Cat Flea Prevention

Learn how to ward off fleas and other cat parasites.

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Vet quality protection. No appointment necessary.™

Cats & Fleas - Parasite Control
Safeguard your cat and home against pesky parasites such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

Cats & Fleas - Cautions to the Do-It-Yourself Flea Controller
Many products are available to treat fleas. Be sure to read the labels carefully to avoid health problems.

Cats & Fleas - Quick Tips: Conquering Fleas
Is your cat suffering from fleas? Launch a multi-pronged attack to rid your pet of these pests.

Cats & Fleas - Flea Shampoos, Sprays and Mousses
Flea shampoos, sprays and dips are valuable tools in a flea-control program. Learn the benefits of each.

Cats & Fleas - Quick Tips: Birth Control for Fleas
Insect growth regulators prevent new fleas from becoming adults.

Cats & Fleas - Flea Collar Lost Pet Services
Flea-collar companies are offering a free hotline service. Simply register the collar's number with the company, and the service can help you recover a lost pet.

Does My New Kitten Have Fleas?
CatChannel veterinary expert Arnold Plotnick, DVM, gives tips on how to evaluate your kitty, with a vet's help.

How Did My Indoor Cat Get Fleas?
CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, discusses fleas and how to get rid of them.

10 Signs Your Cat Has Fleas
Don't know why your cat is scratching? Here are specific things that cat owners should look for to keep kitty flea-free.

Getting the Word Out About Pets, Parasites
The Companion Animal Parasite Council Road Show makes a stop in Sacramento.

EPA Continues to Evaluate Flea, Tick Products
Also, ASPCA report says cats more susceptible to illness, death as a result of misuse of spot-on treatments.

Cat Scratching Issues - Ear Mites
Find out what a vet recommends for treating ear mites.

Note From the Vet - Parasites and Zoonoses Issues
Learn why veterinarians are better equipped than ever to help with parasite and zoonoses issues.

Ask The Vet About Cats - Parasites and Zoonoses
A guide to understanding your cat's complex issues.

Cat Veterinary Advice and Help - Worms
Find out what a vet recommends for treating worms.

Cat Fleas and Parasites - Heartworm Dangers
Find out how to protect your cat from this rare, but deadly disease.

Cat Coat - Hair Loss Due to Allergies or Stress?
Allergies, illness or stress may be the culprit for kitty's hair loss.

Cat Coat - Feline Hair Loss
Stress or anxiety may cause a cat to overgroom, but other medical conditions should be ruled out first.

Your Cat's Coat - Is Your Cat Allergic?
You can help stop the itching, licking and biting from allergies that drives your cat crazy.

Cat Coat - What Your Cat's Coat Does
More than just upholstery, your cat's fur makes your pet unique.

Cat Coat - Quick Tips: Allergies and Stress
Alternative therapies can help cats with emotionally based skin problems. Learn how to help your "type A" cat cope.

Cat Coat - Quick Tips: Food Allergies
Does your cat have a food allergy? Look for these signs.

Cat Coat - Itchy Skin
Frequent scratching may indicate fleas, allergies or fungal infection. Consult your veterinarian for help.

Cat Coat - Facts on Pemphigus
Pemphigus is a general term that refers to four conditions, usually limited to a cat's skin.

Cat Coat - Casey's Abnormal Belly Grooming
A cat's continual grooming of his belly and nipple area may indicate an allergy or skin condition.

Cat Coat - Stop the Shedding!
Several underlying disorders can cause a cat to start shedding hair excessively.

Cat Parasites - Loose Bowels Battle
Sample testing is needed for definitive diagnosis of weight loss and soft stool problem.

Cat Parasites - Parasite Control
Safeguard your cat and home against pesky parasites such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

Cat Parasites - Treatment for Roundworms
Roundworms are quite common in kittens and can be successfully treated.

Cat Parasites - More Than Ear Mites?
A cat's ear problems may be caused by something other than ear mites.

Cat Parasites - Ticks and Related Feline Disease
If you find a tick on your cat, make sure you have it identified to rule out infectious diseases.

Cat Parasites - Toxoplasmosis
This disease is dangerous to pregnant women, but the right precautions can prevent transmission.

Cat Parasites - Quick Tips: Help for Ear Mites
Is your cat scratching its ears? It may have ear mites. Fortunately, this social disease is curable.

Cat Parasites - Treating Ringworm
This highly contagious disease is transmitted by direct contact with an infected animal.

Cat Parasites - It Might be Mites
Ear mites are a common problem in cats. Learn how to treat them.

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