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Domestic Mediumhair from <a href='' title='Detroit, MI'>Detroit, MI</a>

SHEBA~~ Autum is here~~*I ♥ Shaddy*

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Hi! My name is SHEBA~~ Autum is here~~*I ♥ Shaddy*

I am Domestic Mediumhair from Detroit, MI

Nicknames: Loud Mouth,& Growlie Gus and her other mom called her "Ghetto kitty"...we call her Sheeb's. now. Her latest is "Sheldon".

Age: 12 years old

Gender: F

Coat: short haired

Education: She finally came out of hiding at is eating...YAY!!!

She won COTD: 6/7/14
2nd COTD: 7/26/15

My favorite tricks and treats are: Hides out really well! and Tempatations Turkey flavor, Meow Mix Delectable, Party Mix, etc..she eats ALL treats.

Where I hang out: Back of the loveseat looking out the window at the birds.

My favorite grubs: Meow Mix 12 cup variety pack{various flavors}, Sheba canned & Kibble.

My pet peeves: Being growled at by Kali. Just having my other resident cats around her is enough to get her growling at them, especially at dinner time.

What I love about my owners: Now that I know my new owner better, she has been very patient with me and let's me come to her and now she doens't have to try so hard. She is very kind and understanding and she gives good chin pets.

My cat hobbies: Runs from room to room chasing Kelsee or Winston, sleeping, playing in catnip and hanging on the back porch.

Pet motto: Hockeytown Cats Rule

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Well, I gave her away as a kitten to my co-worker and I got her back as she is moving and can't take her along. She is Kelsee's littermate, so she is being reunited with Kel.

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I've had 8192 friends visit me.

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Well, winter here is pretty good. We don't have to hide from the sun all day and mom can sleep better when it's cool. It finally becomes Hockey Season too ! Practice is fun, not so intense, but there is nothing like a good game, win or lose. Of course we will all do our best to get that Cup this year.
We had some rain yesterday and mom stayed pretty busy. Looks like it will be an OK day. It will be humid and like your mom our doesn't like that at all.
I hope you get to enjoy some more outside days befor you have to stay in. Enjoy a peaceful Sunday ! Take it EASY !

Come visit me, Elsa ( VI K ), Thunderclan MHL Team Page, Angel Trucker, Mercury, Cashmere, Crush, Tessa ( VI K ) & Angel Easy Goin (K7/11) Capt. Thunderclan MHL.

10/04/2015 04:16.01 AM Report This Comment
Hi Sheebs
We have been chilly here too. Now it's just as much inside since they shut the gas off here (too early) and turned it on at the new place. At least it's only a week till move in.
Leaves don't bother Mom. Never has.
Mom loves having a garage to park in now so she won't have to spend so much time cleaning off her car after it snows. That really annoyed her, along with shoveling out the driveway after the plows went by.
Boxes have been going over but things can't be placed until shelves and stuff make it over.

Come visit me, Q. A. Sakura~Offline Furiday nights for football!.

10/03/2015 07:03.29 PM Report This Comment
Hi Sheba
Saw a new SVU and MH was on it. She does make the show. We don't like Winter either. Don't like cold and dark. We are supposed to be a Southern state, but Winter goes on forever and Summer is gone in a flash. Mom pays $100 every year for the leaf raking. We usually have about 75 big yard bags, Our are mainly from neighbors also, We just have one Oak tree on our lot. Blackstone & Grayson

Come visit me, Mimi, WindSong, J.C. & Blackstone & Grayson.

10/02/2015 05:05.56 PM Report This Comment
Hey Sheebs!
Yes CC was making it very difficult for Mom this morning delivering my blogs to 60 some kitties. All the blogs disappear & she likes to check them to be sure they are okay before leaving the page. Hope we don't have to put up with THAT all month! Really takes alot of Mom's time. She gets up at 4 AM to post my blogs as she wants them done before going to work so kitties can read it when they wake up! Leaving a vote. Hope Mom is feeling well. Peace & love. Have a purrfect evening. Kitty Kisses. Dean

Come visit me, Dean, ORANGE CRUSH hockey cheers written by YUM YUM, Angel King Anderson COTM Sept 2009, Angel Anderson 6/19/14 We miss you very much!, DEAN Daily Blogs for COTM October 2015, Legend & The Orange Crush Hockey Club.

10/02/2015 04:11.30 PM Report This Comment
hiya sheeba
tgif, how are you, pretty young thing--hey, mum remembers that song--"pretty young thing"--the king of pop, Michael Jackson, 1984! oh, excuse me, mum's dating herself, she was an 80s DJ, hee hee hee! okay, I'm all done now, how has your week been? it's been cloudy and cooler here, we don't mind though, it sure beats the humidity of a couple weeks ago, mum is still healing a rash she got, under her--well, womanly chest area, bet your mom knows what she means. glad you got the prilosec, see quincy's note to win, mum really did think maybe the dea might come question her, she's too much! oh by the way, win left his note to bring with his gift on his own page, he might want to correct that asap, hee hee hee! hope maybe you all come to hockey tonight, it's too cold to sit outside after dark and practice is almost over, please come, we miss you there. hope to see you, love your friend LUKE

Come visit me, reverend loki - just call me "rev!", luke has a thing for chyna, CHUBBIE CUBBIES!, quincy♥ leo!--vote DEAN cotm nov! & sammy ♥ kara!.

10/02/2015 01:07.39 PM Report This Comment
Hello Sheeba
What’s purring with you today? It’s Wine Down Wednesday (that’s what Mommy calls it) so you know what that means - our cleaning lady Mrs. Maryann is here. As usual, I am hiding upstairs in my hammock in the scrapbook room, while helpful Casper Todd “supervises”. That boy is a strange one.

Happy Hump Day!
Q Sissy

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle (in Loving Memory) ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

09/30/2015 01:53.15 PM Report This Comment
we have loud noises
around us too a new house over off of southeast nearly in two homes across the street's backyard which up till now was always a field or way back when a pasture for cows! then next door down the street he's having new roofing put on and they started with the garage and aren't gonna get to far today or tomorrow or through tuesday next week. looks like 2 big noreasters are blow-ing in one tonight into tomorrow and the other sat night into sun and showers thurs/fri and mon/tues so looks like indoor act-ivities will rule the roost for that amount of time as anything outside will get washed out or mud slogged out. what a way to start janet's next to last vacation too rain the first 4 days of it! a big change from the one she had last week when it was sunny everyday and 70s to lower 80s. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

09/29/2015 12:47.23 AM Report This Comment
hi my sweet love sheebs
thank u so much for ur prayers for our thundie

thundie did come home today as momma told them she could not afford another 115.00 hospital stay. he has bout 5 different meds to take

he ate a bit but bout 10:30 he threw up. bad sign that.
but bout 45 minutes ago he ate some of his favorite treats, whisker likins tuna, treats and drank some water. then he let momma know he had to pee so she took him to litter box and he did. yea good sign.
so far the treats and water has stayed in his tummy. yeah!!!!!! and he is sleeping. still has fever tho
the want to bring someone in to do an ultralsound on his liver and pancreas. will have to see how much that be first
if he does okay with meds, eating and such he can stay home. we just have to pray for that
he sure was glad to see momma today. they told her was first "perking" up he had done at all. they were sure glad to see that
so at this time' all we can do if be here for thundie and momma too and hope he gets better
poor momma we cry for all she is having to endure, but she is holding up and taking care of doggie goliath and now dear thundie as well. we can see the love and pain on her face, specially in her teary eyes
kep prayers coming
loves shaddy and ga clan


09/29/2015 12:44.03 AM Report This Comment
We've had a canine invasion.....
but mom & dad are taking it in stride. What's up with that? Don't they know that those drooly, panting noisemakers are nothing but trouble? I've got to sit mom down & have a serious talk with her...MOL!
Yesterday morning was going purrfectly when suddenly sis yells that there's a strange dog on the road looking at our house. Mom went out to see if it was familiar & it came running toward her wriggling it's back end. UGH...not only is it a canine but it's a PUPPY canine! Sis took it to all of the closest neighbors' to see if it belonged to them & found out they'd seen it around since last Friday & hadn't fed or watered it so it would leave. Hiss at you mean people!!! Mom can't be that way (especially with a puppy) so she moistened some of Sammie's dog food & watched it inhale the food as if it hadn't eaten in a long, long time. Everything was still okay up to that point but then it scratched on the door wanting in. Mom was a little nervous about that at first since we run around everywhere but she gave in & let it inside. It immediately started trying to make furiends with us! UGH...doggie slobbers was NOT what I had in mind for a quiet Sunday so I made it wait to slobber me until later in the evening...MOL! Patches made up with it almost instantly (& so did outside kitties Joseph, Lacie & kitten Libby). Okay I'll give it a silver star for being nice to kitties but what about all the other house rules mom? The puppy ( a girl) wandered around the house with mom supervising. She started toward our food dishes but stopped as soon as mom told her no. Same thing happened when she was sniffing our boxes. So far the puppy has earned some credit for listening but what about those 'necessary' trips? Darn thing is house trained too! She also sits, stays & lays down on command & won't lay on anything unless she's been told it's okay. Hmmmm...sounds like doom for us kitties doesn't it? Mom put a 'Found Dog' ad up on last night then ran her to the vet this morning to check for a chip (none found) so left them a 'Found Dog' flyer that she printed up & told them to let her know if anyone recognized her. Mom also made a stop at the local police station to ask about lost dogs reported in the past few days but none had been so she left him a flyer too & he posted it for her. He met the pup & was surprised how well behaved she was & said he was jealous that she obeyed commands so well...MOL! Flyers are up & authorities are notified so now all we can do is wait to see if anyone claims her (pictures of her in my gallery). If not then she'll get a new name & join our family because even dad adored her...even though several of us kitties still object...SIGH!!
I hope your weekend was better than mine was. Gotta run for now but will meow more soon.

Q Trixie & NICE Crew

Come visit me, Q Trixie~Catgrats QUEEN ANGEL TINKER #75289, Piggy & Sneakers~Vote DEAN #36497 daily in October, Monkey~Vote DEAN #36497 for COTM, Fluffinella ♥Joey, ♥Angel Sherman♥, ♥Angel K Zaboo♥, ♥Angel Cloudy♥, Special Memories page & Patches.

09/28/2015 09:43.29 AM Report This Comment
Sounds like you have had a nice weekend. It is very hot here so no kitty is doing much for most of the day. Sam was very bad today, fighting with The Frito Bandito. Must be the moon. Mom did manage to finish Mr.Kittys thank yous but then dad started bothering her to help him do this, help him do that. Then mom had to try to get a special food bag measured, cut, sewn, measure liner material, cut it, sew it. She really wanted to get it done but she just had to quit. All tuckered out. That was an hour ago. Now she is going to scarf down some food and take us to Hockey. No more thank yous got done. She doesn't know when she will get to them. Maybe after work tomorrow. See you at the rink ! Take it EASY !

Come visit me, Elsa ( VI K ), Thunderclan MHL Team Page, Angel Trucker, Mercury, Cashmere, Crush, Tessa ( VI K ) & Angel Easy Goin (K7/11) Capt. Thunderclan MHL.

09/27/2015 04:11.47 PM Report This Comment
Hi Sheebs,
I hope that all is well with you today. I have had a good day so far. Mitt decided not to finish her lunch so Mom said that I could have the extra. I never turn down food or treats. Hehehe.!!! I have been enjoying the nice weather that we had all week so when I went outside today, my whiskers almost fell off. It was " COLD ".!!!! I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather. I look for Mom's blue bathrobe every evening. It is so nice to cuddle with Mom and enjoy the soft, warm robe. It is going to be an afternoon of football so we will all use the time to relax and re-charge for the week ahead. You never know what adventures await. Purrs and kitty kisses, Greycee Mist...

Come visit me, Mittens. Boo to you..., Q. Angel Misty. It's time for Halloween..., Minuette. I like pumpkin pie..., Greycee Mist. Happy Halloween... & Gypsy: Ghosts and spiders, Oh my....

09/27/2015 11:03.24 AM Report This Comment
my sweet sheebs
we, well me, needs ur loving hugs and kisses specially now

a big thanks here from mitt and fam for their extra prayers for at this point we really really need them.

we are bout at our wits end here specially poor momma as now our dearest thundie is very sick. he has one of them kidney things I think it might be called cysystitus or something similar. he is very sore in the kidney/baldder area.

momma had another furbaby pato, who is over the bridge now (he was 17) and he had this same thing and that is how momma recognizes what is wrong

she has thundie on her bed with him on thick towels and she went to massaging his kidney area and she cried as thundie did and it pained her so to know she was hurting him. but at least she has gotten him to pee on towels twice now, which was imperative that he do.

thank goodness our vet will be in office at one tomorrow so momma can have him there when the unlock the doors. unless he is lots worse and momma has to call one of them in earlier

momma cut one of goliath's pain pills in half and gave it ot thundie to help ease him off a bit. of course the will be a nite of little or no sleep for our dear momma as she will want to keep and eye on him

don't know why all this bad stuff is happening to us all at once. we cry for momma for all she is having to endure now and beg for ur prayers for our most dearly loved brother sib thundie

loves u all
ur shaddy, ga clan and momma deb


09/26/2015 07:57.49 PM Report This Comment
Hi Sheebs
We have been having lower 80's here but low humidity so it hasn't been too bad.
Yeah, peanuts seem like a strange snack for a dog, but maybe not since they seem to adore peanut butter.

Come visit me, Q. A. Sakura~Offline Furiday nights for football!.

09/26/2015 07:44.48 PM Report This Comment
Hi Sheba
Mom loves SVU. She saw the two hour one also and is watching the SVU marathon today. She does not get tired of it and is glad it is still on. Cool and drizzly today. No good for yard work. Blackstone.

Come visit me, Mimi, WindSong, J.C. & Blackstone & Grayson.

09/26/2015 05:04.32 PM Report This Comment
The temperature was High 70 & Low was 55 this morning, now it's Partly Sunny; 70 with humidity 28% & wind is 8 MPH NNW. Sunday's suppose to be Mostly Sunny & High 73.

RECORD HIGH: 93 set in 9/26/1949.
RECORD LOW: 31 set in 9/26/1926.

*~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~*
*** GPC REPORTER: ~*~ SAUSHA KNIGHT #22506 ***
*~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~*

I'm back for a short visit as momma's has a headache! Momma says I probably won't get to do any return visits on Sunday and don't know when neither. Bummer!

Guess what I was doing about Tuesday and making momma laugh at me? She caught me playing with our Springs! I was flipping it in the air and chasing it. Momma was so happy to see me play and she's never seen me play so much and hard before! Momma even managed to get a couple pictures and added them to my gallery.

Well, I got a little sicky early Friday morning at 5:06 so momma called The Veterinary Hospital to have it put on my Record. I'm doing ok right now.

Teakee #25544 is doing ok. She has trouble walking at times cuz of her Arthritis.

*~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~*


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.~:*:~. RBB TINKER #75289 ~:*:~. on CC.

Here's a Girl Power Crew vote for you.

With Kitty Kisses & Loves,

~*~ SAUSHA KNIGHT #22506 ~*~

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