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Hi! My name is saved blogs

I am Domestic Shorthair from San Jose, CA

Nicknames: saved blogs

Age: 12 years old

Gender: F

Coat: short haired


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GIFTS (by Ginger-lyn Summer) ♥
They come to us,
from shelters or friends or in any number of ways,
these beings of fur or feather or other outer shells.
They come to us wanting only
to be fed, sheltered, and loved.
And we take them into our homes and our hearts.
They may have prized pedigrees,
or they may be abandoned or abused
and rough around the edges.
But there is something about them,
some sort of light in their eyes
that tells us they are meant for us.
And a sweet dance of love
begins with our new friends.
We watch them delightedly discover their new home,
laugh at the antics of kitten or puppy,
smile as the former lost soul
settles comfortably into our arms.
They become a beloved member of our family,
a reminder of the uninhibited joy
that we have often forgotten how to feel.
The dog that excitedly runs
to greet his human friend returning home,
or the contented cat curled up on a lap
remind us of how large
unfettered love can be.
They come to teach us to remember how to love.
They come to teach us that our hearts,
so often battered by this world that we struggle through,
are still open enough to feel wonder and mystery
and a precious connection to another being.
And we love them, and care for them,
and experience the joy
we thought was lost from our lives.
But life is fragile.
One day, perhaps unexpectedly,
or perhaps after a long struggle with illness,
our precious friends are gone.
And we mourn them deeply.
We feel lost, and alone,
and that the joy is once again gone from our lives.
We feel anger, and pain, and fear.
We question Deity, and wonder why.
Life is fragile.
Their lives are more fragile than ours.
We cannot escape death,
and for it to take our most precious friends,
who ask so little,
seems unfair and too much for us to bear.
But they leave us always with a gift.
They leave us with that love they gave, that joy they sparked.
Our hearts are larger for having loved them.
We are enriched by having these special souls in our lives,
even if it was for too brief a time.
Love never dies.
And the love that was created
by our special friends who came into our lives
is a living thing,
always a part of our being.
We may think our hearts are closing again,
but we cannot erase the fact
that they have been opened.
They teach us love for a reason:
so that we will have it in our hearts always.
Each day, each act of kindness or love,
is a tribute to our furbabies who have moved on.
Honor your special friend with kindness and love.
Each day, reach out to your living furbabies
and let them know how precious they are.
Reach out to others in your life
and let the love your friend brought you live on.
Reach out to others in need, whether human or animal.
I can think of no better gift than the love they teach us.
And I can think of no better way to honor their memories
than by extending that love.
In this way, they will truly live forever.

Come visit me, K.Whiskers luvs Q.Talley•VOTE ECHO&FRANCIS 187446, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

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Furiends, Family and Flying! ♥
Talley and Whiskers awakened early to greet the day and dressed in their flight gear. Today they would be flying sailplanes with Angel King Malachi and his lovely wife Princess Lady Ana and they couldn’t be more excited. Whiskers could hear a lot of activity going on downstairs. He said to Talley, “I guess everyone is just as excited as we are.” Talley smiled and said, “Pete invited our furiend Neekah Boo to join us too. Angel Lucy and Angel Sylvie are going to pick her up this morning.”
“Wonderful!” Whiskers replied.

They went downstairs to breakfast where the smell of coffee, fresh baked croissants and bacon filled the room. K. Pete was sitting at the table, checking the weather report on his tablet. He reported it was going to be a warm day with plenty of cumulus clouds in the sky, perfect for gliding.

Right on schedule, Angel Lucy and Angel Sylvie materialized with their furiend Neekah Boo. K. Pete jumped up to greet their furiend saying, “You girls are just in time for breakfast.” Angel Sylvie shook her head and said, “Angel Lucy and I are heading down to the airfield. We want to get the sailplanes out on the grass strip, polish them up and hopefully be there when A.K. Malachi and Princess Lady Ana arrive.
Whiskers hugged his sisters, thanking them for always being so helpful and efficient. As they disappeared, Whiskers said to Talley, “What would we ever do without them?” Talley laughed and mewed, “We don’t have enough hours in a day to do what they do.”


Come visit me, K.Whiskers luvs Q.Talley•VOTE ECHO&FRANCIS 187446, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

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Everyone sat down for a light meal, sharing laughter and chatting about the day to come. When it was time to leave, K. Pete took Neekah Boo’s small day bag and put it in the guest room. The kitties would take two vehicles to the airfield. Callie, Angel Maggie, Whitey and Orangie decided to stay at home so they could prepare dinner. Callie said, “I know Flower and his sisters will be taking lots of pictures so we expect to re-live your experiences today.” Flower nodded his head excitedly saying, “I’ll make sure you don’t miss a thing Auntie Callie!” Whiskers asked the girls, “What are we having for dinner by the way?” Angel Maggie smiled and said, “We’ll be serving Seared Ahi Tuna Steaks with a delicious horseradish and thyme sauce. Callie is going to make some zoodles with a delicious garlic, cream and porcini mushroom sauce for our guests to try. Do you want me to go on Whiskers?” Whiskers smiled and said, “No, please stop! You’re driving my tummy wild!”

Everyone loaded in to the SUV and Audi. Once at the Castle Airfield, they passed the hangers over to the large grass airstrip. There sat the Taurus ultralight power glider next to the Peregrine two seat glider. A Piper Super Cub sat next to the Peregrine glider ready to tow it up. The family spotted Angels Lucy and Sylvie with Angel King Malachi and Princess Lady Ana, deep in conversation next to the sailplanes. The kitties parked, getting out to welcome their furiends. Flower, Tabitha, Liliana and Daisy ran over to hug their Uncle A.K. Malachi and Auntie Princess Ana.

Whiskers and K. Pete shook paws with A.K. Malachi. “Are you ready for a day of soaring?” Whiskers asked his furiend. “You bet”, A.K. Malachi replied. Angel K. Malachi said, “We brought a change of clothes with us for dinner afterwards.” Whiskers smiled, taking their bags and running them over to the car.

K. Pete proceeded to show Malachi around the Taurus first. Pete explained the plane was equipped with a powerful, yet fully retractable high-performance fuel engine. It has two landing wheels, so that it sat level with the floor and upon closer inspection A.K. Malachi could see that the two seats were arranged side by side. Whiskers opened the cockpit and turned on the master switch. Then he pressed a button and an opening appeared on top of the fuselage behind the cockpit and a mast rose up with a small propeller on it. A.K. Malachi watched in awe. K. Pete said, “With the retractable engine, you can go gliding wherever and whenever you want. When others are waiting for a helper to connect the tow rope and hold the wingtip for take-off, you’ll already be far away and flying in the Taurus.”


Come visit me, K.Whiskers luvs Q.Talley•VOTE ECHO&FRANCIS 187446, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

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The cats walked around the aircraft with checklist cards and in no time at all they finished the simple checks. Whiskers and A.K. Malachi jumped in, buckled up and began going over the cockpit layout and engine start procedures. Whiskers ran through a short cockpit checklist with A.K. Malachi. After waving to their family, Whiskers lowered and locked the canopy and then started the small engine. Flower was running around the plane snapping pictures of his two Uncles in the aircraft. Pearl finally came by to swoop up her little son and stand back to watch with the rest of the family. With their headsets donned, Whiskers watched his gauges until the temperature and pressures had stabilized.

Whiskers moved the throttle forward and began a relatively short takeoff run He pushed the throttle to the stops and in less than six hundred feet they were up. They started to climb at an impressive 800 and 900 feet per minute. At 5500 feet, Whiskers shut down the engine and gently banked the sailplane looking for interesting cloud formations. Whiskers reduced the throttle for a short time to cool the engine, then pressed the retract engine button. Both cats could easily watch the retraction process through a mirror mounted under the front canopy bow.

They were now in pure sailplane mode, having retracted the dual main landing gear earlier in the climb. A.K. Malachi commented to Whiskers, “The initial phase of the flight felt a lot like the Cessna I first took flying lessons in. But now, aside from the swish of wind over the wings, there’s a refreshing meditative silence up here.” Whiskers smiled and said, “Coming from an angel, that’s quite a statement.” A.K. Malachi smiled and said, “I have to take my wife sailplaning. She’ll love it!”

Whiskers told A.K. Malachi, “As a soaring pilot, we have to rely on our own skills and judgment in analyzing the terrain and weather. Instead of passively enjoying the countryside or the sky, we will actively look for lift clues in the air, such as birds and the maturity of cumulus clouds; and you'll gain respect for areas on the ground that can help or hinder you in meeting the continuing challenge of staying aloft.. Whiskers said, “As glider pilots we are always seeking air currents moving vertically within the atmosphere, commonly referred to as 'lifts or updrafts'. A lift can be a single, small area of rising air, or a larger area spread out over several miles."


Come visit me, K.Whiskers luvs Q.Talley•VOTE ECHO&FRANCIS 187446, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

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Whiskers watched the variometer as he looked for updrafts, heading to the East side of the mountain to catch the rising air. Once he found good lift, Whiskers spiraled upward climbing to twelve thousand feet. He said to A.K. Malachi, “Take the controls and watch the variometer, it’s a very sensitive rate of climb instrument. Use it to find rising air, try a basic series of maneuvers and when you need to regain the altitude you’ve lost, just find rising air again. Today is a good day. It’s warm and there are plenty clouds. Just remember, the main goal and challenge is to find and use the power of Mother Nature to stay aloft for as long as possible, and have fun in the process too.”

Angel K. Malachi took the controls and felt pure joy as he rolled and turned the lightweight aircraft. He did a complete set of maneuvers asking Whiskers, “How was that?”
“That was perfect my furiend, just as I expected! Now let’s have some fun.”
Whiskers took the controls, dropped the nose and built airspeed, then he pulled up hard, the craft came up through the vertical and then over the top. They were inverted and coming down through the top of a perfect loop. As the airspeed built again in the dive, Whiskers began an aileron roll. Two, three, four and five rolls. He countered the roll brought the nose back up. He turned toward the mountain and climbed back up to ten thousand feet.
“Now you” he said.

A. K. Malachi did and he impressed Whiskers by immediately beginning a series of aerobatic maneuvers. After his first set, he turned back to gain the rising column of air and when he reached 10000 feet he began a dive to build speed. He pulled into a beautiful 360 degree loop, rolling on top and then performing a nice eight point hesitation roll as he came down the far side of the loop.
It was then that they heard Pete’s voice in their headphones. He said, “Taurus 63 Bravo this is Eclipse Jet November 40 X-ray, With your permission we will be circling you for a photo opportunity.” Both A. K. Malachi and Whiskers heard Talley, Princess Lady Ana, Neekah Boo and Flower laughing in the background.
Whiskers replied with a laugh, “Permission granted!”
Pete was careful to avoid causing jet wake turbulence that could be a problem for the small sailplane, while Talley and Flower took lots of pictures and video. Finally, Pete announced that they would clear the area and leave A.K. Malachi and Whiskers to enjoy their flight.
Whiskers and A. K. Malachi took turns at the controls and laughing like kittens at the sheer joy of flight.

Finally Whiskers told his furiend, “We better start heading back. We spent more time up in the air than I thought we would. I’ll show you the Peregrine glider when we land, explain the process in launching an aircraft without an engine and then maybe we can take it up on your next lesson. Go ahead and take us down.”


Come visit me, K.Whiskers luvs Q.Talley•VOTE ECHO&FRANCIS 187446, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

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Angel K. Malachi agreed it had been a thrilling, but exhausting day. A.K. Malachi descended in a lazy spiral and the called in for clearance which was granted. Whiskers watched as A.K. Malachi used skill and finesse to counter the slight crosswind. He slipped the aircraft and touched down gently on the grass near the hangars. Whiskers showed his furiend how to deploy the engine so that they could taxi back to the parking apron. As they climbed out and secured the aircraft, they were met by hugs from their family. Princess Lady Ana threw her arms around her husband, elated to have him back in her arms.

Raven and Ms. Murphy shook paws with Angel K. Malachi, congratulating him on becoming a glider pilot. Raven said, “Ms. Murphy and I are going to take Pearl and the kids back up to the house. Flower and the kittens want to get their pictures ready for a slide show tonight and we want to help the girls set up for dinner.”

Whiskers and K. Pete took A.K. Malachi over to look at the Peregrine. Talley, Princess Lady Ana, Neekah Boo and Angels’ Lucy and Sylvie followed the boys to listen.
Whiskers explained, “Takeoff in a sailplane involves a trick or two. You start with someone holding the wings level at a wingtip and you signal the tow plane to take up the slack using a walkie talkie. You use hand signals to indicate when to stop. Your wing leveler runs with you up to about 10 mph when your ailerons will take over. The glider, being light, and flyable at low airspeeds, lifts off first and you need to drop the nose a little to accelerate a bit and put a little slack in the 300 foot towline so the Piper Cub can take off. From then on it’s forced “follow the leader.” You try to keep the tow plane’s rudder centered in the Cub’s top window and keep the towline taut.” Whiskers said, “It’s important to stay level with, or slightly below the tow craft. When you reach your desired starting altitude you release the tow line. The tow plane then banks away to head back for the airstrip and you’re now alone with no sound but the rush of air around the cockpit and the clink of control linkages. You are now probably at about 2,500 feet and now the task is to get higher. The descent ratio for the Peregrine is 40:1. That is, you move 40 feet through the sky for every foot you descend. You have enough time to search for lift, but none to waste. Sounds like fun, right my furiend?”
A.K. Malachi smiled and said, “I can see why glider training provides real insight as to exactly how and why an aircraft flies.” K. Pete slapped A.K. Malachi on the back and said, “With your talent and determination, flying a glider will make you a better all-around pilot. I personally know that glider flying skills are beneficial to your overall pilot proficiency and judgment.”


Come visit me, K.Whiskers luvs Q.Talley•VOTE ECHO&FRANCIS 187446, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

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Talley said to the boys, “Okay, let’s get ready to head back home. I bet everyone is hungry by now.” Neekah Boo smiled and said, “I’m hungry and I’m rarely ever hungry!”
Angel Lucy and Angel Sylvie insisted on taking charge of getting the Peregrine and the Piper Super Cub back to the hanger. Angel Lucy commented, “ We don’t need a ride. By the time you kitties get home, we’ll be right behind you.”

On the short ride back home, Angel K. Malachi was telling his lovely wife all about his wonderful experiences. He could hardly wait to get Princess Lady Ana on a sailplane. Princess Lady Ana just smiled, so happy to see her husband so elated.

Back at home, Angel Maggie ran out to hug her guests, with Flower right beside her to escort the ladies inside. Raven and Ms. Murphy led Princess Ana and Angel K. Malachi to the guest room so they could freshen up. Neekah Boo went to the kitchen to see if she could help. When A.K. Malachi and his lovely wife came back, Flower couldn’t resist telling his Uncle and Aunt he had lots of pictures to show them after dinner. Flower said, “Raven and Ms. Murphy helped me and my sisters splice together the pictures we took today. We made a slide show for you both to enjoy.”
A.K. Malachi and his wife hugged each of the kids, telling them they could hardly wait to see the show.

While everyone was gathered in the living room, Callie brought out a large appetizer platter with Scallops in a puffed pastry, topped with a dollop of cream cheese on each. Whitey served a chilled white wine in crystal glasses, sparkling apple juice for the kids, as they all toasted to a wonderful day with wonderful furiends.

The topic of conservation was about gliding and the exhilaration one gets while soaring through the sky. Whiskers commented, “It’s not really a form of transportation, but rather a challenging sport and a relaxing form of recreation. I imagine myself as a hawk or an eagle must feel, mingling with Mother Nature in her own environment.” Angel K. Malachi nodded, pulling his wife closer to him.

Callie and Angel Maggie went back to the kitchen, signaling to Flower it was time to ring the dinner bell. Flower jumped up and then in a very proper manner, lightly rang the bell, announcing dinner is served. Everyone thanked the well-mannered skunk and followed him to the table. The family and furiends joined paws to say grace and thank the Lord for bringing them all together on this blessed day.

Dinner began with a delicious rich Moroccan soup, a specialty of Angel Maggie. The soup filled the air with tantalizing aromas of cinnamon, cardamom, saffron and many other exotic spices.

Next, Whitey and Orangie brought to the table a large bowl of mixed greens salad with fresh vegetables from their garden. The girls had tossed it with goat cheese and aged balsamic vinaigrette. Pearl set loaves of sliced French bread on the table with decorative pats of butter at each place setting.


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Flower raised his paw politely at the table and when called upon he said, “This is so delicious Aunties!” Everyone agreed with high paws for the chefs all around. After a short break, Callie and Angel Maggie brought out the main course of Seared Ahi Tuna Steaks, peppered and grilled and served with a horseradish and thyme sauce. Princess Lady Ana took a bite and exclaimed, “Wow! This is delicious. The outside has a wonderful crust and the inside is raw. Just like my husband and I like it!” Angel Maggie smiled and said, “Typically seared means just that, if your pan is hot enough it should be just a quick cook on high heat to seal in the juices. I think we cooked it a total of 20-30 SECONDS per side.” Whiskers held up his paw and mewed, “Definitely a keeper!”
The girls cleared the dinner plates away and served a luscious Mango Lime Sorbet for dessert. It was exquisite. Raven said, “We have Neekah Boo to thank for our delicious dessert tonight. We didn’t know our dear furiend was a wonderful chef too. She may not eat much herself, but most great chefs are taste tasters. That’s how they keep their slim figures.” Neekah Boo blushed, and stood up to take a bow. She mewed, “I have Raven to thank for teaching me how to make the delicious sorbet. I didn’t realize cooking could be so much fun.” Raven said, “Neekah Boo is a quick learner, as we all know.”

There were accolades all around the table for all the chefs tonight. K. Pete got up from his seat, coming back to the table with a bottle of Courvoisier he had reserved for special occasions. Whitey jumped up to get the brandy glasses and warmer, while Orangie busied herself mixing a nice fruit punch for the kids.

Angel King Malachi stood up to propose a toast. “To great furiends and family, to flying like a bird or an angel in the sky.” He paused to look at Princess Lady Ana with love in his eyes and continued. “And to furever love and happiness.”
They all drank to the heartwarming toast.

Whiskers wrapped Talley in his arms and K. Pete gave Neekah Boo a soft kiss. Flower and the kittens commenced to dancing around the room saying, “Let’s see the slide show now!”

K. Pete took Neekah Boo’s paw and the family followed them to the theatre where Raven and Ms. Murphy had set up the slide show. Whiskers stopped Angel K. Malachi before he sat down and said, “Thank you for blessing our family with your company today my furiend. You and Princess Lady Ana are precious family to us.”
The two Toms shook paws and exchanged a warm embrace.

Whiskers whispered to Angel King Malachi before the show started, “K. Pete and Flower have some fantastic pictures of our flight today. I’ll post them on my CC page for you and your beautiful wife to add to your growing memory book.

It was the end to a perfect day!

Come visit me, K.Whiskers luvs Q.Talley•VOTE ECHO&FRANCIS 187446, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

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Due to a change in website platforms, a necessary step to enhance and update the CAT FANCY magazine website, it will no longer be possible to host Club Cat. Starting Jan. 1, 2014, Club Cat will close and members will no longer be able to accrue points. Members with sufficient reward points have until Jan. 10, 2014, to redeem their points for any of the cat products currently available in the Club Cat Rewards Catalog. On Jan. 15, 2014, Club Cat members with 25 reward points or higher will be automatically entered into a raffle to win special prizes. Raffle prize winners will be notified after Jan. 31, 2014. Points for the final Cat of the Day will be awarded on Jan. 1, 2014. New programs similar to Cat of the Day will be announced with the launch of the new website, so look for further announcements. Thank you to everyone who joined Club Cat! 01/31/2014 12:00.00 AM
REMINDER: Members with sufficient reward points can redeem points again on Jan. 6, 2014 and have until Jan. 10, 2014, to redeem their points for any of the cat products currently available in the Club Cat Rewards Catalog while supplies last. 01/10/2014 12:00.00 AM
We will be temporarily disabling the ability to redeem reward items from the Club Rewards catalog from Sunday, December 22, 2013 to Sunday, January 5, 2014. Many of our team members who are in charge of processing the rewards redemptions will be out of the office for the holidays. You will be able to begin redeeming rewards again on Monday, January 6, 2014. 12/20/2013 01:47.27 PM
•:*'*:• Save the Date •:*'*:•
-:¦: & KING WHISKERS :¦:-
♥ ♥ JANUARY 5, 2014 ♥ ♥
• -:¦: ~* NOON (PST) *~ :¦:- •
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~*~
Place and Page # to come…
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

My sweet heart Talley and I have some wonderful news. We’ve finally chosen a date for our wedding day. Talley did some research and discovered January 6th (which is a Monday next year) was considered Christmas before the reform of the calendar. It is the feast of the Epiphany, which is when the Wise Men reached Jesus and announced his birth to the world. It is still called “Old Christmas” by orthodox Christians. The celebration is held on the Sunday that falls between January 2nd and January 8th. We chose Sunday, the fifth of January 2014 to exchange our vows.

We still have a lot of planning to do dear furiends. We will soon let you know where and on what page our wedding will take place. Until then, we hope you can set aside the date to share in the celebration of our love.

I left a vote with soft purrs and warm hugs.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
"As our story continues to unfold, we've decided to have and to hold. So we're gathering together with open hearts, for a day we no longer will live apart. January 5th we'll share our love so true, with you as our guests as we say our "I do's."
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Come visit me, K.Whiskers luvs Q.Talley•VOTE ECHO&FRANCIS 187446, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

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In an effort to improve our website for our visitors, we will be changing some of our service providers. We do not expect to experience any technical difficulties. However, if you are unable to access our website, please be assured it will be temporary as we transition to the new service. 10/19/2013 12:00.00 AM
May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun.
And find your shoulder to light on.
To bring you luck, happiness and riches.
Today, tomorrow and beyond.

— An Irish Blessing

Thanks for helping me celebrate my Cat of the Day! A vote, catnip hugs & sandpaper kisses to you, and may your furends outnumber all the stars in the skies!

Tipper – COTD 8/18/13
Santa Cruz, CA

Come visit me, Angel Yogi, Maggie & Angel Tipper.

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K. Whiskers gets every kitty’s attention –
The trumpets play, announcing it’s time for the reception to begin.

The Coronation banquet room looks exquisite, with crystal chandeliers suspended from the ceiling, casting prismatic colors around the room. The tables are covered with beautiful white linen tablecloths, hemstitched with delicate white lace. Raven, Ms. Murphy and Angel Lucy-Fur and Angel Sylvia Seville had created colorful floral centerpieces for every table, making the room look like a festive rainbow.

The palace florists had decorated the entrance to the banquet room with thousands of flowers and brilliant pink satin ribbons & bows. The Castle waiters are all dressed sharply in tuxedos with pink carnation corsages and all are carrying trays of champagne and glasses for toasting.

The Feline Castle Coronation Banquet Menu is going to be an extravaganza of culinary delights. Angel Maggie and Callie had been working with the excellent feline chefs for days to make sure everything was just right for this very special day. The buffet tables are all strategically placed, allowing the guests to work their way through the food on all sides of the tables.

The menu is dazzling and includes something to satisfy every cat’s palate. If something isn’t on the menu that you desire, you simply have to close your eyes and conjure it up in your mind, and just like magic, it will appear! Castle magic is wonderful!

Silver & pewter Champagne Fountains featuring Dom Perignon are flowing in every corner of the room.

Sample menus of the banquet cuisine are placed at the entrance for all the kitties to read…

Hors d’oeuvres: Shrimp and Calamari, Buffalo Chicken Wings and Creamy Blue Cheese Dip, Coconut Breaded Shrimp with Citrus Ginger Sauce Vegetable Spring Rolls, Lobster Wontons with Toasted Sesame Seeds, Mouse Meat Balls in a Jerk BBQ Sauce, Prosciutto Ham, Salami and Provolone Cheese, Fresh Oysters on the half shell, Dungeness Crab Cakes, Grilled Pita Points, Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, Artisan Bread Display

Entrees: Petite Tender Medallions of Beef, Parmesan Crusted Tilapia, Chicken Parmigiana, Mustard Crusted Salmon, Fettuccine Alfredo, Baked Clams, Roasted Chicken Breast, Mesquite Grilled Lamb Chops, Grilled Mahi Mahi, Turkey Breast w/Mango Sauce, Sugar & Spice Crusted Pork Loin

Sides: Vesuvio Potatoes, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Rosemary Potatoes, Cheese Polenta, Sautéed Green Beans, Maple Glazed Baby Carrots, Fresh Vegetable Medley, Red Onion and Roasted Corn, Corn On The Cob, Spicy Potato Wedges, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Peas & Basmati Rice, Macaroni Pasta Salad

Desserts: Almond Macaroon, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Lemon–Hazelnut Mousse, Coconut Cake, Chocolate Shots with Chocolate Pop Rocks, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cakes, Pineapple, Melon and Watermelon Fruit Prisms, Home Baked Cookies and Brownies, Strawberry Shortcake, Graham Cracker Key Lime Pie, Homemade Apple Pie w/Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

AND ON AND ON… Enjoy furiends! =^.^=

Come visit me, K.Whiskers luvs Q.Talley•VOTE ECHO&FRANCIS 187446, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

06/30/2013 11:57.10 AM Report This Comment
“One of the special perks of being King is having the honor to recognize a few special kitties for their invaluable support & guidance, and their immeasurable display of the CC Spirit. Today I would like to call up the following kitties before me: Callie, Talley, Ms. Murphy, Raven, Angel Maggie, Angel Lucy-Fur & Angel Sylvia Seville.”

K. Whiskers takes his Royal Spectre and gently touches each of them on their shoulder. “I hereby name you Dames of the Realm, in the Spirit of CC and the Feline Empire.” The room is filled with mews and applause.

“It has been the most rewarding two months of my life, serving as your King. I owe each and every one of you my sincerest gratitude for giving me this stellar opportunity. But I have to admit, though it has been fulfilling beyond my wildest dreams, it has also been demanding. We have all been through some tragic and trying times together with the loss of close friends, but we have managed to band together and weather the storms, with each other to lean on. I told my Mom, when it comes time for me to cross over to that big light in the sky, I feel better knowing she has somewhere to go for comfort and support. She can come here, to CC.”

“I have experienced the happiest times of my life here with all of you, and also the saddest times. But that is exactly what makes this place so special. We’re all here for each other at a moments notice and I can’t begin to tell you how much that has helped me and kept me motivated to keep on going. CC and its magical Castle is our very own eternal Camelot for Cats, for happily-ever-afterings, always and furever. Thank you for letting me be such a big part of this most unique and magical place.”

“And now, with out further ado, the moment we have all been anticipating. It is time to crown our beautiful, new Queen Lady Dolly!” K. Whiskers bows to his new Queen, steps up and gently places the glimmering jeweled crown on her head and the royal spectre in her paws. “I present to you, Queen Lady Dolly – long may she reign!” The trumpets blare as the kitties all stand, clapping and meowing proudly for their new leader.

K. Whiskers kisses Queen Lady Dolly and whispers in her ear, “I know you will be a wonderful, kind and compassionate July Queen for CC.”

Talley joins K. Whiskers as they walk back to be with their family.

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K. Whiskers steps up to the podium and takes a sip of water, looking out at the enormous assembly of furiends.

“I’d like to begin with a moment of silent prayer for our dear furiends who made the journey across the Rainbow Bridge and for the human family members who also made the ultimate crossing into heaven, this month of June 2013. God bless our dear furiends and their families.”

“I tried to send my message of thanks to all my loyal furiends yesterday, but if I left anyone out, please accept my abject apologizes. You all deserve my sincerest thanks and gratitude and I will be visiting each and every one of you in the following days to come. But I did leave out the most important thank you sentiments for today…”

“Thank you to my fursister Callie and my Mom Mandy for all their hard work to keep my reign going and almost always on schedule. I want to thank my fiancée Talley, her brother K. Pete and their sisters. Without them, I simply wouldn’t be up here today in one piece. Family REALLY IS EVERYTHING!”

“I’d also like to express my sincere thanks to the Hairballz Riders and the pilots of the Royal Feline Squadron for always making the Coronation Flight and Motorcade a magical event.”

“I’d like to add a special thank you to Boo Kitty and her Mom Jane for making me look the part of royalty. Your photography is amazing!”

K. Whiskers clears his throat and continues…

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The Royal Feline Castle is the stage for today’s ceremony and the excitement in the air is electric. King Whiskers and Talley stand back in awe and watch the crowd of kitties growing. You can hear the mews of anticipation for the crowning of their beautiful, new Queen Lady Dolly. The podium is richly decorated with flowers in every shade of pink imaginable and jewels to give it an iridescent fiery glow. The front row seats are cordoned off in reserve for Lady Dolly’s family and K. Whisker’s family. Behind the podium are special seats facing the main audience, reserved for all the past King and Queens who will be attendance today. The orchestra is playing music softly in the background, awaiting the arrival of our new Queen. K. Whiskers is ready to begin promptly at one o’clock, knowing when he hears the trumpets play, the new queen will have arrived.

K. Whiskers takes one last minute with his beloved Talley before entering the Coronation room. Talley straightens his robe and crown one last time. Talley knows K. Whiskers is nervous and tells him he’ll do fine. Talley looks deep into K. Whiskers eyes and says, “Just speak from the heart, as you always have, and everything will turn out fine.” With that, Talley kisses her king once more and he feels ready for anything. Ah, the magic of his sweet Talley!

The ruby crown of June, worn by King Whiskers, will be packed up in its velvet case and returned to the Palace Vault for a later King. Talley hands K. Whiskers a small, gold and jeweled-tone case, containing the Queen’s crown. Specially made of precious rubies, diamonds and sapphires, the brilliant, delicate gold crown was created to represent July and Independence Day, and specifically tailored to fit our petite, new royal majesty.

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A Solemn Word With Whiskers – June 29 ♥
We hope everyone can plan to attend a Memorial Service today for our newest Angel Sylvester Knight (#11567).
His dear family was by his side to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge into his FOREVER SLEEP.

~ Crossed Over The Rainbow Bridge on June 28, 2013 at 4:30 p.m. PDT ~

"The honor of your presence is requested at a memorial service
to celebrate the life of Angel Sylvester Knight."

The memorial service will be held today on Saturday, June 29, 2013 at 3:00 PM (PDT) [6:00 PM - EDT] in the Royal Chapel of the Castle.


We ask our furiends to feel free to speak of any memories you may have of our dear Angel Sylvester Knight.

Remember Me:
To the living, I am gone.
To the sorrowful, I will never return.
To the angry, I was cheated,
But to the happy, I am at peace,
And to the faithful, I have never left.
I cannot be seen, but I can be heard.
So as you stand upon a shore, gazing at a beautiful sea - remember me.
As you look in awe at a mighty forest and its grand majesty - remember me.
As you look upon a flower and admire its simplicity - remember me.
Remember me in your heart, your thoughts, and your memories of the times we loved, the times we cried, the times we fought, the times we laughed.
For if you always think of me, I will have never gone.
“If life becomes too much to bear, remember your Angel is always there.”

Purrs and hugs dear furiends.

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A Final Word With Whiskers – June 29
The Coronation Of Lady Dolly Will Be Held On:

~ SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 2013 at one o’clock p.m. (PDT), four o’clock p.m. (EDT) at the Royal Feline Castle on CMR page #46883 ~

================================ =^.^=
I want to take a moment today to thank every one of my dear furiends for supporting me throughout the months of May & June. Thank you to those who put me in their tagline & visited me every day. I couldn’t have done it without you.

I’d like to give all my loyal furiends a small token of my thanks for your encouragement these past two months. I created a “Loyal Furiend” trophy to present to you, so when you look at it, you’ll laugh at my big, furry head & hopefully remember the good times we had during my reign as your honored king. I appreciated your support, kindness & most importantly, your furiendship. Please pick up your trophy from my page at your leisure.

Know that every one of you is special to me & accept my abject apologizes if I overlooked any furiend’s name. You all deserve my sincerest thanks & gratitude, and I love you all.

Thanks to my Loyal Furiends and Supporters –

Angel Queen Gracie family; K. Mike & Angel Mallow family; Lady Dolly family; Q. Lily; K. Steve; K. SpongeBob family; K. Sammy family; Mama & NH5 family; Angel Q. Miss Millie family; Angel Rhuby family; Angel Wilson; Mischief family; Engine family; Artemis; Sir Malachi & Ana; Mimi; The NICE Crew; Boo Kitty; Sienna & Angel Winslow family; Eddie family; Brina; Dot & Dame Mouse family; Bella & Button; Puzzle; The Big Apple Gang; Meeko family; Ginger Spicegirl; Maggie & Ginger; Sir Thunderfoot family; K. Rhoamin Knight family; Hedley, Neelix & Jakar; Dean & Anderson; Gir family; Mittens; Sandy & Haley family; K. Bennie family; Zoe Monique family; Monty family; Angel Marley; Angel Wan-Lea Wendy family; K. Indie family; K. Easy; Chyna family; Tom; Charlie & Bart family; K.Thomas family

K. Whiskers clears his throat & continues with a big smile. He never thought he would ever have so many furiends! Thank you to –
Princess Oreo; Q. Cherish; Priscilla; Q. Sabrina Anne; Commish Casey; K. Barney family; Angel Q. Sugar family; Spanky Jack; K. Winston family; Duchess Sassy; Q. Lola family; Ammie family; K. Casper Todd family; Smokey & sisters; Sir Pushkin; Angel K. Sparky family; Angel Tinker family; Charger; Sabrina; Armani; Daisy; Peaches family; Snuggles family; Pandy; Peanut Lee family; Sir Oscar Jon; Kaomi; Priscilla; Stormy; Sandra family; Neptune

I hope our furiendships continue furever.

A bond of love,
A medal of trust.
A shoulder in sadness,
A hand in darkness.
A special relation to hold,
An ear where secrets can be told.
An appreciator for
Something that doesn't cost.
A jewel never to be lost.
Is the magic called
Hugs & a vote. =^.^=

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Wander With Whiskers – June 28- San Jose
Do you Know The Way To San Jose?
Well it seems most people have indeed found the way. San Jose is well known as “The Capital of Silicon Valley", and is the largest city in the Bay Area and Northern California. True to its location in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose is now home to the headquarters of many "tech" companies such as Cisco Systems, eBay, and Adobe Systems. San Jose is a mix of offices, shopping, hotels, numerous restaurants and you'll always find a wealth of cultural events at theaters, art galleries, and museums.

Our final train ride will end in San Jose. Detraining here, our Feline Motor Coaches await us, to take us to our hotel, the spectacular Fairmont San Jose. The Fairmont San Jose opened its doors as the first luxury hotel in the Silicon Valley in October 1987 and it remains the jewel of the city's thriving downtown today. A distinctive presence in Silicon Valley, The Fairmont San Jose downtown hotel is a testament to extraordinary service & luxurious lodging. Dining is exceptional here, from the legendary Lobby Lounge to fine American cuisine at the Fountain Restaurant. Opulence is redefined in the luxurious Lobby Lounge. The stellar room features a grand piano with a pianist playing classical and contemporary music to dance the night away or quietly sip cocktails with that special someone. Let’s check-into our rooms and begin our tour of the city.

We’ll visit the Winchester Mystery House, an extravagant maze of Victorian craftsmanship – marvelous, baffling, and eerily eccentric, to say the least. The legend is that Sarah Winchester, Winchester Rifle heiress, was afraid of being cursed by the ghosts of those who had been killed by Winchester guns. She thought that as long as construction of her house continued, the ghosts would be kept at bay. Construction did continue (for 38 years!), resulting in a fantastic house full of mazes, stairs that go nowhere and other odd architecture. Letters were recently discovered that show that she kept remodeling the house as an excuse to keep relatives from visiting. Beware: visitors have reported seeing paranormal objects in the house, and the only way you can confirm their claims is to see them yourself!

Back aboard the Feline Motor Coaches, we'll end our tour of San Jose with a quick trip to "Los Gatos", a Spanish name meaning "The Cats". This quaint town is noted for its small, pedestrian- friendly downtown, boutique shops, upscale restaurants & antique/art shopping. Let’s stop for lunch at the Los Gatos Gardino Fresco, sit outside and enjoy Los Gatos small town charm.

It’s time to head back to our hotel. I hope you will all have fond memories of our trip to California and perhaps you will think about coming back to pay a visit to me and my family.
I posted pics on my page.

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Wander With Whiskers – June 27- San Francisco
San Francisco –Day 3
Few places in the world buzz with the excitement and electricity of San Francisco's Union Square. Shoppers bustle in and out of brash boutiques and stately shopping palaces with names like Kenneth Cole, Prada and Tiffany. Union Square boasts an extensive collection of boutiques, art galleries, cafes & theatres, all surrounding a beautiful urban park.

Union Square is the heartbeat of San Francisco itself -- ever changing, eternally celebrating. After the great earthquake of 1906, Union Square became San Francisco's premier shopping district, and, by the 1930s, the site of the world's first underground parking structure.

As a result of an international design competition and a $25 million renewal, Union Square was reborn. It's the obvious place to meet, enjoy coffee, or just let the world go by. Featured are a large central plaza with a terraced performance state and lawn seating...four grand entrance corners bordered by signature palms...a café pavilion with outdoor seating...visitor information and ticketing services...and four magnificent light sculptures.

After shopping, let’s hop onboard the cable cars once again and take a ride over the hill to see China Town. San Francisco’s Chinatown is the largest Chinatown outside of Asia as well as the oldest Chinatown in North America. A gloriously decorated gate marks the entry to Grant Avenue's Chinatown. It was unveiled in 1970, and helped secure the street's status as the neighborhood's center. Once we're past the gate, we'll see elaborate 1920s streetlights sculpted to resemble golden dragons lighting the way. The streets are ornamented with colorful Chinese motifs and very narrow sidewalks. It is filled with many souvenir shops, eateries and herbal shops.

You don't need an itinerary to tackle Chinatown. Wandering aimlessly, weaving between locals and ducking into shops is enough of a plan. Main Street for tourists is Grant Avenue, which is more about cheap and kitschy plastic Buddhas than the long heritage of Chinatown. It should definitely be seen, but moving on to the next block can be more rewarding.

For deep immersion into Chinatown, we’ll examine the many produce and live markets that line Stockton Street. This is where the locals do their shopping. Untrained Cats’ eyes may find the sight of live turtles, chickens and other animals peculiar, but the markets are definitely interesting. Coupled with the clogged streets and the shouting matches over bok choy, they make for an all-day attraction.

Our time in SF is almost over. We’ll have another relaxing evening at our hotel where you are free to roam wherever you please. Tomorrow morning we’ll board the Castle Train to our final destination of San Jose.

I posted some pictures on my page.

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Wander With Whiskers – June 26-San Francisco
San Francisco – Day 2
Part of the joy of San Francisco is simply being in the city & its close proximity to so much. Our Motor Coaches will drop us off at the Golden Gate Bridge where we will take the walking tour across the bridge & learn the history of the bridge. The Feline Motorcade will meet us on the other side for our return trip.

The Bridge connects San Francisco to California's northern counties. With its tremendous 746-foot tall towers, sweeping main cables, signature International Orange color, and Art Deco styling, it is a sensory experience featuring color, light, and sound. The bridge's vaulting orange arches amidst the rocky seascape of the San Francisco Bay is a breathtaking view! The kitties all stopped halfway across the bridge to take in the sights. The views of the Marin headlands are great & we can see Angel Island, Alcatraz, and the entire skyline of downtown SF.

Driving back across the bridge, next stop is Fisherman's Wharf. Fisherman's Wharf is arguably the most popular tourist attraction in San Francisco. It's located along the city's northeastern waterfront, facing Alcatraz Island & the bay. The Wharf consists of a long, coast side row of seafood restaurants, street vendors, souvenir stores, and beautiful ocean scenery. Fisherman's Wharf was originally a major fishing pier, and although the fishing industry is still alive today, the main focus of this specific coastal area is its historic tourist attractions.

Walking over to Pier 39, we can glimpse the sea lions. Did you know a male sea lion can grow up to 800 lbs?! Although they are loud (imagine a massive dog bark), and a little stinky, they are definitely a sight to see!

A food lover's haven, Fisherman's Wharf boasts some of the best dining in the world. Let’s have lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., located at the end of PIER 39 with a breathtaking view of the Bay Bridge.

Before we head back to our hotel, our Feline Motor Coaches will drive us to the top of Lombard Street, where we can take pictures of this novel roadway. Lombard Street is best known for the one-way section on Russian Hill between Hyde & Leavenworth Streets, in which the roadway has eight sharp turns (or switchbacks) that have earned the street the distinction of being the crookedest (most winding) street in the world. Our Motor Coaches are much too big to drive along this crooked street, but it’s fun to see anyway.

Time to head back to our hotel. Tonight we will relax in our hotel & dine at one its award winning restaurants, the Bourbon Steakhouse. As the only hotel located on Union Square, we’ll find ourselves surrounded by world-class shopping, restaurants & theatres just outside our door. Our tour tomorrow will be of Union Square, a shop-a-holic’s delight!
See pics on my page.

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Wander With Whiskers – June 25- San Francisco
San Francisco – Day 1
After a good night’s sleep onboard the train, the breakfast bell chimes, signaling our journey is about to commence. With its soothing, almost therapeutic motion, we’ll travel for about an hour, while gazing out on our ocean-view train ride. Our next stop is San Francisco, where our Feline Motor Coaches will take us to our hotel in the city. More than just a hotel, The Westin St. Francis is a destination where we can unwind and be pampered by attentive, world-class service. The hotel is like a city in itself with shops and restaurants galore. The marble columns, ornate balconies and intricate woodwork transport guests back to the elegance of yesteryear. This legendary hotel is celebrated for its historic Magneta Grandfather Clock, known for the timeless refrain “Meet me under the clock!” The clock has served as the official gathering place for families, friends, lovers and international adventurers.

So let’s settle into our rooms, relax a bit and meet downstairs in the lobby to begin exploring “the City by the Bay.”

San Francisco is renowned for its cool summers, fog, steep rolling hills, eclectic mix of architecture, and landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Cars, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf and its Chinatown district.

Exiting our hotel onto Union Square, we find a cable car stop right outside our front door. Let’s hop on the cable cars for a ride to Fisherman’s Wharf and Alcatraz. The cable car ride starts with a steep climb up Nob Hill, and then passes through Chinatown and Russian Hill before plummeting down Hyde Street to Fisherman's Wharf. For a real thrill, lets stand on the cable car running boards during the ride and held on Doris Day style!

When we reach Fisherman's Wharf (which we’ll be visiting tomorrow), our Motor Coaches will pick us up and take us to the Alcatraz Tour. To tour "the Rock," the Bay Area's famous abandoned prison on its own island, you must first get there, and that's half the fun. The brief but beautiful ferry ride offers captivating views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Marin Headlands, and the city. The infamous and notorious former federal prison, Alcatraz was once home to the likes of Al Capone and Robert "The Birdman" Stroud. Once inside, we can take an excellent audio tour guide through cellblocks and witness a colorful look at the prison's historic past as well as its most infamous inmates. Hang on tightly to each other, as it is a rather spooky place to tour!

Afterwards we’ll stop for an Irish coffee and a light lunch at a cafe in the Ferry Building Marketplace. It’s time to board the Feline Motor Coaches and head back to our hotel. We’ll be walking across the Golden Gate Bridge tomorrow, so enjoy the hotel & get some rest furiends!
See pics on my page.

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Wander With Whiskers – June 24- Santa Cruz
Next Stop-Santa Cruz
We must make one more stop before San Francisco. Back onboard the Feline Castle Train, we’ll be leaving Monterey, traveling along the shore of the Pacific Ocean, passing agricultural areas famous for growing artichokes, pumpkins & strawberries, until we reach our next destination of Santa Cruz. Let’s enjoy our first-class breakfast service on the train as we watch the world pass by. There are many interesting sights along the way such as the famous surfing location “Mavericks”, a winter destination for some of the world's best big wave surfers. Upon arrival, our Feline Motor Coaches await us.

Santa Cruz is best known for its majestic redwood forests, beaches & the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, since 1907 a popular seaside amusement park. We’ll start with the beach & the Boardwalk. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is a half-mile long amusement park with more than 30 other rides & attractions. It blends old-time nostalgia with modern thrills. You can buy a bag of salt-water taffy, get your fortune told in the old-style arcade, take a road rage-releasing ride on the bumper cars, or test your mettle on the Giant Dipper, a classic wooden roller coaster & National Historic Landmark, whose unforgettable dips rival any extreme adventure in new theme parks. Ready? Grip your sweetie’s sweaty paw as your car clickety-clacks up the hill, then throw your arms in the air & scream your lungs out as you fly down the other side, salt air stinging your eyes as you laugh & whoop! Afterward, share a puff of cotton candy as we ride the hand-carved merry-go-round that was built in 1911!

Let’s wander the wharf to the end of the pier & peek below at the harbor seals lounging around the decks. We can have lunch here at Gilberts on the Wharf. This scenic restaurant serves fresh fish specials everyday with a glorious view of the ocean.

A trip to Santa Cruz isn’t complete without seeing the giant redwoods. We are going to hop aboard the Santa Cruz Beach-Roaring Camp Steam Train. The open-air steam locomotive travels over trestles, through towering redwood groves & up a winding narrow-gauge grade to the summit of Bear Mountain as conductors narrate the history of Roaring Camp Railroad & the redwood forest. In the 1880s, narrow-gauge steam locomotives were used to haul giant redwood logs out of the mountains. Roaring Camp's steam engines date from 1890 & are among the oldest & most authentically preserved narrow-gauge steam engines providing regularly scheduled passenger service in America.

The 19th century steam train brings us right back to the Boardwalk. Last chance for souvenirs, as we get ready to continue our journey, with the next stop San Francisco!
See pics on my page.

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To Angel Dame Mallow
“We dedicate this poem to you beautiful Angel. Until we meet again..."


I have only slipped away into the next room
I am I, and you are you
Whatever we were to each other
That we are still

Call me by my old familiar name
Speak to me in the easy way you always used
Put no difference into your tone
Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow

Laugh as we always laughed
At the little games we always enjoyed together
Play, smile, think of me, pray for me
Let my name be ever the household word that it always was

Let it be spoken without effort
Without the ghost of a shadow in it
Life means all that it ever meant
It is the same as it ever was

There is absolute unbroken continuity
What is death but a negligible accident?
Why should I be out of mind
Because I am out of sight?

I am waiting for you for an interval
Somewhere very near
Just around the corner
All is well.

Nothing is past; nothing is lost
One brief moment and all will be as it was before
How we shall laugh at the trouble of parting when we meet again!

~ Henry Scott-Holland
Rest in peace beloved furiend.

We ask our furiends to feel free to speak of any memories you may have of our beloved Angel Dame Mallow.

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Angel Dame Mallow - Forever In Our Hearts…
Holding paws, K. Whiskers shares a few thoughts about Dame Mallow.

“We're here today to share in mourning the loss of our dear furiend Angel Dame Mallow and to celebrate the joy that her life brought to us and to this world.”

K. Whiskers speaks softly from the heart...

"Dame Mallow was a role model for me in living life to the fullest. There was never a dull moment in that girl's life. Her very strong and extremely bright spirit was infectious and I always looked forward to reading her blogs because I knew I would be smiling and laughing afterwards. Dame Mallow was never one to mince words. She was a headstrong kitty and let you know it from the moment you met her. She also had her kind and compassionate side. She was always there when a furiend needed help and always ready to lend a helping paw. She was also an extremely talented pilot, with a bit of daredevil in her whenever she flew. Dame Mallow will be greatly missed, but she will never, ever be forgotten."

“It was only just this past Friday night at the hockey game, after her induction into the MHL–Hall Of Fame, all the kitties were concatulating each other and saying good-night. This is one of K. Mike, Evie & Mallow’s last good night blogs from that exceptional evening and now hearing it again, I thought how fortuitous it truly was…”

[“Good night, Thomas & family!
Mike says, missed you coming in!

Mallow & Evie are ready to head to Pinto Island, too. Mallow has a boat to sail.”]

K. Whiskers and the family all hold their candles up towards the sky.

"Heaven is a brighter place now, dear Angel Mallow, as your star lights up the sky. May eternal light shine on your sweet face, and may God hold you in his arms where you will find comfort, peace, and joy."
K. Whiskers ends with a poem to their beloved furiend…

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K. Whiskers, Talley, Callie, Angel Maggie, K. Pete, Ms. Murphy, Raven, Charlie, Angel Sylvia Seville and Angel Lucy-Fur all board their royal ship, The Luz De Luna, afloat in Pinto Island Bay. The harbor is filled with boats, all glimmering with lighted candles, a ceremony to help bring peace, acceptance and the hope of eternal reunion someday over the place "just this side of Heaven" we call the Rainbow Bridge.

All eyes are filled with tears as K. Whiskers mews from the top deck of the royal ship so he can be heard across the whole island. "Let's bow our heads together in a Viking prayer for Angel Dame Mallow."


Lo, there do I see my Father..
Lo, there do I see my Mother
And my Sisters and my Brothers..
Lo, there do I see the line
Of my ancestors back to the beginning..
Thay do bid me to take my place among them..
In the Halls of Valhalla,
Over the Rainbow Bridge,
Where the Brave may live forever.

~Viking funeral Prayer

K. Whiskers pauses for a moment of silence and then continues…

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A Sad Word With Whiskers – June 22 ♥
We hope everyone can plan to attend a Memorial Service tomorrow for our dear furiend Angel Dame Mallow (#161233).
The information is below. If you have any questions, you can direct them to me, King Whiskers.
"In Memoriam"


~ Crossed Over The Rainbow Bridge on June 21, 2013 at 9:00 p.m. PST ~
"The honor of your presence is requested at a Memorial Service
to celebrate the life of Angel Dame Mallow."

“In keeping with Dame Mallow’s adventuress spirit,
a Memorial Service will be celebrated on Pinto Island (#46883).”

The Memorial Service will be held on Sunday, June 23, 2013 at 4:00 PM (EST) [1:00 PM - PST] on Pinto Island (#46883).


Afterwards, you are all invited to attend the continuation of the Supermoon Party and Beer Can Boat Regatta on Angel Queen Gracie’s page (#173246), in loving memory of Angel Dame Mallow.

:¦: The Royal Squadron will be flying a missing man formation, the ultimate honor for a lost fellow comrade and accomplished pilot. :¦:

*** Pinto Island harbor boats will be glimmering with lighted candles as we help Angel Dame Mallow over the Rainbow Bridge in the Viking warrior spirit she epitomized. ***

We ask our furiends to feel free to speak of any memories you may have of our dear Angel Dame Mallow.

Those we love remain with us
For love itself lives on,
And cherished memories never fade
Because a loved one’s gone.
Those we love can never be
More than a thought apart,
For as long as there is memory,
They’ll live on in the heart.
“Pay attention to those little whispers in your heart - they could be your own Angels speaking to you, and only those of us who will listen quietly with our hearts can hear them.” ~ Sue K

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Wander With Whiskers – June 21-Monterey
Welcome to Monterey
Perched dramatically over the Monterey Bay, the Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa combines elegant European architecture, sweeping coastal views & sophisticated style to create the perfect vantage point from which to enjoy the gentle sounds of the surf, the fresh scent of sea air & the sight of otters, seals & dolphins at play. The Monterey Plaza's central location on Cannery Row makes it easy to enjoy the area's many attractions & activities, including the world-renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium just 3 blocks away. Let’s all check in & meet for breakfast downstairs at the hotel’s Café La Strada.

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium, we’ll experience the ocean in all its beauty & wonder in a thrilling way that few other aquariums can match. The Monterey Bay Aquarium holds thousands of plants & animals, representing 623 separate named species on display. The aquarium benefits by a high circulation of fresh ocean water which is obtained through pipes that pump it in continuously from Monterey Bay. The main 1,200,000-US-gallon tank is the largest in the aquarium, and features one of the world's largest single-pane windows. This was the home to the first great white shark ever successfully kept on exhibit.

Let’s explore the observation deck that allows you to spot sea otters in the wild! We can also do some whale sighting from these decks. Located at the ocean's edge, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a window to marine life. It's home to sea otters, penguins, sharks, jellies & thousands of other marine animals & plants. Its mission is to inspire conservation of the oceans. Seeing the aquarium was exciting for the kitties. Walking from area to area, seeing the different types of fish & creatures is jaw dropping. When the kitties finished the tour, walking back outside into the open air was a bit disconcerting. From the depths of the deep, dark ocean to the blue, sunny skies of Monterey made us all feel a little dizzy.

Leaving the Monterey Bay Aquarium we are right in the middle of historic Cannery Row. In the early 1900's, Cannery Row was the bustling center of the area's sardine canning industry. However, a deadly fire in 1924 & over fishing eventually lead to Cannery Row's decline by the end of World War II. Inspired by the publication of John Steinbeck's Cannery Row, restoration efforts on the historic row increased. Cannery Row itself is now a tourist attraction with many restaurants & hotels, many of which are located in former cannery buildings, & a few historic attractions.

Let’s have lunch at the Sardine Factory restaurant & then do some souvenir shopping.

Tonight we’ll enjoy dinner at the Plaza’s Schooners Restaurant, suspended over the waters of Monterey Bay with an elegant Piano Lounge. Next week – San Francisco!
See pics on my page.

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Wander With Whiskers – June 20-Carmel
Carmel - Point Lobos - Pebble Beach
Today we are going to explore a little of Carmel by foot and by motor coach. Let’s drive to Point Lobos, for an easy walk through dense groves of Cypress forest leading to hidden coves, beaches, and overlooks where the many shades of Pacific blues and greens will dazzle our senses. We will check out one of the majestic hiking trails at Pfeiffer State Park and take in the breathtaking panoramic ocean views.

I know you must all be hungry by now, but we are going to board our Feline Motor Coaches once again and take a little trip, stopping for lunch half way through. Next stop is Pebble Beach, a small coastal resort destination, home to the famous golf course, Pebble Beach Golf Links.

No trip to Carmel would be complete without an excursion along the Pebble Beach 17 Mile Drive. Perhaps the most famous drive in the world, this 17-mile trip will take us past the centuries-old Lone Cypress, a gorgeous inspiration for artists and photographers through the years, all along the Pacific Coast, with its heavily forested areas and crashing waves. We’ll stop along the way to see the Cypress Point Lookout and Seal and Bird Rocks. This leisurely road winds its way through pristine Del Monte Forest and quietly luxurious Pebble Beach, where we’ll dine at the Pebble Beach Resort.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your tour of Carmel. Let’s take the rest of the day for “Chillin’ at the Beach”. We can stock up on picnic stuff at Nielsen Brothers Market, and devote the rest of the day to Carmel Beach. Later, we can head back to our hotel rooms, clean up and walk back to the hotel restaurant for a fat steak dinner. Tomorrow we will be boarding the train again for a short ride to Monterey. Once there, we will check in to our fine accommodations and get ready to see what Monterey has to offer. The Royal Feline Castle Train leaves at 9 a.m. - so don’t be late!

Let’s take a peek at what tomorrow holds in store. An absolute “must-see” for all who come to this area is the Monterey Bay Aquarium, located along Cannery Row, the street made famous through the writings of John Steinbeck. This is the aquarium by which all others are measured. Sitting on the border of one of the largest underwater canyons on earth, it is home to more than 350,000 animals and plants representing over 550 species of fishes found in Monterey Bay and other parts of the world.

A continental breakfast will be served on the train. Getting to Monterey is a short trip, so keep your bags packed for an easy exit from the train to our next hotel.
I posted some pictures on my page.

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Wander With Whiskers – June 19-Carmel-by-the-Sea
We’ll be disembarking our train and checking into the Hyatt Carmel Highlands Hotel, a picturesque retreat overlooking the Big Sur coast with epic views of the Pacific Ocean. Let’s check in, unpack, relax and then meet for dinner in the hotel’s Pacific’s Edge Restaurant, an award winning establishment built with glass walls, showcasing sweeping ocean vistas. We will all meet in the hotel lobby tomorrow morning to begin our tour of Carmel.

Carmel-by-the-Sea was, in the eyes of Devendorf and developer Frank H. Powers, a real estate development in waiting. The two established the Carmel Development Company, which filed its map of the city in 1903 and began to market the haven to the poets and writers, artists and academicians, who would create Bohemia-by-the-Sea and launch the art colony renowned today.

Today, seasoned celebrities come to Carmel to blend like chameleons into this community by the sea. It’s where movie stars can have a romantic getaway. It’s a place with charm and sophistication that makes everyone feel like a celebrity.

Apply some sunscreen, pack a jacket and we’ll take an early morning stroll along pristine Carmel Beach. We’ll continue along Ocean Avenue and experience the finest shopping this side of The Riviera or Rodeo Drive. Hungry yet? Let’s people-watch at famed Hog’s Breath Inn, the popular restaurant and bar once owned by Clint Eastwood & enjoy lunch on the outdoor patio.

We can treat ourselves to a visit to the Cottage of Sweets, voted America’s No. 1 candy shop in a 2009 USA Today poll. Its curlicued roof and storybook architecture make this a quintessentially sweet Carmel spot.

We’ll visit Carmel-by-the-Sea’s City Hall, originally built in 1921 as All Saints Church. It was here that Mayor Eastwood served his term. We can experience the charming history of this famed art colony with a self guided walking tour that starts at Carmel Heritage Society’s First Murphy House, a 1902 legacy of Carmel’s charming history, and Comstock House. Hugh Comstock is accredited with creating the Comstock “Dollhouse Tudor” homes, 300-square-foot quaint cottages, particularly the iconographic Hansel House. In the 1920’s these sold for about $100. Today they sell for over 8 million dollars with their front-row ocean views from Point Lobos to Pebble Beach!

We can enjoy a casually exquisite dinner at one of Carmel’s dozens of top-drawer restaurants and top off the evening with a beach fire and s’mores on captivating Carmel Beach, rated one of America’s cleanest and prettiest.

Tomorrow we will be doing a little bit of walking and driving. So rest up and enjoy your stay at the hotel.
I posted some pictures on my page.

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Wander With Whiskers – June 18: Big Sur to Carmel
Big Sur Coast Highway to Carmel
The Royal Feline Castle Train will be our guide through the Big Sur Coast Highway. We want to enjoy the spectacular scenery during the day, so after dinner on the train, we can all relax onboard for the night. Sip a cocktail in the lounge car, read in the library, gain a tree-top perspective of the landscape from the dome car or join furiends around the piano. Or simply relax in your cabin in the comfort of our sleeping cars until morning, when the breakfast bell chimes, signaling our journey is about to commence.

The stunning views of the Pacific Ocean right outside our windows make the perfect companion to our breakfast meal. Tables are set with crisp starched linens and fine china and glassware reminiscent of the glory days of rail travel.

Timing is perfect to enjoy a spectacular view of the California coastline as our train travels to our next destination of Carmel. We will be traveling the route that hugs the California coast, providing access to austere, windswept cypress trees, fog-shrouded cliffs and the crashing surf of the Pacific Ocean. Views include rugged canyons, towering redwoods, sea lions, and other marine life.

Big Sur's beaches are subject to generally cool weather. Sunny days are sporadic as a blanket of seasonal fog often hugs the coastline, dropping the temperature in the process. Private property and Big Sur's steep terrain make most of its coastline inaccessible to the public. However, several State Park and U.S. Forest Service beaches are open to the public all year. These beaches are recommended due to easy access and spine-tingling scenery.

The actual town of Big Sur has been a fertile area for artistic advancements. A variety of authors have immortalized the region with the written word. In the late 19th century, Robert Louis Stevenson lived briefly in the area, followed by John Steinbeck, Henry Miller, and Jack Kerouac, among others. Unlike many areas honored in literature, Big Sur remains relatively unchanged over the years.

John Steinbeck wrote, "Here at Big Sur, at a certain time of the year and a certain time of the day only, a pale blue-green hue pervades the distant hills; it is an old, nostalgic hue, it is a mystical phenomenon, or so I like to think, born of a certain way of looking at the world."

John Steinbeck's legacy is now synonymous with the Big Sur area. Known as Steinbeck Country, the cities of Monterey, Carmel and Salinas on the northern end of the byway brim with memories of John Steinbeck's legacy.

Our journey for now is almost over as we arrive to the city of Carmel.
I posted some pictures on my page.

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Wander With Whiskers – June 17-Hearst Castle
San Luis Obispo to Cambria
Check out time at the Madonna Inn is later than the usual hotel. But then the Madonna Inn has been anything but usual! We’ll have time for breakfast & a game of tennis on the pink tennis courts, or just relax & stroll the grounds.

Back aboard the Royal Train to continue up the coast of CA. We’ll enjoy brunch as our train glides out of the depot & begins its journey to the town of Cambria. Here we will detrain to the waiting Feline Motor Coaches & head to San Simeon, home of Hearst Castle. If we’re lucky, we might catch an odd glimpse of a herd of zebras grazing alongside the highway. These are descendants of animals brought to California for William R. Hearst’s personal zoo. But don’t worry; they are well cared for by the Hearst Castle grounds men.

William Randolph Hearst, an American newspaper publisher who built the nation’s largest newspaper chain, told architect Julia Morgan that he wanted to built "a little something" on the CA coast. Three decades later, Casa Grande (commonly called Hearst Castle) crowned La Cuesta Encantada, Hearst's "Enchanted Hill" above tiny San Simeon. It's a 165-room Moorish castle with 127 acres of gardens, terraces, pools & walkways, furnished with Spanish & Italian antiques & art, flanked by three large guesthouses. In its heyday, Hearst Castle had a zoo, tennis courts & two magnificent swimming pools.

With a personal collection of ancient art, sculptures, furniture, relics & more, William Randolph Hearst amassed a collection that still rivals museums today, and used almost every square inch of the hilltop California estate to showcase it all.

Today Hearst Castle is a State Historical Monument, and we can all enjoy a glimpse into the Hearst's opulent lifestyle.

We’ll be taking the Hearst Castle Twilight Tour where costumed docents literally bring the Castle to life! Warm lighting & staff in 1930s costumes - women sipping martinis over their card game, reporters typing their days' stories in their bedrooms & lovers strolling the grounds - bring the massive house alive. We’ll wind our way through the Casa Grande’s social rooms, guest accommodations, the Office & Mr. Hearst’s own private Gothic Suite.

Hearst lived & entertained at San Simeon with his long-time girlfriend, actress Marion Davies. Their guests included Hollywood stars, politicians & dignitaries such as Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, Charles Lindbergh & Winston Churchill. On the Hearst Castle night tour, as visitors, we can pretend we've received an invitation to come to "the ranch."

Unfortunately, there’s no restaurant at the Hearst Castle. We have snacks onboard the Feline Motor coaches to tide us over until we’re back on the train, where our exceptional fine dining awaits us.
See pics on my page.

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King Whiskers Steps Up To The Podium
The Royal Castle Chapel is filled with an outpouring of loved ones and furiends to celebrate the life of one of their own, dear Angel King Winslow. Decorated with long stem white roses throughout, the glimmering burning candles light up the Castle Chapel with peace, love, faith and hope.

K. Whiskers steps up to the podium to address his dear furiends. "It's an honor and privilege to be be here to celebrate the life of our beloved furiend King Winslow. I'd like to thank K. Pete & his family for arranging this wonderful gathering and bringing us all together to share our feelings on this very special day. And a very special thanks to the Royal Squadron for their spectacular Flyover Formation Tribute to a fellow pilot "

"We mourn the loss of a furiend who had to leave us too soon, but we're here to celebrate the joy and happiness he brought to this world and how he touched our lives. CC is always a place where we can share sadness as well as joy, and try to bring comfort to the families who are suffering from the loss."

(K. Whiskers continues below...)

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(Continued from above)

“I had the pleasure of flying once with King Winslow during the Coronation Flight of Queen Lily. I flew to the Tucson International Airport to pick up Winslow and then on to Castle Airfield for the festivities. I was still a novice pilot back then, but flying with such an accomplished pilot as King Winslow, made me feel much more at ease as we flew across the country together. He was one very cool and confident cat.”

“Only recently, during my nomination as COTM, did I get to know King Winslow much better. He was a devoted supporter of my COTM catpaign. He never missed a day to leave me a vote of furiendship and he always had a kind word of encouragement. I can’t believe he isn’t going to be around to finish our tour of California. I know he was enjoying the good times spent with the love of his life, sweet Boo Kitty. Our hearts are breaking for you dear furiend. We know your love for each other will last beyond eternity.”

“I will never forget you Angel King Winslow. I know I am a better cat having had the privilege to know you and call you my furiend.”

“I dedicate this poem to you buddy. Until we see each other again, Godspeed my dear furiend.”


Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free,

I'm following paths God made for me

I took his hand, I heard him call

Then turned, and bid farewell to all

I could not stay another day

To laugh, to love, to sing, to play

Tasks left undone must stay that way

I found my peace ... at close of play

And if my parting left a void

Then fill it with remembered joy

A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss

Ah yes, these things I too will miss.

Be not burdened... deep with sorrow

I wish you sunshine of tomorrow

My life's been full I've savoured much

Good friends, good times

A loved one's touch ♡

Perhaps my time seemed all too brief

Don't lengthen it now with grief

Lift up your heart and share with me,

God wants me now ... He set me free.
“I believe my dear furiend King Pete would now like to say a few words.” King Whiskers steps down from the podium to be with his family.

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Wander With Whiskers – June 14 –San Luis Obispo
Another Day In San Luis Obispo
After a great breakfast at the Madonna Inn, the female kitties all wanted to take a peek at the famous (top ten in the world) tom’s restroom. The girls had heard a trip to San Luis Obispo wouldn’t be complete without visiting the tom’s room at the Madonna Inn! In it, the urinals look like caves with waterfalls, which is activated when you break a beam of light. Yep, that's it!

Walk to Morro Bay -
There’s no better way to spend the day than out on the incredible estuary in beautiful Morro Bay. Strolling the bayfront, fishing, kayaking or simply sitting on the dock…it’s all here waiting for us. Morro Bay, along California’s Central Coast, is among the most visually spectacular communities in America. This is where we will start. It has a rich early history that stretches back to the adventures of the Chumash & Salinian Native Americans & visits by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo & the Manila Galleons of the 16th Century. Here we can see the famous “Morro Rock.” Morro Rock is also sometimes called the “Gibraltar of the Pacific.” It is the last of a line of long-extinct volcanoes formed about 23 million years ago, which include nine peaks ranging from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay. Morro Rock is a State Historic Landmark, a bird sanctuary & home to nesting Peregrine Falcons. It is therefore closed to any climbing or disturbance.

Now let’s go on a driving tour. Our motor coaches will pick us up at Morro Bay. The uncrowded roads & stunning views in & around San Luis Obispo make for incredible scenic drives. We’ll get a mixture of vineyards, curving mountain roads, and coastal views driving up US 101 & loop back to San Luis Obispo via Highway 1 through cattle pastures & farmland. We’ll travel the scenic back roads into downtown Arroyo Grande. Stroll the historic Village, discover turn-of-the-century Victorians surrounding Santa Manuela Schoolhouse, and cross the suspended swinging bridge — the only one of its kind in California.

Let’s end our day with a visit to some wineries. Wine tasting should be a perfect blend of a great experience & great wine, and that’s just what we’ll get as we enjoy the hand-crafted bottlings of San Luis Obispo’s wine region. The moderate climate of the verdant, sunlit Edna Valley just outside town allows for an extended growing season, which give local wines lush, distinct flavors sure to please any palate. My particular favorite winery is called Talley Vineyard Wines! Enjoy sweeping views of the Rincon Vineyard & the fields of Talley Farms from the tasting room. The vineyard is just minutes away from Lopez Lake, a great place for an evening picnic. An ideal setting for tasting great Pinot Noir & Chardonnay.

Time to head back to The Inn.
See pictures on my page. Have a Happy Father’s Day weekend!

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Wander With Whiskers – June 13 –San Luis Obispo
Welcome To San Luis Obispo
The Feline Castle Train takes us to the charming old city of San Luis Obispo. Founded in 1772, the city boasts numerous historic inns and theaters, and even a rare commercial building designed by Frank Llyod Wright. Whether to soak in the ambience or some of the delicious wines produced in nearby Edna Valley, we'll find that San Luis Obispo is a perfect place to end the southern part of our California Coast journey.

San Luis Obispo was named the happiest city in America by author and researcher Dan Buettner. A weekend in this charming and scenic town, situated halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles and nestled in the Santa Lucia Mountain Range, can be whatever you want it to be: a relaxing getaway or a buzz of activity. For serenity, pack a lunch and head north or south to picnic at one of the dozens of picturesque wineries. Head west for great beaches, perfect for a leisurely swim. For a dose of history, visit the birthplace and heart of this quaint town: the beautiful adobe-brick Mission San Luis Obispo. Kittens will revel in the plentiful fun activities, such as the Charles Paddock Zoo & the Morro Bay Aquarium. For a laugh or a gasp, stop in at the outrageously decorated Madonna Inn, where nothing in the garish décor is consistent except for an abundance of the color pink. (Lady Dolly will love this place!) All are welcome for a peek inside the lobby's men's room for more interior design surprises. Don’t laugh too hard because this is the hotel where we will be staying!

For over 50 years the charm of the Madonna Inn has been one of California’s landmark attractions and this will be our home for 2 nights. The Inn offers very unique rooms, each decorated differently to suit many individual tastes...rock rooms, waterfall showers, rock fireplaces, European fixtures, and fine furnishings to name a few. Last year they added horseback riding, two pink tennis courts and a winter ice skating rink. The owner of the Inn said, "Anybody can build one room and a thousand like it. It's more economical. I want visitors to come in with a smile and leave with a smile. It's fun." Aiming to cater to a range of tastes, rooms were given unusual names such as the Love Nest, Old Mill, Kona Rock, Irish Hills, Cloud Nine, Just Heaven, Hearts & Flowers, Rock Bottom, Austrian Suite, Cabin Still, Old World Suite, Caveman Room, Elegance, Daisy Mae, Safari Room, Highway Suite, Jungle Rock, American Home & Bridal Falls to name a few. This should be a lot of fun!

So let’s settle into our rooms & meet for a nice dinner at the Madonna Inn’s Gold Rush Steak House. Tomorrow we’ll explore what San Luis Obispo has to offer.
I posted some pictures on my page.

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Wander With Whiskers – June 12–Queen Mary
Aboard the Queen Mary -
Before we leave, we must tour this fabulous floating hotel. Let’s all grab some pastry from the Starboard Bakery and enjoy our coffee while strolling the Promenade Deck before we begin.

On May 27, 1936, the Queen Mary departed from Southampton, England embarking on her maiden voyage. The Queen Mary had set a new benchmark in transatlantic travel, which the rich and famous considered as the only civilized way to travel. She quickly seized the hearts and imaginations of the public on both sides of the Atlantic, representing the spirit of an era known for its elegance, class and style. The increasing popularity of air travel helped signal the end of an era for the Queen Mary. By 1965 the entire Cunard fleet was operating at a loss and they decided to retire and sell the legendary Queen Mary.

Let’s go on the “Her Finest Hour: A WWII Tour,” for an in-depth look at the role the Queen Mary played in helping the Allied Forces win the Great War. Nicknamed the “Grey Ghost” after receiving a hauntingly stark paint job, the ship’s impressive speed and size made it an ideal troop hauler often carrying as many as 15,000 men in a single voyage.

With such a varied and intriguing past it’s not surprising that the Queen Mary has been voted one of the Top 10 Most Haunted Places in America. In fact, some say the Queen Mary is one of the most haunted places in the world with as many as 150 known spirits lurking upon the ship. Over the past 60 years, the Queen Mary has been the site of at least 49 reported deaths, not to mention having gone through the terrors of war, so it comes as no surprise that spectral spirits of her vivid past continue to walk within her rooms and hallways. Among the ghosts reportedly still hanging around are a sailor who died in the ship's engine room, a "lady in white," and children who drowned in the ship's pool. Other phenomenon occurring throughout the ship, are the sounds of distinct knocks, doors slamming and high pitched squeals, drastic temperature changes, and the aromas of smells long past. These are but a few of the many reports of apparitions and strange events occurring at this luxury liner turned hotel. There’s no doubt the Queen Mary is full of mystery and lore.

Let’s unwind our adventure-filled day with dinner at the Chelsea Chowder House & Bar. There’s nothing better than a juicy steak or fresh fish after a day at sea (or at port). We can watch the sunset and revisit the memories of our exciting stay aboard the legendary Queen Mary.
I posted some pictures on my page.

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Wander With Whiskers – June 11 – Los Angeles
Welcome to Hollywood!
Let’s all climb aboard our Feline Motor Coaches & head for Hollywood. Our first stop will be to see the famous Hollywood Sign. You can see the Hollywood Sign from many places around Los Angeles, but a quick drive up Mulholland Drive or above the Hollywood Reservoir will reward us with a glimpse of living in the Hollywood Hills & some great city views, too.

Next stop, the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We start the day by spending the morning on Hollywood Boulevard, following the path of bronze-and-marble stars along the Walk of Fame. Since 1960 more than 2,400 celebrities have been honored along the world's most famous sidewalk, but you'll need an old-timer to explain who a lot of the now-long-dead entertainers were.

Along the Hollywood Walk of Fame we’ll see Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. It's sort of a tourist rite of passage to compare your hands and feet with the famous prints set in cement at the entrance court to Grauman's Chinese Theatre, a tradition started when silent-film star Norma Talmadge "accidentally" stepped in wet cement during the premiere of Cecil B. DeMille's King of Kings. Go ahead -- compare your shoes to footprints left by Humphrey Bogart or Marilyn Monroe.

We’ll take a lunch break & walk down the street to Musso & Frank Grill, Hollywood's oldest restaurant (since 1919). Part restaurant, part museum, this is where Faulkner, Hemingway, and Orson Welles derived liquid inspiration during their screenwriting days. After lunch, we can all waddle back to our motor coach, put in a ‘Best of the Beach Boys’ CD and slowly cruise the legendary Sunset Boulevard and The Sunset Strip.

This 1-hour drive takes us from sorta-seedy Hollywood to flamboyant West Hollywood, past the moneyed minimansions of Beverly Hills, winding our way into the secluded enclave of Pacific Palisades toward Malibu, and finally the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).

We soon arrive at the Santa Monica Pier. Built in 1908 for passenger & cargo ships, the pier does a pretty good job of recapturing the glory days of Southern California. Buy an ice-cream cone at one of the snack shacks & stroll seaward past the wooden carousel, roller coaster, and arcades, then buy a ticket to ride the Ferris wheel.

From the pier, we’ll walk to the carnival-like stretch known as Venice Beach. For first-timers, this pseudo-bohemian scene is a bit of a shock to the senses: a surreal assemblage of street performers, musicians, musclemen pumping serious iron, apocalyptic evangelists, break dancers, stoned drummers, outlandish clothing—or lack of, and endless schlock shops. We haven’t seen it all until we’ve seen Venice! MOL!

Our paws should be tired by now. We’ll board our motor coaches & head back to our hotel for a leisurely dinner.
I posted pictures on my page.

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