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Exotic Shorthair Cat Exotic Shorthair : The Exotic Shorthair cat is a man-made breed resulting from the cross of Persians with American Shorthairs and other shorthaired cats.  The Exotic Shorthair's body and head-style match that of the Persian, but the breed was separated into its own category in the 1960s.  The desired coat is dense, plush and stands away from the body due to the thick undercoat.  Because outcrosses are regularly done to Persians, many long-haired kittens occur in Exotic Shorthair litters.  Some associations will register and show these cats as Persians.  A bit livelier and more inquisitive than the Persian, Exotic Shorthairs share many of the Persian's gentler personality features. More >>
Havana Brown Cat Havana Brown : The Havana Brown, a breed of medium size and structure, is noted for its dark, chocolate coat. The well-toned, muscular body conveys a sense of power. The first Havana Brown was born in England some 50 years ago when a black "shorthair" Persian had a brief fling with a Chocolate Point Siamese. Spirited but never impetuous and elegant and graceful in its movements, the Havana Brown is a great player. More >>
Japanese Bobtail Cat Japanese Bobtail : The Japanese Bobtail is an ancient breed indigenous to Japan. As its name indicates, the Bobtail is a partially tailed cat. Medium in size, with long, clean lines, the Japanese Bobtail comes in a variety of colors and patterns--solids, bi-colors and tabbies. However, the preferred cats of today are the same as those seen in ancient Japanese art, the flashy spotted bi-colors. With personality plus and a spirited flair, the Japanese Bobtail is among the liveliest. More >>
Korat Cat Korat: The Korat is an ancient shorthaired breed named after a former province of Thailand. These felines are graced with a silver-blue coat, originally derived from black, following dilution. Korats live for tranquility and will not tolerate excessive activity, noise and the coming and going of new faces. Korats will trust you completely, knowing that you know what is best for them. More >>
Manx Cat Manx: From the earliest beginnings of the Manx breed, longhaired cats were born in litters; however, they were not always recognized as true Manx. For a time, some associations accepted them under the breed designation Cymric (kim-rik), as does The International Cat Association today. Others, including the Cat Fanciers' Association, recognize these cats simply as Longhaired Manx. The standard is identical to that of the Shorthaired Manx with the exception of the coat length. The coat is double on both shorthaired and longhaired cats, with a dense undercoat. The Longhair Manx's outer coat is semi-long with more fullness around the neck and on the stomach and breeches. More >>
Munchkin Cat Munchkin: The Munchkin is distinguished by a spontaneous dominant mutation that shortens the cat's legs. Except for their disproportionately short legs, cats should be well-balanced. It is important that the legs be straight, never bowed or cow-hocked. The head shape is an equilateral triangle. All colors and patterns, as well as both longhaired and shorthaired Munchkins, are accepted for competition. The longhaired Munchkin's coat is silky, semi-long and ends in a fully plumed tail. Munchkins are kittenish, outgoing and respond well to handling. More >>
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