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Domestic Longhair from <a href=' Margarita/club-members.aspx' title='Santa Margarita, CA'>Santa Margarita, CA</a>

Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo,Q. MerryBelle and UBB

About Me

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Hi! My name is Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo,Q. MerryBelle and UBB

I am Domestic Longhair from Santa Margarita, CA

Nicknames: Big Boy

Age: 15 years old

Gender: M

Coat: long haired

Education: He used to be afraid of people in general, now he is just leary of strangers and he is a total lovebug to his favorite people.

My favorite tricks and treats are: carries a string away in his mouth and fish flakes

Where I hang out: In the window or on a bed or couch

My favorite grubs: Tuna

My pet peeves: Vacuums, mops, car rides

What I love about my owners: They took me in from outside.

My cat hobbies: Play with a string and go outside.

Pet motto: Persist in what you want to achieve

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He was a stray in our area and we were feeding him. He finally got used to people and 'came in from the cold'. I won COTD on 6/11/09, 7/15/2011, 7/18/12, 7/18/2013, 07/18/2014 and 7/18/2015. Won CROTD on 7/15/2011. Thanks everyone. Diagnosed in December 2010 with a heart murmur.

Mom will try to catch up asap.

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I've had 20580 friends visit me.

I'm the 2,600th member on

1,477 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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My Cat Blog

Are we ready for Day Two of Clown Week? 8-2-15
Luvbug, please don't be too curious about what's in "that" closet in the cart barn. With our luck it's probably the cart barn version of a clown car! At least you had some luck with the cards today. 59. Excellent!

Mojo seems to like Mallow's kind of "mentoring". It seems to involve the Bozo Method most of the time. *snicker* And Mallow's card game improved a little today too. Who's been mentoring your card skills? That 62/8 puts you in second place. So far...

Sandy says she feels like fall. Yep, you do fall a lot in those big ol' clown shoes I bet. Her 58 ties her with Mallow for second place.

Well, just for a change of clown pace, Mimi whipped out her crystal ball (not to be confused with the Magic 8-Ball) and foresees muggy mint juleps and a loser. 75. Maybe try gazing into a clown nose next time. :-)

PD has no time for psychic clowns today, so he lays down his co-winning 54 and heads back to his office to pen more adventures for the Furlip Files.

And Bee Gee was all excited about psycho clowns until she found out they were only psychic. Aren't ALL clowns kind of psycho anyway? Bee Gee has the third co-winner today of 59.

Plenty of players to share the pot. Luvbug, PD, and Bee Gee get to do the Shove & Shuffle for the big money today. Mallow, Sandy, and Mimi get to head to the lounge for frozen daiquiri ice cream sandwiches. Be nice and save a few for the winners, whenever they get their dough divided.

~~~~Hot Rod~~~~
Friendship Day. Did one of you friends
save me a frozen daiquiri ice cream?


08/02/2015 12:40.49 PM Report This Comment
Kicking off Clown Week! 8-1-15
I know I'd like to kick a few clowns! We have a whole week of this fun to look forward to!

Luvbug(59/14) seems to want to treat them to mead and weenies. But that's ALL they're getting from us, okay?? *creepy clowns* ... Mallow(60/6) wants us to join in on a clown round around. Only if the clown is going around and down in a whirlpool! *creepy clowns* ... Sandy's(65/11) clown must have been out in the cold all night. Look! He has a blue moon! *VERY creepy clown!*

OMC! Mimi!(74/11) What kind of clowns do you have over there anyway! You're all into S&M?? I mean, making balloon animals is one thing, but- Oh wait *blush* That says S/N. Sorry. :-) ... Now GTt(63/9) has the right idea. She's gonna smack that clown right in the ol' puss with a pie. The whipped cream variety. Waaiiiit a minute. S&M, whipped cream. I thought this was a family site! ... And finally, Bee Gee63/9) has figured out a sure-fire way to live in a child-free zone. Hire clowns to scare them all away.

How did all you glad cats do on the putting green today?
1st - Mallow did her round around and came out on top.
2nd - Tie, Bee Gee & Gracie with 9 ways to stay kid-free.
3rd - Another tie, Sandy & Mimi, and their S&M blue moon clowns. Don't look everybody!

All alone AGAIN in the cart barn is Luvbug. Admit it, you do this on purpose to stay a safe distance from the asylum, right? Not a bad idea.

Resounding with the
sound of a round. Of mead!


08/01/2015 01:59.27 PM Report This Comment
7.31 Blue moon Long Drive day!
And it's play your instrument , no matter how weird it is, day.
LuvBug (59) loves both moogies (us) and mutts whose day it is. Good for them.
Now here's the bride of two years in the Blue moon motel pool with "you know who." What were you thinking? I mean O.J. Now mallow has 62. While Ana is in a fog with 69.
Welcome back N-Gin! She wins the Goodmousekeeping prize -- a copy of: "Roadkill-Helper Cookbook." She arrives with 70 pink possum shots-- just for us.
Unique instrument day wouldn't be complete without Steve, who ever since he swallowed his kazoo, he plays his special instrument with 66 fragrant sound effects. Thanks Steve!
Our mimi with a hot 76 says the Cathouse family's rabies shots are on hold. She's glad and plays us a tune on her favorite can opener.
Tuck & Dot put in their 65 and head out for the dread rabies shot. But they stay on the far side of the elevator from Steve's 'instrument" even if he is the Leader of the Kazoo marching Band.
GTt (60) will send me to the Firehouse for a rabies shot this summer. right now she is practicing playing her favorite instrument.......... the keyboard in the key of zzzzzZZZ.
BeeGee's favorite instruments are her magnificent claws. Today she played hers with 59 claws stretches on her mom's best chair.
I wonder if we have enough for an orchestra?
Longest drives go to:
1st- the mudcat with 76
2nd - Chef Engine 70
3rd - Foggy Ana 69
Cleaning out the still (still? Isn't that done yet?) LuvBug with 59 and a little help from the Claw Queen herself also 59.
The Clubhouse buffet is now open for the best in road and forest kill recipe.
Humbly submitted by PD Budd. We're off to the blue And it's play your instrument , no matter how weird it is, day.

Humbly submitted by PD Budd.
Here we go to the Blue moon sleepover with A.Q. GRACIE. Let's strike up the band... a one and a two and... Ooh! pew!

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes, Now Summer!, Furlip Files- F. Mewlow, At Work, PD Budd, 'cat of mystery' & The 2 Budd's -Research & Development.

07/31/2015 04:38.48 PM Report This Comment
Woo Hoo, Luvbug! Ain't it great?!
The pool is fulla blue Jello and we are bouncin' like crazy! Mom got a great view of the Blue Moon last night, not a cloud in the sky!

O.J. & I had a great anniversary celebration and now we're joinin' in Angel Gracie's Full Blue Moon pawty! Thanks for sharin' the fun of our happy day!

Oh, we are gonna remember this anniversary always! -- A. Mallow & OJ

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ vote Talley #88476 daily in Aug, Angel Jezebel ~ Love lives on, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly~Purrs for Mom Janada, Mojo Blackbear ~ Miss you, Dad, A Mallow & OJ ~ chillin' at the Blue Moon Motel, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw caught my ♥ & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ my Becky came to see me!.

07/31/2015 11:58.11 AM Report This Comment
7-30 recap
Love is in the air! (Gag) . Congrats to Mallow and OJ on #2,anniversary that is. Its furiendship day,what better way to spend it than golfing with furiends,a hoedown,and a group read aloud of paperback books. Many parts can be "educational" you know.

Luvbug ( 60 ) is making a close furiend with the cart barn lately. What IS going on in there!

Mallow ( 61 ) is counting on a hot time for her anniversary pawty- complete with picture evidence. Hmmmmm....

I score a 72. I'm ready to play tradesies withthe paperbacks. All the juicy parts are pre-marked.

Haley ( 70 ) is making furiends with someone called Big Boomer,whoever that is.

Mudcat ( 76 ) invites us all over for a paperback shredding pawty.

GTt ( 64 ) shows her furiendship by making a chore list for everyone. Put me down for beverage taste tester.

Tuck and Dot ( 73 ) pushes shy Mouse into the limelight to display the finer tecniques of a hoedown.

Engine ( 74 ) greets her morning slacker furiends...oh,shacker furiends with bubbling keg of brandied beetles.

Bg ( 59 ) does us all aa furiendly favor by supplying endless chili dogs,at least for me :)


1st BG 59
2ND Luvbug 60
3rd Mallow 61

Losers Mudcat 76,and Engine 74

XOXO ~ S ~

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline- off and on. & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline -off and on.

07/30/2015 12:18.26 PM Report This Comment
7/29/15 - Tigers eating Lasagna in the Rain
Lots of holidays today. Luvbug has a special affinity for Rain Day because he would like some! He would also like to celebrate Lasagna Day and hopes that Garfield hasn’t beaten him to it. It’s a 59 (=14) for Luvbug today. And then along comes Mallow, she drops off her copycat 59 (=14) and threatens the well-being of anyone who turns on an oven to bake that lasagna when the parking lot is hot enough!

Steve is all over Lipstick Day and he has 66 (=12) shades of sample-sized fun. Ana’s lipstick had better be waterproof because she’s having fun in the sun 70 (=7) for her today. And Mimi says no lipstick for her, it’s a 76 (=13) for her this fine morning.

Gracie T-t sees a Tiger on the course .. Tiger Woods that is. Well it IS International Tiger Day. She shoots a 54 (=9) and gets Mr. Woods to let her play through. Tucker shoots a 65 (=11) and races off in search of lasagna and BeeGee turns it around for a 56 (=11) and gets Mr. Woods to let HER play through too.

The standings are:
1st - Ana with 7
2nd – Gracie T-t with 9
3rd – Tucker & BeeGee tied with 11

And bringing up the rear & headed off to the cart barn are Luvbug and Mallow, both with 14

Don’t let Tiger Woods eat all the lasagna! Save some for your Guest Common (baked) ‘Tater,

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ vote Talley #88476 daily in Aug, Angel Jezebel ~ Love lives on, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly~Purrs for Mom Janada, Mojo Blackbear ~ Miss you, Dad, A Mallow & OJ ~ chillin' at the Blue Moon Motel, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw caught my ♥ & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ my Becky came to see me!.

07/29/2015 12:42.26 PM Report This Comment
Hmmmm... 7-28-15
Strange images today. Caren Miranda. Barbarella. No wait, Barbaritas! With little umbrellas in them. Mallow(58) is running around with a pitcher of 'em offering to top you off. At least she doesn't want to bump you off! And just listen to the Luvbug Lament(56). You need to lay off the pot. Gone-ta-Pott I mean! See the strange images now? Yeah.

Steve(65) has a brand new idea for BBQ: melted chocolate- basted Barbie blaster burgers. Try those out at the county fair, let us know how they turn out Engine(72)? You needed a reminder that chocolate melts? After you get done cleaning up that chocolate mess in your pocket, I bet you never forget again! ... GTt(58) is questioning the toxicity of hamburger. As in she thinks it is. Toxic. She's got her gripe on today. Sounds like she's sliding into golf bully territory. That's more dangerous than toxic burger!

Mimi(77) and her resident cleaning crew are making short work of the under-the-bed dust bunnies. Spider webs too, I bet. Do you look like Halloween decorations when you come out from under there? ... No stopping Tucker(69) from enjoying the full burger benefits. He'll take his with cheese, bacon, melted chocolate, AND freshly crushed Barbie! ... And along comes Bee Gee(56) taking a little target practice at the chattering squirrels. Bet they go really well with chocolate fondue!

Who drove the longest today?
1st - That would be Mimi with a killer long shot of 77!
2nd - Right behind is Engine and a hefty 72.
3rd - Tucker rounds out third place with a warming 69.

And co-losers and cart barn dwellers today are Luvbug & Bee Gee, sharing a 56. Not that they mind. A little cooling off period before the heat kicks in again?

I hate it when Steve gets
chocolate on my catapult!


07/28/2015 01:35.59 PM Report This Comment
7-27 recap
Gonna put my tender
Barbie in a blender
Watch her spin around to a beautiful oblivion. Barbie in a blender day,cant ask for more than that. Well,we COULD,but we wont get it. There's an awful lot of things that need walked today-plants,pants and stilts.

Luvbug ( 55 ) starts Barbiemania Monday off with not one,not two,but a bucketful-o-Barbies.

Our favorite Barbierista Mallow ( 56 ) walks on stilts with plants on her head while mixing Barbaritas. Ever think of the circus as a life calling?

I score a 64,and take my Barbie shaken,not whirled.

The Angels ( 68 ) are clearing the air for their sports day,which has turned into sports week.

Mudcat ( 77 ) can't get can't get no satisfaction from Barbie in a blender-she's calling off with her plastic head. Better sleep with one eye open JC.

GTt ( 59 ) sends her love to the West coasters for the 90 degree heat. They are SO good about sharing except for anything good. We have COTD goodies to divide!

Engine ( 67 ) didn't get the memo- the heat is on,but only in the upper East coast. She warms us all up with squirrel stroganoff and creamed cricket brulee.

Tuck and Dot ( 66 ) are having head problems of their own-but not Barbie heads. Someones mom wants to sleep today!

BG ( 57 ) Little Miss Overachiever is doing stilts,plants and pants,AND floating the pawty barge. So many things,so little paws.


1st Luvbug with 55
2nd Mallow with 56
3rd BG with 57

Losers : Mudcat with 77,and Engine with 67

XOXO ~ S ~

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline- off and on. & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline -off and on.

07/27/2015 12:54.23 PM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug & family!
Wow, a two-fer! A birthday AND a COTD!

Thanks so much for stopping by to wish me happy birthday! 20 years old! *gasp* It was almost too much to handle. So I just crawled into my little hammock and napped for the day. I let everybody else do the partying. I just tuned up the radio and let the party happen! - ZIGGY

Well, we can't begin to express our surprise at being in the spotlight yesterday. We were ALL shocked - including mom! Thanks for stopping by with congratulations for me and Ziggy. We had too much party today! Ziggy spent most of it napping, so I had to be the host with the most. The most WHAT, I have no idea. Maybe - the most friends! Yes! That's it! And I thank each and every one of you for your nice thoughts. And gifts! Let's not forget the gifts! - HOT ROD

We brought you a goodie bag. I'm sure we left a thank you vote in there too!

The Seniors


07/27/2015 09:02.22 AM Report This Comment
Party party AND party! 7-26-15
How many candles on that cake??? I hope one of you brought a fire extinguisher! Okay, let's deal the cards!

Luvbug is confused about "all or nothing". It's really easy. You bet ALL your money. You get dealt a 56. Now you have nothing. See? Simple arithmetic! Sounds like Mallow was already familiar with the "all or nothing" concept. She got 56 too. So she throws that nuthin' hand in the air and heads over to the Big Party. Where she will sample ALL of the goodies! Ana goes tropical for the festivities. She arrives tossing sprinkles everywhere! She tosses that 68 too.

Looks like Mimi might get "all" the pot today. She guzzles her coffee milkshake and starts heading for the exit. You might want to hang around for your winnings? PD isn't hanging around for anything! He flings his loser 65 in the trash and homes in on cake. BTW: it's cheese cake. Tucker relieves himself of his crummy 70 and sneaks another shot of Kahlua into his "coffee" milkshake! NOW you're talking! And Bee Gee has the final losing hand of the day. She burns that 57 and chugs another Irish coffee milkshake.

Only one big winner today. Mimi will be treating the party to a few coffee" milkshakes. I hope we don't run out of Kahlua. Coffee! I meant to say coffee!

~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~
Happy birthday big sis!


07/26/2015 11:48.58 AM Report This Comment
Birthday candles! 7-25-15
Oh wait, that's tomorrow. 20 of those suckers. Anybody got a few spare candles? I don't even think we have that many! So, we'll have to wait til tomorrow for B'day cake. In the meantime we'll have to munch on something else. Culinarians! We can munch those! Oh delicious, SO good with tartar sauce. Taste like chicken!

Luvbug(57/12) gets to play cowboy today since Steve and his spurs didn't jungle jangle onto the links today. It's better this way. Trust me ... Mallow(56/11) is doing some fancy trick riding too, on her wild carousel pony! *snicker* ... Looks like the carousel ponies are a hit today. Mimi(72/9) decides maybe a pole-pony makes a better cowboy horse than J.C. They don't gripe and they don't mind those shiny spurs!

Tucker (66/12) safely takes his hot fudge sundae aboard tricky Trigger. Maybe it really is a good thing Steve sat this one out. Nobody likes a chocolate horsie. *chuckle* ... And yet ANOTHER carousel aficionado! Rootin' tootin' GTt(63/9). She's gonna have a hot fudge sundae and ride her carousel pony to the Evie & Mallow bakery. Good luck with that ... And last but definitely least *mmpphh* Bee Gee(67/13) has her cowboy clogs on and is ready for a merry go round-up! Yee haw!

Nutty putter winners today:
1st - Tie, Mimi & GTt, 9. Aw, heading to the bakery for a special cake for the Zig! Sweet. Don't worry I won't tell anyone
2nd - Mallow, 11. Cowboy duds. Anything like firework duds? Nah. Probably not.
3rd - Tie, Luvbug & Tucker, 12. Maybe you guys can clean up after all those pole ponies. Oh wait, never mind. :-)

And ALL alone in the barn today is Bee Gee and her cowboy clogs. We'll let HER clean up after the ponies. A little spit shine maybe. Ick.

Don't fall off the
~~pony platform


07/25/2015 01:40.16 PM Report This Comment
7.24. Halfway to Christmas Long Drive Day
Got your shopping done? There's a special on Tequila today. Stock up.

GTt notices her 47 score is even lower today. She's got a very short long drive... or dive. Only 15 points lower and there would be snow!
"OW! Okay, don't throw your empty tequila bottles at me."

YEA! Angel mallow hit the lottery jackpot today. Great 57 and you can buy the first round... and the second.
LuvBug with 55 will be taking her charged cart to the flicks at her local drive thru/in.
Ana (54) scores one over Steve who with his chilly 53. Back from vacation early. Aw... Now, you be mice to Gma.
Our mimi rushes in to whack a winning 75. She's got loads of home and beyond worries to take care of. Pass the mudcat a tall cold one now. Take It Easy Girl.
Rolling in with our Furiday Food Cart, Engine has outdone herself again by bringing Braised Bumblebees and 70 Stingers to drink. Tricky pulling those stingers out, huh?
Tuck & Dot share 57 shots of Tequila while popping the bumblebees for as long as they remain propped up at the bar. Those were some silly cat jokes for Old Joke Day... thanks.

Waiting for the movie to start, BeeGee orders 63 kiddie burgers with the works at the Drive Thru/In. Just as well since she bombed with the Jokes. Thanks for the attempt.
Scores and more:
1st Overworked mimi 75
2nd Chef Engine 70
3rd Jokester BeeGee 63

Stoke the Still, GTt - with 46.
Rounds on Lottery Winner mallow.
Comment humbly offered by PD Budd (#6 tomorrow)

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes, Now Summer!, Furlip Files- F. Mewlow, At Work, PD Budd, 'cat of mystery' & The 2 Budd's -Research & Development.

07/24/2015 02:54.07 PM Report This Comment
7-23 recap
We have a new American (sorry Mallow) favorite-mosquitoes,vanilla ice cream,and hot dogs. We should make a song for that! I'm a fav of ice,ice baby myself,but sadly,we were beat to those lyrics.

Luvbug( 53) learns a watched still never ferments. We wouldn't wait for it to ferment anyway,would we!

Mallow (56) has apparently been training her mosquitoes-their "bad". Hmmmmm....

I score a 57,and NO,its NOT hot enough for me. Just waiting for it to be hot enough to toast my dog. dog that is.

Sandy is sitting on her heat to keep it at a cool 58.

Mudcat (72) is starting a Revolution against the skeeters,of the gooey type.

GTt (49),always one to dabble in the scientific aspects is raising super mosquitoes that thrive on water and road kill.

Engine (73) beats the heat with frozen Fleatinis and grasshopper gazpacho. Wouldn't a ceiling fan be easier?

Tuck and Dot (61) let their imaginations go free with vanilla ice cream topped with hot dogs and Fleatinis on top. You hit food groups never invented before.

Darn (60) is treating us to a FREE rocket ride to the sun-weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! It just isn't hot ENOUGH for her :)

1st: GTt with 49
2nd Luvbug with 53
3rd: Mallow with 56

Losers: Engine 73,and Mudcat with a welcome back 72


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline- off and on. & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline -off and on.

07/23/2015 12:26.24 PM Report This Comment
7/22/15 - Swing in your hammock with penuche
You know, I thought that was a typo and it was Panache Day. But Luvbug taught me something new, that it’s a kinda sorta fudge. Well, let’s swing in our hammocks with some of that too.

After Luvbug celebrates Rat Catcher Day that is. About 59 (=14) of the little monsters should do it. Mallow is all for the hammock day too, and catching 56 (=11) winks.

Mimi is back!! Singing the praises of Beer Battered Bat Belly, she has 77 (=14) servings to catch up on. Ana amazes us with a 60 (=6) and Gracie T-t goes her one better with a 50 (=5). She’s hoping they have a Vole Catchers Day.

Tucker got busy and caught 54 (=9) rats while Steve woke up from his nap long enough to bring us a 63 (=9). Rounding out the day is BeeGee, loading up on 60 (=6) pieces of penuche we will have to roll HER around the course!

The results are:
1st - Gracie T-t with 5
2nd – Ana and BeeGee with 6
3rd – Tucker & Steve, tied with 9

To the cart barn go the pair of Luvbug and Mimi, both with 14 and that leaves … the Mallow stands alone with her 11. Oh, I stand corrected, she’s not standing. Shhh … she’s sleeping. Put out the Do Not Disturb sign and we’ll continue to celebrate Hammock Day.

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ vote Talley #88476 daily in Aug, Angel Jezebel ~ Love lives on, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly~Purrs for Mom Janada, Mojo Blackbear ~ Miss you, Dad, A Mallow & OJ ~ chillin' at the Blue Moon Motel, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw caught my ♥ & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ my Becky came to see me!.

07/22/2015 04:18.56 PM Report This Comment
Congratulations to you Luvbug for receiving the Cat of the Day Award!!!! We hope that you are having a purr*fectly fun filled day with lots of lovings from your momma and xtra treats with new toys to play with.

Here's a Knight Gang vote #1465 for you.

Kitty Kisses,

(((*RHOAMIN KNIGHT #2921*))){COTM King of 7/2008}

Come visit me, Q. Pappoose "Forever Sleep 4-10-2006 to 4-24-2012", BABY KNIGHT July 18, 1998 to May 20, 2010, Patch Girl Knight (OG) #12767 Photo: 5/26/2015, Suezee Knight - Photo: 7/13/2013, WHYSKRS KNIGHT #10378 ♥ Photo: 5/25/2015, SASSEE "Forever Sleep 5-01-2004 to 10-02-2014", SIX Knight (Sweet Memories 5/15/01-7/03/06), Ebbonny Knight Forever Sleep 8/14/2000 to 3/9/2011, Sweet Pea ~ Forever Sleep 5-15-2001 to 2-25-2011, Tipper Claflin-Knight (7/15/1989 - 7/23/2008), BAHNEETAH KNIGHT #10641 PHOTO: 3/13/2015, Charr ~ In Loving Memory 8/14/2000-9/19/2008, Jazpyr Knight #10428 Photo 6/12/2015, Sissee Knight (OG) #11531 Photo: 11/06/2014, K. RHOAMIN #2921 {July King 2008} Photo 7/31/2015, Velvet~Sleep My Black Beauty 5-10-2002 to 7-7-2012 & Sylvester #11567 ♥ 5/15/2001 - 6/28/2013.

07/21/2015 04:34.52 PM Report This Comment
The Mudcat returneth! 7-21-15
Heck, if I'd known you were coming I'd have baked a bundt! I'm afraid these pitchers of margaritas will have to suffice. Sorry. We really missed your pole dance for the COTD ceremony yesterday. We had to settle for mooning CC instead. Maybe later you can show us that wet food/dry food trick.

Luvbug(63) says some creepy stuff. We're ALL cousins? OMG, just imagine the family reunion! ... Mallow & Mojo(58) do the all-kinds-of-happy dance for Mimi AND cool temps! They can't wait to pass out some junk food to all their cousins ... Ana(66) must be getting ready to have a tug-o-war contest over the kiddie pool. Count me in! ... Well, someone just won tug-o-war and we didn't even have to bother actually tugging on anything. Tucker(69) wants Sniff on his team. I think that says it all.

Mudcat!(78) What's this trick you showed your mom? Was it the "no kitty in the bed" trick? I can understand. Your mom was probably drenched in hospital fumes. Who wants to sleep next to that? ... GTt(60) just needed to babble I guess. About humidity and French drains and sump pumps and bogs. Oh wait! That was PD! How ya doing? Besides being ambushed by the kinetic Miss Toes?... Oh look. Bee Gee(64) is demonstrating the wet food/dry food trick! Cereal and milk? You call that a trick? You won't fool a single cousin with that!

Now for the long drive results:
1st - Mimi! 78. Wasn't that nice of us to let you win on your first day back?
2nd - Tucker, 69. Junk food junkie makes big splash in tug-o-war!
3rd - Ana, 66. Heading for the kiddie pool.

Cart barn monitor for today will be Mallow and her chilly 58. GTt and her 60 can be your able thumbed assistant.

SO happy to have Mimi back!
Ready for a pole dance yet?


07/21/2015 01:51.04 PM Report This Comment
7-20 recap
Monday Madness again,and SO much to choose from! First,a toast to CS on their COTD!!!! Do we all feel the love? You know this means the goodies will be coming TO us for once :)

1st is Luvbug (66-we love 66 here!!!). He's jumping for joy about the unseasonable rain. We have PLENTY to donate to you.

Mallow (63) and her one track mind on mooning is aiming to uglify the carts. Thank goodness her aim is as bad as her game.

Engine (73) starts the COTD pawty with rabbit roulade and Kippers and Kraut.

GTt(93). Kidding!!! She scores another 66,and humidity of 93. Lets see,she wants to pawn the COTD badge,so that should give us all less than a penny in profits. We can make more catbucks from the fortune cookies.

Tuck and Dot (71) have been in the dog house so much lately,they have changed that to their new address.

I score a 65,and do a little exploring of my own-to my closet and beyond! Space is SO overrated,and dark,and scary.

Haley (74) teases us with taste treats that we can't have til Wednesday. Wha???????????

Darn (72) comes bumping along in a wasp infested truck, and if that ain't bad enough,she wants to play leap frog with the dogs. What have you been sniffing anyway?

1st: Mallow 63
2nd ME with 65
3rd: Tie with Luvbug,and GTt with 66

Losers : BG and Engine with 72,and Tuck and Dot with 71. Didn't that all work out nicely. On with the COTD pawty!


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline- off and on. & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline -off and on.

07/20/2015 09:29.50 AM Report This Comment
Stick out your tongue! 7-19-15
And be VERY glad it's July instead of January! Always keep your tongue away from frozen sign posts.

Any winners today? Let's take a quick peek at everyfur's hand shall we? Seems Luvbug likes sticking out his tongue. Who knew? It's just an average tongue, nothing to get excited about. And neither is his hand of 60. Or 6. A loser either way. Mallow has another loser, 65, so she and O.J. saddle up and head out to jolly old England for their rightful flitch of bacon. Only because Mallow has no work to ride her motorcycle to. Aw. Sandy joins the long line of losers with a 75 and prepares for 96 later. Too bad we don't use the HIGH temperature huh?

PD is still celebrating Luvbug's B'day, golfing day and night. It's okay, since his hand of 65 isn't worth celebrating. Good question though PD: who DID clean up all the shreddings?? Tuck & Dot say Pphhttt! as they fling their loser of 78 into the air and scurry straight over to the old wooden daiquiri dispenser. It's a hickory daiquiri dock! And finally, our one and only winner today, and she's not letting us forget it, is Bee Gee and her winning 63. All she can say is Nya nya nyaaaa! She's sitting in a treetop "watching" the birds go by as she sips her winning raspberry daiquiri. Tuck, did the raspberries come from your garden?

And that's the call from the White Whisker Card room for today. UPDATE: A. Sassy's mom has been in touch with Mimi's mom today and will post an update sometime today on CMR! All mom knows right now is that Michelle sounded upbeat but will be in hospital for at least another couple of days. Check CMR later for (hopefully) more details, That is all.

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Pit Boss Man


07/19/2015 12:24.31 PM Report This Comment
Hi Luvbug
Here you are in the window of honor today. Catgrats! The celebration continues. I brought you some stuffed tuna fillets and a soft, furry snuggle sack. I hope you enjoy them.
Q. Angel Sakura

Come visit me, Q. A. Sakura~Vote A. Ginger and Maggie for COTM.

07/18/2015 07:53.36 PM Report This Comment
i hope you had a wonderful day today celebrating and i'm coming by with a big basket full of assorted treats and fuzzy catnip mice to enjoy plus a vote, peace, luv and kitty purrs...K meeko

Come visit me, Q. angel bootz #2601~, angel tikki....# 33474, K. meeko..2602, K .meeko & Q angel bootz 17441~ & dame rosie # 212287.

07/18/2015 07:43.02 PM Report This Comment
I hope you're enjoying your double celebration. Here's some catnip cupcakes and nip punch to help you celebrate. Love, Gin Gin

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl.

07/18/2015 07:17.29 PM Report This Comment
Con-cat-ulations ...
... on your COTD Award! Stopping by with some tuna treats I baked myself, a large catnip plant, and a big balloon with your name and picture on it. Hope your day is as special as you are!!!

Leaving a vote, purrs and whisker tickles, A.Q. Cherish and Mom June.


Come visit me, A.Q. Cherish Luvs P. Thunder forever.

07/18/2015 05:50.16 PM Report This Comment
Hi Luvbug
Concatulations on your COTD!!! You look so Handsome in the spotlight today!! WooHoo another day of pawtying!! We brought you another case of Tuna Fancy feast cans and another bouquet of fresh primo catnip from our garden to help you celebrate!!!
Hugs & Kitty Kisses, Mouse, Dot, Maizy & K. Tucker

Come visit me, K. Tuck ~ #219145, Dame Dot ~ # 247583, Maizy ~ #275657~ Please Vote Talley #88476 COTM, Dame Mouse ~ #219407 & Smoke's Angels~ In Loving Memory of Shadow.

07/18/2015 05:44.51 PM Report This Comment
Hi Luvbug
Congratulations on your COTD win today!! Way to go--we're so happy for you. Hope you've enjoyed your day in the spotlight! Hugs and Purrs, Missy & the Green Mountain Gang

Come visit me, Angel Wally RIP 5/15/15, Angel Mickey, Angel Priscilla 1/12/15, BAC Central-Inactive as of 1/1/2014, Angel PK, Angel Gabby, Angel Haylee--We love you!, Angel McFluff, Missy & Holly-THANK YOU FOR MY COTD!.

07/18/2015 05:44.42 PM Report This Comment
Hi Luvbug
Congrats on getting COTD today. That's so cool that your nickname is the same as my kitty brother that lives in Texas. Mom calls him Big Boy all the time cuz he is bigger than his siblings. His real name is Twin cuz he has an identical sister named Tiger but she is smaller than him. The other brother is about the size of Tiger but he is a Tuxedo kitty, is more fluffy than the twins and is named Boots. Whoops, didn't mean to bore you with all my family info on your special day MOL. Anyway, I hope you are having a great day celebrating.

Head Bonks and Purrs, Jynxx

Come visit me, Jynxx-Zoe Monique and I are engaged <3.

07/18/2015 05:12.34 PM Report This Comment
congratulations on your COTD
Hope you have had the most purrfect day, dear LuvBug.
The Budds

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes, Now Summer!, Furlip Files- F. Mewlow, At Work, PD Budd, 'cat of mystery' & The 2 Budd's -Research & Development.

07/18/2015 04:37.33 PM Report This Comment
Catgrats on being today's COTD, Luvbug
Love your purrty photo! Hope you are having a fun day today!
Win is sendiing you a pizza for your party and he hopes you like it!

Enjoy the rest of your special day!

The HT Kitties =^..^=

Come visit me, KELSEE~~I ♥ Snickie~~Happy Summer~~, K-WINSTON ~~I ♥ Brina~~*Welcome Summer*, KALI~~I LUV Elvis~~It's Summer!!!~~, Winston's Pizzeria~*since 2008*, SHEBA~~Summer is here~~*I ♥ Shaddy*, JESSE ~~Lovin Summer~~I ♥ Tweetie, KCK: 2015 Eastern Conference Champs! & ~~ANGELS JINXIE & SHADOW~~.

07/18/2015 03:35.51 PM Report This Comment
Congrats for Cat of the Day, Luvbug and Happy Belated Adoptiversary! We hope you're having the most purrrfect Celebration day with your family!

Here's a Girl Power Crew vote #1453 for you.

With Kitty Kisses & Loves,

~*~ KITTZI KNIGHT #160203 ~*~

Come visit me, TEAKEE KNIGHT #25544 [Photo: 6/12/2015], SYLVR TUFF KNIGHT & Furrr Mama #160205, SMUDGE Knight (5/20/2000-8/13/2007 Furever Sleep), NeuBee Knight #123633 Photo: 10/19/2014, KITTZI KNIGHT #160203 Photo 1/09/2015, Q. AUNT SAMANTHA #15442 "7/18/1998 - 8/18/2012", CALLIE KNIGHT #239447 - Photo:6/24/2015 & SAUSHA KNIGHT #22506 Photo: 1/09/2015.

07/18/2015 03:10.49 PM Report This Comment
Fry on the sidewalk day! 7-18-15
Who needs a sidewalk? We can fry on mom's car. We ALWAYS do! *snicker*

Luvbug(53/8) seems to think caviar would be improved by frying it on the sidewalk. I don't suppose it could make it any worse! ... Mallow(62/8) brings box loads of old tax returns for the shredding contest. How appropriate. Those should bring out the 'shredder' in all of us! ... GTt(68/14) says we won't be doing any sidewalk frying in HER neck of the links, but we might find some downed worms! Ick.

Bee Gee(63/9) has brought all the newspapers she can carry for the shredding contest. We can also use some of them to wrap our sidewalk-fried fish & chips! ... Dot & Tucker(81/9) aren't feeling much like shredding today but they are ready to fry ... And the Angels(70/7) have stopped by with a shower to cool off the fried-walks!

Well, we have one for-sure loser today, that would be Our Miss Toes. A 14 sends you to the cart barn to grab a few kegs of whatever's handy to bring to the party at Luvbug's place.Other putters include:
1st - The Angels, all alone, with a cool wet 7.
2nd - Luvbug & Mallow tied at 8. It's taxing to fry all that caviar. Just toss it to Ol' Toothy and stick with weenies.
3rd - Bee Gee & Tucker tied at 9. Holy smoke on the sidewalk? "Bless this food which we are about to receive...."

Now unsheath your shredders and let's all head where the action is. That would be Luvbug's. Make sure to keep your shredders sheathed on the slip-n-slide. And definitely in the kiddie pool. Definitely.

Mom got stung by a wasp today. Hahhaa!
Not that that has to do with anything.


07/18/2015 02:36.22 PM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug!
Congrats on COTD! What an honor! We are thrilled for you! Another shiny badge! Woo Hoo! Enjoy the spotlight today. Sending another vote, catnip bubbles, a catnip chirping bird, salmon cakes and shrimp crackers with catnip cheese for your celebration today. Enjoy! Peace & love. Have a purrfect day. Kitty Kisses. Dean

Come visit me, Dean, ORANGE CRUSH hockey cheers written by YUM YUM, Angel King Anderson COTM Sept 2009 Thanx 4 COTD!, Angel Anderson 6/19/14 We miss you very much!, Legend & The Orange Crush Hockey Club.

07/18/2015 02:21.33 PM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug!
Almost forgot to come over and say congratulations! Mom's been busy doing nothing, and I swear, that can take all day! Brought you some golf club polish. In case you didn't have any. And a coupon for a new golf outfit in the Pro Shop at Catty Shack. Stop by any time and I'll fix you right up!

Hot Rod


07/18/2015 12:40.51 PM Report This Comment
Dear Luvbug,
I'm pawing by to concatulate you on getting CC's COTD today! What an honour and I know your family must be mighty proud of you. I hope you have a great celebration. I'm bringing you an Alpine Mountain Cat Scratching Box. It is made from corrugated cardboard and built at a slant so you can scratch and yodel your way up to the top. Best of all, it is saturated with catnip oil for your scratching pleasure. I sure hope you enjoy it. Hoping that you an yours have a super Saturday.

Purrs & hugs,
Mason Dixon

Come visit me, Angel King Malachi & Mason Dixon Tucker.

07/18/2015 12:03.47 PM Report This Comment
Congratulations, Luvbug!
How great to see you in the COTD window for a double celebration! We're bringing you some of Evie's famous (or is that infamous ..? <WHACK!> Ouch, Evie!) vole rolls for the celebration. Extra rat gravy all around! -- Mike, Evie & Mojo

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ vote Talley #88476 daily in Aug, Angel Jezebel ~ Love lives on, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly~Purrs for Mom Janada, Mojo Blackbear ~ Miss you, Dad, A Mallow & OJ ~ chillin' at the Blue Moon Motel, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw caught my ♥ & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ my Becky came to see me!.

07/18/2015 11:57.21 AM Report This Comment
Dear Luvbug,
Concatulations on being chosen as CC's COTD today! You look great in that frame of fame and I hope you have a great celebration. I am bringing you a matched set of pillows and comforter, feather-filled, of satin in a leopard spot pattern. I sure hope you like snuggling down in it.

I have enclosed a vote for you and wishes for you and your family to have a very blessed day.

Purrs & gentle headbumps,
Angel Malachi

Come visit me, Angel King Malachi & Mason Dixon Tucker.

07/18/2015 11:04.23 AM Report This Comment


07/18/2015 10:56.13 AM Report This Comment
Yay! Luvbug!
Concatulations, Luvbug, and best wishes on becoming our COTD! The Pawty Animals are here with a big basket of catnip frosted, mouse-mousse filled cupcakes to help you celebrate that shiny new badge! Have a purrfect day, sweet kitty!

Many purrs, the Pawty Animals - Neelix, Hedley, and Jakar

Come visit me, Sir Hedley, K. Neelix (Katie's guy) & Count Jakar (Vote Maggie/A.Ginger for COTM).

07/18/2015 10:50.36 AM Report This Comment
Congratz, Luvbug!
Concatulations on receiving a COTD badge, today! We are so happy for you and hope you have a great time celebrating with all your family and furiends. We are sending you some tuna stuffed crab cakes, catnip muffins, and mouse mousse for you to enjoy. And here's another dozen peacock feathers, another furry catnip-filled mousey to play with and another celebration vote, too! Take care and have a wonderful day! Love ya!

Lots of hugs and headbonks,
Mischief and Dayzee

Come visit me, A. Frosty-Welcome, fursis AQ Duchess!, Angel Moki-Praying for Mom Lynn & Janada!, AQ Duchess-RIP, Sweet Girl. We love you! 6/2/15, A.Red-RIP,7 /19/11-Welcome Snuggles and Rhudy, Dayzee - Praying for all those in need of prayers. & Mischief - Vote for Talley #88476 daily in August.

07/18/2015 10:43.18 AM Report This Comment
Hi Luvbug
Congratulations on getting your COTD badge today it looks great on you. Here is another vote with a big box of catnip frosted cupcakes for you to share and enjoy. Love, Angel Maggie and Miles

Come visit me, Miles & Q. Angel Maggie.

07/18/2015 09:37.14 AM Report This Comment
Hi Luvbug
Congrats on your COTD badge. You are a handsome fella. Glad you have a loving and caring home. Have a meowy day.

Come visit me, Bleau, Clark & Missy.

07/18/2015 08:18.10 AM Report This Comment
Vroom, Vroooomm, Vroooommm,
12 Harley Davidson motorcycles come thundering down the highway. They are beautiful machines, shining in the sunlight. They are on a special mission today as they pull into Luvbug's driveway.

The helmets come off to reveal. Q. Lola, Zoe Monique, Angel Mallow, Cyndee, Talley, Kali, Coco , Maggie Meme, A. Beast, K. Winston, Mojo Balckbear and Possum.
They get off their bikes, Lovebug, knows that sound. The Hairballz Rainbow Rider's are back in town.....

The Hairballz Rainbow Rider's shower Luvbug, with confetti while shouting....."Congrats on your day in the spotlight!:

Zoe Monique, gives Luvbug an autographed poster of the Hairballz Rainbow Rider's and a big bunch of her homegrown nip. Let's Paty!!!

Enjoy and we hope, we made your day a little brighter.

The Hairballz Rainbow Riders get back on their bikes.

Zoe Monique, yells "Lets roll"

They head down the highway to their next destination, as Angels Ringo Starr and Yum Yum sprinkle Angle Dust, to protect them where ever the road my lead.
Zoe Monique & The Hairballz Rainbow Riders

Come visit me, Zoe Monique, On the road again.......

07/18/2015 07:50.12 AM Report This Comment
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