Cat Treats

Sometimes cats want treats. Learn how to make the healthier choices to keep your cat healthy and strong.

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Girl with Cat
It's great to treat your cat. It strengthens your bond and can help training and behavior issues. For the most part, though, people give cats treats just for fun. We asked CatChannel visitors when they chose to treat their cats and the majority (60%) said, "Whenever!"

If you want to take treating to the next level, read up on these treat topics. You can turn snack time into a power hour!

Natural Science: Nutrition 201
Natural and organic cat food: Understanding the differences.

Cat Experts - Why Does My Cat Vomit Excessively?
Find out what the causes could be behind chronic vomiting.

Cats & Cat Litter - Kitty, Please Use the Litterbox!
Litterbox problems are among the most frustrating for cat owners. Learn how to solve current soiling situations and prevent future ones.

Cat Allergies - Gesundheit!
Environmental and medical management may allow some allergic people to still have cats.

Cat Behavior - How to Understand "Cat"
Knowledge of the feline language can strengthen the cat/owner bond. Learn to recognize the meaning in your pet's meows and actions.

Cat Scratching - Scratching the Surface
Understanding this basic behavior can salvage your furniture and save your relationship with your cat.

Cat Health - Prevent, Rather Than Treat
Take these steps to help prevent common feline illnesses. Your cat will thank you for it.

Cat Health - Weight Control in a Two-Cat House
Exercise alone won't help a cat lose weight. The two cats may need separate mealtimes.

Cat Diseases - Don't Risk Rabies
Get the facts on how to prevent this serious disease. Vaccination remains the best prevention.

Cat Diseases - Kidney Disease, Diet and Treatment
Some kidney problems can be traced to an underlying disease.

Cat Behavior - Consider Loud Vocalization a Message
A cat's loud meows may be a sign of an underlying medical condition.

Cat Behavior - Self-Mutilation and Excessive Grooming
Allergies are the most likely cause for extreme grooming behaviors.

Cat Experts - A Warm Hello
A feline veterinary expert is here to answer your questions at

Cat Health - Concerns About Loose Stool
Many cats experience intestinal problems, and there are numerous causes.

Cat Safety - Kitten's Injury Needs Pampering and Time to Heal
Even a minor injury can damage a kitten's growth plate.

Cat Health - Is My Cat Sick?
Cats are masters at hiding signs of illness. Learn how to play detective and recognize these warning signs.

Cat Behavior - Two Paws Down to New Kitten
A jealous cat may not accept a new kitten in the household.

Cat Health - Excessive Licking Linked to Allergies?
Lump on a cat's tongue could be a rodent ulcer, or it could be cancer.

Kittens - Social Sweeties: Early, Positive Experiences
Kittens benefit from positive socialization experiences in the early weeks of their lives.

Cat Health - Is My Cat Sick?
Cats are masters at hiding signs of illness. Learn how to play detective and recognize these warning signs in your cat.

Dear Tabby
Experts answer your kitten's questions in terms that humans can understand.

Cat Advice - On the Move
Cat owners face a challenge when finding a home to rent. Here's how to make your cat attractive to landlords.

Kitten Feeding - What Cat's Need To Eat
Your cat's diet plays an important role in its overall health. Make sure the cat food you choose contains the proper nutrients.

Kitten Feeding - When Are Kittens Ready for Softened Cat Food?
Softened kitten food can be fed to three-week-old kittens mewing with hunger.

Kitten Feeding - Standard vs. Premium Cat Foods
Some cat food manufacturers label their foods as "premium." What earns this pet food distinction?

Kitten Feeding - Cat Food and Cat Feeding Preferences
What causes a cat to choose one cat food over another? Researchers look at taste and palatability.

Kitten Feeding - All About Cat Food Labels
Cat food labels must meet strict standards. Learn about the regulations pet food manufacturers must follow.

Kitten Feeding - Uncover the Mystery Ingredients in Cat Food
Cat foods come in a range of flavors, formulas and types. Learn how to decipher the labels and choose the right food for your cat.

Kitten Feeding - Kitten Feeding Tips
Start regular feeding routines and choose the right kitten food to maintain your kitten's good health.

CatChannel Exclusive - Bubba Blubber Blog
Read the latest installment of Wendy’s blog about her pursuit to slim down Bubba.

CatChannel Exclusive - How Does Your Garden Grow?
See three examples of delicious, edible gardens for your cat.

CAT FANCY - Nutrition News You Can Use
Experts reveal the seven hottest dietary trends.

CAM 4-1-1
If you're like many cat owners, you may have reservations about using complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) on your cats. Our comprehensive guide shows you everything you need to know about CAM and its various uses.

Cat Convenience for a Chef
See Chef Wabecks feline-friendly recipes.

Test Your Knowledge
Do you know what an endocrine disorder is? How about which ones can affect your cat? Put your feline health knowledge to the test as our expert veterinarian takes you through a common consultation at the clinic.

Living Naturally with Your Cat
Going organic is one of the latest trends for how we eat. Many pet owners recognize the benefits all-natural diets give them and are applying their nutritional knowledge to their pets. See some options available for your cat.

Special Report: Treat Trends
What's new in nutrition for cats? Treats for pets are on the rise. Some of the suggested reasons why may surprise you.

'Low Calorie' Pet Foods Vary, Study Finds
The calorie content and feeding directions for weight-control pet foods can be confusing, according to Tufts study.

Grain-Free Cat Food Grows More Popular
Dog owners choose grain-free food more often, but cat food purchases are on the rise.

Raw Cat Food Concern
Salmonella detected in quarter of raw cat food sampled by FDA.

Cat Food Processing Ingredients
What exactly is erythrobic acid? Or xanthan gum? Learn why these odd ingredients show up on your cat's food label.

Food Cautions
Certain human foods and household plants can be harmful to your pet. Keep these items out of your cat's reach.

Vomiting and Diarrhea
Concerned that your cat's food is causing digestive problems? A number of other factors could be to blame.

Cat Diet and Nutrition - If Your Cat Stops Eating
A cat that does not eat is sick. Treating the symptoms may improve the overall problem.

Cat Skin Problems - Feline Acne Problem
Stress may be the cause of your cat's breakouts. Learn some other common causes, and how to treat feline acne.

Cat Sicknesses and Diseases - Lower Urinary Tract Disease
Urinary tract disorders can cause pain and difficulty in urination. In severe cases, male cats may become unable to urinate.

Cat Health Guide - Quick Tips: Chicken Soup for Cats
Sick cats often will not eat if they can't smell their food. Tempt your cat to eat by following these tips.

Cat Health Guide - Gassy Kitty
Cats can suffer from painful gas. Learn how to treat and prevent this condition in your pet.

Note From the Vet - Pet Emergency Preparation
A veterinarian offers sound advice about preparing for pet-related emergencies.

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