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Domestic Longhair from <a href=' Margarita/club-members.aspx' title='Santa Margarita, CA'>Santa Margarita, CA</a>

Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo

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Hi! My name is Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo

I am Domestic Longhair from Santa Margarita, CA

Nicknames: Big Boy

Age: 14 years old

Gender: M

Coat: long haired

Education: He used to be afraid of people in general, now he is just leary of strangers and he is a total lovebug to his favorite people.

My favorite tricks and treats are: carries a string away in his mouth and fish flakes

Where I hang out: In the window or on a bed or couch

My favorite grubs: Tuna

My pet peeves: Vacuums, mops, car rides

What I love about my owners: They took me in from outside.

My cat hobbies: Play with a string and go outside.

Pet motto: Persist in what you want to achieve

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He was a stray in our area and we were feeding him. He finally got used to people and 'came in from the cold'. I won COTD on 6/11/09, 7/15/2011, 7/18/12, 7/18/2013 and 07/18/2014. Won CROTD on 7/15/2011. Thanks everyone. Diagnosed in December 2010 with a heart murmur.

Mom will try to catch up asap.

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I've had 18256 friends visit me.

I'm the 2,600th member on

1,220 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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Get well, Buster! 1-27-15
The Shackers are all bringing best wishes to Luvbug's roommate Buster. Of course, Luvbug(36) arrives first with a clean crapper, because let's face it, when you feel crappy, well, enough said ... Mallow(45) arrives with a double-dose of confusion, which, although much to be expected, is absolutely no help at all! ... Steve(15) brings a colorful chocolate cake with double icing.

Well, Mimi(30), now you're talking! She's sending home a double Feeling Frisky hot toddy for Buster. I think I'm starting to feel sick to. *wink wink* ... Tucker(18) put plenty of thought into his idea for Buster - plenty of bubble wrap to to make Buster his very own "bubble boy" room! ... It's Engine(22) to the rescue with a chicken soup variation of Pot-O-Parrot with Plucked Pinfeathers, and vintage Heinecat, of course.

UBB(13) is delivering his jumbo stein of cart-barn still corn squeezin's. Now THAT'S some strong medicine! ... Bee Gee(36) is also heavily into thoughtful gifts today, as she provides a mallet for punching the clock. Any clock. No one needs a wake-up call when they're sick ... And the angels(18) drift in on a snowplow better late than never!

Okay, here's the way the scores look:
1st - Mallow, 45. Well, THAT'S not confusing!
2nd - Tie, Luvbug & Bee Gee, 36. Luvbug, maybe you can clean the crapper with BG's mallet.
3rd - Mimi, 30. Feeling frisky?

Poor UBB, in the cart barn again. Good news though - you have help from Steve! Isn't that great?? :-)

Maybe we should all have a vodka screwdriver -
orange juice, you know. Good for what ails ya!


01/27/2015 01:38.28 PM Report This Comment
1-26 recap
Last Monday recap of January 2015-yay!!!! Another winter month bites the dust. We have peanut brittle day. I'm down for some burnt sugar and peanuts,why not. And for entertainment...bubble wrap!! No,not bubble gut.

Luvbug (34) hitting the drinks early with some"tea". Uh huh.

Mallow (43) feels the love of the bubbly-of the wrapping kind. TMI what you and the spouse do with that stuff. Not listening,not listening.....

I score a 20,and model my new,see-thru bubble wrap golf suit. Keeps the snow out of important parts.

The Angels (18) run thru briefly with the reports the sky is falling. Ohhhhh,snow is falling out OF the sky in blizzard form.

Mudcat (42)Ah! I have competition as a bubble popper! Yours smells a LOT better than mine.

Engine (38) wows us all (easy to do anymore) with the offering of toasted turtle and pink flamingo drinkies. For those of us feeling a little floofie today!

Tuck and Dot (21) bring the bubble wrap Slip and Slide-score! Number 64 of the 101 uses of the tons of fun bubbly stuff.

UBB (7) Seven! What! He lives in golf Neverland with NO snow. Have you spotted Michael Jackson yet?

And Darn (36) who has a bad case of cabin fever. They make antibiotics and quarantine for that,I hope.

1st: UBB with 7
2nd: Angels with 18
3rd:ME with 20

Losers,(those enjoying the warm,and NO snow) goes to.....Mallow with 43 and Mudcat 42. Should be a law against that. See if you can create one quickly golf bully.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ & ~Sir Ernie ~.

01/26/2015 02:05.38 PM Report This Comment
Happy Sunday 1-25-15
And a quiet one it is, too. I guess you're all sleeping off the great Empty the Beer Can Challenge from yesterday. All but a few die-hards. Luvbug(36) spends the night rather than have to navigate his way home. Good idea, since his catty left early so he has no designated driver ... Mallow(48) stays late (or arrives REALLY early!) with her paint brush and bucket in paw. She' made some kind of abstract design out there on the fairway. Hard to tell what that is, but then, it WAS dark ... Mimi(35) claims she was filtered out of CC2 this morning. Maybe you just couldn't find a parking space. :-)

Oh dear. Sounds like Tuck's(30) mom might have been in on the empty beer can contest. She fell on her kiester and is sporting some nice colors there. Seahawks blue maybe? ... And finally Bee Gee(33) has decided she wants a room of her own, and has designated the bathroom. Now wait just a darn minute! Will we at least have visiting hours?

Well, with this small group today, we all just might fit in Bee Gee's room! Not that I want to, mind you. Here we go: Luvbug, 36 - Mallow, 48! - Mimi, 35 - Tucker, 30 - Bee Gee, 33.

Okay, Bee Gee has issued a challenge, something about what's the opposite of Irish coffee. SHE says it's Long Island iced tea, and does anyone have any better ideas? Let's head into the clubhouse and see who can meet or beat her challenge!

And no cheating


01/25/2015 02:35.10 PM Report This Comment
Hurry, Luvbug! Time's a-wastin'!
It’s Beer Can Appreciation Day and we have just about missed the whole thing! Honestly, ya can’t get a good secretary around here for anything! And we can’t possible miss this special day THIS year of all years! Didja know it’s the beer can’s 80th birthday this very day? Oh, not THIS beer can, but “the” beer can.

American Can Company had been workin’ on the beer can dilemma 1909, but they had one big problem. The steel cans tended to explode from the 80 lbs. per sq. in. of pressure. NOT a great sellin’ point, mol. It took about two more decades for ‘em to figure out that lining the steel cans with the same material used to line kegs would keep them intact. It was 80 years ago this very day, on January 24, 1935, when cans of Krueger’s Finest Beer and Krueger’s Cream Ale hit the shelves in Richmond, Virginia—and quickly sold out.

So let’s toast the humble beer can …. a work of engineering genius! The outsides are a canvas for creative artistic minds and then the Inside, well, that’s just good stuff. Come on, appreciate those beer cans a little faster! It’s only 5 months till the 3rd annual Mallowwood Beer Can Boat Regatta and we have a whole lot of cans to empty before then! -- A. Mallow

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook~Vote Buddy #259429 daily in Jan!, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly ~ Go Seahawks!, Mojo Blackbear ~ I'm the 12th Cat!, A. Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon~Ready for Super Bowl!, Angel Smokey ~ We miss you, faithful friend! & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ Go Seahawks!.

01/24/2015 05:27.45 PM Report This Comment
Belly Laugh Day! 1-24-15
And to think two of our favorite belly dancers aren't here today. Engine stayed home with her bellies, and Steve is keeping his bubble gut to himself. Won't even share a LITTLE!

Luvbug(34/7) isn't doing much belly laughing out there in the fog. I think he'll even trade some of that fog for a few empty beer cans. Any takers? ... Doesn't sound like Mallow(50/5) will be convinced to trade any of HER empties. In fact, she's busy shining one up for her Beer Can Hall of Fame ... Uh oh. Looks like UBB(24/6) already has 100 empties on his Wall of Shame. Seems Mallow might have some catching up to do!

Well, isn't that nice of Mimi(36/9) to be so complimentary to her beer cans? Each and every empty gets a personal pat on the pop-top from Mudcat! ... Haley(32/5) might be able to appreciate those beer cans if she uses them to mark a path through that 5" of snow! ... And Bee Gee(37/10) is appreciating the heck out of her beer cans as she struggles to get her beer can raft out of the weeds in the river!

On to the winners and losers:
First things first today. That means you, Bee Gee. You're in the cart barn with that 10, and Mimi can tag along and teach you to be more appreciative of the lowly beer can. Now, for the winners:

1st - It's a tie, with Mallow & Haley splitting the bar tab today.
2nd - UBB, 6, can always use a few more empties for that wall he likes to sing about.
3rd - Luvbug, 7, is still in the fog. If we all put a few pennies in our empty beer cans and rattle them, maybe he'll find his way to the clubhouse.

Submitted for your consideration by Hot Rod, pro extraordinaire! We might be getting a Seahawk on the 12th fairway. Stay tuned!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

01/24/2015 12:45.52 PM Report This Comment
hey there
luvbug! how are you this fine afternoon! at least it's the calm before the big snowstorm 3-6" worth of heavy wet slop due in to match what we got back on thanksgiving when janet and nat were out shoveling for a good part of the morning. janet will be lim-ited as to how much she can do seeing she's sick with a nasty sinus infection,but knowing her like we do she'll be outside helping nat to get the work done. she's on 3 otc meds as well as she saw her doctor yesterday and she was put on these for a start to see what they'll do. sandy,ab,haley,.angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

01/23/2015 10:29.05 AM Report This Comment
Thanks for helping me celebrate my 'dopty day yesterday - even though mom nearly forgot! And THEN she forgot to let me finish my thank yous! I have more today than I did yesterday. *sigh* Mom is getting really absent minded, but it's okay. We manage to get into more mischief that way. Teehee! I brought you a goody bag (we got LOTS!) and a big thank you vote! I hope have a wonderful day! Hugs.



01/22/2015 02:57.48 PM Report This Comment
1-22 recap
Answer your cats questions day,as if they even listen to us. SO many questions to answer today,but I'll do my best. I have an answer to everything,might not be right,but its an answer.

Dear Tabby Steve:

Q: why am I in a fog,and what goes well with hot sauce? ~Luvbug(30)~
A: Because its NOT always sunny in Cali,and everything goes with hot sauce. I find it kind of numbs the tongue and dulls the senses.

Q: I question why I have so many questions. ~Mallow(41)~
A: Because your Mallow-thats why! BTW,the food dish WAS full *burp*

Q:Wait,I can't ask myself a question (although I DO talk to myself at length). I'll just sit and ponder the wonders of hot going coming out. Score 26

Q: How do I get rid of the clouds,and have only sun? ~Sandy(28)~
A: Move. (Its actually took me a while to figure that out)

Q: Where are the nip filled brownies,and why am I gaining weight? ~Mudcat(32)~
A: The cart barn,and the late night munchies.

Q: What is an "acceptable" time to open the juice bar,and what goes well with lizard? ~Engine (30)~
A: You know the deal-its always beer thirty somewhere in the world,and anything! Lizard tastes like chicken. MY question-what does chicken taste like?

Q: How can a blonde be a brownie,and why are shrimp dinners served in odd numbers? ~Tuck and Dot (26)~
A: Because the blonde failed Girl Scouts,and humans can't count.

Q: Is my massive "healthiness" a waste of my time,and who is taking me to lunch? ~BG(30)~
A: Its ALL about you,isn't it. Well,healthy is the root of all evil,and you'll soon see what loser takes you to lunch later. No really,loser buys.

Q: Anyone want to come to lunch with me,and where da pawty at? ~UBB(23)~
A;I'll come if your buying,and da pawty is ALWAYS at CS.

Scores-I'm all kinds of tired out...

1st: UBB 23
2nd: Tuck,Dot,and ME with 26
3rd: Sandy 28

Losers-AKA buyers of a massive lunch are.....Mallow 41,and Mudcat 32.

XOXO~Steve (AKA Dear Tabby)

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ & ~Sir Ernie ~.

01/22/2015 02:50.38 PM Report This Comment
1/21/15 - Hug a Squirrel Day!
If you can catch one that is. Actually, it’s National Hugging Day and Squirrel Appreciation Day but that won’t all fit in the header. And we all know what WE would like to do to those bushy tailed little varmints!

Luvbug also tells us it’s Hot Rod, Autumn and Angel Summer’s birthday, so it’s a black cat fest. Why, I count 34 (=7) of them gathered already! One of them is Mallow’s catty, who has left the Great One on her own to shake her tail and show everyone why her nickname is “The Squirrel”. Mojo that is. Mallow has a 34 (=7). Steve arrives, having heard the word ‘birthday” and after dropping off his 29 (=11) he’s on the hunt for cake.

The Angels swoop down to invite us to “♫ .. join in all their Angel games .. ♫”. Hmm, I think we’re just about a month late for that tune. It’s a 19 (=10) for them. Mimi is willing to forego the hugging and appreciate any squirrel who wants to dive into her hot tub full of mouse sauce. Any takers? Oh well, it’s a 38 (=11) for Mimi and the same for Engine, who brings us Smoked Snakes on Sticks. If it’s on a stick, it’s good eatin’ I always say.

Tucker sings to the birthday kitties and tries to hug his catty. He emerges from the First Aid Wagon wearing 29 (=11) Band-aids and willing to settle for birthday cake. BeeGee rushes in where Angels (literally!) fear to tread and threatens to hug STEVE! I don’t think we have enough bandaids for that one. Or a defibrillator for Steve either. Bee Gee does have 30 (=3) creative uses for squirrels, though. And just when we thought we could pack it in, along comes UBB, hugging squirrels and scoring an unbeatable 1 (=1).

Okay, NOW we can pack it in:
1st – UBB with a Garbage Day score of 1. I am NOT hugging my garbage can!
2nd – It has to be … BeeGee’s three. Such a poet I am!
3rd – Luvbug and Mallow, in 7th heaven
And to the cart barn with scores of 11 go Steve, Mimi, Engine, and Tucker. Hmm … that’s half the golfers, I guess we flip a coin for where the birthday pawty will be. No, not YOUR coin, Steve. I wasn’t born yesterday you know.

And now to place my summaries on those crazy pages I’ve been seeing all morning. Clearing the cache worked for about 5 minutes. Oh, what I go through around here …

Your Weirdnsday Guest Common ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook~Vote Buddy #259429 daily in Jan!, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly ~ Go Seahawks!, Mojo Blackbear ~ I'm the 12th Cat!, A. Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon~Ready for Super Bowl!, Angel Smokey ~ We miss you, faithful friend! & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ Go Seahawks!.

01/21/2015 12:56.42 PM Report This Comment
Lots of long drivers today 1-20-15
Maybe it's the cheese. Or maybe it's the Spam Scramble on Engine's Vittle Volvo. Can we get some shredded cheese on that? Luvbug(40) is celebrating Day of Acceptance in the fog. He's also pouring the tea for whoever is still hoarse from cheering on their team Sunday ... Mallow(35) turns the crank on her camcorder, hoping for some good stuff to post on MewTube. Say "Cheese!" everybody! ... Disco Steve(30) keeps spinning around and around, making it very hard for Mallow to get his "best side". Any side but the back side *snicker*

Uh oh, looks like Ana(32) has stalled on the driving range. Guess we'll have to do a drive around ... Get 'em while they're hot! Engine(39) has a Plucked Possum/Spam Scramble special. Not so sure about washing that down with carbonated Cream of Catfish ... Mimi(34) shares a not-so-surprising story of her round-and-round on a ceiling fan. That was during her pre-pole dancing years *wink*

Tuck(28) has invented a mew game: Light fixture cheese-jump. Why not up the degree of difficulty and swing it from the ceiling fan? ... Bee Gee(26) is also up for a little hanging around from the light fixtures. She's discovered Acceptance ... And UBB(20) has decided to do some medicinal experimentation down in the cart barn, since he seems to be spending so much time there. See? That still is very versatile!

How the long drive looks:
1st - Luvbug, 40. Hope Mallow caught that for MewTube!
2nd - Engine, 39. High octane helped, huh?
3rd - Mallow, 35. (Un)Official videographer.

And the cart barn/medical lab will be manned (catted?) by UBB, with very able assistance from Doctor Bee Gee.

Enjoying a nice refreshing
honey/rum toddy with nip!


01/20/2015 01:11.08 PM Report This Comment
1-19 recap
Whispering sweet "I love you's" today,hopefully not to each other. We have love for the popped corn,love for potions,love for tin cans(they are SO much fun). Love is in the air,don't breathe.

Luvbug (39) is whispering lots of things,I don't think love is one of them. I DID hear the popcorn word though!

Mallow (40)is busy brewing some of her dark angel potions. *whew* for a minute there,I was afraid she was going to say love potions. Nah,the good ol vodka kind.

I score a 27 and proceed to kick the can(not the bucket).

Haley (36) is skating on black ice. More fun than thin ice!

Mudcat (35) passes on the potions,and goes straight to brewing what matters-brewski!. Feel the beer love.

Engine (37) claws her way in with flat fish fondue and Possum Porter. Woo-hoo-best way to start any day!

Tuck and Dot (31) wiggle out of hibernation,and come running when they heard there was popcorn and vodka. Its Tuck,he can sniff these things out.

UBB (29) cat got your tongue?? Oh.....its a sore throat from yelling at the TV yesterday,I get it. Did it help?? Couch coaching is a fine non contact sport with no pay and just as little appreciation.

And last,again is BG (37) recovering from her all nighter celebration from yesterday. Little game of kick the man,i mean can, ought to cheer her right up.


1st: ME with a 27
2nd: UBB with 29 and Dot with 31!!! Welcome back!

Losers: Mallow with a 40 and Luvbug with a 39.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ & ~Sir Ernie ~.

01/19/2015 01:32.38 PM Report This Comment
Holy catnip, I cannot believe that I’m in the winner’s circle today? Hope you’re ready to help me pawty ‘cause I’m gonna whip up some goodies lickety split. I may have to impost on Engine since she’s the culinary queen at the Cathouse…. Please take a load off and stay for a spell! Let’s start with a platter of Rabbit Ragout Roll-Ups followed by a heavily pawed Skunk Soup with Mouse Dumplings and Catnip Crumpets. Fur dessert, I’ll purpare lightly licked Nurse Shark Napoleons rolled in Crispy Crickets. Of course, we’ll have bottomless Squirreltinis and Salmon Shooters . Thanks so much for stopping by to help me celebrate. I love my CC furriends!

Thanks so much for coming by today and for the basket of my favorite things and the nice warm blankie!! I love it! While we are here, we just did double duty and left AQ Kuce her daily vote! And one for you, too!

Meows and purrs Rhubarb

Come visit me, Strudel & Yoda, Engine, What a Surprise! Thanks everyfur!!, Felix & Pudding, Exit Rocketman ♥ Mrs Whiskers, Angels Ping, ET, HC & Poppins OFFLINE, ~Orzo ♥ Cheesy~, ~~Michah and Biscuit~~ & ~~Rhubarb~~.

01/18/2015 08:21.03 PM Report This Comment
Let's get some practice! 1-18-15
Everyone got your game faces on? We all need plenty of practice. Luvbug(40) climbs out of his rut and cruises around in his sporty cart with the new decals. Can't quite make those out *squints* Hello Kitty? No, that can't be right ... Mallow(47) brings some scary looking blue chips and guacamole. Good looking blue cart with the 'Hawks decals though. Nice touch with the green & blue Skittles infused vodka, too. (what an imagination!)

Sandy(25) is waiting for a soaking later. Don't forget the game umbrella! ... Natural born Seahawk fan UBB(25) is in positive territory today. It's okay UBB, no problem with that "cheese" comment. As long as that cheese is melted, it's okay! ... Mimi(53) is all ready for the family mouse chase. She even gives them a sporting head start! ... And Bee Gee(37) is getting limbered up for the big mouse chase, too. No mention of giving them a head start though.

Here's how the practice went: Luvbug, 40 - Mallow, 47 - Sandy, 25 - UBB, 25 - Mimi, 53 - Bee Gee, 37.

Now, let's all head into the clubhouse and watch the play-offs!

~~Hot Rod~~
I hear there's Peking duck
on the menu. And cheese. :-)

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

01/18/2015 12:41.10 PM Report This Comment
Ditch our resolutions? 1-17-15
Seriously? Well then, I better get on the ball and MAKE one so I'll have one to ditch. I feel so left out. *okay, not really* :-)

See? Luvbug(36/9) didn't make one either! We're in the procrastinators group. Not that it's especially exclusive ... Mallow(37/10) is getting her Seahawks gear ready for tomorrow. Be ready to celebrate! ... Oh my, Haley(7/7) took some pepper out this morning. To warm things up? I don't think it works that way.

Mimi(31/4) is stretching her own cable around the house for her very own transit system! Let us know how that works out ... And Bee Gee(30/3) also has no resolutions for the ditch pile, seeing as how you "can't improve on perfection". She's just trying to get in a trashy mood ... And a last minute non-score from UBB(-8!) on the "other" CS. Looks like he ditched his resolution to stay warm this year!

Quick recap for a short day:
1st - Bee Gee, 3. Cruddy paws?
2nd - Mimi, 4. "Simplify with cables"?
3rd - Haley, 7. How did that pepper thing work out?

Only ones left can share the cart barn effort today. Mallow and Luvbug will be painting the carts for the "Big Games" tomorrow. Make ours blue and green! Go Hawks! Since UBB is already turning blue, is he an honorary Hawks fan? *snicker*

Hot Rod
*Yes, Luvbug, sadly, Karen is our Timmy's mom, and she's not doing well at all. We are deeply saddened by the news* :-(

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

01/17/2015 12:31.56 PM Report This Comment
1.16 Long drive Furiday
There we are fellow golfers-- at the end of another fun week. Declared Dragon Day!! And, of course we have our own dragon relative-- Ol' Toothy who had developed quite a love of munching little rubber duckies. This is according to Queen mimi (34) who knew the O.T. well when he prowled the halls of her castle.
We have two award today -- out of the ordinary. First is a paw pat on the back for UBB (25) for a positive attitude and a positive score. And the other grand prize goes to our Catty Shack Chef for her splendid alliterative menu today of Roasted Rack of Rat on Rye *drool*). Yea N-Gin (28)
Added to the menu today is anything Hot & Spicy. Steve (26) has volunteered himself-- of course. We'll let LuvBug (32) enjoy Fig Newton Fruitcake Day-- don't tell you-know-who.
Speaking of whom: A. mallow (43) produced quite a big score today. Could be from all that OJ squeezing that went on last night, eh?
Out of the Western Fog appears the famous tail less tabby, Bee Gee (32). She has put an ad in the Purrsonals Column for a "Tiny Rodent-Dragon". Not sure what that is or what she wants to do with it?
Pant-panting out on the driving green, (puFf-Puff) runs Ana B. (28) late only by a wee bit but puffs out of condition, it seems. Of course Puff, the magic dragon used to puff on Dragon Day.
And that's all today. has anyone heard from Tucker & Dot? The membership committee is asking about their dues.
No cart barn tonight-- don't want to ruin UBB's positive attitude.
1st -Angel mallow (43) Needs a Dragon of her own
2nd- Queen mudcat mimi (34)
3rd - Foggy Bee Gee & LuvBug (32)

Humbly submitted by non-sports fan, PD Budd

Come visit me, Uncle Buddy Budd,, Gracie T-t, White Whiskers, PD Budd, let's play dress up & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

01/16/2015 03:25.44 PM Report This Comment
1-15 recap
Lets see whats in the bag-o-tricks at the CS today......we have the golf carts all revved and clean( not spit shined) and raring to go complete with a bucket of practice rubber duckies. Grab your hats,your squeezed something resembling juice and hit the course. Oh,and don't forget strawberry ice cream day. Nothing warms you up like ice cream!

Luvbug (36) is busy squeezing something to make juice. TMI

Mallow (35) keeps a consistent score for three consecutive (like my new big word???) days. She's lovin',touchin',and fresh squeezin' her own OJ.

I'm SO overwhelmed with today's possibilities,but I'll stick with appreciating a tabby day-me!!! Score of 5,a lousy,measly 5.

Optimistic Sandy scores a bright and sunny 5 also.

Engine (27) is slip sliding in with grilled grasshopper and trout turnovers. She had to paw wrestle her mom for the Heinicat. I hope you won!

Mudcat (31) ponders the mysteries of geography (don't talk to BG) while looking dapper in argyle hats and tail wraps.

UBB (8) thanks his catty GTt. We ALL know shiny clubs blind the ball and improves the score.

And BG (33,34 will be SO jealous) said she appreciates me very much! Why,thank you very much BG!! Ok,she meant the "me" as her,but I know she REALLY meant "me" as in me. Confused??


1st: tie with Sandy and ME (as in me) with a 5
2nd: UBB with 8
3rd:Engine with 27

Losers! That would be....its a close one...Luvbug with 36 with the help(?) of Mallow with 35


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ & ~Sir Ernie ~.

01/15/2015 01:58.47 PM Report This Comment
with it being wierd wednesday yesterday
we started out at 0 clear and dropped to our current low of -4 then clouded over jumped to 4 and was spitting snow when janet left for work. also stayed into the lower teens for highs with snow flurries and a dusting of snow instead of clearing and get-ting into the upper 20s like it should have! today lower 30s and sunny skies perfect for errands after janet's home from work later this morning. sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

01/15/2015 02:29.51 AM Report This Comment
1/14/15 - Dress Up Your Pet Day?!
Quick, let’s get over to the Catty Shack before our pawrents hear about this one and get any crazy ideas!

Luvbug is first to sound the alarm and suggests that the pawrents celebrate Organize Your Home Day instead. That should keep them out of our fur for, oh, about 37 (=10) days. Angel Mallow threatens anyone who dares to try dressing HER up and wants to play with rubber duckies instead. 35 (=8) of them.

The Angels are dressed as disqualified golfers, in a negative mood with -4. Joining them in sitting out the round is UBB, who also has -4 and gleefully informs us that last night he put snow tires on half the carts. Who’s feeling lucky?

Why, Steve is feeling lucky! He has a 4 (=4) of the positive kind and is dressed like … a Nut! Mimi chooses to stick with her classic tuxedo look and a 32 (=5). Engine is dressed in her Chef’s ensemble and has 28 (=10) servings of Turtle Tournedous for our dining pleasure. And Bee Gee arrives attired in her tinfoil hat, spouting conspiracy theories and suggesting we dress up rubber duckies instead. Ah, a loophole! It’s Dress Up YOUR Pet Day and they are OUR pets, right? Whew! Squeaked out of that one!

And who squeaks into the winners circle?
1st – Nutty Steve with 4
2nd – Formal Mimi with 5
3rd – Brilliant Bee Gee with 7

To the cart barn with Luvbug and Engine, both with 10 and Mallow, you might as well go out there too, so you won’t get lonely. Take your rubber duckies with you, shoot a few practice buckets.

Submitted by
Your Guest Common (fully dressed) ‘Tater, Mike

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Grab your Rubber Duckies! 1-13-15
And throw them at Steve and his champion nuts! Personally, I think HE should be buying the drinks today, no matter WHAT the score says. Show of paws? Unanimous! Okay, that does it for the recap. Just kidding.

Luvbug(37) says he'll pass on kissing a ginger unless it's a lady. He decides to stay in bed without a clue ... Mallow(35) leaves a score today! She claims she'll NEVER forget again, but I'm skeptical ... Eeww, Steve(15) is making rubber ducky soup! At least toss some buckynuts in there for texture.

Ana(28) had me worried for a minute talking about windmills. Turns out she said wind CHILLS! I need to get the buckynuts out of my ears ... UBB(6) claims to be a beautiful dreamer, but I'm skeptical ... For reasons only she can truly appreciate, Engine(34) seems to be quite excited about having lice. Eeww.

Mimi(39) says she heard language most foul emanating from the water hazard after J.C. dumped in dozens of duckies with the damp denizen of the deep, but I'm skeptical ... And finally, Miss Ducky herself Bee Gee(34) heads for the hot tub with her rubber ducky to console her. I think those shrimp shooters might help, too!

Long driving the duckies FAR away!
1st - Mimi, 39. Want to hear some REALLY foul language? Tell J.C. he has to go retrieve those duckies!
2nd - Luvbug, 37. ALL DAY in bed? I'm skeptical!
3rd - Mallow, 35. The Skeptical Skeptic! I'm jealous.

The obvious loser and cart barn attendant today is UBB. You go on ahead to the cart barn and have your beautiful dreams about summer. Everybody else line up for rubber ducky soup. Hey, it can't be worse than liver fruitcake. Can it?

Cuckoo Dance in the
bowling alley tonight!


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1-12 recap
We all ready to get drugged up to play??? (is there any other way?) We'll see what our furiendly neighborhood pharmacist has cooked up (hopefully,not in his basement) for pharmacist day for our kind of crazy. Marzipan day-no thanks,and clean off your desk day...*yawn* boring.

Luvbug (41) little attention hog he is,swiped his mom's desk clean to make way for a place to lay. We ALL know across the keyboard is the best spot.

Mallow arrives eager to run over her dad's precious belongings on his desk via Harley. Not only is your picture missing,so is your score today! Me thinks she's been hitting the pharmaceuticals early.

I score a 32. Almost forgot what these warm numbers were like! Please line up single file for kiss a ginger day. "I'll" be hurling later after that.

The Angels (35) head for the sink early. Your score wasn't THAT bad.

Mudcat (39) smart girl,she said I'm right(for once). She must have visited her local pharmacist early also,she's clearly delusional.

Engine (39) rounds the corner on two wheels and drops (literally) off her famous Roulade of Rat stuffed with flying squirrel. I can imagine how interesting your fridge is at home.

UBB (27) almost twists his arm patting himself on the back for his purrfect score( anything that's NOT a negative).

And....BG (34) is having a busy and eventful day talking back to the voices in her head and fulfilling her OCD demands with desk cleaning.

Scores! I know you're all on the edge of your seats for this...

1ST: UBB with 27
2nd: ME with 32
3rd: BG with 34

Losers (should be scoreless Mallow) but alas,its Luvbug with a 41 helped by the southern pair of Mudcat and Engine with twin 39's.


GO BUCKEYE'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ & ~Sir Ernie ~.

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.... --- - / .-. --- -.. 1-11-15
That's me, in Morse code. I would HATE to have to communicate that way! What a hassle that would be. Okay, I better make this quick because CC has been giving me fits today. I may not have much time.

Luvbug(40) made sure to point out Toby's lousy commentary from yesterday. Lousy in that it was weirdly wrong, with Ana both winning AND losing! Verrrrry interesting ... Mallow(38) is all for stepping in puddles and splashing everyone, while sipping hot toddies out of Barbie heads *psst, Mallow. Peculiar Person Day was yesterday* Just sayin'.

Oh dear, Haley(-1) got caught in that darn Polar Vortex thing and would be disqualified except this is only practice, so, lucky you! ... Hmm, Mimi(19) must be catching frozen goldfish in the frozen water hazard. Fishcicles - not a favorite ... And -.. .- .-. -. / -... . . / --. . . aka Bee Gee(34) has no puddles to slash in, pointing out that fog doesn't make puddles. Yes, still soupy here in the great NW.

So, here's the results for a quick practice day:
Luvbug, 40 ... Mallow, 38 ... Haley, -1 ... Mimi, 19 - Bee Gee, 34.

Looks like most of us had better things to do than golf. But - what could be better than THIS?

~~~~Hot Rod~~~~
Oh, I know! I know!
~~Sleeping in!

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Hey Luvbug!
Well, I'm not a bit surprised we messed up the recap. The secretary was totally distracted yesterday by something called a "play-off game". Whatever. I've made the proper corrections to the recap, and thanks for pointing that out. My batty secretary never would have caught that!



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Cut Your Energy Costs Day? 1-10-15
Right after Electric Zapping Dance Day? So, who's gonna pay for all the static electricity?'s FREE? Better not say that too loud, somebody will figure out how to charge for it.

Luvbug(39/12) is trying to discourage Fang from TOO much Houseplant Appreciation as Fang makes himself a lovely catnip salad ... Mallow(39/12) also has a plant lover in the house, as Mojo uproots the cat grass and stomps in the pot. *very peculiar* ... Mudcat(25/7) only has peculiar people at her house, no plant lovers. Unless you consider devouring them a form of love.

Bee Gee(33/6) says they are ALL houseplant aficionados at her place! So much houseplant love going on over there they can't even have a Christmas tree ... And Ana(11/2) skates by to invite the clubhouse over for the big birthday bash at her place. Seems Janet has a birthday. Does that mean she's buying the drinks? :-)

Peculiar People putting scores:
1st - Ana, 2. Roll out the barrel!
2nd - Bee Gee, 6. Still battling the fog monster.
3rd - Mimi, 7. Stop that meter before it spins away!

Tie for the cart barn, with Mallow & Luvbug each chalking up a whopping 12 on the putter scale. Better hurry it up so we can all jump in the tour bus and head over to the party! Don't let Bee Gee drive. Unless you want to get lost forever...

~~Glad Steve missed
Bittersweet Chocolate day!


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1.9.It's Long Drive Caturwalling Dance Day
With the Calicoes caterwaulling the dance floor fills up for freestyle dancing fun.
The winner of the "most picturesque" dancer is BeeGee (34)in her Top hat and Clogs soft shooing across the floor. A close second for costume prize goes to mudcat mimi tap dancing in her fresh tuxedo on one claw across the floor. Oh, well done, mimi (26).
Bringing in the unique refreshments, N-Gin (18) specialty of the day is minced & cashed minnows... oh, yum! Ana is proud of her 18 as well. hers arrives with fluffy white stuff.
Lugbug (39) after a rare trip to the Cart barn sings the praises of the two "lovely ladies" (*snicker*) he carted with. Remember: What happens in the Barn stays in the Barn. Speaking of which-- Steve (13) celebrates Elvis Week by swiveling his stump Oh-oh! Remember this IS a family golf game.
Right along with him and dancing into the Barn comes UBB (14) Reminding everyone at the CC polling service GOLF IS A WINTER SPORT!
Just in case anycat feels a bit fatigued from all this dancing, Angel mallow (39) is doing the Electrical Zapping Dance all over the floor. Woo-whee!
The tie for First Place with 39 goes to LuvBug and A. mallow. Drinks are on you.
2nd place - the marvelous BeeGee (34)in her shiny clogs
3rd - JC and The mudcat (26) claw-tap dancing fools.

Let's party all night longs!!
PD Budd, also a non-dancer and non-golfer

Come visit me, Uncle Buddy Budd,, Gracie T-t, White Whiskers, PD Budd, let's play dress up & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

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* 1 2 0 0 * SCORE!!
Sorry it's been so long since I replied to your last message. (At least it was THIS year....) I think my secretary's New Year's resolution is, "Never do today what you can put off indefinitely". ALL our blogs are behind by a week! What has she been DOING all that time! Silly stuff like cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, blah blah blah. I hear the same old excuses all the time. What's a kitty supposed to do? And shopping, forget about it! She went out for SIX HOURS yesterday and got us NOTHING! Nada. Zip, zero, zilch. The big strike out! What was THAT all about?

Well, we all put our furry little heads to work on that conundrum >?< and came up with NO answer whatsoever! As we are all on the rather saintly side , we decided it must have been a complete lapse of "doing what's necessary" on mom's behalf. I guess this is a sign of things to come. If this is what we have to look forward to, then 2015 is going to be a rough year. *sigh*

Hot Rod

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1-8 recap
Its only the 8th? My,how time doesn't fly. We'll be keeping it clean today with bubble bath day,argyle day(the "in" style for golfers),show and tell day,frozen mitten day,and joy germ (ish) day. Good,hopefully the bubble bath (I said bath,not bubble gut) will kill all the joy germs and thaw the mittens so we can show and tell. Its like kiss and tell without the germs.

Luvbug( 40)first to hit the catnip greens and to show and tell us whats under his kilt.

Mallow (37) rocks all night,and golfs ev-er-y day. No wonder her scores are in the crapper.

I'm number 1!!!! Ok,my score is,bummer. I'm warming up my bubble maker as we mew. The silent and deadly ones.

Sandy is looking towards the negative,not the positive with a -3,which automatically disqualifies you. Should have stayed in bed.

Mudcat (13) sports the golfer argyle look over the mittens to keep the important parts from freezing. I cannot show,or tell you just what those parts are.

Engine (6) is showing and telling all who will look and listen. Lost Bikini? I'll drink to that.

UBB (-4) another negative,non-countable score.Everyone is SO negative today.....

And last,spreading her joy(?) and germs,and in her typical fog is BG (34)


1st: ME,barely hanging on with a 1
2nd: Engine showing and telling on her 6
3rd: Mudcat with lucky 13

LOSERS: Hey,the losers are the winners with this weather today....Luvbug with 40,and Mallow and BG as lovely assistants with 37 and 34


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ & ~Sir Ernie ~.

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1/7/15 - Nope, didn't forget this week!
So my lovely sister can put that odds calculator away and pay out some bets.

Luvbug has some exciting news for us, it’s Old Rock Day (not in his head, he assures us) and (appropriately enough for Temperature Golf) it’s also Tempura Day! It’s a 37 (=10) for Luvbug and the Crazy Train rolls on. Next up, Mallow. She chooses to celebrate I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore Day with 38 (=11) choruses of (MOST appropriately, in my humble opinion) Twisted Sister. Steve is not gonna take it anymore either, and he offers up his 6 (=6) to all takers. Um … NO one is going to take THAT!

Ana B trudges through the new snow to offer us a 15 (=6). That’s a bit better than Steve’s offering but we’re not gonna take that one either. Mimi’s Mom collects old rocks and she has 31 (=4) of them at the moment. Gee, do you think she has any (snicker) Stones in her collection? Engine has a 27 (=9) and some Calming Catnip Greens .. wait a minute. Catnip? On the GREENS? Will someone stop those cats rolling around out there, they’re creating divots!

UBB opts for the Tempura, because it’s warmer than his 10 (=1, need we even continue?) and wraps himself in a warm blankie. Gimme Shelter!! Last but not least, BeeGee decides to celebrate with a serenade from Tommy by the Who. WHO?! She has a 26 (=8) and that provides the final link in our Chain of Fools.

1st – UBB, the unbeatable with 1
2nd – Mimi with a 4
3rd – Steve and Ana both with 6

And the First shall be Last, as yesterday’s winner A. Mallow heads out to the cart barn with an 11.

And thus ends my first recap of the new year. One done, 51 to remember!

~~ Your Comfortably Numb Guest Common ‘Tater, Mike

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Oh, the thrill 1-6-15
Bean Day. Be still my heart. And please, be still, Steve's tooter. Anybody got some Beano? At least it's not Bean Day AND Tuba Day! Luvbug(32) claims to keep the vet away with his apple tree. Did you make baseball bats out of it? ... Mallow(39) is also staying close to the apple tree. The naked apple tree in her yard. At least it's not a bean stalk! ... Steve(10) gives "fair warning" it's Bean Day, and immediately asks who wants to cuddle with him. Any takers? *tap tap tap* Didn't think so.

Sandy(11) should have saved that score for putt day tomorrow, probably be a winner! ... Engine(30) votes we postpone Bean Day til we KNOW Steve will be in the cart barn! Or we can launch him with a couple of those Orbitinis!

UBB(8)! Keep those fires burning! We heard about that -15 cold front coming in! Here, we filled BG's cart with all the liver fruitcake we could find. Let us know if you need more - we'll scrounge! ... Mimi(31) wants no part of the Cuddle Steve Corner, preferring a blanket instead. Very wise kitty ... Bee Gee(37) is also in favor of driving Steve out of town. Only problem is: who's gonna drive??

Long drive scores:
1st - Mallow, 39. Maybe you should cuddle under a warm apple pie.
2nd - Bee Gee, 37. Chasing voles under the apple tree.
3rd - Luvbug, 32. Another one under that apple tree. Guys! We're CATS, in case you haven't heard. At least go chase a vole or two!

Off to the cart barn is UBB, and probably glad to be there, next to the warm and very spirited still! Your back-up WAS going to be Steve, but with the shortage of beano maybe we'll give him a pass and send Sandy out instead. :-)

~~~Hot Rod~~~
"Diet" is a four letter
word in my dictionary!

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1-5 recap
On the 5th day of January,my golfers gave to meeeeee,nothin. THANK GOD its Monday,said no one ever. I don't makes the days,I just reports them. Line 'em up,its also weigh in day-oopsie for some of us. Those birds with whipped cream should REALLY help out the weight loss situation,right?

Luvbug (30) is loading up on the sweets and tweets,all diet versions of course.

Mallow (42) Is on her "A" game today-she heard the word "whip" and is all ears and halos. If anyone can whip cream into shape,its Mallow.

Haley (40) is dropping her warm air like its hot. Send it my way!

I score a 22,relieved and assured I can see my reflection in the shiny golf carts. Can you see me about now?

UBB (24) has his Monday grump on,pleased as a peach (not) with the decline in the scores. Goes well in the decline in the standards we all have :)

Engine (40) is determined to make us fail weigh in day with Cream of Carcass Chowder and Ratty roll ups. Oh,and low cal crickets chips.

Tuck and Dot live in a BIG house,they've been shredding 18 door jams. Who needs a claw clipping after all that work.

Mudcat (46) hits the hooch to hallucinate (why not!) or else to tolerate seeing our pictures. We all look better after a few beverages.

And last....BG with a 45. Da bird is da word with her today in the form of cream of Asparakeet. Wonder if Campbell's can keep up with the high demand.

Scores!!!! I say scratch it all and get warm,but report I must (golf bully and all that good crap)

1st: Tuck and Dot with 18
2nd: ME with a balmy 22
3rd:UBB ,grumpy cat himself with 24

Cart barn duties go tooooooo.... I say everyone else,but to be fair,the real loser (not to be confused with the Biggest Loser) is Mudcat with 44!!!! Her lovely helpers today will be none other than BG with a 45,and Mallow with 42


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ & ~Sir Ernie ~.

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7000 Celebration! 1-4-15
And we owe it all to Hot Rod. Let's give him a big round of applause. And after that a round of Black Cat Velvet on the house for votey #7000! Luvbug(25) is looking at the music charts. FYI: Billboard introduced weekly music charts WAY back in 1940! ... Oh wow, we dodged Armageddon! Mallow(32) almost brought LIVE fruitcakes to the clubhouse! ... Mimi(63) informs us that after all the celebratory flushing, the toilets have overflowed into the water hazard. Poor Ol'Toothy!

UBB(40) smuggles the basket of purloined Barbie heads onto the links for your practice pleasure. He tips his hat to Mallow in recognition of her assistance in their "acquisition" ... Well, Tucker(58)! I think "knocking our socks off" is unnecessary roughness! 15 yard penalty! ... The Angels(34) have their wings full with all that awful winter weather mix! Bet they fill up more than one sink today! ... And Bee Gee(27) sleds in with her dimply little golf balls, but switches to Frisbee golf in the snow. Excellent!

Practice finals: Luvbug, 25 - Mallow, 32 - Mimi, 63! *gasp* - UBB, 40 - Tucker, 58! *another gasp* - Angels, 34 - Bee Gee, 27.

Now, into the warm clubhouse for the spaghetti feed in honor of #7000. We can all sit around and share trivia about our greatest moments at Catty Shack. Like the time I drove Bee Gee's cart across the frozen hazard, with Ol'Toothy lurking just under the ice.... Fun stuff!

And if you believe that one,
you're gonna love this next fib.
I mean bit of trivia...

PS - It's quite a challenge delivering recaps to invisible golfers...?


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Hey Luvbug! Um, Luvbug?
Are you there?? You seem to be joining the growing ranks of The Invisible on CC. Yeeks! You don't think CC is slowing erasing us, do you? Photos are disappearing everywhere. Links too. *groan*

The "big" inaugural poker game on CC2 for New Years eve didn't work out the way we had (not)planned. It was actually a les-than-spur-of-the-moment idea. We're still working on new and improved details. Mostly on how to post a "poker hand". We have NOT been able to come up with any solutions. *grumble* "We" meaning me, BG, and the Budds. You are welcome to add your brain power to the problem if you want. No pressure!

We got a ton of snow last night (not totally unexpected, but we seldom believe the forecast, so when it actually did snow, we were slightly amazed!). Gonna get a lot more, so 'they' say. And mom NEEDS to go shopping tomorrow. *out of TP* Not the sort of thing you like to run out of. We got 3 big bags of litter a few days ago, so we're good. I doubt mom wants to hang it over the litter box though, so she's gonna have to sled to the store tomorrow. She hopes...

Hot Rod

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Humiliation Day? 1-3-15
Maybe we should have 'celebrated' that one a couple days ago when a certain Common Tater got confused because garbage day was changed. Everyone understand? :-) It's okay. Even UBB has been confused during all these holidays. Thank goodness "The Big Three" are over for another year! Luckily they aren't all on Thursday next time around.

Luvbug(23/5) doesn't seem too enthused about another fruitcake toss. But even the "other" calendar guys seem to think you can never toss enough fruitcakes! ... Mallow(33/6) claims it's VERY hard to find some clean laundry to sleep in around her place. No problem. Just toss some dirties in the dryer for a few minutes. At least it'll be warm! ... Sounds like Sandy's(23/5) kitchen sink is going to rain all afternoon. Or something.

UBB(22/4) is fine with a little humiliation, as long as he can be humiliated by the fire, sipping Cat Daniels. Well sure! Count me in for some of that humiliation! ... Mimi(47/11) is looking for someone to humiliate. You mean your putt isn't humiliating enough? ... Tucker(28/10) had to dodge ice balls on his way to the basket of warm laundry ... And Bee Gee(12/3) had to FIND balls (GOLF balls! *cripes*) in the fog.

So, first putting contest of 2015 looks like this:
1st - Bee Gee, 3. Those hard to find fog balls work great!
2nd - UBB, 4. Nothing humiliating about second place.
3rd - Tie, Sandy & Luvbug, 5. Maybe LB can help with that strange sink situation you got going on.

And into the freezing cart barn goes Mimi with a helping paw from Tucker. Get that still fired up and I know you'll be plenty warm. Maybe Mimi can show you that straw trick. *wink*

~~~~~Hot Rod~~~
~I agree with BG: you can
never toss too many fruitcakes!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

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1.2.15 It's Furiday! Furida!! Long Drive Furiday!
These mid-week holidays must stop! Today is Furiday!
UBB ( 28 ) finds it confusing... although now we can kick back to enjoy the mew year pawties.
I see Steve (24 ) and BeeGee (18) have finished warming and greasing the flag pole with Steve's old speedo. C'mon mudcat (41), up you go. We'll just sit here and munch on Engine's ( 41) incredible food. JC will hold your plate.
Ana and her Angels (36 )are having some trouble with the stopped up sink. Did I get that right? Snow?
Cute little LuvBug (20) fights catty, Fang, off to get a front seat at the pole dance.
After the Kuce Koranation, Tuck (26 ) and Dot show up ready to take in more Liver Fruitcake (Ick!!) as long as there's Cat Daniels to wash it down. Angel mallow ( 38 ) is thrilled to get rid of the last of the fruitcake bricks... well, we can only hope. .

So, let's see what happened?
Okay, mimi you can come down, you win!!
Yes, both N-gin and m. mimi scored 41, First round on the southern belles... or bellies in Engine's case.
2nd place -- 'nutty as a liver Fru...' Angel mallow 38
3rd- Ana/Angels 36. You can get kitchen sink help from BeeGee-- queen of the sink.
And going to sip at the still in the cart barn? No, not you UBB. You have to try harder. It's both BeeGee (18) and LuvBug (20) Have a good time.

~~ Happily submitted by non-golfer,
PD Budd

Come visit me, Uncle Buddy Budd,, Gracie T-t, White Whiskers, PD Budd, let's play dress up & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

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oh goody
we're almost done blogging for today as janet was up at 5 and got the other page which usually takes hours done in an hour and a half before she walked the big block with pepper in tow this morning. it's also warmer mid 30s a nice change but won't last to long seeing we have a messy sinker coming in late tomorrow with the works to all rain and 50s on sunday, then the coldest air so far of this season single numbers above and below 0 at night to the teens to near 20 till near her birthday on saturday then 30s that day! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

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Happy (actual) New Yaer! 1-1-2015
Thank goodness most of you know what "No golf tomorrow" means. For the rest of us, maybe a good dictionary would make a nice gift next Christmas. Anyway, for those hard core never-say-die golf nuts, Happy New Year. Now, go home. Just kidding. But only momentarily.

Mimi(31) of course has the right idea. Since the place is deserted she decides she might need to check with the police to see if any of us welcomed the new year in our very own private cell. Haley(22) says it feels warmer than it really is. Well, good for her! Send us some of that "magic" warm-cold air, would you? Steve(15) says his little orange head just made it to midnight. hey! It really DOES look like a little orange! *snicker*

Bee Gee(9) slept in after spending the night in the closet (not "THE" closet!) but did manage to howl at her mom enough to get her up early. She's inviting us to take part in the Polar Bear Plunge. No takers? I like the next suggestion better: sit around the fire in our Underoos laughing at each other's "resolutions". (So that's what they're calling them these days *snort). And UBB(22) wonders what happened to everybody at the card game, and decides it must have been the copious amounts of Bailey's Irishcat Creme consumed that had everybody kissing the floor early.

Although Luvbug did eventually wander in for a last minute hand or two, he wasn't in any condition to leave a score. Which is fine since we DIDN'T PLAY GOLF! Remember??

Happy New Year. Now into the lounge. I hear there are some bowl games on the telly. Good. The roar of the crowd helps to put me to sleep.... *snore*

New year resolution #51:
I will try to refrain from midnight
gallops across mom's face, but no promises!


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Happy new year 12-31-14
And to start things off we have the big poker tournament tonight. Remember - no bringing your own deck, and you MUST use the house chips. *glares at Bee Gee*

Luvbug(19/10) tries to get a bet in edgewise while being interrupted by Fang ... Mallow(23/5) is just happy nothing's coming outta the sky. I guess that would include herself. (Give it a minute - you'll get it) ... Wow! Haley and the gang(14/5) take a ten point dive since yesterday! ... Mimi(30/3) takes a swing at a frozen hairball and heads in for a reheated bacon burger.

Steve(11/2) has plenty of excuses for his planned drinking and driving later. Just don't expect us to bail you out! ... Tucker(13/4) has definitely made up his mind - Cat Daniels Bacon on a burger. Sounds yum ... Engine(28/10) has already started double dealing the Butterflytinis. One for me, two for she. Why yes! I do feel light-headed as a feather!

UBB(17/8) makes sure we all know about the big back-room game tonight as he downs a snifter of Cat Daniels and a platter of bacon burgers. Sounds like you're storing up for a marathon game! ... And Bee Gee(10/1) is playing Who Dunnit, sleuthing out the culprit in the Great Vomit Caper. She also reminds us once again that everything tastes better on a stick. Garcon! Skewered Scorpion Tails all around!

Quite a few cold ones today. Let's take a look:
1st - Undoubtedly, Bee Gee and her 1.
2nd - Steve made up his mind for 2.
3rd - Mimi's frozen hairball takes third with a 3.

Warm and working in the cart barn are Luvbug & Engine with 10 each. At least you have that rangy Rat Ragu to keep you warm. Cheers!

~~~Hot Rod~
Watch the dealer-
she's got thumbs!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

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Morning Luvbug!
And happy new year! Hope you all had a quiet evening. We sure did. We were all tucked in by 8:30! Wanted to stop by and let you know mom left some pictures on your page on CC2 for Kuce in case you'd like them. (You have to scroll kind of far down the page to see them)

Bee Gee
PS - Don't know what happened to last night's recap. It was Mike's turn so he might have started partying a bit early. *ahem* I'll have mom slap one together in a little bit. Right now we have to start our morning rounds!


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Happy mew year! Well, almost. We have no time honored family new year traditions here, so we plan on being asleep by then, probably by a couple hours or more. So if we don't hear from you by tomorrow, we'll figure you were out partying hard, just to make SURE the new year arrives on schedule. Personally, we don't feel it needs any help from us. All that being said, have a safe and fun new year, no matter how or where you spend it!

PS - No golf tomorrow. I think we'll all need the extra sleep!

Bee Gee


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Bacon Day @ the Clubhouse! 12-30-14
I think I'd like the Catty Shack special: A big fat bacon, pastrami, and sausage on a toasted hogie roll. Hold the hot mustard. Don't want to have to head for the bicarb!

Luvbug(27) gets us started today by reciting the bacon menu. Who knew there were so many varieties? Show of paws ... Mallow(24) just can't let a "good" thing rest. Now she's experimenting with deep fried bacon fruitcake and simply ruining a great bottle of bourbon by adding it to the mix. *sob* ... Ana checks in, and she's so cold she forgot to leave a score! We'll be looking forward to an update tomorrow.

Engine(35) drifts in with plenty of whiskerlickers, including a satchel of squirrel sizzle and tender toad points. Is that like bacon? ... Oh! Oh! UBB(19) has invited one and all (well, at least the adults. Here? You expect to find adults HERE? ) to an open poker game at the White Whisker on CC2 on New Years Eve. Not sure who's doing the dealing.

Mimi(41) is enjoying the toad points on a crisp bed of bacon while overdosing on something called Carbonated Cricket ... Tucker(18) is doing a bacon strip tease. Sounds like a Lady Gaga kind of thing. Oh wait, make that bacon strips PLEASE. Oops ... And Bee Gee(16) has already headed down to the cart barn after serenading us with The Bacon Song.

1st - Mimi, sweltering with a 41.
2nd - Engine, a bit warm with a 35.
3rd - Luvbug, below freezing with 27.

Bee Gee won't be alone in the barn. Tucker can lend a paw (after you shed your bacon suit) and UBB can get his paws limbered up plugging those carts in.

Bee Gee has already RSVP'd the poker invitation.
As for BYOB, how about a case of Black Cat Sauvignon?


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12-29 recap
Then we saw his face,now we're not Belieber's. Poor Justin,if he only knew he's not appreciated by the cat golf community.
Tick-tock day-let us all reflect over the past year,and unfinished business of the past year and get on with the scores.

Luvbug (30) is mixing 3 century year old pepper pot soup with vodka. You'll have a lot more than reflecting going on pretty soon.

Mallow (28) makes her own holiday,keeping it clean with Halo-freezing day. How low can your halo go....

Ana keeps it real,and above freezing with a 34.

Engine (50) Scares the germs right out with a fresh licked platter of flashing fish heads and a brown mule kicker.

Mudcat (46) tries to toast The Bieb's with a high,and hot fire. More fruitcake fuel please!

UBB (25) is disappointed with his frosty dump. might NOT have been stated that way..

I score a 30,and I'm off to finish my unfinished "duties". TMI

Tuck and Dot (25) joins the tangled light tango after too many vodka toasts to The Bieber.

BG (30) is going to pawty like its 1777 with pepper pot soup and an electrified litter box. You potty animal you!!!

1st: Tie with Tuck and Dot,and UBB with 25
2nd: Mallow with a 28
3rd: More ties with Luvbug,BG and ME with 30.

Losers: Engine with 50,and Mudcat with 46. Ana can help so she's not all alone.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ & ~Sir Ernie ~.

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