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Siberian from <a href='' title='Aldergrove, BC'>Aldergrove, BC</a>

A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ ridin'with my peeps!

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Hi! My name is A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ ridin'with my peeps!

I am a Siberian from Aldergrove, BC

Nicknames: Mighty Mallow, Zefirmallow (thanks, Bennie!), Mallow Whip (thanks, Angel Q. Gracie!)

~ I found out that “mallow” is a family of flowers that includes Hibiscus, Rose of Sharon and best of all, the wild swamp rose. ~

** Mallow: proud to be the pointy thumbtack on the throne of Kings **

Age: 8 years old

Gender: F

Coat: long haired

Education: I went from being afraid of other cats to being able to boss two much bigger housemates around. When the Queen muttered, they would move!
♦ Completed all five levels of Cat College Dec 2009 - June 2011
♦ Camp Kitty camper - summer 2010
♦ Dame of the Realm - Aug 31, 2011. Thank you, King Sparky!
♦ Received her Wings from Cherish, Dame of the Air, and became one of the Royal Pilots August 26, 2011. Rotary Wing (helicopter) rating Mar 9, 2013
♦ Member of Zoe Monique's Hairballz Rainbow Riders since January 2012 - Hairballz were designated "Heralds of Happiness" by King Bennie August 31, 2012
♦ Dungeon Mistress & Court Jester to King Bennie; named Countess of Comedy - August 2012
♦ Court Jester to King Pushkin, October 2013
♦ Guardian Angel to K. Bennie - Jan 20, 2014

COTD Nov 4, 2011 -- Stunned and grateful!
COTD Feb 28, 2013
ACOTD - March 1, 2014

CROTD Nov 3, 2011 -- Surprise!
CROTD Dec 3, 2012
~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~
Engaged to Sir Oscar Jon #257588 June 20, 2013
Married to Sir Oscar Jon July 30, 2013
"Love knows no boundaries ..."
~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~
**Plays for Kitty Avalanche mouse hockey team**
Inducted into MHL Hall of Fame June 21, 2013, just a few hours before I crossed the Rainbow Bridge

"Inductee number five represents the Kitty Avalanche. She is a great hockey player and has left her mark on the MHL in a short period of time. Please welcome inductee number five, Mallow, #161233"
Vote 100 - Cherish - 8/25/11
Vote 500 - Carly Knight - 11/3/11
Vote 1000 - Bennie - 1/23/12
Vote 2000 - Lily - 9/18/12
Vote 3000 - Whiskers - 1/30/13
Vote 4000 - K. Bennie - 4/28/13
Vote 5000 - Sausha Knight & the GPC - 7/27/13
Vote 6000 - Mimi - 11/02/13
Vote 7000 - Hot Rod - 1/31/14

My favorite tricks and treats are: I could fly even before I became an Angel! I was very small, but I could jump onto a 5 foot fence with no trouble at all. I could race up the stairs and fly across the living room to land on the couch with only one bounce off the chair in the middle of the room. Extra fun when a human was sitting on the chair or couch (giggle)! I also liked to race up & down the willow tree in the front yard, just to show off to Mike if I saw him looking out the window. One time Mom saw me walking along the top bar of the neighbours' chain link fence. She followed me for two weeks with a camera trying to get video, but I never let her see me do it again ~ and I loved Feline Greenies, Temptations and tuna flakes. I always appeared out of nowhere to mooch when anyone was eating chicken or nacho chips.

Where I hang out: I loved Big Bro Will's lap when he was on the computer or watching TV. I used his soft top convertible in the carport as a great big kitty hammock and I loved my cozy sleeping mat on top of the TV cabinet. Now that I've crossed the Bridge, when I’m not at my cabin in the woods I hang out in the treehouse O.J. built overlooking Mallowwood on Pinto Island, or in one of our many private hideaways (well, if I told you they wouldn't be private, now would they?).

My favorite grubs: Canned mush and Whiskas Sensations kibble

My pet peeves: When my people didn’t drop what they were doing to let me out the very second I asked, or when the other cats were sitting right where I wanted to be! I was the Queen, after all!

What I love about my owners: They loved me, appreciated all of my quirks and when after 7 happy active years with them I got a tumor that quickly took my strength away, they had my back. They took loving care of me and I was being held in Mom's arms when I crossed the Rainbow Bridge in my own time and on my own terms like the independent girl I have always been. That's what a forever home is about, and I chose mine well!

My cat hobbies: Go outside and explore and hunt, or stay inside and just sleep & hang out. I also love to ride my Harley!

Pet motto: “ Born to be wed … ”

Angel Dame Mallow and Sir Oscar Jon
will be tying the big Eternity knot
on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013
in the Rose Garden at the CC Castle (page #237624)

No live blogging, just drop in anytime to share in the ceremony and help us celebrate as we take the ride down the aisle into forever!

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How We Met

I had been picked up as a stray & was in the shelter for six weeks. Meanwhile, at the other end of town my future family was finally ready to welcome another cat into their lives after Angel Smokey. They went to the shelter thinking "anything but a gray one, because there will never be another Smokey!" Well, even though I'm gray, I kept following them with my big eyes, meowing "pick me, pick me", and they kept coming back to me. When the shelter lady said "would you like to hold her?" I held my breath. When Big Bro Joe declared “This cat has personality!” I knew for sure I had found my forever home!
Born: May 30 (est), 2005
Adopted: May 30, 2006
Joined CC: December 2, 2009
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge: June 21, 2013
Hey Mallow!
OF COURSE you and the Hairballz can ride your Harleys down the grand staircase any time you want. Hey if the Lily Pad isn't a fun place to be, what good is it to live in a palace, right? ~ Come visit me, ♦♦ Queen Lily ♦♦
(Hereby notarized sealed & filed this 13th day of November, 2012.)

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I've had 58234 friends visit me.

I'm the 37,320th member on

7,861 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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You get those Beach Boys going on the song and I'll work on some incentives for Pig. Which will in no way involve getting near the Portal myself. In fact, I think I should chain myself to you until his caper is over. Of course, that would mean detaching from mama and I am quite compfy by her side just now. Must think. Must....zzzzz......Purrs - Bennie

Come visit me, Moonlight Memorial Moss Garden, Kiska, Bennie, Viktor, Katya, Karamel', Kuznetsa & Koshka.

04/17/2014 07:08.40 PM Report This Comment
Hi A Mallow
I am doing good today. Mom has the back door open and it is kinda alright outside, it is 57*, the sun is shining, and it is a tad breezy. Not bad at all.

Mom has to go out later to get some food and stuff for Easter. Her sister is picking her up at 4pm and they are going shopping. Sounds fun, huh???

Hope you have a pawsome Easter!
Kali =^..^=

Come visit me, KALI ~~Happy Easter~~, WINSTON'S PIZZERIA~*since 2008*, JESSE ~~Happy Easter~~, KCK: 2014 TEAM PAGE~~Go KCK!!!, Angels Jinx & Shadow~Happy Easter~, KELSEE ~Happy Easter~ & K-WINSTON ~Happy Easter~.

04/17/2014 12:31.52 PM Report This Comment
seeing as i'm still relatively new at this,all complaints will be redirected to the blah,blah,blah department!
(see BeeGee)

Steve,ol' buddy,we all heard you whining about not understanding humans so we're sending you to your first human language 101 class. don't forget to take your frozen cheeseball to give to the teacher ;) sure hope your score there will be better than a 36.

talk about whining! Mimi's whining about all furs whining about the weather. seems she's whining the loudest. something about her tail being cold. just use it to stir your hot toddy, that ought to bring the tail temperature lots higher than your score of 41.

Tuck, what were you thinking, telling all golfers to hit the cheeseballs your way! don't worry buddy, the cheddar, colby,and monterey jack are blending in nicely with your fur. it's going to be a while though before you lose that limburger eau de parfum! thank goodness 35 was your score and not the number of cheeseballs sent your way.

Engine claims she still has jack frost nipping at her nose but what a real trooper, it doesn't stop her from
delivering the goodies! kicking her golf thermometer she says it's still stuck on 40 and for our internal thermometers she's brought along hot Irish Cream Toddies.

hmmm, appears that good ol' BeeGee will be Steve's classmate in human language 101! seems she's not so
good at understanding humans either. isn't that cute, BeeGee named her new little furry furiend with the tiny beady eyes and rubber-like wings,Slugger! and she's made him a bat cape,how adorkable,i,mean adorable is that! just make sure you pay attention to the class and not your new pet. you will need a better grade than that golf score of 52.

UBB seems to be the only one warm with a 20, huh??? must be all those hot toddies he indulges in! he also thinks his score will improve as the day goes on. sorry,UBB,only one score posting per day but right now that score is looking pretty good!

Geez, Mallow, if you hadn't been drooling so much in anticipation of eating that cheeseball, it wouldn't be all soggy! a long straight cheese doodle,huh? you still must have had to make like the hunchback. 48 isn't too bad, considering. why don't you glue several of them together for next time. it just so happens i have some glue with me and some glitter or sequins, whichever you prefer. pink or purple?

Timmy shows up overheated after being a one kitty wrecking crew at his home. his destruction was so bad that his mom had to call in extra help for repairs. take it easy there madman, MOL!! and it's a 46 for Timmy and thank goodness no damage occurred during his swing!

Come visit me, ~ Primo Puzzle~ & ~Mellofello~.

04/17/2014 12:15.20 PM Report This Comment
and that leaves me, Adorkable, with my lovely spring floral attire and a 63. i had thought that everyone enjoyed the cheeseballs i brought until i was heading home and found my scooter was no longer pink but pastel glitter tye dyed. i'll just grab my basket and head hom......wait, where are my peeps! Steve, open your mouth.....OPEN IT! OMG! my peeps are turning blue! NO, i did Not ask you to carry them home for me!!!

Finally to the scores:

lst- UBB with a roasty toasty 20

2nd- Tuck with his sticky and rather smelly 35

3rd- Steve carrying his lunch box and pencil case with his 36

and to the Cart Barn.....hmmmmm, today there's a special bonus, the highest score gets a go free pass so that means BeeGee and Mallow, to the Cart Barn, mawahaha!!!

you know this commontraitor thing is not so bad ")


Come visit me, ~ Primo Puzzle~ & ~Mellofello~.

04/17/2014 12:14.08 PM Report This Comment




04/17/2014 01:34.24 AM Report This Comment
I've got something in my pocket
That I put upon....blah,blah,blah.... something,something,something. Who knows the words to these corny songs anyway. Oh yes,there IS Google.I just really want you worried about whats in my pocket. Want to peek? Want to stick a paw in there and find out? You KNOW you do! Its poem in my pocket day you goof! Get your mitts away from my pocket. *ahem*

Roses are red(sometimes)
Violets are blue(they look more purple to me,but lets not get technical)
My paws smell,
but yours do too!

Hey,its 3 in the morning,what do you want?? Oh,I see,you want to peek in my pocket :)


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Chicks dig me :) & ~Sir Ernie ~.

04/17/2014 12:59.01 AM Report This Comment
My Dearest Fur Friend ♥ Angel Mallow...
We will be pleased to lead the Hairballz next week! Do we start on Saturday then?
Yes, sweetie, we're going to have a house soon. With a yard to play and lots of new places to explore. Mom tells us we're going to move soon after our parents finish with the building of an enclosure to make the yard safe for us.

Mom's Grandma & Aunt are coming home tonight and they will be staying to spend Easter with us. They live in another city and it's been quite long since we saw them last time. We've spent most of the day helping Mommy with the laundry and the cleaning of the house.
It was a sunny autumn day, windy but still warm. We now told Mom everything looks purrfect and that she can relax for a while and help us with our blogs.

I hope Auntie & Grandma bring us some Easter treats! He, he! I remember Auntie likes coming our hairs, so I will enjoy having her home.

I hope you all have a very blessed Wednesday and a super nice week too!!
With lots of love,
from your friends always,
Q.Lola & all the Buenos Aires Kitties!!
Love ya!!

Come visit me, Simba & Mrs.Pucca, Queen Memories, Angels Blackie & Lady Lucy, Sally ♥ Felix, Queen Lola - VOTE MEEKO & A.BOOTZ COTM! & Willow & Charlie.

04/16/2014 08:08.05 PM Report This Comment
Hi Mallow
I so have enjoyed our road trips. Seb's momma visited the boat race page not to long ago too. You are so Right! We don't think we've ever seen that many boats already in consideration. Maybe the all the news about the Great Lakes this Winter has peaked interest in the race. I can't believe that it's almost the end of April. We should start organizing our team and set-up a training schedule. What do you think?

Our weather was really warm this past weekend. I so enjoyed napping in the sun on our deck. Sebastien got out and made a mess of himself by rolling in the dirt. Silly boy. We had snow yesterday and temps in the 30's. Today the temps were in the 40's. Crazy weather Huh!

Seb's momma and Timothy's poppa went house-hunting on Saturday. They think they've found a home and will be making an offer on it. They won't know if their offer is accepted until next week.

Me, momma, Timothy, and Sebastien wish you and your family a Happy Easter.

Kitty Kisses,

Come visit me, Port Huron to Mackinaw Sail Boat Race, Sebastien-OMAHA!, THE KOOL KATS, Kieara - Curling is Pawsome! & Timothy O'Tim & Tia-; miss ya Tia.

04/16/2014 07:58.28 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Mallow and family!
It’s a nice sunny day, but my Mom is spoiling it with the awful noise from the vacuum monster. Mom leaves on her trip to GM’s house early Saturday, so Callie and I have been following her around, watching her pack & clean the house. We all know something is going on!

I left a vote with purrs, hugs and something to make you smile. Sending pawsitive prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

Dish Bottom Phobia =^.^=
I know I just ate some ten minutes ago,
But I felt in the mood for a snack
And, lo and behold, when I looked in my dish,
I saw the dish bottom look back.
See? Come and see if I'm telling the truth!
Oh. this has upset me severely!
Yes I know there's kibble on that side and this,
But I can see dish-bottom clearly!

I stared in the dish and I measured the place
That was empty, and let out a cry -
What if I finished this part and that part?
It would all be dish-bottom! I'd die!
How can you cruelly ignore my complaint?
The kibble was low, and you knew it!
You're acting as if it was piled to the rim
While I can see dish-bottom through it!

I nibbled some here and I nibbled some there
And I dropped one or two, being furious,
But nothing improved in this tragic affair,
The state of my dish is so serious!
No kidding! Oh, please come and see the bare spot
On the dish bottom, do as I wish!
Then I guess you don't care if I'm starving or not,
So I'll eat from the other cat's dish.

-by BamBam

Come visit me, K.Whiskers LUVS Talley •VOTE MEEKO & A.BOOTZ 17441, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

04/16/2014 07:09.18 PM Report This Comment
Hi A. Mallow
I was afraid I was the only cat with a Moon crazy Mom. Mine loves to photo the moon. Had her tripod all set up and ready to go. The clouds trumped any moonlight that was out there, she still kept hoping and stayed up all night. Next shot at this is Oct.8. If you have influence with management, please exercise your authority so our daffy moms can do their moon watching. Mimi

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong, J.C. & Blackstone & Grayson.

04/16/2014 04:41.30 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Mallow
Thanks you so much for checking on me and for the beef stew spiked with the angel dust.Yes moms heart is breaking for me,but when she looks into my eye,I try to let her know that I'm not in any pain and resting comfortably.Mom said she sure could feel all the love,thoughts,prayers of all our CC family,friends surrounding us here,thanks so much,leavng you a gentle pawhug,Wicket

Come visit me, Angel Gypsy,RIP My Sweet Angel Baby,I Love You, Angel Buddy,Love,Miss You Sweet Boy, Baby,Angel Wicket,Love you Sweet Wicket, Angels Rambo,Cindell,Love,M- iss You My Sweet Angels, K. SpongeBob-Hi,meet the wacking paw!!, Angels Muffy, Blossie,Missy together again & Bootsie,RIP My Angel,Welcome Wicket.

04/16/2014 03:37.29 PM Report This Comment
04/16/14 – Darn it! I almost slept in
and when I ran to the Catty Shack in my jammies I found that I fit right in. It’s Wear Your PJ’s to Work Day.

Moving right along, everyone is afraid to see what Steve wore, oh thank goodness for the 1 piece union suit. Flap done up and all! He has a 26 (=8). Mimi decided to wear her tuxedo and it’s a 35 (=8) for her today. Tucker has a 22 (=4) and is trying to warm up with some Cat Daniels. Someone go get him some big fuzzy footie jammies, the poor guy needs them!

What the heck is going on today anyway?! This is April, people. APRIL! Engine has a sub-freezing report, too and piles on her 3 ply winter fur to bring us a 30 (=3). Do I see a trend here? Timmy is having a snow day, too, with a 25 (=7). Are we going to have to send A. Mallow to have a talk with Management?

Maybe not, here comes Bee Gee with a more April-like 51 (=6), and a notion to haul out Toby’s catapult to launch hams into the water hazard. Be careful, there are still gators in there. Unless the liver fruitcakes did ‘em in.

UBB is freezing his whiskers off too, with a 24 (=6) and tales of some wild goings on with pansies in the shower. And then there’s LiLi … claiming to need her faux fur coat despite having a 52 (=7). The highest temperature of the day, by the way. We round out the day with A. Mallow in her Hello Kitty Gone Bad jammies and a 46 (=10).

Good turnout today! And here are the results:
1st – Engine with her multitudinous 3’s
2nd – Tucker with that 4
3rd – BG and UBB, tied with 6.

And … how about one of YOU tell her, I’M not gonna tell her. It’s (whisper) Mallow Gone Bad with that 10. She looks almost happy to go off to the cart barn, I think she’s up to something in there! That is my cue to get out of here, stage anywhere.

Once again, your Guest Common (couch) Tater, Mike

Come visit me, OJ & MJ's Wedding~Meeko & A Bootz #17441 for COTM!, Evie ♥ married to A. Shai, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ ridin'with my peeps!, K. Mike ♥ Q. Lady Dolly, Angel Smokey ~ always loved, ~ Dame Mojo Black Bear ~ & Angel Shai & Evie's Wedding.

04/16/2014 02:04.37 PM Report This Comment
Hi A Mallow
Talk about a change. Geesh, we went from 60* to 30* overnight. Not too much fun I tell you. We woke up yesterday to 4" of new snow. Today it isn't much better, it is 37*...supposed be 60* tomorrow which is good cause her sister is coming to pick her up and they are going shopping for Easter dinner.

Well, MHL is over now 'cept for the playoffs and my team did NOT make it in as ourselves, so we are using another team....gotta keep the hoomins out.

Mom got our yard all fixed up and put some stuff out, but then the snow covered everything. She is soooo glad she did NOT buy flowers yet. A lot of people were buying them at Walmart, and now unless they covered them with plastic, they are gone already. Mom nver buys flowers til May cause she knows about April snow.

I have my collar back said it is so she can hear us coming when she gets us in the house at and Jesse can still catch birds with or without the collar..even though we have tags and bells on them...we are S M A R T boys, we are.

Hope you have a pawsome afternoon!! I am going to lay down and take me a catnap.

Purrs & Pawhuggz!!!

Come visit me, KALI ~~Happy Easter~~, WINSTON'S PIZZERIA~*since 2008*, JESSE ~~Happy Easter~~, KCK: 2014 TEAM PAGE~~Go KCK!!!, Angels Jinx & Shadow~Happy Easter~, KELSEE ~Happy Easter~ & K-WINSTON ~Happy Easter~.

04/16/2014 12:19.15 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Mallow
You have a good point there if our human Moms get hurt who will take care of us. We need our humans to wait on us don't we, hehhehheh. It is really cold here today so cold that the rain we had yesterday froze and my Mom couldn't even get into her Jeep this morning. It made her late for work too. We thought we were past this kind of weather but you never know, now do you!!! Sending kitty hugs and whisker kisses. Love, Miles and Angel Maggie

Come visit me, Miles & Q. Angel Maggie.

04/16/2014 09:56.16 AM Report This Comment
Hi MJ!
Don'y you have some of the Beach Boys up there? I hear they're the best at generating good vibrations. And you're guaranteed a catchy campaign song. Leading the masses to revolt and all that. We'll get some great shot of you vanquishing Hisker. But Pig's refusing to be lured into the Portal. What shall we do? Purrs - Bennie

Come visit me, Moonlight Memorial Moss Garden, Kiska, Bennie, Viktor, Katya, Karamel', Kuznetsa & Koshka.

04/16/2014 07:03.42 AM Report This Comment
So, you too, huh?
We got gypped out of seeing the lunar eclipse too. And mom had been making SUCH a big deal about the whole thing. It was even at a half-way decent hour, so she stayed up and did see the beginning of it, clear as day. Then, about the time it was supposed to be "total", nothing but clouds! What a bunch of hype! We were conned by the weatherman. Again.... Know how doctors apparently get special training to make their handwriting illegible? Weather guys must get the same thing, only for them, they get instruction on how to hype the weather, even when they KNOW it's gonna be crap. :(

Bee Gee

Come visit me, BEE GEE 210564~~ & CATTY SHACK 232638 ~.

04/16/2014 06:57.32 AM Report This Comment
Lucky YOU!
Its wear your PJ's to work day! Yes,I'll gladly skip off to the Tiki Bar in my PJ's-which BTW-I sleep in nothing but the buff. AND,the added bonus,Gracie and Lily are gone-so you'll have me all to yourself to enjoy the sight. Look,can you start to see that little bump of my bicep? I've been working out you know. Yep,just started yesterday.I think I'll have to give it up for Lent or something,thats like hard work lifting that beer can to my pouty pink lips.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Chicks dig me :) & ~Sir Ernie ~.

04/16/2014 01:05.24 AM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Mallow and family!
This morning at 1:30 a.m. my Mom got up to watch the total lunar eclipse or “Blood Moon” as it was called. Mom was able to watch it from our backyard, so she let Callie and me out to watch it too. We were so excited about going outside in the middle of the night, we just ran around the deck like crazed kitties and forgot to look up into the sky. MOL! Whitey and Orangie didn’t even budge out of bed. They’re starting to keep regular hours now!

How funny your Mom stayed up to watch the eclipse too! It was a little hazy last night, but not too bad. We didn't hear about the end of the world predictions until this morning!

I left a vote with purrs, hugs and something to make you smile. We are always praying for our dear furiends and their families in need.

My Kitten Won’t Stop Talking =^.^=
My kitten won't stop talking.
She just prattles night and day.
She walks around repeating
nearly everything I say.

My kitten never says, "Meow."
She never even purrs.
She mimics me instead
in that annoying voice of hers.

She waits for me to speak,
and then she copies every word,
or begs me for a cracker,
or says, "I'm a pretty bird."

I'm not sure what to do, and so
I simply grin and bear it.
She's been this way since yesterday;
that's when she ate my parrot.

--Kenn Nesbitt

Come visit me, K.Whiskers LUVS Talley •VOTE MEEKO & A.BOOTZ 17441, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

04/15/2014 08:26.40 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Mallow
Thanks so much for comming to check on me,and for the yummy mallow peeps,angel dust and the warm blankie.Yes I'm getting so very tired now ,but I try to hang on,but don't think I can much longer,moms heart is breaking for me.I'm resting comfy on moms bed beside her right now,gentle pawhugs,Wicket

Come visit me, Angel Gypsy,RIP My Sweet Angel Baby,I Love You, Angel Buddy,Love,Miss You Sweet Boy, Baby,Angel Wicket,Love you Sweet Wicket, Angels Rambo,Cindell,Love,M- iss You My Sweet Angels, K. SpongeBob-Hi,meet the wacking paw!!, Angels Muffy, Blossie,Missy together again & Bootsie,RIP My Angel,Welcome Wicket.

04/15/2014 07:01.18 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angels Mallow,Smokey,Jezebel.Pierre,Family
Thanks so much for comming by to wish me a happy birthday.Thanks so much for the yummy treats,goodies and birthday songs.Sending you down a piece of my angel food cake covered in cool whip icing and a sprinkle of angel dust with kitty kisses,Angel Bootsie

Come visit me, Angel Gypsy,RIP My Sweet Angel Baby,I Love You, Angel Buddy,Love,Miss You Sweet Boy, Baby,Angel Wicket,Love you Sweet Wicket, Angels Rambo,Cindell,Love,M- iss You My Sweet Angels, K. SpongeBob-Hi,meet the wacking paw!!, Angels Muffy, Blossie,Missy together again & Bootsie,RIP My Angel,Welcome Wicket.

04/15/2014 04:19.22 PM Report This Comment
Tax day! 4-15-2014
And mom has had a very taxing day. We will all be well advised to leave her alone for the rest of the day...

Steve thinks he deserves a break today, maybe he'll give us all one, too. He has a 43 with rainy snow. Ugh .... Adorkable arrives with all the bunny colors of the rainbow on her attire! Quite a show, steering her glitter bike with her feet while munching a Big Mac! She delivers a 70 .... UBB has a grumpy reputation to maintain, and he does it well. He posts his high score for today (right day!) of 62.

Mimi couldn't get any McRodents at McD's (are you SURE?) so she decides to wait for the Ratmobile. She kills some time by whacking her shot for a 69 .... Ah! She didn't have long to wait, for here comes Engine in the Rodent Rocket now! Egg & emu enchiladas, huh. Where's the Rodent? She tosses her 62 and heads to the showers .... I'm not sure, but I think Tucker got shorted on his drive-thru order, like that EVER happens! We've learned to check before driving away. He has a Bee Gee-like score of 39. That DOES suck!

Oh. Well. Looks like Tucker stole Bee Gee's BG-like score! She rides her bike polo-style across the links and hammers one for a 50!... Timmy seems familiar with the proper cat etiquette of leaf-munching. That IS the protocol, right? He dodges raindrops on the course and turns in a 41 .... Ah, Mallow. Ranting about the lack of view for the "alleged" lunar eclipse! You couldn't prove it by us either. We were lost in the clouds too! So - they SAY there was an eclipse last night. We hope you DO get to be in charge! It would be really good to have friends in "high places"! She leaves us with a clear 48! (Same thing happened here too!)

Long drive excitement builds:
1st - LiLi, 70. The rainbow helped, I bet.
2nd - Mimi, 69. Still playing the Big Wind I see.
3rd - Tie, UBB 7 Engine, 62. Count your eggs, Budds!

Cart duty is in the capable claws of Tucker, with an able assist from Timmy. Poor guy, only the second day back and we have you working!

~~~~~~~~~Hot Rod~~~~~~~~~~
Not ONE of you did your taxes??

Come visit me, MOLLY, SMOKEY, LITTLE MISS ~~~.

04/15/2014 03:56.47 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Mallow
You know I do get yelled at for putting my toys everywhere. I leave them where I finished playing with them. Mom said it would be nice if I put them back in my toy box. Now why would I do that!!!! Sending you kitty hugs and whisker kisses sweetie. Love, Miles and Angel Maggie

Come visit me, Miles & Q. Angel Maggie.

04/15/2014 11:14.52 AM Report This Comment
Hi, A. Mallow: Love the picture! Thank you so much for letting Steve and I have our pawty at Mallowwood. Everything was perfect, and we had a great time! Big hugs, your friend Kaylin

Come visit me, Countess Wan-Lea Kaylin - York Devils Midgets #1!, Angel Lady Wan-Lea Wendy Avalon - Thank you! & Angel Mei Li - Lady MacFarlane of Loch Lomond.

04/15/2014 08:00.14 AM Report This Comment
Good Morning A. Mallow
I must say, you never fail to make me smile...You are really a character...Sorry I haven't been by sooner but Mommy can't seem to get it together these days...I've decided she is to old to work all night cause she is always to tired and never wants to do anything...Of course that ruins my CC time since all she does is sleep and rest...I keep telling her she should have been born rich cause working is for the birds & messes up my social life...MOL...Oh well, seems if I want to eat and have toys she has to work...Humans are really a pain in my tail...Gotta run and get in some playtime with Mommy before she goes to sleep again...Purrs, Cookie

Come visit me, Sam & Oreo's "Houston Manor" & Princess Oreo - Ventnor Beach Beauty.

04/15/2014 07:04.53 AM Report This Comment
hello and purrs angel mallow
that is one cute cartoon. funny. weather here been great nice warm sunny days, had a little rain but now nice hasn't washed all the pollen away though! moms pretty blue car is creepy green! have a blessed day and prayers for all who need head bonks hugs kisses salmon catnip angel marley tigger sophie mom

Come visit me, Tigger & Angel Marley >**<.

04/15/2014 04:44.36 AM Report This Comment
Even better, Mallow!
We'll be legendary! Like Robbing Hoody! Our exploits will become part of the local lore and be exaggerated and retold throughout time. Future generations will regard us as heroes. Ah bliss! Purrs - Bennie

PS - The Monster says his name is Hisker.

Come visit me, Moonlight Memorial Moss Garden, Kiska, Bennie, Viktor, Katya, Karamel', Kuznetsa & Koshka.

04/15/2014 03:47.42 AM Report This Comment
A lot of good rubber eraser day will do me when I write in crayon. They ARE fun to ping off unsuspecting folks heads though.And all that little rubbery mess they leave behind-priceless.Its just like the scratch off lottery ticket crumblies-they are great to swipe onto the floor. Gets Gma every time.
So,I so missed the blood moon eclipse this morning.More like IT missed ME. I was up and out there...looking,looking. A lot of good it does when its torrential rain,right? NOW how can I predict the end of the world! THAT sucks! Oh well,I'll just run screaming across the white shores of the Pinto screaming anyway.


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Chicks dig me :) & ~Sir Ernie ~.

04/15/2014 01:09.34 AM Report This Comment
Hey, I loves those peeps in your picture. I know my mom would love to have a couple of them next time your here.


04/14/2014 09:05.24 PM Report This Comment
Awwww, Sis A. Mallow
You aren't all That Bad, sweetie. I know that you like to Think you are, but I see right through that rough & tough exterior and blinding Harley to the Real YOU and so do moms doctors. You have a heart of gold and you are sooooooooo funny. In fact, you are quite a character, but a loving one. You can go with my mom to the doctors all you want, sweetie.

Love Ya,
Sis Dolly


04/14/2014 09:03.56 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Mallow and family!
Ha ha ha! We love your profile picture. Biker chicks?! Too cute! I'm impressed that K. Mike, Evie and maybe even Mojo BB can stand wearing harnesses. I think if Mom tried that on us, we would flip out. Literally! The cat fence around the back yard does the trick. No cats out and no critters can come in. And believe me, Callie and I tried!

Just pawing by to say meow and share a cute story with you. We all catnapped in the sunshine today. We had some more Blue Jays in our backyard this morning, but I let them know who is boss around here. (If they chase me, I run for the kitty screen door. Mom keeps the flap door open for us when we're outside!)

We hope you had a nice Monday.

I left a vote with warm hugs and soft purrs. Sending prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

"I Rescued A Human Today!"
Her eyes met mine as she walked down the corridor peering apprehensively into the kennels. I felt her need instantly and knew I had to help her.

I swished my tail, not too exuberantly, so she wouldn’t be afraid.
As she stopped at my kennel I blocked her view from a little accident I had in the back of my cage.
I didn’t want her to know my cage hadn’t been cleaned today.
Sometimes the overworked shelter keepers get too busy and I didn’t want her to think poorly of them.

As she read my kennel card I hoped that she wouldn’t feel sad about my past.
I only have the future to look forward to and want to make a difference in someone’s life.

She got down on her knees and made little kitty sounds at me.
I shoved my shoulder and side of my head up against the bars to comfort her.
Gentle fingertips caressed my neck; she was desperate for companionship.
A tear fell down her cheek and I raised my paw to assure her that all would be well.

Soon my kennel door opened and her smile was so bright that I instantly jumped into her arms.

I would promise to keep her safe.
I would promise to always be by her side.
I would promise to do everything I could to see that radiant smile and sparkle in her eyes.

I was so fortunate that she came down my corridor.
So many more are out there who haven’t walked the corridors.
So many more to be saved. At least I could save one.

I rescued a human today!

-Janine Allen-

Come visit me, K.Whiskers LUVS Talley •VOTE MEEKO & A.BOOTZ 17441, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

04/14/2014 09:02.08 PM Report This Comment
Dear Angel Mallow,
You know what? I think I remember when little Dame Mojo joined the Gang that time. That was a day to remember!

The chocolate covered beef jerky is a welcome gift for the pawty. I am so glad you all have decided to join us again today. Let's pawty on!

Purrs & kitty kisses,

Come visit me, K. Malachi & Princess Lady Ana.

04/14/2014 06:38.14 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Mallow!
Well, all we know is that Mom said she listened to that song a very long time ago! Maybe, she was a furless kitten at the time. But she could sing along with it! Mom is getting old and she's falling apart! Well, that's what she says, anyway.

Dad went to work today and Mom half expected him to come home early, but so far he hasn't come home. I guess he was feeling okay and stayed. Mom is feeling okay, but that ole cough is driving her crazy. I'm sure your Mom knows about those coughing fits when you just can't get the coughing to quit. Mom is eating cough drops like candy...MOL! She has an eye doctor appointment this morning and the doctor said Mom's eyes have changed very little in the last 4 years. He didn't even scold Mom for not coming in last year. She's supposed to go in yearly, but has only been doing it every 2 years. He said her eyes were in good shape.

We had a great weekend with very warm temps and bright sun shiny days. But tomorrow will be much different. Caturday and Sunday were in the mid to upper 70s, today was 68 and tomorrow will only be in the mid 40s! We are already under a wind advisory and the low tonight will reach down to the mid 30s. Tomorrow we are under a freeze warning with lows in the mid 20s! Heck, we thought this cold stuff was all gone! Oh, right. The average day of our last freeze/frost is the end of April! Well, Mom now has to put all her container plants back in the little garage and then take them all out, again on Wednesday! Seems like a lot of work to us!

Well, sweet furiend, I hope you all have a wonderful evening and I'm leaving you a vote with wishes for sweet dreams. Take care and I'll talk to ya, later. Love ya!

Lots of kitty kisses, hugs and purrs,

Come visit me, A. Frosty-Pray 4 all sick kitties and hoomans!, Angel Moki-Please, Pray for Mom Lynn and Wicket, Duchess-Vote Meeko & A Bootz 17441 in April!, Angel Red-RIP, 7/19/11-Welcome Ginger & Sienna, Dayzee-Praying for Maggie,Tony,and Wicket & Mischief - Praying for the sick and the lost!.

04/14/2014 06:30.33 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Mallow
We love your great profile picture,hehe,sure made mom laugh!I so understand what you mean when you say that you and your mom understod each other when you looked into each others eyes!Tell Evie thanks so much for the great bug McNuggets,they were yummy,ole Scratcher sure did catch some of Spongies fat bugs didn't he,shhh I sure won't tell and I hid my leftovers under my catnip scrathcer boxes,hehe!And thank you for the angel dust coating that helps.Nope I don't want Spongie sticking his tongue out at me like Baby did to him,he told mom that she was sticking her tongue out at him and mom said no she did not,now there is proof,hehe!Gentle pawhugs,Wicket

Come visit me, Angel Gypsy,RIP My Sweet Angel Baby,I Love You, Angel Buddy,Love,Miss You Sweet Boy, Baby,Angel Wicket,Love you Sweet Wicket, Angels Rambo,Cindell,Love,M- iss You My Sweet Angels, K. SpongeBob-Hi,meet the wacking paw!!, Angels Muffy, Blossie,Missy together again & Bootsie,RIP My Angel,Welcome Wicket.

04/14/2014 03:34.57 PM Report This Comment
Pandy purring a big thank you for the absolutely wonderful serenede, it was beautiful... and hey, so glad you enjoyed the champers, wasn't it fun.

Hope you're having a lovely day Angel Mallow, and i'm sending you lots of wishes and (don't tell anyone), another glass of champers too !!!! enjoy xxx

Love Pandy xxxx


04/14/2014 03:30.58 PM Report This Comment
Look up at the sky,Reach as high as you can,Dolphin day. What a combo of hogwashery. Like my new word I made up? Should have used it for Scrabble day.

I'm in with a lovely 64(spouseless and free-yay me!!!) Keeping an eye to the sky to make sure nothing drops on us,and taking Flipper to the water hazards.

Adorkable Lili is back,and she does her Seaworld routine with Flipper. Welcome back Lili!! How many gators can you jump? Whats Evel Knievel have that you don't. Thats right,433 broken bones and a bad hairdo. Score of 70

Mudcat in next with a 62. She doesn't see the amewsment in swimming with the fishes and gators. Technically,Flipper is a mammal,I think. Its that old thing if it looks like a fish,smells like a fish,it must be a mammal. Makes no sense to me either.

Oh looky who is here to kick me when I'm down,and stab me thru the heart with dead roses for ex spouses day-Tuck and Dot with a 69. Hey,all good things start with "ex". Ex spouse,Excellent,Ex lax. You catch my drift :)

In next with a 65 is UBB. He's busy contemplating the meaning of life,and which came first-the golf or the gators.

Engine has a new ride-a Taxidermy Truck.That kind of scares me. Note to self,do NOT fall asleep for one minute around Engine,who knows if you'll wake up stuffed on the truck with those glass eyes that seem to follow you around the room. A 61 for Engine.

Lets see...three more wanderers floating around on the course.....Timmy rolls in with a 67. Hi Timmy! Happy belated BD and COTD. I want to mention that cause you KNOW Timmy wants to share all his goodies with us,he just doesn't know it yet. Don't make us twist your paw Timmy. all heard it-Darn said she likes me and UBB (not THAT way)-she misses our heckling. That woke her right up. A COLD 29 for BG. Freezing your buds off? That sounds like a purrsonal problem.

Mallow is here to bless us with her 46. Poor MoJo-she refers to you as Her Greatness?? Name yourself day was last week. She CLAIMS to be taking food home to the spouse. IDK...that looks JUST like your own,personal Harley Davidson lunch box. Uh huh.

Scores! You really want to know? Ok:

1st: Wow, almost arctic like BG with a 29. You have us to keep you warm BG.
2nd: Her Greatness Mallow with 46
3rd: What!!! Mudcat with a 62.

Loser: Adorkable with 70. See-you MISSED the cart barn,didn't ya! I'll send Tuck and Dot on in with you,just because :)


Come visit me, ~ K.Steve~ Chicks dig me :) & ~Sir Ernie ~.

04/14/2014 01:36.52 PM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Mallow
Thanks for the offer. Mom's already working on a trophy photo for us for the President's Trophy. She has the trophy's for Kimber, Angel Nook & Terri too. They are 3 team trophies.
Now we just have to win the play offs! K Shadow

Come visit me, Angel Kato RIP-Congrats King Tucker March COTM!!!, Kitty Avalanche Playing at the top of our game!, K.Indie Vote Angel Misty# 62617 daily in March, K Shadow May'10-Vote Angel Misty# 62617 daily Mar & Dame Terri-Vote Angel Misty# 62617 daily in March.

04/14/2014 11:03.40 AM Report This Comment
Woe is me, A Mallow
Mom wrote to Margo and told her she is relly having a difficult time on SMC with the HRR blogs. It is extremely difficult to even find out who is having a birthday, etc.

Mom told her if me and Kali keep screwing up, then she can take us out of the lineup on SMC and we will just help you here til CC closes.

She said she is not going to kick us out cause she knows how hard it is on SMC...and reading them blogs from Desi & Lexi give one a royal pain in the tushie and head...why do humans talk that way for their cats is beyong couldn't even type that way of she tried.

I am trying all week to get it hopefully we will get it down *pat* by the end of the week.

I wish you lotsa luck when it is your turn....Margo told mom not to be afraid to ask!!!

Winston{frustrated Hairball} >^..^<

Come visit me, KALI ~~Happy Easter~~, WINSTON'S PIZZERIA~*since 2008*, JESSE ~~Happy Easter~~, KCK: 2014 TEAM PAGE~~Go KCK!!!, Angels Jinx & Shadow~Happy Easter~, KELSEE ~Happy Easter~ & K-WINSTON ~Happy Easter~.

04/14/2014 10:39.17 AM Report This Comment
Hi Angel Mallow
I'm with you Angel Mallow don't take any chances. I walk the straight and narrow just to be on the safe side. Well it is nice and quiet at my house today the painters won't be back until Friday. Then I will retreat to under the couch again. Mom said it will take them at least two more weekends to finish and she expects me to keep everything nice and clean after this is all over. Hey, Mom I never make a mess except with the food bowl on the floor. I never touch the walls. Isn't it funny how we always get blamed. Sending you kitty hugs and whisker kisses. Love, Miles and Angel Maggie

Come visit me, Miles & Q. Angel Maggie.

04/14/2014 10:30.11 AM Report This Comment
Dear Angel Mallow & Family,
Alright, go ahead a laugh. I know I had to laugh! Has this ever happened before. I do believe I've set a precedent for the Riders. Thank you all for celebrating with me yesterday. Thanks for the concats on my COTD and please stay and pawty again all day with us.

I am feeling brave. Bring on the deep fried P B & J sandwiches and Coke! And I thank you very much for such delicacies.

I've enclosed a vote and wishes for all to have a very blessed day.

Purrs & kitty kisses,

Come visit me, K. Malachi & Princess Lady Ana.

04/14/2014 09:41.43 AM Report This Comment
Uh oh MJ
That phone wasn't mine. We took it off the purple people eater that Kiska, Mojo and Spongie caught! I was guarding it. And ordering pizzas. This is going to be very interesting. Another slice? Purrs - Bennie

Come visit me, Moonlight Memorial Moss Garden, Kiska, Bennie, Viktor, Katya, Karamel', Kuznetsa & Koshka.

04/14/2014 05:35.31 AM Report This Comment
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