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Domestic Shorthair from <a href='' title='Jacksonville, FL'>Jacksonville, FL</a>

Talley COTD 01/02/2009

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Hi! My name is Talley COTD 01/02/2009

I am Domestic Shorthair from Jacksonville, FL

Nicknames: My name is Tallulah, I'm called Talley, Talley Boo, Tally Ho & lots of sweet names

Age: 6 years old

Gender: F

Coat: short haired

Education: I can fetch when dad throws my puff balls for me.

My favorite tricks and treats are: I can run really fast, and I can bat a ball really well. Treats? Fancy Feast with greens is good and like I said I really, really like Pete's special Tuna Flakes, but I'm open to new possibilities.

Where I hang out: I'm still exloring but so far I like the computer room, mom & dad's laps and anyplace my big brother pete goes. ( I'll be able to get on counters soon)

My favorite grubs: I like Pete's special treat flakes, and and any big cat food. Dad lets me have little meat treats from his plate, and I really like that.

My pet peeves: Loud noises, closed doors and when any other kitty plays with my treat ball

What I love about my owners: I've learned from the other cats, my big sisters and especially my big brother, Pete that we don't have owners, What we have is a caring and loving family. Mom & dad treat us with the same love and respect that they give their human children. I do like it a lot when dad kisses my tummy. I believe I'm a pretty lucky little kitty.

My cat hobbies: I like to play ball, play with Pete (my big brother), wrestle with my stuffed toy kittens and be loved and petted.

Pet motto: Little miracles happen everyday, you just have to open your heart and let them come.

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How We Met

When I was about seven weeks old I got very sick, my eyes got infected and I couldn't see because pus had dried on the outside of them and I couldn't even open them. Then, some how I got lost from my kitty mom & my littermates. I just kind of wandered blind for I don't know how long. I was so very hungry and thirsty. Then, even though I couldn't see, something calming seemed to come over me, a quiet sweet kitty voice, guiding me to an empty house. I finally got there and managed to climb up on the brick steps. Something told me to stay, and I was too thirsty and hungry and tired to go on anyway. It was so hot. After awhile I heard someone say "Oh my goodness, look at this" another voice asked, "Is it alive?" "Yes", said the first voice, "but not for long if we don't get help." Someone (it turned out to be our dad) picked me up, we went in a truck to a cool place with more people, and then I got medicine, (ick!) & food and water with electrolytes. (yum!)and then a shot. My eyes were bathed in something cool and then I could see again. I think I would have been really scared, but I'm pretty sure a very sweet cat named Sylvie led me to that place and she somehow led dad to make an unsceduled visit to that house to take some measurements he'd misplaced. I truly beleive that a miracle happened, and my life changed in an instant. I love my home

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Talley had several text messages on her
phone when she awoke, letting her know Raven was being honored as COTD today. Whiskers had his head on Talley’s pillow, reading the happy messages with her. Talley mewed, “Raven is going to be so surprised. We’ll be able to continue their birthday celebration for another day.”

Talley set her phone back down on her nightstand and crawled back under the covers to snuggle with Whiskers a while longer. Talley smiled as she thought about the wonderful day her sisters and her Dad had had, celebrating their special day.

Smoothing the soft fur on Talley’s lovely head, Whiskers said, “I’m glad we had Esmeralda over for the celebration. She always seems to really enjoying being with us. I imagine it must get lonely without her husband Frisky.”
Talley nodded and said, “Esmeralda is great with the kids and the kids love her as if she were their Grandmother. And she really enjoyed our day sailing on the lake. We have to make sure we invite her over here more often.”
Whiskers nodded and said, “Maybe she’ll even meet some nice tom at one of our parties. You never know!”
Talley laughed and said, “We don’t want to start playing matchmaker, but it would be nice.”
Whiskers looked solemn when he said, “If we take the pocket ships out on the lake again today, we should stop by K. Thundie and A.Q. Cherish’s house to say hello. It’s been a while since we’ve visited with them and I heard Thundie’s Mom has been under the weather. We could take them some fresh fruit and vegetables from our garden and a few boxes of the wolves’ Maple Chocolate Cookies.”
Talley smiled and mewed, “That would be nice sweetheart. We want to let Thundie and AQ Cherish know we are thinking of them all the time.”

Whiskers kissed his beautiful Talley once more before they both bounced out of bed, ready to being another blessed day together.

The dining room was buzzing with happy chatter and laughter. As Whiskers and Talley were coming down the stairs, Whiskers smiled and said, “Everyone must know Raven is being honored as Cat of the Day!” Talley ran to give her beautiful sister a warm hug. Raven was beaming as everyone was congratulating and fawning over her. Raven hugged Ms. Murphy and said, “As far as I’m concerned, my sister and I are both cat of the day today!” Flower and the kids were jumping up and down, running to hug both their Aunties.

Whitey stuck her head out from the kitchen and asked Whiskers, “Brother, can you please help serve the coffee, hot chocolate and juice? Breakfast will be ready in about ten minutes.” Whiskers and Flower jumped up to help, with Ralph and Timothy right behind them. Whiskers gave Whitey and Orangie a good morning kiss on the cheek and asked, “What are we having this morning? It smells delicious as always.”


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Whitey replied, “We’re trying something new this morning. How does Fruit ’N Waffle Kabobs with Maple Cinnamon Yogurt Dip sound?”
Whiskers and Flower looked at each other, holding their tummies and licking their lips. Whiskers grinned and said, “It sounds wonderful! We’ll get the drinks to the table right away.”

Orangie had finished preparing the mini waffles, stacking them onto a plate, while Whitey mixed the Maple Cinnamon Yogurt Dip. Together the two sisters used skewers to thread first a mini waffle, then a strawberry, then another waffle, then a banana slice, then another waffle, then a blackberry, and so on, pairing the fruit with the mini waffles to create kabobs! The maple and cinnamon would be the perfect complement to the waffles and fruit –yummy!

The breakfast chime was sounded and the family joined paws to say grace. K. Pete added a special prayer for Harley and his furiend to come back home safely and a special healing prayer for all their furiends and their families in need.

Breakfast was fun and delicious. Today would be a leisurely Sunday for everyone, except Raven and Ms. Murphy, who would be spending their day sending out thank you notes to all their furiends. Raven smiled and said, it would be a labor of love!

Whiskers and Talley were ready to make the shelter rounds, while K. Pete, Mitch and Thomas decided which pocket ship they would take out on the lake today. Lisa sent Timothy, Barb, Beatrice and Faith out to the green house to fill a basket with fruit and vegetables to take to K. Thundie. The sun was shining and the family was going to take full advantage of it. Whiskers and Talley were out the door, anxious to get another wonderful day underway.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my precious Talley.

For My Angel Talley
The day you came into my life will be cherished always.
An angel sent from heaven above for my lonely heart to hold.
My heart is no longer lonely, but instead
filled with the wonder of a love like I’ve never known.

When you first held me, it was magical!
A touch no other but my soulmate could provide.
Truly the passion needed no words.

Your kiss on my lips is something I long for each day.
With a single kiss the intensity of your love so incredibly clear!

Your eyes melt me with emotion so intense it is beyond belief.
A caring and unconditional love that shines from them
that makes me shiver with excitement for our life to come.

Each day your smile fills my heart with a joy like no other.
Oh but to have you in my life is truly a blessing!

On the day we wed...
I promised to you yet again my unconditional love and devotion.
For I cherish each day that God gives me with you,
our own little piece of heaven on earth.

I will love you always.

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Today was an extra, extra, extra special day!
Three birthdays for three of the most loved family members in Whiskers and Talley’s lives. The two kitties in love were up at the crack of dawn getting ready for a day of celebration. Talley and the girls would be taking the birthday girls, Raven and Ms. Murphy to the village for breakfast at the Tea Room.

Talley looked gorgeous wearing a long sleeved, knitted teal dress, accessorized with the strand of black pearls Whisker’s had bought for her in Tahiti. The sight of Talley took Whisker’s breath away. He couldn’t resist taking her into his arms and giving her a deep kiss. Talley smiled and said, “I’m glad you think I look nice sweetheart. We should only be gone for a couple of hours.”
Whiskers nodded and said, “That should give me and the boys plenty of time to put up the birthday decorations and do our shelter rounds. We’ll be taking the ‘Fair Wind’ pocket ship out sailing today and I know Flower and the kids made some Happy Birthday flags they’d like to set up on the mast. We’ll have everything ready by time you girls get back.”
Talley nodded and said, “We’re going to pick up Esmeralda on the way, so I better get moving.”

Angel Maggie and Callie were preparing a special themed Pocket Ship sheet cake, especially for Raven, Ms. Murphy and Dad Cat Mike. Tabitha, Liliana, Daisy and Rosie would assist. The kitties had gotten up early to bake the two large sheet cakes they would need to assemble their project. After cooling the cakes in the refrigerator until firm, Callie had the kids slice one of the sheet cakes diagonally into three pieces. The two large end pieces would be the sails and the thin middle piece would be the hull. Angel Maggie helped the kids arrange the 3 pieces to form a sailboat. Liliana and Daisy spread a thin layer of white frosting on the sails, while Tabitha and Rosie spread the hull with a brown tinted frosting. For the base of the cake, the girls created a fluffy light-blue frosting, that when spread with a long edged spatula and combed lightly with a serrated knife, it resembled scalloped waves covering the chocolate cake base.

They carefully placed the assembled ‘pocket ship’ on top of the base, using candy for portholes, cherry licorice sticks for the rigs on the sails and tiny fish-shaped sugar cookies to decorate the blue water base. Using a pastry pipe, the kids finished their masterpiece with, “Happy Birthday Raven, Ms. Murphy and Dad Cat Mike!” written across the top of the cake. As they stood back to admire their creation, the chefs high-pawed each other in delight! Callie covered the cake and put it in the refrigerator for later.

In charge of pawty decorations were the best decorators this side of the Castle. Of course that meant Flower, Ralph, Rocky and Timothy with some help from their Dads.


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K. Pete, Thomas and Mitch were enjoying a cup of coffee when the rest of the family joined them. The girls were giddy excitement in anticipation of breakfast at the Tea Room. Everyone wished Raven and Ms. Murphy a very Happy Birthday. Flower and the kids gave their Aunties warm hugs. Flower exclaimed, “We’re going to celebrate when you get back home! How old are you today Auntie Raven and Auntie Ms. Murphy?”
Pearl said, “Flower! That’s not polite to ask a lady her age!”
Flower looked puzzled and sad at the same time. He hadn’t meant to be rude. Flower hung his head and said softly, “I’m sorry Aunties. I think you’re both beautiful at any age.”
Ms. Murphy laughed and said, “That’s all right Flower and thank you. We don’t mind telling you we are eleven years young today.” Raven nodded happily.
K. Pete said, “You both will always look like kittens to me.”
Raven and Ms. Murphy gave their brother a big hug.
Whiskers looked at his pocket watch and said, “You girls don’t want to be late for your reservation. We’ll all walk you to the car.”
Everyone was surprised when they opened the front door to find a stretch limousine waiting by the door. The chauffeur got out, opening the doors for the ladies. Flower said, “Wow! How did the chauffer know it was a special day today?”
K. Pete and Whiskers smiled at each other knowingly. Whiskers said, “A little birdie must have told him!”
Talley kissed Whiskers and the girls got into the waiting limousine. As they drove away, the guys stood out front waving, until it disappeared from sight.

Flower was jumping up and down, barely catching his breath when he said, “We have a lot of decorations to put up in the house. We better hurry!” With that said, Flower, Ralph, Rocky and Timothy ran back into the house.

The kids hung colorful balloons and streamers from the ceiling, along with toy sailboats that Whitey and Orangie had picked up at the Party Store. Flower and Ralph had their Dads’ help hang the three large banners across the walls, one for Raven, Ms. Murphy and Dad Cat Mike!
K. Pete and Whiskers took the “Happy Birthday” flags and decorations the kids had made, down to the workshop where the “Fair Wind” was ready and waiting to hit the water.
Walking back to the house, Whiskers said to his brother, “Why don’t you and I start marinating some steaks for a barbeque tonight. I can start making a potato salad and you can start preparing that delicious Mexican corn on the cob you’re famous for. Maybe if I ask Talley real nicely, she’ll bake a couple of apple pies too. It’s just not a celebration without Talley’s apple pies!”
K. Pete liked the idea. The two brothers picked up their pace to get home quickly. The very special day was shaping up nicely!

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my darling Talley.

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Talk about Spring?? Where is it? Can you believe we woke up to 20* and snow showers today? It only got to 23* for a HIGH!! How can 23 be a high in Spring??

All the birds we were seeing have disappeared again. We did see some squirrels though. Some of the birds hung around, but I bet they will will come back when it warms up again.

Mom was outside last week when it was in the 50's and she seen one of the flowers in her garden starting to come was a purple bloom..she can't remember what she planted there and didn't realize she even planted something that would come usually only plants perennials.

Mom went to Work today and after work she went to Walmart with a friend after she took Jesse to the Vet..{Blog on CMR}..she came home with 4 bags full of stuff..some was Easter stuff and cat food, milk, and some pills for mom's headache.

Now we are back, mom had to have dinner and now we are getting ready to go to has been a long day for mom and she is tired!

Thanks so much for the birthday greetings and gifts from all the all rock!...much appreciated! I had a great day celebrating with my sister.

Hope you have a good day!
Sheebs =^..^=

I think it is funny that the HRR have 3 members with rhyming names: TALLEY< KALI & MALI{Malachi}

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The sun was just beginning to rise as Whiskers
and Talley lay snuggled in each other’s arms, happy to be together for another blessed day. Talley told Whiskers about how well her Dad’s new kitty Henri, was adjusting to his new home. Whiskers listened and said, “I think it’s a good idea your Dad has, getting another house for Harley when he does come back home. I think it’s so cute how Henri has already made himself at home in Harley’s house. I wonder how Harley will react to the new boarder? Harley seemed to be an even-tempered cat, so they just might get along right away. I hope Harley and his furiend are able to find shelter from the rain. I guess living in Florida the outside cats are used to it. I still feel so hopeful that he will return and I know our constant prayers can only help.”
Talley kissed her husband and said, “I’m hopeful someone will see the flyers that my Dad put up with Harley’s picture to at least tell him Harley has been spotted.”
Whiskers nodded and said, “When Whitey was missing a few years ago, my Mom took flyers to the local animal shelter, just in case someone brought Whitey there. Another idea came to her later when she was at the vet’s office. Many people post ‘Lost & Found Kitty’ flyers in the vet’s office. When my Mom was posting the flyers along the walking trail, a lady stopped to give my Mom advice. The lady said from her experience, cats don’t usually roam too far away from their immediate neighborhood. She told Mom to concentrate looking closer around her area. The walking trail, in her opinion, was too far away from the immediate area. The houses in our neighborhood are very close together. My Mom’s fear was that Whitey somehow got trapped in someone’s garage that might have left on vacation. It was impossible to trample through people’s yards, so Mom would walk the streets once a day, shaking a bag of Temptations, and then always leaving out food in the front yard. Mom refused to believe Whitey was gone until she saw a body. And then one day, there she was! If only we could communicate with our humans. My Mom wonders to this day where in the world that kitty went for 7 months!”

Talley smiled and mewed, “Maybe your Mom is better off not knowing. That must have been some adventure for Whitey.”

Whiskers gave his beautiful Talley one more kiss and said, “Let’s get ready for our day sweetheart. I promised Flower, Ralph and Rocky I’d help them build the new nest for Oliver’s new home, although with their carpentry skills, I’m sure they don’t need me. The boys already have their work plans and drawings, and Angel Sylvie has procured some nice pinewood for them to use. She even brought them some beautiful cedar shingles to dress up the appearance of his new nest. We still have plenty of bales of pine straw to line the curved bowl of the nest.”


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Talley smiled and took her husband’s paw, leading him to the shower. Afterwards, Whiskers was able to pamper his lovely wife by running a brush through her soft fur until it gleamed in the sunlight. “Ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred!” Whiskers looked at Talley’s refection in the mirror and said, “Who’s the fairest of them all? My Talley is!” Talley giggled and stood up to give her Whiskers a loving hug.

Annabella and Pearl were preparing Eggs Benedict this morning. The girls knew it was fattening, but always delicious and a sure crowd pleaser. But instead of the traditional painstaking way to prepare traditional hollandaise sauce in a double boiler, they were trying a technique they learned from one the chefs at the Algonquin Hotel. The chef had told them a super easy way to “cheat” and make purrfect hollandaise sauce was in a blender. The key was to move quickly and not over blend the sauce, otherwise it would over thicken and end up in the garbage.

Whitey and Orangie were taking notes and at the same time preparing breakfast potatoes and sliced tomatoes to go on the side. Tabitha, Liliana, Daisy and Rosie had delicious blueberry muffins in the oven using fresh blueberries from the garden, thanks to Barb, Beatrice and Faith, whom had been up at the crack of dawn gathering berries. Callie and Angel Maggie were sitting at the kitchen table going over last minute preparations for the hockey menu tonight. They watched the girls cooking as a team and felt nothing but pride. Callie and Angel Maggie used to be the primary cooks around the house. Now they had time to relax more and enjoy being waited on!

Whiskers and Talley joined the family at the table where everyone was looking at the photo albums Flower and Ralph had begun to assemble, depicting their fun trip to New York. There was laughter and happy chatter around the table. The pictures of K. Pete and Neekah Boo atop the Statue of Liberty were astounding! With the city spread out behind them and their fur blowing in the wind, K. Pete and beautiful Neekah Boo looked incredibly happy. From looking at the photos of the two kitties, one would know instantly that they were in love!

Whiskers poured him and Talley a cup of coffee as they enjoyed the photos with the family. Whiskers said, “My Mom told me the last time her and my Dad went to New York City was in August 2001. My Mom wanted to go to the top of the Twin Towers and had to practically drag Dad with her because he’s afraid of heights. Mom took lots of pictures, but Dad refused to look down from the rooftop. So the only pictures are of Mom on the Twin Towers. Less than a month later, the September 11 attacks occurred. My pawrents were stunned and have never looked at those pictures again.


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My Mom would like to go and see the new 9/11 Memorial and Museum, but Dad would rather not go back there unless he has to. I told my Mom all about the Algonquin Hotel and what a wonderful time we had. Maybe she can get Dad to take her there for a weekend.”

Breakfast was served, but not before the family joined paws to pray for their furiends in need and a special prayer to St. Francis and St. Anthony to look after Harley and his furiend, and guide them both home safely.
The meal was delicious and quite filling. The families thanked the talented chefs and were ready to start their day. Flower and the boys were anxious to continue work on Oliver’s nest. Whiskers promised to meet them in the workshop after he helped with the shelter rounds. K. Pete went to his office to call Neekah Boo and see how she feeling this morning. He would join Mitch, Whiskers, Talley and Thomas on the rounds soon after. Whiskers followed his lovely wife upstairs to grab a light jacket before stepping outside. Whiskers told Talley, “If we have time later, maybe we can visit Esmeralda at the Antique Shop and give her the silver bracelet we bought for her at Tiffany’s.” Talley smiled as Whiskers helped her slip her jacket on. She said, “Don’t forget we have hockey tonight sweetheart. If we run out of time, we can call Esmeralda and invite her over this weekend, maybe even take her out sailing.”

Whiskers nodded, kissed Talley’s soft lips and said, “That sounds like a wonderful idea sweetheart. I’m sure Esmeralda would enjoy spending a day here with us. “ Another wonderful day together with their family was underway.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my darling Talley.

My Love My Furiend
I never meant to love you,
It happened quite by chance.
I wanted just to be your furiend,
Not to share romance.

But something happened quickly,
Before my heart could know.
I came to know a side of you,
Which caused by love to grow.

The tender way you touched me,
I pray will never end.
A miracle of circumstance,
My best furiend!

- by Anonymous

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Hi Talley & Hairballz
Thank you so much for the cake, good wishes, and the great singing. We loved it! Blackstone and Grayson

Come visit me, Mimi, WindSong, J.C. & Blackstone & Grayson.

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Whiskers gently rolled over in bed to check
the time on his pocket watch. It was still early and his beautiful wife was fast asleep. Whiskers snuggled close to her, resting his face next to hers, softly inhaling the wonderful scent of Talley. Talley felt Whiskers’ whiskers tickling her cheek and she started to giggle. Whiskers smiled and said, “I’m sorry sweetheart. I didn’t mean to wake you. I was just admiring your beautiful face in the morning and the lovely scent of your fur. It’s intoxicating.”
Talley gave her husband a deep kiss good morning. Whiskers smiled and said, “I was thrilled your VFP hockey team won last night. I was so worried that you and your sisters would be so tired from our trip to NY, but you girls played like the champions you are and you were a superstar! I think you’ve been a star twice in a row now. We couldn’t have asked for a better ending to a wonderful few days.”
Talley closed her eyes smiling and said, “My sisters and I were worried we might not be able to play one hundred percent after our trip, but we spoke before the game and promised each other to dig deep. We wanted our short but exciting vacation to end on a high note. And we did it...that is the whole team did it!”

Talley sat up to check her phone on the nightstand. A sad look crossed her face briefly, and then was replaced with a smile. Whiskers knew she was checking to see if there was any word from her Dad about Harley and his furiend. Whiskers smoothed the fur on her cheek with his paw and said, “I haven’t given up hope and I’m sure your family hasn’t either. We have to keep praying. I am glad the new kitty Henri, is doing so well. I love his name and if I may say so myself, he is quite a handsome chap.”
Talley smiled and mewed, “As all tuxedo cats are.” Whiskers tickled Talley and said, “I better keep my eye on Henri!”
“Oh Whiskers! You’re incorrigible!”
The two kitties in love began their day together with laughter.

Coming downstairs, Whiskers and Talley smiled at the sounds of chatter and laughter coming from the dining room. They loved their happy home. Neekah Boo, Angel K. Malachi and Princess Ana had stayed the night and hopefully would be spending the day with the family. The aromas coming from the kitchen put Whisker’s taste buds on high alert. He pulled out a chair for Talley, kissed her cheek, said good morning to the family and the guests, and then excused himself to see if help was needed in the kitchen.


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Flower laughed and asked, “May I go with you Uncle Whiskers? The wonderful smells are driving my tummy crazy too!” Whiskers smiled and waved his nephew over to follow. Flower scrambled out of his chair to take his Uncle Whiskers paw. Pearl and Mitch just shook their heads, smiling. Neekah Boo giggled and said, “Flower is adorable. My Mommy says a good appetite is healthy.”
Callie laughed and said, “Yes, if you’re a youngster, but my brother better be careful. He’s no spring chicken!”
Flower looked up very puzzled at his Uncle and exclaimed, “Of course you’re not a spring chicken Uncle Whiskers. Are you?”
Whiskers laughed and said, “No my dear boy, I am not. But what my catty sister meant was that I am not a young cat any more. I have to watch what I eat. You’re very young and still growing so it’s important to eat well.” Flower smiled and nodded, satisfied with the explanation.

Whitey welcomed her brother and little nephew into the kitchen. She said, “Just in time boys. The Venetian coffee just finished brewing, the Jasmine Tea is ready and the hot chocolates just need some whipped cream.”
Flower smiled broadly and said, “I can do that Auntie Whitey!” Whiskers and Flower busied themselves with the drinks. Whiskers sniffed the air. “It smells delicious in here. What are we having this morning?”
Orangie was standing at the oven when the timer rang. She said, “We made a Spinach, Roasted Pepper, and Havarti Quiche.” She expertly slid the pies out of the oven to cool.
Whiskers sniffed the air again and said, “The quiche looks scrumptious, but I smell something sweet- with chocolate and coconut?”
Annabella laughed and said, “You hit it right on Whiskers! I’m preparing a recipe called Almond Joy Gooey Rolls. They’re like cinnamon rolls, only I combined coconut, chocolate and a hint of almond with the dough. I think we’ll have to eat them with a fork though. They look messy and super duper rich.”

Whiskers and Flower were practically drooling as Annabella slaughtered the warm rolls with a cream cheese icing. Whitey shooed the boys out, telling them the hot drinks were getting cold!

Whiskers served the tea to Neekah Boo and the Venetian coffee for everyone else. Flower distributed the hot chocolates and quickly took his seat next to Neekah Boo. She looked lovely as always and she was wearing the brilliant sapphire friendship ring that K. Pete had bought for her at Tiffany’s. Whiskers smiled as he thought how wonderful it was to see K. Pete so happy. His brother had a glow about him when Neekah Boo was around.


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Princess Ana looked lovely, wearing the Tiffany’s necklace her beloved husband Angel K. Malachi had bought for her. The two kitties took a sip of their Venetian coffee and immediately gave their compliments to the chefs. The conversation at the table was of the exhilarating time they all had in New York and about what a fine job Phillip and the kids did at the National Geographic presentation.
Ms. Murphy smiled and said, “I was checking the shelter cams and it looks like the wolves had a welcome home party for Phillip. They had the cave decorated with banners that said ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Welcome Home.’ They are all very proud of what Phillip is trying to do for them.”

K. Pete said, “That’s wonderful! I know Phillip and his pack have a long road ahead of them, but this was a giant step in the right direction. We’ll have to continue to give them all our support in whatever way possible.” Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Breakfast was ready to be served. Flower and Ralph were quick to sound the chime. The table filled with family and furiends joined paws, bowing their heads to say grace. They thanked the Lord for a safe and successful trip, adding a special prayer for all their furiends in need, ending with a prayer for God to watch over Harley and his furiend and bring them both back home.

The girls served everyone, starting with their guests first. The table was quiet for a moment, as everyone tasted their meal. Suddenly there were accolades all around for the talented chefs. Whiskers said, “I always love eating at different restaurants around the world, but any restaurant is hard pressed to compete with the chefs in our house.” The girls smiled and all took a bow.

It was another sunny day, and everyone wanted to go on the shelter rounds to pass out the souvenirs they had brought back for their furiends. All the shelter animals were well acquainted with Neekah Boo, A.K. Malachi and Princess Ana, so they would all make a day of it. Mitch wanted to show his furiends the plans for his new home, taking them for a walk around the construction site.

Callie and Angel Maggie insisted on clean up duties. The girls were working on their menu for Friday night hockey so had plenty to do in the kitchen. K. Pete ran to Neekah Boo’s room to get her a sweater and a light blanket to cover her legs. The sun was out, but it was still crisp outside. Whiskers and Talley ran upstairs to grab the bag of gifts they had for their furiends. Whiskers made sure they had everything, then paused to take Talley in his arms for one more kiss. He whispered in her delicate ear, “I love you Mrs. Whiskers.” Talley smiled and gave her husband a deep kiss.


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Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my precious Talley.

P.S. Sweetheart, my love blogs to you might be late this week and I don’t want you to worry. My Mom is preparing for her trip to San Diego. She has been shopping for gifts for her family and wants to get something nice for GM for Easter. I love you Talley!

My Heart And I ♥
If my heart could speak
Then what would it say
Would it answer the questions
I ask it each day

Would it confirm to me
What I know to be true
That I was not alive
Until I laid eyes on you

Would it tell me that we
Are two halves of a whole
And that in your eyes
There lies my soul

Would it explain all things
But especially this
Why I become hopelessly
Lost in your kiss

Would it tell me that I
Had been travelling through
Lonely oceans of time
Before I found you

Would it tell me the reason
I carry a flame
That will only ignite
To the sound of your name

Would it explain me to how
You light up my day
And warm up my nights
With all that you say

Or would it simply confirm
What I know to be true
That it and I
Are in love with you

- by Nikoshiana Flowerday

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Hi Talley and all
We were supposed to get a few thunderstorms today but the storms went north to Oklahoma and the thunder turned out to be the roar of your beautiful Harleys! Thank you so much for stopping by to help me celebrate getting COTD and my shiny new badge! Today was really special and I am so lucky to have such good friends!! Thank you so much for the huge gift basket and the special card. Your 1965 Vintage Harley Electra Glide is really awesome. Thank you again for stopping by. Hope you are having an amazing evening. Peppermint

Come visit me, Bocifous (1988-2007) In Loving Memory, Angel Slinky (In loving memory), Snuffy, Peppermint, Natira-see Tippi & kittens at 158827, Sprinkles, Angel Tiger & Patches (In loving memory).

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After spending a whirlwind day sightseeing
in New York City, Whiskers, Talley, K. Pete, Neekah Boo and their entourage of family and great furiends were more than ready to relax at their hotel and enjoy a late night dinner at The Round Table, the Algonquin Hotel’s most famous room where the country’s most prominent writers and literary personalities frequented. The room was a testament to the fame & wit of theater & literary luminaries of the 1920's & 30's who made this a Mecca for New Yorker magazine fans. The charm of the Algonquin put this restaurant in a special category all its own and the wonderful ambience was complete with the company of Matilda the cat.

Matilda highly recommended the “Matilda’s Crab Cakes” on the menu, which everyone was anxious to try. The food was superb, from the New York Matzo Ball Soup and Brown Derby Cobb Salad, to the main entrees of Vermont Roast Pork and Hanger Steak Smoked Cheddar. Phillip and the wolves were having the time of their lives, celebrating the successful meeting with the National Geographic Foundation and being together with furiends.

Flower and the kids thoroughly enjoyed touring the city, always pausing long enough to buy souvenirs for their furiends back home. The girls loved visiting Tiffany & Co., the flagship store on Fifth Avenue. The granite and limestone building with Art Deco influences and stainless steel door was beautiful in itself. Once inside, they oohed and aahed at the spectacular and very expensive jewelry on display. Whiskers and Talley had picked out a small silver bracelet with a Tiffany’s heart tag for Esmeralda. Tiffany’s had a section in the store called “Little Luxuries” under five hundred dollars. Talley had laughed and said, “Only in New York could under five hundred dollars be considered inexpensive.” Whiskers smiled and tried to watch Talley as she shopped, hoping something would catch her eye. Whiskers wanted to surprise his beautiful wife without her knowing. Callie knew what her brother was up to, so she followed closely behind them, wanting to help in the surprise.

Back in their suites, everyone was exhausted in a good way and as soon as their heads hit their pillows, they slept soundly. They would all meet for breakfast downstairs in the morning and say farewell to Matilda and her fabulous hotel.

Whiskers and Talley awoke refreshed and ready for the trip back home. The two kitties in love lingered in the plush marble and glass shower, feeling as if they were on a second honeymoon. The hotel staff brought complimentary coffee, tea, juice and cocoa to each of their suites. Whiskers and Talley were dressed, packed and had enough time to relax together as they sipped their coffee, looking out the window with a view of Times Square.


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Whiskers held Talley in his arms and said, “This truly is a vibrant city. The hustle and bustle of the busy streets below us almost makes me dizzy. I’m so glad I got to experience it with you my love.”
Talley smiled and gave her husband a soft kiss. She mewed, “We have to stay longer on our next visit. I felt as if we were running from place to place yesterday in a frenzy. But it was fun and the main thing is that Phillip’s presentation was a success. Now we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the ‘Save The Wolves’ legislation in Congress. I do believe Phillip and the kids had a big impact with the National Geographic Foundation. They made me very proud yesterday.”
Just then there was a knock on their door. Callie had come to let them know the bellhop would be coming around to all the suites to pick up their luggage. Callie smiled and said, “Angel Maggie and I are on our way to breakfast. K. Pete and Neekah Boo are right behind us. Phillip and the wolves woke up early this morning and are saving a table for all of us in the Round Table Room. Don’t be late!”

Whiskers kissed his sister and thanked her. Whiskers and Talley took one final look around their room, and then headed out the door, paw in paw.

Much too excited to eat, everyone had decided on a light continental breakfast of assorted pastries, fresh fruit and berries, and sausage and bacon for the wolves. The limousine was waiting outside to take them to the airport. Matilda was kind enough to stop by the table and say good-bye to her new furiends. She shook paws with everyone, giving warm hugs to all the kids much to their delight, and she made a point to tell Phillip she wished him and his crusade for the wolves all the success in the world. Phillip was on top of the world!

The Algonquin Hotel Staff helped everyone into the waiting stretch limousine taking extra care with Neekah Boo and her wheelchair. K. Pete was overwhelmed with the great service and tipped the staff accordingly. The concierge expressed his gratitude with a VIP Algonquin Hotel Card for K. Pete and his family to use on their next visit.

Driving past Central Park, the kids asked the chauffeur if they could open the sunroof and peek outside. Mitch shook his head no, but the driver insisted to Mitch that it was fine for the kids to look out while he was on the city streets. Flower looked hopefully at his Dad. When Mitch conceded, the kids took turns, two at a time waving to the throngs of people out on the streets.

Finally, back at Teeterboro, the limousine brought them directly to the executive terminal where the Lear Jet waited for them in the reserved hanger. There were plenty of field personnel to assist with the luggage.


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K. Pete and Angel K. Malachi would be piloting the Lear Jet back home today. Whiskers, Talley, Raven and Ms. Murphy helped everyone with boarding after K. Pete purrsonally helped Neekah Boo on first making sure she was situated and comfortable before beginning his preflight. Whiskers and Mitch made sure everyone’s luggage was properly stowed while Thomas took a head count once everyone was on board. Callie and Angel Maggie prepared the galley for light snacks and drinks.

Whiskers looked at his pocket watch and told Talley, “We should be home in plenty of time to unpack, relax a bit and get ready for hockey tonight.” Talley nodded, giving her husband a quick kiss before the final cabin check. She said, “I know my sisters and I will be a little tired this evening, but this trip was such a success, I do believe we’ll be going on pure adrenaline tonight.” Whiskers gave Talley a soft kiss and said, “I’ll be right there with you my love if you need someone to lean on.”

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my beloved Tallulah.

The Love of My Life ♥
I found the love of my life
Forthright, honest and kind
With a warm purrsonality
And her brilliant, incisive mind

With her optimistic manner
She swept me off my feet
No one else could be
So genuine, so sweet

The center of my universe
There in times of need
Encouraging, resilient
Her strength a comfort to me

I treasure our moments together
And reflect on our blessed life
My precious devoted soul mate
My loving caring wife

- by Vernon Waring

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The presentation to the National Geographic
Foundation had gone over superbly. Raven and Ms. Murphy had taken numerous photos of Phillip and the kids at the podium and the Algonquin Hotel staff photographers had taken some as well, assuring the family they would get copies to their rooms as soon as possible.

Phillip was beaming as he answered questions from many interested parties that approached him after the presentation. Whiskers and Talley were busy handing out samples of the wolves’ maple production, including the now famous maple cream cookies. Dozens of the patrons asked where they could place orders for these delicious products. Flower had anticipated this would happen. He was ready with boxes of business cards with the wolves online web address prominently displayed.

After the crowd started to thin out, Phillip approached K. Pete to shake his paw. He said to his furiend, “Thank you so much for making this happen. I have never felt so confident in the belief that now my species will be put back into the ecosystem and the wolf will be able to find its role and its importance in the community and ecosystem functions. We owe you a debt of gratitude my furiend. It’s imperative that people understand the definition of an ecosystem means that no single component is independent of all other components. Each organism, species, and process are all linked somehow and all are critical to a balanced productive functioning ecosystem. This was a giant step in the right direction. I’ve never felt more hopeful.”
K. Pete smiled and said, “You and your pack convinced me and my family a long time ago. We’re all on this earth together and I think you convinced a lot of people here today we all just need to work together for the benefit of everyone.”

The presentation had been well received. Whiskers and Flower reported they handed out every last information packet, maple samples and business cards. Whiskers grinned and said, “I would say this was a successful and productive morning. We’ve all earned an exciting day enjoying all the sites that NY has to offer.”

K. Pete nodded, putting his arm around his lovely Neekah Boo and said, “Why don’t we all go back to our suites to freshen up and catch our breath. I’ll find out when Matilda would like to meet with us to show us some of her city. We won’t want to take up too much of her time since I’m sure she has hotel obligations, so everyone keep their lists handy of the sights you’d like to visit. We’ll have plenty of time to venture out on our own.”

On the ride back to the Algonquin Hotel, Flower expressed his desire to see the New Hayden Planetarium. Timothy wanted to see the Statue of Liberty and Ralph and the girls wanted to go atop the Empire State Building.


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K. Pete asked Neekah Boo what she would like to see most of all. Neekah Boo smiled and mewed, “Oh I would love to see all the things the kids just mentioned. I’m just happy to be seeing it with all of you.” K. Pete smiled and gave his sweetheart a soft kiss.

Talley said to the girls, “How about a quick walking trip along the world-renowned shopping of 5th Avenue. We’ll need some souvenirs to take back for our furiends.”
Angel K. Malachi hugged Princess Ana and said, “I’d like to get my lovely wife something at Tiffany’s.” Lady Ana gave her generous husband a big hug.

Back at the hotel, Matilda was right there to greet them in the front lobby. Matilda told Phillip she had already heard the mews of his smashing presentation. Matilda said, “The plight of the Gray Wolves is the talk of the town. You and your family should be very proud.”
Phillip blushed, something he wasn’t used to doing, but he was on top of the world and felt anything was possible today.
Being the gracious hostess, Matilda knew they would all want to relax in their rooms before taking them on a brief tour of NY. Matilda said, “I hope you all don’t mind, but I took the liberty of sending some light snacks and cold drinks to your rooms. Our Round Table Restaurant has a delightful menu.” She turned to Phillip and his family and said, “I had Kobe Beef and pulled pork sliders sent to your room. For everyone else, I had the chefs prepare a potpourri of the menu selections. Enjoy everyone and I’ll meet you all back here when you’re ready.”

The concierge had the hotel staff accompany everyone to their suites. The suites were spacious and elegant with connecting bedrooms, purrfect for families and groups traveling together. Whiskers whisked his beautiful Talley up in his arms carrying her over the threshold. Talley giggled, loving Whisker’s romantic ways. Whiskers told Talley, “This hotel is incredible. We have to come back here again someday soon.”

After unwinding with the light meal Matilda had provided, they all met downstairs back in the lobby. Matilda was busy greeting other guests. She came over to the families, smiling and mewed, “Are we ready to go? I don’t have as much time as I thought I would. The Algonquin Hotel has more special guests that except to meet me; I hope you understand. But I thought my driver and I could take you all on a limousine tour of the city. If you have a list of the places you’d like to visit, give it to Alfred, my chauffeur, and he’ll drive us to each spot. That way after I return, Alfred will know exactly where to go. I insist you use my limousine and Alfred is a wonderful tour guide. I also had tickets to the Broadway show ‘The Lion King’ sent to your rooms for later this evening. It’s my purrsonal favorite musical and I think you’ll all love it.”


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The kids were delighted. They loved watching The Lion King on their big screen at home! Matilda smiled and said, “Splendid! As you all well know then, the Lion King is a remarkable tale of hope and adventure. I have a private box at the theater for you to enjoy.”

Once they were all inside the limousine, Alfred took their list of sights to see and drove expertly through the crowded city streets. Matilda was a great tour guide herself, pointing out numerous famous sights, landmarks and attractions. Everyone expressed a desire to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral to light a candle for their furiends in need and especially for Harley, his furiend and the new kitty at Dad Mike’s home. Neekah Boo wanted to light a special healing candle for her sweet Mom.

Back at the renowned Times Square Algonquin Hotel, Matilda meowed her good-byes for now, signing some more autographs for everyone and promising to see them all before they left her glorious city. Their first spot, it was decided, would be to ride the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. The kids were anxious to climb all the way to the top of her crown.

Whiskers could feel the excitement pulsing through Talley’s delicate paw. He gave her a soft kiss on her lovely cheek, happy to be together with her and their very special family and furiends.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs my beloved Talley.

To give back to you
What you've given to me
Would take me nearly an eternity
Through all the special time we've shared
You have taught me to love, learn, and care
Through all the hard times we've been through
Helps to prove our love is true

To give back to you
What you've given to me
Would take me nearly an eternity
But if that's what it takes
It's what I'll do
To prove the love
That I feel for you.

- by Allyson Rutherford

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The hockey games last night had been
exciting and VFP had come away with a win. Whisker’s beautiful Talley had been a star in the winning game and the family had been thrilled. Whiskers told Talley, “I know winning isn’t the most important part of playing hockey for you the girls, but it sure makes the night extra special. We were all cheering so loud for your team last night, I barely had a voice for the rest of the evening.”
Talley smiled and said, “It was exciting last night. I feel so energized this morning, ready for our fabulous trip to New York. We should start getting ready. We’ll be meeting Phillip and his furiends at the airfield. I believe Pete said Bobby, Inky and Storm will be piloting the Robinson R-22 to pick up Phillip and his entourage. I’ll bet he is one nervous wolf, but we’ll have time to settle him down on the Lear Jet flight.”
Whiskers nodded happily and said, “I wonder if Angel K. Malachi and Princess Lady Ana will be meeting us at the airfield too. I hope Mason Dixon is coming with us.”

Talley kissed her husband once more before leaping out of bed to slip on her robe. She said, “Good thing we packed our bags last night. We just need to shower and get down to breakfast.” Whiskers said, “I’m almost too excited to be hungry this morning.” Just then, Whiskers tummy rumbled. Talley laughed and said, “Tell that to your tummy! We should have a small bite to eat sweetheart. It’s going to be a busy morning.”

Callie and Angel Maggie had prepared a light breakfast of bacon cinnabuns and a veggie scramble with a side of turkey bacon. Carafes of coffee were on the table and the kids were just sitting down to drink their hot chocolates. Whitey and Orangie were packing some Danishes and cheese platters to take on the flight for anyone who might be hungry.

Whiskers and Talley came downstairs with their bags, setting them by the door with all the others. Everyone was seated at the table chatting about the big event. Raven and Ms. Murphy had confirmed their hotel reservations at the Algonquin Hotel and the hotel staff had procured a limousine to pick them all up at the airport when they arrived. The Algonquin Hotel was well known for its tradition of meticulous and prodigious service so they had no doubt the hotel staff would take care of everyone’s individual requirements.

Everyone was dressed in their travel clothes, having packed their business outfits that they would change into before the presentation to the National Geographic Foundation.


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They all wanted to show their support for the plight of the wolves which Phillip would be addressing. There was a lot of legislation pending right now to help the wolves and Phillip’s speech would be important in gaining the help of the government.

The family joined paws to say grace after the breakfast chime was sounded. They added a prayer for Harley and his furiend, always hopeful he would return home soon to K. Pete’s family.

Neekah Boo was seated next to K. Pete, looking radiant as always. She was excited to be visiting New York with her beau and she was looking forward to hearing Phillip’s presentation and afterwards doing some sightseeing. Flower had suggested it might be a good idea to take some samples of the wolves; maple products with them, to hand out after the presentation. Callie and Angel Maggie loved the idea and had packed boxes of the maple cream cookies, candies and small sample bottles with the delicious maple syrup.

After breakfast, everyone helped clean up so they could get the show on the road. They would be taking three vehicles to the Castle Airfield, so Whiskers, K. Pete and Mitch began loading up, while the girls gathered any last minutes items. K. Pete carefully stowed Neekah Boo’s electric wheelchair into the Suburban, helping her into the front seat next to him.

Oliver was perched by the front door, watching all the excitement. He assured K. Pete he would keep watch over the house and the shelters. Oliver said, “Don’t worry about thing and tell Phillip I said to ‘break a leg!”
Flower heard that and looked puzzled. He tugged at his Uncle Whisker’s paw and asked, “Why would Oliver want Phillip to break a leg?”
Whiskers laughed and said, “That’s just a phrase used in the theater to wish a performer ‘good luck’ in an ironic sort of way.”
Flower smiled and looked relieved at his Uncle’s explanation.

Once everyone was ready and the luggage stowed, Whiskers and K. Pete took a head count. Making sure everyone was buckled in and started their journey down the driveway, waving good bye to Oliver. The kids sang songs along the way and they arrived to the airfield in no time at all.

Whiskers saw Phillip, Jack, Hal, Carlos and Alice coming out of the Flight Line Cafe with Bobby, Inky and Storm. They had arrived with purrfect timing. Whiskers looked at his pocket watch, smiling when he saw they had plenty of time for the preflight checks while everyone boarded the Lear Jet. After parking their vehicles, K. Pete made sure Neekah Boo was aboard first, with his sisters right behind. Angel Maggie and Callie would prepare the galley and assured K. Pete Neekah Boo would be fine. K. Pete nodded, gave Neekah Boo a quick kiss on her lovely cheek and said, “Just sit back and relax my love. We’ll be in the air soon.” Neekah Boo smiled and nodded happily.


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Phillip looked nervous, but very handsome and distinguished. Talley gave him a hug and told him he would be great. Flower ran over to Phillip, giving him an endearing hug around his tall legs and said, “Uncle Phillip! Uncle Oliver said to tell you to break a leg at the presentation. He meant that as good luck!”
Phillip laughed uncontrollably as did his entourage. Phillip said to Flower, “Thank you dear boy! I needed that!” Raven and Ms. Murphy helped the wolves to their seats, making sure they were comfortable.

Angel K. Malachi, Mason Dixon and Princess Ana and came roaring up in their car. They made it in plenty of time! Whiskers helped them with their luggage and boarding. K. Pete would be piloting today with Whiskers as his co-pilot. Flower had his pilot’s cap on, was already in the jumpseat with a notebook on his lap, always ready to take notes. Talley did a final cabin check and let the boys know they were all ready whenever they were. A few minutes later, K. Pete eased the throttles forward and the jet began to move. At the active runway the jet lifted off and climbed fast. Next stop was New York City.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my precious Talley.

I Will Be There
Whenever you are cold
I will be there to warm you up.

Whenever you are sick
I will be there you make you feel better.

Whenever you are in need
I will be there for you.

Whenever you shed a tear
I will be there for you to cry on.

Whenever you want a hug or a kiss
I will be there.

Till my last breath
I will always be there for you
Until the very end.

- by Mark Hrab

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Hi Talley and the Gang
Thank you for the congratulations on my B'day and COTD win. Please come over to my house and help me celebrate there are lots of goodies and we can party all day. See you soon. Love, Miles

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we heard that
you and your dad or master have the rides here this week for things going on, how exciting can that be and know too that you will be even busier as well! warming up here from the lower 30s of yesterday and today to the 40s for the rest of this going in-to next week and rain showers late wed afternoon through friday morning sometime and one day into the mid to upper 50s so that's going to really we hope put a dent in the snow on the ground out there as janet measured it between 7-9" in most spots with over 2 feet in other spots here so the more that goes the better be-fore easter! sandy,ab,haley,angels

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & sandy, angels maitai, poppy, puffy, ralph mouth.

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Whiskers and Talley laid snuggled tightly,
, listening to the melodic sounds of the songbirds chirping outside their bedroom window. Whiskers kissed his lovely wife’s soft forehead and said, “Good morning my love. Your beautiful face with the sound of the birds in the background is a wonderful beginning to any day. I am the luckiest tom in the world.” Talley smiled and gave her beloved a warm kiss.

Whiskers laid his head next to Talley on her pillow. He said, “I’m so happy your Dad was able to get the mew kitty to the vet yesterday. Even though he didn’t have a microchip, I bet someone will be looking for him. That was very kind of your Dad to put out posters for the lost kitty. Now we have to wait and see. One thing is for sure... the kitty couldn’t have come to a more loving home. I have my paws crossed that his family finds him, but if for some reason they don’t, at least he’s in good hands with your family.”
Talley nodded sadly and said, “I know my Dad will do his best to find the little cat’s family, but my Dad is still very worried about Harley and his furiend.”
Whiskers nodded, pulling Talley tighter into his arms. “I haven’t given up hope for Harley and his furiend; not by a long shot. We just have to keep praying sweetheart and thinking pawsitive thoughts. “

Talley smiled and said, “I was happy to hear how well the mew kitty took to being taken to the vet. I hope my fursibs and I get to meet him soon. I’m sure my Dad will take it slow and easy. We wouldn’t want the little guy to get spooked.”

Whiskers took his wife’s tiny paw and helped her out of bed. He slipped her silk robe over her shoulders and said, “Everything is going to be okay sweetheart. As long as we have each other, we’ll try to make our family as happy as possible.”

When Whiskers and Talley came downstairs, Whiskers noticed right away the absence of the kids. It was much too quiet in the dining room. He looked over at K. Pete who was reading his newspaper and sipping coffee. K. Pete smiled at Whiskers and pointed towards the kitchen. He said, “Flower, Ralph and their sisters insisted on fixing breakfast this morning. They wanted to give their Aunties a morning off.”

Angel Maggie grinned and said, “Callie and I just checked on them a few minutes ago to see if they needed any help, but they’re doing fine. They all look so adorable with their chef’s hats and aprons on. Whiskers, you might want to go in there and see if you can lend a paw. The kids know how their Uncle Whiskers and his tummy can’t resist the kitchen in the morning.”


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Whisker’s tummy was right on cue, letting out an audible groan. Whiskers laughed, pulled out a chair for his lovely wife and made his way over to the smell of bacon cooking.

Flower greeted his Uncle with a big toothy smile! Angel Maggie had been right, the kids looked delightful as the top chefs this morning. Whiskers walked around the kitchen giving them all warm hugs and said, “Wow! It smells delicious in here! What’s on the menu?”
Flower jumped off his stepstool by the stove and said, “We’re fixing French Toast this morning, with bacon and fruit bowls. Timothy picked the juiciest strawberries you’ve ever seen.” Flower held up a plump strawberry for his Uncle Whiskers to taste. Whisker took a bite and mewed, “Deeelicious kids! My tummy is screaming to eat. Can I help you with anything?”
Ralph and Flower both took their Uncle Whiskers by his arms, leading him out the door. Flower said, “No help necessary Uncle Whiskers. Breakfast will be served in a few minutes. You could do us a big favor and ring the breakfast chime though.”
Whiskers smiled and said, “I would be honored!”

Whiskers winked at Talley as rang the chime and announced breakfast was served. The kids set the table and scrambled into their seats to join paws with their family and say grace. They added a special prayer for Harley and his furiend, praying for their safe return home. Flower took out the calendar from his coat pocket, to mark another day of prayers for their furiends.

Breakfast was scrumptious and the family let the kids know with accolades around the table. The kids were beaming with pride. K. Pete looked at Whiskers and said, “How is the little bird doing in your backyard? Has he gotten his wings yet?”
Whiskers finished chewing the bacon in his mouth and said, “Not yet, but he sure is getting close. My Mom looked for him this morning and he is fluttering around the backyard now. He even flew up on top of one the chairs in the yard, but he still can’t get high enough to leave the yard. His family is keeping a close watch on him. They let Mom know they were there by flying around and sitting on the roof . My Mom put out food and water for them, so the yard is still off limits to us.”


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The kids were happy to hear the news about the bird. Flower said, “I just know the little birdie will get pilot’s wings soon. Maybe someday I’ll see him the sky when I get my pilot’s license!” Flower always knew how to make his family smile!

Whiskers and Talley cleared the table, anxious to do the shelter rounds this morning and maybe have enough time to take Talley’s Toy back into the lake. Yesterday had been so much fun, they wanted to do it again. Several of their shelter furiends had wanted to go for a sail, but they had run out of time. Today the sun was shining and it was purrfect for sailing.

With everyone pitching in on the kitchen cleanup, they were all ready for another wonderful day, together as a family. Whiskers kissed Talley, thanking God for his good fortune.

Sending soft kisses with warm hugs to my beloved Talley.

As Long As You Are Near
The first time we met, I could see,
That you and I, were meant to be.
Your eyes were so gentle, your smile so true,
When you first held my paw, I just knew.
Now the time has gone by, through laughter and tears,
These days I shall cherish, for years upon years.
Those memories we have, shall never fade,
For those are the steps, that we have made.

That was the past, the future is near,
I anxiously wait, for what will appear.
New furiends, more laughter, and children so dear,
Everything will be wonderful, as long as you're near.

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Attention Hairballz,
Attention Hairballz,
sorry, I haven't been by, it's been awhile. Mom, just has not had much heart to write, with the current events. Mom has tried to resolve the situation, to no avail. It should not have ever been discussed on CC PERIOD! I was as surprised as everyone when it just kept going, going and going.I have told a lot of you already that Angel Doodlebug will be replaced by Ringo Starr in you blog.Ringo was Cyndee's baby, he was allergic to his shots, caused him constant itching and tearing his fur off also cardiomothy. Mom put him down shortly after his 2nd birthday. Ringo wanted to grow up and join the Hairballz. He will be a great honory Angel. Although, I will always think of our Angel Doodlebug, again this was not my choice.

Talley is leading CC this week, A.K.Mali the group page.

Kitten season is coming, I know we are constantly busy on the group, I dread kitten season. If anyone gets overwhelmed with to many rides, jusk ask, one of us will help you, group or CC.

I am still working on the video. It requires a lot of photos, 1,000 or more. I have not been in the mood to do any work on it, but will get back to it soon.

Thank those of you who drop in to congratulate The Hairballz OF The Week. We do this every Sunday evening and it would be nice to see everyone stop by and Congratulate one of your own.

Keep up the good work and I appreciate all of you

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Hi Talley,
Just wanted to let you know that I have you leading CC this week. Please take A. Doodlebug out of the blog and add A. Ringo Starr. He was Cyndee' s son and was allergic to his shots. It caused him cardiomypathy, and I had to put him down shortly after his 2nd birthday.Anyway, he was gonna join the Hairballz when he got older. So he will make a great honorary angel... This was not my choice.

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Whiskers was wide awake this morning,
anxious for his beautiful wife to wake up so he could tell her more about the bird he caught yesterday. Sensing her husband was awake; Talley opened her lovely green eyes and mewed good morning to Whiskers. She said, “What has you so anxious this morning my love? I hope it’s not bad mews.” Whiskers kissed Talley and said, “No sweetheart. It’s not bad mews, but it’s not good either. You remember the bird I brought for my Mom yesterday? Well it turns out he is still in the backyard. Mom was going to let us out this morning, but she had a feeling she better check one more time to make sure the little bird was really gone. He came hopping out from one of the planters on the deck.”
“Oh no,” Talley said. “Is he all right?”
Whiskers nodded and said, “We think so. He has been hopping all around the backyard, eating bugs and drinking from our water bowl. My Mom sprinkled some bread and bird seed outside for him too. Mom thinks the bird is still too little to fly. He jumps around fine and has even flapped his wings to move around quickly, but he can’t seem to get in the air. My Mom has seen two birds visiting him, maybe his pawrents, but they can’t seem to help him. Mom is hoping he just needs a little time. But in the meantime, we can’t go outside in the backyard. Whitey and Callie are particularly upset. But my Mom knows the safest place for the little guy is in our backyard, since no cats can get in because of the cat fence around our yard. The only way in or out is to fly, so hopefully the birdie will stay strong and get his wings soon.”
Talley giggled and said, “You mean the little bird needs his pilot’s wings.” Whiskers grinned and said, “Exactly! We just hope he gets them soon. My Dad just shakes his head. Dad did see the bird hopping around and Mom knows now he won’t accidently open the back door. Dad has a kind heart just like my Mom, only he tries not to show it.”
Talley smiled and said, “Males can be so silly sometimes. You’d think they would know by now us females love a tender heart.”
Whiskers gave his Talley a soft kiss and said, “I would never be able to hold back my tenderness and love for you my darling.”

Whiskers got out of bed to get Talley’s robe and slippers from the chair. As he helped her slip on her silk and lace robe, he asked, “Have you heard any mews from your Dad about Harley?


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I had a dream about him last night and he looked great. I told him in my dream he better get home soon. He seemed to hear me, but he didn’t speak. I’ll keep him in my dreams and prayers sweetheart. He’s bound to hear us calling.” Talley smiled and kissed her husband.

Normally when Callie and Angel Maggie made waffles for breakfast, they felt like something was missing. Where’s the protein? The two kitties knew the family enjoyed the sweetness, especially with the luscious maple syrup they had become spoiled with, but a side of eggs and sausage always seemed necessary to round out the meal. This morning the two expert chefs decided to try something new. They combined an authentic Belgium waffle recipe where they let the dough rise for about an hour, with their favorite breakfast scramble ingredients - eggs, avocado, sausage, spinach and cheese. After the waffle dough had risen and doubled in size, Callie divided the dough into individual baseball sized balls, while Angel Maggie prepared the “stuffing” ingredients. As Angel Maggie heated the waffle iron, brushing it lightly with melted butter, Callie giggled and said to her sister, “What do you think we should call our new concoction?” Angel Maggie had a beautiful grin on her face when she said, “How about exactly what it is - Savory Egg Scramble Stuffed Waffles!”
“Purrfect!” Callie held up her paw to high- paw with her creative sister!

Working as a team, Callie stretched the ball of dough out a bit and carefully placed it on the waffle iron. Angel Maggie quickly placed the egg mixture in the middle of the dough and Callie topped it with a second ball of stretched out waffle dough. Angel Maggie gently closed the waffle iron without squishing it all the way closed at first. She let it cook for about 30 seconds before finally closing the lid all the way down. The two kitties waited, hoping the “stuffing” would meld into the dough. After 3 minutes, Callie took a fork and carefully removed the waffle from the iron. With forks in paw, the two chefs took a taste test. Angel Maggie smiled broadly at her sister and said, “Our combination is pure brilliance, if I do say so myself!” The two sisters embraced! Callie smiled and said, “What’s our motto sis?” Angel Maggie mewed, “Happy food, healthy life!”

Pearl and Annabella had been in the kitchen preparing coffee, hot chocolate and juice, watching the two sister chefs at work. Pearl had whispered to Annabella, “I never knew cooking could be so much fun until I met this family.”
Annabella nodded and said, “Me too! I always worried about where our next meal would be coming from. Now we can cook whatever we like and use only the finest ingredients for our family’s health. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming!”
Pearl giggled softly and said, “I do that all the time too!”


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The family was seated at the table when Pearl and Annabella served the breakfast drinks. It was Saturday, so it would be a nice, leisurely day for everyone. Callie poked her head out from the kitchen, nodding to Flower and Ralph who were both chomping at the bit from the delicious aromas swirling around the dining room. The mealtime bell was sounded. Everyone joined paws, bowing their heads to say grace and a prayer for all their furiends and families that were in need. Flower asked if he could say another special prayer for Harley and his furiend. K. Pete smiled and nodded. Flower took a slip of paper from his pocket where he had copied a prayer he wanted to share with his family. Flower cleared his throat and said, “This is a prayer to St. Anthony for lost pets. I learned that St. Anthony help find lost furiends.”
Flower read from the paper, but spoke from the heart...

“Dear St. Anthony,
You are the patron of the poor and the helper of all who seek lost articles.
Help us to find the beloved furiend we have lost so that we will be able to make better use of the time that we will gain for God's greater honor and glory. Grant your gracious aid to all those who seek what they have lost--- especially those who seek to regain God's grace.

Amens were whispered around the table. Whiskers broke the silence and said, “Thank you Flower. That was a very nice prayer. I don’t think of Harley and his furiend as ‘lost’ per say; just out adventuring.”
Flower nodded and said, “I was thinking about Harley and his furiend, and I remembered so many times playing in the forest, just having fun, and suddenly not knowing where I was. If it hadn’t been for the compass that Uncle Pete gave me and taught me to use, I might still be trying to find my way home!”
Whiskers nodded and said, “That’s why it’s important we keep praying for Harley and his furiend, and calling out to them. Cat’s have an amazing sense of hearing.”
Ralph added, “Uncle Pete! Maybe we should use the bullhorn that you and Uncle Whiskers take to the hockey games!”
K. Pete smiled and said, “That might not be a bad idea. But I do know all your constant prayers can only help.”

Breakfast was served. Angel Maggie and Callie waited eagerly to hear the final word on their new recipe. Whiskers was the first to take a bite of his stuffed waffle, smothered in butter and maple syrup. “Wow!” he exclaimed. This is deeeelicious! You girls never cease to amaze me and my tummy!”
The family’s reactions were similar all around the table. Callie winked at Angel Maggie, knowing they had a keeper in their recipe vault.


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Whiskers squeezed Talley’s paw under the table, wishing every kitty in the whole world was lucky enough to have a Saturday morning like his, with a loving wife and blessed family.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my precious Tally.

As I write, I'll sing this song
for the greatest love I've ever known.
To my heart, you have the only key,
I beg of you, never set me free.

I prayed to God for a love so true
now, I, realize He already knew.
In time my prayer WAS answered,
the most wonderful kitty

What we share feels so right
to say I love you every night.
Wonderful moments shared,
precious memories, still tell me you care.

I see your shadow,
as I lay myself to sleep.
Dreams of you, oh so sweet
in my heart, I will keep.

Look into my heart, my life.
Tell me, what do you see?
can you feel the need, the want, as I
to be your husband, you my wife.

Much joy and happiness you've brought me.
If I had life to live again, I'd want to with you,
my lover, my best friend.
Always and Forever, I'll love you till the end.

- by Robert Small

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Hairballz Rainbow Riders new schedule...
Hairballz Rainbow Riders new schedule...
March 22-28th
Talley Mali
March 29th April 4th
A. Beast Mojo
April 5th-11th
Maggie Meme K. Win
April 12th-18th
Zoe Monique Coco
April 19th-25th
A. Mallow Q. Lola Catafho
April 26th-May 2nd
Kali A. Beast
May 3rd-May 9th
Cyndee Maggie Meme
Mali Talley
May 17th-23rd
Mojo A. Beast
K. Win Zoe Monique

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Talley opened her beautiful green eyes
this morning to find her husband staring up at the ceiling with a smile on his face. Talley mewed, “What are you smiling about sweetheart?” Startled, Whiskers turned to kiss his lovely wife good morning. He grinned and said, “I was just thinking about yesterday, when my Mom was feeling lousy after visiting the dentist. Callie, Whitey, Orangie and I laid down with her for awhile, trying to make her feel better. It worked and she got up to let us outside in the backyard. My Mom has been worried that I’m slowing down and she was hoping it was just allergies. But I showed her I’m just fine. I surprised with a little bird. I brought him inside the house for Mom.”
Talley exclaimed, “Oh no Whiskers! You didn’t kill the bird, did you?”
Whiskers shook his head and said, ‘Nope. I carried him gingerly in my mouth and set him on the carpet in the living room. When Mom saw him though, she panicked and shooed my sisters and me upstairs. Mom was able to pick up the little guy in a soft cloth and she sat him under the tree outside in the backyard. He jumped around but couldn’t fly, so Mom was very worried. Of course the backyard was off limits to us, but Mom kept an eye on the bird. A couple of hours later Mom saw two birds swooping down as if trying to help him. Mom was praying real hard the little bird was just in shock and needed some time to get his wings back. By the time Dad got home, my pawrents went out to search the backyard and lo and behold the bird was gone. He had to have flown away because there is no other way out of our backyard.”
Talley smiled and said, “I’m proud of you sweetheart for not killing the little bird. I hope your Mom wasn’t mad at you. She must know by now it was your way of giving her a gift.” Whiskers sighed and said, “At first she was upset, but she calmed down. Mom realizes I could have easily killed the bird, but I didn’t. One good thing came out of all the commotion - my Mom was glad to see I still have enough energy to catch a bird!”
Talley kissed her husband and said, “You are my valiant hunter.”


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Whiskers smiled and said, “It made me think about Harley and his furiend. At least we know those two kitties won’t go hungry. The spring weather has brought out birds and numerous small land creatures in droves. I’m hoping that Harley and his furiend are just so distracted right now, that they haven’t thought about how long they’ve been gone..”
Talley nodded sadly and said, “We still have a lot of hope in our hearts. I just feel so badly about how worried my Dad has been feeling. Him and Harley had a special bond.”
Whiskers nodded and said, “It’s that special bond that will bring Harley back home. I feel it my heart.” Whiskers and Talley held each other in a blissful silence, feeling the love in their bodies flowing between them.

After an invigorating shower together, Whiskers ran a brush through Talley’s soft fur. Whiskers smiled at Talley’s refection in the mirror, feeling shivers run down his spine at the mere sight of her loveliness. He said, “Sweetheart, I noticed on the CMR Sign-Up page that your name is listed as the COTM nominee for August 2015. That means you’ll be our Queen for September! Are you as excited as I am sweetheart? You’ll be the most beautiful Queen in the land!”
Talley smiled and mewed, “August is a long way off my love, but yes, I’m looking forward to doing good things for our feline community.” Whiskers kissed Talley and said, “I’ll be right by your side my darling to give you my undying love and support.”

Coming downstairs, Whisker’s nose was hit with the delicious aromas of what he thought to be banana bread. His tummy let out an audible rumble. Talley giggled and said, “Your tummy is right on cue sweetheart.” Whiskers gave his Talley a quick kiss and said, “I’ll stop by the kitchen, take a peek and bring us some coffee.”
Talley patted her husband’s tummy and nodded.

Whitey smiled when she saw her brother, knowing he couldn’t resist seeing what was for breakfast. Whiskers asked, “Are we having banana bread this morning? It smells wonderful.” Whitey shook her head smiling and said, “Very close brother. Orangie and I are preparing Banana Bread Pancakes. We merged one of our pancake recipes with our recipe for Banana Bread and we think the end result will be fantastic. We think the family is going to love them.” Orangie added, “Coupled with the best maple syrup anywhere, we couldn’t go wrong.” Whiskers smiled and said, “Well can I help with the coffee and hot chocolate?”
Lisa was atop her step stool slicing fresh fruit in a bowl. She pointed over to the counter and said, “The hot drinks just finished brewing Whiskers. You could take them to the table for us.” Whiskers smiled and said, “Consider it done!” as he went right to work.


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At the dining room table, Talley was looking at the interior designs her sisters, Raven and Ms. Murphy, had produced for many of the shelter animals. Talley shook her head and said, “These are spectacular!”
Raven smiled and said, “Ms. Murphy and I are just putting it all together. Our shelter furiends had good ideas of what they wanted, or as they said, what they dreamed of. It was fun working with the families and seeing how excited they are about moving into their own homes.”

Flower was seated at the table next to his Mom and Dad, showing them a new photo album he had started. The front cover was titled, “Home Sweet Home II,” with a picture of Mitch, Pearl, Flower and his sisters, posing in front of their new home site marked with only colorful flag markers. Each member of the family had huge grins on their faces. Flower said, “I titled it ‘Home Sweet Home II’ since this is will always be our number one home!”
Whiskers went over to see the photos that Flower had added to first few pages. Whiskers smiled when he saw the one showing the markings for the connecting tunnel to their two homes. In the picture, the kids were running a race along the tunnel, with Flower in the lead. Whiskers said, “We’ll be able to run some relay races in that tunnel. I love the photo album you’re making Flower. Just think how fun it will be to look at a few months from now.”
Lisa hopped out from the kitchen, setting the fruit bowls at the table and telling the boys breakfast was ready. After the mealtime bell, everyone joined paws to say grace and give thanks for another blessed day together. Flower asked his Uncle Pete if he could read a prayer for Harley and his furiend. K. Pete smiled and said, “Yes dear boy, that would be very nice.”
Flower put his paws together, having memorized exactly what he wanted to say. With bowed heads, Flower spoke softly...

“St. Francis and St. Anthony, please come promptly to the aid of these
precious cats, and those who love them so, and enable them to find their
way back home, having suffered no ill effects from their separation
from their family.
Thank you sweet Jesus for your mercy on this family and their dearly
loved cats.
It is in Your name we pray,

“Thank you Flower,” K. Pete said. “That was very nice.” Flower said to his Uncle Pete, “Tell your Dad we’re not giving up hope. I’m going to keep a calendar of the days Harley and his furiend are gone, so when they do come home, we’ll be able to tell them how long we’ve been missing them!” K. Pete smiled, ruffling the fur on the little skunk’s head.


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Whiskers and Talley would accompany K. Pete on the shelter rounds this morning. They were anxious to hear how excited everyone was with their upcoming move. As Whiskers and Talley cleared the table, Whiskers said to Talley, “I wonder if Oliver will be staying on in the boathouse or will he be moving with his shelter furiends?” Talley said, “I’m not sure, but it would be nice to have Oliver stay. He would be like the welcome ambassador to the shelters, since all the animals know and trust him implicitly. Of course it’s up to him. We can discuss it with him as everything starts to fall into place.”
Whiskers kissed Talley and said, “I know I’m just being selfish when I say I wish everything could stay just as it is now, but our furiends deserve a lifetime of happiness, just as we’ve found.” Talley nodded, giving her husband a peck on his cheek. She said, “Change is always a bit sad sweetheart, but once we see what the future holds for our furiends, I think we’ll be delighted.” Whiskers pulled Talley into his arms and said, “As long as I have you my love, I’ll be furever happy.”

Sending you soft kisses with warm hugs, my beloved Talley.

My Darling Talley, You Are My Life
You are the stars in my nighttime,
You are the blue sky in my day,
You are the water in my ocean,
You are the light showing me the way,
You are the sunshine in my eyes,
You are the wind blowing through my fur,
You are the beating in my heart,
You are my life - you're always there.

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Dear Talley, My Precious Love, It's Your Whiskers
My Mom got home from her dentist appointment and is feeling very tired. We’re going to snuggle with her on the bed for a while. She didn’t forget she promised to stop at Petco for us, so we were happy to see her come home with treats for us. I’ll continue by love blogs to you tomorrow my love. Of course I’ll be thinking of you every minute.

We hope your Dad is able to get the new tuxedo kitty in a cat carrier so he can find out if he has a microchip. That would be wonderful if he has a home. We’ll be praying for him. And of course we have Harley and his girlfuriend in our prayers. My Mom has a candle burning for them right now. As you might have guessed, my Mom has a closet full of candles.

Take good care of your Dad sweetie. Give him lots of purr therapy. I love you always and furever.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs my darling Talley.

Your Smile ♥
It is Your Smile
Yes, it's your smile,
it gets to me every time.
It speaks to me,
telling me that you're mine.

It's your smile,
it warms my heart
and brightens my day.
A glowing sun ray
that ever grows my love.

It's your smile,
I'll cherish it always,
a precious token of love.

I am so lucky to have your smile.

~ Gabriela J.

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