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Domestic Shorthair from <a href='' title='Jacksonville, FL'>Jacksonville, FL</a>

Talley COTD 01/02/2009

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Hi! My name is Talley COTD 01/02/2009

I am Domestic Shorthair from Jacksonville, FL

Nicknames: My name is Tallulah, I'm called Talley, Talley Boo, Tally Ho & lots of sweet names

Age: 6 years old

Gender: F

Coat: short haired

Education: I can fetch when dad throws my puff balls for me.

My favorite tricks and treats are: I can run really fast, and I can bat a ball really well. Treats? Fancy Feast with greens is good and like I said I really, really like Pete's special Tuna Flakes, but I'm open to new possibilities.

Where I hang out: I'm still exloring but so far I like the computer room, mom & dad's laps and anyplace my big brother pete goes. ( I'll be able to get on counters soon)

My favorite grubs: I like Pete's special treat flakes, and and any big cat food. Dad lets me have little meat treats from his plate, and I really like that.

My pet peeves: Loud noises, closed doors and when any other kitty plays with my treat ball

What I love about my owners: I've learned from the other cats, my big sisters and especially my big brother, Pete that we don't have owners, What we have is a caring and loving family. Mom & dad treat us with the same love and respect that they give their human children. I do like it a lot when dad kisses my tummy. I believe I'm a pretty lucky little kitty.

My cat hobbies: I like to play ball, play with Pete (my big brother), wrestle with my stuffed toy kittens and be loved and petted.

Pet motto: Little miracles happen everyday, you just have to open your heart and let them come.

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How We Met

When I was about seven weeks old I got very sick, my eyes got infected and I couldn't see because pus had dried on the outside of them and I couldn't even open them. Then, some how I got lost from my kitty mom & my littermates. I just kind of wandered blind for I don't know how long. I was so very hungry and thirsty. Then, even though I couldn't see, something calming seemed to come over me, a quiet sweet kitty voice, guiding me to an empty house. I finally got there and managed to climb up on the brick steps. Something told me to stay, and I was too thirsty and hungry and tired to go on anyway. It was so hot. After awhile I heard someone say "Oh my goodness, look at this" another voice asked, "Is it alive?" "Yes", said the first voice, "but not for long if we don't get help." Someone (it turned out to be our dad) picked me up, we went in a truck to a cool place with more people, and then I got medicine, (ick!) & food and water with electrolytes. (yum!)and then a shot. My eyes were bathed in something cool and then I could see again. I think I would have been really scared, but I'm pretty sure a very sweet cat named Sylvie led me to that place and she somehow led dad to make an unsceduled visit to that house to take some measurements he'd misplaced. I truly beleive that a miracle happened, and my life changed in an instant. I love my home

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My Cat Blog

Whiskers awoke with his face burrowed
in the hollow of his beautiful wife’s neck. The lovely scent of his Talley always made his heart flutter and his head spin with happiness. Talley giggled at the touch of Whisker’s whiskers against her fur. She mewed, “Good morning sweetheart. I love waking up in the morning to your gentle touch.”
Whiskers smiled and said, “I didn’t mean to wake you up my love. You’re just very difficult to resist in the morning.” Whiskers kissed Talley and then rolled out of bed to look out their bedroom window. He said, “It looks like we have a break in the rain, although the clouds look ominous. Sandy, Ana, Haley and the Angels’ are having their Sleepover tonight as the prelude to another Sport’s Day tomorrow. I thought we might stop by there today and help the kitties set up their tents. I know the girls have been preparing food for the party too, so we should probably take that over too.”
Talley sat up in bed, slipping her lovely, green silk robe on and said, “Don’t forget the Coronation is almost upon us too. I’m not to sure what time the festivities are starting. We’ll ask the family if anyone has heard anything.”

Whiskers was still looking out the window as he listened to Talley speak. Then he spotted someone out in the yard. He motioned Talley to his side and said, “I think that’s Ralph outside in the yard raking leaves. He is such a conscientious, hardworking little guy. I overheard Thomas telling Ralph yesterday that he needed to work hard for the both of them, since Thomas is disabled temporarily. I felt so badly for Ralph. He’s just a kid, but I didn’t want to interfere with Thomas’ parenting.”
Talley stood with Whiskers, watching out the window. Talley mewed, “Oh look! There’s Flower standing just behind the big oak tree. He’s carrying a big burlap sack to gather the leaves, helping out his new furiend. We really do have wonderful kids!”

Whiskers nodded and said, “Come on sweetheart. Let’s get showered and dressed so I can go help the guys finish up before breakfast.”

The kitchen was full of activity this morning. Callie was showing Annabelle & Rosie how to prepare Angel Maggie’s favorite breakfast called 'Birds In A Nest With Blankets'. Annabelle laughed at the name, asking why the funny name for a dish? Callie explained, “This is a fun breakfast dish where you cut a hole in a slice of freshly baked bread, crack one egg and drop it into the hole. The eggs are the birds and they nest in the bread! The birds are topped with cheese 'blankets' and cooked to perfection." Annabelle & Rosie clapped their paws with approval. Rosie took out a notepad that the kittens had given her to take notes. Rosie was still learning to read and write, so she drew pictures to remind her how to make the fun recipe.


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Tabitha, Liliana and Daisy were helping their Mama set the table, filling the juice glasses and carefully pouring the hot coffee and hot chocolate. Whiskers and Talley came downstairs to the table greeting K. Pete, Raven and Ms. Murphy good morning. Raven and Ms. Murphy had their tablets out, checking the weather report for today, while K. Pete was relaxing, reading his morning newspaper. Whiskers pulled out a chair for his lovely wife, kissed her on the cheek and said, “I’ll be right outside. I’m going to help Flower and Ralph finish up what they’re doing so we can all eat.” K. Pete looked up from his paper and asked, “What are the boys doing outside this early in the morning?”
Annabelle had just come from the kitchen, overhearing K. Pete and said, “Thomas asked Ralph to tidy up the fallen leaves in the yard. Thomas is adamant about us earning our keep her.”

K. Pete smiled and said, “That’s very commendable of your family, but you’ve only been here a short time. We’d all like you to feel you’re part of our family. With so many of us in the house, it’s easy to divide up the daily chores and there’s always plenty of time for recreation and relaxing.”
Annabelle smiled and gave K. Pete a big hug. She said, “We just want you and the family to know how much we appreciate everything you are doing for us. I know Thomas feels terrible about not being able to do anything.”

Callie was helping Angel Maggie bring the food to the table. She hugged Annabelle and said, “You tell your husband to chill out. His job first and foremost, is to get back on his feet, only when he is one hundred percent healed.” Annabelle nodded shyly and said, “I’ll tell him what you said sweet Callie.”
Angel Maggie mewed, “You tell Thomas we ALL said that!”

Whiskers, Flower and Ralph were tapping at the back door, not wanting to come inside with their wet feet. Talley and Callie grabbed some towels and went to assist. Annabelle’s ears perked up when she heard everyone’s phone chiming. Thomas must be awake. K. Pete walked with Annabelle to help wheel Thomas to the breakfast table.

Pearl said to Flower and Ralph “You boys go change into some dry pants and wash you paws.” Flower nodded and said, “Okay Mama. Wait for me to ring the breakfast bell!” Flower and Ralph ran to their rooms giggling happily.


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Everyone welcomed Thomas to the table, asking how he felt this morning. Thomas said, “I feel better and better each day. I could hear the rain pounding the roof last night and I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I felt to have my family safe and sound with me in this heavenly house.”

Finally when everyone was at the table, they joined paws as Thomas led the morning prayer.

“Oh dear Lord, we thank you for the magnificent feast you have provided and for the beautiful cooks who have put it here.
For the sea, for the trees, for the gardens, and for dear furiends, we thank you.
Please help us to remember and help those who do not have this food and are hungry.
We pray that we may be truly grateful for the many, many blessings we enjoy this day. Amen.”

Annabelle and the girls could hardly wait to see Thomas’ reaction when he looked at his plate. Thomas laughed good naturedly when they told him he was about to eat ‘Birds In A Nest With Blankets.’ He shook his head and said, “This house is just full of happy surprises!”

After a hearty meal, Whiskers patted his tummy saying, “My compliments to the chefs.” Everyone agreed wholeheartedly. Pearl stood up to clear the table with Annabelle helping. Whiskers and Talley helped the kids gather their school bags and umbrellas for the drive to school. K. Pete said to Thomas, “We’ll be setting up our workshop later in the day, to start the work on building our first boat. Would you like me to come and get you before we begin?” Thomas smiled broadly and said, “I was hoping you would ask. Yes, please let me help anyway that I can.”
K. Pete smiled as he got up to wheel Thomas back to his room to rest up after breakfast. K. Pete said, “I’m sure you’ll be a great help Thomas, but I hope you have fun in the process too.”

Coming from his room, K. Pete and Thomas were met by Ralph, carrying a big basket filled with clothes and towels. K. Pete smiled at the little skunk and asked, “What do have there buddy?” Ralph set the heavy basket down in the hall and said, “If it’s all right Uncle Pete, I’m going to do some our laundry down by the lake. I was just about to ask for a bar of soap.”
Angel Maggie and Annabelle were just coming down the hallway to assist K. Pete with getting Thomas back into bed. Angel Maggie laughed and said, “Oh sweet Ralph and Annabelle! I completely forgot to show where the laundry room is. We have a machine that washes clothes and another machine that dries everything. The laundry room is right next the garage. I’ll show how we do laundry around here.
Annabelle smiled and said, “Oh my! We have so much to learn. There is just one miracle after another around this family!”


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Whiskers and Talley were ready to take Flower and his sisters to school. Before walking out the door, Whiskers saw Annabelle and asked, “Would it be all right if we take Ralph and Rosie with us? We can show them where the kids go to school. Hopefully, they’ll be going there someday soon.”
Ralph and Rosie looked hopefully at their Mom and Dad. The stern look on Thomas’ face, turned to a soft smile when he said, “Go ahead kids. Have fun and be good.”

The kids hugged their pawrents and ran off to join Flower and the kittens in the car.
Whiskers winked at Annabelle as him and Talley walked out the door. Whiskers opened the door for his beautiful wife and made sure the kids were buckled in securely. Whiskers got in to the driver’s seat, adjusting his mirrors, smiling at the car full of happy chatter. He took Talley’s paw, kissing it softly and mewing, “I love you sweet Talley.”
Ralph and Rosie were giggling as they watched the tender moment. Flower giggled too and said to his furiends, “My Uncle Whiskers is always doing that mushy stuff with our Aunt Talley. You’ll get used to it.”

Whiskers and Talley broke out into a thunderous laugh. From the mouths of babes! Another blessed day was underway!

Sending soft kisses and warm hugs to my beautiful wife.

My Loving Wife . . .
With you is where I want to be,
Together for all the world to see.
Holding paws as we walk down the street,
Spreading cheer to all the animals we meet.
When we're together, we will always be one,
And as for sadness, there will be none.
We'll be drowned in happiness all of our life,
I'm very happy that you're my wife.

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sleepover tonight/games tomorrow
janet's running way late so this will be short. a nice 62 out there this morning and will be cloudy as we've a front and storm in the area, but no rain till late tomorrow afernoon or night if we do get them that is as lately whenever they call for rain or showers we get a sprinkle or nothing. drought here too. sandy,ab,haley,angels

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Good Night Talley, My Beloved Wife
We had a wonderful reading your blog to me again today. I can’t wait to hear more about the story of K. Pete in front of the veterinary class at the University of Florida taking his medicine in front of a huge lecture hall, no less! My goodness that guy is fearless! I guess it had to do a lot with your Dad. Your Dad is like a Cat Whisperer, isn’t he? I always enjoy reading the story of how he found you when you were a poor, sick, frightened kitten. Your family is simply amazing!

I just love how Thomas is proving to be a wonderful father and husband. Family is the most important thing in his life and taking care of them the best way possible. It was wonderful of K. Pete to give Thomas his own boat to build with us. I can tell Thomas is a guy who has to contribute in order to be happy. I think he’ll make a fine recovery in our household.

My Mom spent most the day over at the neighbor’s house with Ebony and Sugar Bear, just in the backyard because no one was home. Ebony and Sugar Bear are getting much friendlier and calm around my Mom. My Mom had the two cats following her back and forth into the neighbor’s yard and then back over to our yard. She wants them to know exactly where they are. The neighbor’s yard has a beautiful small water fountain. It runs on recycled water - very ingenious. Now Mom wants one in our yard!

Well my love, my Mom is going to bed. I love you sweet Talley, with all my heart and soul.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs. ♥

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Good morning Talley, my beautiful
precious love! I’m just pawing by quickly to let you know my Mom and I are running a little late today with my blogs. My Mom went to get her flu shot this morning and the rest of the morning has been spent next door at the neighbor’s house where Ebony and Sugar Bear are going to live. The neighbor is not home, but he left my Mom the garage door opener so she can get to his backyard. My Mom thinks that will be the best way to introduce Ebony and Sugar to his house. It will then be easier to get the cats to walk through the backyard sliding glass door into the house when the time comes. For now, she just wants to familiarize them with his yard. It didn’t take too long for both kitties to finally follow my Mom through the neighbor’s garage into his backyard. My Mom felt like the pied piper trying to get Ebony and Sugar Bear to follow her. MOL!

My Mom also got to meet the neighbor’s Mother yesterday. The Mother’s name is Abarna. She’ll be moving in sometime next month. She is a very nice lady who gets around well for her age. Abarna and her son Ganesh, came over to our house yesterday to meet Ebony and Sugar Bear in our backyard. Both cats stayed inside the doghouse, but Mom was able to pick up Sugar Bear and let Abarna pet her a little bit. Ebony stayed inside the doghouse watching very quietly, but he had his head lying by the door so he could see what was going on. All in all, my Mom felt it went pretty well. Abarna was smiling when she left!

I’ll be by to meow at you later sweetie. My Mom has to help me finish my thank you’s for all my furiends that came by yesterday to congratulate on me on being COTD. I received the cutest message from Monty and JosieMae saying they want to meet Thomas, Annabelle and their kids. I’m not sure how they heard about Thomas and his family, but it sure is nice of them to want to come over to meet them. We have the best furiends ever, don’t we my love?

Sending soft kisses and warm hugs to my beloved Talley.

My Heart Is Yours ♥
Time may change a lot
of things in our lives,
but one thing it can never change
is the way I feel about you.
Today and always,
my heart belongs to you.

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Whiskers and K. Pete had the plans for the boat
laid out in K. Pete’s office, with the DVD cued up to play. Whiskers walked over to the dining room to gather Mitch, Flower, Talley and any of the girls that wanted to be there to go over the plans for construction of their Pocket Ships. Everyone was trying to tiptoe around the house so as not to disturb Thomas while he rested. Annabelle came from their guest room, gently closing the door behind her, as she smiled a beautiful smile at her new furiends. Annabelle said, “Thomas is resting soundly. You don’t have to worry about walking on eggshells. Even when Thomas was healthy, he sleeps like a rock.”
Annabelle hugged her kids and asked, “May I please do something to help around the house? I could help fix dinner for tonight.”

Talley smiled and shook her head. She took Annabelle by her arm and mewed, “You and kids can join us in Pete’s den while we go over the plans for building the sailboats we told you and Thomas about earlier.”
Ralph and Rosie both looked at their Mom with pleading eyes. Annabelle laughed and said, “That sounds like fun. I know my kids are eager to learn everything they possibly can from all of you.”

While Whiskers was getting ready to start the DVD, he stopped to say, “Oh my goodness! Where’s Mitch? We can’t start this without him.”

K. Pete pulled out his cell phone, pawing the speed dial for his furiend. Mitch answered quickly. K. Pete said, “Hey Mitch, its Pete. Where are you buddy? We’re just about to start watching the instructional DVD for the Pocket Ships.”
K. Pete listened for a few minutes to Mitch and then said, “Okay buddy. Why don’t you tell Storm, Inky and Bobby to wrap it up at the shelter you’re at right now. Then Whiskers, Flower and I can come to help out tommorrow.”
K. Pete smiled as he hung up the phone. He said, “Storm, Inky and Bobby asked Mitch if they could install handicap ramps at all the shelters, just like the one they put up at our house. Right now they are still surveying the areas where they’d like to start building. Those boys never stop working.”
Whiskers said, “That’s a great idea. I never even gave it thought to build accommodations for the disabled at the shelters. Wonderful!”

While everyone waited for Mitch and the boys to arrive, they perused the expertly drawn out boat plans. The attention to detail was amazing and everything was so well written. The sketches were scaled and dimensioned so precisely, Whiskers could see how even a beginner could stand a chance at successfully building a boat from scratch.

Whitey and Orangie came to the den carrying a tray with an assortment of cheeses, fruit and veggie appetizers.


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Pearl was right behind with tall glasses of peach tea for everyone. Whiskers kissed Talley and said, “Wow, this is turning into an impromptu party!”

When Mitch, Storm, Bobby and Inky arrived, Whiskers made the proper introductions. ‘Annabelle, Ralph and Rosie, I’d like you to meet three very dear furiends of ours, Storm, Inky and Bobby. These are the hard working toms that installed the nifty wheelchair ramp at the house. These guys did it while we were at the hospital picking Thomas up. That’s how fast and efficient these guys are.”
Annabelle stepped up to shake their paws and gave them a warm embrace. Ralph and Rosie wanted to shake their paws too. The boys blushed and meowed humbly, “Ah, it was nothing. That’s what furiends are for.”

K. Pete saw the den was getting a bit crowded. He waved his paw to get everyone’s attention and said, “Why don’t we leave the boat plans here in the den to look at later, and let’s move the instructional video to the theater room. The theater is sound proof, so that way we won’t have to worry about disturbing Thomas while he’s resting.”

Everyone happily agreed, gathered their things and walked on over to the other side of house. Just as they were quietly passing by Thomas’ room, a loud cry from his room. The kitties froze in their tracks. Annabelle and K. Pete were standing right by his door, which they quickly opened, rushing inside to see what was wrong. Callie and Angel Maggie immediately grabbed Ralph and Rosie in comforting hugs, while they all waited with baited breath to see what was happening.

Annabelle and K. Pete found Thomas flailing his arms in bed, but he looked to be asleep, having a bad dream. “Annabelle, Annabelle, I’m here sweetheart!” Thomas was screaming. Annabelle sat on the bed with K. Pete right beside her. They calmed Thomas down by gently holding his arms while Annabelle whispered, “I’m here my love. I’m right here Thomas darling.”
Thomas opened his eyes groggily and threw his arms around Annabelle, wincing from the pain in his legs. Thomas said, “Annabelle, K. Pete, I am ever happy to see you two. I was dreaming I was still trapped on the cliff. The Red-Tailed hawk was starting to get the best of me, but I fought hard because I knew Annabelle and my kids needed me.”
K. Pete nodded and softly said, “You’re safe my furiend. I imagine after the harrowing experience you’ve been through, you might have some bad dreams and flashbacks for some time to come. Try to get some rest.’
Callie brought a small glass of peach tea to give Thomas. Annabelle helped her husband sit up in bed and she carefully put the glass to his mouth.
Thomas took a sip and said, “Umm, that’s good. I’m sorry for causing such a fuss everyone.”
K. Pete shook his head and said, “Don’t you worry about a thing my furiend. We’re all going to take good care of you and your family. We’ll get through this together.”


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Annabelle smiled at K. Pete, mouthing a thank you to him from her lips, while she held Thomas in her arms. The bedroom door opened a little bit more and two very wide-eyed kids looked inside. Ralph swallowed hard and whispered, “Can Rosie and I come in?” Thomas saw his two babies at the door, looking scared and worried. He sat up straighter in his bed, smiling and said, “Come here kids. Your Dad needs a hug.” Ralph and Rosie ran in, but stopped to carefully climb up onto the bed, not wanting to hurt their Daddy.
Thomas hugged his family with tears of joy streaming down his face. Now the entire family and their furiends were all peeking in the bedroom door, smiling from ear to ear.
Mitch said, “Is everything okay now? You gave us a good scare buddy!”
Annabelle nodded, tucking Thomas back in bed and said, “Everything is wonderful now. Thank you everyone.”

K. Pete came back out to the hallway and said, “I think he’ll rest now. Let’s all go to the theater and watch our CLC boat building video. We can all get excited about what’s in store for us this winter.”

Callie said, “While we wait for Annabelle, Angel Maggie and I are going to get some more appetizers and check on our beef stew that’s simmering slowly for tonight’s meal.” Everyone nodded happily, suddenly becoming hungry when they heard Beef Stew mentioned.

On their way to the kitchen Callie mused to her sister Angel Lady Maggie, “What should we serve with our Beef stew tonight? How about some crusty bread with a cheese dip, some buttered zoodles, and a nice crisp salad? A cherry cheesecake for dessert might be a nice way to finish a delicious meal.” Angel Maggie nodded in agreement. She said, “I think Annabelle and her family will enjoy how we make the zoodles from the zucchini from our garden. We’ll be sure to show Annabelle when we use the Vegetti. Maybe we can get one for her too.” Callie hugged her sweet sister and mewed, “That’s a wonderful idea. I can already tell Annabelle really enjoys cooking. It’ll be fun to have a new chef in the kitchen.”

Whiskers and Talley were already seated in the theater, snuggled closely together. Whiskers kissed his beautiful wife on her soft cheek. He said, “Poor Thomas. If anyone can help get him through all this, it’s this family for sure.” Talley smiled and gave her husband a deep kiss.

Annabelle came into the theater looking calm and very happy. K. Pete smiled when he saw her, helped her to her seat next to the kids and dimmed the lights. Up on the screen, a beautiful sailboat was gliding effortlessly across deep blue waters as the narrator started to speak. Whiskers sighed and pulled Talley closer to him. This was going to be an incredible winter project. Whiskers felt very blessed.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs my beloved wife. ♥

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Hi Talley My Precious Love ♥
Oh sweetheart! What a wonderful surprise it was this morning to see our faces in the COTD place of honor! For a split second, I thought I was seeing things! I'm so glad I kept the lovely profile picture you made for us on my page. We look great together, don't we?!

My Mom has been busy getting all the cat furniture ready for Ebony and Sugar Bear's new home. FedEx delivered the two cat trees she ordered for them, so Mom put them together yesterday and has them in our garage ready to move next door. Mom also got us a new cat tree to put in our computer room. Now we can help her with our CC blogs without always sitting in her lap!

I love you sweetheart, always and furever. ♥

Sending you soft kisses and lots of warm hugs, my precious Talley.

A Better Place
They say that love
can change the world,
and it's so clear to see
Your love is what
has made my world
a better place to be!

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Attention Hairballz,
Attention Hairballz,
Mom is still painting our front porch. It's looking so white. The eves and floor left to go....Yeah!!!!

Let's give Coco a bug paw up for doing such a great job this week.

Maggie Meme, our newest Hairballz, rocked FB this week.

King Mali is taking over our FB page. Q. Lola will be holloring "Let's Roll" over here.

We send her big hugs on the loss of the stray, cat they loved.

Stay tuned to our FB page to see our Hairballz of the week tomorrow.

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Whiskers was wide awake daydreaming,
when he felt Talley stirring in his arms. He whispered into her dainty ear, ”Good morning my love. I hope I didn’t wake you up.”
Talley yawned, shaking her head softly and mewing, “No sweetheart. I kept falling in and out of sleep last night. My mind kept going back to everything that happened yesterday. We were all part of a miracle in the making.”
Whiskers nodded and said, “I had a difficult time sleeping too. The whole scenario of Thomas’ rescue kept playing over and over in my head. Every time I woke up, I hoped it wasn’t all just a wonderful dream.”

It was still dark in their bedroom. Whiskers said, “We might as well get up sweetheart. Let me see what time it is.” Whiskers kissed his beautiful wife on her soft forehead, gently pulling his arm out from under her tiny body to reach for his pocket watch on the nightstand. He said, “It’s only five o’clock. Do you think we’ll wake everyone if we get up to shower?”
Talley shook her head and said, “I don’t think so darling. Knowing our family, they are just as excited as we are to get Thomas home today.”
Whiskers got up to help Talley slip her robe on. He said, “Have we thought about where we’ll put Thomas while he’s recovering?”

Talley smiled, looking like a fairy princess in her pink silk robe. She said, “Raven and Ms. Murphy already have one of the guest rooms downstairs prepared for Thomas and his family. The girls chose the room with the private bathroom and the sliding glass doors that open to the back patio. They’ll have a view of the pool and we’ll be able to wheel Thomas easily out onto the patio when he’s well enough. Angel Lucy and Angel Sylvie picked up a hospital bed and a wheelchair from the Castle infirmary yesterday. Pearl, Callie and Angel Maggie spent most of the day setting up the room and putting beds in the room for Annabelle and the kids.”

Talley continued, “Whitey and Orangie told me they were going to help Raven and Ms. Murphy set up a small home theater in the room so they can watch movies and listen to music to entertain themselves. It’s going to be a long, hard recovery for Thomas, so the girls are trying to make it as painless as possible for Thomas and his family.”


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Whiskers smiled and pulled Talley into his arms. He gave his precious wife a deep kiss and said, “You and your family are simply amazing. When we were at the hospital yesterday, listening to Annabelle tell us briefly what had happened to Thomas, Annabelle said something about the animals in the forest speaking of a legendary being they referred to as Saint Peter. I knew it had to be our K. Pete they were talking about and I felt so proud to be a part of this family. Then K. Pete said something that I’ll never forget. He said, ‘I’m just a cat trying to get through life leaving more good deeds than bad behind me.’ Whiskers paused, stifling back a tear and said, “I would like that quote inscribed on my memorial when I cross the Rainbow Bridge. I want to live my life always trying to attain the meaning behind those words. If everyone could aspire to be more like you, K. Pete and your entire family, this world would truly be a paradise on earth. I think Thomas was right when he said the myths and legends surrounding our community should remain just that, so there is always hope in the world.”

The two kitties in love held each tightly, grateful for another glorious day together.

Whiskers and Talley came downstairs to find the dining room table empty, but delicious aromas coming from the kitchen and hearing lots of activity throughout the house. Whiskers and Talley went to the kitchen to see if they could help with anything. Callie and Angel Maggie were standing at the kitchen island, chopping smoked ham, onions, green peppers and mushrooms for Garden Omelettes this morning.

Whitey was just taking some Apple-Cinnamon muffins out of the oven, while Orangie was filling a tray with cups of steaming coffee and hot chocolate to take to the table. Orangie smiled when she saw her brother and Talley. Orangie said, “Just in time brother! Can you set these cups on the table and let the family know breakfast is almost ready?”
Talley went over to fill the juice glasses from the glass pitcher sitting on the counter filled with fresh squeezed orange juice. Whiskers nodded to his sister and asked, “Where is the rest of the family? I hear a lot of bustling going on, but I didn’t see anyone at the table.”

Orangie laughed and said, “You’ll have to look around the house. Ralph and Rosie are in the family room, making a ‘Welcome Home’ banner for their Dad, and Flower and his sisters are helping them. K. Pete, Mitch and the girls are making sure the guest room is ready for Thomas’ arrival.”


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Whiskers and Talley finished setting the table when K. Pete and Mitch came into the room. Both toms were smiling. K. Pete said, “Oh that coffee smells good.” Talley smiled and handed a cup to Mitch and her brother.
K. Pete said, “We have the guest room all set with everything Thomas could possibly need for a speedy recovery. The girls thought of everything. While Thomas is confined to his bed, he’ll only need to lift his paw to ring for help, and use the handy remote control to turn on the television or play music. Mitch and I moved all of Annabelle’s belongings from the shelter to the guest room and Pearl helped organize everything just the way Annabelle had it. I think we’re ready to bring Thomas home.”

Flower and the kids came into the dining room carrying the banner that read ‘Welcome Home Daddy!’ Angel Sylvie and Angel Lucy flew down to carefully carry the banner to room, with the kids following close behind, squealing with excitement. Angels’ Lucy and Sylvie let the kids direct them to where they wanted the banner hung. Flower placed the get-well cards him and his sisters had created, on top of the nightstand, next to the colorful bouquet of flowers Pearl had just picked from their garden.

Everyone looked around the room, admiring their handy work and satisfied with the result. Flower’s ears perked up when he heard his Auntie Whitey call his name. He knew that had to mean breakfast was ready and his tummy knew it. The sound of the dinner chime brought the happy family to the table, where they all sat to say grace and a special prayer thanking God for the miracle of helping to bring Thomas home to his loving family.

It was decided that Whiskers, Talley, K. Pete and Mitch would go to the hospital to bring Thomas and Annabelle home. Mitch and K. Pete had already fixed the back seat in the Suburban with a sturdy cushion and pillows to safely lay Thomas in, without causing too much vibration on the ride home. They knew Thomas would feel some discomfort on the trip home, but it was a short drive and they knew Annabelle would be riding next to him, easing any pain he might have.

Callie, Angel Maggie, Whitey, Orangie and Pearl were going to be busy in the kitchen preparing a nice lunch of Chicken Barley Vegetable soup, a green salad with vegetables from their garden, fresh baked rolls and a strawberry cheesecake for dessert. The girls would wait on planning dinner so they could find more of what Thomas, Annabelle and the kids like to eat.


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Whiskers and Talley had pulled the Suburban to the front door, letting it warm up while K. Pete and Mitch made sure they had everything they might need to make the trip as comfortable as possible for Thomas. Satisfied, the two toms started to get in the car when Ralph and Rosie came running down the walkway, throwing their tiny arms around K. Pete’s knees. “Thank you for saving our Daddy!’ they both cried. K. Pete bent down to give them both comforting hugs. Angel Maggie and Callie came outside to pick up the kids and wave good-bye as they drove off.

Whiskers stopped at the end of the driveway, pausing just long enough to say, “I have a feeling this is going to be one the happiest days ever at our home tonight.” Whiskers reached over to squeeze his beautiful wife’s paw, wishing he could be bottle up this happy moment in time. As he drove off, he knew in his heart there would be many more times like this.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs to my beloved wife.

You're The One That I Love
You touch my life with so much love,
In your own gentle way. . .
Your trust and your belief in me
Support me, day by day. . .
You're the special inspiration
For my brightest hopes and dreams. . .
And when I need someone to care,
You're always there, it seems.
You're my friend, my love, my sweetheart,
And my happiness, it's true. . .
For you're the one that I love,
And will my whole life through!

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Talley opened her beautiful green eyes to find
Whiskers lying beside her with a big smile on his face. She kissed him good morning and asked, “What are you so happy about this morning sweetheart?”
Whiskers mewed, “Well, other than the fact that I’m married to the most wonderful kitty in the whole world, I was just thinking about how happy the kids were to receive the harmonicas we bought for them. Knowing Flower, he’ll master the instrument in no time at all and he’ll be able to teach the others. We’ll be able to put together a family band for our next party. Me on my ukulele, the kids on their harmonicas, Whitey at the piano and you and the girls as vocalists - what do you think sweetie?”
Talley laughed and said, “Oh Whiskers, you and your fanciful ideas! Although, it does sound like fun!”

Whiskers said, “Not to change the subject, but last night I was thinking abut Annabelle’s husband Thomas and what we can do to help search for him. Do you think we could try an aerial surveillance of the forest, maybe taking one of the Bell 421 Helicopters up? We could take our high powered binoculars with us and just take a look around.”

Talley said, “Why don’t we ask Pete to hear what he thinks. I do know Angels’ Maggie, Lucy and Sylvie haven’t seen Thomas in Heaven yet, but they don’t really know him so they need some time to go over Heaven’s Register to see if they can spot him.” Whiskers nodded and said, “I was thinking he might be injured out there and has burrowed himself somewhere safe while he recovers. Like Annabelle said, there are predators on land and in the air, but he sounds like a very savvy skunk when it comes to survival.”

Talley agreed and said, “Let’s discuss strategies with the family. Don’t forget too, Queen Lil’ Bear is having the Castle Board Game’s celebration today. I know the kids are looking forward to going. I overheard Flower asking his Mama if he could invite Ralph and Rosie, but Pearl thought it might be too much, too soon for them. And of course, Flower being the smart and sensitive boy he is, understood completely. Pearl told him they could set up a Board Game day of their own right here sometime soon.”

Whiskers gave Talley a deep kiss and said, “Okay sweetheart, let’s get going. It looks to be another splendid day.”


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Whitey and Orangie decided to serve something South-of-the-Border this morning. The girls were preparing Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Wraps, full of flavor and spice, sure to give any kitty a jump-start to the day. Pearl was preparing the homemade flour tortillas, flipping the tortillas on the griddle like a real pro. Whitey was at the stove cooking the chorizo first until it was well done, then mixing in the scrambled eggs with the spicy pork sausage, cooking at a low heat until firm. Pearl had a stack of warm tortillas in a warming plate, ready for Whitey to fill with the egg and chorizo mixture, sliced avocado, Jack cheese and just a splash of pico de gallo. Orangie was preparing fresh country potatoes and sliced fruit. Both the coffee and hot cocoa brewing, smelled of cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla. The family was in for a real treat !

Callie and Angel Maggie were baking some cinnamon rolls, shaping the dough into cute kitties with frosted whiskers. The two sisters dubbed their new creation, ‘Cinnakitty Buns’! They made enough for the family and their new furiends, and also some to take to the Castle Board Games this afternoon.

K. Pete was sitting at the table, going over the instructions and plans that came with the boat kits. Whiskers told his brother he was ready to help bring one of the boats kits up to the workshop on the service flatbed truck, whenever K. Pete was ready.
K. Pete smiled and said, “I thought you, Mitch, K. Thundie and I would go over the materials some more first. We have a very informative DVD to watch too.”
Flower was listening to his Uncles talking and chimed in, “Don’t forget me! I would really like to help too!” Whiskers picked up his little nephew and said, “We couldn’t do it without you little buddy!” Flower was grinning from ear to ear.

Whitey poked her head from the kitchen, clearing her throat to get Flower’s attention. She didn’t have to do it twice! Flower jumped out his Uncle Whisker’s arms to officially announce breakfast was ready. As the dinner bell chimed, the kitties gathered at the table to say grace.

After enjoying another wonderful start to their day, Pearl readied the kids for school, while Raven opened her laptop to check on Annabelle and the kids from the shelter cam. The family gathered around, unable to resist.

Annabelle was standing at the stove humming while she prepared breakfast. She was wearing one of the dresses and a pretty white crocheted sweater the girls had given her. Raven panned the camera around the room and saw the kids still fast asleep. The room was impeccable. Annabelle had neatly shelved her kid’s new books and art supplies and it looked like she was in the process of hanging up their new clothes in the armoire.

Talley said, “Ah, Annabelle looks so happy. We’ll drop off the special kitty shaped cinnamon rolls that Angel Maggie and Callie baked for them on our way to taking the kids to school.”


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Angel Maggie came out of the kitchen and said, “Callie and I decided to make a special batch of our cinnamon creations, only we made some in the shape of little skunks. They’ll be done before you guys leave.”
Talley laughed and said, “Oh I know the kids will love that.”

While waiting for the kids and the cinnamon rolls, Talley and Whiskers told K. Pete about their plan to take the Bell 421 Helicopter up and do some surveillance of the forest. K. Pete said he would meet them at the airfield when they got back.

Talley hugged her brother, then her and Whiskers went outside to warm up the car. Whiskers took Talley’s tiny paw in his and said, “It was fun last night, seeing Annabelle and her kids enjoy a nice dinner and a movie with furiends, as if it was the greatest thing to have ever happened to them.” Talley nodded sadly and said, “It probably is sweetheart. The only thing I can see that would make them happier, is if Thomas could be here to share it with them.”
Whiskers said, “If Thomas is indeed an Angel in Heaven now, I know he’ll always be with them in their hearts. That’s all that really matters. A very important lesson in life that I’ve learned from you and your precious family is that love is stronger than death.”

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs my beautiful Talley.

I Love You Sweet Talley ♥
You're such a special part of me
as loving and caring as you can be.
You're everything that matters in my life
you're all I ever need.
You're the one I turn to when I need somebody there,
to laugh and talk with, to understand and care.
The one I need to have forever by my side.
The one I can depend on, in whom I can confide.
You're all I'll ever need to have a full and happy life.
I love you for your love for me, so constant and so true.
But most of all I love you just because you're you.

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we wanted
to thank you so much for all your help with the food the past summer and so far now this fall with the added sleepovers on tuesday nights! sure makes for a busy schedule doesn't it for a few months? going to warm to the mid to upper 70s here today with sunshine by this afternoon and then 80s all weekend with bright warm sunshine and 70s next week for daytime highs with 50s for morning lows, now that's something we can take! sandy,ab

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The evening with the skunk family had been
a smashing success. K. Pete and his sisters had barbequed Teriyaki Ribeye Steaks and Chicken, served with a fresh garden salad, toasted garlic bread, baked beans and potato salad. Ralph and Rosie ate heartily, having second helpings of everything at the urging of Callie and Angel Lady Maggie. Annabelle ate daintily, not wanting to be a burden to their gracious hosts, but the family insisted that she try to relax and enjoy herself. The pièce de résistance had been Talley’s homemade apple pie with fresh churned vanilla bean ice cream.

After a wonderful dinner, Flower and his sisters could hardly wait to take Ralph and Rosie up to the observatory. Ralph and his sister were amazed as they looked through the high-powered telescope, seeing the brilliant constellations in the evening sky up close for the very first time.

While Flower, Liliana, Tabitha and Daisy were entertaining their new furiends, Whitey and Orangie brought some tea and sugar cookies to the table, so the family could sit and chat with Annabelle some more.

Pearl told Annabelle they had some clothes, blankets and extra necessities for her and the kids. Raven nodded and said, “Annabelle, if it’s okay with you, tomorrow we’ll move you and the kids from the shelter you’re staying in now, into the first shelter so you’ll be closer to our house.”

Annabelle looked concerned for a moment, then spoke softly. “I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and my family. More than I have words to express. But the shelter we’re in now, was the first place we found as we came out of the forest. I’m hoping that my husband will be able to track our scent and find us there.
Annabelle took a sip of her tea as the family listened.

She continued to speak softly. “You see, my husband Thomas has been a wonderful provider and protector for us, especially during the very cold winter we experienced. He built us a safe burrow where I could safely raise the kids. Thomas would leave us from sunrise to sunset, foraging for food and water for his family. Thomas had also gathered together a large emergency supply in case we had to move on. Every evening when Thomas came home, I sighed a sigh of relief. In the evenings, he used to tell us of stories he had heard from the forest animals, of a Shangri-la that existed where every animal could find food, water and shelter, and most important of all, they could live in harmony together. I always told him it sounded like Heaven to me. But he said he had heard tales of this paradise on earth and he believed it to be very real.”


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“Thomas told me, if for any reason he couldn’t return to the burrow, he made me promise to gather the emergency supplies and take the kids heading northeast. That was the only direction he was able to gather from the forest animals for this mystical place.”
Annabelle stopped speaking for moment as she choked back her tears. Talley jumped up to give Annabelle a handkerchief and wrap her in a soft hug. Annabelle smiled and hugged her new furiend back. “Thank you sweet Talley,” she said as she continued. “I haven’t given up hope that my Thomas will return to us. As my babies and I set out on our journey, we saw many red-tailed hawks flying in the sky and I fear one may have gotten my Thomas. He taught us well as to how to defend ourselves, but our biggest fear has always been from the aerial predators. They are impervious to our pungent spray and almost always catch us by surprise, striking from the sky.”

K. Pete asked, “How long has it been since you’ve been separated from Thomas?”
Annabelle sadly said, “It’s been over two weeks since the kids and I had been traveling until we found your shelter. I just kept moving the kids in the direction Thomas had pointed out and prayed. Now I’m afraid it might have been Thomas guiding us all along. How else could we have been so fortunate to find this heaven on earth?”

Finally it was too much for Annabelle. She broke down crying. Everyone at the table jumped up to comfort their dear furiend.

K. Pete said, “Well two weeks isn’t that long. There’s a chance Thomas might still be out there. We have a lot of furiends who live in homes out here in the forest. We’ll sound the alert to be on the lookout for your husband.”
Raven said, “I have an idea. Why don’t we cut some tufts of fur from you, Ralph and Rosie, place the fur in small satchels and hang them outside each of the shelters. That way, with Thomas’s keen sense of smell, he’ll know he’s in the right place. He’ll be able to follow his nose and easily find you guys in the shelter closest to our house.”

Mitch said, “Don’t forget we have cameras in all the shelters and the alarms that are activated when any of the shelter doors or windows are opened. Don’t worry Annabelle. By alarms, I don’t mean loud noisy bells that go off. These alarms are signals sent to our computers so we know when an animal has entered our shelters. It’s a safety mechanism.”


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Annabelle’s tears had stopped flowing as she listened, her heart starting to fill with hope. Suddenly the house was filled with noise that sounded like a herd of elephants trampling down the stairs. Everyone laughed when all the kids came into the dining room looking happy as, well, happy as kids!

Ralph and Rosie jumped into their Mama’s lap and began to talk incessantly. Annabelle smiled and said, “We don’t want to wear out our welcome. I think it’s time we go back to our warm shelter. These kids are going to sleep good tonight, if they’ll ever be able to shut their eyes.”

Callie and Angel Maggie ran to the kitchen to fix Annabelle and her kids some take-home boxes. Talley ran up to her room to grab an extra quilt from her closet for the kids, before her and Whiskers walked the family back home. It had been a wondrous evening.

When Talley and Whiskers woke up the next morning, entwined in each other’s arms, Whiskers kissed his beautiful wife good morning and said, “What do say we go for a jog before breakfast this morning and take a look around the lake. Maybe we’ll spot Thomas, now that we’re looking for him.” Talley smiled, kissing her beloved and mewed, “You read my mind sweetheart. I’ll race you to the shower!”

The two kitties in love were eager to begin their day.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs my precious Talley

I Love Thinking Of You ♥
I love looking back to where we began,
seeing us as we were at the beginning,
then slowly leafing through the memories
we've made together to bring
us to where we are today.

I love anticipating the days ahead of us,
wondering what we'll find
in each other, in ourselves,
before another year has slipped away.

But best of all, I love being with you
where we are today,
together writing the pages
we'll remember tomorrow.

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Talley had her head nestled on Whisker’s
shoulder when he opened his eyes. Whiskers put his nose next to Talley’s cheek, savoring the sweet scent of his precious wife. He whispered softly in her ear, ‘Talley my love, are you awake?”
A soft smile broke out on Talley’s face. She half-opened her eyes and mewed, “I was enjoying your soft touch my love. I’m awake sweetheart.”
Whiskers kissed his beautiful girl and said, “I couldn’t stop thinking about our new furiends, the skunk family. I’m so glad Flower will have furiends of his own species. They seem so very nice and I’d like to learn more about them. I think it will help us understand Flower better and maybe we’ll discover things about skunks that might make Flower happier here with us. Maybe Flower might want to spend some time alone with them so he can get to know them better. What do you think sweetie?”

Talley thought for a moment and said, “I think it’ll be great for all of us to get better acquainted with Annabelle and her kids, but we should let Flower’s relationship with them develop naturally. Right now I think Flower is doing a fine job winning them over and making them feel at ease. We should all follow his lead.”

The two kitties in love rolled out of bed together, eager to start their day.

This morning Whitey and Orangie were preparing Denver Omelets with smoked black forest ham, sweet onions, roasted peppers, mushrooms and melted smoked mozzarella cheese. The kitchen smelled wonderful. Pearl was humming to herself as she prepared individual bowls of sliced fresh fruit, waiting for the oven timer bell to ring. She had blueberry muffins baking and wanted to set some aside for Annabelle and her kids.

Everyone at the kitchen table was glued to K. Pete’s open laptop, watching what had unfolded last night in the shelter from the time lapsed video recording. The family watched as Annabelle tucked Ralph and Rosie into bed, sitting on a stool beside them as she sang a lullaby. When the kids were fast asleep, Annabelle got up, taking off her purple cashmere sweater and carefully hanging it around a chair. She ran her paws over the soft sweater and stood there for several minutes just staring at her gift.
Raven said, “We need to show Annabelle the armoire we have in the shelter. She probably doesn’t know it’s there.”
Ms. Murphy nodded and said, “I doubt she would use it unless we told her it was there for her. I wanted to play some light classical music for them last night, but I didn’t want to frighten them.”


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K. Pete smiled and said, “We have a whole new world of things to introduce to them. Let’s just take it slow and easy. The fact that they’ll be coming over to our house tonight is a great start.”

The family’s attention went back to camera, showing what was happening now. Annabelle was awake. It looked like she was covering a table with a tablecloth and setting some plates filled with kibble onto it. The kids were still sound asleep, as their Mama poured water into three small glasses and sat down to admire the table.

Pearl said, “I have some fresh blueberry muffins for them.” Whitey added, “I made an extra thermos with hot chocolate for the kids and some herbal tea for Annabelle.
Flower looked at his Mama hopefully when he asked, “Mama, may I take the muffins and hot drinks to them before my breakfast?”
Pearl nodded, smiling and said, “Okay sweetheart. Try to be quiet so you don’t wake the kids up. And come right back. You need to eat and get ready for school.”

Flower jumped up to put on a light jacket. Whiskers said, “I’ll follow behind Flower and carry the tray. We’ll just be a minute.”

Flower knocked softly on the shelter door whispering, “Annabelle, it’s me, Flower.” Whiskers stayed back a safe distance, not wanting to startle their furiend. Annabelle answered the door, letting Flower inside. The kids were still fast asleep. Flower tiptoed in to set the tray on the table. Annabelle said in a soft voice, “The kids were up late last night. They were too excited to sleep. We’re looking forward to meeting your family tonight Flower. Thank you for whatever you set on the table. It smells wonderful.”
Flower nodded and said, “My Aunts are the best cooks in the whole world. Enjoy your breakfast. I have to get to school now, but I’ll see you all later.” Annabelle gave Flower a big hug. He could see she had tears in her eyes. Flower took the handkerchief from his pocket and gave it to Annabelle. Annabelle said, ‘I’m sorry for crying. They’re just tears of happiness.”

Whiskers was waiting for Flower when he came back out. Flower was very quiet on the short walk home. Whiskers put his arm around his little nephew and asked, “Are you okay buddy? I know you’re worried about your new furiends, but they’ll be fine now. We’ll all look after them.”
Flower asked in a soft quivering voice, “Uncle Whiskers, do you think my Mama and my sisters want me to go live with Annabelle and her kids now, since they’re skunks like me?”


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Whiskers stopped dead in his tracks. He knelt down next to his nephew, wrapping his arms around him and said, “Oh no Flower, no. None of us want that, especially not your Mama and sisters. You are part of our family, always and furever. We just want you to be happy. As cats, we are naturally curious about how other species live and we thought you might like to know more about your heritage and where you came from. We want only the best for you because we love you so much. You’re a permanent part of us now little buddy, whether you like it or not!”
Whiskers wipe the tears from Flower’s eyes and said, “Now come on. Where that’s big happy smile that always makes my day?” Flower couldn’t help but smile broadly, throwing his arms around his Uncle Whiskers.

Whiskers picked up Flower, putting him on top of his shoulders and mewed, “We better run back home before the girls chide us for being late to breakfast. They’re all probably waiting for you to ring the mealtime bell.”

Flower grabbed a hold tightly onto the fur on his Uncle Whisker’s head as they scampered back home.

The family was indeed waiting for the boys to return. Breakfast was on the table and everyone wanted to hear how it went. But first Whiskers set his nephew back on the ground so Flower could officially announce breakfast was served. With the dinner bell chimed and Flower and Whiskers back in their seats, they all joined paws to say grace. Flower added a special prayer for all their furiends in need and for their new furiends, Annabelle and her kids.

Flower told his family Annabelle sent her thanks for the breakfast treats. In between bites, Flower said, “I’d like to take Ralph and Rosie some of my audio books. I’m not sure if they can read or not.” Tabitha raised her paw to speak. She said, “We could teach them how to read. Do you think we could do that Mama?” Pearl smiled and said, “I’m sure they’d like that kids. Let’s get to know them better tonight and find out what they like to do.” The kids were all smiles as they rushed through breakfast, eager to begin their day.

Everyone pitched in to clear the table, while Pearl got the kids ready for school and Talley followed Whiskers outside to pull the car around. Talley said to Whiskers, “What took you guys so long this morning. Pete and Mitch were getting ready to go check on you guys.”
Whiskers told Talley about Flower’s concerns. Talley listened intently and said, “I was afraid Flower might feel that way. I’m glad you set him straight sweetheart. He’s as much a member of this family as any of us are. We never want him to feel different.”
Whiskers nodded and said, “I think he understands now sweetie. Now we can all move on and just have fun getting to know all about our new furiends.” Whiskers gave Talley a soft kiss before she ran back inside the house to get the kids.


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Callie whistled at Whiskers to get his attention. She held up her paw signaling him to wait. Callie ran back to the kitchen where Angel Maggie was placing a stew pot filled with Catalonian Seafood Stew into a small cooler. Callie said to her sister, “Is the lid on tight? You know how my brother drives.” Angel Maggie laughed and nodded her head. She said, “I made sure it was sealed.” Callie picked up the cooler to take out to the car. Whiskers popped the trunk open and asked, “Is that the stew for Ezekiel?”
Callie nodded and said, “Angel Maggie and I weren’t sure if he has a family, so we put enough for at least a few kitties. Tell Ezekiel we’d like to pick up our stew pot the next time we visit. It’s one of my favorites.” Whiskers secured the cooler in the trunk and said, “Will do sis. Talley and I will drop the kids at school first. Do you girls need anything else for tonight’s dinner while we’re in the village?”
Callie shook her head and said, “No thank you brother. We have everything we need for a simple and delicious meal.”
Whiskers shut the trunk of the car and said, “Are you sure we have enough apples for Talley’s pies?” Callie laughed and said, “Yes Whiskers! Your tummy can look forward to apple pie tonight.”
Talley was coming out the door with the kids, overhearing the last part of the conversation. She kissed Whiskers on his cheek and said, “Are you sure you want to share your apple pie sweetie?
Whiskers smiled sheepishly and said, “I can’t think of a better way to make furiends for life than to share your homemade apple pie with them.”
“Come on silly boy,” Talley mewed. “Let’s get the kids to school.”

Another wonderful day was shaping up. Life was good.

All I Want Is You
I'll tell it rather simply;
I'll say it plain and true-
A single thing is all I want
And all I want is you.

There are no other riches,
No treasures or possessions
That ever could compare with you,
My fondest of obsessions.

You are the very air I breathe,
The ration that sustains me.
You're all my thoughts tied up as one,
The laugh that entertains me.

You're all that life need ever give,
The maximum that's due.
If I could ask for anything,
I'd only ask for you.

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sports day today!
it's a gorgeous day out there and climbing into the mid 70s once the sun really goes to work early on this afternoon, by the way good afternoon to one and all there. the sleepover last night was grand all of the activities and food we had just great! had to much fun that we're hoping all will be like this through the time when we have the harvest festival on the 29th of next month! janet made it up in the nick of time to walk early this morning for 6-7:45 walking east into belchertown and back 6 miles so felt great and now that cc is officially done for today we'll see you all bright and early the next 6 mornings! sandy,ab,haley,angels

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Whiskers was sitting in his bedroom chair,
pulling on his boots and watching his beautiful wife blowing drying her fur to a glistening sheen. Whiskers sighed and pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Talley’s beauty always took his breath away. He would never understand how he got lucky enough to win her love. Talley turned off her drier and walked over to kiss her husband. She said, “Did you see my costume hanging in the closet for the “Glory of Autumn” pawty? Chloe and Pearl put the finishing alterations on it last night. I’m going as the Autumn fairy princess. The Autumn princess is like a calm Mother who comes to sooth the temper of Summer. I change the trees into beautiful crimson colors, putting the world to sleep with feelings of safety and love.”

Talley pawed the soft chiffon gown in shades of brown, orange, reds and yellows. Whiskers stood up to admire her dress. He said, “You’ll be the loveliest Autumn fairy princess ever. I’m going to love being the giant oak tree next to you.”
Talley smiled and took Whisker’s costume from the closet. She said, “Oh sweetheart, you’re going to look wonderful with your colorful leaves. Chloe made them from very thin edible rice paper, so as they fall off while we’re dancing under the stars, the birds will be able to eat them later. Oh Whiskers, we’ll have a grand time!”

Whiskers kissed his beautiful Autumn princess and said, “I hear a lot of activity downstairs sweetheart. Let’s go join our family.” Talley hugged her beloved husband, eager to start their wonderful day too.

Callie was just putting hot coffee and cocoa on the table when Whiskers and Talley came to the table. Whiskers looked around at the empty table and asked ,’Where is everyone sis? I thought everyone was waiting on us.”
Callie smiled and said, “They’re in the family room looking at the costumes Chloe and Pearl made for the kids and some of us girls.”
Whiskers and Talley poured a cup of coffee and took it to the family room. Flower saw his Auntie and Uncle immediately jumping into his Uncle Whisker’s arms. “Look Uncle Whiskers! I’m going to be dressed as Winter! Chloe and Mama made my costume with twigs and branches from pine trees, covered with lots of pretty snowflakes. Winter is a very important season because it ushers in the New Year!”


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Whiskers and Talley were delighted to see the kids so happy. Pearl and Chloe were putting the finishing touches on Liliana, Daisy and Tabitha’s costumes. Pearl was smiling when she said, “It was Chloe’s bright idea to dress up the kids as the four seasons.” Chloe smiled as the kittens paraded around the room to show off their finished costumes.

Daisy was dressed as Spring, a time of growth, life and new colors. Her costume was made with colors of blues, greens, yellow and pinks. Liliana was dressed as Summer, when flowers are blooming and everything is alive and growing in bright, vivid colors. Finally Tabitha was dressed as Autumn, the season when flowers start to fade, the trees change color and leaves fall. She was a menagerie of browns, dark reds and dark yellows. Chloe had used green vines to make wreaths for their tiny heads. They all looked adorable.

Whitey was in the corner with Orangie, fitting her into her Autumn fairy princess gown, just like Talley’s. Orangie would be meeting Hedley at the pawty and she wanted to look beautiful. Orangie looked in the mirror and was pleased with her reflection. She smiled and pirouetted around the room for the family to see her costume. There was happy applause and laughter throughout the room.

Angel Maggie and Callie came from the kitchen to get a glimpse of the costumes and to tell everyone breakfast was ready. Pearl exclaimed, “Come on kids! Let’s hang up your costumes. You need to eat and get ready for school.”

Raven and Ms. Murphy helped Pearl with the kids, while Whitey and Orangie helped Chloe hang the costumes back up carefully. Raven asked Pearl while they were cleaning up, “Are you going to be wearing a costume?” Pearl smiled and said, “I certainly am! Chloe made me Squirrel costume and Mitch is going to be dressed as my big acorn nut.”
Mitch blushed when Whiskers said, “Well, that pretty squirrel and her family won’t starve during the winter!”

The giggles and laughter died down as the family gathered at the table to join paws in prayer for all their furiends and their families in need today, and thanks for their good fortune as a family.

Angel Maggie brought individual vegetable quiches to the table, along with small bowls of fresh fruit and tall glasses of power shake smoothies, compliments of Callie. Callie said, “We’ll need lots of energy for our busy day. With all the fresh vegetables and fruits around this house, the smoothie this morning is packed full of vitamins. Drink up family!” The family picked up their glasses to toast the first full day of Autumn.


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Everyone had compliments for the delicious food and also to Chloe and Pearl, for the great work they had put into the costumes. Chloe had sewn together some decorative hats made in the shape of different vegetables, particularly the ones growing in their greenhouse. She made a zucchini hat, a tomato hat, a few pumpkin hats and several head wreaths and necklaces woven from green vines. Chloe told the family they were welcome to wear any of the hats she made for the pawty.

Chloe excused herself from the table and came back carrying a festive hat made in the shape of a fluffy white cloud. She looked at K. Pete smiling and said, “I made this for you K. Pete. It represents ‘Euros’, the Greek god of the East Wind. Euros is associated with the season of Autumn and he dwelt near the palace of the sun-god Helios, the sun in the far east.”
K. Pete smiled as he tried on his hat. “How does it look? he asked his family. Everyone clapped their paws in delighted approval.

After breakfast, everyone helped clear the table, anxious for the day that was about to unfold. Whiskers told Pearl him and Talley would drive the kids to school. Pearl thanked Whiskers as she rushed around to gather their school bags. As they loaded up into the car, Flower paused to check for something in his pocket. Whiskers asked, “Did you forget something little guy?” Flower found what he was looking for, showing his Uncle Whiskers the pocket compass and crystal necklace he had for Ralph and Rosie when he saw them. Flower smiled and said, “I don’t know when I’ll see my furiends again, but I want to be ready.”
Whiskers ruffled the fur on Flower’s head and said, “That’s smart thinking buddy. Maybe this weekend we can go hiking in the woods and see if we might run into them.”
The huge grin on Flower’s face warmed Whisker’s heart. Whiskers helped Talley into her seat and the first day of fall was underway. Whiskers glanced over at Talley, thinking how her beauty bewitched him, especially in Autumn. Talley was a real live fairy princess in Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs my precious love.

It’s autumn and I’m thinking of you
This season blazes with colors
Fiery red leaves remind me of our fervor
The golden leaves
are brillant and filled with sunlight
Their golden luminosity compliments
the red blazes attuned to our love light.

Oh to be sure, everything that’s good,
is reminiscent of you and lucky me
It’s the essence of my hopes, dreams and life,
for you to be my lover, spouse and friend
but above all,
I put you on a pedestal, my goddess and wife.

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Whiskers pulled Talley tighter into his arms to
snuggle as they reminisced about their wonderful day yesterday. Whiskers said, “The CLC factory and showroom was pretty amazing. I loved the tour of the facility and the owner and his staff seemed so knowledgeable and helpful. Seeing the owner John Harris around his boats reminded me of K. Pete when he’s around his planes. You could just tell the guy is a professional who lives and breathes his passion for boats. The boats we saw on display were more like works of sculpture. I think we’re all in for an experience of a lifetime.”
Talley nodded emphatically and said, “I was browsing the CLC Boats website with Raven and Ms. Murphy and we were astounded at all the helpful and interesting information they’ve compiled. My sisters were impressed so you know it has to be good.”
Whiskers said, “I’m so glad K. Thundie and Queen Angel Cherish will be participating in the fun we’ll have building the boats. The more, the merrier!”
Talley mewed, “I was thrilled to hear Thundie and A.Q. Cherish want to build some shelters on their property too. They are such a kind and loving couple.”

Whiskers smiled and said, “That reminds me. Flower asked me something very interesting yesterday that I couldn’t answer, but I told him I would talk to K. Pete about it. Flower wondered if it would be possible to erect some sort light to act as a beacon to the shelters. He’s worried that when winter is in full force, there might be days when it’s impossible to see where the shelters are located. He thought if we had some sort of light by the shelters, the animals would have a better chance of getting to them. I wasn’t sure if a bright light might be a distraction for any aircraft that might be in the sky. Anyway, I thought I would run the idea by K. Pete.”

Talley smiled and said, “I think it’s so cute how our little nephew is so concerned about his new furiends. I do hope Ralph and his family come back to visit. They seem like such a nice family.” Whiskers kissed Talley and said, “I’m sure they will. Flower made quite an impression on them. He’s quite the ambassador. He reminds me a lot of you sweetheart. Goodness and love just seems to emanate from both of you.”

The two kitties in love snuggled for a few more minutes, before rolling out of bed together to get ready for their day.

Whiskers pulled out a chair for Talley before going to the kitchen to help his sisters bring out the delicious coffee and hot chocolate his nose had detected. Orangie was just taking some freshly baked scones out of the oven, while Whitey was putting the finishing touches on her baked Brioche French Toast spiced with orange, cardamom and vanilla.


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Orangie smiled at her brother and mewed, “You’re just in time to help us set the table.” Whiskers smiled and busied himself with the hot drinks for the family. Whitey put the maple syrup and whipped butter in separate serving dishes. Orangie took the scones to the table, along with small bowls of homemade almond granola topped with peach yogurt, with Whiskers following right behind her.

Raven and Ms. Murphy were sitting at the table next to K. Pete, browsing the CLC Boats website on their tablets. Raven looked up to thank Whiskers for the coffee. She said, “This website is packed with great information. They have tips for boatbuilders and a builder’s forum with instructional books, DVDs and videos.” K. Pete nodded and said, “I think if we run into any problems when we start building, we’ll be able to find all the answers right here.”

Whiskers smiled at his family’s enthusiasm as he set the coffee and hot chocolate at the table. Flower and his sisters had just come to the table, setting their school bags by the door, then climbing into their chairs to join in on the family conversation. Just then, Whitey poked her head out from the kitchen, signaling to her little nephew breakfast was ready. Flower smiled broadly, leaping out of his chair to ring the dinner bell. They all joined paws to say grace and a special prayer for the crossing of their furiend Angel Olivia, Heaven’s newest angel. Whiskers added an extra prayer for their furiend Haylee of the Green Mountain Gang who had gone missing over the weekend.

Breakfast was delicious and the family mewed their accolades to the chefs.
Whiskers took this opportunity to ask K. Pete about Flower’s suggestion to install a light source at the shelters, helping the animals to find their way during winter storms. K. Pete listened and said he would discuss it with Angel Lucy and Angel Sylvie, knowing they would probably have some ideas. Right now Angels’ Sylvie, Lucy Fur and Maggie were helping Angel Olivia adjust to her new wings and they would be sprinkling angel dust to help Haylee find her way back home.

Flower was listening intently and raised his paw to speak. When called upon, Flower looked pensive and said, “I’m just worried that Ralph and his family might get lost when it starts snowing. I bought something for Ralph at the boat store we visited yesterday that I thought might help him.”
Flower hopped out of his chair so he could pull something out of his pant pocket. Flower ran over to K. Pete to show him and said, “I bought Ralph a pocket compass to carry. When I see him again, I’ll find out the direction of where he lives and then show him how to read the compass to find the way back to us.”


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K. Pete took the small pocket compass in his paw and said, “That’s good thinking on your part little guy. A compass will serve them well out in the forest, especially during winter. If and when you do see your new furiend, you can invite him and his family over to the house. You and your sisters could teach Ralph and Rosie how to read and use the constellations in the sky for direction too.”

Flower gave his Uncle Pete a big hug and said, “Oh thank you Uncle Pete. I do hope I see them again.” Tabitha raised her paw to speak and said, “Liliana, Daisy and I made this for Rosie.” Liliana handed her brother a small crystal mounted on a short leather rope. Liliana said, “We took one of the crystals we brought back from our trip to Sedona and made a necklace. Tell Rosie it has special protective energy powers. If she keeps it close to her heart, we just know Auntie Talley will be able to sense they need our help.”

Flower gave all his sisters big hugs and said, “Thank you sweet sisters. I bet these will be the first gifts Ralph and Rosie have ever received. I just know I’ll see them again now!”

Pearl got up smiling, to clear the table and said, “Right now you kids have to get ready for school. Talley helped the kids with their backpacks, while Whiskers went outside to pull the car around to the front door. He checked his pocket for the grocery list Callie and Angel Maggie had given him. The girls wanted to try their paws at preparing the wonderful recipe of Catalonian shellfish stew they had dined on at O’Leary’s restaurant, so they had asked Whiskers if him and Talley would pick up what they needed at the market.

Whiskers helped Talley load the kids into the car and soon they were on their way. Flower was bundle of energy this morning. He asked his Aunt and Uncle if he could bring Storm, Inky and Bobby over after school so he could show them how well the new tomato plants in the greenhouse were doing. Flower was also anxious to see if maybe Ralph and his family would return to the shelters.

Talley turned around in her seat to take Flower’s paw and she said softly, “Now don’t be disappointed if you don’t see Ralph for awhile. Discovering the shelters and meeting all of us is very new and foreign to them. But I do feel in my heart they’ll be back. They just might need a little bit of time.”
Flower nodded, squeezing his Auntie Talley’s paw back and said, “Thank you Auntie Talley. I’m hopeful they’ll be back and I’ve added them to my nighttime prayers.”


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They arrived to school just as the first bell was ringing. Whiskers and Talley kissed the kids goodbye, wishing them a productive day at school. They watched the kids run up the steps, until they were safely through the doors. Whiskers had his arm around his beautiful wife as they watched all the kids rushing to school.

Whiskers kissed Talley on the cheek and mewed, “After we make our trip to the market, maybe you and I can go for a walk by the lake. We can feed the ducks before they start flying south for the winter.” Talley nodded and said, “While we’re at the market, we can stop at the deli and bring back lunch for everyone too. And I’ll pick out something we can take to eat by the lake.

The two kitties in love drove back home in a comfortable, loving silence.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my precious Talley.

Once in a Lifetime
Once in a lifetime you find someone special,
Your lives intermingle and somehow you know.
This is the beginning of all you have longed for,
A love you can build on, a love that will grow.
Once in a lifetime to those who are lucky,
A miracle happens and dreams all come true.
I know it can happen, it happened to me,
For I've found my "once in a lifetime" with you.

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Hi Talley My Precious Love ♥
Good morning sweetheart. I just wanted to give you a quick update on Ebony and Sugar Bear. After Callie and I got to enjoy all Saturday sunning in the backyard, Mom shooed us inside like always for the evening. When Mom opened the garage door to feed Ebony and Sugar Bear, they were both lying on top of their outdoor cathouse and came running when they heard Mom. So Mom decided to try something different. Mom opened the small garage door that leads to the backyard to see if the two cats would follow her. As soon as they heard the can of cat food pop open, they came running. Hooray! Mom shut them in the backyard and sat with them while they ate. Both cats seemed perfectly happy staying the night in the backyard.

Mom let the two cats out this morning on her way to church. When she got back, they were both sitting on the outdoor cathouse. They are still wary or shy of going inside the greenhouse, but Mom knows that will take time.

Our neighbor, Ganesh, who is interested in giving them a home, came over to ask if Mom might be willing to buy whatever the cats will need, for his house. My Mom said of course she would. Ganesh gave Mom some cash and it was more than enough. Mom wants to get some nice cat scratching posts and maybe a cat tree. Ganesh invited Mom to come over to see his house this afternoon.

So Mom had to tell Dad was happening and you guessed it, my Dad was relieved. He wasn’t real happy about having two more cats, but Mom told him if it doesn’t work out, Ebony and Sugar Bear are coming back home here. Keep your paws crossed my love.

I hope your pawrents are having a wonderful weekend. Give them hugs for me sweetie when they get back. I love you always and furever.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs to my beautiful and beloved wife.
Your beautiful eyes take me to a land far away
where there is only love, happiness, joy
and smiles everywhere.
Your pretty lips
remind me of your sizzling touch
I feel like a kitten in love when I see you.
I just want to say
I Love You to the most gorgeous kitty on earth. ♥

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Whiskers tried to quietly slip out of bed without
waking his sleeping beauty, but to no avail. Talley’s senses were much too keen. Talley mewed softly, “Where are you going sweetheart? The sun hasn’t come up yet.” Whiskers walked over to Talley’s side of the bed and gave her a soft kiss. “Go back to sleep my love. Flower, K. Pete and I are going to make breakfast this morning. We wanted to surprised our girls.” Talley smiled sleepily as Whiskers pulled the covers up to her pretty face, kissing her on her forehead before tiptoeing out the bedroom door.

K. Pete and Flower were up early, setting up the kitchen for made-to-order omelets this morning. Whiskers walked into the kitchen and said, “Sorry I’m late. Talley caught me sneaking out. There’s no surprising that girl.”
K. Pete laughed and handed Whiskers an apron. “It’s almost impossible to get anything by my sisters.”
Flower smiled, standing tall by the kitchen island, chopping the toppings for the omelets. He said, “My sisters are the same way too. I can never sneak anything by them. It must be because they’re cats, or girls or both.”
Whiskers put on his apron, laughing and said, “I would say it’s both! Okay, what can I do?”
Pete said, “Why don’t you help Flower finish setting up the fillings for the omelets. I’ll start making the pancakes and get the coffee brewing.”

The boys worked quietly together, humming happily to themselves. They heard the front door open, and Mitch walked into the kitchen looking flustered.
K. Pete said, “Hey my furiend, we’re just starting breakfast. Would you like a cup of coffee?”
Mitch sat down and said, “I was just walking up to the house when I heard some noise coming from one of the shelters. I thought it might be Bobby, Inky and Storm checking the supplies. But when I opened the door to the shelter, I must have startled a couple of skunks over by the food bins. They hid in the rafters and wouldn’t come out when I tried to talk to them. I thought maybe Flower could come and help.”

The boys quickly took their cooking aprons off and put on their jackets. K. Pete made sure everything was turned off in the kitchen before they followed Mitch out the door. When they got to the shelter, Flower said in a very grown up manner, “Maybe I should go in by myself first. We don’t want to scare them off.”
Whiskers nodded and said, “Okay buddy. We’ll be right outside.”

Flower went inside cautiously. Mitch told Pete and Whiskers, “I think the skunks were just looking for food. I didn’t mean to frighten them.”


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Ten minutes later Flower came back out smiling. He motioned to his Uncles to come inside.
Still huddled together in a corner were two little skunks. Flower said, “Ralph and Rosie, I’d like you to meet my Uncles’ Pete, Whiskers and Mitch.” The boys stepped up slowly, mewing their hellos.
Flower continued to speak. “Ralph and Rosie live in the forest with their Mom. They were out gathering food to stock pile for the winter, when they lost sight of their Mom. I told them we would be happy to help them find her. I also told them about the shelters and that they are welcome to come here for food and shelter whenever they need it.”

Whiskers stepped up to the nervous skunks, holding out his paw. He said, “How long have you been separated from your Mom?” Ralph stepped up to shake paws with Whiskers and said, “Only a couple of hours. We were all gathering food, when Rosie and I found the shelters and we couldn’t believe our good fortune. When we looked around for our Mama, we realized we had strayed away from her.”
Rosie has tears falling from her eyes.
Whiskers handed Rosie his handkerchief and said, “Not to worry. We’ll help you look for your Mama. You haven’t been separated for too long.”

Just then K. Pete and Mitch heard someone moving around in the brush outside. K. Pete told Flower, “You go outside and check. If it’s their Mom, we don’t want to scare her.”
Flower nodded and was out the door in a blink of the eye. Flower returned to the shelter with Ralph and Rosie’s frantic Mama, with a comforting arm around her. When the mama skunk saw the cats, she froze for a second. Then she saw her kids inside and ran over to hug them with tears of joy streaming from her eyes.

Watching the reunion unfold, Whiskers had to use his brother’s hankie to wipe his eyes too. Flower assured the skunks they had nothing to fear and asked them to sit down to rest awhile. Ralph and Rosie introduced their Mama, Annabelle to the boys. They all shook paws and sat down, while K. Pete explained to the skunk family about the shelters being there for them, especially during the cold weather winter was sure to bring. Annabelle thanked them profusely for finding her kids and for their kind generosity. Annabelle said, “We have shelter in the forest for now. We just wanted to start preparing for the change in the weather. It’s nice to know we have to place to go if we need help. May I tell the other forest animals about this place?”
K. Pete said, “Absolutely. Let them all know they have nothing to fear here. We have plenty of food, water, blankets and medical supplies. We live just up the road too.” Flower walked over to the window to point out the house to them.


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Mitch got up to gather some food and supplies into small burlap sacks for them. The family of skunks gave their new furiends a hug before leaving. Ralph and Rosie gave Flower the biggest hug of all, thanking him for saving them. Flower blushed and said, “Aw shucks, I didn’t save you. We’re just lending a helping paw to some furiends in need. If you do come back to the shelters, and you are always welcome, just look up into the cameras my Uncles have set up everywhere. We’ll come by to say hey and make sure everything is okay.”

The boys walked back to the house, elated at the happy outcome of what could have been a disaster for the skunk family.

Flower said, “I hope they come back to visit. They looked just like me. Sometimes I dream about my real Mama, but I know she is safe in Heaven now. And I know she must have been the Angel that brought me to my new family.”

When the boys came back inside the house, Talley, Callie and Angel Maggie already had the kitchen humming. Talley kissed Whiskers and said, “Where did you boys go? We knew it had to be important, so we continued with the breakfast you all had started.”

Raven, Ms. Murphy, Whitey, Orangie, Pearl, Angel Sylvie and Angel Lucy were sitting at the table with their tablets out. They all had tears in their eyes, but big smiles on their faces too. Raven said, “We saw the whole thing on the shelter cams! You boys did a wonderful thing today!” Pearl got up to proudly hug her little boy.

Talley came out of the kitchen to kiss her husband. She said, “Callie, Angel Maggie and I missed out on all the excitement while we were cooking. But we heard all about what you boys did and can hardly wait to watch the recording.”

The omelet bar was open for service as the hungry family grabbed their plates and gathered in the kitchen. Flower could hardly wait to tell everyone about their happy adventure.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my beloved wife.

Is what you give to me daily

Is what your love did to me

Is what your hugs give me to succeed

I have become after getting married

Is how I feel every single day

Is what you make me feel in every way

Is what I am to you, for the rest of my life

Is what I am to have you as my wife

I love you precious Talley. ♥

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Attention Hairballz,
Attention Hairballz,
Let's all give Kali a big Thanks for doing such a good job this week. She was lucky to be down wind of Cyndee, who was having a bad day and very stinky....I had to stop twice and let her get ahead... way ahead.

Coca is taking the lead this week, I look forward to riding with her again. Maggie Meme will be showing her stuff on the FB Group.

Come visit me, Dame Zoe Monique Puffalump, ON THE ROAD AGAIN...

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