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Domestic Shorthair from <a href=' Springfield/club-members.aspx' title='New Springfield, OH'>New Springfield, OH</a>

K. Tuck ~ #219145

About Me

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Hi! My name is K. Tuck ~ #219145

I am Domestic Shorthair from New Springfield, OH

Nicknames: Tuck, Baby Boy, Honey Boy, I can't say...MOL!!!

Age: 6 years old

Gender: M

Coat: short haired

Education: He's my constant companion especially when I am sick and in bed he doesn't leave me alone for long and when I move to the couch he is constantly checking on me. We tease him about being Nurse Tucker, but he really is an awesome one!!

1st ~ COTD/RCOTD ~ January 10,2012
2nd ~ COTD ~ April 19,2013
3d COTD ~ April 19, 2014
4th COTD ~ April 19, 2015
COTM: March 1, 2014
CROTM :March 1, 2014

King Mike bestowed the honor of Sir Tucker Knight Of The Realm on July 1, 2012

Queen Gracie bestowed upon me my own pursonnal MoonPie Mobile and I have my own private Grass Shack on Pinto Island!!!

Queen Trixie Honored me with the "You Make A Difference Award" on May 1,2013

King Whiskers Honored me with the Loyal Friend award on July 1, 2013

Queen Angel Yum Yum honored me with Her Majesty's Service Medal on 8/31/13

Queens Maggie & Angel Ginger Appointed me Official Groundskeeper of the Castle August 2015

My favorite tricks and treats are: I leap from the ground into my moms arms and ride on her & dads shoulders, I am the bug patrol in my house & I'll do anything to get them even work in tandem with the D-O-G to get them. and Whisker Lickens Crunchy Tuna & Tender Chicken & Cheese, Friskies Crispies Cheese... See at theme going here??? Cheese, Ham, Pork & Saurkraut ..really,
Bread & Pizza.

Where I hang out: Kitty Tower , on top of the Hot Tub perfect for watching my territory!!!! On Mom & Dads shoulders.

My favorite grubs: a can any kind I'm not picky, but I get a special can at night that I love Fancy feast With Tuna & Cheese! YUM!!!.

My pet peeves: anybody foreign in MY yard!!! Being told NO.

What I love about my owners: She takes me for walks outside, she holds me like a baby & rubs my tummy, I also like to ride on her shoulders!!!!

My cat hobbies: play, play play....torture the dog Shadow & Mouse & Dot

Pet motto: its all about ME!!!!

Shadow (DC) #219532
Cinnamon (HC) #224656

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How We Met

After losing my best friend of 18 yrs I had started to look again, although I was looking for a long haired Kitty which he is not. I saw Tucker on the internet and fell instantly in Love!!!! He is my import.. he came from around Toledo from a wonderful foster mom for Maine Coon Rescue.

A special thank-you goes to the CMR and all their crews!!! We really appreciate all your support!!!
Thanks so much to Zaboo & Family for the wondeful shout-out we are honored to be your furfriends!!!
And Sir Steve & Sir Ernie for a special helping hand, thank you, you two!!!
Also I would like to thank Boo Kitty & Mom for making my Beautiful frames!!!

Thank you very much for:
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Vote #3000 ~ K. Steve
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Vote #5200 ~ Hot Rod
Vote #6000 ~ Boo Kitty
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I've had 74936 friends visit me.

I'm the 49,148th member on

9,762 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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Does Piper still have one ear up and one ear down? She is so cute!

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl.

02/05/2016 07:38.19 PM Report This Comment
Hi Tuckster!
Did you get snow yet? Or is that to come? Your Mom has some great photos in your gallery. (And of course your profile photo, which I already swooned over:) Mom put up a new profile of me tonight. Well, new now, it's an old one we only use once a year--you'll see. Turned bitter cold here. I'm all snuggied in with Mom. Don't like the cold! Love and warm paw hugs and calico kisses, Gin Gin

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl.

02/05/2016 07:37.37 PM Report This Comment
2.5.16 Yummy Furiday Long Drive Day
[You have NO idea how annoyed I am right now. I was just putting the finishing touches on the scores when CC blotted it out and I have to start over. The 2nd time won't be as good either!!]

Early on the links the Food Cart came rolling in with Engine bringing us 35 pans of mulled mice... mmmmm...
GT-t reports a 32 and winds
mimi is on the pole practicing while wrapped head to tail tip in 32 feet of bright red fabric, Brrr. rain, sleet, snow...
And LuvBug counts 32 Western monarch butterflies passing him by. Grow more milkweed everyone. Save the monarchs.
QUEEN mallow 9400 assures us that she IS the Western monarch. Hail, oh Red Queen!
Out eastSteve reports a pair of 2's again -- at least he remembered this time-- while he knits tiny sweaters for his butterflies. What a guy!
Crabby Tuck is hissing at the politically correct "weatherperson/people." At least his 27 gets him out of the cart barn. Be sure and take your empty Cat Daniels bottle with you, Tuck.
Finally, Bee Gee races onto the green tossing 31 packages of bubble gum from her cart for us all to chew and get stuck in our fur. She must think she is on a float in the mardi Gras parade. Next week, B.G.
Winners and Cart Barner

1st- The QUEEN of the West with 40
2nd - Our Grubmaster N-Gin 35
3rd - The triplets of thirty two: GT-t, Redhot mimi, LuvBug
Cart Barner: Steve with is little 22. Bring those tiny knitting needles with you.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..winky-winky, Furlip File #1 closed, A. PD Budd, STILL Writing Furlip Files & Perseus, the Hero-birdwatching.

02/05/2016 02:07.04 PM Report This Comment
Are you awake now? That was my very best rooster impression.Look-I even have my mohawk all spiked up red and rooster-like. After all,orange cats are technically referred to as red cats. Beats me why,I look orange to me,I feel orange too.You should try it sometime!
*sigh* if we must,I'll give little lovin to the weatherpersons today. After all,it wasn't such a horrible winter-yet. I call dibs on the cute brunette on channel 8 news in her tight dresses and shiny hair. Yes,i DO check these thins out. I might be neutered,but I still have eyes!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/05/2016 01:12.20 AM Report This Comment
Thurs recap
What does Liberace,stuffed mushroom,homemade soup and the USO have in common???? Nothing at all,but here we are,so lets see what we can do with it.

Luvbug (29)happily volunteered his services for drivers ed and cart saftey on the back 9 holes. They say a picture is worth a thousand words....

Mallow (41) is conducting mushroom stuffing for dummies class followed by how to putt fungus in 3 easy steps.

I score a 37 and honor my mentor-the great Liberace. Bling is the thing.

The Angels don't care about the fungus among us-they just enjoy their 59.

Mudcat (62) supports the USO and the troops with her patriotic pole dance.God bless America,and the freedom of dance.

Engine (54)shows us there is more ways than one to skin a rat. Gonna need more catnip wine for this demo.

GTt (40) prepares to amaze by "whacking her thingie". wow....

Tuck comes out of hiding from the thunder and snow lightening long enough to putt a 35. Me thinks he drinks,a lot.

BG (34)is sniffing from the same still as Tuck when she see's USO's in the Hazards.

1st with 29 Luvbug
2nd with 34 BG
3rd with 35 Tuck

Losers: Mudcat with a patriotic 62,and The Angels with 59


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/04/2016 01:47.42 PM Report This Comment
Medicine breath
Ernie's got it. Yuck. And the old bat wants ME to be nice to HIM??? Hey,I saw where your mom wore out our Pip!!! Why can't you do that,its your job as the loving big brother to run her ragged.
IDK Tuck,I'm looking out the window right now,and I see ice balls falling out of the sky.....what happened to 64 and sunny-I want it back! Good thing its homemade soup day,whatcha gonna make me? I'm feeling a chicken noodle moment coming on,and not from a can,I want the real thing from you chasing down the chicken,to the plucking and making of the noodles. I have plenty of time,I'll wait.


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/04/2016 01:13.42 AM Report This Comment
2/3/16 - "♫ A long, long time ago .."
Yes, it’s The Day The Music Died, remembering the talents of Buddy Holly (BH), Richie Valens (RV) and The Big Bopper (BB) lost all too soon on this date 57 years ago. We will celebrate their memory by making their music the backdrop to our golf mayhem today. Great new picture, by the way!

Luvbug gets up “Early in the Morning (BH)” to putt a 28 (=10) and to set out the trays of carrot cake to celebrate the fact that it is also Carrot Cake Day today. After putting a 37 (=10). Mallow spies this delectable goodness and calls dibs on the little orange carrot on top and dares Steve to fight her for it, declaring “Rave On (BH)”. Steve would rather cruise around the water hazard after racking up his 50 (=5). “It’s So Easy (BH)

Engine brings us a 26 (=8) and some Ratty Rover and Poached Parrot to go with our carrot cake “Oh, Boy! (BH)”. Mimi, meanwhile, lays out a “Chantilly Lace (BB)” tablecloth and marks down a 50 (=5). The Angels ride in on the wind and can barely stay in the cart. With the “Paddi-Whack Song (RV)” for inspiration they putt a 38 (=10).

Gracie T-t putts a 41 (=5) and tells us her catty’s adventures of this morning. Thanks for the reminder that plastic bag handles should be cut before allowing kitties to play with them and we have to agree, Percy, there’s “Someone Watching Over You (BB)”! After preparing by Staring Behind Things, Tucker lines up his putt and scores a 48 (=12) I think his theme song is “Cry Cry Cry (RV)” And finally, Bee Gee declares that “That’ll Be The Day (BH)” when carrot cake should pass HER lips! It’s a 23 (=5) for her.

A very interesting cluster of scores today, with no one left out:
1st – Steve, Mimi, Gracie T-t and Bee Gee with 5
2nd – Engine with 8
3rd – Luvbug, Mallow, and the Angels with 10
And left over we have Tucker, who still gets to go to the still room with his 12 pieces of carrot cake

“That’s What I’m Talking About (BB)”!
Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

02/03/2016 12:55.59 PM Report This Comment
Hello K Tuck
How are you? Thankfully we survived the severe weather. Yesterday & last night we had torrential rains, gusty winds, scary thunder & lightning, & hail. It stormed for hours with the worst weather from 9 until after 11 p.m. I stayed hidden under Mommy’s bed all night long, until 6 a.m. today. We received over 6 inches of rain. There were numerous tornadoes in Mississippi that caused lots of damage & destruction to homes, businesses, churches, a community college & a prison. Thankfully nobody was killed. A major highway is closed because of flooding. We feel very blessed today ✞

Q Sissy

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle (in Loving Memory) ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

02/03/2016 12:03.01 PM Report This Comment
It's quite obvious...
You do not have what it takes to put the fear of god into that dog. You need to consult with Grabby. Now THERE is a cat who can lay down the law! She has both of our dogs buffaloed, especially The Gus. Mom hates it, cuz Gus doesn't really bother anybody (except mom, but we'll talk about that some other time). All Gus wants to do is play. You know the type. Yapping, pouncing, running around in the house, etc. None of us is especially crazy about it, but we just go into another room. Not Miss Iron Paw! She CHARGES him and swipes him in the face! I guarantee you - he settles RIGHT down!

So, THAT'S what that is! Blue bird of happiness, you say? And just why is that? Why can't there be a tabby cat of happiness? I can understand there not being an orange cat of happiness. Fussiness, maybe, but not happiness.

Wait a minute. Something just hit me. *ouch* You say that dog is supposed to be bark-free? I thought only those Basenji dogs were barkless. I know where all their barks went: Right here! Dixie & Gus have inherited ALL the barking those other dogs didn't. Whenever they're outside they just can't shut UP! Drives mom nuts. They bark at squirrels & birds. They bark at kids on skateboards. They bark at tree branches when the wind is blowing. They bark at cows & sheep. They bark every time somebody 2 blocks away closes a car door! And lots of the time, the dogs next door (on both sides!) join in! So if YOURS woofs at you once, I really wouldn't complain too much. You could have gotten stuck with the canine choir! *groan*

Bee Gee


02/03/2016 07:25.21 AM Report This Comment
I'm ba-ack!!!!
Evil,hissing Steve has made a re-appearance! And Gma thought she was oh so smart rubbing Ernie down with blankets scented like me,skipping thru the house dispersing clouds of Feliway. Ok,it wasn't as bad as the last week,but I did get a few hisses and growls in-so what! I don't want to be the bearer of good news (its really not my style) but today is take a cruise day! Yep,if your brave enough to suitcase it with me,we could be doing the conga on Princess cruise lines,but NOOOOOOOOO,Tuck can't tolerate a little fragrance!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/03/2016 01:14.32 AM Report This Comment
Dear Tuckster
Wow! Another stunning photo! I love the new profile pic. Your Mom ought to send some of these in to Caster magazine, really! Yum. That Skipper's Spaghetti sounds awfully good. Mom says so too. Good for Piper! What a record. Left free to roam and NO accidents. What a good little girl:) I think you are a good doggie trainer. It was 76 degrees here today. Mom had stuff to do earlier in the day, but went out to work on the patio garden this afternoon for a couple of hours. She's got spring fever, but I have a feeling winter isn't done with us yet! Mom has to run a library board meeting at her church tomorrow and then work in the library, and then Thursday she is going to the cemetery to visit my Daddy's grave. Well, that's all the news that's "fit to print," as they say. Sleep well. Sweet dreams, my dear friend, and have a pawsome Wed. Love and calico kisses, GG

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl.

02/02/2016 06:51.11 PM Report This Comment
Groundhog Day! 2-2-16
Looks like a couple other hogs are trying to butt in. Hedge hogs, sled hogs. Oh wait, sled DOGS. Kinda the same thing, if you ask me. And just look at that crazy cart! What is IN there? Squirrels, beavers, weasels? Who let them on the course??

Luvbug(30) wants to learn all about those other critters in the cart. You just go right on ahead, give us a report on what you find out ... Mallow(33) learns the hard way to keep her G-string out of the way when she plays golf. Ukulele string, that is. Sheesh, you guys ... Haley(26) says she can warm things up with a little Pepper. Is that your personal sled dog? That's cheating.

Goofy Steve is so eager to get out and harness the power of a dog sled he forgets to leave a score. Goofy golfer! ... Mimi(46) volunteers to blindfold the groundhog so he can't see his shadow. If we just leave him in the ground, he won't see his shadow either ... Engine(47) says we need that groundhog out of his den, so he can be the guest of honor at the buffet. Ground groundhog? Well, since you put it that way.

GTt(24) volunteers more info about Percy & the OL's crapper capers than we want (or need) to know! ... Tucker(19) is none too thrilled about all the hitchhikers crammed into the catty cart! Sounds like he could out-grouch the golf bully today. Yikes ... And here's the golf bully (21) herself, wondering if we could hire the groundhog to add extra holes to the course. Makes putting MUCH easier!

Notice we're having a Bill Murray kind of day? Catty Shack, Groundhog Day. Maybe tomorrow we can all get Scrooged!
1st - Engine just edges out Mimi for first with her 47
2nd - But Mimi is breathing down her neck with a 46.
3rd - Way down in third is Mallow, with a 33.
Oh dear, grumpy Tucker and the golf bully are heading to the cart barn together. Play nice in there!

I saw my shadow! Is winter over?


02/02/2016 01:59.28 PM Report This Comment
Why so serious Tuck?
Did you just find out your getting another dog? Kidding,I likey the picture,just not used to you being so quiet like that. I bet if I shaved a faux hawk on your head it would lighten the mood.
Speaking of mood-OMG its quiet around here! While Ernie spent the night at the Hilton,here I was stuck with the dog. No one to torment sucks. Oh wait,all is not lost,I get to hiss and attack him when he gets home again. Maybe the day ain't looking so bad after all!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/02/2016 01:18.08 AM Report This Comment
Monday recap
February,the short month,the month of love....ick. Well,here we are trying to bake the great state of Alaska (anyone know the temperature?) while joining forces with GI Joe to fight for freedom and the ability to use body paint and decorate with candy while being naked at work dumping a jerk. We're gonna need a nap after all of that. Who said February was going to be boring!

Luvbug (34) offers black ice skating as a coronation after pawty activity. Most of us have trouble just trying to walk after all that.

Queen Mallow,Beneficent Ruler of the Universe (34) shows up for her first day on the job wearing only face paint and a smile. Gonna be a very interesting month.

I score a 47 in my edible outfit of Starbursts and gummy drops. Hope they don't dissolve in my hula around the coola.

Ana(44) makes her Valentines plans early this morning. Get a better gift that way I suppose.Does anyone get a gift anymore? Whatever happened to the days of making a Valentines box,and getting hard,break your teeth candy? Or how about conversation hearts so you can carry on a conversation with yourself all day.

Mudcat (54) frowns on the work naked,she would rather be having fun naked in her grass skirt and leis :) New dance routine?

Engine is back with a 52,but more importantly-FOOD!!!! we have....lazy lizard legs (easier to catch) and pulled possum and Sharknado to drink. I'm liking February more and more.

GTt (43) prepares to bag our meal for tomorrow-groundhog who better NOT see his shadow tomorrow. Idiot vermin......

Tuck (46) nixes his naked hula in favor for ice cream for breakfast and a candied up pup. A pupsicle!

BG (25) does the dance of the serpent (what have you females been drinking???) and goes for an ice cream migraine with ice cream for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

1st with 25 BG
2nd with matching 34's Luvbug and Mallow
3rd with 43 GTt

Losers: watch her wiggle,watch her jiggle Mudcat with 54,and Engine with 52


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/01/2016 01:50.25 PM Report This Comment
Someone must die
Gma woke up this morning to the back door being wide open,and guess who is outside all wild and free :) She keeps calling my name,but I ain't coming in yet. In my own good time. Should have seen her searching the house for raccoon's or skunks that may have wandered inside-priceless!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/01/2016 12:18.08 AM Report This Comment
Another cat's ass trophy averted! 1-31-16
No thanks to YOU, CC! We almost missed the coronation festivities, and also some really important stuff, like the distribution of 9-Lives winnings! We'll need those if Mallow decides to install pay crappers in the castle!

Luvbug doesn't win any crapper tokens with his 30, so he's hoping the crappers are fee free. At least for the coronation. Sounds like it's gonna be cold for the coronaation, though. Mallow said so herself! Hell is freezing over over there! She didn't win any tokens either, with her 37, but I think she has her own private royal crapper anyway, so it's all good.

Haley dips into the winnings first, with a 39. I think the winners each get their own "key to the crapper" today. Almost makes it all worthwhile, ya know? GTt finishes dealing in time to hit up wardrobe for a freshly brushed tux, while leaving PD with a losing 31. No key for you, but at least Gracie will look dapper flapping her arms outside the potty. She's what we call a "dapper crapper flapper"!

Tuck gets a crapper key of his very own, with a 49. Careful with those brandy Alexanders. You don't want to fall asleep in the john. Then you'll be what's known as a "crapper napper". Ah yes, Bee Gee has a winner too, even though she'd rather it was a backward 27, she'll still take the crapper key. Much better than just having to make 'doo' and try to hide it under a rumpled rug!

Are we all ready for the coronation now? Everyone into the tour bus, so Ziggy can drive us backwards to the festivities. Not to worry. Backward, forward, she can't see where she's going anyway. I suggest you all close your eyes and experience the drive just like she does!

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Glad CC finally woke up
for the coronation!


01/31/2016 01:44.19 PM Report This Comment
hi k tuck and fam
momma went wed for her physical and thrs for respiratory evaluation for her disability as I mentioned earlier so we are praying for them to be favorable for her. she had a really hard time doing some of the things the dr asked her to and couldn't do a couple of them for the physical

shaddy is doing so much better on the medicine.he still has spells of wanting to bully me, but momma blasts him with water spray bottle. as she did when he attacked his tail. he still goes for his tail but only licks it instead of biting now, so it is well.

momma has been sick ( a good bit) some like us kits and is so mind bogged with the disability thing she not been doing much except housey stuff.

gma has dr apt mon and momma one Tuesday so daddy gonna drop momma off at gma's on his way to work mon morning and pick her up on way home Tuesday eve. gma not been doing real good. having chest pains and hard time swallowing food and gas. momma told her it sounds like she has that reflux disease like momma does. sure hope that is all it is, but gma is 86 now.

we thank you so much for not giving up on us or forgetting us we hope. we were just thinking bout cindy, betty boop and angel lago and how we miss them

we loves u dear friend


01/30/2016 06:34.20 PM Report This Comment
Catty Caturday! 1-30-16
Looks like most of you let your catties do the putting today. A couple of you just phoned it in. Left it on the Catty Shack answering machine.

"Hello, you've called Catty Shack. If you know why you've called, please tell us. If you can possibly make it interesting, that would be helpful. You have no idea how boring it is listening to all these messages. Maybe you could make it funny too? That would be great. Thanks!"

Sounds like Luvbug(45/9) plans on making some prank calls later. Just hope they don't have Caller ID! ... I think Mojo(38/11) needs to call and leave a message about signing up for putting lessons ... Ana(27/9) called without exactly knowing why. The answer to your question is "The second Tuesday of next week"

JC(26/8) looks like he's autitioning for a Bob Hope golf flick! Cute little knickers ... Oh good grief. Orange Cat Catturday catty golf day, for Steve and his "loaner" catty Maizy(27/9) ... Percy the Putter(23/5) needs to contain his enthusiasm! He's scatterd twigs and debris everywhere, chasing after balls! Doffing his cap for a sweeping bow.

Dot(24/6) is so proud of the gang for remembering Catty Day that she dances her way across the green and right into the clubhouse ... And Grunt(34/7) gets a bit creative by using a croissant to putt a lime from the bar. Not bad for a beginner.

How did the catties do in the inaugural Catty Caturday?
1st - Percy the Putter wins the debut, 5.
2nd - Dot dances her way into second place, 6.
3rd - Grunt takes third and even brings lunch.

Mojo will be scheduling putting lessons later. Right?

I'm escaping to the sunny window


01/30/2016 01:15.11 PM Report This Comment
Your fired!
Holy snuffin-you look like Donald Trump (minus the bad hair). That is a classic pic Tuck. I can hardly wait to hit the clubs and say "I'm with him". No,no....your not allowed to pretend you don't know me like you always do. I'll wear my COTM badge hanging form a chain to help us like,blend in


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

01/30/2016 05:19.59 AM Report This Comment
Hey Tuck!
Just a reminder to all catty shackers, not that you probably need reminding. Tomorrow is the last Saturday of the month, so our catties will be doing the putting honors. We get to sit on our laurels *ouch* and watch the events unfold from the comfort of the lounge. Yeah, heck, they're catties! They're used to dragging around heavy bags of clubs and other implements of torture. So we'll be rooting them on whilst lifting a few at the ol' bar!

Bee Gee


01/29/2016 08:59.53 PM Report This Comment
Ho, Tuck!
You look like The Chaircat of the Board in your profile

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..winky-winky, Furlip File #1 closed, A. PD Budd, STILL Writing Furlip Files & Perseus, the Hero-birdwatching.

01/29/2016 07:24.57 PM Report This Comment
1.29 Happy Curmudgeon's Corn chips Golf Day
Late and Quick:
LuvBuG 36. Login however you can, Bug.
In memory of all curmudgeons, especially the Golf Bully, Steve eats his 29 corn chips with his mouth open. thanks.
A. mallow has no login troubles and loves her corn chips, all 41 of them.
There were 30 Angels in the clouds out east today... no corn chips.
mimi & JC take their grub work seriously with 37 grilled grackles and 'Still Drippings (what?)
GTt whacked her corn chips 28 feet... just enouf to keep her out of the Cart barn
But not so for Tuck & Dot who will take their 27 chips to the barn. Check out those still drippings, huh?
Our Official Curmudgeon, BG will celebrate White Cat Day with Pig eating their 37 corn chips.
1st - A mallow 41
2nd- 37 Bee Gee & mimi 37 also
3rd - Luvbg 36
Cart barn Tuck & Dot

Night all... heavenly cat dreams,
PD Budd, Angel Commenter

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..winky-winky, Furlip File #1 closed, A. PD Budd, STILL Writing Furlip Files & Perseus, the Hero-birdwatching.

01/29/2016 07:23.44 PM Report This Comment
My Handsome Pal!
Your Mom has done it again! Gone and taken another prize-winning photo of your handsome face! Where are you posing in this photo? And Mom wants to know how your Mom gets you to look at the camera instead of turning your head the moment she snaps the photo? LOL! That's sure a good one.

Oh, I hope you didn't get too much snow, but it sounds like it was coming pretty fast and furious. If I'd been there, I would have handed you a towel to get that cold white stuff off your face:) Had Piper been in snow before? How is she feeling? I sure hope you Mom has a more restful weekend.

Happy early Birthday to your Dad! That cake sounds devine. My Mom is a good cook, but she has zero baking skills. That chocolate sour-cream I'll bet is delicious. What will she fix for dinner for your Dad, or are they going out? In any case, I hope it's a pawsome celebration.

I may have told you that the shelter where Mom volunteers gets to take a kitty to a nearby consignment shop and have him/her "work" there (stay in a large two-story cage) to get more exposure and hopefully find a new home. This particular shop gives their proceeds to local animal rescue groups. Mom stopped by to give them a bag of donations yesterday, and while she was there Charlie, an orange one year old boy cat from PAWS was being adopted. He's very sweet and playful too--he purrs when he plays. Last week a lady adopted Cottontail--a darling little gray and white boy kitten (about 7 mos, I'm guessing)who was there with his sister Flopsy. I felt bad for Flopsy, because she had always been with her brother, and she got left behind. Well, today, the lady came back to get Flopsy, so the two of them will grow up together in the same furever home. Isn't that heart-warming?
Gotta go. Sure hope you have a good weekend and that everyone (including Piper!) stays well! Love and calico kisses, Gin Gin

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl.

01/29/2016 02:30.26 PM Report This Comment
Snowflakes keep falling on my head..............
There is more to the song,heck if I remember the words. That was like WAY long ago that old tunage was played.So here we are Tuck,on the cusp of another month gone by. Good riddance! One stp closer to Spring,and green beer,and mosquitoes,and sun burn,and sand between the toes,and...I know,I've done lost it. I can dig a winter like this all the time!So how's The Pip? You know what I think she needs? A good exorcism,and we are the toms to do it. Baptism by beer.....I'll grab my Speedo.


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

01/29/2016 01:14.29 AM Report This Comment
Thurs CS
Gone-ta-pott day right after Thomas Crapper day-coincidence? They should make it litter box day tomorrow to really hit the spot. A moment please to remember Rocky on the 5th anniversary of his crossing,then the kazoo toots and pancake toss can commence. Priorities....

Luvbug (35) believes in safety first before fun at work. We're all wielding iron golf clubs and swinging them randomly around while imbibing,how much safer can you get than that :)

Mallow (51) Does an inspirational kazoo serenade. All it inspires us to do is drink more. Not a bad thing.

I'm joined by the twins again (22) I'm keeping a safe distance so I can Gone-ta-potty in private.Some things are better done alone,for all of your sake.

Mudcat (36) reminiscences her "innocent" years of tip-clawing thru the daisies. That innocent stuff won't fool us-we saw what the princess of the pole can do! Mmmmm look....she brought us something with fins and gills for today's tasties.

GTt (23) is "in the library" today. Seems she beat me to the gone-ta-potty.

Tuck scores another 22!!! Score-we are double dating with the twins today, while his mom has fun at work. While mom's away,Tuck will play. Golf,he plays golf.

And BG (37) feeling very lonely (since she is the only one to be able to get on CC) is the leader in her one cat kazoo marching band.

1st with 22-Tuck and ME
2nd with 23 GTt
3rd with 35 Luvbug with 35

Losers:Mallow with 51 (serves you right for breaking CC this morning) and BG with 37


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

01/28/2016 01:54.20 PM Report This Comment
My Dear Tuck
Oh, no. Poor little Piper. And your Mom must have been worried sick! What a weekend you all had with the Pipe! I'm so glad he's acting normal now. I wonder what set him off, feeling like that. I'm sure it was very scary for your hoomans. And I'm so proud of you! What a fab nurse you are, when needed. Of course I see you are back to a couple of paw swipes today, but he knows you are there for him when the chips are down:)
Nothing that exciting around here. It's been cold. Mom says January is always the most blah month in the south. I've been doing ok--eating quite a lot the past few days, which makes Mom happy. Mom went to our shelter last week and they were absolutely overrun with cats. Too many for each room. When they put so many in one room, there tends to be fights, bullying, etc. that you don't see when it's not so crowded. Mom feels sorry for the ones that get picked on. We did have a couple of good adoptions this week. Whew! Don't get any ideas Mom--remember, with my special diet and special needs, I'm the Princess:)
Glad the snow missed you. What a break. Stay warm, dear friend. I'm sending warm paw hugs, a vote, and lots of calico kisses. Love, Gin Gin

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl.

01/27/2016 07:30.09 PM Report This Comment
1/27/16 - Let's eat chocolate cake on the crapper!
Yep, that’s Catty Shack, class ALL the way!

Luvbug comes first with a 35 (=8), enumerating the accomplishments of Mr. Thomas Crapper of London, whose special day it is today. Are we going to have fun or what?! A. Mallow sets up a crapper on the green, steps up to the tee to whack the ball down the fairway for a 48 (=12). Completely forgetting it's putting day. Yes, I think that score IS eminently flushable, Mallow! Steve, meanwhile, ponders the perfect convergence of Thomas Crapper Day with Chocolate Cake day. A 30 (=3) for him.

Ana is warming up with a not-to-bad 40 (=4), Engine brings us a 42 (=6) and enough Long Island Mice Tea to tide us over two days and Mimi shoots a 49 (=13) and honours Mr. Crapper for giving the language one of her Mom’s favourite words.

Gracie T-t celebrates the beginning of Vole Hunting Season by bringing the first fresh vole of the season, her very first all-by-herself dispatch! Obi-Wan UBB has taught you well, he would be so proud! And that 31 (=4) isn’t bad either. Tucker, meanwhile has a 30 (=3) and hopes that Steve didn’t bake the chocolate cake that’s in the clubhouse. Steve is not too clear on where in the store one finds the bakers chocolate, know what I mean? Lastly, BeeGee brings a 32 (=5) as she expounds on the symbiotic relationship between chocolate cake and crappers. But not too explicitly. Thank goodness.

And the final countdown?
1st – Steve and Tucker, with 3 whole chocolate cakes each
2nd – Ana and Gracie T-t, with 4 pieces of chocolate cake. And some vole rolls.
3rd – Bee Gee with a 5

And Mallow can thank her lucky stars that Mimi came today, because she managed to out-crap Mallow’s crappy score and come away with a 13. Off to the cart barn she goes.

With one last toast all around to Mr. Thomas Crapper of London (you mean they seriously did not ever knight this guy?),

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

01/27/2016 01:23.04 PM Report This Comment
Hi K Tuck
What’s purring with you today? It is a cold, windy day here in south Mississippi. I am enjoying a relaxing day. I am resting on my heated mat on the windowseat, watching Mrs. Maryann clean our house. This supervising is hard work – think I’m ready for a nappy! Hope your Hump Day is pawsome too.

Purrs to you,
K Casper Todd

P.S. We are glad that Piper is feeling better now. She is very cute.

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle (in Loving Memory) ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

01/27/2016 12:13.49 PM Report This Comment
I've been framed!
Totally. i know what the old bat has been saying about me....Just let me say-spraying the house top to bottom with Feliway makes the world a better place. Hey,I'm down to short hisses and no growling. I think I pulled a vocal cord or something,the throat feels a little scratchy now. I have to say,I liked life a whole lot better when everyone was in fear of The Steve. Serious,you should have seen them move! Why,i couldn't get better attention if I tried!
How is The Pip? We'll only be a duo,not a trio if she doesn't stop projectile vomiting-its puts people off who want to see our show. This is NOT the Linda Blair show after all...


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

01/27/2016 01:12.56 AM Report This Comment
Hollow Toad Day! 1-26-16
Day of Encouragement? Well, I guess SO! It's gonna take a LOT of encouragement to get me to hollow out a toad! Oh wait, it's Toad Hollow. Oh no! That's even worse! I see where Toad Hollow can't be found on a map, only in your heart. I don't WANT a hollow toad in my heart! Get it out, get it OUT!!

Luvbug(30) says it's okay to be encouraging, even to people you don't like. You've obviously forgotten who you're dealing with here ... Mallow(44) has no trouble encouraging her very own megalomaniacal self. Maybe you can have hollow toad races at the castle next month ... Haley(32) is moving up on the "nice" scale, one degree at a time.

Steve(44) is treating his twins to a brunch of hollow toad on toast. And a little pinkie drinkie ... Engine(32) keeps her cool while her secretary loses hers. Um, you might want to lose that smelly songbird stew too. Just sayin' ... Mimi(40) enlightens Mallow to the "dark side" of castle dwelling.

GTt(35) is in fine fettle today. You may feel differently when you catch a whiff of that smelly songbird ... Tucker(47) has such a bad case of cabin fever he's heading out to goose a toad! ... And Bee Gee(33) has decided to celebrate cabin fever with a pouting contest. First prize is a hollow toad!

1st - Tucker, goosed his temperature right up to 47!
2nd - A tie, pinkie Steve & MegaloMallow, 44.
3rd - Mimi, just back from the dark side, 40.

Looks like "encouraging" Luvbug and "nice" Haley will be doing the cart barn shuffle today. Say hello to the still for us!

I got the blues...
The low down cabin fever blues!


01/26/2016 03:05.39 PM Report This Comment
Monday recap
We have everything from swapping soup to seeds today,and opposite day! How much more opposite can ya get than the battle of the Coasts. In the words of the great Paula Abdul (Not sure if she was sober at this point or not) opposites attract. And not to mention she had a rather catchy little dance to that song too!

Luvbug starts us off with an West coast 37,and bubble wrap to "protect our package" :)

Mallow follows with a 37 of her own (must be the thing to do today-score a 37) and a catty adorned in bubbly wrapped goodness for entertainment purposes. Ours,or Mojo's?

Ana brings her east coast flare with a 28 outside. Better than inside!

I score a 22 (twins!) and skip the swapping of any form of soup,or seeds. Swap sounds In this case,sharing is NOT fun.

GTt (8) says hello from the other side-from the land of ice and snow. Whine is fine,but whiskey is quicker to keep you warm.

Engine (28) plows her way (literally) in with ground gizzards and hot catnip toddy's warmed from riding on the engine. Not our Engine,the other one.

Ready to rumble next is Mudcat with a 27. How low can you go....Oh wow,didn't expect you to actually show us.I'm impressed.

Tuck and Dot (21) state neither rain,nor sleet,or snow can keep them away from some Irish whiskey and horrible singing.None of which they have today.

BG (24). Always saving the biggest for last. I mean best,swear. You read it here folks-she wants a BIG pot of bean soup,and I second that! Score!!!!

1st with 8 GTt
2nd with 21 Tuck and dot
3rd with 22 ME

Losers-The West coast!! Woot-woot! Lets here it for the East! Luvbug and Mallow with ties of 37,and Engine and Ana with 28


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

01/25/2016 02:22.53 PM Report This Comment
Well, wouldn't you just know it?
A week behind again. And here I thought I was getting the secretary trained. Where's Kelly Girls when you need them? (Are they even still around? Shows you how o-l-d the secretary is....)

CC seems to be working again. Maybe I shouldn't mew that too loud or they'll "fix" it again. Wonder when they're going to finally fix it for good.What will we do? Where will we GO!! Oh. I suppose we'll still 'go' in the litter box. I often go there. *snicker*

Good to know you haven't had another episode". Glad to hear i, makes me feel warm all over. Wait, never mind. That's the heater. We'll just never know why any of us have these weird things happen a few times and then they never happen again. I think it's all part if the training process. Training our humans to stay on their toes.

No, I don't believe we do have kneecaps. We have elbows though. Are you still up to your "elbows" in snow? Hahaha! Er, I mean, OH! What a shame! I feel for ya. We don't have a speck of snow left. And none in the forecast for at least two weeks. Nyah nyah! I mean, nice! Gonna be cold and clear. Or maybe foggy. But our warm spell is over. *sigh*

Guess I'll go wander around and see if I can find somebody to annoy.

Bee Gee


01/25/2016 07:29.48 AM Report This Comment
Well Tuck?
We survived the weekend without snow up to our armpits :) Now what! I HAVE TO have something to complain about! How about its room of one's own day,and I don't have one. I'm thinking something in the orange color,maybe made out of rubber with flashing strobe lights and a big screen TV. Think I can get the old bat to build an addition for that? Not a fat chance in a hot place would that ever happen.I KNEW I should have wandered to the neighbors house instead of where I ended up. Bet that old lady would have given me my own room.


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

01/25/2016 01:09.58 AM Report This Comment
Belly Laugh Day! 1-24-16
And it looks like at least a couple of you will be laughing all the way to the bank with your winnings. Luvbug gets us started off in a winning way with a 39. He also wants us to appreciate the ol' beer can, but truly, everything tastes better in a bottle. Stays colder longer too. Sorry beer can.

Mallow is none too satisfied with her poopy 40, but she DOES see some value in appreciating those beer cans. Or at least enough of them to build something that will float in the Beer Can Regatta! Ana's 20 is also no help in the game of Life. Or 9-Lifes either. Mushing Mimi says she has enough beer cans to recreate the Queen Mary. Better that than the Titanic. Although her 30 is a sunk hand.

PD scores a 9 the "natural" way. Apparently our dealer was up half the night chasing the "surprise" all around the house and just tossed one card up to PD. Bee Gee has our third winner, 36. She'd like to celebrate with a game of beer can hockey in the dining room. We can swith out the Zamboni for a floor buffer. Do they make ones you can ride on? Tucker must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque. He ended up in the doggie clinic last night! So blame that losing 21 on the mutt.

Okay, Luvbug, PD, and Bee Gee get to play tug-o-war for the kitty while the rest of us choose up sides (and beer cans) for a rousing game of beer can hockey.

~~~Hot Rod~~~
I'll be napping over on this big fluffy quilt if
anybody needs me. Please try not to need me.


01/24/2016 01:06.07 PM Report This Comment
Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day! 1-23-16
We don't exactly have a snowplow here, just a dump truck with a blade. And WE don't have a mail box, just a P.O. box. I imagine the post office would be deeply disturbed if the snowplow took out those boxes. Actually, we don't even have any snow out here, but you east-coasters might want to get a little 3-on-3 going. Oops, make that 2-on-2, and the angels can referee.

Luvbug(48/12) putts onto the green in his mini snowplow, clearing off a spot for us to play. He isn't able to make the most of it though, and neither is Mallow(39/12). Maybe you can hide that score til tomorrow ... The Angels(26/8) have high wind but low snow. Hope you have your referee's whistles! ... GTt(17/8) gets back into the game with some positive hissing therapy. That's Hissing, not Kissing. That comes later.

Mimi(32/5) sounds like she's having way too much fun out there in the snow, writing her name with her pawprints ... Steve(23/5) puts in a surprise appearance because he didn't want to miss "mailbox hockey pie". You can have my piece ... Tucker(21/3) is celebrating snow free day, and the calico catwalk. Snow free? And you call yourself an east coaster! ... Bee Gee(40/4) came ready for Pie Day, bringing her very own 4 & 20 blackbirds. And no feathers. Sharesies?

Winning putters:
1st - Tucker, 3. Using his intact mailbox as a hockey stick.
2nd - Bee Gee, 4. Mimi blackbird pies as hockey pucks.
3rd - Tie, Mimi & Steve, 5. Writing their names on that "mailbox hockey pie".

And off to jump-start the Zamboni goes Luvbug & Mallow. We can all get together in the frozen parking lot and hit at each other with stuff, just like real hockey!

And maybe Steve would like to share his recipe for
"mailbox hockey pie". I'm sure you're all as curious as I am!


01/23/2016 12:47.33 PM Report This Comment
The temperature was High 57 & Low was 47 this morning, now it's Sunny; 57 with humidity 65% & wind is Calm. Saturday's suppose to be Rain & High 50.

RECORD HIGH: 69 set in 1/22/1931.
RECORD LOW: 6 set in 1/22/1962.

~...~♥~...>*<...~♥~ KNIGHT FAMILY NEWS ~♥~...>*<...~♥~...~

♥ You're spending the day with me, SUEZEE #11528
Rhoamin is my littermate brother!

♥ Mom was looking out the front door window at Mystree and Diego before daylight this morning as they were looking at something, but mom couldn't see anything so she stepped out on the front porch. Mystree went on the lawn as Diego jumped down into mom's Fern patch and that's when the fight began. Mom yelled, but Diego kept on so mom jumped on the lawn from the porch and started to run towards Diego, but mom's foot slipped on the wet grass and down she went on her front side including her face. Mom got up quickly so Diego quit, but Mystree was trying to go in for the kill. Mom put a stop to that!

♥ Mom called for the kitty as she couldn't see who it was that was hiding in amongst the ferns, but mom could hear the kitty growling then split. Mom seen the back part of the kitty heading to the back yard then mom called out "Suezee, it's ok sweetie"! Yep, it was me those two fought with and I was not happy!

♥ Later, at breakfast time, mom seen that I was still upset and wouldn't let her touch me so mom said it was ok, again, and left it at that. I did eventually let mom pet me and I am ok, too!

♥ Oh! MOM? She got all muddy from the fall, a sore tail bone which seems to be ok now and injured her right shoulder as it hurts her and she can't raise her arm but half way. She will be fine in a couple days, she hopes!

~...~♥~...>*<...♥ COMMUNITY CAT NEWS ♥...>*<...~♥~...~

♥ PATCHES #87229 - 1/23/2001 (Inactive 15 Days)
♥ CC #66957 - 1/23/2008 (Inactive 28 Days)


You can read our messages on the CMR page 46883 as we try to make it a point to post one there everyday.

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.~:*:~. RBB MALLOW #161233 ~:*:~. on CC.

.~*~. RBB SPIKE #95721 .~*~. on DC.

We read some where that you had to see the vet. Are you feeling ok?

Here's a Knight Gang™ vote for you.

Kitty Kisses,

~*~ SUEZEE KNIGHT #11528 ~*~

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1.22. Brrr.... Long Drive and ??? - Day
[ What a cute little d-o-g!]
Belated 18th Happy Birthday to Hot Rod. I send our Budd regrets. We had to help celebrate (eat & drink) Perseus' first COTD badge. I wrote a universal thank you card to the mews room staff. He is too young to be allowed near the laptop keys. Just look at the last time we had a kitten in the house who chased me constantly and made me lose the 'm' off the keyboard = GTt.
Okay... It is Ask a Question Day while you Celebrate Life Day...except Steve.
LuvBg (40) celebrates his life and his pawrents too. What a great tomcat. A. mal(47) has lots of questions--none make much sense, of course. But she is sensibly celebrating her life here and in the hereafter.
Ana (18) Celebrates: Sun to Clouds, Sun to Clouds, on & on & on ... It's life so celebrate! Steve (18) is celebrating life on Hot Sauce Day to keep him warm. Are you rubbing that hot sauce all over your body again this year, Steve? You know that didn't work last winter!!
mimi (28) Wonders why it is warmer in Canada than in sunny So. Va.? After Virginia digs out of the 2 feet of snow you are getting this weekend, we hope you find the answer. Just don't let it make you late for the Hot Old card game on Sunday. We understand there is a Reserved Feline dining room at the Red Lobster?
GT-t could not play today due to her -2. Ha, ha, ha!
K. tunk... or sorry, Tuck(10) (I took a little flutter there, these darned wings.) is worried he will get some of that deep snow. No problem for us snowcats, Tick... er, sorry, Tuck.
Engine arrived with 28 Lizard Lollipops. Oh yum and Frog Stew. I'll see whats on the menu at the RB, thanks.
Bee Gee, who claims to know everything (gulp!), also claimed gobbling down 37 Blond Brownies but she still cannot find out why they are blond. Why doesn't 'miss know-it-all' know that the secret is brown sugar??
Here we go:
1st- A. mallow (47) from Canada!
2nd- LvBg (40) sunny California
3rd- BeeGee (37)... need the recipe?
Cart Barn: K. Tock (10) and GTt (-2) should help.
Purrs to One and All -- A. PD Budd, himself.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..winky-winky, Furlip File #1 closed, A. PD Budd, STILL Writing Furlip Files & Perseus, the Hero-birdwatching.

01/22/2016 03:13.44 PM Report This Comment
Tonight's the night
The Baby will be over again,lets watch for the Ernie fireworks. Gma has tried and tired to prepare him.....blankets with the brats scent on them,rubbing Ernie with the brats scent,telling him what a good boy he is. Its enough to roll my gut if ya catch my drift. Kind of like you and Pip. I know what your doing Tuck,can't fool me! You are trying to make her your dog. If there are spare treats in it,not a bad idea except for the dog breath and the slobber, See,you never thought of that,have you!


You all have a safe weekend with all the sn*w

Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

01/22/2016 01:08.25 AM Report This Comment
Hey Tuck!
Oh yeah, BIG special day planned here. Mom & dad went out for pizza and we stayed home doing cat stuff. You know, sleeping, napping, relaxing. Occasionally stretching, and maybe visiting the litter box. Other than that, you would never know it's a "special day". Meh. By the time you're my age (or mom's - snicker) a special day is more of a bother than a treat. So I was perfectly happy to sleep all day. :-)

Hot Rod


01/21/2016 04:17.12 PM Report This Comment
Thurs CS
BIG welcome and congrats to Percy-our new member,and COTD! What a welcome-and you get to buy todays drinks.We also have Hot Rods BD,and Grabby's adopty day. Congrats to all! OMG,MORE cake and food!Beats the heck out of granola day. Why don't we just chew on some cardboard.We have squirrel appreciation day as well. We can show them our appreciation by giving them ALL the granola,and a few local nuts. Better watch out BG and Mallow.

Luvbug (40) is passing out permission slips for hugs. One per player please,no line cutting.

Mallow tells a tale (a tall one? ) of a 45 pound squirrel she once bagged.What is IN your water up there,or were you hitting the hooch at a young age?

I score a 12,and appreciate how very tasty squirrel is. If ya can't beat them,eat them!

Ana (18) doesn't care about hugs or squirrels,she appreciates a nice day with no snow. Here,here!

Mudcat (32) appreciates the mighty squirrel in the stew form. She must have Mallow's 45 pounder.

Tuck and Dot (14) not a very squirrely bunch,appreciates the kitty Kahlua. Makes everything taste better,even squirrel.

BG (37) tries training the squirrel to jump into the stir fry pan with some granola stuffing. Interesting concept.

GTt (20) raises a toast (better toast than granola) to all the black kitties we know,and love. I'll drink to that.

1st with 12-ME
2nd with 14-Tuck and Dot
3rd with 18-Ana

Losers:The West coasters! Mallow with 45,and Luvbug with 40


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

01/21/2016 02:47.09 PM Report This Comment
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