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Domestic Longhair from <a href=' Margarita/club-members.aspx' title='Santa Margarita, CA'>Santa Margarita, CA</a>

Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo

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Hi! My name is Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo

I am Domestic Longhair from Santa Margarita, CA

Nicknames: Big Boy

Age: 14 years old

Gender: M

Coat: long haired

Education: He used to be afraid of people in general, now he is just leary of strangers and he is a total lovebug to his favorite people.

My favorite tricks and treats are: carries a string away in his mouth and fish flakes

Where I hang out: In the window or on a bed or couch

My favorite grubs: Tuna

My pet peeves: Vacuums, mops, car rides

What I love about my owners: They took me in from outside.

My cat hobbies: Play with a string and go outside.

Pet motto: Persist in what you want to achieve

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He was a stray in our area and we were feeding him. He finally got used to people and 'came in from the cold'. I won COTD on 6/11/09, 7/15/2011, 7/18/12, 7/18/2013 and 07/18/2014. Won CROTD on 7/15/2011. Thanks everyone. Diagnosed in December 2010 with a heart murmur.

Mom will try to catch up asap.

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I've had 18950 friends visit me.

I'm the 2,600th member on

1,281 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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3-30 recap
Another Monday,and almost the end of the month-yay!!! We have a crap load of junk dropped on us to celebrate,just because. has been brought to you today by: Doctors Day,Take a Walk in the Park Day,Grass is Always Browner on the Other Side Day,Pencil Day,Turkey Neck Soup Day (gross),and "I" am in Control Day. *whew*

Luvbug (46) actually claims to like the turkey stuff-he definitely is not in control of his senses right now.

Mallow (50) Lets her grandeur get her gander. It says "I" am in control,not "you" . Unless you are the I,and we are the you,then in that case we would be the we,not the you :)

I score 36. I'm as in me plotting world take over. If not the world,I'll settle for take over of a patch of green grass,untainted green grass please.

Ana scores a 32. Nice day to walk a Pepper in the park.

Engine (37) goes green with lip smacking (except for the turtles) terrine of terrapin.

Mudcat (42) is in cahoots with the worlds largest ice box. Mmmmmmm....tuna and penguin,goes well with terrapin necks.

UBB (34) claims snow on his greens. New cure for male pattern belly baldness?

Tuck and Dot (40) singing the Monday morning was better than Sunday blues. What! Bite your little tongues.

BG (38). Surprise,surprise...the golf bully has vewy,vewy sharp score pencils. The pencils are sharper than the golfers.


1st: Ana with 32
2nd: UBB with 34
3rd: Ack! BG and me with 36.

Losers: Mallow with 50,and Luvbug with 46.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Weekends.

03/30/2015 01:10.46 PM Report This Comment
did you have a nice weekend?
we did here as the weather was wacky on sat snowing and only stuck to the ground for a few hours before it warmed up more and still snowed pretty good and was melting the entire time! :) now that's something we love seeing happen and it's going to again today as we get yet another front coming on in and will be into the lower to mid 40s for a few days before warming up. much like easter and easter monday will be lower to mid 40s so janet says it's either sunrise service or a long walk followed by her easter breakfast cookout! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

03/30/2015 12:49.47 AM Report This Comment
Read 'em and weep 3-29-15
Lots of "weepers" at the ol' 'mom & pop' White Whisker today, and not from catpot stogie smoke this time. (Thank goodness for those industrial exhaust fans!) Looks like Gracie T-t is getting better and better at "dealing for the house". Won't be long before the whole pot goes to mom & pop!

Luvbug lays down a 47, for a final 7, and would probably rather have some rain than a winning hand today anyway. Mallow doesn't need any smoke & mirrors to turn a 48 into an 8. Look out, Ana has a winner! That 27 gives her a perfect 9.

Oooh, UBB won't be buying baby a new pair fur pants with that 2. Maybe that's where you lost all your fur - at the card table! *snicker* Mimi has another winner. With a 29, minus the 2. She even brought her own potted palm. Is that like a porta-potted palm? Saves you from having to leave the table for a quick litter break? *chuckle* And Bee Gee is having no luck with the cards today either. She's got a 43 for a dismal 7. Hey! If you and UBB combine your hands, you'd have a 9! Guess that won't work, huh? I tried.

Looks like Ana & Mimi get to share the pot. Hmph. Only a 2-way scuffle today. Hardly even worth the ante. Things start getting interesting when the pot has to go at least 3 ways. And poor nearly-nude UBB gets stuck with the mop & bucket today. Maybe you'd like to check on the still after you finish poking around for valuables in the seat cushions?

~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~
Better luck next week

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

03/29/2015 01:24.03 PM Report This Comment
"Something" On A Stick 3-28-15
So many choices, so little time. So we better not waste a minute, let's get right to the sticky business.

Luvbug(47/11) seems to be leaning toward the gopher on a stick. Always a popular choice ... Looks like the Angels(36/9) are stuck with more snow on a stick. Try putting it in a cone next time, just sayin' ... Hmm. Sounds like Mimi(39/12) has a hankerin' for some 'weed' on a stick, but only to take her mind off more snow. Mmm hmm.

Nothing's going ta-pott for Tucker(14/5) today. He wants his whole day on a stick! From cheese to weeds to Black Forest cake. Maybe even hot tub on a stick! A little too ambitious, I'd say ... Well, hoppin' weed whacker! Bee Gee(44/8) is looking for a sunbeam on a stick! ... And finally, Mallow(48/12) hustles in, last but not least. In fact she's tied for most. Maybe someone could get you an alarm clock on a stick. :-)

At least you all remembered to duct tape a putter to a stick today. Let's see how the little sticks did:
1st - Tucker, 5. Relaxing in a sunbeam.
2nd - Bee Gee, 8. Grumbling in a sunbeam.
3rd - Angel, 9. Melting snow in a sunbeam.

Looks like we have some real expert help in the still house, er, cart barn today. Mimi & Mallow get to share duties, with some more heavenly help from the Angels. Everyone in accounted for! Good job, duffers! Now what say we call it a day?

Sunbeams are my friends


03/28/2015 02:47.28 PM Report This Comment
3.27 Long Srive Singing Country Songs Blahs
There's some singing, if you can call it that, today... as if we care.
LuvBug (50) Hums "As if I Care..." because he always wanted to. That's a mice score Bug.
Angel mallow arrives with a mice fat 46 (you Western cats really whack 'em) and sings about how her mom's radiator blew up in the grocery store parking lost after her Dad's kidneys were fresh and clean..." or something like that. The tune is a bit catchy. Thanks, mal.
The blahs have caught a couple of cats in the east.
Tucker & Dot just want to whack their 33 and bring a case of Racoon Shooters home. Blah!
The usual sunny Steve (32) wants to know if we care, REALLY care for him? Aww, Stevie, You're the One! You certainly are the one in the Cart Barn, along with UBB (32). Old Baldy's mom's favorite song: "I'll find my way Home to You, Just as soon as I Remember where you are, Darlin'." UBB's draggin' the hot tub into the Barn tonight. So Tuck & Dot can jump in, too.
Ana will not be joining them with her 40.
N-Gin arrives in her Wiener Wagon spouting out 44 Royal Raccoon Shooters everywhere. *Gulp*.
Woe is the mudcat with a fine (49) bemoaning the Endless Winter and singing: "A Possum ate my Friskies & I had to Catch mice for Breakfast." We'd like some of those, mimi.
Bringing up the rear is just a regular old BG Joe (42) She's swearing & singing country tunes while the squirrels drop nuts on her dogs' heads (YEA!) Her song: "I Wouldn't take Her to a Dog Fight 'Cause I'm Afraid She'd Win."

Scores winners & Losers:
1st Big 50 LuvBug
2nd Also Big 49 moaning mimi
3rd Nearly Big 46 Keep on Singin' mallow
To the Cart Barn in the Hot Tub: Steve, UBB & GTt and Tucker with Dot
I'll just stay safe and warm at home, purring--
PD Budd

Come visit me, Uncle Buddy Budd (UBB)-Be Happy, Gracie T-t, White Whiskers, PD Budd, posing... & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

03/27/2015 04:24.10 PM Report This Comment
Recap 2-16-15
Make your own holiday day,there should be some beauts here! Lets see where our individual priorities lie...

Luvbug( 47) wants it to be Do Not Disturb a Sleeping Feline who's headed to the cart barn day.Maybe one of the Southern girls will save you from that demise.

Mallow (49) leans towards Mooch for Purple perfumed food. Odd,but true. Would this face lie??

I score a 36,and give a two paws up vote for Make Steve Really,Really Happy Day. If your happy and you know it,flick your tail. Wait a minute...

The Angels (40) make it Please Be 20 Degrees Warmer day. It COULD work,unless your score is zero.

Engine (56) pushes for Everything Braised With a Side of Alcohol Day. She saved you from the cart barn Luvbug,you'll need another spot to snooze. Thats statement would be confusing anywhere else but here.

Mudcat (60) Goes with the Kiss My Easter Grass,I'm a Royal Day,and she has the purple to prove it. No purple pole? That would have convinced me.

UBB (31) Put thought into his choice-Fabulous Felines Day. He kicks his mom out of the house for the day,and he's ready for world takeover.

Tuck and Dot (41) Wow-weird-Eat Til You Poop Day. Wait! Thats pop,eat til you pop *whew*

BG (48) celebrates Stump Rump Baby Bump day. Hahahahahaha!!!!! Kidding-Stump Rump Bump day,you should have seen your faces!

1st:UBB with 31
2nd: Me with 36
3RD: Angels with 40

Losers: Mudcat with 60,and Engine with 56.


Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

03/26/2015 05:38.55 PM Report This Comment
3/25/15 - Let It Go Day
No … no … Steve, I do NOT think that’s what they meant …. Oh, someone get the Glade please!!!

Oh, whoops (blush) didn’t know the camera was rolling. It’s a fine spring day at the Catty Shack as Luvbug arrives with a 40 (=4) and tells us it’s Letting Go Of Stuff Day. And Lobster Newburg Day. A conundrum, declares Angel Mallow who declares she is NOT going to let go of her Lobster Newburg. She still manages a 44 (=8) while fighting off all who try to change her mind. And Steve decides to let go of a Frozen earworm. By passing it on to us. All together now .. “Thanks, Steve! (not)” a 35 (=8) for Steve today.

Mimi putts a 42 (=6) while trying to keep her catty from picking all the Lobster out of her Newburg, and UBB has missed out on Garbage Day (horrors!!) and is letting go of more fur .. 26 (=8) clumps of it! No, UBB, put it on! Put it ALL on! Engine meanwhile brings us something guaranteed to put hair on UBB’s chest … er, belly .. Weasel Waffles with “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Lobster”. Now THAT is scary. Need Heinicat. 52 (=7) cans of it.

And it’s Tuck to the rescue with 33 (=6) portions of REAL lobster and a vow to let go of the squirt bottle. No! Not in Sandy’s direction! Sandy retaliates with a 20 (=2) and stops us dead in our tracks. And speaking of dead, Bee Gee decides to let go of her plot to kill Mom & Dad during the night. Method 45 (=9) being sleeping in the middle of the floor in the dark. Hmm .. you been talking with Mallow? She used to try that one too.

And the leaderboard goes like this:
1st – Sandy with that unbeatable 2
2nd – Luvbug with 4
3rd – Mimi & Tucker, tied with 6. Share some lobster with the rest of us, guys!

And to the “cart barn” goes BeeGee, looking just about 9 times too happy to be going there. And for the rest of us it’s on to the clubhouse. Lobster awaits!

Your Guest Common (Couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Edina #2884 daily in March, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly, Mojo Blackbear - Getting a bath from sister!, A Mallow ♥ OJ ~ The biker chicks are loose!, Angel Smokey ~ Sprinkling Angel dust ~ & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ Welcome springtime!.

03/25/2015 02:38.56 PM Report This Comment
Looks like a full house today 3-24-15
Guess everybody showed up for the chocolate covered raisins. *snicker* Although Luvbug(41) didn't have much to say about the menu. Guess he doesn't like rabbit doots in his Easter basket ... At least Mallow(41) isn't falling for that old trick. Gotta get up pretty early to fool that copy cat! ... Be very careful of Steve's(23) doots. He swears he saw one move! Maybe he got doot bugs in his basket. :-)

Haley(20) is waiting for a log to drop. That's not like 'the other shoe' is it? ... Engine(40) is here with the early bird special, Roasted Rat. But - aren't bird-rats called bats? Just sayin'. At least there's no bat doots in the lemon chiffonade ... UBB(1) gets ready to keep the home fires burning while his mom abandons her brood in the near-zero weather. Be sure to pack plenty of bunny doots in her suitcase!

Mimi(40) seems to think she did something to upset Ms. Spring, since she's reduced to rubbing rat doots together to stay warm ... Tucker(25) isn't touching chocolate covered raisin (doots) either. It isn't quite squirt gun weather yet, but we can hit 'em with the squirt bottle ... Now Bee Gee(44) has a good idea. Let's all go fly a kite right over all those nasty rabbits and their dirty doots!

Who hit their doots the farthest?
1st - Bee Gee(?), 44. That kite might have gotten her some extra distance.
2nd - Tie, Luvbug & Mallow, 41. The strong silent type and the copycat. Yes, but you didn't copy the "silent" part!
3rd - Tie, Engine & Mimi, 40. Bat-doot crazy for spring!

Looks like poor UBB will be keeping the still fires burning instead. PD and GTt will have to fend without their bald brethren. *snicker*

Is that what's meant by
~~~"dooty free"?


03/24/2015 01:45.34 PM Report This Comment
3-23 recap
Chippendale day !!! OOPS,bummer,chips and dip. Funny how your eyes see what you want. And...its near miss day,dried up,gag in the throat toast day(AKA Melba). If that combo isn't bad enough for you,we have meteorological day and kick butt day. I see your pointy ears perked up on that one.

Luvbug (42) tosses toasty crunch treats to the puppies.they'll eat anything,and I mean ANYTHING.

Mallow (40) multi-tasks with eating chips and dip while kicking puppies. Think what she could do on a bad day.

I score an 18,and am rockin out this years latest and greatest in E-collar fashion. Orange looks great on everything.

Ana (18) -we have a copy cat in the crowd with her score. Scary when she wants to copy me.

Engine (52) brings the ocean to the greens,or the greens to the ocean with barracuda broth and Naughty Neptunes. I see the word naughty got your attention.

Mudcat (43) joins forces (there is a lot of that going on today) with Mallow in a pooch kicking contest,and Tuck and Dot (14) warm their paws over a dried Melba toast fire. We must be all out of fruitcakes.

UBB (3)....3!!!! Whaaaaaa.......!!!! And he has no heat til the plummer "gets to it" today. Ummm....maybe it would be fixed sooner if ya called the HVAC man? Just sayin.

BG (43) announces its the end of the world as we know it,its raining puppies from the sky at her house. Note to NOT go into BG's yard.

Scores!! Listen carefully...loser gets a free puppy!

1st: UBB with 3
2nd: Tuck and Dot with 14
3rd: Tie!!! Ana and me with 18

Lucky losers are.......Engine with 52,and Mudcat and BG with 43.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Weekends.

03/23/2015 01:39.25 PM Report This Comment
Come on, Sandy 3-22-15
Looks like it's you and Bee Gee on clean-up duty today. Almost makes one wonder if someone hasn't been stacking the deck. More than once! Bee Gee's been so busy shredding in the "office" and Sandy's been real busy shoveling snow, so they're a little behind on their deck stacking practice. Maybe they'll have some spare time this week.

Almost the whole table got a 9! Luvbug feels like a young goof-off with his (45)9 today, and Mallow feels frisky too as she does the (39-3)9 happy dance. Mimi also brandishes a (49-4)9 after spending the morning doing her daily shredding exercises. Maybe that limbers up the paws for some creative slight-of-paw shenanigans?

UBB spent the night rebuilding snowmen. And apparently making sure GTt was clued in on what cards he wanted today. We'll call that (18) a 'soft' nine. At least he was original. Bee Gee(34)7 and Sandy(30)3 both fold their pitiful hands (paws?) and go collect their brooms and mop buckets for fun in the latrines!

So, to recap today's exciting action around the card table:
Luvbug(45)9, Mallow(39-3)9, Sandy(30)3, Mimi(49-4)9, UBB(18)9, Bee Gee(34)7

I think the only GOOD news for the cleaning crew is that the pot has to get split 4 ways. Stand back, and let the mayhem begin!

~~~~~Hot Rod~~~
Don't forget to tip the dealer
~~~and the pit boss, too!

PS - Special congratulations to our very own Gracie Twinkle-toes for her "Origins of Water" presentation to the Nations of the World. We hope you have enlightened them.

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

03/22/2015 01:36.50 PM Report This Comment
stopping by
to wish one and all there a belated happy spring seeing we were offline more or less the past 3 days due to janet not having the time due to her store chain she works for launching a new lower pricing campaign in hopes of getting more customers back into their stores and keep them coming back as well and yesterday by another 21/2" of snow which she was out shoveling and well all melted away in the afternoon as temps soared into the upper 40s and lower 50s but just till the cold front went through not to long ago as winds are roaring out there again and it's cold! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

03/22/2015 12:58.13 AM Report This Comment
World Poetry Day 3-21-15
This little stool is mine, I use it all the time
To reach the things I couldn't, and some things that I shouldn't. :-) I think most of us here can relate to that.

Luvbug(42/6) can't do the burning snowman, no snowmen around. Did you run 'em all out of town already? Bet there's a bunch of people back east who would LOVE to know how you did it! ... Mallow(47/11) munches on a corn dog hoping to jog her memory. I've heard they DO work better the more exercise they get. Maybe we should all go for a trip down memory lane? Nah.

Ana(30/3) has the answer to the question nobody asked: What kind of shower does a snowman take? A snow shower! Haha! ... Mimi(38/11) says there's no cat discrimination at her house, and her single parent is very aware of all the rainbow colored hair balls they deposit.

UBB(27/9) is having a memory lapse of his own, trying to play a new kind of card game "Hold 'Em Over Til Tomorrow" or some such thing. He also mentions hair balls in the hazards. Well now ... And courteous little Bee Gee(49/13) offers to send some fragrance out into the neighborhood with a little hairball bonfire. It's always nice to share.

The short end of the putts:
1st - Ana, 3. Showering her snowman.
2nd - Luvbug, 6. Using his French-bread putter.
3rd - UBB, 9. New York Hold 'Em, huh? How creative of you. :-)

And the big loser today is Bee Gee, so you just run along and burn your hairball bonfire under that still. We'll see what sort of concoction it yields for the card game tomorrow.

Keeping warm under
this nice quilt!


03/21/2015 11:53.07 AM Report This Comment
3.20 :Long Drive Equinox
Okay. First of all, everycat get on out to the 9th hole and take a good look at what is taking its slow, showoff walk in front of us?
It's an Alien Cat.. And this is our purrsonal goff course! Soon as we are done golfing just follow BeeGee and let's chase it away!!
There's been a lot of Snowman violence today. But not from LuvBug (45) who does not live with snow people. He does admit to loving Fred Rodgers.
MiMi (41) is only interested in the big leaf catnip today.
Both A. Mallow (47) and Steve (37) are fired up and ready to take down Snowmen. Burning and Blasting they go. Oh, get a load of Steve in his heavy Rambo suit.
UBB (22)) skips along behind them incinerating all the snow people he can find. Winter sure brigs out the violence in some cats. Not Ana and her Angels (20), they are just skipping along to the cart barn. Have fun in there.
Tuck & Dot (32) are having their fun with fresh Heinecat.
N-Gin arrives in her Gory Grub Cart and proudly turns in a 40.
Lurking in the bushes by the 9th hole BeeGee (37) waits to pounce on that Alien Cat. Our own gentle (coff*) Golf Bully is ready to TEAR IT APART! Oh my!
Winners buy Rounds::
1st Mallow (47) Blasting away
2nd LuvBugg (45) No snow on his tail
3rd MiMi (41) connesieur of fine catnip

Humbly submitted by your own PD Budd

Come visit me, Uncle Buddy Budd (UBB)-Be Happy, Gracie T-t, White Whiskers, PD Budd, posing... & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

03/20/2015 03:53.13 PM Report This Comment
3-19 recap
Let's laugh at nothing in particular, just laugh to make all the "normals" nervous. Its also poultry day,guess who,or what is coming to dinner. Put a little cluck in your life.

Luvbug ( 45 ) isn't laughing so much about the cabbage smell wafting in the air at the clubhouse.

Mallow ( 46 ) is counting all her chickens (after they are hatched) and checking them twice. Pawty pooper.

I score a 29,and I'm laughing my tail off ( it can really happen you know ) at something i know someone will do eventually. Stupid cat tricks are bound to happen around here at some point.

Sandy (11 ) offers words of wisdom. Its morning, and at some point it might be good.

Mudact (40) celebrates poultry day by showing Spring (who is not here yet) who da boss by eating its mascot,the robin. Tastes like poultry!

Engine (40) rushes around like a chicken with her head cut off ( no,that's not on the menu) to serve us all something with fur. In this case,its roasted Rickey raccoon and shrimptini's.

Tuck and Dot ( 25 ) do the dessert before the main meal cheat thing by helping themselves to chocolate caramels that suspiciously have lick marks on them. Don't know nothin about all that

UBB ( 15 ) gets our undivided attention by
turning the conversation around to something soft and steamy- chicken chests! Cooked ones that is,what did ya think?

BG ( 37 ) offers to be checkered flag girl for the poultry races. Choose your chicken, and we're off!!!

1st: Sandy with 11
2nd: UBB with 15
3rd: Tuck~Dot with 25

Losers:Mallow with 46,and Luvbug with 45


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Weekends.

03/19/2015 01:04.35 PM Report This Comment
3/18/15 - Awkward Moments anyone?
I think there will probably be a few of them after all the shamrock-laden debauchery yesterday. Confession line forms to the right.

Starting out is Luvbug, with 45 (=9) awkward moments, and a celebration of BioDiesel Day. Hmmm … does that have anything to do with all that cabbage everyone ate yesterday? Mallow has assured that there will be no awkward moments on her watch, but she will have 43 (=7) opportunities for blackmail income. For Steve we have these 27 (=9) words: Cover it! Cover it! ALL of it! ~~ and repeat

Engine was in such a hurry this morning she didn’t leave a score, but at least she didn’t forget the Mounds of Minced Mice and the Ant Ambrosia! Mimi has a 38 (=11) and says there will be no celebrating Goddess of Fertility Day at HER place. S/N is the cost of admission. Pretty fair, I’d say. Tucker is freezing his whiskers off with 23 (=5) and tattling on his extremely awkward sister.

Ana is also able to stop shivering long enough to leave a 25 (=7) but at least the skies are clear and not full of – you know, THAT stuff. The stuff that is causing UBB to suffer Extreme Winter Stress that just goes on and on and on … a 20 (=2) for him. And BeeGee creates lots of Awkward Moments, in fact I’d say she lives for Awkward Moments. It’s a 41 (=5) for her and that rounds out the day.

Todays results are:
1st – UBB the Unbeatable with 2
2nd – Tucker and Bee Gee, feeling awkward with 5
3rd – Mallow and Ana, with two vastly different ways to get a 7

Headed for loser-land today is Mimi, to see if she can get the carts to run on BioDiesel. Good luck!

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Edina #2884 daily in March, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly, Mojo Blackbear - Getting a bath from sister!, A Mallow ♥ OJ ~ The biker chicks are loose!, Angel Smokey ~ Sprinkling Angel dust ~ & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ Welcome springtime!.

03/18/2015 03:09.45 PM Report This Comment
leaving you
a wonderful warm vote for tomorrow and friday this afternoon. we're hoping we don't get dumped on with the incoming noreaster late friday aftenroon and night so far reports are saying little or nothing which is good! makes us so happy! sandy,ab,haley, angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

03/18/2015 01:49.48 PM Report This Comment
just thought we'd let you know
that this is the first of two blogs as this one is for today and the other one this afternoon is for thurs/fri seeing we won't be online due to janet having to work earlier and won't have time to get blogging done at all seeing she does it all early morn-ings and will be having breakfast/leaving for work then she's usually finishing blogging on cc and posting on both fb pages. turned really cold again through thursday and warming up fri/sat then back to the cold sun-tues and warmer after that up closer to 50 and rain thurs/fri next week so that's good as we might get accumulating snow this friday late afternoon/night. see ya later! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

03/18/2015 05:53.52 AM Report This Comment
Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit 3-17-15
Rough translation: Please don't puke green beer on my shamrocks. Close enough. Looks like Luv-U McBug(49) is actually excited about that green beer. You've never HAD green beer before, right? That's the only explanation ... Marsha O'Mallow(40) joins Ol'Toothy in a dynamic duet of "My Wild Irish Rose". If he pukes on the greens you're cleaning it up!

Steve O'Stunning(55) takes a cruise in the hazard submarine style. Be careful Ol'Toothy doesn't roll you in some green beer! ... Haley O'Hara(40) seems to be experiencing a wipe out. Oh wait, white out! Again? ... Engine O'Gee(54) brings us the traditional >?< green eggs and pots O' gold. Can I trade my eggs for more gold? ... Mudcat McMimi(52) wants to paint Steve "yellow submarine". I guess that's closer to orange than "green tambourine".

Tucker O'Toole(55) rolls through the greens and jigs over to the green beer vat. Just don't fall in ... Baldy O'Budd(35) is also celebrating the rolling in the green. In your case, it really should be the "wearing" of the green. Well, the wearing of something, anyway! Don't look, Ethel! ... And finally, Stumpy McGee(46) turns down the green eggs and beer because of gas. Let's hope she stays away from the cabbage too.

1st - Tie, Steve & Tucker, 55. Love your cute little shamrock shorts. *snicker*
2nd - Engine, 54. Sharing the wealth.
3rd - Mimi, 52. Got her share!

Into the cart barn goes Mallow & Haley. Just makes sure to keep that vat full of green stuff. After awhile anything green will do.

Croith yopur seamróga


03/17/2015 12:36.10 PM Report This Comment
You are a great fluffy black furiend to send me congrats on my COTD. I think you could share a pile of that long hair you are growing?
Hope to see you at the next card game. The fans will be installed by then.

Come visit me, Uncle Buddy Budd (UBB)-Be Happy, Gracie T-t, White Whiskers, PD Budd, posing... & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

03/17/2015 08:57.40 AM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug!
Hot Rod here, pit boss and purveyor of purrfectly prepared catpot cigars. As an asthma sufferer myself I totally understand your concerns about the smoke screen at the White Whisker during our weekend card games. I have convinced golf bully Bee Gee to dip into petty cash and install some serious industrial exhaust fans, so in the future the atmosphere should be much friendlier! Cheers! Oh, and happy St.Paddy's day to ya!

Hot Rod

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

03/17/2015 07:26.58 AM Report This Comment
happy st. patrick's day!
just thought we'd let ya know if you see two blogs tomorrow one is for wed and the other for thurs due that janet's been asked to work 6-11 instead of 7-11 and therefore will be having breakfast at the time she's usually in the homestretch of finishing cc up and posting on both fb pages. also got a big noraster coming in friday afternoon and night so don't know what we'll be getting till it's closer to that time, but right now looks like accumulating heavy wet snow on top of the 2-3 feet we still have! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

03/17/2015 01:07.00 AM Report This Comment
Hi Luvbug
Thanks for the catgrats and the goodie baskets. We will be putting them to good use. BlackStone & Grayson

Come visit me, Mimi, WindSong, J.C. & Blackstone & Grayson.

03/16/2015 02:30.45 PM Report This Comment
3-16 recap
First off,congrats to UBB on his COTD!!!! All drinks are on your tab,win or lose. I love days like this. Lets get to the "heart" of what we are celebrating today. No,not artichoke hearts,even though its artichoke heart day (gag),we have lips to appreciate,and everything we do is right.

Luvbug (46) is singing "Smoke Gets In My Eyes" after a wild night of cards,while Mallow (41) argues her rightness in everything you do,or she does. Some one is doing something,and its right!

Little Stevie Pink Lips (my gangsta name) scores a 33. Lips,gotta love them,whistling would be SO difficult without them.

Ana (30) is on the downside of the upside,but for today only. Huh?

Engine (53) helps UBB celebrate his 2 day pawty with fermented fish heads(imagine what she would bring if she didn't like you!) and starts the St. Patrick's day celebrating with Sparkling Shamrocks.

Mudcat (39) doesn't have the heart for artichoke hearts. Blame her??? She quickly volunteers UBB for treating us all to a few rounds,and she ain't talking golf.

UBB (29) Mudcat was just talking about you! A round of applause please for the COTD while he wets his black lips to whistle in Spring's arrival. Something like that. Sounded like a cool idea at the time.

Tuck and Dot have a primo day fishing 36 goldfish. Lets see.....there are 9 of us,and 36 goldfish....thats 2 for all of you,and 18 for me! No,no arguments,everything I do is right today.

BG (37) breaks out in a sweat for true confession time,and entertains us with her fish lips impersonation. Keep it up,your face will freeze in that position.


1st: UBB with 29
2nd: Ana with 30
3rd: Me with 33

Losers: Engine with 53,and Luvbug with 46.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Weekends.

03/16/2015 12:59.35 PM Report This Comment
Hi Luvbug & Family
Thank-you for coming to my COTD pawty, its very mice to meet you!!! Thank-you for bringing me the basket full my favorite things and the wonderful warm & fuzzy Blanket!! My fursibs told me I would get the warmest of welcomes here on CC and they sure were not kidding :)
I was so very thrilled & honored to be in the COTD window. I am leaving you some Frosted Shamrock cookies sprinkled with catnip for you to enjoy!!
Hugs & Kitty Kisses, Maizy

Come visit me, K. Tuck ~ # 219145, Dame Dot ~ # 247583, Maizy ~ Thank-you for the COTD!!!, Dame Mouse ~ # 219407 & Smoke's Angels ~ Please Vote Edina # 2884 for COTM.

03/16/2015 06:04.22 AM Report This Comment
we had a wonderful weekend
here just a little ice to light rain on saturday but nothing we can't handle especially seeing temps are now moderating and starting to stay into the 40s for daytime highs still cooler than what they're supposed to be, but much better than how we started out this month with cold and snow! now it's melting and that's all we care about as spring will be late around here which we've gotten before as well and will again! sandy,ab,haley angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

03/16/2015 12:50.25 AM Report This Comment
Brutus Day, huh? 3-15-15
Gee, Luvbug, thanks for reminding us of all the cheating, backstabbing, betrayal, dirty politics, and snooping there is in the world. Sounds just like a friendly game of cards at the White Whisker. *snicker*

Okay, let's get this game started. I'll cut the deck and let Miss Twinkle Thumbs do her thing.

Mallow who admits to once being afraid of Kittens has a pair of 4s which she combines for a nice round 8 ... Sandy peers through the clouds (of catpot cigar smoke *coff*) and discards a 3 and holds onto a 7 ... Mimi just can't get a break at cards, so folds with a 5 and heads to the bar. Not the limbo bar either!

Oh, very funny, Mr.Birthday Boy! Nice try, thinking you'll put together a nine the hard way! I guess 32.4 WOULD give you a nine, and I guess this being your B'day and all it WOULD be nice if we let you slide, but - no ... Steve steps out of the confessional *choke* and lets us know everything he thinks is wrong, as if we didn't know. He lays down an 8 to tie with Mallow.

Tucker & Dot are observing the Hides of March as they hunker down for possible thunder storms. They add up their cards for a 7 ... Bee Gee is ready to celebrate everything, starting with her confession (or is it a fond memory?) of smacking Steve with a toilet seat once upon a time. She drops her cards on the table for another 8 and heads off to find a quilt to hide under ... And finally, back to Luvbug. Remember Luvbug? He seems a little Dumbstruck by all the shenanigans at the table as he settles for a 7.

So, how did the deal shake out? Looks like we have no absolute winner today, so the pot gets split 3 ways, between Mallow, Steve, and Bee Gee. Oh, this could get interesting! Mallow tries to scoop up the loot with her halo while Bee Gee is swinging her clogs around trying to get at the pile. Meanwhile Steve resorts to his very special gas attack, trying to drive out the co-winners. Whew! I'm sure glad I don't have to contend with THAT!

So, Mallow, Steve, & Bee Gee, 8 - Sandy, Tucker, & Luvbug, 7 - Mimi, 5. Oh, what the heck, let's toss UBB in there too. We'll give him a 5 and almost a half! Happy Birthday, Baldy!

~~Hot Rod~~
**The Boss**

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

03/15/2015 02:12.00 PM Report This Comment
Ask A Question Day 3-14-15
I don't see anything about Get An Answer here, so I guess we can ask just about anything. Luvbug(51/6) starts us off by asking UBB why he doesn't start a Cat Scouts troop. That makes me nervous, because it actually sounds like something we could do ... Mallow(51/6) has a few questions, but the best one has to do with why she keeps hanging around the old world. Yes. Why IS that? ... The Angels(34/7) wonder if the freezing rain will rain.

Mimi(48/12) wonders why everybody at her place is so buggy ... Tucker(42/6) just asks his mom for her credit card. Did you remember to say please? ... And Bee Gee(52/7) is really wondering about something called Steak & BJ but is too afraid to ask.

Looks like a quick day at the links. (It was deserted at CC2! Where were y'all?)
1st - Big tie, Luvbug, Mallow & Tucker, each with 6. At least Tucker has the credit card. *snicker*
2nd - Another tie, Bee Gee & the Angels, 7. BG will show you all her urban ballroom clog dance. You'll love it. Hey, where ya going? Come back?
3rd - Mimi, 12. Guess you'll be in charge of bugging the clubhouse.

We have no one left to stoke the still! OMC! This is an emergency! Maybe we can take turns. We need that baby a'brewin' for the card game tomorrow! I'll volunteer to be first. Hey, it's a rough job but somebody's gotta do it!



03/14/2015 01:10.56 PM Report This Comment
3.13.15 Another Furiday the 13th Long Drive Day
It's Kenhead & Girl Scouts Day!
Also for anyone who wants, you can sleep in BG's (34 Kenheads)litter pan for this day only.
Thanks for the purrty green gems for each of us and the great idea LuvBug (45). Why not start a troop of Cat Scouts? We could be GREAT marching in parades with flags. Camping out here where there will be roasting marshmallows-- no not Angel mallow-- over the fire on the 9th green, tents, songs-- just everything. Steve can design our sashes. We promise we will not sell those icky cookies!
Ana & Family celebrate Nat's B'day with a 22. Tuck let's his black Dot whack their 32 and mimi let's her black catty JC do the honors with 35. Angel mallow hands her club to Black mojo (45) and they head off to the Clubhouse to share a Lucky Lager. UBB should have given GTt a chance at a long drive because his 19 leaves him in the Cart Barn where he will be rubbing the dregs of the still on his belly, again. Is that working yet?
N-Gin brought her Green Treats Wagon and 45 Naughty Leprechauns stuffed into a keg. And Steve is happy his pair of threes returned. He whacks all 33 Kenheads to eternity.
Great day for the luck of the Irish.
Places please?
1st - a three way 45 tie goes to mallow, LuvBug and Engine!
2nd JC & mimi 35
3rd Surprise Kenhead Hitter: BeeGee 34
Off to the Still barn UBB.
Humbly/honestly submitted by PD Budd

Come visit me, Uncle Buddy Budd (UBB)-Be Happy, Gracie T-t, White Whiskers, PD Budd, posing... & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

03/13/2015 01:32.35 PM Report This Comment
3-12 recap
Spring has sprung!! Not really,wanted to see if your all paying attention.Its plant a flower day(if you can chip thru the frozen ground), or we can wait to be zapped by the litter box,be kind to our kidneys,or honor the girls in BAD green dresses-Girl Scouts! We can all design and earn our own type of badges,they'll be so jealous.

Luvbug (45) is working towards his horticulture badge by planting "something" on the greens. I DO hope it looks,tastes,and smells like catnip.

Mallow (47) earns her brewmeister badge by being the watchful guardian of the still.

I score a 27,and I THINK I should get the bravery badge for being the first to try the rigged litter boxes. A cat could lose a tail that way.

Sandy (42) gets the weather badge for being on top of the hourly report.

Engine (56) gets the yummliscious badge for providing us with minced mouse and sparkling shamrock beverages. No brownies? The chocolate kind,not the kids dressed worse than the Girl Scouts.

Mudcat (45) gets the good for you health badge for promoting kidney care with more drinking. Great idea-we'll drink to that! Our kidneys should be VERY healthy.

Tuck and Dot (29) get the wishful thinking badge. They wish winter would leave-not happening. You just stick with Mudcats idea and drink up.

UBB (29)Works on his home remedy badge for male pattern belly baldness. I'm sure there is a big market for that.

And....B of the G (45) gets the bulls-eye badge for her great aim in using the chair for a litter box. I can see how the two areas can be easily confused.

OK,we done now? Think we would get kicked out of Girl Scouts? I was looking forward to wearing a sash.

1st: ME with a 27
2nd: Tuck and Dot and UBB tie with 29
3rd: Sandy 42

Losers: Engine with 56 and her helper of the day Mallow with 47. What the heck,the rest of you all tied with a 45-the least you can do is "help"


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Weekends.

03/12/2015 01:47.50 PM Report This Comment
3/11/15 - All Scores Above Freezing!!
Gee, spring really MUST be on the way all over! The golfers are bursting with joy and green abounds on the golf course as today’s action begins.

Luvbug is first and he reports 48 (=12), with slim chance of a shower. Now I KNOW it’s World Plumbing Day but geest Luvbug. Too Much Information! Mallow is a copycat, also with 48 (=12) and her parade is being rained on as well. She celebrates Worship of Tools Day by worshiping her claws, teeth, and that finest tool of all, humans. Steve is dreaming of green today. 36 (=9) shades of it!

Mimi has 61 (=7) and is celebrating Plumbing Day by NOT dumping litter down hers. Good choice! Tucker has 39 (=12) reasons to celebrate HIS favourite tool, the spoon that fills his food dish. And Haley brings us a 40 (=4), and we are betting that Janet’s favourite tool is her legs. She’s using them plenty, that’s for sure!

UBB reports that his catty is on strike in solidarity with her compatriots in the PGA, but he comes like the trooper that he is and scores a 38 (=11). Finally, BeeGee celebrates Oatmeal Nut Waffle Day (because she’s nuts?) and rounds out the day with a 52 (=7).

Here come the results:
1st – Haley with a 4
2nd – Mimi and BeeGee with 7
3rd – The Steve Stands alone with 9

The cart barn is going to be crowded, though, as away go Luvbug, Mallow, and Tucker to check the 12 vats of <ahem, SOMEthing> that are bubbling away back there. That leaves UBB odd tom out with his 11, the poor guy is already catty-less so let’s let him go to the cart barn too.

Signing off, your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Edina #2884 daily in March, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly, Mojo Blackbear - Getting a bath from sister!, A Mallow ♥ OJ ~ The biker chicks are loose!, Angel Smokey ~ Sprinkling Angel dust ~ & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ Welcome springtime!.

03/11/2015 01:57.28 PM Report This Comment
Day of Awesomeness! 3-10-15
I think that about describes a day at Catty Shack. And as we cruise around in our vintage VW Microbus with our hang-ten roof mount surf board rack, we are also the coolest cats on CC. As long as we don't take a spill in the hazard with O'l Toothy!

Aww Luvbug(44), don't pout because you don't have a middle name. We'll let you borrow one. How about U? You can be Luv-U-Bug just for today! ... Mallow(38) will "allow" us to worship her awesomeness. The line of adoration looks pretty short, this won't take but a minute! ... Steve(35) wants to trade a pudding for a Kit Kat. Which way does that trade go? ... Ana clears things out with a 24.

Duck! The Ladybug Limo screeches onto the links with bear claws flying and Engine dumps out 52 flaming pink flamingos! ... Mudcat(45) is lamenting her perfect score. For 9-Lives that is. At least her hose has thawed out so she can join in the great litterbox cleansing ... UBB(17) comes from a family where they all have their very own middle name. They are also having some serious gender identity difficulties.

Tuck(32) is quite comfortable in his role as the awesome cat in the house. He saunters off the the clubhouse to pluck a few flamingos ... And Bee NMN Gee(32) has decided to pack her little school bus lunch box and watch the Litter Box Cleaning Challenge. See? She can turn anything into a challenge!

Who has the longest middle name today?
1st - Engine, an enormous 52 letter long moniker!
2nd - Mudcat, 45 letters in that middle name?
3rd - Luv-u-bug. Well, not quite 44 letters. Just one.

Who did the worst in middle namage? Looks like the Budds. Well, that can't be. They should have more letters than everybody else combined! I'm too thirsty for a recount. And I'll bet they don't really mind tending the still.

~~"Boss" Hot Rod~~
My middle name is HOT!

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

03/10/2015 02:05.31 PM Report This Comment
3-9 recap
*Yawn* nap day,good thing since its Monday after time change. Its also, wait for it...Barbie day!!! Cheers to the girl who has it all. What kind of Barbie wanna-be's do we have today.....

Starting us off California Barbie (Luvbug) comes complete with a VW van with a surf board on top,and suntan lotion. Its a swing,and a hit for a score of 45. The crowds politely applaud. (since when did we get crowds,and where did we find polite ones??)

Harley Barbie (Mallow 39) accessorizes with a leather spiked collar and temporary tattoos. She is also known to have an odd collection of *gulp* plastic body parts.

Bubblegut Barbie(me) comes with a gas mask,Beano and a hazardous waste label.I loft the Barbie head for a 36,and the polite crowd goes crazy!

Weather girl Barbie (Ana 26) comes with an umbrella,sunglasses,parka,gloves and rain coat. Everything she could possibly need including the kitchen sinker.

Chef Barbie(Engine 52) comes with a "Kiss the Cook" apron,a spatula (to mark it with a "B") and the book "101 Ways to Prepare Road Kill". Mouse tail skewered shrimp and basted boar is on today's menu.

Pole Dancing Barbie (Mudcat) comes with a metal pole,stilettos and CD of greatest hits. This fun girl is wearing 48 strategically placed staples-ouch.

Pawty Barbie (Tuck and Dot 33) comes with a flask filled with catnip vodka,a breathalyzer,and a designated driver.This package is a hit at every pawty!

Bald Barbie (UBB 17) comes with body wax and hair extensions,and a bumper sticker for the cart "Bald is Beautiful,Get Over It".

And the last is Dictator/Bully Barbie (BG 37) This Barbie comes complete with a whip,minions,and a book of rules for every occasion. She's taking over the world one acre at a time,and in the process broke CC (again)


1st: Uncle Baldy Barbie with 17
2nd: Weather girl Barbie Ana with 26
3rd: Pawty Barbie Tuck and Dot with 33.

Losers: Chef Barbie Engine with 52,and Pole Dancer Barbie Mudcat with 48.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Weekends.

03/09/2015 01:44.54 PM Report This Comment
Daylight Saving Time 3-8-15
What a joke. Like the Indian chief said: "Only the white man can believe he can cut a foot off the top of the blanket, sew it on the bottom, and have a longer blanket". *sigh*

Okay, let's see what Miss Gracie Twinkle-Thumbs has dealt us, shall we? Luvbug, still lamenting his proof-reading failure from last week *snicker* gets us started with a 42 for a hand of 6. Our resident poet Mallow warns us of the sleeve of Steve, and discards a 3 to leave her an 8. Well, lookie here! Haley draws a lucky 27 for a possible winning 9.

Uh oh, looks like Haley has some stiff competition from UBB, who discards his 2 for a remainder of 9. Hmmm. Mimi is looking and hoping moving and dancing, but still only comes up with 42 for 6. Too bad. At least she brought her very own DJ!

Tucker and his groupies only manage a 31 for a hand of 4. Yup, you might have litter duty. *smirk* Who's that hiding behind the visor and cheap sunglasses? OMC, it's Squeeve! Nothing up the sleeve we trust. If you do, we're gonna make you shave your legs and wear a vest next time. :-) 26? 8 ain't too bad. But you still lose. And nasty Bee Gee with her 28 has another losing hand of 8.

Okay, all you 8s get in line over here. No reason, just get in line. Looks like Haley and UBB will be splitting the pot. Until uber rule inventor mom makes up some rules about WHICH 9 is the best. Although she already has some thoughts on the matter. Everybody to the bar! Well, all but Tucker and group. Here's the mop and bucket. Don't worry, I'm sure sooner or later someone will figure out how to make litter duty scream "FUN!"

~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~

Come visit me, THE SENIORS~, THE LADIES ~ & THE KIDS ~.

03/08/2015 02:04.54 PM Report This Comment
Be Heard Day? 3-7-15
Almost NOT! Our interwebs have been down all day! The interwebinator spiders must have had the day off, so we almost didn't get to be heard at all! *grumble* Well, better late than never, and better keep it short and simple.

Luvbug(37/10) is having his cereal with just milk today. Probably better that way ... Mallow(37/10) considers long leather underwear for the remainder of the winter. Won't those get a little crinkly in all the wrong places? *snicker* ... Sandy(10/1) plans on being able to blast some snow today!

Who's that jumpin' on the bandstand, beatin' on a tin can? Well, it's none other than Mudcat(19/10)! Look at that pole cat go! ... Tucker(15/6) substitutes ice cream for grass. With Cat Daniels syrup? ... Finally, Bee Gee(29/11) who didn't actually report this morning due to technical difficulties, is still muttering something about not getting her full say in things today.

Not a lot of great putts today, but there is one great one!
1st - Sandy, 1. Maybe you can use your super putter to clear the sidewalk.
2nd - Tucker, 6. Maybe a Heinecat float for dessert.
3rd - Tie, almost everybody else, 10.

That leaves Bee Gee all by herself in the cart barn. On "Be Heard Day", no less. I imagine she'll make herself heard all the way to the clubhouse. Some of you faint of heart might want to cover your ears.

I just love a nice
mixed-grass salad!

PS - Don't forget 9-Lives at the White Whisker tomorrow!


03/07/2015 04:03.00 PM Report This Comment
3.6 Long Drive & Short Limbo Furiday
Well, here we are back again golfing fans. Some played the long drive and the same old three limbo competitors tried to see how low they could go before warming up around the still in the cart barn.
It seems like each golfer celebrated a different kind of day today. Whatever...
Luvbug, the "Day Announcer", discovered that he does not have a middle name for "middle name day." Oh-oh... but he did capture the twin 33. (Steve is jealous)
And Angel mallow (41) admits that her middle name is Trouble. No surprise there, huh? Ana produced a +10. Good for you. enjoy your next snow storm.
Although Engine drove a long 36, she felt it necessary to bring a platter of Skunk and Salamander for us to try. Anyone??
The mudcat arrived in a heavy fog while whacking a 36. That's better than whacking her darling catty, JC, just because he does litterbox leaping.
BG (27) is confused about the middle name day, and the blue day, and other stuff. But she did manage to unplug her litter pan "heater." They come heated now?

The Limbo trio of Steve -4; UBB with -11, and Tuck with -7 end the week with their own thing going again. This has to be the LAST Limbo, PLEASE?
Steve is happy to 'still sit' in the Cart Barn. He is also charging a fee for anyone using the litter pan. It is not heated, either. Unfair.
Tucker regrets that he only has time for a quick Cat Daniels before heading off for another Vet appointment. Why not make that a double, Tuck?
UBB still thinks it is International Book Day and will be reading to Steve as they take care of cart and still jobs.

Summary: :Long Drive Winners--
1st- The Dark Angel "Trouble"-- 41
2nd - N-Gin 36-- the lunch stinks Phew!
3rd - LuvBug 33-- your first name is grand enough.

Summary: LImbo in the Cart Barn
Highest-- Steve with -4
middle-- Tuck -7 you got your wish)
Winner & Lowest-- UBB -11 Poor Baldy.

Humbly submitted by PD Budd reading books to the Budds

Come visit me, Uncle Buddy Budd (UBB)-Be Happy, Gracie T-t, White Whiskers, PD Budd, posing... & the 3 Budd's -Piled Up for Love.

03/06/2015 04:35.43 PM Report This Comment
3-5 CS
Be who you want today,its multiple personality day,and name tag day. You can be your own best furiend! You'll never be alone. Its going to be interesting to see what personality comes out to play for the day,or the hour. Did I hear the mention of cheese doodles also? Their orange you know :)

Luvbug scores 32,and one of his personalities hallucinates and is seeing green fairies,the other has the munchies for the doodles.

Mallow (another 32) has a frosty hankering for the sweet doodles of cheese herself. Or maybe that was her other self.

I score a 16,or maybe I should say "we" score a 16. Me and my many other me's.

Sandy has a warm personality of 38,and a cool one of the 20's. We'll let the warm one come out to play today.

Engine (48) has been a busy girl prepping to feed all the personalities with wood fired foxtails and toad toast.

Mudcat (40) picks a name,an intelligent name,any name, as long as it starts with an "M",and ends in a "T"

UBB brings a lucky 13 today! He has GTt working her many toes to the nubs making name tags for the ever changing personalities.

And last...BeeGee (22) AKA BG,AKA Baby Girl,AKA golf bully,AKA Darn,AKA Dang. Ok,I could go on forever,you get the point. No wonder she has issues with litter box amnesia.


1st: UBB,lucky 13 himself
2nd: Me and me with 16
3rd: BG AKA She Scares Me with 22

Losers: Engine! with a 48 and Mudcat with 40 to the cart barn. Cheese doodles on the house. Did I mention they're ORANGE :)


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Offline on weekends & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline Weekends.

03/05/2015 01:36.48 PM Report This Comment
3/4/15 - Dedicated to Mom Karen
Luvbug blushes this morning as he leads his Courageous Followers onto the links, well I would blush too after the goings-on in thecart barn/still yesterday. A 34 (=7) for Luvbug. Then comes Mallow, doing up the 32 (=5) straps on Mom’s straightjacket before tucking her in. Steve lives for the typos, but he’s pretty fond of the 33 (=6) twins as well.

Engine brought 42 (=6) servings of Rolled Rooster and UBB celebrates the Holy Experiment of upgrading the food supply .. always a worthy human endeavour to which we give 30 (=3) dewclaws up! Mad Madam Mim … ooops, I mean Mimi, embraces the typos as well and brings us a 46 (=10).

Tucker has a 33 (=6) and is reduced to actually hoping for rain! Bee Gee’s little tushie is frozen with a 19 (=10) and she’d just better not forget where the litterbox is. Hint, it's NOT that big area of sand over there … even if it IS conveniently located next to the green. Sandy is shoveling along behind (cleaning up after Litterbox Amnesia?) with a 33 (=6) and that rounds out our merry little crew for the day.

The results:
1st – UBB with 3
2nd – Mallow with 5
3rd – Steve, Engine, Tucker and Sandy, all with 6

To the cart barn with scores of 10 go Mimi and BeeGee. They shut the door on Luvbug, what say we put him to work bartending to keep him out of trouble?

After the scores were posted came the news that early this morning our golf buddy Timmy’s Mom lost her battle and passed over the Rainbow Bridge. We admire Karen’s great attitude and strength of character, and how throughout her chemo treatments she faithfully brought Timmy to the links to carouse with all of us bad influences. We Catty Shackers will miss you, Timmy, but we’re happy you’ll be in your familiar home being well taken care of.

** We gather in the clubhouse, remove our golf hats and raise a Shooting Squirrel. To Mom Karen! **

Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater du jour, Mike

Come visit me, Family Scrapbook ~ Vote Edina #2884 daily in March, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, K Mike ♥ Q Lady Dolly, Mojo Blackbear - Getting a bath from sister!, A Mallow ♥ OJ ~ The biker chicks are loose!, Angel Smokey ~ Sprinkling Angel dust ~ & Evie ♥ A. Shai ~ Welcome springtime!.

03/04/2015 02:02.44 PM Report This Comment
Hey Luvbug
Not to worry. Your typo was the highlight of mom's day. Kinda gives you an idea of what kind of days we have around here. *yawn*



03/04/2015 06:53.31 AM Report This Comment
Oh my... 3-3-15
It's "I Want You To Be Happy" Day, and Luvbug(36) seems willing to do some slinky-kinky stuff to be happy! *wink wink* ... Mallow(31) isn't touching that one with a ten-foot golf club. After all, she wants us to be happy. *wink wink* ... Steve(14) opts to ignore what's going on by the still and instead launches his new Positive Thinking Seminar, "If I Had Thumbs" ... Ana(22) is still by the still with a sinker and a sinker. And it isn't even kitchen sink day!

Tucker(19) is mulling over his catty's bad habits and decides mulling over some wine will make him happy ... Ooh, hiss! Mimi(30) gives fair warning to those fuzz butts who might dare to disturb her litter box time ... Engine(40) delivers a fluttering free-for-all with poached parakeet and rooster tailtinis! ... UBB(1) reintroduces his multi-thumbed catty Gracie Twinkle-toes, reminding us of her dastardly dealing duties! ... And finally Bee Gee(28) passes on the mulled whine *snicker) and heads straight for the cold cuts. Not that they will make her happy.

Long drives aren't looking all that long today.
1st - Engine, 40. All that flutter and catpot stogies too!
2nd - Luvbug, 36. Considering what you've been up to with the still it's a wonder you had TIME to golf!
3rd - Mallow, 31. You? Enough trouble for one day? THAT must have been a typo too!

Hmm, looks like Old Baldy gets to spend time with the still today. You can take Steve along to help. Or you can leave him outside. That would probably be more helpful!

I can't repeat my unique name here
without getting mom in BIG trouble.


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Hi Luvbug, my golf buddy!
This COTD is sure a surprise, why yesterday the Mom had the headache from you-know-where and it was all she could do to get me to FB to do my Hairballz rides and our COTM votes over here. I did not send one single solitary blog yesterday, wouldja believe? We didn't even show up at mouse hockey, and here I am in the COTD window today. Gotta love it around here!

Well luckily the headache has gone back to the depths from whence it came, Mom has turned down the brightness on the 'puter and she gets to relax today & catch up on our correspondence. We're puttin' another wild boar on the spit and soon there will even be more bacon. Thanks for the basket of my favourite things (well, most of 'em anyway, I know O.J. wouldn't fit) and the soft blanket, and for sharin' the fun! -- A. Mallow

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