40 Cat Safety Tips

Keep your cat safe by adopting and following these guidelines.

By Beth Krippner

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23. Gently handle your kitten on a regular basis to socialize her and prevent behavior problems associated with lack of contact. 

24. Do not leave a cat or kitten [unsupervised] with a child under age 7, Lachman says. Kids under age 7 have poor impulse control and can accidentally or intentionally hurt the cat.

25. Cats will make a plaything out of any item, so keep blind cords out of your cats reach to avoid strangulation.

26. With your veterinarians guidance, assemble a kitty first-aid kit and keep this on hand for emergencies.

27. Never leave an iron, hot or cold, sitting on an ironing board. The cord may look like a toy to your kitten and she could pull the iron down on herself.

28. Although cats enjoy playing with the plastic ring from milk jugs, these can be chewed apart and swallowed very easily, says Scott Ransom, a cat owner in Oregon. [My] cat [was] in intensive care for a week once because of this mistake.

29. Cats love moving water, so keep the toilet lid closed to prevent drowning.

30. Don't give cats medicines that aren't intended for cats, says Rosalie Marley, a veteran animal shelter worker in Nebraska. Aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be deadly.

31. Keep the clothes dryer and dishwasher shut when not in use. Check inside these appliances before using. Cats love to hide in warm, dark places, but these appliances are fatal when in use.

32. When you pick up your cat, support his chest and legs so he feels safe and does not struggle. This protects you from scratches and bites, too.

33. Some plants are poisonous to cats, Coughlin says. The ASPCA website has a list of toxic and nontoxic plants.

34. Always check your cats whereabouts before closing drawers, closets or doors to avoid accidentally locking your cat in.

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