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Do you and your cat dread visits to the veterinarian? Mobile veterinarians deliver health care right to your door.

By Audrey Pavia | Posted: Thu Jul 1 00:00:00 PDT 2004

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With the help of house-call veterinarian Shannon Stanek, VMD, of the Cats Only Veterinary Hospital in Norristown, Pa., Cleo no longer suffers when it's time for an examination. "She was a little nervous, but there were no blood-curdling screams," Cooper said. "This was much less stressful for her. Dr. Stanek was gentle with her and everything was fine."

Unlike Manning and Cooper, cat owner Kristin St. Aubyn of Mont Clare, Pa., does not have a cat that goes crazy in the office. Instead, she chose to use a mobile veterinarian for her two felines, Tabatha and Andrew, simply because they hate riding in the car. "My cats were fine once they got to the vet, but getting them there was a problem," she said. "Tabatha would hide under the bed as soon as she saw the carrier and we couldn't get her out. Andrew didn't mind getting in the carrier, but he didn't like riding in the car. He would yell until the moment we got into the exam room."

Now that St. Aubyn is using a mobile vet, the trauma has been eliminated. "When our vet comes to the house, the cats have the attitude that she is a friend coming to visit them. She is really wonderful with the cats, and always tells Andrew how beautiful he is."

Cathy Blakesley of Foothill Ranch, Calif., started using a mobile veterinarian after Skittles, her black 9-year-old cat, became sick. "My regular vet couldn't see her until the next day, so I asked a friend for a referral and she told me about her mobile vet," Blakesley said. "It sounded like a good idea since my cats, like most others, don't like to go in the carrier."

Blakesley's other feline, Kitkat, was a good candidate for a visit by a mobile vet, since the carrier-phobic cat's feelings about traveling were anything but positive. "[Kitkat] was horrible in the carrier," Blakesley said. "She would urinate, defecate and vomit, and that's just the first five minutes! She was by far the more easygoing of the two cats at home, but because of how she reacted to the carrier, she was the one who got the most benefit from the mobile vet."

Meet the Vets
Mobile veterinarians are able to provide basic veterinary treatment, while some are equipped for more intense procedures.

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