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Domestic Shorthair from <a href=' Springfield/club-members.aspx' title='New Springfield, OH'>New Springfield, OH</a>

K. Tuck ~ #219145

About Me

Active within 1 Day

Hi! My name is K. Tuck ~ #219145

I am Domestic Shorthair from New Springfield, OH

Nicknames: Tuck, Baby Boy, Honey Boy, I can't say...MOL!!!

Age: 6 years old

Gender: M

Coat: short haired

Education: He's my constant companion especially when I am sick and in bed he doesn't leave me alone for long and when I move to the couch he is constantly checking on me. We tease him about being Nurse Tucker, but he really is an awesome one!!

1st ~ COTD/RCOTD ~ January 10,2012
2nd ~ COTD ~ April 19,2013
3d COTD ~ April 19, 2014
4th COTD ~ April 19, 2015
COTM: March 1, 2014
CROTM :March 1, 2014

King Mike bestowed the honor of Sir Tucker Knight Of The Realm on July 1, 2012

Queen Gracie bestowed upon me my own pursonnal MoonPie Mobile and I have my own private Grass Shack on Pinto Island!!!

Queen Trixie Honored me with the "You Make A Difference Award" on May 1,2013

King Whiskers Honored me with the Loyal Friend award on July 1, 2013

Queen Angel Yum Yum honored me with Her Majesty's Service Medal on 8/31/13

Queens Maggie & Angel Ginger Appointed me Official Groundskeeper of the Castle August 2015

My favorite tricks and treats are: I leap from the ground into my moms arms and ride on her & dads shoulders, I am the bug patrol in my house & I'll do anything to get them even work in tandem with the D-O-G to get them. and Whisker Lickens Crunchy Tuna & Tender Chicken & Cheese, Friskies Crispies Cheese... See at theme going here??? Cheese, Ham, Pork & Saurkraut ..really,
Bread & Pizza.

Where I hang out: Kitty Tower , on top of the Hot Tub perfect for watching my territory!!!! On Mom & Dads shoulders.

My favorite grubs: a can any kind I'm not picky, but I get a special can at night that I love Fancy feast With Tuna & Cheese! YUM!!!.

My pet peeves: anybody foreign in MY yard!!! Being told NO.

What I love about my owners: She takes me for walks outside, she holds me like a baby & rubs my tummy, I also like to ride on her shoulders!!!!

My cat hobbies: play, play play....torture the dog Shadow & Mouse & Dot

Pet motto: its all about ME!!!!

Shadow (DC) #219532
Cinnamon (HC) #224656

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How We Met

After losing my best friend of 18 yrs I had started to look again, although I was looking for a long haired Kitty which he is not. I saw Tucker on the internet and fell instantly in Love!!!! He is my import.. he came from around Toledo from a wonderful foster mom for Maine Coon Rescue.

A special thank-you goes to the CMR and all their crews!!! We really appreciate all your support!!!
Thanks so much to Zaboo & Family for the wondeful shout-out we are honored to be your furfriends!!!
And Sir Steve & Sir Ernie for a special helping hand, thank you, you two!!!
Also I would like to thank Boo Kitty & Mom for making my Beautiful frames!!!

Thank you very much for:
Vote #1000 ~ Sir Steve
Vote #2000 ~ Sir Steve
Vote #3000 ~ K. Steve
Vote #4000 ~ K. Steve
Vote #5200 ~ Hot Rod
Vote #6000 ~ Boo Kitty
Vote #7000 ~ K. Steve
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Vote #9000 ~ Toby

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I've had 75086 friends visit me.

I'm the 49,148th member on

9,785 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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My Cat Blog

Different Name Day 2-13-16
I hope you all wore your "different name" tag, so we'll know who's who!

Luvbug(40/4) wants to strees the need for workers to know the legal policies of their workplace, so he gets to be our "Legal Eagle" ... The queen of "Me" herself has no competition since the King of "Me" stayed home to gaze into his mirror, so Mallow(44/8) earns the name "Solo ME-o" ... Ana(12/3) is getting ready for a blast from the Russian tundra, so we'll let her be the "Siberian Tiger" for today.

Mimi(22/4) brings encouraging mews about JC, with a request we send him a hunk of carpet. Today she shall be known as the "Empress of Shag" ... Tucker(2!) has dragged in some carpet scraps happily donated by Piper. Tucker clips on his name tag reading: "Scrappy". Kinda fitting, if one is to believe the stories. *wink*

Oh bother. What to do about the co-nicknames shared (debated?) at GTt(4!) house? There's Twinkie or Twinkle or "NO!" to choose from over there. No problem really. Percy is the catty, so naturally he is the Wheeler. And of course, Gracie is the Dealer. Problem solved! ... And finally, here comes the Maid *snicker* Bee Gee(37/10). Hey, she said it herself, about cleaning all those kissy smudges off Steve's mirror. Just don't get all gussied up in one of those French maid's outfit.

No trouble figuring out the losers today! Bee Gee all alone with that 10, out to clean the carts and dust off the still. Maybe Solo ME-o can lend a wing. Perhaps a feather duster? See ya! As for the rest of you, I think you are all accounted for:

1st - Scrappy, with a 2.
2nd - The Siberian Tiger, with 3.
3rd - And a 3-way tie, between the Legal Eagle, our Empress of Shag, and Our Miss Dealer, each with 4.

You guys don't really want to know
my nickname these days, but it rhymes with "kitty"


02/13/2016 02:02.35 PM Report This Comment
2.12 'President Penny' Abe's day. Cat Scavengers..
Cat Scavengers Unite for Feeding JC. we got you dude!

On the first day in the year of the monkey we thank AQ mallow for all the Chinese Food we could ever eat (burp) served at her Castle. And out of the goodness of her heart for Heart Weekend she brought 46 bags of cranberries to dump into the still. We are each making our own versions of medicinal drinks for JC.

LuvBug hit a 38 long drive today which keeps him out of the Cart Barn. Except he volunteers to help keep the fire going under the still for JC's special cat recovery drink. Great guy that LuvBug, he offers mimi a selection of temp. catties. He's got a house full and she can have any or all of her choice while her own catty is laid up. GTt will be grateful for his help in the Cart barn, too.

The Eastern Angels leave 6 HEARTS to all of us. Lovely

Steve is chilling out with a 6 so he made his own spiked hot tea for a warm up and brought a thermos to the patient. JC's not driving so that's okay. Drink up JC.

GTt wins the Cart Barn still operation with her score of ONE (1). She'll have lots of help out there, too.

Catties are the best scavengers. They like kitchen cabinets. Percy found the penny with Abe on it which he promptly gave to GTt (She has him SO TRAINED). And Dot came out of her cabinets with four cold paws. That makes 8 when she includes Tuck.

BeeGee found 41 pennies stuck under the seat of her cart. (*Ick*) She is creating a "special" Pumpkin & Cranberry Smoothie for JC. He is going to want to bust out of that ER and get a good home cooked meal after he gets all of our cures down his throat and out the other end.

For the first time in living cat memory Engine did not arrive with her unusual grub today. She's brought 16 cans of Surf & Turf to be washed down with Rocket Fuel punch. Wowie, if that doesn't clean out JC's pipes I don't know what will.

Poor mimi was slowed down to 22 today since she had to haul her own clubs. Better take LuvBug up on that spare catty offer. The report from the vetspital is JC seems to be a little better. He is flirting with the cute nurses now. Tomorrow could be 'Feel a Nurse Day'.
Hope he likes all of our medicinal drinks and food. We sure know how to care for our own.
Get better JC before we poison you!!

~~ free comments by a. PD Budd

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..winky-winky, Furlip File #1 closed, A. PD Budd, STILL Writing Furlip Files & Perseus, the Hero-birdwatching.

02/12/2016 02:45.14 PM Report This Comment
Are a genius! Well,not really YOU,but your mom. Face it Tuck,I can't hang with someone on the genius level. You would be talking astrophysics,I would be talking young,female orange felines with long tails,and what shape my poop took in the litter box.Bet ya wanna know why I think this is a good thing,right? Am I right? Well,last night Gma did your mom's suggestion-both Ernie and I were packed up an carted to the vet for his appointment. when we came home-wa-la! No hissing and growling to be had.Now,I wasn't real thrilled with it,but what the heck,as long as I was the bystander in all this,so be it. Took both her and Gpa-not like she can carry a combined weight of 30 pounds of cat around.I hope you enjoyed your 30 seconds of praise,I'm all done in after that :)


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/12/2016 01:12.02 AM Report This Comment
Thurs recap
Not that we wanted it to happen,but today is visit a shut in day-road trip to see JC!!! Its the least we can do on make a furiend day,and don't cry over spilt milk day. Who does that anyway?I used to hear "I'll give you something to cry about",so believe me,milk was NOT on the list.

Luvbug (38)Everyone's furiend and buddy (really-look at him,how could you not love him) starts off the fun with some balloon rubbing to the fur,good old static,shocking fun. That'll leave a mark.

Mallow the Great Ruler of the Universe (42)Never lets 'em see her cry. SHE is the one making everyone else cry. You must have been the middle child.

I score a 9,and ramp up my best (which is pretty bad) air guitar. How not to win furiends and make enemies.

The Angels play groundhog day as they get a repeat temp of 25. At least its predictable.

Mudcat (24) 24!!! For real??? Anyway,she has more than the temps to worry about with her catty still in the vetspital. We're pulling for ya JC!!!!!

Engine scores a 19. WHAT HAPPENED to the East enders!!!! Thank goodness for the triple ply fur and tail wraps,and thats just the main course. Kidding-she amped it up with spicy mouse ribs.

GTt scores a 12. We have a winner! The one and only who admits to being my smooching furiend.Hey,she healed me,we need to air express her to JC.

Tuck and his toilet paper terrorist (AKA Dot) follows suit with another 12. Everyone should have a hobby I guess. He heads off for a frosty Heinicat,while Dot lets 'er roll.

BG (39)is in search of the elusive milkman.He must be hiding with the elusive mailman. They both must be hiding from your minty breath (?) Whats that saying - her breath could sink a thousand ships. Or was that face,I get confused.


1st with 9-me!!!
2nd with matching 12's-GTt and Tuck
3rd with 19 Engine

Losers: with a balmy 42-Luvbug and his lovely assistant BG with 39


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/11/2016 12:54.23 PM Report This Comment
Hi K Tuck
Bigger Fish.
Fatter Mice.
Slower Birds…
Wishing you nothing but the best on Valentine’s Day!

Sorry we are a few days early with our Valentine blog, but we won’t be online again until next week.

♥Feliz Dia del Amor y la Amistad♥ (Happy Day of Love and Friendship)
K Casper Todd

P.S. Condolences on the loss of your Mom's friend's son. So sad.

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle (in Loving Memory) ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

02/11/2016 12:25.43 PM Report This Comment
single digits
My favorite! Not. Holy crap I'm cold.Little guy like me could freeze something important off.Not so sure what,all the important things in my life have been taken form me and floating in a jar somewhere.Bit your tongue,they did NOT throw them in the trash,I know that for a fact. They held onto the jewels for later-for cloning purposes. Soon,there will be an Army of Steve's ruling the world!Yeah,I do dream big


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/11/2016 01:56.53 AM Report This Comment
2/10/16 - Turn your umbrellas upside down ...
And collect FOOD! There’s some crazy rumour around here about 40 days of fasting! Say it isn’t so ….

Luvbug says it IS so, oh the horror of it all! Let’s just keep putting and hope they don’t find us out here at the Catty Shack! Luvbug starts us off with a 40 (=4), a hard one to beat. Mallow definitely doesn’t beat it with her 44 (=8). And in honour of Umbrella Day, it is raining at the old homestead. Which is better than what it’s doing at Steve’s homestead! Umbrellas get heavy when you try to catch the white stuff in them. It’s a 20 (=2) for Steve and he is breaking out his coloured balls. Let’s clear out the ladies and kittens first, please! And me.

The Angels stomp the snow off their boots and putt a 25 (=7), while Engine brings us Mardi Gras feast Part 2! 21 (=3) courses! Let’s grab it quick before they catch up with us about that fasting thing. Mimi has a 31 (=4) and is celebrating Home Warranty Day. Yep, those are pretty great, aren’t they?

Have no fear, Tucker is here and he brings a 22 (=4) and wants some of Engine’s hot Hairball Hurricanes. Hold the hair. Chicken. Gracie T-t brings a 26 (=8) and lots of purrs for our comrade J.C. We all join in on that, get better J.C.! Finally, BeeGee has a frozen 26 (=8) and is ready to negotiate with the Powers that Be. She’ll agree to fast every SECOND day. Or think about it at least. Maybe.

And the parade of fools lines up this way:
1st – Steve with 2
2nd – Engine with 3
3rd – Luvbug, Mimi and Tuck, all with 4

The Angels stay out of the cart barn today, it’s time for Mallow, Gracie T-t and BeeGee to do the honours, their crazy 8s say so. Oh, what a scary group of kitties to be spending time in an small enclosed space. They will come out ruling the world, I tell you!

And now it is time for our illustrious blogger to bring in the garbage cans, so I must take my leave

Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Mallow Castle ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

02/10/2016 11:51.27 AM Report This Comment
Slid right by
Your page! I'm sitting here in the litter box(where I do all my best thinking)and I thought "I must have forgotten something",and it came to me-I did not come say howdy to you today! Oh stop,I cleaned my paws off since all the thinking episode. How could I not come by to open my little clear,bubble umbrella indoors to give myself bad luck? Maybe have Dot cross my path while I'm at it. Yep-living on the edge-barely hanging on by a claw-thats the life! Nothing a few Jack's won't cure is my motto.


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/10/2016 01:32.28 AM Report This Comment
Mardi Gras! 2-9-16
I see you all dressed for the occasion, not to mention how you spruced up the golf carts. We seem to be overrun with kings & queens for the parade floats, so let's get started before there's a royal tizzy. Luvbug(40) is off to a painful start when he gets a whack from A. Kuce's royal scepter. Maybe that's the signal for the parade to start ... Our newest royal asset *snicker*, Mallow(39) continues speaking in gibberish tongues while practicng the royal wave.

K.Steve(29) would like us to think he's ready to be fat, but I think he's only being sassy ... One of the "non royalists" here at CS, the Angels(20) have to shovel their float out of the snow ... Q. Mimi(37) still has catty woes, and shares some of her beads and a powdered wig with JC. That should cheer him up ... Another one of the bourgois, Engine(35) is tossing canaries and turtles from her float. Vive le bourgois!

GTt(24) is playing God Save the Queens on her kazoo ... K. Tuck(33) rides the royal hot tub float, tossing soggy pizza to the spectators ... Last and probably least royal, Bee Gee(24) swoops into the parade in her flying golf cart, flinging bagels to the unwashed masses.

Not much in the way of long drives you guys.
1st - Luvbug, 40. Give something up for Lent? You must be joking!
2nd - Mallow, 39. Encouraging words for JC.
3rd - Mimi, 37. Ask BeeGee to help JC out of the woods. She's an excellent navigator...

Looks like the angels will be responsible for cleaning the carts after the parade. Good thing there are 5 of them!

Thankful Steve didn't play his wazoo.
Oops, I mean kazoo.


02/09/2016 01:58.16 PM Report This Comment
Spoke too soon
Its back,and crappy as ever! Snow that is.I don't know where to start first! Pancake day,pizza day,bagel day followed by toothache day. Coincidence? And then to top it off-we can go topless and flash what our momma's gave us. OK,so maybe I might be lacking,apparently my momma fell short in the giving me department here. S'ok,there are other ways to earn some Mardi Gras beads.....stump rump don't fail me now...


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/09/2016 12:18.41 AM Report This Comment
Monday recap
Happy Chinese New Year!!! Year of the monkey,what could be more fun than a barrel of monkeys,right?Its also laugh and get rich day-so I hope the monkeys got their "A" game on. Everyone watch the super Bowl yesterday? That explains the lethargy and the scores.

Luvbug (38)monkeys around with a kite flying opera. Interesting.

Mallow (40) is speaking in tongues today (at least she is still speaking,and strangely,we understand her),and she creates random acts of vandalism with her golf ball. So little,yet so fierce.

I score a 36. Let me tell you-laughing yourself rich does NOT work-the bank account is still lacking in the negative way.

Engine dresses head to tail in 28 layers of fur-warming her paws over the chipmunk Cheerios with warm catnip cream(at least its not mulled monkey)

The Angels are getting ready for an early Easter with a 25. After the Nor leaves that is.

Tuck packs up his little 36,and heads his lonely self to the drink wagon. You're never alone when its you,Jack Daniels,and chipmunk Cheerios

Mudcat (37) hold the bus!!! Some not so good news from the Southern front. JC is in the vetspital with a urinary blockage. Its no laughing matter-sending get well wishes his way.

GTt (24) sends out invites out lunch with the monkeys compliments of Engine. No wonder your inviting everyone. No,monkey is not on the menu.

BG 924) pawtied to hardy at the SB yesterday-even old gum,and the opera is looking good to her. An opera performed by Asian New Year monkeys-I like it!

1st with matching 24's BG and GTt.
2nd with 25 is The Angels
3rd with 28 is Engine

Losers: Mallow with 40,and Luvbug with 38. teach her to talk well,can ya Luvbug?


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/08/2016 02:57.48 PM Report This Comment
Hi Pal!
How are you this morning? Has that white stuff started coming down yet? We're even supposed to get a little bit down here--it suddenly turned very cold (20s tonight, not out of the 30s tomorrow). Wasn't the Urban Iditerod fun?? And congrats for coming in first! Your team was great. My Georgia Peach team, with the Virgin Island kitties and Maggie Meme (and the help of her two doggie friends and my next door neighbor doggie:) came in 3rd. I, on the other paw, sat in the cart yelling Mush! Mush! I kept some warm Georgia Peach pies under my lap robe for everyone. (Age does have its privileges:) LOL Anyway, I saved enough Georgia peach pies for you and your whole family (that is, if you choose to share). Hope you're having a pawsome Monday. Love and many calico kisses, Gin Gin

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl--Happy Hearts Day!.

02/08/2016 11:15.03 AM Report This Comment
Hi K. Tuck
Wow, what a really big surprise. I sure hope that you are having a fun day. We are expecting snow here. Yuck. Purrs....Q. Ling

Come visit me, Angel Oscar - I love Angel Cloudy, Angel Nosey -- I Love Orzo & Biscuit is my guy-RIP, Q. Linguini- I love A. Ditto Vote Zoe, Sweet Jake - Loving Memory- I will always love you, Angel Lucky - I love Angel Shadow, Angel Rhuby-I love Sir Leo- Welcome Angel Sparky, Q Linguini-I love A. Ditto- Vote Buddy, Pudding -I love Felix-Praying for Alexi &Doodlebug & Angel Finster I am married to Destiny Always Loved.

02/08/2016 07:19.36 AM Report This Comment
Hi and a votey-- #9771
I guess your OL wondered why I hadn't written a thank you for the PD Budd Stone offer. Never thought about putting it on the CC. For private message our OL prefurs the Cs2

For PD's stone how is: PD Budd, Sweet Furiend, 2002 to 2016

The training is completed and successful. Percy is just the cat I have always wanted. He has excellent manners and does not try to butt in to eat my food. Or get in the way. The hissing and growling technique let him know the boundaries.
He plays like crazy and I love watching him. I put my own paw into some games too.
Best of all, I have always wanted to have an hour of wild chasing before bed at night. I used to chase PD Budd like this right up until he went for his "dental appointment" and never returned. Who knew he was so sick?
He always hated the chasing games and raced up on the bed to get behind mom who purrtected him. He cried and yowled when I caught him.
Now, young Perseus on the other paw has the chasing gave down pat. I chase him and he hides he chases me and I love it. I get exercise... seem to be filling out around the middle,
This whole thing makes the OL very happy to see us playing together.
Here;s a question we have been saving for you.
In order for Percy to go outside in the springtime the OL wants to have him wear a harness and leash. She thinks we should start training him now. She bought a set in blue paw design at the Dollar Store for a dollar.
She has tried putting it on his two or three times. But he is so skinny and a slippery sleet guy we are afraid he will just slip out of it and run off.
It will take us some time to train him to stay on the propurrty like Uncle Buddy rained me. In fact, I am not all that interested in training Percy. I just want to go outside and play. UBB always listed to the OL and tried to do just what she wanted him to do to help. He had a great sense of responseabilty, No me, so much.
So a propurr harness is essential. Please suggest what he will need to be safe. the one we have now is thin all over like cat collar material.

Well, enuf about silly lovable Percy, How's things at your house and why is that profile of Dame mouse on sideways?
Aren't we thrilled with this winter? Although it is rather cold.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..winky-winky, Furlip File #1 closed, A. PD Budd, STILL Writing Furlip Files & Perseus, the Hero-birdwatching.

02/08/2016 06:22.56 AM Report This Comment
Looks like grass,smells like grass,tastes like grass. Grass it is! I'm liking this! Nothing better than a winter without snow up to my armpits. *yawn* little tired from the Stupor Bowl. All that eating and yelling and eating and napping. It done wore me out! Did you see halftime? Reminded me of being in a nip infused psychedelic haze. Thats a good thing in case you were wondering.


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/08/2016 01:14.08 AM Report This Comment
Ballet Day! 2-7-16
Everybody wearing your cleats and helmets? Oh come on, you know you want to. And have you ever seen those NFL films in slow motion? Pure ballet! And 300 pound ballerinas...

Luvbug scores right after the kick-off with a 39. He also got started early on those whiskey floats. Coincidence? Oh look. Mallow also scores a 39 while waving at her neighbor. Wonder if 39 will figure into the final score in the "big game"? Ana had to find the game through the yellow pages, and draws a 28. Not good enough.

Ooohh, Mimi is flexing her attitude by knocking things down after getting a measly 34 from our illustrious dealer. Did your neighbor get your single-digit message? :-) Tucker sure knows our little golf bully well. Yes, she has been practicing her "sign language" with the neighbors today. Tucker tucks his lousy 21 under his helmet and heads for the sidelines to knock some stuff down.

PD hopes we're all enjoying our sooper scoopers. He is NOT enjoying his 23. He puts on his pads and helmet and gets ready to root for some panthers. Bee Gee flips her 24 into the trash and heads out to give the foam finger to one and all, starting with the dealer who isn't playing with a full deck. Says PD...

Okay all, head for the barre. And - bend and flex and squat and thrust. Pirouette and swirl, aren't we a lovely bunch? Now, grab your helmets and head to the snack bar. Hey, those helmets can hold a LOT of grub...

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Dibs on the little cocktail weenies


02/07/2016 01:43.57 PM Report This Comment
Gee, Tuck
You almost seem surprised that you have a stupid dog. Is there any other kind? Oh sure, they can learn tricks. WE can learn tricks. We just choose not to DO them.

Well, see, those 'other' dogs are more like the ones we have here. Non-stop barkers. And mom HATES it! We ALL hate it! Especially The Gus. He has such a piercing bark it feels like someone hammered a spike through your ears! Is it any wonder Grabby belts him all the time? We've just made her the designated swatter. Saves time, rather than have us all line up and take a shot at him (like that scene in "Airplane" hahhaa!)

Bee Gee


02/07/2016 07:18.07 AM Report This Comment
we're just so happy
that a lot of the snow which we got on friday has melted and it's down to 2" we think max out there and should melt more to-day getting into the mid 40s and warmer than that in the sun! janet is going to rake the roof and check the gutters this after noon or when she gets in from work rather than walking as it's good exercise! she and nat finally got their grocery shopping done as stores were very busy humming and even managers were bagging so janet's happy she wasn't there as it would've had her up there bagging and not helping out back where she's needed more! got snow moving in tomorrow afternoon before the first cool front goes through then 30s for two days and 40 by wed. more snow on thursday morning again before another ARCTIC COLD front this time really drop-ping us to the below/above 0 range for starts those 3 mornings and the longest cold spell so far this year 3 days! angels,ab,haley

Come visit me, ana bonana and haley & 5 angels.

02/07/2016 01:32.58 AM Report This Comment
Crutch Rental Day 2-6-16
Or Lame Duck Day, whichever you prefer. Did you all bring your "adopted" gophers with you? Isn't that cute, how the stupid little rodents think we're "adopting" them? Aww. Almost makes me feel bad. Almost. But my mouth is watering at the thought of grilled gopher!

Luvbug(37/10) admires the lace curtains in the lobby as he breezes out to the library. Bringing A. Fang? ... Mallow(42/6) isn't holding back at the I scream bar. Ice cream, I mean. Although I wouldn't mind an I Scream Bar! ... Mimi(31/4) and I share the same opinion of gophers. The only good gopher is a chocolate covered frozen one on a stick. Because everything is better on a stick ... Steve(27/9) is a one-cat compliment club, but he's still taking contributions. If you don't have any catbucks, a compliment will do.

GTt(36/9) is requesting a score transfer. But - how can you transfer TOMORROW'S score to TODAY? Do you have a talent you aren't telling us about? ... Aw, Bee Gee(37/10) is taking her lame duck Tiny "Soupy" Tim to the library to entertain the little gophers in the parking lot. I think she really means "clubbing gophers with a crutch" but with her you never can tell ... And Tucker(29/11) is celebratin the fact that even though he got here late, he's at least in time for the I Scream special.

Lots of bad putts today. Any good ones?
1st- Mimi and her lacey golf cart, 4.
2nd - Mallow, 6. Screaming & dreaming.
3rd - Tie, Steve & GTt, dressed to the 9s.

And everybody else loses. Tucker, Bee Gee, and Luvbug, you guys will have to whiskey floats ready. I'd like some of that frozen yogurt in mine please.

GTt has suggested we have a once-a-month or
once-a-day, or week, or whatever, trophy. For golfer
of the week, or day, maybe month. Who knows. Any thoughts?


02/06/2016 02:42.58 PM Report This Comment
Does Piper still have one ear up and one ear down? She is so cute!

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl--Happy Hearts Day!.

02/05/2016 07:38.19 PM Report This Comment
Hi Tuckster!
Did you get snow yet? Or is that to come? Your Mom has some great photos in your gallery. (And of course your profile photo, which I already swooned over:) Mom put up a new profile of me tonight. Well, new now, it's an old one we only use once a year--you'll see. Turned bitter cold here. I'm all snuggied in with Mom. Don't like the cold! Love and warm paw hugs and calico kisses, Gin Gin

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl--Happy Hearts Day!.

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2.5.16 Yummy Furiday Long Drive Day
[You have NO idea how annoyed I am right now. I was just putting the finishing touches on the scores when CC blotted it out and I have to start over. The 2nd time won't be as good either!!]

Early on the links the Food Cart came rolling in with Engine bringing us 35 pans of mulled mice... mmmmm...
GT-t reports a 32 and winds
mimi is on the pole practicing while wrapped head to tail tip in 32 feet of bright red fabric, Brrr. rain, sleet, snow...
And LuvBug counts 32 Western monarch butterflies passing him by. Grow more milkweed everyone. Save the monarchs.
QUEEN mallow 9400 assures us that she IS the Western monarch. Hail, oh Red Queen!
Out eastSteve reports a pair of 2's again -- at least he remembered this time-- while he knits tiny sweaters for his butterflies. What a guy!
Crabby Tuck is hissing at the politically correct "weatherperson/people." At least his 27 gets him out of the cart barn. Be sure and take your empty Cat Daniels bottle with you, Tuck.
Finally, Bee Gee races onto the green tossing 31 packages of bubble gum from her cart for us all to chew and get stuck in our fur. She must think she is on a float in the mardi Gras parade. Next week, B.G.
Winners and Cart Barner

1st- The QUEEN of the West with 40
2nd - Our Grubmaster N-Gin 35
3rd - The triplets of thirty two: GT-t, Redhot mimi, LuvBug
Cart Barner: Steve with is little 22. Bring those tiny knitting needles with you.

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..winky-winky, Furlip File #1 closed, A. PD Budd, STILL Writing Furlip Files & Perseus, the Hero-birdwatching.

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Are you awake now? That was my very best rooster impression.Look-I even have my mohawk all spiked up red and rooster-like. After all,orange cats are technically referred to as red cats. Beats me why,I look orange to me,I feel orange too.You should try it sometime!
*sigh* if we must,I'll give little lovin to the weatherpersons today. After all,it wasn't such a horrible winter-yet. I call dibs on the cute brunette on channel 8 news in her tight dresses and shiny hair. Yes,i DO check these thins out. I might be neutered,but I still have eyes!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/05/2016 01:12.20 AM Report This Comment
Thurs recap
What does Liberace,stuffed mushroom,homemade soup and the USO have in common???? Nothing at all,but here we are,so lets see what we can do with it.

Luvbug (29)happily volunteered his services for drivers ed and cart saftey on the back 9 holes. They say a picture is worth a thousand words....

Mallow (41) is conducting mushroom stuffing for dummies class followed by how to putt fungus in 3 easy steps.

I score a 37 and honor my mentor-the great Liberace. Bling is the thing.

The Angels don't care about the fungus among us-they just enjoy their 59.

Mudcat (62) supports the USO and the troops with her patriotic pole dance.God bless America,and the freedom of dance.

Engine (54)shows us there is more ways than one to skin a rat. Gonna need more catnip wine for this demo.

GTt (40) prepares to amaze by "whacking her thingie". wow....

Tuck comes out of hiding from the thunder and snow lightening long enough to putt a 35. Me thinks he drinks,a lot.

BG (34)is sniffing from the same still as Tuck when she see's USO's in the Hazards.

1st with 29 Luvbug
2nd with 34 BG
3rd with 35 Tuck

Losers: Mudcat with a patriotic 62,and The Angels with 59


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/04/2016 01:47.42 PM Report This Comment
Medicine breath
Ernie's got it. Yuck. And the old bat wants ME to be nice to HIM??? Hey,I saw where your mom wore out our Pip!!! Why can't you do that,its your job as the loving big brother to run her ragged.
IDK Tuck,I'm looking out the window right now,and I see ice balls falling out of the sky.....what happened to 64 and sunny-I want it back! Good thing its homemade soup day,whatcha gonna make me? I'm feeling a chicken noodle moment coming on,and not from a can,I want the real thing from you chasing down the chicken,to the plucking and making of the noodles. I have plenty of time,I'll wait.


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/04/2016 01:13.42 AM Report This Comment
2/3/16 - "♫ A long, long time ago .."
Yes, it’s The Day The Music Died, remembering the talents of Buddy Holly (BH), Richie Valens (RV) and The Big Bopper (BB) lost all too soon on this date 57 years ago. We will celebrate their memory by making their music the backdrop to our golf mayhem today. Great new picture, by the way!

Luvbug gets up “Early in the Morning (BH)” to putt a 28 (=10) and to set out the trays of carrot cake to celebrate the fact that it is also Carrot Cake Day today. After putting a 37 (=10). Mallow spies this delectable goodness and calls dibs on the little orange carrot on top and dares Steve to fight her for it, declaring “Rave On (BH)”. Steve would rather cruise around the water hazard after racking up his 50 (=5). “It’s So Easy (BH)

Engine brings us a 26 (=8) and some Ratty Rover and Poached Parrot to go with our carrot cake “Oh, Boy! (BH)”. Mimi, meanwhile, lays out a “Chantilly Lace (BB)” tablecloth and marks down a 50 (=5). The Angels ride in on the wind and can barely stay in the cart. With the “Paddi-Whack Song (RV)” for inspiration they putt a 38 (=10).

Gracie T-t putts a 41 (=5) and tells us her catty’s adventures of this morning. Thanks for the reminder that plastic bag handles should be cut before allowing kitties to play with them and we have to agree, Percy, there’s “Someone Watching Over You (BB)”! After preparing by Staring Behind Things, Tucker lines up his putt and scores a 48 (=12) I think his theme song is “Cry Cry Cry (RV)” And finally, Bee Gee declares that “That’ll Be The Day (BH)” when carrot cake should pass HER lips! It’s a 23 (=5) for her.

A very interesting cluster of scores today, with no one left out:
1st – Steve, Mimi, Gracie T-t and Bee Gee with 5
2nd – Engine with 8
3rd – Luvbug, Mallow, and the Angels with 10
And left over we have Tucker, who still gets to go to the still room with his 12 pieces of carrot cake

“That’s What I’m Talking About (BB)”!
Your Guest Common (couch) ‘Tater, Mike

Come visit me, Mallow Castle ~ Vote Quincy #180493 in Feb, Angel Jezebel ~ Love is forever, K Mike ♥ Q L Dolly & Mom Janada always, Moji Blackbear ~ brother be my valentine?, *QUEEN ANGEL MALLOW (MJ) ♥ Prince OJ*, Angel Smokey ~ A. PawPaw is my Valentine & Evie, Royal Kitchen Manager ♥ Angel Shai.

02/03/2016 12:55.59 PM Report This Comment
Hello K Tuck
How are you? Thankfully we survived the severe weather. Yesterday & last night we had torrential rains, gusty winds, scary thunder & lightning, & hail. It stormed for hours with the worst weather from 9 until after 11 p.m. I stayed hidden under Mommy’s bed all night long, until 6 a.m. today. We received over 6 inches of rain. There were numerous tornadoes in Mississippi that caused lots of damage & destruction to homes, businesses, churches, a community college & a prison. Thankfully nobody was killed. A major highway is closed because of flooding. We feel very blessed today ✞

Q Sissy

Come visit me, ♥ K Casper Todd ♥, ♥ Q MerryBelle (in Loving Memory) ♥ & ♥ Q Sissy ♥.

02/03/2016 12:03.01 PM Report This Comment
It's quite obvious...
You do not have what it takes to put the fear of god into that dog. You need to consult with Grabby. Now THERE is a cat who can lay down the law! She has both of our dogs buffaloed, especially The Gus. Mom hates it, cuz Gus doesn't really bother anybody (except mom, but we'll talk about that some other time). All Gus wants to do is play. You know the type. Yapping, pouncing, running around in the house, etc. None of us is especially crazy about it, but we just go into another room. Not Miss Iron Paw! She CHARGES him and swipes him in the face! I guarantee you - he settles RIGHT down!

So, THAT'S what that is! Blue bird of happiness, you say? And just why is that? Why can't there be a tabby cat of happiness? I can understand there not being an orange cat of happiness. Fussiness, maybe, but not happiness.

Wait a minute. Something just hit me. *ouch* You say that dog is supposed to be bark-free? I thought only those Basenji dogs were barkless. I know where all their barks went: Right here! Dixie & Gus have inherited ALL the barking those other dogs didn't. Whenever they're outside they just can't shut UP! Drives mom nuts. They bark at squirrels & birds. They bark at kids on skateboards. They bark at tree branches when the wind is blowing. They bark at cows & sheep. They bark every time somebody 2 blocks away closes a car door! And lots of the time, the dogs next door (on both sides!) join in! So if YOURS woofs at you once, I really wouldn't complain too much. You could have gotten stuck with the canine choir! *groan*

Bee Gee


02/03/2016 07:25.21 AM Report This Comment
I'm ba-ack!!!!
Evil,hissing Steve has made a re-appearance! And Gma thought she was oh so smart rubbing Ernie down with blankets scented like me,skipping thru the house dispersing clouds of Feliway. Ok,it wasn't as bad as the last week,but I did get a few hisses and growls in-so what! I don't want to be the bearer of good news (its really not my style) but today is take a cruise day! Yep,if your brave enough to suitcase it with me,we could be doing the conga on Princess cruise lines,but NOOOOOOOOO,Tuck can't tolerate a little fragrance!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/03/2016 01:14.32 AM Report This Comment
Dear Tuckster
Wow! Another stunning photo! I love the new profile pic. Your Mom ought to send some of these in to Caster magazine, really! Yum. That Skipper's Spaghetti sounds awfully good. Mom says so too. Good for Piper! What a record. Left free to roam and NO accidents. What a good little girl:) I think you are a good doggie trainer. It was 76 degrees here today. Mom had stuff to do earlier in the day, but went out to work on the patio garden this afternoon for a couple of hours. She's got spring fever, but I have a feeling winter isn't done with us yet! Mom has to run a library board meeting at her church tomorrow and then work in the library, and then Thursday she is going to the cemetery to visit my Daddy's grave. Well, that's all the news that's "fit to print," as they say. Sleep well. Sweet dreams, my dear friend, and have a pawsome Wed. Love and calico kisses, GG

Come visit me, Ginger Spicegirl--Happy Hearts Day!.

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Groundhog Day! 2-2-16
Looks like a couple other hogs are trying to butt in. Hedge hogs, sled hogs. Oh wait, sled DOGS. Kinda the same thing, if you ask me. And just look at that crazy cart! What is IN there? Squirrels, beavers, weasels? Who let them on the course??

Luvbug(30) wants to learn all about those other critters in the cart. You just go right on ahead, give us a report on what you find out ... Mallow(33) learns the hard way to keep her G-string out of the way when she plays golf. Ukulele string, that is. Sheesh, you guys ... Haley(26) says she can warm things up with a little Pepper. Is that your personal sled dog? That's cheating.

Goofy Steve is so eager to get out and harness the power of a dog sled he forgets to leave a score. Goofy golfer! ... Mimi(46) volunteers to blindfold the groundhog so he can't see his shadow. If we just leave him in the ground, he won't see his shadow either ... Engine(47) says we need that groundhog out of his den, so he can be the guest of honor at the buffet. Ground groundhog? Well, since you put it that way.

GTt(24) volunteers more info about Percy & the OL's crapper capers than we want (or need) to know! ... Tucker(19) is none too thrilled about all the hitchhikers crammed into the catty cart! Sounds like he could out-grouch the golf bully today. Yikes ... And here's the golf bully (21) herself, wondering if we could hire the groundhog to add extra holes to the course. Makes putting MUCH easier!

Notice we're having a Bill Murray kind of day? Catty Shack, Groundhog Day. Maybe tomorrow we can all get Scrooged!
1st - Engine just edges out Mimi for first with her 47
2nd - But Mimi is breathing down her neck with a 46.
3rd - Way down in third is Mallow, with a 33.
Oh dear, grumpy Tucker and the golf bully are heading to the cart barn together. Play nice in there!

I saw my shadow! Is winter over?


02/02/2016 01:59.28 PM Report This Comment
Why so serious Tuck?
Did you just find out your getting another dog? Kidding,I likey the picture,just not used to you being so quiet like that. I bet if I shaved a faux hawk on your head it would lighten the mood.
Speaking of mood-OMG its quiet around here! While Ernie spent the night at the Hilton,here I was stuck with the dog. No one to torment sucks. Oh wait,all is not lost,I get to hiss and attack him when he gets home again. Maybe the day ain't looking so bad after all!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/02/2016 01:18.08 AM Report This Comment
Monday recap
February,the short month,the month of love....ick. Well,here we are trying to bake the great state of Alaska (anyone know the temperature?) while joining forces with GI Joe to fight for freedom and the ability to use body paint and decorate with candy while being naked at work dumping a jerk. We're gonna need a nap after all of that. Who said February was going to be boring!

Luvbug (34) offers black ice skating as a coronation after pawty activity. Most of us have trouble just trying to walk after all that.

Queen Mallow,Beneficent Ruler of the Universe (34) shows up for her first day on the job wearing only face paint and a smile. Gonna be a very interesting month.

I score a 47 in my edible outfit of Starbursts and gummy drops. Hope they don't dissolve in my hula around the coola.

Ana(44) makes her Valentines plans early this morning. Get a better gift that way I suppose.Does anyone get a gift anymore? Whatever happened to the days of making a Valentines box,and getting hard,break your teeth candy? Or how about conversation hearts so you can carry on a conversation with yourself all day.

Mudcat (54) frowns on the work naked,she would rather be having fun naked in her grass skirt and leis :) New dance routine?

Engine is back with a 52,but more importantly-FOOD!!!! we have....lazy lizard legs (easier to catch) and pulled possum and Sharknado to drink. I'm liking February more and more.

GTt (43) prepares to bag our meal for tomorrow-groundhog who better NOT see his shadow tomorrow. Idiot vermin......

Tuck (46) nixes his naked hula in favor for ice cream for breakfast and a candied up pup. A pupsicle!

BG (25) does the dance of the serpent (what have you females been drinking???) and goes for an ice cream migraine with ice cream for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

1st with 25 BG
2nd with matching 34's Luvbug and Mallow
3rd with 43 GTt

Losers: watch her wiggle,watch her jiggle Mudcat with 54,and Engine with 52


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/01/2016 01:50.25 PM Report This Comment
Someone must die
Gma woke up this morning to the back door being wide open,and guess who is outside all wild and free :) She keeps calling my name,but I ain't coming in yet. In my own good time. Should have seen her searching the house for raccoon's or skunks that may have wandered inside-priceless!


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

02/01/2016 12:18.08 AM Report This Comment
Another cat's ass trophy averted! 1-31-16
No thanks to YOU, CC! We almost missed the coronation festivities, and also some really important stuff, like the distribution of 9-Lives winnings! We'll need those if Mallow decides to install pay crappers in the castle!

Luvbug doesn't win any crapper tokens with his 30, so he's hoping the crappers are fee free. At least for the coronation. Sounds like it's gonna be cold for the coronaation, though. Mallow said so herself! Hell is freezing over over there! She didn't win any tokens either, with her 37, but I think she has her own private royal crapper anyway, so it's all good.

Haley dips into the winnings first, with a 39. I think the winners each get their own "key to the crapper" today. Almost makes it all worthwhile, ya know? GTt finishes dealing in time to hit up wardrobe for a freshly brushed tux, while leaving PD with a losing 31. No key for you, but at least Gracie will look dapper flapping her arms outside the potty. She's what we call a "dapper crapper flapper"!

Tuck gets a crapper key of his very own, with a 49. Careful with those brandy Alexanders. You don't want to fall asleep in the john. Then you'll be what's known as a "crapper napper". Ah yes, Bee Gee has a winner too, even though she'd rather it was a backward 27, she'll still take the crapper key. Much better than just having to make 'doo' and try to hide it under a rumpled rug!

Are we all ready for the coronation now? Everyone into the tour bus, so Ziggy can drive us backwards to the festivities. Not to worry. Backward, forward, she can't see where she's going anyway. I suggest you all close your eyes and experience the drive just like she does!

~~~Hot Rod~~~
Glad CC finally woke up
for the coronation!


01/31/2016 01:44.19 PM Report This Comment
hi k tuck and fam
momma went wed for her physical and thrs for respiratory evaluation for her disability as I mentioned earlier so we are praying for them to be favorable for her. she had a really hard time doing some of the things the dr asked her to and couldn't do a couple of them for the physical

shaddy is doing so much better on the medicine.he still has spells of wanting to bully me, but momma blasts him with water spray bottle. as she did when he attacked his tail. he still goes for his tail but only licks it instead of biting now, so it is well.

momma has been sick ( a good bit) some like us kits and is so mind bogged with the disability thing she not been doing much except housey stuff.

gma has dr apt mon and momma one Tuesday so daddy gonna drop momma off at gma's on his way to work mon morning and pick her up on way home Tuesday eve. gma not been doing real good. having chest pains and hard time swallowing food and gas. momma told her it sounds like she has that reflux disease like momma does. sure hope that is all it is, but gma is 86 now.

we thank you so much for not giving up on us or forgetting us we hope. we were just thinking bout cindy, betty boop and angel lago and how we miss them

we loves u dear friend


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Catty Caturday! 1-30-16
Looks like most of you let your catties do the putting today. A couple of you just phoned it in. Left it on the Catty Shack answering machine.

"Hello, you've called Catty Shack. If you know why you've called, please tell us. If you can possibly make it interesting, that would be helpful. You have no idea how boring it is listening to all these messages. Maybe you could make it funny too? That would be great. Thanks!"

Sounds like Luvbug(45/9) plans on making some prank calls later. Just hope they don't have Caller ID! ... I think Mojo(38/11) needs to call and leave a message about signing up for putting lessons ... Ana(27/9) called without exactly knowing why. The answer to your question is "The second Tuesday of next week"

JC(26/8) looks like he's autitioning for a Bob Hope golf flick! Cute little knickers ... Oh good grief. Orange Cat Catturday catty golf day, for Steve and his "loaner" catty Maizy(27/9) ... Percy the Putter(23/5) needs to contain his enthusiasm! He's scatterd twigs and debris everywhere, chasing after balls! Doffing his cap for a sweeping bow.

Dot(24/6) is so proud of the gang for remembering Catty Day that she dances her way across the green and right into the clubhouse ... And Grunt(34/7) gets a bit creative by using a croissant to putt a lime from the bar. Not bad for a beginner.

How did the catties do in the inaugural Catty Caturday?
1st - Percy the Putter wins the debut, 5.
2nd - Dot dances her way into second place, 6.
3rd - Grunt takes third and even brings lunch.

Mojo will be scheduling putting lessons later. Right?

I'm escaping to the sunny window


01/30/2016 01:15.11 PM Report This Comment
Your fired!
Holy snuffin-you look like Donald Trump (minus the bad hair). That is a classic pic Tuck. I can hardly wait to hit the clubs and say "I'm with him". No,no....your not allowed to pretend you don't know me like you always do. I'll wear my COTM badge hanging form a chain to help us like,blend in


Come visit me, ~K.Steve~ Offline part-time & ~Sir Ernie ~ Offline.

01/30/2016 05:19.59 AM Report This Comment
Hey Tuck!
Just a reminder to all catty shackers, not that you probably need reminding. Tomorrow is the last Saturday of the month, so our catties will be doing the putting honors. We get to sit on our laurels *ouch* and watch the events unfold from the comfort of the lounge. Yeah, heck, they're catties! They're used to dragging around heavy bags of clubs and other implements of torture. So we'll be rooting them on whilst lifting a few at the ol' bar!

Bee Gee


01/29/2016 08:59.53 PM Report This Comment
Ho, Tuck!
You look like The Chaircat of the Board in your profile

Come visit me, K. Uncle Buddy Budd (KUBB)..., Gracie Twinkle-toes. ..winky-winky, Furlip File #1 closed, A. PD Budd, STILL Writing Furlip Files & Perseus, the Hero-birdwatching.

01/29/2016 07:24.57 PM Report This Comment
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