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Persian Cat Persian: The impressive Persian is a massively built cat clothed in a long, flowing coat.  Short, heavily boned legs support the Persian's boxy body.  The cat's head should be round, with large, round eyes and a short, snub nose.  A sweet expression promises the easygoing personality for which the Persian is popular.  Such a wide variety of colors are accepted in the Persian breed that they are divided for competition into seven categories: solids, silver/golden, smoke/shaded, tabby, parti-color, bicolor and Himalayan.  It is important to remember that this breed requires daily grooming. More >>
Ragdoll Cat Ragdoll: The Ragdoll earns its name from its habit of relaxing to the point of utter limpness in one's arms. The Ragdoll's light-colored body has darker Siamese-type points on the face, legs, tail and ears. Remember, the Ragdoll is a strictly indoor cat; due to its extremely docile nature, it may often lack the ability to defend itself.  More >>
Siberian Cat Siberian: Living with a cat is quite pleasurable, but living with a Siberian cat is a rewarding, life-changing experience. A confident, problem-solving house clown, the Siberian can be your best friend. This breed is medium-large, with the overall appearance of great physical condition, strength and alertness, modified by endearing facial expressions. The Siberian is a natural breed and comes in all colors, from colorpoints to brown mackerel tabby. If you share your home with a Siberian, you will never be alone. More >>
Somali Cat Somali: Though its name would indicate an origin in Somalia, the Somali first appeared in the United States. However, it was named Somali because it derived from an Abyssinian. Despite its medium-length coat, it does not tolerate the cold. The CFA recognizes the Somali in four colors; ruddy, red, blue and fawn. Light and quick on its paws, the Somali is swift as a fox and every bit as intelligent. More >>
Turkish Angora Cat Turkish Angora: The long coat of the Turkish Angora is like no other coat, with a sensuously silky, luxurious texture. Angoras are a fine-boned felines, and surpass many other breeds when it comes to playfulness and affection. They quickly form devoted attachments to their owners, lavishing adoration. Seasoned Turkish Angora owners realize that firmness with these cats is an important part of loving them. More >>
Turkish Van Cat Turkish Van : The Turkish Van traces its ancient origins to the region of Turkey's Lake Van. A natural breed, the Van sports a full, brush-like tail as soft as cashmere. The Van pattern is all-white with colored markings restricted primarily to the head and tail. The soft and silky Turkish Van has a natural attraction to water, along with a voracious appetite due to a high energy level. These little comedians love to climb, so don't be surprised to find your Turkish Van napping on a door top. More >>
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