Grooming Your Shorthaired Cat

Even the cat with the least fur needs occasional grooming. Learn how often your pet needs grooming attention.

Posted: Tue Nov 26 00:00:00 PST 2002

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Shorthaired cats may be single- or double-coated. Single-coated breeds, like the Siamese, Korat, Bombay, Havana Brown, Snowshoe, Burmese and Oriental Shorthair, have smooth, silky fur that contours their bodies, needing only an occasional polish with a chamois cloth or a silk glove to keep them well-groomed.

Double-coated shorthairs include the Chartreux, Russian Blue, Abyssinian, Scottish Fold and Manx, as well as the British, American and Exotic Shorthairs. To keep these dense coats at their best, a comb and curry once or twice a week will maintain a healthy coat and help prevent hairballs caused by overzealous self-grooming.

Two unusual variations of the shorthair are the wirehair and the Rex coat. The American Wirehair is similar to the American Shorthair, but its fur is springy, taut and curled. Brushing and combing are not advisable, though gentle bathing may be needed once a month. The Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex may also have curly coats. The Cornish coat has no guard hairs. Like the less dense Devon coat, its curl may vary from tight ringlets to a rippling wave.

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Grooming Your Shorthaired Cat

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Candice    Pensacola, FL

6/12/2011 10:44:57 AM

The Devon Rex cats have all 3 types of hair. It is their guard hair that is breakable and if groomed incorrectly, will leave bald spots. But they can regrow their hair usually twice a year, usually in the Spring and then in the Fall. The Cornish Rex lacks the guard hair. The down on Persians is among the hardest to keep from matting. If bathing a cat, always completely brush out the cat, otherwise mats will set up and over time will become like dreadlocks. No air can get to the skin and it can be very uncomfortable to the cat. Many times the "dreadlocks", if removed, will leave a bald spot. It can take 9 months or longer before hair can regrow. In some cases, hair may not grow back in that area, or if it does, be very sparse.

Emma    New York City, NY

8/13/2009 1:49:18 PM

My cat Hopi isn't hard to brush but there's a shower of fluff when he sheds

Katarina    Brantford, ON

11/26/2007 1:04:30 PM

My boy, Gierys is a tabby-like cat and when he gets his shower his fur is more difficult to wash than Oreo's (long fur). I believe Gierys falls in the double coated shorthair. He frequently gets hairballs and hates being brushed but it does help in keeping furballs to a minimum.

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