Cat Care and Cat Health

Learn how you can best care for your cat or kitten with these health tips.

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Cat Care and Health from Vet Experts and More
Keep your cat healthy with diet, exercise, grooming and other steps. When your cat's health falters, learn the cause and get back on track with cat care tips. Our veterinary experts offer advice for healthy cats and happy owners, and our articles provide tips on proper cat care.

Cat Grooming - Quick Tips: Grooming Your Cat
Most cats need no help keeping clean, but regular grooming can help you strengthen the bond with your cat.

Cat Grooming - Grooming Your Longhaired Cat
Many longhaired cats need daily coat care to prevent mats and a messy appearance.

Cat Grooming - Grooming Your Shorthaired Cat
Even the cat with the least fur needs occasional grooming. Learn how often your pet needs grooming attention.

Cat Grooming - Seven Grooming Must-Haves
Before you begin a grooming session with your cat, make sure you have these tools on hand.

Cat Grooming - Quick Tips: Hairballs
One of these natural remedies might help your cat overcome problems with hairballs.

Cat Grooming - Casey's Abnormal Belly Grooming
A cat's continual grooming of his belly and nipple area may indicate an allergy or skin condition.

Cat Grooming - Stop the Shedding!
Several underlying disorders can cause a cat to start shedding hair excessively.

Cat Grooming - Help for Hairballs
A feline behaviorist explains how hairball remedies help cats deal with hairballs.

Cat Health - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
The increasing variety of hairball remedies makes it easier to find one your cat will like.

Cat Allergies - Is Your Cat Allergic?
You can help stop your cat's itching, licking and biting that could be caused by a cat allergy.

Cat Allergies - Quick Tips: Food Allergies
Does your cat have a food allergy? Look for these signs.

Cat Nutrition - Help! My Cat Won't Eat Her Wet Cat Food
Encourage your cat to eat all of her wet cat food by mashing up the pieces and adding a bit of water to the gravy.

Cat Allergies - Is Your Cat Allergic?
You can help stop the itching, licking and biting that drives your cat crazy.

Cat Nutrition - Cat Food and Preservatives
Cat food manufacturers add preservatives to cat food as a means to delay fat oxidation.

Cat Nutrition - Cat Food: Natural vs. Artificial Preservatives
Slight differences exist, but both natural and artificial preservatives are safe and effective ingredients in your cat's food.

Cat Nutrition - Why Cat Food Gives Your Cat A Healthier Coat
Several nutrients commonly found in cat food help promote a shiny coat.

Cat Nutrition - Quick Tips: Food Allergies
Does your cat have a food allergy? Look for these signs.

Cat Nutrition - Quick Tips: Chicken Soup for Cats
Sick cats often will not eat if they can't smell their food. Tempt your cat to eat by following these tips.

Cat Nutrition - Cat Has Gas
Cats can suffer from painful gas. Managing your cat's diet will help relieve your cat of this problem.

Cat Nutrition - Cat Food Standards
Research and testing, checks and balances, ensures cat food products are healthy and safe.

Cat Nutrition - Quick Tips: Truth in Labeling
Several regulations govern the content of pet food labels.

Cat Nutrition - Standard vs. Premium Cat Foods
Some manufacturers label their pet foods as "premium." What earns this food distinction?

Cat Nutrition - Quick Tips: Taste and Palatability
What causes a cat to choose one food over another? Researchers look at several factors.

Cat Nutrition - All About Pet Cat Food Labels
Pet cat food labels must meet strict standards. Learn about the regulations pet food manufacturers must follow.

Cat Nutrition - Feeding in Multicat Households
The animals in multicat households may have different dietary requirements. Here's how to feed all your pets without sabotaging their diets.

Cat Nutrition - Quick Tips: Dietary Cravings
Cravings have nothing to do with a cat's nutrient requirements. Some cats simply have unusual food preferences.

Cat Nutrition - Feed Your Seniors Well
Cats are living longer today than ever before. Feeding the proper diet can help them live even longer.

Cat Nutrition - Healthy Treat Habits
Show your affection for your cat with a snack that won't ruin your
pet's diet.

Cat Nutrition - Cat Food: Mystery Ingredients Revealed
Discover how to read wet and dry cat food labels and choose the right food for your cat.

Cat Nutrition - Cats Can't Drink Enough Water!
All cats' diets need to include fresh water, no matter what they eat.

Cat Nutrition - Time to Eat!
Establish regular feeding routines with your kitten to maintain his good health.

Cat Weight Concerns - Weight Control in a Two-Cat House
Exercise alone won't help a cat lose weight. The two cats may need to be fed their cat food separately.

Cat Nutrition - Kidney and Bladder Disease Prevention
A cat food diet formulated for senior cats will help an older cat stay healthy.

Cat Nutrition - Kidney Disease, Cat Food Diet and Treatment
Some kidney problems can be traced to an underlying disease.

Cat Nutrition - Bladder Stones and Cat Food
Cat diets formulated to acidify a cat's urine do not normally promote the growth of bladder stones if fed as directed.

Cat Nutrition - Kitchen Cats: Why a Cat Can't Be Vegetarian
Can cats survive on a diet lacking animal-source ingredients? Not surprisingly, no.

Senior Cat Nutrition - Kitchen Cats: A Guide to Feeding Your Senior Cat
Nutritional changes can help your aging cat if you see signs of obesity, weight loss or dental problems.

Cat Nutrition - Natural Cat Food Diets
Are natural food products better for cats? Veterinarians share their expert opinions.

Cat Weight Concerns - Quick Tips: Fat and the Single Cat
Special foods can help cats lose weight. Your veterinarian can help you choose the right diet for your cat.

Cat Nutrition - Cat Has Loose Stools
Many cats experience intestinal problems, and there are numerous causes.

Nutrition Precautions - Quick Tips: Preservative Safety
When used in allowable concentrations, preservatives are considered safe by the FDA.

Nutrition Precautions - Lining of Cat Food Cans
How safe is the lining of a pet food can?

Nutrition Precautions - Food Poisoning
Although cats rarely experience food poisoning, precautions are important. Learn how to prevent food poisoning in your pet.

Nutrition Precautions - Cat Eats Dirt
Some cats develop unusual eating habits. If your cat eats dirt, have it examined by a veterinarian to rule out anemia.

Nutrition Precautions - Quick Tips: Coconut Caution
Eating too much coconut meat is fattening and can cause liver problems in cats.

Nutrition Precautions - Feeding Your Cat Milk
Most cats love an occasional treat of milk. You can indulge your cat with this treat if your pet shows no signs of stomach upset.

Nutrition Precautions - Table Manners
Should you give your cat table scraps? Veterinarians share their advice.

Nutrition Precautions - Too Many Treats
Treats have calories that add up. Give your cat an occasional treat, but don't overdo it.

Cat Nutrition - Feline Gravy Train
Encourage your cat to eat all of her wet food by mashing up the pieces and adding a bit of water to the gravy.

Cat Nutrition - Quick Tips: Chicken Soup for Cats
Sick cats often will not eat if they can't smell their food. Tempt your cat to eat by following these tips.

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