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Norwegian Forest CAT STATS

Color: Every color and pattern is allowable with the exception of those showing hybridization resulting in the colors chocolate, lavender/lilac, the Himalayan pattern, or these combinations with white. The color and pattern should be clear and distinct. In the case of the classic, mackerel and spotted tabbies, the pattern should be well-marked and even.
Grooming: Despite the heavy-duty winter coat, grooming is not a big issue with this breed. Comb your cat regularly with a medium-tooth comb at least once a week. In spring the heavy undercoat sheds within a few days. An occasional bath keeps the coat clean and shiny. Don't forget routine nail trimming.
Best Home: The Norwegian Forest Cat adapts to almost any kind of household. They usually possess a mild temperament and patience with gentle children. Wegies also bond with dogs and other family pets. Provide a companion when leaving your Norwegian for long periods. The cat continues to mature until almost 5 years of age.
National Breed Club: The Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders Alliance;
Personality: Although not usually a lap cat, the Wegie wants constant people presence. They sometimes develop extreme loyalty to one family member. Intelligent and curious, they can show patience and do not stress easily. While not overly demonstrative and demanding, they love giving head bumps and receiving chin scratches.
Appearance: The product of natural selection, the Norwegian Forest Cat is large and robust. The coat has two layers, designed to insulate and shed water. The outer coat should feel silky. In winter the cat has a full ruff around the neck and britches in addition to the expressive plumed tail carried year-round. Heavily muscled hind legs make them great climbers. The combination of an equilateral-triangle shape to the head and almond-shaped eyes that tilt upward give the face an almost-sultry look. While brown tabby and white is the most popular, the coats come in a rainbow of patterns and colors.

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Norwegian Forest CAT PROFILE

This breed traces its ancient origins to Norway and has been tagged as a skilled hunter, intelligent, attentive and cautious. Nicknamed "Wegies," these cats sport a thick, heavy coat, almond-shaped eyes and sweet expressions. The Norwegian Forest Cat displays almost all colors and patterns. Extremely intelligent and alert, these classy cats will demand petting, head-bumps and chin rubs.


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