Cat Has Loose Stools

Many cats experience intestinal problems, and there are numerous causes.

By J. Veronika Kiklevich, DVM |

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Q. We've had our indoor-only Bengal cat for three years. Since we moved into a different house, he started pooping on the floor beside the litterbox and on the bathroom floor. His stool is very runny. We feed him a dry and wet all-meat cat food. I'm concerned about the loose stool and want to know if he needs something extra in his diet. This problem comes and goes, and its runnier some days than others.

A. The problem you described is not uncommon for cats. There are many things that could be causing this problem, one of which may be an intolerance to the cat food he's eating, but I would recommend that you take him to your veterinarian for a full diagnostic work-up, including blood work, a urinalysis, fecal exam and FeLV/FIV test. This problem may be solved simply, by changing to an appropriate cat food diet; he may need to have intestinal biopsies performed to find the exact problem.

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Cat Has Loose Stools

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Francis    Hudson, OH

12/19/2015 6:27:17 PM

Finally solved our cat's diarrhea problem by feeding her boiled chicken thighs and pumpkin. We tried so many different diets that even our vet was perplexed.

CatWhisperer    Charleston, WV

3/18/2014 6:07:12 AM

Not sure. My two cats both have diarrhea. The tuxedo cat has had diarrhea since we adopted her 5 yrs ago. The doctor checked her for parasites, (stool and blood) and put her on special cat food, but she still has the diarrhea (maybe a small improvement.) The older cat Russian Blue has diarrhea several times a week. Is on same diet as other cat (for diarrhea and overweight) Both of them dribble feces (because of the diarrhea). This has become almost intolerable as they sleep on the bed and furniture. After allowing them on the furniture/bed all these years do not feel they would respond to a change. They would not understand why they were being punished now. Anyway, I am at my wits end and do not know what to do. Their vet has run tests and can find nothing, put them on special food, even wormed them although they did not show signs of having them. (we are grasping at straws) My husband and I are retired and chronically ill, so taking care of two cats in this condition is very difficult, however we have always had cats and love these two so much cannot bear to find them another home. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them. Thank you so much for responding to our request.

Galadriel    Lothlorien, ME

11/7/2013 11:25:13 PM

Good advice.

Sherry    Nescopeck, PA

10/10/2013 8:16:03 PM

My Vet and I are working with my Tuxedo cat. He has been having chronic diarrhea for many months. Just put him on a Prescription diet to see if that helps him. I feel so bad for him, can't be pleasant for him either.

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