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Domestic Longhair from <a href='' title='Aldergrove, BC'>Aldergrove, BC</a>

Mojo Blackbear ~ 2 years old Sept 17

About Me

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Hi! My name is Mojo Blackbear ~ 2 years old Sept 17

I am Domestic Longhair from Aldergrove, BC

Nicknames: The Moj, Moji, the Little Mojito, "the squirrel", "Hoover" (for the way I suck down my freeze-dried chicken treats) and "Mom's little Lady Bug"

** during the time she fed me and my fur family, Lady Dolly’s Mom called me “Black Bear” and my new Mom decided to keep it as part of my name. **

Age: 2 years old

Gender: F

Coat: long haired

Education: I mastered the litter box the very first day and despite being 10 weeks old and semi-feral I turned on my purr motor within 10 minutes of the first time my new Mom touched me. I've adapted to indoor life with humans better than Mom could ever have hoped for.
♦ Dame of the Realm - March 12, 2014. Thank you King Tucker!
♦ Received my private pilot license August 2014 with Transport Canada Seaplane Rating
♦ Member of Zoe Monique's Hairballz Rainbow Riders since January 2015

COTD - Dec 2, 2013 - Dedicated to Q. Lady Dolly's Mom Janada and rescue lady Kelly from MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland, WA.
COTD - Dec 7, 2014 - Thank you!

Catster moments:
Cat of the Day - April 26, 2014
Diary of the Day - Dec 22, 2013
The Cat's Den group COTM - July 2014

** Plays for Kels' Cool Katz mouse hockey team **
Vote 100 - Lil' Jag & family - 12/2/13
Vote 500 - Talley - 2/8/14
Vote 1000 - Fluffinella - 5/29/14
(my 6-month adoptiversary!)
Vote 2000 - Miles - 12/15/14

My favorite tricks and treats are: I am a smart little kitty and I love to figure out how things work. I can pull toys out of my puzzle box no problem, and then I stuff them back in! and I can't get enough of freeze-dried chicken treats!

Where I hang out: I love the thermal mat on top of the TV cabinet. Angel Mallow told me that's the best spot in the house and I should go for it. Know what? She's right!

I also like to snuggle up next to Mom's legs in the night while Mikey sleeps on the pillow above her head. Is it any wonder Mom is sleep-deprived?

My favorite grubs: Whatever is in Mike & Evie's dishes (evil grin)

My pet peeves: Mikey won't wrestle with me as often as I want!

What I love about my owners: My new Mom started brushing me my second day here and it really helped me feel at home, why it was almost like when I was with my fur mom! Being brushed still makes me purr and roll around happily! Indoor life with humans is pretty great!

My cat hobbies: Playing with my white mousey, red dot or Cats Meow. I also love pouncing Mikey and getting him to rassle with me.

Pet motto: "Walk bravely into the mystery of tomorrow" ~ Unknown

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How We Met

Q. Lady Dolly's Mom Janada in Washington State fed my fur Grandma and her kittens in the summer of 2012, and managed to get all of them to a shelter except for the one who ended up becoming my fur mom. On October 12, 2013 my fur mom brought the second generation, me and my two siblings, to stay under the hot tub at Lady Dolly’s house too. Mom Janada fed us all and wanted very badly to catch us before she had to go to Arizona for the winter, but our fur mom was semi-feral and we kittens were all very wild. Finally with the help of a nice rescue lady named Kelly they got my two siblings on Nov. 26th, while I stepped into the trap two days later on Thanksgiving. How appropriate! My new Mom came down the next day and picked me up just two hours before Mom Janada had to leave for the airport! My new Mom drove me all the way back to Canada so that makes me an international traveler! On my very first night in my new home, Kelly called Mom Janada to tell her that my fur Mom had just been trapped also. So my whole fur family were now safe and on the road to having forever homes!
Born: Sept. 17, 2013 (est)
Adopted: Nov 29, 2013
Joined CC: December 1, 2013

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I've had 22224 friends visit me.

I'm the 56,304th member on

2,936 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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Hi Mojo
We started out with a great day, it was 73 and sunny and blue skies with a slight breeze. Now the breeze went away, it got really cloudy and rain is coming.

I helped mom water her garden today when the sun was up...MOL!!! Actually we all darted up the steps so we wouldn't get wet, not that mom squirts us with the hose, she would NEVER do that, but we don't like it anyway.

Mom went out to the grocery store today and picked up some food til Tuesday when she does her big shopping. Mom has to wait til she gets her Bridge card refilled tomorrow to buy a lot of food.

My job is to sit and be beautiful and mom says I do that quite well. I bathed myself earlier today right outside in the back was laughing at me, then I rolled on my back and had my paws in the air....I love the sunshine on my belly.

Well, i sure hope you have a nice day!
Purrs and whisker kisses
Kali =^..^=

Come visit me, KELSEE~~I ♥ A Snickie~~Happy Fall!!!, K-WINSTON ~~I ♥ Brina~~*Happy Fall!!*, KALI~~I LUV Elvis~~Happy Autumn~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA~~ Autum is here~~*I ♥ Shaddy*, JESSE ~~It's Autumn~~I ♥ Tweetie, KCK team page 2015/2016 & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

10/08/2015 02:28.10 PM Report This Comment
Hi Mojo
What’s purring with you? I heard a nasty rumor that I have an appointment with Dr. William tomorrow morning for my annual checkup, bloodwork, thyroid panel, rabies shot & nails trimmed. That means NO eating for anyone here tomorrow morning. If one of us has to do without food, Mommy says it’s only fair that we all should including herself. Boy, will Sissy be mad!!!

Good mews – our Cubs won their Wildcard game last night. Woo hoo! They are moving on in the playoffs. Go Cubs Go!

Have a fun weekend. Chat with you Monday.
Purrs to you,
K Casper Todd

Come visit me, K Casper Todd (featured in Nov/Dec Catster), ♥ Q MerryBelle (in Loving Memory) ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

10/08/2015 12:29.12 PM Report This Comment




10/08/2015 12:03.20 PM Report This Comment
Hi Moj!
Oh yup, for sure. My mom loves watching stuff up in the sky. No matter what it is. Sun, moon, meteors, birds, planes, superman. (Just kidding about that last one...) There's supposed to be a meteor shower next week (I think) and you can bet your sweet bippy, if it isn't raining or cloudy mom will be out trying to see the little specks zipping around.

Mom & dad need to do some tree trimming around here too! AN get the chimney cleaned out. We ARE getting close to when we usually start having frost overnight. Although today it's raining here too, so it got warmer. Always warms up when it rains. Go figure.

Flyer wrappers? You mean, like something you wrap birds in? You mom has to deliver those? Why can't people wrap their own birds??

Yes, it was pretty special for me when mom ran up the street and grabbed me out of some people's yard. I was up there getting a drink from their BIG outdoor koi pond. But just before that, I had strolled across the street right in front of a mini van, that just managed to stop before I was road kill. Dad was freaking OUT! He said we have GOT to get that cat before it gets killed! So mom be-bopped up the street and just walked into the yard and picked me up, bold as you please, and carried me back down the street to my new home. And here I still am! MOL!



10/07/2015 01:18.47 PM Report This Comment




10/07/2015 11:15.45 AM Report This Comment
A foggy start to the day....
which meant that school was delayed for 2 hours. It's starting to clear now but everything outside is drippy.
Guess what? The 'stray' doggie Ginger that adopted us is DOTD on DC today...woohoo! They must be having issues over there too because her picture did a vanishing act as soon as we logged in. Either that or she's playing ghost...MOL!

Speaking of ghosts, I've got a Halloween story today that will make you groan like one after you read it...MOL!

A tourist in Vienna is going through a graveyard and all of a sudden he hears some music. No one is around, so he starts searching for the source.
He finally locates the origin and finds it is coming from a grave with a headstone that reads: Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770-1827. Then he realizes that the music is the Ninth Symphony and it is being played backward! Puzzled, he leaves the graveyard and persuades a friend to return with him.
By the time they arrive back at the grave, the music has changed. This time it is the Seventh Symphony, but like the previous piece, it is being played backward.
Curious, the men agree to consult a music scholar. When they return with the expert, the Fifth Symphony is playing, again backward. The expert notices that the symphonies are being
played in the reverse order in which they were composed, the 9th, then the 7th, then the 5th.
By the next day the word has spread and a throng has gathered around the grave. They are all listening to the Second Symphony being played backward.
Just then the graveyard's caretaker ambles up to the group. Someone in the crowd asks him if he has an explanation for the music.
"Oh, it's nothing to worry about" says the caretaker. "He's just decomposing!"

Teehee....I heard those moans & groans after you read the final sentence. I told you I'd meow some Halloween stuff this month but you have to admit I never promised it would be spine tingling good...MOL!

Leaving you a ghost sugar cookie vote

Monkey & NICE Crew

Come visit me, Q Trixie~Catgrats QUEEN ANGEL TINKER #75289, Piggy & Sneakers~Vote DEAN #36497 daily in October, Monkey~Vote DEAN #36497 for COTM, Fluffinella ♥Joey, ♥Angel Sherman♥, ♥Angel K Zaboo♥, ♥Angel Cloudy♥, Special Memories page & Patches.

10/07/2015 08:23.00 AM Report This Comment
Hi Mojo & family!
Thanks for stopping by to help celebrate my anniversary. It's always easy for mom to remember this one, since it's also her and dad's anniversary! What a coincidence,huh? But even so, Mom still couldn't believe it's been four years since I sashayed into the family line-up. It IS a bit hard to believe, but it must be true - it says so on my profile page! Anyway, I brought party favors and a thank you vote. Hope you had as much fun as I did!

Autumn aka "Grunt"


10/06/2015 11:41.41 AM Report This Comment
Hi MoJo,All
We wanted to say hi and hope that mom is doing ok,we think of you all and miss you.Mom is still having a really bad time here with all the health issues,but tries her best to keep hanging in there for us.Thanks for thinking of her.Me,Baby are taking good care of mom here,we need her and she sure does need us,leaving pawhugs for all,Spongie,Baby,Angel Wicket,Angels.

Come visit me, Angel Gypsy,RIP My Sweet Angel Baby,I Love You, Angel Buddy,Love,Miss You Sweet Boy, Baby,Angel Wicket,Miss You Sweet Wicket, Angels Rambo,Cindell,Love,M- iss You My Sweet Angels, K. SpongeBob-Hi,meet the whacking paw!!, Angels Muffy, Blossie,Missy together again & Bootsie,RIP My Angel,Welcome Wicket.

10/05/2015 01:18.10 PM Report This Comment
Monday meow
Hi MoJo,
I'll be the family blogger for the spooky month of October. How purrfect is that since I can be a pawsome Halloween cat when I want to...MOL!
I see we're still having some issues deleting blogs, & also having them disappear but then reappear when the page is refreshed. Hmmm...purrhaps CC has been haunted with spirits that are getting ready for Halloween...or else our blogs are dressing as the Invisible cat this year.
Everyone is doing fine here & all of us (except Fluffinella) have finally accepted the new dog Ginger...although Fluffers has NOT been hiding like we thought she would. We did all sharpen our claws really well though just in case we need them...MOL!
Since this is the month of ghosts & goblins I'll be meowing a little Halloween stuff every time I'm blogging. Today I found a cute (& not too scary) story to share with you.

A man was walking home alone late one night when he hears a BUMP... BUMP... BUMP.. .behind him.
Walking faster he looks back and makes our the image of an upright coffin banging its way down the middle of the street towards him...BUMP...BUMP...BUMP...
Terrified, the man begins to run towards his home, the coffin bouncing quickly behind him...faster...faster...BUMP...BUMP...BUMP.
He runs up to his door, fumbles with his keys, opens the door, rushes in, slams and locks the door behind him.
However, the coffin crashes through his door, with the lid of the coffin clapping... clappity-BUMP... clappity-BUMP... clappity-BUMP... on the heels of the terrified man.
Rushing upstairs to the bathroom, the man locks himself in. His heart is pounding; his head is reeling; his breath is coming in sobbing gasps.
With a loud CRASH the coffin breaks down the door. Bumping and clapping towards him.
The man screams and reaches for something, anything...but all he can find is a box of cough drops!
Desperate, he throws the cough drops at the coffin...
...and of course
...the coffin stops...MOL!

Leaving you a candy pumpkin with your vote & will meow at you again mid-week.

Purrs & giggles,
Monkey & NICE Crew

Come visit me, Q Trixie~Catgrats QUEEN ANGEL TINKER #75289, Piggy & Sneakers~Vote DEAN #36497 daily in October, Monkey~Vote DEAN #36497 for COTM, Fluffinella ♥Joey, ♥Angel Sherman♥, ♥Angel K Zaboo♥, ♥Angel Cloudy♥, Special Memories page & Patches.

10/05/2015 10:02.27 AM Report This Comment
sleepover tomorrow night/sports day wed
we're off to a cold start here this morning and janet says she feels like cooked cereal, but again likely won't due that mommy and nat as usual are always the last to get up going on 8;30-9. janet as usual is the first one up and has already taken pepper out for a walk at first light this morning well before it act-ually as it was clear with increasing clouds at that time andnow is overcasts, but we're due to get some sunshine as they thin out this afternoon and get to the lower to mid 60s part of the warm up which started yesterday and will peak on wednesday into the lower 70s! they did get frost west and north of here last night and this morning, but not here which was good! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

10/05/2015 05:23.49 AM Report This Comment
Hi Mojo!
Glad your mom didn't "rapture" out of here while she was climbing around in that cherry tree. Really, she should leave the tree climbing to us cats. Although I don't know if I've ever even climbed a tree. And if I have, I sure don't remember. No tree climbing inside the house, that's for sure. hee hee....

Well, we got some rain last night. And I mean actual RAIN!~ Not that wimpy little sprinkle stuff we usually get lately. AND we might have more later too. Woohoo! We can hardly wait! I love watching the rain from the living room window. Probably not so much fun watching it from up in a tree. Ha. Ha.

Mom actually kept going outside during that moon eclipse and walking up the street a couple blocks to see it, since we couldn't see it from the back yard. Too many *ahem* trees. :-( She went up and down the street three times to see the flaming thing! Brought the dogs with her. They loved the extra 'walkies'. Mom said the moon was pretty cool looking. *shrug* As far as I'm concerned, if you can't climb on it, play with it, or eat it, who cares? MOL!



10/03/2015 09:43.40 AM Report This Comment
Hi Mojo Blackbear is windy and chilly here today. We are sitting at 60*. The sun is out and the sky is blue, but he wind is cold. Momma dug out some of her warmer clothes and put most of her Summer ones away!

Us furry guys are either out in the sun or laying on mom's bed is a day just for sleeping. Cuddle up in your fave spot and snooze the day away!

We helped mom clean the house today..I especially like chasing the paper towel around when she dusts the tables, that is fun and then piece's of it fall on the floor. But when mom brings out that floor monster, forget about helping, we all run outside to get away from it.

Sheba was helping with the bed. She was meowing at mom for disturbing her sleep, then she chased the quilt and blanket when mom was trying to make the bed.

Mom is having fits with CC. It will not allow mom to delete any blog she replied to. She had to log back in several times already and it is really getting annoying...I hope I can finish my blogging before it goes whacky altogether!

Hope you have a great day!
Stay warm!
Purrs & Pawhuggz
Kali =^..^=

Come visit me, KELSEE~~I ♥ A Snickie~~Happy Fall!!!, K-WINSTON ~~I ♥ Brina~~*Happy Fall!!*, KALI~~I LUV Elvis~~Happy Autumn~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA~~ Autum is here~~*I ♥ Shaddy*, JESSE ~~It's Autumn~~I ♥ Tweetie, KCK team page 2015/2016 & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

10/01/2015 01:59.47 PM Report This Comment
Oh, *those* ladders! There is no way on
earth that Mom would trust one of those, and no way Dad would ever have one around. We have plenty of ladders as it is without adding a death trap to the collection!

Mom would like to have one of those fire escape ladders but has never even seen one for sale. And she'd be more concerned with getting us animals out anyway. Our neighbor's house is only one story and is close enough to ours that Mom is pretty sure she could toss each of us cats over to their roof, but that wouldn't help the dogs or humans get out. We just have to hope it never comes to that! As for which of your pawrents was expecting the worst, I think it's a toss up. Hugs, KC and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE DEAN #36497 COTM*** & Sir Pique Thanks All!~DEAN #36497 COTM~.

10/01/2015 12:05.19 PM Report This Comment
A chilly start to October
We're going to be 10 degrees below our average normal temps of lower 70s for the next few days. Right now there's a lot of sunshine but the breeze is making it feel really cold out there. It's a good thing we don't like going out or we'd be protesting at the weather prediction place...MOL!
The outside kitties have finally decided that going into their houses is warmer than laying in chairs on the porch so 5 of them are snuggled together. JJ & Bartholomew are out in the yard hunting rodents & have actually been getting along a little better lately. Purrhaps they've finally figured out that neither one wins if they fight? Not sure why they decided to play nice to each other but mom is sure happy that they finally are.
We still have our extra dog in the house! No one has called about her so either she's been lost for a long time & her original owners have given up looking, or they didn't care she was gone in the first place. It's also possible that she was camping with someone at the nearby reservoir & they had to go home without her. Whichever it is we know she's a happy dog & has claimed this as her new home. She's not too bad (for a dog...MOL) but we have to restrain our running unless mom is close by to watch her because she wants to run after us to play too. Mom & dad have been calling her Ginger & think that she may be a little older than they first thought...although still fairly young & teachable. They think she has some Basenji in her but have no idea what else is mixed in since she has the wrong kind of tail & ears to be full-blooded...BOL! Basenji's are an African hunting dog so since she has those instincts she's not allowed to be left alone with us. She's being taught to sleep in a kennel at night (complete with a brand new dog bed) & actually went into it on her own last night without whining. WOW...MOL! We also found out that she doesn't bark (Basenji's are called the barkless dog) so when she needs to go out she stares at mom & whimpers. It's a good thing we live where we do too because she has lots of energy to burn & has ample space outside to do it. We've all had to whack or hiss at her a few times but for the most part we haven't had any far. If no one calls to claim her within the next couple of weeks she can officially call this her furever home & will be added to our DC account.

Well I've got to go for now so mom can go grocery shopping. Thank goodness she'll probably take Ginger with her so we can get our energy explosions taken care of too...MOL! Monkey will take over the family blogging from me for the rest of the month since she's our 'Halloween cat' so she'll meow at you tomorrow or early next week.

Hugs & purrs,
Q Trixie & NICE Crew

Come visit me, Q Trixie~Catgrats QUEEN ANGEL TINKER #75289, Piggy & Sneakers~Vote DEAN #36497 daily in October, Monkey~Vote DEAN #36497 for COTM, Fluffinella ♥Joey, ♥Angel Sherman♥, ♥Angel K Zaboo♥, ♥Angel Cloudy♥, Special Memories page & Patches.

10/01/2015 08:17.45 AM Report This Comment
AHA! Mom says that she *knew* your
Mom was a smart lady! Mom has some trouble with her Little Giant too sometimes, even though she has the smaller model. Once you get used to using them it does get easier. Dad can get one out and set up in no time flat, but he's used them for over 30 years on a weekly basis. For people who don't work on a ladder all the time it just doesn't come that easily. Mom also has a Little Giant step ladder that adjusts to different positions like the regular one except that it is always a step ladder. She uses that one for painting inside the house mostly, and she loves it.

If your Mom ever smells natural gas, she'll know it. It smells terrible! Like rotten eggs. Yuck! Carbon monoxide has *no* smell, and that's why the detector is so important. There is also another way to know if there's a carbon monoxide leak--you kitties will be the first to go down. Small animals are the first to be overcome by anything like that. Our Mom (and probably yours too) would be devastated if any of us were to be lost because of a leak, and that's the main reason Mom insisted on having both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. That's our Mom. More concerned about her fur kids than herself! Hugs, KC and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE DEAN #36497 COTM*** & Sir Pique Thanks All!~DEAN #36497 COTM~.

09/29/2015 12:45.44 PM Report This Comment
Hey Mojo
I'm a real alpha cat, so I am letting her know that I am the boss. I let her sit in my favorite places though because I am a nice guy! When I think she has been there long enough I chase her away!! Thanks again for sending Mom that photo. Mom tried to find Mick Johns because she was curious and she could not find him. Does he have a website or is it Facebook?

Come visit me, Sabrina ~*~ In Loving Memory ~*~ & Luigi.

09/28/2015 06:22.58 PM Report This Comment
Having no inner ear or ear drum on one side
could easily throw a person off balance, so it isn't really fair to say that your Dad was a big klutz. However, he should have realized his shortcomings and refrained from putting himself in any position that could result in injury.

The 8' aluminum ladder is probably as dangerous as any ladder and the adjustable ladder may or may not be as dangerous. It depends on if it's an extension ladder or an adjustable ladder. Mom has an adjustable ladder made by Little Giant. Little Giant ladders are the safest ladders made.

Glad you have the carbon monoxide detector installed! Got to keep you kitties safe! Hugs, KC and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE DEAN #36497 COTM*** & Sir Pique Thanks All!~DEAN #36497 COTM~.

09/28/2015 05:33.46 PM Report This Comment
We've had a canine invasion.....
but mom & dad are taking it in stride. What's up with that? Don't they know that those drooly, panting noisemakers are nothing but trouble? I've got to sit mom down & have a serious talk with her...MOL!
Yesterday morning was going purrfectly when suddenly sis yells that there's a strange dog on the road looking at our house. Mom went out to see if it was familiar & it came running toward her wriggling it's back end. UGH...not only is it a canine but it's a PUPPY canine! Sis took it to all of the closest neighbors' to see if it belonged to them & found out they'd seen it around since last Friday & hadn't fed or watered it so it would leave. Hiss at you mean people!!! Mom can't be that way (especially with a puppy) so she moistened some of Sammie's dog food & watched it inhale the food as if it hadn't eaten in a long, long time. Everything was still okay up to that point but then it scratched on the door wanting in. Mom was a little nervous about that at first since we run around everywhere but she gave in & let it inside. It immediately started trying to make furiends with us! UGH...doggie slobbers was NOT what I had in mind for a quiet Sunday so I made it wait to slobber me until later in the evening...MOL! Patches made up with it almost instantly (& so did outside kitties Joseph, Lacie & kitten Libby). Okay I'll give it a silver star for being nice to kitties but what about all the other house rules mom? The puppy ( a girl) wandered around the house with mom supervising. She started toward our food dishes but stopped as soon as mom told her no. Same thing happened when she was sniffing our boxes. So far the puppy has earned some credit for listening but what about those 'necessary' trips? Darn thing is house trained too! She also sits, stays & lays down on command & won't lay on anything unless she's been told it's okay. Hmmmm...sounds like doom for us kitties doesn't it? Mom put a 'Found Dog' ad up on last night then ran her to the vet this morning to check for a chip (none found) so left them a 'Found Dog' flyer that she printed up & told them to let her know if anyone recognized her. Mom also made a stop at the local police station to ask about lost dogs reported in the past few days but none had been so she left him a flyer too & he posted it for her. He met the pup & was surprised how well behaved she was & said he was jealous that she obeyed commands so well...MOL! Flyers are up & authorities are notified so now all we can do is wait to see if anyone claims her (pictures of her in my gallery). If not then she'll get a new name & join our family because even dad adored her...even though several of us kitties still object...SIGH!!
I hope your weekend was better than mine was. Gotta run for now but will meow more soon.

Q Trixie & NICE Crew

Come visit me, Q Trixie~Catgrats QUEEN ANGEL TINKER #75289, Piggy & Sneakers~Vote DEAN #36497 daily in October, Monkey~Vote DEAN #36497 for COTM, Fluffinella ♥Joey, ♥Angel Sherman♥, ♥Angel K Zaboo♥, ♥Angel Cloudy♥, Special Memories page & Patches.

09/28/2015 09:57.33 AM Report This Comment
So you're telling us that your Dad was a bit of
a klutz (like our Mom) and that your Mom learned from his mistake. Smart woman! Just make her promise to always be careful.

We're glad that your Mom has good smoke detectors on both floors. She should have a carbon monoxide detector on both floors too. Hugs, KC and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE DEAN #36497 COTM*** & Sir Pique Thanks All!~DEAN #36497 COTM~.

09/26/2015 07:35.27 PM Report This Comment
Aw, nuts!
I hope we didn't miss the End of the World party! I think that Full Super Blood Moon Eclipse thing tomorrow would be a great excuse for an end of the world party, don't you? You still got some cans of powdered sour cream and potato slices? How about powdered chili? In case we invite Steve to play a few tunes. *snicker*

Oh wait. What on earth does one bring to a rapture party? Haven't there already been a few of those? Well, I guess since we missed all the previous raptures we may as well get in on this next one, right? Unless the EOTW happens tomorrow during that big exciting eclipse. But - EOTW isn't the same as rapture. I thought rapture came first. Followed by EOTW. Heck fire, all this doomsday stuff has me SO confused! I didn't know there were so many formalities involved in utter destruction. I guess I'll just skip it all and watch football with mom. MOL!



09/26/2015 04:16.18 PM Report This Comment
Hi Mojo!
Happy Caturday!!
Mom would like the photo of Lollipop before the "tweaking" if you have it. My foster mom is a pretty good artist, and she has done mostly lighthouses but is looking for kitties to practice on as she might eventually try to sell some pet portraits. She drew a picture of me for my mom (mom doesn't have it yet) and she wanted to draw one of Lollipop. Mom sent her that picture and thought it was computer enhanced too, and she said it looked too much like a drawing to use. Wow, those birdies looked real to mom, and she always wondered how Darla got three kittens to sit still in a tea cup so she was thinking maybe they were photo shopped.

Darla told mom that my Dad was Mr Moustache, maybe it was spelled a little different, and she sent Mom a photo. He is very handsome!! She did not send Mom a photo of my mom but she figured it out from Lollipop's page. Dolly and Miles are brother and sister but Lollipop is not really related to them at all. Mom is going to take Lollipop to Petco and Pet Smart today to see how she does in public.
Wow, your elections sound more confusing than ours! That's great that your mom will be working there.


Come visit me, Sabrina ~*~ In Loving Memory ~*~ & Luigi.

09/26/2015 07:33.53 AM Report This Comment
hi mojo!
oh by way, i looking votey 11,300--heeeee! if you gets i gives extra micey creams! mummy went food bank at church in auburn, nh, neighbor take her, it nice. dey aska prayer request and praises, den pray, den gives out food, mummy gets bread and all kinda produce! dey nice dere, mummy say dey go back in 2--3 week, see how it go. now she need nappy guess i wait, we wait for irs check so i can come home! have a happy day! love QUINCY

Come visit me, reverend loki - just call me "rev!", luke has a thing for chyna, CHUBBIE CUBBIES!, quincy♥ leo!--vote DEAN cotm nov! & sammy ♥ kara!.

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Hi sweet Mojo, & Family, it's Talley
After breakfast, Queen Talley stepped to the front of the great dining room, flanked on one side by Lady Quincy, and on the other by K Whiskers.
She turned on a wireless microphone and began to speak; “While we were aboard Luz de Luna, I promised you another adventure. We followed a trail of discovery that stretched from Columbus’s Arrival in the new world, to the stars and beyond at the Arecibo Radio Telescope, now we’re going to pursue another historic exploration, but this time it will be a rich history that is still being discovered.”
“As most of you know the Castle is a magical creation. It was created by angel kitties in the far distant past. As you’ve seen, the Castle provides what is needed at any given time. When my brother Pete was king he told me some amazing things, things like needing a reference book and looking on his desk.
As Queen, I’ve found that no matter how many kitties enter a room, it is never crowded. The pantries always have the ingredients that the chef’s need to prepare the wonderful meals that they serve us. The magic is powerful and has endured for many thousands of years. It’s not just the Castle that is magic, but our whole Empire.
I was a very young kitten when Pete was King, but I loved being here and I loved exploring the Castle. One day my friend Kuzenetsa and I were playing in the sub-basement and I found a loose shelf. I thought it might be dangerous to leave it loose like that, and so I decided to push it back against the wall. When I did, the shelf and the wall swung open to reveal a tunnel, far below the castle. Steps led down, and Kuzi and I followed them. We walked for a long ways, and came to a door. It was huge, with big iron hinges and I pushed it open easily. It was just the beginning of some remarkable discoveries.”
I showed my brother Pete what we had found and he organized a group of trusted friends to explore the mysteries left for us by our distant ancestors, to name just a few, of them, K Steve, K Mike, Angel Shai, Lady Dolly and well, too many to mention. Kitties at The Feline Studies Center have been cataloguing the discoveries for many years now and they have barely scratched the surface of what the Angel Kitties left for us to study. After speaking with my angel sisters, I have decided that now is the time for all of you to see and study our historical heritage. This afternoon Lady Quincy will see that you are all outfitted with the necessary clothes and gear to safely explore the tunnels. K Whiskers and K Pete will teach you how to do it safely.
Tomorrow morning, after church, I’ll lead you to what we have discovered so far and you can decide if you want to explore further. Ladies and Gentlecats, It is my profound honor to welcome you to the history of the Feline Empire!”

Come visit me, Q Talley COTM SEPT 2015, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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News flash, Mojo! Those little 5'
ladders are the worst! People think that they are safer because they aren't that big, but falling off a ladder can get you injured even if you only go up 1'. Mom had a little 5' wooden ladder that she used to use outside until Dad took it and rendered it unusable. He said he'd rather have Mom on a taller, sturdier ladder, thank you. And if you fall off a ladder with a saw in your hand, or onto something... So your Mom had better be extra careful!

Horrors! Your lunch was *late*? That must be as traumatic as finding the bottom of the food bowl is for us. Mom practices free-feeding with dry food and there are 5 food bowls out for us. If even one of them gets empty enough to see the bottom, we make sure Mom knows. Otherwise we would definitely starve. At least that is what we tell Mom! MOL!!

How come your Mom didn't already have a carbon monoxide detector? Our folks have an entire fire system in the house, and they also have carbon monoxide detectors and one smoke alarm that isn't part of the system. They need that one alarm because the battery backup on the wired system will only last a few hours during an outage and after that the system is useless. Mom does feel more secure knowing that someone will call 911 if a fire starts when they aren't home. She couldn't care less about the "things" in the house, but us kitties and the dogs are precious beyond measure to her. We *hope* that your Mom has smoke detectors on each floor and changes the batteries once a year!

Almost time for hockey! We won't be able to blog much the first 6 weeks because of Mom's surgery, but we will still be there! Hugs, KC and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE DEAN #36497 COTM*** & Sir Pique Thanks All!~DEAN #36497 COTM~.

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Hi Mojo!!
We noticed that the Solid Gold ad is gone and CC is working good now so they must have listened to us!! Mom knows someone who used to work at the polls here. When is your election day?

Mom was looking at Lollipop's page and she was wondering if your mom knows about the top photo. Was that a photo that was enhanced to look like a drawing or did Janada get a drawing made? Mom also thinks that is Lollipop's mom and dad at the bottom of the page. She was told her mom was a tortie (like Sabrina) and her Dad was black and white. She thinks the photos with the birdies were photoshopped and were sent to Janada by Darla. Hugs,

Come visit me, Sabrina ~*~ In Loving Memory ~*~ & Luigi.

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Hi sweet Mojo, & Family, it's Talley
The seas were calm and the day was bright as the Luz de Luna approached the coast of Florida. The purchases that the kitties had made and all of their suitcases were all safely stored on pallets and ready to be loaded on to the truck that the Captain had arranged.
Talley had announced over breakfast, that another adventure was coming up, one that would take place on the grounds of the Castle. She wouldn’t elaborate, except to say that some of those present would recognize what they were going to see.
K Steve suddenly got a knowing look on his face, but held his tongue. He and Angel Shai exchanged a look and smiled.
Talley had discussed her idea with the family, when she had presented her plan, Angels Maggie, Lucy and Sylvie had given their enthusiastic approval. Pete and Whiskers had begun planning the logistics. The rest of the family pitched in to help plan this special event. Callie, Whitey and Orangie began to study all of the material that Talley had downloaded to their tablets.
The kitties speculated among themselves what the surprise could be. Some thought it would be a fabulous party, but others thought it would be more than that, Evie and Mojo both said that it would be pretty hard to throw any party better than those that they had enjoyed earlier in Talley’s reign.
Puzzle and PD Budd, had speculated that perhaps it involved some kind of spectacular scavenger hunt.
Lady Quincy knew what it was and she was excited, but could keep a Queen’s secret better than anyone.
For the moment though, the party aboard the Luz de Luna continued, they were approaching their berth at Dodge Island, and the tugs came alongside to ease the big ship to the pier.
When they were secured to the dock, the crew assembled on deck to bid their guests a fond goodbye, each of the kitties thanked each of the crew for an unforgettable cruise. Raven told the captain, that at the next scheduled dry-docking of the ship she wanted the crew to have extra paid vacation days to come and visit the family at their Angel Lake home.
The captain announced the news to the crew and there was a round of cheers and shouts of Hail to the Queen. There was a sincere general thank you from all of the crew directed to Raven as well. The crew was unanimous in their belief that they had never worked for a better run ship, or a better owner.
Angel Mallow had loaded the Hairballz Motorcycles aboard Feline Force One, many times. She was familiar with securing the loads properly, and now she directed the loading of the Pallets full of luggage and shopping.
Lady Quincy checked everyone in as they came aboard and Pete and Thundie ran the final checklists. Whiskers and Talley sat down and buckled up.
Once they had taken off, Talley addressed the guests, “I hope you’ve all had fun, and I know you’ll enjoy an evening at home. Tomorrow another adventure begins. I’ll see you all at the Castle for breakfast!”
There were cheers from everyone!

Come visit me, Q Talley COTM SEPT 2015, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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hi mojo!
votey 2900, heeeee! funny, i not realize till see note count on page, you gonna list me now? heeeee! yea, i been bouncy too, auntie jenny text mummy, mummy gonna call her thursday, but she text back, still sick, so mummy gonna call saturday. if mummy gets tax money dey still owe her from 2013 she gonna taka roadtrip, down see auntie, and bringa me home, it been bout 18 month been here, cuz she not able care us when she sick, cuz she tink she die, so sent me and sister misty to auntie. misty lucky, she bond wid auntie, she not bond wid mummy 8 year after her mummy die, but she cling to auntie, so mummy gonna let her stay wid auntie, it best her. well it past bedtime, you too, we go sleepy soon! have sweet dreams,see you at hockey friday! love QUINCY

Come visit me, reverend loki - just call me "rev!", luke has a thing for chyna, CHUBBIE CUBBIES!, quincy♥ leo!--vote DEAN cotm nov! & sammy ♥ kara!.

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Hi Mojo
Our mom was home all day, too. She only walked up to Family Dollar for a few things and came back home, she was gone an hour at most.

We got to 78* and it was sunny and breezy...another fine Autumn day in the Motor City. We sure are enjoying it and so is mom, she can sit outside and not sweat to death cause of the high humidity.

Jesse is our 'pig'...he can eat his own dinner and then want some of mom's after he ate his and he will finish anything that Sheba and Kelsee leave in their bowls...he would eat all day long if mom would let him. Mom had him tested for worms and he doesn't have any, so we have no clue why he is so gluttonous.

Mom got her new kitty Cats meow Quilt and the shams were mailed out in a separate package, so she is waiting for them to arrive. She took a picture of Kelsee sleeping on the quilt last night.

We are watching this torti cat in the alley and Jesse is pacing back and forth, he wants to get out in the alley and chase it away out of our alley. I told Jesse the alley isn't ours but that cat is too close to the yard for his comfort. Mom thinks he or she belongs to the lady about 6 houses down cause she sees it on the porch over there and the cat doesn't seem sick or too skinny or even skittish!

Hope you have a pawsome evening!
Pawhuggz galore!!!
Kali =^..^=

Come visit me, KELSEE~~I ♥ A Snickie~~Happy Fall!!!, K-WINSTON ~~I ♥ Brina~~*Happy Fall!!*, KALI~~I LUV Elvis~~Happy Autumn~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA~~ Autum is here~~*I ♥ Shaddy*, JESSE ~~It's Autumn~~I ♥ Tweetie, KCK team page 2015/2016 & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

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Mojo, you tell your Mom to be very careful
on that ladder! Especially when she's trying to cut branches off a tree. Our Mom has one of the safest ladders made and she still has to take special care when using it.

How come she's using a hand saw? Does she not have a chain saw? We have one but Dad gets awfully nervous when Mom tries to use it on her own. I wonder why?

It sounds like your Mom is making progress on getting things sorted out and given away, which is good. It keeps her busy and helps her sleep. Not as well as having you cuddled up against her, though! Hugs, KC and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE DEAN #36497 COTM*** & Sir Pique Thanks All!~DEAN #36497 COTM~.

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Hi Mojo!!
Lollipop is very willfull but I am more willful!! She takes to Greenies very well.. better than me!! Mom is thinking Lollipop may have intimidated Dolly too, that's why she was under the bed a lot.But when Mom picks her up, she is very loving and purrs and purrs. I squirm!! Miss Lani said Lollipop is welcome back any time for pawdicures or lion cuts, but I need a special appointment!! Maybe because I am so much bigger has something to do with it too.
Well, we still have a heat wave, and we did not get rain that was predicted this week. Mom just hopes we can get through fire season without any problems.
Mom emailed support about the ad and they said they would look into it. Mom does not use Ad Blocker, her cousin who is a big computer guru told her not to. She doesn't remember exactly why but something about some websites will block content if one has Ad Blocker.

Come visit me, Sabrina ~*~ In Loving Memory ~*~ & Luigi.

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Hi Mojo
How are you all doing??? How bout that mom of yours?? I am sure she is keeping herself busy!! We are loving the cooler weather and open windows. Those rotten little birds sit outside the bedroom windows and torture us all, I think they know we can't get them. :)
Mom has all the big cases drug out, this weekend she is getting ready to start packing them. They are going on a vacation,first one in over ten years Oct 3-17th & they have never done this since we all came. All I know is we are going to be having some pawty while they are gone. She is a killjoy though there will be adult supervision twice day, and they will be darn lucky to see anybody except Daizy!! :) They are hoping to come home a couple days early to do some projects around the house, there always seems to be something to do, we think your mom is probably going through that too.
Mom is hoping to get her groove back after a little rest & relaxtion!!! Something she doesn't seem to get much of these days!! :)
Hope you all have a mice day!!
Hugs & kitty Kisses, Maizy

Come visit me, K. Tuck ~ offline for Vacation Oct. 3-17th, Dame Dot ~ offline for Vacation Oct. 3-17th, Maizy ~ Please Vote Dean #36497 for COTM!!, Dame Mouse ~ offline for Vacation Oct. 3-17th & Smoke's Angels~ In Loving Memory of Shadow.

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delightful cool fall morning outside
as janet left here after posting the temp on catty shack and that was before 5:30 when she left to do the entire lower west st. block in the dark and got halfway and the sun was already up but got pictures of it before it came up and afterwards as well as a few trees starting to show some color. she's going out in a bit to pull the tomato plants up the worst ones with blight as she's going to start putting the garden to bed for the winter minus a few tomato plants which the blight isn't to bad and all the ground limas as well as pole limas/string beans. also will pull the seed pods off the rose of sharon bush and prune it up a bit as well and later run uptown to get her paychecks, go to the bank and get doggie food at daves soda and petfood city for pepper. hopes to sit outside like she did yesterday and maybe not do cc like she did, although didn't get a chance to finish as it ran out of power and was more than halfway charged when she finished last night and sorted email before going to bed. finally went to sleep till 4-5 this morning as she's always an early bird and will be up starting sunday for a week and then is off again on vacation the following week. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

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Hi Mojo!
Mom is going to start taking Lollipop on excursions to Petco and Pet Smart to see how she does. So far she has been real calm and not scared anywhere she goes outside on the leash. Well, I am the same way but there is no way I would walk with a leash and I am not cuddly enough to be a therapy cat, whereas Lollipop is real good in that department! There are very few cats that can be therapy cats. When Mom was volunteering with the poodle, there were only 2 cats and 40 dogs. Mom has been working with Lollipop and she is very trainable (unlike me.) She knows if the uses the cardboard scratcher she will get a Greenie!!
CC is giving us fits with that Solid Gold ad on the top and pages freezing. It's all very frustrating.

Come visit me, Sabrina ~*~ In Loving Memory ~*~ & Luigi.

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Our first meow of autumn
Hi everykitty! Mom has been really busy this week so this is my first chance to meow at you. It's a beautiful warm day outside so mom has the windows open to let the breeze blow through the house. We can tell that fall is here though because the nights are getting very chilly. The outside crew have been snuggling together on their blankets to keep warm at night & luckily have had warm sunshine during the daylight hours too.
All of us inside kitty girls are doing fine & have been romping like we always do...MOL! Piggy has been getting into sis' room & carrying things out so she's been in trouble part of the time for that & also for pouncing on all of us when we're trying to nap. She even thought about pouncing on Patches yesterday but she got 'the look' when mom called Patches name to wake her up...MOL! I think it's gang up on Piggy time myself but we have to make sure mom isn't watching when we do it...MOL!

Well I can't stay on for very long since mom is doing laundry & getting the house 'baby proofed' again so that furless can spend the night on Friday. By the time he arrives we should know if big sis' next baby will be a boy or a girl....if the baby is cooperating & laying the right way this time.

Have a pawtastic day & I'll try to meow again before the weekend.

Calico kisses,
QTrixie & NICE Crew

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Hi sweet Mojo, & Family, it's Talley
The kitties all ate a very hearty breakfast, thinking that they’d need a good meal to prepare them for the hike up the telescope.
As they were finishing their last bites, Lady Quincy tapped her glass for their attention. When the room was quiet she began to speak. “Alla you kitties, I has somthin’ to tell you. Before we get ona busses we need to put alla cell phones in rooms. Nothin that makes a radio signal can be on the mountain, cause it would disturb the receivers at the telescope. We wouldn’t wanna ruin any of the science speremints that they doing.”
There were a few grumbles and Flower asked, “What about our cameras, Lady Quincy, can we take them?”
Quincy looked in her notes and said, “We can take digital cameras as far as the visitor center, and we can buy disposable film cameras there, that we can take up the mountain. It says here that the telescope is so sensitive that it could hear the computers in digital cameras.” Quincy laughed and said, I only hear my camera say CLICK.”
Raven said, “Before we load into the motor launches, I’ll go to the ship’s photo shop and get disposable cameras for us. Hurry everyone, we don’t want to be late, Quincy has arranged a special tour for us and our guide will be waiting.”
The kitties already had their day-bags packed and were quickly helped aboard the motor launches. The sea was still a little choppy as a result of the previous evening’s squalls, and some of the kitties got a little salt spray on their fur. Kaomi and Q Mimi took turns dring each other with a towel.
Duke PD Budd, was making notes on a yellow pad, and was no doubt getting background material for the further adventures of Furlip Merlow.
The buses were waiting and the kitties quickly climbed aboard with Lady Quincy checking everyone off of her list.
The road from San Juan to Arecibo ran along the coast and the view was lovely, which was good, as it distracted the kitties from paying too much attention to the narrowness of road, or the steepness of the drop. At one point, when another bus was coming the other way, Pete closed his eyes and said a quick prayer.
When they arrived at the visitor center, Whiskers and Talley led everyone off the buses and into the modern building, where their guide met them. He bowed toward Talley and said, “Welcome your Highness.”
Talley thanked him and the tour began. They learned that telescope was constructed over a dormant volcano and that it produced such a mass of data that SETI at Home had been created to look for patterns. ( anyone who wished could sign up and use their computers to look for messages from deep space.
The climb up the mountain was tiring but the view was worth it! The great dish pointed at the sky and the stars beyond.
As they reboarded the busses, Talley said, we might have time for a little shopping in San Juan. All of the girls cheered and the guys just smiled at them

Come visit me, Q Talley COTM SEPT 2015, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hairballz Schedule* Note change Sept 27th-Oct 3rd
Hairballz Schedule * note change Sept 27th - Oct 3rd

Sept 27th Oct 3rd
Q. Lola CC Possum FB
Oct 4th-10th
K. Winston FB Maggie Meme CC
Oct 11th-17th
A. Mallow FB Cyndee CC
Oct 18th-24th
A. Beast FB K. win CC
Oct 25th-31st
O Lola FB- Zoe M. CC
Nov 1st-7th
Q. Talley FB Mojo CC
Nov 8th -14th
Possum FB Q. Lola CC
Nov 15th -21st
K. Win FB Q. Talley CC
Nov 22-28th
A. Beast Fb Coco CC
Nov 29th- Dec 5th
Q. Lola FB A. Mallow CC
Dec 6th-12th
Maggie Meme FB Possum CC
Dec 13th -19th
Q. Talley CC Coco FB
Dec 20th-26th
Kali FB Q. Lola CC
Dec 27th-Jan 3rd
Possum FB Talley CC
Jan 4th -9th
A. Mallow FB Maggie Meme CC
Jan 10th-16th
Zoe Monique FB Q. Lola CC
* Please note Zoe Monique and Cyndee removed from Nov and Dec schedule to run for COTM and hopefully Zoe Monique will be Dec Queen of CC.

Come visit me, Zoe Monique, On the road again.......

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Oh yes, I do believe that your Mom had to
use a ladder! Our humans use those things, too. Sasha even thinks that they are playthings for HER. That's 'cause Sasha is fat & spoiled so it's easier for her to use a ladder than to climb like a real cat. MOL!!

Glad your Mom didn't have to replace the furnace. It has gotten down into the 40s here, too, but Mom has the upstairs heat turned off and the main floor heat set to warm weather shut-off so it won't kick on unless it gets *really* cold. Another really nice thing about the radiant floor system is that it doesn't smell nearly as bad as a forced air system in the fall. There are no ducts for dust to get trapped in. Anyway, it is that time of year. Bleh! Hugs, KC and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE DEAN #36497 COTM*** & Sir Pique Thanks All!~DEAN #36497 COTM~.

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Hi Mojo!
We think Janada would be thrilled if Lollipop could be a therapy cat, that's one reason why Mom is looking into it, plus she used to do it with Zooka the poodle, and it was very rewarding. People would tell her that Zooka made their day very happy. Mom thinks Lollipop would be able to do it too. She did find out they will not consider it until the cat is 1 year old so we have to wait awhile, meanwhile Lollipop gets to go outside with a harness and leash. Mom would never even attempt that with me!! I would probably bite her fingers off if she tried to put one of those things around me!! Hugs,

Come visit me, Sabrina ~*~ In Loving Memory ~*~ & Luigi.

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hi mojo!
how you doing tonight, has good monday? glad you enjoy birday, dey always fun and fulla surprize, heeeee! and you get bouncy, bet dat cuz a alla sugar inna food, and i see you likes root beer lika me, it taka me all night has 2 small cans! ok, next on agenda--go visit kelsee, it her day, she in charge write alla notes, heeeee! dey takes turns from HT kitties, dey has so much write bout--maybe she tell you bout gang, and silly tings dey do, heeeee! have a happy night! love QUINCY, girl who not sing at hockey, heeeee!

Come visit me, reverend loki - just call me "rev!", luke has a thing for chyna, CHUBBIE CUBBIES!, quincy♥ leo!--vote DEAN cotm nov! & sammy ♥ kara!.

09/21/2015 03:34.22 PM Report This Comment
A mast is easy to climb, Mojo, because the
silly humans made it that way. They don't appreciate the challenge of going up a post without steps! Hey, if you want to take this piece of sisal here (KC hands Mojo the end of what appears to be a box full of sisel), you can climb up there and we'll start winding. There's about 20000' of sisel here, that should be plenty. We'll just have to work around the sail and the steps they've nailed on. Easy, right?

Mom has seen squirrels scale the side of a house. Can you do that? Hugs, Sasha and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE DEAN #36497 COTM*** & Sir Pique Thanks All!~DEAN #36497 COTM~.

09/20/2015 12:14.15 PM Report This Comment
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