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Color: The short, close-lying coat is "rain-cloud gray" tipped in silver for a shimmering effect.
Grooming: Like most shorthaired cats, the Korat requires very little grooming other than petting and occasional brushing to remove loose hair.
Best Home: Korats are an excellent choice for people who live alone, although they will bond strongly to other cats and even dogs. Korats love to be physically close to their chosen people.
Personality: This moderately active cat has strong likes and dislikes. It can be very territorial and will make a faithful, if demanding, companion. A heightened sense of hearing makes the Korat very sensitive to surrounding activities. Owners say Korats have a sense of humor and love to play with almost any toy.
Appearance: The muscular, compact Korat weighs from 4 to 10 pounds and has a broad chest. Inside the heart-shaped outline of the head, a second heart can be traced from the chin, over the ridges of the eyebrows, dipping back down to the bridge of the nose. The nose should have a lion-like downward slope in profile. Oversized eyes are a luminous peridot green.

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The Korat is an ancient shorthaired breed named after a province of Thailand. These felines are graced with a silver-blue coat, originally derived from black, following dilution. Korats live for tranquility and will not tolerate excessive activity, noise and the coming and going of new faces. They will trust you completely, knowing that you know what is best for them.



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