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Domestic Shorthair from <a href=' Springfield/club-members.aspx' title='New Springfield, OH'>New Springfield, OH</a>

K. Tuck ~ #219145

About Me

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Hi! My name is K. Tuck ~ #219145

I am Domestic Shorthair from New Springfield, OH

Nicknames: Tuck, Baby Boy, Honey Boy, I can't say...MOL!!!

Age: 7 years old

Gender: M

Coat: short haired

Education: He's my constant companion especially when I am sick and in bed he doesn't leave me alone for long and when I move to the couch he is constantly checking on me. We tease him about being Nurse Tucker, but he really is an awesome one!!

1st ~ COTD/RCOTD ~ January 10,2012
2nd ~ COTD ~ April 19,2013
3d COTD ~ April 19, 2014
4th COTD ~ April 19, 2015
5th COTD April 19, 2016
COTM: March 1, 2014
CROTM :March 1, 2014

King Mike bestowed the honor of Sir Tucker Knight Of The Realm on July 1, 2012

Queen Gracie bestowed upon me my own pursonnal MoonPie Mobile and I have my own private Grass Shack on Pinto Island!!!

Queen Trixie Honored me with the "You Make A Difference Award" on May 1,2013

King Whiskers Honored me with the Loyal Friend award on July 1, 2013

Queen Angel Yum Yum honored me with Her Majesty's Service Medal on 8/31/13

Queens Maggie & Angel Ginger Appointed me Official Groundskeeper of the Castle August 2015

My favorite tricks and treats are: I leap from the ground into my moms arms and ride on her & dads shoulders, I am the bug patrol in my house & I'll do anything to get them even work in tandem with the D-O-G to get them. and Whisker Lickens Crunchy Tuna & Tender Chicken & Cheese, Friskies Crispies Cheese... See at theme going here??? Cheese, Ham, Pork & Saurkraut ..really,
Bread & Pizza.

Where I hang out: Kitty Tower , on top of the Hot Tub perfect for watching my territory!!!! On Mom & Dads shoulders.

My favorite grubs: a can any kind I'm not picky, but I get a special can at night that I love Fancy feast With Tuna & Cheese! YUM!!!.

My pet peeves: anybody foreign in MY yard!!! Being told NO.

What I love about my owners: She takes me for walks outside, she holds me like a baby & rubs my tummy, I also like to ride on her shoulders!!!!

My cat hobbies: play, play play....torture the dog Shadow & Mouse & Dot

Pet motto: its all about ME!!!!

Shadow (DC) #219532
Cinnamon (HC) #224656

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How We Met

After losing my best friend of 18 yrs I had started to look again, although I was looking for a long haired Kitty which he is not. I saw Tucker on the internet and fell instantly in Love!!!! He is my import.. he came from around Toledo from a wonderful foster mom for Maine Coon Rescue.

A special thank-you goes to the CMR and all their crews!!! We really appreciate all your support!!!
Thanks so much to Zaboo & Family for the wondeful shout-out we are honored to be your furfriends!!!
And Sir Steve & Sir Ernie for a special helping hand, thank you, you two!!!
Also I would like to thank Boo Kitty & Mom for making my Beautiful frames!!!

Thank you very much for:
Vote #1000 ~ Sir Steve
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Vote #3000 ~ K. Steve
Vote #4000 ~ K. Steve
Vote #5200 ~ Hot Rod
Vote #6000 ~ Boo Kitty
Vote #7000 ~ K. Steve
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Vote #9000 ~ Toby
Vote #10,000 ~ Sylvr Tuff Knight

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I've had 78609 friends visit me.

I'm the 49,148th member on

10,201 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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I'm on it
Leap time second adjustment? I ain't adjusted after the first one! Who thinks this stuff up? Its like that whole time change thing,really messes with my natural sleep/eat cycle. WHY do they insist on messing with a good thing,and WHO are they?
Back for my 48 hour check at the vets today. I think she secretly is in love with me,thats why she wants to see me so often. Man,how can I impress with these dilated pupils,I can hardly tell who I'm smiling at,and who to hiss at!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

06/30/2016 01:12.37 AM Report This Comment
6/29/16 - Boas do NOT have feathers!
And I don’t know how that outlandish notion ever started! Anyway, I have no more time to ponder it because here come the golfers!

Luvbug tells us it’s Camera Day, okay, let’s see you take a picture of one of those boas with feathers. Bet you 60 (=6) catbucks you can’t. Mallow is uncharacteristically pessimistic about her chances of winning today with her 58 (=13), but she’s pretty upbeat about the weather. Steve, meanwhile, is celebrating Waffle Iron Day by using one as a putter. That was 57 (=12) different kinds of not-so-good-idea.

Engine is here with 70 (=7) servings of Catfish Waffles! Um .. you might want to make sure you wash that waffle iron really well afterward. Just saying. Mimi, meanwhile, is ALL about International Mud Day. She IS the Mudcat after all. It’s a 70 (=7) for her as well. Gracie T-t is positively giddy with a 58 (=13) and RAIN!!

The Angels are here, racing at 70 (=7) miles an hour to escape the mosquitos. Gangway! Maybe some of those boas could help you out there. BeeGee has a 64 (=10) and runs for the camera to take blackmail pictures of Steve wrestling with one of those mythical feathered boas! And Tucker is so cold with a 56 (=11) that HE is willing to snuggle up with one of the things. Save some film, BeeGee!

The Results du Jour:
1st – Luvbug with a 6
2nd – Mimi, the Angels and Engine, tied with 7
3rd – BeeGee with 10

And off to charge the carts and wrestle the feathered boas it’s Mallow and Gracie T-t. That’s what you get with a Lucky 13!

Now, I will climb down from the top of this golf cart and there had better NOT be any feather boas lurking around!

Your intrepid Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Album ~ Vote Rosie #212287 in June, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ Couch surfing on Pinto Island!, Q. .A Mallow (MJ) & OJ ~ Chillin' on Pinto Island!, Angel Smokey ♥ Angel PawPaw & Evie ♥ A Shai.

06/29/2016 02:56.14 PM Report This Comment
My name is Steve,and no, these dilated pupils aren't from too much nip. Wowza,they REALLY look funky Tuck. Serious,looks like I've been on a 9 day nip binge. I wish,maybe I can get a prescription for "medicinal uses". I'll share with the old bat while I'm at it,she's looking mighty rough. God,I can't believe I let her leave the house that way!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

06/29/2016 01:05.36 AM Report This Comment
Dear Tuckster
Awwww....I know your Mom was very sad, missing her Shadow, but you kitties, and even Piper, were so loving and caring, she couldn't help but feel better and very loved. You have a very special family that cares for one another and knows when you are needed. That's a very special thing.
We finally got all my results back. I have inflammation in my tonsils (didn't even know cats had tonsils), not in my stomach, and a lot in my intestines, BUT no tumors or signs of cancer or polyps. I am to continue with the daily Prednisolone, my special diet, and just "keep watch," the doc said. I threw up this morning. Mom wants to get my weight up from 6.8 to 7. I'm eating pretty well most days.
Thinking of your sweet Mom and sending her a bouquet of yellow roses from our garden.
Sending lots of love and calico kisses to you, Tuck. xoxox Gin Gin

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl - Adopted 17 Years Ago June 23.

06/28/2016 07:24.00 PM Report This Comment
Gather 'round the gutters! 6-28-16
Okay, not literally. I meant the bowling alley gutter. We'll be having the gutter ball challenge coming up during the winter, so make sure to get lots of practice. Don't say I didn't give you plenty of warning!

Luvbug(63) had the worst bowling handicap ever: he had to bowl in the dark because the lights went out! Probably still easier than golfing in the dark ... Mallow(60) wants us to stay well-ventilated with a few body piercings. Not sure it works that way, but ... Super Steve(70) wants a heat wave. Is that like when the Miami Heat stops by and waves at you? *snicker*

Hot hermit crabs & mulled mussels are the order of the day from Engine's(72) Kitty Kart. Those Kitten Koladas sound like they'd go good with Steve's heat wave ... Mimi(76) is on a one-cat scavenger hunt, out to fine the pott everyone's gone to ... GTt(69) has some ideas of her own about those kitty piercings, such as they ought to be illegal. Unless the kitty signs the forms herself! I sort of have to agree.

Tuck(70) hoists his Heinecat in honor of all the wonderful one-eyed cats in the world. And there are so many ... Oh gee, Bee Gee(62), thanks for sharing your "secret to personal freedom". Why don't you just go find the 'pott' Mimi's looking for and use it? ... And the muggy buggy icky sticky Angels(70) are here to invite us to their boomers later.

Who gets to oil the lanes today?
1st - Not Mimi! She rolls a 76 and heads out to find that pott. If it's a pott-o'-gold count me in!
2nd - Not Engine neither. Her 72 keeps her paws out of the wax.
3rd - Lots of nots here! Steve, Tucker, and the Angels all earn a pass with their 70s.

So who's left? Looks like Luvbug & Bee Gee will be down on their paws and knees (do cats have knees? Ask Steve, he knows all this stuff. Right, Mr. Ankles?) And the old maid today is Gracie, so you can do some cheers to urge on the waxers. Wax on, wax off!

Happy birthday Rocky!
We all do miss you!

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE'S TEAM ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

06/28/2016 11:24.37 AM Report This Comment
Out drinking with your garden Tuck? I hear the cucumbers gots the in with the squash,and they do NOT play nice with others. Good lord,ours have maters almost ready to pick,and the green beans have gone nuts. Really,they are,you CANNOT trust the green beans. Don't turn your back on them for even a second-their shifty. I said shifty,not shutty.Not that I would know since I'm STILL not allowed out to play. Tonight may be the night,I'm literally climbing the walls. Gma keeps grabbing me form the top of the dressers and off the wood door frames.Its the next best thing to a real tree,and it drives her crazier


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

06/28/2016 01:10.12 AM Report This Comment
Monday recap
Fun in the sun today with orange blossom beverage (what doesn't go well in beverage form) and pineapples with sunglasses. For us,the pineapples would just look all kinds of silly with sunglasses on.

Luvbug (60) is hot,hot hot in his shades by the pool. Wha???? We have a pool here now too?

Mallow dresses her house in UV 61 sunblock. Betcha had to wake up early for that. Wax on....wax off...

I wear my 73,my sunglasses and a smile. That the BEST things about sunglasses,no on can tell what your looking at,and you look stunning.

GTt( 60) wants a tall one. Hmmm....that could mean about anything here. Be careful what you wish for!

Mudcat and her arctic 68 bundle up to keep each other warm.

Tanktini clad Engine (who else could rock that look) supplies the Fricassee of Flees with a side of Stir-fried Sparrow sans feathers. Its even too hot for the birds to wear feathers.

Ana scores an anemic 68 in hopes it hits a healthy 90.

BG (56) does unto others with pineapple floaties with a side of grenade to keep the peace with the neighbors.

Tuck scores a 71. Not one to drink alone (since when Tuck???) he has his thirsty garden to keep him company. I see you've gotten very comfortable with the melons.

1st with 56 BG
2nd with 60 GTT and Luvbug
3rd with 61 Mallow

losers: EEKS! Engine and me with 73,and Tuck with 71


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

06/27/2016 01:27.50 PM Report This Comment
ONE good thing
(not in my book) since house arrest,the nip plant has actually gotten to grow.I usually like to nibble it down to the ground,but after two weeks,and some Miracle gro-its looking like a plant again,instead of a stick. This is what I hear mind you,I didn't get to see for myself. OMG,by the time I get back outside,the place will be over-run with chipmunks! Does she not know the worries I have!
How was your weekend Tuck? Really?? Uh-huh....yes.I see. Still got doggie fever do you? Love for the drooler,I can see we need a toms weekend away


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

06/27/2016 01:04.51 AM Report This Comment
Forgiveness Day 6-26-16
Comes just in time for our dealer GTt! At least some of the players in this weekend's card game MAY be in a forgiving mood. Let's find out:

Oop! Doesn't look like Luvbug needs to be forgiving, as Miss Toes granted him a winner with a 59. Oh dear. Mallow doesn't sound too forgiving over that 56 she just got dealt. She's breaking dishes of chocolate pudding! Persey has no need to hand out absolution either, as double-allergic Gracie has dealt him a winning 54. Achoo! Catsundheit! Miss Epitome aka the Lovely Mudcat is also on the winning end of the deal today, so she's treating us all to a few free beauty tips.

Okay, now the losers are lining up, starting with Tuck & a 74, flying out the window. Next is Bee Gee with a 53. She's decided to show how forgiving she is by taking Gracie on a canoe ride in the water hazard. Good thing Mallow saved one dish of chocolate pudding as a distraction for Ol' Toothy! And finally, April starts out with a losing 60, but it's better than having a winner of 94!

Looks like the "mud"bog is gonna be a bit crowded with Luvbug, Persey, and Mimi all diving in to wrassle for the prize. It's okay, everybody, I'm sure the "Mudcat" knows a few beauty tricks with those mudpacks! Oh wait, it's pudding, not mud! Now yer talkin'! Everybody into the pudding for a good wallow!

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Too bad Pig isn't doing this recap.
Who knows more about a good wallow?

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE'S TEAM ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

06/26/2016 12:16.53 PM Report This Comment
Hi K. Tuck and family
Thanks for the congrats for the ACOTD Badge today. Mom nor I was expecting it. Everyone here at CC sure are wonderful. Thanks also for the goodies. Help yourselves to the goodies bag.

Angel Q. Kuce and family.

Come visit me, Dancing Bear (In Loving Memory 1994 to 12/2011), Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo,Q. MerryBelle and UBB, Drooler and Angel Fang - Thank you everyone, Buster - RIP Q. Pappoose and Q. Gracie, Sphinx (In loving Memory of 1986-2004) Thanks COTD, Lil Jag - RIP Q. Angel Aunt Samantha thanks COTD, Smudge - Married Queen Carmen - RIP Angel Wilson & Q.Angel Kuce(1993-2012)Vote ROSIE #212287 COTM.

06/25/2016 08:24.38 PM Report This Comment
Dear Tuck
Oh, sweet boy, you are a very special kitty indeed! I know your sensed that your Mom was sad and it was so thoughtful and kind of you to law a paw on her shoulder. I know she has a special bond with you, and that is a very blessed thing!
Hey, don't worry. I've never bowled either! Looks too hard to me, but together with our teammates, we'll get that ball to roll down the alley one way or another:)
we're on awfully late tonight, and I must go to bed. Sleep tight! Sweet dreams. I know you will continue to take care of your dead Mom. xoxox Gin Gin

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl - Adopted 17 Years Ago June 23.

06/24/2016 07:52.06 PM Report This Comment
6.24 Fairy Long Drive Day on the Fareway
Or is that Fairyway?
Great end to the work week. Work?? Who does that?
Great grub from Engine (70) who called Possum's Carry out and Delivery. We got 40 XL Sardine Supremes and 30 Catnip Cheese with Chunky Chipmunk pizzas. What a place!! Heinikat on tap too. Whoo-hoo.
LuvBug is still looking for It. But he's negotiating a deal for shaved weather... is that It? Our Angel mallow has 53 and Just the Right Stuff.
GTt Got her 44 Fairies to carry her (golf) balls. Training Fairies Day?
Steve (62) loves rubbing his fairies' bellies until they squeal. Is that a special type of training?
And getting her 71 fairies to bring her drinks at the pool, the mudcat is soaking the mud off at the pool. Tuck has 61 ways of celebrating his dog's day at work. Yea! Keep him there, please?
BeeGee loves getting 54 pizzas and sammies. She can't take the dog to work-- she doesn't have "work." Ah, shucks!
~~ Everycat be kind to your Fairies folks!
1st mimi (71) Being served
2nd N-Gin (70) Yum
3rd Steve (62) in his Speed-o!

Comments freely purrvided by PD Budd, non-golfer but fairy lover.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes.Queen of Garden, Furlip File #2 Opened on youpet, a. PD Budd, Writing Furlip Files & Persey, the Twink.

06/24/2016 04:34.40 PM Report This Comment
I'm not sure either...
What does Steve need wax, little cloth strips, & a tongue depressor for? I hope it's a surprise - for somebody else! Although I could use those little cloth strips to tie his mouth shut! Hahhaa!

Yep. We kinda feel the same way about June. Can't wait til she's gone, and don't let the door hit you in the... Of course for us it has nothing to do with inventory. Then again, I guess it does, in a way. :-(

No, no bowling teams, just solo. I just have my "team" here so everybody knows where to leave a message for Pig or Hot Rod. Since just about nobody has a CC page any more. *sob* Mom's trying to work up the nerve to delete the kids and Little Miss & family. Just doesn't have the heart for the kids any more, and NOBODY visits the ladies. They only ever had 2 visitors anyway, Ernie visited Molly, and Josie Mae visited Smokey.

Don't feel too bad about not mewing. As you know by now mom doesn't have much desire to post stuff on CC. There had been a rumor that YouPet was going to start a section for groups, and mom thought about putting a Catty Shack group over there (open only to members) but so far she hasn't seen any "group" section. Dang! We need a back-up for when CC finally fizzles and Wiki isn't working. *grumble*

Bee Gee

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE'S TEAM ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

06/24/2016 02:48.55 PM Report This Comment
I'm FREE!!! No,not free for the taking...I spent my first entire night out of solitary confinement. No far. Gosh,what DO I do first....clean up all these discarded bottles and cans lying around before Gma see's them,or root around in the pizza boxes for a stale crust. Couldn't have done it without you Tuck. All that sniffing and passing messages under the door,I would have lost what little sanity I have without all that :)


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

06/24/2016 04:15.40 AM Report This Comment
Dearest Tuck
Oh, Tuck, I love my soft red pillow with my name on it and soft read blankie to match! And I sure am enjoying those fresh catnip mousies. I seem to misplaced all my old ones(:
Mom put the ginormous bouquet of primo fresh catnip in a big vase with water so it will last me a long time:) You sure know how to make a girl feel special!
I'm delighted you and all your siblings will be joining the Gutter Busters. It is your whole family, Maggie Meme, Spanky-Jack, and me, so far. We may be first prize winners cuz I'm not sure any other teams have formed yet. Tee hee. Sending lots of love and wrapping it in calico kisses, Gin Gin

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl - Adopted 17 Years Ago June 23.

06/23/2016 07:25.19 PM Report This Comment
Thurs recap
Let it go,let it go
Can't hold back anymore
Let it go,let it go
Turn away and slam the door....
I know,i don't loo,,or sing like a Disney princess,but you have to admit its a catchy tune,and its let it go day.
Its pecan sandie day as well,most of us would be glad to let that go. WHY make a cookie that looks,and tastes like sand?

Good thing its hydration day,Mudcat has 77 reasons to hydrate,and they begin and end at the bar.

Luvbug (58) is happy to let it go,as soon as he figures out what "it" is.

Mallow (50) isn't "in the pink" today,grey and white is much more her style.

Haley (50) doesn't let go of her sandwich with all the storms around her.

I score a 65,and delight in my hydration of choice causing me to see pink elephants. Think pink!

GTt(46) has Percy all pretty in pink so they don't lose him again. I think neon orange is more stunning,but whatever. See,she DOES like you Percy!

BG (66) is letting it all go so she can hydrate at the lounge. We have a lounge?? CS best kept secret.

Tuck (64)hydrates so much,he's almost pickled. I said pickled,not tickled pink.

Speaking of pickled,Engine (78) harpoons herring from the Hazards (say that fast) and provides "hydration" of the Cattrone variety.

1st with 46 GTt
2nd with 50 Haley
3rd with 55 Mallow

Losers-The Southern Girls Engine with 78.and Mudcat with 77


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

06/23/2016 01:25.20 PM Report This Comment
Dear Tuckster
Our blogs crossed in space! How cool is that. Thank you for the lovely gifts (more later on those:) and yes, you are my first visitor to help me celebrate my adopty day. Sending much love and calico kisses, Gin Gin

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl - Adopted 17 Years Ago June 23.

06/23/2016 05:35.43 AM Report This Comment
Dear Tuckster
A quick note. Are you on a bowling team yet? Maggie Meme and I are forming one--we are the Gutter Busters. Would love it if you and any or all of your gang could join us. Also feel free to ask anyone else:) We have to choose team colors. More later....have a good day, sweet guy, GG

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl - Adopted 17 Years Ago June 23.

06/23/2016 05:30.23 AM Report This Comment
come on! Its pink day,how can you still be sleeping at a time like this! We have so much to do-paint the town pink. Actually,YOU would look better in it than me,I'll just look like rainbow sherbet,but YOU,it will make your eyes pop (not literally,I hope).
How about that storm that came thru? We ALL had Gma awake since 12:30. The mutt with her panting and scratching on the closed door,Ernie crying out,and me...I just wanted to cuddle. I know-this confinement stuff has turned me into a sap.I'm half the cat I used to be....


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

06/23/2016 01:08.16 AM Report This Comment
6/22/16 - Chocolate Eclairs & Onion Rings
I’d say it’s gonna be Pepto Time on the old Catty Shack later on, mol.

Well, Garbage Day is upon us once again and I am getting Mom busy on these early, since she is going to abandon us poor felines for most of the day. Such inhumanity and neglect!

Oh, ahem, yeah, I guess I’d better get dictating! Luvbug starts us out with a 60 (=6) and invites us to the Adopty Day pawty for Angels Kuce and Sphinx. There’ll be chocolate eclairs and onion rings! Let’s eat them together, it’s also Stupid Guy Thing Day after all. That is, if we can get the onion rings away from Mallow, who is making an onion ring tunnel to putt through. She scores a 55 (=10), I think putting works better without the onion rings. Just saying. And Ana shoots a 52 (=7) on her way to Sports Day. What a bunch of social butterflies around here today!

Steve is staying home and turning up the heat about 62 (=8) notches while Engine is here to warm us up with 68 (=14) Possum Patties. Gather round the keg, everyone! Gracie T-t is on her way to the Adopty Day festivities and leaves us with a 51 (=6). Not bad!

Mimi had a few too many of the Possum Patties, she says CC2 looks Crazy, Man! Might just be the heat, that 77 (=14) looks pretty brutal! Meanwhile Tucker shoots a 61 (=7) and celebrates HVAC Guy Day; that would be his Dad, a guy who always knows how to keep his cool! And finally BeeGee brings us a 52 (=7) and head for the onion rings & eclairs!

And without further ado & while the Mom is still here, the results:
1st – Luvbug and Gracie T-t with 6 eclairs each
2nd – Ana, Tucker and BeeGee, grabbing 7 onion rings
3rd – Steve, turning up the heat 8 notches

And off to charge the carts goes Mimi, heaving 14 post-it notes along the way so she can find her way back.

Now, wipe the grass off those onion rings and put them right here!

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Album ~ Vote Rosie #212287 in June, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ Couch surfing on Pinto Island!, Q. .A Mallow (MJ) & OJ ~ Chillin' on Pinto Island!, Angel Smokey ♥ Angel PawPaw & Evie ♥ A Shai.

06/22/2016 09:08.29 AM Report This Comment
Get prepared
To have a LOT of paper for this-stupid guy thing day. Face it,there are plenty of things to go on record for this. Gma has an entire encyclopedia of things Gpa has done. Of course,she said ita all filed away in her brain,and she NEVER forgets. Go figure,she is almost elephant-like.
Back on the Metacam Tuck,and day 5 of solitary. The vet gave Gma a warning if it doesn't help this time,I may need surgery. Gma said that ain't gonna happen,and I say over my dead chipmunk body. I shudder to think of it.


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

06/22/2016 01:07.31 AM Report This Comment
Aww, thanks Tuck & the family!
I remember you tellin' me about your Mom out there all teary-eyed cuttin' the grass after she heard about me crossin' the Bridge. I sure can’t believe that it’s been three years already since that night when I was just SOOO tired out and I looked up at the big full moon, thought “I can do it!” and made the big leap that landed me at the gates of the Rainbow Bridge. I always WAS great at jumpin’! But what really blows me away sometimes is realizin’ there are so many great kitties now on CC who never even knew me as an Earthling!

Well, as you know very well I kept things excitin’, that’s for sure. And I still do. Mom could not picture her life without its daily dose of Mallowness, so she let me continue my adventures here on CC! So let’s fill up our beer steins, dish out some big slabs of pizza ~ double onion, double garlic of course ~ crank up the tunes and get this pawty started.

“♫ If you believe in forever
Then life is just a one-night stand
If there's a rock and roll heaven
Well you know they've got a (really great) band ♫” ~~ (the One and Only) MJ

Mom says thanks a lot for the sweetheart roses!

Come visit me, Family Album ~ Vote Rosie #212287 in June, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ Couch surfing on Pinto Island!, Q. .A Mallow (MJ) & OJ ~ Chillin' on Pinto Island!, Angel Smokey ♥ Angel PawPaw & Evie ♥ A Shai.

06/21/2016 06:57.28 PM Report This Comment
I'm not convinced 6-21-16
I don't care what anybody says, TODAY is the first day of summer! I mean, you can't just play fast & loose with this stuff! The summer solstice is June 21 and that's all there is to it! Anything else just makes things more complicated than they need to be!

There are plenty of purrsonal celebrations here today! A.Fang thanks everyone for for his COTD badge, then steps aside as Luvbug(60) heaves his bowling ball down the alley. Good thing it's shady here in the alley, he's heading for 106 later! Hot-cha-cha! ... Mallow(56) is helping celebrate A.Summer's adopty day as she also observes her remembrance day.

The Angels(68) set their bowling ball afloat on waves of boomers ... Steve(73) is glad someone invented the selfie stick so he doesn't have to ask somebody with germy paws to take his picture ... Engine(68) might be getting ready to suggest a few rounds of billiards, with all the vole holes in her front yard! Time for some "Whack-a-Mole"! ... Yes Gracie(61), it's the inaugural round of bowling. Each & every Tuesday from now on. Feel free to practice with Bee Gee for next time around. *snicker*

Mudcat(73) is in fine form today, writhing to the music while poling her bowling ball down the lanes ... Tuck(71) says keep your paws off his, um, "moons". Touching your moons never crossed my mind. Swear! ... And Bee Gee(61) falls out of bed in time to go "Handshakin' to the Music" as she wipes peaches & cream off her paws and lets her ball fly down the alley.

Okay. Remember, today was just the first day of bowling practice. We'll have a "grand opening" as soon as we have something to open, and a name. We are temporarily known as "Fast Lanes Felines Bowl-A-Rama".

1st - Tie, Selfie Steve & Rhythmic Mimi, 73.
2nd - Touchy Tuck, 71.
3rd - Another tie, Angels Afloat & Agitated Engine, 68.

And the lucky alley cats who get to wax the lanes, Mallow & Luvbug. Make sure that's Wax", not "wine". *wink*

Can we wear yoga pants
to bowl in? I don't see why not

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE'S TEAM ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

06/21/2016 12:41.33 PM Report This Comment
Day 4 of captivity....................
I'm beginning to hallucinate,and hear things. This room has mirrors everywhere (which normally I LOVE) but I haven't gotten out to breathe fresh air in DAYS. DAYS Tuck,I'm going nuts! All I do is sleep,sit and stare at me,and occasionally shed some fur on the black blanket.I did get to join the normals for an hour. a dinky hour where the old bat followed me around screaming "don't run,don't jump" Well BIG duh,I'm a cat!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

06/21/2016 01:07.46 AM Report This Comment
Hi K. TUck and family
A big thank you for the congrats for COTD. Mom nor I was expecting it. THanks for the goodies and for the White Sweetheart Roses for my mom..

Purrs and headbonks from Angel Fang.

Come visit me, Dancing Bear (In Loving Memory 1994 to 12/2011), Luvbug - RIP Sir Leo,Q. MerryBelle and UBB, Drooler and Angel Fang - Thank you everyone, Buster - RIP Q. Pappoose and Q. Gracie, Sphinx (In loving Memory of 1986-2004) Thanks COTD, Lil Jag - RIP Q. Angel Aunt Samantha thanks COTD, Smudge - Married Queen Carmen - RIP Angel Wilson & Q.Angel Kuce(1993-2012)Vote ROSIE #212287 COTM.

06/20/2016 07:29.38 PM Report This Comment
Monday recap
Happy 1st day of summer! And on the first day of summer,we have bowling day,why not. Lets see who can hit a bowling ball with a golf club for a good score. I guess we all have a little "alley cat" in us. We also need to take a moment to raise our steins to our ACOTD- Angel Fang,then onto our golf/bowling and beachball tournament in the Hazards followed by surfung for your life. Busy day!

Luvbug starts summer with a 60 - nowhere to go but up. In his case-to 101?

Mallow ( 55 ) is a Lane-iac,Lane-iac on the course. All this bowling talk and promises of cool shirts has gone to her head.

Haley ( 61 ) keeps it firecracker hot for the first day of summer.

I score a 68 and head to the Hazards for a little extreme surfing. Suits optional.

Mudcat ( 68 ) needs the summer reminder -no claws on the beach volleyballs. Oopsie,gonna be a long summer.

GTt ( 65 ) wants to go bowling for catbucks. Cards haven't been good to you lately,huh?

Tuck ( 68 ) wants a bowling ball with two holes. What kind of weird things are you up to Tuck? Better off not knowing.

Engine ( 70 ) she's back!!!! More importantly,the Weiner Wagon is back and fully stocked with scaled squirrels and mouseroni salad.

1st with 55 Mallow
2nd with 60 Luvbug
3rd with 61 Haley

Losers:Engine with 70,Tuck,GTt and me with 68. Hot time in the ol cart barn tonight.

Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

06/20/2016 12:41.11 PM Report This Comment
They did it!! They have finally done it! The Cav's won the NBA championship! Could the curse of Cleveland have been cancelled? OMG,I am almost giddy,almost. I'm still under house arrest in solitary confinement. Yes.....I'm still hopping around on 3 legs. I haven't voiced my displeasure about being in solitary,so Gma KNOWS I still hurt.Its kind of cool to have my own bachelor pad. She did intrude last night and we snuggled in bed watching the game,and she spent the night with me,so all in all,I have a built in slave and a snuggle-buddy.


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

06/20/2016 01:19.35 AM Report This Comment
Happy Fathers Day 6-19-16
If any of you happen to be fathers, that is. I myself am not in that group. *whew* So here we are getting ready to celebrate Garfield The Cat day and not a pan of lasagna to be found. It's a tragedy, is what it is.

And now, seven players take their places at the card table, and one by one they throw in their hand. Luvbug tosses in his 57 and wanders off to kiss a loved one. A. Mallow throws in her 52 then doffs her halo to A. Fang on his 1st crossing anniversary. Ana tosses her 58 high into the clouds. Tuck feeds his losing 67 to the neighborhood turkey and raises a martini in honor of A. Fang. Apparently Mimi would like to throw her 70 under a locomotive. Or somthing like that.

And now to the only two winners today. Persey(49) may be young but manx! That kid learns fast! And speaking of Manx, Bee Gee saunters in with a 45, and saunters out with a couple turkey sammies and a stack or Oreos. Garfield would be proud.

And now some exciting mews. Remember, you heard it here first. Actually Persey brought it up first, but I'll try to give you a bit more in the way of details. Yes, it's true. The Golf Bully is no longer satisfied just pushing you around on the links. She wants to expand her grouchy horizons. So. From now on, Tuesdays are no longer Long Drive day, but (brace yourselves) ... Bowling Day!! Hooray!! Score works the same, since the idea for bowling is also to get the highest score. We're still getting the lanes installed on CC2, and are also taking suggestions for a name. We really do like Alley Cats but it's been used to death, so...

~~~Hot Rod~~~

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE'S TEAM ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

06/19/2016 01:03.51 PM Report This Comment
Hey Guys!
I had a wonderful day yesterday and was so excited to see myself in the window! Thanks for the delicious basket and especially for the catnip! I enjoyed snacking and napping on my favorite cat tree. Catnip makes me nuts and I had the best time! Sorry we're a day late with our thanks, but CC wouldn't let us sign in last night.

We love white kitties here. We have three including myself!


Come visit me, Merida, Alex, Angel Bailey *8/26/99 - 6/19/15*, Selene, Benny and J.P., Angel Callie *** 11/22/89 - 06/13/07, Angel Toomey ***5/27/07 - 12/08/09 & Cleo.

06/17/2016 12:25.25 PM Report This Comment
There is something seriously wrong with CC.
The OL went to the library this afternoon (leaving young Persey to sleep it off inside) and me waiting for PD Budd to comment on the scores.
They are NOT here on CC at all.
So, the problem is not with our 'puter.
But, the sign in for CS CC2 is back at home. If any golfers got on there PD will share his brilliant comments this special Furiday.
outside bathing in the sun.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes.Queen of Garden, Furlip File #2 Opened on youpet, a. PD Budd, Writing Furlip Files & Persey, the Twink.

06/17/2016 11:37.41 AM Report This Comment
Thurs recap
Wish fulfillment day,we need a lot of paper to write down all the wishes,staring with ridding the earth of no orange clothes day.Guess there are more important things to worry about,like flying kites after big wind day,and fresh veggies being fresh enough,and what will we do for fun at recess. Not Red Rover,thats just a shameless excuse to clothesline someone.
(sorry,gotta get this done quick before ANOTHER huge storm hits)

Luvbug (47) my buddy,my furiend shows solidarity to my no orange clothes day dilemma. Not a mean bone in his furry body,unlike Mallow (50) who delights in confusing us in what day it is. Isn't every day Gone-Ta-Pott?

Ana (60) isn't gone-ta-pott,she was just gone yesterday thanks to a CC site tantrum.

I score s 67. Nearly passed out on the no orange clothes ban til you all found out my alternative was going au naturale. Funny how that threat changes the mind.

Mudcat scores a 74-yay!!!! Someone who will keep me from being the biggest loser.She brings the circus to town. Flea circus that is.

GTt (61) tries the new taste treat (yuck)-veggie grass. Is that like Tuck's catpot?

Tuck (66) isn't seeing much from his hiding spot under the couch.

1st with 47 Luvbug
2nd with 50 Mallow
3rd with 60 Ana

Losers: Mudcat with 74,and me with 67


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

06/16/2016 01:20.23 PM Report This Comment
Second time this week
Gma gets to drag someone to the vet,but not me this time! I'll be laughing and waving the whole time she's dragging the pooch out the door.
Its vinegar day Tuck,isn't vinegar fermented something,and doesn't wine turn into vinegar? I heard has like a million uses too,so why don't we drink it? Better yet-WHY doesn't it give me a little buzz if I do drink it?


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

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6/15/16 - Well Blow Me Down!
I think all the Catty Shackers are Gone With the Wind today! Let’s see if we can gather them up for you ..

Luvbug starts us out by shooting a 47 (=11) and letting us know that it’s Global Wind Day, which strikes terror into the black heart of Mallow who sure hopes that Steve doesn’t get “wind” of it. After a 49 (=13) minute lecture to Persey about staying OUT of the Great Outdoors, Steve arrives, announcing BIG winds! And he’s not kidding! I think we clocked them at 67 (=13) Mph and CC1 took hours to recover!

Over on CC2, the game continues with Tucker singing 63 (=9) verses of “Against the Wind” through a gas mask and cheering for the tapeworm races. Mimi brought us a 69 (=15) and honours the Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers. Let’s take off our golf caps for a minute to honour them before returning to our regularly scheduled mayhem.

BeeGee thaws herself out after shooting a 43 (=7) and sounds the tornado alarm for CC1. And good thing I decided to check back to see if anyone else eventually blew in on the wind because it’s Gracie T-t with a 50 (=5). Now THAT is a score worth waiting for!

And if our winners don’t blow off the pedestal today, we have:
1st – Gracie T-t with 5
2nd – BeeGee with 7
3rd – Tucker with 9

And it’s Mimi’s turn in the cart barn today, making sure she gathers them in from having been scattered in the wind to the four corners of CC-land. Meanwhile, let’s ALL chip in to get Steve a lifetime’s supply of Bean-O!

Today’s Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Family Album ~ Vote Rosie #212287 in June, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ Couch surfing on Pinto Island!, Q. .A Mallow (MJ) & OJ ~ Chillin' on Pinto Island!, Angel Smokey ♥ Angel PawPaw & Evie ♥ A Shai.

06/15/2016 02:03.58 PM Report This Comment
Yep,that was the extent of my day (and night) yesterday. Gma kept the nanny cam on me all day long. Had I known,I would have gelled my hair,and brushed the tooths. Ever just KNOW someone is watching you? You always do something stupid,and not to mention I feel a little self conscious about scratching my butt on the couch cushions,and doing a deep self cleaning.


OMG-look at this crap-Ernie is COTD! HOW does that happen when he's offline!!! You should ear the naughty words flying around here!

Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

06/15/2016 01:10.11 AM Report This Comment
Dear Tuckster
Well, I had another hissy fit at my vet appt. Monday morning. I was doing fine when Mom took me in at 7:30 and Dr. Laura picked me up and examined me and talked to Mom about what she would be doing. Then Mom left and they took me to the back. Well, that's when I put my paw down and hissed and growled. They had to give me extra medicine before they could administer the anesthesia. Thank God they were able to do the procedure.
Dr. Laura said my tonsils were inflamed (didn't know cats had tonsils, did you?), my stomach wasn't, but my small intestines were severely inflamed. She thinks that's where the trouble lies. She took 3 biopsies, but we won't get the results back until Friday. Then she will determine a course of treatment.
I came home hungry and have been eating well since. I have lost more weight. I am 6.8 now, and Mom's trying to get me back up to 7.
Mom's sis left to visit friends in Scotland and Mom has to take care of wild child, my cousin Izzy, while she's gone. Good thing she lives close by so MOm doesn't have to leave ME too long a time:)
Hope all is well at your house. How is your Dad feeling? And your Mom? Is Pip well? I hope so.
Thanks for being there for me Monday. Sorry I was so unladylike with my hissy fits, but I hate being messed with by a vet, even though she is very nice to me.
Sending love and calico kisses your way, Gin Gin

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl - Adopted 17 Years Ago June 23.

06/14/2016 07:33.52 PM Report This Comment
Calling all pigs! 6-14-16
Or is that Pigs? I think Bee Gee(55) is onto something: I also thought is was "hog calling". And I ain't no hog! Either way, we both refuse to pop any weasels. Messy ... Mallow(48) doesn't need to call her hog, since she's usually riding around on it. *snicker* ... Luvbug(48) reminds us all of the importance of donating blood. And you never know who may need it. Or when.

Ana(50) can see clearly to salute her flag on Flag Day ... Steve(61) is taking no chances on getting messy while the weasel pops. He's doing bourbon shots and hiding the chocolate ... GTt(40) tells the tale (tail?) of the Peregrine Persey being out on the town all night. Purrhaps he's learning bad Catty Shack habits already? Leave the monkeyshines to our resident monkey boy. (That would be Steve, for you not-in-the-know),

Mudcat(65) seems to have some trouble telling her pigs from her weasels. Hint: weasels go "pop!" and pigs go "oink!". And probably taste better on the bbq. Yipe! ... Tuck(59) demonstrates the "it's all fun & games til someone gets hurt" rule, monkeying around until he & Dot both need some medicinal bourbon. Mmm hmm.

Plenty of really short long drives today:
1st - Mudcat, 65. Can't tell her pig from her weasel. Hahhaa! That's funny!
2nd - Steve, 61. Staying clean around the creepy weasel.
3rd - Tucker, 59. Save some of that "medicinal" bourbon for the rest of us!

And Gracie gets to make some monkeyshine down in the cart barn. Moon shine, monkeyshine, whatever. If it comes from the still it's all good.

I'm not changing my
name to "Hog". Sorry

Come visit me, DARN BEE GEE'S TEAM ~ & CATTY SHACK ~.

06/14/2016 01:15.58 PM Report This Comment
Hi K Tucker & family
I'm finally getting a little time to pounce around & thank you for helping me celebrate winning COTD on June 4th. I'm very sorry for the delay but spring is a very busy time of the year for mom & then she got stung by a wasp that caused her hand to swell up like a balloon. The swelling has gone down most of the way now but it's still really itchy but hopefully it will be normal again in a few more days. She's never had an allergic reaction like that before so she'll be watching more carefully for the stinging creatures from now on.
Thank you SO much for coming by to celebrate my award winning day & for all the wonderful goodies & gifts you brought along for the pawty. It was pawsome seeing so many of you show up to honor my special day & I deeply appreciate the visits!

Loving hugs,

P.S. AK Zaboo has thank you blogs to do too but we'll be letting mom do them a little later. Thanks for your understanding dear furiends!

Come visit me, Q Trixie~Rest in Peace beloved fursis Patches, Piggy & Sneakers, Monkey~Vote ROSIE #212287 COTM dly in June~, Fluffinella ♥Joey, ♥Angel Sherman♥, ♥Angel K Zaboo♥, ♥Angel Cloudy♥, Special Memories page & ♥ Angel Patches ♥ 4/1/2001~6/24/2016.

06/14/2016 08:50.38 AM Report This Comment
It continues. I went to the vet,now the pooch has to go back. Vomiting-all the time,no matter what. Tried Pepcid Ac,tried chicken and rice,tried small feedings. She vomits at least 4 times a morning. No temp,no diarrhea. So,about know the old bat has gone crazy with the carpet cleaner.On a good week she uses it weekly,now its been daily! My ears can't take it!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

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Monday recap
A moment please for Aurora on her crossing anniversary.How rude you share it with weed your garden day.What is a weed? A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered. -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Mudcat (67) knows we're ALL full of plenty of fertilizer :)

Luvbug (47) is inviting us all for a smack down. Yay!! I always wanted to see one of them up close and purrsonal. Whoa-not that close.

Mallowicious (53) Takes "weeding" to a whole new level.She plants,not picks.

Haley seems to be hoping for a loser score with her 52. Wait til she finds out what else the loser has to do today.

I score a 55,and have my 101 suggestions on how to trim and care for you garden. You see....its closely resembles purrsonal hygeine. All that picking and plotting and manscaping. Ummm...landscaping I mean,sort of.

Wild jungle cat GTt (49) sleeps with the weeds. Its like sleeping with the fishes,only not as ghastly.

And Tuck (54) likes his weeds in a catpot cigar form :) Goes well with the "beverages"

Scores (yes,small crowd again)
1st with a 47 Luvbug
2nd with 49 GTt
3rd with 52 Haley

Losers: Mudcat with 67,and ME with 55-yikes!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

06/13/2016 01:04.59 PM Report This Comment
Gma has been up with me since 10pm last night. Beat me what happened,but I have PAIN in my back legs,and am crying. Yes,me...crying. Guess where I get to go today (as soon as she finds me,I'm hiding) and she has to figure out how to leave work to take me there. Oh....the joys-NOT. Feel sorry for me yet? Didn't think so.


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

06/13/2016 01:03.44 AM Report This Comment
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