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Domestic Longhair from <a href=' Margarita/club-members.aspx' title='Santa Margarita, CA'>Santa Margarita, CA</a>

Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo,Q. MerryBelle and UBB

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Hi! My name is Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo,Q. MerryBelle and UBB

I am Domestic Longhair from Santa Margarita, CA

Nicknames: Big Boy

Age: 15 years old

Gender: M

Coat: long haired

Education: He used to be afraid of people in general, now he is just leary of strangers and he is a total lovebug to his favorite people.

My favorite tricks and treats are: carries a string away in his mouth and fish flakes

Where I hang out: In the window or on a bed or couch

My favorite grubs: Tuna

My pet peeves: Vacuums, mops, car rides

What I love about my owners: They took me in from outside.

My cat hobbies: Play with a string and go outside.

Pet motto: Persist in what you want to achieve

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He was a stray in our area and we were feeding him. He finally got used to people and 'came in from the cold'. I won COTD on 6/11/09, 7/15/2011, 7/18/12, 7/18/2013, 07/18/2014 and 7/18/2015. Won CROTD on 7/15/2011. Thanks everyone. Diagnosed in December 2010 with a heart murmur.

Mom will try to catch up asap.

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I've had 22134 friends visit me.

I'm the 2,600th member on

1,668 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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Monday recap
Happy Chinese New Year!!! Year of the monkey,what could be more fun than a barrel of monkeys,right?Its also laugh and get rich day-so I hope the monkeys got their "A" game on. Everyone watch the super Bowl yesterday? That explains the lethargy and the scores.

Luvbug (38)monkeys around with a kite flying opera. Interesting.

Mallow (40) is speaking in tongues today (at least she is still speaking,and strangely,we understand her),and she creates random acts of vandalism with her golf ball. So little,yet so fierce.

I score a 36. Let me tell you-laughing yourself rich does NOT work-the bank account is still lacking in the negative way.

Engine dresses head to tail in 28 layers of fur-warming her paws over the chipmunk Cheerios with warm catnip cream(at least its not mulled monkey)

The Angels are getting ready for an early Easter with a 25. After the Nor leaves that is.

Tuck packs up his little 36,and heads his lonely self to the drink wagon. You're never alone when its you,Jack Daniels,and chipmunk Cheerios

Mudcat (37) hold the bus!!! Some not so good news from the Southern front. JC is in the vetspital with a urinary blockage. Its no laughing matter-sending get well wishes his way.

GTt (24) sends out invites out lunch with the monkeys compliments of Engine. No wonder your inviting everyone. No,monkey is not on the menu.

BG 924) pawtied to hardy at the SB yesterday-even old gum,and the opera is looking good to her. An opera performed by Asian New Year monkeys-I like it!

1st with matching 24's BG and GTt.
2nd with 25 is The Angels
3rd with 28 is Engine

Losers: Mallow with 40,and Luvbug with 38. teach her to talk well,can ya Luvbug?


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/08/2016 03:00.24 PM Report This Comment
Ballet Day! 2-7-16
Everybody wearing your cleats and helmets? Oh come on, you know you want to. And have you ever seen those NFL films in slow motion? Pure ballet! And 300 pound ballerinas...

Luvbug scores right after the kick-off with a 39. He also got started early on those whiskey floats. Coincidence? Oh look. Mallow also scores a 39 while waving at her neighbor. Wonder if 39 will figure into the final score in the "big game"? Ana had to find the game through the yellow pages, and draws a 28. Not good enough.

Ooohh, Mimi is flexing her attitude by knocking things down after getting a measly 34 from our illustrious dealer. Did your neighbor get your single-digit message? :-) Tucker sure knows our little golf bully well. Yes, she has been practicing her "sign language" with the neighbors today. Tucker tucks his lousy 21 under his helmet and heads for the sidelines to knock some stuff down.

PD hopes we're all enjoying our sooper scoopers. He is NOT enjoying his 23. He puts on his pads and helmet and gets ready to root for some panthers. Bee Gee flips her 24 into the trash and heads out to give the foam finger to one and all, starting with the dealer who isn't playing with a full deck. Says PD...

Okay all, head for the barre. And - bend and flex and squat and thrust. Pirouette and swirl, aren't we a lovely bunch? Now, grab your helmets and head to the snack bar. Hey, those helmets can hold a LOT of grub...

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Dibs on the little cocktail weenies


02/07/2016 01:41.41 PM Report This Comment
Crutch Rental Day 2-6-16
Or Lame Duck Day, whichever you prefer. Did you all bring your "adopted" gophers with you? Isn't that cute, how the stupid little rodents think we're "adopting" them? Aww. Almost makes me feel bad. Almost. But my mouth is watering at the thought of grilled gopher!

Luvbug(37/10) admires the lace curtains in the lobby as he breezes out to the library. Bringing A. Fang? ... Mallow(42/6) isn't holding back at the I scream bar. Ice cream, I mean. Although I wouldn't mind an I Scream Bar! ... Mimi(31/4) and I share the same opinion of gophers. The only good gopher is a chocolate covered frozen one on a stick. Because everything is better on a stick ... Steve(27/9) is a one-cat compliment club, but he's still taking contributions. If you don't have any catbucks, a compliment will do.

GTt(36/9) is requesting a score transfer. But - how can you transfer TOMORROW'S score to TODAY? Do you have a talent you aren't telling us about? ... Aw, Bee Gee(37/10) is taking her lame duck Tiny "Soupy" Tim to the library to entertain the little gophers in the parking lot. I think she really means "clubbing gophers with a crutch" but with her you never can tell ... And Tucker(29/11) is celebratin the fact that even though he got here late, he's at least in time for the I Scream special.

Lots of bad putts today. Any good ones?
1st- Mimi and her lacey golf cart, 4.
2nd - Mallow, 6. Screaming & dreaming.
3rd - Tie, Steve & GTt, dressed to the 9s.

And everybody else loses. Tucker, Bee Gee, and Luvbug, you guys will have to whiskey floats ready. I'd like some of that frozen yogurt in mine please.

GTt has suggested we have a once-a-month or
once-a-day, or week, or whatever, trophy. For golfer
of the week, or day, maybe month. Who knows. Any thoughts?


02/06/2016 02:43.13 PM Report This Comment
2.5.16 Yummy Furiday Long Drive Day
[You have NO idea how annoyed I am right now. I was just putting the finishing touches on the scores when CC blotted it out and I have to start over. The 2nd time won't be as good either!!]

Early on the links the Food Cart came rolling in with Engine bringing us 35 pans of mulled mice... mmmmm...
GT-t reports a 32 and winds
mimi is on the pole practicing while wrapped head to tail tip in 32 feet of bright red fabric, Brrr. rain, sleet, snow...
And LuvBug counts 32 Western monarch butterflies passing him by. Grow more milkweed everyone. Save the monarchs.
QUEEN mallow 9400 assures us that she IS the Western monarch. Hail, oh Red Queen!
Out eastSteve reports a pair of 2's again -- at least he remembered this time-- while he knits tiny sweaters for his butterflies. What a guy!
Crabby Tuck is hissing at the politically correct "weatherperson/people." At least his 27 gets him out of the cart barn. Be sure and take your empty Cat Daniels bottle with you, Tuck.
Finally, Bee Gee races onto the green tossing 31 packages of bubble gum from her cart for us all to chew and get stuck in our fur. She must think she is on a float in the mardi Gras parade. Next week, B.G.
Winners and Cart Barner

1st- The QUEEN of the West with 40
2nd - Our Grubmaster N-Gin 35
3rd - The triplets of thirty two: GT-t, Redhot mimi, LuvBug
Cart Barner: Steve with is little 22. Bring those tiny knitting needles with you.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..winky-winky, Furlip File #1 closed, A. PD Budd, STILL Writing Furlip Files & Perseus, the Hero-birdwatching.

02/05/2016 02:09.17 PM Report This Comment
Thurs recap
What does Liberace,stuffed mushroom,homemade soup and the USO have in common???? Nothing at all,but here we are,so lets see what we can do with it.

Luvbug (29)happily volunteered his services for drivers ed and cart saftey on the back 9 holes. They say a picture is worth a thousand words....

Mallow (41) is conducting mushroom stuffing for dummies class followed by how to putt fungus in 3 easy steps.

I score a 37 and honor my mentor-the great Liberace. Bling is the thing.

The Angels don't care about the fungus among us-they just enjoy their 59.

Mudcat (62) supports the USO and the troops with her patriotic pole dance.God bless America,and the freedom of dance.

Engine (54)shows us there is more ways than one to skin a rat. Gonna need more catnip wine for this demo.

GTt (40) prepares to amaze by "whacking her thingie". wow....

Tuck comes out of hiding from the thunder and snow lightening long enough to putt a 35. Me thinks he drinks,a lot.

BG (34)is sniffing from the same still as Tuck when she see's USO's in the Hazards.

1st with 29 Luvbug
2nd with 34 BG
3rd with 35 Tuck

Losers: Mudcat with a patriotic 62,and The Angels with 59


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/04/2016 01:53.46 PM Report This Comment
2/3/16 - "♫ A long, long time ago .."
Yes, it’s The Day The Music Died, remembering the talents of Buddy Holly (BH), Richie Valens (RV) and The Big Bopper (BB) lost all too soon on this date 57 years ago. We will celebrate their memory by making their music the backdrop to our golf mayhem today. Great new picture, by the way!

Luvbug gets up “Early in the Morning (BH)” to putt a 28 (=10) and to set out the trays of carrot cake to celebrate the fact that it is also Carrot Cake Day today. After putting a 37 (=10). Mallow spies this delectable goodness and calls dibs on the little orange carrot on top and dares Steve to fight her for it, declaring “Rave On (BH)”. Steve would rather cruise around the water hazard after racking up his 50 (=5). “It’s So Easy (BH)

Engine brings us a 26 (=8) and some Ratty Rover and Poached Parrot to go with our carrot cake “Oh, Boy! (BH)”. Mimi, meanwhile, lays out a “Chantilly Lace (BB)” tablecloth and marks down a 50 (=5). The Angels ride in on the wind and can barely stay in the cart. With the “Paddi-Whack Song (RV)” for inspiration they putt a 38 (=10).

Gracie T-t putts a 41 (=5) and tells us her catty’s adventures of this morning. Thanks for the reminder that plastic bag handles should be cut before allowing kitties to play with them and we have to agree, Percy, there’s “Someone Watching Over You (BB)”! After preparing by Staring Behind Things, Tucker lines up his putt and scores a 48 (=12) I think his theme song is “Cry Cry Cry (RV)” And finally, Bee Gee declares that “That’ll Be The Day (BH)” when carrot cake should pass HER lips! It’s a 23 (=5) for her.

A very interesting cluster of scores today, with no one left out:
1st – Steve, Mimi, Gracie T-t and Bee Gee with 5
2nd – Engine with 8
3rd – Luvbug, Mallow, and the Angels with 10
And left over we have Tucker, who still gets to go to the still room with his 12 pieces of carrot cake

“That’s What I’m Talking About (BB)”!
Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

02/03/2016 12:50.33 PM Report This Comment
Groundhog Day! 2-2-16
Looks like a couple other hogs are trying to butt in. Hedge hogs, sled hogs. Oh wait, sled DOGS. Kinda the same thing, if you ask me. And just look at that crazy cart! What is IN there? Squirrels, beavers, weasels? Who let them on the course??

Luvbug(30) wants to learn all about those other critters in the cart. You just go right on ahead, give us a report on what you find out ... Mallow(33) learns the hard way to keep her G-string out of the way when she plays golf. Ukulele string, that is. Sheesh, you guys ... Haley(26) says she can warm things up with a little Pepper. Is that your personal sled dog? That's cheating.

Goofy Steve is so eager to get out and harness the power of a dog sled he forgets to leave a score. Goofy golfer! ... Mimi(46) volunteers to blindfold the groundhog so he can't see his shadow. If we just leave him in the ground, he won't see his shadow either ... Engine(47) says we need that groundhog out of his den, so he can be the guest of honor at the buffet. Ground groundhog? Well, since you put it that way.

GTt(24) volunteers more info about Percy & the OL's crapper capers than we want (or need) to know! ... Tucker(19) is none too thrilled about all the hitchhikers crammed into the catty cart! Sounds like he could out-grouch the golf bully today. Yikes ... And here's the golf bully (21) herself, wondering if we could hire the groundhog to add extra holes to the course. Makes putting MUCH easier!

Notice we're having a Bill Murray kind of day? Catty Shack, Groundhog Day. Maybe tomorrow we can all get Scrooged!
1st - Engine just edges out Mimi for first with her 47
2nd - But Mimi is breathing down her neck with a 46.
3rd - Way down in third is Mallow, with a 33.
Oh dear, grumpy Tucker and the golf bully are heading to the cart barn together. Play nice in there!

I saw my shadow! Is winter over?


02/02/2016 02:00.28 PM Report This Comment
January 31 ~ Angel Mallow's last word ~
Wow, the last day of my campaign is here! It looked for a while there like the CC Gremlins were gonna try and keep me off the Throne, not to mention from postin’ my final campaign blog, but we pulled it off! Whew! I was gonna do a wrap-up speech today, but then I realized I just might have one last Lost & Found story to tell. It’s about our Angel Smokey and the second time Big Bro Joe saved his life.

One day when Smokey was about 10, he didn’t come in for supper. Which was unusual. And he wasn’t there in the mornin’, either. OR when the kids got home from school.

The kids and the pawrents looked all over, Mom dismantled the woodpile in the back yard, they checked the shed to make sure he didn’t get locked in and checked every hidin’ place they could think of. They walked around the neighbourhood but no sign of Smokey. Everyone was worried, but Big Bro Joe was a young man on a mission! As soon as he came home from school, never mind playin’ or watchin’ TV, he was out lookin’ for his Smokey!

The third day, Joe came runnin’ into the house “I found Smokey!” Mom went out and sure enough there he was, tucked into a little cubby that the humans didn’t even realize existed, where two sections of fence overlapped right at the end of the neighbours’ hedge. Smokey wasn’t stuck, he could come out
by himself but wouldn’t. When Mom reached to touch him, he growled at her! So Dad came out with his big coat and leather gloves, Mom held a baby quilt while Dad reached into the cubby & pulled out Smokey, who still had some fight in him but not very much. Dad plopped Smokey into the blanket, Mom wrapped him up tight and they were off to the vet.

Turned out that Smokey had a really nasty abscess and needed surgery right away. Poor guy had crawled into that little hidey spot to be safe while he sat at the foot of the Rainbow Bridge and waited for the Angels. But thanks to Big Bro Joe it wasn’t time for that yet.

After Smokey did cross and I came to live with the family, one of the things he came back to teach me was that if ya don’t feel right, stick close to the humans. And I listened.

I wanna take this time to say thanks to all of you who have come along on my campaign with me. Thanks for the comments, the support, the laughs, the goodies and of course the votes. I have some fun things planned for my time in the Castle in February, and I hope you’ll enjoy ‘em.

Let’s all give a round of thanks to King Miles for his great reign as King of January!

Come tomorrow: It’s a Marshmallow World!!

❀ Your January COTM Candidate, Angel Mallow ❀

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

01/31/2016 03:55.56 PM Report This Comment
Another cat's ass trophy averted! 1-31-16
No thanks to YOU, CC! We almost missed the coronation festivities, and also some really important stuff, like the distribution of 9-Lives winnings! We'll need those if Mallow decides to install pay crappers in the castle!

Luvbug doesn't win any crapper tokens with his 30, so he's hoping the crappers are fee free. At least for the coronation. Sounds like it's gonna be cold for the coronaation, though. Mallow said so herself! Hell is freezing over over there! She didn't win any tokens either, with her 37, but I think she has her own private royal crapper anyway, so it's all good.

Haley dips into the winnings first, with a 39. I think the winners each get their own "key to the crapper" today. Almost makes it all worthwhile, ya know? GTt finishes dealing in time to hit up wardrobe for a freshly brushed tux, while leaving PD with a losing 31. No key for you, but at least Gracie will look dapper flapping her arms outside the potty. She's what we call a "dapper crapper flapper"!

Tuck gets a crapper key of his very own, with a 49. Careful with those brandy Alexanders. You don't want to fall asleep in the john. Then you'll be what's known as a "crapper napper". Ah yes, Bee Gee has a winner too, even though she'd rather it was a backward 27, she'll still take the crapper key. Much better than just having to make 'doo' and try to hide it under a rumpled rug!

Are we all ready for the coronation now? Everyone into the tour bus, so Ziggy can drive us backwards to the festivities. Not to worry. Backward, forward, she can't see where she's going anyway. I suggest you all close your eyes and experience the drive just like she does!

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Glad CC finally woke up
for the coronation!


01/31/2016 01:43.15 PM Report This Comment
Catty Caturday! 1-30-16
Looks like most of you let your catties do the putting today. A couple of you just phoned it in. Left it on the Catty Shack answering machine.

"Hello, you've called Catty Shack. If you know why you've called, please tell us. If you can possibly make it interesting, that would be helpful. You have no idea how boring it is listening to all these messages. Maybe you could make it funny too? That would be great. Thanks!"

Sounds like Luvbug(45/9) plans on making some prank calls later. Just hope they don't have Caller ID! ... I think Mojo(38/11) needs to call and leave a message about signing up for putting lessons ... Ana(27/9) called without exactly knowing why. The answer to your question is "The second Tuesday of next week"

JC(26/8) looks like he's autitioning for a Bob Hope golf flick! Cute little knickers ... Oh good grief. Orange Cat Catturday catty golf day, for Steve and his "loaner" catty Maizy(27/9) ... Percy the Putter(23/5) needs to contain his enthusiasm! He's scatterd twigs and debris everywhere, chasing after balls! Doffing his cap for a sweeping bow.

Dot(24/6) is so proud of the gang for remembering Catty Day that she dances her way across the green and right into the clubhouse ... And Grunt(34/7) gets a bit creative by using a croissant to putt a lime from the bar. Not bad for a beginner.

How did the catties do in the inaugural Catty Caturday?
1st - Percy the Putter wins the debut, 5.
2nd - Dot dances her way into second place, 6.
3rd - Grunt takes third and even brings lunch.

Mojo will be scheduling putting lessons later. Right?

I'm escaping to the sunny window


01/30/2016 01:12.58 PM Report This Comment
Hi Luvbug!
Just a reminder to all catty shackers! Tomorrow is the last Saturday of the month, so our catties will be doing the putting honors. We get to sit on our laurels *ouch* and watch the events unfold from the comfort of the lounge. Yeah, heck, they're catties! They're used to dragging around heavy bags of clubs and other implements of torture. So we'll be rooting them on whilst lifting a few at the ol' bar!

Bee Gee


01/29/2016 08:58.17 PM Report This Comment
1.29 Happy Curmudgeon's Corn chips Golf Day
Late and Quick:
LuvBuG 36. Login however you can, Bug.
In memory of all curmudgeons, especially the Golf Bully, Steve eats his 29 corn chips with his mouth open. thanks.
A. mallow has no login troubles and loves her corn chips, all 41 of them.
There were 30 Angels in the clouds out east today... no corn chips.
mimi & JC take their grub work seriously with 37 grilled grackles and 'Still Drippings (what?)
GTt whacked her corn chips 28 feet... just enouf to keep her out of the Cart barn
But not so for Tuck & Dot who will take their 27 chips to the barn. Check out those still drippings, huh?
Our Official Curmudgeon, BG will celebrate White Cat Day with Pig eating their 37 corn chips.
1st - A mallow 41
2nd- 37 Bee Gee & mimi 37 also
3rd - Luvbg 36
Cart barn Tuck & Dot

Night all... heavenly cat dreams,
PD Budd, Angel Commenter

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..winky-winky, Furlip File #1 closed, A. PD Budd, STILL Writing Furlip Files & Perseus, the Hero-birdwatching.

01/29/2016 07:31.26 PM Report This Comment
~ A. Mallow's Lost & Found - Jan 29th ~
Marmie: LOST!!

This story’s a two parter to round out my campaign. It happened in 2014 in England, and my family had a front-row seat to watch it unfold because the kitty involved usedta be one of our compadres on a site called ShowmeCats.

It all started with a great big orange fluffy kitty named Marmalade, who had been with his special person Tracy Brewster of Maidstone, Kent for 13 years. Marmie, as Tracy called him, was his Mom’s pampered baby and had been with her longer than her current husband. The husband wasn’t current for long, as it happens, things went bad and the couple separated. Then on July 21, 2014 Marmie vanished from a walk in the enclosed yard of his house.

Tracy was frantic, and all the more so when it came out that her ex was responsible for Marmie’s disappearance. He appeared in court charged with taking the kitty, was found guilty but spitefully refused to say anything about Marmie’s whereabouts other than that he had turned him loose “somewhere”.

Tracy did not take this lyin’ down, she actually quit her job and devoted herself to searching for Marmalade full-time. Soon she had a group of supporters she called "Marmie’s Army", who helped distribute posters, flyers and publicize Marmie’s cause through media interviews and a FB group called "Find Marmie". Tracy told TV and newspapers:

“We are desperate to find Marmie – a friendly, long haired ginger cat who has been stolen and dumped somewhere. Marmalade is a beautiful, long haired, light ginger neutered male cat. He has a freckled right eye and a bald lower belly. He is microchipped. He is totally and utterly adored by his mum who is desperate and devastated without him .”

Tracy also had a Twitter feed and the “Find Marmie” FB page soon had upwards of 2,400 followers. The UK news media took Marmalade to heart and his story was followed nationwide. An article on Page 3 of the London Daily Telegraph summed up:

“Rarely has the search for a cat been carried out with such passion and heroic persistence. The story has been widely featured in the press.”

So does the Marmie Army come through? Ya just hafta wait till tomorrow.

Same CAT-time, same CAT-Channel!

** The Coronation is Sunday Jan 31, 1 p.m. Pacific time/4 p.m. Eastern time on the Cats Meow Resort page #271826 **

❀ Your January COTM Candidate, Angel Mallow ❀

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

01/29/2016 11:18.08 AM Report This Comment
Thurs CS
Gone-ta-pott day right after Thomas Crapper day-coincidence? They should make it litter box day tomorrow to really hit the spot. A moment please to remember Rocky on the 5th anniversary of his crossing,then the kazoo toots and pancake toss can commence. Priorities....

Luvbug (35) believes in safety first before fun at work. We're all wielding iron golf clubs and swinging them randomly around while imbibing,how much safer can you get than that :)

Mallow (51) Does an inspirational kazoo serenade. All it inspires us to do is drink more. Not a bad thing.

I'm joined by the twins again (22) I'm keeping a safe distance so I can Gone-ta-potty in private.Some things are better done alone,for all of your sake.

Mudcat (36) reminiscences her "innocent" years of tip-clawing thru the daisies. That innocent stuff won't fool us-we saw what the princess of the pole can do! Mmmmm look....she brought us something with fins and gills for today's tasties.

GTt (23) is "in the library" today. Seems she beat me to the gone-ta-potty.

Tuck scores another 22!!! Score-we are double dating with the twins today, while his mom has fun at work. While mom's away,Tuck will play. Golf,he plays golf.

And BG (37) feeling very lonely (since she is the only one to be able to get on CC) is the leader in her one cat kazoo marching band.

1st with 22-Tuck and ME
2nd with 23 GTt
3rd with 35 Luvbug with 35

Losers:Mallow with 51 (serves you right for breaking CC this morning) and BG with 37


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

01/28/2016 01:54.55 PM Report This Comment
~ A. Mallow's Lost & Found - Jan 28th ~
In 2000, a girl named Jackie Sharp was goin’ to college at Santa Rosa Junior College in Petaluma California. It was her first year, with all kindsa new experiences and a whole lotta stress. Her 3 year old kitty named Dallas was with her through good times and bad.

Then Dallas disappeared into a nearby creek.

'It was horrible,' Jackie said. 'I was looking everywhere for him. It was very sad. I loved that cat. At the end of the day I would come home and he would just curl up on my lap and purr. He was always there for me. He got me through a lot.'

Years went by, Jackie graduated and moved away but she always kept pictures of her pal Dallas and occasionally stopped to think of him and to wonder what happened.

Then, in spring of 2013, at the same creek where Dallas had disappeared in 2000 a man found a stray kitty who was in bad shape. He took the kitty to Laurie Atwood, who feeds some of the feral cats living by the creek.

Laurie took the kitty to the emergency vet clinic, where he was checked over and scanned for a microchip. He had one, and very shortly a stunned Jackie Sharp got a call from the VCA Animal Care Centre in Rohnert Park, CA, telling her that they had her cat. It took her a while to realize they were talking about Dallas.

'I was in shock,' said Jackie, by then 34. 'It has been 13 years. I figured he had found a new home or was gone by now. It was so amazing, he was the coolest cat ever and I missed him so much.'

Dallas was given life-saving treatment, put on a feeding tube and given a blood transfusion. Dr. Robin Schaffner, the emergency vet who treated him said that the cat was close to dying and would probably have been put down if they hadn’t found the microchip.

'He was completely dehydrated and emaciated. He probably would have passed away within hours without aggressive treatment. The microchip saved his life,' Dr Shaffner said.

It was a long haul for Dallas, but he recovered and the happy day came that Jackie was able to take him home. She told reporters that Dallas recognised her the moment he entered.

'He stared at me, then he climbed up into my lap and started to purr,' she said. 'I always loved his eyes with those grey specks in them. Once I saw his eyes, I knew it was him. He’s a fighter. If he can make it through living in a creek for 13 years, he can make it through anything.'

** The Coronation is Sunday Jan 31, 1 p.m. Pacific time/4 p.m. Eastern time on the Cats Meow Resort page #271826 **

❀ Your January COTM Candidate, Angel Mallow ❀

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

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1/27/16 - Let's eat chocolate cake on the crapper!
Yep, that’s Catty Shack, class ALL the way!

Luvbug comes first with a 35 (=8), enumerating the accomplishments of Mr. Thomas Crapper of London, whose special day it is today. Are we going to have fun or what?! A. Mallow sets up a crapper on the green, steps up to the tee to whack the ball down the fairway for a 48 (=12). Completely forgetting it's putting day. Yes, I think that score IS eminently flushable, Mallow! Steve, meanwhile, ponders the perfect convergence of Thomas Crapper Day with Chocolate Cake day. A 30 (=3) for him.

Ana is warming up with a not-to-bad 40 (=4), Engine brings us a 42 (=6) and enough Long Island Mice Tea to tide us over two days and Mimi shoots a 49 (=13) and honours Mr. Crapper for giving the language one of her Mom’s favourite words.

Gracie T-t celebrates the beginning of Vole Hunting Season by bringing the first fresh vole of the season, her very first all-by-herself dispatch! Obi-Wan UBB has taught you well, he would be so proud! And that 31 (=4) isn’t bad either. Tucker, meanwhile has a 30 (=3) and hopes that Steve didn’t bake the chocolate cake that’s in the clubhouse. Steve is not too clear on where in the store one finds the bakers chocolate, know what I mean? Lastly, BeeGee brings a 32 (=5) as she expounds on the symbiotic relationship between chocolate cake and crappers. But not too explicitly. Thank goodness.

And the final countdown?
1st – Steve and Tucker, with 3 whole chocolate cakes each
2nd – Ana and Gracie T-t, with 4 pieces of chocolate cake. And some vole rolls.
3rd – Bee Gee with a 5

And Mallow can thank her lucky stars that Mimi came today, because she managed to out-crap Mallow’s crappy score and come away with a 13. Off to the cart barn she goes.

With one last toast all around to Mr. Thomas Crapper of London (you mean they seriously did not ever knight this guy?),

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

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~ A. Mallow's Lost & Found - Jan 27th ~
If you think this story sounds familiar, it’s because Queens Maggie & Angel Ginger told it in their campaign a few months back. But it is so good I just hafta tell it too!

In 1949 the Smith family were getting’ ready to move from St. Petersburg, Florida all the way out to California! They were worried how their kitty Tom would handle such a long trip and because they’d once read that cats often get more attached to a place than to people, they were delighted when they saw that Tom seemed to like the man who bought their house, Robert Hanson.

The Smiths thought that it would be best for Tom to not have his normal routines interrupted and made the decision to leave him with Mr. Hanson. They were sad to leave Tom behind, but relieved that he would have a good home. Over and over they told themselves that done the right thing.

Two weeks later after they moved into their new home in San Gabriel, the Smiths got a letter from Robert Hanson with the news that Tom had run away. They felt awful that because they had done what they thought was best for Tom, now he had run off and would probably come to a sad end.

Then, on an August afternoon on 1951, two years and six weeks after their move to California, Mrs. Smith heard a cat wailing in her yard. The noise was drivin’ them up the wall, and Mr. Smith went outside to chase the intruder out of the yard. Imagine his amazement when the cat ran toward him and leaped into his arms! It took him only a moment to recognize their old friend Tom.

Mrs. Smith was more skeptical. After all, Tom was a sleek, well-fed handsome feline while THIS kitty was scraggly, skinny, worn, frazzled and so weak that it collapsed on the kitchen floor when Mr. Smith brought it into the house. Its fur was bleached by the sun and had come out in handfuls. Its paws were bloody and covered in scabs.

Then Mrs. Smith thought of a sure test. They had raised their Tom on baby food, and he had a real “thing” for Pablum. She went to the store and bought some, then put a saucer of it on the floor. Well, battered and beaten though he was, the cat got to his feet and dived into the baby food right up to his whiskers. The Smiths were now convinced that their old Tom had found his way to their home in San Gabriel, California, all the way from St. Petersburg, Florida-way across the continent and across 2,500 miles of unfamiliar terrain!

Guess Tom had been more attached to his people than they could have ever imagined!

** The Coronation is Sunday Jan 31, 1 p.m. Pacific time/4 p.m. Eastern time on the Cats Meow Resort page #271826 **

❀ Your January COTM Candidate, Angel Mallow ❀

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Hollow Toad Day! 1-26-16
Day of Encouragement? Well, I guess SO! It's gonna take a LOT of encouragement to get me to hollow out a toad! Oh wait, it's Toad Hollow. Oh no! That's even worse! I see where Toad Hollow can't be found on a map, only in your heart. I don't WANT a hollow toad in my heart! Get it out, get it OUT!!

Luvbug(30) says it's okay to be encouraging, even to people you don't like. You've obviously forgotten who you're dealing with here ... Mallow(44) has no trouble encouraging her very own megalomaniacal self. Maybe you can have hollow toad races at the castle next month ... Haley(32) is moving up on the "nice" scale, one degree at a time.

Steve(44) is treating his twins to a brunch of hollow toad on toast. And a little pinkie drinkie ... Engine(32) keeps her cool while her secretary loses hers. Um, you might want to lose that smelly songbird stew too. Just sayin' ... Mimi(40) enlightens Mallow to the "dark side" of castle dwelling.

GTt(35) is in fine fettle today. You may feel differently when you catch a whiff of that smelly songbird ... Tucker(47) has such a bad case of cabin fever he's heading out to goose a toad! ... And Bee Gee(33) has decided to celebrate cabin fever with a pouting contest. First prize is a hollow toad!

1st - Tucker, goosed his temperature right up to 47!
2nd - A tie, pinkie Steve & MegaloMallow, 44.
3rd - Mimi, just back from the dark side, 40.

Looks like "encouraging" Luvbug and "nice" Haley will be doing the cart barn shuffle today. Say hello to the still for us!

I got the blues...
The low down cabin fever blues!


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~ A. Mallow's Lost & Found - Jan 26th ~
It has been a very rough month for our CC friends, and today I wanna start out with a tribute to our King of July 2015, the amazing Montgomery George Brown. I remember my family first met Monty back in summer or 2011 when he was diagnosed with cancer and the vet said he had maybe 6 months left with us. Well, that was 4 ½ years ago and Monty has amazed us again and again, but he has reached the end of his journey and is makin’ his trip to the Bridge today. I and all the CC Angels will be there to meet him with a hero’s welcome!

Now, today’s story:

No one wants an apartment fire, especially not when you’re a human with a kitty. Who more than likely will be under the bed at the first hint of smoke, not to mention those noisy alarms!

Anyway, the worst case scenario happened to Megan Martin in July of 2014 when there was a huge fire at her condo complex in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. The fire caused over 10 million bucks in damages and left 400 humans without homes. Megan was one of them.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, Megan’s kitty Harmony was in the building when the fire happened and when she got the all-clear to go gather her belongings, she couldn’t find Harmony anywhere!

Megan went back to the building complex time after time to look for Harmony and called for help from SAFE Team Rescue, who she had originally adopted Harmony from. The rescue group helped by puttin’ up flyers and leavin’ food out so Harmony wouldn’t go hungry. But despite the everyone’s best efforts, with no sign of Harmony everyone began to fear the worst.

“It’s almost like losing a child,” Martin told CBC News. “You don’t think that your pets are going to be that close to you, but it was very heartbreaking.”

But four months after the fire, with demolition and rebuilding still goin’ on a demolition worker who was back at the condo building found Harmony alive! She was hidin’ in the wall of a third-floor unit, one floor down from Megan’s condo.

Due to SAFE Team Rescue’s efforts, the workers knew who to call about the cat. The rescue organization happily contacted Megan and reunited her with her Harmony.

Harmony had lost way too much weight, and understandably she was pretty jumpy & nervous at first, but she was happy to be with her human again, safe and receiving all the love—and food—that any pet could ask for.

Megan says that she doesn’t know how Harmony survived the fire or four months with very little food or water, but she is thrilled to have her girl safely back at home.

❀ Your January COTM Candidate, Angel Mallow ❀

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

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Monday recap
We have everything from swapping soup to seeds today,and opposite day! How much more opposite can ya get than the battle of the Coasts. In the words of the great Paula Abdul (Not sure if she was sober at this point or not) opposites attract. And not to mention she had a rather catchy little dance to that song too!

Luvbug starts us off with an West coast 37,and bubble wrap to "protect our package" :)

Mallow follows with a 37 of her own (must be the thing to do today-score a 37) and a catty adorned in bubbly wrapped goodness for entertainment purposes. Ours,or Mojo's?

Ana brings her east coast flare with a 28 outside. Better than inside!

I score a 22 (twins!) and skip the swapping of any form of soup,or seeds. Swap sounds In this case,sharing is NOT fun.

GTt (8) says hello from the other side-from the land of ice and snow. Whine is fine,but whiskey is quicker to keep you warm.

Engine (28) plows her way (literally) in with ground gizzards and hot catnip toddy's warmed from riding on the engine. Not our Engine,the other one.

Ready to rumble next is Mudcat with a 27. How low can you go....Oh wow,didn't expect you to actually show us.I'm impressed.

Tuck and Dot (21) state neither rain,nor sleet,or snow can keep them away from some Irish whiskey and horrible singing.None of which they have today.

BG (24). Always saving the biggest for last. I mean best,swear. You read it here folks-she wants a BIG pot of bean soup,and I second that! Score!!!!

1st with 8 GTt
2nd with 21 Tuck and dot
3rd with 22 ME

Losers-The West coast!! Woot-woot! Lets here it for the East! Luvbug and Mallow with ties of 37,and Engine and Ana with 28


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

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~ A. Mallow's Lost & Found - Jan 25th ~
Our Dad grew up with his Dad in the Royal Canadian Air Force, and he usedta delight in tellin’ how when his family unpacked from one of their many moves, they found a moldy oldy half-eaten sandwich in one of the boxes. But when the Barth family of Virginia opened the boxes after a move to Hawaii in September 2014, they found not a sandwich, but their missing kitty!!

Don’t worry, the kitty’s okay! This is our happy place after all.

When everything was packed & ready for the big move, the Barths couldn’t find their kitty Mee Moowe! They postponed leaving for three days lookin’ for Mee Moowe but when she didn’t appear, they reluctantly hadda go ahead with the move. Everyone was devastated to leave behind the gray, short-haired cat had been with the family for their 10 year old daughter’s whole life!

But 36 days later when all the boxes were unloaded at their new house on the island of Maui, the Barths were shocked to hear a faint meow coming from one of the boxes! Well, you know us felines and our boxes, looks like Mee Moowe had crawled inside to explore and accidentally gotten sealed up! When she was finally freed, Mee Moowe had lost half her body weight and according to the vet, she was showin’ all the typical symptoms of starvation.

Unfortunately, the vet also told the Barths that Hawaii’s strict health rules for pets brought into the state meant that poor Mee Moowe hadda spend more three more months away from them, in quarantine because she hadn’t had her shots before the trip.

I somehow think Mee Moowe woulda MUCH rather had the (whisper) s-h-o-t-s than make the trip the way she did!


I was mentionin’ to A. K. Pushkin one day that I didn’t have any Lost & Found stories from Ireland & I figured that must mean that the Irish took better care of their kitties. Well, he found me a story that happened not long ago to a kitty named Lilou who belonged to a guy named Eric Biec of North County Dublin. One day Lilou wandered down to the Malahide DART station and got on the 10:30 train to Dublin City Centre!

A passenger handed her over to station staff and word went out by way of the media and Twitter. Thanks to hundreds of tweets and retweets, worried Dad Eric was reunited with his wanderin’ kitty!

Lilou has made history by bein’ the very first animal to be issued with her very own rail card! Corporate Communications Manager at Iarnród Éireann Barry Kenny says

“Just in the off chance that she does travel again with us, we are going to issue her with her own smart card for the future, so that if she does decide to take the DART again she will have a valid ticket.”

❀ Your January COTM Candidate, Angel Mallow❀

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

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Belly Laugh Day! 1-24-16
And it looks like at least a couple of you will be laughing all the way to the bank with your winnings. Luvbug gets us started off in a winning way with a 39. He also wants us to appreciate the ol' beer can, but truly, everything tastes better in a bottle. Stays colder longer too. Sorry beer can.

Mallow is none too satisfied with her poopy 40, but she DOES see some value in appreciating those beer cans. Or at least enough of them to build something that will float in the Beer Can Regatta! Ana's 20 is also no help in the game of Life. Or 9-Lifes either. Mushing Mimi says she has enough beer cans to recreate the Queen Mary. Better that than the Titanic. Although her 30 is a sunk hand.

PD scores a 9 the "natural" way. Apparently our dealer was up half the night chasing the "surprise" all around the house and just tossed one card up to PD. Bee Gee has our third winner, 36. She'd like to celebrate with a game of beer can hockey in the dining room. We can swith out the Zamboni for a floor buffer. Do they make ones you can ride on? Tucker must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque. He ended up in the doggie clinic last night! So blame that losing 21 on the mutt.

Okay, Luvbug, PD, and Bee Gee get to play tug-o-war for the kitty while the rest of us choose up sides (and beer cans) for a rousing game of beer can hockey.

~~~Hot Rod~~~
I'll be napping over on this big fluffy quilt if
anybody needs me. Please try not to need me.


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Jan 24th Angel Sunday ~ Angel Smokey ~
Don’t ask my brother Angel Smokey “were you born in a barn?”, because he’ll say YES and be proud of it! Here’s his story:

“One day a family came to visit, bringing four little humans. We kittens weren't afraid, we let them pet us and love us and pick us up!

“When the visit was over I was in the back seat of the car with those kids on my way to my new forever home! I had never lived in a house before, there were all kinds of new experiences for me and it was the beginning of a very wonderful life together. I’m proud to say that I helped to raise those kids into grown humans who respect and love animals!

“My favourite was Big Bro Joe, and here’s part of the reason. When I was about 2 years old the humans noticed I was having trouble peeing. Dad took me straight to the vet and the news was that I had a urinary blockage and needed surgery right away or I would die. Mom & Dad had four little kids and not a lot of money, and when he heard how much the surgery would cost Dad thought there was no choice but to send me over the Bridge. After all, he said, who knew how long a cat might live anyway?

“Dad came home to tell Mom and the kids so they could have a chance to say goodbye. Well, Big Bro Joe who was six years old broke into tears. I was his special friend who slept with him every night and he didn’t want me to go over the Bridge! He pleaded “You can have all the money in my bank account, just please save Smokey”. Dad’s heart was really touched and he called the vet, who said there was one procedure they could do that cost a lot less, in fact about the same as it would have cost to send me over the Bridge. The problem was that it could only fix the problem this one time, it might not stay fixed for long, and they’d have to change my food for the rest of my life if there was any hope of my never getting another blockage.

“Everyone said DO IT!! So they did, and soon I was home and doing great. Mom & Dad found a store brand with an acceptable ash content and for the rest of my life Dad bought it by the case whenever it came on sale.”

The rest of Angel Smokey’s life turned out to be another 15 years, and when his time did come to cross the Bridge it was Big Bro Joe who held him as he started on his way.

❀ Your January COTM Candidate, Angel Mallow ❀

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

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Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day! 1-23-16
We don't exactly have a snowplow here, just a dump truck with a blade. And WE don't have a mail box, just a P.O. box. I imagine the post office would be deeply disturbed if the snowplow took out those boxes. Actually, we don't even have any snow out here, but you east-coasters might want to get a little 3-on-3 going. Oops, make that 2-on-2, and the angels can referee.

Luvbug(48/12) putts onto the green in his mini snowplow, clearing off a spot for us to play. He isn't able to make the most of it though, and neither is Mallow(39/12). Maybe you can hide that score til tomorrow ... The Angels(26/8) have high wind but low snow. Hope you have your referee's whistles! ... GTt(17/8) gets back into the game with some positive hissing therapy. That's Hissing, not Kissing. That comes later.

Mimi(32/5) sounds like she's having way too much fun out there in the snow, writing her name with her pawprints ... Steve(23/5) puts in a surprise appearance because he didn't want to miss "mailbox hockey pie". You can have my piece ... Tucker(21/3) is celebrating snow free day, and the calico catwalk. Snow free? And you call yourself an east coaster! ... Bee Gee(40/4) came ready for Pie Day, bringing her very own 4 & 20 blackbirds. And no feathers. Sharesies?

Winning putters:
1st - Tucker, 3. Using his intact mailbox as a hockey stick.
2nd - Bee Gee, 4. Mimi blackbird pies as hockey pucks.
3rd - Tie, Mimi & Steve, 5. Writing their names on that "mailbox hockey pie".

And off to jump-start the Zamboni goes Luvbug & Mallow. We can all get together in the frozen parking lot and hit at each other with stuff, just like real hockey!

And maybe Steve would like to share his recipe for
"mailbox hockey pie". I'm sure you're all as curious as I am!


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~ A. Mallow's Lost & Found - Jan 23rd ~
Today I have a coupla very lucky kitties to tell ya about, and wouldja believe they are both named Charlie?

Charlie #1 showed up at Fort Wayne Indiana Animal Care and Control on April 21st, 2014. Nothin’ so much unusual there. Not even so unusual that Charlie was 10 years old. But after the shelter scanned Charlie for a microchip and found one identifyin’ Virginia Fryback as his owner, things got unusual.

Ms. Fryback was shocked because Charlie had disappeared five years earlier and she thought she'd never see him again! She thanks the veterinarian who convinced her to get the microchip way back when Charlie was a kitten.

Charlie’d better thank that vet, too. A FWACC spokesperson told reporters “The chip has likely saved Charlie’s life because most people choose to adopt a much younger cat.”
Charlie #2 is from way over in Stubbington, Hampshire, England. He’s a black & white guy who lived with Jo and Ade Haigh from 7 weeks old until the day in 2006 when he went outside and didn’t come back in. His people searched the area, put up “lost” posters and contacted all the local vets, but no Charlie!

Since then the Haighs moved more than two miles away but one day in October 2012 Mrs. Haigh was back in the old neighbourhood to look a bungalow her mother was thinkin’ about buyin’ when she, her mother and sister noticed a cat sittin’ on a wall outside of a house.

“I was immediately 99.9 per cent sure it was Charlie.” She said. “He was a lot skinnier but came straight over to me and responded to his name.

“We went and spoke to the man who lived there and he told me he had been feeding Charlie for about two and a half years.”

To the vet the kitty went to scan for a microchip, and he was definitely the long-lost Charlie!

A few things besides the address have changed since Charlie disappeared in 2006. The family now included 13 month old twins, two other cats and two dogs. But Charlie’s Mom said that even at 16 years old, Charlie was settlin’ in and takin’ even the twins in stride.

She also said that she’s so happy to have Charlie back that she’s scared to let him out of the house again.

I think that’s just as well!

❀ Your January COTM Candidate, Angel Mallow ❀

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

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1.22. Brrr.... Long Drive and ??? - Day
Belated 18th Happy Birthday to Hot Rod. I send our Budd regrets. We had to help celebrate (eat & drink) Perseus' first COTD badge. I wrote a universal thank you card to the mews room staff. He is too young to be allowed near the laptop keys. Just look at the last time we had a kitten in the house who chased me constantly and made me lose the 'm' off the keyboard = GTt.
Okay... It is Ask a Question Day while you Celebrate Life Day...except Steve.
LuvBg (40) celebrates his life and his pawrents too. What a great tomcat. A. mal(47) has lots of questions--none make much sense, of course. But she is sensibly celebrating her life here and in the hereafter.
Ana (18) Celebrates: Sun to Clouds, Sun to Clouds, on & on & on ... It's life so celebrate! Steve (18) is celebrating life on Hot Sauce Day to keep him warm. Are you rubbing that hot sauce all over your body again this year, Steve? You know that didn't work last winter!!
mimi (28) Wonders why it is warmer in Canada than in sunny So. Va.? After Virginia digs out of the 2 feet of snow you are getting this weekend, we hope you find the answer. Just don't let it make you late for the Hot Old card game on Sunday. We understand there is a Reserved Feline dining room at the Red Lobster?
GT-t could not play today due to her -2. Ha, ha, ha!
K. tunk... or sorry, Tuck(10) (I took a little flutter there, these darned wings.) is worried he will get some of that deep snow. No problem for us snowcats, Tick... er, sorry, Tuck.
Engine arrived with 28 Lizard Lollipops. Oh yum and Frog Stew. I'll see whats on the menu at the RB, thanks.
Bee Gee, who claims to know everything (gulp!), also claimed gobbling down 37 Blond Brownies but she still cannot find out why they are blond. Why doesn't 'miss know-it-all' know that the secret is brown sugar??
Here we go:
1st- A. mallow (47) from Canada!
2nd- LvBg (40) sunny California
3rd- BeeGee (37)... need the recipe?
Cart Barn: K. Tock (10) and GTt (-2) should help.
Purrs to One and All -- A. PD Budd, himself.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..winky-winky, Furlip File #1 closed, A. PD Budd, STILL Writing Furlip Files & Perseus, the Hero-birdwatching.

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~ A. Mallow's Lost & Found - Jan 22nd ~
It started one night in spring of 2014 when Ann Bosche of Lucedale, Mississippi was out walkin’ her d-o-g and found a kitty in her front yard. “We get several dogs and cats dropped off in this neighborhood so I figured this was another one,” Ann to reporters. “What came out from under that bush was a large, beautiful cat with a white tip on his tail. I said, ‘Aren’t you a fancy thing?”

And so she started to call him Mr. Fancy. He stuck around for a month, comin’ to Ann’s house every day for food and it was more than enough time for her to fall hard for him. But she & her husband already had a dog and two cats and he wanted to take this one to the local shelter. So Ann reluctantly put Mr. Fancy in a kitty carrier and “ … dropped him off and an attendant took him to the back where the cages are. When he brought me my carrier, he said that the cat was back there banging his head against the iron cage door. I cried the five miles back to my house.”

Ann kept checkin’ the shelter’s website, hopin’ to find updates on Mr. Fancy but never did see any. She hoped that meant someone had adopted him right away. But soon she found out that he had escaped from the shelter just 20 minutes after she’d left him there. She felt awful!

Then, early one morning about a month after she had last seen Mr. Fancy, Ann woke up to the sound of her husband talking to someone in the kitchen. She got up to see what the heck was goin’ on.

“I looked at the clock and wondered who was at my house at 5:30am,” she said. “I got up to see and what I found was nothing short of a miracle. I saw a cat, sitting at my husband’s feet, talking to him … and when he flipped his tail around, there was the white tip. I started crying and quietly said ‘Oh my baby, Hi Fancy.’ He turned, saw me and ran to me, talking and squealing the whole way.”

Well, there was no WAY her husband could argue with that! “This cat spent a month traveling along busy streets, rail road lines, and rough neighborhoods trying to find me,” Ann said. “I think he had a guardian angel looking out for him, directing him back to my house. I love him so much and feel we were meant to be together. He belongs here. Mr. Fancy will never want for a home, food or love again.”

A guardian Angel? Well (blush), it WAS one of my earliest assignments …

❀ Your January COTM Candidate, Angel Mallow ❀

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

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Thurs CS
BIG welcome and congrats to Percy-our new member,and COTD! What a welcome-and you get to buy todays drinks.We also have Hot Rods BD,and Grabby's adopty day. Congrats to all! OMG,MORE cake and food!Beats the heck out of granola day. Why don't we just chew on some cardboard.We have squirrel appreciation day as well. We can show them our appreciation by giving them ALL the granola,and a few local nuts. Better watch out BG and Mallow.

Luvbug (40) is passing out permission slips for hugs. One per player please,no line cutting.

Mallow tells a tale (a tall one? ) of a 45 pound squirrel she once bagged.What is IN your water up there,or were you hitting the hooch at a young age?

I score a 12,and appreciate how very tasty squirrel is. If ya can't beat them,eat them!

Ana (18) doesn't care about hugs or squirrels,she appreciates a nice day with no snow. Here,here!

Mudcat (32) appreciates the mighty squirrel in the stew form. She must have Mallow's 45 pounder.

Tuck and Dot (14) not a very squirrely bunch,appreciates the kitty Kahlua. Makes everything taste better,even squirrel.

BG (37) tries training the squirrel to jump into the stir fry pan with some granola stuffing. Interesting concept.

GTt (20) raises a toast (better toast than granola) to all the black kitties we know,and love. I'll drink to that.

1st with 12-ME
2nd with 14-Tuck and Dot
3rd with 18-Ana

Losers:The West coasters! Mallow with 45,and Luvbug with 40


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

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~ A. Mallow's Lost & Found - Jan 21st ~
I gotta thank my pal Toby for this story that comes outta Bennington, Mass. It’s about a kitty named “Monster Cat” who belonged to a lady named Karen Halvorsen and would always share a special spot on her pillow. They were separated on Oct. 28, 2010, the one time Monster Cat was allowed to go outside.

So began a three-year ordeal that consumed much of Halvorsen’s life. She placed classified ads regularly in the Bennington Banner and when she would go to check out a lead she always took a bit of Monster Cat's hair from his pillow. She would also try to lure him in with familiar noises, like the sound of a food dish bein’ filled.

People told Halvorsen she was crazy, to get a new cat and move on with her life. "I couldn't live not knowing," she said. She could not have given up on him anymore than she could have forgotten one of her children.

Halvorsen reunited at least one other pet owner with their cat during her search, and she adopted a third cat, "Scooby," which someone had brought to her thinking it was the lost Monster Cat.

Ultimately it was Facebook and a rescue group that led to Monster Cat's homecoming in October 2013, after three long years.

A kitty fittin’ Monster Cat's description was bein’ fed by some people who saw his picture in the newspaper ads and used Facebook's "tag" function to notify Kaila Drosehn, rescue manager for Northern Berkshire Cat Rescue, who came to check things out.

The kitty was in such bad shape that Drosehn didn’t call Ms. Halvorsen for a few weeks because she did not know if he would live. Meanwhile, she paid for his vet treatments because "I had a white cat that somebody poisoned, so I had a soft spot for him,"

When Ms. Halvorsen first drove to the shelter to take a look she wasn’t sure if this sick, battered kitty was her Monster Cat. The second time, she brought Monster Cat's pillow. She broke into tears when the he recognized his old sleeping pillow and then his owner.

The plan had been to let the kitty recuperate for a few more days but Halvorsen could not bear to part with him again and so took him home, where he continued to get better. Even though he was eatin’ more and getting’ used to his house mates, he still showed the marks of a hard three years.

Halvorsen paid for a second classified ad to run after Monster Cat was found. It reads in part, "I would like to thank all of the people who cared, prayed, & kept their eyes open for him!"

❀ Your January COTM Candidate, Angel Mallow ❀

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

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1/20/16 - Welcome, Percy!
And Happy Day of Acceptance, Gracie T-t. Hopefully you will come to love your new brother as much as I love the little black furball my Mom brought home a couple of years ago. Yeah, A. Mallow had me pegged right, I am just a big softie!

Luvbug is first on the putting green today with a 43 (=7). He has the very welcome news that it is Cheese Lovers Day, point me at that fondue pot! Mallow, on the other hand, putts a 38 (=11) and chooses to celebrate Camcorder Day with a little bit of blackmail. Now IS that nice? Steve with his 8 (=8) says no WAY is he going to celebrate Take a Walk Outside Day!

Engine putts a 20 (=2) and brings us Klondike bars. No freezer required. Mimi has a 22 (=4) and is dressed up and ready for Penguin Awareness Day. Gracie T-t is a total copy-CAT with a 22 (=4) and a penguin suit as well.

Tucker has 4 (=4) hours of camcorder tape and also seems to be contemplating a little blackmail. What do you kitties DO in that cart barn anyway? And do I want to know?

Haley has a 14 (=5) and very deceptive bright sunshine. And BeeGee putts a 34 (=7) and celebrates the Day of Acceptance by accepting that between Mallow and Tucker, ONE of them has probably got the goods on her!

Our results are:
1st – Engine with 2
2nd – Mimi, Gracie T-t and Tucker, all with 4
3rd – Haley with 5

And off to the cart barn goes Mallow with her 11 camcorder cartridges. Watch out that YOU don’t get caught on Candid Camera!

Snuggling up beside Mom I am once again,
your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

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~ A. Mallow's Lost & Found - Jan 20th ~
Okay, you kitties know that I am a Siberian, right? My good pal K. Bennie tells me that in the language of my furfathers my name translates to “Zefir”. That’s pronounced like a worried Frenchman “ze FEAR!” Oh, I do gotta love that language!

Anyway, where I am goin’ with all this is that I hadda roar my Harley ALL the way to Russia to pick up this next story for ya. Yekaterinburg, to be exact. Where in November 2014, some workers laid new concrete pavement outside an apartment block. The humans who lived in the apartment soon noticed there was another problem with this new pavement. It … well, it kinda meowed!

I kid you not. It would appear that when they laid out the new pavement, there was a little teeny space. You KNOW how we felines love our little crawly spaces, and it WAS November, and a kitty did what kitties do. And was still hunkered in there when the concrete was poured!

Neighbours heard the mewing from the pavement and desperately tried to contact those in charge. Resident Ramiro Sokolov said: "I and some of the other neighbours rang the council but they said they weren't to blame and passed us onto the works office. They said they weren't to blame either, and had subcontracted it out to a private company.

"When we traced them, they also said they couldn't help as they needed the council's permission to dig the pavement up again. But then we couldn't find in the council exactly who should authorise permission – at least in time to save the animal.”

By this time, 10 days had gone by and the mews were becoming weaker. The group of neighbours decided to bypass the red tape & get the kitty out their very own selves. And after about 5 hours of sledgehammerin’ the new concrete, they eventually got to the kitty who was hungry, dehydrated, but otherwise unharmed.

According to the UK’s Daily Mirror the owner said:

“I had lost her 10 days ago, I didn’t know where she was and it’s great to have her back. I’m really grateful to all those people who got involved, and I have no idea how she ended up in the space under the walkway. I assume she must have been looking for mice.”

The Hairballz Rainbow Riders & I have duly delivered a case of vodka to Ramiro and his band of hero humans. Block pawty in Yekatarinburg!

❀ Your January COTM Candidate, Angel Mallow ❀

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

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Tin Can Day! 1-19-16
Woohoo! Without tin cans, how would we survive? No canned tuna, or chicken, or turkey, or mixed grill, my personal fave. Sounds like Luvbug(40) likes canned duck. Mallow(38) likes canned potions. Maybe "Duck Potion #9" will fill the bill for both of you.

The Angels(16) can't stay out too long, maybe just long enough to kick the can ... Steve(4) wants to take a page from Ziggy Stardust's play book and float in a tin can far above the snow. Sorry your tin can doesn't have a window ... GTt(11) wants to make special potions for her "surprise". Maybe a disappearing potion? ... The Polar Express slides in with Engine(16) at the frozen wheel. No frozen ferrets for me thanks. I'm more in the mood for dragon-fried ferret!

Mimi(17) threw popcorn at a duck and it was delicious. The duck or the popcorn? If it wasn't expensive, it must have been the duck. Ever buy popcorn at the movies? You can only afford it if you sell tickets to your mom's Edgar Allen Poe shrine ... Tucker(6) loves a good mystery, whether it's one by Mr. Poe, or trying to guess the potion du jour in the still ... And Bee Gee(32) will only eat popcorn embedded in a block of butter. Hard to get that at the movies.

Longest drives today:
1st - Luvbug, 40. You win a case of canned duck.
2nd - Mallow, 38. Did you leave Edgar a potion?
3rd - Bee Gee, 32. Doing small things in a great way...

And the cart barn will be crowded today. Plenty of help for the bootleggers from Steve & the Angles. Maybe Tuck would like to tag along?

A clean sweep by the
west-coasters today!


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~ A. Mallow's Lost & Found - Jan 19th ~
Here I am again, CC’s own little gray & white Scheherazade! I’m sure glad I don’t hafta do this for 1001 Arabian Nights, mol, though I’m sure the stories are out there!

This one comes by way of the KC Pet Project in Kansas City MO, and it’s about how they helped a tomcat who’d been missin’ from his special person for 7 long years!

The kitty’s name is Lutece, and he belonged to Franc, an Executive Chef in Kansas City. Lutece disappeared from his owner during a move back in 2008. He never returned home, even with Franc going back over and over again for several months to search for him. But in May 2015 someone turned a stray tomcat with an injured paw in to KC Pet Project. They scanned for a microchip and found one.

“We weren’t able to reach anyone at the phone numbers listed for him,” rescue workers said “but Franc had listed a friend as an emergency contact for his cat’s microchip registration who help us get in touch with him.”

When Franc, who is from France, saw Lutèce he began speaking to him in French as he did so long ago. Lutèce, who had been a very quiet kitty in the shelter, immediately began meowing back loudly and extending his paw to Franc through the kennel door. The rescue workers said their hearts just melted!

“For a kitty to be perceived as a community cat for many years to turn out to be an owned kitty and be microchipped for all this time is pretty cool. It's spectacular,” said Stephanie Bell, with KC Pet Project.

“It's a miracle that this was happening,” said happy catdad Franc.

And Lutece? He didn’t have too much to say except “youch”. See, Franc decided it was about time to get his pal neutered, and he had KC Pet Project take care of that right away.

❀ Your January COTM Candidate, Angel Mallow ❀

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

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Monday recap
If I cannot do great things,I can do small things in a great way-MLK. Its MLK day,shouldn't it be a golf holiday? Goofy school kids get a holiday,we should call foul! Speaking of foul,its Peking duck day,and Winnie the Pooh day.

Luvbug (48) got the 411 on the ducks.Tastes like chicken!

Mallow (40) Duck! Oh,you want to eat it,I get it. Thought you were messin with us again.

I score a 4,a lousy,tail curling 4. In the wise words of Winnie the Pooh (who knew a stuffed bear was so smart) Its not much of a tail,but I'm sort of attached to it.

The Angels (32) come howling in on the high winds today. Scary angel tricks you know.

Mudcat (33) plays "Peking" tom with the exotic ducks. A duck a day keeps the hungries away. Your checking out their feathers for your next dance,huh Mudcat.

Engine (28) pickles our livers with high octane Rocket Punch,and warms us with chipmunk chowder with a side of frozen mouse.

GTt (11) has a surprise for us today,but she's keeping it all to herself. Good,the surprise is a foot of snow.

Tuck and Dot (5) know all about a frozen Mouse-she's in their house,and she NOT in the chase-able type of mood. Females! No wonder Tuckster drinks.

And BG (35)comes riding in on her Thesaurus Rex today keeping the whole East side/West side battle of the temps going strong.


1st: ME with 4
2nd Tuck and Dot with 5
3rd: GTt with 11

Losers: Luvbug with 48,and his helper of the day Mallow with 40


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

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~ A. Mallow's Lost & Found - Jan 18th ~
Those kitties in England sure do get themselves in some situations! This story comes from Cornwall, and it’s about a kitty named Woosie who wandered off from home and found himself livin’ the feline dream.

In 2011 Woosie was four years old and belonged to a couple named Helen & Philip Johns, and he lived your normal average feline life much like Yours Truly did for my years on earth. Woosie was allowed to go adventuring in the yard & would always return to his comfy house. Until the day he didn’t. And his humans began to worry and wonder.

But while his people worried, Woosie was livin’ the high life. Not long after he vanished from his home, he showed up at the Ginsters pasty factory 33 miles away! How he got there is anyone’s guess, but the best guess is that he mighta slipped inside a delivery truck or in another vehicle going to the area.

Now in case ya thought I made a typo back there, a pasty is a special kind of meat pie that Cornwall is well known for. They look kinda like calzones and they’re made of beef, kidney, chicken, bacon, all the things that kitties love!

Anyway, workers at the plant quickly took to the kitty and dubbed him “George”. They kept him around, feedin’ him on scraps of the delectable pastys and sandwiches, and even allowed him free reign of the office during the day. In return, “George” would meet workers outside every morning. But the adventure came to an end early in February 2014 when workers decided to take their mascot to be checked out at the local vets.

The vet scanned for a microchip, and Woosie returned to his home – considerably fatter than when he left, mol. The Johns said they were “gobsmacked” when they received the call from the vet.

“He came home on Tuesday evening, came straight into the house and just stretched out in the chair as if nothing had happened,” Mrs. Johns said. “He’s like Lord Muck. It’s surreal. He’s unfazed by it.”

Think Woosie might be purrsuaded to use his connections to score us a case of pastys?

❀ Your January COTM Candidate, Angel Mallow ❀

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

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Ditch my new years resolution? 1-17-16
So soon? But ... I was planning on starting a Bootleggers Club! Well, so be it then. So sorry. :-)

Oh, well now, would you look at Luvbug and his 39! Show-off! You been making side deals with GTt? Obviously no side deals with Gracie for Mallow, who drowns her sorrows (and that 41) with plenty of bootleg rum. I take it you aren't ready to cancel the bootleggers club quite yet. The Angels have so many scores it sounds like lottery numbers! We'll go with the midrange, which gives them a 34, and a loser. Tough luck.

Mimi thinks the dragons might have helped boost her 42 a few degrees, but with those hangovers, they might have done more than boost. Better be a safe loser than sorry winner. Or something like that. PD slides down on his double-waxed wings to receive a winning 27 from Gracie. Must have bribed her with some of that steaming hot buttered rum!

Tucker is a pretty good sport about losing today. He converts his losing 28 into what he figures are drink tokens and heads out to dig in the trash. Better hope Bee Gee makes room for you out there. She already crashed the dumpsters after a dragon set fire to her 35. She did make that detour through the bootleggers camp so she just might be feeling festive and trashy.

Only two winners today, and with all that bootlegging going on out back, they may not even want to grapple for the winners stake today. Luvbug? PD? You can just leave the winning at the table, I'm sure no one will bother them. I'll post a dragon to guard the table. That should do the trick!

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Might have to issue honorary
memberships to those dragons!


01/17/2016 12:20.47 PM Report This Comment
Jan 17th Angel Sunday ~ Angel Jezebel ~
Angel Jezebel is the quietest of our family’s Angels, but she’s a very important member of the family and she has had quite a life!

Jezebel was born in the outskirts of Belleville, Ontario, where a very nice lady found her whole fur family just after a cold spell in November 1967. And I DO mean “cold spell”, we are talkin’ Southern Ontario here! For four days in the middle of that November it stayed pretty much below freezing and went as low as 6 degrees F. With 5 inches of snow on the ground and winds gusting up to 40 mph, Jezebel & her siblings would have been about 4 weeks old.

The nice lady took the kitty family in and cared for them, but the exposure had already cost Jezebel an outer ear & toes on one foot , plus an eye infection left her with a permanent bald patch around one eye. As if that wasn’t enough hardship in the kittens’ 8 short weeks on this earth, early in December their fur mom was killed on the road.

About this time, my Mom was a little girl who wanted another kitty very badly, a year and a half after losin’ her Angel Pierre. Angel Granddad had felt so bad about Pierre that he wasn’t ready to care about another kitty yet, but he cared about my Mom and one night after supper she went downstairs to find Angel Granddad washin’ down Angel Pierre’s old litter box. When she asked why, Angel Granddad said gruffly “if we’re going to have another cat, it’s going to need a litter box”. Well, Mom’s heart leaped and that very night she & Angel Granddad drove off to check out the ad the nice lady had placed for the orphan kittens.

When Mom laid eyes on the ball of tortoiseshell fluff that was Jezebel, she thought this was the most beautiful kitty that could ever be. It was the beginning of 12 ½ years together that included many moves, including a cross-country flight. Jezebel was one pampered kitty, Mom had a leash for her and brushed her almost every day. Jezebel was with Mom through her teenage years, early marriage and (shudder) the first two human kittens before it came time to say goodbye, much too soon.

Mom says that in a lot of ways, Moji Blackbear reminds her of Angel Jezebel. While I usually take the credit, I do hafta admit that Angel Jezebel mighta also had just a little bit of a paw in bringin’ Mojo into the family.

❀ Your January COTM Candidate, Angel Mallow ❀

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

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Nothing Day! 1-16-16
A day created just for us cats! Because that's what we always do - nothing! Well, that's what we do around here anyway. Unless they also have a Cause Mayhem Day. We do that too. Luvbug(39/12) thinks we should give out free samples at Catty Shack. Samples of WHAT? Golf lessons? And who wants to be the "sample" instructor? Volunteers?

Mallow(40/4) is rocking the leather jeans/jacket combo today, looking very biker chick, er, chic ... Mimi(46/10) is helping Ol' Toothy with the dragons at the family reunion. Some of us have pink elephants at the family reunion, you have green dragons. That's handy when you need to warm up the canapes!

Tucker(35/8) is able to outrun the dragons, wearing mom's jeans! Now there's an image that will be impossible to forget ... GTt(33/6) is enjoying the cute dates and cute numbers and fat, cute voles, and cuteness overload. Where?? ... Oh boy, Bee Gee(32/5) has wisely decided to do nothing with scalpels today. What a relief!

So, before we drop in on the dragon reunion festivities, let's see who gets to wear the funny party hat:
1st - Chic Mallow(4) gets to wear the cool leather party hat.
2nd - Bee Gee(5) gets the hat with "pin holes".
3rd - And GTt(6) gets to wear a cute little vole-fur chapeau.

Into the cart barn, kept warm today courtesy of dragon heat, goes Luvbug(12). Maybe Mimi(10) will give you a hand, since she's on such friendly terms with those dragons!

Thank goodness we all forgot
about Hot & Spicy Food day!


01/16/2016 02:15.54 PM Report This Comment
~ A. Mallow's Lost & Found - Jan 16th ~
Well I tell ya, an Angel’s work is never done! Some of the situations that kitties manage to get themselves into …. Take this 10 year old tabby named Crockett for example:

Crockett lived in London, England with his pet pawrents Bill and Pauline Low happily enough … until March 23, 2014 when the Lows got themselves a new couch and decided to donate the old one to a second-hand store. This involved a little bit of disassembly, and during the short time the bottom of the couch was open, it appears that Crockett decided to go explorin’ and managed to get himself trapped inside!

When it arrived at the thrift store, the couch went through "normal routine checks" by employees before being sold on March 27, 2014. One day later, the BBC reports, the new owners heard meowing from beneath the material — and then saw two claws poking out.

Here’s where the new owners of the second-hand furniture did a first-class act: They ripped up the sofa to free the terrified (not to mention hungry) kitty, tracked down his owners and returned him.

During Crockett’s five days in sofa solitary, Mom Pauline was “devastated” that her cat was missing, and was “delighted” to have him back. "We can't believe how he must have tucked himself into the sofa during the short time the bottom was removed and remained silent for so long," she told interviewers from the BBC

Crockett’s furniture rippin’ rescuers asked to remain anonymous, but told the BBC, ''We are so thrilled that he is safe and sound and was found in time."

Like I said, an Angel’s work is never done!

❀ Your January COTM Candidate, Angel Mallow❀

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

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1.15 Tabby Cat Day & Hats Day, too.
Interesting how many golfers are hat lovers. LuvBug appeared in his big black cowboy hat and whacked a 40 long drive today. But only after switching to his lucky golf cap.
A. mallow felt the tips of her ears freezing and only scored 32. So, she pulled the ear flaps down on her hat, raced into the Clubhouse, and slurped a big bowl of strawberry ice cream-- who says it is too cold. Brrr...
WARNING --WARNING! Anyone seen taking Steve's purple velvet hat with a peacock feather stuck in it? Please return it... who would? Also, Steve wants 35 fresh orange squeezes. Isn't Steve an orange tabby? Have a mice day and hope you find that garish hat.
Ana arrived hatless with 29 and sunshine... happy cat.
The Pole Dancing Wonder of Catty Shack, mimi, wears her sparkling tiara while purrforming on her greased pole. 40 Flashes... oh, wowie!
GTt with 25 nominates BeeGee as the Catty Shack Tabby of the Day. She verifies her 'tabbiness' with 29 purrfect traits. Congratulations, BG. you get to buy the first round.
Thanks N-Gin for the fantastic stacks of mouseburgers and your 41 long drive... a winner.
Tuck is in a grump now because he thinks he's the biggest Tabby here. Sorry, not enough traits, but you get 38 dishes of strawberry ice cream. Keeping your big figure?

Barn Duty goes to GTt with her 25
Hats Off to:
1st- Engine with 41 & Flash Fried Ferrets
2nd- Tie of 40 to Cowboy LuvBug & Pole Star mimi
3rd- Orange Tabby Steve (38) modeling his found purple hat

Glad to be flying in with the Furiday Re-cap. Yours truly,
A. PD Budd.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..winky-winky, Furlip File #1 closed, A. PD Budd, STILL Writing Furlip Files & Perseus, the Hero-birdwatching.

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