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Domestic Shorthair from <a href='' title='Jacksonville, FL'>Jacksonville, FL</a>

Talley COTD 01/02/2009

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Hi! My name is Talley COTD 01/02/2009

I am Domestic Shorthair from Jacksonville, FL

Nicknames: My name is Tallulah, I'm called Talley, Talley Boo, Tally Ho & lots of sweet names

Age: 6 years old

Gender: F

Coat: short haired

Education: I can fetch when dad throws my puff balls for me.

My favorite tricks and treats are: I can run really fast, and I can bat a ball really well. Treats? Fancy Feast with greens is good and like I said I really, really like Pete's special Tuna Flakes, but I'm open to new possibilities.

Where I hang out: I'm still exloring but so far I like the computer room, mom & dad's laps and anyplace my big brother pete goes. ( I'll be able to get on counters soon)

My favorite grubs: I like Pete's special treat flakes, and and any big cat food. Dad lets me have little meat treats from his plate, and I really like that.

My pet peeves: Loud noises, closed doors and when any other kitty plays with my treat ball

What I love about my owners: I've learned from the other cats, my big sisters and especially my big brother, Pete that we don't have owners, What we have is a caring and loving family. Mom & dad treat us with the same love and respect that they give their human children. I do like it a lot when dad kisses my tummy. I believe I'm a pretty lucky little kitty.

My cat hobbies: I like to play ball, play with Pete (my big brother), wrestle with my stuffed toy kittens and be loved and petted.

Pet motto: Little miracles happen everyday, you just have to open your heart and let them come.

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How We Met

When I was about seven weeks old I got very sick, my eyes got infected and I couldn't see because pus had dried on the outside of them and I couldn't even open them. Then, some how I got lost from my kitty mom & my littermates. I just kind of wandered blind for I don't know how long. I was so very hungry and thirsty. Then, even though I couldn't see, something calming seemed to come over me, a quiet sweet kitty voice, guiding me to an empty house. I finally got there and managed to climb up on the brick steps. Something told me to stay, and I was too thirsty and hungry and tired to go on anyway. It was so hot. After awhile I heard someone say "Oh my goodness, look at this" another voice asked, "Is it alive?" "Yes", said the first voice, "but not for long if we don't get help." Someone (it turned out to be our dad) picked me up, we went in a truck to a cool place with more people, and then I got medicine, (ick!) & food and water with electrolytes. (yum!)and then a shot. My eyes were bathed in something cool and then I could see again. I think I would have been really scared, but I'm pretty sure a very sweet cat named Sylvie led me to that place and she somehow led dad to make an unsceduled visit to that house to take some measurements he'd misplaced. I truly beleive that a miracle happened, and my life changed in an instant. I love my home

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Whiskers and Talley could hear the family
bustling around downstairs. Whiskers loved holding his beautiful wife in his arms, listening to the joyful sounds of his family, all while snuggled in a warm bed with his Talley. Whiskers knew his life was blessed. He thought about the extraordinary day yesterday in their quest to find Tuna and he sighed happily. Talley batted her lovely emerald green eyes at her husband and said, “I was so proud of our family yesterday, coming together to find and bring home Luna and Pixie’s Mom Tuna. I have to admit I was a little worried that we might have scared Tuna away with the helicopter, but I should have known a Mother’s love is fearless when it comes to her kids.” Talley choked back tears just thinking about the moment when Tuna embraced her kittens. Whiskers smoothed the soft fur on Talley’s face, kissing away her tears. He said, “Luna and Pixie are very brave kittens. If you think about all the things they did yesterday - flying in a helicopter and meowing through a PA system for their Momma - well that took a lot of courage. Seeing them all together was a heartwarming scene I’ll never forget and we certainly all needed some happiness around here with all the sadness that has befallen the Feline Empire this week.”
Talley nodded sadly, but then smiled and said, “I could see my brother’s wheels spinning in his head yesterday as he looked over the feral colony where Tuna and the kittens lived. Edward seemed to be a very nice leader. I think after meeting Angel Sylvie and Angel Lucy, Edward will be able to convince his colony to accept our help.” Whiskers nodded and said, “The Angels’ presence always seems to be a powerful persuasive force when it comes making new furiends. I shudder to think what we would do without them.” Talley smiled and said, “That’s my family!”
Whiskers got of bed to gently pick up his delicate wife as they began their day with laughter and love.

This morning the kits, Tabitha, Liliana, Daisy and Rosie were running the kitchen. They had prepared Egg White Omelets filled with cheddar, jack and Swiss cheeses, green onions, tomatoes, spinach, sweet peppers and tiny bay shrimp. Already in the warming oven were the stacks of Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, Breakfast Sausages and pan-fried breakfast potatoes. Daisy was just pulling out from the oven, her light nutmeg-scented mini muffins, while Liliana assisted by quickly rolling the small muffins in a plate of cinnamon sugar and into a warming basket.


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Whiskers and Talley were greeted by Raven and Ms. Murphy, who were already on their second cup of coffee. K. Pete and the Angels were right behind Whiskers and Talley. Mitch came out the kitchen carrying a pot of coffee. Talley jumped up to help him pour. Mitch smiled with a warm good morning to the family. He said, “The girls are cooking up quite a breakfast. I hope you all brought your appetites.” Whiskers sniffed the air, exclaiming, “It’s hard not to have an appetite in this house!”
Talley looked around the table and asked, “Where are Tuna, Luna and Pixie? Just then, Pearl, Annabella and Thomas came into the dining room with smiles on their faces.
Pearl said, “Flower and Ralph are giving our new furiends a complete tour of the house. We left them up in the observatory. They are all like kids in a candy store. Ralph is very excited about his Daddy teaching a class today on survival and he wants to make sure Luna and Pixie get to participate. Tuna said she would love to see the class too.” Thomas was smiling proudly as he said, “I was working on my notes all last night. This will be my first time as an instructor and I want to make my lesson on survival techniques as fun and informative as possible.”

Whisker smiled as he filled Talley’s cup with warm coffee before sitting down with his cup. He said, “Thomas, you are a great speaker. The kids are in for a real treat. Just speak from the heart. I’m sure you have a lot of first hand experience in survival techniques.” Thomas laughed and said, “I do indeed have a lot of experience surviving in cold weather. I just hope I’m not losing a step now that I’m living the good life.”
Annabella hugged her husband as she sat down and said, “Not you Thomas. You have so much to share with others. You’ll do fine today.” Everyone nodded in agreement.

The house was filled with the happy sound of many paws coming down the stairs. Tuna greeted the family and said, “Your house is incredibly lovely. I’ve never even dreamed of such a grand palace. I can’t thank you enough for everything your family has done for us.” Luna and Pixie had seated themselves next to their Momma, looking as happy as kittens!

Daisy brought several baskets filled with cinnamon/nutneg muffins to the table. She smiled at Flower and Ralph, letting them know it was time for breakfast. Flower told Ralph he could have the honors this morning. He wanted to first get some cups of hot chocolate for their new furiends, with extra whipped cream. After Ralph rang the chime, everyone sat down to join paws to say grace and thank God for this very blessed morning together. Tuna had tears in her eyes as she joined in the Amen.


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Whitey and Orangie made sure their new furiends filled their plates. Tuna took a bite of her omelette and said, “Oh my goodness! This is delicious. It seems as though every meal is a Thanksgiving meal here in your household.” Whiskers smiled, patted his belly and said, “You definitely have that right my dear furiend.”
Tuna looked at Talley and said, “I’m really looking forward to having you show me how to bake the delicious apple pie you made last night. There is so much I want to learn from all of you and I’d like to contribute in any way that I can. I’m a very hard worker.”
Talley smiled and said, “We have no doubt you are a hard worker Tuna. And you are a very wonderful Mother. You just concentrate on the latter. You and the kittens deserve some quality time together.”
Tuna took Talley’s paw in hers and said, “And I want to thank you so much for the beautiful clothes you let us use. I don’t think it will be possible to ever repay all of you back, but I will live my life trying to. God has answered all my prayers and even more.’
Talley gave Tuna a warm hug and said, “Seeing you reunited with your girls was a memorable event for me and my family. One we’ll never ever forget and we were so glad to have been able to play a part in it.”
Whiskers lifted his juice glass and said, “A toast! May our house always be too small to hold all our family and furiends.” The family and furiends clinked glasses and the sounds of love and laughter warmed the room. Whiskers winked at Talley, always in wonderment at how he ever got so lucky.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, Talley my precious love.

“Of everything I know and love and treasure,
It’s you, my love, who gives me perfect pleasure.
I love your way with me, your touch, your kiss;
To be with you is happiness and bliss.”

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Talley woke up to find Whiskers awake
with a cheesey smile on his face. Talley smiled and said, “What are you thinking about my love? I always like to see you with a smile first thing in the morning.”
Whiskers gave his beautiful wife a soft kiss good morning first and said, “I was just thinking about what K. Pete said about the weather people on the news reporting in horrendous conditions. My Dad and Mom always notice this too, and they feel sorry for the poor anchorperson who is in front of the camera braving the extreme conditions, while their coworkers are in a nice warm studio. My Mom thought it was very amusing to think of the news people out brazing the elements must have drawn a short straw or lost a bet. Hee, hee, hee. Humans can be so entertaining.”

Whiskers pulled the blankets over Talley and said, “Let me get up first to check how the weather is outside. I’ll bring you your fuzzy robe so you don’t catch a chill sweetheart.” Talley laid back and enjoyed being pampered by her loving husband. Whiskers pulled back the curtains to the glass doors on their balcony.
Talley exclaimed, “Oh I see the sun shining, but the sky looks clear and very cold!”
Whiskers said, “I think the kids might be able to go to school today, but we better wait to see what Mitch has to report.” Whiskers smiled and said, “I can’t wait to tell Angel Malachi what a great job he has done teaching the kids the art of survival. The kids looked so cute bundled up like little snowman and they really did quite an excellent job building their igloos. I think I’d like to have them with me if we ever get caught in a blizzard.”
Whiskers took Talley her robe, draping the warm material over her slender shoulders. Talley said, “I was thinking a lot about Luna and Pixie’s Mom Tuna last night. I thought we might ask Flower to sit down with both kittens and try to sketch a likeness of Tuna that we can use in our search for her. We all know what a great artist Flower is, especially with portraits. If I can get the kittens to close their eyes and concentrate on their Momma, I’m sure we’ll be able to come up with a helpful picture of what Momma Tuna looks like.”
Whiskers kissed his brilliant wife and mewed, “Oh sweetheart, that’s a great idea. Now if only Whitey is correct in the small coastal town of Excalibur, we are almost there! Our family is truly amazing.”
Talley nodded, holding out her paw to Whiskers so they could start their wonderful new day with a nice, hot shower together.


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Callie and Angel Maggie wanted to give Pearl, Annabella, Rosie and the kittens a break from cooking this Friday morning, even though they knew the girls didn’t consider cooking as “work.” Angel Maggie understood how they felt, but she knew first hand, it was always nice to be waited on every now and then. Talley and Whiskers had come downstairs early, offering to help out their sisters. Callie put Whiskers to work on the coffee and hot chocolate for the kittens. Flower and Ralph were right there to help their Uncle, topping the hot chocolates with whipped cream and carrying the cups carefully to the table. Talley set out to squeeze some oranges, probably the last fresh oranges from their trees after the latest freeze. Although, Raven and Ms. Murphy were working on growing a small tangelo tree in their greenhouse, but it was still in experimental mode. Angel Maggie and Callie were done cooking in no time at all, filling large platters with scrambled eggs, silver dollar pancakes with whipped butter and maple syrup on the side, apple-wood smoked bacon, turkey sausage links and hash browns. The two expert chefs set the breakfast table in a help-yourself buffet style. Callie peeked out the kitchen door into the dining room and said to Angel Maggie, “We better put everything into warming trays. I think the family is discussing the quest for Tuna.” Angel Maggie nodded at her sister with a smile.

Pixie and Luna were sitting at the table, enjoying being waited on. The two kittens were still on cloud nine at the prospect of finding their Momma and bringing her to Paradise. Luna kept telling Pixie not to get her hopes up too high, but secretly Luna felt if anyone could find their Momma, it was this family. As they were setting the table, Whiskers started to tell Flower and Ralph about the idea Talley had about doing a sketch of Momma Tuna with the help of Luna and Pixie.
Flower and Ralph smiled, high pawed each other and Flower said, “Uncle Whiskers and Auntie Talley, we really did read your minds this time! We sat down with Luna and Pixie this morning and here are some of the sketches we came up with.”
Flower and Ralph set up their portable easel and proceeded to show the family the pictures of Momma Tuna. Pixie and Luna were beside themselves with hopeful joy as the family looked at the sketches.


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Flower spoke in an authoritative voice as he stood at the easel. “Ralph and I sat Luna and Pixie down, telling them to close their eyes and describe their Momma as best as they could. Ralph took notes as I sketched and we came up with three very detailed composites of Momma Tuna. Both girls had very detailed descriptions of their Momma. We know now she is a beautiful tri-toned Calico Cat with very distinct markings.” Flower slowly flipped through his sketches that showed Momma Tuna’s full face, a complete body sketch and one of Momma Tuna’s very unique heart shaped birthmark on her chest. It was quite visible as a dark brown heart against her white furry chest.
The family oohed and awed at Flower and Ralph’s very realistic renditions. Pixie raised her paw to speak. Talley said, “What it is it sweetie?” Pixie said, “I just wanted to add, my Momma has a very beautiful voice too. I know Luna and I could recognize her meow from miles away.” Luna hugged her sister and said, “That isn’t going to help with the poster sweet sis, but maybe it will help when we get close to finding Momma.”

Talley gave Pixie a big hug and said, “Of course it will help us find your Momma sweetie. Both of you girls have done a splendid job. Your Momma will be so proud.” Whiskers squinted his eyes at Talley when she spoke as if Luna and Pixie’s Momma would be found. But Whiskers could see in his wife’s eyes that she felt this would indeed happen, so he knew it would too!

Angel Maggie signaled to Flower and Ralph it was time for breakfast. The boys quickly put away their easel and drawings and ran to ring the breakfast chime. Before they did, Luna and Pixie both jumped out their seats to hug the two boys, thanking them for all their hard work and help. Flower and Ralph visibly blushed.

Everyone joined paws to say grace and give thanks to a wonderful new day together. Whiskers squeezed Talley’s paw and thought how wonderful it was to have every new day filled with hope, now that Talley and her family were in his life.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs my beautiful wife.

The Meaning Of Love
To love is to share life together,
to build special plans just for two,
to work side by side
and then smile with pride
as one by one, dreams all come true.

- by Krina Shah

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Oh Talley My Precious Love
I love where our story is going for Luna and Pixie! I hope we are able to find their Momma. I was thinking we could get Flower to sit down with Luna and Pixie and do a detailed sketch of their Mom. I bet the kittens can describe her to a tee!

I'll be a little late with my blog today and I didn't want you to worry sweetheart. Mom is out running errands this morning. I love you my precious!

Sending soft kisses and warm hugs to my beautiful wife. ♥

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Talley woke up lifting her head to look out
the bedroom window. She couldn’t even see the sky this morning. It was completely white outside. She laid her head back down, snuggling deep into Whisker’s furry body. Whiskers gave his beautiful wife a deep kiss and said, “I knew one day all this fur on my body would come in handy. Before I met you I used to hate all the extra brushing and fussing my Mom always made over me and my bushy fur. But now I know I was born this way to keep my sweetheart warm.” Talley smiled and burrowed in even deeper into her husband’s arms.
Talley said, “It looks awfully cold outside. I hope the kids don’t have school today. Mitch said school might be cancelled today, but he was going to check with Angel Malachi to find out what is going on today.”
Whiskers nodded and said, “That sure was nice of Angel Sylvie and Angel Lucy to put the snow tires on our Audi. But even so, I wouldn’t want to drive a car in this weather. The snow cat and sled trailer that K. Pete got for our shelter rounds is perfect. That guy never ceases to amaze me. When K. Pete had to get out of the snow cat to lead the way to the shelters, I panicked for a split second. I didn’t think I would be able to drive the large vehicle on my own. But seeing him outside in the bitter cold, lighting the way with a flare, made me learn real fast. I don’t know what we would do without him.”
Talley smiled and said, “My brother has always been a very resourceful leader. I’m glad you are learning so much from him.”
Whiskers laughed and said, “We all are. I was so glad to hear Thomas has discovered the Flight Simulator and wants to start flying lessons when his legs are healed. I know K. Pete will make a fine pilot of Thomas. Annabella looked so happy and proud of her husband. Thomas sure has come a long way in a short amount of time. His strong will and deep love for his family has made all the difference in the world in his rehabilitation.”

As the two kitties in love got out of bed, Whiskers brought Talley her robe and said, “I had a great time at the hockey games last night. It was very nice of the family to have black arm bands for everyone in memory of our dear friends. I think it helped to be able to talk about the two CC Dads who we all knew and loved so much.”
Talley nodded sadly and said, “It always helps to be with others during sad times, just as it’s always enjoyable to be with them during happy times. We are so fortunate to have so many furiends.”


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Whiskers agreed and said, “That’s what I tell my Mom when she gets sad from all the heartbreaking news. When you care about others, you have to take the good with the bad.” Talley kissed Whiskers as they held paws, ready to start their day.

Downstairs the breakfast table was set and some of the family were having their morning coffee together. Callie was pouring another cup of coffee for K. Pete and Thomas just as Pearl and Annabella brought some fresh apple cinnamon muffins to the table. Whitey and Orangie had baked three large Spinach Bacon and Cheddar Frittatas with platters of extra crispy bacon on the side. The wonderful aromas filled the air. Just as Flower and Ralph were getting set to ring the breakfast bell, they all heard a truck drive up in front of the house. Whiskers and Talley were just coming downstairs. Whiskers sat his lovely wife down first at the table and said, “I’ll get the door. I think it’s Mitch.”
Whiskers opened the front door and a cold gust of wind blew inside the house causing the flames in the fireplace to flicker. Mitch was all smiles as he shook off the snow from his jacket on the front porch. “Look who I have with me. I asked Pixie and Luna to join us for breakfast.”

The two kittens were wearing sweaters and Mitch had bundled them each in their own quilt. Talley, Raven and Ms. Murphy jumped up from the table to welcome the kittens inside and ushered them over to the fireplace. Talley said, “My goodness! You girls must be freezing.”
Pixie and Luna stood by the fireplace holding paws, shivering, but smiling. Talley ran upstairs and came back down with two warm jackets. Talley said, “Let’s put these jackets on you girls until you warm up. They might be a bit big, but I think they’ll be fine.” Talley, Raven and Ms. Murphy helped Luna and Pixie into the jackets, making sure they were both warm and dry. Luna and Pixie looked at their jackets with wide eyes, thanking Talley and her sisters profusely. Luna said, “These are beautiful. We’ll be sure to return them to you after we clean them.” Talley smiled and said, “The jackets are yours to keep dear furiends. Now come to the table and have some hot chocolate and breakfast with us.”
Luna and Pixie gave Talley and the girls big hugs.
Pearl had warmed Mitch up with a steaming cup of coffee. Mitch said to the family, “It is freezing outside. I stopped by the school to talk with Angel Malachi and it looks like school will be postponed for today. It’s much too treacherous for the kids to be out. Angel Malachi did have the schoolbooks we asked about for the wolves. I have them loaded up in boxes in the truck. He said there a lot more books when those came from, but for now, that should keep the wolves and their pups busy.”


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K. Pete said, “That’s great Mitch. According to the weather report this morning, there might be a break later this afternoon. We’ll take as many of the boxes as we can today. There is another cold weather system on its way, so we’ll try to do as much as we can on our shelter rounds today.”

With everyone seated at the table, Flower and Ralph got up happily to chime the breakfast bell. They all joined paws, bowing their heads to say grace. They all thanked God for another day together and they said a prayer for their dear CC furiends and the loss of two dear human friends. Angel Sylvie and Angel Lucy assured the family the two Dads had made the journey to Heaven safely and were both united with their loved ones. Angel Sylvie said, “It will take some time for them to adjust, but we’ll need to give their families here on earth all the comforting and support we can.”

Callie filled Luna and Pixie’s plates with food as the two kittens sat shyly and quietly. Luna licked her lips at the delicious food and said, “Thank you for inviting us here today. Pixie and I would like to return the favor sometime soon.”

Talley smiled and said, “You girls are always welcome here and we would love to share tea with you. How do you like your place?”
Luna wiped her mouth before speaking. She said, “Oh we love it and can’t thank you all enough.”
Whiskers smiled and said, “If I may ask, where are you kittens from? You seem awfully young to be on your own.”
Pixie looked at Luna and Luna spoke up, “My sister Pixie is a little bit shy. We came from a very large feral colony in the city. We’re not sure which city, but we did seem to have traveled far to get here. We lived in the feral colony with our Momma and hundreds of other cats. It wasn’t a bad place to live. We had food and a roof over our heads, but it was nothing as grand as this place. Our Momma had heard about the paradise in the north from the stories many of the traveling Toms told. Momma said it did sound like a paradise and hoped to find it with us when we got bigger. Well, one day the humans took Pixie and me for our big girl surgery, promising to return us to our Momma. Only something went wrong and we were returned to the wrong colony.”
There was an audible gasp around the table. Luna took another bite of her meal and continued. “My Momma always told us if we were ever separated, to follow the brightest star in the northern sky. Momma was sure that would lead us to your paradise from all the tales she had heard. So that’s what we did. We did exactly what our Momma said and she was right.”


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Pixie had tears streaming from her eyes by now. Talley went over to Pixie to wipe her tears and cuddle with her. Luna said, “We know our Momma helped us get here and someday we’d like to find her and let her know we are all right. Maybe even bring her back here with us.”

Angel Sylvie said softly, “What’s your Momma’s name Luna? We’ll try to check and see if we can find her.” Luna smiled brightly and said, “Her name is Tuna. Momma used to always find discarded cans of tuna from a fish factory that was close by and we loved it. Momma said that was how she got her name!”

K. Pete looked at Raven and Ms. Murphy and said, “Maybe we can narrow the search by looking for feral colonies near a fish factory. It’s not much to go on, but it’s a start.” Raven and Ms. Murphy nodded, both girls being experts at searching the internet for information.

Talley smoothed the fur on Pixie’s little head and said, “In the meantime, you kittens are safe here with us. We are all one big happy family.” Pixie smiled shyly at Talley and threw her arms around her.

Breakfast was delicious and everyone had full tummies, ready to start their busy day. They thanked the chefs while Whiskers and Talley cleared the table.

Mitch, K. Pete, Talley and Whiskers would be doing the shelter rounds today. Flower and Ralph had asked to help, but Pearl and Annabella thought it was much to cold for the kids to be outside. Flower was disappointed, but he perked up when Thomas asked him and Ralph for some help on the flight simulator. Flower and Ralph were only too happy to oblige.

Callie and Angel Maggie packed up the apple cinnamon muffins they had baked for their shelter furiends. Tabitha, Liliana, Daisy and Rosie were planning on making a big pot of beef stew for everyone tonight. Pearl and Annabella already had several loaves of dough rising for the bread to go with the stew.

Raven and Ms. Murphy were checking the shelter cams on their tablets. The girls let K. Pete know before they all left, that everyone looked warm and cozy in their homes. Whiskers helped Talley pull on her boots and made sure her jacket was zipped up. He didn’t want his lovely wife to catch cold. Whiskers could hear the diesel engine idling outside. K. Pete and Mitch were ready to head out. Whiskers pulled Talley into his arms one last time before venturing outdoors. He gave her a deep, warm kiss and said, “I love you Mrs. Whiskers.”

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs my precious Talley.

A Gentle Touch
A gentle brush of her paws,
Sending shivers down my spine.
In the love I see in her eyes,
Is a love that equals mine.

She greets me with a smile,
And leaves me with a kiss.
If she were to ever leave me,
I couldn't imagine what I'd miss.

Maybe it's her touch,
Or the way she makes me feel.
But whatever it is,
I'm head over heels.

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Whiskers woke up with his Talley wrapped
tightly in his arms, smoothing the soft fur on her shoulders as she slept. Last night had been a very sad one, with so much bad news surrounding their dear CC furiends and families. Whiskers, Talley and the family had gone to the Castle Chapel to mourn with their furiends, but Talley had fallen asleep with tears still in her eyes. It broke Whisker’s heart to see his beloved wife cry. The passing of Bella and Button’s Dad had been a devastating shock to all of them. And now Boo Kitty’s Dad was struggling with a serious illness in the hospital; sometimes the grief was overwhelming. Whiskers stroked Talley’s tiny body with his paws and started to softly sing a song called “Tears In Heaven.”

♫ Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?

Would you hold my hand
If I saw you in heaven?
Would you help me stand
If I saw you in heaven?

I must be strong
And carry on,
'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven.

Beyond the door,
There's peace I'm sure,
And I know there'll be no more
Tears in heaven. ♫

Whiskers stopped singing when his beloved opened her beautiful green eyes and he gave her a soft, warm kiss. Whiskers held Talley in his arms wishing he could make all the sadness go away. The two kitties got up slowly out of bed to shower and get ready to face the day. Whiskers sat Talley down at her vanity so he could brush her fur to a lustrous sheen. He had many favorites parts to his days with Talley, but this had to be one of his favorites. Talley looked like an Angel.

The dining room was quiet as they came downstairs. K. Pete got up from his chair to tell Whiskers and Talley that Boo Kitty’s Dad Rudy had passed away this morning. Whiskers held Talley in his arms as they all sat down at the table to join paws and pray for Boo Kitty and her dear family. They all said a prayer for Bella and Button’s Dad and family too. So much sadness in just a couple of days.


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Flower has tears falling from his eyes. Whiskers got up to put his arms around him as Flower whispered, “What is dying Uncle Whiskers?” Whiskers wipes the tears from his little nephew’s face, sits down and says, “Let me tell you kids a little story about what dying is.

“I am standing on the sea shore.
A ship sails to the morning breeze and starts for the ocean.
She is an object of beauty and I stand watching her till at last she fades on the horizon, and someone at my side says, "she is gone."
Gone where? Gone from my sight, that is all: she is just as large in the masts, hull and spars as she was when I saw her, and just as able to bear her load of living freight to its destination.
The diminished size and total loss of sight is in me, not her: and just at the moment when someone at my side says, "she is gone," there are others who are watching her coming, and other voices take up a glad shout, "there she comes" - and that is dying.”

Whiskers kisses the top of Flower of head and says, “So you see sweet boy, our friends are not really gone. They are just in another world and they will be greeted and happily met by all they have loved. There is no death. Only a change of worlds.”
Flower smiled and nodded at his Uncle.

Whiskers went back to his seat, putting his arm around his Talley. Whitey and Orangie got up to bring breakfast to the table, asking Tabitha, Liliana, Daisy and Rosie for some help. The girls came back with plates filled with scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and sliced oranges and tomatoes. Pearl brought fresh orange juice to the table, telling Flower and Ralph it was okay to ring the breakfast bell.

Breakfast looked and smelled delicious, but everyone ate sparingly not having much of an appetite this morning. Whitey and Orangie understood but insisted their family take a few bites. Whitey said, “We don’t want anyone here getting sick. We need to stay strong and healthy as our furiends are going to need us for love and support during this difficult time.”

Raven checked the shelter cam on her tablet, knowing that would put a smile in everyone’s heart. And she was right. The camera showed Oliver assisting Melba and Serena with making breakfast and in the background, Violet and Rocky were entertaining the fox kits. It was a happy scene and it made everyone realize life had to go on. There were many now who depended on them and that was a good feeling.


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Pearl and Annabella got the kids ready for school, bundling them up warmly. There was a light snow falling and the wind was howling. Whiskers and Talley drove the kids to school, parking the Suburban and walking them up to the school doors.
Afterwards, Whiskers held Talley as they sat in the car. He kissed his beloved wife and whispered, “We’ll always have each other my love. Nothing will ever keep us apart. You’ll always be my very special girl.”

Sending soft kisses and warm hugs to my precious Talley.

From the Day We Met
from the day we met,
God has grown closer to me

from the day we met,
past pain doesn’t feel so bad;
smiles have replaced tears.

from the day we met,
“more than I ever prayed for”
is how I see life.

from the day we met,
I lose myself in laughter
and love feels so good.

from the day we met,
each time I look in your eyes,
my heart skips a beat.

from the day we met,
my life hasn’t been the same.
I'll never look back!

- by Farah Lawal

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Whiskers opened his eyes this morning
with Talley wrapped tightly in his arms. He immediately thanked God for another morning with his beloved. Whiskers knew he had only been away for a week, but the time away from Talley and the family had seemed like an eternity. Talley opened her beautiful emerald eyes and gave her husband a deep kiss. Whiskers relished the feel of her soft lips on his. He said, “Good morning my love. Did you sleep well last night? I know I did. I dreamt all last night of us dancing in the moonlight under the stars.” Whiskers smiled and added, “Every time we took a break from dancing, we sat down at a table that held endless servings of your delicious apple pie.” Talley laughed and mewed, “Oh Whiskers, you’re incorrigible.” Whiskers laughed and said, “I guess that is my idea of Heaven, dancing with my precious love and eating apple pie.”
Talley smiled as she looked up towards their bedroom window. Talley said, “Oh my, it looks like the first real winter storm has hit us early. I’m glad all our furiends are safe and warm in the shelters. I hope the animals that were still undecided about coming to our shelters take this first storm as a warning and hopefully still have time to find their way here.”
Whiskers nodded and said, “I’m sure Oliver and the others will be on the lookout for any animals who are headed our way.”

Whiskers got out of bed to get Talley’s robe. He didn’t want his precious wife to feel chilled when she got out of bed. Whiskers slipped the robe around his petite wife wrapping her in his arms as they looked out the window. Talley smiled when she spotted the lovely needlepoint of her and Whiskers in their formal clothes, hanging over their bed. Talley said, “Rocky and Violet did a beautiful job with your homecoming gift.” Whiskers nodded and said, “I had a wonderful time at the homecoming party. The wonderful cards I received from Serena’s kits Jacob, Bethany and Rachel and the beautiful song from Katerina and Anasthasia were all priceless. I felt truly loved. And that was so very kind of you to bring a pretty dress for Valentina to wear to the party. She looked like she was glowing next to her husband, Alex.”

Whiskers thought about all the furiends that had come to the dinner party last night and said, “I know we still have a lot of work ahead of us keeping the shelters going, but it sure is worthwhile when we see all new furiends we’ve made. It does my heart good to see all the animals we’re helping. Our house was so full of happiness and joy last night. It was everything I dreamed our life together would be like and more. You and your family have made my family and so many others, just happy to be alive.


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You really are something extra special Talley.” The two kitties in love stood in a warm embrace before heading to the shower to start their day.

On their way downstairs, Whiskers said to Talley, “My nose is detecting something wonderful cooking. It smells like pancakes for breakfast.” Talley smiled and patted her husband tummy saying, “I missed your healthy appetite sweetheart. I know all the chefs around here missed seeing you at the table too.” Whiskers blushed and said, “Well, my Dad did a great job taking care of us, but when it comes to cooking, there really is no place like our home.”

Pearl and Annabella were in the kitchen with Rosie, Tabitha, Liliana and Daisy. The girls were indeed preparing buttermilk pancakes and they were making special toppings to go with the tender, flavorful pancakes. The kits were making toppings of Golden Delicious Apples, Marion Blackberry and Sweet Peaches. The kits had also prepared some of their creamy homemade butter they had learned to make in school. Whitey and Orangie were at the stove finishing up the thick-sliced bacon and turkey sausage patties.

Hot pots of coffee were at the table and Flower and Ralph were bringing the hot chocolate with mounds of whipped cream to the table. K. Pete, Raven and Ms. Murphy were checking the shelter cams on their tablets. Whiskers poured a cup of coffee for Talley and then himself before sitting down. He said to K. Pete, “Well, you were right about the weather. A cold system is passing through. How do our furiends look like their holding up?” K. Pete smiled as he looked up from his tablet. “Everyone looks warm and cozy. They all seem to be eating breakfast now and the kids are all playing with the toys we set up in each shelter.”
Flower wiped the whipped cream from his little face and asked, “Uncle Pete, do you think we’ll be able to take some of the armoires to the shelters today?” K. Pete smiled and said, “We’ll see how the weather is after you kids get home from school. I think we might be able to delivered a few of them. I know Valentina is anxious to get hers. You, Ralph and Rocky did a fine job with the armories.”

Whiskers got up from his seat to give Flower and Ralph big hugs. He said, “You boys are incredible craftsman. The fine woodwork and intricate cravings you put into your work is simply amazing. I couldn’t be prouder of you boys.” Flower and Ralph were beaming.

As breakfast was being brought to the table, Raven said, “I’m wondering if we should be a little worried about how fast the snow is coming down. I’m looking at the wolves cave right now and I have a feeling it’s going to be treacherous getting there with supplies.” K. Pete nodded and said, “Well, so far Bobby, Inky and Storm haven’t had any problems flying and landing the Robinson R22 over to the wolf shelter.


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But I guess we’ll need to rethink what we’ll do in case it gets too risky to get there by helicopter. I’ll keep an eye on the weather reports.”
Whiskers asked, “Do you think we’d be able to get there by snow mobiles? I know it’s awfully tough terrain.” K. Pete said, “We’ll come up with something. We’re not about to let our new furiends down.” Angel Maggie leaned over to give her brother a peck on his cheek. She said, “Don’t forget you always have me, Angel Sylvie and Angel Lucy.”
K. Pete smiled and said, “Thank you sis. I know we can always count on our dear Angels.”

Pearl nodded at Flower and Ralph, letting them know breakfast was ready. The two boys jumped up to ring the melodic chime. Everyone joined paws to say grace and a prayer for all their furiends and families in need.

Whiskers poured some warm maple syrup over his pancakes, choosing the golden delicious apple topping. He took one bite and exclaimed, “This is scrumptious girls! You’ve all done it again.” Flower held up his paw and shouted , “Wait Uncle Whiskers! You forget the whipped cream.” Flower jumped out of his seat to take the whipped cream to his Uncle. Whiskers thanked his little nephew, ruffling the fur on his head. Whiskers took another bite and his tummy let out an audible growl. The family laughed and the chefs were smiling. Whisker’s tummy was always the chefs’ seal of approval.

Everyone enjoyed their meal, eating heartily. The snow was still coming down when they had finished. Talley helped Pearl and Annabella bundle up the kids for a cold trip to school. Whiskers told Talley, “Maybe we should drive the Suburban to school today, just in case. We’ll need to put tire chains on the Audi later if we want to drive it. I’ll grab our jackets from our room. Then I’ll pull up the truck to the front door sweetie.”

Whiskers held the truck door open for Talley first, making sure she was in before running to help Pearl and Annabella get the kids inside. The snow was falling as they drove off with a truckload of singing kids. Whiskers said to Talley, “We’ll have a busy day with our shelter rounds today. Let’s stop first to check on the two young kitties, Pixie and Luna. I just want to make sure the weather isn’t frightening them.” Talley smiled and nodded. She said, “I’m sure all our new furiends are doing okay, but I like how you worry about them sweetheart.” Whiskers squeezed Talley’s paw in his and blew her a kiss. Even the cold winter weather couldn’t stop his heart from bursting with happiness.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my precious Talley.

Idle Dreams
In idle dreams of long ago,
I imagined my true love;
A perfect match, a soulmate,
An angel from above.

Now you’re here, and now I know
Our love will stay and thrive and grow.

- by Joanna Fuchs

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janet's listening
to her owls which are a comforting feeling when you hear them as she knows it's going to be a good day coming up despite it not getting above freezing here today or tomorrow, we'll be like most others setting records for lows which we did this past weekend 25 then 15 and first two minor snowfalls too a quarter of an inch last friday then enough to track a cat mixed with a little sleet at the start of all the rain yesterday. despite the rain which wasn't heavy when they ran errands and went to see master, janet told mommy soon it'll be to cold for her to go out and see him due to it triggering her asthma and we don't need her in the hospital again with it either, right? sandy,ab,haley,angels

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Whiskers woke up with his Talley snuggled
tightly in his arms. He buried his face into Talley’s soft delicate fur with tears of happiness streaming from his eyes. He was finally home and it was indeed Heaven. Talley could feel her Whisker’s tears and she held him even tighter. Talley mewed, “I missed you too my love, but you were always with me in my heart.” Talley licked the tears from her husband’s eyes, kissing him good morning. Whiskers gave Talley a deep kiss and said, “I thought of you too every minute of every day my love. I absolutely love the video your Dad took of you and I wish I had had it while we were apart. You look like a beautiful, gentle princess and your Dad captured the very essence of your beauty on film. I missed you so much.”
Talley nodded and said, “I missed you too my love, but I knew you would return to me. I’m sure your Mom was happy to be back too.” Whiskers nodded and said, “My Mom missed us almost as much as we missed her. Callie, Whitey, Orangie and myself have been covering her with kitty kisses. Whitey got a bit jealous and lashed out at Callie. Mom got caught in the crossfire but she understands it was out of love.”

Talley asked, “How is your GM doing Whiskers? Did they have a nice visit?” Whiskers nodded and said, “My Mom was able to meet GM’s new doctor and go over with him, all of GM’s issues that need to be watched. My Mom liked the doctor and feels reassured that GM has a good doctor. As far as the family, well, there are always family issues. But Mom felt good about going to visit her Uncle and seeing he is being well taken care of. My Mom would really like if GM would come up here to San Jose to live with us, but San Diego is her home and GM is there to stay. GM would really like my Mom and Dad to come back to San Diego, but my Mom feels she needs the distance between her and her siblings. Another long story. (Sigh.)

Talley kissed Whiskers and said, “Let’s get up sweetheart so we can start our day. I know you want to see how the shelters are coming along and I know the kids want to see you and your sisters.” Whiskers kissed his Talley once before, before lifting her out their bed and carrying her into the warm shower. Whiskers couldn’t help thinking how wonderful it was to be home.


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Whiskers watched while his beautiful Talley dried her lovely fur. He stepped up behind her as she sat in her chair and softly brushed her fur. As he watched her lovely face in the mirror he thanked God for giving him such a perfect angel. Whiskers said, “I almost forgot to tell you how my Mom’s grand-niece, Elsie is doing. Her problem with her tethered spine was caught in time, so hopefully it can be fixed without any problems for Elsie later in her life. My Mom took some pictures of Elsie that she’ll share with us later. She looks to be a beautiful and very happy baby.”
Talley turned around to kiss Whiskers and said, “Oh sweetheart! That is wonderful news. We’ll be sure to keep her in our prayers.”

When Whiskers and Talley came downstairs, he was greeted with a warm welcome from his family. Whitey, Orangie and Callie were sitting at the table with K. Pete, Raven, Ms. Murphy, Pearl, Mitch, Thomas and Annabella. Angel Maggie, Angel Lucy and Angel Sylvie were floating around the dining room, sprinkling angel dust on their family.
Whiskers had hugs and kisses for all his family. But he looked around the room wondering where all the kids were. He smiled when he heard giggling coming from the kitchen. Angel Maggie said, “The kids wanted to make breakfast for all of us today. They too are excited to have the family back together.”

Whiskers smiled and walked over to peek inside the kitchen. The kids all wearing their kitchen aprons, were standing on their work stools to reach the counter, chopping smoked ham, onions, green peppers and mushrooms. Flower, Liliana, Daisy, Tabitha, Ralph and Rosie all squealed in unison when they saw their Uncle Whiskers. Whiskers smiled and walked over to give them all big hugs. He said, “Oh my goodness, I missed you kits so much and especially your delicious cooking.”
Flower smiled and said, “We’re making omelettes for breakfast with lots of fresh veggies from our green house.” Tabitha jumped down from her stool to open the oven and said, “We have fresh cinnabuns too Uncle Whiskers. Go sit down cuz we’re almost ready to serve.” Whiskers smiled and said, “Ah it’s so good to be home!”

Flower and Ralph rushed out from the kitchen to ring the mealtime chime, which was music to Whisker’s ears. Whiskers looked around the table feeling so blessed and thankful for his family. He asked to lead the prayer this morning. The kitties all joined paws as he spoke.

“Bless, O Lord, this food we are about to eat; and we pray You, O God, that it may be good for our body and soul; and if there be any poor creature hungry or thirsty walking along the road, send them into us that we can share the food with them, just as You share your gifts with all of us. And please Lord, take extra care of Dad Mike and Mom Mary Lou during their illness. Amen.”


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The conversation at the table was of the hockey games last night and of the progress at the animal shelters. Whiskers said to Talley and her sisters, “I’m starting to think I’m bad luck at your hockey games. VFP was doing so well until we returned.” Ms. Murphy shook her head and said, “No Whiskers. We just need to study the films some more and we’ll be prepared for the next games.” Talley smiled and said, “I have to admit I was a little bit distracted trying to blow kisses at Whiskers during the game.” Everyone broke out in laughter. Whiskers said, “It was nice to see KCK win though. I guess I missed all the cheering at the games. I don’t care who wins or losses. It’s just a great time at the games.”

After enjoying a delicious start to the day and kudos to the chefs, Whiskers and Talley volunteered to clear the table before taking the kids to school. Whiskers thanked his brother K. Pete, for keeping his presence at the hockey games while he was away. K. Pete hugged his brother and said he was just happy to have them all back. K. Pete said, ‘When you and Talley get back from taking the kits to school, I’ll show you the progress we’ve made with the shelters.”
Whiskers hugged his brother, anxious to meet the new shelter animals and also to see how the progress on the boat was coming along.

Whiskers and Talley had the car pulled up to the front of the house just as Rocky and Violet were arriving. Whiskers hugged the kits and asked how their pawrents Theodore and Melba were doing. The kits said their Mom and Dad would be by later to welcome him and his sisters back home.

Whiskers made sure the kits were all buckled into the car before helping his lovely wife into the passenger seat. The car was buzzing with happy banter and laughter. Whiskers took Talley’s delicate paw in his paw, bringing it to his lips for a gentle kiss. The kids all broke out in applause. Flower smiled and said, “We all missed you Uncle Whiskers, but we think Auntie Talley missed you most of all.”
Whiskers winked at Talley and said, “I’m just so glad to be home where my heart is.”

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my precious Talley.

Journey of Love
Everyday that passes
I feel that I love you more
I feel thankful for the times we spend together
I know and feel that you are my perfect companion
And furiend
And I’d choose you again...
And again...
And again!

Naturally we have difficult moments
But I would not give up even these
Because it’s a part of the journey of love
That we’ve been on
I want to travel by your side...

Because I Love You Talley ♥

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with the
weather going from cold this past weekend especially in the mor-nings when we hit 25 sat and 15 yesterday we woke up to a 36 and light rain this morning. janet found enough to track a cat on the ground which was melting from the light rain and a 36 so not half as bad as what we did have and will have most mornings com-ing up all this week! got highs only lower 30s for the next two days and things are going to flash freeze for sure once we change back to a sinker in reverse after being above and wet all today. it's also going to see master at the nursing home day as well as errand day which janet/nat changed till tomorrow, but with nat going to see his dentist about his tmj he's been having a bad attack and the first one for him as janet had a similar event this past summer for a week or so, but it eventually cleared itself up. sandy,ab,haley,angels

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Thank you, Talley & family
Evie makes sure that Pete & Whiskers have enough cake before they go out to assemble the greenhouse. Evie shows them where she'd like it to go and asks Pete if he thinks it will get enough sunlight there. Angel Shai stays to help and they are both excited about having some fresh citrus fruit.

Angel Mallow approves too "Wow! I can dry some fresh orange & lemon peel for my liver fruitcakes next year!" Everyone does a double take and A. Mallow Hmphs and goes back inside with Evie.

Evie has changed back out of her new hockey gear and is still thrilled with the KCK victory over OC. Mike is not so thrilled, but he's proud of little sis Mojo getting a goal. Mojo has done such a good job serving with the other black kitties that Evie tells her she can take a break and join the pawty.

Thanks to all of you for coming to join the fun! -- Evie

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Hi Talley
Thanks for all the rides last week. I loved them. Just so you know, momma just finished her last piece of Red velvet cake that you sent her. {Honest, her friend really did give her a few pieces of hers} likes it.

See you all at MHL tonight.
Lady K

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Dearest Talley, It's Your Whiskers
Oh sweetheart, I'm so sorry to hear your pawrents are sick with bad colds. I know you and your fursibs are taking good care of them. My Mom is trying to settle back into being home. Last night all of us kitties slept with her in bed. My Dad said he enjoyed having the bed to himself while she was away.

I’m so happy to hear your VFP team is doing so well! I sure did miss cheering for my sweetheart on the sidelines.

It sounds like Storm, Bobby and Inky are doing a fabulous job with the wolves. I can hardly wait to get back to our lives. I missed our home and especially our family so much.

We’ll be at the hockey games tonight my love. My Mom went to check on Ebony and Sugar Bear next door today and they are both doing fine. Ebony did manage to escape from his house one day, but he came right back to our house where my Dad was able to safely catch him and take him home.

My Mom’s trip to San Diego went well, but it was a little sad. She saw her Uncle in Palm Springs and he is very sick, but he was very happy to see GM , Mom and Mom’s brothers. GM also had a nice birthday celebration. So all in all, it was a good trip.

I love you Talley and I’m so happy to be back home with you. I kept your picture next to me everyday.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs my beautiful Talley.

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hello Talley and the Hairballz Rainbow Riders wonderful for you all to drop by..gosh, Mom thought it was THUNDER SNOW..teehee..silly Mom..
THANK YOU all for coming by to share this very special COTD badge with me..i am honored to have such good furiends as you..
and, thanks for the basket of goodies, jo gives Talley and all the Riders a big hug in return..jojo

Come visit me, Princess's maia & lia, K Sammy ♥ Pandy & Princess jo jo.

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Dear Talley, My Precious Love
Oh my dearest Talley, I missed you so much! I wanted to let you know my Mom got home today and we are all fine. Dad and I took very good care of my sisters and the house. I missed you more than I can tell you and I'll be back with you tonight my love. Tell everyone we send our love. I love you sweetheart.

Your Whiskers furever and ever. ♥

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to Talley and the Hairballz Rainbow Riders
just had to come by again to say THANK YOU for that wonderful surprise of my COTD..and coming by to give me that pawsome gift basket of treats..even Mom got a little something. you are all soo kind and considerate..
when you're all done riding around..come on back..the party is still in full swing..sammy

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good morning!
our least favorite thing is now falling from the sky and so far we have 1/4" and could get upwards to 1/2-1" on the ground but nothing like what janet's older sister will get 2-4" up her way in the heart of the berkshires to the west of here, now isn't she lucky? well it won't last to long considering that temps are going to be around 41 here today. we again wanted to thank you so much for taking the reigns of the food dept. during the last 3 weeks of the games and if you'd like to do it premanently come next spring we're giving you free reign to take over and do it all each and every week up through till then end next fall once again, how does that sound? sandy,ab,haley,angels

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cold out there!
looks like temps are dropping and it's a good thing we're all wintering down here in az with my husband as we now do each and every winter (only on cc of course) and the angels have joined us this year as well so it's a complete house party each and everyday!
we loved having you all here and all your hard work that you did and put into the lovely tables stocked with food and goodies. thank you ever so much for being a part of it and we look for-wards to having you all again as well as your help starting maybe if we're lucky mid to late april, but again with the weather being so fickle one never knows, do they? down to 34 and going down this morning frost out there 4th one a few good hard freezes the next few mornings too will defanetly take any of the flowers still going and some of the herbs too for this year's growing season is defanetly over now. sandy,ab,haley,angels

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Hi Talley and the Hairballz Rainbow Riders
What an honor to receive a COTD celebration visit from the Hairballz Rainbow Riders! Thank you for the gift basket and for driving all the way to kindly congratulate me. I'm so humbled and happily speechless. :)

With grateful purrs and big hugs...♥ Artemis

Come visit me, Artemis ~Keeping Boo Kitty & Family in my heart~.

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Tally and Crew
Thank you so much for the visit! the hugs and prayers were awesome too. I am feeling so much better and am eating and drinking and using the litter box. I am laying in mom's arms again and this seems to please her. I haven't done this in a few years. I am also wandering around the house more and just being me again. Mom says I will have to go and see Dr Katie on a regular basis for awhile as they want to make sure everything is working properly.

Come visit me, Woody.

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Honoring our heroic veterans today!
~We Owe Them a Lot~By Joanna Fuchs

On Veterans Day we remember again
Our men and women who served;
We honor them now for what they did then:
The liberties they preserved.
Let’s never forget their sacrifice,
The hard, heavy work they have done;
They did what was asked, crucial needs they fulfilled,
With a telephone, pencil or gun.
We’re happy and proud to honor them;
They gave so much more than they got.
Our heroes, our veterans kept freedom safe;
All of us owe them a lot.
My fursis Piggy still has a few sneezes but her eye is looking a lot better & her energy has definitely returned! Patches ate her wet food this morning & then went to nibble on dry & has only sneezed a couple of times so far today so it looks as if they're both on the road to recovery! Thanks to everyone that sent healing hugs & prayers their way. Now we ask that you please keep your paws crossed that no other kitties catch their germs so that mom will quit watching us so close. ornery kitten like me can't get into anything fun lately with 'hawkeye' mom around...although I have tried...MOL! I know I must be her favorite kitty because she's always picking me up & carrying me. Surely it can't be because I'm always running into the bathroom & jumping in the tub. Or is it? MOL...I'm going to be a pawful for Q Trixie when I get bigger! She & I already race every night after dinner so watch out world because I'm trying to earn my own cyclone badge...MOL!

Well got to run so mom can finish up laundry & get the dog in before the rain & cold weather arrives this afternoon. We'll meow at you again soon.

Happy purrs,
Sneakers & NICE Girls

P.S. Thanks for leading the pawsome Hairballz to see Piggy & Patches yesterday!

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Dearest Furrend Talley & Hairballz
Oh, how very sweet of you to come to my home, Talley. Thank you for the lovely basket of prayer cards and both kitty and hooman treats. Especially thanking you for the much needed prayers for my pawrents. Such thoughtfulness brings tears to my eyes, but they are happy tears to have you and the others as my dear furrends.

Talley gives Lady Dolly a hug and hands her a photo of the Hairballz Rainbow Riders signed by all of them. Dolly is overjoyed as she holds the photo close to her heart.

Hugs & Love,
Lady Dolly


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♥ Thank You So Much!! ♥
... for coming to my birthday pawty yesterday and for giving me this wonderful surprise this morning!
Mom and I haven't been feeling so well lately and we have not been very active on CC but we miss everyone. Our CC family is always in our thoughts.
I had a great birthday. Mom and Dad gave me tuna treats along with lots of cuddles and a new catnip toy.
I'm having antibiotics to help me with an infection in my skin and although I don't like them at all, they are making me feel better.
Thank you for your friendship, lovely blogs, goodies and nice gifts! You are the best friends in the whole world!


A friend is like a flower,
a rose to be exact.
Or maybe like a brand new gate
that never comes unlatched.
A friend is like an owl,
both beautiful and wise.
Or perhaps is like a ghost,
whose spirit never dies.
A friend is like a heart
that goes strong until the end.
Where would we be in this world
if we didn't have a friend?...

With much love,
from your friends always,
Mrs. Pucca and all the Buenos Aires Kitties!

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Hi kitties. Today my topic is on DANDRUFF. Suggested by: LUKE & CASER

TAKE THE PLUNGE: Since dandruff is a sign of flaky skin, giving your cat regular baths will help wash the flakes away before the accumulate.To bathe your pet, use warm{NOT hot} water. Use a mild shampoo like baby shampoo and massage it well into your pets skin. Rinse thoroughly and dry him well.

FOR CATS: The BIG struggle isn't getting rid of the dandruff, it's getting them into the bath in the 1st place..{How true} For tips on bathing kitties.....OK..this will be part 2 today!

GO FOR MORE POWER: If baby shampoo doesn't help, try using a pet dandruff shampoo that contains sulfur or salicylic acid. Leave the later in place for about 5 minutes to the give the active ingredients time to work. You can buy medicated pet shampoos at most Pet store retailers. DO NOT use medicated shampoos intended for humans because they can be harmful for pets.

ADD OATMEAL TO BATH: The same colloidal oatmeal{Aveeno} that people use for dry skin can also relieve flaking skin in pets. Aveeno is marvelous for pets with dandruff because it moisturizes dry skin.

GIVE HIM A SPRITZ: If you live in a dry climate, spraying your cat's coat with an oil rinse will help lubricate the skin and lock in moisture. This is available in most pet stores.

GIVE KITTY THE BRUSH OFF: Grooming your cat regularly helps distribute natural oils evenly over dry skin, which will help keep dandruff down. Choose a brush that is not too harsh.

CHECK THE OIL: Sometimes we'
ll see dandruff when animals aren't getting enough fat in their diets. Giving your kitty fish-oil supplements will help improve metabolism of fats in skin tissue. Try mixing 1/2- 1 tsp of fish oil into your cats food daily. You can also use sunflower oil.

UPGRADE HER DIET: Some generic pet foods do not provide the full range of vitamins and minerals your pet needs to maintain healthy skin.

PART 2-HOW TO GIVE KITTY A BATH is only posted on the CMR. {Thanks}

TOMORROW: TAPEWORM. Keep the suggestions coming in.

Come visit me, LADY KELSEE ~HAPPY AUTUMN~, K-WINSTON ~ ~On Vacation til January~~, KALI ~~On Vacation til January~~, WINSTON'S PIZZERIA~*since 2008*, SHEBA~~On Vacation til January~~, JESSE ~~VOTE for sis Kelsee COTM~~, KCK: 2014/2015 TEAM PAGE~~Go KCK!!! & Angels Jinx & Shadow~On Vacation til January~~.

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Hi Talley & Hairballz
Thanks so much for the toys and goodies. I am still pretty sore, but I am eating and lapping water OK. Really appreciate the prayers from everyone. Grayson

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong, J.C. & Blackstone & Grayson.

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Good evening were are discussing that awful stuff called DIARRHEA{upset tummy, too}. Today's suggestion by: TOBY!!

TRY YOUR HAND AT BLAND: When your cat is ready to eat again, keep her digestive system calm by giving her cooked white rice mixed with boiled hamburger or skinless white meat chicken. Vets recommend mixing 2 parts rice to one part meat and feeding your cat small amounts every for hours for 2 days.

FIRM IT WITH FIBER: If your cats{or dogs} stools are still a little soft--either after or during her bland diet, try adding a small amount of Metamusil to her food.Depending on your pets size, he recommends giving between 1 1/4 tsp and 1 TBS of Metamusil a day for 2-3 days....just mix it water and pour it on her food.

KEEP HIS LIQUID LEVELS HIGH: Since Diarrhea can rapidly deplete the body of essential fluids, be sure to keep her water bowl full. It's also a good idea to fill a separate bowl with Gatorade...Like other sports drinks, Gatorade will help replenish minerals the body loses and needs, like potassium and sodium.

CUT OUT THE DAIRY: Most adult animals have difficulty digesting milk because they lack the enzyme{lactase} needed to digest a sugar{lactose} in milk. If you are feeding your pet milk and she has diarrhea, cut the milk out and you should see results in a few days.

SUPPRESS THE STRESS: Visiting the Vet, moving or having a new pet at home are just a few of the things that can upset your pet. To prevent emotional upheavals from getting the upper hand, talk to her gently and give her plenty of reassurance.

SAY NO TO DRUGS: While there are a number of OTC medications that can help ease the runs, many vets feel it's best to let the illness run its course.

SUGGESTIONS FROM TOBY: 1 tsp of yogurt daily for upset tummies and he recommends Mashed sweet potatoes for diarrhea and says they "really do work".

TOMORROW: DANDRUFF/DRY SKIN...keep them suggestion coming in.

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Attention Hairballz,
Attention Hairballz,
Thank you Thundie for doing our CC rides this week, and to Lola for leading us on our Fb group.
Talley will be leading the CC begging Sunday and Maggie Meme will be doing the Fb group
We will be doing a show on the FB Group, in honor of our upcoming Dec. 15th anniversary, of being on the road.
Hard to believe we have been riding for 3 yrs. Yikes, I can't imagine how many miles we have traveled nor how many kitties we have visited. I am glad we are loved.
All suggestions, idea's, concerns, let me know. Let's all put our heads together and put on an awesome performance.
love you all... and remember it's a surprise.

Come visit me, Zoe Monique, On the road again.......

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Dear Talley, My Precious Love, It's Your Whiskers
Oh sweetheart I'm so happy to hear your family made it safely to Maggie Valley. I hope they have a wonderful time and hopefully the weather is nice. My Mom was told to expect San Diego to be in the low nineties. Mom and her family will be driving to Palm Springs on Sunday morning and she doesn't even want to know how warm it will be there. Mom is packing both summer and fall clothes, just to be safe.

Thank you for being my voice tonight at hockey sweetheart. The way my Mom is running around like a crazy woman, I don't think we'll make it.

I love you sweetheart and I'll be dreaming of you every night. My Mom will use her iPhone to send short love mews from me to you!

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs my precious Tallulah.

What You Mean To Me
What you mean to me:
You are the sun in the sky,
You are the light shining by,
You are the breeze in my fur,
You're the life I want to share.

You are what makes my days go by,
You are the one I'll tell no lies
You are the one who makes me smile,
I'll stay by you a long while.

Your smile lights up my day,
It make the darkness go away,
You're the reason I am alive,
My beloved precious wife.

You are a very special girl,
You are a part of this special world,
I know I can't hold you right now,
Thinking of you makes me smile.

You will be in my arms soon,
When you miss me look at the moon,
Because when I miss you I'll do the same,
And you won't feel any pain.

Because we know we will be together again,
To laugh, run, and smile again,
I want you not to fear,
I'll whip away ever tear.

Just remember deep in your heart,
I'm not the reason we had to part,
And that I love you more than life,
You are the angel of my life.

One more thing before I go,
Always remember sweet girl,
I love you and need you so...

Love always, your Whiskers ♥

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