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Singapura CAT STATS

Color: The only accepted color is sepia brown in an agouti-ticked pattern. This means that most of the individual hairs on the cat have alternating bands of the dark sepia brown and a warm old ivory ground color. The muzzle, chest and underside of the cat are the light color only with no ticking. Like all tabbies, they have some darker lines accenting the face.
Grooming: Because of its very short, close-lying coat, the Singapura needs no grooming other than lots of petting. Don't forget to routinely trim the nails.
Best Home: This breed is adaptable to a variety of lifestyles, but it does need attention. Adults who can give a lot of love are essential. Children's activity is welcomed if they have learned to be gentle. Another cat for companionship is a good idea. They are not afraid to start training even the largest dog.
National Breed Club: International Singapura Alliance
Personality: Singapuras are very active cats with a genuine need for their people. They are curious and very intelligent. There is no door or drawer a Singapura cannot open. A good supply of toys is essential, although they will often create their own. Without noticing it, you most likely will find that the cat has subtly trained you to do things its way.
Appearance: The Singapura's small size gives it a deceptively delicate appearance even though the body should be moderately stocky and muscular. Males and females generally weigh between 5 and 8 pounds when fully mature at 2 years old. The first feature people usually notice is the angelic face, with its huge, beguiling eyes and large ears. The head itself is rounded with a broad muzzle and blunt nose. Legs are muscled and taper to small oval feet.

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The Singapura has many appealing features, including its pastel coloring and distinctive visage. The breed is characterized by its alert expression, its healthy, small- to medium-sized muscular body and noticeably large eyes and ears. These are highly intelligent, active and curious cats with the bonus of being just as affectionate as they are active. Whatever you are doing, they want to be there.




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