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Domestic Shorthair from <a href='' title='Clarksville, PA'>Clarksville, PA</a>

Gypsy. Happy Spring...

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Hi! My name is Gypsy. Happy Spring...

I am Domestic Shorthair from Clarksville, PA

Nicknames: GeeBee

Age: 16 years old

Gender: F

Coat: short haired

Education: I wasn't very friendly, but, due to my Mom's love and patience I have turned my life around. Now, I'm a pretty cool cat.

My favorite tricks and treats are: Not really a trick but I like to jump up a wall and slide down it. and I like Feline Greenies.

Where I hang out: 4 season Patio Room.

My favorite grubs: Fancy Feast Gourmet Wet.

My pet peeves: I only want to be petted when I want it. I also don't like to have my nails trimmed. I usually grump about that.

What I love about my owners: She gave me a second chance when no one else wanted me.

My cat hobbies: Watch birds from my condo perch. Play outside while Mom watch over me, and climbing trees.

Pet motto: Eat, sleep, play, watch birds, play with my adopted sister kitties and do it all over again tomorrow.

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I was dropped off at Mom's house. She welcomed me in and I became part of a real family.

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here's what's gone on you missed
mommy was cleared of her asthma meds for now, still has to do the stuff, as allergeans in the air right now aren't hitting her bad like it will once the pine comes out as that's the worst for her as well as with some maples it seems. janet's now wearing a night brace on her right hand for carpel and the pain is still there so likely come june first she will have to see a special-ist she was hoping not to have to do, it's that or deal with the pain and she's learning to limit most of the keyboard typing in the mornings for cc and she's not liking the prospect if she does have to have surgery that all of the stuff if she plants it all will go to waste as she has told nat that he's gonna have to do more to help her out with her stuff, as of right now won't lift a finger for certain things especially garden work which is why she gave up the outer herb garden as well as the upper garden which will just get pumpkin seeds as well as cucucmbers and maybe squash, but again de-pends on things and critters which right now aren't there. she got more plants and has quite a bit of planting to get done, but it's that and being online like she does only now doing the heavier typing in the early morning hours before work/breakfast and the afternoons to reading things and reply-ing to things if she has to, and that's it. made more soup this time chicken veg. noodle to use up some veggies as well as two remaining chicken breasts she had kicking around. we were lucky no frosts/freezes since the middle of last week and this week were down to the lower 40s which was bad enough, but better than the 30s anyday! hoping for some rain soon 3" be-hind we are here for the spring and end of winter months. at least she's gotten the memorial day pots ready for the cemet-ary as well as 3 geraniums which don't look to good, but beat nothing to mark a few more graves. had a balloon release this past sunday which would've been master's 87th birthday at the cemetary and put a balloon on his grave marker as well as flowers some of his favorites on his grave we know he and the angels, as well as family members at the rb loved them and got their messages! angels,ab,haley,april

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

05/19/2016 01:06.33 AM Report This Comment
Hi Gypsy
Happy Friday the 13th. Whether something is lucky or unlucky is all in how you want to view it.

Hope you have a lucky day♣ and a fun weekend.
Purrs to you,
K Casper Todd

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle (in Loving Memory) ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

05/13/2016 08:28.31 AM Report This Comment
the good news is that
thanks to mommy being put back on prednisone her asthma is start ing to clear up some, but she's been put on the breathing spec-ialist's top list to be seen asap and will call today sometime in upcoming weeks next two likely! janet's ankle still is throb bing at times, although last night she slept through for the first time in 3 nights till it was almost time to get up. as to her wrist she's gonna have to contact the health plan to see if there's anybody she can see in network and then if they'll cover surgery to have it done and like in a month or two before the garden season really ramps up in august and stuff starts to come in or july some-time. so is limited to how long she can pound the keys here and mornings she's chosen over afternoons with the interrupt-ions at that time by mommy or nat. nat's feeling a bit better too, but still has it! angels,ab,haley,april

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

05/06/2016 01:41.40 AM Report This Comment
sports day!
april indeed had a great check in and they were happy that she more matches our lifestyle in this house and is laid back. she's getting brave now and going out into the living room and is out there now or was with pepper watching her as pepper is afraid of her going after her after what fanny kept doing to her back late last fall! got a broken record weather wise lower 50s chances of showers/light rain and dry slots a mixture of things through friday now. good to go for board games and dodging the showers outside as we were outside earlier and doesn't look like the showers have moved in yet, but likely will sometime soon. april goes back later this month for a booster shot. haley goes later this morning and janet's getting ready to take mommy for her check in at the doctor's in a few minutes. see ya tomorrow bright and early. angels,ab,haley,april

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

05/04/2016 04:58.44 AM Report This Comment
janet won't find out till she's at work
tomorrow morning if her hours stayed the same or were all the same as her boss intended them to be. just matters what's going on week to week and he said he did the schedule for next week as well keeping them up to 30 thurs-tues 6-11. nat wasn't here when she got home as she thought he was till mommy told her he had gone out to run the errands with his loopy cousin instead and he didn't even bother to call janet at work to let her know! well she walked off the steam after calling him to give him a piece of her mind and then sat down to lunch and got half of the online stuff done before going to the kitchen to make supper. turns out nat also had gone online to see a special kitty at the shelter and then called them while janet was sitting outside as he had gotten home and told janet that she would be a good match seeing she had been raised with other kitties and doggies. she's a part maine coon/american shorthair she's named APRIL. please spread the word about sports day and the sleepover which starts on tues/wed next week as we're unable to get onto cmr says it doesn't exist and we know it does! angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

04/29/2016 12:48.42 AM Report This Comment
nothing at all got done
yesterday janet came in from the dentist and sat here till 2 taking lunch break as well before going outside sitting but not till she and nat dropped off some flowers which she dug up from her garden and put into a pail for a friend who supplies her with flowers and things then to the mall as nat wanted to get something from a store he worked at for 6 months 4 or more years back and home after that where janet took her computer and sat outside as her ankle was sore from not wearing the brace as she was going to do some garden work which is why she didn't wear it in the first place. clean dental visit so she goes back early nov in the fall for another cleaning/check. to day it's errands up the line from her store and tomorrow gro-cery shopping all after work. hours were restored too, but who knows if the store "slasher" manager cuts them again or not she will wait till sat morning when she goes it to see what she has for hours starting sunday. sports day/sleepover starts on tues/wed next week, please help us to get the word out, thanks angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

04/28/2016 12:37.10 AM Report This Comment
seems that
actod/cotd did a hiding/disappearing act all day yesterday and is back up and running this morning! strange that one, but at least we were able to get our blogging in which is all we care about. janet had to rush through as it was her early start day and kind of wishes it was like that giving her and the other girls in melon bar the time as well. her lower right back/hip were killing her from the time she got up/went to bed last night and finally stopped around 11 or after and now it's her right arm killing from cutting all the fruit she did at work yesterday as well as on her after she got home and between up/down all afternoon as her ankle wanted to stay up and the other said get up and moving so had 2 walks besides what she got at work! cloudy skies and mid 60s for highs today, had bright sunshine/upper 60s here yesterday, but windy at times which is what kept janet inside except when she took her 2 walks. cloudy today with mid 60s going over to dropping temps and getting colder only upper 40s with rain for highs tomorrow just mentioning that makes janet shiver! burr! angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

04/25/2016 01:26.54 AM Report This Comment
we had a pretty good
day for the party since janet told us it was so warm it was out-side and not in the garage or down cellar! janet was out with pepper earlier and heard a mockingbird singing away across the street as it usually nests down the street a ways in some christmas trees which are really tall and we don't usually hear it flying up and down the street claiming this as his territory, but that's what he's doing as last year things were late and he found a mate right off the bat and they nested earlier than usual. janet sat out mid to late afternoon and just when she was going to maybe take a short snooze it was time to come in-side and get the rest of supper going as the roast chicken mommy put in lunchtime was ready mid afternoon. we did get some goodies the heart/kidneys and liver which were lip smacking good and a nice birthday treat for me! janet hopes to start the garden work weeding tomorrow when she's in from work and after lunch seeing she'll try to go through all the online stuff pronto to have the afternoon free, as wed am it's likely if she wants to do any blogging it means getting up much earlier than planned around 4:30 just to get the stuff done to allow her an early morning walk of which she's used to doing before having breakfast/leaving for work but with the partly torn ligament in her right ankle that's taken things away from her so she walks before or after supper instead with nat if he's here and not out with his cousin or doing pokemon stuff for his ebay business. we might be off-line on wednesday janet thinks it's likely, but doesn't know yet. angels,ab,haley

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04/18/2016 12:26.52 AM Report This Comment
let's just put it this way
if she stays off her feet for the rest of the day once she's home from work and no walks, it's going to heal nicely, but she's back to walking before she leaves for work/has breakfast, and again after she's home, but after lunch. as she gets more than enough walking inside the store that should be enough for the day, but the draw to her is the birds singing to her each morning and the lure of just the early mornings and not all that traffic is what and why she's a true through and through early morning person! going to have 70s the next two days and if that stupid wind stops blowing out of the north today it should feel warmer than the mid 60s where we were yesterday and janet did sit out with her feet up only after she had taken her second walk, and finished most of the stuff online sitting here as she's doing now blogging, then doing fb/email of which much less than the past 5 mornings! we understand all the appointments all 3 of them have them at the sametime 10-10:30 same building and place, only leaves janet and mommy to get the blood work done that same morning early on for 7 or 8 janet's not sure so will call on monday to see what time the blood drawing starts in the morning. that leaves just a 6 month check/cleaning for janet on the 27th and mommy's two weeks later as right now we have somebody lined up to take her to/from, but janet likely will end up doing it. angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

04/16/2016 01:33.18 AM Report This Comment
Hi Gypsy
What’s purring with you today? It’s a nasty, rainy ☂ day here in south Mississippi. I am resting on my windowseat & supervising Mrs. Maryann while she cleans our house. Being boss is hard work – I think I’m almost ready for a nappy! Hope your Hump Day is pawsome too.

Purrs to you,
K Casper Todd

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle (in Loving Memory) ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

04/13/2016 12:18.43 PM Report This Comment
the trouble is
whenever you put things away when you think they won't be needed any longer, bam you get socked with the opposite and it's out they come again. janet's wearing her sweater jacket which she won't need by the time she gets out of work as we'll be 50 or lower 50s today and only mid to upper 40s tomorrow but close en ough to 50 for us! clouding up too after a clear cold start was 30 when janet took pepper out and likely will be mid to upper 20s when she leaves for work at 6:37. she felt good yesterday so walked the big block after a round of work/grocery shopping. tonight she might make in addition to chicken stew for this weekend, chicken pot pie with the left-overs from the rotissiere chicken they had last night which means a homemade crust as we don't have the ones which mommy wanted to do a pie with for easter a few weeks back nat threw it out as it wasn't getting used and was just sitting there for weeks on end! janet has been icing her foot when she fin-ally sits down mid to late afternoon just before it's time to get supper going. wishes that mommy would do it or even nat but do you think they will???? it's like that with the garden work too and janet is planning on starting that a little at a time on wednesday when we have 50s most of the week and drying out and 60s for the end of the week and next weekend!! she's going to pick up sticks and is hoping nat gets out there and fertilizes the lawn as she is supposed to take it easy, but do you think she has had a chance???? not much!!! angels,ab,haley

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04/09/2016 12:32.40 AM Report This Comment
not here as we've been into the lower 30s the past few days and really didn't get out of the 20s yesterday till the snow stopped late in the afternoon when the powedery snow turned grainy and icky to handle! janet went to work and came home in it too as it didn't stop till 4:30 when she went outside and shoveled the driveway which left nat to snowblow around the house a path and do next door's driveway which he wasn't going to do seeing we're to get rain/warmer temps starting tomorrow as a lot left it to melt on it's own through the upcoming weekend and next week just means their to lazy to do it! janet goes late this morning to see somebody out at their doctor's office about the swelling on her outer ankle as she can't for the life of her figure out how/when/why/where it hap pened likely easter weekend on her walk to/from church doesn't know as it was just twinging on monday and wed started to swell and has stayed up since then. got 51/2" snow the past two days from storms, but should be all gone by this coming weekend or late this week with 50s and rain on thursday. angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

04/05/2016 12:37.12 AM Report This Comment
happy easter!
we know that a lot of our friends are offline this entire week-end but we'll be offline tomorrow as janet's sleeping in a bit later and walking to/from sunrise service outback of their church. once home do her delicious easter breakfast and put out the easter baskets she's still got to do this afternoon as well as do the honey marinated fruit to be ready for the oven and a cherry cheesecake. yesterday she did the two veggies, one of which likely will be eaten up fast and the other last through so janet will make a chicken broccoli casserole to last a few days on monday after she's in from work. she likely will stay later today as she didn't yesterday due to to many things which had to get done and before a cer-tain time. see you early monday morning! angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

03/26/2016 12:57.27 AM Report This Comment
got a lot going on today through next wednesday
appointment wise that' it for a few weeks and then it starts up the last 3 weeks of next month unless janet can arrange a ride for mommy to northampton for her next appointment she's sure gonna try so she can get a break, otherwise will run an errand while she's over there into the center of that city to get some-thing in acme surplus like she did a few years back for the gar-den. she was out early with pepper walking the big block, then since it was warm back here and woke nat up as he's got a 9:40 dentist cleaning/check so will leave here in 45 mins. from now and is trying to get at least one page blogged to before she leaves she hopes as the blogs are longer than usual. got a cold front coming south later on today and will drop temps into the mid to upper 40s for tomorrow with rain tomorrow night and warming back up from friday afternoon through all of next week with 50s and 60s! janet's planning on walking to the sunrise service around 6 for 6:30 and back home via middle street and conservation area. then doing a breakfast cookin not out of marinated fruit, sausages, waffles toast as well as juice/milk then easter baskets. for lunch it's baked ham, mashed potatoes peas or lima beans/succotash (she's not decided yet) rolls, juice/milk/water and cherry cheesecake. then the next 3 nights it's anglo-american shep-herd's pie and irish soda bread and the last of the goulash to night what's not used she will freeze and add to it the next time they have it likely next month sometime. angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

03/23/2016 05:50.15 AM Report This Comment
now we'll see if anybody changes their pictures
from irish to easter for a week or two! janet won't do hers for another few weeks, as you'll see another new angel since you've seen mouthie and maitai, it'll be either furryrear or puffy for the next one next month. the other page we'll maybe post some of the snowdrops or crocuses janet's had in bloom this past week with the warmer temps. wind is blowing pretty good out there, 40 and gonna be only lower 50s today. bottoming out to the upper 30s for highs on sunday, mid 40s tomorrow and lower mon/tues as well as a nor'easter with heavy wet slop going to fall sun night into mon and then a sinker to rain on wednesday and get this like today 53! janet's supposed to take nat for a 6 month cleaning/check and if it's not to bad they will go and if it is, likely will have to be changed as janet refuses to drive in stuff like that! still has to get another oil change as she's got a coupon for one at her deal-ership $19.99 cheaper than the garage she uses! also picked up a new winter $150 jacket for $28 yesterday at jcp! angels,ab, haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

03/18/2016 12:25.25 AM Report This Comment
Hi Gypsy
Today we are overcast and cloudy and cool. Only 49* today! No rain though and no wind, which is good! Mom is washing small area rugs today and then putting them back down. She cleaned the house, which got it...that BIG ole nasty noisy floor monster came out of hiding once again, so we all ran out on the back porch cause mom forgot to close the door tight...MOL!!

We got our daily treats again today, and we are all about to settle down for a nice nap, then when we wake up it will be time for dinner.

The Vet looked at my ear and told mom just to keep putting peroxide in it {I shake it out} and he gave mom some ear powder to make it stop itching and smell good. He agreed with mom that removing the growth would be a waste of money for mom cause it seems to come back in 6 months or less...the ear powder seems to be working cause I am not scratching it til it bleeds anymore!

It's funny cause mom is so worried about me these days. She keeps checking to make sure I am still "with her", of course I am..where does she think I am going?? She gets up in the middle of the night and checks on me when she goes to her human water litter box, she checks on me before she goes to work, when she comes home. She sure is a worry wart....but I know she loves me!

The back door just shut on us and now it is locked. BOO!!! No more outside for today, mom said it is getting chilly in here and she has the heat on, so the door must close.

I am going to lay down with Kelsee in my bed and cuddle up and take a long snooze now......{zzzzzzzzzz}

Have a pawsome afternoon!
Sir Jesse >^..^<

PS..we are recruiting kitties over to cause we have been there since 2013 and really like it, and if you have more then just cats, they are welcome as well. Lots of CC kitties have already joined: Zoo, Whiskers, Colt and fursibs, Caser, Spanky-Jack, JoJo and more....

Come visit me, KELSEE~~Up Up & Away!!~~, K-WINSTON ~~I got most goals in MHL~~, KALI ~I'm flyin high!!!~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA ~~Goin my way?~~, SIR ANGEL JESSE~2001-2016~ RIP!, KCK team page 2016 & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

03/15/2016 01:10.49 PM Report This Comment
we're doing better now that mommy's home
from the er which she was taken straight from the dr's office yesterday as it turns out she like 3 years ago when seeing a breathing specialist at the hospital had a bad asthma attack which put her into the er like yesterday. they released her around 9 last night and she got home around 9:30 with janet's younger sister ruth who is in charge of her health stuff not janet who came home as mommy was going to the er via ambulance. showers arrived around noontime or when janet got in from work so no walk at all as by the time she finished with online stuff it was time to leave for the dr's office. well since they didn't know when she was due to be home cancelled the appt. and the office told nat to tell them to have them take the stithes out, but would they? nope told us to get her in for this afternoon and have them take them out! idiots over there, but seems they're in the throes of a nasty flu outbreak and virus right now so didn't want to take the time to do it! angels,ab,,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

03/11/2016 12:13.38 AM Report This Comment
Hi Gypsy
What’s purring with you today? I am resting on my heated mat on the windowseat, watching the raindrops outside. Sissy is napping in her heated bed. Yes, we do live the good life!! Our updated weather forecast says we will receive 7 to 10 inches of rain here in southwest Mississippi from now until Sunday. That is not good mews.

We won’t be online tomorrow. Mommy has another doctor appointment. Better her than me! Have a fun weekend & rest up. There’s a BIG pawty at my house next week!! Chat with you on Monday.

K Casper Todd

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle (in Loving Memory) ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

03/10/2016 12:15.57 PM Report This Comment
Hi Gypsy
What a nice day we are having. me and Kelsee are all stretched out on the back porch in the sun! Hope we will keep these nice days.

Mom cleaned the house and did a nice job, too! it sparkles! Well, not really sparkle, but it is clean and we have new clean boxes and bowls and placemats and the floors are mopped and the tables are name it, mom did it...she even washed rugs out by hand in the tub and hung them out to dry!!

My ear is kinda getting better now. Mom has been washing it in warm water and putting peroxide in it and for the past 2 days she put ear powder in it that is supposed to relieve itch and remove helps, I am not scratching it anymore.

Mom made a discovery...she HATES our clumping litter and will no longer buy it. She was trying to get the clumps out today and they were 'glued' to the box, they sure were tough to get out, and the box fell and mom had a mess to clean up..wet clumpy litter all over the sat on the floor and cried..for real!!! {One of those days you know}..she said "No more clumping litter for you guys, it's back to clay...she only wanted to try it and now she knows she hates it!

Well, this handsome orange dude is going back on the porch to enjoy this great day!!!

Sir Jesse >^..^<

Come visit me, KELSEE~~Up Up & Away!!~~, K-WINSTON ~~I got most goals in MHL~~, KALI ~I'm flyin high!!!~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA ~~Goin my way?~~, SIR ANGEL JESSE~2001-2016~ RIP!, KCK team page 2016 & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

03/08/2016 12:37.12 PM Report This Comment
Glad to have CC back up.....
but are wishing they would consider fixing the parts that remain broken (although we know that's asking too much of them). DC is in about the same condition so mom updated our YouPet profiles in case these animal channels bite the dust. All of us (including our dogs) are on there & is an easy site to use, plus we've already found several of our CC furiends on it, so if you've got profiles over there & we haven't found you yet please let us know so we can send you a treat.

It's 40 degrees this morning but unfortunately rain is headed our way. Mom isn't too happy about that since she has to run to the grocery store again today since no one told her the milk was gone & there are only 6 bottles of spring water left. Nothing like finding out there's no milk for your cereal after it's in the bowl! Luckily there were still pop-tarts & plenty of juice for the kids to eat this morning before school but mom will have to celebrate National Cereal Day a little later.

We woke up to a cat fight going on outside! Mom ran outside & heard it was under dad's old truck so she banged on the side of it to break it up. It was too dark to see who it was may have been Bartholomew tormenting one of the strays that have been hanging around because Lacie & Sundance were snoozing in their house until mom came out. It upset me so much to hear them clashing that I wouldn't eat my wet food & neither would Sneakers. It didn't seem to bother the rest of my sisters though so they made sure to lick our bowls clean like little pigs when theirs was gone...MOL!

Got to run for now because mom picked up all the toys & you know what that means I need to do....MOL! Will meow at you again soon.

Sweet purrs,
Fluffinella & NICE Crew

Come visit me, Q Trixie~Rest in Peace beloved fursis Patches, Piggy & Sneakers, Monkey~Vote ROSIE #212287 COTM dly in June~, Fluffinella ♥Joey, ♥Angel Sherman♥, ♥Angel K Zaboo♥, ♥Angel Cloudy♥, Special Memories page & ♥ Angel Patches ♥ 4/1/2001~6/24/2016.

03/07/2016 06:25.19 AM Report This Comment
mommy too
got good news and the go ahead to wait till the end of september and not in springfield, but greenfield which she had been asking for since last summer when she heard he was up there as it's easier to get to and not anything like springfield. we're so over the moon about it too and happy! :) also are praying that her long area where she had the big melanoma mole taken out won't be bad and once the stitches are out she won't have to go back for any further procedures. once they were out, stopped at ocean state job lot and got some birthday gifts for nat 6 pairs of wool socks and a short sleeved top things which he needs big time and then that added to the 3 tops janet got for him at a few weeks back. those are all for his birthday which is on the 13th and needed them now seeing he's short on things around here as it is. then once janet was back here over to get her paycheck, the bank and wally world and home after that. she's been playing catch up on here and fb/email after that. we're having chicken noodle soup she's warming up in the crockpot she froze last fall or a few months back. tomorrow it's grocery shopping and then to a furniture store in south hadley to look for a recliner for the living room. best of all the warm temps return starting monday 50s and 60s for the rest of next week and get this drum roll please.....70 on wednesday just when janet will be going to get her car from the garage as it's been booked in for tuesday after work and they'll have it that afternoon and the next day, but she has to have it back for thursday and work. angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

03/03/2016 02:52.39 PM Report This Comment
janet's already after nat
to change the picture to easter and st. patrick's day or spring for easter close enough with plenty of floral pictures from last year to choose from till they are up and blossoming when janet gets out to walk provided most of the free day on wed is open and not taken up like this coming week. it's totally messed up she says as late on tuesday when she usually is getting supper, she has to get mommy uptown to the skin doctor's and when she gets called in janet will go and walk uptown as she'll have around a half hour to 45 minutes so will bring a watch. she just also might go to a nearby grinder shop get supper instead of heating something up despite the fact she bought a few things which just will need heating up or put ting into the oven when they go to leave for the appointment uptown. on wed when she usually has it off, she's now working due that mommy's appt. was changed for good reason storminess and we're due to get rain, and then cold again thurs, but nice so at least that's a plus she hopes. nice warming up for 4 days coming in some 40s but mainly lower 50s about high time too! angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

02/27/2016 12:31.34 AM Report This Comment
hi gypsy and fam
we have good news and bad

bad: ugh allergy season has already started here in Georgia, momma suffering already

good: whoop momma and dad not have to pay taxes, they actually getting a small refund

is rainy here today again and tomorrow may have a storm or two, but I think they may miss us. just rain has been in mid 60's but heading back to freezing temps for the weekend

we could not get on at all Friday nite to come to the rink or do anything kept getting the same error page hedley was getting when they tried.

daddy not get to work yesterday or today. bummer things will be tight but at least the tax refund be here in few days as momma file electronically and direct deposit

have a great purr day


02/23/2016 08:48.02 AM Report This Comment
well its something she's learned to live with
just when they hit at the sametime from winter going into spring it stinks that and allergies on the rise already outside too, al ready had the first few pollen releases one was in january with that warm spell going into feb, then with this warm weather it's doing it again. seems janet's going to have to either suffer or buy allergy meds the store brand equal to the name brand if they have it that is. she did get out for two walks the day before, but last night didn't make it as she was tied up online as usual seems most afternoons are like that now. got colder temps today lower 40s and then by wed ice to showers to rain 40 wed and 53 thurs! hoping the ice is gone before mommy's appt. at the skin dr's uptown on wednesday for 1:45! angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

02/21/2016 11:47.43 PM Report This Comment
Hi Gypsy
We have some cold weather moving in. Snowy day today, but no accumulation, just a wet snow falling. It is supposed to be in the single digits here over the weekend. Coldest weather so far this year for us!

Poor mom is still working all day ever since last FRI! Her co-worker is still sick and mom desperately needs a day off to do her banking and buy us cat food...hey, we are really important and we really need cat food..we are down to 2 cans now, if mom doesn't get a day off soon, we will be hungry!

Mom works til 4pm and gets home about 4:20 or later, and she is usually too tired to run back out to the store, but she might need to...hey if we could, we would go up to the store and buy our own food, me and Kelsee will be alright cause we eat mom's dinner with her, but the other 3 don't bother much with people food!

I played a mean trick on mom today! When she came home from work, she cleaned out our litter box cause it was dirty and smelly, and she put all the used litter in a big bag to take out, I was too lazy to walk to the other box, so I squatted and peed on the bag of dirty litter...hey, it smelled like our litter box, so why not?? Mom just shook her head at me and said, "Oh Jesse, what am I going to do with you?" she got a paper towel and soaked up the pee.

Well, i hope you have a pawsome evening!
Stay warm
Jesse >^..^<

Come visit me, KELSEE~~Up Up & Away!!~~, K-WINSTON ~~I got most goals in MHL~~, KALI ~I'm flyin high!!!~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA ~~Goin my way?~~, SIR ANGEL JESSE~2001-2016~ RIP!, KCK team page 2016 & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

02/09/2016 03:17.46 PM Report This Comment
we've got some of the coldest
air coming in here by later on this week fri-sun of next week and then warming back up, but 3 days will be the longest so far for a cold spell here usually they last only one day or two at the most, but this will be the first 3-day one. janet just shivers at that thought as she'll have to go out in the just below/above 0 temps all 3 mornings as it's the first to middle part of her work week. they weren't able to get out and grocery shop on friday due to poor road conditions although by mid to late afternoon they could've gotten out, but janet found out that the store was mobbed at that time and again was yesterday and likely will be again today, many picking stuff up for the big game parties even though our team is out of it, many are rooting for the panthers to get it over the broncs since that last nameless team beat our team twice this past season even though we don't like football one bit, we did fol-low it on the newspaper and online or the tv. janet had to get gas any rate as it was 1/3 left in the tank going to empty and needed to be filled. she hopes no extra running around this coming week, but one never knows till it's upon you. got two chances of snow this week tomorrow afternoon and then on thursday morning sometime. at least janet made it to work no problems as the roads were just starting to stick and coming home was the mess! at least a lot has melted and settled. angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

02/07/2016 12:50.13 AM Report This Comment
janets got
back to back appts. next month for a hbp/cholesetrol check as mommy and nat also go for checks that same late morning then she has a dentist appt. on the 27th and the other is on the 20th. mommy's next one is this week her skin specialist to see about her rash on her back at 3 in the afternoon so that means if any errands are done they'll be home earlier due that janet's out of work by 10 due to chopped hours again. got a nice day coming in today upper 40s cooler than the 60 of yesterday and tomorrow. the only change is that most of the rain tomorrow will be in the afternoon and 1/2-1" expected, so we're lucky to be on the warm side once again. mommy got a tablet at staples since that's the only store we have left to get it at around here and beats nothing yesterday and then janet and nat hit target on their way home since they had to get milk and that's the cheapest around to get it and it's good milk too! angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

02/02/2016 12:02.48 AM Report This Comment
the only thing
janet had to do was to warm up the potato, veggie and get the spam out of a can, something she and mommy like as a change of pace so she burned it as mommy wanted it in maple syrup and well janet was doing something and had nat turn them, but he didn't know what he was doing and they burned when janet got to them. so at least there were 2 pieces left and she used those. an easy supper. oh the potatoes were potatoes anna but they too got a bit to crusty, but anyways were good! she wants to make an-other meatloaf and has a mix to add to it as well as some bar-becue sauce to make it a bit sweeter or cranberry ketchup she found a few years back in a speciality shop when she was up north and hasn't been back since '11 or '12. anyways warm front going through today and 50s next 4 days with possible showers mon pm and rain thurs touching 60 before cooling back to the 40s then mid to upper 30s which all in all isn't to bad but the 20s are just around the corner for the second full week when feb/mar give us the most white stuff or sloppy conditions! angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

01/30/2016 12:58.44 AM Report This Comment
Hi Gypsy
What’s purring with you today? It is a cold, windy day here in south Mississippi. I am enjoying a relaxing day. I am resting on my heated mat on the windowseat, watching Mrs. Maryann clean our house. This supervising is hard work – think I’m ready for a nappy! Hope your Hump Day is pawsome too.

Purrs to you,
K Casper Todd

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle (in Loving Memory) ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

01/27/2016 12:24.31 PM Report This Comment
Hi Gypsy
Oh we like ice cream as long as it is vanilla and we like whipped cream. mom never buys Cool Whip, she uses Dairy Fresh whipped cream in the can.

It isn't too cold here. It was when we were in the teens and single digits, but sense then, it has warmed up. By the weekend we are going to be in the 40's.

WE were lucky on the storm, too. Missed us completely. We got no snow at all. Just a small dusting and it is all gone already. Our landlord has not even had to get us salt this year.

I am starting to feel better now. That Cosequin I got is good stuff. I am now running and chasing and having fun instead of just laying around and being a bored cat!

Mom is coloring a picture of a 'fire-breathing dragon' for the CC Color Artists group she is in. Wait til they see it...everybody on the group colors so well and have some pretty pictures to show.

Mom has tomorrow off work, too. Then she might have to work a 1/2 day on Thursday, but she isn't sure yet, they will call her. Mom is happy to have at least 2 days off so she can rest her elbow....she thinks she has arthritis in her joints, but she has to go to the Dr and make sure.

WE got to go outside yesterday, just for a few minutes though cause it was still chilly, but the sun was out and it made feel took advantage of us being outside and vacuumed the floor.

Hope you are staying nice and warm!
Lots of purrs & pawhuggz!!!
Jesse "The Orange dude"

Come visit me, KELSEE~~Up Up & Away!!~~, K-WINSTON ~~I got most goals in MHL~~, KALI ~I'm flyin high!!!~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA ~~Goin my way?~~, SIR ANGEL JESSE~2001-2016~ RIP!, KCK team page 2016 & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

01/26/2016 04:01.29 PM Report This Comment
yes, that's something
we'll have here like we did earlier on this week once the winds crank up and the storm hits southern new england later on this afternoon and here the cutoff line for the snow is ma/ct state line so just flurries or nothing here and we're all jumping for joy, wahooo!!!! :):):) from all of us here for that, thank you god/master and angels at the rb!! when janet had pepper out it was 26 the predicted high for today and we'll be the wind chills once the storm gets going up this way this afternoon. we'll be more like we were earlier this week when wind chills mon/tues were nasty single numbers above 0 and lower to mid 20s for highs and that's what we'll have today too. then 30s and 40s for our thaw all next week through next weekend into the start of february! angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

01/23/2016 12:52.18 AM Report This Comment
Hi Gypsy
Well, maybe that Cosequin might be helping a little bit. I am running around chasing Kelsee and I haven't played chase in awhile! I still lose my footing now and again from my hips being sore, but not as much! It also helps a lot to have my food bowls raised off the floor, now I don't have to bend way down to eat!!

It is still very cold outside. Only made it to 19* today and the rest of the week will be in the low 20's, then the weatherman said we are in for a slight warmup...we'll see about that!

At least we haven't much snow at all. We got a dusting yesterday, but it is all gone today, and all Winter all we had was about 2" of it and last Winter we were knee deep in the white stuff at this time!

Mom moved our front room around and now poor Kali is all confused. She was used to the chair being by the window and she wold sit on top and look out, but mom moved it by the wall and moved the TV on the opposite side of the room now....Kali sits in the middle of the living room crying to mom!!

Looks like we are getting a new refrigerator. Ours is sounding rough makes a awful noise when it shuts down, so the Landlord is telling his manager to get mom another it should be here sometime next can't wait. This one is 20 + years old!

I finally sat and got my picture taken. I was sitting on the kitty tree and mom got a nice shot of me with my eyes open, she couldn't believe her luck, usually I squint or close my eyes.....we will post them soon!!!

Mom can't figure this out, perhaps you can help! I used to never drink milk. I would sniff it and walk away, and now for the past week or so I have been literally craving it. I climb on the table and drink from mom's milk glass, she doesn't mind I do that, but she can't figure it you think maybe I have a calcium deficiency and my body knows it!??? My Vet said little bits will not hurt me as long as I do not over do it...I never drink an entire glass full {MOL}, but it gave me a case of the Hershey squirts!

Well, I hope you stay warm!
Jesse >^..^<

Come visit me, KELSEE~~Up Up & Away!!~~, K-WINSTON ~~I got most goals in MHL~~, KALI ~I'm flyin high!!!~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA ~~Goin my way?~~, SIR ANGEL JESSE~2001-2016~ RIP!, KCK team page 2016 & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

01/19/2016 03:46.44 PM Report This Comment
you can say that again
for the weather! usually the first two days of the week it's cold and we've got that ready to roll in here likely this after-noon or tonight and then back to the freezer and we'll be start-ing to climb out again by wednesday-sunday then light snow and 40s after that on monday and tuesday, after that we don't know as twc hasn't posted beyond 7 days as usual. had rain yesterday and a little sleet mixed in after janet had gone to work as the ground was bare and just wet when she left here at 5:40am. she can't wait for the 40s and 50s, but likely unless we get lucky we won't see to much of it as the cold really wants to come in, but gets pushed out after 2 days which is fine by us. no errands tomorrow, although janet does have to get milk and gas so will do both at a gas station across from work and write a reminder note to do it too other-wise she'll likely forget and drive right past! angels,ab, haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

01/17/2016 12:19.35 AM Report This Comment
Hi Gypsy
It sure is cold here today! Started out this morning at 25*, then dropped to 19* before my vet appt, and the wind is brisk and it bites right through you.

I went to the Vet. I had a series of X-rays and they showed I have arthritis in my hips and swelling in my joints, that is why my back legs buckle on me sometimes. the vet gave me a shot to relieve the swelling and gave me a 30 day supply of Cosequin Capsules for mom to sprinkle on my food...thank goodness for that, no forcing pills down my throat.. I hope I like the stuff and it leaves no awful taste in my food or I will not eat it.

I am not to be jumping with my rear legs, not that I jump much anyway, I usually climb on things now. I had my distemper shot while we there and I gained 1/2 a pound..went from 9 1/2 to 10 pounds.

We go back in 30 days for another check up and more X-rays to see if the Cosequin is working....I sure hope it works cause I hate this I know how mom feels {her right joints hurt}.

That's about it for today! I had a nice cold stroller ride to the vet, but mom put a blanket over the net front to keep the wind off of me. I hate wind in my face....good thing our vet is only 2 blocks down the street.

Mom went to Walmart this morning and said hardly nobody was there...there was only 6 lines open and 3 of those were self checkouts....guess the weather is keeping people inside.

Well, I am sleepy now and so I am going to go lay down with Kelsee and take a nap and cuddle up with her.

Stay warm!
Jesse >^..^<

Come visit me, KELSEE~~Up Up & Away!!~~, K-WINSTON ~~I got most goals in MHL~~, KALI ~I'm flyin high!!!~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA ~~Goin my way?~~, SIR ANGEL JESSE~2001-2016~ RIP!, KCK team page 2016 & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

01/12/2016 05:23.07 PM Report This Comment
Hi Gypsy
How were your holidays? Ours were pawsome! Did Santa Claws visit you? We are such good children, so of course he came to see us! I got a mew slicker brush (love it!), a jellyfish wand toy, a hexmouse, and a Tony Tiger spring toy. Sissy got some Cosmic Catnip toys & a mew heated bed. You can see our haul in our profile pics & on the bottom of our pages.

I am kinda sad today because Mommy returned to work after being off for 11 days. I miss her.
Purrs to you,
K Casper Todd

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle (in Loving Memory) ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

01/04/2016 12:58.15 PM Report This Comment
just to let ya know....
that this is our very last blog forever. somebody out there is trolling this site for improper things being said and reported us and janet as well as a few others yesterday, so she's decided to end our association with catster/cc as of this morning and now will free up more time to getting the other things online done before she goes to work in the mornings as well as we can be found on cc-fb pages which we know many aren't on, snailmail or email or phone as she's willing to give her number out to a few select friends for afternoon calls very soon. again sorry for the short notice, but somebody ruined it for us and a few others as well. haley,ab, angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

12/30/2015 04:23.51 AM Report This Comment
Hi Gypsy
Wow..strange occurrences on CC. Your comment box was missing and we are LOGGED had to go back to our account page and then come back to yours and now it is back. I am even having a hard time deleting old pictures from my profile to add new ones, I got booted off 3 times before it actually deleted.

It is cold today, not as cold as yesterday though. Yesterday was so windy it was howling loud and our power went out, but it did come back on in a short while.

I have been playing with that new toy from the Zoo crew kitties. fun!!! I love toys that move by themselves when you pounce on them....I can't remember the name of it and mom threw out the trash bag with the package it came in.

We helped mom take down the Christmas decorations cause we kept knocking stuff over and mom took advantage of having 2 days off so now our apt is back to normal, now mom just has to take things down to the storage room...I miss the sparkly garland that was on the wall, I liked to play with it.

I hope you have a pawsome evening!
JESSE >^..^<

Come visit me, KELSEE~~Up Up & Away!!~~, K-WINSTON ~~I got most goals in MHL~~, KALI ~I'm flyin high!!!~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA ~~Goin my way?~~, SIR ANGEL JESSE~2001-2016~ RIP!, KCK team page 2016 & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

12/29/2015 02:24.29 PM Report This Comment
we know you have company or have gone
somewhere, but just wanted to let ya know at least the ball is now rolling to see if mommy can get any of master's pensions from the post office and the union to which workers at stop and shop belong to so janet is trying to help get the word out via her church website now to see if any of them can help get the word out as well as donate to the memorial fund which is now up to $300 a start, but a long ways to go. she reposted to see if any of the others here online on face book groups she belongs to can help our or at least help out by spreading the word to see if they in turn want to help natty. had 21/2" of sleet and we think it's slowly turning to slop meaning it's starting to melt out there and janet's trying to get through cc as she is taking nat over at 2 to stop and shop so he can get a prescription. janet has both hers which needs refilling this weekend or near it. she's got pictures too and will not post those till she's got enough on it to put up maybe tomor-row. she's got tomorrow off as she took today due to the nasty slippery conditions and has tomorrow off as usual unless they decide to call her in which might happen. angels,haley, ab

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & april and the 5 angels.

12/29/2015 10:30.29 AM Report This Comment
Great profile Gypsy
Today we had a warm day. No sun was out but for a few cleaned her house up, did laundry and her friend came to visit and took her to the store for a few things.

Mom still has to finish her last batch of cookies for Christmas, then she will be all done. She has been passing them out to her friends and neighbors.

I was caught peeing in the corner today...just marking my territory is all...what male cat doesn't do that? She even catches Winston doing it from time to said "Male cats are a pain when they do that"...I guess she doesn't like the smell, but she sprays her Glade Odor Eliminator for Pets on it, but we KNOW where we put our 'mark'.

The she caught Sheba walking all over the dining room table like she owned it...usually mom doesn't mind us sitting on the D R table cause she never eats at it, she eats on her coffee table watching TV or at her computer desk....but mom had some stuff on there today she did not want Sheba knocking off.

We got to go outside to play today. That is how mild it was. We all came in at 5:30pm except for Winston, but he decided to come in at 6pm for the has to work tomorrow, so we may or may not be able to go outside, depends on the weather for tomorrow.

Our stockings are getting pretty full of things now! I saw mom putting in more stuff that came in the mail yesterday, so we will have a nice Christmas this year!

Have a fun evening!
Jesse >^..^<

Come visit me, KELSEE~~Up Up & Away!!~~, K-WINSTON ~~I got most goals in MHL~~, KALI ~I'm flyin high!!!~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA ~~Goin my way?~~, SIR ANGEL JESSE~2001-2016~ RIP!, KCK team page 2016 & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

12/22/2015 03:39.46 PM Report This Comment
Only 3 more days until Christmas!
Good Morning dear furiends! It still doesn't look like Christmas outside even though the calendar says winter is officially here. No snow in the forecast for quite a while either. Sorry we didn't visit yesterday but Mom was busy baking up 6 dozen cookies...& still has lots more to bake today so that she'll have the rest of the week to concentrate on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day dinners. We found a red envelope with a special poetic request from Santa Paws this morning when we started playing around the Christmas tree so are passing it on to all of our kitty furiends so they can lend him a helping paw.
~Pets In The North Pole~

Hear Ye, Hear Ye there is much to do,
But the reindeer up north have caught the flu!
The presents are wrapped, the sleigh is all set,
So instead of reindeer, we're using your pets.
Just show them this note on Christmas Eve,
So when the time comes, they'll be ready to leave.
We'll take dogs, we'll take snakes, we'll take hamsters and cats.
We'll take frogs, we'll take lizards, we'll even take bats!
We'll pretty much take whatever you've got.
For Santa's sleigh, we'll need a lot.
Your pet should leave when you're asleep,
So don't make a sound or a peep.
When your pet comes to fly the sleigh,
I'll make them fly, I'll show them the way.
We'll soar through the night up high in the sky.
Looking down at the houses as we fly on by.
Oh, and thank you for helping Santa Claus.
From your old pal, Santa Paws.
Let's beat the dogs to it so we can make it a very Meowy Christmas for all...MOL!

Jolly purrs & a snicker-doodle cookie vote.
Piggy, Sneakers & NICE Crew

Come visit me, Q Trixie~Rest in Peace beloved fursis Patches, Piggy & Sneakers, Monkey~Vote ROSIE #212287 COTM dly in June~, Fluffinella ♥Joey, ♥Angel Sherman♥, ♥Angel K Zaboo♥, ♥Angel Cloudy♥, Special Memories page & ♥ Angel Patches ♥ 4/1/2001~6/24/2016.

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