Stray and Feral Cat Advice from Becky Robinson

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Becky Robinson and kitten
 Becky Robinson, President of Alley Cat Allies

Becky Robinson is the founder of Alley Cat Allies, the only national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats.

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Becky Robinson regularly responds to e-mail questions. When emailing Becky regarding your cat or kitten, consider sending digital photos — this may help her identify the problem.

If you have a sick cat, seek veterinary assistance immediately. Do not wait to see if your question is answered, especially if your pet is showing signs of illness. In many cases, time is of the essence.

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Stray and Feral Cat Advice from Becky Robinson

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Reader Comments

Janine    Garden Grove, CA

6/3/2015 4:45:49 PM

Hi Becky, I have a semi-feral cat and I am worried about her I have had her for over a year now, but she comes and goes she sleeps with me and eats her but then she will go to the door to go bathroom and I don't have to even have a litter box, ha but I am going to go and have surgery for 2 weeks and when she wants to come in my apt she will scratch at my door and that is when I know that she wants to come in, i have never left her before and she has other 3 cats outside that I also feed and my manager says that he will feed Baby Girl for me and the other cats, she comes upstairs and sleeps at the top of the stairs where I live and the manager says that she will know to go to him if I live, but i was wondering if I should lead my apt door open or not, or she will freak if I do not come back because I do go to do errands and then always come back to her but I am afraid that she will scratch and meow and think that i am home if she goes out and thinks that i have come back and I am just worried about her can you please give me some advice please thank you she adopted me and she lets me pet her but when she doesn't want to be bothered she will try and bite and paw at me, but that is just normal ha she has never hurt me or broke skin ever. I think that she used to be someone's cat and they left her she stays small she will not grow to a normal cat and i LOVE THAT about her ha she must have been a runt, but she can be so sweet, thank you and be blessed shalom

Linda    Plymouth, MA

3/15/2015 4:05:31 PM

Need some advice thank you. Me and my roomate have been caring for a mama cat and her older kitten and another one from her most recent litter. We guess the younger kitten is about 5 or 6 months old. We have been feeding them since December and we built a shelter for them to get them thru this terrible winter. We see them regularly every day except in the last week. All of a sudden the father of the kittens keeps showing up and spraying and eating their food. We havn't seen the mother and babies in this time. We are concerned.

Gale Park Frederick    Bellingham, WA

9/3/2014 9:42:49 PM

I think this web site is awesome.

We have a ferel momma cat that gave us 5 little gifts. They are about 3 months old (guessing) and
we have tamed them. They are off to the Vet
for their neuteres and spays. We have a horse farm,so they all get to come home again. We are
having trouble catching momma cat in the Catche Them Alive Trap. She is too smart. But, we
will succeed, hopefully before another litter. lol

Tina    Tuscaloosa, AL

9/2/2014 2:10:31 PM

Hi I have a question. I have a cat that similar to the one shown in your picture. Well last night she had her first litter of kittens, she's almost two years old and she only had two. One was born at 12:32 and the other this morning around 6:00. I'm not sure why they was so far apart but I heard it can be normal with the first litter. So everything went fine but she hasn't had anymore. And she's taking good care of them feeding and all. The problem, if it's a problem not for me but for the babies, is that she wants to follow me everywhere. And she wants to love on me and keeps meowing. I walk her back to the bed where she has her babies. But after I sit there for a while and then leave out of the room she will follow. And keep meowing, my question is, is this normal? And should I stay in the room with her, I have four children and a lot of things that need done around the house. But I do not want her to feel alone. I tell her I'm very proud ofmhermand that she's a good,mommy but she still follows lol. I'm confused. She seemed to me like she would be very protective and not want anyone around her babies. But I was wrong. She loves the attention I'm giving her, should I back away and stop following her when she wants me to?

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