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Domestic Shorthair from <a href=' City/club-members.aspx' title='Benton City, WA'>Benton City, WA</a>


About Me

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Hi! My name is CATTY SHACK ~

I am Domestic Shorthair from Benton City, WA

Nicknames: Duffer

Age: 2 years old

Gender: F

Coat: short haired

Education: Well, lookie here!
Catty Shack has won a COTD badge on July 19, 2013!
WHOOPS! We did it again! COTD on July 20, 2014

Catty Shack Golf League guest commentator. It's REALLY fun! Please apply with Bee Gee or Toby.

NOTE :: The guest commentator does not have to be a playing member of the Catty Shack Golf League. Just needs a good grasp of the finer points of Temperature Golf and all it's permutations. :)

The guest commentator will be supplied with a golf cart, so he (or she) will be able to keep up with the fast-paced action on the course. And will be expected to participate in the golf cart races in the parking lot as well. You must supply your own crash helmet.

My favorite tricks and treats are: ~~~~~~~~MEMBERS ~~~~~~~
Ana 270893
Bee Gee 210564
Engine 147060
Luvbug 7393
Mallow 161233
Mimi 184008
Steve 206575
Timmy 8851
Tucker 219145
Uncle Buddy Budd 189993

Hot Rod 211919
Mike 161232
PD Budd 189430
Steve 206575
Toby 210431

And we all enjoy hot dogs, hot buttered popcorn and cotton candy - for now!

Where I hang out: The Pro Shop and snack bar!

My favorite grubs: Cat Daniels, White Whisker Whiskey, Black Cat Velvet

My pet peeves: Water hazards

Speaking of 'hazards', just a note: the sand traps are not conveniently located "litter locations"! Please refrain from leaving 'deposits' in said traps, and use the proper facilities, which can be found behind the pro shop. Thank you. The Management

What I love about my owners: We will be trying to figure out a schedule. Just so it seems almost organized. It isn't. Really.

My cat hobbies: Hit golf balls, have golf cart races in the parking lot.

Pet motto: "FORE!"

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How We Met

~~~~~~~~~RULES~- ~~~~~~~~

(Temporary and subject to change at a moment's notice, so don't blink!)

"Score temps" should be recorded around 7 a.m. if possible.

1) Game scores will be the low temp of the day.

2) Driving scores will be the highest low temp. Am I confusing you Steve? Just wait til you see the next rule!

3) Putting scores will be the combined total of the digits of the "score temp". So, example: If your score is 38, your putting score will be 11. 3+8=11. Okay Steve? Maybe your caddy can explain it to you. :)

Only one score per family per day. Actually, not to hard to follow, since there's really only one score POSSIBLE per family per day! :)

Daily WINNER buys the house a round. Daily LOSER gets cart duty and has to plug in the golf carts to charge up - for cart races in the parking lot!

~~~~~It's Here! The Long waited - SCHEDULE!~~~~~

Monday & Thursday - Temperature Golf
Tuesday & Friday - Long drive
Wednesday & Saturday - Putting

SUNDAY AND HOLIDAYS - NO GOLF! Visit the pro shop and spend your catbucks on new stuff you don't need! Perhaps one of those jaunty little plaid outfits?

Don't forget the always exciting and competitive golf cart races in the parking lot after each competition. And occasionally down the road to the take-out joint! Winner buys!

No teams yet, right now it's every cat for itself!

My Cat Stats

I've had 54306 friends visit me.

I'm the 51,960th member on

6,733 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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My Cat Blog

I'm with ya, Timmy!
You're not quite alone. Worried now? It's here! At long last! The day Mallow has warned us about: D.B.Cooper Day! C'mon, Mallow, 'fessup! You know where the loot is buried! Tell us, share, and we all promise to keep our lip zipped. Pay Steve a little extra and he might keep something else zipped too. We can always hope. It's also Use Even If The Seal Is Broken Day. Steve would have KITTENS if he knew we used something with a broken seal! And that would be a VERY Unique Talent, and this is the day for that! Another "warm" morning, 28. Time for spiked espresso.

Bee Gee


11/24/2014 07:05.38 AM Report This Comment
What happened?
Where is everyone? I can't be the only one here today. Well mommy on way to hospital to start drinking that awful juice they give her to prep for her body scan this morning. Mom says she comes close to a hairball while druinking that stuff. Sun is shining here and I got a 62 this morning. TIMMY

Come visit me, Suki (In Loving Memory)1993-12/28/06, Timmy, Tucker & Bella.

11/24/2014 06:15.47 AM Report This Comment
See Guys
mommy does feel better, we are here two days in a row.
Not sure if we will be here tomorrow or not because mom has to have another CAT scan in the morning. Im lost what day of the year it is, other than the sunday before TURKEY day. I got a 52 this morning. TIMMY

Come visit me, Suki (In Loving Memory)1993-12/28/06, Timmy, Tucker & Bella.

11/23/2014 09:21.34 AM Report This Comment
Buy Nothing Day, I am on it!
But that cranberry was already here. Rollin' around on the floor. From back on OUR Thanksgiving. Good thing it ain't House Cleanin' Day!

Got a 46 this mornin' and I guess it's officially almost winter. The willow tree is finally startin' to get nekkid. -- A. Mallow

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook~Vote Kelsee #28613 daily in Nov!, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly, ~ Mojo Blackbear ~, Angel Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon, Angel Smokey ~ always in our ♥ & Evie ♥ A. Shai.

11/23/2014 08:44.04 AM Report This Comment
You're welcome!
And don't you forget it! Does the phrase "Thank you" imply there MIGHT have been a problem, and it needs to be dealt with? I'll have that mouse pie ready in a few minutes, and I'm tossing in more than one cranberry! Tucker, you'll have to pick them out of your piece. "Who" says we have to wait for the big bird? Nothing wrong with MY image, thank you very much! A very blustery 37 this morning, and I'm not the one doing the blustering!

Bee Gee


11/23/2014 07:52.55 AM Report This Comment
No cranberries for us they have to wait for the big bird. But we will take ~41~ Mice in our pies, My image need no consulting, it is what it is, we always say your welcome when mom thanks us for being good.
Purrs, Tuck & Dot

Come visit me, K. Tuck ~ #219145, Dame Dot ~ # 247583, Dame Mouse ~ #219407 & Smoke's Angels~Please Vote Kelsee# 28613 for COTM.

11/23/2014 06:14.07 AM Report This Comment
Good Morning Catty Shack!
35 degrees. I'll have that mouse pie please. But remove their glasses, as I don't want to break a tooth. In total agreement with the no problem bit. A young man held a door for Mom yesterday, and replied. "No problem." to her thank you. She sees "no problem" with "You're welcome." either. Mudcat Mimi & J.C.

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong, J.C. & Blackstone & Grayson.

11/23/2014 03:21.58 AM Report This Comment
we're much
warmer this morning an even 40! yipee!!!!! :) sandy

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

11/23/2014 01:30.58 AM Report This Comment
Hi Catty Shack
Hot Rod - Like the nicknames of the imaginary lands. Better now - thanks for the barf bag.

International Aura Awareness Day. Again? At least Steve has the day off.

Fibonacci Day. Oh look at the sums of numbers in Nature. Aren't they wonderful?

Eat a Cranberry Day. Must I? Oh well it helps with a certain litter box complaint.

Image Consultant Day. Steve definitely missed this one.

Mother Goose Day. "There was once a......"

Buy Nothing Day. Fine. At least I have some food stocked up.

You're Welcome Day. You're welcome.

Dr. Who Day. *Brings out the Sonic Screwdriver from pocket and looks around for any Daleks...* "Oh there you are Rose."

Low 45 with fog.

Come visit me, Dancing Bear (In Loving Memory 1994 to 12/2011), Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo - Thanks for COTD Badge, Fang and Drooler - Thank you everyone, Buster - RIP Q. Pappoose and Q. Gracie, Sphinx (In loving Memory of 1986-2004) Thanks COTD, Lil Jag - RIP Q. Angel Aunt Samantha thanks COTD, Smudge - Married Dame Carmen - RIP Angel Wilson & Kuce (In Loving Memory 1993-2012) Thanks COTD.

11/22/2014 07:54.18 PM Report This Comment
And confusion reigns on the links! 11-22-14
So why should this day be different than any other? We're all trying to escape from some aura or another, so let's all head to our favorite imaginary country and relax after the game.

Luvbug(40/4) abides in the land of Where I Sits is MINE! That would be Wisim ... Mimi(25/7) is in the land of Summer All Year, or Say ... Ana(20/2) is always in her own country of Deep South Amherst ... Tucker(20/2) is cruising on the ferry to Biji Island. Nice choice. No doggy aura on Biji Island allowed. Toby aura, now, that might be a different story.

Timmy(32/5), no need to apologize. You were obviously the smart one, waiting for warmer golfing weather, just taking a slight vacation in the Land Of Ailing Mom, or Loam Land. Great she's feeling better, and glad to have you back. As for someone else's blood, I'll pass *shudder* ... Bee Gee(32/5) sends in her score from Biji Island via Morse code. Lucky I have my handy dandy code ring with me! ... Mallow(43/7) is relaxing in Mallowwood while plotting global domination and "allowing" the cabana boys to serve her.

Line up for duty assignments. What, I can't have my own country, too, where I am the absolute yet benevolent dictator? Rats. Final putts scores:
1st - Tie, Ana & Tucker, 2. Hard to beat those 2s!
2nd - Luvbug, 4. Going for a ride, with a barf bag riding shotgun.
3rd - Tie, Timmy & Bee Gee, 5. Careful around BG, you might NEED that 'spare' blood!

Cart barn ladies sing that song, doo dah, doo dah! That would be Mimi & Mallow! And I think that accounts for everyone. Nobody got left out today! Woohoo!

~~~~Hot Rod~~~
~Gonna go visit
the Land of Nod now!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

11/22/2014 01:23.31 PM Report This Comment
Emergency Friday recap on Saturday 11-22-14
Confused yet? If not, I must not be trying hard enough.

Luvbug(45) arrives on muddy little paws, hugging a Mallow, and singing El Gato Loco. Maybe he's stuffing a pinata? ... Ana(26) has ME totally confused, as she is able to leave a blog even though "we're down". Huh? ... Mimi(35) is out in the dark again, playing flashlight golf. Find Atlantis yet? Bee Gee might have hidden it in the water hazard ... Engine and her Terrible Tribe of Terrine has me WAY confused! Which score is best for the Hamster Hunt? Are we making hamster stuffing?

Steve (13) keeps showing up even though his stuffing is falling out. So that's what you're calling it these day ... UBB(18) hollers Hello through the snowflakes and lets us know isn't very regular yet. See Steve about that, I think he has a cure ... Tucker(17) joins the hunt for Atlantis, but I'll bet he quits when he learns it might lead to the frozen water hazard. Wonder how Ol' Toothy is doing in there ... Mallow(46) informs us she might MIGHT! have a little inside info on the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa. She seems to have an identity issue with DB Cooper too! ... And finally, Hello Bee Gee(27) arrives with a map for finding Atlantis. Lemme see that thing. Is Catty Shack on it?

How are you all driving a-long today?
1st - Mallow, 47. Wow, must be heading back to summer up there!
2nd - Luvbug, 45. Doing the Loco Rain Dance!
3rd - Well, here's where Engine's confusion makes things murky. She MIGHT have a 43, which makes her 3rd. Or she MIGHT have a 34, which makes her out of the money, and Mimi 3rd. I'll let you two claw it out.

No matter who wins, Steve definitely loses. Tucker can help hold your stuffing in. Sorry Tucker, it's a dirty job but somebody has to do it. :-)

No confessions from me!
I'm innocent! *wink*


11/22/2014 07:16.59 AM Report This Comment
Quick recap 11-21-14
Looks like we're winging it today without a recap.

Ana and family - 26
Mimi and family - 35
Engine - 43
Steve - 13
UBB - 18
Tuck and Dot - 17
Mallow - 46
Me Luvbug - 45
BG - 27

Off to the Cart Barn with Steve (13) and help from Tuck and Dot. (17)

Mallow is buying drinks this round with a 46.
Luvbug - 45
Engine 43

Come visit me, Dancing Bear (In Loving Memory 1994 to 12/2011), Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo - Thanks for COTD Badge, Fang and Drooler - Thank you everyone, Buster - RIP Q. Pappoose and Q. Gracie, Sphinx (In loving Memory of 1986-2004) Thanks COTD, Lil Jag - RIP Q. Angel Aunt Samantha thanks COTD, Smudge - Married Dame Carmen - RIP Angel Wilson & Kuce (In Loving Memory 1993-2012) Thanks COTD.

11/21/2014 08:35.22 PM Report This Comment
11-20 recap
Lots-o-names flying around the course today for name your PC day.Lucky for you all,I DO know where the bleep button is. I'll just munch down on this PB fudge,and get on with the pathetic scores. Please keep in mind my secretary has inhaled a LOT of paint fumes this morning,I'm NOT accountable for what she puts in print.

Luvbug (45) doing a rain dance(also doubles as a happy dance in his case) while chasing down runners to hug. Odd hobby,but so is golf.

Sandy (30) breaks out the golf manual (we have directions for this game???) and heads off to the club house.

I score a 19,and inhale a pan of PB fudge I found laying around. Huh,fudge,one of them useless things,right up there with fruitcake.

Mudcat hisses at upgrades her little PC has to endure. There are 36 bleeps of names she has for that. We should make a bleep word crossword puzzle for today.

Engine (30) shy's away from the fudge (wise move*burp*) in favor of frog and cricket fillets. Who will be the first to tap the Monkey Wrench in the kegolator? Bet it begins with a "T" and ends with an "er"

Tuck and Dot (22) They were just talking about you! Tuck introduces us to his PC,Satan's Little Helper and,off to the Monkey Wrench!

BG (28) has a nasty blockage of the ice kind. Ouch,that'll leave a mark.

And Mallow (42) comes hugging,touching and squeezing...... George. Its her PC you weirdo's!!!

1st:Oh,looky here,its ME with 19
2nd: Tuck with 22
3rd: BG the ice Queen with 28

Losers: (not many to pick from again)
Luvbug -singing in the rain with 45 and huggie,touchy Mallow with 42.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline Thurs-Sunday & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline Thurs-Sunday.

11/20/2014 11:00.56 AM Report This Comment
11/19/14 - Have a Bad Day Day
And also Bagpipe Day and World Toilet Day. That sounds pretty bad, alright.

First comes Luvbug, who is dancing in the rain to 46 (=10) rpm records and living La Vida Loco. Steve claims that it’s warming up, but that 11 (=2) claims otherwise and Engine with her 19 (=10) is unclear on the concept of Drive-In restaurants as she drives her Hashed Hamster right inside the clubhouse!

Mimi is wary of those who might celebrate Toilet Day in the sand traps, she has 24 (=6) good reasons to be. UBB is celebrating Garbage Day today with an 11 (=2) and Tucker is following Steve from 10 (=1) paces this morning.

BeeGee is trying to blow us a tune on the bagpipes, what DO you do with these 19 (=10) sticks that are hanging off the thing anyway? Mallow tees up and then tees OFF everyone of Scottish extraction with her take on how to blend Bagpipe Day and Toilet Day. She has a 39 (=12) and then along comes Haley to round out the morning with a 20 (=2)

That leaves us with
1st – Tucker with an unbeatable 1!
2nd – Steve, UBB and Haley, tied with (most appropriately) 2
3rd – Mimi with … a 6. Just had to ruin the symmetry, didn’t you?

And it’s our favourite Angel to the cart barn today, with a 12. Please note that she has managed a putt that is higher than 3 of the golfers’ actual temperatures this morning. Let the 19th hole begin!

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook~Vote Kelsee #28613 daily in Nov!, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly, ~ Mojo Blackbear ~, Angel Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon, Angel Smokey ~ always in our ♥ & Evie ♥ A. Shai.

11/19/2014 02:09.56 PM Report This Comment
*chatter chatter* 11-18-14
And I don't mean small talk! Just LOOK at some of these scores! Mudcat and Mallow are the only two out of the basement! We need to fill the pool with hot toddies! Stat!

Luvbug(32) just made it into the freezer zone today. And he's feeling very charitable, too, offering to use Nerf arrows instead of the real thing. Bee Gee's rump thanks you ... Steve(10) is starting to look like Bee Gee! He even has an orange toe to prove it! Oh wait, ALL his toes are orange. Maybe Bee Gee is starting to look like you! Orange toes, no tail ... Engine(20) arrives in the Rat Catcher with lots of hot grubs, and a keg of Oasis. Sounds like something from the desert, so it MUST be hot! Maybe we should fill the hot tub with it!

Here's Tucker(11) and the One-Eyed Invasion! Good thing your paws are frozen to the club. One-eyed archery can be REALLY off target! Ouch! ... Mimi(37)! Don't expect much sympathy from anybody for your "low" score! Good idea to finish any leftovers. It's a sacrifice but one we're willing to make ... Bee Gee(12) is golfing right through the potato soup! Oh, that's fog. Lucky for her, it makes it harder to take aim with those bows and arrows ... Mallow(35) has a decidedly un-Canadian score today. I think. She brings us some "stuff" that we can use to fill our garbage cans, so the trash guys feel needed.

Long drive Tuesday? Pretty pathetic, if you ask me!
1st - Mimi, 37. Shivering fur. Pfft!
2nd - Mallow, 34. Which holiday is that? Jackalopemas?
3rd - Luvbug, 32. Not talking Mickey Mouse! Just NO!

Wow, quite an assortment of potential losers today, but looks like Steve claims the cart barn all to himself with that 10. Right behind is Tucker with 11, and Miss Toe with 12. Everybody else, to the hot toddies!

Seems Old Man Winter
got here REALLY early!


11/18/2014 01:47.54 PM Report This Comment
11-17 recap
Oh my....we're missing Timmy an Tuck today,but gained UBB!!! Maybe their doors got frozen shut. Lets see,do we have enough to play? One,two...shhhh....stop talking while I do a head count here. Forget it,I don't have that many toes. So,did you all hear the joke about the cow,the pig and the duck??? Me either,I was hoping you could tell me.

Luvbug (32) CLEARLY has been sniffing the petrolatum. US? Walk the course??? Why,that might be confused with hiking and exercise *shudder*

I score a 34,trying my bestest not to exert myself for the sake of a hike. Go take a hike,I'm told that ALL the time.

Engine (43) loses her bikini sleighing onto the course today. EEKS! And look,her sleigh is weighted down (no,not by her bellies) with nummies for all the good little boys. OK,maybe the girls too seeing us males are often outnumbered.

Mudcat (48) is on an unfriending frenzy,starting with the farmers cow. I see's hamburgers in our future.

Haley( 36) hit a new low with a 15 yesterday. You might have had a winner with that today.

UBB (33) is back in the saddle again!!!! Actually,its more like a golf cart,but a saddle sounds more thrilling. Welcome back,and happy healing to mom!

BG (9) beats herself (huh???) with an even lower score than yesterday. Hot diggity,she comes armed with some fun with sheep(chasing,not just for counting anymore) to get us all warmed up. She's a heat seeking missile today,running for the equator. We ALL know how her sense of direction is.

And last,Mallow the Great (25) adds to BG's sheep herding with cow tipping an unfriending. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

Winners: not many to choose from here...
1st: BG with 9 (can I hear and 8 for tomorrow)
2nd: Mallow with 25
3rd: Luvbug with 32

Losers: Mudcat with a tropical 48,with the help of Engine with 43.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline Thurs-Sunday & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline Thurs-Sunday.

11/17/2014 01:21.31 PM Report This Comment
Welcome to the sub-freezing club! 11-16-14
The angels(18) are doing their part, even if they can't decide if it's 18 or 20. Close enough, and both qualify as "sub-freezing" ... Tucker(28) practices with a bear head today, and dares anybody to stand between him and his fast food. Not me! ... Bee Gee(10) is the queen of the sub-freezing club this weekend, with two-in-a-row 10's! Think you can do it again tomorrow? ... Mallow(25) contributes to the sub-freeze club and adds some stuffed bear head fake snow for effect. Looks good.

Now, the above-freezing party poopers today (who just like to brag) are Luvbug(40) and Mimi(37) who still think the cold weather curse is coming from Canada. Oh yeah? Well, maybe Santa left the door open up at the North Pole and all the cold air got out! Somebody needs to send him an S.O.S. and tell him to SHUT THE DANG DOOR! Can't even keep the fast food warm around here....

Luvbug, 40 ... Angels, 19 maybe? ... Mimi, 37 ... Tucker, 28 ... Bee Gee, 10 ... Mallow, 25.

Okay, mad dash to the clubhouse to see who gets to sit near that great big warm fireplace! On your mark, get set ... STAMPEDE!

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Looks like I beat everybody.
Since I'm not crazy enough
to be out there golfing!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

11/16/2014 01:31.30 PM Report This Comment
Holy mackerel! 11-15-14
We only have two scores above freezing, and one just barely. Looks like winter might get here a little early this year. All in favor say "Aye!" Anybody? That's kinda what I thought.

Luvbug(44/8), you're one of the lucky two. So, what do you have to say for yourself? We're waiting. *tap tap tap* ... Sandy(25/7) is short and to the point - cold! ... Even Mimi(31/4) is under the freezing mark down in the land of eternal summer. Or so she wishes. Ask Santa!

Tucker(24/6) is wearing his high moccasins to stay warm while making his mom's lunch in the refrigerator. Cold getting to ya, huh? It must be, if you're thinking liver Bundt fruitcake ... Bee Gee(10/1) is in the mood for a little twister. And she's staying far away from the oldy coldy moldy fridge! Even though it would no doubt be warmer in there than it is outside! ... Mallow(33/6) is our only other player out of the freezer zone. And Mimi wants you to recall your Canadian weather? I think Bee Gee would KILL for that temp right about now! Okay, ALMOST kill. How's that?

Here's the arctic putt results:
1st - Bee Gee, totally hammering the field with a ONE!
2nd - Mimi, 4. Whoa, the southern hospitality froze over!
3rd - Tie, Tucker & Mallow, 6. Imagine, a tie from almost opposite sides of the PLANET! Well, almost.

Cart barn duty goes to Luvbug. See how fun this is? One above freezing score is ties for 3rd, the other above freezing score is in the dog house! Cart barn. Whatever. Hey, I hear it's warm in those dogloos!

I love to write!
Good thing, too.


11/15/2014 01:37.36 PM Report This Comment
Are we all light and loose today? 11-14-14
Letting it all hang out are we, for the BIG 2nd Anniversary party for the one and only absolutely unique one-of-a-kind exclusive fundamental fun-a-day happy place? I'm scratching my head trying to figure out where that place is, but for now we can celebrate Catty Shack's 2nd anniversary.

Luvbug(45) plans to loosen up by bashing a bucket of Barbie heads and then meditating on a round of drinks. Hear hear! ... Lightening up a little is Steve(21!) with some fluffy cinnamon toast with pickles. Whatever grabs your phanthom Steve ... Ana(35) can hardly see the balls through the snow. Too light for me ... Seems somefur didn't get Engine's(35) cart charged in time for the dinner run so we'll have to make a run for it ourselves. Elephant Ears - get 'em while they're hot!

Mimi(37) has made friends with several teddy bears in an effort to stay warm. Those ARE American bears, right? ... Tucker(23) slides in a bit late but says it's never too late to party. That's the spirit! ... Bee Gee(25) hits her teddy bear and throws her pickle to celebrate. Odd custom, but it might catch on ... And Mallow(33) has a few unkind words (and right after Kindness day, no less!) for poor Mike, who totally blew his chance at covering the "true" anniversary recap two days ago. Don't feel bad Mike, we almost missed it too!

Loose & Light Long Drive anniversary scores:
1st - Luvbug, 45. You KNOW how bad this is gonna get when 45 is the LONGEST drive of the day...
2nd - Mimi, 37. The anniversary sammie celebration suggestion was stupendous!
3rd - Tie, Ana & Engine, 35. Oooh, snow & no cart charged up. Bum-MER!

Let's see, who gets to go chip the ice off the cart charger today? That would be ..... Steve, just edging out Tucker for the honor, although I KNOW he'd be glad to lend a scraper to the cause.

~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~
Passing out party favors,
mittens and warm socks!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

11/14/2014 01:25.15 PM Report This Comment
11-13 recap
Rumor has it..... Now that I have everyone's attention,I'll have to make up a juicy tidbit.Kindness day,highly over-rated. Its cruel to be kind.

Luvbug (43) is in a fog after too much nog (today should be rhyme day,I'd kill it!!!)

I go for the round,curvy type of temp with a 30. I can hardly wait to start spreading rumors of the Steve kind.

Tuck and Dot (32) NOW you think its a little chilly to be naked! Tuck is ALMOST willing to be a member of the stump rump club. Membership fees may be given to me.

Mudcat (48) graces us with a score today. Rumor is there is a family cage match smack down for bed space later. My moneys on Mudcat!

WHAT! Engine (50) is back!!! Just in time with the rhino ragu and fawn fritters. AND(gosh,I'm SO excited) a full kegolator!! Score! We need it for heat,swear,its for heat. Its better than snuggling with BG.

BG (22) Darn! I was just talking about you,it was ALL good (right....). She worships me from afar,WAY far. Thats my rumor,and I'm sticking to it.

Timmy (36) is campaigning for be kind to Bella day. How kind you are indeed sharing rat tails.

And last,Mallow the Great (36) has been hitting the kegolator so heavy,she thinks BG could actually be kind??

1st: BG 22. Let me give you a congratulatory hug,not
2nd: Me with 30.
3rd: Tuck with 32

Losers: Our own little world traveler Engine with 50,welcome back to cart duty. Mudcat will assist with a 48


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline Thurs-Sunday & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline Thurs-Sunday.

11/13/2014 01:57.01 PM Report This Comment
11/12/14 - Rat & Mouse Pizza Day
I somehow don’t think that’s what the founders of Fancy Rat & Mouse Day had in mind, but if they had the bad judgement to share their special day with Pizza With Everything (Except for Anchovies) Day, well, let the chips fall where they may, right?

Luvbug is in a fog this morning with a 40 (=4) and it’s a good thing because he can’t see what Steve REALLY meant by “warming his buns over the pizza oven” after marking down his 37 (=10). Mimi can see exactly what Steve meant, though, and she is so stunned by the sight that she takes off after him, claws slashing, and forgets to leave a score!

Tucker declares that the wind is so strong that it blew his fur off (my eyes! My eyes!) and a 39 (=12) is the best he can do. Timmy has fumigated the pizza oven and is cooking up lots and lots of rat tails. 47 (=11) of them, even. And Ana comes in convinced that her 54 (=9) will get her a stint in the cart barn but she may be in luck. Anything can happen on putting day!

BeeGee has spine chilling stories and a 15 (=6). Scary?? No, just spine-chilling. Which IS scary after all, actually. Let’s get her thawed out quick! Mallow is next, she has a 36 (=9) and is looking for egg nog. Milk that chicken and you might just have some.

And who’s buying the egg nog today? Looks like it’s ..
1st – Luvbug gets the honours with that 4
2nd – B-B-B-BeeGee, with a scary 6
3rd – Ana and Mallow, tied with 9. See? Saved by putting day!

And the cart barn duties today go to Tucker, who brought us a naked 12. Try & catch your fur & stick it back on, quick before Mimi comes back & catches you!

Once again, your Wednesday Free-for-All is brought to you by
~~ your Guest Common (freeze-dried) ‘Tater, Mike

PS: The evil vote #6666 is still up for grabs. Scramble!!

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook~Vote Kelsee #28613 daily in Nov!, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly, ~ Mojo Blackbear ~, Angel Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon, Angel Smokey ~ always in our ♥ & Evie ♥ A. Shai.

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Veterans Day 11-11-14
I hope you all made an effort to thank a veteran today - and every day!

As Luvbug(45) celebrates Air Day, he places his carefully wadded origami golf ball on the tee and lets it fly! ... Steve(50) seems to think origami is made of money. Just be happy that's "real" chocolate on that sundae! Now go check the air in your spare. Hahahaa! ... Sandy(36) drops her last vote for the day and hurries off to get ready for the big bonfire at her place ... Mimi(58) found enough swan wannabes to make her own bonfire!

No fresh air at Tucker's(48) place. Seems Steve paid an early morning visit and things still just aren't "right". *coff* ... Lucky Timmy(49) is overjoyed that he has leftover vanilla cupcakes and so doesn't have to take a chance on a chocolate sundae ... Bee Gee(28) is listening to the air leaving Steve and looking for a bicycle pump to give him a refill ... Mallow(39) does a flyover salute for the veterans and then heads on over to Catty Shack in her dusty old barnstormer. If you need someone to blow the dust off that thing, maybe Steve will volunteer.

Seems Origami Golf isn't the best for long drives:
1st - Mimi, 58. Not too bad actually.
2nd - Steve, 50. Airing out his origami.
3rd - Timmy, 49. Bet you're REALLY happy about those cupcakes!

The frigid loser today is Bee Gee with a windy 28. As long as the "wind" isn't provided by Steve. But at least then it would be "hot air".

Anybody remember that story "The Wind In the Willows"?
That wasn't about Steve by any chance, was it? :-)


11/11/2014 01:59.57 PM Report This Comment
11-10 recap
A vanilla cupcake kind of morning. Translation: boring. Also forget me not day. I'm trying to forget the vanilla cupcakes!

Luvbug (44) is trying to forget how to get to Sesame Street.

I score A 43,gathering up all and any old Halloween candy to do a parade toss. No float needed,unless its off the root beer variety.

Mudcat (39) is ready to roast Big Bird (a lot to feed in her family),and wear his little feathers as a cape. T-giving is only 17 days away,no need to get anxious.

Tuck and Dot (44) score,and head off to pawty with stuffed socks with little weird voices.-AKA The Muppets. Sounds kind of like some of our golfers.....

Haley (36) is feeling frosty (not the snowman) on the eve of backyard game time.

Timmy (46) is gluing leaves to the trees. It won't stop Fall,but good thinking!

BG (34) is SO into herself,she could never forget her. She even has a Sesame street character named after her,guess which one :)

Mallow (37) wow-the West coast has done a nose dive in temps. Mallow has frost on her asphalt. Sounds like a purrsonal problem to me.

1st: BG 34
2nd: Haley 36
3rd: Mallow 37

Losers: Timmy with 46 and Luvbug and Tuck,each with 44 to help. Bet ya want to forget those scores!


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline Thurs-Sunday & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline Thurs-Sunday.

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Tongue Twister Day 11-9-14
In honor of Mr. Toot, who is NEVER here for "his" special days!

"A tutor who tooted the flute
Tried to tutor two tooters to toot
Said the two to the tutor
"Is it tougher to toot
Or to tutor two tooters to toot?""

I think that says it all. Luvbug(44), I think you may be right. We should be expecting the special All-Steve Parade tomorrow ... Seems Ana(44) might have dipped into Tucker's frosting yesterday. And STILL no cupcakes? ... Mimi(49) has invited us ALL over to her 'big' place for a few rat skitterers. And no line for the litter box? Great news! *snicker*

Tucker(38) says Dot's gone dotty keeping chaos alive at the old homestead. She'll fit right in at Mimi's ... Bee Gee(42) shares tales of chaos from HER house, keeping in mind this IS "Family Stories Month" ... Mallow(45) has been trying to navigate the web with no map and no street signs! You'll get an education in geography though! ... Finally, Timmy still has 42 leaves left on his tree. And has probably named each and every one of them! I think we may be able to get an Originality Day going.

Let's get this practice list out of the way so we can over to Mimi's (no waiting at the litter box!) and help celebrate the grand homecoming of Greyson! (Where was the little absconder hiding?)

Luvbug, 44 - Ana, 44 - Mimi, 49 - Tucker, 36 - Bee Gee, 42 - Mallow, 45 - Timmy, 42.

Okay, off to Mimi's for the BIG BIG party! (No waiting at the litter box!)

~~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~
Imagine - No Waiting!!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

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Pun Day 11-8-2014
I have a special club that takes me home after a few rounds. I call it my designated driver. Badda-boom! And speaking of taking someone home, has there been any sign of that little AWOL waif Greyson yet? He is definitely getting liver fruitcake this year.

Luvbug(44/8) has volunteered to let LJ and Fang fill in for Steve in the Dunce For A Day Challenge ... Ana breezes in this morning with a 34/7 ... Mimi(35/8) is holding the flashlight while her mom crawls around under the house waving pungent cat food in hopes of attracting Greyson. Let's hope that's ALL she attracts!

Well, Timmy(34/7) didn't have any old magazines yesterday, but he DOES have some old x-rays? You're an odd one, anyone ever tell you that? ... Bee Gee(29/11) advises against using anything pungent from HER fridge to tempt Greyson. Phew! I agree! ... Tucker(38/11) is just leaving some frosting today. No cupcakes? ... Mallow(41/5) brings some pungent demi-tassels to help drum up some sign of Greyson. Considering Mimi's "other" job, he's probably familiar with tassels. Heheh.

How did the putters do today?
1st - Mallow, 5. Nice pungent putting!
2nd - Tie, Ana & Timmy. Shake that tree!
3rd - Mimi, 8. Tell Greyson you'll show him your tassels.

Looks like Bee Gee & Tucker get to share cart duty today. Not a pairing I have the utmost confidence in. I'm worried they might take this Dunce Day seriously. Oh well, what are ya gonna do?

I always bring an extra sock to the links
in case I get a hole in one. Get it?
Oh I crack me up!


11/08/2014 02:40.36 PM Report This Comment
Not a good start 11-7-14
We hear from Mimi(55) that Greyson is missing, so we are all going to have to use our first-draft Santa letters to ask the fat guy to take Rudolph out with a little search party. Get that red nose glowing and find the little guy!

Dropping by first today is Luvbug(45) with his letter asking Santa to find homes for homeless cats and veterans. Excellent wish! ... Sandy(46) is early too, beating all comers except Luvbug, who cheats. *snicker* ... Steve(42) kindly donates his OLD magazines. For some bizarre reason he saves the staples from them. Not sure I want to know ... Tucker jumps on the "cork for Steve" band wagon. In fact he brought 38 of them. Good for starters.

Bee Gee(40) is trying to sell the lie that she's been good this year. Just toss your magazines on the bonfire and hope Santa doesn't bring you coal for your stocking. Or *gulp* liver fruitcake ... No magazines from Timmy(36). Mom "repurposes" them for the unmagazined in their little home town, which got an early start on a white Christmas ... Oh lordy, Santa, don't listen to Mallow(48)! She does NOT need any new fruitcake pans! PLEASE!

Who drove the longest?
1st - Mimi, 55. Tell Greyson if he comes back before sundown we'll make him the guest of honor at the Santa Song Sing Along.
2nd - Mallow, 48. Santa, Mallow has NOT been a good angel, okay? NO fruitcake pans!
3rd - Sandy, 46. Being early seems to have paid off.

Loser and cart polisher today is Timmy. See if Tucker and his 38 corks would mind giving you a paw out there.

~~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~~
(Don't worry, everybody. There
is NO Santa Sing Along, but don't
let Greyson hear. It's a bribe)

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

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11-6 recap
Marooned without a compass day.Do any of us REALLY know where we are going anyway? We're cats,we come and go as we please.Its also men cooking day-what a farce-but nacho day will save us all from starving.

Luvbug (44) being the cat scout that he is,will navigate us thru the 18 holes using only a map,and the stars as his guide. Night golf it is then.

I score another 44(must be the lucky number today). I'll add to the ambiance of the night golf with a little tooting serenade,purrhaps a Beethoven number. Bet thats never been done before on a saxophone. What did ya think I meant?

Tuck and Dot score 44 also! I'm telling you,we are missing some big lottery winning action here. Tuck saves us from his lack of cooking skills to run to the club house. Tuckster,your cooking skills can't possibly be any worse than BG's navigation skills.We'll either be hopelessly lost,or starving.

Angels (42). Finally! someone who doesn't have a 44,and they are even early today. You must have heard Tuck's trying to cook. A little help from angel furiends never hurts.

Mudcat (59) leave poor,poor defenseless J.C. to fend for himself in the kitchen. Eating the mistakes are the best part.

BG(51) is off in her fairy tail land again,working hard to get herself marooned with only bread and water. In the real world,thats called jail.

Timmy (43) woo-hoo!!!!! You heard him,He's buying me drinks,and his mom is cooking for us. Thats my story,and I'm sticking to it.

Mallow the Great (52) is sounding the alarm,OF alarm about men cooking. Thus the name 5 alarm chili Weeds. Great with nachos,and it has BEANS! Does that alarm you?

Winners: close one today!
1st: Angels 42
2nd: Timmy 43
3rd: A three way tie! Luvbug,Tuck and Dot and ME with 44.

Losers: All those in the 50's.,but we'll let Mudcat be at the top of the heap with 59.Mallow and BG will help with their 52 and 51. No golfer left behind today.

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline Thurs-Sunday & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline Thurs-Sunday.

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11/5/14 - BONFIRE DAY
That gets us off to a promising start, and Luvbug bring us a 40 (=4) reminds us that it’s also Stress Awareness Day. And speaking of stress, here comes Steve, who claims to know 44 (=8) bonfire tricks and they ALL involve gas. Mimi comes prepared with a fire bucket and tries to distract Steve with a cauldron full of 56 (=11) racks of hamster ribs. Will it work?

Tuck is fashionably bored, except if you are really fashionable you have to call it “ennui”. He has a 46 (=10) for us and next comes Timmy and Thank Goodness he brought Beano! After he shoots a 49 (=13), a grateful populace turns as one and directs him to the orange one. The Angels arrive next, all ready to play games but I do NOT think this is what they had in mind. A 54 (=9) for them today.

Bee Gee has 53 (=8) bags of ‘mallows for the bonfire and speaking of Mallows, here she is, muttering about that gatekeeper on CC2 who has turned her away 46 (=10) times already. Geesh, some kitties just can’t take a hint!

1st today is Luvbug with 4.
2nd Steve and Bee Gee tied with 8
3rd the Angels with their 9

Cart barn duty today goes to Timmy. But please leave that Beano with us. PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE …

Your Guest Common (baked) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook~Vote Kelsee #28613 daily in Nov!, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly, ~ Mojo Blackbear ~, Angel Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon, Angel Smokey ~ always in our ♥ & Evie ♥ A. Shai.

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The Royal long drive 11-4-14
And would you look at that! The kings have tied in the bottom of the 7th with 47 each. Oh, wrong game. Too bad. I'm doing the recap, so it's whatever game I say it is. *smirk* Kings Toot and Tuck skip down to the clubhouse to tap the keg of leftover Oktoberfest. The other, more stately royal, Mimi(50), has decided the Barbies are barbarians. Myself, I think they mean Barbarella.

Luvbug(37) offers Steve an orange and grey jacket. Common sense tells me he'll have it dyed ALL orange before the day is over! ... Comfortable Haley(42) reminds us it's sleepover night ... Engine(54) delivers the goodies along with bad news: she's going on vacation. We're all gonna starve! ... Bee Gee(53) says we better stock up on whatever the chicken lady is peddling. She's afraid we'll all be cave dwellers by the time Engine returns. Could happen.

Oh dear, hide the kegolator from Steve. Timmy, I know you mean well, but really, 56 gallons of bean & bacon soup? BEAN? You DO remember Steve, right? Well, as long as we have plenty of Beano under the bar in the clubhouse ... Mallow(54), humanitarian that she is, lets Mojo have the day off while the biker chicks do the cattying.

Hope I didn't leave anybody out. Here's the royal drive line:
1st - Timmy, 56. Yeah, we're sick of all that election blah blah too!
2nd - Tie, Engine & Mallow, 54. Maybe the biker chicks can overhaul the Wiener Wagon for Engine!
3rd - Bee Gee, 53. Hoping for warm & dry caves.

Wow, Luvbug! You're colder than the folks back east! Who woulda thought. Well, have fun in the cart barn. Maybe Haley can lend a paw.

~~Let's go throw some
barbarians out of the caves


11/04/2014 02:58.32 PM Report This Comment
11-3 recap
Cold enough for ya,said no one ever. Ahhhhh....the beginning of the month recaps,love them,I have an entire page to just talk on,and on,and on..... So here we go! How low can we go without freezing something important off.

Luvbug (34) -well,thats one way to start the bidding low. Luvbug kindly volunteered to be traffic cart director for the day. did...

I score a 28. I'm taking donations (10's and 20's please) for a warmer winter coat. Anyone??? Anyone???

Engine (32) is trying to nail the culprit who "borrowed" the Burger Breezer. Fine,I'll admit it was...Tuck and Dot trying to toast their buns on it with their 29.

Mudcat (32) back to being plain ol Mudcat again,mourns her loss of dictatorship and staples herself to the pole for the day. Kind of drastic,we would have had fun with just your tongue stuck to it.

Darn (48) Did you just say gold,and glitter???? WHERE! She's on the loose armed with a stapler,and a stale sammie. Not sure which is more lethal in her paws.

Mallow the Great( 48) abuses her local traffic controllers with a staple gun. Your right Thumbtack,Iit "IS" one of those days,but we don't want a do-over.

Timmy (40) alright!!!! Lunch for the clubhouse on Timmy's mom!!! You owe us,its the least you could do after saying that nasty s**w word.

Sandy (36 or 37) is trying to confuse me with her two scores again,and inside out talk. It worked!

Winners: How Brrrrrr are you?

1st: ME with 28
2nd: Tuck and Dot 29
3rd: Engine and Mudcat with 32

Losers: BG and Mallow with matching 48's ,with help from Timmy's 40.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline Thurs-Sunday & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline Thurs-Sunday.

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Circling, circling.... 11-2-14
Still don't now what kind of circles we're supposed to be looking for? I think I'll leave that up to you guys.

Luvbug(40) is trying to sort things out about his gender identity, since Toby (courtesy of mom!) managed to get it confused. It's okay, have a cookie, circle around in your bed, and just zero task. It'll be fine, trust me ... Ana(40) is feeling the cold in one of those big "wind circles" .... Thank goodness Mimi(47) reminded us of the blast circles on the links. We were worried about UFOs! ... UBB(29) says this might be bye fore awhile, unless his mom is willing to drag the laptop to the doc shop with her. But how will she know the temperature??

Tucker(34) is doing hot laps to try and stay warm. I'd be steamed if MY breakfast was late! ... Bee Gee(37) has her stapler in her quick-draw holster, and manages to staple her little orange toe to the floor. Genius you ain't ... Mallow(41) is seeing circles everywhere! They just keep going round and round and round. Stop before we all get dizzy! ... And Timmy(38) is handing out the warm fuzzy socks for a cold windy day. He thinks those socks should have their own holiday. All in favor?

IF we were keeping scores today, which we aren't, this is what they would look like, except they don't: Luvbug, 40 - Ana, 40 - Mimi, 47 - UBB, 29 *yikes* - Tucker, 34 - Bee Gee, 37 - Mallow, 41 - Timmy, 38.

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Circle around the fire
and stay warm & cozy!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

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Happy November 11-1-14
Are you all recovered from your Halloween hauntings? We all had to listen to mom moan and groan all night, she sounded like the sound effects at a carnival spook house.

Sounds like Luvbug(45/9) is enjoying some precipitous weather. He is obviously happy, he even wrote a poem for Mallow: "A day to honor our beloved dead, I think it's getting to her head!" ... Sandy(53/8) is also happy to see November, even thought it's threatening with some wintry weather later ... Mimi(48/12) has arrived with her poor dead paws, limp and lifeless after 2 months of royal ranting. Relax and enjoy a home cooked meal. *snicker*

Tucker(38/11) delivers the jolly weather forecast: Wet & crappy, with more wet & crappy expected later today. Might even have the white crap. Just go eat a book and relax ... Bee Gee(45/9) is celebrating the death of daylight saving time. Who can't agree with that? If only it would STAY dead! ... Mallow(43/7) is greeting all the November turkeys. You gonna help Bee Gee show 'em who's boss? I'm guessing a gaggle of gobblers on the green is gonna get grungy. Watch where you step!

Well, let's see who still had some coordination left after dragging a heavy treat bag around half the night:
1st - Mallow, 7. Well, that's hardly fair, you never have to drag anything. Ever.
2nd - Sandy, 8. Gonna be hard out there on the links if old man winter shows up!
3rd - Tie, Luvbug & Bee Gee, 9. Oh my, Happy & Grumpy share the honor.

Who gets to get us started in the cart barn this month? Looks like ...... Mimi! See how life is? Queen one day, grease monkey the next. :-) It's not all bad. At least the bats have left til next year.

For a special "Day of the Dead"
remembrance stop by Moonlight Moss Memorial
Garden on CC2 for a moment, and visit some
old friends


11/01/2014 01:17.52 PM Report This Comment
10.31 Long Halloween Drive Day
'Knock Knock,''
'Who's there?'
'Giver who?'
'Giver a hook to hang up her crown.'
Thanks for a grand October, Mimi!
Overcoats and boots for Trick or Treat here with a 26 score.
~~ Purrs from UBB— Purr all you want you black cat. You are in the cart barn tonight... Along with Haley (32).
Yep. It’s the Hallow Evening at the Catty Shack.
Today Luvbug showed up with a low (does that mean short?) drive of 45. And that pawty-cat, Steve, brought a sack full of tiny pumpkins to catapault into the sky with a 42 score. N-Gin (43) brought us the famous Disappearing Ghost brew... Can give you the wind and make you invisible. Tuck & Dot with a 41 got “lost” in the kergolator—- watch out for ghosts you two.
And there was a ghost in the cc2 wicked wiki because that is when it quit for repairs. But Haley golfed through on the CC with 32.
The wicked witch ct of the West, BeeGee, cleverly whacked a winning 52 with her witch's broom while munching on Brandied Bats! Finally...The Dark Angel Mallow gave us a bad K-K joke and a 50.
We are On our way to See Mimi give up her throne and crown. She posted a good joke and a 51 with a caramel apple stuck to her club. What a girl!
Here's the winners:

BG 52 Tied with (late) TIMMY
Ex-Queen Mimi 51
The Dark Angel 50
~~~~ Humbly submitted by PD Budd,
``````the Halloween Divinator`````

Come visit me, Uncle Buddy Budd, Head R.N., Gracie Twinkle-toes, R.N. --in training-, PD Budd, R.N. & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

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10-30 recap
Haunted refrigerator night. If you can't trust your appliances,who can you trust! There ARE many things in the fridge that do scare me,like the veggies. I think they are in cahoots with the salad dressing,and the celery is a stalker..

Luvbug (45) is checking cavity inducing candy corn off his list for the day. Don't blame you here. You think the cavities are bad,just wait til you see what happens in the litter box.

I score a 42,and bravely check out the fridge armed with my golf clubs(thats my story,esp the brave part)

Mudcat (54) hears voices calling to her form the ice cube trays,and GE says this is normal?? Why can't the beer cans be calling my name....

UBB (37) is having a merry go round day with up,down and all around activity. Thats the Cat Daniels talking UBB (not to be confused with Mudcats talking fridge)

Engine (55) chugging in with the wiener wagon full of rack of reindeer. Ack! How WILL Santa be able to deliver all our gifts now!. Oh yes,Fedex like all the other years.

Tuck and Dot (42)arrive full of mischief,at least one of them is,the other is full of Cat Daniels and reindeer.

BG (51) is warm,bright eyed and bushy tailed. Huh? Fat chance Darn,you have no tail!

Timmy (44) -ANOTHER one with a talking refrigerator! You and Mudcat must be sharing the same hooch.

Mallow (54) is also turning up the temps to bring out the best of the haunted foods in the fridge. And that,my furiends is how penicillin was discovered. OK,enough science for one day,on with the scores...

1st: UBB wins it big with 37
2nd: Woo-hoo!!! The Ohio boys tie with a 42 for Tuck,Dot and ME
3rd:Little Timmy and his talking fridge with 44

Wow,Engine with 55 aided by a group today of Mudcat and Mallow with 54


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline Thurs-Sunday & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline Thurs-Sunday.

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10/29/14 - Galactic Cat Day!
We have expanded on that puny effort, National Cat Day, to go beyond all borders and limits in celebration of all that is Feline!

Luvbug points out that this is also Hermit Day. Now HOW can we be hermits on Galactic Cat Day? We have to be surrounded by at least 41 (=5) furry friends, right? Steve has a 48 (=12) and is all set to go Galactic and eat pizza all through the Milky Way. Or was that “Milky Way Pizza”? The chocolate might burn in the oven, dude, but I’ll try it. Queen Mimi makes the proclamation official, no borders, no limits, Galactic Cat Day! She has a 65 (=11) for us this morning, too.

Tucker hopes the rocket ships have lots of tuna melt and 47 (=11) Heinicats, too. And UBB is very glad he got up this morning, not only is it garbage day but it’s a 60 (=6) for him today. Sandy is off to the Harvest Festival with a 57 (=12) and Engine has whipped up some Big Bang Bear Burgers and special “rocket fuel” for the big bash. It’s a 60 (=6) for her as well.

Timmy is thinking even bigger, he has 53 (=8) reasons why it should be National Cat YEAR! He starts the pawty by chasing leaves, great fun! BeeGee loads up her Galactic Golf Cart with 45 (=9) tons of goodies and heads off with a YOWL, while A. Mallow brings up the rear by turning Bee Gee’s score around for a 54 (but it still =9) and spooky talk about signs.

And before we blast off, the results are:
1st – Luvbug with a 5
2nd UBB and Engine, tied with 6
3rd – Timmy with an 8

Steve and Sandy get to charge the carts today, make sure to charge them 12 times as long because we have a long trip ahead of us! Last one to Alpha Centauri is a drooly-breathed canine!

Your guest Common (out of this world) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook~Vote Kelsee #28613 daily in Nov!, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly, ~ Mojo Blackbear ~, Angel Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon, Angel Smokey ~ always in our ♥ & Evie ♥ A. Shai.

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Plushies! 10-28-14
Too bad this isn't putting day, because trying to long drive a plush animal head is like trying to hit a home run with a pillow. Ain't gonna happen. Luvbug(36) thinks maybe he can trade up, but koalas and teddies still don't fly! He reminds us to beware of Steve bearing chocolate ... Steve(64) is cold on the outside, hot on the inside! And he's handing out little plushie Steve golf club covers. Luckily he's not handing out chocolates ... Mimi(57) wonders why routers and modems can't just do what they're told! Hmm, almost like cats, huh?

Wow! The Angels are gonna double their 35 by this afternoon! ... Engine(56) sheds the winter furs today and treats us to a case of DogtoberFest brew. Be careful, she says it sneaks up on you. Woof! ... UBB(50) says Bee Gee better be careful placing tempting ads on Ebay, never know what kind of crazies might respond. Very true! ... Uh oh, seems Tucker(56) is stuck with Cranky Mom today. Well, of course she's cranky! She has to make up for yesterday!

Timmy(61) is denying all rumors about him heading for the PGA, but it's hard to believe after seeing that long drive! He really got some air under that plushie head! ... Seems Bee Gee(44) has decided to give out her stale chocolate to trick-or-treaters. Yeah, and you can scrape the eggs off your house, too ... Mallow(46) is swiping a page from Bee Gee's playbook, putting some of her Mallowmobelia up on Ebay. All for a good cause, we're sure. :-)

How went the long drive today?
1st - Steve, 64. I call foul! No fair golfing with a sweat ball!
2nd - Timmy, 61. I call foul! No fair getting coached by the Dynamic Duo!
3rd - Mimi, 57. I call foul! But only in the name of fairness and consistency!

Loser, loser, let's see. The Angels can flock donw to the bat cave today, maybe Luvbug and crew will like to assist. It's okay. We'll keep the cauldron of Old Rat's Breath misting til you get done!

~~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~
~~Pampered Puss Pumpkin Parade
right after the after-dark cart races

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

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10-27 recap
In the Navy,yes you can sail the seven seas(thought that was a salad dressing)
In the Navy,you can put your mind at ease.
Anyone down for a little sailing across the water hazards?? Would it help if I said the golf bully won't be navigating?? The other option is scattering raked leaves,and putting up with a cranky co-golfer. Now,who would that be....

Luvbug dodges yesterdays road apples to shoot,and score a 39 into the scattered leaves.

I play all stealth-like,blending in with the leaves to escape the wrath of the cranky one. Score another 39(Luvbug's looked so good,thought I would copy it)

Engine (38) makes up for lost weekend time with Pale Mule Ale (wonder what the main ingredient is there) and beer brats-the lazy cats way-drinking your brats.

Mudcat (41) is gearing up to cook tail pipe potatoes for the crowds (its a gas).

UBB(43) is battling for the lows,the lowest,and the lower than the low score on this muddy,mundy,Monday.

Timmy (42) getting ready for the PGA with a little help from his furiends Sparkles and Dasher as his coaches. Cheater.

Tuck and Dot (30) with a frost on their buns,are looking for the cushy job as leaf sitters. Wonder what the going rate is for a good leaf sitter these days,you just can't leave your leaves with just anyone.

BG (34) is busy with the potato launcher today. She's got it all....crankiness,and a potato launcher that is to die for.

Ana (50) is pretty excited to have her little 50 today. I hear the cart barn calling your name....

And Mallow scores a 45. Can't you just feel the family love oozing right out of her. I hope thats love,left the Hazmat suit at home.She's cranked about Mikey,our very own common tater, missing all the fun.Never -the pawty never ends at the CS :)

Scores:here we go....

1st: Tuck and dot with 30
2nd: BG with 34
3rd:Engine with 38

as predicted(and they were pretty excited about it) And with 50,with some help from Mallow the Great-45.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline Thurs-Sunday & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline Thurs-Sunday.

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Lots to practice today 10-26-14
Our mule skinner skills, our moon howl-yowl, and our best glowing eye presentation. Oh yeah, and golf. Pffft.

So, Luvbug(44), it seems you aren't a fan of mincemeat. Join the club. It has a HUGE membership. Right up there with the Liver Fruitcake Fan Club. *snicker* ... The Ana Banana Bunch(50) is howling at those rain showers. Let us know how that works out ... Team Tucker(42) is howling on the other side of the fence. The side with the mule muffins. And you're welcome to them!

Mimi(56) gives fair warning: there better not be any mule muffins in her litter pan or everyone will have to move to the next zip code. Maybe we'll find our missing CC2 photos over there ... UBB(44) has brought his glowing eyes to the links. More fun that a barrel of bats! Ever see a picture of a bat cave with all the glowing little eyes? Very scary ... Bee Gee(46) has her mom out rounding up a mule for rides around the cemetery tonight. Meanwhile, the golf bully is tuning up for the midnight yowl ... Oh, thanks bunches Mallow(48). You know, there was a REASON we skimmed over Chuckie Day yesterday! The only thing scarier than a crazed doll is a clown - ANY clown.

Everybody sound off for the practice yowl! Show your fangs (and tonsils!) Practice screech went like this: Luvbug, 44 - Sandy, 50, Tucker, 42 - Mimi, 56 - UBB, 44 - Bee Gee, 46 - Mallow, 48.

Everybody line up and I'll
pass out the glowing eyes.


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Putting punks 10-25-14
Interesting variety of techniques. Luvbug(44/8) shows up in his pink punk tutu and swishes his paint brush along the putting green ... Haley(40/4) is helping to get the punk junk off the fence at home.

Tucker(44/8) hides his sour puss at the "other" CC again today. He's just being a punk ... UBB(33/6) is in a punk funk about frozen grass. He joins Tucker again at the tap.

Bee Gee(43/7) coaches her sidekick on the finer points of doing the "duck face" Don't you just want to slap that look? They get punky with funky beads ... Mimi(59/14) has her sour puss on today. Looks so natural! At least she's not doing the duck! ... Mallow(48/12) is using something called 'adobe' to spike her fur. Well, at least it should be long lasting. Ooh, look at all the pretty colors!

Nobody smacked a Barbie head today. Must be some kind of record. How did the punk putters do today?
1st - Haley, 4. No more punk junk at home?
2nd - UBB, 6. No leftovers. Are you trying to be funny?
3rd - Bee Gee, 7. Punk stump on a rump!

Mimi gets cart barn honors today, with an able assist from Mallow. Well, semi-able. Watch those spikes, Mimi. The day-glo colors should make them show RIGHT up in the dark spooky cart barn.

~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~
Scary side-kick judging
right after the cart races

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10-24 Long Drive Food Day!!
A Great day with fully filled and laden tables 'All You Can Eat, All Day Boo-fay!' It's so big we set it up on the driving range.
The unfortunate Seagulls keep diving for the food... thank you for your gift, A. mallow... not! The Other 'Day' we have today= PINK.
Luvbug arrives whacking a 46 and wearing a small anti-cancer pink bow. Cancer hates pink?
Steve is shivering with his 36 score and wearing his pink tutu. Better throw your fur over that, Dude. It's cold.
UBB enjoys a 45 and reminds Steve that his former tom & life coach, princess PD, is wearing his Halloween costume of pink ballet slippers and pinky tutu as well.
Ana-Angels reports 53 and no screw ups. Amazing how her cold state gets such a high Friday score.
Okay, let's get on and mew about the FOOD and scores. N-gin got out of the house before her mom could raid her little FOOD cart. She loaded it with a possum concoction and Hashed Hound. You actually cooked a hound? Anyone we know?
Another big eater, Queen mimi, barrels her way to the Boo-fay with JC in her wake. She remembers to post her 51 score. Later on she'll have to be fitted for a bigger Queen size dress.
Tucker & Dot arrive with a short drive of 34. They are so busy batting the Seagulls off the food that they get warmed up. Love this FOOD Day!
Bee Gee seems to have a fit over the Seagull infestation. She posts a cool 45 then begins shouting "Let Them Eat Seagull" ! I think a previous queen said something like that and where did it get her?
Get Engine over here. We could have roast Seagull to go with the mashed hound. We could also vote to have A. mallow take these darn birds away... Now.
She also scores a cool 45 and fills her plate with mashed hound. Thankfully there is no LFC on the Boo-fay!

Winners and Others...
1st- Ana & Angels 53
2nd- Big Queen mimi 51
3rd - Luvbug 46
Now! let's EAT-- then the Food Fight will be held in the parking lot. Clean up by the 34's= Steve, Tucker & Dot
Humbly submitted by -- princess PD Budd (formely a Tom)

Come visit me, Uncle Buddy Budd, Head R.N., Gracie Twinkle-toes, R.N. --in training-, PD Budd, R.N. & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

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