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Domestic Longhair from <a href=' Margarita/club-members.aspx' title='Santa Margarita, CA'>Santa Margarita, CA</a>

Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo - Thanks for COTD Badge

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Hi! My name is Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo - Thanks for COTD Badge

I am Domestic Longhair from Santa Margarita, CA

Nicknames: Big Boy

Age: 14 years old

Gender: M

Coat: long haired

Education: He used to be afraid of people in general, now he is just leary of strangers and he is a total lovebug to his favorite people.

My favorite tricks and treats are: carries a string away in his mouth and fish flakes

Where I hang out: In the window or on a bed or couch

My favorite grubs: Tuna

My pet peeves: Vacuums, mops, car rides

What I love about my owners: They took me in from outside.

My cat hobbies: Play with a string and go outside.

Pet motto: Persist in what you want to achieve

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He was a stray in our area and we were feeding him. He finally got used to people and 'came in from the cold'. I won COTD on 6/11/09, 7/15/2011, 7/18/12, 7/18/2013 and 07/18/2014. Won CROTD on 7/15/2011. Thanks everyone. Diagnosed in December 2010 with a heart murmur.

Mom will try to catch up asap.

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I've had 16172 friends visit me.

I'm the 2,600th member on

1,056 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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Tongue twister day! 8-22-14
Tongues all twisted like Twizzlers? We'll need to get out de-tangler! Here getting twisted first is Luvbug(50) who apparently thinks it's funny to remind us it's Be An Angel Day. Ha. Ha. Even finnier is that Hug Your Boss idea .... Next is Steve(68) looking for (insane) volunteers to go collect some teef from ol' Toofy for the Dental Fairy .... Mimi(77) is having some sort of hallucinogenic experience with a pawful of Toofy teef and flying frogs. What's IN that cider? Besides cicadas .... Ah, that's the spirit Tucker(68)! Just Hoodie Hoo those blues away! If done loudly enough you could probably Hoodie Hoo the vet away! Yay!

Turning in a cloudy 67 is Miss on and off, hit or miss Sandy .... Bee Gee(59) is also wrapped in the Hoodie Hoo of happiness, sharing a tongue twister that just MIGHT get you in trouble at school. Be vewy vewy careful .... Well now, Timmy(71) is here to share the obvious. His mom had 71 needles stuck in her back to fix a pain in her knee. And she still has pain! Well duh. 71 needles. Hello .... Finally Mallow(57) is NOT ready for a trip to the angel vet. She tries yelling ooH eidooH to scare the vet away. Let us know if it worked.

Long drive Friday scores:
1st - Mimi, 77. Fat flying frogs, huh? Mmm hmm.
2nd - Timmy, 71. Wouldn't numb be better than pain?
3rd - Tie, Steve & Tucker, 68. Trying tongue twisters after rum could be dangerous.

And it looks like the lovely Luvbug gets cart duty again. Just look on the bright side. At least Bee Gee hasn't opened a roller rink yet. Just THINK of the floor polish! Ugh.

What time does the wristwatch strap shop shut?


08/22/2014 01:58.15 PM Report This Comment
8-21 recap
Poets, spumoni and senior citizens day, what a combo. One has nothing to do with the other, but thats never stopped us before

Luvbug (50) using and abusing his senior status for the early bird specials. Dinner is on Luvbug!

I'm next (66) using my evil ways to part the spumoni flavors. Who does that....who mixes it all together. Its solely for those who cannot make up their minds.

Haley (66....or 68) depends where Haley dropped her score at. Ohhhh, you want to be like me-66 will do.

Mudcat ( 75) dang, she has ALL the classics today. An Olds, a Cutlass, and her mom.

Tuck and Dot (65) give yourself credit Tuck, your not "plain, old vanilla" to us.

BG ( 59) has apparently been sniffing the nip again, and talking to dead poets.

Engine ( 74) did you just say "bubbling" mind eraser drinks? Score! I can help with that bubble thing.

Mallow ( 55) Being her sunny self announcing the soon arrival of winter. You must have already been in the mind erasers.

1st: Luvbug 50
2nd: Mallow 55
3rd: BG 59

losers Sorry...Mudcat 75 and Engine 74

XOXO ~ S ~

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline on weekends.

08/21/2014 11:53.23 AM Report This Comment
8/20/14 - Polo Pony Golf with Lemons?
It’s a myriad of holidays for us to celebrate today, and we are doing our best once again.

Luvbug chooses Summer Cool-Off day, which means Lemonade. With Vodka. And he still manages a 46 (=10). Steve crawls out from under Gma’s bed where he has been hiding from the thunder & lightning, he decides to celebrate Pony Express Day by playing Pony Golf. It works for me. Him too, he gets a 65 (=11). Engine brings the Hot Dog Hound around for a 70 (=7).

Tucker wants some Cat Daniels go to with his lemonade, and delivers a 65 (=11). Mimi golfs from the back of her pony while trying to evade the gator. Maybe we should ALL do that, it gets her a 73 (=10). Ana chooses water polo, hope the pony doesn’t mind. It’s a 56 (=11) for her.

BeeGee observes that it’s also Chocolate Pecan Pie Day and with lemonade that is just a bad combination. Hmmm … took me a minute, but I must concur. She whacks a 67 (=13). Timmy brings us a 73 (=10) and hurries home to guard the house while Mom is at chemo. And bringing up the rear on her polo pony is Mallow, with a 61 (=7) and her long-suffering little catty bringing up the OTHER rear, shovel in paw. I predict no Chocolate Pecan Pie for Mojo!

And while the catties continue shoveling, the winners are:
1st – Engine & Mallow, each with 7. We’ll have vodka lemonade, please!
2nd – Luvbug, Mimi & Timmy, each with 10
3rd – Steve, Tucker, Ana, each with 11
And off to the cart barn with BeeGee, with an unlucky 13. Actually the unlucky part is for the poor slob who has to tell her.

There, I did it! I actually named every single player in the scoring summary! Do I get some sort of prize for that? Oh please, NOT more chocolate pecan pie & lemonade!

Your Guest Common (fermented) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, OJ & MJ's Wedding ~ Lil Bear #188146 for COTM!, Evie ♥ Angel Shai, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ it's Aviation Week!, K. Mike ♥ my darling Q. Lady Dolly, Angel Smokey ~ always in our ♥, Dame Mojo BB ~ my brother's my big buddy! & Angel Shai & Evie's Wedding.

08/20/2014 01:18.28 PM Report This Comment
Root beer floats in the sand castles! 8-19-14
Almost makes me feel like royalty. Almost. Except for the sand in my pants, all that chafing, glad it's just sand and not sand fleas!

Luvbug(52) sounds ready for another catapult flight over the excavation site. Ally oop! .... Steve(63) is hazing the hazard monsters, making sure they don't leave any "deposits" in the sand .... The angels(47) really ARE cold this morning! And you want us to come play in the water?? .... Engine(69) had to call for backup when mom scooted out the door early. Mom will regret that little move when she gets her credit card bill!

Tucker(59) is down by the sandtraps sifting sand, helping Steve in his effort to stamp out sandy "surprises" .... Oh lord, Mimi(73), I swear you and Ol' Toothy have a thing going. Can't you keep Gator Boy away from you? Just LOOK what he did to my moat! .... Yay! Bee Gee(63) is here with sand reinforcements. And rebar. Lots of rebar .... Timmy(67) is getting creative! He stands on his surfboard in his brand new roller skates and bonks Ol' Toothy in the nose! .... Mallow(64) brought along the biker chicks for the hard labor. Aren't they cute with their itty bitty wheel barrows? They're gonna build an itty bitty castle, right?

Before we belly up to the bar for a few root beer floats let's see who got some distance on their shot today:
1st - Mimi, 73. Did Ol' Toothy maybe move that a little further for you?
2nd - Engine, 69. Save some of that Heinecat for "just beer floats!
3rd - Timmy, 67. A tip: a skateboard next time. Just sayin'.

And who will be the lucky denizen of the cart barn today? Flipping through the old score pad, annnnd.... looks like angels have the honors today. Good thing there's a few of 'em! Those carts are just FULL of sand!

I think we did well today
Except for that dang sand in the pants


08/19/2014 02:34.06 PM Report This Comment
8-18 recap
We love to play golf, yes we do. We play for the fun and snacking too. We report morning scores, and horror of horrors, the loser gets cart duty, so quit complaining. Hows that for bad poety! I can get worse, much worse. Read on....

Luvbug (54) is SO cool, and a rhyming fool. Blaming Fang for the P-U, we know it was you!

Me (66) screaming my little orange lungs out, for cake I will pout.

Sandy (55) clear skies for her, rainy days just a blur.

Engine (67) termites and coolers and lizards, good thing she didn't bring gizzards. Bet ya didn't think I could do that one!

Mudcat (72) fron her pointy ears to her little white feet, in love with herself, her day is complete.

Tuck and Dot (57) let 'em eat cake, our snacking future is at stake. Freezing their toes, and even their nose, its a Monday of cold temperature woes.

BG (63) the queen of mean is rhyming like a fiend.

Timmy (60) he's got a brand new pair of roller skates, who has the brand new key? Not a poetic rhyme, but I like the song, so sue me.

And last...2,4,6,8, who do we appreciate? Malow the Great ( esp. Since she brought us donutsamd made us honorary canadians. Oh Canada....

1st: luvbug 54
2nd: Sandy 55
3rd:Tuck and Dot 57

Loser, and victim to my endless bad rhymes: Mudcat 72 with little Engine 67


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline on weekends.

08/18/2014 02:29.50 PM Report This Comment
It's only practice! It IS! 8-17-14
Relax, good score, bad score, who cares? What it IS! Luvbug(52) gets his catties out of the trees after their catapult rides and hands the girls his wallet as they head to the thrift stores .... Ana(62) lets Toby know he goofed on the score yesterday. It should have been a tie for 3rd with Timmy and Sandy. Then there was nobody in the cart barn! This is the new retro recap! .... Mimi(73) IS appreciating J.C., who drives her to and fro when she's blotto! It you say it right, that rhymes.

Tucker(64) is in the driver's seat today as he chauffeurs his favorite black cat Dot onto the course. Did she get to take a shot at that Barbie head too? It IS black cat day! .... Bee Gee(63) grumps her way to the tee, not really getting all into the "black cat" thing. She plans on getting them all some gag gifts at the thrift store. Let's hope "gag" IS a figure of speech .... Timmy(66) IS "all ears" today hoping for seconds on vanilla pudding. You can have mine! He reports no flying corn cobs today .... Mallow(61) is suspiciously mellow today, being way too mice to Mojo Bear. This IS spooky. On the other paw, those Black Cat Cocktails sound delightful! Is that Black Cat Velvet in there? Yum!

Here IS how the practice session IS looking today:
Luvbug, 52 ... Ana, 62 ... Mimi, 73 .... Tucker, 64 ... Bee Gee, 63 ... Timmy, 66 ... Mallow, 61.

Lots of sixties today. *sigh* I miss the 60's. Rock when it was still going with roll, hula hoops, Silly Putty, playing cards clipped to our bicycle wheels. The 60's, when kids could actually go trick-or-treating without their parents. Ah, those were the days. *sniffle*

~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~
~Hey, I'm a black cat!
I should be appreciated!


08/17/2014 01:31.58 PM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug
*burp* Yep, that means we get four winner's rounds in the clubhouse. *hiccup* That's why we love those ties! *splat*

Bee Gee


08/17/2014 06:05.53 AM Report This Comment
Let's get airborne! 8-16-14
Sounds like Luvbug(52/7) is close to trying Toby's catapult, but for now he'll settle on getting airborne on the roller coaster .... Sandy(48/12) is getting airborne with the breeze off the Gulf of Maine .... Mimi(70/7) is doing the airborne dive-bomb on J.C. from the top of the cat tree .... Tucker(45/9) takes Toby up on the catapult offer, and happily volunteers Dot!

Timmy(58/13) was flying under the radar dropping corn bombs all through the house! .... Bee Gee(52/7) also known as "pillow butt" must have used the down from the duck in her joke to pad her tushie for the catapult touchdown .... And Mallow (61/7) is flying high for Aviation Week and warns us she's just getting started!

Dropping in on the putting scores:
1st - Jeepers, I think this is the biggest 1st place tie ever! Luvbug, Mimi, Bee Gee, and Mallow, each with 7. That doesn't leave much else.
2nd - Tucker, 9. Get on down the fairway and retrieve your catty!
3rd - Sandy, 12. Set the flying jib for the Bay of Maine.

Hmm, I think the only one not mentioned in that roll call was Timmy. Lucky you! You get to fly on down to the cart barn to report for duty. Want a lift on my catapult?

What do you get when you cross a chick with an alley cat? . . . . . A peeping tom.


08/16/2014 01:43.28 PM Report This Comment
Best Friend Day at Catty Shack 8-15-14
And we're all feeling a little Buzzed by Honey Bee Day. I see a few sour faces by the lemon meringue. Can't blame you. Let's see how things worked out on the fairway.

Luvbug(54) tries to keep his helpful catty away from the beehive .... Steve(51) is whipping his tongue into shape on Grooming Day. Save the whipping for that meringue gunk .... Engine(57) is determined to launch into winter before summer is over. Not crazy about the winter idea but those tuna truffles look tasty .... Mimi(67) brought eggs to smear on her best groomed friend J.C. What a pal!

The Angels are here with a lovely 57 .... Tuck & Dot(47) arrive with hives full of their best little buzzy bee buddies. You mean if we want Honey Cat Daniels we have to have beehives on the course? I think I can live without the honey .... Bee Gee(65) almost confuses Catty Shack with Beauty Shack , asking for the egg facial. She does appreciate the well-groomed sand trap though.

Timmy(57) says the radiators were pinging at home. Like sonar? I did NOT know you guys lived in a submarine. Is it yellow? .... Mallow(61) is NOT best friends with her 'puter today. In fact it's as annoying as a bee in her bonnet! Haha! *BZZZZZTT* Sorry....

How did all your long drives do?
1sr - Mimi, 67. Lappin' up that lemon meringue. Want mine? Yecchh...
2nd - Bee Gee, 65. I think Mimi can help you with that egg facial - if you insist.
3rd - Mallow, 61. Ah yes, the civilized psycho.

Loser today gets to plug in the carts AND harvest the honey. Don't worry, those itty bitty busy buzzy buzzing bee buddies are your best buds today! So, Engine, looks like you get to rub wings, er, elbows with the hive! With your wintry conditions those bees will probably be pretty tame today!

~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~
Save that honey for the
~~~winter toddies!


08/15/2014 01:37.39 PM Report This Comment
8-14 recap
OK fellow gophers,we have a quickie today! Don't get all excited,I meant the recap.

Luvbug( 54) comes complete with the latest style in Hazmat attire. What a fashionista of the CS!!!

I'm next (58), dreaming of a creamsicle,minus the frozen,cold factor.

Engine (58) -copying is a form of flattery,so Engine copied my score. She brings soulwarming (watch out BG,you need to have a soul)edibles. Yummmmmm....skunk shooters. And you all thought that smell was ME!

Mudcat (66) brings her family tree(can ya dance around it??) and seems a little more batty today. Wiffle bat that is.

The Angels(55) are rowing the boat with a wiffle bat to the course after a torrential rain.

Tuck and Dot (52) can't get their wiffle to bat right. Tuck is doing it! He's shooting the skunk while BG(62) is taking a deep wiff (or whiff) Of skunk shooters. Odd ones,aren't they.

Timmy (61) tells us the many reasons why the sand traps are NOT the best of vacations places. I hope that drink from Luvbug has 9 straws. Sharing is caring :)

And........the Mallow (59) tries to tongue twister a shot in while wiffling her wiffer. Sounds personal.

1st: Tuck and Dot 52
2nd: Luvbug 54 (see-no cart barn today!
3rd: Angels 55

Mudcat with 66 and assisted by the Empress of Evil herself,BG with 62.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline on weekends.

08/14/2014 02:51.44 PM Report This Comment
8/13/14 - Blame Someone Left Handed Day
Just to Shake, Rattle & Roll things up a bit as we continue Elvis Week, let’s see how we can do left-handed. I’m up for that, especially since all I have to do is introduce the golfers and do a little DJ’ing on the side.

Luvbug is very industrious, trying to clean out the cart barn, so to keep him in the mood let’s hear Elvis sing “Clean Up Your Own Backyard”. Look! It inspired Luvbug to hit a 50 (=5). I think we can all go home now, but let’s keep going. Next, entering to “Too Much Monkey Business” is Steve, who gives us a 63 (=9) and blames BeeGee. Mimi pole dances to “Animal Instinct” and whacks a 74 (=11)

Engine is back! And to celebrate “Ito Eats”! She has a 72 (=9) and lots of Rat Ribs and Tarantula Torte. Tuck says “Hands Off” and scores a 61 (=7). He blames Dot. Now comes BeeGee “The Meanest Girl in Town”, with a 65 (=11) and Haley says “When It Rains It Really Pours” and whacks a wet & humid 72 (=9)

Timmy says “Kiss Me Quick” because Mom’s on her way to chemo. He has a 67 (=13) and is stuck in the sand trap. Finally. A. Mallow says “Got My Mojo Working” and she really does, her catty hands her a 10 wedge (to putt with??!) and it gets her a 64 (=10)

Okay, the “Rubberneckin’” fans want to know the score:
1st: Luvbug with that 5
2nd: Tucker with that 7
3rd: Appropriately enough, a 3-way tie among Steve, Engine & Haley

And the loser, singing “Rip It Up”, is Timmy. Maybe he can sand blast the cart barn. And now “He’ll Have to Go”. Me, that is.

Your guest common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, OJ & MJ's Wedding ~ Lil Bear #188146 for COTM!, Evie ♥ Angel Shai, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ it's Aviation Week!, K. Mike ♥ my darling Q. Lady Dolly, Angel Smokey ~ always in our ♥, Dame Mojo BB ~ my brother's my big buddy! & Angel Shai & Evie's Wedding.

08/13/2014 01:53.17 PM Report This Comment
Vinyl records on the links 8-12-14
Tossin' those things around like Frisbees! Quit it! Just LOOK at this mess! I guess The Grass Won't Pay No Mind.

Rockin' and reelin' from buying the house a round Luvbug(53) is still dumping sand out of his Blue Suede golf Shoes .... Steve(68) is gonna try to play some old records on his sewing machine while roller golfing. He's a multi-tasking kinda guy! .... The Angels(61) remind us it's water sports day tomorrow. During hark Week?? You MUST be joking!! .... Mimi(77) saw guys in HazMat suits poking around by the cart barn. Let 'em poke! We're tough here at the Shack *hack hack*

Tuck(65) joins Mimi in a boycott of roller golf, claiming the old Butt Broke Hotel excuse. We've all heard it before .... Bee Gee(77) on the other paw is all in for a little roller derby golf. Nut that she is .... Timmy(68) was walking low under the bending trees to get his game finished. Keep working on that, you'll be great in Roller Limbo .... And Mallow(66) is gloating about frying the weather site. Talk about shooting the messenger! She sounds like she's ready for a roller rink too. What do you mean by "everything"?

Long drive results:
1st - Tie, Mimi & Bee Gee, 77. This is one BG would rather have lost.
2nd - Tie, Steve & Timmy, 68. That wind sounds Wild in the Country. Steve, no comments from you.
3rd - Mallow, 66. As if disco lights aren't all a bad dream...

Well, I guess we better get somebody down to the Cart Barn. Pretty soon stuff is gonna start sprouting in there that we won't be able to control! Let's see *flips though score pad* Looks like Luvbug went from the top of the hill to the bottom of the barrel. You MAY want to nominate a "volunteer" helper. Maybe The Angels won't mind pitching in. They should be safe from whatever is brewing down there....

~~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~
Whatever you find down there
"I Really Don't Want To Know"


08/12/2014 01:36.40 PM Report This Comment
Hi Luvbug & family! Thank you for coming by
my new page with a welcoming vote and presents. If you say you didn't leave presents, you're wrong. Everyone who came by left a present just by voting and leaving a blog. Mom says that she will be posting more pictures of me soon. She just has to get the pictures off her phone and onto the computer. Hugs, Pique-A-Boo and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE LIL' BEAR #188146 COTM*** & Pique-A-Boo @16 days.

08/11/2014 06:59.51 PM Report This Comment
8-11 recap
Elvis week!!!! So,A Little Less Conversation,and onto golf!

Luvbug (54) got the memo and shows his stuff in his Blue Suede Shoes. Twinkie trading-sounds illegal in some states.

I'm in (68) donning my best Stelvis outfit (a little hot for a jumpsuit,but we ARE talking Elvis here!) And trying not to trade my lunch.I Shall Not Be Moved on that decision. The bag is up for grabs though.

Sandy (58) One Night its hot,then moving to cold for her.

Tuck and Little Sister, Dot (67) appear with the chipmunks! Alvin,Simon,Theodore.Ohhhhh...chipmunk chews. Well,I can't eat them now you named them!

Mudcat (69) and JC are in the spirit! Hunka possum and old heartbreak beverages. I Can't Help Falling in Love with the beverage choice.

BG (58) is All Shook Up this morning,singing the Mean Woman Blues about sandbox day. She Forgot To Remember To Forget how much fun the beach pawty was.

Timmy (73) is trying to pawn off zucchini's. Don't Be Cruel,even a Hound Dog wouldn't eat a zucchini.

Mallow (64) is Burning Love for us today.Whats love go to do with it?? Oh,wrong song artist there. Mallow is a Raised on Rock and Roll type of gal.

And there you have it for the first day of Elvis week.Winners:

1st: Luvbug 54
2nd: Tie with Sandy and BG 58
3rd: Mallow 64

Losers: Timmy 73 with Mudcat 69.Its Now or Never for the rest of us to hit the club house for beverage trading!


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline on weekends.

08/11/2014 01:10.37 PM Report This Comment
Engine has informed me she won't be available for tomorrow's golf game, so there will be no Party Porsche either. I recommend we all brown bag it, maybe Tuesday, too. But on the bright side, we might all enjoy the great "lunch trade". If I bring Twinkies, who will trade me for a Ding Dong?

Bee Gee

PS - Tomorrow is the start of Elvis Week, don't forget to wear you blue suede golf shoes!


08/10/2014 06:23.24 PM Report This Comment
Hi Luvbug
Thank-You for stopping with your sweet Adoptiversary wishes. I am a very lucky guy, Mom took extra special care of me, I got my favorite FF Tuna & Cheese, a branch of catnip, & strict orders not to trash the house while she was at work. :)
Thank-you also for the basket filled with goodies and a warm soft blanket. You made my day even more special by just being there to help us celebrate.
Thanks for being such pawsome friends!!
Hugs & Kitty Kisses K. Tuck

Come visit me, K. Tuck ~ #219145, Dame Dot ~ #247583, Dame Mouse ~ #219407 & Smoke's Angels~Please Vote Lil Bear#18814 for COTM.

08/10/2014 04:47.03 PM Report This Comment
What a lazy group today. 8-10-14
Luvbug(55) is a little worried about the ripening condition of the cart barn, but is he worried enough to take action on Lazy Day? Nah .... Mimi(72) is so lazy she can only flick her whiskers today .... Bee Gee(55) gets lazy in her hammock with Captain Kibble and a bottle of Cat Daniels. Guess three's not a crowd!

With more of the s'mores, Tucker(69) is barely moving for lazy day .... Mallow(64) is glad it's all downhill on lazy day, brushing the ball with a swish of her tail .... And lazy late comer Haley(57) bumps Mallow out of her usual last place in the line-up.

Quick practice for a lazy day!
Luvbug, 55 ... Mimi, 72 ... Bee Gee, 55 ... Tucker, 69 ... Mallow, 64 ... Haley, 57.

Okay, now if anyone is really worried about the rapidly deteriorating conditions in the cart barn, you are welcome to volunteer to go down there and clean it up. Show of paws. Anyone? *group snore* That's what I thought.

Nappin' in the tree house today


08/10/2014 02:52.34 PM Report This Comment
Garage Sale Day! 8-9-14
And after all those lousy bowling scores today I'll bet we have a big sale on slightly used bowling balls too.

Arriving ahead of the crowd, Luvbug(55/10) is no doubt trying to beat the smell emanating from the ripening cart barn. No party today *glares at Tucker* so some lucky loser will be cleaning that smelly barn .... Sandy(52/7) likes the walk and blog formula. No polka blog for her! .... Tuck & Dot(53/8) look suspiciously party-free as they polka onto the course with a garage sale bowling ball. They seem relieved Steve isn't here with his solo Oom-pah band! Aren't we all! .... Mimi(67/13) will be late while mom meditates with Blackstone. Oh hold it, that's MEDICATES! We understand. *nods wisely)*

Bee Gee(57/12) tries to work up the nerve to hold a "mystery closet" sale. We could use the dough for a beer & pizza run! .... Timmy's mom was the unfortunate giftee of a bag of zucchini and cukes. Tell your mom not to sweat it, that's what garbage disposals are for! Wait! Bella hacked up 65/11 hairballs?? A new world record! PARTY! YES!! .... Mallow(57/12) must have a little froggie in her throat, she sounds a little horse, er, hoarse. Spit that amphibian back in the water hazard right now! You don't want a frog in your throat and PITA on yer butt!

Here's what the bowling scores look like (and they are pathetic):
1st - Sandy, 7. Maybe the walk & blog formula has potential.
2nd - Tucker, 8. Party after all - nyah nyah!
3rd - Luvbug, 10. And he did it without a bowling ball!

Since we have an unexpected party today thanks to Bella's exceptional hairball accomplishment, there will be no cart duty today. By Monday we might want to clean it after dark and sort of sneak up on the crud in there...

~~~~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~
I kinda like these bowling shoes.
They have suede on the soles.
It's not blue though. Mercy! Hint:
Those are clues to next week's "theme"


08/09/2014 02:17.07 PM Report This Comment
Another CS party! 8-8-14
We are sure cleaning up in the party department lately. I may have to have the secretary add a "Party Page" to CC2. Well, it's not looking like the cavalry is gonna come charging over the hill. Again. In fact it's starting to remind me of The Alamo around here. I'm referring to the seriously AWOL PD Budd, who must have stolen the camper and taken the whole family on vacation! And he left all of us HERE!!

First to report in for duty is Luvbug(57) who sympathizes with Mallow for drawing double duty with Steve. Or maybe it was the other way around .... Steve(60) will take treats any way he can get them. Good thing, because we are NOT smelling your, well, whatever .... The Angels are heading back to future week with 53.

Engine(70) screeches onto the links in the Tabboulah Tender with toasted tarantulas and grasshopper gelato. I'll get in line for some of that blast chilled Boar Bourbon .... Mimi(64) is in major reject mode as she tosses can after can of cat food to the side, and finally heads to the Cuisine Cart for some decent grubs .... Ooh, Tucker(52) stepped in some happiness as soon as he came in the front door. Maybe your neighbor left something on YOUR porch in exchange for that gift of zucchini.

Bee Gee(66) is in the mood for a zucchini bash of her own, whacking her shot with one of those stretch models .... Aww, Timmy(67) is kinda in the dumps because only Mallow took him up on the invite to his beach party. We'll fix that later! On the bright side, at least his mom didn't gamble away ALL their $ .... And Mallow(59) has somehow successfully hauled the uber zucchini over to Tuck's porch without busting any springs. On her Harley. Don't know how the porch fared.

Here's how we scored today:
1st - Engine, 70. That's the longest LONG drive today? Maybe summer is almost over. We can hope.
2nd - Timmy, 67. Are you SURE you want us all trampling over to your private beach?
3rd - Bee Gee, 66. Seems you collected Mallow's 6's today.

No cart duty again. Let them rot, I say! Party at Tuck's place! Woohoo!

Have a dollar give a dollar
Need a dollar take a dollar


08/08/2014 02:16.08 PM Report This Comment
8-7 recap
Its a beach pawty at the CS! Not just for golf anymore,so grab your skimpies (open to loose interpretation),here we go!

Luvbug (55) is feeling the family love. YAY! We adore large families with BD's and COTD's-you get to provide the goodies for all of us. Its in the rule book somewhere,if not,BG will quickly make that new rule up.

I'm next (57) patiently waiting for the sea serpent rides,and wondering "where's the beach"???

Ana (55) has another slightly chilled score from the deep south of the north east. Made sense in my mind.

Engine (72) provides us with second day foods,AKA leftovers. We takes what we can gets.

Mudcat(72) our savior! Sacrificing paw and tail for the sake of the team. That,and she had a hankering for sea serpent.

Timmy (70) is taking and placing bets on the Mom-vs- The Falls. Who will win....while she is out gallivanting around,we are ALL invited to Timmy's own beach pawty in the new litter box. Any takers???

Tuck and trusty Dot (54) pinching and inch and adding more with a left over frenzy. Wonder how many calories the fish lips have....

BG (63) takes to her teasing of the hazard monsters with her golfing (or lack of) skills.

And................Mallow the Great(57) always one to NEVER miss a pawty comes ready to invade the sand trap with the chair and umbrella for a beach pawty like no other. Timmy has some sand you can dig around in :)

1st: Tuckster with 54
2nd :Luvbug and Ana tie with 55 (no fighting over the fish lips)
3rd: Oh good lord....Mallow and me tie with 57.

Losers: ANOTHER tie with Engine and Mudcat with 72,And little Timmy pawty boy with 70.

Beach blanket BINGO!

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline on weekends.

08/07/2014 01:13.39 PM Report This Comment
8/6/14 - Root beer floats in Sturgis!
Our beloved golf pro tells us it’s that time of year again, A. Mallow gets her behind in gear and her Harley too. Rev’ ‘em up, move ‘em out …

Luvbug does 57 (12) wheelies and all this talk about hogs leaves him with a hankerin’ for a mud wallow. Well, we could dump the root beer floats into the sand trap, I suppose …. But we shouldn’t ….. Steve has his Steeveooter all pimped out with streamers cascading from the handlebars and he is on his way. With all that power, he ought to get there in, oh, about 64 (10) days. Tucker cautions us about the dangers of exhaust breath and leaves us 66 (12) breath mints. And they are ALL for Steve!

Mimi is offering true confessions all about her secret life as a pole dancer named Vespa. Seriously, that IS a good pole dancer name. I’ll bet you could have 72 (8) bills tucked in your G-string at the end of the night. If I knew what a G-string was, that is (blush), I am a happily married tom after all.

Beware, beware! Bee Gee is on the loose with the snackolator this morning! Actually, those aren’t bad Rocky Rodent Floats. I’ll take 64 (10) of them please. ASH leaves us with 65 (11) minutes of weather analysis before moving on for Timmy, whose Mom is going for her 68 (14)th chemo treatment and reminds him to use the new potty to “go” before she goes. And finally it’s Mallow, roaring up on her Harley with 63 (9) Big Bertha Burgers, straight from Sturgis.

Now to the business at hand:
1st – Mimi pole dances into the lead with an 8
2nd – Mallow, with a 9 pound Bertha Burger
3rd – Steve & BeeGee (a dangerous combination if I ever saw one) tied with 10

To the relative sanity of the cart barn goes Timmy, with a 14 and high hopes for a better score tomorrow. Now have we got our engines cranked up loud enough? Maybe just a little louder for good measure. And we’re off. Sturgis SD won’t know what hit!

Your Guest Common (mashed) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, OJ & MJ's Wedding ~ Lil Bear #188146 for COTM!, Evie ♥ Angel Shai, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ it's Aviation Week!, K. Mike ♥ my darling Q. Lady Dolly, Angel Smokey ~ always in our ♥, Dame Mojo BB ~ my brother's my big buddy! & Angel Shai & Evie's Wedding.

08/06/2014 01:59.09 PM Report This Comment
Hi Luvbug and family!
Wow! It was a total shock to see ourselves in the magic window this morning, completely unexpected! We never in a million years thought we'd be COTD today. So, here we are, celebrating with a sort of make-shift party. Thanks to all of you who came to help out, it turned out to be a pretty big shindig! Luckily the slip-n-slide was still set up from Mr. Sniff's birthday party, so nobody got overheated. We think somebody should combine Twister and Slip-n-slide, sort of Twister Slide. Or maybe Slip-n-Twist. Either way it would be pretty cool fun. We brought you a big goody bag, and you might want to check it out, since there are a couple frozen popsicles in there. Wouldn't want those melting all over. And here's a big thank you vote, too!

The Girls


08/05/2014 08:24.06 PM Report This Comment
Get into your formal undies! 8-5-14
It's National Night Out in Your Undies. Or at least it is at catty Shack. I'm not sure if the cavalry is gonna come charging over the hill today so I'll just forge on ahead with a abbreviated recap today.

Luvbug(54) leads the way, showing us how to work like a dog. I refuse to sniff people's, well, you know .... Steve(62) just HAS to go golf in his undies. Whew! At least he didn't go chocolate in his undies! .... Hotter and drier for Sandy(63) later today. Glad water sports is tomorrow! .... Tucker(60) is all for a night out but no tighty-whities for him! No sirree! He's going nekked as a jay bird!

Oh my, sounds like Mimi(72) is getting all dolled up to challenge that hussy little number at the Pussy Cat to a pole dance show down! .... Engine(71) thinks we should head over to the girls for some pawty favors, but first she has a nice rack of Tasmanian Turtle Tassies for tasting. Watch that Purple Mule, I hear it has quite a kick! .... Bee Gee(66) demonstrates the fine art of wearing the undies in the outie position, such as a party hat .... Timmy(75) tries to draft the COTD girls for catty duty. You have NO idea the mayhem you are proposing there! Remember, Sissy is one of the girls. 'Nuff said .... And in last place, Mallow(61) grumps and grouses about the new weather info we hooked up with. I looked. I see nothing to fear. Go check OURS, you wanna read and weep. Actually, there are probably other ones that are even worse, but honestly, it's only ours we care about. It's all abut us!

To the scoring table, if you please:
1st - Timmy, 75. Maybe you ought to try and get some of your mom's blood back. 75 tubes? Yeesh.
2nd - Mimi, 72. Can't wait for Festivus, you can borrow the Festivus Pole! Hahahhaaa! OW! *grumble*
3rd - Engine, 71. Looks like the 70's made a clean sweep today.

And the cart caretaker today is - ta daa! - Luvbug! It was bound to happen sooner or later. At least you have Fang in there to give you some able assistance.

~~~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~~
Hurry on over in your undies.
Night out at the girls place!


08/05/2014 02:43.42 PM Report This Comment
8-4 recap
Psychic day! Well,they've come to the right place,we have all sorts of psycho's here! I mean psychics,swear. Lets see....I predict today...someone will win,and someone will lose.

Luvbug(59) has never gotten to share a "chocolate" experience with us. Lets just say I've been framed. He's eyeing the cart barn dreamily. That 59 just might keep you from the barn of doom today.

I'm next (57) TRYING to buy a round of the bubbly (you know how I like bubbles!!) without the folks finding out. Fat chance,Gma is psychic too.

Ana (68). Wow-your having a heat wave this morning!

Engine (68) Another 68,and she's giving it away. Pick me,pick me...I'll take it! Engine's psychic powers were on high alert today,how did you know we all had a hankering for chinchilla chowder. Lucky guess.

Tuck and Dot (55) are bargain hunting on a champagne budget. Or is that budget hunting on bargain champagne. Gets confusing.

Mudcat (70) is using her psychic powers to avoid another Revolution of the flea goop type. Super market champagne? Wow,big spender,I was thinking more the $1.99 gas station brand.

BG(64)ANOTHER big spender today! She 's going for the real,authentic dollar store champagne! What a steal!! No BG,I did not say 'TO" steal it.

Timmy (70) has sheer falling,and can't get up.

Mallow the Great, Angel 3rd class, probationary (64) Is doing odd things with the roasting pan that entails sand ,necks and champagne. Is that one of them weird Canadian recipes??

Lets see...Winners:
1st:Tuckster with 55
2nd: Me with 57
3rd Luvbug with 59 (see,that was painless)

Losers-everyone else. I SWEAR. Thats what you ALL get for making fun of me and putting all my chocolate problems out there. OK,if you want the score losers,its Mudcat and Timmy tied with 70,and Engine and Ana with 68. What is this ,repeat day?? Mallow and BG have 64's. We can't all be original :)


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline on weekends.

08/04/2014 01:33.16 PM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug and family!
Thanks for stopping by to help me celebrate my fourth birthday! I have to apologize about the heat and humidity, it's not usually that bad here in August. Good thing we had the slip-n-slide set up! The frozen lemonade stand helped, too. I hope you had a good time. I enjoyed seeing everybody, and I know I got enough treats and toys to last til NEXT birthday! I brought you an extra-large family size goody basket, and a big thank you vote! Have a great day!

Mr. Sniff


08/04/2014 12:55.14 PM Report This Comment
Sunday Practice 8-3-14
Luvbug(62) is practicing his laps in the pool .... Sandy(62) is practicing her under(cloud)cover work .... Mimi(72) is practicing with her fiddle sticks .... Timmy(64) is practicing not tracking mud into the house.

Steve(62) is practicing spitting watermelon seeds ....
Bee Gee(63) is practicing fiddling and grabbing nuts ....
Tucker(63) is practicing hiding behind the couch .... And Mallow(66) is practicing collecting six's!

And that's it for the big Sunday practice session. Fair warning - tomorrow is national Chocolate Chip Day. So try to avoid Steve on the course if you can!

Go wish Mr. Sniff
~happy birthday!


08/03/2014 01:13.21 PM Report This Comment
Beer Day! 8-2-14
As if every day isn't beer day at the shack! Starting bright and early today to beat the heat and keep our ice cream sandwiches from melting. Except those Wal-mart one. Eewww.

First on the links is Luvbug(64/10) actually looking forward to a few splashings at poolside. Sounds like LJ and Fang are getting into the 'swing' of things, too. get it? Swing? Golf? Oh, I crack me up! .... Next is Haley(68/14) with buggy soup. Um, no thanks, I just finished a mustard cocktail .... Mimi(68/14) arrives with the new all-pro Fireplace Lighter Putter. She vows to down a beer from every country! .... Bee Gee(68/14) is still rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she downs a couple ice cream sandwiches and then heads in for the International beer countdown.

Steve(67/13) breaks the 68-trend and also the plain ice cream sandwich mold, with his ice cream-mustard concoction. Maybe you DO need a map. A FOOD map! .... Timmy(69/15) stops by with hilarious tales of terrified dog! You should stop scaring that poor little doggie *coff* After all, August is HIS month - the Dog Days! .... And, not last but still least (Just Kidding!), Mallow(64/10) sets a new long drive record, but keeps it a secret. Now she's off to Napland .... And who's our final contestant, Don? Tucker, come on down! He finishes the elimination round with a 65/11, and is still in the running. And now we head into the lightening round... >ZOT< Oh, bad choice of words, with that T-storm coming in, and you guys all running around with long metal poles in your paws....

And who came out on top? Or - who didn't get fried?
1st - Tie, Haley & Mallow, 10. Nappy & Buggy. Sounds like a new sitcom.
2nd - Tucker, 11. Don't leave without your parting gifts.
3rd - Steve, 13. Here, take this nap map, it will help. I'm sure of it.

And cart duties fall to Timmy and his Terrified Terrier. Do NOT let that dog look in the closet! Heck, WE don't even look in there!

~~~~Hot Rod~~~~
Wading through the
humidity today


08/02/2014 02:10.29 PM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug!
Well, MY mom wasn't too familiar with snow when she moved here! She came here from San Jose, CA. Not a lot of snow there, and she was born in San Diego, not much snow there either! It took awhile for her to learn to drive on the stuff.

My asthma symptoms get worse when it's windy, or cold, or both. In the dry warm air I don't have TOO much trouble, unless I get a snootful of dust from somewhere. Sometimes I just sneeze it out, and all is well. Doesn't matter. I STILL hate this heat! I mean, really, does it HAVE to be over 100 every day? What's wrong with just 90? And let it cool the heck down at night! Then it really isn't that bad. And they weather gods can keep the below freezing stuff in the winter, too! MOL!

We are having a nasty humid day, with heavy clouds moving IN and moving OUT, and then doing it all again. We all just wish it would let loose with one BIG storm and then go away! We really NEED the rain! I know you guys are having a bad drought (worst one ever!). What nobody seems to hear about is the drought up here. We are below normal rainfall here for the last 4 years. Our rivers are drying up, and that's BAD since Washington is a big agricultural state. The irrigation water is really being rationed (luckily not as strictly as last year) but the river right by us (The Yakima River) is so low due to the irrigation being drawn off that in some areas it's possible to walk across it!

So - bring on the rain! PLEASE!!

Hot Rod


08/01/2014 06:02.09 PM Report This Comment
Happy August 1st! 8-1-14
Not much to celebrate, same old heat, same old humidity, same ol' same ol'. *grumble* At least we can be celebrating the fact that August is National Napping month. We should have a napping Olympics! The heck with golf this month.

Luvbug(64) shares our skepticism of Steve's cool comments. We want to know where the cool is, too! .... A little tree climbing mishap at the Tucker residence as Dot gets caught up in a tree. Tucker calms himself with 56 Pale Ales .... The Angels greet August with a 67 .... Mimi(71) is here with the morning Mom Complaint report. Then she passes around the fried catfish and Pale Ale, smacking Steve's paw with a spatula when he tries to reach in. Good girl!

In return, Steve(62) gets into his full tree climbing gear and swings around in the canopy like an orange Spider Man! Someone get that boy an orange ale, maybe that will settle him down .... Bee Gee(67) is having the curtain climbers Breakfast of Champions, corn flakes and pale ale .... Timmy(69)! Your mom will be too late to see Mallow go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Probably just as well .... And Mallow(61) is enjoying the cool while she can. Yep, we know all about those "unmentionable" temps!

And let's take a look at the score board for today:
1st - Mimi, 71. And you are welcome to it!
2nd - Timmy, 69. Party at your place when mom's gone!
3rd - Tie, Bee Gee & the Angels. Now THERE'S an odd pairing...

Let's see, cart barn duties will be in the lucky paws of Tucker today. Maybe Mallow can lend an able assist. Then grab your floaties and make a run for the clubhouse pool! We're serving ice cold India Pale Ale all day poolside!

If we could get management
to install a floating bar!


08/01/2014 02:51.46 PM Report This Comment
July 31st recap
Paint me orange,and call me happy,its chili dog day! More importantly,its the end of July. Goodbye cruel month!

First is.....Luvbug( 66) curling (not hurling) from the heat and humidity. Heat? What is this strange word of which you speak?

I'm next (56) toasting to the end of July. Watch it go......just a toot in the bubblegut of the calendar.

The Angels (57) arrive cold off the tail of water sports day.

Engine (63) is dipping temperatures instead of chips and brings us a cheery reminder that winter is just around the corner. Ol doom and gloom brings us buzzing burgers today. Hmmmm......

Mudcat (67) puts a little festivity into the end of July pawty with llama rides. Yipee!!! Ride 'em Mudcat! Ohhhh....Lammas. I like the llama rides better. Do they eat chili dogs?

BG(64) wisely passes up the llama rides(lack of navigational skills you know) and joins in the Adios July activities.

Tuck and Dot (59) Hey now! It was the llama's you smell. Swear!

Timmy (66) brings us our recommended daily allowance of veggies with corn and onions. Great condiments(like my big word) for the chili dogs :) Keep the camera rolling folks-Timmy's mom is up for the Niagara challenge also.

Mallow (61) provides a round of the chili dogs on the house,except me. Whats with that!

1st: ME with 56. Hey,how about that!
2nd: Angels with 57
3rd:Tuck and Dot 59

Losers-listen up! Mudcat 67 with....Timmy 66.Pawty on and lets kick July to the hazards.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline on weekends.

07/31/2014 01:18.59 PM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug!
So, I heard you take Theophylline sometimes? Well, I have to use albuterol now and then. Do you have asthma? I do, I get wheezy and cough sometimes. Usually in the winter, but this humidity and heat has had me in bad shape. I think I'm ready for a change in weather. Sadly, I do believe it will be a month or more before we can really start to expect some consistent cool nights.

I tell ya, this summer has been BAD here! We are NOT used to this much heat. *gasp* At this point, the snow is starting to sound pretty good! :-)

Hot Rod


07/30/2014 05:00.11 PM Report This Comment
7/30/14 - Mice Tea & Cheesecake for al!
Now this is a much better holiday to celebrate than Mallow’s anniversary. Though who’d have thought that crazy girl could make it last a year? I have to hand it to O.J., he is one BRAVE tom!

Oh yeah. Golf! Luvbug, our new earliest bird, starts us off with 62 (=8) and some burgers scored with Mom’s credit card. Oh, the new guy fits right in here, doesn’t he? Steve follows up with a 53 (=8) and makes the first cut in the cheesecake. Or did he cut the cheese? Oh, whatever. Engine has some Mouseball Lasagna for those of us who can stand hot food right now. And some Long Island Mice Tea for those who can’t. And a 62 (=8). Do I see a trend developing?

Mimi has 1 67 (=13) and goes straight for the Miced Tea. Tucker adds some cheesecake and a 52 (=7) and Ana/Sandy/Haley smack a 57 (=12) and head straight to make a splash on water sports day.

Bee Gee has a 73 (=10) and some gooey melted cheesecake, while Timmy is a cool cat with 60 (=6). Mallow is even cooler as she drops off a 57 (=12) and prepares to, um, drop off (Niagara Falls, that is)

So the final talley is:
1st – Timmy the cool cat with a 6. Get Mom to bring us back something good from the Farmers Market today!
2nd – Tucker with a 7
3rd – a 3 way tie! Luvbug, Steve, and Engine, our first three golfers all with an 8

Mimi gets to charge the carts today, courtesy of that lucky 13. And I’m off to reserve a good seat overlooking the Falls, and wondering what is the phone number for 911?

Your faithful Guest Common (fried) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, OJ & MJ's Wedding ~ Lil Bear #188146 for COTM!, Evie ♥ Angel Shai, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ it's Aviation Week!, K. Mike ♥ my darling Q. Lady Dolly, Angel Smokey ~ always in our ♥, Dame Mojo BB ~ my brother's my big buddy! & Angel Shai & Evie's Wedding.

07/30/2014 11:49.21 AM Report This Comment
It's our first anniversary!
Yep, it was one year ago today that Sir Oscar Jon and Angel Dame Mallow took the big plunge, and to celebrate we are takin’ another one … right over Niagara Falls in a barrel!

Yeah we know, that is just slightly illegal, but would we let that stop us? Nahhhh! We’re just waitin’ till dark when the Falls are all lit up and the fireworks show is goin’ on. O.J. has worked really hard on our vessel, a deluxe barrel with plush seating, safety restraints and that most important addition of all: a fully stocked bar. The sound system is gonna play “Roll Out the Barrel” as we drink to one whole year of wedded bliss and sail our way into history in our own version of the Yellow Submarine.

So, since no one will see us, how will anyone know we actually did it? That’s where our four videographers come in. K. Steve, K. Bennie and Bee Gee along with Angel Q. Gracie for those tricky aerial shots. Between the four of ‘em, we oughta get at least 30 seconds of usable footage, mol.

So after our triumph join us in the dining lounge at the Tower Hotel overlookin’ the Falls to screen the footage. We’ll fill the barrel with beer, order everything on the menu and the pawty ain’t over till we all get kicked out! -- Oscar Jon & Mrs. Mallow Jon

Come visit me, OJ & MJ's Wedding ~ Lil Bear #188146 for COTM!, Evie ♥ Angel Shai, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ it's Aviation Week!, K. Mike ♥ my darling Q. Lady Dolly, Angel Smokey ~ always in our ♥, Dame Mojo BB ~ my brother's my big buddy! & Angel Shai & Evie's Wedding.

07/30/2014 10:31.13 AM Report This Comment
Is that cheese I smell? 7-29-14
Or is Steve playing his "bagpipes" again? *snicker* >coff< Okay, let's get right to it, since we already know who's footing the bar bill today. That's right! Lucky Luvbug, fur brother of the COTD today. He's giving us a long drive of 65 .... Steve(54) is none too happy about the rain situation, but doesn't he look cute in his little plastic folding rain bonnet? .... Cooler, much cooler, for the Angels(63) .... Engine(66) has purr-pared a treat for the delicately constituted among us *ahem-Steve*. Butterflies! With bacon? Oh dear.

Tucker grabs his 54 slices of cheese and tries not to get snapped while setting the mousetraps. It ain't easy, is it? .... Mimi(68) arrives with many a tale of woe is she. Pilling the kitten and kicking the Dell! At least the cheese stands alone as Mimi helps herself to some Butterflies .... More woe is she from Bee Gee(64), bemoaning the bad luck that everyone ELSE seems to be in charge of the rain maker. She shoves the cheesey lasagne into the front seat of the Easy Bake Suzuki and heads for the shade to wait for the dinger .... And lastly is Mallow(61) with some most un-angelic comments directed to the digital family mouse. You just KNOW someone somewhere is working on digital cheese!

Everyone ready for the long drive litany?
1st - Mimi. 68. That shot just floated like a butterfly!
2nd - Engine, 66. Squeeze cheeze? Puh-leeze....
3rd - Luvbug, 65. Mouse burgers would definitely be acceptable today! Maybe with a slice of cheese....

That lucky loser looks like, oh crap. A tie. With Steve and Tucker sharing the honors with 54 each. And here we still need a little more work with the bulldozer to get that cart barn shoveled out after 3 days - THREE! - of neglect! After today we might not have a cart barn to worry about, just have to tie the carts to a tree so they don't wander away!

Okay all, to the clubhouse! Luvbug is just itching to whip out his mom's credit card!

~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~
and the livin' is easy!


07/29/2014 01:22.47 PM Report This Comment
Catty Shack Golfing Memo
Hi Luvbug, you a one long-haired handsome dude. Are you sweltering under all that fur with your high temps?
I am usually the Furiday Long Drive commenter and score re-capper but we are not having the 'puter at home this summer ( long boring story) so I have to send Mom over to the library to get on one of their 'outers.
Not going to come of Furday so I am doing today. I not that you did not turn in your score this a.m. And you turned in you Monday score very late... you missed the re-cap (by Steve).
I read over you late entry... wow! 94 degrees. Ugh! we are chilly today and it will not even get to 70!
Anyway, Here is what I want to remind you about our silly rules. We are reporting from all 4 time zones and the request is that each player reports the day's score early or as close to 7 a.m. as possible. Or when you get your mom up to check the weather.
Although you high of the day and humidity is interesting, the first score of the day is usually your low.
We are so glad to have you at the golf course... we (I) request that you please do not shed too much in the Clubhouse? Every cat is getting that notice today sine the hot weather has made everycat drop fur all over the place. I groom myself thoroughly and present the family with a fresh hairball after we have all gone to bed. This is despite the fact that we all get brushed and combed daily.
Well, have to rush now and get today's golf summary in. If you did not get the summary/re-cap for Monday it is because your score was both not in in time for the write up and it was the high for the day rather than the 7:00 a.m.
Purrs to you,
PD Budd, non-golfer and Catty Shack commenter

Come visit me, Uncle Buddy Budd, Himself, Gracie Twinkle-toes, Nap In Sun-- be a Pillow, PD Budd ~ Best Pink! & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

07/29/2014 01:07.26 PM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug!
Seems like everybody's weather got crummy again. Here we are, back to over 100 ALL week here! 104 right now, as we mew! And everybody else seems to be having tornadoes or thunderstorms ! What is up with this weather this year? We NEVER have THIS much heat! And when we do it's in August. I hope this isn't a new trend for this area. We'll be the new Phoenix! Well, at least in the summer. I don't think they get snow there. At least not yet. Ha ha. This will be another week of us being scarce on CC. Mom refuses to sit back here in this hot computer room for very long. NO sense of priorities, I tell ya! Will you miss me? Hmmmm...?

(Of course Hot Rod will still be drafted to do a recap now and then .... tee hee)



07/28/2014 04:00.43 PM Report This Comment
July 28th recap
Well,aren't you all bright eyed and bushy tailed (except you and me, BG-gots the stump action going on) for a Monday! Word got out its burger day-huh! We should make a CS burger,something with meat and a bun. I'm on genius overload here!

First up is the Luvbug (64) . Want a little drink with that hair :) The heat is on at his house-I'm going there.

I'm next (63) a little under the weather. Literally,I'm under a rain storm AGAIN. How is one to get the allotted 23 hours of sleep with all that racket. And what does Ana (67) do??? Brings MORE showers with her.

Engine (70) is playing hide and go seek with the weather. It always finds you,doesn't it. Oh joy-she made it here before the skies broke open with chipmunk casserole and rattlesnake roll ups.

Tuck and Dot (62). Wow,Tuck is going for the cheese with a dab of meat sammie for the day. Looks like the litter box will be "occupied" for awhile.

Mudcat (79) is in hot purrsuit of Blackstone to get him to the vet on time. Its ALWAYS a joy when its someone else going,isn't it.

BG (69-and no where to go but up....and up) -we're busted! she found our hiding spots,who told???

Timmy (65) is sitting on the tomatoes to ripen them up. Ouch. all know what I'm gonna say-lets all say it in unison...last is Mallow the Great (61). She's been dipping in the chocolate and milk,milk chocolate,chocolate with chocolate.Who needs a cart when you can buzz from hole to hole.

Winner,in first place,with a score of 61-Mallow the Great!
2nd: with a score of 62,and a whole lot of cheese please is Tuckster
3rd: me with a 63

Loser,and the pleasure of cart barn duties( have been highly neglected) goes to Mudcat with a 79 with a little help from the Engine (70).


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline on weekends.

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Hi Luvbug and family
Gosh! What's an old lady to do? I'm still sleeping off the effects of my birthday party! I am so thrilled by all the friends who have been visiting today! Thank you all for the gifts and goodies and congratulations! But mostly, thanks for your continued friendship. It means the world to me! I'm bringing you a fun goody basket and a big thank-you vote! And I sure hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thank-you again. Hugs and purrs.


PS - Mom was thinking about sending Autumn over to meet Lil Jag, but wasn't too how well that wold go over. Autumn can be a real bad influence. :-)


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The party continues! 7-26-14
Anybody need another piece of cake? Apple pie? Liver fruitcake? No? Go figure.

So, Luvbug finally made it through the diabolical CC defenses to post a 62/8. Testing his clubs and giving everyone reason to take cover! .... Sandy(63/9) is back to muggy buggy boomer weather. No water sports today, huh? .... Mimi(71/8) just isn't up to any pole dancing today, and who can blame her after a peek at the competition? *smirk* .... Bee Gee(53/8) made it past all the roadblocks this morning, too. With that cold temperature she's jogging and clogging to keep warm!

Here comes Steve(68/14) with spurs that jingle jangle jingle. He tries to demonstrate his cow-poke-and-run technique, but no one listens .... Timmy(70/7) too is cryin' the blues about missing all the fun at the links yesterday. He just KNOWS he got robbed of a win! .... Tucker(66/12) saddles up the old grey mare and after hopping along beside her he makes it to the links .... And here comes Mallow(57/12) line dancing down to the donut corral!

Wow, lots of tie scores here today:
1st - Timmy, 7. Kinda makes up for yesterday, huh?
2nd - Luvbug, Mimi, and Bee Gee, each with 8. I'll let you tussle over the second place prize, a new golf tee.
3rd - Sandy, 9. Muggy buggy boomer sounds like a new dance!

And cart duty is once again left up in the air. That place is gonna reek by Monday! Small price to pay for another day of partying! On to Ziggy's! Drinks are on the party girl today!

~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~
I hope I don't have to
~~~split this bill~~~


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July 24th recap
One tequila,two tequila,three tequila-floor. While I can't take credit for that little ditty(although,I want to,what the heck) ,I CAN partake of the activity. Bottoms up!!! No BG,not THAT kind of bottom.

Lets see what the carts drug in today....

We have Luvbug predicts a forecast of 59,but weathermom thinks around 100. I'll be nice (this time) and accept your 59. DO NOT tell anyone I broke my golden rule of not playing well with others.

Sandy (70) is getting in the tropical vibe bright and early.while Engine (72) brings us the MOST important meal of the day,dessert!!!! Not to be confused with desert-again,one letter makes ALL the difference in the world.

Tuck and Dot (60) visited the local Margarita drive thru (they got it ALL over Dunkin Donuts) and WHOA!!!! inhaled 60 of them prior to golf. Major brain freeze.

Mudcat (78) is splitting worms (not those kind) with the JC.

Me! 58 and hating it. Who took summer,I want it back!!!! I'll just make me a little tequila toddy.

BG (53) sails in behind me. Kind of makes one very nervous. She's cold after she FINALLY takes a cleansing shower.

Timmy (65)joins us after a stressful day of supervising the humans. We ALL know how that goes. *yawn* makes me tired thinking about it.

AND....Mallow(54). I think she rather enjoys being the CS caboose. She hates to be a copy cat,but she will join us in our need for heat,and margaritas.


1st: BG with 53
2nd: Mallow 54
3rd: Me with 58. Oh lordy,I'm stuck with them?????

Losers: Mudcat 78 and Engine 72. The rest of us-TEQUILA!

Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ offline on weekends.

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