Grooming Your Longhaired Cat

Many longhaired cats need daily coat care to prevent mats and a messy appearance.

Posted: Tue Nov 26 00:00:00 PST 2002

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On the longhaired breeds, coat length can vary from 2 to 6 inches. The double-coated Persian coat falls away from the body, its distinctive ruff flowing from behind the head into a frill along the chest. Like the Himalayan, this magnificent cat requires daily grooming, preferably with a steel comb, to keep it in optimum condition.

To keep mats under control, the shaggy double coat of the Maine Coon and the waterproof topcoat and thick woolly undercoat of the Norwegian Forest Cat require grooming twice a week. The coats of such longhairs as the Balinese, Birman, Cymric, Somali and Ragdoll are mat-resistant but will benefit from a weekly grooming session to keep them in tip-top shape.

Another type of longhaired coat belongs to the Turkish Angora. Medium-length on the body and longer on the ruff, this breed has a bushy tail. Its silky fur will keep its satiny sheen if combed or brushed once a week.

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Grooming Your Longhaired Cat

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debby    raleigh, NC

3/23/2013 9:44:52 PM

great reading

PetsboroughCatGrooming    Westborough, MA

10/28/2012 8:42:16 PM

Hello everyone
I am a Master Feline Groomer and I'm here to help with correct info. Why do cats mat and tangle?
Cats are extremely greasy creatures. The grease build up at some point stops the animal of normal shedding. On the greasy coat the fur start to stick together and there's a tangle formed. Over time more and more pieces of fur will stick together and the tangles will become on matts very soon.Keep in mind that this is happening on several spots on the cats body at the same time. Usually the owner in an attempt to get the cat rid of the tangles try to brush them out. A big mistake. When a greasy cat is brushed the greasy is being spread all over the cat's body making the situation even worse. Never use a brush on cat, long or short hair.Use a regular metal comb. Now the solution for the situation: bathing. Cats should be bath on a regular basis. The ideal its between 4/8 weeks. Bath and blow dry will removed all the greasy and the dead hair from the cat. No more smelly and matted cats.
Search and find a Master Feline Groomer who has the expertise to deal with any kind of feline behavior and offers top results to the health of your cat.
Hope this help.

Note: Never try to remove matts from your cat with scissors.

Steven    san Diego, CA

7/15/2012 2:34:27 AM

I have a Persian cat. He was getting very badI mats. I had to take him to the groomer to have the mat shaved out. Trying to call but this will only lead to pain and your cat will not enjoy the comb. I believe that I did not comb as often as I should. I think other people have the same problem. Do a little bit day by day. You comb your hair everyday don't you? Also use a special comb forI mats use with extreme care. You can find these at the local pet store. They are metals and have 2 rows of combs 1 roll long 1 row short. Again I think it is imperative to groom look at much more often. Hope this is helpful. My little guy never gets madded anymore. And he loves our time together. Before it was a struggle. Trying to do too much at 1 time.

Leo    Porterville, CA

3/3/2011 12:48:51 PM

I have a fluffy, medium, furry cat. He is a male. He has been neutered and is an outside cat. The problem is, is tha he gets medium to large hairballs on both sides of his neck. They are very close to his skin, and I am araid to try and cut them out, as he might jerk his head and get injured. Please send a suggestion to the problem. I have tried to comb them out, but they are too close to the skin and are in too tight. HELP!

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