Elderly Cat Care

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Orange Tabby Senior Cat
Learn about cats' needs as they enter their golden years with our senior cat articles. See how to help elderly cats with health and behavior concerns, and celebrate older cats with photo galleries of CAT FANCY magazine's Oldest Living Cat contest winners.

Elderly Cat Care - Cats Can Shine in Their Golden Years
You can help ease your cat into its senior years if you schedule regular veterinary visits, make simple changes at home and keep a watchful eye.

Elderly Cat Care - An Annual Exam Can Extend Your Cat's Life
Your cat's health needs change with each passing year. Here's a lifetime guide to veterinary visits.

Elderly Cat Care - Kidney and Bladder Disease Prevention
A diet formulated for senior cats will help an older cat stay healthy.

Elderly Cat Care - What If Your Cat Outlives You?
Learn how to have your cat cared for in a retirement home after you're gone.

Elderly Cat Care - Feeding Your Senior Cat
Nutritional changes can help your aging cat if you see signs of obesity, weight loss or dental problems.

Elderly Cat Care - Cat Heart Murmurs
A heart murmur indicates that blood is leaking from one of the heart's valves. This heart valve problem is common in older cats.

Elderly Cat Care - Feed Your Seniors Well
Cats are living longer today than ever before. Feeding the proper diet can help them live even longer.

Elderly Cat Care - Understand the Cat Aging Process
As cats age, their bodies change. Here are some common changes to expect and warning signs to look for.

Elderly Cat Care - Older Cat Health Problems
As cats age, their bodies change. Here are some common changes to expect and warning signs to look for.

Elderly Cat Care - Comfort and Care for the Aging Cat
Today's cats can live well into their teens with proper care from their owners.

Four Tips for Happy, Healthy Senior Cats
See how you can help your cat age well with top tips from cat behaviorist Marilyn Krieger.

How Can I Make My Senior Cat Comfortable?
CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, discusses ways to improve quality of life for aging cats.

Grieving for Cats
CAT FANCY readers share their stories of grieving for cats while honoring their memories to help others overcome the pain of losing a cat.

CAT FANCY's Oldest Living Cat Contest Finalists
See which senior cat pictures almost made it to the winners' circle in the magazines annual older cat competition.

Oldest Living Cat Contest
Find pictures of cats living well into their golden years with this gallery of CAT FANCY's Oldest Living Cat Contest finalists!

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