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Domestic Longhair from <a href=' Margarita/club-members.aspx' title='Santa Margarita, CA'>Santa Margarita, CA</a>

Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo,Q. MerryBelle and UBB

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Hi! My name is Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo,Q. MerryBelle and UBB

I am Domestic Longhair from Santa Margarita, CA

Nicknames: Big Boy

Age: 15 years old

Gender: M

Coat: long haired

Education: He used to be afraid of people in general, now he is just leary of strangers and he is a total lovebug to his favorite people.

My favorite tricks and treats are: carries a string away in his mouth and fish flakes

Where I hang out: In the window or on a bed or couch

My favorite grubs: Tuna

My pet peeves: Vacuums, mops, car rides

What I love about my owners: They took me in from outside.

My cat hobbies: Play with a string and go outside.

Pet motto: Persist in what you want to achieve

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He was a stray in our area and we were feeding him. He finally got used to people and 'came in from the cold'. I won COTD on 6/11/09, 7/15/2011, 7/18/12, 7/18/2013, 07/18/2014 and 7/18/2015. Won CROTD on 7/15/2011. Thanks everyone. Diagnosed in December 2010 with a heart murmur. Diagnosed with early CRF March 2016.

Mom will try to catch up asap.

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I've had 22822 friends visit me.

I'm the 2,600th member on

1,732 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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5/25/16 - Drinking wine out of brown paper bags ..
Or something like that anyway. Another garbage day is upon us, this time Luvbug perks us up with the news that it is the day to celebrate the humble grape. Or blackberry or elderberry or whatever your fancy. It’s Wine Day. On Wine Down Wednesday, how fitting is that? Luvbug starts us out with a 45 (=9)

Looks like Mallow got an early start as she drinks too much wine, does some heavy duty whining and then hides her score on the CMR page! Wonder what the CC general populace makes of that 55 (=10) word cryptic message over there? Let’s all chip in to get glasses for our resident Angel! Steve meanwhile decides to celebrate Towel Day by wearing that very item of apparel to the links. While also celebrating Tap Dance Day. And whining. Such talent, he can do 58 (=13) things at the same time!

Engine brings us 62 (=8) servings of Minced Mice and foregoes the towel to show off her summer fur. Mimi does a tap dance around a pole and putts a 65 (=11) while Tucker chooses to dance for wine. Or Centipede Coladas.

And to finish off, a meeting of the “Six Club” is convening at the 19th hole. First BeeGee is brown bagging it (and whining) with a 51 (=6), April has a 60 (=6) and is whining into her wine in the freezer (to each his own!) and Gracie T-t has chosen to help her OL celebrate Seniors Fitness Day with 51 (=6) reps of wineglass curls.

Okay, EVERYONE do some wine glass curls while I sort out the scores:
1st – The Six Club, BeeGee, April and Gracie T-t
2nd – Engine with an 8
3rd – Luvbug with 9
And cart barn duty today goes to the team of Steve and Tucker each with Lucky 13!

Now, no more whining out there!

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Album ~ Vote A. Elmer #173244 in May, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear, Q.A. Mallow (MJ) ♥ OJ, A. Smokey ♥ A PawPaw & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ It's Playoffs time!.

05/25/2016 10:24.23 AM Report This Comment
A scavenger hunting we will go! 5-24-16
Luvbug(42) scavenged up something yucky right out the door. Escargot. Just a fancy French word for slimy snails. Why is it everything sounds delicious in French? For example, who wouldn't like a nice steaming bowl of "crotte de chien" for lunch? Sounds yummy. Til you find out it's dog poop. Kinda loses its appeal, heh? ... Mallow(54) is trying to confuse us! (And succeeding mightily) by cheering for "bothers fay". At least she's not hunting "Rs" out of season ... The Angels(58) are booming away for Victoria Day. You aren't hunting Victorias are you? Is it Victoria season already??

Steve(53) is looking the scavengers in the eye as he carefully stalks the wild road kill. Let 'em have it, Steve. Dead skunk ain't worth the trouble ... Our semi-absent Queen de Cuisine Engine(60) crashes in on the Kibble Kruiser to deliver something "Lost in Translation". I don't know what it is either, but if you can make highballs out of it, I'm all fur it!

GTt(50) is scavenger hunting WAY in back of her closet, pulling out the dusty but not too rusty old tiara bestowed upon her by Q.Gracie back in the days of yore ... Tucker(54) is wishing bad things on his imaginary brother, sending him out for spiders in the basement. Imaginary, of course. Tucker is also grabbing shrimp & skipping ticks. Takes talent! ... And Bee Gee(52) revs up her slimy little snail coupe for the parking lot races. Times TBA.

Lots of 50s today:
1st - Engine, 60. I can hear her engine ticking. *snicker*
2nd - Angels, 58. Make sure Victoria showers after the hunt!
3rd - Tie, Mallow & Tucker, 54. Is it Bothers Fay already? Spend it in the Spider Closet!

Wow, Luvbug is ALL alone with that chilly score! I thought you were getting 90s down there?? Wha' happened? I'll help ya sweep the spiders out of the cart barn if you want. I ain't a-scared of no stinkin' spider!

Yipe! There really ARE spiders out there!
I'm only not afraid of the invisible kind.

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/24/2016 01:23.58 PM Report This Comment
Bad news for the shackers today
There will be no more Kibble Cart on CC. I got an e-mail from Engine's mom this a.m. telling me she had deleted her CC account last night. All she told me was that she had allowed someone to push her over the edge, and she deleted her account, so I assume that means all her cat pages. I have no idea what happened. She will continue to post on CC2, but won't be able to make it this morning because she's running late. *sigh* That's all I know for now. Over and out.

Bee Gee

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/23/2016 06:37.23 AM Report This Comment
Get your goth on! 5-22-16
Going goth and it isn't even Halloween! Shoulda done this yesterday. Almost all the catties are perma-goth!

Luvbug gets one of the losing hands today, 44, and wanders over to the lounge for a vanilla whiskey to await the final outcome. Also in on the losing bandwagon is Mallow, who sashays off to the lounge to regale the patrons with a rousing rendition of "Stairway to Heaven" on her electric harp. You COULD play 52 pick-up. *snicker* The Angels are dealt a 56 but claim it feels like a much cooler hand. And the fourth loser today is Bee Gee, also heading to the lounge after tossing her 51, to call to order the annual meeting of the Sparrow Spotters.

Now for the winners: PD needed a win today, and GTt came through with a 49. His catbuck supply was getting so low he couldn't afford paper & pens to continue working on the Furlip Files. Gracie came through for 59% goth Mimi too. It seems JC & mom are competing for the household goth title. And Tucker has the final winner with his 54. He opts to skip the goth grab for catbucks and see what's flapping at the Sparrow Spotters meeting.

Grab your catbucks and get moving if you don't want to miss the entertainment in the lounge! It's not every day you see a cat in a giant fiddle AND one rocking the electric harp! Maybe we could start our own goth band! Mallow has that goth eyeliner thing going on, and Bee Gee has those giant goth bat ears. Hey, it could work...

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Too bad it wasn't Blackbird Boosters
meeting today.
Those blackbirds are pretty goth!

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/22/2016 01:23.01 PM Report This Comment
5.20 Nascart Races after Pizza Day
A great day here at the Catty Shack Golf Course! All you want in any flavor pizza day eight after all that pizza and brew for Persey;s 1st b'day bash. And now our very own 1st Annual (3rd Furiday in may) Nascart Races in the parking lot.
Yes, Luvbug, you have 48 cobwebs but you can hire Persey (for next to nothing) to clean for you. Every dy he comes up out of the basement draped in veils of cobwebs trailing across his black body.
We missed N-gin yesterday (who apologizes) and her memorable roadkill menu. Today she brings 58 strings of squirrel links to the links. And BG is the first to take some of that sausage for her pizza. Warning: she found 44 bees in a bouquet somecat left for her... Steve?
Tuck takes 48 pieces of pizza with Heinekat back home in his cart... no racing for him.
Steve's not racing either... gives him a "crink" in the neck. But 46 slices of hot cheesy pizza sounds about right.
Ana's Nascart team scores a 50 and puts her in the running to win. While GTt eith 39 says bets are being taken right up to race time in the CH backroom (I didn't know we had a "backroom"?)
For some reason mimi and JC are collecting. So far 51 cents toward their million-- is that catbucks?
Today is another favourite day for A. mallow-- Pizza, of course. She wants to load up on onion, garlic and feta cheese toppings after the Nascart race. Please hover on the other side of us?

First Annual Nascart Winners:
Engine 58-- you're forgiven.
mimi & JC 51-- all green and moldy feeling(?)
Ana& team 50 --surprise!
Cleaning dust off the NasCarts-- GTT 38
So, that's all folks for another fun Furiday
Purrs from PD Budd, non-golfing commenter

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..gardenig, Furlip File #2 Opened on youpet, a. PD Budd, Writing Furlip Files & Persey, house panther-gardener.

05/20/2016 05:25.01 PM Report This Comment
Thurs recap
Its that special time!! We have a BD to celebrate at The Shack-Persey's!!! In true BD tradition,GTt (42) brings the pizza and beer-pawty til you puke. OK,maybe not so much that,but lets all have a great time with the BD fellow. That'll keep Tuck (38) a happy boy as he laments about his Arctic weather. Where are the May rays when you need them? I (48) second that after a cold and snowy weekend. May rays would be SO much better if they were like laser death rays. Bummer.

Luvbug (52) is first to arrive,last to leave the BD celebration. He must have heard there was devils food CAKE. Wonderful,wonderful cake!

Mallow (51) skinny dips into the food of the devil (the devil made her do it) while The Angels (56) feel the warm,sticky love of cake themselves.

Mudcat (58) tells Summer "your fired". You've definitely gots better hair,and purrsonality than The Donald.

BG (48) fashionably late to every pawty (SHE claims its technical difficulties) takes a roll with a mole.

1st with 38-Tuck!
2nd with 42 GTt
3rd with a tie 48-BG and ME

Mudcat with 58,and The Angels with 56


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/19/2016 01:34.06 PM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug!
You must be getting all the warm down there! And although we don't usually look forward to summer, a LITTLE bit might not be a bad thing. We had some really over-warm weather back in March and April, but so far this month things have been mostly cool. Or even cold! Mom is almost wishing she hadn't put the heaters away and cleaned out the fireplace! Brrr!

Bee Gee

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/19/2016 06:13.26 AM Report This Comment
You are invited !
5-19 When the Sun Hits your Eye...(or the moon) like a big Pizza Pie... IT'S A BIRTHDAY!
IT'S Persey's first birthday and the bar is open NOW * all Day for all golfers over the age of ONE.
He just rolled in the keg of Rats' Breath and there's Cat Daniels on tap.
Best of all, there are 42 Pizza Pies with all the fixin's being delivered...
So, enjoy our day in the sun with my little legal aged catty, Persey, the Twink.
This is the CS report for today I send to all catty golfers.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..gardenig, Furlip File #2 Opened on youpet, a. PD Budd, Writing Furlip Files & Persey, house panther-gardener.

05/19/2016 05:04.07 AM Report This Comment
5/18/16 - Putting into dirty dishes day
Or something like that anyway. Luvbug is first up, making us very very hungry for cheese souffle but since it’s No Dirty Dishes Day we can’t make any. A conundrum indeed, let us ponder it for 54 (=9) minutes. Mallow doesn’t need to ponder, she uses dirty dishes as, well, substitute Barbie heads and comes up with a 53 (=8), while Steve in true bachelor fashion foregoes the dishes completely. The sink is his dish, deal with it world! A 50 (=5) for The Orange One this morning.

Gracie T-t has no dirty dishes, the OL just did all 38 (=11) of them. She must have peeked ahead and seen this holiday coming! Engine meanwhile tempts us with Lobster and Ladybird Lasagne. Now THAT’S a kitty who knows how to dirty some dishes! It’s 62 (=8) for Engine while Mimi with a 57 (=12) decides to celebrate Cheese Souffle Day. Hold the soufflé, she’s going straight for the cheese! Fewer dishes that way.

Tucker is up to 49 (=13) different kinds of bird watching while enjoying some cheese soufflé, while April (who is definitely NO fool!) sings 45 (=9) verses of “Walking on Sunshine.” Rounding things out, the ever thoughtful BeeGee is going to make a 54 (=9) ounce soufflé and leave the dishes for her Mom.

Who gets to wash the dishes today??
1st – Steve with 5 gets to buy drinks all around
2nd – Mallow and Engine with 8 ways of emptying said drinks
3rd – Luvbug, April and BeeGee have 9 sinksful of drink glasses. Get sudsing!

Off to cart charging duties goes Tucker with Lucky 13. Watch the birdie!

Hey, I’ve got an idea! Since it’s No Dirty Dishes Day and Visit Relatives Day, let’s combine the two and leave Grandma with the cheese soufflé dishes!

Your intrepid Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Album ~ Vote A. Elmer #173244 in May, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear, Q.A. Mallow (MJ) ♥ OJ, A. Smokey ♥ A PawPaw & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ It's Playoffs time!.

05/18/2016 01:56.33 PM Report This Comment
Grab your rats & let's get packing! 5-17-16
Luvbug(52) lets his rats pack off with all the walnuts around his place. They can have all ours too! ... Mallow(52) is hexing all those wanna-be pack rats that might try to hang around her place, but has NO problem hoarding some cherry cobbler ... Steve(52!) is apparently a little confused (what a surprise!) and thinks we're playing "slap rat". He's looking for a small rat-mouse that he can slap around.

Mimi(61) snags a walnut from Lubvug's packrat and gives it what-for! Or fore ... April(44) says she thinks she saw seventy cool pack rats this morning. Maybe they were helping Luvbug's packrats tote out all those walnuts ... Engine's(58) packrats are bringing in goldfish synchronized with silverfish, swimming in something potable. Cheers! ... GTt(40) takes the "Turn Beauty Inside Out" challenge. Eeww. Please put your insides back in. *shudder*

Tucker(51) is patting his stash of ratty toys, shoving them behind the trash can so his mom won't find them. Never hide anything near the trash: the dog WILL find it! ... And Bee Gee(50) wants to point out that we seem to be ratpacking all our Barbie heads away for a special occasion or something. How about Saturdays? Catties? You need to step up the the tee and whack those heads!

Okay, not too many LONG long drives in today's shack pack:
1st - Mimi, demonstrating the pack rat walnut whack, 61.
2nd - Engine, synchronizing the swimmers & the shooters, 58.
3rd - Every else! Well, almost. Luvbug, Mallow, & Steve, each with a ratty little 52.

Looks like Inside-out GTt will be inside the cart barn outside, with an assist from April. I think the only ones left with nothing to do are Tuck & Bee Gee. Maybe you can dust off the Barbie heads so the catties will see them Saturday!

Those little pack rats look so cute
with their little tiny back-packs!

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/17/2016 01:13.49 PM Report This Comment
Rainbow days! 5-15-16
And you all look quite lovely in your stylish rainbow outfits. Luvbug is relaxing with a chilled glass of rainbow wine from our very own Black Cat distillery label while he waits to share the pot with whoever else has a winner. His is a 49. Mallow supplied the Rainbow Deck for today's special game, and somehow 'manages' a winner too, 45. Methinks thou doth fluff and polish a bit too much. *wink* The whole Angel family is here to celebrate master's rainbow birthday! Happy day to you! And they will share a slice of the pot too, with their 45, so they'll be able to get him something nice.

Tuck tosses his 37 in the trash and tries to avoid being knocked over the rainbow after he hooks a claw in mom's pantyhose! Gee Mimi, if you think YOU're late, just take a peek at PD's arrival time! Here's hoping your mom never grapples with strangling pantyhoses! And yes, you look dapper in your straw hat, even though you also look like a loser with 55.

Bee Gee is looking Pippy-ish in her rainbow stockings & straw hat. She helps herself to a plate of chocolate chips cookies while tossing that losing 56 sky high. And finally PD flutters in two hours after everybody else. *tap tap tap* Hope we didn't inconvenience you by holding a card game today! *glare* At least you have plenty of losing companionship to nibble cookies with.

Let's see, the list of losers includes Tucker, Mimi, Bee Gee, and PD. Three winners will be playing pantyhose tug-o-war for the loot. Luvbug, Mallow, & the Angels, on your marks, get sets, GOES!

~~~Hot Rod~~~
I think I would look very distinguished
as the Black Cat distillery spokescat

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/15/2016 12:44.12 PM Report This Comment
5.13 Lucky Black Cats!!!
Bye bye, dear PD Budd. Not forgotten-- just buried, he guarantees he will be here to comment on Furidays and on Card Days so no one will complain that I am cheating (Ha!). BUT, he's enjoyed the Open Bar and Apple Pie since early this a.m. and is in no condition to write up today's comment. He'll be here Sunday.
PD got a wonderful farewell from BG and her gang, many of whom are Lucky Black cats. She turned in a 60 to get that many slices of apple pie to share.
Tuck, with a 59 brought his own Lucky Dot. He passes the Cat Daniels around to wash down his apple pies.
I cut 60 slices of apple pie with mice cream. What a grand farewell pawty, furiends. PD says thanks... or will as soon as he's able to walk a straight line.
Ana/April opens 52 windows on the great sunny day.
Steve salutes his old hot tub coach, PD, with Tuba Taps and munches on 57 Crouton Cough Drops. The musical wondercat, A. mallow, purrforms a duet for Tuba and Electric harp written by mallow. She took her 57 slices of apple pie to enjoy the Black Cat Day at the Clubhouse Bar.
LuvBug hits 50 and celebrates his Black Cat day. He brings his own black catty, Fang, to the PD Pawty.
Today is PD's favorite day and thanks all his furiends.
All are winners today especially:,
1st- mudcat mimi & JC, the Bad Boy 64
2nd - GTt (no, I didn't cheat!) & BeeGee, 60
3rd - Tuck & his Black Dot, 59
No need to find losers. They can tend the still. Persey brought it inside and opened it up on the bar. Smells good, huh?
Let's all stand for tuba taps-- thanks Steve.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..gardenig, Furlip File #2 Opened on youpet, a. PD Budd, Writing Furlip Files & Persey, house panther-gardener.

05/13/2016 03:30.11 PM Report This Comment
Thurs recap
We daily play golf at The Shack
we always have each others back
We eat and have fun
and when we're all done
Good manners we surely do lack.

Its not the greatest,I'm a little tired here.It IS chronic fatigue awareness day. ONE stinkin day to be aware how fatigued you are,use it wisely!

Luvbug (50) has the cure for what chronically makes you tired-Take a nap,or call the vet! See-look how perky you all look now!

Mallow (51) wants no applause,just throw money for her own catchy (and frankly pretty good-did "I" say that?) limerick.

I score a really,really fatigued 57. Its all that tuba playing for PD's wake,one only has so much air to blow.

Ana is looking fab,not fatigued with her 47.

Mudcat (61) hates to whack and run (wha????),but mother calls. No,not Mother nature.

Engine (63)has a morning picker-upper of roasted rooster (see-don't cock-a-doodle do too early,you end up roasted) and sterling on a stick.

GTt (45)invites all to the wake like has never been waked before (no-not the sleepy kind of wake). Pawty for the PD commences tomorrow with (you listening Tuck???) open bar,pole dancing (Mudcat),and tuba playing!

Tuck (57,are you following me around???) assumes the severe weather position-grab your ...tail,and head under the couch.

And last,we have the stars of the COTD window yesterday-Molly,Smokey,A. Buster,and ....hiding in the background is Little Miss (54) pawning off left over COTD goodies. Any nutty fudge left? Ohhh,that ain't no nut!

1st with 45 GTt
2nd with 47 Ana
3rd with 50 Luvbug

Losers: Engine with 63,and Mudcat with 61


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/12/2016 02:21.15 PM Report This Comment
5/11/16 - Eat What You Want in the Twilight Zone
Another garbage day at Ye Olde Catty Shack is upon us! Luvbug shoots a 48 (=12) and tells us it’s Foam Roller Day before he heads to the clubhouse for some time with those ingenious little gadgets that help us get all the kinks out without spending an arm & leg at the massage clinic.

Mallow hears that it’s Twilight Zone day, and sure enough her putt of 52 (=7) drops down the hole to emerge in another dimension! Steve has a 57 (=12) and says he is not a fan of those foam rollers because they pull all his fur out. Silly boy, you’re using a lint roller!!

Engine celebrates Eat What You Want Day by bringing us 60 (=6) servings of Mashed Mole and Mackerel. Seconds here, please! Mimi, meanwhile, is ALL about the foam rollers! She shoots a 61 (=7) and finds a nice spot on the clubhouse floor to roll to her little heart’s content. Tucker shoots a 57 (=12) and hangs around the clubhouse to avoid the dog, the voles, and the Twilight Zone.

Haley, despite her 38 (=11) is Little Haley Sunshine this morning, while Gracie T-t bids that we all remove our golf caps in honour of our pal PD Budd, who is being tucked in today beside his very best beloved Budd, UBB. A 42 (=6) putt salute seems like a proper Catty Shack tribute.

Rounding out the day is BeeGee with 46 (=10) foam hair rollers! And she wonders why it feels a bit bumpy when she rolls.

1st – Engine and Gracie T-t, both with 6
2nd – Mallow & Mimi with 7
3rd – BeeGee with 10

And on cart barn duty today we have Luvbug, Steve and Tucker, foam rollers and all!

Now, for the Eating What You Want part of the day. Any Mashed Mole left?

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Album ~ Vote A. Elmer #173244 in May, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear, Q.A. Mallow (MJ) ♥ OJ, A. Smokey ♥ A PawPaw & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ It's Playoffs time!.

05/11/2016 01:50.26 PM Report This Comment
Shoeless golfing anyone? 5-10-16
Just remember to watch your step in the "sand traps". *snicker* Oh, also be careful in all those messy rooms we all need to clean but probably won't. Unless we stay up all night. We could do that! Another reason to party! Luvbug(48) prefers to trust his intuition, which is probably telling him not to go shoeless anywhere around the shack, and to stay out of ALL the rooms!

Mallow(49) has "angel" duty today. She really must have had to work hard on shining up her halo before heading over to deliver some shrimp to Mimi & JC while their mom is ailing ... Notice to everyone: Don't touch Steve's(51) "stuff. As if anyone would want to. *shudder* ... Oh look! Those shrimp were just the thing to get Mimi's(61) mom up and at 'em! ... April(35) is shivering to the oldies today! You do realize winter is OVER, right?

Oh dear. Is there a mini Freddy Kruger loose at GTt's(32) place?? A trail of blood from the bed to the night stand? Make sure Persey doesn't run with scissors ... Look at all the yummies Engine(65) brought! Lazy lizard legs, mouseroni, and Black Rabbit's velvety (velveteen?) Dinner Coat! That should keep us going while we clean our rooms! *coff* ... Uh-oh. Tuck(50) is just begging for trouble, heading to Steve's closet to rifle through his stuff! Good luck with that ... And finally, Bee Gee(42) seems to think we need to increase the degree of difficulty on the links by adding a few windmills. Anybody else for that?

Who walked the longest with no shoes?
1st - Engine & her velvet rabbit, 65.
2nd - Mimi and "playful" JC, 61.
3rd - Steve & his "stuff, 51.

And off to the cart barn trots Gracie (don't let Persey run with scissors!) with April along to assist.

No matter what anyone tells you,
my room does NOT look like a "PigPen"!

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/10/2016 02:08.13 PM Report This Comment
Happy Mothers Day! 5-8-16
Although I'm not positive, but I don't think any of you here are actually mothers. I know I'M not! Not a father neither! heh heh...

Luvbug has the day's first loser with a 47 and heads over to the bar to sulk. Maybe there's something from the still you can mix with a Coke to cheer you up. Mallow has a sour look on her face, but it's hard to tell if that's because of the 50 she was dealt or those lemons she's been sucking. The Angels are here again, but this time they're holding a losing hand of 56.

PD is apparently math challenged, or at least when it comes to cards. Some enlightenment for you: that 45 you got dealt IS a winning hand! 4+5=9. Remember? Doh! Face palm time. Tucker, however, IS correct when he says GTt did him no favors. He tosses that 51 out and heads to the bar to sulk with Luvbug. Maybe you can share some empanadas. He's got spiked Coke so no need for the spiked lemonade. Yet. And Bee Gee is doing the catdance of joy with her first winner since the Reagan administration. Or so she says. Don't believe a word of it. At any rate, she does have a winner, 59. Yay.

Looks like PD & BG will be sharing the pot, so your funds aren't TOO bad PD. At least not as bad as you thought. So let's break out the cement pinata and watch all the moms try to crack 'er open! It'll give them plenty of exercise, and gives us plenty of time to sample all the different "flavors" from the still that we have available to "liven up" the lemonade!

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Good thing it's Red Cross Day. We may need a few bandages
by the time we're all done with the cement pinata!

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

05/08/2016 12:59.19 PM Report This Comment
Happy Headbonks to you!
Thanks. I just love my COTD badge. Cokie is small but she is fierce. She has no fear of cats that are twice her size.

Come visit me, Millie, Cokie, Hyper Tipper, Catster 1315591, Honna Lulu & Coco Catster 1315659.

05/06/2016 06:50.10 PM Report This Comment
5.6 Scoot on Over!!
Plenty of Space to Play your Tubas today on Beverage Appreciation Day. And we do appreciate all our beverages.
Luvbug starts out dressed up for No Pants Day wearing only his fluffy bottoms and selecting one of his best of 47 beverages.
A. mallow arrives with a 52 which makes her think that summer is just around the corner! Was that 52 strange beverages you were drinking?
Steve declares 45 noes: NO pants, No homework, No diet, but a secret 'Yes' for his nursie Gma.
Ana brings 52 cloudy beverages and more 'crap'-- (her word not mine).
N-Gin mixed up 44 Kentucky mice juleps for this beverage day... go with those mice catnip canapes.
J.C hit top scooting speed of 51 for mimi on his way to the Vet. Get back in time for Catty Golf, J.C.
K. Tuck celebrated Tuba Day with 52 toots on his way to the Scoot Races. Cheer for JC.
GT-t brings 53 bottles of something and announces our own brand of bottled brew coming right from our Cart barn still. the suggested label 'Still Leftovers." Cats on cart barn duty can start washing the bottles today That will be N-gin (44) and Steve (45).
Winner of the ay is grumpy and groaning BG who slings insults at Steve and then insists on her need for wide space to stay away from us. Well... okay...

1st BeeGee 58. Now quick complaining
2nd GT-t 53. Counting bottles
3rd Tied -- K. Tuck, Ana, mallow 52 drink at the Scoots

With Purrs from you Furiday comventer,
PD Budd

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..gardenig, Furlip File #2 Opened on youpet, a. PD Budd, Writing Furlip Files & Persey, house panther-gardener.

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Thurs recap
Happy Cinco de Meow! Whats with all the 5's today? Cinco de Mayo,revenge of the 5th day. We're all going to the dark side. Day of reason-pa-lease! Hoagie and oyster day-maybe. Enough tequila will make anything taste good,even Engine's (56) skunk stroganoff for our authentic Mexican meal.

Luvbug (46) doesn't put all his oysters in one basket because really,how many oysters can one eat,and who really wants to!

Mallow has 5's on her mind with a score of 50.She's also gravitating (levitating maybe??) towards oyster mayhem.

I score another 46,and find MANY reasons to drink and celebrate. The oyster not being one of them.

The Angels have hopped on the 46 train as well,but theirs is on the soggy side.

Mudcat carries on the 5's tradition with a low 53. Hello....can Spring come out and play/stay?

Tuck (50) the voice of reason himself *snicker* comes in out of the rain for a Heinicat and a Hoagie.

BG scores the biggest high five of all-55!! Can't get any more perfect than that. Winner,winner,Mexican dinner which she won't touch with a 10 foot 9 iron.

GTt ruins the 5 streak with a 48. Whats that you say??? You want billboards and signs posted for Perseus's BD on the 15th for all to attend? Kidding! This is a "members only" (no,not the brand of coat) event. Very VIP here :)

1st-three way tie with Luvbug,the Angels and me with 46
2nd: GTt with 48
3rd:Tuck and Mallow with 50

Losers: Engine with 56,and BG with 55. We'll throw Mudcat in with you so she isn't lonely and cold.


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/05/2016 01:18.36 PM Report This Comment
5/4/16 - Home Brew Day at the Catty Shack!
Oh finally, all that work in the cart barn is being recognized! Gather round, golfers, and pat yourselves on the back!

Luvbug starts out the day with 47 (=11) celebrations to choose from, and Home Brew Day is definitely in the top of the heap. Mallow is going to recognize Respect For Chickens Day and she brings 53 (=8) Biker Chicks to share the home brew. Steve chooses Petite and Proud Day, though he has to give a nod to Orange Juice Day too. After all, it IS something orange! A 47 (=11) for Steve today.

Engine stopped at the bakery today & picked up 60 (=6) orange-themed treats while Tucker, the Official Taster of the Home Brew (get in line, K. Tuck!) has dug 42 (=6) holes in the garden to help Mom plant. But, what YOU planted in those holes I’m pretty she did not want.

The Angels are breaking records again with a 48 (=12) and Gracie T-t hands out 48 (=12) mugs of home brew. Mimi would rather celebrate Grump Out Day and it’s a 57 (=12) for her. Now you’d think you know what holiday would be nearest & dearest to BeeGee’s grumpy little heart, but she chooses to share her respect for chickens. Especially if said chickens are in casserole form. A 62 (=8) for BeeGee to round out the day.

Now listen carefully, let’s see if we can get everyone involved in the results. Here goes:
1st – Engine & Tucker, tied with 6
2nd – Mallow and BeeGee (aka Grumpy and Grumpier) both with 8
3rd – Luvbug and Steve, both with 11

And off to tend the home brew goes everyone else, the Angels, Gracie T-t and Mimi all with 12.

Every time all the golfers appear in the summary we have to chug!

Your Guest Common (pickled) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Album ~ Vote A. Elmer #173244 in May, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear, Q.A. Mallow (MJ) ♥ OJ, A. Smokey ♥ A PawPaw & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ It's Playoffs time!.

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Flying carpets at the shack 5-3-16
There's more than one way to get sky-high at Catty Shack! Luvbug(43) is meditating in his garden and may be planning to get up into the clouds on a magic bean stalk ... Mallow(57) is thinking about experimenting with a "chocolate high". Don't do it! Just be satisfied with those high temperatures you're expecting ... The Angels(48), of course, are always "high", being up there at the bridge and all.

Steve(45) is having a hard time getting into the highness of today, since he can't seem to get his kite in the air. You have to run, Steve, run! Faster! ... Engine(62) sails in perched on the high decks of the Appetizer Ark. And what delights she's brought: proscuitto-wrapped possum & a fully stocked liquor locker. Now that's a sure-fire way to get high ... Tucker(43) has discovered a way to make his household rugs higher off the floor: hide his toys & hairballs under them. Whatever solves your storage problem.

Mimi(67) is probably trying to PREVENT her mom from getting too high. Hide her meds! ... GTt(43) keeps the floors polished at her house by riding the flying carpets VERY close to the ground ... And Bee Gee(48) is trying every way she can think of to rise above the crowd today, flying carpets, flying kites, and training moths to carry her aorund.

So, who got the highest today?
1st - WAAAAY up there at 67 feet is Mimi. Must be some good meds.
2nd - Engine looks down 62 feet from up on the ark.
3rd - Mallow is watching her chocolate melt in the warm 57.

A trio of low-flying losers today, Luvbug, Tucker, & GTt, each with 43. I'll bet you three will come up with some high-flying highballs in the cart barn, huh? Make sure it's only spirits from the "still of the night" & not something paranormal. *shudder*

Celebrating Asthma Day with Hot Rod.
He's getting high on HIS medicine!

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

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Monday recap
Whats all this talk about babies,hugs and lunch??? Yuck,them things have a plethora of germs,and not the good kind.Then,to top it off,they want us to be nice to our bothers (I know mine is a bother) and sisters? Who are these people! Masters of torture is who they are. What is this virtual world coming to!

Luvbug (44) suggests we laugh til it hurts. Ohhhhh,he said no-one gets hurt. Bummer.

Mallow (57) steps up the food game with eggs fried over easy on the sidewalk with a sprinkling of gravel and topped with chewed gum. Its a Canada thing.

The Angels (44)get all misty-eyed over the sleepover games. Just like when we were kittens with Truth or Dare and TP'ing the other kittens houses.

Mudcat (68) pleads the 5th on her mom's newest injury. Where is BG's DNA at home kit when we need it. Get well soon Mudcats mom!!

Engine (64) adds a little sugar and salt (no,not spice) to our sugarglider on a stick (yes!) and catnip dipping sauce.

GTt (45) is just dreaming of playing golf today with the storms forcing her under the bed for the day. But wait-not before she grabs the catnip and tea. Never too frightened to eat and get your psychedelic haze on.

BG (44) has a full house,(no,we aren't playing cards today,stop getting excited) of brothers and sisters from another mother to deal with (maybe we should be playing cards).

Tuck (52) hits the bucket,better than kicking the bucket before grabbing "beverage" and heading under the bed with GTt.

And...somehow I forgot myself (53). Must have been all that talk about babies for lunch about makes me lose my lunch.

1st with 44 a three way tie-Angels,Luvbug and BG
2nd with 45 GTt
3rd with 52 Tuck

Losers (not many left) are Mudcat with 68,and Engine with 64. That leaves Mallow and I to guard the still :)


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

05/02/2016 01:36.33 PM Report This Comment
Mayday! 5-1-16
Never can understand why "spring" is celebrated in May. Spring arrived weeks ago! Well, according to the calendar anyway. We still have a bit of a bouncing-ball going as far as the weather, but we are NOT complaining! We'll hit the hot stuff soon enough!

Luvbug gets the game started today with a "parfait" score of 45. Show-off. Next comes Mallow, dancing around the "repurposed" Festivus pole, doubling as a Maypole. She's dizzy with joy over her also-'parfait' 49. Nothing 'parfait' about the Angels score today, but they're still singing in the rain over that 48. Sounds like Mimi was busy trying to kill her mom again. But she made it back in time to shimmy & shake the Maypole with a losing 57.

GTt had to take a quick turn around the Festivus pole to spin-dry the deck of cards she dropped on the way to the White Whisker. She thinks Persey is ready to sit in on a few hands of 9-Lives, so he's filling in for PD for the foreseeable future. He doesn't fare so well on his first outing, but that 42 is bound to improve. Tuck probably thinks GTt should drop the cards more often. He's holding onto a winning 'parfait' 59. And Bee Gee has decided she doesn't want to risk twisted whiskers in a pole dance-off with Mimi & Mallow, so she opts for the hula instead. She dons her lei and doffs her losing 44.

A few winners today to get May off to a rolicking start. Luvbug, Mallow, and Tucker share the pot three ways. Now step up to the bar for a thirst quenching lemonade rum cooler!

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Bet you never knew lemonade
could be so much fun!

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

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4.29 Dance, Eat, Play on Int'l Hairball Day!
Having great time today in honor of Shrimp Scampi and our own hairballs.
LuvBug arrived "hack, hack hacking" his up. All 40 of them.
mallow shows her good aim with hairbalss. She also order 49 Shrimp Scampi- the dish of the day.
Tuck & Dot swoop in and order 46 shrimp scampi each. No messing around with those two. Except N-gin brings her Furiday special of makeral and mole mash along with 60 salty dogs... anyone? there's a long line at the scampi table.
Ana(44) brought a Red Sky to decorate out pawty
There' a lot of dancing going on. Steve' both dancin' & stompin' with 47 mew dance steps. Show off. He also brought a zipper Day warning-- don't get your zippers caught on 'important' pasts. Oooo...
That 56 is too cold for mimi to dance up her pole. So, she seductively places a Peace rose behind her eat and tap claws across the floor.
GTt does not understand how 56 can be too cold. Sh shivers up to the scampi table with her 46 hairballs bequeathed to her by myself, the Hairball King.
Well it finally had to happen even after Steve's warnings, BG got a purrsonal part of her costume stuck in the danged zipper. But she nibbled on 50 scamped shrimp while pulling on her fur. Wishful thinking.
Great day at the Clubhouse!! With best wishes for all your hairballs to hack out easily tonight.
Winners: 60 for N-gin; 56 for mimi; 49 mallow
Free Shrimp Scampi for all. Ana to the Cart Barn 44.
Purrs-- PD Budd, Furiday commenter.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..gardenig, Furlip File #2 Opened on youpet, a. PD Budd, Writing Furlip Files & Persey, house panther-gardener.

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Thurs recap
We hear our biological clock
we all have fun
til the clock says we're done

Who needs a biological clock anyway? We have cubical day! Fun with cubes, Whoever thought a cubical was a good idea anyway? Absolutely no privacy,unless your BG (48) and her little cube of solitude with the imaginary door.

How about Tuck (49) who experiences gone-ta-pott day everyday. Busy litter box ya got there.Tuck's a "regular" type of tom :)

Luvbug (33-twins!) settle in for a little poetry reading (I heard it improves horrible golf scores) while Mallow (46)sings a real pick-me-upper-gloom,despair,and agony on me. Ohhhhhh...we feel SO much better already.

I score a 50,and contemplate how many mini Steve's I don't know about who I'll have to take in for take your kids to work day. Do I need a sports car,or a bus,I'll never tell.

Ana decides to be nice to her 44 today on thank you Thursday.

Engine (62) brings the breakfast train filled with baited boa and goldfish crackers. How does one bait a boa? very carefully.

Mudcat (58) and GTt (33) bust elbows to get to the breakfast bar first. No pushing girls,there is enough boa for all. Take mine!I insist!

Finally-a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Louie!!!

Scores: I HOPE to get it right this time *sigh*
1st Luvbug and GTt with 33 (yay!!! I got it right!)
2nd Ana with 44
3rd Mallow with 46

Losers: Engine with 62,and Mudcat with 58


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

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4/27/16 - Tell Us a Story ...
Okay children, settle down. Once upon a time there was a green, green land known as the Catty Shack, where all kinds of strange creatures would gather to frolic and play by knocking little round balls into extremely small holes.

Luvbug came first, and Luvbug loves to celebrate. Prime Rib Day, Denim Day, Tell a Story Day, Morse Code Day, why he could come up with at least 43 (=7) special holidays at the drop of a golf cap. Then there was the grumpy troll, Mallow. She stole all 45 (=9) of the Baby Ruths and did not play well with the others. Orange Steve wants to tell his life story, but I think this one is 42 (=6) times more interesting, don’t you?

Mimi decided to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day by taking her blogger out for Prime Rib at the White Whisker, where it costs only 40 (=4) catbucks. She was just in time, as Engine arrived with 62 (=8) servings of Skunk Scramble and fried fleas. We think the bloggers would rather have Prime Rib.

Ana Bonana came next and she carried 38 (=11) rays of sunshine trailing behind here, while Gracie Twinkle-toes collected 30 (=3) tips from the diners at the White Whisker. Among them was Tucker, who due to inflation paid 42 (=6) catbucks for HIS Prime Rib.

Bee Gee wrote this lovely story down on the stationery that she bought for her Mom, who also tends to remain stationary whenever possible. She wrote out 43 (=7) copies before she got tired.

Then, everyone gathered at the Clubhouse to hear today’s winners declared:
1st – Gracie T-t with 3
2nd – Mimi with 4
3rd – Steve and Tucker with 6
And off to the cart barn happily scampered Ana, taking her 11 rays of sunshine along with her. HEY!!!

And they all golfed happily ever after …

Your Story Teller Extraordinaire, Mike

Come visit me, Family Album ~ Vote A. Elmer #173244 in May, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear, Q.A. Mallow (MJ) ♥ OJ, A. Smokey ♥ A PawPaw & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ It's Playoffs time!.

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Richter days at the clubhouse! 4-26-16
Let's see if we can really shake things up! Luvbug(40) tries to shake us up by letting A.Fang use up all the black crayons doodling on the carts. Let him doodle on those kids over there, tell 'em they're temporary tattoos ... Mallow(43) really shakes us up by telling the pawrents to take a cat to work! No hissin' way am I going to "work"! ... Steve(65) shakes things up a little by throwing his pet rocks around ... The Angels(50) shake things upside down, with highs in the morning and cooler in the afternoon!

Engine(62) rides in with some scrumptious bourbon-basted baby bat bellies (for those of you on tiny-portion diets) and enough Old Meowaukie to float the CatMobile ... The Yardmen really shook things up at Mimi's(63) place, spooking the housecats into a bowl-tipping stampede! ... GTt(45) wants to shake things up by finding a party to crash ... Tucker(65) tried to shake things up on CC2 but they locked him out. No party crashing for you, I guess ... And Bee Gee(42) really shakes things up by stuffing Sniff in his cage and tossing a kid in with him! Now there's a tough call to bet on. Kid vs Sniff. Hmmm.

Rough driving today on the shaky links:
1st - Tie, Steve & Tucker, 65 apiece. Crashing a pet rock party.
2nd - Mimi, 63, picking up the pieces after the panic.
3rd - Engine, 62, on a roll!

And losing for today is Luvbug, with some loser assistance from Bee Gee. Be careful, Luvbug, BG seems to be a little obsessive about kids today. Make sure she keeps them away from the still!

Our dog has a kid friend -
truly. It's a baby goat!

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

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Monday recap
East meets West to trade zucchini recipes to feed the penguins while hugging plumbers who watch the shower drain. But wait! There's more (after I catch my breath). Its also Crayola Crayon day!!! Lets hear it for the 120 count pack with a sharpener. It should be back in time day-every time I logged onto CC-it was 4-22 date. It wasn't THAT great of a day,was it??

Luvbug (40) admits to breaking (or knows who DID break ) the COTD window just to irritate the golf bully.

Mallow (46) is under the adage a zucchini a day keeps the COTD badge away.

Ana (45) claims to being cool as a cucumber. Ya know,the zucchini wanna be with better PR.

I score a 46,and ready for the West Side Story turf rumble over sand trap usage.

The Fast and the Furriest -Engine (58) brings rare rabbit on rye and parrot porter.

Mudcat (51) tells us ALL about the bad kitty cage. Personal experience,or did a "friend" tell you all about it *wink,wink*

GTt isn't having fun playing with her twin 4's,so she calls open season on the zucchini.

Tuck (46) has a wild fascination involving Heinicat and the shower drain. Kind of like a beer bong?

BG (39) tries her hardest to keep getting kicked off both sites,and she does it! She brought her at home,DNA for dummies kit to find the elusive COTD

Scores-oh so close again. Lets see how the West was won:

1st with 39 BG
2nd with 40 Luvbug
3rd with 45 Ana

Losers: Engine 58,and Mudcat with 51


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

04/25/2016 01:14.37 PM Report This Comment
Can you all say "Now you see it, now you don't"? CC can! The amazing disappearing, reappearing, disappearing COTD! Taking bets on whether it will be back tomorrow. Or maybe even later today...

Luvbug just doesn't care. He has a 45 and wonderful pet parents, and that's all that matters today. Mallow is doing penance today for elbowing Moji aside and doing all the Sharespearean catty putting herself yesterday. It looks like St. Evie assigned her penance of a 48 for today. Glad we have no "saints" living here! Haley bets a brick on her two hands, and neither the 38 OR the 34 came up a winner.

Tuck comes out of left field to drop off a 34 before heading over for some blanketed pigs & a splash of Purple Haze. For once Mimi is celebrating a winner from Miss Toes. She can't celebrate her 54 too long, as she's needed back home to do maintenance on her "old junker". You must mean your pet parent that you tried to kill! I'm sure she needs plenty of maintenance NOW!

Bee Gee is quite talkative today, probably trying to draw attention away from that crappy 50 she got. Sounds like OUR Pig wants nothing to do with any blankets! Scratching mom and hiding in boxes. I say! And finally PD drops down from the clouds for a few moments at the card table, scooping up a 54 and part of the pot.

Winners, gather round the pot. Luvbug, Mimi, and PD, share nice. And evenly. We'll skip the scrimmage this week. Things have been rough enough already.

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Allakazam!Maybe CC hid
the COTD in a tiny box!

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

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4.22 Purple Rain Showers Earth Day
4.22 Purple rain Showers Earth Day-- Jelly Bean Counting Day

Happy Birthday dear mouse.
Angel mallow brought the sweet mouse 53 jelly beans for the pawty.
Luvbug has another use for his 44 jelly beans. He has Fang fill the cart bags (optional straws).
GT-t planted 52 wildflower seeds for Earth Day. Prince Percy & the OL helped her wee bit. And they finished just in time for the Purple Rain Showers to fall.
Steve has been looking for some lucky cat to scrub his back while he's in the Purple Rain shower. He saves his 57 jelly beans until he dries off. No, the color does not run on your orangeness, King Steve.
Ana looking for 60 boomers with the rain.
Happy B'day, mouse from mimi. She saved 64 cashews for the pawty.
Tuck is looking for 56 ways not to follow after Steve. NO! jelly beans do not give toots. He's getting things ready for the pawty to begin as soon as his mom leaves for work.
Engine loves Earth Day by saving litter and freely using the sand traps. Oh-oh, don't tell the Golf Bully. She'll go nuts and I don't mean cashews. With 58 supercharged squirreltinis our pawty should really rock us dancing in the Purple Rain.
BG offers 51 jelly beans for Earth Day in honor of the Girl "Squats" & T-storms.
Today all golf scores were above 50 except for poor Luvbug who will enjoy the cart barn with Fang nibbling leftover jelly beans
64 Jelly beans- mimi
60 Thunderboomers - Ana
58 Squirreltinis - Engine

Remembering Prince.
Purrs from your angel-commenter, PD Budd
Caturday Catty Golf?

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..gardenig, Furlip File #2 Opened on youpet, a. PD Budd, Writing Furlip Files & Persey, house panther-gardener.

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Thurs recap
Celebrating high five day. GTt (35) has the advantage over us in that area with her 7 twinky toes. For those of us who are toe challenged, we have kickball day,chocolate covered cashew day,bulldog day (yikes),kindergarten and creativity day.

The first round of high fives goes to Luvbug (47) who is always first in with the daily news. Without him,Mallow (55) would have no clue what she is doing.She is,however,all about telling us about the birds and the bees today.

I score a 54,and try my hardest to keep off the grass. How about nip,does that count?

Engine (56) gets the ten toes up salute for her poached possum and flash fried fox tails.

Ana gets creative with her temps by making her 39 change to and 80.

Mudcat (45) plays whack-a-bulldog,SO much more fun than golf.

Tuck (58) does the high five fake out with paws in the air to catch the Heinicat and food. Pretty smart move Tuck,your not just another pretty face.

And BG (61) with the face only a mother could love (SHE said it) reaches deep in the pocket she doesn't have for the poem she hasn't written.

Scores(their pretty close these days)
1st with 35 GTt
2nd with 39 Ana
3rd with 45 Mudcat

BG! with 61,and Tuck and I to help with still duty with 58


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

04/21/2016 01:17.19 PM Report This Comment
Hi Luvbug & Family
Boy were mom & I ever surprised to see the COTD back and even more so when we saw ME in it!! We are so happy they brought it back, it was sad to come here everyday only to find it empty.
I want to thank everybody who stopped at my Birthday pawty for making this possible. I received so many COTD gifts & goodies I have decided to donate them to Queen JoJo's Therapy Cat Foundation were we know they will be appreciated.
Thank-you for stopping with your catgratulations for my COTD, we are very blessed to have such pawsome friends!!
I brought you some Tuna Cookies with Catnip Frosting.
Purrs, K. Tucker

Come visit me, K. Tuck ~ #219145, Dame Dot ~ #247583, Maizy ~ Please Vote Angel Elmie #173244 COTM, Dame Mouse ~ #219407 & Smoke's Angels~ In Loving Memory of Shadow.

04/21/2016 05:10.29 AM Report This Comment
4/20/16 - How do you say "Bad Cat" in Mandarin?
Are there any volunteers who can find out for us?

Luvbug brings us a 44 (=8) and being honoured with their own special day today are Lima Beans, the Chinese Languages, Cheddar Fries, Volunteers and Pineapple Upside Down Cake. And Bad Cats. It’s always bad cat day around here! Speaking of which … Mallow brings us an unseasonal 55 (=10) and gets confused thinking there are Mandarin oranges about. Steve also embraces the orange (could we imagine he wouldn’t?) and goes off in search of 48 (=12) cheddar fries.

The Angels are stopping in to see if there is STILL a COTD on Ye Olde CC and they score a 34 (=7). Engine gets there a different way with a 52 (=7) and some Frogmore Stew. And Gracie T-t-t-t-t (brrr!) gets there a whole ‘nother way with a 25 (=7). She proposes a food fight to keep herself warm!

And the official meeting of the 7 Club is adjourned as Mimi arrives with a 56 (=11) and news that SHE has been a Bad Cat? Be nice to your Mom, Mimi, she knows where the can opener is kept! Tucker sets a lima bean on the tee and lines up for a 48 (=12) while BeeGee finishes off with a 41 (=5) and tries to serve us some Lima Bean Upside Down Cake. But we saw her coming first. Sorry, we are absolutely STUFFED with cheddar fries and Frogmore Stew!

And the winners are:
1st – BeeGee with 5
2nd – The 7 Club: the Angels, Engine and Gracie T –t. All with G’s in their names, too. Coincidence??
3rd – Luvbug with 8

And on their way to the cart barn go Steve and Tucker, who in the scale of Bad Catness equal 12 ordinary Bad Cats. Leave some cheddar fries for us!

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Album ~ Vote A. Elmer #173244 in May, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear, Q.A. Mallow (MJ) ♥ OJ, A. Smokey ♥ A PawPaw & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ It's Playoffs time!.

04/20/2016 12:42.19 PM Report This Comment
Somehow I managed to cut off most of the recap from yesterday, so allow me to repost the whole thing:

Can we all say "Who cares?" I know I can! And so can Bee Gee(41), who wants no credit for the return of the dusty old thing. She thinks it should have stayed in the basement where it belongs, along with all the other unused and unloved junk around here.

Luvbug(46) has conveniently avoided any mention of the resurrected award. Hey! Maybe they should have scheduled its return for Easter! Might have been at least slightly appropriate then ... Mallow(56) puts some pedals on her Harley and pedals around the course looking for some garlic for her pizza. I'd say that's doing it the hard way ... Steve(57) hangs it all out and hopes the vampires leave it alone. They might - if you put garlic on it *snicker* ... The Angels(53) are just hanging out with the clouds today ... GTt(50) is hanging out with the sunshine, racing her bike around the links.

Well now, Mimi(53) has the right idea, just hanging out at the White Whisker and letting J.C. do some pedaling around the course ... Engine(51) arrives spilling apologies everywhere for missing us yesterday. I hope that stuff doesn't leave a stain! ... Color Tucker(55) shocked at being the first winner of the new & improved COTD! *coff* Not MUCH improved! At least the OLD one paid you some points! ... And Bee Gee(41) can't take credit for the return of COTD, as if she wants to. She thinks it's just a diabolical plot by CC to drive us all nuts. She bikes away, to deliver a fresh batch of garlic cookies for tuck's big celebration. NO ONE will be attacked by vampires today!

Winners, losers, drum roll please!
1st - Steve hangs it all out for a winner, 57.
2nd - Mallow pedals away with second, 56.
3rd - Tucker trades his COTD badge for a third place CS award, 55. I hear they're worth more these days.

And today's lonesome loser is Bee Gee & her pathetic little 41. You just head down to the still and brew us up some garlic goodies. There MUST be a drink with garlic in it. There's a drink with pretty much everything else!

Make mine a garlic smoothie -
with a strawberry meowgarita chaser!

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

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COTD is back! 4-19-16
Winners, losers, drum roll please!
1st - Steve hangs it all out for a winner, 57.
2nd - Mallow pedals away with second, 56.
3rd - Tucker trades his COTD badge for a third place CS award, 55. I hear they're worth more these days.

And today's lonesome loser is Bee Gee & her pathetic little 41. You just head down to the still and brew us up some garlic goodies. There MUST be a drink with garlic in it. There's a drink with pretty much everything else!

Make mine a garlic smoothie -
with a strawberry meowgarita chaser!

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

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Monday recap
Animal crackers in my soup! Why isn't it soup day then? Not to mention who wants a sugary cracker in chili. We'll have to gag down the lions,tigers and bears without the aid of soup,what IS the world coming to! Before we all let the balls fly,lets all wish Tuck a BIG happy BD CS style,which means the tab is on you Tuck.

Luvbug (46) brought animal crackers from the 1800's for Tucks big day. Like Twinkies,and cockroaches,they last for centuries.

Mallow (53) after being unsuccessfully deleted by BG,volunteers to be the entertainment for the BD pawty by juggling golf balls.

I score a 52,and bring my buddies the lineman to the celebration. Anyone for a game of touch football :)

Mudcat (46) knows how to entertain for the pawty when the lineman install her new,electrified pole in the club house. What doesn't shock ya makes you stronger.

Haley (44) brings the heat to the pawty (no,not the police,yet)

The BD boy Tuck (46) just brings himself and his good furiend Heinicat.

GTt (51) went to a LOT of work opening the can with her many toes for Tucks tuna cake.

BG (41) brought the scary clowns to the pawty to go with Mallow's juggling act. Nothing but class at The Shack.

1st with 41-BG
2nd with 44 Haley
3rd with a tie Tuck,Mudcat and Luvbug with 46

Losers: Mallow with 53,and *gulp* me with 52

Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

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Blah blah haiku blah blah Ford dame day blah blah
WHAT?? Pet Owners Independence Day!! Not a chance! How will we survive without our personal secretaries, even for just a few hours! I am resonably self-sufficient, I suppose, but there are a couple around here who will positively FREAK if they don't get their hourly attention fix. Pig, for one...

Okay, we'll get started with Luvbug, his winning 45, and his nifty little cheeseball buffet. We are all SO glad you aren't in charge of the Lunch Limo! Mallow passes along the mortification Mikey felt when he learned about Moji and her new career as a lingerie model. Calm down, Mikey, it's only the cat's pajamas! Mallow tosses in her 50 and heads over the lounge to see if Mimi's taking sign-ups for pole dancing lessons. Is Mike interested? *snicker* Haley has a glorious winner, 36. Okay, it's a winner, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it "glorious"!

Hey Mike, tough luck. Mimi's having internet problems, so she dumps her losing 48 and heads back to bed. You'll have to wait til tomorrow to sign up for those lessons. :-( Tucker shoulders the responsibility of hassling our bully about her bats ears, since her favorite nemesis is out feeling orange today. And he has plenty of time, since he won't be in the winners scrum today, with that 47. Last and least (haha! OW!) is our bat-eared bully herself, Dame Darn, and her very own losing hand, 37. *sshhh* Be vewy quiet, she's having a buddy talk with Pig. Who knows what they're planning...

Our two winners today are Luvbug & Haley. For your amewsment, they'll be jousting for their share of the pot. Barstool jousting, that is. You try to push each other over, using nothing but a swizzle stick. GO!

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Blah blah that's right blah blah
I'm the boss and blah blah blah

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Beware the Ides of April!!
Lots of silliness today with wild guesses and tasty Catpucchino including a touch of Irish Whiskers.
The Vampires are working this month A. mallow;s mom visited her local Vampire Clinic and got blue and green skin at no extra charge. Our Angel has 47 wild thing stories today.
LuvBug is taking care of his mom's 47 different wild allergies today. Good luck!
Oh, Wild Thing, You make may heart sing, Steve! Hold on to your pants all 42 of them.
Another Vampire report just flew in from Tuck. His mom got blue and green last week at her Vampire Clinic and she has to see her doctor today. Time for a little spiral ham and 43 Catpucchinos, Tuck. Are they having an April special on Vampire blood? Now... that sucks.
N-Gin delivers her usual unusual 'food' and terrific Catpucchos with Irish Whiskers. Yum. She takes 44 nips of the you-know-what herself.
GTt bragged about catching 29 wild goose feathers in her mouth while hunting for a real wild goose on her lawn. That earns her a place by the still today... take the Irish Whiskers with you, girl.
Another Cart Barn girl today is Ana with a 28.
BeeGee arrives with 42 beaten up feather dusters. Living in the Wild West does crazy things to her housemate, Sniff the Duster Killer.
And our Pole Shiner, mimi, celebrates Volunteer Day by cleaning 46 pounds of cat fur from the vacuum. Next project is knitting mew pole dancing costumes-- get to work J.C.
A. mallow 47 blue-green marks
Pole Dancing mimi 46
N-Gin with 44 Catpucchinos
Ana 28 and GTt 29. Cold enough yet?
Glad to be your commenter, PD Budd, himself.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..gardenig, Furlip File #2 Opened on youpet, a. PD Budd, Writing Furlip Files & Persey, house panther-gardener.

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Thurs recap
Look up at the sky (careful,seagulls overhead), and reach as high as you can. Whats with all this looking and reaching stuff today? And speaking of seagulls,ever notice you find them in the oddest places,like the Walmart parking lot.So,back to today (my mind tends to wander) we also have be kind to layers,not lawyers,which Mallow (46) has a pretty close relationship with after a few sketchy life choices :) Its also pecan (pee-can,or pa-caun) day,even Luvbug (42 )finds the pecan a tough nut to crack.Lastly,sparrow season starts. Time to dig out the ORANGE hunting vests.

I score a 36. I'm reaching for higher things (mainly temperatures),but my short stature,and and the weather gods not cooperating makes that an impossible mission.

Ana (39) is hoping to be blinded by a sunny day soon.

Mudcat (43) hunts sparrow the primitive way-with a bunch of nuts. Pecans that is.

GTt has nowhere to go but up with her temp of 25.Thats it? Thats the best you can do? She has her eye to the sky for sparrow tasties.

Engine (54) saves us all from a poor sparrow hunting outcome with pigeon popovers and brown bat brew.

And last....BG didn't get the memo either,its reach as HIGH as you can. She also brings in an embarrassing low score of 39,but she is first in something-the line for spicy speared sparrow.


1st with 25 GTt
2nd with 36-ME
3rd tie with BG and Ana with 39

Losers: Engine with 54,and Mallow with 46


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

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4/13/16 - Gambling on Peach Scrabble
at the good old Catty Shack today. Sure hope we don’t get raided!

Luvbug starts us out with a 45 (=9) and decides to celebrate Make Lunch Count Day along with Peach Cobbler Day. Mallow, meanwhile, will celebrate Scrabble Day only if she can gamble on the game. 43 (=7) for her, while Engine shoots a 54 (=9) and Makes Lunch Count by bringing us some Possum Pot Pies. YUM!

Steve and his pals the 33 (=6) twins are setting up the Scrabble game and reviewing their vocabulary of 4-letter words. If we really want a challenge, we can play only words that describe something that’s orange. The Angels are so overwhelmed by that variation that they relate their adventures but forget their score! While Gracie T-t is still below freezing (it is APRIL, for pete’s sake!!) with a 22 (=4) and pitching nickels to celebrate Thomas Jefferson Day “Movin’ on up ….. ♫” ~~ whoops, wrong Jefferson (blush).

Mimi marks down a 48 (=12) and suggests making lunch for her Mom & Luvbugs to keep their strength up and Make Lunch Count. And BeeGee has won 45 (=9) catbucks already at Scrabble. While making lunch. Which would explain why there are Scrabble tiles in our Scrambled eggs. So ends the day’s action at the Catty Shack, where anything can happen. And probably will.

1st - Gracie T-t, with 4
2nd – Steve with 6
3rd – Mallow with 7

And to the cart barn goes Mimi, off to deliver the lunches.

If we do get raided, I’m only here to visit the Bookmobile!

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Album ~ Vote A. Elmer #173244 in May, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear, Q.A. Mallow (MJ) ♥ OJ, A. Smokey ♥ A PawPaw & Evie ♥ A Shai ~ It's Playoffs time!.

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