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Domestic Shorthair from <a href='' title='Jacksonville, FL'>Jacksonville, FL</a>

Talley COTD 01/02/2009

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Hi! My name is Talley COTD 01/02/2009

I am Domestic Shorthair from Jacksonville, FL

Nicknames: My name is Tallulah, I'm called Talley, Talley Boo, Tally Ho & lots of sweet names

Age: 6 years old

Gender: F

Coat: short haired

Education: I can fetch when dad throws my puff balls for me.

My favorite tricks and treats are: I can run really fast, and I can bat a ball really well. Treats? Fancy Feast with greens is good and like I said I really, really like Pete's special Tuna Flakes, but I'm open to new possibilities.

Where I hang out: I'm still exloring but so far I like the computer room, mom & dad's laps and anyplace my big brother pete goes. ( I'll be able to get on counters soon)

My favorite grubs: I like Pete's special treat flakes, and and any big cat food. Dad lets me have little meat treats from his plate, and I really like that.

My pet peeves: Loud noises, closed doors and when any other kitty plays with my treat ball

What I love about my owners: I've learned from the other cats, my big sisters and especially my big brother, Pete that we don't have owners, What we have is a caring and loving family. Mom & dad treat us with the same love and respect that they give their human children. I do like it a lot when dad kisses my tummy. I believe I'm a pretty lucky little kitty.

My cat hobbies: I like to play ball, play with Pete (my big brother), wrestle with my stuffed toy kittens and be loved and petted.

Pet motto: Little miracles happen everyday, you just have to open your heart and let them come.

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How We Met

When I was about seven weeks old I got very sick, my eyes got infected and I couldn't see because pus had dried on the outside of them and I couldn't even open them. Then, some how I got lost from my kitty mom & my littermates. I just kind of wandered blind for I don't know how long. I was so very hungry and thirsty. Then, even though I couldn't see, something calming seemed to come over me, a quiet sweet kitty voice, guiding me to an empty house. I finally got there and managed to climb up on the brick steps. Something told me to stay, and I was too thirsty and hungry and tired to go on anyway. It was so hot. After awhile I heard someone say "Oh my goodness, look at this" another voice asked, "Is it alive?" "Yes", said the first voice, "but not for long if we don't get help." Someone (it turned out to be our dad) picked me up, we went in a truck to a cool place with more people, and then I got medicine, (ick!) & food and water with electrolytes. (yum!)and then a shot. My eyes were bathed in something cool and then I could see again. I think I would have been really scared, but I'm pretty sure a very sweet cat named Sylvie led me to that place and she somehow led dad to make an unsceduled visit to that house to take some measurements he'd misplaced. I truly beleive that a miracle happened, and my life changed in an instant. I love my home

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I've had 38127 friends visit me.

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My Cat Blog

Whiskers was smiling when he woke up
this morning. He was thinking about all the compliments he had received about his CC profile picture showing him, Talley, K. Pete and Ms. Murphy in the snow making snow angels. He tried to stifle a laugh when he thought of the priceless photo of Ms. Murphy. The jubilant grin on her face was enough to bring even the ‘Grinch Who Stole Christmas,’ to his knees in laughter. Talley heard her husband trying to muffle his laughter. She opened her beautiful green eyes and mewed, “Let me in on what’s making you so happy. I wish I could bottle it up!” Whiskers smiled, kissing his lovely wife and playfully tickling her under the covers. He said, “The video your very talented Dad made of us sledding in the snow, has been a big hit with our furiends. My Mom and I couldn’t resist making a profile picture on CC for my page, but we heard your Dad posted the video to our CC furiends - and what a joyous response! We really needed something to make us all smile and laugh, and that my dear Talley did the trick!”

Talley smiled as she got up out of bed, slipping on her fluffy robe and mewed, “Yes, my Dad is quite a guy! Him and my brother Pete are two peas in a pod!” Whiskers nodded and said, “I can honestly say I owe my great fortune in life to your Dad and your brother K. Pete.” Whiskers pulled Talley into his arms and said, “Because they brought you to me.” Talley kissed her beloved husband and said, “We have all our families to be thankful for my love, especially now our extended families.”

As Whiskers and Talley tiptoed downstairs, they could hear the soft angelic voices of the kids singing Christmas Carols. Whiskers stopped to kiss Talley under the mistletoe and mewed, “I really love Christmas. It must be because I’m in love!”

Callie and Angel Maggie were standing at the bottom of the stars, watching and listening to the kids. Callie looked up, overhearing her brother and said, “Christmas does mean love silly boy!” Whiskers smiled and whispered into Talley’s ear, “I guess it’s Christmas every day in my blessed life.”

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs my precious. I am always in your heart, and you are in mine. ♥
Christmas time is here again
I wish you only knew,
How special Christmas is this year
Because I am with you.

This year I don't need any gifts
Beneath the Christmas tree
The only thing I'll ever want
Is you to be with me

I put you on my Christmas list
And mailed it like a kid
But if Santa didn't bring you here
An angel surely did

You're my favorite gift of all
You've filled my heart with cheer
I hope that I can be with you
On Christmas every year

- Ryan Brennan -

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Whiskers was awake, long before his precious
Talley. He loved holding her in his arms, watching her sleep. She looked like an angel-his very own angel, and he thanked God every morning for another day with his beloved. Talley opened her eyes and gave her husband a warm kiss. Talley said, “Good morning my love. I was having the best dream last night about our party with Phillip and his pack. I was so happy to see them all have a wonderful time at our house. To see them get along so well with all our shelters furiends was my Christmas come true. “
Whiskers kissed Talley gently on her soft forehead and said, “That was one my Christmas wishes too. Watching all the shelter kids play with the pups was like watching a miracle happen before our eyes. I could see the relief and happiness in Phillip’s eyes as he watched how his pack interacted with everyone. Last night was incredible. Our house was filled with so much love.”

Whiskers sniffed the air, detecting something delicious. He smiled and said, “I think the girls must be up already. I smell delicious aromas coming from the kitchen.” Whiskers got up to fetch Talley’s fluffy robe so her tiny body wouldn’t feel the chill in the air when she got up. Whiskers wrapped her up tightly. Talley asked, “How are your pawrents doing? Do they know when the funeral for their Uncle will be?” Whiskers shook his head and said, “My Mom still doesn’t have a date for the funeral, but she was worried about getting a flight in time, especially during the holidays. So Mom decided to go to her travel agent and explain the dilemma. Their travel agent is a good time friend and he set it up for Mom. But now she needs to finalize the flight with dates, as soon as possible. Mom would have never been able to arrange the flight on her computer. She’ll have to make two stops, one in San Francisco and one in Los Angeles on two different airlines. But the good news is she should be back quickly. Mom’s brother in San Diego is going to drive GM to the funeral. GM is insisting on going, but she will not fly! My Mom was trying to convince her how fast it would be on a plane, but GM is adamant. No flying on a plane for her. As soon as my Mom knows the date, she’ll let me know. Let’s keep our paws crossed it isn’t at Christmas! I know my Dad would be very upset. Dad is staying home with us, so at least we’d be together with him. Oh Talley, the human world is so much more complicated than our CC world.” Whiskers and Talley both sighed.

While Whiskers was running the water in the shower to make sure it was just the right temperature for his Talley, he kissed Talley and said, “I am really looking forward to Christmas Eve with our family. I hope we get to see when Mitch pops the big question to Pearl. I think I might ask him later what he has planned. We could always lend a paw if he needs it.”


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Talley nodded and said, “We don’t want to interfere, but I have feeling Mitch might want us all in on the special moment. I know Raven and Ms. Murphy will want to have a hidden camera somewhere so we can relive the moment.”

Whiskers picked up Talley gently and let the warm water run over both of them. Talley was mewing her delight. Whiskers got busy soaping up his wife’s delicate back. He whispered in her ear, “I’m so glad you like my idea for a trip to Tahiti on our anniversary. Cruising on the Luz De Luna is a wonderful idea. It will be like a second honeymoon for us.”

The dining room was set with festive Christmas dining ware and there was a roaring fire burning in the living room fireplace. Whiskers and Talley could hear the kids singing Christmas Carols. Callie came out the kitchen, bearing coffee and hot chocolate for everyone. She gave Whiskers and Talley a cup and walked with them out to the living room. Flower jumped up to say good morning to his Uncle Whiskers and Aunt Talley. Whiskers picked up his little nephew and said, “You kids only have two more days of school. Are you all ready for Santa Paws?” Flower nodded happily and his sisters and Ralph and Rosie were jumping up and down around the Christmas tree. Mitch and Thomas were at the fireplace hanging more Christmas stockings. Whiskers said, “Hey, I see one with my name on it! I thought the stockings were just for the kids.” Pearl and Annabella stood up right away, shaking their heads at Whiskers. Pearl said, “Oh no Whiskers! You know Santa Paws leaves presents for everyone- not just the kids!” Flower, Ralph and the girls were nodding their heads in agreement, looking at their Uncle Whiskers as if he was crazy.

Whiskers slapped his head with his paw and mewed, “I don’t know what I was thinking! Santa Paws is good to everyone who has been nice, not naughty!” Talley smiled wryly at Whiskers and said, “I think Santa Paws is going to very good to you sweetheart.”

The kids jumped up, anxious more than ever for Christmas Day! Callie came out the kitchen to let the boys know breakfast was ready. Flower and Ralph jumped up, holding paws as they ran to ring the breakfast chime. Callie and Angel Maggie had discovered a delicious recipe for a Baked French Toast Casserole with Maple Syrup and of course they knew it would be perfect to serve with the shelter wolves’ very own homemade maple syrup. The French Toast casserole had a Praline topping, also made with the maple syrup and chopped pecans. Callie and Angel Maggie were testing recipes made with maple syrup as possible recipes to post on the future website, once the wolves’ product took off. And everyone felt it would!


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The family joined paws to say grace, always adding an extra prayer for their furiends and families in need. There has been so much sadness in the CC community, the family holds paws a while longer while Angel Maggie lights a few more healing candles on the fireplace mantle.

After the amens’, Flower holds up his paw to ask a question. Whiskers calls on his little nephew and says, “What’s on your mind little guy?” Flower looked sad, but hopeful when he asked, “If we make all our Christmas wishes for our furiends to be better, do you think the wishes will come true?” Whiskers and Talley both hugged their little nephew. Talley said, “I think hopeful Christmas wishes are always heard. It might not be the answer we would like, but rest assured your wishes are always heard. We always have to have hope. “

After a wonderful start to the morning, Whiskers and Talley gathered the dishes from the table to help with clean up. Whiskers washed, while Talley dried dishes. While the two kitties in love went about their mundane chores in the kitchen, Whiskers stopped to look at his Talley in her kitchen apron, and he felt his heart skip a beat. How had he ever gotten so lucky? Talley looked up, feeling Whiskers eyes burning into her. She smiled as Whiskers put down his kitchen towel, dropped to one knee and mewed, “I love you my precious Talley. You’ll never know how much!” Talley swooned into her husband’s arms.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my darling Talley.

Best Gift Ever
Christmas is a time of year,
Everyone seems to be full of cheer.
Decorations everywhere, what a beautiful sight,
Our home glows so colorful and bright.
But best of all, our family together,
This alone is the best gift ever.
Christmas is not about what you get,
A gift you didn't want, don't you fret.
Look around you and then you'll see,
You have your family, and then there's me.
I've loved Christmas from the very start,
Not for the gifts, but for what I feel in my heart.

- by Danny Shaw

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to spread the word if you can about the celebrations on this the riders, and cc survivors pages on fb we're honoring mommy today as it's her 87th birthday and janet's got to get her backside moving as she's got to get the vermont maple syrup baked beans the special meal mommy chose a few months ago the most thing she wanted for supper tonight so janet started the ball rolling yesterday afternoon and the beans should be ready to be par boiled now but janet's rushing through blogging trying to get as much done before she starts cooking things. sandy,ab,haley, angels

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Whiskers lay awake in bed, holding his precious
Talley tightly in his arms. Talley opened her beautiful green eyes. Whiskers couldn’t resist giving her a soft good morning kiss. Talley said, “What are you thinking about my love? You have a worried look on your face.” Whiskers smoothed the soft fur on Talley’s angelic face with his paw and said, “Do you remember when my Mom went to visit GM last month and they went to Palm Springs to visit GM’s brother? Well, last night my Mom received a phone call that her Uncle Gilbert passed away quietly in his sleep. Now my Mom is waiting to hear where and when the funeral will be held. GM won’t be able to take the trip again. It was much too hard on her. So now Mom is trying to find a flight from our home in San Jose to Palm Springs. My Mom didn’t even know Palm Springs had an airport, but they have an International Airport, albeit quite small. She’s hoping to fly there and be back home the same day. I’ll let you know what she decides sweetheart. It’s kind of sad that sickness and death never takes a holiday.”
Talley kissed her beloved husband and mewed, “I’m so sorry my love. We’ll be praying for your Mom’s family.”

Whiskers hugged Talley and said, “On a happier note, I wanted to ask you if you’ve given any thought as to what we should do on our First Year Wedding Anniversary? I was thinking we might spend a few days in Tahiti. Of course we’d invite Mitch, Pearl and the kids and I’m pretty sure Thomas and his family would like to come. Whatever we decide to do my love, I know it’ll be wonderful.”
Talley smiled and said, “Let me think on it a bit more. We can talk it over with our family and see if they have any ideas.

Whiskers nodded happily, trying to focus on the happiness in his life right now. The two kitties in love were ready to start their day.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs my love. I’ll be back in your arms later this evening, my precious Talley. ♥

When I Am With Her
When I am without her, the sun doesn't shine as brightly.
When I am without her, the clouds are dark and foreboding.
When I am without her, the birds don't sing as sweetly.
When I am without her, the walls close in on me.
When I am without her, in the depths of my darkness, whispering her name sustains me.
But, when I am with her, she lifts me up.
When I am with her, I have the strength to move mountains.
When I am with her, I can withstand anything.
When I am with her, her smile warms my very soul.
When I am with her, the angels sing her name.
When I am with her, I fall in love all over again.

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Whiskers and Talley were up early,
eagerly anticipating the Nutcracker Christmas Party at their home. They showered together and while Whiskers was brushing his beautiful wife’s softer-than-silk fur, he said, “I can hardly wait to show Phillip and his pack our home. I just know they are going to love it and will want to come back to visit. I want this evening with our new furiends to be purrfect.” Talley smiled and said, “Well I know the wolves are going to be getting the five star treatment at dinner. Callie, Angel Maggie and the girls are fixing a Beef Tenderloin Roast that has been marinating over night. Eating red meat seems to a favorite for both the wolves and most of you guys! Angel Maggie told me she would also be preparing boneless Chicken Breasts and Pork Chops. I have a feeling we’ll be hitting the gym tomorrow.” Whiskers kissed Talley on her pretty head and said, “You always look purrfect to me my love. Now- I may have to spend some extra time in our exercise room, but I can never resist indulging on holiday cooking - especially when our sisters are the chefs!’

The whole house was a hubbub of activity. Whitey and Orangie were in the kitchen with Rosie, Tabitha, Liliana and Daisy, fixing a light meal to start off everyone’s day right. Delicious coffee and hot chocolate was brewing. The kids had prepared a Holiday Breakfast Wreath with a cranberry and almond filling. After rolling out the dough, filling it and cutting into ropes, the girls carefully twisted the dough into a wreath shape. They gently placed the wreath onto a floured baking sheet, setting it on the counter to rise. The wreath looked so beautiful, the kids decided to make several more for all the shelter animals.

When Whiskers and Talley came downstairs, Whiskers sighed and said, “I love the smell of the holidays!” Talley giggled and gave her husband a soft kiss. She said, “The day you stop being hungry, is the day I start worrying!”

Flower, Ralph and their sisters greeted Whiskers and Talley with warm hugs. Flower said, “Uncle Whiskers, Aunt Talley! Come and see how wonderful our home theater looks. Uncle Pete put up a Christmas tree in the room and Uncle Mitch and Uncle Thomas have been helping us wrap more gifts to put under the tree for the wolves!” Flower, Ralph and their sisters were all doing happy dances.


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Whiskers marveled at how happy the kids were to be giving gifts. Whiskers took Flower’s paw and followed him to the theater. Talley looked around and mewed, “Wow! It looks lovely. Like a Christmas Wonderland!”

Everyone at the house was enjoying hot drinks and the delicious holiday pastry when the doorbell rang. Whiskers looked at K. Pete, and they both got up to answer, not really expecting any guests yet. It was Oliver with Rocky and Violet. The kids had a platter of Christmas cookies in their paws. Oliver was smiling, flapping his wings when the boys answered the door. Oliver said, “Good morning dear furiends! The kids brought some Christmas cookies that their Mom Melba baked this morning for the party. In fact, all the families have been baking and preparing gifts for the wolves at the party today. Everyone is very anxious and excited. I wanted to offer my services in helping with the decorations. You know, as an owl, I can reach places that would otherwise might be impossible or dangerous for a land dweller.”

Rocky and Violet ran to kitchen with their Momma’s cookies to give to Angel Maggie and Callie. K. Pete and Whiskers welcomed Oliver inside, where Oliver quickly flew over to the fireplace to perch. Oliver said, “The cold weather seems a lot chiller to me each year as I get older. I have to smile when I look at the kids in their bare paws, running through the snow.”

Whiskers put a fresh log onto the fire and said, “I know what you mean Oliver. I think having the kids around keeps us young.” Callie came out to the living room to bring Oliver a cup of hot chocolate and a slice of the holiday pastry wreath. Callie gave Oliver a big hug and said, “Angel Maggie and I are preparing a lot of food tonight. Be sure to bring your appetites.” Oliver smiled, rubbing his tummy with his wings and said, “Can you give me a sneak preview of the menu?” Callie smiled and said, “ I couldn’t recite the entire menu, but for appetizers, how does Stuffed Sole with Scallops & Crabmeat sound? And Chicken Vegetable Soup with shredded white and dark chicken meat and Baked Potatoes stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon bits and chives. The Beef Tenderloin will be served with a red-wine shallot pan sauce. Angel Maggie and I will make sure the meat is moist and flavorful. We want Phillip, his pack and all our furiends to have a memorable holiday meal.. We hope it will be the first of many meals together.”

Whiskers took Talley in his arms under the mistletoe.

From My Heart ♥
A million stars up in the sky
one shines brighter I can't deny
A love so precious a love so true
a love that comes from me to you
The angels sing when you are near
within your arms I have nothing to fear
You always know just what to say
just talking to you makes my day
I love you honey with all of my heart
together furever and never to part.

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Dear Talley, My Precious Love, It's Your Whiskers
Oh sweetheart, I had a wonderful time at the Castle Christmas Party with you and the family. I can hardly wait for Phillip and his pack to visit us for the Nutcracker Ballet showing in our theater.
I didn’t want you to worry, but my Mom will be gone until later this afternoon. My Dad has a check-up with the surgeon who worked on his ankle. It’s just to make sure everything has healed properly.

I love you Talley. Yours furever, Whiskers.

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Whiskers got out of bed quietly to add
a log to the fireplace. It looked very cold outside and he wanted the bedroom to be warm and cozy when Talley woke up. Talley felt Whiskers stirring and was waiting with open arms when he came back to bed. Talley said, “Good morning my love. The warmth from the fireplace feels nice.” Whiskers smiled and wrapped his warm body around Talley. He said, “I could stay in bed all day with you on mornings like this. I hope all the shelter animals are as warm and cozy as we are. Whenever I look outside and see the ice and snow all across the land, I thank God for the shelters. No animal should have to be outside in weather like this.”

Talley snuggled with her beloved husband a while and then mewed, “We have the Christmas Pawty at the Castle today. I know Angel Maggie and Callie will want to get there early to oversee the kitchen. The girls have quite a feast planned. We should probably get showered and ready so we can help get the kids prepared. I do believe they have a half day of school today.”

Whiskers nodded, giving Talley one more kiss before they both jumped out of bed, eager to begin the day.

Whitey and Orangie decided to warm up the family with a breakfast of steak and eggs. Whitey had read that when you eat food high in iron, you actually work to warm to warm up the body! Whitey explained to the Tabitha, Liliana, Daisy and Rosie as they listened intently, making notes in their tablets. Whitey talked as Orangie set out the ingredients on the kitchen counter. “Iron is needed to produce the thyroid hormone, which when produced creates heat within the body. Steak is high in iron and so is spinach. A combination of steak, eggs, and spinach topped with cheese, and you are sure to heat up your insides making you ready for the cold and wet day ahead.” The girls all nodded and commenced to prepare the meal. Callie and Angel Maggie had saved several loaves of the Gingerbread Cake from the Castle Christmas Pawty menu to serve with the coffee and hot chocolate this morning.


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The table was set as the family came to the table one by one, ready for a hot cup of coffee. K. Pete was in the living room keeping the fire roaring while Flower and Ralph were busy plugging in all the Christmas lights. Raven and Ms. Murphy had their tablets out, checking the shelter cams. Mitch was looking over Ms. Murphy’s shoulder. He said, “It looks like everyone is making the best of the cold weather. They all seem to be in the holiday spirit.” Raven nodded and said, “Take a look at this. I have the wolves’ shelter cam pulled up and you all have to see this.” Everyone took a peek at Raven’s screen. There was Phillip sitting by the fireplace with several pups on his lap, while he looked to be reading to them from a book. Raven pulled the camera closer and saw the book Phillip was reading was 'Twas the Night Before Christmas - by Clement Clarke Moore. Everyone was delighted!

Whiskers and Talley joined the family. Whiskers saw Phillip and the pups on the shelter cam and said to Talley, “Now that picture would make a wonderful Christmas card.” Talley smiled and said, “Phillip has come a long way. It must be the magic of Christmas. He looks so happy and relaxed.”

Mitch, Pearl, Thomas and Annabella came from the garage to join the family. Mitch had his arm around Pearl and looked very happy indeed. he said, “We have all the toys for the homeless shelters that Queen Kelsee asked us to bring to the Castle Christmas Pawty. But they still need to be wrapped. We have everything set up in garage, so when the kids get home from school, they can help. Flower, Ralph and their sisters were jumping up and down like little snowballs when they heard about the pawty and the gifts. Flower shouted, “We love playing Santa Paws for our needy furiends!”

Whitey came from the kitchen to let the boys know breakfast was ready. After chiming the bell, their morning was underway. The family said grace and extra healing prayers for their furiends and their families in need.

Breakfast was delicious and very filling. Orangie told her family, “That should hold us until we get to the Castle tonight.” Callie nodded and said, “Angel Maggie and I prepared quite a feast for the pawty so be sure to bring your appetites.”


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The Castle Christmas pawty was going to be dress casual or semi-formal. The girls decided to wear the dresses they had worn to the ballet. They wanted to be colorful for the festivities. Whiskers and Talley insisted on cleaning the kitchen, while everyone got ready for the shelter rounds and the kids for school. K. Pete said they would remind the shelter animals during the rounds about the Christmas Pawty at the Castle tonight, so they’d have plenty of time to get ready.

The excitement of Christmas was in the air. After finishing the dishes, Whiskers helped Talley off with her apron and took her in his arms. He gave her a warm kiss and said, “Christmastime really is the most wonderful season of the year. And I’m holding my precious wish for Christmas, right here in my arms.”

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, by beloved Talley.

God's Plan
When I think of my past
Nothing can compare
With how my life turned out now

You've taught me the freedom of love
Given me a reason to go on and live
You've loved me because I am who I am

The doubts I once had have long gone away
Allowing love to blossom in their place
Into something that is spiritual, even divine

God has brought us together
And I'm so glad that you're mine
And better yet I am yours

In my heart, it is a heavenly plan
For us to spend life together
No matter where it may lead

For God has stepped into our lives
He is the one who knows best
Blessing our lives as we know it

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good morning!
it's darned nice out there 40 already and we struggled to get to that by noontime, but did so and made the mid to upper 40s. it was already that this morning and we did hear a good possibility of 50 today-wednesday. it was to cloudy for a really nice sun-rise this morning so janet said the heck with anymore pictures and will take one of the azalea bush just outside the front door which got balls hung on it instead of the fraser fir out front which usually gets all the balls. trouble is all of them are trashed as of last year falling apart and into pieces as they were just the satin around a styrofoam ball and nothing more. well it's errand day and well janet's hoping on leaving early, but is struggling with mistake after mistake after mistake as there's only 3 to do and one is visiting master giving him his christmas gifts and then getting milk the last stop. janet's got more baking to do after 2 didn't come out due to weather as it affects things and did so this time with janet and mommy! sandy,ab,

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Seeing Talley’s beautiful face first thing
in the morning always made Whisker’s heart skip a beat. He sighed, silently taking in her beauty knowing he was truly blessed. His loving gaze turned to the wooden statuette that Talley had carved with her own little paws for him. Whiskers had placed the priceless keepsake on top of his dresser next to the magnificent popup book that told the story of Whiskers and Talley’s courtship. He thought about all the love Flower, his sisters, and Ralph and Rosie had put into it’s making and felt his eyes welling up with tears again. Looking at the statuette again, Whiskers smiled as he remembered that special moment in his and Talley’s life. Talley was the pilot who administered his final flight exam. Talley had been all business when they met, but he remembered catching himself staring at her, mesmerized by her loveliness, and Talley smiling coyly at him. He was sure he had imagined it and wanted to kick himself for being so ill-mannered. Talley was a pilot AND she was the sister of K. Pete, his mentor and dear furiend. Whiskers recalled wanting to kick himself, but quickly gathering his senses and concentrating completely at the very important task at hand. Whiskers had wanted his private pilot’s license so badly and now he also wanted to impress the lovely kitty administering his final test.

When Talley awoke, she followed Whisker’s gaze and mewed, “I’m glad you like your anniversary gift sweetheart.” Whiskers looked at Talley with love in his eyes and gave her a deep kiss. He said, “I understand exactly what your Dad meant when he said a gift carved with one’s own paws, has a piece of your heart and soul in it. When I look at the statuette of our ‘First Moment,’ I relive our first meeting as if it were only yesterday. I love you so much Talley.” Talley snuggled deeper into her husband’s strong arms as they both stared intently at their “First Moment.”

Pearl, Annabella and the kids were busy in the kitchen. The house smelled delicious when Talley and Whiskers came downstairs. Callie helped Angel Maggie pour the coffee and hot chocolate. Liliana poked her head out from the kitchen saying, “Breakfast is almost ready. Flower, Ralph, you boys can ring the breakfast bell whenever you’re ready.” They both smiled broadly and jumped up to ring the bell.

The girls brought the meal to the table. Whiskers said, “What are we having this morning? It looks lovely.” Pearl smiled and said, “The girls wanted something festive for the holidays, so they made their Rainbow Silver Dollar Pancakes.” The platters were filled with colorful pancakes, red for raspberry, yellow for banana and blue for blueberry. The girls had added a few drops of gel food coloring to give the pancakes their bright colors. Pearl had filled individual serving bowls with the homemade maple syrup from Phillip and the wolves. The food almost looked too pretty to eat.


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Bobby, Storm, Inky and Chloe were enjoying their coffee and being together with their furiends. Everyone sat down joining paws to say grace. Whiskers added an extra prayer for the many furiends and their families that were in need this day. Just as Whiskers was getting ready to bite into his pancakes, he paused, sniffed the air and said, “Am I imagining it or do I smell cinnamon rolls?” Callie’s eyes popped wide open as she jumped out of her chair and mewed, “I forgot I had Cinnabuns in the oven for our shelter furiends!” Angel Maggie followed her sister into the kitchen to help. When they came back, Callie had a sheepish grin on her face. “One more minute and the Cinnabuns would have been cinnamon toast. Thanks to your nose brother, the breakfast pastries are purrfect.” Whiskers smiled as Talley playfully kissed his highly sensitive nose. Angel Maggie told Bobby, Inky, Storm and Chloe they had prepared some Cinnabuns for them to take home and bake later. Bobby rubbed his tummy, thanking the two girls. Inky said, “After this weekend of fine dining, the cinnabuns will be a delight.” Chloe nodded her head and said, “This was a wonderful visit and a lovely way to begin the holidays. I can’t thank all of you enough for including us.”

Whiskers nodded, not wanting to speak with his mouth full. After swallowing his food, he smiled at Chloe and the boys and said, “Like my beautiful Talley said - you are all family to us. And speaking of furiends and family, I received a message from our dear furiend Neekah Boo.” Whiskers turned to face his brother K. Pete. Whiskers continued, “Neekah Boo tells me she is having great success with the laser treatments for her back and hind legs. She just started the treatments a week ago. But unfortunately now her Mom is under the weather. She is waiting for her blood test results to come back from the doctor. Neekah Boo asked me...” Whiskers stopped to take out his iPhone and pull up the message from Neekah Boo. “Here it is. Let me read you a portion of what she wrote...”

‘My Lazer treatments are going very well. I played so hard after lasty night . I'm still sleeping since ten o'clock thisy morning. Right mommy under blanket on couch. Mommy keeps checking on me to makes sure im alive. I am rresting up for more play.te he. Mommy has more test on Monday waiting for blood work to come back. They told her she would hear today but they didn't call so she is really nervous now. But hopefully since they didn't call it's otay and not life threatening. Um don't know just keep praying to the Lord can't lose my mommy. I love her.
We love you soo much. You are family! For real. Take care of each other. Have Mike Petes dad come fly you out! Or Talley can. Please be ok.
Love you all sooo much! Love Neekah Boo & Mommy Cat Machelle’


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K. Pete nodded and said, “We should plan a trip out to Colorado to visit our furiend, sometime before Christmas.” Talley said, “I think that’s a great idea. It doesn’t sound as if she is comfortable coming here while her Mom is ill. We should definitely go to see her.”
Flower held up his paw to speak. “Do you think we could go get Miss Neekah Boo and bring her over here when we have our Nutcracker Ballet party? I know she would enjoy it and we could take her back home before she gets tired and before her Momma misses her.” Whiskers ruffled the fur on his always-thoughtful nephew’s head. “We can invite her little buddy, but we don’t want her to feel she has to come. We’ll just let her know she is always welcome here.”
K. Pete nodded and said he would check on Neekah Boo after breakfast.

Whiskers and Talley insisted on cleaning the kitchen before going on their shelter rounds with K. Pete and all the boys. Chloe was going to stay for the day to visit with some of the newest shelters animals. Raven and Ms. Murphy were eager to show Chloe some of the past videos with the shelter guests and especially the ones with Phillip and the wolves. Chloe was intrigued and wanted to learn all about them.

Whiskers and Talley walked upstairs to dress warmly for their day. As Whiskers was helping Talley lace her boots, he said, “My Mom wanted to thank you and your Dad for the amazing picture on the Catmewsroom of the statuette of our Special Moment. The wooden carving next to our plane is precious beyond mere words.” Whiskers took Talley in his arms and gave her a warm kiss. Talley was the world to him and he couldn’t be happier.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs my darling Talley.

Seasons of Love ♥
Thank you for a season of love
Of joy and happiness from above
Of peace and laughter in my soul
And brought to me by your tenderness

Thank you for a season of peace
Of calmness, quietness and ease
That takes away my tears and fears
All brought to me by your gentleness

Thank you for a season of strength
A foundation that can’t be rent
An inner power that I can send
O, brought to me by your yieldedness

Thank you for a season of hope
Of faith, that matches all my dreams
And confidence where once I groped
Brought to me by your bounteousness

Thank you for a season of smiles
The rainbow you’ve placed in my skies
Of songs and laughter, joyous cries
All brought to me by your genuineness

Thank you for a season of light
That makes my dreams so clear, so bright
Makes me bold to stand and fight
It’s brought to me by your faithfulness

... All brought to me by your loveliness

- by Tamunosaki Alalibo

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The girls were upstairs together in Talley’s
room getting ready for the ballet. They helped each other put the final touches on their makeup and dress accessories. Taking turns looking in the mirror, they giggled and agreed they felt smashing in their colorful velvet holiday dresses. It would be chilly in San Francisco, so they all wore white tights matched with striking black-heeled boots. Chloe had sewn white faux fur mufflers for them to carry, keeping their paws warm. Talley wore a long sleeved, flared skaters dress, made from an arresting emerald green velvet fabric. With her white tights and black high-heeled laced boots, she looked like a fairy snow princess. Talley wore the green and white diamond necklace Whiskers had given her for their anniversary around her delicate neck.

The guys looked dashing in their dark colored wool suits, crisp white shirts and silk holiday ties. Flower and Ralph both sported holiday bowties. When Bobby, Inky and Storm saw the bow ties, they asked Flower if he had extras for them to wear. Flower ran excitedly to his room, coming back with three festive bowties for his furiends. Mitch and K. Pete helped the boys put them on properly.

One by one the girls came down the stairs, looking exquisite and ready for an afternoon at the ballet. The boys stood at the bottom of the stairs, mesmerized by their beauty.

Pearl and Annabella walked down together holding paws. The two girls looked gorgeous and had huge smiles on their faces when they saw the love on their Toms faces as they stood waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Next to descend the staircase was Raven, Ms. Murphy, Whitey, Orangie, Callie, Chloe and the Angels, each looking like a princess from a Christmas storybook.

Whiskers eyes were transfixed on his gorgeous wife as she came down the stairs. Whiskers took a deep breath, trying to remember to breathe, stepping up to take her paw in his and gently kissing her soft fur.

Tabitha, Liliana, Daisy and Rosie almost tumbled down the stairs with excitement, looking adorable in tiny, but elegant black stretch velvet dresses with sparkling silver embroidery around the scalloped hems. They each had different colored, large satin bows tied around their waists, also wearing white tights and beautiful black velvet dress slippers. The girls giggled and pirouetted around the room for their family.

Whiskers, K. Pete, Mitch and the boys had beautiful poinsettia wrist corsages for all the girls. They each helped the girls with them on. Rosie and the kittens giggled as Storm, Inky and Bobby placed their wrist corsages on them. K. Pete had ordered three special garlands made for the Angels to wear around their necks.


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The Christmas garlands were intertwined with poinsettias and holly berries. Whiskers helped K. Pete place them on Angel Sylvie, Angel Lucy and Angel Maggie. Against their shimmering white silk robes, the Angels looked breathtaking. Flower started to bring a wrist corsage to his Momma, but he stopped suddenly, turned to look at Mitch and smiled, as he ran over to slip the corsage on his Auntie Callie instead. Mitch gently slid the flowers on Pearl’s wrist, pausing to kiss her paw. Thomas followed suit with his lovely wife Annabella.

The girls were giddy with excitement as the boys fawned over them. They decided to have a toast before the Angels transported them all to the opera house. K. Pete poured champagne for the adults and sparkling apple cider for the kids, toasting to love, family and furiendship.

It was time for them to leave. Angel Sylvie nodded at Angel Lucy and Angel Maggie, helping everyone onto the magical carpet that would transport them all to San Francisco in a blink of an eye. Whiskers looked at Angel Sylvie and said, “We’ll start at the Fairmount Hotel San Francisco.” Angel Sylvie smiled and said, “Ah yes, I remember that well from our previous trips.” No sooner had she spoken and the family had miraculously arrived.

Stepping inside the hotel into the Laurel Court Buffet Room, the family was greeted by the restaurant maitre d'. “Welcome! My name is Pierre. My goodness you all look festive. You must be going to the Nutcracker Ballet matinee this afternoon.” K. Pete and Whiskers stepped up to shake paws with Pierre. “Pierre looked surprised and exclaimed, “I remember your family! Welcome back K. Pete and K. Whiskers. We’re serving an excellent brunch this morning and we have many holiday decorations for the kids to enjoy afterwards.” Whiskers nodded and said, “Yes, we came especially to see the majestic, two story gingerbread house and the 23 foot Christmas tree.”
As Pierre quickly sat the family at their table, he said, “The Fairmont Hotel would consider it an honor if you would allow our limousine to drive you all to the Opera House when you’re ready.” Whiskers smile and kindly accepted. K. Pete was already thinking of the nice tip he would leave their friend before they left.

The food was delicious and the service impeccable. They enjoyed everything from fanciful omelets, smoked bacon, various sausages, House-Baked Pastries to fresh fruit and artisanal cheeses. At the end of their meal, the kids were given small packs of Gingerbread Cookies for decorating- complete with candies, frosting & a Nutcracker Ornament. Pierre personally escorted the family to the magnificent Gingerbread House, constructed of 7,500 gingerbread sticks, 1,200 pounds of chocolate icing and 650 pounds of candy. The kids were like kittens in a candy store. It was delightful!

Whiskers looked at the time on his pocket watch and said to Pierre, “I think we should get to the Opera House now. We don’t want to miss when the curtain goes up.”


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Pierre graciously accepted the generous tip K. Pete gave him and said, “Please, your family is always welcome to our establishment. Come back soon and enjoy the ballet.”

As they drove up to the War Memorial Opera House, Pearl, Chloe and Annabella gasped at the opulence of the architecture. Whiskers told them the building is similar to the East front of the Louvre in Paris. Pearl said to Mitch, “I feel as if I’m in another world! It’s gorgeous.” Mitch smiled and kissed Pearl’s paw, delighted to see her having so much fun.

As they entered the opera house, an usher took their tickets, bowing graciously and led them up a winding staircase to their adjoining boxes overlooking the stage. The kids were quiet in their amazement. Talley whispered to Whiskers, “I love these seats. The view is fabulous from up here!” Whiskers kissed Talley and mewed, “Nothing is too good for my family.”

Everyone took their seats just as the house lights began to dim. Chloe, Bobby, Storm and Inky took the front seats with the kids. Whiskers wanted them to have a bird’s eye view of the stage. Whiskers squeezed Talley’s paw softly in his. A hushed silence filled the theatre as the curtain rose. Brilliant lights flooded the stage as the music began.

A sort synopsis of the Nutcracker story was written in their programs... “The tale of the Nutcracker is a timeless tale of the magic of Christmas. On Christmas Eve, a little girl named Clara Stahlbaum falls asleep after a party at her home and dreams herself (or does she?) into a fantastic world where toys become larger than life. Her beloved Nutcracker doll comes to life and defends her from the Mouse King, then is turned into a Prince after Clara saves his life.”

The scenery on stage was beautifully decorated with holiday ornaments, wreaths, stockings, mistletoe and a majestic Christmas tree. The ballet dancers were flawless, dancing in perfect rhythm with the orchestra music. The family was enthralled from beginning to end.

As the curtain closed, there was thunderous applause. Whiskers and Talley smiled as the kids all had hopeful stars in their eyes. Christmas is indeed a magical time for all those that believe. Mitch and Thomas mewed their enjoyment of the ballet and now more than ever, were eagerly anticipating the Christmas season, especially with their special girls and families. Storm, Bobby and Inky commented that they were apprehensive at first about attending a ballet. Inky said, “You know- it’s not a guy-thing. But we have to admit those were amazing dancers on the stage.”
The kids were talking non-stop to one another, the girls saying they wanted to be ballerinas now. Flower tugged at his Uncle Whiskers paw and said, “We can hardly wait to use the Nutcracker Storybook App you put on our tablets. We’ll remember this day furever Uncle Whiskers!” Whiskers gave his nephew a big hug. “I’m glad you all enjoyed the ballet. I hope it remains a Christmas tradition for all our families.”


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The kids were jumping up and down. Chloe hugged Talley and with tears in her eyes. She thanked her for an incredible experience. Talley hugged her dear furiend and said, “Of course you are very welcome. We consider you to be a part of our family.” Chloe embraced Talley warmly and mewed, “I love all of you so much.”

The air was chilly outside, but everyone wanted to take a short stroll along the Embarcadero on Fisherman’s Wharf. Taking in the beauty of the San Francisco Bay and happy to have spent a splendid evening together, it was time to return home. The Angels gathered their extended family together, holding paws as they whisked everyone instantaneously back home.

Once home, Pearl was astonished at the energy the kids still had. Callie and Angel Maggie smiled saying, “Ah, to be young again.” Inky, Bobby and Storm thanked the family for inviting them. Bobby said, “We better get going so we can check on the shelters.” K. Pete said, “Nonsense. Theodore, Alex, Arthur and Oliver assured me everything would be taken care of. Please stay and have a light dinner with us tonight. I’ll call Oliver on the phone to check in.” Callie, Whitey, Orangie and Angel Maggie had already donned aprons and commenced to fix a light meal for everyone.

Pearl insisted the kids change into their play clothes. She didn’t want any accidents on their special day clothes. After a wonderful meal of beef stew, a garden salad and fresh baked bread, Talley surprised everyone with her delicious apple pies. She had a feeling they would come in handy this evening. K. Pete invited everyone to stay over one more night. Sunday was almost upon us anyway.
The family and furiends all enjoyed a hot cup of tea before ending the night.

Whiskers gave his beautiful Talley a soft kiss before bed. He said, “I don’t think I thanked you yet for the wonderful relaxing massage last night. I slept like a kitten afterwards. Thank you my love.” Whiskers took Talley into his arms once again. Looking into her amazing eyes he sighed, “Happy Anniversary again my love. We have a lifetime of them to look forward to.” The two kitties in love slid beneath the sheets, snuggling together until they were both asleep.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my precious Talley.

The Most Wonderful Gift
The most wonderful gift ever given to me
Isn't one to be found by a Christmas tree.
It's you, my treasure, my wonderful wife,
The most beautiful, glorious thing in my life.

You are caring and warm, in truth, a delight,
A most wonderful prize whose love still shines bright.
I shudder to think how bare life would be,
If the gift of your love weren't given to me.

You are Christmas delights all wrapped into one,
And those joys still go on when Christmas is done!

- by Joanna Fuchs

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Hi Talley,
Getting ready for showtime. Could you possibly send a link yo St? John's? I will post it in our show on Sunday.

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The bedroom was dark with only the light
from the burning embers in their bedroom fireplace. Whiskers had been awake for hours, giddy with excitement about the special meaning this day held for him. It was two years ago today he had mustered up the courage to ask Talley to be his girlfuriend. He closed his eyes, remembering that fateful day. He had been so nervous he thought he might faint, but thanks to his sister Callie, he mustered up the courage to profess his love for Talley. He remembered it was his dear furiend K. Thundie whom had also told Whiskers to be brave and follow his heart. Whiskers smiled to himself and remembered there was a certain family of cats that told him he should learn to not meow so much. They had told him Talley was from a royal family and he needed to be more refined and dignified if he ever wanted a chance with her. Whiskers remembered crying that day, but after speaking with his sister Callie and his furiend K. Thundie, he knew he just had to be himself. He prayed and prayed that Talley would love him - and his prayers had been answered.

His sleeping beauty was still deep in slumber. Whiskers picked up the book of by his bedside - A Collection of the World's Most Romantic Poetry and clicked on his penlight. He started to softly read a poem by Lord Byron to his beautiful wife...

“She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellow'd to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impair'd the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o'er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

And on that cheek, and o'er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!”

Talley was awake by now, but she laid still in her husband’s arms, basking in the glow of his love as he read to her. Whiskers closed the book and said, “Happy Anniversary my love.


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I know it’s not our wedding anniversary, but it is the two year anniversary of when we first spoke the precious words ‘I love you’ to one another. I never thought I could ever be as happy as I was that day, but you’ve proven me wrong ever since we’ve been together.” Whiskers gave his beautiful Talley a deep, passionate kiss. Talley smiled and said, “Happy Anniversary my love. I remember the exact words I spoke to you at that very special moment. I said, ‘Whiskers, I love you. When I'm with you the world seems magical. I would like to be your girlfriend.’ And then I silently hoped you felt the same way.”
Whiskers remembered the moment well. Just thinking about it made tears well up in his eyes. He kissed Talley and said, “I have something for you my love.” Whiskers turned around in bed, stretching to open the drawer in his nightstand. He pulled out a small box, closed the drawer and turned back to take his wife in his arms. Talley mewed with delight when she opened the small jewelry box. Whiskers took the necklace out of the box and held it up with his paw. He said, “When I saw it at the jewelry store, I knew it was meant for you. The heart is made from sterling silver and adorned with round white and Artistry Green diamonds. The green diamonds are treated to permanently create the intense green color. The two cats represent us. They’re also made of sterling silver. The black cat, which represents me, is covered with round black diamonds. The beautiful cat next to me represents you, sporting a collar of the same black diamonds. Here sweetheart, let me try it on you.”

Talley sat up in bed, happiness and love welling up in her heart. Whiskers secured the silver clasp around her slender neck. He sat back to admire the necklace on Talley. Whiskers smiled and said, “It looks beautiful on you my love, but it pales in comparison to your beauty.” Talley had tears of happiness streaming from her eyes. Whiskers took his Talley into his arms and said, “Please don’t cry my love. I just can’t bear to see you cry.” Whiskers kissed the tears from Talley’s face as she hugged him again and mewed, “I love you so much my darling. Thank you for the lovely gift and thank you for being my one and only true love.”

Whiskers and Talley held each other for several minutes, basking in each other’s love.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Callie and Angel Maggie were working their magic on a special breakfast to celebrate Whiskers and Talley’s anniversary as boyfuriend and girlfuriend. Callie had thought it silly at first to celebrate such a day, but she loved her brother for being a true romantic. Angel Maggie had suggested they prepare Caviar Omelettes for everyone this morning. The girls had gotten the recipe during their trip to Venice and had specially bought some red caviar when they were in town.

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While Angel Maggie gently cooked the eggs with fine herbs, topping them each with sour cream and red caviar, Callie prepared Chicken apple sausage and fresh cinnamon raisin bagels. Pearl insisted on helping by fixing Cappuccino for the adults and Mocha Chocolate Lattes for the kids. Annabella set the table and poured pineapple juice and tomato juice for Thomas. The girls had used the fine China and the table looked elegant, yet festive with a Christmas centerpiece.

Flower, Ralph and their sisters were dressed nicely for school, wanting to look their best for their Aunt and Uncle’s special day. When Whiskers and Talley finally came to the dining room, everyone shouted congratulations! Talley was bubbling with joy as she showed everyone the necklace Whiskers had bought for her. The girls gathered around Talley to admire her gift and to give her a warm hug.

K. Pete got up to shake paws with Whiskers. Whiskers smiled at his brother and pulled him in for a big brotherly hug. Whiskers smiled and shook paws with Mitch and Thomas. Whiskers said, “I know I’m the luckiest tom in the world!” The kids ran to hug their Aunt Talley and Uncle Whiskers.

Finally, Whiskers looked around at the table and let out a low whistle. “Wow!” he said, “The table looks fabulous and the food, well the food smells sensational.” Whiskers held his nose up into the air. He said, “I almost feel as if I’m in Venice, Italy.”

Callie and Angel Maggie came out the kitchen carrying the gourmet fare to the table. Callie said, “You have quite a nose brother. Angel Maggie and I prepared something we discovered in Venice.”

After ringing the chime to announce breakfast, Flower and Ralph sat down to join paws with their family and say grace. They added a special prayer for all their furiends and their families in need. Whiskers thanked God for another day with his blessed extended family.

Breakfast was beyond delicious. The kids enjoyed their very first taste of caviar. Whiskers told the family he was thinking they should leave for the Ballet on Saturday early in the morning, after their shelter rounds. Whiskers said, “I wanted to take everyone to breakfast at the Fairmount Hotel in San Francisco, before the Ballet. The hotel has a two-story Gingerbread House on display and the pastry chefs will be there to showcase their holiday creation with samples for everyone to taste. I thought the kids would like to see that. I know I would!”

Talley nodded and said, “Why don’t we invite Chloe, Inky, Storm and Bobby over to spend the night with us after the hockey game. We can have a late supper with them. That way we’ll all be here fresh and ready to go on Saturday.”
K. Pete nodded and said, “I’ll call the boys and Chloe after breakfast to invite them. We can bring dinner home from the hockey game. I think Angel Maggie and Callie are hosting a Fish Taco night. I know Bobby and the boys will enjoy that.”


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Raven said to Whiskers, “What are you and Talley going to do today?” Whiskers took Talley’s paw in his and said, “It’s too cold to do anything outside. We both wanted to stay home with our family.” Talley smiled and said, “I thought we might start decorating the theater room for our Nutcracker Party. We still need to decide what day we want to have the party, but we might as well get it ready.” Talley looked at the kids and said, “Of course we’ll wait until the kids get home from school so they can help.” Flower and the kids were beaming.

So everyone had a busy day planned. Whiskers and Talley thanked the family for a lovely meal. As Whiskers and Talley were walking upstairs to change into warm clothes, Whiskers stopped Talley under the mistletoe hanging from their bedroom doorway. He held her face gently with his paws and softly sang an excerpt of his favorite song “Miracle of Miracles” from Fiddler on the Roof...

♪ "When David slew Goliath (yes!), that was a miracle.
When God gave us matter in the wilderness, that was a miracle too.
But of all God's miracles large and small,
The most miraculous one of all
Is the one I thought could never be:
God has given you to me!" ♪

The two kitties in love melted into a magical kiss.

Happy 2nd Girlfuriend/Boyfuriend Anniversary my love! I left a picture of your necklace on my page and on our page at the Catmewsroom. I love you furever and ever, my precious Tallulah. ♥
"Out of the depths of my happy heart wells a great tide of love and prayer for this priceless treasure that is confided to my lifelong keeping. You cannot see its waves as they flow toward you, darling, but in these lines you will hear…the distant beating of its surf." - Mark Twain to Olivia Langdon

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Whiskers and Talley were both awaken
by the wind howling outside their window. Whiskers kissed his beautiful wife and pulled the quilt over her shoulders. He said, “Stay in bed sweetheart. I’m just going to check out the window. Maybe the kids will get another snow day today from school.” Whiskers pulled back the curtains and could see nothing but snow and ice. Talley mewed, “How does it look out there my love?” Whiskers shook his head and said, “Let’s just say I’m glad we were able to visit the wolves yesterday. I don’t think we could make it there today. Although Storm is quite an exceptional helicopter pilot, but I think even him and K. Pete would agree it’s much too treacherous to be in the air today.”
Talley said, “I hope the storm blows through quickly. I would hate for the weather to interfere with our plans for this weekend.” Whiskers smiled and said, “Well, if it does, we always have our Angels to help us out. I’m not really sure what we would ever do without them.”
Whiskers heard his phone vibrating on his nightstand. He walked over to answer it. He looked at Talley and said, “It’s my Mom.” Talley sat up in bed looking concerned. After Whiskers hung up, he got back into bed wrapping his arms around Talley. “My Mom didn’t want us to worry. The rain storm is really hitting them right now and the power keeps going in and out. Mom got an emergency phone call from our neighbor saying Sugar Bear escaped out the front door, but Mom found her right away. It was pouring buckets outside. Mom put on her rain jacket and ran outside to look in the cathouse in our front yard. Sure enough, Sugar Bear was hiding in there. Mom was able to grab her, dry her off and take her back home.”
Talley shook her head and asked, “Why do Ebony and Sugar Bear keep getting out?” Whiskers said, “Well, they’re both very quick cats and their new Mom is older and slow to move. My Mom had hoped putting small jingle bells on the doorknobs would keep the cats away from the door, but those two don’t scare easily. My Mom thinks they just need more time settling in as indoor cats. It took Callie and me a while to get used to being indoors, although Callie was the one who tried to make a break for the door much more than I ever did. I was just happy to be safe inside.”
Talley nodded and said, “We’re all different. Sugar Bear is still just a kitten. That might be why she is so feisty.”

Whiskers got up to get Talley’s slippers and robe. The fireplace still had smoldering embers that kept their room warm, but just looking outside the window put a chill into Whiskers. He didn’t want his darling wife to catch a chill.


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After their shower, Whiskers stood behind Talley as brushed her beautiful fur. He looked at her face in the mirror and felt his heart skip a beat. Talley was the most beautiful kitty in the whole world and she was his wife. Whiskers sighed, silently thanking God for his blessed life. Whiskers kissed the top of Talley’s head and said, “Thank you for another wonderful evening last night my love. I dreamt all last night of us sitting by the fireplace, sipping champagne and eating caviar and chocolate covered strawberries. In my dream we were in Heaven. When I woke up, I realized I have my own little slice of heaven on earth, right here with you.” Talley stood up to embrace her husband. Whiskers looked at Talley and said, “I love you more and more each day my darling.”

Coming down the stairs, Whiskers and Talley could smell pancakes cooking. Whiskers squeezed Talley’s paw and said, “Oh boy! We’ll get to taste the wolves homemade maple syrup. When I saw the bottles that Phillip gave us, my mouth started to water. Luckily I wasn’t hungry at that moment, otherwise my tummy would have started screaming!” Talley giggled and patted her husband tummy.

Whitey and Orangie were in the kitchen, flipping buttermilk pancakes on the griddle like real pros. Annabella and Pearl stood at the stove, transferring the cooked bacon and sausage patties to warming trays. Tabitha, Liliana, Daisy and Rosie were filling baskets for the shelter animals with banana-nut muffins, fresh out the oven. Pearl warmed the homemade maple syrup in individual porcelain creamer cups. The girls wanted the meal to look as good as it would taste.

The living room was coming to life as Flower and Ralph turned on all the Christmas lights. The two boys were laughing and singing as they helped their Uncle Pete add wood to the fireplace. The house was filled with the merriment of Christmas.

In the kitchen, Pearl heard someone knocking at the back door leading to the garage. She ran to open it, knowing it had to be Mitch. Mitch stood in the garage, looking cold and wet. He smiled broadly at Pearl and said, “It’s snowing like crazy outside. Can you help me dry off before I come inside?” Pearl grabbed several towels and fussed over Mitch. She said, “Oh my goodness! You’ll catch your death of cold out there.” Mitch smiled, enjoying how much Pearl cared about his well-being. He said, “I wanted to make sure all the shelter animals were okay. They all have enough supplies and are doing fine. Oliver scolded me and told me to get to safety. So here I am!”
Pearl gave Mitch some dry clothes and said, “Now go put these on and bring me back your wet clothes.” Mitch looked up and noticed they were standing under some mistletoe. He gave Pearl a soft kiss on her cheek. Pearl blushed and said, “Now you go on and change Mitch. Breakfast is almost ready.”

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A dry and warm Mitch joined the family at the table. He reported there would no school today. He had spoken to Angel K. Malachi and they had both decided it was much too dangerous for the kids and their pawrents to be outside. Mitch looked at the kids and said, “If you check the school loop on your tablets, you’ll find your homework assignments. We can’t stop learning because of some lousy weather.” The kids all nodded, happy to be staying home, but never wanting to fall behind in their schoolwork.

Pearl and Annabella had set the table and made sure everyone had hot coffee and cocoa, when Whitey poked her head out to let Flower and Ralph know it was time. The boys popped up and officially chimed the start of breakfast.

After joining paws and saying grace, they all kept their heads bowed and said an extra prayer for all their furiends and their families that were in need. Sadly the list of names was long.

Whiskers could hardly wait to pour the warm, dark amber syrup on his pancakes. The kits had even churned their own butter for the special pancakes. Whiskers slathered on the butter and carefully poured the syrup. He took one bite and closed his eyes. It tasted soooo good! Talley laughed and said, “I love to watch you eat sweetie. You enjoy it so much!” Whiskers shook his head and said, “Only since I’ve become a part of this family. Now I’m a connoisseur of great food. I can hardly wait to thank and compliment the wolves on their delicious syrup. I think you’re right K. Pete. I do believe our new furiends will be able to make a thriving business from this nectar from the forest.”

Everyone expressed their excitement at having Phillip and his pack over to the house for the Christmas Party to watch the Nutcracker Ballet in their theatre. Talley said, “I think having them over to our house first, with all the other shelter animals, is a great first start at making everyone comfortable around one another. Our house is the purrfect neutral base. And with the magic of Christmas in the air, I just know we are all going to be one big happy family!”

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my darling Talley.

I Thank You
Thank you...
For the memories we've made.
For the times we've had.
For the times still to come.
For the things you say.
For the love you share.
For the looks you give.
For the faith in us.
For the faith in me.
For the encouragement you give.
For the laughs we've had.
For the laughs still to come.
For the forgiveness you give.
For always being there for me.
For being you.

- by Carla Branch

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Oh Talley My Precious Love
"I'll never know what I did in my life to deserve such a wonderful and loving wife. I feel as if it's Christmas every day. First it was apple pie for breakfast, now champagne, chocolate covered cherries, caviar and a slice of apple pie! Pinch me now my love - I know I must be in Heaven."

Talley giggled as she turned off the lights and led her beloved husband to bed. Whiskers couldn't stop humming.

Good night my precious love. ♥

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Whiskers and Talley were up early
wanting to fix breakfast for their family. Talley wanted to try a recipe for Gingerbread Pancakes that she thought sounded delicious. Whiskers would be her helper, always more than happy to assist in the kitchen and be the official taste-tester.
After their shower and while Whiskers was brushing Talley’s beautiful fur to a lustrous sheen, Whiskers said, “I have some presents in our closet for the kids that I wrapped last night. Let’s put them under the tree when we go downstairs. Every morning I watch as Flower and the kids look under the tree. Their eyes are as big as saucers as they see the presents growing under the Christmas tree. “
Talley smiled and said, “Christmas is exciting on its own, but seeing the kids intoxicated with the holiday season makes it so much better.” Whiskers gave Talley a soft kiss on her pretty head and said, ‘I couldn’t agree with you more, but all my Christmas’ are extra special since I met you.” Talley got up to turn around and give her husband a warm hug. “I love you too sweetheart,” she mewed.

The two kitties in love tiptoed downstairs to fill the tree with more gifts. The living room was dark, everyone still sleeping soundly. They then walked quietly to the kitchen, trying not to giggle. Whiskers went to work getting the ingredients Talley would need for her Gingerbread Pancakes, while Talley started the coffee and hot chocolate.

Just as Talley was getting started with the pancakes, Mitch came into the kitchen quiet as a mouse. Whiskers was at the stove cooking bacon and sausage links, trying hard not to snack on the crunchy bacon. Whiskers smiled and said, “What are you doing up so early Mitch?” Mitch spoke in a low voice. He said, “I asked Flower, Liliana, Tabitha and Daisy to help me decorate the workshop this morning with Christmas lights. I thought it would be nice when we’re all out there working on our boats. I also thought it might be a good time to ask the kids for their Mom’s paw in marriage. I’ve been fretting over how they might react, and I couldn’t wait any longer.”

Talley stopped what she was doing to walk over and give Mitch a big hug. Talley said, “Mitch, I just know the kids will be thrilled to have you as their Dad and they will be just as thrilled for their Mom. The kids want nothing more for their Mom than to be happy.” Whiskers shook paws with Mitch and said, “I know the kids will be proud to call you Dad. But do you think the kids will be able to keep such a wonderful secret until Christmas Eve? I remember when I was a kitten I had a terrible time keeping secrets to myself.”


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Mitch smiled and said, “I’m not worried about that at all. One of the many things I love about the kids is their strong will. Just like their Momma.” Talley nodded and said, “I agree. If anything, it will be bring you all that much closer together.”
Whiskers nodded and said, “Good luck my furiend. If you need our help, just meow and we’ll come running.”

Mitch smiled and said, “I better go now. I already got the kids up and dressed and they’re waiting for me in the workshop. I told them to work quietly so the Christmas decorations in the workshop can be a surprise.”

After Mitch left Talley said to Whiskers, “They are going to be such a happy family. I know Flower will be over-the-moon with happiness when Mitch asks him to be his best man.” Whiskers kissed Talley on her pretty nose and said, “This will be a Christmas the kids will always remember. Love makes everything grand!”

Talley hurried to finish mixing the pancake batter. Adding molasses, ginger, vanilla and cinnamon, she was ready to drop the batter by large spoonfuls onto the hot griddle. The kitchen was quickly infused with delicious aromas. Whiskers and Talley worked in the kitchen humming happily to themselves.

By the time breakfast was almost ready, Flower, Tabitha, Liliana and Daisy came racing into the kitchen, out of breath. Flower looked around the kitchen to see if his Momma was there. When he saw she wasn’t, he signaled to his sisters and the four kits ran to hug their Uncle Whiskers and Auntie Talley. Flower didn’t say a word, nor did the kittens. They all had their little mouths shut tight, like they were holding in a big secret. Whiskers and Talley laughed, delighted to see how happy the kids looked. The talk with Mitch must have gone very well indeed!

Callie and Angel Maggie came into the kitchen. Callie smiled and said, “It smells delicious in the house. The wonderful aromas permeating through the house woke all us up. Can Angel Maggie and I lend a paw?” Whisker shook his head smiling and said, “Just help everyone get seated sis. We’ll be serving as soon as the kids finish plugging in the Christmas lights in the living room.” Ralph had wandered in looking for Flower. He saw his best bud and the two boys lit off like firecrackers scrambling to the living room to light up the house.

Pearl came to the table and explained, “Oh my! Breakfast is ready. Did I sleep in late?” Talley came into the dining room with coffee and hot chocolate and said, “No Pearl, you didn’t sleep in. Whiskers and I just wanted to surprise our family this morning.” After turning the Christmas lights on, the kids came running over to their Mom, giving her big good morning hugs. Pearl smiled and said, “You kids look happy this morning.” Flower smiled and said, “We just love you so much Momma.” Pearl looked puzzled for a moment and then smiled warmly at her kids. “I love you too my precious babies,” she said.


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The dinner chime was sounded and they all joined paws to say grace. Whiskers added a prayer for all their furiends and their families that were in need. Whiskers added a special prayer for his Grandpa, who had passed away on this day six years ago.

Everyone loved the gingerbread pancakes and complimented Talley on a scrumptious start to the day. Mitch told K. Pete and Thomas that Flower and his sisters had a surprise for them in the workshop. Mitch noticed the sad look on Ralph and Rosie’s faces, so he added, “ The kids couldn’t quite finish their surprise without the help of Ralph and Rosie, so don’t go into the workshop until after they all come home from school. I’ll help the kids finish up the surprise then.” K. Pete and Thomas smiled and nodded happily. Ralph and Rosie both looked at Mitch with huge grins on their tiny faces.

As Mitch and Pearl drove off with the kids to school, Whiskers and Talley told everyone about Mitch asking the kids for Pearl’s paw in marriage. Everyone was delighted and now understood why the kids had seemed giddy with excitement - more so than usual.

It was time to make the shelter rounds, so Talley and Whiskers went upstairs after cleaning the kitchen, to dress warmly for their day. Whiskers helped Talley wrap a winter scarf around her delicate neck. He gave her a soft kiss and said, “My wish for Christmas is that everyone could be as happy as we are. I love you my darling Tallulah.”

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my precious wife.

Our Love Story ♥
The first time I saw you my heart skipped a beat
I knew in an instant we were destined to meet.
As you looked up from the floor and your eyes locked on mine
A warm subtle chill crept up and down my spine.

I walked towards you and the closer I came
The warmer my skin, the warmer the flame
I offered my paw as I asked you to dance
And so was the beginning of our sweet romance.

That was the day that our journey began
As so it was foretold and so was our plan
As two lives spent alone then became one
And a love like no other could never be undone.

You've held my heart in your paws ever since then
As you proved your love to me again and again
Many months later we were husband and wife
And I have always thanked God that you entered my life.

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Attention Hairballz
Attention Hairballz
Thank all of you for doing such a great job. Coco is leading us on CC this week.. I am doing the group page.

Reminder to all who have not stopped by the group page. Our 3rd year anniversary, of starting the Hairballz is coming up on Dec.15th. We have a show planned on the group page on Dec. 14th 8PM EST. We will be doing the wheel of death again. I am putting the show together tomorrow, I have ask all of you for suggestions. Angel Mallow is putting her sleigh together for us. We are taking a can of cat food, kibble, treats or an unwrapped toy for admission. After the show, we will load up the sleigh and deliver it to the poor unfortunate kitties out in the world. If u have any ideas or suggestions, let me know ASAP so I can write it into the story.
We love u all and Mom tries to be a better blogger, we know that she is not a good secretary.

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Whiskers opened his eyes wondering
what time it was. The sky was dark, but he felt as if he had already had a good night’s sleep. Whiskers reached for the pocket watch on his nightstand. A gift from his brother K. Pete, the pocket watch had been in K. Pete’s family for four generations and it was one of Whisker’s most treasured gifts. Plus the pocket watch held a photograph of Talley as a kitten. Whiskers kissed the picture of Talley as he checked the time. Talley sensed Whiskers moving around in bed. She smiled and stretched out her arms to him for a morning snuggle. Whiskers was only too happy to oblige. Whiskers pulled her petite body to his and gave her a warm kiss.
Whiskers said, “I didn’t mean to wake you my love. I just needed to check the time. It looks like it’s going to be another cold, gray day today, but at least the snow isn’t falling. We might be able to visit Phillip and his pack if the weather holds up.”
Talley nodded and asked, “Have we heard any news on our dear furiend Queen Duchess?” Whiskers had a big smile on his face and said, “Yes sweetheart. I heard that Queen Duchess was able to return to her home last night. She still isn’t completely well, but well enough to be at home with her family. Her sister Mischief told me the family is keeping a close watch on her and they are just so very happy to have her home.”
Talley smiled and said, “That’s wonderful my love! Our prayers were answered. It the weather permits, maybe we can take a hike to the Temple of Shrines. We could always take the passageway through the Castle’s sub-basement if there is too much snow and ice on the ground.”
Whiskers nodded and said, “Wonderful idea my love. We have so many furiends and their families to pray for these past few weeks. I know the holidays always make it harder on the families.”
Whiskers hopped out of bed, running over to Talley’s side, picking her up in his arms as she giggled and carrying her to the shower. The two kitties in love sang Christmas Carols as they took turns washing each other’s fur.

Liliana, Tabitha, Daisy and Rosie looked so cute coming from the kitchen, all carefully carrying a huge platter filled with assorted cheeses and fresh fruits. Pearl was right behind them in case they needed help, but the kids did a fine job balancing the tray without incident. Pearl filled the morning mugs with hot coffee and hot chocolate. Annabella had tried Angel Maggie’s recipe for Peppermint Hot Chocolate for the kids and it smelled delicious. The breakfast menu was back to the tried and true. The kids and their Moms had prepared platters with scrambled eggs, smoked bacon, sausage links and oven baked hash browns. Whiskers nose sniffed the air as he held his tummy tightly so it wouldn’t let on how wonderful everything smelled.

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Callie laughed at her brother and said, “Go ahead Whiskers! As chefs, we all consider your tummy growling as a seal of approval.” Whiskers smiled, patting his stomach as it let out a loud roar!

Flower and Ralph knew their Uncle’s tummy growl was their cue to ring the mealtime bell. Everyone joined paws to say grace and gives thanks for another blessed day together. Whiskers thanked the Lord for looking after their dear furiend Queen Duchess and giving her the joy of being home with her family. The table was without much conversation for a while as everyone filled their plates. There were accolades all around to the chefs.

Whisker’s tummy had finally quieted down. He wiped his mouth and said, “Well, I got tickets to the Nutcracker Ballet for Saturday afternoon. The tickets were selling out fast, but I managed to get enough for all of us and I thought we would invite Chloe, Bobby, Inky and Storm to come with us too. I wasn’t able to get enough tickets for all our shelter furiends, but I did the next best thing. The Opera House records the first performance of each ballet and makes a few copies available to seasoned patrons. I was able to secure a copy for us to bring home. I thought we could set it up in our home theater and have our very own Nutcracker Ballet right here for all our furiends.”

Callie clapped her paws and said, “We can make it Christmas pawty and decorate the theater. I think it’s a wonderful idea.”
Raven and Ms. Murphy had just pulled up the shelter cams on their tablets. Raven looked up from her tablet and said, “Maybe we could invite Phillip and the wolves too. I know the pups would love it.” Raven looked at her brother and said, “What do you think Pete? Is it too soon?”
K. Pete smiled and said, “When we go on our shelters rounds today, I’ll extend the invitation to Phillip. We’ll need to think about how we’ll transport them all to the house, but I’m sure Angel Sylvie and Angel Lucy will be able to help us out.”

The kitties all enjoyed their breakfast. After thanking the girls for a wonderful meal, Whiskers and Talley helped clear the table. Everyone had a busy schedule for the day. Whiskers managed to whisk Talley under the mistletoe for a soft kiss to start their day.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my beloved Talley.

Christmas Every Day
Christmas time brings joy and love.
Family and friends is more than enough.
Everyone together all day and night.
Smiles and laughter, what a beautiful sight.
Presents and decorations set the mood.
Milk and cookies, all kinds of tasty food.
My heart melts watching the kits play.
Makes me wish Christmas was every day.

- by Danny Shaw

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Whiskers pulled the covers over Talley’s
shoulders as he slipped out of bed to check the weather outside their bedroom window. It looked chilly; another day of light snow and ice. Whiskers smiled when he thought of all the extra warm blankets and winter clothes they had taken to the Excalibur Colony. Those things would come in very handy for their feral furiends during this cold winter. Whiskers sighed, wishing they could do more for the kitties, but he felt hopeful after hearing the plans K. Pete had for the colony. Life would be better very soon for Edward and his community.

As Whiskers was lost in thought looking out the window, he felt Talley stir in bed. Whiskers jumped back into bed so he could snuggle with his beautiful wife a few moments longer. Talley looked adorable in the morning, with her cheeks flush pink and her soft fur mussed on her pretty head. Whiskers gave his sleeping beauty a deep, warm kiss. Whiskers said, “Our days are always so busy, so before I forget, I wanted to tell you I got tickets for the Nutcracker Ballet at the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House. I wanted to get tickets for the opening night on December 12th, but don’t worry; I remembered we have hockey that night, so I got us all tickets for the next night on December 13th. I knew we would want the kids to go with us, so I booked us all for the matinee. I even ordered the Nutcracker Interactive Storybook App for the kids to listen to the story beforehand. It’s a richly illustrated storybook with interactive animations and fun facts, photos and videos about the very special production. I just know the kids will love it.”

Talley wrapped her arms around her husband and said, “I’ll love it too sweetheart. I remember last year when we all went to see the holiday classic. Do you think we should fly to San Francisco or should we ask Angel Sylvie, Angel Lucy and Angel Maggie to take us via Angel Air?”
Whiskers smiled and said, “I thought we should discuss that with K. Pete and the girls. I think the weather will have a lot to do with our decision, but at least we know we’ll get there somehow.”

Whiskers loved seeing his Talley so happy. He smoothed the silky fur on her cheek with his paw and said, “December 12th is a very special day. That was the reason I wanted to book the ballet on that particular day, but the day after is okay too.” Talley smiled and mewed, “I remember on December 12th 2012 you asked me to be your girlfriend! I’ll never forget that day my love.” Whiskers kissed Talley, smiling and remembering that fateful day too. He had been very nervous, but when Talley agreed to be his love, he had never known such happiness! Now all his days since then, were filled with love and joy. He had the girl of his dreams.


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Whitey was showing Pearl and Annabella how to prepare Petite Quiches this morning. The two Moms loved the recipe. It was easy to make and just the right size for small appetites. Whitey laughed and said, “And for those with voracious appetites like my brother, we’ll prepare a few dozen of the small pies.” Everyone laughed, knowing Whiskers and his love for eating. Tabitha, Liliana, Daisy and Rosie were just taking fresh baked blueberry muffins from the oven. Orangie had finished pan frying several platters of Applewood bacon to serve on the side. The fresh squeezed orange juice was done, coffee and hot chocolate ready and Rosie quickly made her Dad a glass of fresh tomato juice. Thank goodness for powerful blenders!

The kids set the table just as everyone was being seated. Rosie proudly gave her Dad his fresh tomato juice and threw her arms around him. She exclaimed, “Oh Daddy! I’m so happy to see you walking without a cane. This will be the best Christmas ever!” Thomas hugged his little girl with tears welling up in his eyes and said, “I couldn’t have wished for a better holiday.” Whiskers and Talley had just come downstairs, witnessing the tender moment. Whiskers said to Thomas, “You’re going to be a vital asset in establishing the schools and facilities at the Excalibur Community. We couldn’t have wished for a finer administrator for our school. We are all indeed truly blessed.”

Flower and Ralph were in the living room plugging in all the Christmas lights while Mitch laid a new fire. The house felt warm and festive and full of love. Breakfast was ready to be served, so Flower and Ralph jumped up to do their duty. The boys were always happy to announce mealtime for their family. Everyone joined paws to say grace and to say a prayer for less fortunate than them. Whiskers added an extra healing prayer for their dear furiend Queen Duchess who was at the vet again with major health issues. The family squeezed paws and prayed for their dear furiend.

The family enjoyed their delicious meal and were ready to start another happy day together. Everyone pitched in to clean the kitchen. Callie and Angel Maggie were going to be busy today working on the menu for the upcoming Ice Skating Party and lunch at the Castle on the eleventh. They also wanted to plan the menu for the Hockey game on Friday. There was a lot of planning to be done. Whiskers and Talley would discuss the plans to see the Nutcracker Ballet in San Francisco with K. Pete and the Angels later. They would surprise the kids tonight once the plans were in place.


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Mitch and Pearl were ready to take the kids to school. The kids had their warmest clothes on and were ready for a fun learning day at school. Flower and Ralph told their Uncle Whiskers that all the kids were working on building toys for the community kids, including the shelter kids. Flower said, “We know our family will be giving gifts to all our furiends, but the kids in school wanted to do their part to help.” Whiskers and Talley gave the kids warm hugs. Talley smiled and said, “Now that’s the Christmas spirit of giving I like to see.”

As Whiskers and Talley got ready to help K. Pete and Mitch with the shelter rounds, Whiskers pulled his beautiful wife into his arms under the mistletoe. Whiskers sighed and said, “I know, any excuse to kiss my precious girl.” Talley melted in her husband’s arms.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my beloved Talley.

Best Gift Ever
Christmas is a time of year,
Everyone seems to be full of cheer.
Decorations everywhere, what a beautiful sight,
Our home glows so colorful and bright.
But best of all, our family together,
This alone is the best gift ever.
Christmas is not about what you get,
A gift you didn't want, don't you fret.
Look around you and then you'll see,
You have your family, and then there's me.
I've loved Christmas from the very start,
Not for the gifts, but for what I feel in my heart.

- by Danny Shaw

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Whiskers and Talley set their alarm clock
to wake up early. They had many overnight guests this morning after the wonderful dinner party last night and they had promised to help the girls set up a nice breakfast buffet. Whiskers got up to bring Talley her fluffy robe. It was warm in their bedroom, but looking out their window at the snow put a chill in Whiskers bones. He wrapped his Talley up and said, “I was dreaming all last night about our visit to Tuna’s former colony. Seeing the happy faces on the kids when we brought in the gifts made my heart want to burst with joy.” Talley smiled and said, “I loved watching Bobby, Inky and Storm set up the TV and DVD player. When Raven and Ms. Murphy put in the Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer movie, I almost wanted to cry just looking at the kids’ happy faces. It was an incredible day.”
Whiskers took Talley’s paw and said, “I think we’re going to have the most wonderful Christmas ever. Giving is so much more rewarding than receiving.” Talley gave her husband a warm kiss as they were about to begin their day.

After their shower, Whiskers ran a soft brush through Talley’s luxurious fur; one of his favorite parts to every morning with his beloved. Whiskers said to Talley, “Our one year wedding anniversary is coming up soon my love. Have you given it any thought as to how we should celebrate? I know we were thinking about taking a trip with the family, but if you’d like to celebrate here at home, that would be wonderful too. I know whatever we decide, it will be perfect.”

Whiskers and Talley tiptoed downstairs quietly, not wanting to wake their guests. Pearl and Annabella were in the dining room, placing a festive linen tablecloth on the table. The table had been enlarged, thanks to Angel Sylvie and Angel Lucy’s angel magic. Rosie, Tabitha, Liliana and Daisy brought festive Christmas decorations for the table, along with colorful holiday linen napkins. Callie and Angel Maggie wheeled a cart with assorted mini Danish and bagels with cream cheeses into the dining room. Whiskers and Talley jumped into action to prepare the coffee and hot chocolate.
The kitchen was buzzing with activity. Orangie and Whitey were preparing Jumbo French Toast and assorted breakfast meats of ham, bacon and sausage. Whiskers could feel his tummy coming to life. Talley laughed and patted her husband’s tummy saying, “Almost sweetie. It’s almost time to eat.”

Pearl and Annabella put the scrambled ages and hash browns into warming trays, as the kids filled glasses with fruit juice and some with vegetable juice. Rosie made sure her Daddy had his tomato juice every morning.


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K. Neelix and Katie Brown were the first kitties to come to the table, followed by Hedley and Jakar. Right behind them, still yawning from a good night’s sleep was Storm, Inky and Bobby. Mitch was right there to help with the hot drinks while the girls finished preparing the buffet. Angel K. Malachi and Princess Ana, Baron Monty and Josie Mae were in the living room with the kids, turning all the Christmas lights on and starting a fire in the fireplace. K. Thundie and Angel Q. Cherish came to sit down in the living room with hot drinks in paw.

Raven and Ms. Murphy brought their tablets to the living room to show everyone the joyous sights from the shelter cams. The girls set up their tablets for everyone to enjoy. The shelter cams showed every Mom already fixing breakfast for their families, Christmas lights on in every shelter and kids starting to wake up, all heading first for their Christmas trees.

Whiskers and Talley joined their furiends as K. Pete added logs to keep the fire going. Whiskers watched the shelter cams, his arm around Talley. It truly was a sight to behold. This would be a blessed Christmas for all their very deserving furiends.

Callie came out of the kitchen to let everyone know breakfast would be ready soon. Tabitha, Liliana, Daisy and Rosie were the prefect little hostesses as they refilled coffee cups and hot chocolate mugs, setting Danish on the coffee tables for those who couldn’t wait. Liliana smiled at her Uncle Whiskers as she placed a small plate with a bagel in his lap. Whiskers gave his pretty niece a grateful kiss on her cheek.

Tuna, Pixie and Luna had slept soundly and were the last to join the family gathered in the living room. Pixie and Luna joined the kids around the tree. Tuna walked over to K. Pete and gave him a warm hug. Tuna said, “I’ll never be able to thank you and your family enough for all you’ve done for us. What you are all doing for Edward and the feral colony that I called home, is beyond belief. Edward told me, he and the cats at the fish plant will live their lives trying to make you and your family proud.”
K. Pete gave Tuna big hug and said, “It’s just like we said my dear furiend. It’s all about ‘paying forward.’ That’s the greatest gift of all.”

Angel Maggie came into the room smiling and said, “Flower, Ralph, I think now is good time.” The two boys jumped from the ground, happy to announce mealtime for their family and furiends.

The family and furiends looked hungrily at the food as they all filled their plates with the delicious fare the girls had prepared. Whiskers piled his plate high with sausage links and getting a separate plate to fill with the mini apple Danishes the girls had baked. After selecting their food and sitting at the table, everyone joined paws to say grace and give thanks for their good fortune.


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