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Domestic Shorthair from <a href='' title='Midland, MI'>Midland, MI</a>

Sir Pique~QUINCY #180493 COTM in February~

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Hi! My name is Sir Pique~QUINCY #180493 COTM in February~

I am Domestic Shorthair from Midland, MI

Nicknames: PeteZa Boos, Peekaboo, Pique, Big Boy, Punkin

Age: 1 year old

Gender: M

Coat: short haired

Education: July 6, 2015 I am 11 months old now and a BIG kitten! I weigh somewhere north of 12 pounds now and I get into everything. I also have some very unique and endearing habits. When Mom stands at the kitchen counter to wave to Daddy in the morning, I stand up beside her and hold her hand with my front paws. I also *love* playing fetch! Some days I don't give Mom a moment's rest because I will bring my toy back to her over and over again and expect her to throw it for me. Mom can't imagine life without me!

March 2, 2015 I am now just 4 days shy of 7 months old and I rule the house! (That's what I think, anyway!) Mom weighed me today and I'm 9 lbs. 3.6 ozs. I'm on track to be HUGE! I can do pretty much anything I set my little mind to do, and it drives Mom nuts. MOL!!

12/23/14 Pique is now 4.5 months old, and fearless! He doesn't seem to be afraid of anything, unless it's ghosts. The vacuum doesn't faze him, he swats it and sometimes rides it. The dogs don't bother him, the other cats are just things to be annoyed. He is an unusual cat, for sure!

10/20/14 Pique is now almost 10 weeks old, and he's proven to be a very smart and active boy. He can jump or climb just about anywhere he wants to get. He has figured out the enclosure and found all the good kitty hiding places, and charmed his Dad so much that he's staying for good.

9/6/14 He's four weeks old today, and he knows his name and how to charm Mom and Dad.

My favorite tricks and treats are: He runs, jumps, and tries hard to type intelligible sentences. and Party Mix treats, canned food, cookies, crackers, just about anything edible.

Where I hang out: The enclosure, the couch, the human's bed and the catwalk.

My favorite grubs: Any canned food, any food my human Mom eats.

My pet peeves: Being told "NO"! Being told that he's too old to be nursing. Not getting his own way all the time. The big kitties not playing with him.

What I love about my owners: They were there when I was born, they've helped me grow strong and be healthy and they've committed to keeping me that way forever!

My cat hobbies: Play, annoy the other cats and the dogs.

Pet motto: PLAY! Annoy as many other animals as you can until they agree to play with you!

8/6/14 Nurse and sleep, you'll grow up big and strong.


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Mom was a neighbor's cat who decided she wanted to live with me. Neighbor didn't care enough to take her home, even when he was told she was pregnant. PiqueABoo was born 3 days after I brought Verlander inside, on the same day his human Dad had surgery.

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janet thinks they might ask
her to stay today depends on how far the other two melon bar girls get on stuff. as between her and janet yesterday janet did all the cantelopes and was going to do honeydew but before she finished the lopes the other girl had sped through honeydew, strawberries and kiwi fruit! that left janet for not doing much afterwards, so she got two shelves in the cooler cleaned off of mold and well doesn't know what's up with the walls and other fixtures in there, but she has 2 more on that same rack to do and 4 more on the other still left to take care of as she's been doing some as she's been going along since this past fall when she noticed they were getting bad again. janet already got permission to work her usual this coming week as she asked the store manager and then re-layed that message to her dept. boss who said go ahead which means red carding out everyday which is a pain in the backside but will have to be done. angels,ab,haley

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02/07/2016 12:38.25 AM Report This Comment
nat was a bit put out
he had to do all the shoveling twice, as after janet finally got home took her 20 minutes to get all or as much snow as she could get off her car and then crawling home since the town didn't plow even one of the major roads south/north or any of the side streets till mid afternoon...idiots they are...she and others just took their sweet time and the fastest she went was 30 and mostly 25 all the way home. she stayed till 11;45 when she fin-ished making the 6 large and 8 octagon veggie platters as many are still having parties and are rooting for carolina not the broncs anyday! she will stay till her usual time of 11 today and if they need her till noon tomorrow, she will stay and i guess the store manager is a bit put out that he won't be able to keep the hours down for her or the melon bar girls either, just doesn't work that way. she did get out and walk up the street and over bay into a new conservation area a ways taking some pictures which she says she will get up soon, but not till she's got enough to put up. it's not worth it with 7 pictures only! angels,ab,haley

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02/06/2016 12:28.29 AM Report This Comment
heya pique
sorry I didn't take you out this week, but quincys catpaign was tough starting, with mum sick 2 days, but listen--come home with us uncles for the weekend, we have to make enough chili's for q.mallows super bowl party, and sunday hockey, he he! already emailed your mom, know she and dad have plans so just want to get this set, quincy is going back to your house with Leo for the weekend, and you get to be with us guys, yeah, drink root beer, make chili and burp out loud, he he! pack your small bag, we will grab you at hockey, love UNCLE SAMMY

Come visit me, reverend loki - "THE REV!", luke - chyna said I DO!!!, q.pres.quincy feb/march 2016 memories, CHUBBIE CUBBIES!, QUINCY♥ LEO!-VOTE ME COTM-180493! & sammy ♥ kara!.

02/05/2016 12:37.32 PM Report This Comment
with the white slop
coming in here once it starts will be rain seeing we're at 40 and not to bad out there really, going to be sticky heavy crap the type nobody really wants that's for sure. only 1-3" here and no more than that, and more coming in on tuesday next week, like ly either will keep janet home if it's coming down or going in and coming home in the slop like she might up ending as today. just hope the stupid town has roads plowed by that time or else it's going to be one big mess! snow showers also on valentine's day and a one day cold spell mid 20s for highs on sat, then back up to lower 30s like most of this upcoming week will be here. angels,ab,haley

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02/05/2016 12:35.19 AM Report This Comment
we're just so happy
that we had the past 2 weeks of warm weather and now it's all downhill with 50s today, 40s all weekend, and 30s through friday next week, then really cold stuff for next weekend 20s for highs only. two possibilities of snow here tomorrow a dusting-1" un-less it moves in more towards us then we'll get clocked, and on mon/tues 2" totaled right now or we could get more and both from nor'easters coming up the coast. knew it was a matter of time before the real wintery cold and conditions would return as the ground thawed out here and was mushy soft walking on it the past few days! mommy has a skin dr's appt. at 3 today for a rucurring rash on her back and a few moles she's got questions about. that's after errands after janet's in from work so she knows time online today will be limited! happy sandy went home from the contest so she won't have 3 to post dates for the contest on hairballz riders and would be happy that the other two would go home too! :) angels,ab,haley

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02/04/2016 01:03.03 AM Report This Comment
after getting home janet thoguht
she was going to have a nice afternoon where she wouldn't have to go out and run around, but turns out mommy needed her brio from the doctor's office since the stupid insurance doesn't cov-er it then transfer some $$$ from one bank to the other so 4 bills could get paid on time and the others that were already here were paid. janet will only have to pay one when it comes and it's one of the little ones. she's going out walking, but not till it's lighter and right now isn't the time as it's pitch black even though she's walked when it's been like this many a time she's leaving shortly as it's just light enough to see where you are going and it's also warmed up to near 40 so she'll just wear her yellow jacket on top of her sweatshirt/long sleeved top as it'll be more than enough. no showers till mid morning, then heavy rain by noontime, so that's why she wants to get out when she's got the chance to enjoy herself before this weather goes away. cold next week 30s and chances of white stuff or sinkers increases as of tuesday. angels,ab,haley

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02/03/2016 03:29.17 AM Report This Comment
now as to making
up hours for work, not a thing janet can do till her dept. boss has a meeting with the store manager and yesterday said he was going to do something about it, but doesn't think it got done seeing he was to busy trying to get the dept. in order as the store inspector was there screwing up the works which in turn had janet and others stopping what they were doing to check to make sure outcoded things were down and thrown out as well or things cleaned up so they wouldn't get marked down on it. janet couldn't spare the time to do more than try cleaning the drains which you can't open up unless you have a special gadget to do it so got hit on that the last time she was through and likely did again yesterday plus a few things in her cooler as there is mold growing in there and no time to clean it! oh well, janet just got along with what she could and did 2 cases of pineapples before she left which was just a start and that was all she had time to get done, no ot allowed! angels,ab,haley

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02/02/2016 12:17.49 AM Report This Comment
happy february!
now as to cutting hours at her store they always do something like this for the first 2-4 months of the year, then usually they give them out and stays that way through the end of the year at least that's the way it's been the past 4-5 years. but with this stingy manager not likely and hours will only go up if somebody is sick or there's hours to spare if somebody quits or leaves.
we're already at 44 here this morning where the highs will be later this week and into next week too with upper 30s mixed in as well as sinkers or heavy slop tues/wed of next week. going back to the mid 50s like it was yesterday, although could've felt warmer if the sun had stayed out and clouds not started to take over once again. angels,ab,haley

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02/01/2016 12:22.57 AM Report This Comment
Hi Pique
You know, I think this world would be a much better place if us cats ran the world!

Have a happy Sunday. Purrs and hugs, Spanky

Come visit me, Spanky-Jack - Happy Valentine's Day!.

01/31/2016 05:02.05 AM Report This Comment
good morning!
nice outside around 40 here already and cloudy skies to sunshine this afternoon. had clouds around the past two days as well and seems a chance of showers now tomorrow afteroon or night, then sunny tuesday and wed rain with 60! after that thurs-sun lower 40s for highs. the colder air will be back with us by monday next week so here we go again and the storm coming in will give us 1-3" likely heavy wet slop seeing we're to be mid 30s here above freezing hate that, but that's not to bad really. seeing feb/mar give us the most snow it's starting out that way and we are hoping since feb is due to be warmer than usual here that it will melt and like FAST! still a few very small piles left from dec., but those in the next 3 days should disappear almost totally! got errands tomorrow not many, but another hour has been chopped from her and others schedule and they think that all the work is going to get done in 4 hour shifts???? janet thinks she might start asking for fridays off seeing they have enough help, but again she was helping melon bar yesterday and won't be today since there's 2 there for it and she can get some of the lettuces done or if they need cookers worse those but only has 1 hour to get what she can done which isn't much as it usually takes 2 hours or more! her boss is fuming at the gills at store management as well as that of upper jerks! not just him but other stores are doing much the samething. happens jan/feb/mar time and they just finally after 6+ months of trying to get help have gotten 3 new ones for our department! angels,ab,haley

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01/31/2016 12:27.23 AM Report This Comment
Hi Pique
I don't know a sleepy town sounds pretty good to me and I think Aunt M would agree, that sometimes boring isn't a bad thing! tee hee.

Yeah, Manhattan is usually cleared first, because most people work there. But they never think that the people from the outer boroughs have to get through their boroughs to get there! It is a vicious cycle.

Hope you have a great weekend. Purrs and hugs, Spanky

Come visit me, Spanky-Jack - Happy Valentine's Day!.

01/30/2016 05:19.52 AM Report This Comment
whoever it was
that was supposed to come never showed up and guess he was in the area, but didn't show up at our store as 20 minutes after janet punched out she and nat were back there grocery shopping as it wasn't busy at all! she and nat made a stop first dollar tree to get a few things and then down to her store and they were done and back here before noontime. janet was going to walk, but ended up having lunch first and sitting here as for a friday there wasn't much going on at the time early afternoon, so she called it a day between email/fb. she guesses that the big wig who's visiting stores will be in sometime in the next month or months before easter as they have the worst timing when things are having to get done and not the help to get it done either so stuff always gets topped on and people stopped from what has to be done and doesn't so they wonder why it was never finished, reason being they were told to stop and get something else done right then and there, that's what screws up the works all the time, but again janet is so used to it it's not funny and typical for stop and shop. angels,ab,haley

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01/30/2016 12:45.38 AM Report This Comment
Hi Pique
Oh yes! Aunt M sure would have loved living where you live last weekend. 1/10" of snow she can deal with. At least, it seems to be melting pretty fast here, and it barely looks like it snowed in Manhattan where Aunt M works. The other boroughs - not so much, but we are getting there.

Hope you have a super happy day. Purrs and hugs, Spanky

Come visit me, Spanky-Jack - Happy Valentine's Day!.

01/29/2016 05:18.15 AM Report This Comment
we're making pretty good timeing
here this morning as janet's not to far away from the bottom of this page which means we're done on this page before going over to the angels page and looking to see who goes there and not here. anyways since janet's not allowed to make up the rest of the cut hours from her schedule she's going to do what she can to make sure things look good since some big company is due through from the boston headquarters today which means running around like chickens with heads cut off and well janet will just do what she's supposed to and punch out on time and come home. then change and go back there grocery shopping to finish up what they didn't get yesterday. anyways she wants to walk, but is feeling pressure building around her right sinus and it hurts, but will go to work with it. part of whatever it is she's had now for 3 weeks! angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & 5 angels.

01/29/2016 12:58.08 AM Report This Comment
janet had her south window opened up for a half
hour this afternoon and it cooled it down big time. she wasn't able to make up another hour of ot today as she was told likely the next two days she won't get to do it either due that the store wasn't alloted anymore extra hours for people to stay and work ot! nothing she can do she did what she could, punched out came home and changed and walked pepper. has been online all afternoon getting stuff caught up and done. now it's all cc. going to have lower 40s through sat, then 50s through tues and might touch 60 on wednesday with rain and showers monday after-noon. likely puxautawney phil will see his shadow and 6 more weeks of winter as it's rigged and we don't believe it as we have one up on maine and another in nyc so believe one of them since they are more local and closer. angels,ab,haley

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01/28/2016 01:49.33 PM Report This Comment
Hi Pique
How are you? I hope all is well.

We are all dug out from the 27 inches of snow we got, and the melt-down has started. I hope it is all gone soon and that spring is here fast! Aunt M gets real cranky when it snows. tee hee

Have a super day. Purrs and hugs, Spanky

Come visit me, Spanky-Jack - Happy Valentine's Day!.

01/28/2016 08:20.05 AM Report This Comment
heya pique
meant to grab you at hockey, it ended so fast no one even saw you all leave, so you want to go out for wild wednesday? they have all kinds of salsa, guacamole, bean dips, 7 layer dips--all kinds! we can still get root beer, and get home before midnight, still too cold to sleep out, but that's ok, and next week I'll try to remember taco night, that's our fav, he he! so let's go, we can take the Morgan since we're not sleeping in the cooler air, wanna drive? remember, stay on the right side, it's made for the left but not in this country, yikes! UNCLE SAMMY hangs on tight......

Come visit me, reverend loki - "THE REV!", luke - chyna said I DO!!!, q.pres.quincy feb/march 2016 memories, CHUBBIE CUBBIES!, QUINCY♥ LEO!-VOTE ME COTM-180493! & sammy ♥ kara!.

01/27/2016 06:43.50 PM Report This Comment
with temps
warming up that much janet had to change her clothes all but the thermal bottoms and cords of which she kept on but changed her socks and shirt/sweater to a non turtleneck top something she's lived in now the past month and a half and is just in a plain long sleeved top and will wear just a sweatshirt or track jacket when out walking as you don't want to wear something that heavy when walking along and get all sweaty as janet will likely be. she slept straight through the past 2 nights after attacks of night sweats and she thinks whatever form of sinus flu she picked up relapsed as she had some sore throat over the weekend again as the other what she had went away or just mutated to what came back. so out came the vita-min c and zicam again for which she's not taken anything since yesterday morning before she left for work. if it's real nice she says a few windows will be opened up, but certainly once she's in from work on sun/mon/tues her south one will be open! angels,ab,haley

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01/27/2016 03:12.10 AM Report This Comment
Hi Pique
Oh, that silly sister of mine can see. Mom rearranged again...this time she put the curio cabinet in the dining room and bought the other kitty tree in the front room and put it in front of the we all like it, and can sit there and watch outside.

It isn't too cold here. It was when we were in the teens and single digits, but sense then, it has warmed up. By the weekend we are going to be in the 40's.

WE were lucky on the storm, too. Missed us completely. We got no snow at all. Just a small dusting and it is all gone already. Our landlord has not even had to get us salt this year.

I am starting to feel better now. That Cosequin I got is good stuff. I am now running and chasing and having fun instead of just laying around and being a bored cat!

Mom is coloring a picture of a 'fire-breathing dragon' for the CC Color Artists group she is in. Wait til they see it...everybody on the group colors so well and have some pretty pictures to show.

Mom has tomorrow off work, too. Then she might have to work a 1/2 day on Thursday, but she isn't sure yet, they will call her. Mom is happy to have at least 2 days off so she can rest her elbow....she thinks she has arthritis in her joints, but she has to go to the Dr and make sure.

WE got to go outside yesterday, just for a few minutes though cause it was still chilly, but the sun was out and it made feel took advantage of us being outside and vacuumed the floor.

Hope you are staying nice and warm!
Lots of purrs & pawhuggz!!!
Sir Jesse "The Orange dude"

Come visit me, KELSEE~~Vote Quincy: COTM~~, K-WINSTON ~~Vote QUINCY: COTM~~, KALI~~MHL: FF!!~ I ♥ Elvis~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA~~I ♥ Shaddy~MHL: TClan~, SIR JESSE~Happy Valentine's Day~, KCK team page 2016 & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

01/26/2016 04:10.40 PM Report This Comment
janet says if it's
warm enough she's walking further afield tomorrow, lower west st. block, all of middle street or lower middle street or pos-sibly the elf hill one to the east she just doesn't know right now and will go in that direction it takes her at the time tomorrow morning. she did walk yesterday after cleaning out one fb/ email page and checking the other site which she had started, but that's when nat usually settles in to do his homework through 5 and then helps at times with supper and did the meat last night as mommy didn't want pizza/popcorn which janet says likely will be tonight unless she's got something else up her sleeve or wants janet to make. at least it's warmer out there through wed of next week before we cool back down to the upper 30s again with a sinker in revese which means the arctic air will be back with us again after being "locked" up for two weeks a nice break if we do say so our-selves! angels,ab,haley

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01/26/2016 12:58.28 AM Report This Comment
as ususal
the store cut all the part timers hours big time for this coming week and likely janet will be working 2 hours past 10 which she's scheduled for as the last time they gave her back 3 out of the 6 hours she missed. wondering if they might do the same this week..... guess it depends if we get another snowstorm they are talking about a possible one at the end of this week on friday just when all are still digging out and cleaning up from the last one! looks like we're going into that pattern like last year with 6 weeks of stuff coming one right after another, but are praying it either gives us no more than 2-4" or nothing at all and misses us altogether. we know we're gonna get hit sooner or later again. yes, this pat-tern looks to continue into next week all upper 30s to mid 40s so for now things are looking up! :) angels,ab,haley

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01/24/2016 11:48.59 PM Report This Comment
did work an entire grocery basket of pineapples, and cantelope yesterday and her time ran out as she didn't stay and could've she thinks to finish it up another half hour and the container of cantelopes would've been done, but she left it for the "speedy" mercedes the new girl a umass student who works in 2 depts starts in produce and goes to bake shop afterwards. she will see her today and not again this week as she's got classes the other times mon/tues/thurs/fri and janet's off wed when she comes in. she did pick up take out from friendly's seeing her and mommy's turkey club was the $5 meal for this period and it was pretty good even though janet got to it it was cold, but still was good! today she will walk upper 30s and then lower 40s for the next few days maybe 45 on tuesday! angels,ab,haley

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01/24/2016 12:22.37 AM Report This Comment
janet did
work ot yesterday and stayed to cut fruit and got what they wanted her to do DONE!!! :) the only stuff she didn't do was the kiwi and strawberries as she had done extra the day before so there was still enough leftover and guess who was putting the stuff together? her boss and asst. boss who was doing that and putting stuff out as we were getting wiped clean of certain things which were on sale and the load was very late from the warehouse in southeastern ma where they too have blizzard warn-ings out there as well as the cape and islands or one of the islands nantucket wasn't in that warning just winterstorm like some of southeastern mass was. we're jumping for joy that it's a total miss just flurries now, but the wind chills will be nasty through midnight, then 30s and 40s through next weekend! how's that for a jan thaw?? angels,ab, haley

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01/23/2016 12:29.56 AM Report This Comment
janet and nat
got all the errands and bank run done before grocery shopping and stopping at a local place for a sandwhich which janet didn't like hers and mommy did. so at least everything is now done and set although there will be a milk run sometime between tues/wed next week to target for that. otherwise janet will be able to come straight home from work and not have to run all over the place like last week almost everyday! she kind of likes that, but won't speak to soon or something likely will come up! she's just happy she walked twice on her day off wed., and got one in after she got home yesterday as nat said he didn't want to go once again so janet went off without him or pepper. angels,ab,haley

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01/22/2016 12:34.26 AM Report This Comment
hello pique
thank you for coming to wish me a happy birthday on monday, I appreciate it! and I love the cross you gave me, I will wear it always, it is so shiny with the green emeralds. I am flying you down to the ranch, we are going to spend a few days down there so you can continue your riding lessons with uncle luke, you really like horses. do not worry about uncle sammy being alone, he wants some quiet time with his wife kara, they have been married almost 5 years on valentine's day, wow does time fly! all right, you have your bag all packed? here is a special jacket to keep you warm, if we fly out of the stratosphere--and just call me uncle loki, no need to use the Reverend term here. all set? here we go! love UNCLE LOKI

Come visit me, reverend loki - "THE REV!", luke - chyna said I DO!!!, q.pres.quincy feb/march 2016 memories, CHUBBIE CUBBIES!, QUINCY♥ LEO!-VOTE ME COTM-180493! & sammy ♥ kara!.

01/21/2016 07:39.44 PM Report This Comment
twc isn't showing anything now on saturday
for us here just cloudy skies as the storm named jonas is due to follow a more southerly track we think it's getting pushed a bit to the south by the moderating temps which are coming this way straight from the pacific. we'll have mid to upper 30s sun/wed-sat next week and mon/tues 40s then 20s sat as it's a noreaster and we'll have air off the gulf of maine and COLD!!!
the doctor's visits for mommy and nat went good yesterday, they both had to wait almost 45 mins before they were seen, but then the visits both didn't last to long. mommy goes back the same day as janet and nat as janet's appt. was changed and they all have visits on the same morning 10-10:30 janet has to do labs as does mommy, only difference in janet's she has to go to the hospital to have hers done to be covered by her in-surance and such a pain in the backside too, but will get it done when she gets the chance late in april or early in may. angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & 5 angels.

01/21/2016 12:12.12 AM Report This Comment
most of the action
with the upcoming storm is to stay to the mid atlantic and south of us along the shoreline cape/islands a foot or more here light snow and don't know amounts likely 1-4" which isn't to bad, but bad enough to keep janet home from work as she just doesn't want to chance anything without collision on her car which she has to remember to call and add onto the her policy this year when it comes in a few months time. she's bringing mommy for either a phyusical or a check at 10:30 then nat's doctor wanted to see him to see how he's doing and handling things since master died since he and master were like son/father and that close. nat's doing just fine and is handling it better than janet does every so often when she has a breakdown for sandy! but those are now coming father in between times which means the more she gets it out of her sys tem and talks about it the more she's healing. well not to far from walk time so she's got to move onto the next blog. angels,ab,haley

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01/20/2016 03:46.32 AM Report This Comment
heya pique, bet you thought I wouldn't make it, he he! PIQUE hops in the morgan, nice not have to walk around to get in huh? ok, we have till midnight, let's get a lot of tacos and root beer, but not so much as last time, we almost got sick, he he! let's start with 12 apiece, then after we finish the last one, say 15 minutes, we can get 6 more, and wait half an hour. that gives up to midight if we need more, but after the last few weeks I think about 18 is our limit, cut we don't furget the root beer. we can be back to your house by 1230, your mom will hear you come in and not worry, and I will text you when I'm home safe, sound good? too cold to sleep outside till late spring, so let's go! love UNCLE SAMMY

Come visit me, reverend loki - "THE REV!", luke - chyna said I DO!!!, q.pres.quincy feb/march 2016 memories, CHUBBIE CUBBIES!, QUINCY♥ LEO!-VOTE ME COTM-180493! & sammy ♥ kara!.

01/19/2016 07:10.08 PM Report This Comment
Hi Pique
Well, maybe that Cosequin might be helping a little bit. I am running around chasing Kelsee and I haven't played chase in awhile! I still lose my footing now and again from my hips being sore, but not as much! It also helps a lot to have my food bowls raised off the floor, now I don't have to bend way down to eat!!

It is still very cold outside. Only made it to 19* today and the rest of the week will be in the low 20's, then the weatherman said we are in for a slight warmup...we'll see about that!

At least we haven't much snow at all. We got a dusting yesterday, but it is all gone today, and all Winter all we had was about 2" of it and last Winter we were knee deep in the white stuff at this time!

Mom moved our front room around and now poor Kali is all confused. She was used to the chair being by the window and she wold sit on top and look out, but mom moved it by the wall and moved the TV on the opposite side of the room now....Kali sits in the middle of the living room crying to mom!!

Looks like we are getting a new refrigerator. Ours is sounding rough makes a awful noise when it shuts down, so the Landlord is telling his manager to get mom another it should be here sometime next can't wait. This one is 20 + years old!

I finally sat and got my picture taken. I was sitting on the kitty tree and mom got a nice shot of me with my eyes open, she couldn't believe her luck, usually I squint or close my eyes.....we will post them soon!!!

Mom can't figure this out, perhaps you can help! I used to never drink milk. I would sniff it and walk away, and now for the past week or so I have been literally craving it. I climb on the table and drink from mom's milk glass, she doesn't mind I do that, but she can't figure it you think maybe I have a calcium deficiency and my body knows it!??? My Vet said little bits will not hurt me as long as I do not over do it...I never drink an entire glass full {MOL}, but it gave me a case of the Hershey squirts!

Well, I hope you stay warm!
Jesse >^..^<

PS..Kel said to tell the KCK kitties if she ever has to pick you all up for MHL, it will be in her VW Van!!! No worries!

Come visit me, KELSEE~~Vote Quincy: COTM~~, K-WINSTON ~~Vote QUINCY: COTM~~, KALI~~MHL: FF!!~ I ♥ Elvis~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA~~I ♥ Shaddy~MHL: TClan~, SIR JESSE~Happy Valentine's Day~, KCK team page 2016 & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

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not to bad out there
if you like high winds and very low wind chills. it's 16 and feels like 4 out there which is not to bad considering it's going to be the 30s basically through all of next week thursday. got more snow showers after the bigger storm on saturday which some are saying more than 6" of snow and others are sticking to their guns for now and playing it safe by saying 3-5", both of which will keep janet home from work, now if she could afford snow tires she would get them, but can't as the brakes are going to eat up a good amount of money and she does hope to take a day or half day trip or two this summer like last year half day to the outlets in lee and combined with a christmas shop in northern ct. or her ornaments or to see what they have seeing she might stop get-ting some for a while, but she does want to get back to vt to see joy and meet up with her for an arts and crafts festival in bennington at the end of july or start of august. if not those than a bus day trip if there's anything out there worth going to she can afford to take that is. angels,ab,haley

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Hi Pique
This is a first!!! I usually blog to Sasha & Mystie! Hope they will forgive me!

We are still in the deep-freeze here. I tell you, our little paws are frozen and our ears too. I was walking on mom and my paw touched her hand and she told me I was cold and she said my ears are cold, too.

Our apt is not well insulated, so it is a little chilly in here when the temps drop so low. It is 64 in the house and 13* outside and dropping to 9* tonight and we are going to be in the 20's all week.

Mom is home with us tomorrow. Tuesday is her day off and Thursday, too, but Thursday she is going to K-Mart cause it is supposed to be 25 and partly sunny. Tomorrow she has to wait for the UPS man, he came today when mom was at work. She got her package from Amazon {a 50 set of color pencils} for her artwork!

Yes, you can take a spin in my car anytime you like. I will come early to MHL on WED and you can take a spin when you get there, or just come to my house and borrow the keys and leave your car here. I will watch it for you.

Well, mom is about to eat dinner. She decided on a pork chop and macaroni/cheese, then changed her mind, now she might have a bowl of chili instead...humans, they are forever changing their minds about one thing or another!

Hope you stay warm and have a pawsome evening!
Purrs & Pawhuggz
Kelsee =^..^=

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just learned that we'll be into
the 30s by wednesday this week through to sunday this coming weekend and our first possible snowstorm of the year 3-5" which likely janet will stay home from work if it does as she won't travel in that due to her stinky all weather tires and can't af-ford to get new ones for the car either so they have to make do. then warming to the 40s for mon/tues next week and upper 30s with a sinker on wednesday...there goes the planned trip to the mass rmv in greenfield, but then it can wait till better weather if at all possible. angels,ab,haley

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kel pulls up in her brand new car
{See bottom of my page} to pick up Pique and Verlander for the CC game tonight...KCK has no game but if any of you wish to come along, you are most welcome....

Come visit me, KELSEE~~Vote Quincy: COTM~~, K-WINSTON ~~Vote QUINCY: COTM~~, KALI~~MHL: FF!!~ I ♥ Elvis~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA~~I ♥ Shaddy~MHL: TClan~, SIR JESSE~Happy Valentine's Day~, KCK team page 2016 & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

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let's just say
that whatever janet picked up this time is super strange as she does have an actual cold, but feels more like it's a sinus in-fection, but isn't and whatever it was at the back of her throat is now gone for now at least and she's feeling fine except that her nose wants to drip and likely will despite the zicam she's taking for it. otherwise it's business as usual, computer till it's breakfast time, then warming up the car for a little while and going to work. she'll be likely doing the sink work today as she's not been able to do it the past 2 days due to making all these platters on friday for a big football display for the pats who won yesterday and advance and either play in denver or play the steelers at foxboro their next game. angels,ab,haley

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things for now have blown over
and nothing further has happened so janet's moving along normal-ly as she can and is ignoring her sisters and will just order a gift card for one of them as she doesn't bother with the other as that one is the stinker stopped gift giving to even her god son years ago. she finally gave mommy something as she wasn't even doing that for either of her parents for the past 6+ years either. janet is feeling okay this morning, still the big ball of crud at the top of the back of her throat and hocking hurts and this sinus infection is the wierdest so far as the nose so far....knock on wood....isn't to bad....yet! angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & 5 angels.

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janet did
just that unfriend her younger sister on one page and don't know if it's in affect on the other one and will take action sooner or later on her older sister too. we know that everybody is sick of hearing about their squabling with janet as she's total-ly different like master and natty are black sheep and are proud of being them too and marching to a different drumb, still get-ting things done, but in their own ways and time. that's why nat won't get his license till he's good and ready which means going through the permit process again which he said he will do when he's ready for doing all of it and not before hand. totally his decision not janet's or anybody elses as he's not going to listen to them including janet. at least she belongs to the two groups in which she can say what well almost she wants and life goes on unless somebody rats on her again. till then she will just mention other things of interest to her and her sisters can go blow for the time being. angels,ab,haley

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what kept janet up last night
was her brain was to active the second half of the night so she was napping with the tv going as she just couldn't relax, got to hate those nights and mix in night sweats stinks it does!!! she posted something her sisters took offence to as she posted it and wrote something and shouldn't have said anything jerk kicked herself in the pants she did as cindy told her off in a kind way and said something to nat to tell her on the phone too when he talked with her last night too. hence she's not going to post as much crap as she's been doing but she was just feeling rotten about everything yesterday so you can sort of see where she's been coming from, right? angels,ab,haley

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The temperature was High 47 & Low was 50 this morning, now it's Light Rain; 45 with humidity 92% & wind is 3 MPH W. Thursday's suppose to be Rain & High 44.

RECORD HIGH: 62 set in 1/13/1968.
RECORD LOW: 10 set in 1/13/1949.

*~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~*
*~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~*

Dr. Nancy called momma on Tuesday afternoon to talk about her conversation with an Internal Medicine, Dr. Donna. They both think I should have one of those Endoscopies. Mom asked Dr. Nancy if she would check on the price of the procedure so she will and will get back with momma.

In the mean time, Momma asked Dr. Nancy if me being so skittish if that would make me do all that constant vomiting and she said that's a possibility! Dr. Nancy suggested trying me on a Prozac so momma started me on 5mg of Fluoxetine early Tuesday evening. Momma says she will try this for a month to see how things go.

Thank you for your prayers and feel better wishes for me as I do appreciate them very much as does momma!

Momma and dad did get out on Saturday to cut all the rose bushes back plus momma trimmed a few other plants.

*~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~*


~...~♥~...>*<... PLEASE VOTE FOR ...>*<...~♥~...~

.~:*:~. RBB MALLOW #161233 ~:*:~. on CC.

Momma says since I eat the Hydrolyzed food so well, that I won't have any problem eating the RC SO when I start getting it!

That's cool you got a whole bunch of the canned free! Momma says she's gonna buy that for me, too!

Here's a Girl Power Crew vote for you.

With Kitty Kisses & Loves,

~*~ SAUSHA KNIGHT #22506 ~*~

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guess what?
we have no idea what is going on as nat got some of the info cindy had to have for one pension fund from the union at stop and shop which janet belongs to, but again the town of hadley has always been slow and we don't know why and aren't going into any of that. $$$ ran out this month and some bills came in which nobody expected so janet paid 2 of them the newspaper which we did and mommy's sbli insurance which wasn't to bad. she also paid the garage bill off so won't have to worry about that till she's getting the calipers and front brakes done she is hoping not till march when she should have some money to pay them up front as she's saving back $20 a week towards that and every little bit helps so far $81 in just 3 weeks time so not to bad. we did get our first snowfall of the season/year last night 1" (big deal, right?) not janet despite being sick again was out shoveling ours and next door 2 hours worth in-cluding paths around the house and watering the plants inside which is her job as well as watching the oil barrel so it doesn't run to low. angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & 5 angels.

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almost furgot to ask, how was your weekend at uncle lukes ranch? and rev.loki picked you up an hour before hockey and brought you home so you could get a.jesse and verlander ready, did you like flying on the back of an angel? he is pretty special, says next time he will take you for a treat too. ok, back to sleep now, love UNCLE SAMMY

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