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Domestic Longhair from <a href=' Margarita/club-members.aspx' title='Santa Margarita, CA'>Santa Margarita, CA</a>

Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo,Q. MerryBelle and UBB

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Hi! My name is Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo,Q. MerryBelle and UBB

I am Domestic Longhair from Santa Margarita, CA

Nicknames: Big Boy

Age: 14 years old

Gender: M

Coat: long haired

Education: He used to be afraid of people in general, now he is just leary of strangers and he is a total lovebug to his favorite people.

My favorite tricks and treats are: carries a string away in his mouth and fish flakes

Where I hang out: In the window or on a bed or couch

My favorite grubs: Tuna

My pet peeves: Vacuums, mops, car rides

What I love about my owners: They took me in from outside.

My cat hobbies: Play with a string and go outside.

Pet motto: Persist in what you want to achieve

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He was a stray in our area and we were feeding him. He finally got used to people and 'came in from the cold'. I won COTD on 6/11/09, 7/15/2011, 7/18/12, 7/18/2013 and 07/18/2014. Won CROTD on 7/15/2011. Thanks everyone. Diagnosed in December 2010 with a heart murmur.

Mom will try to catch up asap.

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I've had 19972 friends visit me.

I'm the 2,600th member on

1,401 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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Tell the truth! 7-7-15
The whole truth, and nothing but the- No, on second thought, sometimes lies are kinder, gentler. Luvbug(57) is right: that "ride to the Dairy Queen" is so much more enjoyable than a ride to the v-e-t! ... Mallow(64) says it might be ending, but doesn't say what "it" is! So, is it the truth or isn't it? ... Steve(65) offers to make chocolate macaroni necklaces for all! Unfortunately, I think he's telling the truth, and no! We don't forgive you!

Oh, Mudcat(75) is truthing all over, from the truth about paper bags to Purple Possums! Scary ... Apparently Tucker(68) challenged a skunk to Truth or Dare this morning. *sniff sniff* Smells like Tucker lost! Brave or crazy? You decide! ... At last, GTt(69) clears the air about her mysterious "rickets". Now you know how the headless cricket invasion started.

Bee Gee(71) says she doesn't want to play To Tell The Truth! Too bad. No truth, no ice cream comes. Very simple ... And Ana(70) brought a celebrity guest today: humid Mr. Sponge Bob!

Global Forgiveness Day? For the weatherman? Never! Who can put the most English on a weatherman long drive?
1st - Mimi with a 75. Drove that weather man right into a paper bag. Good place for him. Get a rope!
2nd - Looks like Bee Gee, 71. Yup, she's been hating the weather guy for a LONG time.
3rd - Ana and Sponge Bob, 70. Keep your drippy fiend home next time.

And our cool loser for today is Luvbug(59). And we are all jealous and hope you have to eat chocolate in the cart barn. *snicker*

Free Lizard Blizzards
for everyone!I'm buying!


07/07/2015 04:15.23 PM Report This Comment
for coming to my party late last week and did you see who's in the window this afternoon? our older sister sandy or goo janet calls her! we're still having to use the library computer as she doesn't know when she'll have hers back since they didn't start work on it till late last week. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

07/06/2015 12:15.41 PM Report This Comment
7-6 recap
7-6 recap
Its July folks,too warm for all this kissing and hugging junk.BUT,it IS nude recreation week,and what better to do than golf in the buff. We'll be duffers in the buffers. I see we have a bit of computer hacking still going on. See what happens when our webmasters all go to lunch!

Luvbug ( 58 ) can't get the teenie bikinis from his mind. No cheating,its NUDE recreation.

Mallow (66 ) invites the hackers to play a few holes to learn all our secrets. I thought you had connections-secure ones.

I score a 68. A little help dragging the kissing booth in would be appreciated here. There is money to be had in a naked kissing booth. I knew that would get your attention.

Mudcat ( 71 ) speaketh of commitment,and not of the fun kind. Straight jackets just will not go with the naked theme.

Tuck and Dot ( 65 ) is dragging buff butt this morning.SO tiring watching the humans work.

Sandy gives a 3 day guesstimate of her score of 62. I guesstimate you wont be visiting the cart barn.

BG ( 72 ) the little queen of mean is getting her kicks watching us all stick the vinyl seats,and makes swimming in the Hazards in the buff more hazardous with a shark friend for Ol Toothy. Ladies before me!

And GTt's (68) motto for the day-Get Nekked! How can we disagree with the girl with many toes who is in tune with the birds and the bees and butterflies. Oh,and rickets, Whats a ricket? Can you eat it?

1st Luvbug with 58
2nd Sandy with 62
3rd Tuck and Dot with 65

Losers:it thrills me to say this-BG with 72 and her comitted accomplice Mudcat with 71

XOXO ~ S ~

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline weekends.

07/06/2015 11:32.32 AM Report This Comment
The morning after 7-5-15
And we're still here! The state didn't burn to the ground after all! Woohoo! Not for lack of some people trying though. Only one small fire in Benton City, and it was put out in less than half an hour. Hooray for the fire department!

So, did you all have your fill of hot dogs and potato salad? We didn't have any, and that was enough for us! :-)

Looks like Lady Luck didn't smile on many of you today at the card table. Let's see here: Luvbug gets zilch with his 57, so he gos back to work on his napping skills. Mallow gets no help either with a 70, even with all those weeping tears. Probably crocodile tears anyway. *snicker* Mimi isn't doing any better with a 73, but she's ready to take the plunge at Mike's pool party in her IBTWYPDB. Think song, you'll get it.

Well, PD is certainly not enamored with Miss She-of-the-Toes today! In spite of the 59 winner she dealt him, he is NOT forgiving her rudeness last night trying to give him a Yul Brynner look. I should say not! (GTt is trying to suck up to the rest of us by pawing off her day-old B'day cake). Tucker stops by long enough to toss his 57 in the trash and heads for the real action, over at Mike's pawty.

Bee Gee is the hostess with the mostess, handing out iced apple turnovers & ice cream graham cracker sandwiches. Then she sets her 77 on fire! It's too late for fireworks!! And one more time, Sandy has posted the long-distance delivery of a not half bad 62. You still lose though. MOL!

PD has the only winner today. We may have to start frisking you and GTt from now on if this keep up! Now, everybody over to Mike's. He's buying!

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Bring your floaties!


07/05/2015 12:23.04 PM Report This Comment
Boom! Badda-BOOM! 7-4-15
Fourth of July. Boom! day! And none of us are the least bit excited about the whole thing. Let's take care of "shadow golfer" Sandy first. The ol' computer is in sick bay, so she called in her best guess score of 60/6 for today ... Luvbug(59/14) has decided the best way to get more bang for her holiday buck is to go park hopping. You go right ahead, we'd like to skip the "bang" if at all possible ... Mallow(64/10) is playing spin-the-bottle with the weather forecast, deciding which one she likes best. We know what you mean! We check several and then pick the best one. Wish it worked that way!

Ah Mimi(74/11), a fireworks pooper just like us! While she waits for her mom to get off hold with IT, she poaches us some eggs in the sidewalk puddles. You've heard of coddles eggs? Well, these are puddled. Get used to them ... Seems like GTt(58/13) has figured out how to dampen any 4th of July BBQ. Just do a rain dance. Now, if you could only teach that to our mom! ... Well, the Tucker(66/12) gang isn't one to leave a good holiday go to waste! They've loaded up on all the goodies, and I do mean 'loaded'. *wink*... And Bee Gee(67/13) is just about a crabby as it gets today. Snarling about the hottest day of the week, frying an egg on the hood of mom's car, AND complaining abut mom's trendy Caesar salad! We've replaced the rocket's red glare with that glaring face! Scary.

So let's putter though the scores and head for the BBQ:
1st - Looks like Sandy's long-distance 6 is the winner.
2nd - Mallow must have picked the right forecast, that 10 got you second.
3rd - And Mimi's 11 minute poached egg is good for 3rd.

Some big losers today too. Luvbug leads the loser brigade with a 14, and GTt and Bee Gee have lucky 13s which buy them a place in the cart barn. Don't worry. Bee Gee's working on litter training the bat fans!

Take a minute to go read the all-new
Adventures of Furlip Merlow (Merlot? Mewlow?)
on the White Whisker page, or on the discussion
page. Very clever stuff by PD Budd!


07/04/2015 01:53.06 PM Report This Comment
7.3 Long Drive Furiday
Public Service Announcement (have been asked to say) it's GT-t's 5th birthday. She's invited everycat to come on over & leave gifts - lots of them. No extra votes, please? She does not want to be COTD.
Her long drive is a very poor, cart barn type 45. But she refuses to give up the clubs to KUBB. He may get the caddy job to test his black wings.
LuvBug scores a mice 59 and collects all the plastic bag in the house for a trip to the Farmer's market.
It's also mirror admiration on the wall day. A. mallow's so enthralled with her reflection, from every angle that she nearly forgot to leave her 65 score. yeah! Okay! You look great.
And not to be outdone in the self-admiration department, Steve, slept in on his first day of vacation until heard his mirror calling to him, "Hey, Gorgeous! You want 60 cans of beans?" Just say, "NO", Steve, please?
Fantastic Food from mimi for N-Gin. She has 71 deep fried squirrel patties and the first of the season Rats breath Cider. N-Gin is still trying to get her secretary to straighten... good luck with that.
We missed you Tuck & Dot. Your 52 drive today is not as low as GT-t's but you sure need practice. Come by tomorrow and shag a few barbie heads.
Okay Bee Gee (68) Right. It Ain't So. NEXT week is Nudist Recreation Week. No problem since we're nekked anyway all the time. It's summer-- Heat Wave!! Remember?

Loser and Others:
Into the barn with you GT-t 45 celebrate being 5 there... alone
1st - mimi and N-Gin 71
2nd - Bee Gee 68 - Be Nude for the 4th
3rd - A. mallow 65, Of course those wings don't make your ass look fat.

With purrs from Furiday Commenter, PD Budd
Pass the cold Rats Breath jug, please?

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes, Now Summer!, PD Budd, Roll 'n Rock it's Summer & The 2 Budd's -Research & Development.

07/03/2015 03:09.00 PM Report This Comment
Hi Luvbug
Wishing you & your family a fun & safe Fourth of July. We will be on vacation for the next 10 days. Chat with you when we return.

With Patriotic Purrs,
K Casper Todd

P.S. Our PawPaw has a doctor’s appointment next Thursday. We would appreciate your continued prayers for him & hopefully a good report.

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥ on vacation, ♥ Q MerryBelle (in Loving Memory) ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥ on vacation.

07/02/2015 12:20.51 PM Report This Comment
7-2 recap
Made in the USA,we were made in the U-S-A!!!!!!!!!! Hope Bruce S. doesnt mind a tiny altering of his lyrics,but we all are-made in the USA,except Mallow. She's a little Siberian and a little Canadian,but we still kind of love her. Hey Mallow,can you see Siberia from Canada??

Luvbug ( 60 ) wants to trade is muggly weather for rain. The UPS man won' t like it,but you have a deal!

I score a 59 and proudly show my "Made in the USA" label on the back of my neck. Do NOT remove that tag under penalty of law. I want to meet the tag removal police some day.

Mudcat ( 77 ) has a copilot today,she's helping Engine tote in the goodies along with her finely aged catnip liqueur with a screw top,and a born on date.

GTt ( 56 ) is accepting applications,and bribes for the caddy position. KUBB is the clear favorite to fill the post.

Next is BG and her all american 68. Tin foil hat or not Darn,the aliens gave up on reading your mind. Oh,the things they would learn!

Tuck and Dot ( 62 ) glad to have you back. They are never ones to miss out on a liqueur aged to purrfection (ok,so maybe it was brewed yesterday,sue me). The popped in to enjoy a good ol American pastime. No,not golf-drinking and talking about golfing.

1st GTt with 56
2nd Me with 59
3rd Luvbug with 60

Cart barn honors go to...........Mudcat with 77,and BG with 68

XOXO ~ S ~

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline weekends.

07/02/2015 10:11.27 AM Report This Comment
7/1/15 - It's Canada Day ...
and because it’s our national holiday & Big Bro Will is home and all that good stuff, we totally forgot it was Wednesday. There’s been a lot going on as you know, so this is going to be a short one & I’ll get it posted quick.

Luvbug is here first to tell us about something like 60 (=6) holidays today and this month. Steve is making me jealous with his tales of flooding, definitely don’t have that problem here! He brings us a 63 (=9) and Angel Mallow is a copycat with exactly the same 63 (=9).

Engine is here with 72 (=9) servings of Turtle Tracks and some Burmese Bourbon while Mimi tries to mail herself somewhere cool. Might take a few more than those 73 (=10) stamps you have there. Gracie T-t wants about 62 (=8) Burmese Bourbons to take her mind off those fireworks, and Tucker brings us a 63 (=9) and goes for the Burmese Bourbon too.

BeeGee has a 70 (=7) and dreading how much higher that number will be in a few hours. Ana is camped out in the library with the air conditioning and comes in with a 60 (=6).

The rankings are:
1st – Luvbug and Ana, both with 6
2nd – BeeGee with 7
3rd – Gracie T-t with 8

In last place comes Mimi with 10, while the other 4 golfers here today come in with the popular number 9. See you next garbage day!

Your Guest Common (twice-baked) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Events~vote A Maggie & Ginger #223639 /July, Angel Jezebel ~ Love lives on, K Mike ♥ Q. Lady Dolly, Mojo Blackbear ~ Miss you, Dad, Angel Mallow ♥ OJ ~ my hammock is comin'!, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw caught my ♥ & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ I miss helping Dad.

07/01/2015 06:43.43 PM Report This Comment
hi handsome luvbug and fam
so sorry we have not meowed in such a long time

since we just left the coronation of ur dear k monty, we could not leave cc without stopping by

we will do better now that we have threatened to quit purring to momma if she didn't get us back on cc.
she needs to cause she needs to get her mind off things as they cant be changed and let us meow to our friends
been having rain and storms here in ga past few days. momma's garden stuff can use the rain but we could do without the thunder, lighting and wind

purrs and hugs
angel doodlebug


07/01/2015 11:04.01 AM Report This Comment
Dear Luvbug and Family,
It was my pleasure to be of service. Hope you all have a good day.

I enclosed a vote for you and wishes for you and your family to have a very blessed day.

Purrs & gentle headbumps,
Angel Malachi

Come visit me, Angel King Malachi & Mason Dixon Tucker.

06/30/2015 03:24.10 PM Report This Comment
Leap Second Payback Day 6-30-15
AND the last day of the miserable month of June. Although by the look of the forecast, July ain't gonna be any better. AND I'll have another whole second of it to be miserable! Who steals these seconds anyway? And are they just randomly returned? Do we each get one? Anybody want mine?

Looks like Luvbug(64) is happy he doesn't live in Stovepipe. Well yeah, like who wants to live in a sooty old stovepipe? ... Seems Grumble Gurdy (aka Mallow-65) is going for a gripe record. I think this is day 3 and counting. Keep up the good work! ... Steve(63), you have nothing to worry about when it comes to fur frizz. Mom washed her hair late yesterday, with 62% humidity outside, and who knows WHAT in here! It'll be about August before she loses the frizz! So you're free to concentrate on what to do with that extra second of time on your paws.

Okay, we have one vote for nighttime golf from Mimi(73). Anyone second that? ... Engine(68) is experiencing a catastrophe, but only the crispy cricket kind. Two scoops of your salacious creations, please! ... GTt(55) might be needing a sleeping bag if her summer keeps getting any cooler! You have green tomatoes? All we have is plant ... Oh look! Bee Gee(73) has seconded Mimi's vote for night golf. She also wonders who keeps stealing those leap seconds?

Couple long drives, couple shorts drives, couple in between:
1st - Tie, our night golf enthusiasts, Mimi &Bee Gee, with 73s
2nd - Engine, 68. Pass me the juiced turtle tracks.
3rd - Mallow, just grinin' along with a 65.

And the LUCKY loser today is GTt. I will gladly let you win, all week, if you could send us that temperature!

Here's looking up
your sunshine!


06/30/2015 02:28.09 PM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug!
Well, we didn't quite match Stovepipe Sunday but I think we gave them a run for the money. Our official high was 113. As far as we're concerned, this is a contest we don't want to win! Ugh.

Bee Gee


06/30/2015 06:03.05 AM Report This Comment
6-29 recap
Say cheese! Never did understand that one,what if we don't like cheese? We're gonna feel the love,(whether you want to or not) with camera day, ANOTHER hug day,some mud wrastling thrown in, still my heart...feather boa day! Oh,almost forgot- we have another COTD winner -Ana! Bring on the goodies please.

Luvbug ( 57 ) brings out his iron of the golf kind,not of the waffle kind. Who has time to iron their waffles?

I score a chilling 53,and huddle in for the group hug warmth. Hey! Who pinched my bum???? 

Sandy (58) can see clearly now that she isn't joining in any group huggings,she has a COTD pawty to attend.

Mallow ( 68 ) is hallucinating again. Been hitting the Bourbon Blizzards again I see. Or i don't see,she's the one seeing things.

Engine is walking on the cold side of the tracks with a 59. The tuna tarts are agood warmer-upper.ALL the West coasters are looking forward to something warm to eat:) Kidding,you can't glare at me on hug day.

Mudcat scores a 64. No mud for this cat today,so she wallows in the group hug fun instead. 

GTt ( 58 ) is waiting for summertime, but it aint easy with her score. You can,however,make a killing with your mud bath booth.

BG ( 76 ) being weather oppressed,is becoming a little untouchable,imagine! The green,green grass of home is brown,brown for clear as mud day.

1st MEEEEEE!!!!! with 53
2nd Luvbug with 57
3rd GTt and Sandy with 58

BG 76,and Mallow 68. Gonna be a hot time in the ol cart barn tonight!

XOXO ~ S ~

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline weekends.

06/29/2015 11:45.01 AM Report This Comment
Dealer's choice 6-28-15
Coming down to the wire for June, and not a moment too soon! This month has totally sucked lemons!

Luvbug lays down his hand, 54=9. I'd say that's some pretty good insurance. Won't hear any complaining from him today! That's okay, Mallow Mouth takes up the complaint slack, hitting us with a 66, one digit away from the fiery pits of, well, you know. The angelic one sure likes playing on the edge. No more griping Mallow, save some for Bee Gee's turn!

The Angels don't have much to offer today, just rain and a 58, which ain't good for nuthin' in 9-Lives. Mimi is in the Gone-ta-pott spirit today, complaining not only about her hand, 74, but Paul Bunyan & Babe, pooper scoops, and dirty greens! You tell 'em Mudcat!

Uh oh. Don't look now but our illustrious *coff* dealer is showing Bee Gee her hand, 53, from under the latrine door. She's dealing from the slammer! No wonder she's got a loser today, she had to play it legit! No help from her thumbs this time. And finally the grump herself, Bee Gee. She's gone-ta-pott all over! Don't worry, she's cleaning it up. She's in grumpy heaven with all the things to complain about - heat, humidity, little snot balls in the tapioca, the list goes on. Sadly for her, that hand of hers, 75, is another of today's many losers.

So, for maybe the first time in White Whisker history, we have only one winner, Luvbug. You just rake in that pot, no elbows or claws to contend with for once. But since you're such a big winner, I'm sure you won't mind standing a few bourbon blizzards for the crew. I know WE can all sure use one!

~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~
11:25 a.m. and 95 degrees
Heading for a new record of 112!


06/28/2015 11:26.34 AM Report This Comment
Short recap for a sultry day 6-27-15
Looks like the heat is keeping some of you off the links and in the club house. You are the smart ones!

Luvbug(53/8) has passed out cheap sunglasses and declared this Cool Cat Day! ... Angel Mallow(64/10) is being a real trooper, pulling double duty watching over her family during hot hard times. Brava! ... Oh look! Mudcat(73/10) has decided to be 'cool cat' under an umbrella with her rubber ducky!

Well just fine. GTt(53/8) says she has no need for sunglasses either today. She's into doing jumping jacks trying to snare a blue jay. You go girl! ... Bee Gee(68/14) is in her sunglasses with orange blossoms in her fur. But don't worry, she's not little miss sunshine. She's not giving a THING to her neighbors! he IS setting up a round for the house though. Let's hear it for the golf bully! ... And Sandy(56/11) slides in with a late entry with freezing crashing chrome. Wow, I hope you weren't driving one of the golf carts!

We have clear winners and losers today for a change. A tie for 1st as Luvbug & GTt exchange sunglasses. Another tie, this for 2nd, as Mallow & Mimi are both looking like a '10'. And 3rd goes to Sandy all by herself. I hope you didn't end up in traction with all that crashing. I wouldn't mind doing a little freezing right now though.

And all by her lonesome in the cart barn is Bee Gee with an awful 14. Hope your flapping bats keep you cool!

We are at exactly 100 degrees
~~right now, and rising


06/27/2015 01:24.31 PM Report This Comment
it now looks as if
it's gonna shower again as it's supposed to clear off this morn-ing at some point and be nice by this afternoon through tomorrow morning so janet will be able to get her weed wacking done as nat's gotta show her how to use the new one as she won't do it without his permission as he's the one who usually does it and mows, but refuses to do some of the work areas janet wants done so she'll either have to do it herself manually or do the weed wacking. she's going to try the later and will also try pruning a few things and see if nat will cut down another big pine tree branch to close to the ground. she's gotten almost all she wanted to get done done, which will leave the south flower bed to be done in 2 weeks time when she's on vacation again as well as likely weeding as she's been out there once last week getting it all done and had to do the fenced in garden as it was like that again due to all the rain we've been getting the past 3-4 weeks and more in showers this morning then showers tomorrow afternoon to rain through sunday midday and boomers on tuesday which is par for course lately! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

06/26/2015 03:13.20 AM Report This Comment
6-25 recap
First,a BIG congrats to AQ Kuce on her COTD!!!! We'll have a little Beatlemania on the course with some Strawberry Fields Forever parfait thrown in, and we can travel The Long and Winding Road to the log cabin pawty shack. OK- a Beatles song for all,I think I can do it. 

Luvbug ( 55 ) says There's a Place for us all to Come Together for a pawty on the 16th hole. And we're just finding out now? 

Mallow ( 62 ) see's the fire in the sky,warning us all "Here Comes The Sun". Run For Your Life!

I score a 60,and with a Little Help From My Friends,the chipmunk choir,we will serenade you from hole to hole. All Together Now.

Ana is Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry on her 62. Ouch.

Engine ( 74 ) yells "Come And Get It" for her ground gizzards and purple parrots. I Got A Feeling we'll all be in Misery later.

Mudcat ( 72 ) is Searchin' for Something along the lines of catfish and chippies for dining pleasure. She'll be Glad All Over.

GTt ( 53 ) loves us Yeah,Yeah,Yeah. Ain't She Sweet. Do You Wanna Know A Secret? She warns us its take your cat to work day-beware of the carrier.

Tuck&Dot (59) had a Hard Days Night listening to the Blackbird,and chippies sing Good Day Sunshine. He's headed for the Cat Daniels,and I've Got A Feeling he'll Feel Fine soon

And..... the March of the Meanies begins when BG ( 60) arrives. To Know Her Is To Love Her.She's Crying,Waiting,Hoping for the Rain to arrive Across the Universe.

1st GTt 53
2nd Luvbug 55
3rd Tuck &Dot 59

Losers:I Dont Want to Spoil The Pawty,but Engine 74,and Mudcat 72

XOXO ~ S ~

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline weekends.

06/25/2015 09:29.42 AM Report This Comment
6/24/15 - Swim a Lap in Your Neighbour's BBQ Day?
Your Humble Common ‘Tater arrives on the scene today to find Luvbug wearing a pink tutu and picking up elephants … OHHH, picking up the pink tutus the elephants WORE yesterday! Now I see. 54 (=9) of them, it looks like. Mallow shoots a 58 (=13) and that’s not her lucky number as she heads toward a week of burning torment. I TOLD her not to use her halo as a hula hoop but did she listen? NOO she did not …

Steve is a copycat today, he invites 58 (=13) of us to his neighbours BBQ. Let’s see if it’s HIS lucky number! Haley is ready to celebrate Swim a Lap day. I mean Water Sports Day by swimming 62 (=8) laps, and Gracie T-t gets us back on the copycat bandwagon with 58 (=13) and some help from her Furry Godmother. Gee, I thought I was the only kitty with one of those! Mimi arrives just ahead of the backhoe & dumptrucks that are coming to pick up the elephant leavings that Luvbug won’t touch ~ if you get my drift. With 75 (=12) elephants to pick up after, they’ll be busy for a while!

Engine brings us 74 (=11) and the answer to the question, what IS Steve’s neighbour cooking on the BBQ: Filets of Finch and Poached Porcupine, anyone? Tuck is all for getting to know the neighbours (and their food) and he brings along 61 (=7) of his nearest and dearest. BeeGee is proud of her 65 (=11) kinds of common sense and opts to Swim a Lap on her pool floatie. No arguments here!

The results are:
1st – Tucker with a neighbourly 7
2nd – Haley with a slightly damp 8
3rd – Luvbug with 9 fairies flying around him

And as for Mallow, Steve and Gracie T-t, their lucky numbers land them a trip to the cart barn this fine day. They can’t get into much trouble there, can they? Not on Garbage Day!

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Events~vote A Maggie & Ginger #223639 /July, Angel Jezebel ~ Love lives on, K Mike ♥ Q. Lady Dolly, Mojo Blackbear ~ Miss you, Dad, Angel Mallow ♥ OJ ~ my hammock is comin'!, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw caught my ♥ & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ I miss helping Dad.

06/24/2015 03:24.17 PM Report This Comment
water sports fun day today!
janet's headed out the door not to long from now, but keeps find ing things to get blogged to even though we're supposed to be offline today! to much to do and say before she goes to the southern berkshires/northern ct. today. vermont will wait till before the end of august as it's not going to be the full trip, but just half of it. see ya tomorrow, sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

06/24/2015 02:00.41 AM Report This Comment
Well tickle me pink! 6-23-15
And spin me til I'm dizzy! Y'all almost didn't get a recap today, mom totally forgot! Bad mom! But here I am to save the day! *smirk*

Sounds like Luvbug(54) would have been okay without a recap. He's ready to let it go! ... Mallow(55) is humming a little let it go herself as she paws through the rack of pleasantly pink pedal ushers at Wally World. Her public service seems to involve buying ALL of them and throwing them into the burning pits of, well, you know. :-)

While Steve(72) is out cavorting in his pink tutu and helping elderly gophers across the greens, the Angels(64) are out riding the waves in their bloomers. Oh, boomers. Never mind ... Engine(73) and the Turtle Tram has outdone herself for Pink Day, with an all-pink parade of purged pigeons, peacock pawstries, and possum porter! ... Aw, Mimi(79) did her golf community a service by slurping up all the possum porter. Now she's the only one accompanied by pink elephants on the fairway.

GTt(71) has an interesting observation. Yesterday was stupid guy thing, but today must be girl thing, since it's all about pink ... Tucker(75) seems to have a bad case of bed head today. Or the raindrop frizzies ... And Bee Gee(63) is just full of public service today, smashing pecan sandies left and right, and warning that a tickle fest might result in unexpected leakage. Nice.

Long drive line-up looks like:
1st - Mimi, no contest, she and her pink elephants nailed it with that 79.
2nd - Tucker places with 75, dancing through the raindrops.
3rd - Engine and the Pinkolator with a smooth 73.

And who gets to go hug the still? That would be Luvbug & Mallow, in the 50s. Ah, I remember the 50s. Shoowop doowop.

Mimi, please remember to clean
up after your elephants! :-)


06/23/2015 03:32.02 PM Report This Comment
6-22 recap
Big pawty day at the CS (aren't they all ) - happy adpoty day to angels Kuce and Sphinx. Lets see what stupid guy things we can do for the pawty. Lampshades worn on the head is SO last year.

Luvbug ( 52 ) makes this pawty day possible with his angels furblings. We thank you for that.

Mallow ( 58 ) is busy making a putt-putt course with onion rings and éclairs-what a combo. We can eat the evidence!

I score a 72,and swinging my hips with an onion ring hula hoop. Hips don't fail me now.

Engine ( 73 ) has the rodent mobile in high gear to get the possum pitas here while their steaming fresh.Who am I kidding, the fermented fishfizz is about to blow.

Ana (70) is teasing us with promises of a watery fun day. Been so much rain,thats every day.

Mudcat ( 81) invited JC to show and tell us all his stupid guy things. The male species,so misunderstood.

GTt rolls her onion rings down the fairway to score a 63. Interesting point...Father's Day is before stupid guy thing day. Anyone here a father?Anyone? No? Guess us guys were smart about one thing.

Tuck and Dot ( 71) declare the eclair is the food of the day. And Tuck knows ALL about food :)

BG ( 56) is onto all of us males! The root of all evil starts with "hey,watch THIS". Its in our genes,right along with selective hearing.

1st Luvbug 52
2nd BG 56
3rd Mallow with 58

Losers: Mudcat with 81 and Engine with 73

XOXO ~ S ~

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline weekends.

06/22/2015 12:47.49 PM Report This Comment
What a PARTY! 6-21-15
Father's Day, Summer Solstice, Mallow's crossing, and Summer's adopty! Talk about the stars aligning! And as if that weren't enough, it's Handshake Day too! Let's see how all your 'hands' shook out for today.

Luvbug didn't do too badly with a 54=9. We're off to a promising start. Looks like Mallow will be shaking her hand of 56 into the trash bin. On the bright side, she brought a few Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey mallows for appetizers. Ouch.

Mimi is doing her happy dance. She learned it from Bee Gee yesterday. *snicker* She's in the $$ with that 79-7=9. She's also confusing us with her "Happy Father's day, mom" greeting cards. Oh, the angels have another throw-away 60=6 but does that stop them from having a summer/father's day cookout? Heck NO! Tucker has the purrfect Father's day gift for all those dads: a hairball-free shoe. He's holding onto his 69-6=9 too. He'll be in the final scramble for the pot later.

Bee Gee says her hand is peachy without the cream, please. A 63=9 for the golf bully, and she does her dance of the summer solstice. No clogs. Amazing. GTt is turning in PD's hand for him today, claiming a double 9 with 59 degrees and 89% humidity. Yikes! You could swim in that! No wonder PD is feeling all anti-humanist today. GTt wants to know if there is a Humanist Day cake?

So, plenty of furs going after the pot this fine hot humid summer solstice. Let's see, who ISN'T involved in the melee? Looks like Mallow is being ladylike today. *snort* And And the angels are behaving angelically. Everybody else is swinging and swearing for their share of the loot. *sigh*

Who wants cake and ice cream? Nobody? Okay, who wants Catty Shack 'Shine and pizza? Aha, I thought that would get your attentions! On to party alley. Starting with the summer solstice celebration, moving on to the Mallow-versary, and finishing up with the Summer-time blues fest. WHAT A PARTY!

~~~Hot Rod~~~~
We are gonna be SO
messed up tomorrow!


06/21/2015 01:57.45 PM Report This Comment
Another sad day for Catty Shack 6-20-15
Of course, Fang, you are very welcome to stay on as a catty for Luvbug! That's all up to you guys. I'll let you sort that out. Whatever you decide is A-okay with all of us! Right gang? RIGHT! Hugs of condolence are passed out to Luvbug and her mom.

And Luvbug troopers on with an early morning 56/11 to get the ball rolling. Get it? Must have dropped one of those ones he was juggling ... Mallow(53/8) checks in with two cents. Wait a minute. Are those Canadian pennies? Those might just be worth something. Someday, a hundred years from now. :-)

Looks (and sounds!) like Mimi(77/14) is in competition with Mallow for the hollerin' contest. And J.C. says when he goes boots up WindSong can catty for Mimi. He'd rather explore Rainbow Bridge ... Oh lordy, GTt! You're already worrying about snow? Not much time left? You have really short summers up there? Apparently only 54(or 9!) days worth. You got ripped off!

Tucker(65/11) sounds like he's in the mood for a beach ball tournament - as long as no one mistakes HIM for the ball! Haha! ... Bee Gee(55/10) is clearing her throat and giving us all a sample of that hollerin' she does in the middle of the night for no reason. As if I needed a sample. *groan* ... And Haley(54/9) has carefully cleared an area for the beach ball tournament. Special Saturday sports day?

Not many LOW putt scores, but hey, it IS summer.
1st - Mallow, 8 ain't bad!
2nd - Tie, GTt & Haley, 9. Summer's going fast!
3rd - Bee Gee, scores a 10 in the hollerin' contest!

And in the cart barn position today is Mimi. She does a mean howl herself! See if you can scare the bats out of the rafters. Bee Gee and her bright A/C ideas. Good grief!

A moment of silence for
another fallen Catty Shacker


06/20/2015 02:26.03 PM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug!
So very sorry to hear about Fang. Our mom understands how hard that is on a mom to make that decision. We don't feel she was rash at all. She knows best what the situation was with Fang, and we know for sure she would only do what was best for him. Now it's your job to help your mom trooper on without him. It's the hardest part. Hugs and head bumps from all of us.

Bee Gee and family


06/20/2015 06:37.15 AM Report This Comment
a votey for you
Well, it was a good and hard decision for your mom... but now Fang will not have those bad seizures... and perhaps stop drooling too?
Anyway, now you have to hire another catty... or not. Steve does not have one. He seems to show off just fine!
Now that my UBB, master goffer is gone, I have to schlepp my own clubs and drive my own cart and get my own hot catnip tea every morning.
Until mom decides if we are adopting another cat, I will be on my own *sigh*
Well, just mewing to say sorry about your catty loss. We still are not over our loss yet.
Gracie T-t

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes, Now Summer!, PD Budd, Roll 'n Rock it's Summer & The 2 Budd's -Research & Development.

06/20/2015 04:30.49 AM Report This Comment
6.19 FLIP flops and Oreos long Drive Day
We had to eat oreos today because Engine did not show up with the grub(s) Actually, she hasn't cooked those yet and let's not give her any ideas.
Oreos are LugBg's favorite and he ate them all ... except those he left on the buffet for us. He left his 53 score too.
We can keep up with the Fang Vet reports on the #46883

Tied for the "Miss Creativity Award" today are A. Mallow & Darn BeeGee.
What things a cat can do with a pair of flip flops!! Mallow (55) got cleats put on her flip flops. They didn't seem to help her score, but her walk back to the Cart Barn won't be slippery. Bee Gee, was ready to eat 50 chocolate chip cookies (not oreos) while dancing in her flip flop clogs. Watch out behind her as she flips those flops.. She's off to the Cart Barn -- enjoy your awards, girls.
Steve is doing double duty today since Tuck's internet is out with the storms. They both scored 68. Of course, Tucker went right for the oreos! Steve flipped out about flip flops. (Oh, another FF!!). And just in case you wonder, yes, he does wear a thong on his booty not his footy. (Is the too much info?)
Happy Haley with a 70 is enjoying summer golf, has no complaints Not like the Mudcat, alas. A miserable winning score of 77 to start her humid day. And her protest that eating oreos is cannibalistic since they are like tuxedo cats, of which she is one. Having a touch of heat stroke Mimii?
GT-t dances in her mew flips flops declaring she has a purrfect score of 66.6. Not the first place, nor second or even third, but okay.

Let's shake out the crumbs and see what happened:
1st- complaining Mudacat Mimi with 77
(Pause with JC for a prayer for a fellow catty, Fang, the Drooler)
3rd - tied Steve and Tuck -- 68
2nd - Haley with 70
Respectfully submitted by PD Budd, non-golfer and newly appointed house grump. Sorry those two scores are out of place but that's the best I can do; so stuff it)

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes, Now Summer!, PD Budd, Roll 'n Rock it's Summer & The 2 Budd's -Research & Development.

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6-18 recap
Great day for a picnic,who gots the grub,and the ants? Don't forget the ants. We're all gonna pull together with some get well wishes for Fang before we overindulge,and the main thing,drink martinis. Bet you thought I was gonna say play golf,huh! We can do a little fishing,a little panicking,a little splurging,and as little as possible.

First in,and rushing thru (rightfully so) is Luvbug and his mighty 55. Give the boy a dry one. Shaken,not stirred.

Mallow ( 55 ) rushes in (I thought only fools did that) to work her,little angel magic for Fang's recovery.Panic,picnic,whats a few rearranged letters. Sounds the same, sort of.

Sandy ( 60 ) brought the dry for the martinis today .

I score a 66. One mere 6 away from all evil. I'll take a dump......of the pump and walk to the wiener wagon.

Engine ( 73 ) on the cutting edge of picnic cuisine packs our little lunches with tossed toad,and a side of birds eyes in starfish stock. Hmmmmm....its a challenge to eat something thats looking at you.

GTt ( 58 ) improves her new golf skills daily,as long as its summer which conveniently starts this weekend.

Tuck and Dot ( 66 ) wakes up their foggy secretary with a sushi martini. Yep,that'll do it!

Mudcat has the prayer chain going for Fang with 73 prayers. Thats more like a conga line,we'll all join in for.

BG ( 62) skips the panic for the food (of course), fishing and fun.3 "f's" - cant go wrong with that!

1st twinsies! Luvbug and Mallow with 55
2nd GTt 58
3rd Sandy 60

Losers: Mudcat and Engine with 73,and Tuck,Dot and I with 66. Whats with all the duplicates!


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline weekends.

06/18/2015 01:04.18 PM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug
The girls went over to give Fang a little pep talk. It might not have been all Rah Rah! like, but they mean well. :-) (Hope Fang will be okay)

Bee Gee


06/18/2015 05:57.39 AM Report This Comment
6/17/15 - Eat Your Veggies in a Mud Wallow
.. or something like that anyway. OHHH, that was Mud Pack Day. And Eat Your Veggies Day! Sorry, Luvbug, I’ll write that 55 (=10) times on the chalkboard in the clubhouse to make sure I remember.

But it’s too late, here comes Mallow all excited about the mud wallow. She has 54 (=9) mud balls in her paw and she’s not afraid to use them! Steve can restock her ammunition, he reports lots of rain, which means lots of mud. 56 (=11) for the Orange One today.

Engine tries to distract us with 72 (=9) Ratty Ribeyes (with veggies?) and I think it’s working. More squirreltinis, please. Mimi reports on the flea-killing benefits of the mud pack, she counts 78 (=15) of the little monsters dispatched so far. Gracie T-t brings a 64 (=10) but takes a pass on the veggies, declaring her dish to be a Veggie Free Zone. Free Veggies?! Tuck is here on the run, but he wants to donate instead of partake. 54 (=9) bushels of squash and everyone is on the run!

Golf Bully to the rescue! BeeGee proves that there really IS a reason we keep her around, by informing us that potatoes can be made into potato chips, ergo potato chips are vegetables. Fill up the bowls, please, I think we’ll be needing 60 (=6) of them. And, following that logic of course, we will also take some onion dip, and corn chips with guacamole. Mmm! Veggies are GOOD! And Ana has been eating her veggies too, notably her spinach as once again she has the energy to be up & around in the early hours, setting up sports day. A 60 (=6) for her as well.

1st place – goes to the Veggie Twins, BeeGee and Ana, both with 6
2nd – Mallow, Engine and Tucker all bring home a 9
3rd – Luvbug and Gracie T-t with 10

And lugging the vegetable peels out to the recycling today is Mimi, she of the 15. Remember back when that could be your score on NON-putting day?! No, I don’t want to remember that either.

Your Guest Common ‘Tater (chip), Mike

Come visit me, Family Events~vote A Maggie & Ginger #223639 /July, Angel Jezebel ~ Love lives on, K Mike ♥ Q. Lady Dolly, Mojo Blackbear ~ Miss you, Dad, Angel Mallow ♥ OJ ~ my hammock is comin'!, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw caught my ♥ & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ I miss helping Dad.

06/17/2015 01:37.12 PM Report This Comment
games today!
as of right now everything is lined up for sept. 22nd at 7:30am and even the ride is all set up for now as well. she'll have to be there for 6:30am and well the prep will now have to be started on sun ahead of time so she won't have to stay up that night running to the toilet all the time and just sleep through and make a regular pit stop when necessary as all you can have is water, tea, broth, well you know the routine likely, a pain in the backside, but once it's done you're good to go for another 7 years! janet was out walking bright and early to the south amherst common and home again, then down on all 4's weeding from 6-10 this morning and is just starting to feel achy in her hips and lower back, but she's used to it and has a bit more left as she got 2 out of 3 gardens done and the other one was started. sandy,ab,haley, angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

06/17/2015 09:08.39 AM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug
Well, color us surprised! Seems we were over here a couple days ago. Grabby had a B'day, and WE win COTD! How did that happen? We don't know, but we'll take it! AND all the goodies and glamor that come with it! No autographs please, just head yourself over to the giant buffet and dig in. There's a kiddie pool and a bouncy house too, for the adventurous among you. Everybody else? Head over to the canopy screen houses and kick back in the shade. We appreciate you stopping by with congrats, so we're delivering a big thank you vote! Enjoy the party!

The Boys


06/16/2015 09:08.16 PM Report This Comment
Go Naked Day! 6-16-15
Well, if your name is Steve(70) that is. *snicker* Of course he's staging a one-cat protest against the orange-o-phobes in the audience ... Now Luvbug(52) is cheating on Veggie Day, telling us grass counts. Catgrass that is. Uh huh. Who wants a grass salad? "Oh, me me me!" said no one ever! ... Mallow(56) gave a moment's thought to joining Steve's pro-orange protest, but reconsidered when she realized what Steve might "bare" in protest! *shudder*

Mimi(78) gives thoughtful thanks that at least No Orange Day isn't on Halloween. Imagine all those pumpkins shimmying out of their skins. Eek! ... Engine(70) must have sent her score out by carrier pigeon, cuz she ain't got no connectivity at home! Didn't stop her from zooming over to see what she could hustle from the Boys buffet! ... Aw jeepers, GTt(67)! It's too early for 20-questions! What is FF? My guess is Fancy Feast! Oh wait - Foot Fetish! Oh no, I got it now! FREE FOOD! YES!! Wait a minute. Flash flood? No, really bad answer Gracie. *tsk*

Tuck & Dot(71) arrive with soggy bottoms all around. Even orange clothes wouldn't have helped ... Bee Gee(56) is having mixed feelings about a nekkid Steve on the loose. She might have to take off a couple socks herself, and she's not happy about bare footin' through the tulips o' fudge! ... The Angels(60) are flying low through the boomers carrying a lightening rod. Do not try to putt with that thing!

Who's leading on the Catty Shack Open leader board?
1st - Mimi, with a warning about Ol' Toothy spitting 78 cherry pits.
2nd - Looks like Tucker, with 71 ways to avoid the fudge!
3rd - And Engine with her 70 "leftover" pockets.

Into the cart barn goes Luvbug with her lovely co-assistants Mallow & Bee Gee. Oh lordy, there's a pair to draw to!

Y'all c'mon over fer the party!
We're all gonna get drunk and do the wave!


06/16/2015 02:12.24 PM Report This Comment
sleepover tonight/games tomorrow
colonoscopy/ride arranged for late september, just have to change 3rd vacation from earlier that same month to that same week and shouldn't be much of a problem. car goes into the garage early mon morning praying they find/do the work as no funds to get it done elsewhere and if necessary if a newer used car is called for then we'll be out looking for that instead of going on day trips! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

06/16/2015 01:35.09 AM Report This Comment
sleepover tomorrow night/games wednesday!
inside fun in the garage tomorrow for the sleepover and then out side for the water fun on wednesday and 80s! janet's going to call to reschedule her colonoscopy due that she's now got no ride over/back to/from the hospital as her ride's husband isn't being released now till next week. so september it is the next time she's got nothing on tap! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

06/15/2015 10:41.10 AM Report This Comment
6-15 recap
Be one with nature,whats that supposed to mean? I,for one am all about the photography part . It goes well with smile power day,and giving day. Can nature smile? Looks more like a grimmace to me. All this goodie,goodie and giving stuff cannot be good for us,lets see what we can stir up.

Luvbug ( 52 ) is telling everyone to go fly a kite,in a gentle way,of course. And with a smile!

Mallow ( 58 ) is racing with the tapeworms. More interesting than horses I suppose. We can start a betting pool! Whats Mallows odds?

I score 68. Just to reiterate my proir statement,I'm all kinds of down to be the receiver for giving day. Go deep!

The Angels ( 67 ) are giving away their rain and humidity. Any takers?

Engine ( 73 ) gives til it hurts ( literally) with creamed crab and BG's fav- SHUT Down Shacker pale ale- guarenteed to set your fur on fire. It isn't the fur we're worried about. *burp*

Mudcat ( 75 ) is also in the giving mood-giving a hard time to JC. Giving is highly over-rated. Generosity killed the cat I hear,stay far away from that.

Tuck and Dot amble to the food cart-racing the tapeworms before all the goodies are gone. Ham that he is,Tuck has about 70 selfies for smile day.

GTt ( 69 ) is a heavy breather today with the hot air. Hmmmmm......THATS who those phone calls were from.

BG ( 54) is giving what we ain't taking-guff. The golf bully is in full shed mode. Cat hair goes well with everything.

1st Luvbug with 52
2nd BG with 54
3rd Mallow with 58

Losers: Mudcat with 75,and Engine with 73

XOXO ~ S ~

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline weekends.

06/15/2015 08:17.57 AM Report This Comment
Rompin' Stompin' Butterfly Bompin'! 6-14-15
No takers? Okay, how about we call us some pigs? Soooo-ee! Pig pig pig! Oh look! Here comes one now! Kind of a funny fuzzy lookin' little white piglet. Oh wait, it just our Pig. Be sure Luvbug doesn't toss you out to Ol' Toothy! Apparently she's feeling generous with that 53=8 hand of hers. Mallow is planning a busy day, since she isn't into the card game much. She tosses her 55=10, grabs some bourbonberry shortcake, and goes out to call Pig. Yes, I think fly catching is close enough to the spirit of the Butterfly Picnic. Mojo can be in charge of fly swatting.

Ana is just here to remind us of the sleepover Tuesday night, since her 60=6 is a total trash hand. Mimi is not impressed, nor amewsed, by Gracie's dealing skills. Have you ever had a winner yet? Maybe, maybe not, but definitely not today. Her 76 has her tipping back bourbon shots til pigs butter-fly!

PD is a little embarrassed about GTt rushing ahead with Flag Day a day or two early. It's okay. Nobody around here knows what's going on anyway. You could tell us next Sunday is Father's Day and we'd believe you! So, you think we're gonna let you win twice with that 54.9? One win per customer, bub! And Bee Gee is bragging about her great hunting safari in the kitchen last night where she bagged a centipede! I think that beats your fly, Mojo. Sorry. And as if that's not enough, Darn is also brandishing a winning hand. 59-5=9. Creative math. No one but us shackers would understand!

So it looks like PD will have to go whisker a whisker with The Healthy One for the pot. Everybody else, line up for a double shot of bourbonberry shortcake do dampen your disappointment of not being able to dip your paws into the pot this week.

~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~
Celebrating with the Girls
for Grabby's 4th birthday!


06/14/2015 12:31.57 PM Report This Comment
Kitchen Klutz Day? 6-13-15
Well then, maybe we should just skip the lobster races today. Save that for, say, Mess Hall Mensa Day. As if.

Luvbug(58/13) has decided to skip the knife juggling competition on Kitchen Klutz day. Good plan ... Mallow(53/8) remembered the Barbie heads for Doll Day. Bet Barbie feels so special ... GTt(59/14) is still trying to figure out how to parlay her '9' scores over to Sunday's card game. In the meantime a Gin Fizz will help ease the pain.

Mimi(76/13) can NOT imagine how life could get any better! Lobsters curled up with gin & tonics on her pillow! No wait, not quite right ... Now Dot & Tucker(67/13) are dragging in some fog & rain. Sounds like a new kind of overcoat. "Next up on the catwalk we have Lobster Claw in a smashing Fog & Rain camel hair long coat" ... Bee Gee(61/7) has decided that gin goes well with card games. Especially of the rummy variety ... And Sandy(72/9) swam over without benefit of a pool today. That humid, huh?

So who had the best Barbie putt?
1st - Bee Gee and her gin rummy, 7.
2nd - Mallow and the magic flying Barbie, 8.
3rd - Sandy, late but not TOO late, 9.

Lots of awful high scores today. You guys should have hit those yesterday for long drive Friday. One big high of 14 for Miss Toes of the Thumbs, and everybody else can just jam on down to the cart barn with their 13s. Assisting with the still today will be Luvbug, Mimi, and Tucker. Gonna be tight in there today, hope you all used your Right Guard!

Raise your paw if you're Sure!


06/13/2015 02:33.56 PM Report This Comment
6/12 Long Drive Flag & Red Roses & PB Cookies Day
Get your nets out for the opening of Tadpole Season. Lots happening today. Especially hot weather golf ...

Luvbg, hunny, here's some free advice: on LD Furiday report your actual 7 a.m. score. That 57 is pathetic and puts you into the Cart Barn every Furiday. Just some advice...
Although A. mallow, a cool poet, scored 53 today she's happy to see the weather getting better.
Steve (68) loves today's red roses and orders a full neck wreath like the one he saw at the horse races. You sure you got big enough neck for this thing? Here, try it on... oh-oh neck strain.
mimi (74) what a way to meet the day. Tipping that vase of red roses over while tadpoles are in the water is really creative. Happy hunting. Ana (62) went directly into the sauna.
Thanks N-Gin for speeding here (70) to bring the great snacks of minced mice and diced dragons. The red hot dragon brew is optional. Tuck & Dot (66) scarf up pawsful of p & b cookies to take down to the pond. Careful!
BeeGee (62) caught her limit of tadpoles today while GT-t (62) marches around carrying her colonial flag 13 stars and 13 stripes. She informs us it was made by a striped cat named Star for her owner B. Ross. Cats can do anything.
1st place-- mimi & JC 74 red roses to you
2nd place - Engine 70 licked clean platters
3rd place - Steve, that's right! 68 tadpoles for you...
The Cart Barners are LuvBug and mallow. get them polished, please?

Weekend is ON!!
PD Budd

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes, Now Summer!, PD Budd, Roll 'n Rock it's Summer & The 2 Budd's -Research & Development.

06/12/2015 05:14.45 PM Report This Comment
at least
it was cooler and drier last night allowing for people to sleep unlike the night before when we had the lower 70s. not to bad really if you had a fan blowing on your bringing air in from outside which was cooler than your room or the house. got lower 90s again and humid like yesterday, but a nice cooler drier weekend before back to the humidity on mon/tues. sandy,ab,haley angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

06/12/2015 01:42.20 AM Report This Comment
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