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Domestic Longhair from <a href=' Margarita/club-members.aspx' title='Santa Margarita, CA'>Santa Margarita, CA</a>

Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo and Q. MerryBelle

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Hi! My name is Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo and Q. MerryBelle

I am Domestic Longhair from Santa Margarita, CA

Nicknames: Big Boy

Age: 14 years old

Gender: M

Coat: long haired

Education: He used to be afraid of people in general, now he is just leary of strangers and he is a total lovebug to his favorite people.

My favorite tricks and treats are: carries a string away in his mouth and fish flakes

Where I hang out: In the window or on a bed or couch

My favorite grubs: Tuna

My pet peeves: Vacuums, mops, car rides

What I love about my owners: They took me in from outside.

My cat hobbies: Play with a string and go outside.

Pet motto: Persist in what you want to achieve

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He was a stray in our area and we were feeding him. He finally got used to people and 'came in from the cold'. I won COTD on 6/11/09, 7/15/2011, 7/18/12, 7/18/2013 and 07/18/2014. Won CROTD on 7/15/2011. Thanks everyone. Diagnosed in December 2010 with a heart murmur.

Mom will try to catch up asap.

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I've had 19301 friends visit me.

I'm the 2,600th member on

1,323 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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5/6/15 - Off to the scoot races!
What a plethora of worthy holidays Luvbug lays before us today: Beverage Day, No Diet Day .. Crepe Suzette Day (purrfect coordination there, I say). I think he must have 45 (=9) holidays for us to ponder on this fine putting day. Mallow lifts a beverage in honour of Nurses Day, if they have to put up with the kind of stuff Mom had to deal with from Dad last night. He was 43 (=7) kinds of goofy! Steve also brings a big beverage for hard-working nursedom, a 56 (=11) ouncer ought to do it. And he is all set for the scoot races. Find a nice stretch of carpet and line up at the starting gate.

Why, as the Angels arrive methinks the scoot race might be a wonderful addition to Sports Day today! 53 (=8) for them and they clear out quickly, before anyone can get serious about that notion. Mimi is all for Beverage Day and after 60 (=6) beverages, she might NEED a nurse! And Engine is here with her smorgasbord, ready to celebrate No Diet Day in ALL its glory. Holy cats, there are 61 (=7) trays of Mouseburger Helper alone!

Tucker is #57 (=12) pole position as he lines up for the scoot races, already dreaming of the after-pawty crepe suzette feast. And UBB needs a beverage after dealing with 53 (=8) hours of campaign duties. Cat Daniels or Kryptonite Kooler? He will take both! Last but not least, BeeGee brings us 39 (=12) Mysteries of Life to ponder before she lets Steve officially start the scoot race. And just GUESS what the sound will be which starts this momentous event??

And the winners are:
1st – Mimi with 6
2nd – Mallow and Engine, tied with 7
3rd – UBB and the Angels, 8’s all around

Bringing up the rear (pun completely intended) are Tuck and BeeGee! They are relieved of cart barn duty today and instead they get to run the handy-dandy carpet shampooer which I have obtained from our local grocery store. Suds sliding, anyone?

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Events~vote Uncle Buddy Budd #189993 in May, Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~ Welcoming A Q MerryBelle, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly~Farewell noble K Pushkin, Mojo Blackbear ~ Cinco de Mayo MOUSEYS!!, Angel Mallow ♥ my fresh squeeze O.J., Angel Smokey ~ Welcoming A. K. Pushkin & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ Welcome springtime!.

05/06/2015 01:13.01 PM Report This Comment
sports day today!
instead of being offline like janet was planning yesterday, we're here bright and early as janet's on instead of being out side walking as she knows she could've gotten done and online as well. improving weather as well clouds to sun and near 80 today as well. janet's got a 9:20 hearing evaluation in northampton this morning will leave at 8:30 and that's just 2 hours from now and is trying to get cc done if she can or nearly done. sandy,ab haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

05/06/2015 03:29.43 AM Report This Comment
Re-cap from the Wild West 5-5-15
Wow, look at all those 5s! If only we were playing poker today. Luvbug(43) has designated this his personal Thank You Day, starting with thanks from Buster to all his well-wishers, and thanking cartoonists and teachers. Especially art teachers, who probably had a bit to do with some of those successful cartoonists ... Mallow(44) reminds us she doesn't always use anyone's legs for a scratching post, but when she does, well, you get the picture ... Steve(59) ponders the oyster myth while scratching himself. His HEAD! He's scratching his head and trying to remember what day Cinco de Mayo is on. Do you remember what day the 4th of July is?

Sandy and fam are setting records with a 65 today! Woohoo! ... Engine(60) screeches by in the Kibble Kart with a tasty medley of macerated mosquito & moth and plenty of beer to wash it down *choke* ... Mimi(64) goes pearl diving with J.C. in hopes of finding a plethora of pearls to string along.

Tucker(55) wants nothing to do with oysters, pearls or not. He reminds everyone to keep the hot peppers and chocolate custard away from Steve. As if anyone needed reminding ... UBB(57) is into Day 5 of his campaign with the always popular Hissy Fit theme ... And finally Bee Gee(45) is celebrating her own un-holiday by brushing up on her sleeping skills in the hammock.

Who's on the podium today?
1st - Sandy & her record setting 65.
2nd - Mimi, who choked 64 oysters for that necklace.
3rd - Engine, who only THOUGHT she had 61 beers. She forgot about that one she drank on the way over.

Sole and lonely loser today is Bee Gee out in her hammock. Somebody go tip her out so she can go warm up the still.

I'll keep the hammock
warm for you BG!


05/05/2015 01:26.49 PM Report This Comment
sleepover tonight/games tomorrow
sitting at 65 when janet got up this morning and not gonna get to much cooler, although kind of feels like it might be closer to 60 or below that now, but will make 80 today and cooler, but just for tomorrow, then 80s thurs and 90 fri-sun this weekend. hoping to see you at the sleepover tonight and games tomorrow. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

05/05/2015 01:28.21 AM Report This Comment
5-4 recap
The bird is the word. Bird day everyone! Yummiliscious bird,and something else...respect the chicken day. Sure we will,right up to the moment we Kentucky fry it. We also have for your pleasure Star War day,make a book day,OJ day(THAT got Mallow's attention),home brew day(that got ALL our attention) and petite and proud day. What a mix up of mush this is!

Luvbug (42) takes us back in time to humbug season for a cold case in his household. Not THAT kind of cold case-the real thing with germs-eeks! Get well soon Buster!

Petite Mallow (cough,cough) likes her snuggle buddy OJ with some gin. A cool enough to cuddle 46 for her.

I score a 56 (yipee!!!) and plot the planetary take over with my home brew. We shall call it Brew Wars.

Haley likes it warm,warm,warm with a 54.

Mudcat (61) is also plotting her own little war with the internet for takeover of her Email. Big talk for an 8 pounder.

Engine (60) remedies all this petite talk with stuffed snails and grasshoppers with sand worm gravy. Hmmm,I think I'll pass and let you all have my portion.

Tuck and Dot (55) -OMG,I can't catch my breath from laughing! Tuck....petite?? April Fools was a month ago. Ah yes Tuck,the little "leave a present in the garden" trick. You can practice in the sand traps.

UBB (46) works on his petite one hair at a time. His new COTM catpaign-Bald is Beautiful,and chilly.

And BG,our dainty pint sized (or is that quart sized,looks like a quart to me) brew slugging,bird watching terror on the 9th hole scores a 40.


1st: BG 40
2nd: Luvbug with 42
3rd: tie with Mallow and UBB 46

Losers: Mudcat (61) takes out Engine (60) by a whisker.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline on weekends.

05/04/2015 01:37.11 PM Report This Comment
sleepover tomorrow night/games wednesday!
we might/might not be offline wednesday sports day due to a mid morning appt. which janet doesn't know how long it's gonna take in northampton so if you see us then were here, if not then you'll see us on thursday morning before work if time permits that is. high of 86 here today and already 54 when she took pepper out before 3 this morning! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

05/04/2015 01:34.17 AM Report This Comment
Sorry so late 5-3-15
Mom's been tired today after fending off prowlers and home-invasions. She had help from dad, and even Dixie the Wonder Mutt earned her keep last night. So now maybe we can get to stuff that matters. Such as card games at the White Whisker.

Luvbug isn't interested in poker faces today. He's keeping everybody's grumpy face in his scrapbook, so beware. He's got a fair hand of 43/7. Mallow sports a flowery look today with her sunflower sunhat. She swears there's nothing up her sleeves but fur. Spare a few tufts for UBB? She draws a nice 44/8. Sandy bemoans her lousy finish in the Kitucky Derby yesterday, but your hand today is even worse! A lowly 50/5.

Ah Mimi, a cat after my own heart. Well, Bee Gee's heart anyway. You have such a lovely grump on this morning. Did you wear it just for us? Awww. A 53/8 won't get you close to the prize today. Tucker seems to think he who laughs last laughs best. May be. Keep your eye on the final hand today, because with your 44/8 you won't be grabbing the catbucks. At least UBB is in a win win mood today instead of a whine whine mood. I think that 36/9 has something to do with it. And Bee Gee is having a hard time keeping her grump on with that 39-3=9! She's so happy GTt isn't above a little paw-greasing now and then. No wait! I meant paw PLEASING! Honest!

Okay, time to read 'em and weep. Sandy goes lowball with a 5, while Luvbug fares a bit better with a 7. Even better are Mallow, Mimi & Tucker, each with 8. But the big hands for the little kitties go to UBB and BG today, our monogram members. You two split the loot while the rest of us go meditate on the lumpy rug in the club house. After awhile we might laugh about the lumpy grumpy rug. Careful, no tripping. Us old guys, you know.

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Grumpy aliens?
Must be the different colored shoes

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

05/03/2015 05:26.35 PM Report This Comment
games today!
remember the sleepover/games tues/wed this week, and we're gonna have a lot of fun and wamer temps 70s and 80s all this week into the start of next week through tuesday! can you believe it? sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

05/03/2015 01:22.08 AM Report This Comment
Giddy-up! 5-2-15
Aannnddd ... we're off and putting! Looks like Luvbug(45/9) is off to an early lead, putting neck and neck with Mallow(45/9). It's almost like they're trying to Join Hands! Kids, putting one-handed is VERY difficult, even in putt-putt golf! Coming up on the outside and taking the lead is Sandy(44/8). Tucker(41/5) comes running for truffles and slips past Sandy for the lead.

Mimi(50/5) leaps past her roommate J.C. reading comic books to share the led with Tucker. UBB(36/9) slips on the frosty grass and joins the last place crowd. Hope you at least landed on a furry part. You DO have some furry spots left, right? And Bee Gee(42/6) tiptoes through the truffle-looking things along the track to land solidly in second place. She used her ukulele for that putt. But she used BOTH HANDS! See? You guys could learn a thing or two from our stumpy butt bat-eared bully!

Okay, here's the final order of finish:
1st - Dead-heat, Mimi & Tucker, 5.
2nd - All alone, Bee Gee, 6.
3rd - Sunshine Sandy, 8.

Everybody else loses! You are all SUCH losers! I cannot emphasize that enough! Luvbug, Mallow, UBB - to the barn pronto! The rest of you, to the clubhouse and wait for the mint juleps to arrive, fresh from the still!

I see no one wore their HUGE
Derby hats. Maybe next year


05/02/2015 04:05.39 PM Report This Comment
happy caturday!
well it's the start of a full week and going into the first two days of the week after next of 70s and 80s! janet's beside her-self and can't wait to get back outside and sit when given the chance seeing she's gotten what she can plant in her gardens all done for the time being as threats of frost linger now through till the end of this month, you can't put in things like cukes, beans, squash but she might throw tomato seeds in to see what they might do she's not sure yet. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

05/02/2015 01:12.02 AM Report This Comment
Posting for PD Budd Long drive mayday! 5-1-15
First on the 1st... Apologises to All for UBB's dramatic grumpiness his morning. He is now losing his side fur. But managed to skip his appointment by cleverly shoving the sleeping GTt into the orange carrier. I can only imagine the surprise when he was not present for his appointment. She got the whole physical, lots of shots, temperature in the ass thing, and Revolution ( goop on the neck. And she has to get nose drops in both nostrils for 10 days.]

Now to the scores and prizes which is why we are here, right? Oh yeah, and the grub. Thanks N-Gin (56 ) for the cooked goose in honor of Mother Goose Day. Ha!! Anycat notice that LuvBug's score is rising up?
A 51 puts him in the lead for now. No cart barn for you tonight, dude.
Oompah, Oompah, Here comes Steve, the Pantless Marching Tuba band. He scores a 44. Tuck, sores 44 also but soaking wet, is not the only one shocked at Steve's lack of pants. But he loves reading Mother Goose Tails to Dot.
Then, UBB (45) 'nuff said about him. Oh, the Vet says UBB does not have Cushing's Disease. So much for Dr. Google.

"May Day! May Day!" Mallow (48) yells and claims everyone is going nuts. So, what's mew? Her neighbor to the south, BG also 48 is wearing leis and her bat ears to celebrate batman Day. Flapping those ears around the maypole can cause one of those cosmic shifts... be careful BeeGee.
Not really late arrives Ana with 52,
Queen of the Maypole dacing contest is our own pole dance, Mimi (56). She brought her two mew friends to her purrformance: Ol' Toothy and the Randy Rhino-- or is that Randy the Rhino?
Okay... who wins and buys the first round?
1st- Tied 56 That means we get two free round-- Mimi and Engine.
2nd - Ana late but scoring high
3rd - LuvBug enjoying life outside of the Cart Barn
In honor of May Day there will be no cart barn duty tonight. Paty 'round the Pole.
Purrs to all,
PD Budd, yer Furiday goff commenter


05/01/2015 05:49.12 PM Report This Comment
happy may day!
got any special way to celebrate it? we know in some countries it's a national holiday, but not here just another normal work and regular day! last day of cooler temps and just cloudy with an ever so slight chance of a shower. janet's also got a hearing evaluation on wed coming up in northampton and then a colon-oscopy in the middle of her first vacation in late june. getting everything done and out of the way is what she wanted to do! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

05/01/2015 01:20.50 AM Report This Comment
4-30 recap
Thursday CS,and the last day of April-can I get an amen to that! Today will be a stellar day! We can gossip about hairstyles,and jazz paws,and poetry,and Mr. Potato Head. Huh? Listen up,before we start-a BIG,HUGE,Happy BD to Tuck's furiendly pooch-Shadow! 14 and never been kissed-any volunteers?

Luvbug( 51) Has spent too much time in the cart barn-he's dressing up spuds. The only way I want a tater dressed is with a little Hidden Valley Ranch please.

Thank you Mallow for sleeping in,I got to be in the #2 slot today (I heard that snicker,not THAT kind of #2) looking oh so suave (If I say so myself,and I do) with my pointy mohawk and my saucy little 40 degrees by my side.

Mallow(46) nice of you to join us! Getting some beauty sleep? Step away from The Steve's mohawk with them sticky cookie paws.

Haley (45) is night golfing under starry skies. Not seeing the ball is most times better for the score.

Engine (55) wakes us up with a giddy-up breakfast. Good thing,We're SO hungry,we could eat a horse. Too bad,saucy mouse ribs and pickled possum is on the menu.

Mudcat (58) is a poet and didn't know it,a wet and soggy one at that.

Tuck and Dot (44) work at creating a new taste sensation(I worry about Tuck's taste) of dipping oatmeal cookies in Heinicat,and UBB (51) woke up on the sunny side of the bed today.

Bg (39) Quite the "Healthy" built girl is passing out "healthy" treats of oatmeal and raisins. Gag,no wonder your giving them away.

1st: BG with 39
2nd: Me,right behind her with 40(not a good spot to be)
3rd: Tuck and Dot with 44

Losers: Mudcat with 58,and Engine with 55.

Over and out~S~

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline on weekends.

04/30/2015 01:45.58 PM Report This Comment
it was so good
seeing all of you here yesterday for celebrate life merry sports day! :) we had a big crowd, but then again many who said they would be here no fail, weren't able to make it for some reason or another and janet accepts it like we do as things do come up when you least expect it as she well knows! at least it was sunny and warm till the clouds came in the afternoon and cleared overnight so was cooler and clear this morning till it clouded up. we all had a grand time yesterday and can't wait to do it all over again next week! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

04/30/2015 01:02.16 PM Report This Comment
4/29/15 - Beware of Flying Clogs!
It’s International Dance Day! AND it’s International Stationary Day, how DO we resolve that dilemma? Vogueing maybe? (Mojo whispers in the Common ‘Tater’s ear). OHHH, THAT kind of stationery (blush).

Luvbug is up and on the course early, trying to get a head start on Shrimp Scampi Day. And Make a Wish Day. He has 49 (=13) wishes, and one of them is that there was more Shrimp Scampi! A. Mallow is wishing it weren’t so darned wet, her ball leaves a water trail 44 (=8) feet long! And Steve is ducking 37 (=10) flying clogs as the day rolls on.

Engine is here with 55 (=10) servings of Salmon Sliders, yum! While Tuck tucks into 38 (=11) dishes of Shrimp Scampi before scampering up a tree. UBB sees the array of goodies and knows that HIS wishes have come true! 36 (=9) for him today.

Mimi shoots a 52 (=7) and then zips up a pole, where she should be safe from the clogs that are STILL flying through the air as BeeGee revives the famous Zipper Dance. After 45 (=9) encores, she is running out of clogs! We’re not sure WHAT Sandy’s score is, but either way it’s not a winner today. We’ll take the 5 a.m. 45 (=9) and the results are:

1st – Mimi with 7
2nd – Mallow with a soggy 8
3rd – UBB, GeeBee and Sandy, all with 9

LuvBug has the high score today, Lucky 13. And he heads into the cart barn where he can take off his hard hat and be safe from flying cl …. (CRASH!) Uh – oh, spoke too soon. Someone get the roof patching kit!

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Events~vote Uncle Buddy Budd #189993 in May, Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~ Welcoming A Q MerryBelle, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly~Farewell noble K Pushkin, Mojo Blackbear ~ Cinco de Mayo MOUSEYS!!, Angel Mallow ♥ my fresh squeeze O.J., Angel Smokey ~ Welcoming A. K. Pushkin & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ Welcome springtime!.

04/29/2015 01:12.39 PM Report This Comment
celebrate life merry sports day today!
not just his life, but merrybelle, ak pushkin who just passed as janet talked with both their moms one on here and the other on fb last night and well janet made her feel a lot better and more comfortable! now that helped put a smile on both their faces and something janet's good at doing is listening and trying to relate things which have happened to her and that's a lot in her 57 years she's been alive. nice and warm out there headed to the mid 70s today and warmest day this week. janet's gotten in a nice long 5 mile walk and once home was out with pepper again, then, doing the first load wash which was out on the lines after she had planted spinach in mommy's little garden and rosemary/dill in her herb garden. then the second load went onto the lines before she planted 2 rows of leeks and kale in her fenced in garden. so far in there she's got peas, lettuce, carrots, then in her herb garden rosemary, dill, parsley, thyme, oregano, and a few others as well and is hoping to pick up a few more herbs and flowers to make a planter for mommy from her and nat for mothers day. they've already given mommy pansies (nat) and janet 2 rosemary plants, broccoli and spinach plants in her small garden as well as carrots and lettuce. sandy,ab,haley, angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

04/29/2015 07:16.34 AM Report This Comment
Gone-ta-putt 4-28-15
Pott, putt, I like my idea better. Except putt day is tomorrow, but who's keeping track? Looks like Luvbug(49) is happy to kiss his mate today. Who knew? ... We know Mallow(53) is always ready to kiss HER mate! Even in the pott with ice cream & blueberries? ... Steve(39) hickory-dickory-docks as he waits for $2 kisses. You may have a long wait ... Ana(46) keeps an eye on the clock this morning, although I'm not sure it's the biological or chronological clock we need to worry about.

Engine(35) is really ready for a Warm-Me-Up kiss! No mate huh? Well, if you got a couple bucks Steve might be willing to lock lips. Oh. I can tell by that 'look' you'll never need a warm-me-up that bad! ... UBB(41) is waiting for the Mayflower! I'd say your chronological clock is running backward! ... Tucker(38) needs a Warm-Me-Up too! Pucker up! Steve's Kissing Cubicle is open for biz! ... Hey Mimi(47). If you need some help clawing your front door down I'd be happy to loan you Bonnie. That cat is a furry buzz saw! ... Haha! Bee Gee(42) is sitting by Steve's cubicle waiting for things to go to pott! Shouldn't take long.

Looks like a few of you took the shortest route to long drive day:
1st - Mallow, 53. You pick the strangest places for kissing.
2nd - Luvbug, 49. So, who's the mate?
3rd - Mimi, 47. A one-cat deconstruction team.

Cool losers today are Engine 35 and Tucker 38. At least you won't starve out there in the cart barn!

I like my cubicle.
Where I read poetry


04/28/2015 01:31.48 PM Report This Comment
4-27 recap
Is it May yet? No? Bummer. Before I start,a moment of silence please for Pushkin,and his family. He has crossed the bridge last night. Too much of that happening lately.
OK,now onto prime rib day,Babe Ruth (great candy bar,but I think they mean the baseball player),Morse code day,and tell a story day along with our CS day of hairball day. No,not THE Hairballz Mallow,stop hopping up and down and hyperventilating.

Luvbug (46) gets our salivary juices flowing with mention of prime rib-FOR 'Ol Toothy! Say it ain't so!

Mallow (49) OK,now you can get excited,your turn is up. She's trying her paw at the Morse code system. Expect the aliens to land soon.

I score a 35 while entertaining you all with stories of me in the buff (I know,an image you'll never get out of your mind)

The Angels score a 48 with no chance of snow...yet.

Engine (48) brings a fur fluffer (NOT to be confused with gut fluffer) with shrimp (who you calling a shrimp??) studded (thats more like it-stud) seagulls and ferret fizz.Its the fizz that grabs you.

Tuck and Dot had a little too much dot and dashing,and leave 36 pieces of evidence behind to prove it.

Mudcat (44) taps an SOS with her dainty claws to shave our skin. OOPSIE-SAVE our skin-big difference.

UBB (39)already showing a LOT of belly skin,used his claws to sharpen his story telling skills for his upcoming COTM.

And......................BG (48) comes all droopy eyed from lack of sleep. She's been busy counting hairballs all night. Sheep are cuter,and fluffier.


1st: ME,ME,ME with 35
2nd: Tuck and Dot-dash with 36
3rd: UBB with 39

Mallow with 49,and a WHOLE lot of tied help with BG,Engine and the Angels with 48

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline on weekends.

04/27/2015 01:47.27 PM Report This Comment
Last hand of 9-Lives for April 4-26-15
We'll be playing in May next Sunday. So did any of you have the perfect hand today? Not Luvbug, but he came pretty close. That pair of 4s netted him a nice round 8. After a hard day partying at the castle Mallow has returned with cheddar pretzels for all. She thought about cheating but with a 41 her options were pretty limited. Besides, Gracie just got a new deck - she'd know if you smudged the cards with that cheddar stuff!
Haley heard peepers in the peppers this morning! And even they couldn't help her hand. 40 is as 40 does. And it does lousy.

UBB refuses to play cards with the ears of a dog (thank goodness!) and hands Gracie that mew deck. See what he gets for shunning dog ears? A 27! And the only perfect hand today! Gracie, would it be okay if Bee Gee stopped by later with a case of mew decks? Oh look, Mimi tried to hug an Aussie and got kicked by a kangaroo! Does it hurt much? Ooooh, she says it's like the Richter kicked her. Bet that 47 didn't make it feel any better. And Bee Gee sounds like she just wants to get her pretzel and go home. She's complaining about a "crummy" game. Ah yes, a 32. Crummy indeed.

One lone winner today. UBB. Again. Hmm. Seems living in the same house with the dealer has some perks. I hope you're sharing the loot in the shoe box with Miss Toes! *wink*

Other scores: Luvbug, 8. Mallow, 5. Haley, 4. Mimi, 7. Bee Gee, 5. The drinks are definitely on Mr. Budd today!

~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~
As "pit boss" I may have to
'recalibrate' those decks!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

04/26/2015 02:05.46 PM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug!
Thanks for the red hat! I think it looks better than that green one I wear on St. Patrick's day! But - does it clash with my orange fur? The sophisticated cat needs to be concerned with these things. (Good thing none of us are sophisticated!) MOL!



04/26/2015 06:52.08 AM Report This Comment
Pet Parents Day 4-25-15
And how are each of you going to celebrate? Looks like Luvbug(44/8) will celebrate by giving his mom a Red Hat, and maybe wearing him one himself. Red Hat Lady for a day? *snicker* ... Looks like Ana(32/5) is going to try her own version of East Meets West Day by getting the sun and the clouds to try to cooperate. Good luck with that.

Mimi(47/11) and UBB(24/6) are both escorting their Pet Parent to the Penguin Parade. Mimi is participating and UBB has graciously entered Miss Toes in the cavalcade of formality. Mimi loves the way her vet tells her she's beautiful, although she points out there is a difference between a good vet and merely one with good eyesight.

Tucker(34/7) reminds us that east meets West every day at Catty Shack. How astute! No, I didn't say "ass toot"! That would only apply if Steve were here! ... Bee Gee(41/5) is entertaining her Pet Parent by taking her bird watching in the backyard. It's only a diversion so the rest of the cat clan can play several rounds of "flush the toilet" before their mom ruins their fun.

Another round of putt-putt is history:
1st - Tie, Ana & Bee Gee, 5. East DOES meet West at CS!
2nd - UBB, 6. He's not getting out of his blanket, even for a parade!
3rd - Tucker, 7. A snowflake coated blast of fresh air.

Looks like Mimi will be still-tending all alone today. Not that I'll bet she minds one little bit!

I want one of those
snazzy red hats, too!


04/25/2015 02:16.35 PM Report This Comment
4.24 Long Drive Pigs in a Blanket Day
:) Pigs in and Outta the Blankets Today.
Since Dam BG lives with a real fur Pig she reports that he got out of the blanket early, so I'll let our Bullyr score first. High winds were blowing all over her green, knocking 40 ants right out of her cart and off the Picnic Day leftovers.
It's that time of the year, Slackers, so clean out those carts if you have Barn Duty. That will be Steve, UBB and Tuck this evening. Easy on the still.
Ana(40) rolling in her blanket to get out of the nasty biting winds. Good thinking!
UBB (29) slept wrapped alone (no pig) with all the blanket to himself. Baldy needs them.
N-Gin (50 That's Five-Oh, folks! ) did some special wrapping for us today. Bacon wrapped around butterflied, charred chinchilla. Is that hot enough for ya? Try the Cat Crown Royals.
Ah Steve... remember his beloved sidekick, Piggy? The Orange One kicked him out of the warm blanket and rolled up inside. Who can blame him with a losing, stinky score of 27.
Speaking of blanket crawling, Tuck (28) got right inside his and waited for lunch delivery.
LuvBug (42) still enjoys good picnic leftovers of 42 ants. He dips and crunchy-munches each one as he snuggles in his blankie.
Even Angel mallow thinks she needs to kicked her fursib, mike, out of the blanket. Last year he was called the Pig in the Blanket due to his bigness. No more. So, the Angel will take over now. zzzzz...
Re-Cap when we all LOVE Our Blankets Day.
1st- Chef N-Gin 50- wrap a bacon strip around that score
2nd mustang mimi 49 - claims she's cold
3rd - LuvBg crunching ants while in her blanket
Cart Barn- 27 Steve; 28 Tuck; 29 UBB Have fun in there & clean up those ants
Humbly commented today by: PD Budd, himself in a blanket.

Come visit me, Uncle Buddy Budd (UBB)-Be Happy, Gracie T-t, In the Greenhouse, PD Budd, It's Spring & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

04/24/2015 03:24.47 PM Report This Comment
I had trouble sleeping last night worrying about the entire month of may coming up. So I slept on mom's pillow which didn't help her sleep. Then PD came up to encourage me or to poke me in the face-- not sure.
So, I will be glad to pass the writing over to PD as soon s possible. He can be my ghost writer. He's such a little ghost anyway even by color.

Come visit me, Uncle Buddy Budd (UBB)-Be Happy, Gracie T-t, In the Greenhouse, PD Budd, It's Spring & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

04/24/2015 03:56.22 AM Report This Comment
4-23 recap
Shakespeare day-don't we have enough problem being understood with a simple "meow"? Add all these doths,and thou's-we're done for. To save the day is picnic day,and nose picking day (huh?),and my personal day-lost dog day.

Luvbug (43)puts the "P" (not pee) in picnic with baskets for all. Did ya bring the ants? A picnic isn't a picnic without annoying pests. I guess we have BG for that category :)

Mallow (42) speaketh in tongues (how else do you speak if not for the tongue?). Fruit of the nose you say? Methinks she's been hitting the nip again,hard.

I score a 33,and sign my pooch up for BG's navigation course,she's SURE to get lost.

Mudcat (52) has a sore tooth today,bummer. Sorry to hear that Mudcat. Ohhhh-forsooth! See,this Shakespeare stuff is too confusing.

UBB (32) is having a midsummer's night dream of warmer temps,and a better score.

Engine (48) little temptress that she is,brought us picnic goodies of minnow stuffed mouse and rat roulade. All's well that ends well.

BG (37) dreams the impossible dream of her pooch getting lost also. Put your pooch,and my mutt in your navigation class together! Two for one today,its a dream come true.

Tuck and Dot (35) must have gotten lost with the dogs-they arrive later than usual,but not so late as to miss the grub.


1st: UBB 32
2nd: Me with 32
3rd:Tuck and Dot with 35

Losers doth be: Mudcat with 52,and Engine with 48


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline on weekends.

04/23/2015 11:41.10 AM Report This Comment
4/22/15 - Happy Birthday, Mouse!
How did THAT one get past us? Angel Mallow, who posted too early to see all the birthday wishes piling up at the Catty Shack, rushes out to gather her fellow Hairballz and get on the road!

Meanwhile, back at the Shack, Luvbug communes with Mother Earth and slobbery golf balls for a 46 (=10). A. Mallow declines the slobbery golf balls and celebrates Jelly Bean Day by rolling a jelly bean from the snack bag provided into the cup for a 44 (=8). Steve follows suit with (what else) and ORANGE jelly bean for a 41 (=5)

Mimi chooses to celebrate Secretary’s Day AND Earth Day by planting a tree for her secretary. After JC <ahem> finishes his other job .. 50 (=5) for Mimi today. UBB whacks 37 (=10) jelly beans along Mother Earth and hurries to get to Mouse’s pawty. Haley is right behind him, with a 35 (=8)

And Engine is back! With thanks to her secretary, a 52 (=7) and Hatched Hens and Creamed Catnip. And “enhanced” Heinicat too. Welcome back Engine! Next up is BeeGee, who offers Mouse a birthday gift of one slightly used bulldog. Mouse wisely declines and accepts the 42 (=6) jelly beans instead. And finally, the birthday kitty herself, taking her bows while brother Tucker putts a decidedly non-stellar 37 (=10)

And the leaderboard reads like this:
1st – Mimi with 5
2nd – Steve and BeeGee with 6
3rd – Engine with 7

And Luvbug, UBB and Tucker, all with 10. Hey, I guess that means Mouse’s pawty moves out to the cart barn. I’d better go join it before the Creamed Catnip is all gone!

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Events~vote Uncle Buddy Budd #189993 in May, Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~ Welcoming A Q MerryBelle, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly~Farewell noble K Pushkin, Mojo Blackbear ~ Cinco de Mayo MOUSEYS!!, Angel Mallow ♥ my fresh squeeze O.J., Angel Smokey ~ Welcoming A. K. Pushkin & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ Welcome springtime!.

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A moment of silence 4-21-15
For one of CC's most cherished citizens: dear MerryBelle, you put up a brave fight. We will all miss you. *sniff*

And now, on to Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day. *coff* And obviously humans are myopic too. Luvbug(44) says he's been hiding his bad side. Wish bulldogs could hide their ugly side ... Mallow(49) DARES any bulldog to mess with her golf swing. Stand back, bulldogs, you don't have a chance! ... Steve(44) finds out, too late, it's not "Bug A Bulldog" season. Don't they look bugged enough already?

The Angels(50) have set things to booming up there, scaring all the bugs AND bulldogs! ... Mimi(62) beholds no beauty in the bulldog, but she DOES hold some possum pot pies sent from Engine's kitchen. Maybe a nice Bug Beaujolais to compliment the dinner?

Puddles and bulldogs and clouds, oh my! UBB(46) sounds like he's having a waking nightmare. Yes yes, Mr.Budd, I agree. Better to be a bald cat than a bull dog ... Tucker!(46) We get those stink bugs first, followed by the flies. Mom calls the stinkers elder boxing beetles, or some such gobbledegook. Whatever they are, we chase but don't eat ... And Bee Gee(42) isn't going to win any Be Kind To Bulldog Awards today, throwing that bulldog out of the ugly tree. Can we take turns? *evil grin*

So, who wants to take the bulldogs for a LONG drive?
1st - Mimi takes her bulldog 62 miles away.
2nd - The Angels tack on another 50 miles.
3rd - Annnnddd, Mallow puts the final 49 miles in the books. Looks like you guys got that dumb dog 161 miles away! Good job. It could be years before we see his ugly mug again!

The lucky 'Tender of the Still Award' today goes to Bee Gee. Sometimes I think she cheats just so she can "lose". Methinks.

Bee Gee swears she tries
her hardest. Yeah, sure


04/21/2015 01:48.24 PM Report This Comment
4-20 recap
Volunteer day? No thanks,nothing good can come from volunteering.I will,however,volunteer to be the model for look alike day though! Its also R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the lima bean,and bad kitty day. Eat all your beans,or you'll grow up to be like Mallow :)

Luvbug (44) MUST be speaking Chinese if he thinks any of us are going to volunteer for anything,unless we benefit by it.

Mallow (48) bad to the b-b-b-b--bone in her own angel way volunteers to corrupt out little Luvbug. RUN!!

I score a 55. I'll have my Avon kit,and volunteer my services at the 9th hole for you all to look like me.

The Angels score a bad 45 and rain. They volunteer to search for sunny skies.

Mudcat (67) volunteers to look like a pole dancing,mud slinger in a tuxedo-she comes dressed as herself,but more rebel version of herself(Mallow got to you too,huh?)

UBB (46) volunteers to be taste tester for food day. Wait til he hears whats on the menu.

Tuck and Dot (56) volunteer to rid the world of lima beans,one bean at a time.

And Darn Bad BG (39) Are you kidding-HER? Volunteer??? Not happening,but she elbows her way thru the crowds for food day in typical bully style.

Scores! I know,no Engine today,we're starving here.....

1st:BG 39 (it killed me to say that)
2nd: Luvbug with 44
3rd:The Angels with 45

Losers: Mudcat by a mile with 67,and Tuck and Dot with a 56


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline on weekends.

04/20/2015 01:40.37 PM Report This Comment
sports day wednesday!
hoping we'll see you here wednesday for a day of fun and well outside in the morning when it's dry and in the garage in the afternoon when it's showering and only 50s like today. janet's hoping to get in a walk before breakfast and she leaves for work but depends if the rain has moved in or not as it was still quite a ways to the south and west of here still when she last looked. planted 3 gardens yesterday and moved a big old apple wood pile and dumped it as well. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

04/20/2015 02:24.57 AM Report This Comment
Nice weather! 4-19-15
Pretty soon we'll be playing cards in the screened-in gazebo! Luvbug comes up one short with his 4+4=8. He and Fang go for some exercise on their bicycle built for two ... Mallow may have to wash her eyes out to get rid of the vision of Steve letting it ALL hang out! Her hand isn't helping either. No matter how you add 'em up, 46 is a loser.

Sandy comes up one short today too, with another 4+4=8. So far she & Luvbug are in a push for the win ... Oh well, that didn't last long. Mimi & J.C. have teamed up for a 5+4=9. So they pedal off to savor their winning hand by gulping a gallon of amaretto ... Tucker & Dot have filled the bath tub with their latest brew and suggest it would made an excellent hang-out. They too have an 8, the hard way. 48 minus that pesky 4.

UBB seems to have decided playing his hand from a deck chair would be a nice touch and so it is! He has another 9, to tie the Mudcat. 49 minus that 4 ... And Bee Gee. Well, what can we say there? Always innovative in her insanity, she suggests playing cards IN the bath tub and taking a bike ride to dry off. What do you expect from somebody with garlic breath, and a 38 minus 3 for another 8.

So, two to split the pot today, Mudcat & UBB, each with nine. No 2nds or 3rds in cards, it's winner take all. Or co-winners rassle for half. Remember, no grabbing below the belt.

~~~~Hot Rod~~~
~~Nice day to let it
all hang out, I must say

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

04/19/2015 02:29.27 PM Report This Comment
Happy birthday Tucker! 4-18-15
We'll be sure to stop by after the scores are announced. I know how much we all need to party. After celebrating lawyers, taxes, and stress all in one week, we need a break! Take Luvbug(43/7) for example: He's so burned out he's ready to juggle chainsaws. He'll be entertaining at the party. Hey, beats a creepy clown.

Mallow(42/6) is so crackers she's singing to her soup! Scary ... Ana(42/6) is just staring at the starlight ... Mimi(61/7) says J.C. fancies himself a disc jockey, and loves to crack the whip. Riding discs sounds awfully uncomfortable, skinny little things they are. Ouch.

The Birthday Boy(44/8) says he's all stocked up for the party: cake, beer, and - no Steve! Let the festivities begin! ... UBB(34/7) tells us PD Budd has been holding on all winter til his mom makes his mulch-pit potty. Wow, he must have a bladder the size of the Hindenburg! ... And Bee Gee(39/12) is so in need of a stress reliever that she's ready to dunk animal crackers in Cat Daniels! Meow!

Well, Bee Gee, with that horrible 12 you may as well start that long slow walk to the cart barn now. And we'll see how everyone else did on the putting greens:
1st - Tie, Mallow & Ana, 6. "Starlight" used to be in the record stores too! Wait. I'm thinking "Stardust".
2nd - Tie, Luvbug, Mimi, & UBB, 7. Crowded up there on the podium, huh?
3rd - The birthday boy, Tucker with 8.

Now, you'll have to go out and poke Bee Gee with a stick to get her to move it! She needs to gas up the Tour Bus so we can all make it to Tuck's gala fiesta. Last one in has to sit next to Bee Gee! Hahhaaa!

That was mean but I knew
it would get you moving!


04/18/2015 02:18.37 PM Report This Comment
4-16 recap
Stress awareness day? US? Stressed? Especially not when we get to wear our PJ's all day,and eat fungus. Who knew the cure for stress was that easy.

Luvbug(40) our first to arrive,and fearless leader starts us off with yoga and eggs to reduce the stress. Ohmmmm.....ohmmmmm...ohmelette.

Mallow (40) clad in the golf attire to aspire to (footie PJ's Mallow??) shows us what the true cause of stress is-herself.

I score a buff 50,or a 50 in the buff. What can I say-I sleeps au naturale so things can "breathe". Can't top the orange purrfection I was born with.

Sandy (38) is starry eyed,oh....starry skied to reduce her stress.

Engine (50) saves us from the fungus among us with braised buzzard and marinated moth.

Mudcat (56) shares her magic mushrooms while wearing her working gal PJ's. They convert from cat bed to pole cat.

UBB (27) puts the high five pressure on with his ace in the hole (or the paw) With little GTt and her many toes.

Tuck and Dot (50) stress how they are going to fit in the cat tree after a belly full of so many traitor eggs.

BG (30) does the 'ol high five fake out with the librarian,claws in of course. Don't want to stress her out too much,BG that is.

1st: UBB 27
2nd: BG 30
3rd: Sandy 38

Losers: Mudcat with 56,and a tie with Engine,Tuck and Dot and me "helping" with 50.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline on weekends.

04/16/2015 01:33.31 PM Report This Comment
4/15/15 - That Sucks Day
Which also happens to fall on Tax Day. Coincidence, I think not! Actually up HERE we have two more weeks till Tax Day. Now THAT sucks!

Luvbug brings us a 40 (=4) and an assortment of special days including our very own manufactured Tapeworm Appreciation Day. A. Mallow barfed up a tapeworm once and believe me, NO one appreciated that! Our resident Angel has a 41 (=5) and her usual attitude. Steve is confused between a tapeworm and a tape MEASURE, and he keeps the count going with a 42 (=6). How orderly can it GET around here?!

Oops, spoke too soon. Sandy breaks our stride with a 36 (=9) but no one breaks Janet’s stride, she’s out and walking on Sports Day! Engine, meanwhile, brings 55 (=10) servings of Pinched and Poached Porcupines with Catnip Creamed Crickets. And please tell me you found those yummy fermented fish-heads! Mimi has a 52 (=7) and puts her head together with Engine to discuss novel cooking techniques.

Tucker scores 42 (=6) and is having tapeworm flashbacks .. he’ll never eat linguini again and would rather celebrate Glazed Spiral Ham Day. Wouldn’t everyone? BeeGee will take those tapeworms but remind me to be careful of any birthday gift I might get from HER. It’s a 34 (=7) for the Golf Bully who is fully embracing That Sucks Day. And last but not least, UBB celebrates Titanic Remembrance Day by commemorating the 31 (=4) ships cats who perished on that fateful day. Remove your golf caps please and let’s observe a moment of silence.

And the leaderboard goes like this:
1st – a tie between Luvbug and UBB, first golfer and last, both with 4
2nd – Mallow with 5. That does not suck.
3rd – another tie, Steve and Tucker with 6

And to the still/cart barn goes Engine, I think she’s going to ferment 10 more of those fish-heads! Save some room, everyone!

Signing off, your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Events~vote Uncle Buddy Budd #189993 in May, Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~ Welcoming A Q MerryBelle, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly~Farewell noble K Pushkin, Mojo Blackbear ~ Cinco de Mayo MOUSEYS!!, Angel Mallow ♥ my fresh squeeze O.J., Angel Smokey ~ Welcoming A. K. Pushkin & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ Welcome springtime!.

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Be Kind to Lawyers today 4-14-15
Anyone? Anyone have the stomach for that celebration? Didn't think so. But on the bright side, if you look up in the sky you'll see Steve & Bee Gee dangling a lawyer over the side of their hot air balloon (hot air provided by Steve, of course). BG said don't worry, if they let go they have a parachute they'll throw out for him. So you can all breathe easy. :-)

Now for a little long-driving. Luvbug(43) helped clean up the cobbler mess by whacking a few pits ... Mallow(39) wants to get a lawyer to sit on a tee. I think that's something we'd all enjoy ... Steve(51) aren't you high enough in that balloon to reach for some sparrows? Remember: sharesies ... Ana(60) reminds us it's Sports Day tomorrow. Woohoo! ... Oh, Engine(62)! A KEG of meow-tais? Maybe we'll sample those Snake Shakes later too.

Mimi(64) gets a face-full of lawyer goop while looking up at the sky. Oh wait - LAYER goop. Oops ... Tucker(48) is ready to laugh inappropriately when the lawyer goes flying. Who says that's inappropriate? ... UBB(42) is celebrating Alopecia Day with a garden party in the green house ... Bee Gee(43) maintains her shaky grip on the airborne attorney. Bet he's hoping she doesn't spy any sparrows!

Here's how we drove:
1st - Mimi, 64. Bet you're glad it was only 'layer' goop, huh?
2nd - Engine, 62. Hairball Hissy? Oh - harissa. Huh?
3rd - Ana, 60. Warming up for summer games.

And the lucky loser is Mallow. See how many lawyers can dance on a tee! (Moment of laughter)

Glad the only bar I ever passed
~~~is the one in the lounge!


04/14/2015 01:35.12 PM Report This Comment
4-13 recap
Scrabble day! What is it? To some,a others,torture. All those words and adding,too much work to be a game. Lets not forget its peach cobbler day also. Nothing better than some ol peach fuzz against the sandpaper tongue. And let us not forget about the whole mouse pocket thing :)

Luvbug (45) Scrabbles my mind (or is that scrambles....) with talk of peaches and their delightful orange color. Go orange,or go home.

Mallow (43) shows us what a peach she is and gives barbie a break,whacking a peach with her driver instead. She SAYS its for the cobbler,but she looks to be enjoying it way too much.

Ana (40) sends us all reminders of sports day on Wed. We golf daily-thats a sport :) I know,we are only in it for the food,and the cart races.

I score a 53(woo-hoo!!!) and work on re-enacting big wind day for your pleasure,and mine!

Engine (53) brings a menu of chinchilla cakes and lizard legs. Who says golf can't be fun,and fattening.

Mudcat (51) plays dirty word Scrabble . You get extra points for creativity,and the shock factor.

UBB (30) teases us with promises of free drinks-cheater. He's searching for printable words for Scrabble. Don't ask Mudcat!

Tuck and Dot (53) dream the impossible dream-to experience peace. Where is the fun in that!

BG keeps her girlish (?) figure by eating 37 scoops of peach cobbler. How deep,or wide are YOUR mouse pockets??


1ST: UBB with 30 (brrrr)
2nd:BG 37
3rd: Ana 40

Losers-too many! We have a 3 way tie with Engine,Tuck and Dot and me all with 53. Hot pawty in the cart barn tonight!


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline on weekends.

04/13/2015 01:35.56 PM Report This Comment
sports day wednesday!
we had a gorgeous day here yesterday and one last day to enjoy nice summer like temps once again today! more 70s then upper 60s tomorrow and then lower to mid 60s through till one day early on next week, showers/rain fri/sat and again tues/wed next week. janet has a lot of outside work to get done and well did some yesterday and will do more this afternoon as well once she's in from work, errands which are a typical thing for mondays here as well as shopping/errands either thurs/fri depending which day the sales are better at her and other stores. sandy,ab,haley, angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

04/13/2015 01:09.16 AM Report This Comment
Anybody walk on the wild side? 4-12-15
I think there are plenty of opportunities here at the great Catty Shack Country Club, with the roughs AND the hazards patrolled by Ol' Toothy. Anybody feel lucky today?

Not Luvbug, who was only able to manage a 4+3 for a 7 today at the card table. He's taking a ride on the wild side instead. Look out, Mallow, competition! No competing with your mom's odd little interlude of nostalgia though. That's a winner. Bring that up on the next Tell a Story Day. Mallow shows her cards - a 38-3 combo for a final 8.

Oooh, Ana sure wasn't lucky at the card table today! A sorry 3-0 for a 3. Better luck next time. Mimi's wild side is her favorite side, so she drops her crummy 5-2 hand on the table and slithers wildly up her pole. A Louie Louie encore! Bravo! Oh dear, no luck for Tuck this morning either. A lousy 5. The hard way, 3+2.

Well, lookie lookie! UBB says the heck with the wild side, he'll take a wild card any day, and a great choice, too. He scores the only winning hand today, 2+7 for that much-sought-after 9! Bee Gee emerges from her walk on the wild side through the rough, trying to avoid Steve and Big Wind Day. She ties with Mallow for second place (if there WERE a 2nd place in cards!) with her 38-3=8.

So, today's big winner (and only winner!) is UBB. Maybe you can use some of those catbucks to buy yourself a wrap-around toupee. I don't think they sell those at the pro shop, but we might find a few divots we can paint black until you find a suitable faux fur 'do!

Another round of Nine-Lives in the books. Oh yes, we ARE keeping books! For, you know, "tax purposes". *wink wink*

~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~
Everything by the book
~~~I always say~~~~

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

04/12/2015 01:02.56 PM Report This Comment
Keep your golf clubs crossed! 4-11-15
This might be a bumpy recap. The storm clouds are gathering and CC has been a rough ride today. I guess that would be okay. We can all just stomp the deckboards to the strains of "Louie Louie" and no one would notice the difference!

Luvbug(40/4) is suffering from gender misidentification again, poor guy. He can't decide if he's listening to 'Louie Louie', or 'Louise Louise'! "Every little breeze seems to whisper..." Oh, never mind ... Mallow(41/5) has her pitch-pipe (not pitch fork! Hahaha!) at the ready to make sure the Barbershop Quartet is in tune with Louie Louie ... Haley(45/9) is wasting no time with anything. She's just ready to conga!

Mudcat(58/13) is ready to do the Fondue. I'm pretty sure she won't be needing her pole for this one. *snicker* ... UBB(38/11), you're grumbling about another pet day? But, I think it's nearly impossible to have too many pet days! Well, unless all your fur is getting petted off. *ahem* ... Tucker(39/12) has done the Fondue and is ready to Louie Louie til he drops. That's the true spring break spirit! ... And Bee Gee(50/5) has courageously volunteered to keep the 8-track belting out Louie Louie all day. And night. This might be a world record conga line!

Who did the lowest, shortest Louie Louie limbo?
1st - Looks like Luvug, he/she of the lowly but lovely 4.
2nd - Tie, Mallow & Bee Gee, 5. Watch where you point that pitch fork, Mallow! Pitch pipe! I meant pitch pipe! *yipe!*
3rd - Haley, 9. It paid to get up early today, didn't it?

And who shall be checking on the still of the night? Looks like Mudcat's turn, and Tucker might enjoy lending a helping paw. After all, what's spring break for if not tending to matters of moonshine?

Now let's see how long it takes
to deliver all these golf recaps


04/11/2015 03:27.42 PM Report This Comment
4.10 Furiday Long Drive with Siblings Day
Our Day has Come. Goffers of Catty Shack, Unite!
Here comes LuvBug (39) and her funny sib, Fang, banging around in the the cupboards today.
Steve (63) won't dare whack his sibling, the BIG Ernie. Sometimes he shows good sense. Nice score, too.
Only goffer with a higher score today is Tuck (64). He and his Dot are investigating the cupboards for a place to hide from his 'lip-biting; little sibling.
Angel mallow has a whole lot of hacking goig on when she thinks of her sibs. But she lets mojo catty whack her 44 today.
Except for JC our mudcat mimi (49) has had it with her fursibs. Her mew motto for survival: "Blame it on the Siblings"
Engine (60) comes Toot-tooting across the green bringing Sardine Supreme and Bourbon mice mocktails. She ran over enough rodents to last for next weeks' roadkill helper.
UBB's (44) Wisdom advice for today: "Get along with your siblings-- they won't always be a pain the the you-know-what"
Ana arrives with her 40 and rain on the greens
On special assignment tonight BG (pair of 3's) will be counting the safety pins in the Cart Barn. Be careful in there.

Winners and Placers--
1st 64-- Tucker & Dot What a team!!
2nd 63-- Steve on his own-- flashing his floods
3rd 49 -- J.C. & the mudcat (could be a new group)
Now everycat go out there and hug your fursibs. Play mice now.
Purrs from your Furiday Commenter,
PD Budd, in the cup

Come visit me, Uncle Buddy Budd (UBB)-Be Happy, Gracie T-t, In the Greenhouse, PD Budd, It's Spring & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

04/10/2015 05:28.16 PM Report This Comment
4-9 recap
We have a whole lot of antique love going on here today,some of us might need a name change once the pawrents find out they are being referred to as an antique. In case you haven't figured it out,its also name yourself day. This is it-the rare opportunity to get rid of that embarrassing name you were pegged with. "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Luvbug (37) has been taking evil takeover lessons from some un-named CS member (Mallow-oopsie). We'll let you start with the cart barn and still,and move onto the world tomorrow.

Mallow (40) Loves everything about her name-all 6 or 7 of them we've bestowed upon her thru the years.

I score a 50 (don't be a hater,I've waited a long time for that temp). Shy as I am,I try to display my exhibitionist side for the day.

Mudcat (49) er....Mimi,another proud recipient of various monikers earned thru hard work and pole dancing,lets her true side prevail - you may refer to her as Minxy Mudcat from now on.

Engine (55) AKA the little Engine that could,or would,or wouldn't,or might brings us roasted rat ribs and mouse mimosa's.

UBB (35) AKA Uncle Baldy Budd takes his antiques straight up and in the form of golf legend Arnold Palmer.Lucky shot that hole in one.

Tuck and Dot (52) want to be called anything but late for dinner,or Spot.

The Angels (36) -hard to find a name for them,you don't mess with angels,but we can call them cold and sleety today.

BG (39) found a catchy,odd name (like BG isn't odd enough) -SHIBIEW. OK,I know you are all dying to know what it means: She Who Is Brilliant In Every Way. Scary,I know-or SIK. Hey! Thats a more fitting name for you Darn-SIK!

Scores! Nice and orderly today:

1ST: UBB with 35
2nd: Angels with 36
3rd: Luvbug with 37

Losers: Engine with 55 and her happy to help you's Tuck and Dot with 52


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4/8/15 - Summary on the fly
Mom & Dad have been out ALL day doing that “taxes” thing that keeps them busy, and I am now finally able to rush through with the summary du jour. All errors are as always the fault of my blogger. Or Mallow.

Luvbug has a 38 (=11) and an array of special days to choose from, let the free form celebrating begin! Mallow chooses to celebrate National Empanada Day with 40 (=4) of the delectable goodies … to start! Steve chooses to celebrate Draw a Picture of a Bird Day. Of course, that bird would be orange. A 54 (=9) for Steve today.

Haley reports a 40 (=4) on a cloudy day with sleet on the way. Not my choice to celebrate! Mimi celebrates Zoo Lovers Day in the zoo she lives in, and JC is trying to get a bird to model for him. Ignore the 60 (=6) or so feathers littering the ground. Some of them might belong to Dot, who is also bird watching while packing away 53 (=8) empanadas.

UBB is trying to escape the clutches of the dreaded b-a-t-h … he turns Dot’s score around for a 35 (=8). Engine brought us a 60 (=6) and some Boa Burritoes while Bee Gee celebrates All Is Mine Day. Hey, that should be All Is OURS Day! Six of one, 46 (=10) of another, I guess.

The envelope please:
1st – Mallow & Haley with 4
2nd – Mimi & Engine, tied with 6
3rd – Dot and UBB, tied with 8

Hey, where are the odd numbers? Oh, there they are, and 11 in the cart barn with Luvbug.

And now rushing through to deliver today’s pearls of wisdom is
your Guest Common (couch) Tater, Mike

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