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Domestic Longhair from <a href=' Margarita/club-members.aspx' title='Santa Margarita, CA'>Santa Margarita, CA</a>

Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo

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Hi! My name is Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo

I am Domestic Longhair from Santa Margarita, CA

Nicknames: Big Boy

Age: 14 years old

Gender: M

Coat: long haired

Education: He used to be afraid of people in general, now he is just leary of strangers and he is a total lovebug to his favorite people.

My favorite tricks and treats are: carries a string away in his mouth and fish flakes

Where I hang out: In the window or on a bed or couch

My favorite grubs: Tuna

My pet peeves: Vacuums, mops, car rides

What I love about my owners: They took me in from outside.

My cat hobbies: Play with a string and go outside.

Pet motto: Persist in what you want to achieve

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He was a stray in our area and we were feeding him. He finally got used to people and 'came in from the cold'. I won COTD on 6/11/09, 7/15/2011, 7/18/12, 7/18/2013 and 07/18/2014. Won CROTD on 7/15/2011. Thanks everyone. Diagnosed in December 2010 with a heart murmur.

Mom will try to catch up asap.

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I've had 18678 friends visit me.

I'm the 2,600th member on

1,251 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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Oh my... 3-3-15
It's "I Want You To Be Happy" Day, and Luvbug(36) seems willing to do some slinky-kinky stuff to be happy! *wink wink* ... Mallow(31) isn't touching that one with a ten-foot golf club. After all, she wants us to be happy. *wink wink* ... Steve(14) opts to ignore what's going on by the still and instead launches his new Positive Thinking Seminar, "If I Had Thumbs" ... Ana(22) is still by the still with a sinker and a sinker. And it isn't even kitchen sink day!

Tucker(19) is mulling over his catty's bad habits and decides mulling over some wine will make him happy ... Ooh, hiss! Mimi(30) gives fair warning to those fuzz butts who might dare to disturb her litter box time ... Engine(40) delivers a fluttering free-for-all with poached parakeet and rooster tailtinis! ... UBB(1) reintroduces his multi-thumbed catty Gracie Twinkle-toes, reminding us of her dastardly dealing duties! ... And finally Bee Gee(28) passes on the mulled whine *snicker) and heads straight for the cold cuts. Not that they will make her happy.

Long drives aren't looking all that long today.
1st - Engine, 40. All that flutter and catpot stogies too!
2nd - Luvbug, 36. Considering what you've been up to with the still it's a wonder you had TIME to golf!
3rd - Mallow, 31. You? Enough trouble for one day? THAT must have been a typo too!

Hmm, looks like Old Baldy gets to spend time with the still today. You can take Steve along to help. Or you can leave him outside. That would probably be more helpful!

I can't repeat my unique name here
without getting mom in BIG trouble.


03/03/2015 01:13.40 PM Report This Comment
Hi Luvbug, my golf buddy!
This COTD is sure a surprise, why yesterday the Mom had the headache from you-know-where and it was all she could do to get me to FB to do my Hairballz rides and our COTM votes over here. I did not send one single solitary blog yesterday, wouldja believe? We didn't even show up at mouse hockey, and here I am in the COTD window today. Gotta love it around here!

Well luckily the headache has gone back to the depths from whence it came, Mom has turned down the brightness on the 'puter and she gets to relax today & catch up on our correspondence. We're puttin' another wild boar on the spit and soon there will even be more bacon. Thanks for the basket of my favourite things (well, most of 'em anyway, I know O.J. wouldn't fit) and the soft blanket, and for sharin' the fun! -- A. Mallow

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Edina #2884 daily in March, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly ~ Enjoying paradise!, Mojo Blackbear ~ Come play with me, birdies!, A. Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ Thanks for COTD!, Angel Smokey ~ Sprinkling Angel dust ~ & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ married 1 wonderful year!.

03/02/2015 10:33.51 PM Report This Comment
3-2 recap
Old stuff day. I do believe I'm one of the youngest ones here,so I can bypass all the ancient wisecracks. We're gonna have a busy day scattering litter (great for traction) and reading Dr. Seuss. I'll see if I can find a Dr Seuss book title for all of you today,starting with "Your Only Old Once".

Luvbug (37) In the lead today with a claw-biting story of suspense of wind,thunder and rain. "I Wish I Had Duck Feet".

Mallow (32) our own swamp rose ,pulls out all the family protection connections with name meaning day. She has God,Life,and Magic Charms (not Lucky Charms) on her side. "Come Over To My House"

I score a 20,busy designing my new golf outfit for mad about plaid month. Lets see....first I'll start with something plaid. "Oh,The Thinks You Can Think!" Be glad I didn't pick "Book of Wonderful noises".

Ana (28) has new white stuff-AKA snow. Whats new,right? "Great Day For Up"-temps that is.

Engine (30) serving baby bat bruschetta and catnip vodka,just what the good doctor ordered. What,no "Green Eggs and Ham"?

Mudcat (33)practices her soft show litter shuffle to add some zing to her dancing routine. There is a VERY good Dr Seuss book to describe this,but I would get kicked off CC,so I'll go with "Oh,The Places You Will Go!"

Tuck and Dot (20) made it easy on me today-they volunteer to hit the nip and "Hop On Pop" . He ALWAYS says yes to a treat.

UBB (20) gladly tells all GTt's card dealing secrets. The girl with many toes is ready for the big time. "Maybe You Should Fly a JET,Maybe You Should Be a VET".

And Baby Girl (snicker) with a 28 takes to reading in the litter box for fun. "I Can Read With My Eyes Shut". That I want to see.

Scores!!!! Bunch of copy cat scores today...

1st: UBB,Tuck and Dot and me with 20
2nd: Ana and BG with 28
3rd: Engine with 30

Losers: Luvbug 37 with Mudcat with 33. What the heck,throw Swamp flower and her 32 in there with them.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Weekends.

03/02/2015 01:58.34 PM Report This Comment
Nine Lives debut! 3-1-15
For those of your who missed the exciting gala inaugural round of Nine-Lives at the White Whisker (which looks like almost everybody) you will be SO sorry! You missed out on your very own souvenir pack of Nine-Lives card decks. AND a complimentary after-hours pole dance by our very own "Mudcat" Mimi! *wolf whistle* Just think, she could have autoscratched your deck of Nine-Lives.

Here with the report on the rousing opening is our pit-boss and roving reporter Boss Hot Rod. Take it away Boss!

"Well, thank you Dang! And it's a pleasure to be here, for sure. The excitement in the air is almost electric. Have you checked the breaker-box for a short? Just kidding. Haha!

The players have settled in their seats and the dealer Miss Gracie Twinkle-toes gives the cards a few expert shuffles, then fans the deck for everyone to see. With those thumbs she can really fan 'em!

The room is so quiet you can hear a whisker drop as the cards are dealt and picked up. The players squint and scratch while trying to maintain their game faces. Two cards apiece, then GT-t drops the remainder through a slot in the table top.

After a glance or two at their cards bets are added to the pot, and then the tension starts to build, as the players start to make their moves. Luvbug says he'll stand pat, and it seems to be the theme today, as all the players second his emotion. So now it's the moment of reckoning.

Luvbug lays down a 3-5 combo for an 8, and the players gasp. Will anyone have a better hand? Mallow can't quite tie with a 3-4, and Ana is totally out of the money with a measly 2. Mudcat takes a break from her Happy Mimi pole dance routine long enough to throw down a 3-1. That 4 ain't gonna go it, MM. Go back to your pole.

Now it's down to Pig, filling in for Darn on Pig Day. He squints at his cards again and his eyes get real shifty. He lays down a one, and the group holds its breath, as he ever-so-slowly lays down an 8. A perfect 9! And Piggo has won the first-ever "Nine-Lives" hand at the White Whisker! He rakes in the pot and tosses a few catbucks at the dealer with a wink and a nod. And now it's off to the bar to celebrate.

Poor Ana gets the litter box duties, but cheer up. You also get to sweep around the card room, and you never know what you'll find on the floor there!

~~~Boss Hot Rod~~~
Nice game everyone

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

03/01/2015 12:53.47 PM Report This Comment
Rise and Shine!
I'm here to announce the new and exciting game of skill (mostly chance) at the White Whisker Club, Motto: "For All Your Pub & Grub Needs".

Here's the basics: Name of the game: "Nine Lives"
Object of the game: To get a hand equaling 9.
How to score your hand:
1) You can "stand pat". If your temperature is 9, that's perfect!
2) You can discard! If your temperature is 19, you can discard the 1.
3) You can combine. If your temperature is 18, you can add them up.
4) If your score goes over 9, you bust. If your temperature is, say, 28, you lose.
Hope those rules aren't too confusing, because the really confusing part is still to come: "Employees".

Apparently Steve has already volunteered to be bartender. He must have gone straight to the top for that, because first I heard about it was from UBB. Sneaky, Steve, very sneaky. We will all obviously have to keep an eye on you at the card table. *glares at Steve*

Mr. Sniff will be reprising his role as "Bouncer". Depending on how rowdy the crowd gets we may need a co-bouncer.

Mimi will be providing exotic entertainment with her greased pole dance. Table-top tap-claw dances on special request.

I have designated myself Pit Boss *smirk* so no fancy stuff with the paws!

And of course the inimitable Gracie Twinkle-toes will again be dealing from the bottom of the deck.

Again, winners will be buying the house a round, but instead of plugging something in, the losers will be relegated to litter box duty. Ugh. No WAY to turn that into something tolerable!

In order to maintain the continuity of the Catty Shack schedule it has been decided that the card games will replace Sunday practices. I hope you are all okay with that. I know practice sessions are usually pretty thin, so it should be easy to keep track of all the, um, creativity at the table. *ahem*

There probably won't be a White Whisker page on CC, although that might change. In the meantime you can post your scores on the CS page as usual. Luvbug, if you would be willing to continue posting your introductions, that would be greatly appreciated. And finally, anyone from your household is allowed to sit in on a hand. In fact, Pig is the lucky gambler for us today.

Any questions, please feel free to address them to:
Pit Boss
9 Litter Lane
Kittyville, USA
Hot Rod, Outlaw & Pit Boss

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

03/01/2015 07:35.55 AM Report This Comment
Public Sleeping Day! 2-28-15
Well, I suppose there are worse things we could do in public. And don't forget, this is the dead end of February. Bet there are a lot of you who thought you'd never see the end of this sub-zero month! We can all take advantage of Floral Arrangement Day to put together a big bunch of our favorites for Timmy's mom, too.

Luvbug(40/4) is steering clear of sword swallower's day in favor of tooth fairy day. Don't they both involve things going on in your mouth that you would rather not? ... Malva(35/8) brings with her the fragrant mallow flowers. Or is it the other way around? ... Sandy(2/2) drops by with what will surely be the winning score.

Mimi! Don't be confused! Just "be one" with your pole! And BTW, that score of yours(27/9) might not be a winner on the putting green today, but it would be a perfect hand in our new card game just invented by mom, called "Nine Lives". More on that later ... And as for Bee Gee(34/7), she's just snoring in the sunshine. With her mouth closed for a change. She wants to keep her pearly whites away from the tooth fairy.

Here we go for the final putt scores:
1st - Sandy, 2. No one's gonna beat that today.
2nd - Luvbug, 4. Seems that sword makes a great putter!
3rd - Bee Gee? 7 isn't usually a winner these days.

And the Still Tender is Mimi with an assist from Malva. Maybe THAT was the name Jerry couldn't remember on Seinfeld!

Heads up: Somebody will be stopping by to explain the "rules" for the "new" Card Game we'll be "playing" at "The White Whisker" on CC2. Its really simple. It has to be - my mom thought it up! Hahhaaa! OW!

All new help at the WW
to be announced too.


02/28/2015 02:34.01 PM Report This Comment
2-26 recap
Once upon a time,in the land of Catty Shack,9 cats played temperature golf. They came from far and wide to display their individual skills (?). The only obstacle (besides their lousy playing), the water hazards which contained the biggest and baddest ( Not baldest UBB,calm down) alligator of all- Ol Toothy.

It all started the morning of 2-26 with Luvbug (37). He wow'd the crowd ( Its us,we always have that dazed and confused look) with his superior nut knowledge. Who knew!

Then wandering aimlessly along was Mallow (AKA as Mallow The Great,in another fairy tale she is the Dark Angel,but thats for another story) with a 39. On this day,Mallow gets her grouch on over the CC and computer mishaps. I like that word....mishap. But we are are ALL glad to hear your cache is squeaky clean!

Then came Stunning Steve (every fairy tale has one) ready to tell his (9) fairy tales of tails.The horror version for adult audiences. Oh,come on,its me,how adult can it get....

Then,the clouds began to swirl.....and the Angels (14) told the never ending tale of cold,while Mudcat (32) was telling tall tales of Spring. Thats a fantasy,not a fairy tale.

Is anyone scared yet? Need a litter box break? No? Ok....

Engine (30) the Queen of Culinary (SO much better than the Queen of Hearts-food is involved in this story) ) snowscoots in with marinated malamute and braised beetle while giving all the golfers swirlies. EEKS! See,I TOLD you it would get scary eventually.

Tuck and Dot (9) put a plot twist in this tale when Tuck tells all. Yes,its true,he has a fairy tail and green little nuts. HIS words,not mine. I COULD have misread,or its lost somewhere in translation,but it makes this tale more interesting,doesn't it? Pistachio nuts you goofs!

Rolling in next to the story is UBB (6) known in the fairy land circuits and Uncle Baldy Budd. He frightens everyone with tales of magic cures, potions,and mites. And we thought the swirlies were bad! We'll never be able to sleep without a nightlight now!

And,every story has "one of them" ...the golf bully BG (44) . (cue in dastardly music) On the outside,they look to live in peace and happily ever after in her house,but when the lights go out..............

There. Hope I scared the willies out of everyone,and now the final ending of the tale,the scores:

1st: with a lowly 6 is UBB
2nd: Tie with Tuck and Dot and ME with 9
3rd: Angels with 14

Losers: The villain of the story BG with 44 Dark Angel herself with 39

~The End~


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Weekends.

02/26/2015 02:06.14 PM Report This Comment
2/25/15 - Inconvenience Yourself Day!
So many special days to celebrate today, but this one is the most fun! Let’s see what we can do to make life harder for ourselves on this fine February day:

Luvbug tells us it’s also Clam Chowder Day. YUM, nice hot clam chowder. Let’s eat it with forks, shall we? Should only take about 37 (=10) days that way. Angel Mallow decides to turn her club around and putt with the handle. And still she gets a 35 (=8). Maybe we should all putt that way! Steve is so happy to be in the positives today that he thinks he might play all 18 (=9) holes backward. Then he decides it’s more fun to inconvenience everyone else!

Engine inconveniences herself by bringing her Roast of Raccoon in an uncharged cart. That’s a LONG walk, Engine. Maybe 27 (=9) miles! Mimi is enjoying hot chowder on a snowy day, outside of course so that the chowder freezes into one big lump. A 24 (=6) for her today. And Tucker inconveniences himself by trying to play cards on the golf course. A 21 (=3) for him. Which would be really good if this WERE cards!

BeeGee brought her water pistol, and anyone who tries to squirt a water pistol when it’s 25 (=7) degrees outside WILL be inconvenienced! UBB chose the ever popular inconvenience of furrball evacuation. The furrball rolls toward the hole and it’s a 10 (=1). But he has some competition folks, Ana is here riding a roller coaster to bring us another 10 (=1).

And that’s the roundup for today
1st – UBB & Ana, can’t beat those 1’s
2nd – Tucker with a 3
3rd – Mimi with 6

Off to the cart barn with Luvbug and his 10, charge those carts well and fluff up our pillows while you’re at it. As for me, I think I will tie my legs together and run along home.

Your guest Common (extremely inconvenienced) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Edina #2884 daily in March, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly ~ Enjoying paradise!, Mojo Blackbear ~ Come play with me, birdies!, A. Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ Thanks for COTD!, Angel Smokey ~ Sprinkling Angel dust ~ & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ married 1 wonderful year!.

02/25/2015 01:15.48 PM Report This Comment
Don't lie 2-24-15
Who snuck outside today? Raise your paw. If Luvbug(37) went out I hope he brought an umbrella. Or maybe he runs between the raindrops ... Mallow(36) really takes this single-tasking seriously. 'Nuff said ... Aha! Steve went outside, and almost got spayed! See what happens when you don't read all the instructions? You get disqualified! I suppose it's not much of a letdown being disqualified from being spayed.

Uh oh. Ana must have read the same instructions. She got disqualified too ... Engine, um, could you be a little more specific about the source of that smoked snout? *groan* And your score has me in the dark too. My wildest (and bestest) guess is - 20? Yes? No? This could be a winner. Or not.

Mimi(22) has a single-task goal today - escape! Into the cold icy outdoors? What is WRONG with you?? She generously offers her vacuum full of black hair to help clothe the newly-nude UBB *snicker* ... At least Tucker is staying tucked inside. What the heck, with that crappy disqualifying score, so would I! ... And last is our aspiring card sharp Bee Gee(25). After tossing her golf ball out the window to let it land where it may, she tries to do some card trading. She's offering aces for deuces. (I don't think she quite has this 'card sharp' thing figured out yet)

Single-tasking for the second day. Guess we had more single tasks than we realized.
1st - Luvbug, 37. Mimi donated, now you can do the fur weaving. That's your task today.
2nd - Mallow, 35. Your task, should you decide to accept, is to say a little more. But only a little.
3rd - Now here's where I'm totally confused. And to think doing this recap is my single task for today! Either Bee Gee(25) or Engine(20 OR 27) is third today. You know what? I think I'll let you girls grapple over it. :-)

The actual loser is also in question, either Mimi(22) or Engine(20 OR 27). I have an idea. Why don't we ALL just go down to the cart barn? That way we can check up on the still and see what it's been producing lately!

~~~~Hot Rod~~~~

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

02/24/2015 02:03.12 PM Report This Comment
2-23 recap
Who wants to play curling golf! Better yet-who wants to do the sweeping from hole to hole? Well,that's all fine and good,but you KNOW what else happened-that's right,the Oscars. We can have our own awards right here!

Luvbug (39) gets the awards for the best smelling,and the cleanest with his chance of showers.

Mallow (35) Gets the award for best use of banana bread (missing your fruitcake??)

I score a 9,and get the award for hurling,I mean curling while still looking stunning. Stop laughing,I heard that you know.

Sandy (30) gets the award for most confused while playing golf. She THINKS her score was 30,maybe 29.

Engine (40) gets the award for best use of sea slugs in a drink. Gag. Not too many others qualified for that category,like no one else.

UBB (6) gets the award for The Bald and The Beautiful. Sounds like a soap opera.

Mudcat (35) dressed in her finest tuxedo,gets the awards for best pole dancing,and use of snow in the shower. (Yes Mudcat,that will follow you throughout your entire life)

Tuck and Dot (6) get the award for quickest response to the dinner bell,and cleanest closet.

And BG,(16) our own golf bully,wins the award for most like likely to succeed in golf without ever trying,

Yes,there must be winners and losers...

1st: Tie-with a pair of lucky 6's are Tuck and Dot,and Bald and Beautiful himself.
2nd:Stunning me with a 9
3rd: BG the Bully with 16. What! Your NEVER in the group with us. Somethings fishy....

Losers: Engine the Amazing with 40,and a chance of showing Luvbug with 39.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Weekends.

02/23/2015 02:02.16 PM Report This Comment
Yo Yo Golf! 2-22-15
Just get that thing swinging around on the string and WHACK! That ball will land in the middle of next week! Oh, this is a wonderful new sport we've invented! Wonder if it could ever be an Olympic event?

Practicing his yo yo swing while walking the dog but trying not to think too much about it, Luvbug lands one for 40 ... Mallow(32) tries to convince us cats are ALWAYS thinking, while also walking the dog. You call that thinking? So, new batch started in the cart barn? Well, that WAS thinking! ... Oh, it gets worse. Humble Mimi(39) couldn't get the dog to walk so she's rocking him in the cradle. What is WRONG with you?? ... Big Baldy *snicker* needs some warm undies since he decided he's too good for cat hair! Hahhaa! UBB(20) is in positive territory on CC2 only.

Tucker(20) is definitely not in the humble mood this morning, lining up a row of margaritas and getting ready to knock 'em down! ... Sandy(32) climbs out from under 6 feet (!) of snow and gets ready for more. And NONE of us is jealous! ... And finally Bee Gee(26) gets ready for her newest yo yo trick she taught herself: Whack the Kitty. As long as SHE is the kitty in question!

Okay, fur balls, here's the practice scoop:
Luvbug, 40 - Mallow, 32 - Mimi, 39 - UBB, 20 - Tucker, 20 - Sandy, 32 - Bee Gee, 26.

Now, let's all retire to the lounge while we take turns walking the dog around the world.

My single task for today
was doing this recap. :-)


02/22/2015 01:28.36 PM Report This Comment
Card Reading Day! 2-21-15
Perfect! This gives us all a chance to practice our shifty shuffling and double dealing. Not, of course, that any of us would stoop to such lows. *coff*

Okay, dealing with sticky paws is Luvbug(41/5) who could have either a 5 or 15 in our new game of skill and chance ... Oh Mallow(37/10), who are you kidding? You of all of us can go the lowest on the limbo scale, being mere unmortal ... Ooohh, dealing from below the bottom of the deck is Sandy(-6) demonstrating how not to play cards.

Mimi(17/8) has another interesting choice of either 8 or 18 in Cat Jack. I'll bet your mother's tongue is quite blistering when she puts her foot in a hairball-filled shoe! ... Tucker(18/9) can go for the 9 or 19. We haven't decided how to "hit me" yet. Now run along and play Hide-A-Hairball ... Now Bee Gee(41/5) is full of advice on card reading, as long as she doesn't get stuck in limbo. Now stand back, her mom is tossing a verbal fireball!

How did we putt? Let me count the ways:
1st - Tie, Luvbug & Bee Gee, 5. See? Limbering up makes ALL the difference in card tricks!
2nd - Mimi, 8. We hope your mom is up to date on her rabies shots.
3rd - Tucker, 9. I hope you mean rug as in carpet, and not as in toupee. I would hate to think of hiding a hairball there...

Looks like Mallow can limbo on down to the cart barn and keep the still stoked. We have GOT to figure out what to do with the frequent disqualifiers. Suggestions?

~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~
Bonus fun! Today is World
Thinking Day. Think about it!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

02/21/2015 01:30.35 PM Report This Comment
2.20 Long Drive & Limbo-for-Losers Day
Quite an interesting day! And Hoodie-Hoo to All. Hug yourselves for 'Hug a Pet Day' too.
Today i took it upon myself as the Furiday Commenter to give every cat a chance to win a prize. Of course the first prize for the longest long drive buys the first round, as usual And that honor (or honour if you are foreign) goes to our tie long drivers today. The marvelous fluffy Luvbug-43 and to the Dark Angel herself and Queen of the mardi gras, mallow also with 43. That makes a tie, so we should get two drinks, one from each Right? I did the math, thank you.
Second place in temperature golf goes to Queen of the Hoodies Hoos who is celebrating her favorite (or favourite, if you are foreign) of all days--BeeGee (31).
Third place winner in whacking a whole 10 for a LONG drive is today's chef taking Engine's place, mudcat mimi. Nice grub and keep your Hoodie up. It's cold out there.
Keeping herself in the positive side of life is Ana Hadley with a 4. She will also be taking herself to the Cart Barn tonight.

Now, normally that would end the short Golf game for Catty Shackers since everycat else fell into the negative realm. But, I am an ever creative cat and offered a second contest today called Low Losers Limbo. That's right i asked GTt and Dot to set up the broom handle in the warm Clubhouse. One catty holding on each end and lowering the broom as the three contestants flexed and slipped under. Here's how it worked out with no cat getting hurt. Old UBB bent under the broom for a score of -7. Good for you UBB to win 3rd place.
Then mr. flexible himself, Steve, takes off his orange straight jacket and matching hoodie to slip under the lowering broomstick for a -11. OK, Steve!
The tension builds as the broom goes lower and lower. Tuck steps up and slithers underneath for a winning -18! That is a 25 point spread. Whew. Zip up your hoodies! Hoo!

Comments freely purrvided by PD Budd, himself

Come visit me, Uncle Baldy Budd, Gracie T-t, White Whiskers, PD Budd, let's play dress up & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

02/20/2015 04:23.34 PM Report This Comment
2-19 recap
Happy New sheep/goat year! Its not like the two are even remotely the same animal,but whatever,its a pawty. Ol Toothy can be our New Years dragon. Make sure he don't eat the sheep. And,speaking of pawties,Happy BD Aurora! How convenient its on seniors day.

Luvbug (43) is the first to get the 15 day (15 days!!!!) New Years pawty started with chocolate mint sheep. What???
Can you imagine the shape we would be in after a 15 day pawty-eeks.

Mallow (45) got a little "cocky" with her doodle do and is speaking in Chinese tongue today. Makes more sense than her normal meows.

Once again I disqualify myself with a -3. I'll be in the club house wearing my New Years lamp shade on my head.

Haley (15) is proud of the fact she has a "real" temperature today.

Engine (11) Is ready for some Chinese New Year action with filet of ferret and hashed hamster. Ya know,the traditional Chinese New year meal :)

Mudcat (19) self proclaimed matriarch of the house celebrates with food and warmth-sheepskin blankets and goat loins. Nothing like eating the guest of honor.

Tuck and Dot (-2) another dis-qualifier only has ONE thing to say today,and its even a printable word this time! Happy BD Aurora,wheres the cake? OK,so thats 6 words,but really,where IS the cake?

BG (31) enjoys her "golden" New Years in the good company of the entire family,all 10 of them. I'll toot to that! Imagine the senior discounts you all can get us!

1st:Engine 11
2nd: Haley 15
3rd: Mudcat 19

Losers: Mallow 45 and Luvbug 43. The rest of us will be getting our New Year on in the warmth of the club house.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Weekends.

02/19/2015 01:37.42 PM Report This Comment
2/18/15 - Drink Wine With Your Thumbs Day?
While floundering around in ice cream? Okay, we have a whole lot to celebrate today so let’s get started.

Luvbug is in a fog, crabbing about 40 (=4) stuffed flounders? And Mallow decides that what she needs with the flounder is ice cream for breakfast. 40 (=4) scoops? That WILL make you forget about your hangover alright ..

Steve is still swiveling his hips from Mardi Gras and it gets him a 15 (=6). He’s on the board today! Also celebrating a positive score is copycat Tucker. Tucker see, Tucker do, it’s a 15 (=6) for him too.

Mimi’s catty is driving a snowmobile today and it works for them. A 27 (=9) and it’s on to the clubhouse. Engine brought her own hangover cure, Stinkbug Stuffed Squirrel and a wish that her 16 (=7) was in centigrade instead of Fahrenheit. I hear ya, Engine, and I won’t mention that it’s actually approaching that outside my window as I write this. Oops, I wasn’t going to mention that, was I?

Ana Bonana is once again disqualified, darn it all and bringing up the rear is Bee Gee. She hitchhiked ALL the way here and is having fits and about to commit battery upon poor old CC1. I don’t think that’s what they mean by Battery Day. A 27 (=9) for our Golf Bully today!

And the Roundup Du Jour?
1st – Luvbug & Mallow (the only 2 above freezing, I might add) with 4
2nd – The pair of Steve and Tucker, swiveling their hips to keep warm with 6
3rd – The Cheese Stands Alone … actually, Engine does, with a 7

And off to the cart barn with Mimi and BeeGee, if I’ve told you once I’ve told you “9” times, don’t hitchihike with that snowmobile!

Raising a glass of Catnipberry Shiraz to our intrepid golfers,
Your Guest Common (fermented) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Edina #2884 daily in March, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly ~ Enjoying paradise!, Mojo Blackbear ~ Come play with me, birdies!, A. Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ Thanks for COTD!, Angel Smokey ~ Sprinkling Angel dust ~ & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ married 1 wonderful year!.

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Were you THERE, Luvbug?!
With that pink pawty limo packed to the brim with kitties in Mardi Gras masks I’m not sure who I saw last night. What a night! The Dixieland combo was blowin' tunes out the moon roof and we were makin' the rounds, chuckin’ those Mardi Gras beads left & right! Those Bon Temps were really Roulezin’

And now today it's National Drink Wine Day, good timin', huh? Have some Catnipberry Shiraz and maybe our heads will stop spinnin’ just in time for St. Paddy’s Day. -- A. Mallow

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Edina #2884 daily in March, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly ~ Enjoying paradise!, Mojo Blackbear ~ Come play with me, birdies!, A. Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ Thanks for COTD!, Angel Smokey ~ Sprinkling Angel dust ~ & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ married 1 wonderful year!.

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Mardi Gras! 2-17-15
Fair warning: Be careful biting into those little "cakes". They're really tiny little doll coffins made from batter. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Okay, first things first: Disqualifications. Looks like Steve and Tucker can sit in the corner and twiddle their, well, they CAN'T twiddle their thumbs now, can they? Ah! Got it. You can twiddle your whiskers. Just don't get them all snarled up in your claws. You can play Snidely Whiplash with an evil "Nya ha ha...)

Okay, the qualifiers: Luvbug(41) is passing out random acts of kindness. Oh sure! BE Mr. Nice Guy! ... After searching high & low Mallow(34) finally found her score so now she's free to appreciate her grayness. In the spa. While whistling Dixie ... Ana(5) just squeaked into the plus scores in time!

Mimi(26) says every day is my way, er, her way. Well, CATS way! Ain't that the truth? ... Engine(20) skates into the party with a platter of shrimp & crickets. Thank goodness it's not gimpy crawfish! ... And Bee Gee(24) REALLY wants it her way today. In Hawaii. With leis and a luau! Now THAT'S a Mardi Gras I don't want to miss!

Mardi Gras Tournament scores:
1st - Luvbug, 41! Those random acts of kindness paid off.
2nd - Mallow, 34. Wetting your whistle in the spa?
3rd - Mimi, 26. Grab Greyson and tie him up with those beads!

On cart duty today would be Ana, but since we're all in the parade you're off the hook. Okay everybody, smile and wave!

Going My Way?


02/17/2015 03:29.56 PM Report This Comment
Happy Valentine's Day 2-14-15
Oh, I can just FEEL the love, can't you? All this, and it's the tail end of Friendship Week too! And you all even have tails!! Well, except for you, Bee Gee. And Steve. What is UP with you two?

Luvbug(41/5) escaped Friday the 13th unscathed thanks to the ring of black cats protecting him. Who ever said black cats are bad luck? He was so happy he brought Valentine goodies for everyone today! ... Mallow(46/10) thought twice about poking fun at Mike on Whale Day. Instead she's confusing us by acting like a sweetheart. Okay, what have you done with the real Mallow? ... Uh oh, Sandy has disqualified herself with a minus 8! At least there's Valentine treats.

Mimi The Microchipped(23/5) says 'non' to Valentine chocolate. Can I interest you in some chocolate covered Party Mix? I promise Steve hasn't been anywhere near them! ... Tucker(21/3) is giving his best "I'm a sweetheart" pitch, but his mom won't think so when she finds out what he did with her books! ... Steve(18/9) puts in a rare unscheduled Saturday appearance, hoping to 'cash in' on Donations Day. Don't count on it! ... Finally, Bee Gee(39/12) thinks there's a whale beached in the living room. The rare tuxedo whale. She's planning to whack him with a book. Remember when I said I can feel the love?

Who has the best Valentine putt?
1st - Tucker, 3. Book donations for Steve? Serves him right!
2nd - Tie, Luvbug & Mimi, 5. Handing out platters of Party Mix.
3rd - Steve, 9. No touching the Party Mix, Mr. 'Chocolate' Paws!

Oh lookie, Bee Gee is all alone in the barn. With the still. Won't be long before she starts seeing all KINDS of 'friends'!

Up on the Ferris Wheel.
Tossing Valentines!


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2-12 recap
Lost penny day,plum pudding day(gag),and kitchen cupboard scavenger hunt day. Two out of three ain't bad.

Luvbug(41) has his priorities straight-he's worried about the milk in the still,the heck with the lost pennies.

Mallow (48) had done flipped her pennies planning a BD pawty for Honest Abe. If he is so honest,why do they only trust him to be on a penny-hmmmmm??

I score a 25, Just chillin,waiting for any and all donations of pennies. I already dug thru all the golf cart seats for loose change.

Sandy (16) calls in her score from Siberia.

Engine (36) takes our appetites to the wild side with poached porcupine pockets and zebra cakes. Its gonna get a whole lot wilder when we crack the keg.

Mudcat (33) tries her paw at picking the cupboard baby locks. Reminds me of old times in the slammer.huh Mudcat.

Tuck and Dot (24) "found" pennies on the course? Did they happen to be in a bucket with "Steve" written on the side? You can use Mudcats lock picking expertise to free the cupboard nip stash.

UBB (27) is busy catching pennies snowing from heaven. Some of us would be millionaires if pennies were snow. You'll need those pennies to pay for that vet bill. YOU should have charged THEM for the undercarriage peep show.

BG (38) not one to share ANYTHING,hoards her 38 pennies,but gladly tries to give away the plum pudding. Why am I not shocked.


1st: Sandy 16
2nd: Tuck and Dot 24
3rd: Me! 25

Losers: WOW...Mallow with 48,and Luvbug with 41.Forget what the 40's look like....


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Weekends.

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2/11/15 - Did we all survive
our brush with ET culture yesterday? I’m sure glad it wasn’t my day to Common Tate, sounds like a bit more than Astro Yogurt to me …

Luvbug returns, all in one piece & celebrating Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk Day and White Shirt Day. His white shirt matches his white whiskers. 37 (=10) of them turned overnight during his stay on the Mother Ship. Mallow, like any respectable feline (??!) is doing the happy dance over spilt milk. She has a 42 (=6) today. Never mind that the aliens threw him back, Steve is celebrating Make a Friend Day. He's armed with bribes if necessary. 15 (=6) of them.

Engine has sopped up all the spilt milk to use in her Stromboli! A 40 (=4) for our frugal gourmet. And Mimi’s white shirt proves that she must be innocent of any mess created at her house. It was the sibs, she exclaims and marks down her 34 (=7). Tucker is slso celebrating the spilt milk and has 12 (=3) rolls of toilet paper for us to unroll, shred, or otherwise enjoy.

Bee Gee is right into the TP fest, making a TP mosh pit and leaping into it 37 (=10) times! Meanwhile, UBB is off to Make a New Friend. Hmmm, can the v-e-t ever REALLY be your friend? They do stuff to you that the aliens wouldn’t even try! A 22 (=4) for him and we wish him well. Last but not least, the Angels aren't wearing white shirts because if they did they'd blend right into the 10 (=1) foot snow bank. Please! Please! Make it stop!!

The results of all this friendly spilt milk and TP?
1st – the Angels (1) are getting pretty tired of winning this thing!
2nd – Tucker (3) has another thing to celebrate. More TP!
3rd – Engine & UBB (4) are off in search of new friends

To the cart barn go Luvbug and BeeGee, after a little while in there they'll forget about their 10’s and be singing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Don’t spill any milk in the still!

Signing off, your Guest Common (creamed) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Edina #2884 daily in March, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly ~ Enjoying paradise!, Mojo Blackbear ~ Come play with me, birdies!, A. Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ Thanks for COTD!, Angel Smokey ~ Sprinkling Angel dust ~ & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ married 1 wonderful year!.

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The aliens are coming! 2-10-15
Maybe they're already here. They're always messing with CC. Those dirty rotten.... Luvbug(37) is hiding in the hot tub with her Kindle. Maybe she can give the aliens electroshock treatments if they get too close ... Mallow(48) is trying to hitch hike a ride on the mother ship by impersonating an ET. We'll know they got hold of you if you come back humble ... Steve(15) thinks he'll be safe from the ETs in a shopping cart. Well, maybe, if you turn it upside down.

Engine(44) has so many goodies packed in the Ratty Roadster maybe we can bribe the aliens to keep their probes to themselves. ET Chow anyone? ... Sandy(4) You got it made in the shade. Er, snow. Bet those ETs can't handle all that white bright! ... Mimi(35) is trying to pry the tin foil off her catty's head. The ETs want J.C.'s thoughts? Is that a bad thing?

Hmm, Tucker(16) claims to know there are aliens among us. You mean like the body snatchers? Stay away from me with that clam shooter! ... Oh lordy. Now the Budds(18), or at least one of them, is waving a welcome mat for the ETs! Does that man they're polydactyl? Is THAT how we can tell? ... Haha! Bee Gee(46) looks like she's got her own space ship with that umbrella shopping cart thing going on. Get good reception with that?

I think that abut covers the territory for today. So how did we do?
1st - Mallow, 48. Watch out for Mallow's great ruler probe. Ouch.
2nd - Bee Gee, 46. Hope your space cart doesn't have one of those wobbly wheels. You'll take a wrong turn down a black hole!
3rd - Engine, 44. Thank goodness you had those emergency space rations!

Let's see, who gets to go tend the still and plug in the carts. Remember the carts? Looks like Sandy has the honors today. With some minor assistance (or annoyance!) from Steve!

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Space Outlaw!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

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Hi Luvbug
Got your note on the Catty Shack board.
Well, UBB is going to the Vet tomorrow (he does not know yet) not for his handsome white whiskers but because he has been losing his fur under his belly and tail. It was a surprise to see how bald he has become. No idea why.
Today mom is going to get a carrier down from the freezing cold garage to warm up inside. Also for us to see it in the house... I am so very glad it is not for me!!!!
On the other paw, GTt loves carriers. they remind her of a kind of womb. She was brought to our house in a carrier and still like to sit inside once in a while. Silly (alien) kitty.
PD Budd

Come visit me, Uncle Baldy Budd, Gracie T-t, White Whiskers, PD Budd, let's play dress up & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

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2-9 recap
Clean the computer day? I don't even clean my closet,I don't even want to know what kind of mess is on the computer. Now,reading in the bathtub day is more like it! We can set the world record for the most number of cats in a bathtub reading. We can all pick a different book,read aloud,and we can claim to have read 9 books in one day.

Luvbug (50) is doing a happy rain dance,or a rainy happy dance,depends which way you look at it and which side of the rain you are on.

Mallow (47) is building a fire in the tub with her kindle. Oh,THE Kindle,makes all kinds of sense now.

I score a 28. I'm doing my own kind of happy dance,I get one day free from BG's bullying. Its a rule written somewhere on the club house bathroom walls.

Engine (54)has her sunhut rolling(you won't believe what I thought it said at first)with a pot of roly,poly fish heads in a dead rat marinate. Interesting texture.

Tuck and Dot(18) come sledding in (Tuck heard it was fish head day at the CS), Hey! What a furiend! He's invited us all over to his mom's hot tub to "read".

UBB (23) is having a little show and tell pawty with GTt as the main attraction,her and her 27 toes.Little freakish,gotta see it to believe it.

Mudcat (53) gives JC free bully time with no roll overs and no penalties. Who over flowed the water Hazards? What are you putting in them again...Hmmmm????

BG (38) Bully of all she bullies (did that make ANY sense? No) is keeping busy these days looking up dirty words in the dictionary,and vacuum cleaning the computer.

And,the Angels are last to blow in from another snow with a 12. Good enough to win!

1st: Angels 12 (told ya so)
2nd: Tuck and Dot with 18
3rd: UBB with 23

Losers: The title goes to the girls from the South-Engine 54,and Mudcat 53


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Weekends.

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Hooray for Molasses Day! 2-8-2015
(posted for Hot Rod)

At least when I'm stuck in this glop I can understand why I'm getting NOWHERE on CC! I don't know why the wheels just keep going around and around but never get anywhere, but for now we're sticking to CC2.

Sounds like Luvbug(50) had to take a rowboat to the links today! Don't feel like the Lone Stranger. We might be singing Row Row Row the Boat soon ourselves. Chance of flooding in a few days. *gulp* ... Oh, how cool is this? A whole new reason for Mallow(46) to be grumpy today: Mike Day! The alleged "focal point" of some month-long celebration called "Mike Fest". Do NOT encourage him!

Mimi(45) has a ton of reasons to skip the marriage bit. I'll bet we have another ton of our own! Her catty J.C. is wearing his little Boy Scout uniform. I didn't know cattying had gone formal. Uniforms? ... Tucker(32) jumps on the non-marriage bandwagon too. I bet if we took a vote this would be an almost unanimous sentiment ... And Bee Gee(44) is all in the Laugh and Get Rich mood, deciding Mike Day is totally hilarious. More hilarious than getting mired down on CC anyway.

So, how far did your Barbie heads fly today?
Luvbug, 50 - Mallow, 46 - Mimi, 45 - Tucker, 43 - Bee Gee, 44.

Wow, we may not agree on Mike or marriage, but we are all in a pretty tight bunch when it comes to scores! Okay, let's go see what the spirits of the still are up to today. Cheers!

Hot Rod

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Edina #2884 daily in March, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly ~ Enjoying paradise!, Mojo Blackbear ~ Come play with me, birdies!, A. Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ Thanks for COTD!, Angel Smokey ~ Sprinkling Angel dust ~ & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ married 1 wonderful year!.

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I scream for breakfast! 2-7-15
Oh wait, make that "Ice Cream for Breakfast". Actually, I do that first one too. Gotta say, mom just LOVES my 'singing' in the morning! *chuckle*

First on the I scream scene is Luvbug(43/7) with a five-finger 'hidey-ho' to his neighbor. My neighbor only gets one finger ... Mallow(52/7) replies with all her fingers too, while deciding on which card to send her friend. Wait. Mallow has a friend? *snicker* ... Wow! Haley(15/6) goes from minus a bunch to plus a bunch more! Nice turn-around!

Mimi(29/11) chimes in with some helpful advice about counting how many fingers you wave at your neighbor. I don't have to be a math whiz to count to one! I'm looking forward to the "Swan Lake" pole dance *wolf whistle* ... UBB(18/9) reports in from CC2, having too much difficulty over here. I HEAR YA! We've had nothing but trouble for a week over here! About ready to cash in my chips and move into the tree house. *grumble*

In dances Bee Gee(46/10) in her little tutu, waving various fingers at the neighbors through her imaginary cat door ... And Tucker(34/7) arrives fashionably late, allowing his mom to finish baking a pie for the neighborhood riff raff. Or dad. Whichever.

Okay, who had any luck today in the wind and the rain and the snow and just crappy weather in general:
1st - Haley, 6. Yep, a great turn-around!
2nd - Tie, Luvbug, Mallow, & Tucker, all with 7. The podium is getting a bit crowded. Mallow, maybe you could hover?
3rd - UBB, 9. Can you hear me from CC2? I'll holler!

Cart duty and still-tending goes to Mimi, and her assistant for today Bee Gee. You know, cart duty USED to be a bummer til we put in the still. I'm almost wondering if sometimes you aren't trying to lose on purpose. Naw, you wouldn't do that. Right?

Am I right?


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2.6.15 Long Drive Friday Free Bubble Gum
Well, here we are again at the Long Drive end of the week. there's free bubble gum for everyone on the buffet next to the platter of hot gopher. Doesn't get much better than this, huh?
Some cats didn't get the memo that this is LONG DRIVE day. I'll report those short slackers first. And foremost, our own UBB who thought he would not even get to play today at all with that old sub-zero score. But, he's got a 2 and gobbling up gopher before heading off to the Cart barn and still tending.
Steve (5) is cracking, popping bubble gut. Er, gum. Both Ana and Tuck with his Dot earned scores of 6. Think Long Drive cats!
Now we are moving up on the driving range. Although Engine complains about her 15. At least she's hitting in double digits. No problem, since she's wearing her bubblewrap fur coat- no, not bubblegum.
Both mimi & JC (21) bring freshly fried gopher- their mom's recipe- and sets the platter on the Clubhouse bar.
BG (42!!!) the only golfer not liking fresh gopher, passes out cheese doodles on this Doodling Day.
Fluffy little Luvbug (45) is careful about the bubble gum since there is a sticky Bubblegum Alley near their home. Ah, California! And longest drive of all today goes to the Darkest of Angels, mallow, with a 52. She's not getting her Lion Cut yet but if she keeps smacking that bubble gum her coat may need shaving.

Long Scores today:
1st- Angel mallow 52-- nearly spring
2nd- Luvbug 45
3rd - BeeGee- 42. Amazing.
Asking Steve (5) to kick back with UBB (2) in the CB.

Easing off now for the weekend,
PD Budd
No gum here just hot gophers.

Come visit me, Uncle Baldy Budd, Gracie T-t, White Whiskers, PD Budd, let's play dress up & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

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2-5 recap
Danger,Danger!!! Oh wait,its disaster day...disaster,disaster! Lets all go nuts and wave our paws in the air. There,feel better? Now,with that out of the way,prepare to diss the weatherman.

Luvbug (41) and CC1 have worked out their differences (amazing what a swift kick will accomplish) and he can do duel posting again. CC1 disaster averted for him. Now,to work on the empty tuna tin disaster.

Mallow the Great (46) is Mallow the Soggy and Foggy with the rain. Plays heck with the feathers,doesn't it. She suggests a little CC2 bonding time in the club house over some good disaster movies. Makes one feel all warm and cuddly just thinking about it. Nope,wait,false alarm,that was just a gas bubble.

I score a 16,the supposed high for today. ( THEY must be high...). I'm setting up a dart board with the weatherman's picture on it.Important things are getting frozen on this bod you know.

Ana (36) proves I'm right!!! Her weatherman predicts 1-3 more inches of snow. Jerk,what does he know.

Engine (38)takes us all back to our college days with a live fish bowl sushi bar and Heinicat chasers to wash them goldfish down. Sucks when you get a fin caught in the throat.

Mudcat (44) noms on the fresh chicken of the sea served in nothing other than the finest faux crystal (AKA plastic)

Tuck and Dot (16) are not appreciating the gift of snow the weatherman gave them. No re-gifts!

UBB (15) didn't get enough of the Super Bowl fun,he's going for the Super Fish Bowl. Does that come with deflated chips and dip?

And...Darn (39) getting no respect,and more slack from her local weather guesser. Its that whole 50/50 chance of being right,living on the edge thing for them. Speaking of living on the edge,care to join me for some chocolate fondue and disaster movies BG? Its my treat :)

Scores: Look at these score variations!
1st: UBB 15
2nd: Tie-Tuck and Dot and me with 16
3rd: Ana 36

Losers: Mallow with 46,and Mudcat with 44. To the club house for the rest of us to enjoy some disasters.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Weekends.

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Hey Luvbug!
TELL me about it! CC is loading all kinds of weird today, and was slower than cold tar yesterday! The pages are loading halfway, or only the profile picture loads and nothing else, REALLY weird! And SLOW! I only got the Hissy Kitten once, most of the time the page just keeps loading and loading and loading and loading and loading but never finishes, and keeps loading and loading and, well, you get the idea. What is up with that??

Hot Rod

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

02/05/2015 07:37.03 AM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug!
TELL me about it! CC is loading all kinds of weird today, and was slower than cold tar yesterday! The pages are loading halfway, or only the profile picture loads and nothing else, REALLY weird! And SLOW! I only got the Hissy Kitten once, most of the time the page just keeps loading and loading and loading and loading and loading but never finishes, and keeps loading and loading and, well, you get the idea. What is up with that??

Hot Rod

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

02/05/2015 07:36.55 AM Report This Comment
we've got
1-3" more snow with a cold front due in today, then a foot or more this coming weekend so it's here we go once again and days of clean up. janet's giving nat the day off and will do it all if she can from the time she gets home to the time she will give nat a break so he can get his online college homework done. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

02/05/2015 02:15.38 AM Report This Comment
Woohooo...CC furriends, what a surprise I had this morning. I had to take a second look at that fine picture in the winner's circle. Wondering how it got there? Thank you so very much for stopping by; I'll have all of the pawty favors set up licketysplit. I hear that Engine is busy creating some mouthwatering and magnificient Mole Muffin Dippers for her salacious Sea Otter Stew. And, I believe that I'll make my favorite dessert--Possum Pudding with Shaved Sea Urchin. Of course, I'll have plenty of Rocket Punch fur everyone, courtesy of Exit. Please help me celebrate as I'm ready to pawty with you and my mew badge. Thanks again for pouncing by.

Thank you so much for coming by today! It's so nice to see you all and thanks very much for the lovely basket filled with my favorite things (chicken & waffles) and the lovely warm soft blankie! Awww....thanks! I'd love a day pass to the golf course if Engine won't fork one over! You never know about sisters, do ya? Thanks for making my day so special!

Meows and purrs Orzo

Come visit me, Strudel & Yoda, Engine, What a Surprise! Thanks everyfur!!, Felix & Pudding, Exit Rocketman ♥ Mrs Whiskers, Angels Ping, ET, HC & Poppins OFFLINE, ~Orzo~ Thanks so much for COTD~~, ~~Michah and Biscuit~~ & ~~Rhubarb~~.

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2/4/15 - Thank a Mailman for Vacuums~in the sink?
As usual, it’s a free-for-all hodge podge of days to celebrate and celebrate we do. But first, let’s interrupt the regularly scheduled mayhem to razz Luvbug, who started the thread on CC2 but forgot to come to CC1! But Buster is feeling better so we’ll cut him some slack. It’s a 51 (=5) for Luvbug to start us out.

Next comes Mallow, with 39 (=12) things to bring to the table as she attempts to inaugurate Heavenly Gripe Sessions. If they don’t send her to the Great Vacuum, that is. I don’t think that’s what they meant by Create a Vacuum Day. Steve is okay with Vacuum Day, but he has 21 (=3) reasons why he won’t celebrate Curl Up In The Sink Day. Um Steve …. I think that flushy thing was not a sink … or Gma is very, very strange …

Engine is on the run and has brought us 19 (=10) servings of Raccoon Rollups and some unnamed bubbly. As long as it’s not Steve’s special blend of “bubbly”, please. Meanwhile, Mimi proposes DESTROY a Vacuum Day and she has 29 (=11) axes to show she’s serious about it.

Tucker doesn’t want to Thank a Mailman, but he is pretty stoked about the UPS guy who brings 23 (=5) shipments of kitty toys. Someone got ahold of Mom’s credit card, I perceive. And Ana comes blowing in to blow us away with 10 (=1) feet of snow falling in her yard. Brr!

UBB is also having a Snow Day, and we don’t know about the mailman but he’s not thanking his garbagemen today because they left all 21 (=3) cans sitting on the side of the road. Finally, Bee Gee proposes a Vacuum DROP! From the top of Toby’s tree house. The noble golfers quickly and happily produce 37 (=10) vacuums for the competition.

And the results du jour:
1st – Was there any doubt? Ana blows us away with that 1
2nd – Steve and UBB, with their snow-covered 3’s
3rd – Luvbug and Tucker, waiting for the UPS Man with 5

To the cart barn heads our innovative Angel Mallow with her 12. One more thing for the gripe session agenda! Now for the rest of us, take the Barbie head cork out of that Buzzard Blizzard Bubbly and let’s celebrate another day on the links.

Your Guest Common (half-baked) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Edina #2884 daily in March, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly ~ Enjoying paradise!, Mojo Blackbear ~ Come play with me, birdies!, A. Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ Thanks for COTD!, Angel Smokey ~ Sprinkling Angel dust ~ & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ married 1 wonderful year!.

02/04/2015 01:44.51 PM Report This Comment
praying we don't
get the feet of snow predicted for sun/mon or mon/tues depending on the track and timing of the storm. right now we're just fin-ishing up out there or will be today. janet is trying to rush through cc and get it done before 10 so she can go outside and start digging down the snowbanks so she can see the oncoming traffic and then this afternoon dig trenches around the house as nat will do some of it, but then will have to snow blow it as it'll be thrown into the pathways to the south side from the front of the house. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

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Musical golf! 2-3-15
We can all thank our lucky stars and moons that Steve left his tuba at home. *whew* We're all tuning up, and I for one am eagerly waiting for Luvbug's(41) banjo rendition of La Bamba ... Mallow(41) hits a really long drive from Pinto Island, and gets ready to entertain us with Peggy Sue on ukulele ... Steve(5) is glassy eyed as he does the limbo to a Rob Zombie medley.

Sandy(6) is also going low with the limbo under a full moon. Heading to Gracie's? ... Along comes UBB(4), humming and strumming Blue Moon under the fallen snow ... Flash-frozen Engine(20) arrives in her 3-ply furs with rack of racoon and a bowl of goldfish. Mmm, haven't had fresh goldfish for a LONG time!

Tucker(2) is staring coldly - VERY coldly! - behind those racks of ribs, looking for a shot of Cat Daniels ... Mimi(26) recommends the carrot cake for improved staring (get it?) and orders up the Chantilly Lace liqueur ... And dragging in last is Bee Gee(33) doing quite a bit of staring herself while she gets ready to belt out Ride of the Valkyries on the ukulele.

What a talented musical bunch we have at Catty Shack! *coff* But how's the golfing?
1st - Tie, Luvbug & Mallow, 41. A banjo/ukulele duet.
2nd - Bee Gee, 33. She opted out of Flight of the Bumblebee at the last moment.
3rd - Mimi, 26. I guess carrot cake beats wearing glasses. No raisins please!

Into the cart barn for Tucker. At least it's warm in there! We'll have to move the still outside for the summer. Hope we can keep it hidden from the revenuers!

~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~
How do you tune a uke?
"My Dog Has Fleas!"

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

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what's happenin'?
How's Buster doin'? We haven't had a medical report lately so....
Hope all is well and everyone gets mive catnip to nibble....

Come visit me, Uncle Baldy Budd, Gracie T-t, White Whiskers, PD Budd, let's play dress up & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

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2-2 recap
We all got a little post Super Bowl stupor going on today??? Even the groundhog (who they reach WAY far into his hidey hole to get) came out kicking and screaming this morning. Six more weeks of winter,yikes. Who wants to reach into the Hazards and see what Ol Toothy predicts? Anyone??

Luvbug scores a 40 with fogginess and a touch of roughness. Your rutting? Is that what you said? Interesting,where IS my camera.

Mallow the Great (39) isn't looking so great today. Rough Super Bowl. Wow,she's kicking rodents and taking names.

I score 23. I'm just sitting and waiting for the pawty to start with my crepe and ukulele. I think I can strum a few songs that BG and Mudcat can clog to. Flight of the Bumblebee is always a crowd pleaser.

Engine (52) takes care of that lying rodent who predicts ill weather by serving grated groundhog and sparrow stew. If ya can't beat 'em,eat 'em!

Mudcat (54) earned her name today with a little muddy shoe dance thru the Wetlands.

UBB (18) takes care of his rodent /groundhog problem the old fashioned way-just bury it under snow.

Tuck and Dot (18) don't leave the rodent/groundhog as evidence,they just feed it to Ol Toothy. Clever.....if I ever come up missing,you all know where to look.

BG (30) is in her own post Super Bowl fog of the weather kind I hope. She single pawed captured,tamed and named a groundhog for golf use,whatever that may be.I hear they like Barbie heads.

And later than usual,Ana (14) is using her groundhog to dig her out of the snow. Why didn't we think of that!

Scores! Listen up,this is the FIRST recap of a short month(yay!!!!).

1st: Ana with 14
2nd: Tie with Tuck,Dot and UBB with 18
3rd:Me with 23!

Losers,and the ones who get the job to stick a paw in the hidey hole and grab the rodent are......Mudcat with 54,and Engine with 52


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Weekends.

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Just one correction ...
Lady Dolly's Super Bowl pawty tomorrow is on her Rainbow Rose Manor page #241739. Hope to see you there! -- Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Edina #2884 daily in March, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly ~ Enjoying paradise!, Mojo Blackbear ~ Come play with me, birdies!, A. Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ Thanks for COTD!, Angel Smokey ~ Sprinkling Angel dust ~ & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ married 1 wonderful year!.

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Day before Super Bowl! 1-31-15
And the official last day of January. Mom has a cold so while the crowd may roar, mom will snore. Ha, fat chance. Luvbug(40/4) passes along Kuce's invitation to the changing of the guard tomorrow @ 3pm, handing off the crown to Buddy ... Mallow(35/8) is going about her day backwards, starting with watching her shot some sailing back to her and landing back on the tee. Like magic! ... Haley(12/3) says there's no tomorrow! Guess that's okay, since we're all going backward anyway. See you yesterday. :-)

Mimi(23/5) unwhacks her score while J.C. dons a gorilla suit and sips brandy Alexanders ... Unfortunately for UBB(-1) he's REALLY going backwards! ... Tucker(2/2) has kitten duty so has to hurry home to keep an eye on dad's B'day cake. Right ... And Bee Gee(35/8) has no trouble going backward in her gorilla suit while swapping seeds with Luvbug. They're BOTH in the fog today.

Going backwards, here's today's results:
In the cart barn keeping warm in her gorilla suit is Bee Gee. Mallow backs into the cart barn too. Don't knock over the still!

3rd - Mimi, 5. Backing into a brandy Alexander.
2nd - Luvbug, 4. Saw you sneaking out of the White Whisker this morning, but I won't tell... ;-)
1st - Tucker, 2. Save some of that cake for tomorrow - for the REAL party!

Now, as for tomorrow. NO golf! Mom is sick, but that's not the real reason. Tomorrow is THE party day of party days! And there are a bunch. Buddy is having his coronation the Cat's Meow Resort & Event page 271826. AND Lady Dolly is hosing an all-day Super Bowl party on her page 222609. So as you can see there's no shortage of places to get liquored up! Er, I mean, get into the party spirit. Or let some party spirits get into you. Or whatever.

So let the festivities begin, and may the snacks just keep on coming!
~~~Hot Rod~~~

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

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got a bit
more of the white stuff fresh on the ground and a few more chances of it before it ends around noontime today with more on monday and a sinker with mid 30s on thursday. also got minus teens to start likely this weekend and again next week. lucky we're at 28 this morning big improvement over the 2 of yester-day to start. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

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1-29 recap
Free thinking day,that could be very dangerous around here. Besides,we don't do anything for free. I'll gladly collect all the pennies for your thoughts. And what else have we-curmudgeon day (AKA BG day), PD's Mom's BD (happy BD!!!),white cat appreciation day and puzzle day. It puzzles me to think we should give our thoughts away for free.

Luvbug (37)Gives it a good try at the Grumpy Cat impersonation,but your not fooling us,you're WAY too nice.

Mallow (37) put on her best grumpy face,and offers her many thoughts free to anyone willing to listen.

I score a 23-still waiting for my appreciation. Since I'm half white,do I get half appreciated?

Haley (8) is in a hurry today as she quickly drops the score and runs.

Engine (NO SCORE!!!!! I looked like 3 times,I swear) but we will forgive her that as she supplied the shrimp strombolies with starfish sauce,and "special" liquor. Top shelf stuff,it wasn't bought at the gas station for $1.99.

Mudcat (25) grabs the eats while the grabbing is good as her mood. All good things come to an end...soon.

UBB (-8.9) its his Mom's BD pawty,and he'll grump if he wants to,especially with another blizzard coming to visit.. Sorry,the negative puts you in no mans land with Engine-but at least you have the liquor and food!

Tuck and Dot (24) always the pawty animals load their cart to the brim with corn chips and strombolies. Stop the cart,HOW did Tuck miss the liquor?

And last,our own little COTD (curmudgeon of the day) on the course-the one,the only (I hope) BG with a 36. Little Miss Sunshine herself doesn't need to "put on a grumpy face",its already there. Armed with mallet and malice,our girl doesn't disappoint with her "have a bad day" slogan.


1st: Haley with 8
2nd: ME with 23
3rd: Tuck and Dot with 24
Losers: Oh,THIS should be good...Mallow and Luvbug tie with 37 and their not so happy helper BG with 36. We'll come rescue you form BG in say,oh....and hour or two


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Weekends.

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