Cat Diet

Maintaining a cat food diet can keep your cat healthy.

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Cat Weight Concerns - Weight Control in a Two-Cat House
Exercise alone won't help a cat lose weight. The two cats may need to be fed their cat food separately.

Cat Nutrition - Kidney and Bladder Disease Prevention
A cat food diet formulated for senior cats will help an older cat stay healthy.

Cat Nutrition - Kidney Disease, Cat Food Diet and Treatment
Some kidney problems can be traced to an underlying disease.

Cat Nutrition - Bladder Stones and Cat Food
Cat diets formulated to acidify a cat's urine do not normally promote the growth of bladder stones if fed as directed.

Cat Nutrition - Kitchen Cats: Why a Cat Can't Be Vegetarian
Can cats survive on a diet lacking animal-source ingredients? Not surprisingly, no.

Senior Cat Nutrition - Kitchen Cats: A Guide to Feeding Your Senior Cat
Nutritional changes can help your aging cat if you see signs of obesity, weight loss or dental problems.

Cat Nutrition - Natural Cat Food Diets
Are natural food products better for cats? Veterinarians share their expert opinions.

Cat Weight Concerns - Quick Tips: Fat and the Single Cat
Special foods can help cats lose weight. Your veterinarian can help you choose the right diet for your cat.

Cat Nutrition - Cat Has Loose Stools
Many cats experience intestinal problems, and there are numerous causes.

Cat Convenience for a Chef
See Chef Wabecks feline-friendly recipes.

Living Naturally with Your Cat
Going organic is one of the latest trends for how we eat. Many pet owners recognize the benefits all-natural diets give them and are applying their nutritional knowledge to their pets. See some options available for your cat.

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