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Color: Light to medium shades of brown spotted tabby in a random "buckshot" pattern preferred, with a base of mousy gray, like a wild hare. The appearance can change substantially with the seasons. Preferred eyes are gold to brown, but gooseberry green is also accepted.
Grooming: Even longhaired Pixie-Bobs have "wash and wear" coats.
Best Home: The Pixie-Bob enjoys plenty of playtime and builds strong attachments to family members. They excel with children and enjoy families with dogs. The ideal owner enjoys daily interaction with cats and does not leave home for long stretches of time.
Personality: Pixie-Bobs possess loyalty, trainability and courage. This extremely intelligent cat loves water. Normally quiet, they will talk to you in chirps and chatters rather than meow. These natural hams require regular attention. They get along with other animals and love to play.
Appearance: Bred to resemble a domestic version of the Pacific Northwest coastal red bobcat, Pixie-Bobs have heavily hooded, inverted triangular eyes with bushy brows. Their pear-shaped heads have rounded ears ending in Lynx tips. Longhaired cats develop mutton chops on the cheeks. These substantial cats have prominent shoulder blades that produce a rolling gait, complemented by deep, powerful flanks; a broad, well-developed chest; and a primordial belly pouch. A naturally short tail of between 2 and 6 inches is preferred. Feet can have up to seven toes.

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The Pixie-Bob is a domestic cat visually resembling the North American Bobcat. Despite its fierce look, the Pixie-Bob is noted for its loving, trustworthy and tractable personality. Heavy brows with bushier hair above the eyes, lynx tipping on the ears and longer "mutton chops" on the cheeks complete the Pixie-Bob's wild look. The tail can measure from 1 to 6 inches in length. These cats have brown tabby markings on a tan or reddish background and may be polydactyl (having extra toes).


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