Neuter Surgery Start to Finish

Everything you wanted to know about neutering your cat and more.

By Stacy Hackett

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Can my cat come home the same day?

  • He'll recover from anesthesia in about an hour
  • Veterinary staff will monitor him for unusual reactions or bleeding
  • In most cases, he can go home that evening

When can my cat resume normal activity?

  • Most cats recover rapidly
  • Some cats will eat the same day as surgery
  • He should be eating the next morning
  • Post-operative pain is rare
  • Most cats are back to normal within three days

What should I look for at home?

  • Abnormal swelling of the incision area; some swelling is normal
  • Bloody or thick discharge from the incision
  • Any foul odors from the incision area
  • Extreme discoloration of the area; some pink is normal dark red or purple are not normal
  • Contact your veterinarian if you see any of these conditions or if your cat does not seem to be recovering
  • Try to prevent your cat from licking the incision area

Are there any risks associated with neuter surgery?

  • Your vet takes many steps to eliminate risks during surgery
  • The vet will most likely perform blood tests before surgery to identify or rule out underlying health problems
  • During anesthesia, your cats heart rate and breathing will be monitored closely
  • The surgery takes place in a sterile environment to eliminate risks of infection

Male cats don't become pregnant. Why should I neuter my male kitten?

  • Removing the testes also decreases the amount of testosterone
  • Testosterone can affect other organs besides sex organs, including the heart and prostate
  • Neutering reduces the chance of a male cat developing prostate cancer
  • Less testosterone in the male cats body decreases aggression and fighting
  • Neutering can eliminate or significantly reduce spraying behaviors

The pros of neutering your cat far outnumber the cons. Ready to schedule your kittens surgery? Talk to your veterinarian today.

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Reader Comments

Tammy    Fredericton, NB

10/19/2008 6:06:26 AM

my kitty just had his operation, But I dont see ANY signs of him having it done. I mean any marks or cuts or anything that would be a sign of a operation. is that normal?

Alicia    Barre, MA

9/3/2008 8:50:08 AM

both of my babies are being nuetered today, thanks for the info.

Evan    Castle Rock, CO

12/12/2007 8:01:00 PM

ill nueter my kitten now.

Laurie    Erie, PA

12/12/2007 5:04:09 PM

Good information. Thanks

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