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Domestic Shorthair from <a href=' Springfield/club-members.aspx' title='New Springfield, OH'>New Springfield, OH</a>

K. Tuck ~ #219145

About Me

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Hi! My name is K. Tuck ~ #219145

I am Domestic Shorthair from New Springfield, OH

Nicknames: Tuck, Baby Boy, Honey Boy, I can't say...MOL!!!

Age: 7 years old

Gender: M

Coat: short haired

Education: He's my constant companion especially when I am sick and in bed he doesn't leave me alone for long and when I move to the couch he is constantly checking on me. We tease him about being Nurse Tucker, but he really is an awesome one!!

1st ~ COTD/RCOTD ~ January 10,2012
2nd ~ COTD ~ April 19,2013
3d COTD ~ April 19, 2014
4th COTD ~ April 19, 2015
5th COTD April 19, 2016
COTM: March 1, 2014
CROTM :March 1, 2014

King Mike bestowed the honor of Sir Tucker Knight Of The Realm on July 1, 2012

Queen Gracie bestowed upon me my own pursonnal MoonPie Mobile and I have my own private Grass Shack on Pinto Island!!!

Queen Trixie Honored me with the "You Make A Difference Award" on May 1,2013

King Whiskers Honored me with the Loyal Friend award on July 1, 2013

Queen Angel Yum Yum honored me with Her Majesty's Service Medal on 8/31/13

Queens Maggie & Angel Ginger Appointed me Official Groundskeeper of the Castle August 2015

My favorite tricks and treats are: I leap from the ground into my moms arms and ride on her & dads shoulders, I am the bug patrol in my house & I'll do anything to get them even work in tandem with the D-O-G to get them. and Whisker Lickens Crunchy Tuna & Tender Chicken & Cheese, Friskies Crispies Cheese... See at theme going here??? Cheese, Ham, Pork & Saurkraut ..really,
Bread & Pizza.

Where I hang out: Kitty Tower , on top of the Hot Tub perfect for watching my territory!!!! On Mom & Dads shoulders.

My favorite grubs: a can any kind I'm not picky, but I get a special can at night that I love Fancy feast With Tuna & Cheese! YUM!!!.

My pet peeves: anybody foreign in MY yard!!! Being told NO.

What I love about my owners: She takes me for walks outside, she holds me like a baby & rubs my tummy, I also like to ride on her shoulders!!!!

My cat hobbies: play, play play....torture the dog Shadow & Mouse & Dot

Pet motto: its all about ME!!!!

Shadow (DC) #219532
Cinnamon (HC) #224656

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How We Met

After losing my best friend of 18 yrs I had started to look again, although I was looking for a long haired Kitty which he is not. I saw Tucker on the internet and fell instantly in Love!!!! He is my import.. he came from around Toledo from a wonderful foster mom for Maine Coon Rescue.

A special thank-you goes to the CMR and all their crews!!! We really appreciate all your support!!!
Thanks so much to Zaboo & Family for the wondeful shout-out we are honored to be your furfriends!!!
And Sir Steve & Sir Ernie for a special helping hand, thank you, you two!!!
Also I would like to thank Boo Kitty & Mom for making my Beautiful frames!!!

Thank you very much for:
Vote #1000 ~ Sir Steve
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Vote #3000 ~ K. Steve
Vote #4000 ~ K. Steve
Vote #5200 ~ Hot Rod
Vote #6000 ~ Boo Kitty
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Vote #9000 ~ Toby
Vote #10,000 ~ Sylvr Tuff Knight

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I've had 77842 friends visit me.

I'm the 49,148th member on

10,119 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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5.27 Long Drive With Charred Frog legs

A great warm pre holiday weekend temperatures. Everycat should be out there golfing and getting the high drive scores.. well, except BeeGee who left her warm wig at home, fluffed up her thick fur to use as a sunscreen, and whacked a low 48. Oh, well..
Luvug came through with an even 50 and brings a cooler full of Grape Popsicles. Thanks, and keep cool, LB.
A. mallow also scores 50 all the way up north of the LuvBug. Be careful while slurping those grape popsicles not to drop any on your fluffy white bib. Fully wigged, flirty 66 Steve plays in the sun with no sunscreen. Oh-oh.
Another 66 rises just behind from mimi. She tires N-gin's Fillet of frog first and is delieriously happy. The mudcat also wears her usual Tuxedo wig to play. No idea if this works as a sunscreen. Otherwise she will be black and white with red all over.
Third 66 coming up! Engine arrives with Flambe of Frog Fillets (oh yum, I drool just to say it) this is a gourmet treat for cats and humans alike. keep you hands off the cat food, moms!
Ana drives a purrfectly comfy 72 (so far) today. GT-t's 63 will rise really high later. Would somecat please pass the sunscreen?
Tuck can't get enough grape 'cicles and 67 plates of those charred frogs!
This is like our first warm outdoor picnic of the season.
The winners are:
Ana with her lovely 72
Tuck with 67 take-outs
Last:: Steve, mimi, & N-gin all 66
Into the barn goes BG 48
Purrs to All from PD Budd, non-golfing commenter

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..gardenig, Furlip File #2 Opened on youpet, a. PD Budd, Writing Furlip Files & Persey, house panther-gardener.

05/27/2016 02:24.59 PM Report This Comment
We NEVER thought Friday would come! OMG-4 days off with the old folks,I don't think I can take it.What did i ever do to deserve this? Its heat awareness day,so don't mind me as I sit in your front lawn waiting for it to heat up. Really,I can't wait! Maybe I'll set up a little picnic,everyone likes a picnic,so will the heat! I'll bring the hotdogs,you bring the beer,and plenty of it-we ARE trying to attract the heat you know.


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/27/2016 01:09.53 AM Report This Comment
Thurs recap
Put your left paw forward
take your left paw back
put your left paw forward
do the Lindy hop.Hop,hop,hop
What do you expect from a redheaded cat? Ohhh...GTt (66) differs in that opinion,she said I'm an orangehead,not a redhead.Tomato-to-mah-to.

Mudcat (49) no pole hopping,and wine imbibing today,we don't carry accident insurance at The Shack.

Mallow (53) has her own little red nose day going on after too much wine,and a staggery little dance she claims is a jitterbug. Who has bugs!

Luvbug (48) hails from wine (and whine) country,why aren't we playing golf there?

Haley (60) is getting all overheated just thinking about her 90-to-be.

I score a 64,and celebrate all that is me-redhead day! Redhead,red nose,I see a theme here.

Engine (64) is looking for lost slackers and shackers to feed her charred chipmunk and slivered silverfish to. As expected,Tuck (64) comes to the rescue to partake of rodent flambe'.
And BG,also lost in the CC2 Armageddon-ish feeling has hers,and everyone else's share of chip on a stick.

1st with 48 Luvbug
2nd with 49 Mudcat
3rd with 53 Mallow

Losers: (here's where it gets interesting....) GTt with 66,AND Tuck,Engine and I with 64. Apparently,the place to be is the cart barn today


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/26/2016 12:53.48 PM Report This Comment




05/26/2016 11:18.10 AM Report This Comment
The indignities!!!! Poor,poor Bun has to wear orthopedic shoes! Why,she must be totally embarrassed. She must be slinking around the pasture,trying to act all cool in her clunky shoes. Are they the big round toed jobies? Good lord,PLEASE tell me they aren't the white ones,then we will have to have a talk. Never fear,Steve and his Be-Dazzler. Someone has to keep the "C" in cool around here!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/26/2016 01:15.26 AM Report This Comment
Dear Tuckster
How are you doing, sweet friend? Long time, no meow. You know how I worry. I hope you and your Mom and all are well! I love your Memorial Day profile photo and frame. You reminded Mom to put up mine soon. I use one that has a photo of my Angel Dad in it. How's Piper doing these days? Ears still one up, one down?:) Sending lots of love and calico kisses, Gin Gin

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl.

05/25/2016 01:57.51 PM Report This Comment
5/25/16 - Drinking wine out of brown paper bags ..
Or something like that anyway. Another garbage day is upon us, this time Luvbug perks us up with the news that it is the day to celebrate the humble grape. Or blackberry or elderberry or whatever your fancy. It’s Wine Day. On Wine Down Wednesday, how fitting is that? Luvbug starts us out with a 45 (=9)

Looks like Mallow got an early start as she drinks too much wine, does some heavy duty whining and then hides her score on the CMR page! Wonder what the CC general populace makes of that 55 (=10) word cryptic message over there? Let’s all chip in to get glasses for our resident Angel! Steve meanwhile decides to celebrate Towel Day by wearing that very item of apparel to the links. While also celebrating Tap Dance Day. And whining. Such talent, he can do 58 (=13) things at the same time!

Engine brings us 62 (=8) servings of Minced Mice and foregoes the towel to show off her summer fur. Mimi does a tap dance around a pole and putts a 65 (=11) while Tucker chooses to dance for wine. Or Centipede Coladas.

And to finish off, a meeting of the “Six Club” is convening at the 19th hole. First BeeGee is brown bagging it (and whining) with a 51 (=6), April has a 60 (=6) and is whining into her wine in the freezer (to each his own!) and Gracie T-t has chosen to help her OL celebrate Seniors Fitness Day with 51 (=6) reps of wineglass curls.

Okay, EVERYONE do some wine glass curls while I sort out the scores:
1st – The Six Club, BeeGee, April and Gracie T-t
2nd – Engine with an 8
3rd – Luvbug with 9
And cart barn duty today goes to the team of Steve and Tucker each with Lucky 13!

Now, no more whining out there!

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Album ~ Vote A. Elmer #173244 in May, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear, Q.A. Mallow (MJ) ♥ OJ, A. Smokey ♥ A PawPaw & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ It's Playoffs time!.

05/25/2016 10:26.47 AM Report This Comment
I remember too Tuck
An orange cat NEVER forgets! Kind of like an elephant,but much shorter,and definitely cuter...smaller nose,no wrinkly skin,smaller feet,but almost couldn't tell the difference between me and an elephant. Ish,they do that thing where they hold onto the tail in front of them and walk-who EVER thought that was a good idea! You never know where that tail has been! Forget it,I don't want to be an elephant-I'll let the old bat remember things,girls never forget!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/25/2016 01:10.54 AM Report This Comment
Here I am...
It took me this long to finish reading your last message. JUST KIDDING! So, let me tell you a story, or, sing you a song of my people... How is your cold doing? You better yet, have you had a visit from the local medicine man? Those shaking rattles and beating drums are enough to scare out the WORST germs!

That's sad about poor Bun, but I know she's probably enjoying all her time out in the pasture. has it warmed up enough to leave her out much?

And just WHY won't the insurance cover the MRI? Has she already had one this year? Or is it in the list of fine print of the several thousand things NOT covered by the insurance? That's why pet health insurance is such a rip. After paying a bazillion dollars for it, you find out all it really covers are shots and neutering.

No no! The Gus isn't in love with the goat, Dixie is! Mom won't let stupid Gus anywhere NEAR that goat! Stupid dog, all he'd do is bark and yip and yap. The goat is Dixie's little pal, they get along really well, it's so cute. Well, mom tells me it's cute anyway, I not having been over to witness this nauseating display of goat/dog affection. I'll just take her word for it. She'd never lie to me. Right?

Bee Gee

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/24/2016 03:43.58 PM Report This Comment
A scavenger hunting we will go! 5-24-16
Luvbug(42) scavenged up something yucky right out the door. Escargot. Just a fancy French word for slimy snails. Why is it everything sounds delicious in French? For example, who wouldn't like a nice steaming bowl of "crotte de chien" for lunch? Sounds yummy. Til you find out it's dog poop. Kinda loses its appeal, heh? ... Mallow(54) is trying to confuse us! (And succeeding mightily) by cheering for "bothers fay". At least she's not hunting "Rs" out of season ... The Angels(58) are booming away for Victoria Day. You aren't hunting Victorias are you? Is it Victoria season already??

Steve(53) is looking the scavengers in the eye as he carefully stalks the wild road kill. Let 'em have it, Steve. Dead skunk ain't worth the trouble ... Our semi-absent Queen de Cuisine Engine(60) crashes in on the Kibble Kruiser to deliver something "Lost in Translation". I don't know what it is either, but if you can make highballs out of it, I'm all fur it!

GTt(50) is scavenger hunting WAY in back of her closet, pulling out the dusty but not too rusty old tiara bestowed upon her by Q.Gracie back in the days of yore ... Tucker(54) is wishing bad things on his imaginary brother, sending him out for spiders in the basement. Imaginary, of course. Tucker is also grabbing shrimp & skipping ticks. Takes talent! ... And Bee Gee(52) revs up her slimy little snail coupe for the parking lot races. Times TBA.

Lots of 50s today:
1st - Engine, 60. I can hear her engine ticking. *snicker*
2nd - Angels, 58. Make sure Victoria showers after the hunt!
3rd - Tie, Mallow & Tucker, 54. Is it Bothers Fay already? Spend it in the Spider Closet!

Wow, Luvbug is ALL alone with that chilly score! I thought you were getting 90s down there?? Wha' happened? I'll help ya sweep the spiders out of the cart barn if you want. I ain't a-scared of no stinkin' spider!

Yipe! There really ARE spiders out there!
I'm only not afraid of the invisible kind.

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/24/2016 01:24.35 PM Report This Comment
a 10:30 bedtime last night. she hit the snooze button twice already! This cannot be good. I gotta check to make sure she fed me the right food,and not the dogs. WHY can't today be like coffee day,or stimulants IN the coffee day!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/24/2016 01:31.01 AM Report This Comment
Monday recap
Todays golf session is dedicated to our buddy UBB.Its the 1st anniversary of his crossing. Not a celebration mind you,but a remembrance of a great friend and fellow player. Or,as GTt ( 56 ) remembers him- the only CC member who dropped out of royalty running by dying. Good excuse as any.

Luvbug ( 38 ) gives UBB the 7 golfball salute. Duck!

Mallow gets to feeling all deja-vuey on us with another 52. Maybe your stuck in a time warp.

I score a 46.I'm collecting lucky pennies to buy a turtle. Good thing Engine isn't here today to make it something on a stick.

April seems to be pretty foggy today. Foggy enough to forget to leave a score.

Mudcat lives up to her name with a soggy 57.

Tuck ( 47 ) is ready for open season on the chipmunk.He's tired of just taunting them for fun.

BG ( 48 ) the proud (and only) owner of The Chipmunks greatest hits, blasts their irritating songs while scrounging thru the cart seats for pennies.

1st with 38 Luvbug
2nd with 46 me
3rd with 47 Tuck

Losers:Mudcat with 57,and GTt with 56

XOXO ~ S ~

Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/23/2016 11:53.39 AM Report This Comment
Bad news for the shackers today
There will be no more Kibble Cart on CC. I got an e-mail from Engine's mom this a.m. telling me she had deleted her CC account last night. All she told me was that she had allowed someone to push her over the edge, and she deleted her account, so I assume that means all her cat pages. I have no idea what happened. She will continue to post on CC2, but won't be able to make it this morning because she's running late. *sigh* That's all I know for now. Over and out.

Bee Gee

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/23/2016 06:38.26 AM Report This Comment
YOU were robbed!
YOU could have had another to add to your harem,but noooooo.Just think Tuck,we could have had deer races (of course,then you would have to find one for me to ride),or we could have looked really cool walking the pet deer on the golf course. Oh! I got it-we'll just borrow BunBun's saddle for it.Cripes,now i have all these great ideas,we're gonna have to bag us a deer. Or a mule,a mule would do too. See one of them wandering around?


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/23/2016 01:14.25 AM Report This Comment
Get your goth on! 5-22-16
Going goth and it isn't even Halloween! Shoulda done this yesterday. Almost all the catties are perma-goth!

Luvbug gets one of the losing hands today, 44, and wanders over to the lounge for a vanilla whiskey to await the final outcome. Also in on the losing bandwagon is Mallow, who sashays off to the lounge to regale the patrons with a rousing rendition of "Stairway to Heaven" on her electric harp. You COULD play 52 pick-up. *snicker* The Angels are dealt a 56 but claim it feels like a much cooler hand. And the fourth loser today is Bee Gee, also heading to the lounge after tossing her 51, to call to order the annual meeting of the Sparrow Spotters.

Now for the winners: PD needed a win today, and GTt came through with a 49. His catbuck supply was getting so low he couldn't afford paper & pens to continue working on the Furlip Files. Gracie came through for 59% goth Mimi too. It seems JC & mom are competing for the household goth title. And Tucker has the final winner with his 54. He opts to skip the goth grab for catbucks and see what's flapping at the Sparrow Spotters meeting.

Grab your catbucks and get moving if you don't want to miss the entertainment in the lounge! It's not every day you see a cat in a giant fiddle AND one rocking the electric harp! Maybe we could start our own goth band! Mallow has that goth eyeliner thing going on, and Bee Gee has those giant goth bat ears. Hey, it could work...

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Too bad it wasn't Blackbird Boosters
meeting today.
Those blackbirds are pretty goth!

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/22/2016 01:23.42 PM Report This Comment
5.20 Nascart Races after Pizza Day
A great day here at the Catty Shack Golf Course! All you want in any flavor pizza day eight after all that pizza and brew for Persey;s 1st b'day bash. And now our very own 1st Annual (3rd Furiday in may) Nascart Races in the parking lot.
Yes, Luvbug, you have 48 cobwebs but you can hire Persey (for next to nothing) to clean for you. Every dy he comes up out of the basement draped in veils of cobwebs trailing across his black body.
We missed N-gin yesterday (who apologizes) and her memorable roadkill menu. Today she brings 58 strings of squirrel links to the links. And BG is the first to take some of that sausage for her pizza. Warning: she found 44 bees in a bouquet somecat left for her... Steve?
Tuck takes 48 pieces of pizza with Heinekat back home in his cart... no racing for him.
Steve's not racing either... gives him a "crink" in the neck. But 46 slices of hot cheesy pizza sounds about right.
Ana's Nascart team scores a 50 and puts her in the running to win. While GTt eith 39 says bets are being taken right up to race time in the CH backroom (I didn't know we had a "backroom"?)
For some reason mimi and JC are collecting. So far 51 cents toward their million-- is that catbucks?
Today is another favourite day for A. mallow-- Pizza, of course. She wants to load up on onion, garlic and feta cheese toppings after the Nascart race. Please hover on the other side of us?

First Annual Nascart Winners:
Engine 58-- you're forgiven.
mimi & JC 51-- all green and moldy feeling(?)
Ana& team 50 --surprise!
Cleaning dust off the NasCarts-- GTT 38
So, that's all folks for another fun Furiday
Purrs from PD Budd, non-golfing commenter

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..gardenig, Furlip File #2 Opened on youpet, a. PD Budd, Writing Furlip Files & Persey, house panther-gardener.

05/20/2016 05:20.02 PM Report This Comment
Who's Lorraine???
And why would I want to eat her quiche? Blech,no thanks. Real toms DON'T eat quiche,no matter what they all say. "THEY" have been wrong on numerous occasions.
Time to sit on the kid today Tuck. I don't get how they even remotely like the squalling and screaming. I like his left over food though. Pears today!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/20/2016 02:50.46 AM Report This Comment
Thurs recap
Its that special time!! We have a BD to celebrate at The Shack-Persey's!!! In true BD tradition,GTt (42) brings the pizza and beer-pawty til you puke. OK,maybe not so much that,but lets all have a great time with the BD fellow. That'll keep Tuck (38) a happy boy as he laments about his Arctic weather. Where are the May rays when you need them? I (48) second that after a cold and snowy weekend. May rays would be SO much better if they were like laser death rays. Bummer.

Luvbug (52) is first to arrive,last to leave the BD celebration. He must have heard there was devils food CAKE. Wonderful,wonderful cake!

Mallow (51) skinny dips into the food of the devil (the devil made her do it) while The Angels (56) feel the warm,sticky love of cake themselves.

Mudcat (58) tells Summer "your fired". You've definitely gots better hair,and purrsonality than The Donald.

BG (48) fashionably late to every pawty (SHE claims its technical difficulties) takes a roll with a mole.

1st with 38-Tuck!
2nd with 42 GTt
3rd with a tie 48-BG and ME

Mudcat with 58,and The Angels with 56


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/19/2016 01:35.14 PM Report This Comment
You are invited !
5-19 When the Sun Hits your Eye...(or the moon) like a big Pizza Pie... IT'S A BIRTHDAY!
IT'S Persey's first birthday and the bar is open NOW * all Day for all golfers over the age of ONE.
He just rolled in the keg of Rats' Breath and there's Cat Daniels on tap.
Best of all, there are 42 Pizza Pies with all the fixin's being delivered...
So, enjoy our day in the sun with my little legal aged catty, Persey, the Twink.
This is the CS report for today I send to all catty golfers.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..gardenig, Furlip File #2 Opened on youpet, a. PD Budd, Writing Furlip Files & Persey, house panther-gardener.

05/19/2016 05:01.59 AM Report This Comment
Suck up
Always lovin on the mom,aren't you! Do I need to give you aloof lessons? Thats the key Tuck-being aloof and keep them wanting more when you DO actually grace them with the hugs. Aren't you just the therapy cat! Wait....there might be money in that,I'll have to think about this and figure out how I can cash in on you. See,my kissing booth wasn't far off-you can give hugs for 10 dollars. Less mess,less germs and while your hugging,I can pick the pockets. I'm likin this overly genius idea!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/19/2016 01:07.00 AM Report This Comment
hey Tuck
maybe your Mom forgot to bring that d-o-g in? sure glad we don't share our home with one of them..there would be a real war around here..and i know i'd win! they just don't have our smarts or slick moves... besides..we're much more lovable..hehe...
hope you got some outside time today..sammy

Come visit me, K Sir Sammy ♥ Pandy Vote Q.Sylvr Tuff 16 & Queen jo jo Vote A. Elmie 173244.

05/18/2016 05:37.17 PM Report This Comment
5/18/16 - Putting into dirty dishes day
5/18/16 – Putting into dirty dishes day
Or something like that anyway. Luvbug is first up, making us very very hungry for cheese souffle but since it’s No Dirty Dishes Day we can’t make any. A conundrum indeed, let us ponder it for 54 (=9) minutes. Mallow doesn’t need to ponder, she uses dirty dishes as, well, substitute Barbie heads and comes up with a 53 (=8), while Steve in true bachelor fashion foregoes the dishes completely. The sink is his dish, deal with it world! A 50 (=5) for The Orange One this morning.

Gracie T-t has no dirty dishes, the OL just did all 38 (=11) of them. She must have peeked ahead and seen this holiday coming! Engine meanwhile tempts us with Lobster and Ladybird Lasagne. Now THAT’S a kitty who knows how to dirty some dishes! It’s 62 (=8) for Engine while Mimi with a 57 (=12) decides to celebrate Cheese Souffle Day. Hold the soufflé, she’s going straight for the cheese! Fewer dishes that way.

Tucker is up to 49 (=13) different kinds of bird watching while enjoying some cheese soufflé, while April (who is definitely NO fool!) sings 45 (=9) verses of “Walking on Sunshine.” Rounding things out, the ever thoughtful BeeGee is going to make a 54 (=9) ounce soufflé and leave the dishes for her Mom.

Who gets to wash the dishes today??
1st – Steve with 5 gets to buy drinks all around
2nd – Mallow and Engine with 8 ways of emptying said drinks
3rd – Luvbug, April and BeeGee have 9 sinksful of drink glasses. Get sudsing!

Off to cart charging duties goes Tucker with Lucky 13. Watch the birdie!

Hey, I’ve got an idea! Since it’s No Dirty Dishes Day and Visit Relatives Day, let’s combine the two and leave Grandma with the cheese soufflé dishes!

Your intrepid Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Album ~ Vote A. Elmer #173244 in May, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear, Q.A. Mallow (MJ) ♥ OJ, A. Smokey ♥ A PawPaw & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ It's Playoffs time!.

05/18/2016 02:04.33 PM Report This Comment
Look at you!!
You look all sheikh of the harem like :) Look mighty comfy there Tuck.Comfy enough to share a square of the primo spot? I mean,it MUST be the best spot in the house if your hogging it. Is that your come hither look? How late did you stay up practicing that :)
Its mother whistler day (better than a mother something else). IDK if Gma can whistle or not,she sure can yell when she wants to. Her yelling voice is as bad as her singing voice. WHY must they torment us by trying to sing. I think to myslef...just be quiet and let the radio do the singing,thats why hey are millionaires,and you aren't.


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/18/2016 01:20.18 AM Report This Comment
Grab your rats & let's get packing! 5-17-16
Luvbug(52) lets his rats pack off with all the walnuts around his place. They can have all ours too! ... Mallow(52) is hexing all those wanna-be pack rats that might try to hang around her place, but has NO problem hoarding some cherry cobbler ... Steve(52!) is apparently a little confused (what a surprise!) and thinks we're playing "slap rat". He's looking for a small rat-mouse that he can slap around.

Mimi(61) snags a walnut from Lubvug's packrat and gives it what-for! Or fore ... April(44) says she thinks she saw seventy cool pack rats this morning. Maybe they were helping Luvbug's packrats tote out all those walnuts ... Engine's(58) packrats are bringing in goldfish synchronized with silverfish, swimming in something potable. Cheers! ... GTt(40) takes the "Turn Beauty Inside Out" challenge. Eeww. Please put your insides back in. *shudder*

Tucker(51) is patting his stash of ratty toys, shoving them behind the trash can so his mom won't find them. Never hide anything near the trash: the dog WILL find it! ... And Bee Gee(50) wants to point out that we seem to be ratpacking all our Barbie heads away for a special occasion or something. How about Saturdays? Catties? You need to step up the the tee and whack those heads!

Okay, not too many LONG long drives in today's shack pack:
1st - Mimi, demonstrating the pack rat walnut whack, 61.
2nd - Engine, synchronizing the swimmers & the shooters, 58.
3rd - Every else! Well, almost. Luvbug, Mallow, & Steve, each with a ratty little 52.

Looks like Inside-out GTt will be inside the cart barn outside, with an assist from April. I think the only ones left with nothing to do are Tuck & Bee Gee. Maybe you can dust off the Barbie heads so the catties will see them Saturday!

Those little pack rats look so cute
with their little tiny back-packs!

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/17/2016 01:16.20 PM Report This Comment
I'm at a loss
Cherry cobbler day. I don't see ANY cobbler in it,and isn't he really supposed to be making shoes,not messing around in cherry sauce? I guess we all gotta hit the sauce every now and then,even the cobbler. Maybe I should be a cobbler....if only I didn't have to see all them feet!!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/17/2016 01:07.16 AM Report This Comment
hey K. Tuck
Dad lucked out this week..he was sposed to go fishin' up in Minnesota..and it snowed!! not surprising, being where it was..did you get any of that white stuff? i'm sure glad i missed it..for cryin' out's Spring..isn't it? course, it's been so cold and rainy here right now, i'm not sure either..sigh..i just want it to be nice more than 1 day in a row...sammy

Come visit me, K Sir Sammy ♥ Pandy Vote Q.Sylvr Tuff 16 & Queen jo jo Vote A. Elmie 173244.

05/16/2016 05:12.42 PM Report This Comment
Monday recap
You put the OJ in the champagne,and drink it all up. Sue me,i don't have a lime and a coconut.Besides,its mimosa day-breakfast of champions! We get to love our trees today while piercing sea monkeys and purpling for peace. I'm exhausted already.

Luvbug ( 48 ) is busy brewing us up some scallops with cream and butter. Is Paula Deen a relative of yours? 

Mallow does the math,and enjoys 52 beverages but who's counting?

I score a 37. I'm spreading orange love for world peace. Purple is overrated. Everyone knows orange is a happy color. 

Haley ( 40 ) is feeling a bit windy today *burp* And you make fun of me!

Engine ( 44 ) finds the purrfect compliment to mimosas -flap jacks and brandy basted bullfrogs. That'll keep ya hoppin.

GTt ( 33 ) is taking grump lessons from the golf bully. She's got her grump to keep her warm.

Mudcat scores a high 50 from a low 47 after thjngs got hot and steamy with the cable company. Thats my version of it.

BG ( 52 ) comes paddling in last on the back of her trusty duck. Water golf anyone? 

1st with 33 GTt
2nd with 37 ME
3rd with 40 Haley

Losers: Tie with Mallow and BG,and Mudcat with 50

XOXO ~ S ~

Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/16/2016 10:58.45 AM Report This Comment
Well, hey!
Look who's here! It's Darn! And only a week after you left a message. Not too bad, huh?

Heck, by now you probably have another few kitties brought home by Piper, and your mom's leg is all better. See how much can change in just a week? Only I hope that part about all the new kitties isn't true. :)

Did her doc get back from vacation yet? Maybe she needs to have a foot-to-butt talk with him. As in if he can't do something more for the discomfort, she's gonna put her foot in his butt. *snicker*

And how's the Bun doing? Any improvement yet? I hope the weather gets warmer and drier so she can enjoy it more. That cold damp stuff can't be doing anyone any good. :(

Bee Gee

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/16/2016 09:14.37 AM Report This Comment
Say what!!!
Did you see the snow yesterday? Well,did you? I could not believe my bloodshot eyes. And not to forget the sleet,and the hail,that just wouldn't do! Hello,its MAY,almost June and NOW it decides to snow?? We should be out frolicking ,not building an igloo. Stop the insanity!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/16/2016 01:07.54 AM Report This Comment
Dear Tuck
It's been a long time. I sure hope your Mama had a good Mother's Day! HOw is she feeling? Did she ever get her test results? I sure hope she is doing well. How are you? Was your weekend good?
I've been having an iffy few days. Last Thursday, I had a bad tummy upset and didn't really eat anything until 10 p.m. Mom and I went to bed, but she had trouble sleeping. She finally fell asleep about 2:30 a.m. and was awakened by the close-mouth howling sound I make when I hunt my catnip mice after dark. She wasn't alarmed, but thought it was strange cuz I usually do it just before we go to bed. Then she heard this awful sound like someone was squeezing me! She jumped up out of bed, turned on the lights, grabbed her glasses, and started looking for me. This awful thought went through her head: "Well this is it. She's dying." She started running down the stairs and there I was, running beside her. I took her to my empty bowl. I wanted to be fed! Mom was so scared, but so relieved. For the last two days I haven't eaten much. I ate a little and drank water, but not my usual amount. Mom's keeping a close eye on me. She's worried about me. I will try to do better this week. Mom had a cold all week, but it's about 90% gone now. Sending you lots of love and calico kisses! Your pal, Gin Gin

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl.

05/15/2016 06:49.31 PM Report This Comment
Rainbow days! 5-15-16
And you all look quite lovely in your stylish rainbow outfits. Luvbug is relaxing with a chilled glass of rainbow wine from our very own Black Cat distillery label while he waits to share the pot with whoever else has a winner. His is a 49. Mallow supplied the Rainbow Deck for today's special game, and somehow 'manages' a winner too, 45. Methinks thou doth fluff and polish a bit too much. *wink* The whole Angel family is here to celebrate master's rainbow birthday! Happy day to you! And they will share a slice of the pot too, with their 45, so they'll be able to get him something nice.

Tuck tosses his 37 in the trash and tries to avoid being knocked over the rainbow after he hooks a claw in mom's pantyhose! Gee Mimi, if you think YOU're late, just take a peek at PD's arrival time! Here's hoping your mom never grapples with strangling pantyhoses! And yes, you look dapper in your straw hat, even though you also look like a loser with 55.

Bee Gee is looking Pippy-ish in her rainbow stockings & straw hat. She helps herself to a plate of chocolate chips cookies while tossing that losing 56 sky high. And finally PD flutters in two hours after everybody else. *tap tap tap* Hope we didn't inconvenience you by holding a card game today! *glare* At least you have plenty of losing companionship to nibble cookies with.

Let's see, the list of losers includes Tucker, Mimi, Bee Gee, and PD. Three winners will be playing pantyhose tug-o-war for the loot. Luvbug, Mallow, & the Angels, on your marks, get sets, GOES!

~~~Hot Rod~~~
I think I would look very distinguished
as the Black Cat distillery spokescat

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/15/2016 12:44.53 PM Report This Comment
5.13 Lucky Black Cats!!!
Bye bye, dear PD Budd. Not forgotten-- just buried, he guarantees he will be here to comment on Furidays and on Card Days so no one will complain that I am cheating (Ha!). BUT, he's enjoyed the Open Bar and Apple Pie since early this a.m. and is in no condition to write up today's comment. He'll be here Sunday.
PD got a wonderful farewell from BG and her gang, many of whom are Lucky Black cats. She turned in a 60 to get that many slices of apple pie to share.
Tuck, with a 59 brought his own Lucky Dot. He passes the Cat Daniels around to wash down his apple pies.
I cut 60 slices of apple pie with mice cream. What a grand farewell pawty, furiends. PD says thanks... or will as soon as he's able to walk a straight line.
Ana/April opens 52 windows on the great sunny day.
Steve salutes his old hot tub coach, PD, with Tuba Taps and munches on 57 Crouton Cough Drops. The musical wondercat, A. mallow, purrforms a duet for Tuba and Electric harp written by mallow. She took her 57 slices of apple pie to enjoy the Black Cat Day at the Clubhouse Bar.
LuvBug hits 50 and celebrates his Black Cat day. He brings his own black catty, Fang, to the PD Pawty.
Today is PD's favorite day and thanks all his furiends.
All are winners today especially:,
1st- mudcat mimi & JC, the Bad Boy 64
2nd - GTt (no, I didn't cheat!) & BeeGee, 60
3rd - Tuck & his Black Dot, 59
No need to find losers. They can tend the still. Persey brought it inside and opened it up on the bar. Smells good, huh?
Let's all stand for tuba taps-- thanks Steve.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..gardenig, Furlip File #2 Opened on youpet, a. PD Budd, Writing Furlip Files & Persey, house panther-gardener.

05/13/2016 03:18.03 PM Report This Comment
Oh,the fireworks were a flying yesterday here Tuck! Gma scared even ME,and I'm brave and unflappable. Stop laughing,it sounded good. Heck,I was more afraid of her than I was the storm. Speaking of-they called THAT little thing a severe storm? I scoff at that. Its fruit cocktail day-I call all the little fake cherries! They never put enough of them in there-but they put plenty of them gross,slimy grapes. Guess their good for flinging across the room


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/13/2016 01:17.10 AM Report This Comment
Thank you, K. Tuck and the furamily!
Jakar here. We all thank you for your visits. Yeah, I wish I was home, too. I'm just not feeling good. But I've got this stupid thing stuck in my front leg, taped and attached to a long tube with fluid and stuff in it. My front paw is totally covered and it makes it hard to use the litterbox with this contraption on.

The food here stinks! Hospital food! It's supposed to be "good for my condition", but yuck! I just can't bring myself to eat it. Mom brought by some tasty tuna tonight, and I was able to eat a little of that.

I heard Mom and Doc Curtis discussing my condition. Sounds like "maybe" I might get to come home soon.

Thank you and your mom again for your visits and your prayers. They are deeply appreciated.

Many purrs, Jakar

Come visit me, Sir Hedley, K. Neelix (Angel Katie's guy) & Count Jakar (Vote Angel Elmie for COTM).

05/12/2016 10:49.56 PM Report This Comment
Thurs recap
We daily play golf at The Shack
we always have each others back
We eat and have fun
and when we're all done
Good manners we surely do lack.

Its not the greatest,I'm a little tired here.It IS chronic fatigue awareness day. ONE stinkin day to be aware how fatigued you are,use it wisely!

Luvbug (50) has the cure for what chronically makes you tired-Take a nap,or call the vet! See-look how perky you all look now!

Mallow (51) wants no applause,just throw money for her own catchy (and frankly pretty good-did "I" say that?) limerick.

I score a really,really fatigued 57. Its all that tuba playing for PD's wake,one only has so much air to blow.

Ana is looking fab,not fatigued with her 47.

Mudcat (61) hates to whack and run (wha????),but mother calls. No,not Mother nature.

Engine (63)has a morning picker-upper of roasted rooster (see-don't cock-a-doodle do too early,you end up roasted) and sterling on a stick.

GTt (45)invites all to the wake like has never been waked before (no-not the sleepy kind of wake). Pawty for the PD commences tomorrow with (you listening Tuck???) open bar,pole dancing (Mudcat),and tuba playing!

Tuck (57,are you following me around???) assumes the severe weather position-grab your ...tail,and head under the couch.

And last,we have the stars of the COTD window yesterday-Molly,Smokey,A. Buster,and ....hiding in the background is Little Miss (54) pawning off left over COTD goodies. Any nutty fudge left? Ohhh,that ain't no nut!

1st with 45 GTt
2nd with 47 Ana
3rd with 50 Luvbug

Losers: Engine with 63,and Mudcat with 61


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/12/2016 02:21.28 PM Report This Comment
Royal Purr
Thank you, King Tuck, for your kind remembrance on this sixth anniversary of our crossing. We are delighted to hear from old friends and new! May we also thank you for the lovely C.o.t.D with which we were greatly surprised this morning! You are all so wonderful! Take care and be well! Love and purrs! Felinity is divinity!!!

Come visit me, Her Royal Highness Queen Mu.

05/12/2016 08:07.05 AM Report This Comment
Its nurses day,and nutty fudge day. I know for a fact that one nurse I know is beyond nutty. Done flipped her wig (if she had one). Well Tuck,ya ready for the "we're all gonna die" race thru the house for the BEST spot under the bed?? SEVERE storms all day today. WHY do they have to say severe? I'm purrfectly fine with a gentle rain,maybe even a cute little rainbow,but SEVERE??? I already made out my will,everything in my closet is getting donated to the Smithsonian. Who wouldn't an orange cat named Steve's outfits and heels and pizza boxes with stale crusts?


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/12/2016 01:14.15 AM Report This Comment
5/11/16 - Eat What You Want in the Twilight Zone
Another garbage day at Ye Olde Catty Shack is upon us! Luvbug shoots a 48 (=12) and tells us it’s Foam Roller Day before he heads to the clubhouse for some time with those ingenious little gadgets that help us get all the kinks out without spending an arm & leg at the massage clinic.

Mallow hears that it’s Twilight Zone day, and sure enough her putt of 52 (=7) drops down the hole to emerge in another dimension! Steve has a 57 (=12) and says he is not a fan of those foam rollers because they pull all his fur out. Silly boy, you’re using a lint roller!!

Engine celebrates Eat What You Want Day by bringing us 60 (=6) servings of Mashed Mole and Mackerel. Seconds here, please! Mimi, meanwhile, is ALL about the foam rollers! She shoots a 61 (=7) and finds a nice spot on the clubhouse floor to roll to her little heart’s content. Tucker shoots a 57 (=12) and hangs around the clubhouse to avoid the dog, the voles, and the Twilight Zone.

Haley, despite her 38 (=11) is Little Haley Sunshine this morning, while Gracie T-t bids that we all remove our golf caps in honour of our pal PD Budd, who is being tucked in today beside his very best beloved Budd, UBB. A 42 (=6) putt salute seems like a proper Catty Shack tribute.

Rounding out the day is BeeGee with 46 (=10) foam hair rollers! And she wonders why it feels a bit bumpy when she rolls.

1st – Engine and Gracie T-t, both with 6
2nd – Mallow & Mimi with 7
3rd – BeeGee with 10

And on cart barn duty today we have Luvbug, Steve and Tucker, foam rollers and all!

Now, for the Eating What You Want part of the day. Any Mashed Mole left?

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Album ~ Vote A. Elmer #173244 in May, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear, Q.A. Mallow (MJ) ♥ OJ, A. Smokey ♥ A PawPaw & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ It's Playoffs time!.

05/11/2016 01:55.34 PM Report This Comment
One (me) questions why things are a bit hectic??? Yes,i know,that is best left for a private discussion. Meet me in my closet in 10 minutes,don't be late,and bring donuts :)
While your at it-load up the cart,its eat what you want day. Everything I want,is everything I see.....


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/11/2016 01:22.35 AM Report This Comment
Shoeless golfing anyone? 5-10-16
Just remember to watch your step in the "sand traps". *snicker* Oh, also be careful in all those messy rooms we all need to clean but probably won't. Unless we stay up all night. We could do that! Another reason to party! Luvbug(48) prefers to trust his intuition, which is probably telling him not to go shoeless anywhere around the shack, and to stay out of ALL the rooms!

Mallow(49) has "angel" duty today. She really must have had to work hard on shining up her halo before heading over to deliver some shrimp to Mimi & JC while their mom is ailing ... Notice to everyone: Don't touch Steve's(51) "stuff. As if anyone would want to. *shudder* ... Oh look! Those shrimp were just the thing to get Mimi's(61) mom up and at 'em! ... April(35) is shivering to the oldies today! You do realize winter is OVER, right?

Oh dear. Is there a mini Freddy Kruger loose at GTt's(32) place?? A trail of blood from the bed to the night stand? Make sure Persey doesn't run with scissors ... Look at all the yummies Engine(65) brought! Lazy lizard legs, mouseroni, and Black Rabbit's velvety (velveteen?) Dinner Coat! That should keep us going while we clean our rooms! *coff* ... Uh-oh. Tuck(50) is just begging for trouble, heading to Steve's closet to rifle through his stuff! Good luck with that ... And finally, Bee Gee(42) seems to think we need to increase the degree of difficulty on the links by adding a few windmills. Anybody else for that?

Who walked the longest with no shoes?
1st - Engine & her velvet rabbit, 65.
2nd - Mimi and "playful" JC, 61.
3rd - Steve & his "stuff, 51.

And off to the cart barn trots Gracie (don't let Persey run with scissors!) with April along to assist.

No matter what anyone tells you,
my room does NOT look like a "PigPen"!

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

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