your blog. She's either senile or just plain old! Thank you for remembering my 6 month birthday, Dayzee. And thank you for vote #800! Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM** & Sir PiqueABoo**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM**.

02/13/2015 05:50.00 PM Report This Comment
we're so relived
that all is well and straightened out at your end. here too it's cold and well getting even colder for sunday and monday before it warms up all next week 20s and 30s so we'll take it. trouble is more snow 4-6" worth last janet heard last night and the other big storm for tues/wed has been downplayed by twc and isn't going to be much of anything right now. janet's behind on blogging due to oversleeping and well could've used the sleep and done selective blogging instead, but here we are and likely no other stuff like fb and email, but that's sorted and ready to roll once she's in from work. got all the shopping done yesterday and errands as well as stopping in to see her dad. we got buried by the last snowstorm another 16" as it was a long 3 day storm and only 2 days gave us snow. we just finished cleaning up yesterday or should we say nat did one more pile of snow from the left snow bank down and now that back snowbank will have to be chopped down. janet managed to get her hands all cut up, 2 bruised fingers on her left hand and partial sprained right wrist all from using a hammer and getting ice dams which were the worst we've had this year off the roof and ice out of the gutters. next big storm was tues/wed now has been downplayed so far, but again it could change like the one tomorrow into sunday am. likely you won't see us on sunday due to shoveling the driveway and on if the street isn't plowed as janet says she's NOT going into work if they're not plowed. sandy,ab,

at least 2 days of rest beats nothing!

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

02/13/2015 12:50.35 AM Report This Comment
Hello Dayzee
How was your weekend? We enjoyed a nice one. Today it is unseasonably warm & very windy. We are napping & waiting for Mommy to get home from work. I am a Mommy’s girl, fur sure. Hope your Monday is mewo-velous.

Q Sissy

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

02/09/2015 12:23.21 PM Report This Comment
well at least
they'll hopefully be able to help her when she has that ekg next friday at the hospital or doctors office to see what the heck is going on! sure hope it's fruitful and something good comes of it too! usually when things like that happen you get the royal run around unless you have a really good doctor who will do some-thing and right then and there! :) here janet did get some help once she was in from work seeing nat's been gradually getting his homework done here and there when he's found the time as the outside and inside work was mounting up on nat. he finally got everything done or almost all his homework was done so he came outside and did some snow blowing around the house and cleaned a few of the gutters, leaving the rest till this weekend as we have 3 storms coming right in a row, another arctic front on sat will stay draped across our area with 2 other storms riding along it the bigger one on sun/mon with 4-8"+ of the crap coming and 1-3" on sunday with the smaller one. sat's is nothing a dusting to an inch possible. anyways janet will have to go to work on sunday and is hoping she has monday off otherwise she will end up calling in. she's told them to stop taking sick time as what would happen if she really did get sick and well the time wasn't there??? so hence will not get paid at all for any more of the snow days she calls in for. she did put up some of the worst of the pics from the past storm on fb and is gradually working them in on here, but first you see what it looked like a day or two after the last storm think it was wednesday she walked and took those. bank acct. turned out okay the error was made by a stupid person putting in a check number which is why the payment didn't go through, dummy per-son! we officially have 3 feet of snow on the ground and are praying for a calm spell at least of a week to give everybody a chance to get caught up on other things besides snow blowing, shoveling, raking roofs, and bashing ice out of the gutters/ice dams off the roof as we have 2 bad ones now. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

02/06/2015 12:25.13 AM Report This Comment
Hello Dayzee
What’s mew with you today? It is a chilly & windy day here in south Mississippi. I am very thankful for my safe & warm home and my heated bed. You & I are very blessed to have such wonderful furever homes. We always pray for the kitties who are not as fortunate as we are.

Today was fluids day for MerryBelle. All went well. Nana & Mommy just might get the hang of that after all!

Stay warm & comfy cozy.
Q Sissy

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

02/05/2015 12:58.17 PM Report This Comment
Thank you
... to all who are supporting me for COTM. Many may not know, we are from Asia, specifically the Philippines. We have been on CC since 2006 and am the 18th member of CC. In early 2006, Mom got a Cat Fancy magazine soon after they had me and she checked out the site listed on the mag and posted photos of me on the page. The site was different then and you can vote as many times as you wanted per day. Then sometime around September that year, the site changed it's format to what it is today. Mom joined the community page and signed me in as the 18th member.

Mom and Dad were not blessed with human children. Four years after they got married, they got me and I became their furry baby. Back then, I was the only kitty. Mom had a day job then and was travelling very often due to her work in the travel retail industry. She was active early on in CC and met many friends but later had to be off CC due to work. She would check in occassionally and some dear freinds would still leave messages and votes despite us being inactive. Now that is what we call "family".

In 2010, Mom would noticed a bunch of kitties being fed by a neighbor and soon after she did the same and she officially adopted and rescued four. Two were FIV+ and two were negative. In 2011, it was time for her to leave the corporate world for good and since then has been a crazy cat Mommy to all of us.

In mid 2013, we all moved to our new and forever home. Mom & Dad had a cattery built for us and the adjustement was quite smooth for all except for one who has had on and off anxiety issues.

Today we are all one big happy and blessed kitty family.

Thank you CC family for the love and support. This means so much to our Mommy. We love you all!!!


Come visit me, Hami.

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Here are today's cat fun facts!!

*Cats have the same basic skeleton and internal organs as humans and other meat-eating mammals.

*The skeleton of a cat has about 250 bones. The exact number of bones depends on the length of his tail.

*The common blood types that cats have are A and B. They can have the AB blood type but it is very rare.

*Cats muscles enable them to move with great ease and speed. A cat can run about 30 miles per hour.

//// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// ////

Thank you for continuing to support me for COTM and also for your votes!

Have a great weekend!!! Leaving a vote for you!

Your friend,

Come visit me, BUDDY.

01/30/2015 06:22.28 PM Report This Comment
Yes, it is a chore driving so far to see a
doctor, but it was Mom's choice. She has a doctor here in town but he hasn't been of any help at all with Mom's Crohn's Disease. He acts like she is imagining her illness and doesn't treat it at all. So finally she got a referral to a doctor at the University of Michigan Hospital, and she hopes that this one will be able to help her. It was not a fun trip with her feeling so bad, but it was necessary.

I've heard it said somewhere that a leopard's spots never change. Mine didn't change, so am I a leopard? MOL!! Mom thinks I am part wild cat because I have no fear and such spunk. It is odd that Mom never caught sight of my fur father though. Usually kitties in the neighborhood turn up here for food and shelter. If my fur Dad was here, it must have been in the middle of the night! Oh well, who cares? I am *me*, and that's good enough. Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM** & Sir PiqueABoo**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM**.

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good morning!
we did get some snow and more coming throughout the day as it's supposed to end around noontime which means going to work in the crap again, but nothing new there have another 2 months of it to go and notorious for the most snow all winter too! january gave us more snow than we've had since '11 and well last year didn't live up what was predicted, but for the better. this year the opposite! time limited this morning so have to make everything short. we were 2 and 32 yesterday and sunshine to clouds by mid afternoon and nice to get out twice for walks which janet did after doing errands. she did the grocery shopping online the other night. got a picnic or pre kitten bowl party here sunday wanna come? we posted it in the mewsroom and so far just a few takers, but that's okay the smaller the better! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

01/30/2015 12:26.50 AM Report This Comment
I want to thank every kitty for your votes and support. Hope you have been enjoying
the Cat Facts. For the next few days, I will be blogging a few fun facts about cats.

Here are today's fun facts:

*A cat can move each ear independently. He can aim the cup of his ear in the direction
of the sound to improve his hearing.

*Cats can see well in dim light, but they cannot see in total darkness.

*Cats hear a much broader range of sounds than people do.

*The tip of a cat's nose is covered by a tough layer of skin called nose leather.


Hope you are having a good day!! Leaving a vote for you!

Your friend,

Come visit me, BUDDY.

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Hello Dayzee
What’s purring with you? We are getting excited about watching our local guy Jamie Collins (#91 on the Patriots) play in the Super Bowl. NBC Sports was here in town last week, doing interviews with locals and filming our high school where Jamie played football & basketball. The segment about Jamie is called “Hometown Heroes” and it will air on NBC during their 6 hour pregame show Sunday.

Have a fun weekend. Go Patriots! Go Jamie!
Purrs to you,
K Casper Todd

P.S. We plan to leave a blog on CMR tomorrow about MerryBelle’s visit with Dr. William. Please keep my sweet sister in your prayers.

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

01/29/2015 01:13.21 PM Report This Comment
Hi Dayzee, sorry I didn't get by
yesterday. Mom had a doctor appointment in Ann Arbor, which is a two hour drive one way. That makes for a very long day! She also is still fighting this darned cold, which keeps her feeling run down.

You said something about my markings the other day. Yes, I have kept my spots. Everyone was so sure that they'd turn into stripes, but nope. My markings are very unique and Mom sure would like to know how I got them, but that will probably remain a mystery. It's neat being different, though, so I'm not going to complain. Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM** & Sir PiqueABoo**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM**.

01/29/2015 12:42.02 PM Report This Comment

Most adult cats are 8 to 10 inches tall at the shoulder. They weigh about 6 to 15 pounds but there are cats that weigh more than 20 lbs. and some that weigh less than 5 lbs.

*It is recorded in the world records that the smallest cat that ever lived was 2.75 inches tall and 7.5 inches long when fully grown.

//// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// ////

Thank you for your votes for COTM. I appreciate your support!

Hope your having a good day!! Leaving a vote for you!

Your friend,

Come visit me, BUDDY.

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Hi Dayzee! I missed you
but I do understand that your Mom has other things that she has to do besides helping you kits blog.

Yes, Mom has caught a cold. She is one who rarely catches colds, so this is hitting her kind of hard. We are doing our best to take care of her and keep her from overdoing things until she's better. Thank you for thinking of her! Hugs, Pique and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM** & Sir PiqueABoo**VOTE HAMI #2538 FEBRUARY COTM**.

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I'm back with your blog. Voted #2,529 a while ago but left the computer to take care of something! Enjoy!!

Come visit me, BUDDY.

01/24/2015 09:50.26 PM Report This Comment

Cats communicate in a variety of ways. One way is by sound. The sounds of a cat can have various meanings. A meow can be a friendly greeting or it may express curiosity, hunger, or loneliness.

Purring usually means contentment but cats also purr when they are sick. When cats hiss or growl, it indicates fear and anger.

Cats also communicate through body language. A friendly cat may greet someone with his tail raised vertically but a frightened or angry cat flicks his tail from side to side, arches his back, and puffs up his fur.

//// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// ////

Thank you for all your votes for COTM. I appreciate your support!

Hope you are having a good weekend! Leaving a vote for you.

Your friend,

Come visit me, BUDDY.

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Hello Dayzee
What’s mew with you? Yesterday we helped Mommy celebrate her birthday. Now we are pooped from pawtying! Today it is very cold & rainy so we are napping. We are looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend.

Enjoy your weekend. Please tell Duchess that we are keeping her in our prayers.

Q Sissy

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

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you're so right as usual!
janet is down with a sinus infection as she saw a nurse practioner as nat did too and he's soaking twice a day for his problem and trying to see if it comes out and to another head or not and janet does have what she thought a nasty sinus infection as she no longer gets colds. slept on/off this morning since 4-5 since she's so used to getting up fell asleep 2-3 other times watching various shows on tv and got up after 7! got errands to run and nat's good enough to go in and see master for 5 minutes with a mask of course and janet will have to sit out in the car as she knows like mommy they won't let her in at all and master last night said he didn't want to see ms. motormouth anyways, grouch he was on the phone yesterday and put out as mommy now hasn't been to see him since he was here the day after christmas as it was to cold for her to be out and now she's sick with a cold and it's complicating her asthma as well....go figure. janet's planning on staying home from work and either will call in tonight to see if they can get somebody else to cover for her or just leave the bar closed. 1-4" slop likely and monday 1-3" more with siberian cold the first of 3 fronts colder by the end of the week teens for highs to near 20 and below 0 once again. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

01/23/2015 04:58.37 AM Report This Comment

*Whiskers can change color as your cat gets older. Cats do go gray with age.

*Whiskers serve as a way for cats to visually measure distance. This is why a cat can jump quickly and gracefully onto a narrow ledge or out of harm's way.

//// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// ////

Thank you for your continued support. I appreciate your votes for COTM.

Have a good night!! Leaving a vote for you!

Your friend,

P.S. Yes, we have a vote button profile picture now! Thanks for the compliment. Glad you like it!!

Come visit me, BUDDY.

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