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Domestic Shorthair from <a href=' Springfield/club-members.aspx' title='New Springfield, OH'>New Springfield, OH</a>

K. Tuck ~ #219145

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Hi! My name is K. Tuck ~ #219145

I am Domestic Shorthair from New Springfield, OH

Nicknames: Tuck, Baby Boy, Honey Boy, I can't say...MOL!!!

Age: 6 years old

Gender: M

Coat: short haired

Education: He's my constant companion especially when I am sick and in bed he doesn't leave me alone for long and when I move to the couch he is constantly checking on me. We tease him about being Nurse Tucker, but he really is an awesome one!!

1st ~ COTD/RCOTD ~ January 10,2012
2nd ~ COTD ~ April 19,2013
3d COTD ~ April 19, 2014
4th COTD ~ April 19, 2015
COTM: March 1, 2014
CROTM :March 1, 2014

King Mike bestowed the honor of Sir Tucker Knight Of The Realm on July 1, 2012

Queen Gracie bestowed upon me my own pursonnal MoonPie Mobile and I have my own private Grass Shack on Pinto Island!!!

Queen Trixie Honored me with the "You Make A Difference Award" on May 1,2013

King Whiskers Honored me with the Loyal Friend award on July 1, 2013

Queen Angel Yum Yum honored me with Her Majesty's Service Medal on 8/31/13

Queens Maggie & Angel Ginger Appointed me Official Groundskeeper of the Castle August 2015

My favorite tricks and treats are: I leap from the ground into my moms arms and ride on her & dads shoulders, I am the bug patrol in my house & I'll do anything to get them even work in tandem with the D-O-G to get them. and Whisker Lickens Crunchy Tuna & Tender Chicken & Cheese, Friskies Crispies Cheese... See at theme going here??? Cheese, Ham, Pork & Saurkraut ..really,
Bread & Pizza.

Where I hang out: Kitty Tower , on top of the Hot Tub perfect for watching my territory!!!! On Mom & Dads shoulders.

My favorite grubs: a can any kind I'm not picky, but I get a special can at night that I love Fancy feast With Tuna & Cheese! YUM!!!.

My pet peeves: anybody foreign in MY yard!!! Being told NO.

What I love about my owners: She takes me for walks outside, she holds me like a baby & rubs my tummy, I also like to ride on her shoulders!!!!

My cat hobbies: play, play play....torture the dog Shadow & Mouse & Dot

Pet motto: its all about ME!!!!

Shadow (DC) #219532
Cinnamon (HC) #224656

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How We Met

After losing my best friend of 18 yrs I had started to look again, although I was looking for a long haired Kitty which he is not. I saw Tucker on the internet and fell instantly in Love!!!! He is my import.. he came from around Toledo from a wonderful foster mom for Maine Coon Rescue.

A special thank-you goes to the CMR and all their crews!!! We really appreciate all your support!!!
Thanks so much to Zaboo & Family for the wondeful shout-out we are honored to be your furfriends!!!
And Sir Steve & Sir Ernie for a special helping hand, thank you, you two!!!
Also I would like to thank Boo Kitty & Mom for making my Beautiful frames!!!

Thank you very much for:
Vote #1000 ~ Sir Steve
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Vote #4000 ~ K. Steve
Vote #5200 ~ Hot Rod
Vote #6000 ~ Boo Kitty
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Vote #9000 ~ Toby

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I've had 70761 friends visit me.

I'm the 49,148th member on

9,282 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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My Cat Blog

Hi K Tuck and Family, It's me, Talley
Today we take a break in the catpaign, to make an announcement,
Queens Maggie and Angel Ginger have agreed that the Coronation shall take place on Tuesday September 1st beginning at 7:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. The ceremony will take place on the Cat’s Meow Resort, (271826). Following the ceremony there will be a reception for all kitties. There will be a delicious menu, Music and Dancing until the wee hours (or until everyone is tired and goes to sleep)
I have to say, It has been an honor and a pleasure to Catpaign this month, and I am so overwhelmed with your support and kindness. I will try to be a good Queen and serve you well.
And now a poem:

Like God keeps His eye upon the sparrow,
I keep my eye upon the cat,
For unlike the little sparrow,
I’m not sure just where she’s at.
She knows the couch is out of bounds,
Yet invariably she goes there,
She ignores the yellow warning tape,
I’ve wound around it, in despair.
I know she likes electric cords,
She pulls them from the wall,
I’ve told her fifty million times,
The wires are rewired now,
To shriek like fire sirens,
If she so much as puts a paw
Anywhere near their environs.
She treats the kitchen counter,
As a fun place on which to glide,
Though it’s purposely lubricated
To make her slip and slide.
When I booby-trapped the cupboards,
I thought, “A-ha! I’ve stopped her now!”
But fearlessly she enters,
And does not blow up, somehow.
Some cat owners keep baskets
Of balls of yarn upon the floor,
My basket’s filled with hand grenades,
Which she bats around ’til she gets bored.
Alternate pencils on my desktop,
On impact will explode,
She always kicks the safe ones off,
How ever does she know?
There’s nothing wrong with cat food,
It’s made special, just for cats,
But she wants steak and baked potato,
Just once I’d like to wear a dress,
Not accessorized with cat hair,
But plastic bags do not protect,
How does she get inside there?
I firmly speak; my voice is loud,
Sometimes I fairly SHOUT!
But, somehow her cat meows,
Are loud enough to drown me out.
I tell her time and time again,
It would help so much when I yell at her,
If she looked more like a brute.
Her attention span is not too long,
Just long enough to drive me wild,
I’m convinced she had some lessons,
From a clever, spoiled child.
I doubt God’s little sparrows,
Give Him trouble quite like mine,
But He can’t hold them in His lap,
Or hug them any time.
Oh, I suppose it is a tradeoff,
And I do get some relief,
Like when she’s curled up on the couch
Behind the yellow tape, asleep.
I think to master cat control,
Is a fine, accomplished art,
I’ve learned I can cat-proof my house,
But I can’t cat-proof my heart.
I love you all,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

08/29/2015 04:57.44 PM Report This Comment
Happy Undopty, Mike! 8-29-15
You sly dog. You're getting more mileage out of your adopty day than I ever did! Maybe we can all stay late for the party and celebrate that full moon along with Bat Night!

Luvug(60/6) is shopping locally for the best herbs. Catnip herbs! What ELSE were you thinking? ... Mallow(59/14) is supporting local franchises with burgers and Blizzards on her big fat hog! Ride carefully Mallow, or you might need a "House" call! .... Ana(56/11) is full of "local" good morning today .... Mimi(65/11) would LIKE to shop for local bats but her mom goes radioactive if she gets too close to tehm. Tell her you're learning to catch mosquitoes by observing the bats - very closely.

GTt(50/5) is feeling very la-di-da today. What if it IS a tennis match? Then what are you gonna do with your shiny putter, Miss Smarty Pants? .... Tucker!(51/6) Don't feel like the All Alone Ranger! We thought Mike's 'dopty was yesterday too. Even showed up with our teeth brushed and minty fresh breath and everything! PLEASE tell me we don't have to brush again! Oh wait. Catnip toothpaste. Never mind .... And Bee Gee(61/7) arrives at the unparty incognito. That is: uncomplaining. How will anyone recognize you if you aren't being grouchy about something??

Here's the batty results:
1st - GTt and her shiny putter, 5. UBB helped.
2nd - Tie, Luvbug & Tucker, 6. Enjoying their "herbs".
3rd - Bee Gee, 7. Who? That can't possibly be Darn!

Whoa! Looks like the Mighty Mallow is all alone ranger in the cart barn today. Maybe we should just start calling it the still shed. And it can be the still of the night for the Full Moon party later too!

Any bats invited to the party?
Besides Bee Gee, I mean? *snicker*


08/29/2015 01:46.05 PM Report This Comment
I know what you are mewing but I just luvs being outdoors when there is no snow. And since the days suddenly got shorter at both end I have been able to sit out when it gets dark before the Old Lady notices.
Now old kissy puss PD sits right by the door and comes right in when he is spoken to. I will sit right on a deck chair and not get off until she discovers that I have ignored her and then she has to come over and pick me up!
I like lurking under the lilac bushes too.
Anyway, the mew regime has begun!
She says she does not want to spoil my fun. Of course all three of us go out to play in the garden while she does the cutting and pulling stuff. That is fun too.
We are not allowed to climb the trees. UBB taught me that, rest his soul. He trained me about how to be on the property and not to leave it.
Years before I was born he climbed trees trying to catch birds. He did not know how far trees can go. While mom and her friend were having lunch one day (in the NC forest where they lived) . They watched UBB frolicking outdoor through a big picture window. He started chasing birds and climbing the skinny trees. He got higher and higher and then got stuck. He cried. And mom was so upset that her dear (athletic) friend who really did not care for cats endangered her life and climbed up the 40 feet to rescue UBB. She had to get him to jump into her arms. When he did and then they carefully made it down he whispered to him, "Now don't ever climb a tree again." And he did not.Oh, he used to do what you do Tuck, just running and jumping for it about 3 feet up the trunk then getting off. That is what he showed me to do.
So, today I am grateful to my Uncle Buddy for teaching me how to be safe outdoors. BUT, he did not stay outside at night either. There are just to many wild creatures who come out at night and they would scare me or make me stink.
So, the mew rule is Out at daylight after breakfast. Snack during the day is possible but anything after 5 or 6 pm. when I come in for my supper means that all doors are closed! No nighttime mysteries for me...
And then when the garden and landscape are erased into whiteness in the winter I will stay inside and dream of summer when I run free and am happy.
Gracie T-t

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes, End of Summer!, Furlip Files-C.C0's Badge, PD Budd, 'Cat of Mystery' & The 2 Budd's -Research & Development.

08/29/2015 05:10.58 AM Report This Comment
Thanks a bunch, Tuck & family
for helping me celebrate my Adoptiversary and for the Cat Daniels & 'nip to help get me through the embarrassment of more baby pictures. Though I WAS totally awesome at climbing Mount Mom!

I sure can't believe it was eight years ago today I found my forever family and spent that very first night snuggled up with Mom & Dad. That day also made it possible to find this awesome CC family and my forever love Lady Dolly too. What a lucky tom I am!

My thoughts are definitely with my sweetheart's Mom today, this is the first special day since my King campaign that Dolly's happy little face hasn't been here to celebrate with me. But I know that she's here in spirit, and her Mom can feel all the loving thoughts and prayers coming her way from all of us. -- Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ vote Talley #88476 daily in Aug, Angel Jezebel ~ Love lives on, K Mike loves Q L Dolly always~Purrs for Mom Janada, Mojo Blackbear ~ Helping Mikey guard the house, A Mallow ♥ OJ ~ Ridin' with the Hairballz!, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw caught my ♥ & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ my Becky came to see me!.

08/28/2015 07:24.51 PM Report This Comment
Hi K Tuck and Family, It's me, Talley
We have a short blog and a long poem today.
I wanted to mention another way to help shelters. It’s something that dad has been doing for quite a while, and we almost forgot to mention it to you. It’s easy, doesn’t cost anything and provides funding for almost any charity that you can think of.
Most of us order things from Amazon, and they have a program called Amazon Smile. You sign up, and then whenever you make a purchase a, small donation is made to the charity you selected.
The small amounts add up, our local “No More Homeless Pets’ told us that they receive almost two hundred dollars a month.
Just a thought, and now our poem....
There's a danger you know.
You can't own just one, for the craving will grow.
There's no doubt they're addictive, wherein lies the danger
While living with lots, you'll grow poorer and stranger
One cat is not trouble, and two are so funny,
The third one is easy, the fourth one's a honey
The fifth is delightful, the sixth ones's a breeze.
You find you can live with a houseful, with ease.
So how 'bout another? Would you really dare?
They're really quite easy, but Oh Lord, the hair!
With cats on the sofa and cats on the bed,
And crates in the kitchen, its no bother, you said.
They're really no trouble, their manners are great.
What's just one more cat and one more little crate?
The sofa is hairy, the windows are crusty.
The floor is all footprints, the furniture's dusty.
The housekeeping suffers, but what do you care?
Who minds a few noseprints and a little more hair?
So let's keep a kitten, you can always find room.
And a little more time for the dust cloth and broom.
There's hardly a limit to the cats you can add
the thought of a cutback, sure makes you feel sad.
Each one is special, so useful, so funny,
The food bill grows larger, you owe the vet money.
Your folks never visit, few friends come to stay,
Except other cat folks, who live the same way.
Your lawn has now died and your shrubs are dead, too.
Your weekends are busy, you're off with your crew.
There's cat food and vitamins, grooming and shots
And entries and travel and motels, which cost lots.
Is it worth it you wonder? Are you caught in a trap?
Then that favorite comes up and climbs in your lap.
His look says you're special and you know that you will
Keep all of the kittens in spite of the bill.

Late evening is awful, you scream and you shout
At the cats on the sofa, who refuse to get up.
The cats and the cat shows, the travel, the thrills
The work and the worry, the pressure, the bills.
The Whole thing seems worth it, the cats are your life.
They're charming and funny and offset the strife.
Your lifestyle has changed, things just won't be the same.
Yes, those cats are addictive and so's the cat game!
Author Unknown

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

08/28/2015 06:50.08 PM Report This Comment
8.28 Last Long Drive Furiday in August
A grand day to Gripe... Complain... & Plant Daffodils for our Future
That' last one is what LuvBug took care of. 62 daffodils outside the Clubhouse. Just think of him when spring finally, if it ever, comes. And right along with him is our head complainer who is sure the world is Going to Pott, Angel Mallow with 57 gripes and depressed about the winter that comes before springtime daffodils.
Steve (53) present and waiting for the Apocalypse to play his keyboard and shake the cracker crumbs out of it for snacks.
What is it with you cats today?
Even Sandy with her 55 claims this is her last low score day. Has anyone whispered the "w" word to her?
Mimi (69) has been watching LuvBug plant all those bulbs because when they bloom winter will be over... somehow I am getting depressed typing up the golf commentary today...
Here's a reasonable complaint: GTt wants to know just why she cannot stay outside all night like she did last night. She's got barn duty with her 47.
Tucker celebrated (finally a cheerful cat) Bow Tie Day by wearing his under his double chins and is dancing 50 TGIF spins, too.
Bringing up the rear, BeeGee, true to herself is annoyed at smoke, dust, dogs and everything. So, what's mew? And her 68 nearly came in first so she could have bought the first round.
Here's the scores
1st- Mustang Mimi 69
2nd- BeeGee 68 and star complainer (besides Mallow and Steve)
3rd -Luvbug 62, thanks for the daffy dillys
Cart Barn and then locked in her house - Grounded GTt 47

Free Complaints & Comments by PD Budd-- I don't even like daffodils
but it IS FURIDAY******

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes, End of Summer!, Furlip Files-C.C0's Badge, PD Budd, 'Cat of Mystery' & The 2 Budd's -Research & Development.

08/28/2015 12:32.50 PM Report This Comment
Dear Tuck,
Yes! It's EST. Geez, now mom has to adjust the announcement. I told you she's not the best at this computer stuff!MOL. Thank you for pointing this out! Would have been confusing, says Maggie shaking her head back and forth.
Maggie and A Ginger

Come visit me, Queens Maggie & A. Ginger-Vote for Talley COTM.

08/28/2015 06:13.21 AM Report This Comment
Dear Tuck make me blush with your compliments:) (I love 'em tho:) So cool that your Mom is helping the lady who is rescuing Mom cat and the baby kittens. That's priceless that the momcat comes to your Dad...the "dog person." So like a cat, isn't it? It's sad that one little kitten didn't make it. So hard for these homeless kittymoms to give birth on the street, so to speak. Your Mom is a great cat whisperer! Well, gotta run. I'm way behind. Mom went on a long hike in the North Georgia Mountains with her neighbor yesterday and got home late. She was too pooped to get me on CC. Bad Mom! Sending you lots of love and some calico friendship kisses. Love, Gin Gin

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl.

08/27/2015 05:49.12 PM Report This Comment
Dear Tuck,
I think that the difficult time your mom had was almost the difficult time that my time had and she was very kind to her! But, that's what friends are for, right?
Dearest Tuck, make sure your mom makes it to the Events Center this Saturday at 1pm for the Grand Opening of the Sanctuary!
Love you,
Maggie and A Ginger

Come visit me, Queens Maggie & A. Ginger-Vote for Talley COTM.

08/27/2015 05:45.47 PM Report This Comment
8-27 recap
What do you get when you mix a a banana with a burger and a dash of doggie stink-eye....just because. Give up? Me too. The answer is: another messed up,typical day at CC2.

Luvbug (61) asks for global forgiveness on something he may,or may not do-"just because".

Mallow (56) orders her burger with frizzled onions,whatever that may be. I WOULD ask,but I'm a little afraid of the explanation coming form Mallow.

I score a custardless (I hope) 64. WHO eats that stuff! I'm giving my full stink butt to my mutt. Eye...stink eye.

Sandy (58) is golfing by starlight again. Doing that too much will ruin your eyes,or something.

Mudcat (74) is in the forgiving mood of her furblings,but it took fear of their carrier to do it. They DO look a little sad,don't they.

Engine (64) class suck up, gets on GTt's good side (thats a good side to be on) with mouseburgers and woodpecker waffles,just because.

Tuck and Dot (60) mix business with pleasure (gasp) with a fully loaded still. They are armed,and in danger if they don't share.

Speaking of danger, BG (64)lets the Duchess of Dance (Ziggy) fill in and putt for her today. Later she can be the DD for us all after we crack open the still Tuck is so gallantly guarding.

GTT (56) the great connoisseur of the mouseburgers grabs her share before anyone else wakes up. Take 10 GTt,their small (so SHE says)

1st: Mallow and GTt with 56
2nd : Sandy with 58.
3rd: Tuck and Dot with 60

Losers: Mudcat 74 and Engine and me with 64.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

08/27/2015 01:08.55 PM Report This Comment
Hi K Tuck and Family, It's me, Talley
Today we’re going to discuss a very serious subject; Lost Kitties and how to find to find them. I hope you never need this information!
Top 10 Tips For Finding Lost Cats
1) Not all missing cats are lost. Cats are notorious for hiding in impossible places. Before you assume kitty is missing, make a thorough search indoors. ( I once spent the entire day in mom’s lingerie drawer)
2) If you know your cat is missing, grab your cellphone with a photo of your cat uploaded, flashlight and treats and head out. Wear comfortable clothes and comfortable soft-soled shoes. Hit the streets
3) While you’re searching, ask pedestrians, knock on neighbor’s doors and show the photo. Ask if you can check their garage, sheds, under the porch. To save time, multi-task during the search: leave a missing cat report with your vet, Animal Control, all the other local vets, shelters and rescue groups.
4) When you return home, leave food and water outside your door. Local TNR rescue rescues will often lend a trap. Go outside one last time to check and call your cat’s name before bedtime.
5) If you haven’t already made a missing cat poster, make one. Include: A good photograph, your cat’s name, description, any special identifying marks or collar, when last seen and where (cross street), your phone and e-mail. adding contact info at the bottom of the page cut into four or five vertical strips that can be easily torn off is helpful.
6) Enlist family and friends to help post flyers and spread the word. Have push pins, tape and a staple gun depending on the surface. The best posting spots include street intersection poles, local bulletin boards at grocery stores, library, laundromat and community center.
7) Post missing cats reports at online at Tabbytracker Craigslist, local online newspapers Use social networking like Facebook and Twitter. Ask everyone to share.
8) Visit all your local shelters to look for yourself even if say they don’t have a cat of your description.
9) If you’ve recently moved, extend your search to your old neighborhood.
10) Persevere! Cats have returned weeks and months later. Keep networking, and asking neighbors if they’ve noticed anything. Keep your flyers or posters fresh with a “Still Missing” header.
Today’s poem was selected by my dad!

I Could Pee on This
Her new sweater doesn’t smell of me
I could pee on that
She’s gone out for the day and
left her laptop on the counter
I could pee on that
Her new boyfriend just pushed
my head away
I could pee on him
She’s ignoring me ignoring her
I could pee everywhere
She’s making up for it
by putting me on her lap
I could pee on this
I could pee on this
—Charles Bukowski (or maybe his cat.)

Love to you all,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

08/27/2015 12:16.57 PM Report This Comment
Thank you for helping us celebrate....
We were surprised to see our Special Days Reporting Page as the COTD yesterday but were thrilled to get a beautiful award to display. Thank you for pouncing by to help us celebrate our special day in the spotlight!

We thank those of you that have already let us know when your special days are. We made sure we have them listed on our spreadsheet so they can go in the mews on the right day.
If you haven't let us know when your special days are please drop us a note so we can get them added.

Please don't be upset but we'll be deleting the catgrats blogs from yesterday (unless they contain special days info) so that the page will be easier for us to read.

Thank you again for the great honor of COTD & for helping us celebrate it!! Hugs & purrs.....

Come visit me, ~MEWS ROOM~Vote COTM in August for TALLEY #88476, COTD Winner Archives, ♦ROYAL KITTY HALL OF FAME♦, Cat's Meow Resort & Event Center, Special days reporting page & Sign-up page (COTM or COTD shout-outs).

08/27/2015 07:39.33 AM Report This Comment
I can see the pic today-there ain't no bling on you! I DO notice however that YOU could be VERY useful Tuck. Call it an epiphany,call it genius if you will-look at the crook of your tail. Look...look closer-you can use it as a divining rod! GOLD-we can find gold!!!! Or was that for water,I get confused.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

08/27/2015 01:03.21 AM Report This Comment
Dear K. Tuck, Mouse, Dot & Maizy!!
Hi guys! YEP 2009 was a GREAT year, wasn't it? Six is a super age to be. A nice adult age but not over the hill, right?

Thanks so much for pouncing over with the delightful Happy Birthday wishes! We are having a virtual fiesta with BBQ salmon and yellowfin tuna over at the Lily Pad today! Please enjoy yourselves and thanks so much for the basket filled with temptations & greenies! ☆YUMMY☆ The new squeaking ball, and big bouquet of fresh catnip are the PURRFECT things to help me celebrate!! Thanks so much! You guys ROCK!

It’s hard for mom to believe I am turning six years old today - - she still thinks of me as a kitten - - the years have certainly flown by and we have seen many changes come, too. I am so thankful for my furriends on CC and that our community is still together!

Let’s take a moment in quiet reflection for our dear furriends and their pawrents, hurting, ill or in need, and say a little blessing, then enjoy some BBQ and a big piece of cake!

Have a super evening! Big hugs from the ❀LILY PAD❀


Come visit me, RennieBoots♥T- hank you furriends!♥, ♦♦Q Lily ♦♦ & ♦Lily's Memory Page♦.

08/26/2015 05:41.41 PM Report This Comment
Hi K Tucker
Today was Autumn like around here and we thought it was gonna rain, but it never did. Just very cloudy with a little bit of sun here and there.

We had to stay locked in the house all day while mom went to work and then had her DR can read about it on the CMR!

Mom got home late and we were upset cause our dinner was late. We eat at 5:30pm and mom got home at 6pm. We gave mom funny looks and told her don't be late anymore.

She said she was sorry but her and her friend also stopped to eat dinner before coming home and we didn't get any. It was Chinese and we don't like that, so it was alright!

We are all outside right now, but we will be coming in soon cause it gets dark early now and mom brings us in when it starts to get dark so she can see us...we have a very dark yard at night.

Mom is liking her new-to-her computer desk. Very roomy with lots of room for more stuff should mom get any new stuff for it....I was already all over it and investigating it from top to bottom. I didn't jump way on top of it though, but I sniffed everything within my nose reach....have to make sure it is safe for mom you know!

Well, I hope you have a pawsome evening!
Stay warm
Win =^..^=

Come visit me, KELSEE~~I ♥ Snickie~~Happy Summer~~, K-WINSTON ~~I ♥ Brina~~*Welcome Summer*, KALI~~I LUV Elvis~~It's Summer!!!~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA~~Summer is here~~*I ♥ Shaddy*, JESSE ~~Lovin Summer~~I ♥ Tweetie, KCK: 2015 Eastern Conference Champs! & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

08/26/2015 05:14.01 PM Report This Comment
8/26/15 - The Dog Ate My Popsicle!
I finally got my blogger to take a break from solving the plumbing problems of the world … or at least the house, to get busy on my golf summary. Yeesh, with all this empowerment in the air you’d think it was Womens’ Equality Day or something.

Luvbug tells us it’s also Toilet Paper Day and National Dog Day. 60 (=6) dogs please, with mustard! Oh, they mean fur furry drooling kind of dogs. Whoops. What DO we do with those? Mallow shoots a 53 (=8) and says that we can blame them for eating the toilet paper. Brilliant plan, Mallow, except we don’t have a dog.

Steve is here! And he chooses to celebrate Cherry Popsicle Day since with a 54 (=9) he is freezing like one. Sandy is celebrating Water Fun Day with a 70 (=7). Mimi is spitting 72 (=9) cherry pits at the dog and has her own take on Womens’ Equality Day. She thinks it’s giving femalekind a demotion!

Tucker watches his catty shred 57 (-12) rolls of TP and I sure hope HE has a dog to blame it on! Gracie T-t has done a 51 (=6) page study of popsicles and she has to wonder where Mimi got those cherry pits from. While BeeGee also brings us a 54 (=9) and a resounding chorus of The Dog Did It! Did what? Who cares? Whatever it was, the dog did it.

The results are in
1st – Luvbug and Gracie T-t, tied with 6
2nd – Sandy with 7
3rd – Mallow with 8

Now I think I’m going to try one of those cherry popsicles before someone’s dog gets them.

Respectfully submitted by
Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

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Hi K Tuck and Family, It's me, Talley

I'd like to take a moment, before we begin today’s blog, to thank every one of you, who took the time to come by and offer your support during my catpaign. I feel like I've learned a lot from all of you, and I hope I've offered you some ideas you may not have thought of before. I truly am grateful for your comments, ideas and help.
Well, tonight, I'll address a subject that I probably should have mentioned before. That is “spreading the word.” Shelters have wonderful kitties just waiting for someone to love. There are lots of people who feel lonely and troubled whose lives could be transformed for the better by a furry companion. How do we get them together? Advertising is the answer. It’s effective, but expensive. There is free publicity though, It is through the news media. It can be as simple as writing letters to the editor of your local newspaper, or it can involve establishing a rapport with local television and promoting shelter adoptions. Remember, there are lots of loving kitties available at a much lower cost than going to a breeder or pet shop. (dad has a hard time going to PetSmart on weekends because he always wants to bring all of the kitties home. The important thing though is to get the word out. People who live with pets live longer healthier lives than those who don't. Alley Cat Allies has a media primer on the website and it offers great ideas and sample letters and news releases. The address is http://www.alleycat. org/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=373 . So, to get started, let's resolve to write at least one letter to the newspaper during the month of my reign.

Regarding the Coronation Ball, We still need to arrange the details with Queens,Angel Ginger and Maggie, but one thing is certain. Every one of the kitties on CC is invited to the CMR resort on September 1st, to celebrate at the Coronation Ball, There will be a speech (a very short one, I promise) and wonderful food, , and there will be dancing too. I want to purrsonally shake paws and hug each and every one of you.

And now today, something a little different:

An Old Russian Prayer
Hear our prayer Lord, for all animals,
May they be well-fed and well-trained and happy;
Protect them from hunger and fear and suffering;
And, we pray, protect specially, dear Lord,
The little cat who is the companion of our home,
Keep her safe as she goes abroad,
And bring her back to comfort us

And a poem

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray this cushy life to keep.
I pray for toys that look like mice,
And sofa cushions, soft and nice,
For grocery bags where I can hide,
Just like a tiger, crouched inside!
I pray for gourmet Kitty snacks,
And someone nice to scratch my back,
For window sills all warm and bright,
For shadows to explore at night.
I pray I’ll always stay real cool,
And keep the secret feline rule
To NEVER tell a human that
The world is really ruled by CATS!

I love you all,

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Nice picture,IF I could see it! I DID see it the other day,unless your playing musical pictures again. Its make your own luck day-I came for the recipe please,I'm all out of my own. Now,if it was margarita day,or purrhaps Crown and Coke day,I would be SO in!


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Hi K Tuck and Family, It's me, Talley
Yesterday was a wonderful day here in Jacksonville. It was 85 and not a cloud in the sky. We didn’t get any thunder boomers either. There was a nice breeze and we got to play in the screened patio while mom & dad worked in the flower beds. Dad has a couple of square foot gardens, and he took some of the tired tomato plants out and put in some lettuce, parsley, beans, and CATNIP. Mom planted flowers, in the front yard beds and down the driveway beds.

Today, I’d like to tell you about an Alley Cat Allies program that helps community awareness of the needs that stray and feral kitties have. It's called Every Kitty – Every City.

This what Alley Cat Allies says about the program:
Through the Every Kitty – Every City program, we raise awareness and educate the community in targeted cities about outdoor cats, feral cat colony care, Trap-Neuter-Return, and the importance of accessible, affordable neuter services through workshops, outreach programs, and organizing.

The Every Kitty – Every City program provides individuals, groups, and veterinary professionals in the community with the tools and basic knowledge needed to serve as a community resource. As part of the program, Alley Cat Allies rallies and assists community volunteers, local groups, and private shelters to enhance their already existing Trap-Neuter-Return programs or to seamlessly launch new ones.
Alley Cat Allies sponsors workshops, open to the public, for advice and instruction on the best practices of Trap-Neuter-Return and colony care. We also recruit and help train local veterinary professionals on high-volume, low-cost techniques that will increase the availability of affordable neuter services including early-age spay/neuter and vaccination protocol. To start a program in your city, contact one of the existing programs, Or contact Alley Cat Allies!
This program was vital in establishing the TNR program of No More Homeless Pets, here in Jacksonville.

And now, a funny poem for today:

All I Need To Know About Life
I Learned From My Cat

Life is hard, and then you nap.
One day ignore people, the next day annoy them.
When in doubt cop an attitude.
Curiosity never killed anything except maybe a few hours.
Climb your way to the top, that's why the drapes are there.
Never sleep alone when you can sleep on someone's face.
If you're not receiving enough attention,
try knocking over several expensive lamps.
Make your mark in the world or at least spray each corner.
When you go out into the world, remember:
being placed on a pedestal is a right, not a privilege.

Thank you so much for your love and support! I love you all,

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Dearest Tuck,
Thank you for your kind words! Thank you. You would be surprised to know how many things she is juggling.
Tell you some other time. Mom is staying with my momma and half brother in their space, got the laptop in her, of course lap, and is running out of power.
Love you!
Maggie and A Ginger

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Smoke 'em if ya got 'em! 8-25-15
Or not. We are coming to you from the smokey haze capital of the world! The heck with second-hand wardrobe, we're under second-hand smoke alert!

Luvbug(59) is making kitten eyes at his mom to kiss and make up for the old hairball-in-the-slipper trick .... Mallow(51) is making her entrance and exit in the blink of an eye .... The Angels(72) are keeping their eyes closed in the rain. Careful you don't fly into something.

Uh oh. Mimi(76) will be demanding a kiss and make-up session with her mom for getting her shots yesterday. Or maybe she'll just settle for kissing that bourbon bottle .... Engine(73) eels in with a slithery selection from the Viper Van: over-easy earthworms and skinless snake sausage sizzle! ... Tucker(55) is having to deal with temperamental Mouse today. Instead of a hug & a kiss she's dishing out a whack & a hiss!

GTt(54) is having her own private little pity party, at which she's tho only one who wants to kiss and make up with her! Would you like a mirror? .... And Bee Gee(62) won't admit she's done anything that requires kissing and making up for. Not our little Darn!

Long drives out of the smokey wild brown yonder:
1st - Mimi tees up on the empty bourbon bottle and scores a winning 76.
2nd - Engine is in (quality) control with a 73.
3rd - And the Angels have a tropical 72 for their indoor games.

Into the cart barn goes Mallow and her little 51. You only THOUGHT you were gonna make like a banana and split! Find out if you can make banana whiskey sours on that still. Heck, it's all make believe, we should be able to make whatever we want. Right?

Don't light those nip stogies
unless you can see stars!


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So pawsomely quiet in the house...
that I finally get to meow at everyfur!! Thank you for pouncing by to celebrate my adopty day with me on the 20th...& for the catgrats on my being COTD on the 21st! I enjoyed all of your blogs, the wonderful gifts, beautiful balloons, scrumptious goodies & your loving purrs of furiendship. Thank you SO much for sharing my 2 special days with me!!

It was a super busy weekend with the 1 year old grandson crawling all around the house but we survived...MOL! He was a very good boy the entire weekend but he's getting harder to keep up now that he's crawling so fast. He was standing on his own too so pretty soon the crawling will stop & walking/running will start. Then the real fun will begin for his mommy & daddy...MOL!
Mom managed to get her free windows 10 upgrade done while he was here but is just now getting programs installed to open her files. So far she likes it (except for the mail program) so thinks she'll keep using it instead of reverting back to her old operating system. She's already downloaded the mail program she likes, a word & excel program to open her transferred files, installed her new printer & connected everything (via cloud) to her phone to make things faster & easier. She's not sure everything is 'normal' yet but I'm sure she'll find out soon enough if she's missing anything important...MOL!

JJ has returned to the great outdoors...although reluctantly because he loved the attention he got in here...MOL! He's been staying close to home & has been avoiding Bartholomew as much as he can so hopefully he can keep himself out of trouble for a while. His fur has all grown back now that his wounds are completely healed. He's still nervous about noises & unexpected things but purrhaps that will make him more cautious about getting into or going places he isn't supposed to. Keeping my paws crossed on that one...MOL!
Our 2 outside kittens (Libby aka Nibby Libby & her brother Sundance) are doing great & are growing like little weeds. The rest of the outside crew are doing fine too but they're not liking our cooler temps this week.

Well I've got to get going for now so I can bake an anniversary cake for Fluffinella & Joey's 1st year together...& also one for mom & dad who will be celebrating 37 years of wedded bliss tomorrow too. I probably won't be doing anything but voting tomorrow but I'll be back again later in the week. Thanks again for celebrating my adopty day & COTD award winning days with me!!

Big paw hugs,

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Hey Tucker!
Well, finally huh? Don't get the idea I'm avoiding you. It's MOM who is kind of avoiding her computer these days. She claims to have "other" things to do!

So, are you still rain-free back there? We wish like crazy we cold get some rain out here! There is a teensy chance of precipitation today, and that usually means forget it.

Toby is still flooding the litter box, although it sort of comes and "goes". He'll do really well for a couple days and then get bad again, but he's still perky and happy. Good thing he still has his famous appetite! He has to eat about 10 or 12 times a day. Poor guy. *snicker* He's keeping mom busy though. He has some weird litter box methods. He digs a hole and then "goes" on top of the pile of litter he made when he dug the hole. SO - all his, um, runnies run down the hill and get on his back feet sometimes. SO - mom has to watch every time he goes potty in case she has to grab him and clean his feet. Stupid cat.

Bee Gee


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8-24 recap
Knife day! (whats with the "kn",spell it like it sounds). Too bad its not juggling day also-goes well with knives and peach pie and weird music. You know the kind-the kind they play in scary movies right before you yell "don't open that door"!!!

Luvbug (57) has his own form of weird going on with putting peach pits. Say THAT three times fast!

Mallow (53) has strange happenings after the 9pm hour. She said strange,not weird,she should know.

Haley (70) can see clearly now the rain has gone.She's predicting water games and fun under the stars. See Mallow for weird events after 9.

GTt (52) researches the finer points of bazooka cleaning. Odd,AND weird. Who cleans bubblegum??

Mudcat (68) our pole dancing,bazooka toting Southerner GTt talks about aims her peach pit ammo at the noise perps. Duck BG!

I score a 64,bumming out the knife doesn't come with a dish and fork. How can you eat waffles and peach pie with a nife,or a knife.

Tuck and Dot (65) make it their job to pester all neighbor dogs by taunting them with waffles and music. Not necessarily in that order.

BG (58)....she went there...she brought my purrsonal weird noises into it today I see. She's splitting her time between pestering the dog,and pestering me. Time well spent I might add.

Engine (73) comes to us from a remote location (ask BG the directions to THAT) to bring us our daily goods. Weird goods,but goods.

Scores :
1st: GTt 52
2nd :Mallow 53
3rd: Luvbug 58

And the losers are........Engine 73 and Haley 70


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Hi K Tuck
How was your weekend? Ours was very nice, except yesterday I didn’t feel so well. I was barfy twice and Mommy saw white hair in my poop. So she knows that I had (or have) a nasty hairball. I didn’t have any fever and I did eat a little and went potty. Mommy held me most of the day because when I don’t feel good, I am very clingy & needy. Thankfully I feel much better today, more like my usual happy self.

Purrs to you,
K Casper Todd

P.S. What a handsome profile pic!

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HI Tuck!
Terrific job! great details,thanks so much for the time and effort you put into making our Sanctuary grounds absolutely purrfect :)

headbonks and purrs,

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Hi K Tuck and Family, It's me, Talley
We never want to think about disasters, but we need to be prepared, (or should I say Purrpared). The ‘Seniors’, Hot Rod and Ziggy, suggested that we post a blog explaining how to prepare to evacuate our homes, should it become necessary.
They are so right, with the fires raging on the west coast, and the first hurricane of the season threatening the Caribbean, and possibly the mainland US, it’s time we took a look at what we need to do.
Before I do anything else, let me post the Web Address for the ASPCA emergency preparedness Website. Everything you need to do is spelled out there;
(Please eliminate any spaces that CC puts into the web addresses) ss
What is important is that you look at it now and prepare a kit to use when you need it. Basically, you need food, water, bowls, litter and emergency supplies for at least three days. (More is better.) We’ve already discussed first aid kits, but if any of you kitties need medication, that needs to be in the kit too.
Next you need a place to stay. Not all shelters will take pets, so here is a website that provides information on pet friendly hotels:
I know it can be scary to think about having to leave your home, but just think about how scary it would be to be in your home during a fire or a hurricane or a flood. When the emergency is over, use the perishable supplies and replenish your go-kit so that you’re always prepared for the unexpected.
The family needs to be prepared, that means the whole family including the four legged members.
Thanks again to Hot Rod and Ziggy for suggesting this topic.
And now our poem;
There was a spry woman
who lived next door.
She had cats in the attic
and cats on the floor.
There were cats where she ate
and cats where she slept,
And she dearly loved all
the cats that she kept.
At night she tucked each
in a wee little bed,
But they all much preferred
to wander instead.
The ripped through the screens
and battered through holes.
They climbed up the chimney
and slid down clothes poles.
They made a great racket
and scurried around.
They jumped from the roof
to the fence to the ground.
When the night was over,
at the crack of dawn,
The cats came home
with a sigh and a yawn.
They were quiet and docile
and gentle as silk
And came a-begging
for morning milk.
The neighbors were furious,
frustrated, and frantic,
Refusing to stand for
another cat antic.
When they came to complain,
they were offered a treat.
The cats were all kittenish,
playful, and neat.
They blinked and stretched
and purred on their mats.
Who would believe
there were the same cats?
By (Dorothy Golub)
Love to you all, dear friends,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Ride the wind? 8-23-15
How can we do that when our resident wind machine Steve isn't here? I think you're all secretly (or maybe NOT so secretly) happy we can take a pass on the wind riding today. Maybe tomorrow. We can always hope. *snicker*

Luvbug is sporting a nifty 54=9 this morning. I like your idea of just sitting on a swing and letting the wind d the work. Ana booms in with a sorry 64. Sorry, Ana, no kitty for you today. Mudcat is full of compliments and advice today. First she make GTt blush with her "sweet little pretty kitty" comment. Well, GTt DID deal you a winner! 69 and looking good. Then she advises us to hang onto the reins and fasten our seatbelts. Exactly what kind of saddles do you have where you come from?

GTt is apparently not reserving her mojo for the other players. Seems her "sweet little self" has delivered a winner to PD as well. He sweeps his 59 into the palm of his hand while wondering how little Mojo survives with a bazooka-totin' Mallow! Tucker, you may as well toss your crappy 50 and go hide behind the sofa. You might be safe from the bazooka back there, but I'll bet Steve's wind will still nail you! Bee Gee is waiting for computer meltdown to strike, but still stopped by to draw a nice 49. Well, nice if you're a polar bear.

And last - LAST? - but never least, Mallow arrives in a whirlwind of time warping turmoil with a miserable 55. She tosses her cards down with Tucker's and heads out for who knows where to clean that bazooka.

Plenty of winners today to join in the "lucky scrum". Let's see, there's Luvbug, Mudcat, PD, and Darn. Just for fun, let's let the losers to toss the pot in the air today. Make sure you divide it evenly among tossers, and no palming any of those catbucks!

~~~~Hot Rod~~~~
Mom's computer sounds like it's
getting ready to launch! 10 ... 9 ... 8 ...


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It is indeed a pleasure to meet each and every one of you. My family tells me you have been dear furends of our family for a long time. Thank you so much for stopping by to congratulate me and bring for me Pawty Mix & Temptations and the wonderful catnip ! I thank you again and I hope you and your family are having a peaceful Sunday. Your furend, Widget

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Hi K Tuck and Family, It's me, Talley

Dad received a solicitation in the mail from the Humane Society of the United States. And while he feels that they don’t get enough of each contributed dollar to shelters, he found some of the ideas here worthwhile. (dad prefers to support Alley Cat Allies and local shelters) but here are ten Ideas from HSUS.

1. Tell the world how you feel about your local shelter or rescue by using The Humane Society of the United States' Facebook share graphics.
2. Get to know your local shelters and rescue groups. Start the process by locating all of the ones in your area. You may be surprised how many groups nearby are helping animals.

3. Learn before you leap. Before you adopt, go to the Shelter Pet Project to learn what to expect when adopting a pet. You'll be much less likely to become frustrated and return your new pet if you understand the challenges and rewards of adopting a pet beforehand.

4. Say Thanks, Take a minute to express your gratitude to the people who work at your local shelter or rescue groups. If you've adopted a pet from one of them, show how well your pet is doing by sharing an updated picture via a letter, email, or posting it on the organization's Facebook page or website.

5. Get Crafty. Combine fabric, yarn, recyclables, and imagination to bring much-needed fun into the lives of local shelter and rescue pets. There's no end to the toys you can make. Try braiding strips of fleece into fun for dogs, or cutting and folding a surprising household object into a cat distractor.

6. Become a “Fan”. Like" the Shelter Pet Project on Facebook. Then, if possible, "like" the individual groups in your community, too.

7. Make wishes come true. Shelters and rescue groups always need towels, toys, and other supplies. Check their websites for wish lists or call them to find out what's in short supply.

8. Volunteer, if you can!

9. Help by helping your own pets, Microchip, tag and keep them safe!

10. Help local shelters make positive changes. If you see or hear anything at your local shelter that concerns you, follow The HSUS's guidelines for addressing that concern in the most effective way.

Nothing new here, but just a reminder.

And now, I have a short, funny little poem for us today:

You will find that feeding a cat is no easy task
What's the big problem you may well ask
Just open a tin and feed them from that
It is obvious my friend you don't own a cat
When outside they will eat a fly or a mouse
But things soon change when they dine in the house
Your fridge might be full of meat, poultry and fish
But what do you put in your fussy Cats dish
For to keep a Cat fed we beg, steal and borrow
Because what we give them today they won't want TOMORROW.

I love you all, dear friends,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Let's ALL be angels! 8-22-15
(Notice Steve and Bee Gee are notably absent today) *snicker* Maybe they are busy committing acts of kindness upon each other. Now that I'd like to see.

Luvbug(53/8) was very angelic and brought sponge cake instead of angel food cake. Left that for Mallow to do, huh? .... Oh my, Mallow(54/9) seems to have misunderstood Be An Angel Day. It's okay, Mallow, put the bazooka down and step away from the pearly gates. *whew* .... Haley(60/6) is on the move like an angel on the wing. Lots to do and a short time to get it done. Almost like Smokey and the Bandit. Almost.

Um, Gracie(50/5). I never thought "sending in the angels" was what you did when you want it to warm up. I always thought it was the little devils you needed for that .... Mimi(77/14) is not heading to the vet today, even though she needs her rabies booster. Apparently her vet administers those with a dart gun. Run, Mimi! .... And Tucker(59/14) must want something really bad! He's sucking up to mom, calling her his angel. Sweet, Tuck, but methinks mom will see through that ploy.

I guess that wraps up today's putting efforts. Some good ones, some stinkers.
1st - GTt was complaining, but that 5 won her the bar tab.
2nd - Haley moved fast enough to get second with a 6.
3rd - And Luvbug lets his Magic 8-Ball do his talking for him. And what does it say? "Hoodie Hoo!"

And we'll be sending Tucker and Mimi to the cart barn today. It's about time you two brushed up on your still tending skills. That leaves Mallow all alone. See? It really IS Be An Angel Day! You didn't win, you didn't lose. Just go take your bazooka out onto the firing rang. Er, driving range! Bazooka. Odd name for a golf club.

The litter boxes are
~~getting safer~


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Hi Tuck
thanks for updating me!

headbonks and purrs,

Come visit me, ~Puzzle~.

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Dear Tuck,
How does your mom take such wonderful photos of you?
Hope that you have a great night!
Maggie and A Ginger

Come visit me, Queens Maggie & A. Ginger-Vote for Talley COTM.

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8.21 Senior Long Drive Golf Day
ALERT WARNING: Caturday is Take the Cat to the Vet Day! ****Hide Hide! ***

Somehow I got here to comment on today's recap.
Here it is...
LuvBug started off praising and thanking the firefighters with 55 pawclaps. And 30% less fire! *Coff Coff* smokey.
Happy Angel mallow was doing 57 cool dancing turns all over her house and basement. Whoa!
Sandy and her Angel counted 72 clouds mixed with stars... beautiful.
Winner of the day with a 76 score, mimi skips the spumoni and goes right to Engine's Roach Coach.
And then there's N-Gin with 70 Stinkbug Saki Shooters and Layered Lizards-- No Spumoni.
GT-t invited me to Senior Golf Day as the oldest cat she knows. I am a non-golfer but did my best with 59.
Tucker had an open window holiday and let his 57 in to air the place out. No window broken in this score.
Well, it's confirmed that NO CAT wants Spumoni on Spumoni Ice Cream Day. Okay, Bee Gee you have the last mew about it with your 67 bits and pieces snacks taken from the sofa cushions. That's desperate!
She thanks the NZ and OZ firefighters making the smoke in her area but reducing the flames... so far..

Winners and Loser:
1st The mudcat mimi with big 76
2nd with 72 stars in her eyes- Sandy & Angels
3rd mimi's furiend, N-Gin with 70
Enjoying a smoke-free cart barn is LuvBug 55

** Humbly submitted by PD Budd, non-golfer

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Hi K Tuck and Family, It's me, Talley

Even though today’s blog is off of our topic, I wanted to share this. I just have a family story and a poem for you. The poem and the story together, are kind of long so I’ll get right to it;

In the days after my sister Angel Lucy Fur crossed the Rainbow Bridge my dad was inconsolable. He missed her terribly and he just couldn't seem to get over the heartache. They had been best friends for seventeen years and Lucy was very precious to him.
Whenever he would go to bed, He imagined that he could feel her jump up to share his pillow, as she always had. He'd reach up to feel her soft fur and he'd find only emptiness on the pillow and in his heart.
It was a week after Lucy died that dad had a remarkable dream. He said it was so real he felt that he was really there. In his dream, he heard a soft scratching at the front door and when he opened it, there was a big black cat at the door just sitting quietly. The cat turned and looked away from the house toward the little memorial garden where Lucy had been buried. There were dozens of cats there, all looking so radiantly beautiful in the afternoon sunlight that they seemed to shine from within, with a light of their own. Sitting in the very front of the gathering, was Lucy. She looked at dad and slowly winked her eyes at him. Then, with a swish of her tail, she turned away and led the cats down into the back garden, fading away as they went. Dad awoke from that dream with tears in his eyes, but he knew that Lucy had come back to say a final goodbye and to let him know she was ok and that she would be waiting for him..........
Dad could hardly manage to tell mom about the dream, he kept choking up, but mom found this poem for him. He copied it in very small print, and still carries it in his wallet.
Here is that special poem that dad copied back in 2008;

*Thud* as you hear,
A cat jump down,
Turn around to check,
Nothing there,
*Meow* goes a cat,
Where from?
I don't see,
Something wrapping around your legs,
Go away Smokey,
You look down nothing there,
*Jump* as the bed bounced,
The cat jumped on the bed,
But you look....there's no cat,
*creak* goes the door,
The cat sneaked out,
But no cat to be seen,
You hear a cat eating/drinking,
But there's no bowls or cat,
Whats making these noises?
There's no cat, not no more,
He died on 20th May,
so what makes these movements?
Not the dog he's too noisy,
Could it be Smokey's spirit?
To say he's ok?
Or is it just your mind playing tricks,
Making you think he is still around.

By Stacey Olner

Thanks all of you for being our friends,
we love you all,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi Tuck
i'm sorry that it's been a little confusing for you but i just came in on the tail end of the queens' assignments to try to pull together the construction part of the project. all carpenters,painters,interior designers and grounds workers report to me so i can include everyone's work and write a summary/thank you. if you already had something written up that you were going to submit that's great just send it along to me and if you haven't please let me know what you're working on.


Come visit me, ~Puzzle~.

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8-20 recap
Turning on the radio,grabbing some CHOCOLATE pecan (pee-can,or pa-caun) pie while swatting the mosquitoes buzzing around the dog piles. Sounds ALMOST as much fun as the whole Chinese love story between a girl and a cow. Please tell me I didn't read that right. We have a COTD celebration to get to,but first,we have word from The Darn of loss of 5 firefighters lives and injuries in the WA fires. A moment of silence for them please.

Luvbug (55) gots to lay off the cigars on poker Sunday-he's till coughing and wheezing and trying to see thru the smoke. Wasn't that a song-Smoke Gets in My Eyes?

Mallow (59) ever the eager one to display her "do not try this at home" use of power tools,decorates the clubhouse with tiny mosquito head mounts.

Haley goes for undecided today again with a 70,or a 68. Make up my mind Haley,I'm easily confused.

I score a 71,and attempt to leave a neat little mosquito pile for the pooch to clean up,Dogs....disgusting creatures,are they not?

Engine saves my stump rump form the cart barn with a 72,and saves our grumbellies with fillet of frog and stuffed salamanders.

Mudcat (77) and her highly educated writing spiders set an intricate trap for the mosquitoes. Its SO good,even we can't figure it out.

GTt (68) the pawty girl with many toes (I'm told polydactyls have more fun) is first to lead us to the COTD pawty The Girls didn't even know they were having :)

Tuck and Dot (74) are looking out for our safety on the course from things dropping from the sky. Of course,now we are all half deaf from the loud,beeping warning.

BG (66.6) I see congrats are in order for The Girls at your place. Its where da pawty at-mosquitoes need not attend.

1st: Luvbug 55
2nd: Mallow 59
3rd: BG with 66.6

Losers: Mudcat 77,and Engine with 74


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Hi K Tuck and Family, It's me, Talley
Today's topic is Reliable Cat Health Information and the Cornell University Feline health Center. They have some great information on Cat Health Topics, in general, and in particular their Spay Neuter program, but the article is quite lengthy, So I'm giving the web address and asking that you stop by and check out the site. It would take several CC Blogs to print it here so I think this is the best way to bring it you. The Address is:

This is a funny story that I would like to share with you about my brother Pete. When he was just a little kitten he had some kind of immune deficiency that caused his paw pads to crack and bleed. Our vet first diagnosed it as chemical burns, which dad knew wasn’t right. Finally our vet referred Pete to a Feline Dermatologist. His name was Dr. Bishop. He was a Graduate of Cornell.
He took one look at Pete’s little pink paws and said that he had Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex. He said that kittens grew out of it as their immune systems developed, but untreated, the normal course was to develop a serious and sometime fatal infection.

Pete had to have his paws cleaned with a special medicine three times a day and take antibiotic pills morning and evening. Pete was a very mellow kitten, and after the third day he realized that he would get treats for taking his medicine, all dad had to do was put the pills down on his plate and Pete would eat them and then look for his treats. On one of his recheck visits, dad showed Dr. Bishop how easy it was to get Pete to take his medicine. Dr. Bishop thought it was amazing, and asked if he could borrow Pete to show to the class that he taught at the University of Florida. Dad said no, that he couldn’t borrow Pete, but that he would bring Pete to class.
Dad was a little worried that Pete might not do his pill trick in front of a hundred Veterinary Students, but he didn’t even seem to notice them. He took his pills, the class erupted in laughter and Dr. Bishop told his students that giving cats medicine didn’t have to be hard, it just required a gentle touch and love.
I hope that made you smile.

Tonight's Poem is a short one by Mary F. of North Carolina; Ms. Murphy picked it for us.
Here it is:

I found a small kitty
so tiny and scared.
I don't know who dumped her
or how she has fared.

She's cold, wet and skinny
such a pitiful sight.
I suspect she has been out here
for many a night.

How could someone dump her?
It seems such a pity.
Some people are cruel
to poor helpless kitties.

Come with me little kitty
I'll make everything right.
You will no longer be hungry
or cold at night.

Your life will be better.
All the love you can stand.
No more neglect for you.
Only a kind, gentle hand.

Love to all of you,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Dear Tuck,
I'm so sorry we have confused you. (mom was also confused). Here it is, anyone who worked on the Sanctuary, inside or out will be honored by Puzzle.So Puzzle needs notes from those who actually physically worked on the Sanctuary.
All the other workers should write to my page.I will mention those who were otherwise involved.
We are having a Sanctuary opening on Saturday 29rd at 1:00 pm, if not in conflict with anything else. It will be held in the Events Center
All workers and all involved on the project are invited!
Sorry again!

Come visit me, Queens Maggie & A. Ginger-Vote for Talley COTM.

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