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Domestic Shorthair from <a href='' title='Amboy, IN'>Amboy, IN</a>

Q Trixie~PLZ vote daily for LIL' BEAR #188146 COTM

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Hi! My name is Q Trixie~PLZ vote daily for LIL' BEAR #188146 COTM

I am Domestic Shorthair from Amboy, IN

Nicknames: Pixie, Speedy,

Age: 4 years old

Gender: F

Coat: short haired

Education: Birthday:1/29/2- 010
Adopted:3/16/20- 10
Joined CC:3/19/2010

COTD 1/6/2013


COTM/CROTM-Apri- l 2013

She was already litter box trained when we brought her home.
Likes to carry toys in her mouth.

My favorite tricks and treats are: I do flips & carry small toys from place to place. Learned to open cabinets & doors. I play a mean game of catch & chase with my jingle ball. and Whisker Lickins Moist
Party Mix-any crunch flavor will do!

Where I hang out: Wherever mom is during the day.
On dad whenever Zaboo isn't there. I have a special blanket that I sleep on at night that's on the end of my pawents bed.
LOVE hanging out on the top of the cat tree!

My favorite grubs: Fancy Feast Classic
Purina Cat Chow

My pet peeves: The sweeper monster! Big cats jumping higher than me. Tractors rumbling across the fields make me very nervous but curious at the same time.
Meowmy spending too much time outside with the other animals! I get very jealous!!
Fluffinella!! Like I said before...I'm VERY jealous, especially with younger kitties than me!

What I love about my owners: They're spoiling me with undivided attention & love.

My cat hobbies: Follow Zaboo & drag all the toys out of the basket.
Hide my toys under things so I can swat at the hand trying to get them out!

Pounce on Zaboo frequently & swat at Patches tail. Daily races through the house with Flufinella or Patches.

I'm an first class explorer of everything! If you don't think I can get into it...guess again...MOL!

Just being ornery!

Pet motto: Learning is an on-going process.

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How We Met

We were drawn to a pet store that we don't normally go to. We'd walked past her cage once but my hubby felt the need to take another look. He saw her hiding in a hammock at the top of the cage while her siblings played beneath her. She purred & kissed dad immediately when brought our & handed to him. She mewed softly at me & the kids. That's all it took to win dad's heart!

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I've had 77794 friends visit me.

I'm the 39,819th member on

11,449 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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Hi Trixie, NICE Girls and Angels!
AW...what a shame your Mom doesn't keep her camera hanging around her neck 24/7! That way she would never miss a photo-op! Well, our Mom doesn't do that, either and she often misses good shots, cuz she doesn't! She did manage to finally get a good picture of BC praying, though...MOL! She had been trying for a long time, but whenever she got the camera, he would decide at that moment to move! That would have been a really cute picture of 5 of you all lying together on Sis' bed and there was no hissing or anything! Oh, well. Maybe one of these days.

Well, we had a pretty nice day today with a low this morning of 68 and a high of 82. We didn't get any rain here, but Mom took a friend to Walmart, which is only 4 miles away and on the way it started to sprinkle. Then the closer they got the harder it came down. Mom's friend has Parkinson's disease and can't walk real good, so Mom let her out in front of the store. Then she went and parked. Thankfully, she thought to bring her umbrella, just in case! She needed it. But this storm wasn't as bad as the one last week where she got soaked even with her umbrella...MOL! So, when they came out the rain had stopped. They were happy.

It will be getting hotter here in the next several days. Supposed to be in the upper 80s and lower 90s, which is a sight different than what it's been all summer, so far. Unusually cool for both July and August!

Well, we have to go for now, but we hope you'll all give your Mom another photo moment when she has her camera handy! So, here's a vote and wishes for a wonderful evening and sweet dreams. Take care and we love ya!

Lots of kitty kisses, hugs and purrs,
Duchess and Family

Come visit me, A. Frosty-Pray 4 all sick kitties and hoomans!, Angel Moki-Please, Praying for Mom Lynn's recovery, Q. Duchess-Vote Lil' Bear, #188146 daily in August, Angel Red-RIP, 7/19/11-Welcome Jesse,Kieara & Bait, Dayzee-Praying for Maggie,Tony,and Monty & Mischief - Praying for the sick and the lost!.

08/19/2014 08:43.39 PM Report This Comment
Hi Trixie
MOL, many is the time I ruined a perfect photo-op, or I would have more pics on here, courtesy of Mom! Did you really miss the kids that much? I bet if you were willing to lay together, you do. :) That's so sweet!

Come visit me, Sakura~Thank you for COTD 5/5/2014! Love n Purrs.

08/19/2014 08:08.51 PM Report This Comment
Hi Trixie!!
Bella thanks you for vote #6,000!!!
It's too hot this Summer, but sometimes our pawrents catch us smuggled up!!!
Have a lovely evening!!
Love Ya- Bella and Button
P.S. Daddy's father is very ill!!! Please pray for him!!!

Come visit me, Bella --- (#235772) --- I Love Felix!! & Button --- (#235770) --- I Love Shadow!!.

08/19/2014 06:28.07 PM Report This Comment
Hi Trixie
Sorry your Mom missed that Kodak Moment. My Mom has missed a few of those herself. She thinks our kittens are the hardest cats to photograph she has ever had. They are constantly moving. Very difficult to catch a good shot. Mimi

Come visit me, Mimi 184008, WindSong, J.C. & Blackstone & Grayson.

08/19/2014 04:53.45 PM Report This Comment
what a shame your mom didn't have a camera isn't that always the way....
it was a nice day 81° and's Avon lady came over today and played with us...
mom did more laundry today and we're waiting to help her fold it...hehe
tonight dad is making a salad and grilling steaks out side...maybe we'll get a taste...
hope you had a nice day....leaving a vote, peace, luv and kitty purrs....rosie

Come visit me, Q. angel bootz #2601..., angel tikki #33474..., K. meeko..2602...., K .meeko & Q angel bootz~~# 17441 & dame rosie # 212287.....

08/19/2014 03:44.59 PM Report This Comment
Way to go, Trixie!
We are always doing that to Mom, when she goes to get the camera we stop whatever "adorable" thing we were doing. Geesh, we are grown kitties, that "adorable" thing is embarrasing! Unless it's Mojo, she's still a kid so we can forgive Mom that one.

The humans sure do love it when we spend time just contentedly being kitties together, don't they? -- Mike

Come visit me, OJ & MJ's Wedding ~ Lil Bear #188146 for COTM!, Evie ♥ Angel Shai, ~ Angels Jezebel & Pierre ~, A Mallow ♥ Oscar Jon ~ it's Aviation Week!, K. Mike ♥ my darling Q. Lady Dolly, Angel Smokey ~ always in our ♥, Dame Mojo BB ~ my brother's my big buddy! & Angel Shai & Evie's Wedding.

08/19/2014 03:36.20 PM Report This Comment
Hey Trixie!
Alas, poor Horatio..I knew him well...Oops, you're right .. too much Billy Shakespeare!

Mol! Yep, we do that, too. We get into these photogenic poses and we wait until the folks grab the phone or tablet, then we move and blow the shot!

Hey, more good news! At lunchtime, the folks caught another kitty, Gimley. He's roughly about 5 mo. old, one of the members of the first litter this year. The folks at the shelter said he was too old to try to socialize, (aww), but he will be neutered, fully vaccinated, de-crittered, and the folks will pick him up late tomorrow afternoon and return him to his clowder.

Purrs, Neelix

Come visit me, Sir Hedley, K. Neelix (Katie's guy) & Count Jakar (Vote Lil' Bear COTM).

08/19/2014 02:48.38 PM Report This Comment
Hi Q. Trixie & NICE Crew!
Isn't it amazing and sad how many great photo ops our pawrents miss?! That would've been an amazing picture! There's always next time! MOL!

My Mom was able to successfully give our new outside fursib, Sugar Bear, her first dose of antibiotics last night. Sugar Bear’s nose is looking better today, if that’s possible. It might be wishful thinking on my Mom’s part. This morning both Sugar Bear and her furiend Ebony were waiting for breakfast, so thankfully Sugar Bear isn’t too mad at Mom.

Callie and I went out for our cat stroller walk this morning and there was a light mist falling. My Mom put the cover on our stroller so we wouldn’t get wet, but it felt nice coming through the front screen. We hope you all have a relaxing Tuesday!

I left a vote with soft purrs, hugs and prayers for our furiends and their families in need.

How to Care for Your Humans...
(Useful Advice for Cats - Part 7)
More Ways To Prevent Your Human From Wasting Valuable Time =^.^=

Cleaning: stalk the vacuum cleaner and attack when it passes by. You can also pretend that you want to attack the vacuum cleaner but "accidentally" catch a foot instead. (A sure way to get the vacuum monster shut off immediately!)

Garden work: jump repeatedly up-and-down and scatter any leaves that your human has raked together. Attack gardening tools, especially while they are in use. Immediately dig up any newly planted seeds, plants and flowers.

Under no circumstances accept closed doors that separate you from your human. At all times you have a right to know what your human is doing. If by accident you have been placed on the wrong side of a door you need to make your human aware of this ASAP so he/she can remedy the situation immediately. Loud meows and scratching on the door should be sufficient to get your human's attention. If this is ignored you need to take more drastic measures: Make a sound as if you are going to throw up. All humans in a 50 feet radius can hear this sound. This sound can also be heard through closed doors. The "puke sound" will always result in your human's immediate presence.

(to be continued... =^.^=)

Come visit me, K.Whiskers ♥ Talley• VOTE LIL' BEAR #188146, saved blogs & Whiskers ♥ Talley Wedding Page.

08/19/2014 01:46.28 PM Report This Comment
Hi Trixie!
We MIGHT be having our last "hot" 90's day of the year today, that's if the weather fibbers are telling the truth this time! *chuckle* It's warm and muggy right now and a slight threat of t'storms later. Won't be too much longer and we'll be getting ready for cold weather. The nights are already starting to get a bit chilly.

Say, did you get Whisker's blog about throwing up? It was just FULL of good advice but he did leave out one of our favorites: Height! Whenever possible, and time allowing, be sure to attain the highest altitude possible before letting loose with a hurl. Refrigerator tops are very effective, top shelves in closets, desk tops, table tops, anything above floor level. Around here we consider floor-level puking for amateurs, and whenever one of us has to settle for a floor barf, we at LEAST try to aim for the inside of a carelessly discarded shoe! If this is done in the middle of the night into a pair of bedside slippers, and the human inserts their foot before realizing the gift you have deposited, this will compensate for the lack of aerial drop! :-)

Toby and the boys


08/19/2014 01:24.12 PM Report This Comment
hey trixie
and NICE crew, how are you? silly question, by the sounds of your post you kitties had a ball with your mom this morning, ha ha! I am the only kitty who lives with mum now, she got me after sammy crossed the bridge, and she had to give up the girls in feb because she could barely take care of herself and sammy, who was almost 18. you cats always have so much fun, think i'd like to join you in your romps, ha ha! i'm just happy mum is finally doing real good and writing for us again on cc, she still has profiles for quincy and sammy. have a NICE day! love LUKE

Come visit me, luke, quincy ♥ leo! & sammy-kara owns my ♥ !.

08/19/2014 01:08.58 PM Report This Comment
Dear Q. Trixie, NICE Girls & Angels,
You were all curled up together and Patches was in bro's room? Will wonders never cease? I'm sorry your Mom missed that photo op. I sure would have loved to see that. Just in case someone says that was a myth from long ago some day. MOL! And I loved you going into your Hamlet moment! Hurrah! Well, done.

We just had a thunderstorm here with a bit of hail. The temperature is only 74*! Can you believe that? The rain has stopped for now, but it's still thundering. So I guess we're not finished yet with the rain.

I've enclosed a vote and wishes for your and yours to have a very blessed day.

Purrs & kitty kisses,
Angel K. Malachi

Come visit me, Angel King Malachi.

08/19/2014 12:51.44 PM Report This Comment
Yessir, Q. Trixie, you have once again confirmed
what Mom has always known. That being that when the humans are watching, we kitties will act like we all hate each other, but when we think they aren't looking we're all lovey-dovey and get along just fine. It's our responsibility to keep our parents on their toes, and one way to do that is to keep all options open. Fighting one minute and cuddling together the next is just one of those options. Next thing your Mom knows she'll catch one or more of you cuddling with the dog. Yup, it'll happen. We know it will. Not that we expect that any of you will admit to it! MOL! Hugs, KC and the Zoo Crew

Come visit me, ZOO CREW***VOTE LIL' BEAR #188146 COTM*** & Pique-A-Boo.

08/19/2014 12:25.18 PM Report This Comment
I'm thinkin' ...
... your mom should have a pocket camera with her so she can share with us the astonishing sight she found when she walked into those two rooms. Darn, would love to have been there to see that one.

Mom found a box of Teddy Grahams that have several flavors. Chocolate, like the one below, and cinnamon, and vanilla, and ... well, I can't quite recall all of them. I am dropping of a baggie filled with an assortment for your chewing pleasure. MOL!!!

Come visit me, A. Q. Cherish & K. Thunder forever.

08/19/2014 11:39.47 AM Report This Comment
hi Trixie
Finster is eating and doing well. Mom is very relieved. Mom does not want to lose our big guy. Mom is trying to fatten him up. He is bony. Mom was afraid that it was cancer. It's warm and sticky here but not too bad for August. Sending hugs. Purrs...Pudding

Come visit me, Angel Oscar - I love Angel Cloudy, Finster - I am engaged to Destiny 62594, Nosey -- I Love Orzo & Biscuit is my guy, Sweet Jake - Loving Memory- I will always love you, Angel Lucky - I love Angel Shadow, Angel Rhuby-I love Sir Leo- Welcome Angel Sparky, Q Linguini-I love A. Ditto- Vote Snuggles & Pudding -I love Felix-Praying for Alexi &Doodlebug.

08/19/2014 11:06.28 AM Report This Comment
Hey Trixie!
Mom's never seem to have their cameras when they need them! MOL. Mom went to our shelter yesterday & picked out a brother for me. She plans to bring him home on Saturday when she can be here with us so she can make sure we get along well. Mom is very excited, me, not so much. MOL! Mom hopes we will get along very well. She will open a page for him after he is home here. Leaving a vote. Peace & love. Have a purrfect day. Kitty Kisses. Dean

Come visit me, Dean, ORANGE CRUSH hockey cheers written by YUM YUM, Angel King Anderson COTM Sept 2009 THANK U 4 COTD!, Angel Anderson 6/19/14 we miss you so much! & The Orange Crush Hockey Club.

08/19/2014 09:36.27 AM Report This Comment
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