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Domestic Shorthair from <a href=' City/club-members.aspx' title='Benton City, WA'>Benton City, WA</a>

CATTY SHACK 232638 ~

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Hi! My name is CATTY SHACK 232638 ~

I am Domestic Shorthair from Benton City, WA

Nicknames: Duffer

Age: 1 year old

Gender: F

Coat: short haired

Education: Well, lookie here!
Catty Shack has won a COTD badge on July 19, 2013!

Catty Shack Golf League guest commentator. It's REALLY fun! Please apply with Bee Gee or Toby.

NOTE :: The guest commentator does not have to be a playing member of the Catty Shack Golf League. Just needs a good grasp of the finer points of Temperature Golf and all it's permutations. :)

The guest commentator will be supplied with a golf cart, so he (or she) will be able to keep up with the fast-paced action on the course. And will be expected to participate in the golf cart races in the parking lot as well. You must supply your own crash helmet.

My favorite tricks and treats are: ~~~~~~~~MEMBERS ~~~~~~~
Bee Gee
Uncle Buddy Budd

Hot Rod 211919
Mike 161232
PD Budd 189430
Steve 206575
Toby 210431

And we all enjoy hot dogs, hot buttered popcorn and cotton candy - for now!

Where I hang out: The Pro Shop and snack bar!

My favorite grubs: Cat Daniels, White Whisker Whiskey, Black Cat Velvet

My pet peeves: Water hazards

Speaking of 'hazards', just a note: the sand traps are not conveniently located "litter locations"! Please refrain from leaving 'deposits' in said traps, and use the proper facilities, which can be found behind the pro shop. Thank you. The Management

What I love about my owners: We will be trying to figure out a schedule. Just so it seems almost organized. It isn't. Really.

My cat hobbies: Hit golf balls, have golf cart races in the parking lot.

Pet motto: "FORE!"

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How We Met

~~~~~~~~~RULES~- ~~~~~~~~

(Temporary and subject to change at a moment's notice, so don't blink!)

"Score temps" should be recorded around 7 a.m. if possible.

1) Game scores will be the low temp of the day.

2) Driving scores will be the highest low temp. Am I confusing you Steve? Just wait til you see the next rule!

3) Putting scores will be the combined total of the digits of the "score temp". So, example: If your score is 38, your putting score will be 11. 3+8=11. Okay Steve? Maybe your caddy can explain it to you. :)

Only one score per family per day. Actually, not to hard to follow, since there's really only one score POSSIBLE per family per day! :)

Daily WINNER buys the house a round. Daily LOSER gets cart duty and has to plug in the golf carts to charge up - for cart races in the parking lot!

~~~~~It's Here! The Long waited - SCHEDULE!~~~~~

Monday & Thursday - Temperature Golf
Tuesday & Friday - Long drive
Wednesday & Saturday - Putting

SUNDAY AND HOLIDAYS - NO GOLF! Visit the pro shop and spend your catbucks on new stuff you don't need! Perhaps one of those jaunty little plaid outfits?

Don't forget the always exciting and competitive golf cart races in the parking lot after each competition. And occasionally down the road to the take-out joint! Winner buys!

No teams yet, right now it's every cat for itself!

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I've had 42775 friends visit me.

I'm the 51,960th member on

5,412 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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My Cat Blog

Last one here... 4-20-14 a rotten egg. Hear that Steve? Rotten! A small, intimate group today, celebrating the humble lima bean. And Look Alike Day. Congratulations to Steve & Bee Gee, you win the Look Alike Award. Only from behind, so don't feel so bad Steve. At least you don't have the bat-ear thing going on.

Oh, and also, happy Easter. It might be summer before we corral that Easter bunny. So we may have bunny kabobs instead of bunny stew. At least we'll still get our veggies!

Mimi leads off today with a bit of appreciation for the lima bean and then whacks a few hard boiled eggs down the fairway. Or at least most of them went part way down the fairway. She averages a splattered 51 .... Bee Gee is here in her bunny jammies, traipsing along with her basket of colored golf balls while biting the heads off her Easter goodies. She turns in a practice score of 39 .... Mallow can't decide if she wants to tee up a few lima beans, or go for one of those big colorful Easter eggs. Those awful candy-coated marshmallow ones! I sat go for it! Those are horrid! What evil sadist would torment a little kid by giving them a basket full of those?? The Great ends up with a 46 .... Mr. Rotten Egg arrives late (and last!) to accept his Look Alike award with his co-look alike Darn. Then he swings mightily *coff* and lands a big 51.

Easter scores: Mimi, 51 ... Bee Gee, 39 ... Mallow, 46 ... Steve, 51.

So if we were actually playing we'd have no one going to the cart barn today. What say we grab a couple carts and drive around looking for golf balls, sort of a Catty Shack Easter hunt. We can chug Fuzzy Bunnies along the way. We still might get lucky and find "Road-Kill Bunny" for that stew! Hahahah!

~~~~Hot Rod~~~~
No peeps for me!

Come visit me, MOLLY, SMOKEY, LITTLE MISS ~~~.

04/20/2014 01:10.16 PM Report This Comment
I'll appreciate the lima beans!
Tee one up, catty! On second thought, I'd rather go with those big shiny candy Easter eggs. It's about the only decent use for them I can see. FORE! FORE-ty-six, that is. Now I'm off to the clubhouse for a Fizzy Bunny or two. -- A. Mallow

Come visit me, OJ & MJ's Wedding~Meeko & A Bootz #17441 for COTM!, Evie ♥ married to A. Shai, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ ridin'with my peeps!, K. Mike ♥ Q. Lady Dolly, Angel Smokey ~ always loved, ~ Dame Mojo Black Bear ~ & Angel Shai & Evie's Wedding.

04/20/2014 08:31.27 AM Report This Comment
Easter golfing!
Got all my colored golf balls lined up for rapid-fire practice whacking! Big pretty Easter bow on my golf club. My bunny jammies with floppy feet keeping me warm on this chilly morning. Got up extra early to bite the heads off all my chocolate bunnies. *burp* Thank goodness I didn't get a basket of lima beans! I'm checking in with a chilly 39.

Bee Gee

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

04/20/2014 07:07.05 AM Report This Comment
Good Easter Morning!
I guess the lima beans do need some appreciation. I'll look into it. Not look LIKE a lime bean. Seriously need the practice whacks. J.C. and I both whacked a boiled egg as hard as we could and could not get but 51. That is a cold, windy 51. Mimi and J.C.

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong, J.C. & Blackstone & Grayson.

04/20/2014 04:50.34 AM Report This Comment
Easter Eve! 4-19-14
Did everybody send their list to the Easter bunny? Santa comes down the chimney. What does the Easter bunny do? Jump up out of the carrot patch?

Here first to get a good vantage point is Engine with a platter of bunny relatives, Hammered Hamsters. I don't think that's gonna get you any bunny points! She also has a rainy 49/13 ... Next is Steve, rubbing his disbelieving eyes and getting the stew pot ready with plenty of onions and garlic. He has a 41/5, and leads us in the traditional "bunny calling" ... Mimi gives bunny luring tips and uses the carrot lure as her club to whack a 47/11 ... Once more UBB says his score will only get better later. He says he'll pass on the bunny stew (how do you know til you try it?) but invites us to join him rolling eggs down the back hill. You just know half of US will be rolling down the hill! He has a nice 40/4.

Mr. COTD has arrived and is in the buying mood! Woohoo! A little Bunny Bubbly will really hit the spot! Another nice 40/4, for Tuck & Dot ... Adorkable hops onto the course in her pink bunny suit, grabs the giant chocolate bunny by the ears and takes a huge swing at the ball. She scores a 70/7, and now has to try to mend dad's bunny's broken ears :-( ... Bee Gee Bunnytail is wagging her stumpy little cottontail and pretending we care. *snicker* She hands out garlic jelly beans in an apparent effort to keep the Easter bunny from getting near any of us. Her diabolical plan to get all the goodies tomorrow! She has a cool putt of 32/5 .... And Mallow is cheering the fact that we all made it everywhere! Yes, that WAS a bonus this morning. She tees off with an early Easter egg and gets away with a splattered 45/9.

The Easter Eve finals are in:
1st - Tie, UBB & Mr. COTD Tucker, 4.
2nd - Bee Gee, 5. Keep your stinkin' garlic jelly beans!
3rd - LiLi, 7. I can help you eat the evidence!

Cart barn goes to *drum roll* Engine! And an able assist from Mimi. Hurry up out there, I KNOW you don't want to miss the Bunny Bites and Hamster Hash! Washed down with Peeptinis! :)

Save a couple
Peeptinis for me

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

04/19/2014 01:15.31 PM Report This Comment
4.18 Good Friday Good Long Drive Gold Day
National Golf Day; Animal Crackers Day; Post-Apocaylpse Pawty Day... and a very happy Good Furiday to all. Hope everyone had sunshine today.

Starting with Steve #1 and #2 with a 46 on National Golf Day... too much playing with yourself, Super Steve?
Mimi with an "ErroR" on the main course tried the old tried and true CC and whacked a 43 into the cold wind.
Tucker scored 39 on the old CC with a main course error message.
UBB is on the CC course again today. He is usually closed out of the Mew Catty Shack. He whacked a 41.
BeeGee hit an almost frosted 40 with lots of cragginess. She spent the rest of the day biting the heads off of Animal Crackers... what a sweetheart, huh?
The authentic sweetheart of the Catty Shack is Engine who brought a score of 42 and Cinnacat rolls, Catnip croissants... fresh pressed Cat Daniels. 5* for this CatCook.
Timmy got out of the house early to score a fine 49. He had to rush right back home to stand/sit house guard duty while his Mom and Aunt Sandy went shopping. You missed the treats so we hope they got you something special.
Singing her way onto the Easter Parade course (2 days early) A-Dork posted a 71 (we R jealous) she was a Late LiLi because she got stuck in the back of her double walk in closet looking for the matching white-white (that's Florida white to us Northerners) shoes with heart-shaped buckles. Otherwise an orange dress and round orange hat with chin strap. *sigh and snicker*...
Saving the best for last Angel Mallow finally dips in with 45... and yes, Mallow honey, we held a Post-Apocalypse Pawty and we thought you might be left behind since you didn't get the invite. Oh-oh... so sorry. Super Steve will keep you company.

Summing Up on the Old CC:

1st Queen of the Easter Parade LiLi with 71
2nd Guard-cat Timmy with 49
3rd Super Steve on the first CC Course with 46
Cart Duty Twins-- Tucker and Bee Gee 39 and 40

Respectfully Submitted by non-Golfer,
PD Budd

Come visit me, ~ Aunt Louisa Nibbles~, Uncle Buddy Budd, Himself, Gracie Twinkle-toes, Wishing for This, PD Budd ~ Spring's coming! & the3 Budd's -Piled Up for Warmth.

04/18/2014 03:15.25 PM Report This Comment
Recap 4-18-14
Steve,ol' buddy,we heard you whining about not understanding humans so we're sending you to human language 101 class. don't forget to take afrozen cheeseball to give to the teacher. sure hope your score there will be better than a 36.

talk about whining! Mimi's whining about all furs whining about the weather. seems she's whining the loudest. something about her tail being cold. just use it to stir your hot toddy, that ought to bring the tail temperature lots higher than your score of 41.

Tuck, what were you thinking, telling all golfers to hit the cheeseballs your way! don't worry buddy, the cheddar, colby,and monterey jack are blending in nicely with your fur. it's going to be a while though before you lose that limburger eau de parfum! thank goodness 35 was your score and not the number of cheeseballs sent your way.

Engine still has jack frost nipping at her nose but what a real trooper, it doesn't stop her from delivering the goodies! kicking her golf thermometer she says it's still stuck on 40 and for our internal thermometers she's brought along hot Irish Cream Toddies.

hmmm, appears that good ol' BeeGee will be Steve's classmate in human language 101! seems she's not so good at understanding humans either. isn't that cute, BeeGee named her new little furry furiend with the tiny beady eyes and rubber-like wings,Slugger! and she's made him a bat cape,how adorkable,i,mean adorable is that! just make sure you pay attention to the class and not your new pet. you will need a better grade than that golf score of 52.

UBB seems to be the only one warm with a 20, huh??? must be all those hot toddies he indulges in! he also thinks his score will improve as the day goes on. sorry,UBB,only one score posting per day but right now that score is looking pretty good!

Geez, Mallow, if you hadn't been drooling so much in anticipation of eating that cheeseball, it wouldn't be all soggy! a long straight cheese doodle,huh? you still must have had to make like the hunchback. 48 isn't too bad, considering. why don't you glue several of them together for next time. it just so happens i have some glue with me and some glitter or sequins, which do you prefer.

Timmy shows up overheated after being a one kitty wrecking crew at his home. his destruction was so bad that his mom had to call in extra help for repairs. take it easy there madman. it's a 46 for Timmy and thank goodness no damage occurred during his swing!

and that leaves me, Adorkable, with my lovely spring floral attire and a 63. i had thought that everyone enjoyed the cheeseballs i brought until i was heading home and found my scooter was no longer pink but pastel glitter tye dyed. i'll just grab my basket and head hom......wait, where are my peeps! Steve, open your mouth.....OPEN IT!

Finally to the scores:
lST- UBB with a roasty toasty 20 .. 2ND- Tuck with his sticky and rather smelly 35 .. 3RD- Steve carrying his lunch box and pencil case with his 36

To the Cart Barn.....Sp

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

04/18/2014 07:02.53 AM Report This Comment
Tax day! 4-15-2014
And mom has had a very taxing day. We will all be well advised to leave her alone for the rest of the day...

Steve thinks he deserves a break today, maybe he'll give us all one, too. He has a 43 with rainy snow. Ugh .... Adorkable arrives with all the bunny colors of the rainbow on her attire! Quite a show, steering her glitter bike with her feet while munching a Big Mac! She delivers a 70 .... UBB has a grumpy reputation to maintain, and he does it well. He posts his high score for today (right day!) of 62.

Mimi couldn't get any McRodents at McD's (are you SURE?) so she decides to wait for the Ratmobile. She kills some time by whacking her shot for a 69 .... Ah! She didn't have long to wait, for here comes Engine in the Rodent Rocket now! Egg & emu enchiladas, huh. Where's the Rodent? She tosses her 62 and heads to the showers .... I'm not sure, but I think Tucker got shorted on his drive-thru order, like that EVER happens! We've learned to check before driving away. He has a Bee Gee-like score of 39. That DOES suck!

Oh. Well. Looks like Tucker stole Bee Gee's BG-like score! She rides her bike polo-style across the links and hammers one for a 50!... Timmy seems familiar with the proper cat etiquette of leaf-munching. That IS the protocol, right? He dodges raindrops on the course and turns in a 41 .... Ah, Mallow. Ranting about the lack of view for the "alleged" lunar eclipse! You couldn't prove it by us either. We were lost in the clouds too! So - they SAY there was an eclipse last night. We hope you DO get to be in charge! It would be really good to have friends in "high places"! She leaves us with a clear 48! (Same thing happened here too!)

Long drive excitement builds:
1st - LiLi, 70. The rainbow helped, I bet.
2nd - Mimi, 69. Still playing the Big Wind I see.
3rd - Tie, UBB 7 Engine, 62. Count your eggs, Budds!

Cart duty is in the capable claws of Tucker, with an able assist from Timmy. Poor guy, only the second day back and we have you working!

~~~~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~~~~~~
Not ONE of you did your taxes??

Come visit me, MOLLY, SMOKEY, LITTLE MISS ~~~.

04/15/2014 03:50.55 PM Report This Comment
Look up at the sky,Reach as high as you can,Dolphin day. What a combo of hogwashery. Like my new word I made up? Should have used it for Scrabble day.

I'm in with a lovely 64(spouseless and free-yay me!!!) Keeping an eye to the sky to make sure nothing drops on us,and taking Flipper to the water hazards.

Adorkable Lili is back,and she does her Seaworld routine with Flipper. Welcome back Lili!! How many gators can you jump? Whats Evel Knievel have that you don't. Thats right,433 broken bones and a bad hairdo. Score of 70

Mudcat in next with a 62. She doesn't see the amewsment in swimming with the fishes and gators. Technically,Flipper is a mammal,I think. Its that old thing if it looks like a fish,smells like a fish,it must be a mammal. Makes no sense to me either.

Oh looky who is here to kick me when I'm down,and stab me thru the heart with dead roses for ex spouses day-Tuck and Dot with a 69. Hey,all good things start with "ex". Ex spouse,Excellent,Ex lax. You catch my drift :)

In next with a 65 is UBB. He's busy contemplating the meaning of life,and which came first-the golf or the gators.

Engine has a new ride-a Taxidermy Truck.That kind of scares me. Note to self,do NOT fall asleep for one minute around Engine,who knows if you'll wake up stuffed on the truck with those glass eyes that seem to follow you around the room. A 61 for Engine.

Lets see...three more wanderers floating around on the course.....Timmy rolls in with a 67. Hi Timmy! Happy belated BD and COTD. I want to mention that cause you KNOW Timmy wants to share all his goodies with us,he just doesn't know it yet. Don't make us twist your paw Timmy. all heard it-Darn said she likes me and UBB (not THAT way)-she misses our heckling. That woke her right up. A COLD 29 for BG. Freezing your buds off? That sounds like a purrsonal problem.

Mallow is here to bless us with her 46. Poor MoJo-she refers to you as Her Greatness?? Name yourself day was last week. She CLAIMS to be taking food home to the spouse. IDK...that looks JUST like your own,personal Harley Davidson lunch box. Uh huh.

Scores! You really want to know? Ok:

1st: Wow, almost arctic like BG with a 29. You have us to keep you warm BG.
2nd: Her Greatness Mallow with 46
3rd: What!!! Mudcat with a 62.

Loser: Adorkable with 70. See-you MISSED the cart barn,didn't ya! I'll send Tuck and Dot on in with you,just because :)


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline Sunday,hunting Easter wabbit & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Sunday,eating jelly beans.

04/14/2014 01:30.16 PM Report This Comment
Who has the winning word? 4-13-2014
Oh wait, I mean temperature. Gonna be an interesting tournament at the CH later.

Mimi is here for the bonus practice day, full of Wheaties. Want mine? *shudder* And she posts a 61 .... Steve picks frosted flakes 'cuz they're grrrreat! We only allow Steveisms on Name Day. *smirk* His Steveness turns in a 59 .... UBB decides to do a little gardening and bury some Wheaties out there. Oh wait, that was Bee Gee's suggestion. And a great one it is! The Budds turn in a 54 today, with expectations of snow in a couple days. What, did you move to the north pole or something??

Speaking of Miss Great Suggestion, Bee Gee is here with her "word" logorrhea, meaning basically diarrhea of the mouth. Sound like anyone we know? Another chilly day in the great NW, a 39 .... Oh geez, the Termite Taxi? What's next, the Bedbug Bus? Isn't the Roach Coach bad enough? Engine is thrilled to present us with shredded wheat party mix and caramelized ants. Wow. Wheaties and shredded wheat. Can it GET any better than this? She delivers a mice 65 .... Mallow is a couple days late for Day of Silence with her "word" quietly. And besides, around here? Quietly? Funny she and Bee Gee have almost opposite words? And it's a 52 for Miss (tarnished) Halo.

Fun-day Sunday scores: Mimi, 61 ... Steve, 59 ... UBB, 54 ... Bee Gee, 39 ... Engine, 65 ... Mallow, 52

Everybody to the clubhouse to sign-up for the Scrabblefest! Better hurry, entries are limited. Don't want to miss out on a chance to win your very own dictionary!

~Co-holder of the
"Big Windy" Award!

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

04/13/2014 01:26.34 PM Report This Comment
Don't you love the wind in your fur! 4-12-2014
Really makes you want to take a walk on the wild side! Run, maybe even.

Running from the Big Wind is Mimi, walking quickly on the Revolutionary wild side to escape the smell. Anything we should know about there? Sounds like J.C. wants in on the Big Windy! They finish with a 61/7 .... UBB has generously allowed GTt to swing the golf stick today, smacking Barbie heads for a 39/12. Not bad? Says you! .... It figures Steve would consider bigger wind, better wind! As a matter of fact, we WOULD like you to suffer in silence! It's golden, so they say. You should love that! A 41/5 for Golden Boy.

Tucker, be very careful walking on the wild side of the greens. Never know what's growing out there. Could be poison ivy. Yikes! *snicker* He and Dot manage to stay out of trouble and land a 42/6 .... Bee Gee suggests a private bubble for Toby and Steve. NOT such a bad idea! You can even get one of those ones like a giant hamster ball and roll all over the links! That way you can enjoy your favorite fragrance "Tailwind" with no loss of potency! Bee Gee scores a lovely 35/8 .... Oh Mallow, please note the warning to Tucker about the "wild" grass! Make sure it's "grass" before nibbling! And a 46/10 for the Great One.

Quick Saturday scores:
1st - Wonder Butt himself, 5. Yes, Big Wind is YOUR day!
2nd - Tucker, 6. Cautious Big Wind avoidance.
3rd - Mimi, 7. Fresh air revolution.

Losing team to the cart barn today, UBB and his catty Gracie. The good mews? No Big Wind out there!

~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~
Doo da doo da doo
Da doo doo da doo...

Come visit me, MOLLY, SMOKEY, LITTLE MISS ~~~.

04/12/2014 12:46.03 PM Report This Comment
4/11 Long Drive Poot
What a happy day we've had... thanks in part to Engine and her wonderful snack wagon!!
... Sun baked cheese fondue, who ever heard of that? Although some cats still prefur Heinecat to those fancy (scary) drinks she makes. She long drove a high and long 58... well done, N-Gin.
Although Mouseballs Mimi and her little bro JC out-whacked N-gin with a 59. And they brought the mouseballs to dip in the fondue once the cheese melts.
We don't know what's going on with Bee Gee... first she's not got a 'puter, but she reports a miserable 35 anyway. Go ahead. Steve will console you... or even better, you can console one another.
Steve's so excited about singing 4-part Louie-Louie all over the golf course that he forgot to post his score... Ugh, that'll be a ZERO for you, dude. [No, I didn't say "dud."]
Dot is regularly whacking for Tuck lately, so I guess she should be the golfer and K. Tuck can be the catty? Dot gets a mice 49.
UBB steps right up and beats her by one.... that's 50 for the old Uncle.
And then here comes Mallow... never one to miss a cheese day... she whacks her cheese ball all over the course while dancing on the conga line... also scored a proper 46.
What a great cheesy day for all!!
Scores to Keep:
1st - Mouseballs Mimi & JC - 59
2nd- Engine's Eatery- 58
3rd - Old UBB got his score right today - 50
Cart Barn.....Singing all the Way.... Conga! A fondue for both Steve and BeeGee. You two play mice now!
Purrs to all...from your Furiday Commenter, PD Budd
[also on the C C }

Come visit me, ~ Aunt Louisa Nibbles~, Uncle Buddy Budd, Himself, Gracie Twinkle-toes, Wishing for This, PD Budd ~ Spring's coming! & the3 Budd's -Piled Up for Warmth.

04/11/2014 04:32.37 PM Report This Comment
Gotta work fast! 4-10-14
Hurrying through the recap so I can get to the clubhouse before all those tasty cinnamon thingies are gone!

Steve was SO excited to see Bee Gee took the day off. Bet he's not so happy since she showed up to be his surrogate sibling today. *snicker* He scores a 41 .... Mimi avoids the alcohol screening by hiding in her cart and lets J.C. fill in on sibling day. He gets a 54 .... Tucker also lets his "sibling" fill in for him on the alcohol screening. What is it with you guys? They score a cool 38 and head in for some of those cinnamon yummies. I gotta hurry! .... Ah now, this is refreshing! Engine freely admits she's been dipping into the Cockatiel Cocktails! About time somebody owned up! She has a lovely 61.

UBB took his bats out for a little kite flying lesson this morning. How nice. He even let little Sib' GTt do the honors. Do I read that right? A 6?? You NEED some of that warm squirrel syrup! .... Bee Gee thinks her moms computer has bats in its belfry. Or else it needs an exorcism. Or both. She leaves us with a 34 .... Mallow has a nice nickname for the sibs - "them". Wasn't that a Sci-Fi flick about giant ants? Well, the sibs DO make my skin crawl. She's none to happy about the alcohol test either. Come one you guys, I think all of you would score really high! What, that's NOT a good thing? Mallow departs after depositing her 41 with the scorer.

Maybe today's scores should reflect the alcohol score? Hmmm?
1st - UBB and sibs, 6. Yowza!
2nd - Bee Gee and belfry bats, 34.
3rd - Tucker and Dot, 38.

Now, let's see here. High score today goes to Engine with her 61, but hey, at least SHE admitted she was into the beverages! Hahaha!

Just totaling T's

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

04/10/2014 03:09.13 PM Report This Comment
04/09/14 – Name Yourself Day!
I am SO bummed today to learn that I missed Tater Day a couple of days ago that I almost forgot to write my report! Well, Cherish an Antique Day is not too bad, either. As our intrepid leader has pointed out, each of us has an antique old bat to cherish. But we’d better not actually CALL them that!

Steve comes running onto the links, eager to encourage everyone to name themselves after him. No ego there, nope, none at all. He shoots a 41 (=5). Engine chooses to call HERself the Possum Parade today. She brings us a 52 (=7) and starts pouring the Flippertinis. Tucker decides to steer clear of the name issue today (what could possibly top King Tuck, anyway?) and gets straight down to business with a 38 (=11)

Have no fear, The Miminator is here! Well, unless you’re afraid of bats, that is. She brings her army of dark minions to keep us comfortable and mosquito-free while we play. A bat hands her a … well, a BAT, and she shoots a 52 (=7). Bee Gee the Darn One also has a 52 (=7) and rushes off to supervise her particular Antique, who just may mount the head of a computer geek on the wall before the day is done. And finally, Mallow the Great turns in a 45 (=9) and vows to steer clear of all Antiques.

Tallying up the results one again … carry the one …. Cypher cypher cypher … here it is!
1st: Steve with a 5 (gee, I always thought they spelled Steve with an “S”)
2nd: It’s a three-way tie, the Possum Parade, the Miminator and the Darn One all with 7
3rd: Mallow the Not-so-Great, with a 9

To the cart barn hurries King Tuck, getting his 11 out of sight, right ahead of all those bats. Now me, you can call me anything but late for feeding time, but I prefer to remain

Your Guest Common (couch) Tater, Mike

Come visit me, OJ & MJ's Wedding~Meeko & A Bootz #17441 for COTM!, Evie ♥ married to A. Shai, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ ridin'with my peeps!, K. Mike ♥ Q. Lady Dolly, Angel Smokey ~ always loved, ~ Dame Mojo Black Bear ~ & Angel Shai & Evie's Wedding.

04/09/2014 03:28.44 PM Report This Comment
What a day! 4-8-14
Mom has had about 6 heart attacks so far today, more to come I'm sure. She thought she lost half of her photos on her computer. Give her time - it could still happen. *idiot*

Here playing with his rabid bat first thing this morning is Steve. Oh wait, check that. His wooden NON-rabid bat! Using it to smack a nice 50 into the trees .... Next is Mimi regaling us with yet more bat tales, this time the bats are flitting around her porch light. Can hardly wait to hear where they are tomorrow. She lets her whiffle fly for a huge 65! .... Tucker ties Steve with a 50 as a bat flies off with his ball! .... UBB cruises onto the links in the Cat-Bat Mobile. Interesting rig. The back opens out into a bar! Nice touch! The Bat Daniels is flowing today. And we'll give you that 49 too.

Engine wallows through the mud with some Squirrel Mouseball sammies and a blender of Tom & Jerry. I'll pass on the mudpies. She delivers a 54 .... Bee Gee finally admits she's delusional (we knew it all along!) and drops off her 52 before heading out for a dip in the bat vat .... Mallow has a couple Twit Awards she'd like to bestow before chugging a few bottles of ol' Machine Shed Stout (sounds scary). She's a contender with another 50!

All Our Scores:
1st - Mimi, 65. Her whiffle wouldn't waffle would it?
2nd - Engine, 54. Doing the mudhole backstroke.
3rd - Bee Gee, 52. Delusional, delirious - it's All Yours!

UBB has the low end today with 49. Another trip to the cart barn for the Budds! Watch those bats. Looks like everybody else scored a 50. Popular guy.

~~~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~
I think mom deserves the
~~~Twit Award today~~~~

Come visit me, MOLLY, SMOKEY, LITTLE MISS ~~~.

04/08/2014 02:26.00 PM Report This Comment
4-7 recap
I think that shot affected my furry brain. Am I seeing things? Beer day-heaven! Yes BG,we all are aware its bat appreciation week for our own bat eared furiend (thats you).

I'm first with a 44,and ready to chug a jug at 3 am. Insane? No,its in style,and style knows no time.

Mudcat floats in next (that's a LOT of rain) with her 50. Mudcat has gone batty-literally. I'm not so concerned about your old bat,or the bat brains....but a rubber bat in the living room? You MUST tell who the fab decorator is!

Engine spices up our lives with Freezing Bloodhounds (a drink,don't get too excited) and catnip Buckeyes. Rain,rain go away....Engine brought margaritas to play....Score of 55.

BG has bat on the brain(is there a treatment for that). She shoots and scores a 6.66666,or in language I understand,a 44. Appropriate for the Empress of Evil. She gets points for liking my sense of style. She WANTS to go into my club house closet? That bat brain thing really has gone to her head.

Oh UBB is in with a 28.So full of details this morning on Celsius,and Centigrade and Fahrenheit. Its all confusing no matter how you look at it. But,if you insist on being technical,your Celsius score is -2.2222222222222223. Now,THAT negative score would put you in the cart barn closet,so for the sake of saving you (that's just what I do) I'll let you score in Fahrenheit.

Mallow shows her skills(?) at rounding up,adding,subtracting,and carrying over numbers to finally announce a pleasant 48. I think we all need a beer after that explanation,it will all become so much clearer then. Blind Bat Brewing co?? Sounds like BG reading a map.

Tuck and Dot are in late with a sicko mom. Better late than never. In fact,I prefer you in the rear with all those germs. No,not your rear. Another score of 44. Popular number today.

1st: UBB with a 28,or a -2.2222222222222223. Round it up,carry the numbers and you get a 28 somehow.

2nd: Oh cripes...a three wayer with Tuck,BG and ME with a 44.

3rd: Mallow with a rounded 48

Cart barn go to the girls of the South with Engine 55 helped by Mudcat with 50.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline Sunday,hunting Easter wabbit & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Sunday,eating jelly beans.

04/07/2014 01:42.25 PM Report This Comment
Busy day 4-6-14
For a Sunday at Catty Shack anyway. I see everybody lined up for the New Beer. I can understand any reluctance about the Twinkie thing... *ick*

Here first to slurp any good beer (and it's all good!) is Mimi. She lets no beer get old before its time! She smacks her empty for a 48 and heads in for a fresh can .... Tucker is here - or there - and ready for the breakfast brewski. He wisely passes on the Twinkie, drops off a 32 and heads for the clubhouse .... Exhausted from the over-long mule train yesterday, UBB vows never to let anyone else handle the map reading chores. He also reports the possible hackage of the 3 Budds! Yikes! He delivers a nice practice score of 33.

Bee Gee arrives with plenty of smarmy comments about the Twinkie, "National Treasure". *snicker* Snotty remarks about the Twinkie are to be encouraged! She tees up her Ken head and smacks a nifty 44 right over the clubhouse! To which she scurries to get her share of that "new beer" .... Mallow arrives with wondrous trivia. The "Wicked Witch" of Oz is overjoyed the Ding Dong survived the Hostess implosion. Not really surprised to learn the Twinkie was acquired by Pabst. You NEED a LOT of beer in you to eat one of those things! What did surprise me was learning that Pabst is still around. :) Mallow delivers a 46 via Hostess Snow Ball. No surprise you chose one of those! *wink*

Practice session finishes up like this: Mimi, 48 - Tucker, 32 - UBB, 33 - Bee Gee, 44 - Mallow, 46.

I'll go for a Hostess "cupcake". ALL Hostess "foods" need quotation marks. Otherwise someone might mistake them for actual foods. Nah, never happen!

I'm a real conna-sewer!

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

04/06/2014 02:11.40 PM Report This Comment
What a turnout today! 4-5-14
Must be bad weather somewhere else, because everybody is at the 'Shack! Without further ado, let's check the putts today. (That's putts, not putz!)

Here to show us his shot site is Steve, doing a little map reading on the potty and delivering a 35/8. He wants to drive the tour bus - ride at your own risk! .... Mimi is having some kind of mid-life crisis! She "loves" that little guy J.C. and she's not griping about her 59/14 score! .... UBB is ready for a road trip too. With maps and sammies in paw, he swats a 37/10 and revs up his touring cart.

Bee Gee is lost as usual. Using an old treasure map, what did you expect? Wait, treasure? Lemme see that! She drops off her 44/8 and heads out in search of the tour bus with "Dead Reckoning" Steve at the helm .... Tucker is gonna pass on the tour bus today in favor of staying in with the wheeze bag! Whoa, does THAT sound like fun! He leaves us with his 35/8 .... And finally the enigmatic Mallow has something she calls "Sb". Scum butt? Snot ball? Gimme a hint here! She also has a 45/9.

Reading the scores:
1st - Wow! A three-way tie! 8 is a very popular score today. Steve, Bee Gee, and Tucker all claim it!
2nd - Mallow, 9. Score bad? Sore bum? Silent butt (deadly)?
3rd - UBB, 10. Looks like you're gonna have a crowd on your touring cart!

The only one left today is "happy" Mimi, and since she MUST be ill to have an attitude like that, I think we should excuse her from cart duty and send her to bed with some crackers and a shot of Old Diesel #9. It tastes really bad, but it knocks you out so fast that you just..don'

~~Hot Rod~~
School books?
Spring break?

Come visit me, MOLLY, SMOKEY, LITTLE MISS ~~~.

04/05/2014 01:12.00 PM Report This Comment
04-04-14 Yee-haw Long Drive your Mules!
Your Choice of Day today: Mules Day while not working and Pooper Scooper celebrations as well. First up on the course strides Steve' little ass of which he is oh-so-proud. He's here with as 53 to show off while we admire one of his attributes. Steve, it's hard to walk while you keep looking back at your orange behind. You'll never get to the clubhouse that way. Tucker is taking his self-proclaimed big ass to see the Queen of England today now that he turned in his 47 drive. Really??
Mimi & JC arrive in fog so thick they can't see their paws in front of their faces. It is just too foggy to know where the ball went so she dumps JC out of the cart and tells him to give it a nudge, ah yes, 51. That's their score. Calling the little black guy names won't improve your score will it, Mimi?
Engine arrive with special Mallow Bakery coffee and her Mousmallow Pie. She jacks up the coffee with some of that Irish juice. That did a lot to increase her score to 58.
UBB's Singing in the April Shower/Rain today. He says he doesn't have a mule but he brought one of their large size pooper scoopers. He whacks a 40 and hopes we aren't really going to put those scoopers to use. That is servant's work! Another pooper scooper hefter is the beautiful (eek! who wrote this?) BeeGee. She uses hers as her long driver today and gets an almost too low 44.
Angel Mallow forgets the words to April Showers but bursts into the Mule Skinner's Blues. Happy to see that she misses trodding in the mule pies on her way to the CH after posting her 45.

Scores Today... Friday for all the Big & Cute Little Asses
1st N-Gin with a fancy 58
2nd - Steve himself! With a 54
3rd - Mimi & JC A fair and foggy 51
Once again old black UBB heads off to the cart barn with his 40

~~~~~~Everyone else it's time to sing and dance our Friday night away the Clubhouse
~~ Humbly submitted by, PD Budd... himself.

Come visit me, ~ Aunt Louisa Nibbles~, Uncle Buddy Budd, Himself, Gracie Twinkle-toes, Wishing for This, PD Budd ~ Spring's coming! & the3 Budd's -Piled Up for Warmth.

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Everyone having fun? 4-3-14
At work I mean. I know we always have fun here, even in the cart barn. ESPECIALLY in the cart barn, for some of the weirder among us.

Beating Steve up, er, out of bed I mean. No wait. Beating Steve to the links is Tucker, reminding us work is NEVER fun, then smacking a 39 and heading home to fur up the hot tub .... Mimi reminds us her only job is to drink beer and yell at J.C. That must be it, since you don't really need to worry about those kits becoming cats. It just sort of happens. A 50 for Mudcat and J.C. ... Seems Steve was playing possum at work, Was it fun? He just "slept in" so he could swat the 5300. His ball & chain GMA stayed home today for spring break, and was an able assist on his 40.

UBB is celebrating April as Cat Month, no matter what the calendar actually says. Cats=pets, pets=cats in his math book. And so it shall be. He has a 30 HERE, the "other" CC won't let him play. So he skips off to the clubhouse for some Southpaw Comfort .... Engine arrives with a cloud of dust and a hearty hi-ho Pot Pie! Catnip lollipops and a 59 complete her Work is Fun ensemble .... The golf bully is having a great time at work today! Maybe we should all follow her brave example. Or not. She has a less than fun 32 .... Mallow has all her humans home today. They MUST have seen the memo about only going to work if it's fun. She's looking for Rainbows and swatting a 42.

I see no one wanted to celebrate Pooper Scooper week today. And at least no one rode in on their ass for Mule Week. Maybe we can work on that for tomorrow. Anyone?

1st - UBB, 30. He's a whiz at that "new math"
2nd - Bee Gee, 32. Bully for her.
3rd - Tucker, 39. The early cat furs the tub....! :)

~~~~~~~~~Toby~~~~~ ~~~
Man your pooper scoopers!
We'll need 'em for Mule Day!

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

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4/2/14 – Holy Jokes, Golfman!
What an array of things we have to celebrate! Holy Humour Month, Golden Rule Week, PB & J Day, BS & Cabbage Month (that would be Brussels Sprouts, what did you THINK?!) Anyway, our grab bag of golfers can take their pick. And they do.

First comes Steve with a 47 (=11) and he choses to celebrate Golden Rule Week. He wants those Brussels Sprouts before anyone ELSE can arm themselves with them. Mimi gets the same score of 47 (=11), but with a slightly different approach as she smacks a Brussels sprout with a holy sceptre. Tucker comes in, desperate to hide the cruciferous, odiferous veggies before Steve finds them, but alas he is too late. He leaves us with a Pope joke and a 41 (=5).

UBB slips away from his siblings to bring us a 32 (=5) and Bee Gee is next with a wholly holy joke and a 39 (=12). Engine has puptato chips and throws some Brussels sprouts into the blender for us. She hopes her 61 (=7) keeps her out of the cart barn and I think it does. Bringing up the rear is the Late Angel Mallow, with a 41 (=5) and a joke that is for sure going to get Management a bit steamed. She warns us to get off the course, the lightning bolts are coming.

So without further ado, the results:
1st – It’s a tie! Tucker, UBB and Mallow, all with 5
2nd – Engine does indeed stay out of the cart barn with that 7
3rd – Steve and Mimi can fight over the Brussels sprouts and admire their 11

Anyone left over? Why yes, there is Bee Gee and that 12 puts her into the cart barn today. With all the BS and Cabbage being consumed out there, that might be the safest place to be. Now, asking the eternal question “why did no one choose to celebrate Pooper Scooper Week?”, I take my leave before someone asks ME to do it!

Your guest Common (couch) Tater, Mike

Come visit me, OJ & MJ's Wedding~Meeko & A Bootz #17441 for COTM!, Evie ♥ married to A. Shai, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ ridin'with my peeps!, K. Mike ♥ Q. Lady Dolly, Angel Smokey ~ always loved, ~ Dame Mojo Black Bear ~ & Angel Shai & Evie's Wedding.

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Are We Fools Day! 4-1-14
Oh wait. APRIL fools day. Eh, if the term fits. We be proud fools, we be!

Fooling around first is Steve, begging to be pelted with pennies. What, being pelted with fur isn't good enough? His internet played an April Fools joke on him, too. Those wacky wacky providers! He drops off his 43 .... No pennies for you from Mimi, seeing as how she wants to keep her hide. Seems mom's not in a giving mood. She leaves her cooling 42 .... UBB stops by with a 23 and a whole bucket of pennies to pitch. It IS almost baseball season. Maybe next week you can golf with baseball bats. Sure couldn't hurt your scores!

Ah now, at least Tucker is embracing his role as fool! King yesterday, fool today. It's funny how that works. His shot lands right on his dented crown for a 39 .... The weenie wagon is back! And it's full of foolish feline feasties! Oh, and Engine is back, too. She delivers a blender of frothy Dirty Mouse and a very tropical 56 .... Bee Gee is full of smart comments this morning. Especially the one about doing the laughing dance of happy. Ha. Ha. She gets a well-deserved rainy, windy 45 today .... And Mallow regales us with tidbits about pennies and other foolish delights. Greased clubs and krazy glued balls. Ouch. She delivers an April foolish 39.

Winners, losers, step right up and take a gander. Goose even.
1st - Engine, 56. First day back and she wins! Maybe we ALL need a vacation!
2nd - Bee Gee, 45. Hm, maybe being an obnoxious April fool jerk helps, too.
3rd - Steve, 43. Fooling around with his fun stuff again...

Cart barn duties fall to the UB-B (that's the Uncle Buddy Bunch for you uninitiated). They do so well as a team in the barn maybe we'll put them in charge permanently. April Fools! Hahahaha!

~~~~Hot Rod~~~~
Oh I crack me up!

Come visit me, MOLLY, SMOKEY, LITTLE MISS ~~~.

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CS 3-31
Hmmm...tater day(no,not Mikey the common tater),Dance marathon day,Crayola day,and all you can all think about is eating and drinking. Lucky for you,Sparkles dropped in last night and bought a round for the host yesterday. Oh...the house,guess i can share if I must. Listen up-we have a big day going on.

Me-1st! Bet you have all heard that a time or one hundred before. Score of 29. Stop groaning,I'm going to relieve you all of ALL the orange crayons(no,burnt umber is NOT a shade of orange). I brought a fun tater launcher for later for fun games that can put an eye out time.

Mudcat is next with her 43. She takes a different approach by solitary slow dancing(pulled a tail joint out with the pole dancing you see. Her words,I swear). Good thing its a marathon at the rate your going Mudcat.

Tuckster(last day of his reign-lets hear it for King Tuck!!!) Comes happily on the greens with his 23. Hmmmm Tuck,odd combo-Cat Daniels and crayons. I like mine on the rocks,to each his own.

Demanding Darn in next and ties my 29. It was MINE first. She seems to have lost her senses again thinking I'm going to share my orange crayon. You'll get the burnt umber,and you'll like it. How low can she go-clogging to the limbo.

Mallow scores a 39. Yikes,another killer clogger,but Mallow's are the special version of possessed clogs with monster tulips with fangs on them. What DO you eat in the mornings! Pass the primo.

Last is the tricky trio of the northeast with a score of 30. Aren't you all a sight to see. UBB with hip waders,GTt with snowshoes,and PD with pink ballet shoes. Makes one wonder what goes on in NY. Hold onto your Tu-Tu PD,Engine's mom just got back from her cruise last night. We don't want to rush her in case she brought us all back something. I'm sure she did. I can see it now-her pursuing the gift shop to buy gifts for cats that her cat plays golf with.
1st:King Tuck with 23 (soon to be slumming back with us soon)
2nd: TIE between Darn and yours truly with a 29,although I was first.
3rd: UBB and Co with a 30

Loser(s): sorry-pairing up the Mudcat-43 with the Mallow-39. This could be a BIG mistake....


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline Sunday,hunting Easter wabbit & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Sunday,eating jelly beans.

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Sparkles comes riding up... her golf cart driven by Dasher, her Catty and humble servant (well, okay - her Catty and goofy brother). She is giving the "royal wave" (seeing how she is COTD today)!

"Hellllooooo to all my Catty Shack friends! I am here to buy you all a round to help celebrate my day in the spotlight today!" Dasher is first to hop off the cart and belly up to the bar.

"I have missed all of you soooo much! Hopefully, I will be back on the course on a more regular basis. Or at least once in awhile if I get up early enough to come record a score".

Here's a vote for the Catty Shack!
Sparkles (3/30/2014 COTD)

Come visit me, Sparkles 265836 & Dasher 265838.

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Once upon a time... 3-30-2014
Steve and Bee Gee traipsed through the brown, brown grass on the Catty Shack green and they lived happily ever after. Although not necessarily together. Thank goodness someone is in control around here! And that concludes the Sunday recap. Oh, Steve 29, Bee Gee 35. You guys can paw wrestle to decide who wins. I'll referee! :)

Hot Rod

Come visit me, MOLLY, SMOKEY, LITTLE MISS ~~~.

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Very slow day today 3-29-14
So slow I almost forgot to hand out the recap sheets.

The unbelieving Tucker is here first today to unplug everything in the whole house. A tip: Just hit the master breaker. Much faster. Mom and dad WILL be surprised! A 32/5 for Tuck & Dot .... Mimi decided to take the smoke and mirrors route and brought the magic brew of newt and bat. And did it help her score? Depends on what day it is. She and J.C. unplug for a 60/6 .... Steve points out the resemblance of our new CS profile to the Common (Couch) 'Tater Mike, and we hope we aren't given a reprimand like we were on FB for daring to post ANOTHER CC kitty. But that's a whole different tale. Tail? An unplugged 34/7 for Stevio .... And last and in this case least is Bee Gee, welcoming back her warm mojo as she posts a warming 41/5 for the day. She says no unplugging for her yet.

1st - Tie, Tucker & Bee Gee, 5. How did the parental units like the black-out?
2nd - Mimi & J.C., 6. Looks like the magic helped.
3rd - Steve, 7. If you unplug the computer you won't be able to visit all your friends!

No one goes to the cart barn tonight! Or - just for fun - we could ALL go to the cart barn. Since it's Unplug Day, we won't have to worry about those pesky carts. We can grope around in the dark and try to find our way out again. Anybody game?

The dark is no problem guys!
~~~We're cats, remember?~~~

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

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Caterwaulin' quirky country tunes 3-27-14
But then, that's what they all sound like to me. If it ain't rock n' roll it just ain't music!

Steve is here to sing y'all a tune with a twang. Oh please, no, anything but the twang. That's what makes country so, um, ugly? A cool 22 for Stelvis .... Coming in with a few quirky tunes of hi9s own, Tucker swings for a 19, dons his beer goggles and heads to the clubhouse to join in the Twangathon .... Mimi can't twang along with Stelvis with her frozen vocal cords, so she drops off her 30 and heads to the clubhouse to gargle some antifreeze.

UBB is in the dusty doldrums singing the blues. Much better than country any day! Although he does have that country whiny thing going on. It's a 14 for the Budds. You can't post your complaint on the "new" CC? Sun of a batch! .... No Timmy, rumors of CC staying up til July are just that - rumors. No one, not even I-5 itself, knows WHAT is going on. They just let Crystal pass along the latest disinformation. Anybody remember Baghdad Bob? *ahem* Just sayin'. A non-country 19 for Timmy.

Ah, the honest and open approach from Bee Gee. Maybe I-5 could take a few pointers from her about how that works. She has a totally un-country sounding title for us, and also a warming 43. She was right about that, too! Maybe she IS magic! .... And Mallow sounds like she gonna rope her some fun with song titles, starting with a classic. And let's not forget that old country favorite, "Happy birthday, Uncle Dad". She hits a 42, then heads to the clubhouse to tune up.

Country scores:
1st - UBB, 14. Ah, kvitcherbitchyn.
2nd - Tie, Tucker & Timmy, 19. One's a little bit country, one's a little bit Jimmy Buffet.
3rd - Steve, 22. He just wants to twang his thang. Not to be confused with his dingaling. :)

~~~~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~~~~
I did NOT write the songs!

Come visit me, MOLLY, SMOKEY, LITTLE MISS ~~~.

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03/26/14 – Create Your Own Holiday Day
Oh, are the Catty Shackers all over THIS one! Since we already had Mike Day, I will just watch and report.

Steve is first with an 18 (=9) and he decrees it shall be Be Seen and Worshiped Day. But just for him. Hmmm …. While we are pondering this Mimi arrives and suggests Wind Sucks Day. You sure you don’t mean Wind Socks? Those little things at the airport, you know … HEY! You’re supposed to say “Fore!” before you bean me with that ball. Imagine if it wasn’t putting day! What do you mean, the wind caught it? The wind sucks. Oh … now I get it. It’s a 31 (=4) for Mimi.

Have no fear, UBB is here! He has a 17 (=8) and returns to celebrating Napping and Snacking Day. But isn’t that, like, EVERY day? Tucker says it should be King for a Day Day. But dude, you have an even sweeter deal with this King for a Month thing you have going on. His Highness whacks a 12 (=3).

And here come the weather twins: Bee Gee declares it should be Warming Day and brings us a 41 (=5). And as Gomer Pyle used to say “sur-PRISE, sur-PRISE, sur-PRISE”. Mallow thinks it should be Mallow Day. She backs it up with a 42 (=6), I think I will take one of those Blue Mallow Cocktails, though.

The final tally is:
1st – King For a Month Tucker with a 3
2nd – Mimi, who was helped by the wind to a putt of 4
3rd – Slightly warmer Bee Gee, with a 5

Steve is off to the cart barn today, not such a great thing to happen on Be Seen and Worshiped Day, huh? Well, we will come wave at you. Maybe. If the wind dies down and we dare come out of the clubhouse.

Your guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike
(I have my EYES on you all!)

Come visit me, OJ & MJ's Wedding~Meeko & A Bootz #17441 for COTM!, Evie ♥ married to A. Shai, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ ridin'with my peeps!, K. Mike ♥ Q. Lady Dolly, Angel Smokey ~ always loved, ~ Dame Mojo Black Bear ~ & Angel Shai & Evie's Wedding.

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Waffle groovin' 3-25-14
Guess if you can't beat 'em, eat 'em! Waffles Newburg with pecan sprinkles. No, no. I just can't do it. YOU eat 'em!

Here with his little waffle groove on is Steve, batting 23 .... Belly up to the waffle bar is UBB, requesting warm tuna sauce on his waffle. That's like shut on a shingle, right? He scores a very short long drive of 8 .... Mimi has no trouble ordering the lobster, but decides the waffle isn't really necessary. Ya think? She has her catty whack the shucked shell for a 39 .... Tucker is also in line for some lobster waffle gack, and needs some Cat Daniels to help choke it down. NOW you're talkin'! He drops off his 18 and skitters off to the clubhouse.

Bee Gee does the Eyore "it's gonna rain" routine and refuses to eat any kind of waffle except the cone kind with ice cream. I agree. She settles for a 31 this morning .... Timmy the waffle lover wants his with Hollandaise and poached eggs. Well, la-di-da! He's in the spring spirit with sunny skies and Cat Daniels and ginger. Bella helps him with his 23. Now they're headed home to get brushed. You guys are in WAY to good of a mood today! .... And finally, Mallow arrives in her Gorton's fisherman outfit yellow poncho-slicker whatever and dives right in to the lobster Newburg. She barely manages to drop off her monsoon-y 46.

Long drive winners today:
1st - Mallow, 46. Tropical? As in drinks? Yum!
2nd - Mimi, 39. Shaggin' the shucked shell.
3rd - Bee Gee, 31. Flat round waffles. You mean pancakes?

Disappearing into the cart barn, you see the behinds of UBB and his dextrous catty. For the rest of you, time to figure out what to do with all those leftover waffles. Let 'em dry out really good and they make excellent manhole covers. :)

Still no sign of spring

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

03/25/2014 01:11.36 PM Report This Comment
CS 3-24
I'm gone two days,and look what happens-you've all gone chocolate covered raisin on me! Gag! It just looks like what comes out of my litter box. Guess you'll have that for a Monday.

Depending which site you look at,CC,or CC,(confused???) I have Tuck here first on CC with a 12. You figure out which CC I mean. I can't give ALL the secrets away (without some sort of payment). Tuckster is a little wary of the choco Raisinettes,and rightfully so!

Mudcat swoops in next,or first on the other CC,not to be confused with the old CC. See-its all pretty simple. Mudcat scores a 31,and sharing the snake hips with everyone. NOT choc covered,she has nothing to hide with chocolaty goodness.

From here,life as it should be begins,I'm next. Yes,I was beauty napping all morning-can you tell? That better have been a collective yes,not a snicker. A score of 18 for me! I'm SO happy Spring is here!!!

UBB is in next with a balmy 14. Or IS he??? On CC he is next,but on other CC Timmy is up with a 16. I vote we all follow UBB's idea and start a fire,somewhere,anywhere on some CC. Have to cook the snake (tastes like chicken my paw!) do we not? Great to hear your momma is feeling half good Timmy :)

Darn in next with a 26. What is with you all!!! Afraid of a little choco raisin???? It ain't moving YET,your fine. Wait til black jelly bean day.

And last we have Mallow the Great with a 41. Who would think a 41 was the warm of the day? Well Weeds,just for that comment about my raisins,I see a cart barn in your future.

1st: Tuckster with 12. See what you get for being first-you WIN. I see I'll have to get up early tomorrow
2nd:UBB with a 14. Save me a seat on the shredding couch.
3rd: Timmy with a 16,and his feelers out and about.

Losers: Sorry Mallow the Great. You and the Mudcat (31) are sharing the duties today while BG and I-lost in the tweener are going to sample the tastes like chicken.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline Sunday,hunting Easter wabbit & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Sunday,eating jelly beans.

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Another slow day at the shack 3-22-14
That means you few have to do a lot of extra goofing off to make up for all the absentees. Fortunately I doubt you'll have too much trouble with that assignment.

Here early is Mimi, questioning the wisdom of Water Day when there might be gators lurking in the hazards. Guess that's why they call 'em "hazards". She has a 51/6 ..... Next is Tucker, ready for some world-class goofing off after leaving his 46/10 for the day ..... UBB is on his own since his catty is still playing hookey at Engine's shredding party! That sounds like some very serious goofing off! The senior Budd posts a 36/9 ..... And last but lowest is the Darn herself, looking forward to lots of good goofing off, maybe in the water bowl, after posting a terrific 20/2.

Slow Saturday scores:
1st - Bee Gee, 2. No water hazard goofing for her.
2nd - Mimi, 6. No hazards for her, either.
3rd - UBB, 9. Footloose and catty-free!

Poor Tucker is the odd cat out, so let's just give him 4th place today. In fact, we can ALL go to the cart barn and goof off. Maybe we can find LiLi's glue gun and glitter stash and prissy up the carts! Haha!

Let's raid Steve's
~"secret" closet!

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

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Spring is here!! 3-20-2014
Even though dad insists it's not spring until the 21st, and we've tried to explain it to him, but no way, forget it.

Joyously springing onto the course modeling his tin foil hat is Steve, watching for aliens and managing a 35 with his 'probe' ..... Ready to spring to wherever it's warm and sunny, Mimi requests to be beamed up. She leaves behind a 46 ..... Tuck and Dot come by for a quick 34 and head home to keep the pup company.

Uh oh. Engine's internet seems to have taken a spring break. At least she has "alternate" communication. Maybe those aliens? Anyway, cricket crullers on the breakfast menu, and a lovely springy 45 for her today ..... Bee Gee tries to keep her head down, being inconspicuous, but with those "dish" ears of hers, it ain't easy! She drops off a 27 and keeps scanning.

Timmy is experiencing a relaxing "can't remember much" kind of spring day, bless his little heart! He delivers a crisp 23 and heads back to bed. He's got a great idea there! .... Let's all thank UBB for the warning - Farm Pets at the Party day tomorrow. We'll all wear sheepskin! :) He posts a nice 38 .... Look out, Mallow is getting geared up for rolling some halos. Are we having a slight sync problem with spring weather and the calender? TELL me about it! It could be a government thing. Make sure there's plenty of Beano in the bunker. *snicker* And a 34 for her Greatness.

The scores of spring:
1st - Timmy, 23. Somebody wake him up and let him know he won!
2nd - Bee Gee, 27. Still scanning for incoming aliens.
3rd - Mallow, 34. Won't tin foil halos work too?

~~~~Hot Rod~~~
Waiting for E.T.

Come visit me, MOLLY, SMOKEY, LITTLE MISS ~~~.

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03/19/14 – It’s Kick Butts Day!
Steve is eager to celebrate on the giving end only, pleading butt cuteness in an effort to get off the many lists he knows he’s on. Note to Steve: buttless chaps are not for the golf course. Cute tattoo, by the way. Cute 38 (=11), too. LiLi is only worried about keeping her dress and shoes clean, putting with her parasol for a 61 (=7). Mimi is eager (oh so eager!) to kick her catty’s butt, but is worried that Mom will kick hers so she just leaves her 39 (=12).

UBB is trying to get everyone to look at his little catty’s butt, for shame, UBB, for shame. He putts a 31 (=4). King Tucker decides to go for the liquid kick and leaves us a 36 (=9) before he heads for the clubhouse. And the liquid kick is here! Engine has a 42 (=6) and some Birds Eye Soup with a wee sip of Hooded Claw. That’s a kick, alright!

Bee Gee is going to be busy all day, lots of people to see, many butts to kick, but she stops in to bring us a 35 (=8). Mallow stops in to bring us a 42 (=6) but then she too is planning a busy day. She reports she has her steel toed biker boots on, ready for action. Gee, I hope I’m not on her list!!!

1st – UBB with a butt-kickin’ 4
2nd – Engine & Mallow, tied with 6. How about we tie their legs together for a three-legged but kicking fest?
3rd – LiLi, with spotless ensemble and a 7

Bottom of the heap today is Mimi with her 12. Her catty beats a quick retreat as she heads to the cart barn. Now I will tie a soft pillow around MY butt and head for the clubhouse to get in on that liquid kick.

Your faithful Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, OJ & MJ's Wedding~Meeko & A Bootz #17441 for COTM!, Evie ♥ married to A. Shai, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ ridin'with my peeps!, K. Mike ♥ Q. Lady Dolly, Angel Smokey ~ always loved, ~ Dame Mojo Black Bear ~ & Angel Shai & Evie's Wedding.

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GOLF RECAP 3-18-2014
Sad long drives and grumbling,mumbling,complaining kitties!

Steve's yelling he's not happy but thinks he would be if he could just click his paws. wait,you're forgetting your ruby red slippers. there's no place like home,there's no place like home! trying hard to act happy about his 27.

Tuck's ticked at his mom about the trifecta. huh? aren't you supposed to be happy about winning the trifecta?
just because you have a plethora of awkward moments is no reason not to share,Tuck! we've all got all
day. we'll just head on over to the clubhouse grab a Cat Daniels colada, put our paws up and listen and we all promise
not to tell a soul *wink* Tuck just up and walks away and leaves his 26

mimi's mad at her mom that she can't sink her claws into anybody so she's sinking in mud giving her fursibs
free mudpacks and trying to clean off her muddy 37

Engine come's in slippin',slidin' & smilin'! carrying in Starfish Scramble, when did you get to the beach? a side of Ferret Fritters and her frozen Cat Daniel coladas. waiting for them to thaw,she whacks a 28.

UBB is mumbling and grumbling something about getting older and lower. somebody help poor UBB pick up his 10.

no wonder Bee Gee is continuing to have computer problems,she's taking it to a medicine man! everybody
knows the best place to get computer probs resolved is with our own CC's IT! mawahahaha!! you're right
about one thing , 25 for a long drive is not so good!

Mallow's claiming a lot of awkward moments. seeing as they involve a Full Moon Pawty and bacon bikinis,don't think we should be opening that can of worms. little Mojo throws a 36 in the cart and is heading out.....go Mojo....go!

Adorkable me, comes in mad at my mom for just finishing my dress and making me late. honestly,what was mom thinking, i didn't have a thing to wear! who's that snickering? disgusted and leaving my 62

and so it goes........

1st.....disgusting Adorkable me with a 62

2nd....Muddy Mimi with a 37

3rd...awfully awkward Mallow with a 36

no cart barn duty tonight....little Mojo's just started a demolition derby :)

HEY! WHO changed disgusted Adorkable me to disgusting! Steve! Tucker!


Come visit me, ~ Primo Puzzle~ & ~Mellofello~.

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St Patty's Day recap!
So,BG thinks we can do this one standing on our heads. Sure! Why not try,can't hurt the game any. I do some of my best work standing on my head. We're all game(not gamey) for some keg stands. Did I say Happy St. Patrick's day??? Well,Happy,Happy to all of you. I see everyone in green. Whether it be your attire,or the color of your your faces after too much pawtying. Never. OK,-off we go to shake the shamrocks,and other parts that may be attached.

I roll onto the greens :) with an 18 to start 'er off. Wait...this is an Irish holiday...I need to practice my Irish brogue :a fháil go bhfuil a bhronn. See-makes no sense in either language. What the heck did I just say.....

Adorkus is up next and hits the biggie with vote 5200 for the CS!! Applause,applause. (I let her have it,I'm nice that way) A 70 for Lili of the Green. You tweaked our carts??? Girl of many skills,and outfits. Yes,that's purely jealousy talking.

Mudcat rumbles in with a mixed 34,just like her drinks. The best part of waking up,is alcohol in her cup.

Engine! She's back with a 32. Oh wow,green beer battered codwich sliders with squirrel slaw,and a keg of Guinness!!! See-keg stands! For the older,or "healthier" members,we'll drag out the funnel.

King Tuck (I do like singing that you know) has a 20,and headed for the sliders. Ever wonder why they are called sliders? That concerns me. Does it have anything at all to do with the bowels??? I know ALL about bowels,and so will you all after a day of cabbage.

Directionally challenged BG lost her top....of the morning. Why am I not surprised? She scores a 45 with her hash can (corned beef-keep it clean). Jig lessons later,NOT to be confused with the potty dance.

Timmy makes a two day in a row appearance with a 19 score. All that green going on Timmer,your making me feel a little queasy too.Mom sends soda bread and taters to soak up the beverage.

UB O'B,fresh off his 13TH BD (your only as old as you feel. Come here and let me feel you...) scores a 15. But hey,he brings snacks and Temptations. Like we can be easily tempted. OK,we can,break them out.

And last is our little Pawty Angel Marsha O'Mallow with a 39 and Guinness floats. Yes,yes,as long as you add ice cream,its considered a food group. IDK Mallow,I SWEAR I saw a choco chip move.

Winners!! (There are NO losers today-its a pawty!)

1st: UB O'B with a 15
2nd: Stevie O'Really with a 18
3rd:Timmy with a 19

Losers: Tweaked out Lili with a 70(I said TWEAK,not twerk) being helped by everyone else sober enough. In other words-I think your on your own.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline Sunday,hunting Easter wabbit & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Sunday,eating jelly beans.

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A REALLY slow Sunday! 3-16-14
Even quieter here today than it was yesterday. Maybe the buzzards got somebody after all. Huh. Who woulda thought?

Well, here first - and appreciating the living daylights out of his lips - is who else? And he's escorting the 2 twins today. One for each lip huh? ..... Bee Gee comes by to shag a few Ken heads. Better watch it guys, she's really getting the hang of the heads! Ken heads anyway. A mighty 51 for her. Might have had a little "tail wind" from Steve helping that one along! ..... And rounding out the practice crew today is Timmy! No green on the greens? How on earth, wind and fire are you going to celebrate St. Patty's Day with no green?? Okay, if there's a rainbow (or a pot o' gold!) you got it covered! Wow! You are really going for the gold with that 17!

Okay, the line-up looks like this: Timmy, 17 ..... Steve, 22 ..... Bee Gee, 51. Looking good for long drive day there Beeg!

Love the Sunday recap!

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

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No confessions were heard today 3-15-2014
Small turn-out today. Maybe everybody was scared off by the buzzards. Or it could have been that Ides of March thing. I'm putting my money on the true confessions of Steve and Bee Gee. Sounds like a great title for a soap opera.

Rolling onto the course first this morning is Mudcat, commenting on the IQ of buzzards and their odd appetite for gator. Since buzzards can't swim I think that's an odd meal choice. Don't dead gators sink? Mimi heads for the clubhouse after posting a cloudy 53/8 ..... UBB! Happy birthday! So see, the Ides of March is nothing for YOU to be worried about! Too bad you aren't 14 today, then next year you could be 15 on 3-15-15. Wowser! A 38/11 for the B'day Boy.

Tucker regales us with a small anecdote about the annual buzzard blitz that comes to town. We have that here, too, only we call it the carnival. He posts a 38/11 and heads to the clubhouse, but not for confession! ..... And last is Bee Gee, with nothing to confess. Apparently because she never gets away with anything without being caught, so according to her we already know all her dirty little deeds. Are they done dirt cheap? She has a cooler 34/7 this morning. Her weather has moods..

Saturday scores if you please (and even if you don't please)
1st - Bee Gee, 7. The moody weather wins!
2nd - Mimi, 8. Kicking back and waiting for the gators to bloat to the surface.
3rd - Tie, with who's left, Tucker and UBB, 11 apiece.

No loser to send to the cart barn, but that happens sometimes on Saturday. And lucky for our winner, it's a birthday, so UBB will do the honors today! Cheers!

~~~~Hot Rod~~~
~~I'm 16 UBB! You
gotta try and catch up!

Come visit me, MOLLY, SMOKEY, LITTLE MISS ~~~.

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3.14.14 Cool date on Long Drive Furiday
Although some claim today is International Question Day – how practical is that? But Steve and Angel mallow remind us of the more important National Potato Chip Day.
And to lead us off and into the Clubhouse is His Orangeness himself, Steve who has proven that it is possible to walk and munch chips at the same time with his ears plugged with corks while whacking 31 score. Our hero!
The other attentive golfer reminding us that a guy named Crum invented today’s celebration of the potato chip. This is our own darling (yikes) Angel Mallow whacking a decent 46.
Apparently all the rest of you doffers spent your time at the driving range mulling over useless questions. Useless, I say, because they really have no answers.
I have a question for Mimi—Why? Why do you as his big furs, well, elder if not bigger—why do you shove your good natured catty out of the cart and make him play for you? Every time he always scores low. Like today’s 25? That’s even lower than the orange chip-chomper.
UBB sauntered up to the tee and drove a solid 16 this morning. His question is why is his score more than doubled from yesterday? And while he’s asking questions he is asking all of you, his favorite sports and goofy furends to come by tomorrow to celebrate his 13th birthday. Gifts will be shared with everyone.
Speaking of high score and a very long drive Overdorkable LiLi whacks the longest drive so far = a far 51. That makes up for the plain silly bunnies and spring duckies all over her clothes today.
Tucker & Dot are rushing to get their score of 32 in. They have to get to the bank to withdraw a whole lot of catbucks. It seems that their mom forgot to call in about jury duty in time. The paddy wagon was to arrive momentarily and the kitties need to get bail for her. Never a dull moment. We are so glad to have our N-Gin back in her Food Cart. She brought a steaming pot of Turtle Terrine (or a steaming terrine of turtle?) with shredded shrimp and a score of 42. We sure missed you. Give your mom a special purr from all of us.
Here’s a surprise from Darn BeeGee today… she’s nearly come in first with a swell 48. Too bad her mom had to kickstart that old ‘puter to even get here. Should we take up a catbuck collection? And that’s the very LAST question of the day. Please pass the chips? Oh…

Winners and Loser=
With a short 16 score UBB can go to the cart barn. Spend some time in the closet, old boy! Happy Birthday.
1st – Adorkable OverLiLi –51
2nd and close on her glittered heel BG with 48
3rd – Angel Mallow with 46
Great job everyone!
Happy to be here another month, I am, your non-golfing commenter,
PD Budd—at your service, crunch-crunchy-crunch

Come visit me, ~ Aunt Louisa Nibbles~, Uncle Buddy Budd, Himself, Gracie Twinkle-toes, Wishing for This, PD Budd ~ Spring's coming! & the3 Budd's -Piled Up for Warmth.

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Better late than never! 3-13-14
That must be CC's motto, too! *grumble* So, here I am back at ya! This will be quick though, even though mom does have her own computer back. She has to go check the ENTIRE internet to see how bad it all got messed up while she was gone....

Here with his 1 twins is Steve, getting ready to enjoy smacking the rare and elusive Ken head ..... Tucker claims this is a 'first' for Dot so gives her the honor of whacking the Ken head, and she has a very nice 6 on the effort ..... Way to go, Mimi! Somehow she discovered a secret stash of Ken heads! Great addition to the new club house! She manages a 35 with one of them, and looks forward to the arrival of the Vittle Vehicle ..... I think UBB has discovered the aerodynamic secret of the Ken head - no hair, all plastic. Maybe Ken is a secret member of the Hair Club for Men? Anyway, The Budd scores a longing 7. Longing for fishing in the water hazards. It's coming!

Oh lordy. LiLi is having a kenniption fit about smacking old plasti-boy! Next time, just for you, we'll let you smack some heads off My Little Pony. Will that be better? She has a simmering 50. Apparently smacking ol' Ken-boy wasn't so difficult after all! ..... Ah, everyone relax for a moment while we enjoy the Bee Gee interlude. No score, just yammering ..... *ahem* Okay, back to business. The business of welcoming the Golfing Gimp with the menu du jour. She apologizes for lateness. Lateness won't matter if the grub is good! It doesn't even matter that you lost your score! Hahaha! ..... Ah, Mallow and her endearing thrill kill tendencies. Cracking Ken in the head and loving it! Ain't golf wonderful? Where else can you be THIS violent and still call it a sport? Unless it's on a hockey rink. :) A 41 for the Great One!

Okay, scores. (All the winners are in the top half!)
1st - Tucker (and Dot!), 6. Save that trophy Ken head, sweetie!
2nd - UBB, 7. I wonder if Ken heads make good gater bait?
3rd - Steve, the 1 twins. Maybe Ken heads are harder to find because people hoard them. Now THERE'S a creepy thought!

I say LiLi and BG to the cart barn. LiLi for the crappy score, and BG for playing hooky for 2 days! I have spoken!

Just wondering: have any of you ever LOOKED at the course when you get done slaughtering Ken and Barbie heads? *shudder*

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

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CS 3-10
Its napping day,and pack a lunch day. What is this,grade school?? I can hardly wait to trade all my worthless,"good for you" stuff Gma packed for everyone else's lunches, ALL have "good for you" foods too! I think its a plot.

I'm in first with a 37,searching for a primo spot for a siesta. Don't want to wake up with a black Sharpie mustache drawn on my face....BG.

Frilly Lili appears in a gingham and glitter haze. Wait...glitter gloves?? Are you bad,you're bad,you're really,really bad? MJ reincarnated as a frilly cat-who would have guessed. 61 for Adorkable.

Mudcat whacks a 34,and is keeping the snack cart alive for Engine! with rodent stew with...what! Stuff from my closet??ALL my awesome earthly possessions are in there! Half of that was my GOOD stuff-only outdated a year ago. Dig in everyone! BG even has "special" little doggie bags for the left overs.

King T (NOT to be confused with Mr. T-totally different haircut)-the self proclaimed King of Awesome himself ,states its his Kingdom,and he'll decree if he wants to...decree if he wants to,you would decree too if it happened to youuuuuuu!!! Sorry,this fermented closet stew has gone to my head. A 37 score.

UBB scores a 30,and after ONE whack of the club,claims the need for a power nap. Yes UBB,I can see how a how "low can you go" score would cause extreme fatigue. Why,that's like half a whack,not even a full swing.

BG is waging a war of the Royals between the Queen of Evil Awesomeness and the King Tuck of Awesomeness. Anyone else?? Do we have a Earl of Sandwich that wants to join in the fun?(There really is a Earl of Sandwich,why didn't I think of that sooner for pack the lunch day???) Is there going to be like a whack out to see who wins??? Always wanted to see the crowns and robes and tighty tights flying. Cat fight!!!

nd last is Mallow The Great(see-more Royalty) with a 41,and leftover Barbie heads straight off the barbie from yesterday. Surprised there were any left. Ummm...tasty-yeah,thats it.


1st: UBB with a 30. Wake up and claim your prize UBB.

2nd: Mudcat with a 34. What! Its a rare day when you beat the Ohio boys.

3rd: King T and ME with a 37

Losers-to the cart barn (stay away from the closet,my goodies are not to be disturbed) is....Lili with a 61 and BG who would be HAPPY to help her. Ain't that right Awesome Evil Queen of something,something,something.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline Sunday,hunting Easter wabbit & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Sunday,eating jelly beans.

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