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Domestic Shorthair from <a href=' Springfield/club-members.aspx' title='New Springfield, OH'>New Springfield, OH</a>

Dame Dot ~ #247583

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Hi! My name is Dame Dot ~ #247583

I am Domestic Shorthair from New Springfield, OH

Nicknames: Squirmy McPants, Cinderelli, Dottie

Age: 4 years old

Gender: F

Coat: short haired

Education: Thank you everybody!!!
RCOTD : 12/5/12
COTD 12/6/12
COTD #2: 12/18/13
COTD #3: 12/20/14
COTD #4: 12/25/15 - Thanks K. Mikey

Queen Trixie Honored me with the "You Make A Difference Award" on May 1,2013

King Whiskers Honored me with the Loyal Friend award on July 1, 2013

Given The Title of Dame on August 28th, 2013 By Queen Lady Dolly

Queen Angel Yum Yum honored me with Her Majesty's Support Medal on 8/31/13

My favorite tricks and treats are: I fetch just about anything and I am just starting on the treats, I haven't met one I didn't like so far!!!
Pawty Mix, Temptations & Friskies Crispies

Where I hang out: Top shelf on the kitty tower, even though this irritates Tucker & Mouse, mom & dads shoulders. On the back of Moms office chair

My favorite grubs: Anything, I am definetly not picky. But I love Fishy anything.

My pet peeves: None At this time - I am just happy to have a furever home!!! Not being able to play with the fish.

What I love about my owners: Mom nursed me back to health and didn't give up on me even though I try her patience at times!!

My cat hobbies: Play, Play, Play!!! Stop for a bite to eat now and then.

Pet motto: Be happy!!!

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How We Met

She kept coming to visit us all summer long, she loves our dog Shadow. I would be out walking Shadow and all of a sudden Dot would be there!!! But what really cinched the deal was helping her dad work on the tractor one day, I think he found her irresistable!! She was very sick when she came to us. She had an URI after about 2 months of Antibiotics she was better and could finally meet Tucker & Mouse. Tucker & Dot are the best of Buddy's , Dot and Mouse are still working on it.

Thank-You Autumn for my 400th Vote!!!
Thank-You Jynxx for my 500th vote!!!
Thank-You Fluffinella & The Nice Crew for my 700th Vote!!!
Thank-You Patch Girl Knight for my 2000th Vote!!!
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I've had 29620 friends visit me.

I'm the 54,094th member on

3,619 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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Thanks Dot & family
Thank you for pawing by with such sweet Happy Birthday wishes & goodies. I enjoyed an extra-fun day, especially celebrating with my CC furiends. We celebrated with Princess/Tiara cuppycakes (Mommy’s furiend Rose who owns made those). I received lots of nice gifts, but my fav is my mew Cosmic Catnip banana. You can see pics on the bottom of my page. So far, Casper Todd has not drooled & slobbered on my mew toys!!

It is hard to believe that I am 15 years old (76 in human years). Where did the time go?! Thanks again for sharing my special day with me. Your furiendship is a gift worth celebrating every day.

Love ya ♥
Q Sissy

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle (in Loving Memory) ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

05/23/2016 11:50.55 AM Report This Comment
Memo Day! 5-21-16
And it looks like you all got the memo about those Barbie heads collecting dust in the shed. Good. It's nice to shake out the dust and cobwebs every now and then. :-)

A. Fang(44/8) shakes the dust off some patches, apparently getting ready to patch a few dusty old aprons. Or maybe life jackets. I'm not sure ... Moji(52/7) is SO excited about whacking her very own Barbie head! She's heard ALL about them from Mallow. Good thing you got the memo ... April(50/5) is bashing her Barbie in the moonlight. Early riser, that April!

Oh, listen to Mr. Bigshot Persey(44/8)! He's an official "cat" now, not a kitten, and he's nosing around the Cat Daniels and other potables! What memo did YOU get? ... Hm. Seems Dot(51/6) could have brought some venison for lunch but her mom decided to set little Bambi free. I guess it could have been worse. She could have decided to bring him home!

J.C.(63/9) whacks a frozen Barbie head and it goes to pieces. We all seem to do that now and then, especially around here ... And finally, Grunt(52/7) can't decide if she wants to whack a dusty Barbie or dusty Barney head. But bless her little heart, she's ready to don snorkel & fin and take a dip in the punch bowl with yours truly!

Okay catties, you aren't the waitstaff today, but the main attraction!
1st - April, by the light of the moon, 5.
1nd - Dot, with no Bambi, just Barbie, 6.
3rd - Tie, Moji & Grunt, eagerly awaiting the Preakness, 7.

The still tender & whiskey brewmaster for today is J.C. And well it should be, since the mom of the house needs some rest, and a few shots from the CS still will put you in a very restful mood! :-)

Don't forget your free treats!
(Some Bambi jerky would have been nice....)

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/21/2016 12:43.18 PM Report This Comment
You left me a message TWELVE days ago! See how well my secretary keeps track of stuff? The things I have to put up with. *grumble* On the other hand, I am semi-retired, so I guess I can excuse her for not checking my messages every day. But come on! Twelve days?!

So anyway, you took a dive into the hot tub. Why? And besides that, I thought it was still snowing up your way. Maybe your mom uncovered the "hot tub" so it could freeze over and you could all go skating. Or is the thing inside somewhere? A little hot tub house? Mom would never be able to sit still long enough to get any kind of satisfaction or enjoyment from a hot tub. She can barely sit still long enough to take a bath. She can't even sit in her chair long enough to read an entire chapter in a book! Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Aaugh!! Super-hyper!

Aw, so sorry to here The Bun isn't doing well. No, we pretty much agree cutting the nerve isn't really a wise option. I would definitely say no more trail rides. She'll probably enjoy being out in the pastures a lot. If the weather wold ever warm up, it could be great therapy for her. Just take it one day at a time...


Come visit me, Little Miss & Family: OFFLINE ~ & The Kids: OFFLINE ~.

05/21/2016 07:26.45 AM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
Today it only got to 63 degrees; a big difference from the 90 degree temps we had only a couple of days ago. Our outside furry furiend Scamper is catnapping comfortably in one of his beds in the garage. He doesn’t even run when Mom goes in the garage to check on him. As long as she doesn’t walk towards him, he’s fine. So cute!

We were very disheartened to hear our dear furiend Jakar has been diagnosed with lymphoma, but we pray there is still a glimmer of hope in his recovery. The important thing now is for him to get healthy enough to go back home where he is happiest and dearly loved. We have to remain hopeful and never forget the miracle kitties we have known in our CC community. Our thoughts and prayers continue for sweet Jakar and his very special family. We’re also keeping K. Rhoamin in our prayers and hope his pain medicine is keeping him comfortable. Our prayers continue for dear Patch Girl and the success of her cold laser therapy. We’re keeping K. Spongie’s Mom Lynn and Mimi’s Mom in our thoughts and prayers too. So much sadness.:(

We hope the poem about “Princess the Cat” makes you smile. It reminded my Mom of my diva sister Callie. MOL!

Have a wonderful weekend sweetie! Hugs to your precious family and let your Mom know we're keeping her in our prayers. Feel better!

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

Princess =^.^=
Princess is the name of my pet,
She's even smarter than her vet.
Whenever she wags her fluffy tail,
I know nearby, there is a sale.

Princess has very cultured taste,
Her stunning wardrobe gets her chased.
But there's nothing, Princess can't handle,
Even an occasional, neighborhood scandal.

Princess accepts fine lavish gifts,
She's retired, doesn't do shifts.
Princess must now get her nails done,
A classy lady, she's my number one.


Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

05/20/2016 05:06.18 PM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
It was a much cooler day today, in the low 70’s with a light breeze. We like this weather a lot better than the heat wave we just had. Guess summer was giving us a preview of things to come. Yikes!

We had problems with our internet connection today and after my Mom pulled her hair out, trying to diagnose the problem, she finally called AT&T and was told they are having “issues” and working to resolve them. What the heck does that mean?! Anyway, it seems to be working again for now. At least Mom was forced to do some clean up on her computer. MOL!

We are all doing fine, catnapping in the backyard. Scamper is resting nicely on top of his cathouse. We hope you kits are having a relaxing day too! It’s a good day to meditate and keep the prayers for going for dear Jakar; so glad his recovery is going good; K. Rhoamin, hoping his vet can find out what’s causing his pain; Patch Girl and the Knight family; Mimi’s sweet Mom; and always K. Spongie’s Mom Lynn.

Oh no! Piper scared you up a tree?! We're glad you didn't stay up there too long. Don't want to ruin your pawdicure. MOL!

We're keeping your sweet Mom in our prayers and hope she gets the okay on her MRI soon. Those darned insurance companies!

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

A Pet =^.^=
A pet is a cuddly little thing,
Joy and laughter it will bring.
If your pet has way too much fur,
Expect it to bark or maybe just purr.

A pet could become a very close friend,
Treat it nice, lots of love it shall send.
It has the potential to cheer you up,
Right from the start, just like a pup.

Pets are wonderful, they're all unique,
They understand you, make sure you speak.
Don't forget to love them dearly,
They'll love you back, lots and sincerely.


Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

05/19/2016 04:35.27 PM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
It’s a warm 85 degrees today and tomorrow will be 90, then we start to cool down. We might even get rain on Saturday! Crazy weather! After Mom took Callie and me for a stroller walk this morning, we all got locked up inside the main bedroom cuz Mom had the carpet shampooed today. We’re getting ready for our pawrent’s grandson George to come next month. The house smells wonderful. We can hardly wait to run havoc around the house. MOL!

Mom made an appointment at the vet for me next week to have my blood tested again. I’m feeling fine, eating my prescription food (sort of!) and we expect good blood test results. Whitey has an appointment for her teeth cleaning the first week of June. Mom tries twice a day to get Whitey used to a toothbrush, but it is slow going. Baby steps, right?!

Our outside furry furiend Scamper was catnapping in the garage the last time Mom checked. After the carpet cleaners left, Mom set up a couple of fans in the garage to keep it sort of cool. Scamper seemed to approve and chose to sleep on the cat bed that Mom had set up on top of the tool chest. That way Scamper is up high enough to survey his surroundings. He’s no dummy!

We’re keeping our dear furiend Jakar and his worried family in our prayers. We know he is getting the very best of care and it’s been wonderful to hear the outpouring of love for him from the CC community.

We are glad to hear K. Rhoamin is feeling a little better and even eating some. Hooray! We’re keeping him and his fursibs, sweet Callie and Patch Girl in our prayers too. Our thoughts and prayers always go out to K. Spongie’s Mom Lynn and Q. Mimi’s dear Mom.

Of course we have your sweet Mom in our prayers too. We hope she feels better and better with each passing day. Keep up the purr therapy sweetie!

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

“How you behave towards cats here below, determines your status in heaven.” - R.A. Heinlein =^.^=

Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

05/17/2016 03:24.05 PM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
We hope you had a nice weekend with your loving family. Our Mom took Callie and me on a stroller walk this morning and believe it or not, the creek along the trail is still flowing. It might not be for long though, because we are expecting hot temps in the low 90’s this week. Guess summer is starting to rear its hot head! We fed the ducks in the creek, filled the water bucket and sprinkled bird seed along the trail while we walked.

Our outside furry furiend Scamper was asleep in his cat house when we left and he was asleep on top of the cat house when we returned. Scamper raised his head to look at us and went right back to catnapping. He is getting more and more comfortable with all of us each day!

Mom left us this morning to stock up on cat food. She buys mine and Callie’s food at the vet, and shops at Petco for Whitey, Orangie and Scamper’s food. Mom had 20 dollars worth of Petco coupons to use. That should make Dad happy!

We all know today is house cleaning day, so that scary vacuum monster will be let loose soon. Good day to catnap in the backyard.

We’re hoping to hear some good mews about our furiend Jakar today. We have him and his family in our prayers. We also mew prayers for K. Rhoamin, Callie, Patch Girl, Mimi’s Mom and K. SpongeBob’s dear Mom.

We are so happy to hear there is no nerve damage for your Mom. Hooray! We have our paws crossed that the silly medical insurance approves her MRI. Why do insurance companies always have to make life more difficult?! We're keeping your dear Mom in our prayers.

How wonderful the black kitty your family rescued has a loving mew home with your Mom's stepson! You really do live with a family of angels on earth! God bless all of you for giving the black kitty a mew chance at a happy life. You tell Tucker he should be thrilled with the beautiful harem of kitties he already has. MOL! That crazy guy!

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

“Cats deserve our respect and admiration. They are truly marvelous creatures with extraordinary capacities. Cats are our trusted soul mates who have journeyed with us through time, connecting us to our predecessors and humanity's ancient civilizations.” =^.^=

Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

05/16/2016 01:00.47 PM Report This Comment
Catty action on the mini links! 5-14-16
I'm glad you all brought your mini golf clubs. Aren't they cute? Oh! And thanks SO much for showing your e-collar solidarity by wearing your favorite cone today. My favorite has to be the clear one with the little green flowers on it. Yes, I have a wide variety, all mom-made for my wearing enjoyment. *coff*

So, how did you little catties do on the putt-putt course? Let's see here. *scroll scroll* Looks like A. Fang didn't do terrifically well, with a 48/12. Must have been distracted by the belly dancers ... Well now, Moji(60/6) chicken danced her way to a fine score! That's crazy! ... Gosh, J.C.(59/14) has been out of the loop for so long he almost forgot the rules. And I almost forgot to put him in the recap! ... The Angels(56/11) could see clearly today. Clearly, that's better than seeing blurry.

Persey(46/10) is pondering the imponderable riddle: "Who catties for the catties?" ... Dot(54/9) is pleased to announce that she is back to being the lone black cat of the family. You'll have to have a few mews with Piper & make sure she understands the rules! ... Sounds like Grunt(63/9) is in agreement with Persey about watching the birds migrate. Kicking back with chicken & biscuit sammies. Do chickens migrate?

So, here's the way things went on the mini-links:
1st - Looks like crazy Moji wins with that 6.
2nd - Dot & Grunt tie things up with their 9s.
3rd - And Persey is pondering that 10.

Losers today are A. Fang & J.C. Remember, J.C., not ALL the stuff from the still is for your mom, although she might appreciate a big snort!

Tell the truth: Does this e-collar
make me look like a lamp?

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/14/2016 12:53.12 PM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
Good mews about our furry furiend next door, Ebony. He finished his eye drops and his eyes are better; no more weepy eyes. Hooray! Ebony is still wary when he sees our Mom coming through their front door, but later today she’ll go over to visit with some treats and to brush his fur. Ebony and Sugar Bear love to have their fur brushed.

Our outside furry furiend Scamper still isn’t sleeping in the garage at night, but he is letting our Mom sit and watch him while he eats his food. Mom put a new egg crate foam bed in his cathouse, which he seems to really like. Mom is going to work on getting Scamper to sleep in the garage at night once again, after she gets back from her trip to San Diego.

Mom’s Aunt Lucy’s funeral will be held on Friday morning. Mom has a flight to San Diego on Thursday. The funeral is in the Los Angeles area, so they’ll have a two and a half hour drive to L.A. Our Mom will be back late Friday night, so us kitties aren’t too upset. We have Dad to take care of us and of course I always help look after my sisters.

Speaking of sisters, Whitey took a good swipe at my Mom during their tooth brushing session, but Mom isn’t about to give up. Whitey licks the tuna flavored toothpaste from Mom’s fingers, so that’s progress. Mom just has to pay attention and move faster when Whitey gets too agitated. MOL!

We’ll meow back to our furiends in a few days. We're keeping your sweet Mom in our prayers. Hope she is feeling better.

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

“When some people say that cats aren't as loyal as dogs, I feel it is because they have never had one of these emotionally complex and devoted creatures as a beloved companion. This is a myth which sadly has prejudiced some people against these courageous and very affectionate animals due to a misconception which isn't based on actual fact.” =^.^=

Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

05/11/2016 12:46.46 PM Report This Comment
Hello Dot
What’s purring with you today? It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means – Mrs. Maryann is here cleaning our house. AND the cabana boys are mowing our grass, working in the flower beds & opening our pool for the summer. But guess what? I am not hiding upstairs in my hammock in the scrapbook room like I usually do! I decided to hide under Mommy’s bed today. Got to change things up & keep them on their toes, am I right?! Soooo, Mommy told Mrs. Maryann not to come in here & clean because she would scare me. I sure do have ‘em trained, don’t I?!

Happy Wine Down Wednesday!
Q Sissy

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle (in Loving Memory) ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

05/11/2016 12:27.28 PM Report This Comment
Hi Dot
How are you this fine day?? We are alright, but it sure is a rainy day here in Detroit today! Mom's friend came over to pick her up and they went to Dollar general for Milk {they had a sale..$2.90}, and some more things for her back yard and she got a big jug of nuts for the squirrel.

We all wanted to go outside, but it is raining today. The weather man said it was supposed to stop this afternoon, but it is already 3:30 and it is still raining...doesn't look like it is gonna stop any time soon!

Mom said I have to get groomed today, that means I have to be brushed, combed and get my nails trimmed. She trimmed Kels and Win's already, but Sheba will not allow her touch her nails as she tries to bite...her previous owner never bothered to trim her nails or even take her to the Vet...she was only spayed at 8 weeks and never saw the vet asked when she had her transferred to our acct.

Well, I have to go and find me a good hiding place so mom can't find me cause I hate being groomed. It hurts when I have tangles and mom uses that comb to get them out...I tangle said she was gonna give me a bath {SAY WHAT???} and use a de-tangler conditioner on me!!! HIDE ME!!!!

Have a nice day!
Miss Kali =^..^=

Come visit me, KELSEE~~Go BIG Cats!!!~~, K-WINSTON ~Baseball Time!!!!~~, KALI ~Go Tigers~ I ♥ Elvis~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA ~~Go Tigers Go!!~~, SIR ANGEL JESSE~2001-2016~ RIP!, KCK team page 2016 & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

05/10/2016 01:00.30 PM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
We’re trying to play catch-up today. It’s been a little bit hectic since we found out my Mom’s Aunt Lucy passed away on Friday. Mom plans to go to San Diego for a day and a night so she can take GM to the funeral, but we’re still waiting to hear when the funeral will take place. We hope you had a great Mother’s Day yesterday!

Our outside furry furiend Scamper is doing okay. Mom let him outside Saturday morning and he was happy to be free. He took off like a shot, but thankfully he came back home later in the day. He’s been sleeping in his outside cathouse again, but staying away from the garage. MOL! Guess that will take some time again.

Ebony is almost finished with his eye drops and his eyes look a lot better. He has been a real trooper! Mom is still trying to get Whitey used to having her teeth brushed, but that’s going to take some time too. Whitey seems to like the taste of the tuna flavored toothpaste the best, but she doesn’t like being held and having her mouth pried open. Hee, hee! Who does?!

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

Dogs are the protectors of our bodies while cats are the protectors of our spirit when we sleep- coming to our rescue or aid if there are any harmful spirits that we may encounter in our dreams. =^.^=

Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

05/09/2016 12:18.55 PM Report This Comment
Catty Day at the Kentucky Derby 5-7-16
And it looks like most of your catties actually showed up today. Good job! A. Fang(47/11) shows up early wearing one of those crazy Derby hats covered in Monarchs. Butterflies! Not the royal monarchs! ... Then Moji(54/9) throws HER fancy headgear into the ring, along with flowers and ribbons and everything else she could think of. Might even be a horse in there if you look close ... The Angels(50/5) join hands and fly over the grandstands keeping an eye on the festivities.

Persey(49/13) has a nice score for a card game, not such a great score for putting. We'll see if we can hold that horse til tomorrow ... Dot(50/5) has a great putt in spite of those cramps. Oh, wait, your MOM is cramping your STYLE. Well, why didn't you say so! ... Bee Gee(58/13) knows enough to stay away from "Mom The Bombshell" after waking her up two hours early practicing for the races! ... And J.C.(59/14) arrives just in time to lose the whole shebang! If it weren't for you, Persey & Bee Gee would have shared that honor. Thanks!

1st - Tie, The Angels & Dot, 5.
2nd - Moji, with a 9.
3rd - A.Fang. Who would have thought 11 would be good for 3rd??

And everybody else gets to head to the stables, er barn, to stir up a quick batch of mint juleps for your racing enjoyment. J.C.(14) will get some enthusiastic assistance from Bee Gee & Persey!

Be sure to take plenty of derby day photos for your scrapbooks!
Don't the catties look splendid in their fancy floofy Derby hats?

Come visit me, Little Miss & Family: OFFLINE ~ & The Kids: OFFLINE ~.

05/07/2016 03:50.54 PM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
We didn’t get to meow to all our furiends yesterday with Mom taking Whitey for her checkup and helping with Ebony’s eye drops, but we’re back! MOL! Whitey’s checkup went well. She lost 3 ounces, which is good since she was getting a little bit chubby. She weighs 13.1 pounds. But the vet told Mom she needs to start brushing Whitey’s teeth. Her gums are starting to look a bit red along the gum line. Mom started this morning with introducing Whitey to the cat toothpaste. It’s chicken flavored. Whitey doesn’t like to be held, so it’s going to be slow going. Callie and Orangie are good at getting their teeth brushed. I purrsonally could live without it. Mom is trying to think pawsitive that Whitey will eventually give in. We shall see!

Putting eye drops in Ebony’s eyes is going a lot smoother. Mom gives him 4 drops of the Rescue Remedy liquid mixed with tuna juice an hour before. It really relaxes him, enough so that Abarna can hold him (wrapped in a towel) and Mom can administer the eye drops without a fuss. Ebony’s eyes look a lot better. The sad thing is Ebony no longer greets Mom when she comes into their house. Now he stops, stares and looks at her warily. My sisters and I all sympathize with the poor guy. MOL!

We’re expecting light rain today, so it’s cloudy and cool outside. Scamper has been exploring the backyard and found a spot under one of the bushes that he seems to like. At first Mom couldn’t find him this morning and started to panic, but she knew there was no way he could have gotten out. After searching the entire garage, she got out the flashlight, put on her garden gloves and began to look through the bushes. She finally spotted two eyes. Yes, it was Scamper and he didn’t run away, so Mom is letting him stay there as long as he likes. Of course we are all still locked inside the house, but it’s gloomy outside...good day for catnapping in the windows.

Oh sweetie, we are so happy to hear the little black kitty will have a wonderful furever home with your Dad's son! Your family is the best!

I'm not sure if any of us cats could ever like a dog, but then we never met Piper or Shadow. My Dad would love to get a doggie again someday, but Mom is a little nervous about how we would react. Maybe when Dad retires next year.

Your poor, dear Mom. We had hoped the pain was going away. Keep up the purr therapy with your Mom and give her a soft hug for us. We have her and all of you in our prayers every night.

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

Humans are so strange
Mine lies still in bed, then screams
My claws are not that sharp
In deep sleep hear sound
Cat vomit hairball somewhere
Will find in morning

We're almost equals
I purr to show I love you
Want to smell my butt? =^.^=

- Author Unknown

Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

05/06/2016 12:27.05 PM Report This Comment
Hi Dot and furamily
Thank you so much for coming by to help us celebrate our COTD/ACOTD honor! Our furiends are extra special to us, even if we can't make it over all the time to mew. Please stay and enjoy our pawty and thank you for the basket of goodies and the balloons. They are all pawsome!
Sakura, Sienna and Sable

Come visit me, Q.A. Sakura, Sienna and Sable~The S Sisters.

05/05/2016 06:57.42 AM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
Another late start for us today. That seems to be the norm around here lately. We really have to look for mew help. MOL!

Scamper is doing okay in the garage recovering from his big boy surgery. Thankfully the weather is cool so it’s very comfortable in the garage. Mom is going to keep him inside the garage until Friday. This morning she opened the small garage door that leads to our backyard. It has a cat fence around the yard so none of us can get out. Scamper looked outside, but ran back behind the washer. Mom is going to try sitting out with him later to see if he’ll come out in the yard. Of course we are all locked inside the house. Humph! Scamper is eating his food, so we know he’ll be fine soon.

Meanwhile, Mom and our neighbor Abarna put eye drops into Ebony’s eyes last night. What a nightmare! Ebony wanted nothing to do with it and he used all 15 pounds of his weight to put up a good struggle. So this morning Mom brought a towel to wrap him in like a burrito and she brought some Rescue Remedy drops to help calm him. Mom puts some of the drops in a small bowl of Fancy Feast Broth and he lapped it right up. It seemed to calm him some, but it was still difficult to get him to settle down- but they did it! Mom bought a bottle of Feliway Spray to try tonight. The Knight family suggested this and it’s worth a try!

Our sister Whitey has a checkup at the vet on Thursday. She needs all her boosters and an exam from the vet. We might not make it by tomorrow, but we’ll do all our daily voting. Gotta help Angel Elmer get his crown and pay our respects to Queen Sylvr Tuff Knight!

We're keeping your dear Mom in our prayers sweetie. Give your family warm hugs for us.

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

05/04/2016 12:37.20 PM Report This Comment
The temperature was High 68 & Low was 50 this morning, now it's Cloudy; 68 with humidity 60% & wind is 2 MPH NW. Wednesday's suppose to be Mostly Cloudy & High 64.

RECORD HIGH: 83 set in 5/03/1944.
RECORD LOW: 31 set in 5/03/1964.

~...~♥~...>*<...~♥~ KNIGHT FAMILY NEWS ~♥~...>*<...~♥~...~

♥ I do have purr*mission from our Royal Highness Queen Sylvr Tuff #160205 to use her computer so I can do my COTD Thank Yous! MOL!

♥ Thank You for such a sweet surprise to me with winning my 6th Cat of the Day Badge today, May 2nd, the Day after my Adoptiversary of 12 Years.

♥ Thank You also for all the wonderful goodies which mom took away from me cuz she says I'm on a diet! Well, I try to tell her a "see food diet" works great to me! MOL! Ok, so I also enjoyed the cool gifts, pretty and colorful balloons as well as the different shaped piñatas!

~...~♥~...>*<...♥ COMMUNITY CAT NEWS ♥...>*<...~♥~...~


You can read our messages on the CMR page #46883 as we try to make it a point to post one there.

~...~♥~...>*<... PLEASE VOTE FOR ...>*<...~♥~...~

.~:*:~. RBB ELMER #173244 ~:*:~. on CC.

.~*~. BRANDI #276491 .~*~. on DC.

Here's a Knight Gang™ vote for you.

Kitty Kisses,

>>>♥<<< JAZPYR KNIGHT #10428 >>>♥<<<

Come visit me, Q. Pappoose "Forever Sleep 4-10-2006 to 4-24-2012", BABY KNIGHT July 18, 1998 to May 20, 2010, PATCH GIRL KNIGHT #12767 ~ Thankx For COTD #5, Suezee Knight #11528~ Photo: 8/08/2015, WHYSKRS KNIGHT #10378 ♥ Photo: 12/30/2015, SASSEE "Forever Sleep 5-01-2004 to 10-02-2014", SIX Knight (Sweet Memories 5/15/01-7/03/06), Ebbonny Knight Forever Sleep 8/14/2000 to 3/9/2011, Sweet Pea ~ Forever Sleep 5-15-2001 to 2-25-2011, Tipper Claflin-Knight (7/15/1989 - 7/23/2008), BAHNEETAH KNIGHT #10641 ~ 8/14/2000 to 12/18/2015, Charr ~ In Loving Memory 8/14/2000-9/19/2008, Jazpyr Knight #10428 - Thankx COTD #6 - 5/02/2016, Sissee Knight (OG) #11531 Photo: 3/03/2016, K. RHOAMIN ~ "JULY KING 2008" ~ Photo: 5-15-2016, Velvet~Sleep My Black Beauty 5-10-2002 to 7-7-2012 & Sylvester #11567 ♥ 5/15/2001 - 6/28/2013.

05/03/2016 04:35.38 PM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
We got a late start today so please excuse the cut and paste. Scamper had his big boy surgery done yesterday and he is still in the garage recuperating. Scamper got his vaccinations and Mom had a microchip put in him. He has the whole garage to himself, with cat beds, toys, food and water. When Mom checked him last night, Scamper chose to sleep behind the washer and dryer. Mom had anticipated that, so she had laid a couple of soft crate mats on the floor behind there. Scamper is still mad at Mom, but he did eat his food this morning. Mom has been going in the garage to sit and talk to him. Mom plans on letting him outside tomorrow.

Our next door neighbor called this morning concerned with her cat Ebony, who seemed to have watery, runny eyes. Mom went to look and they took him to the vet. Dr. Natt gave him a steroid and antibiotic injection, plus some eye drops. The eye drops are to be used twice a day until the bottle is finished. Mom asked the vet to show her and Abarna how to administer the drops and of course the vet made it look very easy. Mom and Abarna will try again tonight. Good luck Mom! My sisters and I are just glad it’s not us!

We would think your Mom and Dad would love to have another kitty just like you! Keep them on their toes! MOL!

Your poor, dear Mom. We hope the doctors can make her all better. She must be exhausted from her leg getting worse. We'll keep her in our prayers sweetie...your whole family too. Never hurts!

We hope your day is going better. MOL!

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

05/03/2016 02:16.56 PM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
We have some good mews today. My Mom trapped our outside furry furiend Scamper last night in the cat carrier. Scamper was sleeping in the carrier when Mom went to check on him for the evening. She simply had to close the door. Scamper was very mad and banged around the cage for quite some time before finally settling down. Mom called our vet this morning and luckily she could take him. Scamper put up a fight at the vet. He does not have a microchip.:( Dr. Natt said he is very wild and has probably been on his own for a while. He’ll get his big boy surgery and vaccinations today and the vet will check his teeth to estimate how old he is. Mom is going to keep him in the garage for a couple of days so she has been getting the garage ready for him. He’s used to sleeping there, but Mom is putting in a couple of extra beds and toys. Mom is hoping Scamper isn’t so mad that he runs away, so keep your paws crossed.

We hope your sweet Mom is feeling better. Give her a hug for us and let her know we have her in our prayers.

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

05/02/2016 11:28.29 AM Report This Comment
April is over!! 4-30-16
And nobody here is going to miss it one bit! Maybe we can give May a "Kiss of Hope" with the understanding it will be a better month than April was! With that being said, maybe we all should get ready with our PrepareAthon, just in case.

A. Fang(42/7) arrives bright and early, with a heavy load of celebrations to deliver. He points out it's time to open the Catty Shack pool behind the clubhouse. Maybe we can have cannonball practice later. Who's first? ... Well, it won't be Moji(47/11). She's gonna have her paws full watching the birdies on the links. Remember: you're only 'watching'!

Ana(50/5) is keeping a watch on that red sky. Know what they say about those "in the morning" ... Percy Twink(42/6) says he leaves all his manners & "goodwill" at the door on his way outside. Birdies: Beware! ... Uh oh, sounds like Dot(47/11) has her eyes on a birdie surprise or two as well ... And Grunt(52/7) can barely decide what she wants to celebrate, with so many choices on the table. She grabs a batch of oatmeal cookies and heads out to attract a few birdies herself.

So, our catties have decided they'll mainly be chasing birdies today. Wait a minute! What about your putts!
1st - Ana, under her umbrella, with a 5.
2nd - Percy, under a watchful eye, with a 6.
3rd - A tie, with A. Fang & Grunt, 7 apiece.

And Dot & Moji tie for last place, and cart duty awaits. Maybe you guys can toss a few Mr. Potato Heads into the still and brew up some truly Russian vodka!

I notice no one was celebrating
with their veterinarian today!

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

04/30/2016 03:50.38 PM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
Yesterday was the 12th year crossing anniversary of our Mom’s doggie, Angel Ludwig. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge the same year we were born. On our stroller walk, we planted a Munstead Lavender plant by the creek in his honor. Mom does this every year. Not all the plants have survived, but this one is supposed to be very hearty in the sun. Mom also planted one in our backyard. They are cat-safe and are supposed to be a deterrent to insects, especially mosquitoes.

Our outside furry furiend Scamper is back to sleeping in the garage at night. He was a little wary of Mom at first, but he is back to rubbing her legs when she feeds him- a good sign.

Mom is house cleaning today. Luckily the sun is shining and all of us cats are more than happy to catnap in the backyard. We all slept with Mom last night- around her and even next to her head. MOL! Whitey kept giving Mom a tongue bath on her cheek that Mom finally had to pull the covers over her face! Hee, hee! I guess we better not try that in our Therapy Cat training sessions! (Note to tongues are like sandpaper on humans!)

We are so sorry to hear your poor, sweet Mom has shingles! We'll be praying for her to get better quickly. Give her a soft, warm hug for us sweetie and make sure she gets lots of rest.

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty! =^.^=
You talk to me as if I'm three,
Coo and pinch my cheeks.
I'm not three, I'm ten,
a WOMAN in kitty years!
Must you scream,"NO NO Kitty,"
as if I'm deaf?
I'm not deaf,
I have you on IGNORE!

You insist that I love tuna,
faithfully fill my dish.
I don't like tuna,
come on where's the BEEF?

Seems you buy the silliest toys,
mice, feathers and such.
Then wonder why I shred the couch,
did ya think I might be BORED!!!

Why do you squeal in that high pitched voice,
"Here kitty kitty kitty?"
I've never come before,
I'm NOT coming this time!

- by D. Harrison

Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

04/30/2016 12:56.50 PM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
We’re back, or I guess I should say our Mom is back! We sure did miss our CC furiends. We’ll be trying to play catch-up and read all the good stuff we missed.

Our GM is doing fine and she was very happy to have our Mom visit. Mom took GM to see her sister in Los Angeles who is battling cancer. “Aunt Lucy” was happy to see GM, but it took her a while to recognize my Mom and her brothers. It was both a sad and happy visit.

Meanwhile, back at our home in San Jose, Dad didn’t have the heart to tell our Mom that he had not seen our outside furiend Scamper for several days. As luck would have it, Scamper showed up in his cathouse before Dad had a chance to tell Mom the bad mews. Needless to say, our Dad breathed a sigh of relief! Somehow Scamper must have known Mom was coming home.

I did a great job helping my Dad take care of my fursisters- he said so! Mom thinks I look like I lost some weight. Mom is going to give me a week before taking me to see the vet. I did a couple of sprints up and down the stairs, just for Mom, but I can tell she has her eyes on me. Yikes!

We hope all our CC furiends are doing great. Now it’s time to read all about the fun we missed during Queen JoJo’s reign. My sisters and I were going to be mad at our Mom for leaving us, but now that she’s home we decided to forgive her. We missed those belly rubs!

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

Max was an only cat,
Content to be alone,
But a stray appeared in the yard
Now Smokey has a home.

"Two cats are quite enough,
And that's my final word!"
But another stray appeared,
Now Peanut is our third.

On that final judgment day,
I'm sure it'll be my fate,
To find a little stray
Beside the Pearly Gate.

-by Phyllis Merryman Cloyd

Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

04/28/2016 12:10.52 PM Report This Comment
Thank You
For stopping by to wish me a happy birthday on 3/15. Mom is finally back to doing our blogging, so I am catching up with all of my thank yous.

Sno Board

Come visit me, Kaomi and the Bengal Bunch.

04/27/2016 06:22.19 PM Report This Comment
lovely day from a froggy start this
morning and near 40 which wasn't to bad considering a lot around us were a lot colder and another morning like that coming up to-morrow to the mid 60s once again with sun to clouds as a storm glides out underneath us to the south. janet's had a good 6 month cleaning/check and goes back early november and now is it-ching to get outside weed or plant something, but continues to sit here getting the blogging done and might just go and sit outside due that her ankle is bothering her a bit as she's not worn her brace at all today as she was going to do garden work and doing that it'll get all dirty and sweaty! btw, sleepover/sports day starts tues and wed of next week, please spread the word! angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & 5 angels.

04/27/2016 10:38.16 AM Report This Comment
Thank you for pouncing by Mouse & furfamily
It was purrfectly pawsome seeing you at my birthday pawty yesterday! I think I gained another few pounds with all the goodies everyfur brought along so that means I'll have to get out the kitty treadmill & start working it off. Better yet...I'll chase our dog Ginger around the house a few times every day....MOL!
Thank you SO much for the basket filled with assorted Pawty Mix & Temptation treats & bouquet of primo catnip from your garden you brought for me!
Getting older isn't too bad when a kitty has good furiends like you to share the special moments! Thanks again for coming by to help me celebrate.

Loving hugs,

Come visit me, Q Trixie~Loyal Cubs fan, Piggy & Sneakers, Monkey, Fluffinella ♥Joey, ♥Angel Sherman♥, ♥Angel K Zaboo♥, ♥Angel Cloudy♥, Special Memories page & Patches.

04/26/2016 08:01.13 AM Report This Comment
and the all your wonderful gifts... hope you are enjoying our pawty..and don't forget to take a goody bag...
leaving a vote, peace, luv and kitty purrs...K meeko & Q angel bootz >^..^<

Come visit me, Q. angel bootz #2601~, angel tikki....# 33474-, K. meeko..2602, K .meeko & Q angel bootz 17441~ & dame rosie # 212287.

04/23/2016 10:54.41 PM Report This Comment
A big "Ten Thousand Votey" celebration! 4-23-16
Anybody know who actually smacked the big one? It wasn't Grunt, and it wasn't Bee Gee. Might have been Dot or Percy? Wish you guys would pay attention to this stuff so you could be appropriately enshrined in the CS Hall of Shame! Well, on to the scores then, shall we?

A.Fang(44/8) shows up picking his nose & spitting leftover jelly beans. How catty-like of you! ... Mallow(52/7) hath forgotten t'were catty day upon yon links. Fie! Doth her orb rolleth rightly and lendeth gently in the lea ... The Angels(60/6) are just happy to be comfortable with afternoon sunshine ... Mudcat stayed home to tend to her mom, whom she did her best to half-kill the other day. BAD cat! J.C.(61/7) has the run of the place today.

Percy(44/8) wasn't about to miss his day on the links! He takes his shot and challenges all to a golf ball chase ... Dot(46/10) can't tell her Marconi from her macaroni. That's okay, I think we all have that problem now & then. I know I do ... And Grunt(53/8) knows she's ready for a cherry cheesecake picnic, with or without a merry Shakespeare moment.

How did the catties do today?
1st - The Angels took a chance with no catty and come up winners, 6.
2nd - Mallow also shunneth her catty and endeth in second, 7, tiething with J.C. (Okay, that last one was a stretch...)
3rd - At last! A grand triple-tie of catties, Fang, Percy, & Grunt, all with a crazy 8!

Which leaves poor Dot all alone to tend the still. Maybe she'll brew up some "macaroni" and cheese for everybody, and some Purple Haze for the clubhouse as well.

Still in a purple funk,
can't believe what this year is doing!

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

04/23/2016 01:02.51 PM Report This Comment
not long before janet is out walking
this morning! she's had to cancel her planned vacation and has put 3 day trips out in it's place to new spots she's not gone before and one she won't have to but drive to get there and park and that's it! that's through AAA going to lighthouse cruise off the shores of long island early august. the others will come before that to a new outlet complex in southeastern nh to return some never taken out of the box track shoes to get new ones, then to return some old work jeans and get new ones from llbean in central connecticut. she is happy with that and says nh's white mountains will be there and she can do it another year. angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & 5 angels.

04/23/2016 02:21.51 AM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
We’re trying to play catch-up today. Yesterday morning as Dad was leaving for work, Mom noticed his van had a flat tire. Luckily we have two other cars, so off Dad went, leaving Mom to fix the problem. Easy enough, right? Wrong! Mom used the air compressor that plugs into the cigarette lighter to pump up the tire before taking the van to her mechanic. When Mom went to start the van, the battery was dead! Ay! So Mom called her AAA insurance for help. The nice man jumped started the van and put air in the tire. He said the battery in the van probably went dead after Mom used the air compressor. He said she should have had the car running when she used the compressor, but the car battery probably needed to be replaced.
So finally at the car mechanic, it was discovered the tire valve stem was leaking and after further inspection, all 4 tire valve stems needed to be replaced...and the van DID need a new battery. So Mom finally got home where we are all catnapping.

Then Mom got a call from her brother in San Diego with the sad mews that their Aunt, our GM’s younger sister, has been moved to a hospice. She’s been battling cancer for a few years now, but unfortunately she is losing the fight. GM’s sister lives in Los Angeles, a two and half hour drive from San Diego. So Mom is planning to fly down to San Diego Friday night, then rent a car there so she can take GM to visit her sister. Our GM is old and doesn’t like to travel, but she wants to make the drive. So we’ll be offline until Mom gets back home, probably next Wednesday. Dad will take care of us, but Mom also called the cat sitter we like, so she’ll come by once a day to help out.

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

Special =^.^=
Once in a lifetime, a special pet,
Comes your way, and your heart is set.
A strong connection you feel is deep,
You know instantly, this one you'll keep.

Something mysterious from the start,
This wonderful pet, has stolen your heart.
Over time together you grow,
No need for words, a look and you know.

When you feel sad or even pain,
You're not alone, your pet feels the same.
This bond and love, both of you share,
Nothing short, of a magical prayer.


Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

04/21/2016 11:29.12 AM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
We hope you all had a nice weekend. We had hot temperatures here and today should be in the high 80’s! Then hopefully the rest of the week will cool down some.

Our Dad’s brother came over on Sunday to help our pawrents with their grandson George’s room redecorating. Mom was happy to have his help since he is very handy with home improvements, unlike our Dad. MOL! Dad is good at supervising. Hey, he must be part feline!

Mom went for her recheck at the doctor this morning and she is doing fine. Thanks for all the get well wishes and prayers from our CC furiends. We are furever grateful to all of you.

We're keeping your sweet Mom in our prayers and hoping the doctor can make her thigh ache feel better. Give her a soft hug for us.

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

Man Vs the Cat =^.^=
A man will work to earn his keep
A Cat will sleep then eat
A man will settle for beans on toast
A Cat will demand a treat

A man will have many bills to pay
A Cat will have nine years credit
A man will use many words in life
A Cat will meow until you've fed it

A man will help out and do his bit
A cat will have well trained staff
A man will have tools to get things done
A Cat will get things done on it's behalf

A man will need coffee to stay awake
A Cat will NEVER drink it
A man will say he's head of the house
A Cat will grin and let him think it.

- Mike O'Brien.

Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

04/18/2016 03:39.37 PM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
It’s going to be a nice day in the low 80’s today, tomorrow even warmer. Mom and Dad took Callie and me out for a walk in our stroller. Mom is almost back to 100 percent better, still moving kind of slow, but feeling much better. She sees her doctor on Monday for a follow-up. We fed the ducks and filled the water bucket. Lots of people were out walking their dogs. We were glad to get back home where it’s quiet in the backyard so we can catnap the day away.

Our outside furry furiend Scamper is doing fine. He’s checking out the inside of the cat carrier more and more, so Mom is feeling confident that she’ll be able to trap him soon. Keep your paws crossed!

We were so sad to hear about Katie Louise and Jake Matthew Brown, both being called back to Heaven this week. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Brown Six Pack Furramily. We take solace in knowing that our two dear furiends are at peace with God and all our beloved CC Angels.

Oh your poor dear Mom. We hope the doctor can do something to help her thigh feel better. That sounds very tiring. We'll be praying for her. Try to make her rest and enjoy the warmer weather this weekend. Big warm hugs to you and your precious family.

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

A circle of furiendship and prayer…
is bound together,
by sharing good moments
and life’s stormy weather;

And should you feel lonely…
you needn’t pretend;
surrender your false pride
and lean on a furiend.

A circle of furiendship and prayer…
is a growing delight;
it helps dispel sadness,
as it lets in the ‘light.’

A circle of furiendship and prayer…
warms you in its glow;
take that warmth with you
and feel the ‘love’ grow.

You stand in a circle…
with paws reaching out;
the giving of yourself,
is what furiendship and prayer is all about!

Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

04/16/2016 02:12.09 PM Report This Comment
Cats wearing jammies at work! 4-16-16
Looks like we're in for a lingerie fashion show today. Hey, pajamas are lingerie, right? A. Fang(40/4) shows up strutting his stuff and his pajamas, and also a pretty darn good putt! ... Moji Blackbear(45/9) sneaks onto the course in her own p.j.s and tries to hit the eggs Benedict at the buffet before the others get to it ... Ana(36/9) says her bean counter is calling for mid-60s today.

No mention of pajamas from J.C.(40/4), so maybe he's golfing au natural. Mimi smiles down from the cat tree, counting beans to tally up J.C.'s vet bills. How much?? ... Dot(42/6) says nothing about p.j.s either, but is down for eggs Benedict and a Heinecat wash ... Percy's typist is disposing of a few surplus question marks. Maybe her bean counter said she can't keep storing them up. Use 'em or lose 'em! She hopes PD will be able to repeat that score(49/13) tomorrow ... Grunt(37/10) says SHE needs a catty for catty golf day, so she collared Bee Gee's sidekick for the job. Be careful at the buffet: Soupy is inspecting to make sure there are no "duck-eggs" Benedict!

Pajama clad catty calamity:
1st - A tie, Fang & J.C. with 4 apiece.
2nd - Dot, sans jammies, 6.
3rd - Another tie, Moji & Ana, sharing 6s.

And GTt has to go to the cart barn and dump all the rest of her surplus ? marks. If anyone needs a few, she might be willing to part with them cheap...

Biddy one biddy one
who'll gimme two

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

04/16/2016 02:04.44 PM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
Just a quick meow to let you all know we are doing fine. It’s a cloudy, overcast day, purrfect for curling up with our Mom. Mom has been doing some light house cleaning, but my sisters and I are making sure she takes lots of breaks. We are all actually enjoying the extra attention!

We are all very sad that our dear furiend Jesse was called back to Heaven, but we were glad to hear Jesse was in his sweet Momma’s loving arms when he became an Angel. We like to believe “God’s finger touched him, and he slept.”

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

What Is A Cat? =^.^=
A cat is a special gift from God
just a simple ball of fur
who will let you know he's happy
when he thanks you with his purr
He will cuddle in your arms for warmth
and sometimes lick your hand
or ignore you and just walk away
he knows you'll understand
He has a special language
that he uses now and then
to let you know just what he wants
and how and where and when
His meow has many different sounds
and, depending on their rhyme,
he'll say. 'Can I go out', 'Can I come in'
or, 'Is it suppertime? '
He can pester you forever
and then say something sweet:
'If I don't scratch the furniture,
will you give me a treat? '
And as your cat gets older
you worry every day
he's not as strong as he used to be
should I let him out to play?
Or keep him in and cuddle him
and let him know I care
that if anything bad happens to him
that's a loss I could not bear
When he gets sick you'll care for him
the very best you can
and when he dies you'll cry for him
and ask 'Is this God's plan? '
Yes, your cat is a gift from God
just loaned to you for a while
to help and make your life complete
so remember him and smile.
And thank God for that special gift
your little feline friend
and let God know you loved your cat
until the very end.

- by James Donovan

Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

04/12/2016 07:38.52 PM Report This Comment
Hi Dame Dot and family!
We’re back! Well, almost. Mom is recovering nicely from her sinus infection, taking her medicine like a good human (MOL!) and my sisters and I are taking good care of her. She is moving kind of slow, even for Mom; but with my help, we hope to send meows out to all our furiends. Your get well wishes and prayers have been very much appreciated.

My sisters and I are doing fine and our outside furry furiend Scamper is doing great too. We had some rain this weekend and Scamper has been sleeping in the garage at night. Hooray! Scamper has even started to get used to our Dad’s voice. He no longer runs for the hills when he hears him.

We sure have missed our CC furiends! We're keeping Cinnamon and your family in our prayers sweetie.

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

A Pet =^.^=
A pet is a cuddly little thing,
Joy and laughter it will bring.
If your pet has way too much fur,
Expect it to bark or maybe just purr.

A pet could become a very close friend,
Treat it nice, lots of love it shall send.
It has the potential to cheer you up,
Right from the start, just like a pup.

Pets are wonderful, they're all unique,
They understand you, make sure you speak.
Don't forget to love them dearly,
They'll love you back, lots and sincerely.


Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

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Hi Dame Dot and family!
The temp is expected to hit 92 degrees here today. Yikes! Luckily the cat house for our outside furiend, Scamper, is on the side of the house that gets the most shade. Mom will keep the water bowls filled with ice during the day. This morning we went for a short walk in our stroller to fill the water bucket up and feed the ducks. Yes, there is still water running in the creek, but it gets lower every day. The good mews is that we are expected to drop back to the 60’s tomorrow and we might even get some rain this weekend. Crazy weather!

Mom’s head cold is much better. She has a cough now, but her body aches are gone. Guess our purr therapy worked! Thanks for all your get wishes. CC furiends are the best.

We were so sad to learn this morning that our furiend King Bennie has become an angel. K. Bennie was one of our very first furiends on CC. My Mom remembers when she traveled to N. Carolina to be with her stepson and his wife after they had baby George. Mom was there to help out, only she didn’t have much experience with babies. K. Bennie’s Mom Jenny, who lives in S. Carolina, gave my Mom her phone number to call when she needed advice. Such a wonderful, loving family. Our hearts go out to them. K. Bennie was quite a character.

We blame our secretary too for not getting my meows to you. I guess since my Mom was sick with a head cold, we'll let her off this time. MOL!

The test results for my urinalysis are the same as the last one. There is still a trace of red blood cells that keep showing up, but the vet said as long as the numbers don’t go up, then I’m okay. Dr. Natt said to keep eating my prescription food and for Mom to keep an eye on my litter box habits. No privacy around here. MOL! My weight seems to fluctuate between 12 and 12.5 lbs, so that’s okay too. My next vet visit won’t be until the end of May. Hooray!

Oh no, we hope Cinnamon is okay! What seems to be the problem? We'll be sure to pray for Cinnamon tonight.

I guess you have to kind of expect any dog or cat to loose their stomach contents when riding in a car. Your Mom is very smart to carry an extra quilt in the car. Piper is such a sweetie. Probably all the fun & excitement at going to work with your Mom gets her tummy going- in a happy way!

We left a vote with soft purrs, warm hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

Cats =^.^=
Sweet-talk artist, malcontent,
Quite the little innocent,
Agile gymnast, silly clown
With Cheshire grin or solemn frown,
Busybody, stay-at-home,
Fearless hunter free to roam,
Alley-fighter, diplomat . . .
So many faces has the cat.

Come visit me, K.Whiskers♥Q. Talley •VOTE A. Elmer #173244, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

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Hi Dot
Mom came home from work and had tuna and shared it with us. It was purrty tasty! Then we got some 'nip'.

Today is another chilly day, but we made it to the 40's, and now the sun is trying to peek through the clouds. We had a rain/snow mix this morning, then it changed to all rain, but now it is drying up!

I was being a big pest and sitting in moms lap while she was trying to type and she kept making mistakes cause I was head bonking her hands, so she let us go outside cause the sun is coming out.

We saw a man walking his dog and there was a squirrel in the alley just siting there and the little dog was trying really hard to get off his leash to chase that squirrel, but the man kept telling him "NO, Squirt, you can't chase the squirrel", the squirrel climbed up the fence and ran up the phone pole and jumped on the roof and ran off.

Mom told me to "Get her good, Winston" cause Sheba was growling at me and trying to start a fight, so I swatted her and that is when mom said that, Sheba just will not even try to get along with us. Even if she is on mom's bed at night, she will not allow any of us other kitties on it and we sleep with mom all the time, she doesn't!

Hope you have a pawsome afternoon!
K Win >^..^<

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i'm happy you had a great birthday..and thank-you for the goody bag with catnip sprinkled tuna cookies they were yummy..
hope you had a nice day and here's a vote, peace, luv and kitty purrs...rosie

Come visit me, Q. angel bootz #2601~, angel tikki....# 33474-, K. meeko..2602, K .meeko & Q angel bootz 17441~ & dame rosie # 212287.

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Hey Dot!
Lovely picture! You are very welcome. So glad we could help you celebrate your birthday! Was a rainy chilly day. But the weathermen are saying possible snow over night when it dips down to the mid 20's. We are ready for sunny warm days! Soon Mom will need to get out & mow the lawn. And she wants to start working in the garden. We enjoy watching her working out there! Leaving a vote. Peace & love. Have a purrfect evening. Kitty Kisses. Dean

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Hey there DOT! Happy Belated 4th Birthday!
Please accept our sincere apologies for missing your birthday on April 1st. Mom wasn't online at all that day, or the next, because they had a houseguest over and were caught up with all that stupid,human stuff.

But The Pawty Animals are here today with big 4th Birthday wishes and a few hometown treats we hope you like, Dot, . We brought fresh, pacific Dungeness crabcakes, steamed Drakes Bay oysters, stir-fried mice, a batch of Hedley's famous SF wharf rat ratatouille and a big catnip frosted, mouse-mousse layered birthday cake with big candles. Happy Belated Birthday!

Many purrs. The Pawty Animals - Hedley, K. Neelix and Jakar

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Hi Dot
Beautiful profile photo! Eagerly awaiting the time when we can take in the spa. Mom will probably still be asleep. You had a great party. Purrs...JC

Come visit me, Mimi, WindSong, J.C., Maxwell & Blackstone & Grayson.

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