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Domestic Longhair from <a href=' Margarita/club-members.aspx' title='Santa Margarita, CA'>Santa Margarita, CA</a>

Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo,Q. MerryBelle and UBB

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Hi! My name is Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo,Q. MerryBelle and UBB

I am Domestic Longhair from Santa Margarita, CA

Nicknames: Big Boy

Age: 15 years old

Gender: M

Coat: long haired

Education: He used to be afraid of people in general, now he is just leary of strangers and he is a total lovebug to his favorite people.

My favorite tricks and treats are: carries a string away in his mouth and fish flakes

Where I hang out: In the window or on a bed or couch

My favorite grubs: Tuna

My pet peeves: Vacuums, mops, car rides

What I love about my owners: They took me in from outside.

My cat hobbies: Play with a string and go outside.

Pet motto: Persist in what you want to achieve

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He was a stray in our area and we were feeding him. He finally got used to people and 'came in from the cold'. I won COTD on 6/11/09, 7/15/2011, 7/18/12, 7/18/2013, 07/18/2014 and 7/18/2015. Won CROTD on 7/15/2011. Thanks everyone. Diagnosed in December 2010 with a heart murmur.

Mom will try to catch up asap.

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I've had 21127 friends visit me.

I'm the 2,600th member on

1,542 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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My Cat Blog

Come and Take It?? 10-6-15
How about "We're not gonna take it!" What if we don't want it? And just what is "it" anyway? I'll pass, if it's all the same to you.

Luvbug(51) is wearing a silly hat with noodles in it. Oh wait, that an upside down colander. Silly ... A. Mallow Flower is also hitting a 51 in her blue and violet velvet top hat ... Steve(50) is multi-tasking, taking a blindfolded shot through a noodle ring while wearing his angry hat ... GTt(48) is in the running today, working up an appetite wearing her lucky hat. Is it lucky in golf? Or dealing cards? Hmmm...

Mimi(63) totally gets hunting "invisible things". She and J.C. have on their magical invisible critter spotter hats and are enjoying the show! ... And again, Engine(49) has outdone herself with a catnip crockpot filled with a catty shack breakfast of champions: a crispy cockroach cricket caterpillar concoction.

Ana(42) is walking in the warmer dark bright and early getting light(?), and Bee Gee(40) won't be winning any long drives with her noodle necklace and invisible little somethings. No hat for her either. There isn't one that will fit over her big bat ears!

1st - Mimi, 63. All things invisible.
2nd - Tie, Luvbug & Mallow, 51. Mallow flowers & a silly noodle hat.
3rd - Steve, 50. How DID you make your had so angry?

Loser to the bat cave is Bee Gee. Recreating the Sistine Chapel with noodle art? Sounds doable. Not as easy as catching invisible somethings, but worth a try.

Sorry I'm late. Someone took my day and ran
with it and I had to chase them and get it back.


10/06/2015 02:41.10 PM Report This Comment
10-5 recap
Story telling day at the CS. What'll it be....fiction,non-fiction,horror,romance (romance IS horror) or humor. Its also do something nice day-so keep the romance out of it. We also have bath tub day just for the fun of it.

Luvbug (53)tells a daring tale of apples named Betty meet 007. The Spy Who ate my Apple Betty.

Mallow (48) tells a tall tale (AKA fib) of her being nice...once upon a time.

I score a 53 and tell my tail tale while splish-splashing in the Hazards. Its like The Never-Ending Story,without the white dragon dog thingie,and MUCH more interesting.

Mudcat (64) tells a frightening tale of the time she was nice and tried to cook her family,or was that cook FOR the family....either one is scary.

Speaking of cooking,Engine (56) brings a pot of Jolly Jowls (better not be anyone I know and love) with fermented frog. Can't WAIT to hear all about fermenting :)

Haley (40) tells the story of the weather. Its an on again,off again thing,never with the predicted outcome.

BG (39) tells us about the Peeve and the Pussycat. I want to know who names their pet "Peeve" and why she's being nice to it!

GTt (36)tells the story about rub a dub, the hot tub. Keep it clean GTt...rated PG.

1st: GTt with 36
2nd: BG with 39
3rd: Haley with 40

Losers: Mudcat with 64,and Engine 56.


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

10/05/2015 01:08.16 PM Report This Comment
Animal Day! 10-4-15
First card game of October. Too bad it's "officially" golf day. They'll have to make due without us, since we're over in the card room celebrating Card Playing Animals Day. (I just made that up)

Luvbug has a close 53=8 hand, and has decided his office needs improving. I think he's rearranging his frugal fun file boxes. Mallow is suffering from monotony with another non-winning 48, so she's going to cheer herself up by making a monster taco. She must be using a Frankenstein monster, for a FrankenFusion taco!

Goodness, PD certainly is talkative today! He's looking over his Shaming List and checking it twice. High on his list is (no surprise) the techies at CC, and also (no surprise) the weather man. He claims this should be Idiots Day. Hey, any day could be idiots day! But maybe his OL should get a special honorable idiot award for deciding to put flea goop on goop-sensitive GTt. And in spite of a bad reaction, GTt delivered the goods for PD with a winning 45=9.

Let's knock out the rest of these hands now. Mimi has a stormy but winning 69, Bee Gee has an entire deck of 52 but still no winner, and Sandy is walking toward her own losing 48.

Looks like PD & Mimi can haggle over the pot. Careful, Mimi, PD just might gab you out of the whole thing! Okay, let's hit the Vodka Challenge at the bar. (I just made that up)

~~~Hot Rod~~~~
Last one standing gets to
try to change a lightbulb!


10/04/2015 12:19.58 PM Report This Comment
Screamfest! 10-3-15
And it isn't even CLOSE to Halloween! Oh, this is so much fun, tuning up the vocal cords before the main event! Of course, I do have to warn you, I doubt any of you are in the same league with Screaming Bee Gee(52/7). Mom should lend her to Hollywood to dub in some of those blood curdling horror movie screams!

For reasons known only to himself, Luvbug(53/8) is busily appreciating viruses. Would that be the germy type viruses? Or the computer type viruses? ... Mallow(48/12) is ready to teach us all the happy little virus dance. Oh, I can hardly wait. We can dance to the tune of "Scurvy With the Fringe On Top". Frugal fringe, I hope. :-)

Oh, wunnerful, wunnerful. Mimi(70/7) is practicing her banshee scream for the CC techies, and no one deserves it more. The little darlin's ... GTt(44/8) brought her frugal box to share. We all jump in, we all jump out. Ah-one anna two anna ... Finally, the Angels(50/5) just keep watching the weather get cooler. It happens.

Let's get these pesky scores done so we can mount the invasion of Tuck's place while the pawrents take something called a "vacation":
1st - The Angels, cooled it off to 5.
2nd - A tie to the screamers, Bee Gee & Mimi, hitting 7 high notes.
3rd - Another tie, Luvbug & GTt, 8. Keep your viruses out of that box!

Lonely loser today would be Mallow but we don't have time for that. Just drag the still over to Tuck's place.

Frugal fun with cheap
booze and paper cups!


10/03/2015 01:19.12 PM Report This Comment
10.2 Long Drive Sarcasm while Smiling
Guardian Angels Alert!! Get to Work over Here.
Talk about deluded. A Mallow believes she is the Guardian Angel for her household and others... scary thought.

Grrr. So, I was typing an hilarious and different kind of golf summary then Whosh! The entire fuzzing thing disappeared.
The one I was working on here at the CC also disappeared, twice, although it was not near as funny as the CS. What's happening?
The OL just started taking special drugs to calm her horrible all over the body rash. It seems to be doing something to her brain. It's okay. She's not driving. HOWEVER, this is NOT getting the golf commentary posted.
So, here's the short, not so funny, summary. [Too bad. That Lost in Space one had me rolling on the floor.]
LvBg, 53, 1st place winner. Buys us the first round and names her cart "Old Mo."
Ana 52 ties with Mudcat Mimi, 52, 2nd place. MM really earned her name and got to make dozens of mudpies to throw at H. Joaquin when he shows up there. Happy Weekend.
Steve & Mallow 47 tie for 3rd. They share the Sarcasm Award with smiles
Barn and Still Stoker is GT-t, 40.
Bye bye to Tuck 45 and Dot's pawrents. Let the celebrations begin.
Send colorful contacts or your spare reading glasses to BeeGee, 44, who is losing IT. Trouble seeing words is only a part of the loss.
Wanna have a few of the OL's pills?

Come to the T&D Pawty!!!

We can hire a "Custodial Service" to clean up since this is their day/week.

Comments freely given and posted by PD Budd, non, golfer

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes, Fall portrait!, Furlip Files-Jail Break, PD Budd, 'Cat of Mystery' & The 2 Budd's -Research & Development.

10/02/2015 04:09.24 PM Report This Comment
10-1 recap
ME!!!!!!! I get the first recap of October. Don't you just LOVE a new month smell! So much fun to be had,and Halloweenie at the end-candy,AND its the pumpkin month. Be orange,or be square :) OK,we gots lot-o-stuff to do today,after we have coffee. We have gazing aimlessly for one-everyone practice their dazed stare.,and old peoples day,and...who knows what other sack of stuff well pull out.

Luvbug (57) is swinging to the oldies (don't break a hip) with both old folks day,and CD player day.

Mallow (47) the poet that don't even know it kept it clean (I know! She must be in that dazed state) with a little CS poem that didn't start with a guy from Nantucket.

I score a 50. I've got nothin to say on this fine orange day. Month. Month,day...whatever. Day rhymes better.

Haley (52) another celebrator of the October month and brilliant orange colors (she said Fall colors,I heard Orange color)

Mudcat (69) and expert on the dazed look passes on the offer today due to prior experiences that involved a probe and a vet. I'll say no more.

GTt (46) looks forward to sweaty weather,or sweater weather-either will do right now. She's rubbing her paws and licking her lips in anticipation of tripping trick or treaters. They just don't make kids like they used to. Wimps.

Engine (62) has bats on the Barbie. Poor Barbie,the girl that has everything never saw the bat gig coming. To wash down their little wings,she brought Imperial Pumpkin Pie Porter.

Tuck and Dot (50) bring up their rears again! Show offs.

And speaking of old.....last in is BG (47,it was a very good year). Your not old,your....ummmm..."experienced"

1stGTT with a 46
2nd : Mallow and BG with a 47
3rd:Tuck and Dot and ME with a 50

Losers:Mudcat with a 69,and Engine with 62


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

10/01/2015 02:24.28 PM Report This Comment
9/30/15 - Yay! You're back!
I came to do this earlier and ALL the scores from today were gone. Then I refreshed and we were back in September 22! So I left the CC Time Tunnel to resolve itself while Mom went outside & did the George Washington thing … now that we are down about half a cherry tree, the scores have reappeared and it’s on with the recap:

Luvbug has a 54 (=9) and some really good holidays for us, Mud Pack Day and Mulled Cider Day. Do not confuse them! Mallow is batting 47 (=11) jingle balls into the mud while Steve just goes for the old fashioned mudbath. Considering he is 59 (=14) kinds of germophobe, that is an interesting choice to say the least.

The Angels are bringing more rain to make more mud for us, how thoughtful. A 72 (=9) for them and also a 72 (=9) for Engine, who is bringing us her specialty Mouse Mud Pies. Mimi, meanwhile, is opening up her own private mud pit for our wallowing pleasure. She’s only gonna charge 76 (=13) catbucks a head!

Gracie T-t drops off her 64 (=10) and is the mood to serenade us with some oldies. She can’t decide between “September Song” and “Autumn Leaves”, so she sings us both of them. Gets us in the mood for the next retro Furlip installment. Tucker has a 58 (=13) and tells us it’s also Time For Yoga Day. Just PLEASE do not make us do the Downward Dog! And BeeGee takes 38 (=11) minutes to mull over the fine points of wallowing. Don’t spill your cider in there!

And friends that play together, place together. The results are:
1st – Luvbug, the Angels and Engine, all with 9
2nd – Gracie T-t with 10
3rd – Mallow & BeeGee, 11 different kinds of scary teamed up like that.

And now, if I can post this without entering the Twilight Zone …. Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ vote Dean #36497 in Oct, Angel Jezebel ~ Love lives on, K Mike ♥ QL Dolly always~Missing Mom Janada, Mojo Blackbear ~ 2 years old Sept 17, Angel Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw caught my ♥ & Evie ♥ A Shai.

09/30/2015 02:56.57 PM Report This Comment
Confuse Us Day 9-29-15
That shouldn't be too difficult. I think confused is a way of life around here. Here spreading wisdom first is Luvbug(53), wisely advising to always tip the dealer. Something to remember come Sunday ... Our next words of wisdom are from Mallow(47) who says be nice to stuffed white mousies. Wait for real ones. Wise ... Steve(69) is feeling unusually wise today, pondering how the less generous with their beverages have fewer friends. A pearl for sure.

Haley proclaims "Yeowza. 70". Cryptic wisdom ... Mimi(75) says Lo! Into the dark humid I travel with neither fins not gills. Life's tough ... Engine(70) has welcome words of wisdom, asking for rows of shot glasses to fill with *gulp* Mealworm Mocha Surprise. Oh yeah, we'll be surprised all right!

I see Tucker(65) is trying to lay a few wise words on his mom, sagely observing the inn is nearly full ... Oh my. GTt(68) is having maternity problems: pregnant clouds and all that. Gather ye wisely under yon umbrella ... Jeepers! Darn(38) is full of it today, with her Zen-ish observation that wherever you go, make sure it's in a litter box.

Scores all over the place today. It was supposed to be long drive day. I guess it did confuse us!
1st - Mimi, 75. Marinading in wisdom today.
2nd - Tie, Haley & Engine, 70. Yeowza, mealworm shots!
3rd - Steve, 69. Sharing your mealworm mocha?

Cool loser today is BG with a near freezing 38. Mallow isn't far behind with a 47.

Confuse Us say, "Cannot carry
clubs to club to club club soda"


09/29/2015 01:39.04 PM Report This Comment
9-28 recap
Good neighbor day? Like would you be mine,could you be mine,won't you be my neighbor? A really good neighbor brings beer,a GREAT neighbor brings beer,and food! Speaking of that-Engine and her evil 66 brought us grasshoppers on greens and shaved slugs (good,glad they shaved. Nothing worse than hair in the food) with the beer of the day-possum porter. Score!

Luvbug (55) says this place has gone to pott since the neighbors moved in. Hmmm...which one of us could that be :)

Mallow (43) brings the strawberry beer and pie for all her dysfunctional furiends. Dysfunctional,and proud of it!!!

I score 64. If I beer up enough,ALL my furiends an neighbors will be good,and very blurry.

Sandy is happy to see her furiendly neighborhood 50 come to visit today.

Mudcat apparently took beer day for all its worth-forgot your score! She's too busy making furiendly with the neighbors with the food-Engine.

Tuck and Dot are thinking their neighbors are looking a whole lot better after 63 possum porters.We can ALWAYS count on the Tuckster to celebrate beer day! Bottoms up!

GTt (58)says don't rain on my strawberry pie! I always thought it was parade,but I would protect the pie too. And the beer,don't forget the beer.

BG...Pshttt...thinks 32 beers will cure her phone and neighbor troubles. I get it-drink til they look good,right?

1st: with a lowly 32 is BG
2nd: Mallow the beermeister with 43
3rd: Sandy with her 50

Losers_NOW we know why Mudcat didn't leave a score!!!! Engine with 66,and ME with 64.


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

09/28/2015 01:52.30 PM Report This Comment
Sidekick jokes? 9-27-15
Maybe we can start an open mic night in the lounge for sidekick jokes. Could be fun! Luvbug starts us out with a winner, 59-5=9, and kicks a can out into the lounge for his sidekick to crush. Oohh, they play ruff at Mallow's place! Her mom is rasslin' with Luvbg's mom for the chocolate, while Mallow takes bets on the outcome. May as well, since her 43 is a 9-Lives loser. Haley hits a cold spot with a 38. Needed one more to score!

Mudcat is in the mood for some sidekick jokes, to cheer her up after her near-win with that 73. PD laments his dwindling stake as GTt fails to deliver a winner to her housemate. 46: close but no catpot cigar. Tucker has the same "close only counts in horseshoes" problem with that 58. Drowning his sorrows in spiked chocolate milk. And Bee Gee has a rousing workout for those glutes, starting with the "crush a can with your butt cheeks" maneuver. Nice way to finish off a co-win with that chilly 36.

So it's a two-way split today with Luvbug and Bee Gee facing off for the winnings while the rest of us head into the lounge to hear what kind of humor the sidekicks are selling today.

~~~Hot Rod~~~
I don't have a sidekick but I
have a Ziggy. Does that count?


09/27/2015 12:27.47 PM Report This Comment
I am so sorry to be so late thanking you for stopping by to congratulate me on my new badge. I also thank you for the the wonderful toys and soft blanket . The best part of the day was having my good furends there to make my day even happier. I hope you have a Peaceful Sunday ! Thank you again for being such thoughtful furends. Your furend, Mr.Kitty

Come visit me, Mr. Kitty, Widget, MoMo & Peachy.

09/27/2015 04:40.29 AM Report This Comment
Catch! 9-26-15
I'm tossing your recap from a safe distance, since mom has a cold and I MIGHT be a 'carrier'. Don't want the whole club coming down with mom's bugs. Am I thoughtful or what!

Speaking of bugs, Luvbug(57/12) is a day late with his one hit wonder, but it's a shack favorite: They're Coming To Take Us Away! Ha HA! ... Oh my. Mallow's(47/11) love note from the lumberjacks is requesting rabbit & apple pancakes. They MUST be hungry men! ... Mimi(69/15) is salivating for some fried rabbit while her sidekick kicks off to the marathon.

Seems Tucker(57/12) is all in favor of rabbit & pancakes. Meanwhile Dot is looking for a marathon win ... Bee Gee(55/10) is busy fixing rabbit stew, tying Soupy's marathon number on him, and dodging mom's sneezes! ... GTt(54/9) is celebrating perfect weather by roasting a rabbit and steaming some pancakes. Is that a new tradition? ... And Ana(50/5) took her lovely peppers for an early walk to check out the tomatoes.

Okay, did everyone's sidekick make it back from the marathon?
1st - Ana's little tomatoes speed in first with a 5.
2nd - GTt's pancakes steamed in second with a 9.
3rd - And Bee Gee's Soupy stewed in third with a 10.

The rest of your sidekicks must have taken wrong turns.
J.C. lands Mimi in the rabbit hutch with the wrongest turn of all. A 15 for the day. Maybe a few of the other slackers can lend a paw with that hassan pfeffer. Or you can just stoke up the still and fix us a batch of rabbit punch!

I hear rabbit punch stew
is a great cold remedy!


09/26/2015 12:25.08 PM Report This Comment
9.25 Another Beautiful Long Drive Day
So many celebrations today. I hope the heinikat and Crab Newburg hold out.
Starting off by giving my household pest, GTt a free trip to the cart barn. Ha!! She never did get her 45 posted. it wouldn't matter because 45 is NOT a very Long Drive anyway.
And to finish up business. Sandy did not get to pay since her Janet and Nat went off to New Hampshire.
Now, down to some real red hot golfing.
Thanks to LuvBug 57 for all the many choices he researched for us.
If we put the pharmacists and psychotherapists together in one room they could help one another.
Popular were the One Off tunes.
A. mallow (who does not need a psychothearpist, thank you) whacked a mice 51 while singing Kookie, Kookie, Lend me your comb. And another non-psycho-cat (his opinion) Steve also reports a 51 score. His song of choice... oh, he can't remember it. But he does remember his psycho dream from last night. Seats are available near the listening bar.
Fresh from N-Gin's Roach Wagon are her 60 Pigeon Piles. I that what we are calling them now? Because it is Crab Newburg Day that beats the turtle Truffles, I guess. But Heinekat is always welcome.
The mudcat 74 offers her entire household for group therapy. She includes our Catty Shack membership in the group. Thanks!
Nothing wrong with Tuck&Dot but he wants psychotherapy, 53 bowls of crab newburg and henikats.
BeeGee wins the One Off tune day with 44 Cows grazing in the grass.. and a few other unmemorable tunes.

1st mimi
2nd N-Gin 60
3rd LuvBug

Lunatics one and all from PD Budd , humble commenter

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes, Fall portrait!, Furlip Files-Jail Break, PD Budd, 'Cat of Mystery' & The 2 Budd's -Research & Development.

09/25/2015 01:42.26 PM Report This Comment
9-24 recap
Something I know nothing about-punctuation day! Punctuation can make a world of difference. For instance,the sentence "Let's go ride BG!" sounds much more appropriate with punctuation-"Let's go ride,BG!" OK,on with the scores.

Luvbug (55) is arguing the correct use of a semi colon (is that part of the large,or small intestine???)

Mallow (52) tests our reading,and hieroglyphic skills by using every last punctuation known to man (and cat) in a 5 page long sentence. And you say I'm long winded! Nope,just full of wind.

I score a 49. I'm sleepless in Ohio(would Tom Hanks star in that?) with someone here in the house with a snoring problem. Hate to point a paw at the hand that doesn't feed me (Gpa)

Engine (60) arrives sporting her new Sandworm Saab. How many MPG do sandworms get? She is rollin in with French Fried Finch and Kentucky Cockatiels.

Tuck and Dot (53) find punchy punctuation is fun! Anything with an exclamation point is fun. Must be too much sniffing the Kentucky Cockatiels going on there.

Ana (48) takes a night walk and has an ETA of 7. PM? And you thought a 3 hour tour was bad.

Mudcat (69) slingshots her catty for some grub and stimulating beverage. This is a PG rated page Mudcat :)

GTt (43) solves the problem of too much talking while trying to golf-caramels! Thats right-sure to yank a few teeth free.

And BG....(47) accuses her sidekick of doing something with an "S" on her chair,and its not snoring! Duck soup tomorrow!

1st: GTt with 43
2nd: BG with 47
3rd: ME and Ana with 48

Losers: Mudcat with 69,and Engine with 60


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

09/24/2015 01:59.48 PM Report This Comment
9/23/15 - You've Got a Friend in Me Day
And after we all hold paws and sing some Carole King, it’s time for the usual bedlam on the course.

Luvbug’s restless legs are first out there, he’s moving fast because he’s heard it’s Dogs in Politics Day and he knows what dogs do to polls. I mean, poles. 52 (=7) for Luvbug today. Then comes Mallow, with her mind spinning in 46 (=10) different directions while Steve focuses in on Chocolate Day. Let’s have 49 (=13) different varieties!

Engine is so excited to be bringing us Crickets dipped in Catnip Chocolate and a big keg of Backyard Dawg that she forgets to bring us …. Her score! Mimi makes no such omission, she has 70 (=7) and a bad case of restless lets. Gracie T-t wants dome Hair of the Dawg and brings us a 38 (=11)

Tucker is all about the Backyard Dawgs too, why soon he’ll be seeing 50 (=5) of them! BeeGee brings us a 36 (=9) and says that SHE has a friend in HER. Head count! Anyone missing? Sandy’s not missing, she pops in with a 55 (=10) to wish us a happy first day of Fall.

And this is how it stacks up:
1st – Tucker with 5
2nd – Luvbug & Mimi, tied with 7
3rd – BeeGee with 9
And to the cart barn goes everyone’s pal Steve. By popular demand, after all that chocolate!

See you next Garbage Day!

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ vote Dean #36497 in Oct, Angel Jezebel ~ Love lives on, K Mike ♥ QL Dolly always~Missing Mom Janada, Mojo Blackbear ~ 2 years old Sept 17, Angel Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw caught my ♥ & Evie ♥ A Shai.

09/23/2015 01:04.43 PM Report This Comment
Dear Diary? 9-22-15
Wait a minute. Nobody uses those things any more. Not with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter around. ALL the drama goes on social media now! Luvbug(58) is trying to ignore some elephant in the room. Is it writing in a diary? Let's go peek! ... Mallow(44) is enjoying an ice cream cone in her free car. I really think you read that memo wrong.

Steve(54) is all kinds of tap-happy dancing on his orange toes. Everyone try to keep up ... Engine(58) missed miniature golf yesterday but made it for Orange Toe Dancing today, no thanks to her intermittent internet. You must have the same company mom has! ... Mudcat(72) is still stuck on Crayon Day, with pink elephants and orangesicle toes.

GTt(51) just feels like screaming today, for ice scream, her score, you name it ... Tucker(53) kicks back with his catty and a few Heinecats to watch Maizy do the dance of orange toes. Maybe she and Steve could pair up ... Bee Gee(45) also questions the use of the dear diary nowadays. Just be sure you get behind her in the orange toe clogga line! ... And Sandy(55) wishes one and all a one-day-early happy autumn! It IS the season to be orange!

So how long were our dear diary entries today?
1st - Mudcat is very wordy with a 72.
2nd - Luvbug & Engine have matching entries at 58.
3rd - And Sandy uses 55 words in her happy autumn entry.

Mallow(44) and Bee Gee(45) are surprisingly mum as they head to the cart barn. Hmm.

I have NO orange toes! Orange cat -
white toes! I got robbed!!


09/22/2015 02:08.54 PM Report This Comment
9-21 recap
Testing the golf skills with miniature golf day. Do we get tiny temperatures to go with? We also have Peace Day,and Gratitude Day.All this feely good stuff and love going around on a Monday,kind of scary!

Luvbug (61)is grateful for pecan cookie golf balls.Their so dry,they would work better in the sand traps.

Mallow (49)gets her meals served one way-incinerated. Takes the hassle out of all that chewing.

I score a 53. Not bad for hitting them tiny golf balls with a banana (don't ask)

Mudcat (74) is trying a new approach to drum up business-rack of rat free with every pole dance.

Tuck and Dot (48) make up for missing rum punch day by eating their way thru 18 mini golf holes. I didn't say donut holes Tuck,don't get too excited.

GTt (40) shivers her timbers (talk like a pirate day leftover)and warms up over her rack of rat.Its a hot commodity today.

Sandy likes her 47 so well today,she's asking for a repeat tomorrow.

And BG (56)Thinks of ALL the thing she is grateful for- a duck in every pot (sorry Soupy)dry,gag in the throat pecan cookies,and,of course,our witty,wonderful company (OK,so maybe I added a few things in there,especially the last part)

1st: GTt with 40
2nd :Sandy with 47
3rd: Tuck and Dot with 48

Losers: Mudcat with 74( and after you brought that lovely rack of rat) and Luvbug 61


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

09/21/2015 01:20.10 PM Report This Comment
Did your catty sidekicks dress up today? 9-20-15
I'm sure a few of you might have needed to punch them a time or two to get them into some costumes? Luvbug doesn't really need to dress up Lil Jag. She comes with her very own furry boa. Steve would be SO jealous! Luvbug has the first losing hand of the day, 58.

See? I told you there would be punching involved! Mallow gives Mojo a nice Hawaiian punch to get the sidekick costume fittings off to a "hit or miss" start. Get it? 'Hit' or miss? Haha! A winner for Mallow with a 59-5=9. The Angels are watching the goings on from on high, trying to manage the sprinkles so the dressed up sidekick catties stay dry on the catwalk. They manage the 2nd losing hand of 66.

Mudcat isn't bragging about her hand, another loser, 67. But she has some nice things to say about her cute catty J.C. dressed up in his spiffy Hawaiin shirt and lei. Apparently only one rum punch was required to get him in that outfit. Eew. NOW you tell us! GTt informs us the deck was dropped in a big piddle last night. Oh wait, lemme clean my glasses... Oh! *whew* That says 'puddle'. Okay, so some damp cards today. Guess PD's not complaining much, what with the only other winner today, 5+4=9.

Bee Gee brings her sidekick Soupy, dressed in - what else? - a roasting pan. Seems Soupy was NOT cooperating with that plan, but the darn golf bully finally prevailed. She still lost at cards though, with that 57. And so we have a two-way split today, between PD and Mallow. Be careful what you grab from the pot: The Budd's nekked sidekick Auntie mouse is on the loose, and you never know where she'll turn up!

~~~Hot Rod~~~
I'm all for a
big rum punch


09/20/2015 11:37.29 AM Report This Comment
Keel haul the varmints! 9-19-15
I don't know which varmints. We'll find some though. I'm in a keel haulin' kinda mood.

Luvbug(54/9), I'll just bet pirate don't eat butterscotch pudding. Is there such a thing as just scotch pudding? If there is, THAT'S what pirates would eat! ... Oh goody! The multi-lingual Mallow(56/11) has found several scurvy dogs (veinerschnitzels!) to walk the plank! When you're done with 'em I have a keel to haul them under ... GTt(54/9) rushes to tumble all over. And Ana(65/11) is simply clear today. Must be a Saturday thing.

Mimi's(68/14) catty is a pig! No, not THAT Pig! He ate a barrel of butterscotch pudding! We'd all better HOPE he calls in sick, or else he'll be swabbing the deck for the foreseeable future! ... Sounds like Bee Gee(43/7) is ready to unload her blunderbuss at everybody at her phone company. Would that be before or after you keel haul them? ... Tucker(58/13) is all ready for an early Oktoberfest, and who could blame him? Sauerkraut and bratwurst are much better than pulled hammies OR stuffed catties.

Ahoy mateys, who's little dinghy did the best putting?
1st - No contest, it's Bee Gee and her 7 drowned phone employees.
2nd - Luvbug & GTt tumble to a tie with 9 trips to the (butter)scotch bar!
3rd - Mallow & Ana cleared out 11 scurvy dogs.

And into the cart galleon goes Mimi. At least you won't have to deal with all that butterscotch in there, just plain old scotch. I hear that's the hooch of the day!

Avast ye scurvy bilge rats!
Be takin' care ye don't go grog blossom!


09/19/2015 01:13.00 PM Report This Comment
Thanks and thanks again to all
So my first thank mews never got on when the Cat Channel was undergoing strangeness lately.
I was glad to hear from you for my recent 13th birthday and now the mew COTD award.
Lovely to know we are still mewing together.
PD Budd

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes, Fall portrait!, Furlip Files-Jail Break, PD Budd, 'Cat of Mystery' & The 2 Budd's -Research & Development.

09/19/2015 05:38.11 AM Report This Comment
it's a gorgeous
end to a brilliant week and lovely start to janet's third vacat-ion this coming week. she's got tomorrow off and starts it by walking early tomorrow either the middle or upper west st. blocks and home again, then has online stuff to concentrate on getting done like cc first. she's working on finishing it now seeing her room had to be rewired...the rest of the house living room, moms and nat's bedroom as well, but those won't likely get done as two new boxes were put in as well due to blowing out as janet's did last weekend. she's starting prepping tomorrow by getting off all veggies/fruits cooked/raw as well as well as any nuts and the like, then that night start the clean out process unless she does it that afternoon so she won't have to stay up sunday night running, but once she's cleaned out she can have just clear drinks till midnight monday night and nothing till after her procedure 7:30 tuesday morning as she's gotta be there for 6;30 so they can start meds, and wed she's got jury duty 8am in belcher-town next town over and not to far really from here. sandy,ab. haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

09/18/2015 11:16.34 AM Report This Comment
9.18 Long Drive Cheezeburger Day
Holy Kitty Litter!!! Who the heck got me into that COTD window. Now I know what N-gin was mewing about a pawty for PB!! Well, c'mon over, the Heinekat is flowing and there are still lots of plain or chocolate covered crickets available. In fact, spear your own live ones and dip into the fondu pot.
PD Budd, COTD. Writer, and Furiday commenter

The day (almost) All of us have waited for. Let's hear it for the humble, but filling, CHEEZEBURGER. Who said that? "I can has cheezeburger."
LuvBug had to tote her own golf bag today but she whacked a nicer (than last Furiday) 50. And she gets a slug, er, of Whisker Whisky from N-Gin.
Mallow the "Great" reports that her catty had a great day off. Her score of 52 flies between the welcome raindrops. Steve thinks this has been declared "Lean on Steve Day"-- of course, everything is ALL about you Steve (is your middle name Trump?) He's taking a payday loan of 58 cheezeburgers today. Please help? Also, happy BD to old Louie.
Ana/Haley reports a sterling 64 & ties with Mimi.
Mimi, the first Mudcat says, "HELP!" She has 64 bugs in her water bowl. The hero of the day is N-Gin pushing her little cart with 56 chocolate covered crickets for the 'PB pawty'... do you mean me? Best of all she has a slug, er, drink of Whisker Whisky--is that White Whisker Whisky?
Tuck & Dot escape their ADD household. Only treats work for that one. Tuck whacks a 53 and sends Dot over to get a cheezeburger & slug of Whisker Whisky for each of them.
Darn BG ranks today against Respect Day... or at least she's against the phone company who will not fix her phone and also CC IT for generally screwing up. She is sending Gus over to lift his leg on all of them. See are good for something.Consoling herself with 48 cheezeburgers.
GTt is enjoying what is left of summer. She is bouncing like a crazy cat after hearing that this is "monitor water day".Splish-Splash her fav. activity. She gets 60 cheezeburgers from N-Gin and a jar full of Whisker Whisky.
Ana's score on the cc page.
1st: 64 Haley & Mimi-- you buy Mudcat & Ana
2nd: 60 water bowls for GTt
3rd: 58 lean Steve, have another slug (of W.W.)
Cart Barn-- Darn ole ranting BeeGee. 48
Total consumption of Cheezeburgers= 168* A REAL winner? Cheezeburgers.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes, Fall portrait!, Furlip Files-Jail Break, PD Budd, 'Cat of Mystery' & The 2 Budd's -Research & Development.

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Thurs CS
What came first,CC or the error page? Times up,whats your answer? Yeah,I know,there isn't any GOOD answer.
we have black catty appreciation going on with apple dumplings and country music day (we can skip that) and ear mite annihilation. And...not to forget-Mojo's BD! Happy,happy BD.

Luvbug (50) yells "hail,hail,the apple dumpling gangs all here,or was that just the apple dumplings are here. I need my hearing checked,must be ear mites.

Mallow (51)Hits the double whammy (no,thats not a new golf swing) with Mojo's BD and black catty appreciation. Now she's gotta be double nice,THIS I gotta see!!

I arrive dragging tail(if I had one) and score a 58. I'm going to practice my ear mite annihilation technique on BG's bat ears. Large target and all :)

Engine (60) Serves deviled fluffed duck (how does one fluff your duck?) with flying squirreltinis. Fluffy ducks and acrobatic squirrels,I'm not sure I can eat them!

Mudcat (64) appreciates her black catty so much,she refuses to let him have a day off,or any pride either. You let him dress in a cowboy suit? Oh,the buttless chaps are a nice touch.

Sandy has a stale,day old 60.

Tuck (55) gives no rest to his wicked,back in black catty Dot. His words,not mine.Dot must be hanging with Mallow again.

GTt(50) is going to celebrate a little bit of anything,and everything with her devil ducks.I worry about the company you keep these days.

Thats it? NO BG?????????????????????????????? Who can we make fun of!

1st: Holy crap-tie with GTt and Luvbug with 50
2nd: Mallow 51
3rd:Tuck 58

Losers:Mudcat 64,and Engine and Sandy with 60


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

09/17/2015 02:12.59 PM Report This Comment
just to let ya know....
that mommy's right eye stayed stable the past 2 months, so her next visit isn't till mid nov., and if it stays the same again the next visit wouldn't be till mid february! :) good news we've been praying would happen and will continue to pray that will be so! janet even made/canned 21/2 jars of spaghetti sauce too! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

09/17/2015 02:02.15 AM Report This Comment
9/16/15 - Guacamole, Hard Rocks and Runtime Error
… which is what I got when I tried to log in earlier to check the scores for today, so I hope everyone stopped in CC2 today. And now that I can log in … well the good news is, the late lamented blogs from September 12th are back. And so is Angel Tikki as COTD. What a pawty, we lost two days!

Luvbug starts us out with a 50 (=5) and talk of Rock collecting and guacamole. Angel Mallow arrives next with 49 (=13) bags of nachos to go with the guacamole while Steve brings 52 (=7) cans of his new taste sensation, guacamole flavoured Play-Doh. Oh, we are a brain trust indeed!

Engine has a 50 (=5) and some Possum Pizzas for us. With guacamole on them? Well, we can even manage that after we empty those kegs! Tucker is holding out for 53 (=8) varieties of cat treats which his Mom has promised him, while Mimi will forego the 61 (=7) pet rocks in her front yard and wants a planter of everything.

BeeGee has a 43 (=7) and the kind of rock collection I like! Put on some Rolling Stones for us, please. Everyone groans at the bad pun while Gracie T-t sits thoughtfully on her Thinking Rock before shooting a 50 (=5)

Line up the rockheads:
1st – Luvbug, Engine and Gracie T-t, all with 5
2nd – Steve, Mimi and BeeGee, all with 7
3rd – the Tucker stands alone with 8

And off on the Loserville Trolly, direct route to the cart barn is Mallow with that very lucky 13. Now THAT is a Runtime Error!

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ vote Dean #36497 in Oct, Angel Jezebel ~ Love lives on, K Mike ♥ QL Dolly always~Missing Mom Janada, Mojo Blackbear ~ 2 years old Sept 17, Angel Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw caught my ♥ & Evie ♥ A Shai.

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Happy prairie putting day! 9-12-15
Ha! I knew that would get your attention! It's really just Prairie Day, but I thought bringing our putters along sounded like fun. But what do I know? Oh, I know it's Hollerin' Day. Mom's been doing a lot of that this week.

Luvbug(62/8), you might want to chill out IN that chocolate milkshake. 101? And here summer is almost over. Sheesh! ... Stand back! WAY back! Mallow(56/11) is trying to belch her ball into the cup! Must be something new she learned from that Arnold Palmer video game ... Looks like Mimi(74/11) will be getting extra shut-eye now, since the sun is her alarm clock, and Old Sol has been sleeping in later these mornings.

GTt(62/8) almost topped off a gorgeous day by bringing the mom breakfast in bed to show her appreciation, but it seems PD put the skids on that when all appetites were ruined upon discovery of HIS Pawrent Appreciation gift: a brand new fine and furry hairball at the foot of the bed. That IS one of our favorite spots too!

Bee Gee(51/6) finds ways to make a milkshake all kinds of awful! Tuna? Yogurt? Sounds like something you'd serve with liver fruitcake! Please say you're joking! ... And Sir Tardy Tucker(60/6) arrives in time for lunch. I think Bee Gee has the menu. *snicker*

How was the putting out on the lone prairie today?
1st - Tie, Bee Gee & Tucker with 6.Is that how many tuna milkshakes you want?
2nd - Another tie! GTt & Luvbug, 8. That's NOT how many hairballs PD hacked up I hope!
3rd - ANOTHER tie! Mallow & Mimi have 11 video games they want to play.

And that accounts for everybody, so no one goes to the barn for the "juice" today. Good thing we always stock up in the club house on Fridays. What, you didn't know that? Well, it's a new rule I just made up, ratified by the Golf Bully, and implemented retroactively by same Golf Bully who had barn duty LAST time. It's okay, it doesn't have to make sense!

And if it DOES make sense
please explain it to ME!


09/12/2015 01:25.10 PM Report This Comment
9.11 Long Drive Furiday-- WHACK!
Did you know it is chocolate milkshake day? ?'s.
(Prod... prod. I had to prod the typist with claws out to get this out to you)
Here we go--
Our LuvBug has a 63 going on 100. Fine whacking!
mallow with a pleasant 55 did a lot of bedmaking today. Be sure and check yours before retiring... (Bad girl).
"Whack 'Em as You See 'Em" GTt shouts and whacks a little 54
And she off to get her plate of mouseballz and S'getti.
Ana only appears to late. Not so. PD could not get his typist to wiggle those keys. And he pays her enough!
Ana comes in with a misty 64 for her angels.
The mudcat whacks a big 69 and treats her catty JC to lunch at N-Gin's Food Truck. Those frozen ferrets sound, er, interesting.
Tucker orders 53 Heady Heinekats and all the mouseballz & S'getti Dot can carry.
Bee Gee has a terrible day. Her Frontier phone company does not love her and will not make house calls (Our is named Frontier too. do you think it is a conspiracy?) Since she did not make her bed today she will not feel the benefit of Angel mallow's short sheeting work.When she takes Soupy out they;ll order 50 flavor of coffee. Get that to go, BG, since you'll be in the Barn with that score.
Here they are:
1st- LuvBug 100- better you than us!
2nd- N-Gin not only a great lunch but a 72
3rd- mimi- 69 and Lunch for JC
Again I apologize for the lateness... not my fault..
PD Budd, non-golfer but commenter.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes, Fall portrait!, Furlip Files-Jail Break, PD Budd, 'Cat of Mystery' & The 2 Budd's -Research & Development.

09/11/2015 06:19.31 PM Report This Comment
we got our nice gentle soaking rain! started late yesterday af-ternoon and continued all last night and still was coming down when janet took pepper out around 2;45 this morning which all will stop sometime likely when janet's at work and start to clear off as well. more coming in tomorrow night with another front then warming to the lower to mid 80s where janet likes it with lower to mid 50s at night, ick!!!!!!! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

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Hot Dogs!
Get your hot dogs!! What,I can't even give these things away?? Whats wrong with ground up pieces and parts? DO NOT tell me you've all gone gourmet on me. Suck it up,its hot dog day,and I just happened to buy...dig this...100 of them for 10 dollars. What a steal! OK,stop freaking,its also stray cat awareness day (I always loved that song Stray Cat Strut),and swap ideas day. Hey,its better than swap spit,right? See,I KNEW you would see things my way.

Luvbug (63) is hitting triple digits,and finds it very muggly. I'll swap you temps!

Mallow (53) claims she has a hot one on the rise,and she ain't talking hot dogs. Oh....the temperatures are hot.

I score a 67,and will bore anyone that listens with my tales of being a stray.Hey,some parts are good (with a tiny bit of embellishing)

Engine (73)is messin with us now...for our tongue twister treat,she brought ...ready for battered broiled beaver.

Mudcat (76-yikes) not technically a stray,but one smart cookie knew to bat her eyelashes and claw her way into her moms heart. It pays to keep the claws sharpened.

GTt (62)is waving her tail,and attracting visitors of the black,white and highly fragrant kind.

BG (49) lives on the edge today (it would much easier to handle the stress with a hot dog,swear) and carefully,carefully tromps on the add comment button. Yes,even the button is afraid of the golf bully.

Wait,wait...we have a late addition...The Angels 72 all over us today. That COULD be a good thing.

1st:BG the elusive with 49
2nd:Mallow the hot with 53
3rd:GTt the tease with 62

Losers:By FAR...Mudcat with 76,and Engine with 73


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

09/10/2015 01:54.56 PM Report This Comment
9/9/15 - Wonderful Weirdos Day!
Oh, if ever there was a celebration tailor made for THIS crowd, we are celebrating it today! Let the weirdness begin!

Luvbug is first and to begin the weirdness he brings 58 (=13) teddy bears to a picnic. Seems it’s THEIR special day too! For Mallow, everyday is Wonderful Weirdos Day, but the use she has found to make of one of those teddy bears? Well, NOT proper golf equipment in my opinion. A 54 (=9) for her, Not too bad. Steve has invited all the Pariahs to our big celebration as well, and after he shoots his 72 (=9) he invites us all to design cool Pariah hats.

Engine has brought 74 (=11) Mounds of Molten Mice, and if that isn’t a great food for Wonderful Weirdos Day I don’t know what is! Mimi claims there are no Weirdos or Pariahs at her house, everyone fits in just fine! She has a 76 (=13) and Tucker with his 69 (=15) seconds Mimi’s observation. After all, cats playing golf, pole dancing, running stills out in the cart barn, why it’s all perfectly normal around HERE!

Gracie T-t soon has 62 (=8) teddy bears singing, perfectly normal there too, right? Sandy shoots a 70 (=7) and invites all the Weirdos and Pariahs for some water fun. And finally BeeGee gives the keynote speech to open the celebration, 49 (=13) minutes of musings on what differentiates a Weirdos from a Pariah.

Well, let’s tally up the scores:

Weirdo # 1 – Sandy with 7
Weirdo #2 – Gracie T-t and her Golden-toned Teddies
Weirdo #3 – the anways-weird Steve and Mallow, tied with 9

And the Pariah du Jour is Tuck, heading out with a 15.

Now, let’s put our Pariah hats on and get on with this pawty!

Your Guest (un) Common ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ vote Dean #36497 in Oct, Angel Jezebel ~ Love lives on, K Mike ♥ QL Dolly always~Missing Mom Janada, Mojo Blackbear ~ 2 years old Sept 17, Angel Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw caught my ♥ & Evie ♥ A Shai.

09/09/2015 12:45.01 PM Report This Comment
water fun day!
such a great day for waterfun day today with the lower 90s on tap for what just might be the very last day we'll see them this year or summer going into fall! we've smashed existing records the past two days and are set to do it once again today like we did on monday. the old records were 91 both days and again to-day as well. janet walked with pepper, then home changed, and bugasided was outback picking limas a big half pailful of them and some string beans and guess what else??? for the first time in 3 years a small pailful of tomatoes with more coming in but will slow down with the cool down we have coming starting tomorrow night. she didn't know she had to take mommy out to see her doctor just for a check in this morning, but ran out there after finishing by one min-ute sandy's page. she's got lima beans she wants to do up this afternoon and well email backed to the hilt to answer still too. so hoping you liked the turkey burger with barbecue sauce i just grabbed from the grill and do you want a regular salad, macaroni salad or potato salad with fresh tomatoes or peas and beans on the side? i think for dessert some nice lime popcicles, how does that sound. oh, we're closing down as boomers are likely after 4 so to be on the safe side 3pm is the deadline for getting one and all off so they can make it home on time unless they want to stay the night tonight in the garage they're more than welcome as we have other movies or tv they can watch. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

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Just kick me! 9-8-15
Really really hard! The phone, the internet, the car, NOW the garbage company! NONE of them want to work right!! So here goes another (hopefully) speedy recap.

Luvbug(54) is trying to convince us to adopt an iguana. But what if I don't wanna iguana? ... I must have missed the memo. Mallow(55) is sporting steel toed dancing slippers, and I totally have no idea why we're having a conga! I better brush up on my literacy.

Steve expects to be pardoned for his toots in the conga line. And I'll pardon him for not leaving a score. He's so confused ... Sandy!(74) Better hold your breath! You're behind Toots in the conga line! ... GTt(64) makes up for Steve's lack of score by posting hers twice. Sorry Gracie, that does NOT mean you get a score of 128! That would be a record long drive!!

Engine(66) needs to re-juice. Seems she ran dry after her extra" visit this weekend ... Mimi(72) says those images of pink iguanas are only post-holiday visions and will fade soon. And she should know! *wink* ... Tucker!(67) Don't feel all alone. I MUST have "Kick Me" written all over! Or at least mom does ... And Bee Gee(45) just keeps scoring lower and lower. Go ahead, take some iguana snacks to Sniff in the clink. You know you want to.

No really stand out long drives today, unless you count GTt's double entry. Which we won't.
1st - Sandy, 74. You doing okay behind Steve? How long can you hold your breath??
2nd - Mimi, 72. Already looking forward to liver fruitcake season?
3rd - Tucker, 67. Not going for the unlimited look huh? Don't blame you. Highly overrated.

Happy little Bee Gee skips off to the still cellar. Okay, she's just glad she doesn't have to visit Sniff.

I refuse to pardon the phone company
for all their incompetence!


09/08/2015 11:13.42 AM Report This Comment
Hi Luvbug & Family
Thank-you for coming to my COTD pawty. It was wonderful to see you there, you sure know how to spoil a girl!! I received so many wonderful gifts, toys, treats, Piñata's and homemade goodies. But what meant the most to me was sharing my day with pawsome friends!! Thank-you for taking the time to honor me on my 4th COTD!!

I am leaving you a little prayer, that we really like:

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray this cushy life to keep.
I pray for toys that look like mice,
And sofa cushions, soft and nice.
I pray for gourmet kitty snacks,
And someone nice to scratch my back,
For windowsills all warm and bright,
For shadows to explore at night.
I pray I'll always stay real cool
And keep the secret feline rule
To never tell a human that
The world is really ruled by cats!
~Author Unknown~

I am also dropping off a goodie bag filled with Tuna Cookies with Catnip crème frosting, thank-you again for making my day so very special!!
Hugs & Kitty Kisses, Mouse

Come visit me, K. Tuck ~ offline for Vacation Oct. 3-17th, Dame Dot ~ offline for Vacation Oct. 3-17th, Maizy ~ Please Vote Dean #36497 for COTM!!, Dame Mouse ~ offline for Vacation Oct. 3-17th & Smoke's Angels~ In Loving Memory of Shadow.

09/08/2015 04:59.54 AM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug
Okay, you ready for some musical birthday madness? Mom moved my birthday BACK to September 5th on CC2, AND changed it here, too. Reason? She remembered why it's the 5th: Pig & Sissy's B'day is the 15th, and mom decided it was too close together. So, since we really don't now exactly when ANY of us were born, she arbitrarily picked the 5th and the 15th. WHY she had the 10th on CC she has NO clue. Of course we always knew she was clueless! Anyway, she changed that one to the 5th too. I hope this doesn't cause much more confusion than it already has.


PS - So this means you don't have to get me another present. But you can if you want to. *hint hint*


09/07/2015 05:04.01 PM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug!
Happy Labor Day to you all! Of course, "labor" doesn't apply to us kitties. But we do appreciate all the labor mom puts into keeping our litter clean and our food and water bowl full! And of course, brushing us. Let's not forget all that brushing. And washing our beds and blankets. And vacuuming up all our fur. And cleaning our sneezes off the windows. Gosh! We're a lot of work, aren't we?? Of course, without us, mom would be SO bored! Whatever would she do with all her "spare" time? She's very fortunate to have us, isn't she? MOL!

Don't worry about changing my b'day over on that "other" CC. Mom scampered right over there as soon as you made her aware of her boo boo. Thanks for volunteering though. AT least SOMEBODY around here is on the ball, and it ain't the mom unit. :-)



09/07/2015 11:45.39 AM Report This Comment
Happy Labor Day to all!
And to all,a good night. So,here we are trying our best not to do any labor of the physical kind. Quick recap on a non-golf day. Elbow bending from the beverage to the mouth is acceptable. We've got ribs to eat,watermelon seeds to spit,relatives to bother. Rain nor snow day-gots plenty of that,salami day- *burp*,and we won't say that c-l-o-w-n-s word *shudder*.

Luvbug (51) says where are the clowns,send in the clowns,don't bother-their here at the CS!! Cat clowns that is,(I hope).

Mallow (51-copy cat,copy cat) has a bad case of the haunteds again late night. You would THINK you would have control over that area Mallow.

Haley (64) is taking care of business this morning before it hits a 91 this afternoon. Now,do that without breaking a sweat-no labor you know.

Mudcat (71) is getting her jollies out of clown scares. Lucky for us, even the clowns have the day off.

GTt (59) is helping us forget the clowns by buying the first,second,third round of beverages with her "found" winnings at poker. Labor of love,huh GTt!

I score a 70. Dodging the rain and the snow (I DO live in Ohio,it could happen you know) and the clowns. Getting ready for The Ohio State game to start. Go Bucks!

Engine (70) raises her paw with tomcat collins on tap and stuffed pork belly.

BG (47) will go down in history today. I want it on the record SHE agreed with ME-NO clowns on the course please. She encourages us all to go green by reading the books in the stores and not purchasing them. Bummer-no scratching and sniffing the perfume samples inside.

1st: Darn with 47 (you just look at the pictures,huh)
2nd: Luvbug and Mallow tie with 51
3rd:GTt with 59

Losers: (good thing its a non-labor day) is Mudcat with 71,and Engine and I with a 70


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

09/07/2015 10:18.22 AM Report This Comment
sleepover tomorrow night/water fun games wed
stopping in to wish you all a happy labor day today1 janet's working as usual for double time plus holiday pay, then just one more day and she's off for a day, can't wait! been freezing up a storm yesteday too, 2 bags each of broccoli/corn and then 1 each of summer squash/lima beans. if you're coming to the sleepover and waterfun come prepared for lower 90s and high humidity so the water will be a good thing to celebrate the unofficial end of the summer right? sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

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Fight procrastination? 9-6-15
I'll do that. Later. Right now I need to referee this card game while I'm still connected to the internet. Although there isn't much to referee. Looks like only two to split the pot. That would be Bee Gee with a 49-4=9, and PD with 5+4=9. All the rest of you, read 'em and weep.

Luvbug draws a 50 and goes off in the corner to read a book. Mallow draws the same hand and reacts the same way. We may have to add a reading room to the White Whisker. Ana thinks she has a hot one coming up. Hope it's hotter than the 58 you got today. OMC! Look what the bouncer dragged in today - Engine! She has a losing 66 but who cares? It's nice to see the Vittle Van here on a weekend.

Mimi brought her pet rock with her for luck. Next time bring a 9 up your sleeve! That 76 doesn't look very lucky to me! As stated above, PD has a winner. The fact that he shares a roof with the dealer is pure coincidence. Tucker, you know we here at the White Whisker frown on bribery. Well, only if you get caught! But it looks like it's too late for you and that 67 today. And lastly comes our little Darn and her 49. She takes long enough to collect her winnings and heads over to help Soupy tune his electric kazoo for the Sidekick Rock Revival. BTW - this has nothing to do with pet rocks :)

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Coffee ice cream will be served
after the "tuning up" event


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Hey Luvbug!
Mom's been gone all day and just got back a little while ago. Dad says the internet has been wonky all day, on and off, on and off. It was off when mom got home but it's back now, so I thought I'd stop by while I (maybe) still can.

I don't know how the doddering old woman got it so wrong on the CC2 calendar, but my official unofficial birthday is September 10, like it says here on CC. Which I don't understand because this is where mom got the date for the OTHER CC! Old people should not be allowed to play with computers unsupervised. *snicker*
So now you'll have to get me another present in 5 days. It's okay, I don't mind. :-)



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Sorry guys 9-5-15
I have to make this short and sweet. The internet keeps shutting down and I may only have a few minutes so here goes:

Luvbug(49/13) is getting ready to plug in his heater. I hear ya ... Mallow(48/12) may need that heater too, but her bazooka could keep her warm ... Sandy(57/12) has a nice balmy but dropping day ... Mimi(76/13) tip claws through the garbage, keeping an eye peeled for vultures.

GTt(47/11) has a chiller of a day too, and is thankful the vultures are around cleaning up the roadkill ... Tucker(74/11), you have NO idea what "locked out" means until you suffer a complete techno breakdown like we have here. It's the apocalypse! ... Bee Gee(55/10) races through hoping to beat the next cut off.

Okay, winners of the rocket recap are:
1st - Bee Gee?? 10
2nd - Tie, GTt & Tucker, 11.
3rd - Tie, Mallow & Sandy, 12.

Loser heads to the still. Can we all come along? We have no phone, intermittent internet, AND mom's car broke down this morning! Beat THAT! (If you really really want to). Luvbug & Mimi share barn duty, but it's gonna get crowded in there with our whole family pushing and shoving there way in!

Hope this holds out long enough
to get these all posted!


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