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Siamese from St.John

Angel Easy Goin (K7/11) Capt. Thunderclan MHL

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Hi! My name is Angel Easy Goin (K7/11) Capt. Thunderclan MHL

I am a Siamese from St.John

Nicknames: He is just Easy

Age: 9 years old

Gender: M

Coat: short haired

Education: Easy is a sorry hunter !! He won't kill anything !! Wait, that's not completely true. He can find frogs, frogs and more frogs, but still, he never kills them.

My favorite tricks and treats are: NOPE and Just about any cat treats

Where I hang out: In his BIG cattery on shelves at all levels

My favorite grubs: Purina Indoor dry cat food

My pet peeves: Not much upsets him

What I love about my owners: I OWN HER !!!

My cat hobbies: It varies from day to day

Pet motto: Take it EASY !!!

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How We Met

He's our cat Sugars kitten

On October 21, 2013, my sweet, gentle kitty suddenly Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

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I've had 84492 friends visit me.

I'm the 15,227th member on

13,091 friends have voted for me since I joined Club Cat!

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My Cat Blog

Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley
I hope that the ideas and suggestions that I’ve presented during the month have proven helpful. I want to especially thank those of you who took the time to send me ideas that I could share with our friends.
This has been a remarkable month for me and my family.
You’ve sent me so many votes, so many kind words and wishes, so much love. When I was little more than a kitten, (it was back in the day of the shout out COTD catpaigns.) I was nominated for COTD, and as I sat with dad that evening he read me the notes that kitties had sent along with their votes. I kind of got a vision of what was happening and Pete asked me what I was thinking.
This is what I told him; “I just had a vision of what is happening tonight, Pete. Kitties and their families from all over the world are reading about me and sending me votes. What is a vote? Well, it’s easy to think that it’s just a click on a computer, but I think it’s much more. In my mind’s eye I see the world as though I’m looking at it from space. The whole world is a beautiful orb, with no lines marking off the different countries. I see the votes as little yellow scrolls tied with a bit golden ribbon. They seem to be floating up toward me from individual homes. As they rise they join others rising from neighborhoods and the streams of votes from neighborhoods combine to for large streams from cities, and then from states, they flow together to form rivers of sparkling yellow and gold. They make a river of love and caring. Each one is a message of friendship.
The big rivers combine and form rushing torrents of love and goodwill. As the world rotates beneath me I can see that the votes are rising from all over the globe and that powerful rush of love and good will circles the globe and then it all comes rushing down onto our house.
I feel so loved! CC is a very special place and a vote is so much more than just a click.”
All of these years later, I still think your votes are much more than clicks!
My life truly has been blessed. I was rescued by my dad when I was a tiny sick kitten, and I have been loved and nurtured every day of my life. My brother and sisters love me and treat me with kindness and respect. I’ve made many friends here on CC and I met the most wonderful cat in the whole world, my wonderful husband K Whiskers.
I hope with all of my heart that some of the ideas that I’ve presented, can help other kitties to find the kind of life that I have been blessed with. Thank you all so very much!
See you tomorrow evening for a Coronation Celebration.

( by K MacVitie)
The peace and joy you give me, no words can ever tell,
The lessons that you teach me, in my heart will always dwell,
Your purrs bring forth divinity, to comfort, heal and bless,
Wondrous being, praise to you for your gracious loveliness.


Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

08/31/2015 09:09.36 AM Report This Comment
Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley
Today we take a break in the catpaign, to make an announcement,
Queens Maggie and Angel Ginger have agreed that the Coronation shall take place on Tuesday September 1st beginning at 7:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. The ceremony will take place on the Cat’s Meow Resort, (271826). Following the ceremony there will be a reception for all kitties. There will be a delicious menu, Music and Dancing until the wee hours (or until everyone is tired and goes to sleep)
I have to say, It has been an honor and a pleasure to Catpaign this month, and I am so overwhelmed with your support and kindness. I will try to be a good Queen and serve you well.
And now a poem:

Like God keeps His eye upon the sparrow,
I keep my eye upon the cat,
For unlike the little sparrow,
I’m not sure just where she’s at.
She knows the couch is out of bounds,
Yet invariably she goes there,
She ignores the yellow warning tape,
I’ve wound around it, in despair.
I know she likes electric cords,
She pulls them from the wall,
I’ve told her fifty million times,
The wires are rewired now,
To shriek like fire sirens,
If she so much as puts a paw
Anywhere near their environs.
She treats the kitchen counter,
As a fun place on which to glide,
Though it’s purposely lubricated
To make her slip and slide.
When I booby-trapped the cupboards,
I thought, “A-ha! I’ve stopped her now!”
But fearlessly she enters,
And does not blow up, somehow.
Some cat owners keep baskets
Of balls of yarn upon the floor,
My basket’s filled with hand grenades,
Which she bats around ’til she gets bored.
Alternate pencils on my desktop,
On impact will explode,
She always kicks the safe ones off,
How ever does she know?
There’s nothing wrong with cat food,
It’s made special, just for cats,
But she wants steak and baked potato,
Just once I’d like to wear a dress,
Not accessorized with cat hair,
But plastic bags do not protect,
How does she get inside there?
I firmly speak; my voice is loud,
Sometimes I fairly SHOUT!
But, somehow her cat meows,
Are loud enough to drown me out.
I tell her time and time again,
It would help so much when I yell at her,
If she looked more like a brute.
Her attention span is not too long,
Just long enough to drive me wild,
I’m convinced she had some lessons,
From a clever, spoiled child.
I doubt God’s little sparrows,
Give Him trouble quite like mine,
But He can’t hold them in His lap,
Or hug them any time.
Oh, I suppose it is a tradeoff,
And I do get some relief,
Like when she’s curled up on the couch
Behind the yellow tape, asleep.
I think to master cat control,
Is a fine, accomplished art,
I’ve learned I can cat-proof my house,
But I can’t cat-proof my heart.
I love you all,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley
We have a short blog and a long poem today.
I wanted to mention another way to help shelters. It’s something that dad has been doing for quite a while, and we almost forgot to mention it to you. It’s easy, doesn’t cost anything and provides funding for almost any charity that you can think of.
Most of us order things from Amazon, and they have a program called Amazon Smile. You sign up, and then whenever you make a purchase a, small donation is made to the charity you selected.
The small amounts add up, our local “No More Homeless Pets’ told us that they receive almost two hundred dollars a month.
Just a thought, and now our poem....
There's a danger you know.
You can't own just one, for the craving will grow.
There's no doubt they're addictive, wherein lies the danger
While living with lots, you'll grow poorer and stranger
One cat is not trouble, and two are so funny,
The third one is easy, the fourth one's a honey
The fifth is delightful, the sixth ones's a breeze.
You find you can live with a houseful, with ease.
So how 'bout another? Would you really dare?
They're really quite easy, but Oh Lord, the hair!
With cats on the sofa and cats on the bed,
And crates in the kitchen, its no bother, you said.
They're really no trouble, their manners are great.
What's just one more cat and one more little crate?
The sofa is hairy, the windows are crusty.
The floor is all footprints, the furniture's dusty.
The housekeeping suffers, but what do you care?
Who minds a few noseprints and a little more hair?
So let's keep a kitten, you can always find room.
And a little more time for the dust cloth and broom.
There's hardly a limit to the cats you can add
the thought of a cutback, sure makes you feel sad.
Each one is special, so useful, so funny,
The food bill grows larger, you owe the vet money.
Your folks never visit, few friends come to stay,
Except other cat folks, who live the same way.
Your lawn has now died and your shrubs are dead, too.
Your weekends are busy, you're off with your crew.
There's cat food and vitamins, grooming and shots
And entries and travel and motels, which cost lots.
Is it worth it you wonder? Are you caught in a trap?
Then that favorite comes up and climbs in your lap.
His look says you're special and you know that you will
Keep all of the kittens in spite of the bill.

Late evening is awful, you scream and you shout
At the cats on the sofa, who refuse to get up.
The cats and the cat shows, the travel, the thrills
The work and the worry, the pressure, the bills.
The Whole thing seems worth it, the cats are your life.
They're charming and funny and offset the strife.
Your lifestyle has changed, things just won't be the same.
Yes, those cats are addictive and so's the cat game!
Author Unknown

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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heya easy and crew
thanks for coming to see me on my cotd! and loki says thanks too, sorry we are behind and doing combo notes, but mum can't c/p on this tablet, and she's been sick all week, quincy will fill everyone in at hockey I'm sure. and that conch chowder really hit the spot, nice chunks, lots of potato--hey I'm irish you know--and just delightful broth, nice and thick. just wanted to say thqnks, see you at hockey tonight! love SAMMY, (and loki too)

Come visit me, pastor loki, luke has a thing for chyna, CHUBBIE CUBBIES!, quincy♥ leo! & sammy ♥ kara!.

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Joey & je sommes épris de Paris!
(Joey & I are loving Paris)
C'est l'endroit parfait pour passer notre deuxième lune de miel. (It's the perfect place to spend our second honeymoon.)
Les sites & sons sont magnifiques & nous allons rappeler ce voyage pour le reste de notre vie! (The sights & sounds are magnificent & we'll remember this trip for the rest of our lives!) Mon Français s'améliore aussi...MOL! (My French is improving too...MOL!)

I was totally surprised when I woke up this morning & found out I was the COTD!! I called home to meow at Patches & she said she'll do her final family blog next Monday so that I can meow at everyfur today since I'm the star in the spotlight. Thank you to the kitties that pounced by my page yesterday to paw me a vote to make this special day possible!

I'm sending everyone a bottle of french catnip champange, a small Eiffel tower decoration, & an assortment of French cookies on the next plane out so be watching for them to arrive as you pounce by to celebrate with me on my page today.

Well Joey is getting a little impatient about getting to the Louvre so I'd better get my tail moving. Thank you again for the honor of being today's COTD!

Câlins affectueux, (loving hugs)

Come visit me, Q Trixie~Vote TALLEY #88476 COTM in August, Piggy & Sneakers~TALLEY #88476 for COTM, Monkey~Vote TALLEY #88476 daily in August, Fluffinella ♥Joey~Thank U for COTD, ♥Angel Sherman♥, ♥Angel K Zaboo♥, ♥Angel Cloudy♥, Special Memories page & Patches.

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley
Today we’re going to discuss a very serious subject; Lost Kitties and how to find to find them. I hope you never need this information!
Top 10 Tips For Finding Lost Cats
1) Not all missing cats are lost. Cats are notorious for hiding in impossible places. Before you assume kitty is missing, make a thorough search indoors. ( I once spent the entire day in mom’s lingerie drawer)
2) If you know your cat is missing, grab your cellphone with a photo of your cat uploaded, flashlight and treats and head out. Wear comfortable clothes and comfortable soft-soled shoes. Hit the streets
3) While you’re searching, ask pedestrians, knock on neighbor’s doors and show the photo. Ask if you can check their garage, sheds, under the porch. To save time, multi-task during the search: leave a missing cat report with your vet, Animal Control, all the other local vets, shelters and rescue groups.
4) When you return home, leave food and water outside your door. Local TNR rescue rescues will often lend a trap. Go outside one last time to check and call your cat’s name before bedtime.
5) If you haven’t already made a missing cat poster, make one. Include: A good photograph, your cat’s name, description, any special identifying marks or collar, when last seen and where (cross street), your phone and e-mail. adding contact info at the bottom of the page cut into four or five vertical strips that can be easily torn off is helpful.
6) Enlist family and friends to help post flyers and spread the word. Have push pins, tape and a staple gun depending on the surface. The best posting spots include street intersection poles, local bulletin boards at grocery stores, library, laundromat and community center.
7) Post missing cats reports at online at Tabbytracker Craigslist, local online newspapers Use social networking like Facebook and Twitter. Ask everyone to share.
8) Visit all your local shelters to look for yourself even if say they don’t have a cat of your description.
9) If you’ve recently moved, extend your search to your old neighborhood.
10) Persevere! Cats have returned weeks and months later. Keep networking, and asking neighbors if they’ve noticed anything. Keep your flyers or posters fresh with a “Still Missing” header.
Today’s poem was selected by my dad!

I Could Pee on This
Her new sweater doesn’t smell of me
I could pee on that
She’s gone out for the day and
left her laptop on the counter
I could pee on that
Her new boyfriend just pushed
my head away
I could pee on him
She’s ignoring me ignoring her
I could pee everywhere
She’s making up for it
by putting me on her lap
I could pee on this
I could pee on this
—Charles Bukowski (or maybe his cat.)

Love to you all,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley

I'd like to take a moment, before we begin today’s blog, to thank every one of you, who took the time to come by and offer your support during my catpaign. I feel like I've learned a lot from all of you, and I hope I've offered you some ideas you may not have thought of before. I truly am grateful for your comments, ideas and help.
Well, tonight, I'll address a subject that I probably should have mentioned before. That is “spreading the word.” Shelters have wonderful kitties just waiting for someone to love. There are lots of people who feel lonely and troubled whose lives could be transformed for the better by a furry companion. How do we get them together? Advertising is the answer. It’s effective, but expensive. There is free publicity though, It is through the news media. It can be as simple as writing letters to the editor of your local newspaper, or it can involve establishing a rapport with local television and promoting shelter adoptions. Remember, there are lots of loving kitties available at a much lower cost than going to a breeder or pet shop. (dad has a hard time going to PetSmart on weekends because he always wants to bring all of the kitties home. The important thing though is to get the word out. People who live with pets live longer healthier lives than those who don't. Alley Cat Allies has a media primer on the website and it offers great ideas and sample letters and news releases. The address is http://www.alleycat. org/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=373 . So, to get started, let's resolve to write at least one letter to the newspaper during the month of my reign.

Regarding the Coronation Ball, We still need to arrange the details with Queens,Angel Ginger and Maggie, but one thing is certain. Every one of the kitties on CC is invited to the CMR resort on September 1st, to celebrate at the Coronation Ball, There will be a speech (a very short one, I promise) and wonderful food, , and there will be dancing too. I want to purrsonally shake paws and hug each and every one of you.

And now today, something a little different:

An Old Russian Prayer
Hear our prayer Lord, for all animals,
May they be well-fed and well-trained and happy;
Protect them from hunger and fear and suffering;
And, we pray, protect specially, dear Lord,
The little cat who is the companion of our home,
Keep her safe as she goes abroad,
And bring her back to comfort us

And a poem

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray this cushy life to keep.
I pray for toys that look like mice,
And sofa cushions, soft and nice,
For grocery bags where I can hide,
Just like a tiger, crouched inside!
I pray for gourmet Kitty snacks,
And someone nice to scratch my back,
For window sills all warm and bright,
For shadows to explore at night.
I pray I’ll always stay real cool,
And keep the secret feline rule
To NEVER tell a human that
The world is really ruled by CATS!

I love you all,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley
praying for you to get some rain but not much wind!

Yesterday was a wonderful day here in Jacksonville. It was 85 and not a cloud in the sky. We didn’t get any thunder boomers either. There was a nice breeze and we got to play in the screened patio while mom & dad worked in the flower beds. Dad has a couple of square foot gardens, and he took some of the tired tomato plants out and put in some lettuce, parsley, beans, and CATNIP. Mom planted flowers, in the front yard beds and down the driveway beds.

Today, I’d like to tell you about an Alley Cat Allies program that helps community awareness of the needs that stray and feral kitties have. It's called Every Kitty – Every City.

This what Alley Cat Allies says about the program:
Through the Every Kitty – Every City program, we raise awareness and educate the community in targeted cities about outdoor cats, feral cat colony care, Trap-Neuter-Return, and the importance of accessible, affordable neuter services through workshops, outreach programs, and organizing.

The Every Kitty – Every City program provides individuals, groups, and veterinary professionals in the community with the tools and basic knowledge needed to serve as a community resource. As part of the program, Alley Cat Allies rallies and assists community volunteers, local groups, and private shelters to enhance their already existing Trap-Neuter-Return programs or to seamlessly launch new ones.
Alley Cat Allies sponsors workshops, open to the public, for advice and instruction on the best practices of Trap-Neuter-Return and colony care. We also recruit and help train local veterinary professionals on high-volume, low-cost techniques that will increase the availability of affordable neuter services including early-age spay/neuter and vaccination protocol. To start a program in your city, contact one of the existing programs, Or contact Alley Cat Allies!
This program was vital in establishing the TNR program of No More Homeless Pets, here in Jacksonville.

And now, a funny poem for today:

All I Need To Know About Life
I Learned From My Cat

Life is hard, and then you nap.
One day ignore people, the next day annoy them.
When in doubt cop an attitude.
Curiosity never killed anything except maybe a few hours.
Climb your way to the top, that's why the drapes are there.
Never sleep alone when you can sleep on someone's face.
If you're not receiving enough attention,
try knocking over several expensive lamps.
Make your mark in the world or at least spray each corner.
When you go out into the world, remember:
being placed on a pedestal is a right, not a privilege.

Thank you so much for your love and support! I love you all,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley
We never want to think about disasters, but we need to be prepared, (or should I say Purrpared). The ‘Seniors’, Hot Rod and Ziggy, suggested that we post a blog explaining how to prepare to evacuate our homes, should it become necessary.
They are so right, with the fires raging on the west coast, and the first hurricane of the season threatening the Caribbean, and possibly the mainland US, it’s time we took a look at what we need to do.
Before I do anything else, let me post the Web Address for the ASPCA emergency preparedness Website. Everything you need to do is spelled out there;
(Please eliminate any spaces that CC puts into the web addresses) ss
What is important is that you look at it now and prepare a kit to use when you need it. Basically, you need food, water, bowls, litter and emergency supplies for at least three days. (More is better.) We’ve already discussed first aid kits, but if any of you kitties need medication, that needs to be in the kit too.
Next you need a place to stay. Not all shelters will take pets, so here is a website that provides information on pet friendly hotels:
I know it can be scary to think about having to leave your home, but just think about how scary it would be to be in your home during a fire or a hurricane or a flood. When the emergency is over, use the perishable supplies and replenish your go-kit so that you’re always prepared for the unexpected.
The family needs to be prepared, that means the whole family including the four legged members.
Thanks again to Hot Rod and Ziggy for suggesting this topic.
And now our poem;
There was a spry woman
who lived next door.
She had cats in the attic
and cats on the floor.
There were cats where she ate
and cats where she slept,
And she dearly loved all
the cats that she kept.
At night she tucked each
in a wee little bed,
But they all much preferred
to wander instead.
The ripped through the screens
and battered through holes.
They climbed up the chimney
and slid down clothes poles.
They made a great racket
and scurried around.
They jumped from the roof
to the fence to the ground.
When the night was over,
at the crack of dawn,
The cats came home
with a sigh and a yawn.
They were quiet and docile
and gentle as silk
And came a-begging
for morning milk.
The neighbors were furious,
frustrated, and frantic,
Refusing to stand for
another cat antic.
When they came to complain,
they were offered a treat.
The cats were all kittenish,
playful, and neat.
They blinked and stretched
and purred on their mats.
Who would believe
there were the same cats?
By (Dorothy Golub)
Love to you all, dear friends,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hey A Easy, Cashmere, A Trucker, Crush & Mercury!
Many thanks for the congrats on my second COTD and my adoptiversary and of course the yummy pot of creamy conch chowder Cashmere made but most of all your friendship! Mom expected lots of happy adoptiversary blogs today but didn't think I would get in the window until tomorrow! So I guess that saves her a day of answering more blogs! MOL. Always the thoughtful boy I am. Well we appreciate your visit & hope you all stick around. It will be an all day pawty! And please don't forget your goody bag when you leave. Leaving a vote. Peace & love. Have a purrfect day. Legend

Come visit me, Dean, ORANGE CRUSH hockey cheers written by YUM YUM, Angel King Anderson COTM Sept 2009 Thanx 4 COTD!, Angel Anderson 6/19/14 We miss you very much!, Legend "Thank you all for my 2nd COTD!" Woo Hoo! & The Orange Crush Hockey Club.

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley

Dad received a solicitation in the mail from the Humane Society of the United States. And while he feels that they don’t get enough of each contributed dollar to shelters, he found some of the ideas here worthwhile. (dad prefers to support Alley Cat Allies and local shelters) but here are ten Ideas from HSUS.

1. Tell the world how you feel about your local shelter or rescue by using The Humane Society of the United States' Facebook share graphics.
2. Get to know your local shelters and rescue groups. Start the process by locating all of the ones in your area. You may be surprised how many groups nearby are helping animals.

3. Learn before you leap. Before you adopt, go to the Shelter Pet Project to learn what to expect when adopting a pet. You'll be much less likely to become frustrated and return your new pet if you understand the challenges and rewards of adopting a pet beforehand.

4. Say Thanks, Take a minute to express your gratitude to the people who work at your local shelter or rescue groups. If you've adopted a pet from one of them, show how well your pet is doing by sharing an updated picture via a letter, email, or posting it on the organization's Facebook page or website.

5. Get Crafty. Combine fabric, yarn, recyclables, and imagination to bring much-needed fun into the lives of local shelter and rescue pets. There's no end to the toys you can make. Try braiding strips of fleece into fun for dogs, or cutting and folding a surprising household object into a cat distractor.

6. Become a “Fan”. Like" the Shelter Pet Project on Facebook. Then, if possible, "like" the individual groups in your community, too.

7. Make wishes come true. Shelters and rescue groups always need towels, toys, and other supplies. Check their websites for wish lists or call them to find out what's in short supply.

8. Volunteer, if you can!

9. Help by helping your own pets, Microchip, tag and keep them safe!

10. Help local shelters make positive changes. If you see or hear anything at your local shelter that concerns you, follow The HSUS's guidelines for addressing that concern in the most effective way.

Nothing new here, but just a reminder.

And now, I have a short, funny little poem for us today:

You will find that feeding a cat is no easy task
What's the big problem you may well ask
Just open a tin and feed them from that
It is obvious my friend you don't own a cat
When outside they will eat a fly or a mouse
But things soon change when they dine in the house
Your fridge might be full of meat, poultry and fish
But what do you put in your fussy Cats dish
For to keep a Cat fed we beg, steal and borrow
Because what we give them today they won't want TOMORROW.

I love you all, dear friends,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley

Even though today’s blog is off of our topic, I wanted to share this. I just have a family story and a poem for you. The poem and the story together, are kind of long so I’ll get right to it;

In the days after my sister Angel Lucy Fur crossed the Rainbow Bridge, my dad was inconsolable. He missed her terribly and he just couldn't seem to get over the heartache. They had been best friends for seventeen years and Lucy was very precious to him.
Whenever he would go to bed, He imagined that he could feel her jump up to share his pillow, as she always had. He'd reach up to feel her soft fur and he'd find only emptiness on the pillow and in his heart.
It was a week after Lucy died that dad had a remarkable dream. He said it was so real he felt that he was really there. In his dream, he heard a soft scratching at the front door and when he opened it, there was a big black cat at the door just sitting quietly. The cat turned and looked away from the house toward the little memorial garden where Lucy had been buried. There were dozens of cats there, all looking so radiantly beautiful in the afternoon sunlight that they seemed to shine from within, with a light of their own. Sitting in the very front of the gathering, was Lucy. She looked at dad and slowly winked her eyes at him. Then, with a swish of her tail, she turned away and led the cats down into the back garden, fading away as they went. Dad awoke from that dream with tears in his eyes, but he knew that Lucy had come back to say a final goodbye and to let him know she was ok and that she would be waiting for him..........
Dad could hardly manage to tell mom about the dream, he kept choking up, but mom found this poem for him. He copied it in very small print, and still carries it in his wallet.
Here is that special poem that dad copied back in 2008;

*Thud* as you hear,
A cat jump down,
Turn around to check,
Nothing there,
*Meow* goes a cat,
Where from?
I don't see,
Something wrapping around your legs,
Go away Smokey,
You look down nothing there,
*Jump* as the bed bounced,
The cat jumped on the bed,
But you look....there's no cat,
*creak* goes the door,
The cat sneaked out,
But no cat to be seen,
You hear a cat eating/drinking,
But there's no bowls or cat,
Whats making these noises?
There's no cat, not no more,
He died on 20th May,
so what makes these movements?
Not the dog he's too noisy,
Could it be Smokey's spirit?
To say he's ok?
Or is it just your mind playing tricks,
Making you think he is still around.

By Stacey Olner

Thanks all of you for being our friends,
we love you all,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi Easy & the V.I. kitties!
Thanks for stopping by and congratulating us for this MOST unexpected COTD honor! We totally never saw this one coming. And neither did mom! I guess these "out of the blue" things are even more special, especially when we have all our special CC friends to share it with. We hope you enjoyed helping us celebrate as much as we enjoyed having you! We brought you a nice goody basket and a thank you vote tied to a balloon!

The Girls
Sissy, Bonnie, & Grabby


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The temperature was High 74 & Low was 54 this morning, now it's Mostly Sunny; 74 with humidity 50% & wind is 5 MPH NW. Friday's suppose to be Mostly Sunny & High 80.

RECORD HIGH: 99 set in 1951.
RECORD LOW: 41 set in 2000.

*~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~*
♥ AUNT SAMANTHA KNIGHT 7/18/1998 to 8/18/2012 ♥
*~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~*

Mom~Lillian here to say Thank You for making AUNT SAMANTHA #15442 win her 8th Cat of the Day Badge today, 8/19/2015!

SAMANTHA would give a look "What are you up to?" as you can see in her gallery in the first picture that I just added today. She had quite the Cattitude xpressions!

Thank you for coming by in Remembrance & Honoring AUNT SAMANTHA'S Forever Sleep of 3 Years on 8/18 with your sweet and loving blogs along with the votes which made got her Picture in that Famous COTD Window today!

I also Thank You for your Gifts, Piñatas, Flowers, Balloons, Goodies and Poems as it's all very much appreciated and knowing they're from your hearts!

UPDATE 8/19: SAUSHA #22506
Started her on Azithromycin antibiotic. Unfortunately, I have to pull her out from under the vanity each time to give her medications. Thank you for your continued support and prayers for her.

*~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~* *~~~~~~~~~* *~~~~~*


~...~♥~...>*<... PLEASE VOTE FOR ...>*<...~♥~...~

.~:*:~. TALLEY #88476 ~:*:~. on CC.

A Special Thank You to all of you V.I. Kitties which includes Sugar & Mr. Kitty and momma, too!

Here's a Girl Power Crew vote for you.

With Kitty Kisses & Loves,


Come visit me, TEAKEE KNIGHT #25544 [Photo: 6/12/2015], SYLVR TUFF KNIGHT #160205 Photo: 7/10/2015, SMUDGE Knight (5/20/2000-8/13/2007 Furever Sleep), NeuBee Knight #123633 Photo: 10/19/2014, KITTZI KNIGHT #160203 Photo 1/09/2015, Q. AUNT SAMANTHA #15442 "7/18/1998 - 8/18/2012", CALLIE KNIGHT #239447 - Photo:6/24/2015 & SAUSHA KNIGHT #22506 Photo: 8/10/2015.

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley
Today's topic is Reliable Cat Health Information and the Cornell University Feline health Center. They have some great information on Cat Health Topics, in general, and in particular their Spay Neuter program, but the article is quite lengthy, So I'm giving the web address and asking that you stop by and check out the site. It would take several CC Blogs to print it here so I think this is the best way to bring it you. The Address is:

This is a funny story that I would like to share with you about my brother Pete. When he was just a little kitten he had some kind of immune deficiency that caused his paw pads to crack and bleed. Our vet first diagnosed it as chemical burns, which dad knew wasn’t right. Finally our vet referred Pete to a Feline Dermatologist. His name was Dr. Bishop. He was a Graduate of Cornell.
He took one look at Pete’s little pink paws and said that he had Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex. He said that kittens grew out of it as their immune systems developed, but untreated, the normal course was to develop a serious and sometime fatal infection.

Pete had to have his paws cleaned with a special medicine three times a day and take antibiotic pills morning and evening. Pete was a very mellow kitten, and after the third day he realized that he would get treats for taking his medicine, all dad had to do was put the pills down on his plate and Pete would eat them and then look for his treats. On one of his recheck visits, dad showed Dr. Bishop how easy it was to get Pete to take his medicine. Dr. Bishop thought it was amazing, and asked if he could borrow Pete to show to the class that he taught at the University of Florida. Dad said no, that he couldn’t borrow Pete, but that he would bring Pete to class.
Dad was a little worried that Pete might not do his pill trick in front of a hundred Veterinary Students, but he didn’t even seem to notice them. He took his pills, the class erupted in laughter and Dr. Bishop told his students that giving cats medicine didn’t have to be hard, it just required a gentle touch and love.
I hope that made you smile.

Tonight's Poem is a short one by Mary F. of North Carolina; Ms. Murphy picked it for us.
Here it is:

I found a small kitty
so tiny and scared.
I don't know who dumped her
or how she has fared.

She's cold, wet and skinny
such a pitiful sight.
I suspect she has been out here
for many a night.

How could someone dump her?
It seems such a pity.
Some people are cruel
to poor helpless kitties.

Come with me little kitty
I'll make everything right.
You will no longer be hungry
or cold at night.

Your life will be better.
All the love you can stand.
No more neglect for you.
Only a kind, gentle hand.

Love to all of you,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley
We had some very good news today. The results from the Animal Rescue Shelter Challenge were announced, and Angel Easy’s shelter won a thousand dollar grant. All of those clicks paid off. They have won a nice award.
Now that we’re on a roll, let’s all get behind the Zoo Crew’s Shelter, and see if we can help them win a grant too. To vote for them just go to the Animal Rescue site Shelter Challenge and do the search for: Humane Society of Midland County in Midland MI.
Even though, the Zoo Crew’s shelter, like the VI Kitty’s is in a very small communities and at a disadvantage in the voting because of that. But guess what, if we add the CC family’s votes to theirs we can make them winners too. Every single click can save a life. The Zoo Crew’s Anya, owes her life to the Humane Society of Midland County, The least we can do is thank them for saving our friend's Anya.
While we’re on the subject of shelters, I’d like to remind everyone, Adopt Don't Buy!
The following information is from The San Francisco ASPCA
When you adopt an animal, you're not just saving the life of the animal you're welcoming into your home& family. You’re giving another animal an opportunity to move to the adoption floor and find a new family. And, you’re reducing the demand that keeps puppy and kitten mills in business. Many people buy from animal mills without realizing that these breeding facilities abuse and neglect their animals.
Each year, millions of unwanted animals enter shelters across America. More than three million cats and dogs are euthanized every year; millions more small animals, like rabbits and hamsters, meet the same fate. Adoption helps break this cycle and put an end to the animal mill industry.
If you would still rather buy than adopt, make sure you buy from a responsible, reputable breeder. Don’t support animal mills!
Responsible breeders are individuals who have focused their efforts on one or a select few breeds. They have become knowledgeable about heritable defects, temperament and behavior1 through breeding, historical research and ongoing study, mentoring relationships, club memberships, showing, raising and training these breeds.

Today’s Poem is called;
You've torn the daily paper
Into a million shreds
And tested the comfort
Of all the beds.

Chased my wool
All over the floor
Hissed and spat
At the dog next door,

And proved yourself
So brave and bold
For a tiny kitten
Only six weeks old.

You're now a black
Little fluffy ball
Curled up tight
Asleep in the hall.
By B. Hayes

Purrs and Hugs,
Your furiend always,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hey Angel Easy!
You are very welcome. Mom has been voting for your shelter for a long time & was thrilled to see you got that grant! That is wonderful that the shelter has cleaned things up so well on the island. Wish every area could do that. The voting started again so hopefully we can get another grant for your shelter. Your Mom does such good work too caring for so many kitties. She is a very special lady. Leaving a vote. Peace & love. Have a purrfect evening. Kitty Kisses. Dean

Come visit me, Dean, ORANGE CRUSH hockey cheers written by YUM YUM, Angel King Anderson COTM Sept 2009 Thanx 4 COTD!, Angel Anderson 6/19/14 We miss you very much!, Legend "Thank you all for my 2nd COTD!" Woo Hoo! & The Orange Crush Hockey Club.

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley
Today I’d like to tell you about some remarkable cats who help all cats, by being feline ambassadors. These cats are the subjects of bestselling books.
Our dad reads aloud to us and we enjoy it very much. Mom laughs and says we just like the sound of dad's voice.
We recently read A Street Cat Named Bob, and it is a remarkable true story of a cat rescued by a young man who in turn rescued the young man by helping him learn to care for another living soul, and free himself from drug addiction.
Another wonderful read is Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned about Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat by Gwen Cooper We found it fascinating. Homer triumphed over blindness to save his mom's life from a dangerous burglar and discover the joy of life for himself.
Dewey the Library cat, by Vickie Myron is the story of a wonderful little stray kitten who charmed his way into the hearts of readers around the world and gave a small town pride in itself.
Making rounds with Oscar by Dr. David Dosa is about a kitty who can sense the impending death of elderly patients and bring them comfort in the last hours of their life.
These books are wonderful gifts and great reads. You might check your local library for some of these wonderful stories.

Our poem today is The Naming Of Cats by T. S. Eliot.
Which is from The Book Of Practical Cats, the basis for the Broadway Musical ‘CATS’
The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn't just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I'm as mad as a hatter
When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES.
First of all, there's the name that the family use daily,
Such as Peter, Augustus, Alonzo or James,
Such as Victor or Jonathan, George or Bill Bailey--
All of them sensible everyday names.
There are fancier names if you think they sound sweeter,
Some for the gentlemen, some for the dames:
Such as Plato, Admetus, Electra, Demeter--
But all of them sensible everyday names.
But I tell you, a cat needs a name that's particular,
A name that's peculiar, and more dignified,
Else how can he keep up his tail perpendicular,
Or spread out his whiskers, or cherish his pride?
Of names of this kind, I can give you a quorum,
Such as Munkustrap, Quaxo, or Coricopat,
Such as Bombalurina, or else Jellylorum-
Names that never belong to more than one cat.
But above and beyond there's still one name left over,
And that is the name that you never will guess;
The name that no human research can discover--
But THE CAT HIMSELF KNOWS, and will never confess.
When you notice a cat in profound meditation,
The reason, I tell you, is always the same:
His mind is engaged in a rapt contemplation
Of the thought, of the thought, of the thought of his name:
His ineffable effable
Deep and inscrutable singular Name.
I love you all,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley
Since I got my fur up over the politicians yesterday, I think this would be a good time to talk about making our voices heard. At almost every level of government, when the bureaucrats start looking for ways to trim their budgets the first place they look is animal services.
Dad says politicians think that since animals don't vote, that no one will object to cutting budgets for helping them. It's true that animals don't vote, but people who love animals, do vote and it's very important to let politicians at every level know that messing with animal welfare issues is a vote loser. We need to get our pawrents to make their feelings known to their representatives.
In addition to letting the politicians know how we feel, Letters and emails to Newspapers, TV and Radio outlets can also serve to generate public awareness and even donations to animal welfare organizations. It doesn't take very long to come up with a brief note explaining how important animal welfare is to us, and the appropriate addresses are readily available on the internet.
The wording of these messages should be respectful but firm. Okay! Enough on that, but if you love animals, be proactive and let the world know how important it is to speak for those who can't speak for themselves.
Tonight's poem is new to all of us and was suggested by a friend of mom's at her book club. It was written by one of the volunteers at a rescue facility called Catkins.
There's a small and quite sweet ginger kitten,
found wandering afraid and alone.
He's one of just hundreds like him,
alone and without any home.

Some human just is not looking,
or caring to find where he's gone.
They go out and buy just a new one,
replaced like new toys just for fun.

Now cats they are treated as chattel,
They don't have a value you see.
If one gets let out too early,
they end up as strays, one, two, three.

Old cats that no one is after,
are thrown out like on refuse day.
People get tired of old rubbish,
don't care when they go astray.

Old cats have something to offer,
a dignity which humans have not.
They don't let you down like most people,
and they just put up with their lot.

When cats or when kittens go missing,
there aren't many people who care.
Some folks will ring in the rescue,
to see if they're handed in there.

If you have a cat, or a kitten,
it's yours for years yet to come.
It's your job to care and to love it,
not discard it or lose it like some.

The Country is crawling with kittens,
which people think are good fun,
they soon grow up and get boring,
and end up as strays like this one.

This kitten is called Mr Darcy,
he's safe and he's warm and he's kind.
And now he is living at Catkins,
until a new owner we find.

Please get your cat micro-chipped and neutered, and keep them in at night.
Love to you,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley

Today we’ll talk about Kitty First Aid – I hope you never need the information I’m sharing today, but as my dad says, Hope for the best, but always be prepared for the worst;
No cat owner should be without a cat first aid kit. You can buy a pre-assembled one (there are quite a few on Amazon) or save some money by building your own and keeping everything in a small toolbox or other container.
Here are the basic components:
• Waterproof box with a secure lid (one with a handle is convenient) in which to stow the items
• Sharp-point tweezers
• Digital rectal thermometer
• Small blunt-point scissors
• Sterile gauze pads
• Rolled sterile gauze
• White surgical tape
• Cotton balls and a roll of cotton padding
• Hydrogen Peroxide (a wound cleanser)
• Sterile eyewash solution (The human version is fine.)
• Antiseptic cleanser
• Hydrocortisone and antibiotic ointment
• Eye dropper
• List of your pet’s medicines (including dosage), and any medical conditions
• A chemical ice pack, or big bag of frozen peas (Keep in your freezer and wrap in a towel before using.)
• Book on cat first aid (Read it before your cat needs first aid.)
• Tape the following telephone numbers to the inside lid: 1) Your vet (including after-hours numbers),2) the phone number, address and map to the nearest pet ER, 3) the phone number of a mobile vet if you don’t have a car, and 4) the ASPCA’s 24/7/365 poison control center: (888) 426-4435
For additional important information, I found an excellent list of first aid instruction and proce-dures which I would consider printing out and adding to the kit. Here is the web address: - id
It gives normal temperatures, respiration rates, heart rates and other vital information you’ll need in an emergency.

On another subject, I made the mistake of reading the news over dad’s shoulder this morning, It was awful!
I read our blogs every day and I see nothing but kindness and caring. If only political leaders all over the world could take an example from us, the CC kitties and pawrents, maybe they could learn to work together to make our world a better place. Whoa! There I go, getting on my soapbox. …...
Today's poem is short but very sweet. I hope you like it. (My sister Ms. Murphy picked this one)

I know my cat’s an angel
For she watches over me.
Slyly, when her eyes seem shut;
At night, when I can’t see.
I know my cat’s an angel
For her ears protect my sleep.
A creak, a squeak, a footfall;
At any noise she’ll leap.
I know my cat’s an angel
For she curls up at my side;
A warning to intruders
That it’s best to run and hide.
I know my cat’s an angel
For although she hasn’t wings
I’m safe and warm beside her,
Wrapped in all the love she brings.
Sending, lots of love,
Your friend always,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley
Wow what a day! It’s been storming all day and tomorrow is our mom’s Birthday. Uncle Ted (mom’s youngest son) has invited mom and dad to a birthday cookout tomorrow. Dad decided to make mom a special dinner tonight and celebrate a day early.
He went to the market early this morning and had gotten New York Strip steaks, some lobster tails, fresh broccoli, Baking potatoes and everything to make a Caesar Salad.
He started preheating the oven and we were all in the kitchen helping. He turned the oven on to preheat and that's when we heard a clap of really loud thunder right outside and the power went off. Dad ran out and he could still see sparks coming from several transformers on the poles down the street. He came back inside and switched on our generator. Then he began making dinner.
Well, when mom got home from her book club, she said that the weather and traffic had been awful. She said that traffic lights were all on flashing yellow all the way from the University of North Florida. Dad told her to go take a nice Jacuzzi, relax and let him pamper her. We were pleased to see that dad had gotten an extra Lobster tail, which he boiled for us. He said the whole family should celebrate mom’s birthday, including us kitties.
When mom was finished with her Jacuzzi, she joined us all in the kitchen. At dinner dad gave mom his birthday card for her which had the little donation thank you from No More Homeless Pets in it. As they were having dinner, and lingering over dessert, Mom asked, “What about Talley’s blog for Saturday, the two of you usually write it the evening before.”
Dad told her that we do a short blog today. He said that the CC family would understand.
I apologize for dad, but he says, mom deserves a special day. (I agree, mom is pretty special) So I guess what I'd like to do, is just remind everyone to go to and the animal rescue site every day. . (The New Shelter Challenge will be starting soon so you’ll all have the opportunity to vote for the Shelter of your Choice to receive cash grants!)
Thank you so much for your understanding,

Dad picked this poem for us;

Caring Cats
Appearing to be, just little brats,
Nevertheless, they are caring cats.
Qualified to leap, to unreachable heights
Always more frisky, particularly at night.
Able to run sideways, even on walls
Keeping in balance, never to fall.
Accused of being finicky, when I call it class
An affectionate nature, they’re caring cats.
When talking to a cat, to make you aware
They shift their ears, to tell you they hear.
The light that shines, from their eyes at night
Alone in the dark, a mysterious sight.
Captivating your love, with a relaxing purr
Displaying affection, attentive to words.
Their spirited nature, being mischievous cats
Compassionate felines, they’re caring cats.

Special Hugs and Kitty Kisses,

I love you all,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hey Angel Easy!
Good morning! Woo Hoo! Just saw at the Animal Shelter challenge that your shelter won a $1000 grant! Woo Hoo! Fantastic! That is thrilling! Looks like that was what most shelters got except some got 25 pet beds or 50 pet beds. Cool. I know your shelter can use it & will put it to good use. Great to see our daily votes helped! Leaving a vote. Peace & love. Have a purrfect day. Kitty Kisses. Dean

Come visit me, Dean, ORANGE CRUSH hockey cheers written by YUM YUM, Angel King Anderson COTM Sept 2009 Thanx 4 COTD!, Angel Anderson 6/19/14 We miss you very much!, Legend "Thank you all for my 2nd COTD!" Woo Hoo! & The Orange Crush Hockey Club.

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley
Today I think we'll look into what you should do you do if you encounter an injured kitty.
The very first thing to do is to get the cat some place safe, and try to find the owner. If that isn't possible, examine the kitty to determine the problem. If it was hit by a car you should gently scoop up the cat and rush it to a veterinarian for care. Never have a young child hold an injured pet.
Finding an injured cat when you do not know the cause is a bit more concerning. You will have to determine if the cat needs medical attention from a veterinarian, or just needs rest. Usually with an injury situation, and a stray cat, a trip to the vet is best, because they can give the cat any vaccinations it will require, and check it properly for any other health issues. This is particularly important if you are considering keeping the cat. Remember, we are talking about a cat where you KNOW there is not an owner, not just a stray cat you happened to find for the first time.
Home rest after treatment, should always be done in a small quiet room, where the cat can have a litter box, food, and water. Proper nutrition is important to the recovery of the kitty. It should have plenty of water and dry food, plus the addition of a small amount of canned food to give it extra protein and energy.

* Being hit by a vehicle
* Being injured by another animal
* Being injured by a fan-belt (in the winter cats often curl up in or under vehicle engines for warmth)
* Intentionally hurt by a human
If you have injured an animal it is your duty to tend to it. While you may not be financially responsible (after all its owner let it out) you have a moral duty to make sure it does not suffer needlessly while waiting to be helped.
Well, I hope you never need this information, but it's good to think about what to do, before you actually have to deal with the situation.

Today's Poem was picked for us by my mom, who says every kitty she's ever had has left pawprints on her heart.

They left us their paw prints we no longer see,
their happiness still in our minds.
They left us fond memories to you and to me,
their friendship will last all of time.
They left us their shadows grow dimmer to fade,
but never forgotten we'll see.
They left us their photos to gaze at each day,
to brighten us up when we're down.
They left us their feelings their purrs and their meows,
that echo around empty rooms.
They left us those moments to think of and smile,
of footfalls not gentle, like horses.
They left us their playing they thought such a lark,
with toy mice and baubles a plenty.
And the house was all empty without our small friends,
but the love that they gave will always remain...
Your Friend Forever,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s Talley

We have mentioned Alley Cat Allies several times in previous blogs, but I don’t think I stressed what a remarkable organization it really is, Alley Cat Allies was founded in 1990 by two women who recognized that stray and feral cats’ needs were not being met by the animal control pound and shelter system. They realized that when well-meaning citizens called pounds and shelters about feral cats, their only response was to kill them.
Alley Cat Allies is the only national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats. Alley Cat Allies has charted a course set on animal control and shelter industry reform and humane treatment through activities including:
Advocating for pounds and shelters to keep public records of animal intake and kill rates, for public and mandatory government oversight, and for increased pound and shelter accountability;
Mobilizing and educating the public and leading the national movement to end the killing of cats and to protect and improve their lives;
Supporting the efforts of, and acting as the national voice for, thousands of individuals and groups across the U.S. who provide humane care for stray and feral cats.
I would ask you all, to please take just a moment to drop by their website and learn more about this remarkable organization that does so much to help kitties in need.

Today’s poem was picked out for us by my sister Angel Lucy,
Here it is;
I will lend to you for awhile a kitten, God said.
For you to love while he lives, and mourn when he's dead.
Maybe for twelve or fourteen years, or maybe two or three.
But will you, 'till I call him back, take care of him for me?
He'll bring his charms to gladden you and, should his stay be brief
You'll always have his memories as solace for your grief.
I cannot promise he will stay, since all from earth return.
But there are lessons taught below I want this kitten to learn.
I've looked the whole world over in search of teachers true.
And from the folk that crowds life's land I have chosen you.
Now will you give him all your love, nor think the labor vain?
Nor hate me when I come to take my kitten home again?
I fancied that I heard them say 'Dear Lord Thy Will Be Done'
For all the joys this kitten brings the risk of grief we'll run.
We'll shelter him with tenderness, we'll love him while we may.
And for the happiness we've known, forever grateful stay.
But should you call him back much sooner than we planned,
We'll brave the bitter grief that comes, and try to understand.
If, by our love we've managed your wishes to achieve,
Then in memory of him whom we loved, please help us while we grieve.
When our cherished kitten departs this world of strife,
Please send yet another needing soul for us to love all his life.
Your friend always,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s Talley

I know that when it is a hundred degrees or hotter, it’s hard to believe that winter is just around the corner. I promise it will be cold soon, and in some areas it will be cold enough to be life-threatening to the poor kitties who have no shelter.
We can help though.
Today we’re going to tell you about inexpensive shelters can easily be made and placed near the areas where homeless kitties live.
Complete instructions are available at:
http://www.neighborhoodcats. org/how_to_feral_cat_winter_shelter
These shelters are life savers and by starting to work on them now, it would be possible to have several of them built and in place before the really cold weather gets here. Placing them early will allow the cats to get used to them.
One suggestion was to put a small amount of catnip inside to attract the kitty’s interest. Our dad built several of these for the feral kitties he cared for and on cold mornings, when he would go to feed them they just looked out at him, as if to say, “Just leave the food. We’ll eat when it gets a little warmer.”
These simple boxes can save lives. If you have a moment, please take a look at the simple plans. You don’t need any special tools or construction skills, just the desire to help homeless kitties be safe in the cold. Even if you live in the city one or more of these inconspicuous boxes can be life savers.

On another note, I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. Your support, kind words and wonderful wishes are really overwhelming. I wish I could write a personal blog to everyone every day. Unfortunately my dad just won't give me the blogging time to do that. If I miss a day writing to you, it is not from any lack of appreciation. My respect and regard for each and every one of you, is unlimited.

…......... And now, tonight's poem:

And God asked the feline spirit
Are you ready to come home?
Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul
And, as a cat, you know I am most able
To decide anything for myself.

Are you coming then? asked God.
Soon, replied the whiskered angel
But I must come slowly
For my human friends are troubled
For you see, they need me, quite certainly.

But don't they understand? asked God
That you'll never leave them?
That your souls are intertwined. For all eternity?
That nothing is created or destroyed?
It just is....forever and ever and ever.

Eventually they will understand,
Replied the glorious cat
For I will whisper into their hearts
That I am always with them
I just am....forever and ever and ever.
So true, so long as we hold our precious loved ones in our hearts, they are never gone from us!

Hugs & Purrs to all of you,
Your friend always,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley
Today I'd like to discuss something that has been on my mind for a while, While the thrust of our catpaign is really about helping homeless kitties find loving homes. It occurred to me that some kitties who have loving homes can get lost and become strays. When I went to the vet for my last checkup we heard about a couple who had tree blow over onto their house, and destroy their bedroom, while they were at work. When they got home they found that their two ten week old kittens were nowhere to be found. They supposed that the kittens must have been sleeping on the bed when it happened and the noise and wind and rain frightened them so much that they just panicked and ran out through the broken wall. They both had little collars with their phone number. they made a long and fruitless search of the whole neighborhood on a dark and rainy night, finally, sad and worried they gave up for the night. When they came home they were overjoyed to find the two babies were waiting on the porch for them. It was a happy ending but it could have been far different.
We heard this story, because the couple brought their babies in to get microchips.

A Micro Chip is just a possibility that your pawrent might want to consider...

I mentioned when the catpaign began, that I would like to share your ideas with the CC family. Today I would like to thank dear Ginger Spice Girl, for allowing us to share this list that her mom created for PAWS Atlanta, when she was a volunteer there. It should be posted in the adoption area of every shelter.

How to Meet a Cat
by the kittens and adult cats at PAWS Atlanta

Hello there, and welcome to our home! Here are some tips from us cats to make your visit a good one:
•Please speak softly to us. A soft voice helps us relax.
•Be calm and don’t make any loud noises (even if you are excited to see us?)
•Don’t be afraid to get down on the floor with us. We
like to see you eye to eye.
•Let us come to you first. We cats are not an “in your
face” kind of animal.
•Hold out your hand so we can sniff it before you try to
touch us.
•If we bump you with our heads, it’s usually a signal
that you can pet us.
•Try coming at us from the side. Most of us prefer to
have our jowls (the sides of our heads) petted first,
until we get used to your touch.
•Once we have warmed up to you, stroke us from head to
tail, not the other way around.
•Please don’t pat us. We are not dogs.
•Even if we roll on our backs, not all of us enjoy a
tummy rub.
•Be sensitive to our sensitive spots. If we jump or lash
out, you might have hit a spot we don’t want to be
•We try to have good manners, but if we hiss at you, it’s
a warning that we don’t want to be touched.
•Only try to pick us up if we have let you pet us first.

Thanks for reading our “cat tips.” We are glad you’re here, and we hope you make us purr!
Love you all,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley
On a rainy afternoon, a little more than five years ago, Pete was riding with my dad in the truck and dad got a cell phone call from his very elderly aunt who lived in an assisted living facility (one that she liked and had selected herself). She asked dad if he would come and visit with her, and bring her something sweet. (Aunt Pat had always enjoyed good chocolate.) Dad said that he would.
Dad decided that rather than bring Pete all the way home and then drive back to the other side of town again, that he would just take Pete to visit Aunt Pat too. Dad put Pete’s leash on and carried him inside. Aunt Pat smiled when she saw dad, but she really smiled when she saw Pete. Dad put Pete down on the floor and he made himself comfortable curled up by Aunt Pat’s feet. After a while though, he jumped up on the chair with her, sat in her lap and let Aunt Pat pet him. She had been telling dad that her arthritis had been bothering her, she was having headaches and she had some other complaints, as she talked she continued to pet Pete and of course he started to purr. After a while she started talking to Pete, she told him he was a handsome boy, that he was a good boy, and that he could come and visit her anytime. She had quit complaining. She opened the candy that dad had brought to her. She asked dad if he would mind if she asked some of her friends to come over and visit with Pete (no mention of dad) and have some candy.
Dad and Pete spent several hours there and Pete was petted by a number of elderly people, all of whom seemed to be a little happier after meeting him.

The lesson that we can learn from this is that you might want to see if your shelter has a nursing home pet therapy program, and if they do, maybe you could take part in it. If they don't have one, maybe they should.
For additional information on Nursing home cats and the health benefits go to: articles/pet-friendly-assisted-living
Pete and dad went back several times to visit and finally at the insistence of the residents, the nursing home adopted two kitties. Those cats were incredibly spoiled.
Afterward, dad spoke with one of the nurses who told him that the cats were every bit as effective in making the residents feel better as any medication.
We all knew that already, didn’t we?

Tonight's poem is just sweet and tells the true nature of us kitties. I promise no tears today.

Sleeping with Cats
(Jane Hall)
The trouble with sleeping with cats
is there isn't room left for parts of me
(as the night grows).
I adjust my body in the bed, comfort
an arm or leg in small stretches of belonging,
or feel for a cool
or warm spot for feet
(depending on the time of year);
but when I come back to a place
it isn't there.
the cat
has melted and flattened, smoothed into
my bed, all the places I have touched
taken over and he owns it all
by midnight.

Purrs and Hugs
Your friend,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s Talley
The subject today food banks, food banks for pets.
As I'm sure you know these are difficult economic times, and even though the economy is slowly recovering, many elderly and the unemployed are still finding it very hard to make ends meet. Many of those living in the hardest hit areas are still waiting for conditions to improve and are finding it difficult to care for, and feed their beloved pets.
Shelters across the country are reporting that people are being forced to surrender their pets because they simply can't feed them. This is especially tragic because in sad times there is no greater comfort than the feel of a kitty’s fur, the soft purr or the loving nuzzles, and the comfort of being with a precious friend.
It is beyond imagining how awful it would be to be separated from my dad.
Ann King, director of the Save our Pets Food Bank, says,
"One of the most heart rending stories, and there are many, is a story I read of a pet parent who had been unemployed for almost two years, finally lost his home and with nowhere to live and nowhere to turn, he had to surrender his nine year old pet to the local Humane Society. After saying a long good-bye to her at the intake desk and with tears in his eyes, he turned around and walked out the door then dropped to his knees and cried uncontrollably."
What agony for both the pet and the parent. If your Shelter has a food bank, Please support it. Here again, even a few cans of food or an extra bag is a help.
If it doesn't have a food bank, try to help start one. Our own Cat Channel has a list of resources for pet food banks at .aspx
There you can find advice on starting a food bank through your local shelter.
That was a very sad blog, dad got all teary eyed writing this for me.
Tonight's Poem needs to be a cheerful one. My sister, Raven picked this one for us.

Each morning I awake,
my best friend beside me,
his eyes are wide with love,
and my heart soars again.

As I go through my day,
expectations on me,
my friend is always near,
to soothe my troubled mind.

When nighttime descends on us,
and the world is through with me,
at last I can meditate,
and give loving thanks for him.

My friend is very special,
a truly amazing soul,
he's very soft and gentle,
for he's my cat, after all!
Sending you all loving purrs and hug,
Your friend always,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley
I know we’ve talked about fostering before, but last night dad reminded me about a very special kind of fostering. The fostering we discussed before was in the assistance of shelters, and it was to help the kitties get prepared to be adopted into loving forever homes. The kind we're talking about today, helps kitties remain in loving homes. I'm talking about fostering pets for members of the military who are being deployed. These pets already have loving families, but their parent has to leave for a period of time. Imagine being called away from home to defend your country and having no one to care for your beloved kitties or puppies. This is what has happened to a lot of members of our military. Before there was any organization to help, many had to take their pets to shelters and offer them up for adoption. How heartbreaking that goodbye must have been. I know if dad had to give us up the ache in his heart would be awful.
Now, thanks to an organization called This doesn't have to be the case anymore. Their Military Pets Foster Project allows serving members of the military, to leave their animals with caring families and know that when they come home their furry loved one will be waiting for them. This project is recognized by the department of defense. Dad says that it seems that the least we can do for the brave men and women who defend us, is to care for their loved ones in their absence. I know this is a lot to ask, but if you think you can help, please go to the website and look into the program.
Thank you.

Today I have a poem for you that my sister Angel Maggie, always loved, I hope that you love it too.

This Old Cat
I'm getting on in years,
My coat is turning gray.
My eyes have lost their luster,
My hearing's just okay.
I spend my day dreaming
Of conquests in my past,
Lying near a sunny window
Waiting for its warm repast.

I remember our first visit,
I was coming to you free,
Hoping you would take me in
And keep me company.
I wasn't young or handsome,
Two years I'd roamed the street.
There were scars upon my face,
I hobbled on my feet.

I could sense your disappointment
As I left my prison cage.
Oh, I hoped you would accept me
And look beyond my age.
You took me out of pity,
I accepted without shame.
Then you grew to love me,
And I admit the same.

I have shared with you your laughter,
You have wet my fur with tears.
We've come to know each other
Throughout these many years.
Just one more hug this morning
Before you drive away,
And know I'll think about you
Throughout your busy day.

The time we've left together
Is a treasured time at that.
My heart is yours forever.
I Promise - This old cat.

Author: K.C. Bigamon

Purrs and hugs,
Your friend,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s me, Talley
Today we're going to talk about Feral Kitties.
When dad first became involved in helping feral kitties, he just fed them, but as he learned more about their needs he realized that they needed more than just food. Unchecked colonies can become too large to sustain themselves, so spaying and neutering and vaccinating is a great need. That’s where TNR programs come in.
TNR means Trap Neuter and Release. TNR programs are an important part of good feral colony care. The kitties also need medical care. Fortunately a group exists in Jacksonville where we live, called “No More Homeless Pets” they provide free spaying and neutering services for feral cats. They also provide vaccinations and basic medical care. Once the kitties have neutered, they get a little clip on the tip of their left ear and then the city animal control won’t bother them.
The colony that dad and other volunteers still care for is stable and healthy, thanks to help from “No More Homeless Pets” and friends who love kitties and help care for the colony.

Becky Robinson of Alley Cat Allies says, “The best way to humanely help feral cats is to get them sterilized through a process called trap-neuter-return (TNR), which stops their reproduction and curbs nuisance behavior, such as yowling and fighting. Once sterilized and regularly provided with food at a set location, the cats often spend their entire lives within a few hundred feet of their feeding stations. It’s not a bad thing that these cats are unsocialized. They have good lives where they are and they have homes – their homes just happen to be outdoors.”

Not all feral cats live out doors though, One of our very special CC friends (Our beautiful catpaign assistant, Quincy), was so neglected by the people that originally had her that she was without socialization, She lived under a bed only sneaking out to eat use the litter box, She was essentially a feral, She was rescued from that situation by a loving family and is now a sweet loving little kitty. (Very beautiful too.)
Please be on the lookout for ferals in your area and see what programs are available to help them where you live. For more information visit and now a poem

by Francis Witham
Oh, what unhappy twist of fate
Has brought you homeless to my gate?
The gate where once another stood
To beg for shelter, warmth, and food
For from that day I ceased to be
The master of my destiny.

While he, with purr and velvet paw
Became within my house the law.
He scratched the furniture and shed
And claimed the middle of my bed.

He ruled in arrogance and pride
And broke my heart the day he died.
So if you really think, oh Cat,
I'd willingly relive all that
Because you come forlorn and thin
Well...don't just stand there...Come on in!
Hugs and Purrs,
Your friend,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s Talley
Yesterday we talked about foster parenting for shelters. Today the subject is volunteers. The heart of a shelter is its' volunteers. Volunteers handle the animals, keep them and their quarters clean, play with them, work in the thrift shops, help visitors, do clerical work, assist in veterinary care, handle food....... Getting tired just from hearing all of the things volunteers do? Simply put they are the life blood of a well-run shelter. You can volunteer as much or as little as you have time for, and you can use whatever talent you have. There is a wonderful feeling in being a part of program that unites loving pets with loving families. If you have a little time, and love to give please think about how much it could mean to the sweet kitties at your local shelter if you could volunteer even a day a week.
The volunteer work that is the most fun, the most rewarding, is working in the family room on weekends, This is where kitties are brought to play with families that think they would like to adopt. There is no feeling in the world, like the feeling you get when you see that special moment when a kitty and a human make that magical connection. Give it some thought, volunteers are paid in love and all of us can use some of that!
I told you that we’d be sharing input from our CC friends, and I received this from Hot Rod and Ziggy today, It’s about a great program at their local shelter, Here it is in their words;
Just wanted to leave a vote, and tell you a little about another program our local HS (Humane Society) has. It's called the White Whiskers Club. If you have white whiskers (or gray hair) and the cat you would like to adopt also has white whiskers, there is no fee. The adoption is free. In other words, if you are a senior citizen, and the cat you want to adopt is also a senior, you don't have to pay an adoption fee. It's a great way to place less adoptable senior cats in homes, and many times senior citizens can't always afford the fees. So this is a win-win program!
I know many of you have parents who volunteer, so maybe this is something they can suggest at your local shelters.

Just a short poem today and not a sad one. (I promise)

Sweet Tabby Cat

Sweet Tabby Cat You are my inspiration, do you even know this? Of course you don't
but my love for you surrounds me, it makes me part of who I am every day
I love you my Sweet Tabby Cat
When you speak to me, I listen. With every touch of your fur I cherish every wonderful feeling. You are my friend, companion and the one I love dearly, till death do us part.
I Love you my Sweet Tabby Cat

Hugs & Purrs, Your Friend,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s Talley
Yesterday we talked about websites that help feed shelter kitties, and we had a poem about rescue groups. Today I'd like to touch on a subject that is vital to our shelters. Fostering!
Fostering is hard, but so very important. It is important for a number of reasons. Some kitties need special attention for medical reasons. Sometimes the shelter simply needs, to reduce the number of kitties being housed on the premises, but most importantly, the kitties need fostering to help them with their socialization.
Why is it hard? My dad says fostering is hard, because you always fall in love with the kitties and even though you know they are going to good homes you miss them so much when they leave.
Still, it is vitally important that kittens learn the joy of being loved by, and playing with, people. Without that trust and joy it is very hard for them to be adopted. Foster parents play vital roles in helping the shelter cats adapt and reach their full potential. If any of your parents or family has the ability and desire to be a foster parent please contact your shelter. It can be the difference between life and death for a kitty needing a forever home.

We have a poem tonight that was sent to my dad by a friend, right after I came to live with him. Dad truly believes that I came to him as a result of a Miracle. At the time, my sister Sylvia was almost at the end of her battle with liver cancer and my dad was very sad.
He believes that Sylvie knew how sad he was, and that she prayed for a needy kitten to be sent to dad. I was the answer to that prayer. Anyway this poem means a lot to us and we hope you like it too.
Dear God... Or Allah... Or Bast... Or Whoever answers the prayers of desperate kittens. Please help me. It's a big, cold world, And I'm a tiny, cold kitten, Hiding here, under the bush.
<I hear you, little one.>
What did we do wrong? Why did they throw us out Of the warm house Where Mama is? They put all six of us Out here, alone. We huddled together All night, in the cold. But my brothers and sisters Have all stopped moving now. It's getting very cold, And the rain is soaking me. I don't know how to find food, And I'm so tired.
<Your brothers and sisters Have gone to a good place.>
Please help me! Will I go there, too?
<Not now, not yet. Cry out, little one.>
Help me! Help me! Here! Under this bush! I'm hungry! I'm cold!
<Louder, child.>
<Look in front of you.>
I see big shoes!
<I put them on the path to you.>
I see a face!
<I turned it toward you.>
Ah, warm hands have picked me up!
<They know kittens well. They needed a new little one, Like you,
To fill a hole in their heart, And an empty place in their home.>
They have put me in their coat. I will love them. My purr will warm us both!
<Farewell, child. Your prayer, And theirs, Was heard.... and answered!>

Hugs & Purrs, dear friends,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s Talley
I think today would be a good day to share an idea for helping shelters that is really easy.
Here it is! There are a couple of websites that offer an opportunity to provide free food for shelter kitties simply by visiting a site and clicking on a button. Here are the addresses: and This is a great idea, and both of these site allow you to sign up for a daily reminder. When you’re checking your email, you just make a couple of licks and you’ve provided much needed food and supplies to shelters.

This is a short blog today, because I’d like to share a poem with you that I hope you'll like. It is about rescue groups and the work that they do. They are human angels!

Once I was a lonely cat, just looking for a home. I had no place to go, no one to call my own. I wandered up and down the streets, in rain in heat and snow. I ate whatever I could find, I was always on the go. My skin would itch, my feet were sore, my body ached with pain. And no one stopped to give a pat, or gently say my name. I never saw a loving glance, I was always on the run, for people thought that hurting me was really lots of fun.
Then one day I heard a voice so gentle, kind and sweet, And arms so soft reached down to me and took me off my feet. "No one again will hurt you," was whispered in my ear. "You'll have a home to call your own where you will know no fear." "You will be dry, you will be warm, you'll have enough to eat," "and rest assured that when you sleep, your dreams will all be sweet." I was afraid I must admit, I've lived so long in fear. I can't remember when I let a human come so near, and as she tended to my wounds, and bathed and brushed my fur. She told me about the rescue group and what it meant to her. She said, we are a circle, a line that never ends. And in the center there is you, protected by new friends.
Other folk are searching near and far to find the perfect home for you, where you can be a star. She said, there is a family, that's waiting patiently, and pretty soon we'll find them, just you wait and see. Then they'll join our circle, they'll help to make it grow, so there'll be room for more like you, who have no place to go." I waited very patiently, the days they came and went. Today's the day I thought, my family will be sent. Then just when I began to think it wasn't meant to be, there were people standing there gazing down at me. I knew them in a heartbeat; I could tell they felt it too. They said, "We have been waiting for a special cat like you." Now every night I say a prayer to all the gods that be. "Thank you for the life I live and all you've given me. But most of all protect the cats in the pounds and on the streets. And send to them a Rescue Person to lift them off their feet.

Well, I’m out of room. Again!
Hugs, Purrs and Love,

Come visit me, Talley COTD 01/02/2009, Ms Murphy COTD July 6th 2009, Angel Lucy-Fur COTD 10 18 2008, Pete COTM March 2011, Angel Maggie COTD March 7, 2013, Raven COTD 5/6/2009 & Angel Sylvia Seville (COTD June 12 2008).

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hi a.easy!
we so sorry we missa birday yesterday, mummy have good intent but was falling sleep helping us last night, she gone right inna middle talley note! so we here today, feel lika more pawty? first gift i give is i not sing, heeeee! happy happy birday! we bringa basket, fulla catnip toys, bouncy balls, and catnip samples, some imported so watch out, could be illegal here. and me and leo maka micey cream cakey, tropical wid catnip creamy cheese frosting, heeee! have a happy day, and no gifts froma list for trivia prizes, so they all work just fine. have a happy day! love QUINCY and NH trio

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Happy Belated Birthday AK Easy Goin,
We are so sorry to have missed your Birthday sweet kitty!!! So we brought along an Angel Food Cake and some Vanilla mice cream to make it up to you!!
We also brought your mom a bouquet of White Sweetheart Roses in your memory.
Angel Hugs & Kisses, Smoke's Angels

we see some mew faces, we'll back to visit again soon!!! :)

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Hi Angel Easy Goin
pouncing by to say Happy Birthday and i hope you had a magical day of celebration filled with all your favorite things!

headbonks and purrs,

Come visit me, ~Puzzle~offline.

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K Easy Going
Happy Birthday to YOU handsome meezer. We've been absent for 5 weeks due to password issues but we finally regained access to the CC a couple days ago. We brought you a freshly purpared Catnip Cream Cake with mice icing and a pitcher of chilled Mouse milk. We hope you enjoy.

meows and purrs


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Hi AK Easy Goin!
We heard it was your 9th birthday, today and we've come by with poem and song, just for you! Here it is:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
We've come to sing,
Happy Birthday to you!

♪ ♫Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear, AK Easy Goin,
Happy Birthday to youuuuuu♫ ♪

We hope you have a great time celebrating with all your angel furiends. We're bringing you some cream cheese-filled catnip cookies, a dozen peacock feathers, a furry catnip-filled mousey to play with and a celebration vote, too! Take care and have a wonderful day! Love ya!

Lots of angel purrs and kitty kisses,
Angels Q. Duchess, Frosty, Moki and Red

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Hi A K Easy & VI Kitties, It’s Talley
Before I get started today, I want to say thanks for the wonderful ideas so many of you have been sending me. I promise I will try to share all of them with our CC family over the course of my catpaign.
One idea that I had never heard before was from Hot Rod and Ziggy, Here it is, in their words; “Our local HS (Humane Society) always needs the shredded documents from people's paper shredders. They use them as bedding for small animals they have received, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. And it makes so much more sense to bag them up and donate them to a shelter than to toss them in the garbage.”
Thanks Hot Rod and Ziggy! Is that a cool idea or what? It serves a great purpose and doesn’t wind up in the landfills.

Another one is from Spanky Jack, and he reminds us that when people want to add a pet to their family, they should look first at the local shelters. He also tells us that no donation is too small. Great advice Spanky Jack!

Today, my suggestion is one that has become a family tradition with us. Here's how it started. Several years ago my mom asked my dad what he thought he might like for his birthday. Dad said that he'd give it some thought. He took a couple of days and came to the conclusion that he had enough “stuff”. He told mom that what he wanted for his birthday was a donation to our local Humane Society. They had recently suffered a devastating fire in one of their buildings, and were desperately trying to raise funds to rebuild. Mom thought it was great idea and spread the word to all of the people who usually give dad presents for his birthday.
It was a great success. Dad was happy and it meant that instead of having to go to stores, shop, and wrap presents, all people had to do was go online for a few minutes and it was done. When Christmas came, it was Mom's idea to do the same thing again. Lots of our friends and relatives decided that this was a great idea. Not everyone in our group of family and friends donate to animal charities, but everyone seems to have a charity that they hold dear. There was another benefit too, in addition to helping those in need. It reduced holiday stress, no crowded malls, no worrying about the right size or color. Just one evening on the internet and all of the shopping was finished. We still exchange small gifts, usually homemade treats, or favorite music, framed photographs, things like that, but the bulk of our holiday spending helps those who need help.
Well, I could go on and on, but my blog yesterday got so long that I had to edit it a lot to make it fit the available space. So I'll say bye for now. Once again, let me thank you for your kind support.
Headbonks Hugs and Purrs to all of you,
Your friend, always

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Happy Birthday, Angel Easy!
We want to wish you a wonderful birthday and a great year ahead, with everything your little heart could desire. Love, warmth, gushy food and lots of treats and toys are just some of the things we wish for you. We're sending along a little gift via our Angels, from all of us to you. We hope you like it! Hugs, the Zoo Crew

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