Cat Safety

Maintaining your cat's safety could be a full-time job.

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Cat Activities - Prevent Winter Woes
Harsh weather and cold temperatures pose dangers to your cat. The Humane Society of the United States offers these winter safety tips.

Cat Activities - Holiday Treats
Want to find the perfect gift for your cat? Consider one of these easy ways to show your cat you care.

Cat Activities - Cat Exercises
Regular exercise can benefit your cat. Try one of these eight ideas to enliven your cat's playtime.

Cat Activities - 10 Quick Tips for a Safe Holiday Season
These tips can help you keep your cat safe during the holidays.

Cat Activities - ASPCA Winter Safety Tips
Winter weather can pose harm to your cat. Follow these tips from the ASPCA to keep your pet safe during cold months.

Cat Activities - O, Christmas Tree
Follow these tips to keep your cat safe while you enjoy your Christmas tree.

Cat Care - Dangerous Decorations
Keep your cat's safety in mind as you decorate your home for the holidays.

Cat Activities - Carefully Consider Kittens as Gifts
A feline behavior expert urges thorough planning and follow-through when giving a kitten as a gift.

Cat Activities - Cats Just Want to Have Fun
By understanding your kitten's penchant for play, you can create and interesting and simulating environment for your pet.

Cat Safety: - Legal Watch
Does cat licensing work? Experts from both sides of the issue weigh in.

Cat Safety: - Cat in the Attic
Exploring uninhabited areas of a house can lead to sickness or injury.

Cat Safety: - Help for a Shocking Problem
Keep cords out of kitty's reach to help curb her penchant for chewing them.

Cat Safety: - On the Road Again
Planning a vacation with your cat? Follow these safety tips for summer travel.

Cat Safety: - Four Tips to Kitten-Proof Your Home
Think like a cat when preparing your home for a new arrival. Look for potential hazards, then remove them from your new cat's reach.

Cat Safety: - Cat-Proofing Your Computer
Protect your cat and your computer with simple safety precautions.

Cat Safety: - Ear Tags and Talking Cats
Identification alternatives offer cat owners options for recovering a lost pet.

Cat Safety: - Collars and Tags
ID tags provide a fast, reliable way to identify a lost pet. Learn why your cat should wear a collar with a tag.

Cat Safety: - Flea Collar Lost Pet Services
Flea-collar companies are offering a free hotline service. Simply register the collar's number with the company, and the service can help you recover a lost pet.

Cat Safety: - Lost Pet Database Services
Computer tracking may help owners find a lost pet. Several companies offer database services to help track animals.

Cat Safety: - ID Tattooing
Tattoos may help a shelter identify your lost cat. Learn how this program can put your pet back in your arms.

Cat Safety: - Search and Detective Services
Pet detectives can help you find your lost cat. Learn about three such services.

Cat Safety: - Common Plant Questions and Answers
Some cats like to nibble on houseplants. Find out what to do if your pet eats a poisonous plant.

Cat Care and Safety - ASPCA Winter Cat Care and Safety Tips
Winter weather can pose harm to your cat. Follow these tips from the ASPCA to keep your pet safe during cold months.

Cat Safety: - Kitten-Proof Your Home
Like a curious child, your kitten wants to explore every inch of your home. Make sure it is safe.

Cat Safety: - The Wake of Reform
Newt Gingrich believes there is definitely a place for a pet evacuation plan.

Cat Safety - 40 Cat Safety Tips
Keep your cat safe by adopting and following these guidelines.

June is Disaster Preparedness Month
In honor of Disaster Preparedness Month, get 10 tips you and your pet should take before disaster strikes.

Cats & Harmful Outdoor Products - Permethrin Precautions for Cats
Always check with the manufacturer regarding the safe use of lawn care products around your pets.

Cat Experts - Are Lavender-Scented Products Harmful to My Cat?
Our expert shares the real deal on essential oils and how they react with cats.

Cat Safety - Danger Lurks for the Holidays
Forego poinsettias, breakable ornaments, tinsel and tree lights if kitty loves to climb.

Is It OK to Let My Cat in the Garden?
CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, offers tips for keeping your kitty safe.

Safeguarding Cats During Home Remodel
CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, discusses ways to keep kitty safe.

Cats & Safety - Keep 'Em Both: Cats and Babies
Put your worries to rest: Babies and cats can peacefully co-exist.

Cat Safety - Seasonal Safety
Celebrate the holidays with your cat’s safety in mind.

Keeping Your Cat Safe During the Holidays
Here are the top 10 tips for a safe and happy holiday with your kitties.

CatChannel Exclusive - The Cat Ate What?!
In our November issue of CAT FANCY, Dr. Plotnick talked about pica, a disorder where cats willingly eat non-edible materials. Here he shares his most bizarre pica case.

Move With Your Blind Cat
You've lived comfortably with your blind cat for years, but now you must move with Kitty. You're concerned about your cat having to adjust to new surroundings; she is comfortable with your current residence. With these expert tips and by planning ahead, you can ease your blind cats transition.

Lets See Some ID
Which method of identification is best for your pet? Are simple ID tags enough?

Safe House
Your home is a source of refuge and comfort to you and your pet, but dangers may lurk just around the corner for your cat. Dusty Rainbolt shares common household scenarios and objects hazardous to your cat.

Monthly Feature - Choosing Safe Cat Toys and Presents
String and toys with glued-on decorations and removable parts are not recommended for cats.

Kittenproofing for Safety
Follow these six tips to help keep your home safe for your kitten.

Cat and Kitten Care - Feline First Aid
Knowing some basic first-aid techniques can help you save your kitten's life.

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