Tips for Coping With Your Cat Bereavement

Allow yourself to experience your cats loss and bring closure, find acceptance and feel peace.

Posted: Tue Mar 8 00:00:00 PST 2005

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Cat1. Reach out to people who will take your grief seriously. You don't have to suffer alone.

2. Give yourself permission to grieve. Be tender and accepting of your feelings, and get extra rest as needed; grieving is fatiguing.

3. Treat your deceased cat as a unique loss. Your special friend can never be replaced.

4. Avail yourself of supportive resources. There are hotlines and pet-loss support groups to help you through.

5. Exercise and eat right to elevate your mood and overall health.

6. Avoid people who invalidate or make light of your grief.

7. Think positive. Remember the good times and funny memories.

8. Avoid black-and-white thinking such as, "I'll never get over this," or "She was the only friend I ever had."

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Tips for Coping With Your Cat Bereavement

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Reader Comments

CatChannelEditor    Irvine, CA

7/10/2012 9:57:18 AM

Arnie -- It sounds like Pesty was a great cat. What a nice story about celebrating the holidays. :) It's wonderful to be able to share our lives with such amazing companions. Good luck through this tough time.

Arnie    East northport, NY

7/9/2012 12:40:16 PM

This morning I just lost my beloved cat Pesty after 24 years. This August he would of been 24 years old. He was a small little tabby when I took him from a women who had her last kitten in the box trying to get a home nice home for him. It was love at first site, once she gave him to me I drove off only to get a ticket not even 2 minutes. He was frisky little guy causing all sorts of havlicek that's when his name became apparent to me. Pesty it will be. We had lots of christmas and Hanukkah time together and he just loved the dadels and climbing the Christmas tree. I can truly say Pesty loved all religions as long as there was something for him to attack and play with.

Pesty you will truely be missed by mommy and daddy and will always be in our hearts

Mark    London, UK, AL

5/31/2012 2:51:01 PM

My beloved cat of 17 years was fit and healthy for her entire life until just over a week before she left. She'd been eating a bit less and coughing/sneezing a lot. I'd hoped it was just a cold and gave her a few days before taking her to the vet. When I did, she'd stopped eating but was taking nourishment drinks only from my hand. The vet said he was certain she had liver cancer, but gave her an antibiotic injection and vitamin injection and asked to see her in three days. She stopped eating, cleaning and although she reponded and purred, two days later I knew things weren't improving and took her back - knowing the choice I'd have to make. I spent lots of time with her and took a cut of her fur, a single whisker and let her say goodbye to her 16 year old son. To make it as painless as it could be, I didn't put her in a cat box and held her on my lap in the car. She'd been dignified the whole while and when we arrived, she simply lay down on the vet's table and he confirmed that she wouldn't get better. She didn't move, but just lay there with a look of love on her face that I'll never forget. It was time for us to part. I hugged, kissed and cuddled her as she was released. She was my closest friend for 17 years and even though she's gone, I know I did the right thing and that she wanted to go then, before the pain and any lack of dignity set in. I chose for her to be cremated and paid for a wooden box with a plaque, which I'll be collecting in a week. When you truly have a connection with a little life like this, they never leave you, but remember - they want you to carry on and be happy. I'll always miss her, but am glad she didn't suffer and as I said to her - I hope one day we'll be together again. You know what? I really sense we will. Keep strong and don't ever let anyone tell you they were 'just a cat'. They were infinitely more than that. RIP Ziggy. x

Jo    West midlands, AL

4/12/2012 11:31:20 AM

Today i took my beloved cat to see the vet, as he hadnt been eating for quite some days. Total shock when they said it was cancer, and there was nothing they could do. We have brought him home for the night and will be taking him into the vets in the morning to be put to rest. Me and my family are heartbroken. 15 years we have had him and the thought of him not being around is killing me. I keep hoping it is a bad dream :-( if only our love could make him better.

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