No More Fears: Follow These Quick and Simple Cat Grooming Tips

All you need is a dose of confidence and our experts' tips to make your cat shine.

By Kathy Swanwick | Posted: Fri Mar 30 00:00:00 PST 2001

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6. Towel thoroughly. Avoid using a hairdryer, because you can burn your cat's skin and hair.

7. Comb out the coat. "[Your cat will] probably be in a mood for a while, but it'll get over it," Salzberg says.

Head Cleaning
During any thorough grooming session, check to see if your cat's ears, face, teeth and gums need cleaning. If your cat is fussy, do this over the course of several days.

Use a cotton ball and an over-the-counter solution made for cats to clean the ears. Swab out any honey-colored wax, Salzberg says. If you notice an odor or see a dark discharge from the ears, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian, because the cat may have ear mites or an ear infection.

Use a cotton ball and warm water to clean discharge from under your cat's eyes, a common problem with "flat-faced" cats such as Persians and Himalayans. Brown or clear discharge is healthy, but a yellowish or green discharge requires a visit to the veterinarian.

Gently lift your cat's lip for a quick glance at its teeth and gums. If you notice excessive amounts of tartar (yellow or brown material accumulated on the teeth) or detect a strong odor, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to have its teeth cleaned. Dental problems can lead to lung, heart, liver or kidney problems because bacteria from the mouth may enter the bloodstream and attack these organs. Red or bleeding gums are signs of serious problems, such as infection, and require a veterinary consultation.

If all of this grooming advice sounds like too much, simply remember the key to a successful grooming session or sessions is to relax. Take your cues from your cat, and make it fun for both of you.

"The minute you're done, give them a treat or play with that cat, or the next time you want to groom them they'll dive under the bed, out of reach," Johnson-Bennett says.

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No More Fears: Follow These Quick and Simple Cat Grooming Tips

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Frannie    Rockford, MN

4/16/2009 1:59:47 PM

Great tips! I used to give the cat a sedative for travel and thot to give him one for the dreaded grooming session, but I think I'll take one instead!! :) And try the outside thing... Thanks!

Karen    Standish, ME

12/28/2007 10:20:26 PM

thank you! Some useful tips!

Sara    Atlanta, GA

12/28/2007 10:56:53 AM

I will try brushing my cat outside. Maybe she'll like it better then.

Sara    Atlanta, GA

7/11/2007 4:29:41 AM

Great information - I'm going to try brushing my cat outside because she hates it inside

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